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To those of you who enjoy the wide spectrum of film and television making other than the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres (see below for more information), this photo catalog should fit the bill.

Photos and/or digital prints are brand new glossies (matte finish available on request) and are made from original b/w negatives & color transparencies. Note that, where Cinemascope is indicated, we are temporarily unable to supply them "unsqueezed." The 70mm format , which has a wide-screen look (extended borders at the top and bottom of picture) now commonly referred to as "letter-box" remain availale in all sizes.

In this catalog we have put together listings for Action/Adventure, Comedy/Sitcom, Drama, Mystery/Suspense, Western and Musical titles. This catalog will be a work under constant construction as new material comes to had constantly.

We therefore ask that you contact us by snail-mail, e-mail, phone, or fax for our latest acquisitions if you fail to find what you're after here. Wish lists by mail must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to insure a reply.

We take your wants into account and will search an item out if we don't currently carry it. We will also trade for photo and poster material-both foreign and domestic.

Abbreviations used in descriptions are as follows:

AV aerial view LS long shot BS behind scenes MS medium shot b/w black & white MCU medium close-up bg background MLS medium long shot CU close-up OS off screen CIN Cinemascope PR promotional shot DA down angle PRT portrait ECU extreme closeup POV point of view ELS extreme long shot RA reverse angle FV front view RV rear view FLV full length view SV side view fg foreground UA up angle LC lobby card

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Black & White Stills 8x10 $4.00 11x14 $12.50 16 x 20 $20.00

Color Photos wallet $2.00 3 1/2 x5 $3.00 5x7 $4.00 8x10 $6.00 11x14 $15.00 16x20 $30.00

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This page is divided up into:

BVD-1 PR: Sexy girl rock trio, Carrie Nations [Cynthia Myers, Dolly Read & Marcia McBroom] posed on bed
BVD-2 BS: Russ Meyer & Hugh Hefner pose with voluptuous stars Myers & Read

BC-1 Butch [Paul Newman] & Sundance [Robert Redford] try to blast their way out of climactic jam
BC-2 Butch & Sundance wondering who those guys are following them into mountains

CANDY - 1968
CAN-1 FLV of semi-nude, innocent Candy sitting on airplane cockpit instruments, long blonde hair covering breasts

CAS-4 Rick [Humphrey Bogart] & Ilsa[Ingrid Bergman] share bag of peanuts at railing, both smiling wide at OS activity

DTK-1 MCU of Miss Blake [Nancy Allen], wearing overcoat, sitting with hand to chin
DTK-2 MS of Miss Blake, wearing fur-collared coat, looking more like Park Avenue prostitute
DTK-3 MS of Miss Blake about to scream, unaware of hand holding up razor inside elevator
DTK-4 MCU of Miss Blake in bra as psycho Bobbie sneaks up behind her

FPK-1 Six-element shot: super endowed beauties Tura Satana, Haji, Lori Williams & Susan Bernard. A cult classic

FLM-1 PR: profile PRT of Elvis Presley as Kiowa Indian Pacer Burton
FLM-2 PR: PRT of Burton wearing cowboy hat
FLM-3 PR: MCU of Burton playing guitar
FLM-4 PR: FLV of Burton standing spread-legged with knife on gunbelt with ranch house in bg
FLM-5 PR: FLV of Burton & Roslyn Pierce [Barbara Eden] posed in tight embrace
FLM-6 PR: FLV of Elvis posed with gun drawn & Eden at his side

F10-1 PR: PRT of serious-looking Harrison Ford as Lt. Col. Barnsby, wearing turtleneck sweater & fatigue jacket
F10-2 FLV of Barnsby kneeling with arms resting on knees, attention focused off to his right
F10-3 MCU of Barnsby taking cover behind rock with gun at ready
F10-4 Cont. #3, Barnsby reacts to activity of OS German forces
F10-5 MS of Barnsby aiming gun at OS adversary
F10-6 MS of Nazi-uniformed Barnsby with explosive timer in dam service tunnel, facing aside
F10-7 MS of soldier binding Barnsby's hands in front
F10-8 FLV of Barnsby trying to escape service tunnel
F10-9 Deadly serious Barnsby kneels to plant explosive charge in tunnel
F10-10 MS of Barnsby piloting stolen plane enroute to blow up bridge
F10-11 MLS of Mallory [Robert Shaw] & Barnsby trying to climb in window to retrieve lost explosives [scene cut from final print]
F10-12 MS of Barnsby, collar of fatigue jacket turned up, looking outsidewindow of truck
F10-13 MCU of Barnsby glaring at spy aboard train moments before killing him
F10-14 Barnsby & Mallory pick themselves up, realizing they've survived explosion in dam service tunnel

4M-1 PR: PRT of gallant musketeers [Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlin, Michael York & Simon Ward]

FK-1 MS of Tommy [Harrison Ford], in cowboy hat & scarf, pulling gun & seeming to ask why
FK-2 CU of stubble-faced Tommy giving hell to OS Avram [Gene Wilder]
FK-3 FLV of Tommy & Avram, clad in longjohns, splashing out of water with spirited delight
FK-4 MCU of Tommy looking aside with wry smile
FK-5 MLS of Tommy about to mount his horse, but he can't believe what Avram is doing OS
FK-6 Indians surround Tommy & take him by arms. He's thrilled
FK-7 MS of Tommy, in half unbuttoned skivvies, ready to use gun on someone OS. He's flanked by Amish man & dancehall girl
FK-8 MS of especially angry Tommy aiming gun OS. He's duded up & clean-shaven
FK-9 MCU of Tommy, back to being cowboy, looking grimly to his right
FK-10 PR: FLV of Tommy & Avram posed in skivvies, boots & hats while arm in arm
FK-16 CU of Tommy, bothered & bewildered
FK-17 MS of Tommy about to rob train after leaving bathroom
FK-18 CU of Tommy, seedy as usual, brow furrowed in irritation

HS-5 MS of Halloran[Harrison Ford] in leather jacket with collar turned up

LMT-5 PR: signed PRT of Elvis Presley as Clint Reno
LMT-6 PR: FLV of Clint smiling for camera while manning plow
LMT-7 PR: Clint sits on porch chair in Sunday best, strumming guitar
LMT-9 FLV of Clint kicking up storm singing "Poor Boy" to fair crowd
LMT-10 Vance Reno [Richard Egan] & Clint's wife, Cathy [Debra Paget] listen to Clint's dying words

MBF-3 Cynthia [Sybil Danning] begins erotic dance in Arabian Nights setting for Bogie lookalike Sam Marlow [Robert Sacchi] & guests

MZ-1 FLV of fop Don Diego [Tyrone Power] posed beside Capt. Esteban [Basil Rathbone]

MPHG-2 Sir Robin [Eric Idle], Sir Galahad [Michael Palin], Sir Lancelot [John Cleese], Sir Bedevere [Terry Jones] & King Arthur [Graham Chapman] getting word of God to find Holy Grail

SEVEN - 1979
SEV-1 FLV of rugged Drew [William Smith], flanked by Alexa [Barbara Leigh] & swimsuited Jennie [Susan Eiger], all armed
SEV-2 FLV of Alexa, sexy in crocheted dress, & Jennie, striking in bikini & ready to gun down all comers

SHNY-1 PRT of Holmes [Roger Moore], Irene Adlar [Charlotte Rampling] & Watson [Patrick McNee]
SHNY-2 Profile MS of Holmes, smoke swirling about him from pipe
SHNY-3 MS of Holmes taking draw on pipe outside house
SHNY-4 PRT of Miss Adler, mysterious actress
SHNY-5 FLV of Miss Adler posed in parlor room wearing full floor-length evening gown
SHNY-6 MLS of Watson in topcoat, bowler & gloved hand on can

SILK STALKINGS - 1991-2000
SLK-A PR: MLS of Sgt. Tom Ryan [Chris Potter] standing in front of VW Bug with suit jacket & tie slung over shoulder
SLK-B PR: FLV of smiling Sgt. Cassy St. John [Janet Gunn] showing off legs while seated on hood of Ford Mustang

SOF-1 PR: PRT of rock star Ellen Aim [Diane Lane]

TM-1 PR: FLV of dashing D'Artagnan [Michael York]
TM-2 Two-element shot: FLV of D'Artagnan of 1921 [Douglas Fairbanks Sr.]; same as TM-1

WB-1 FLV of well-armed Wild Bunch entering village


ALIAS - 2001-Present
C-AAS-A PR: standing cast PRT of (l to r) Arvin Sloane [Ron Rifkin], Jack Bristow [Victor Garber], Will Tippin [Bradley Cooper], Sydney Bristow [Jennifer Garner], Michael Vaughn [Michael Vartan], Marcus Dixon [Carl Lumbly], Francie Calfo [Merrin Dungey] & Marshall Flinkman [Kevin Wiseman]
C-AAS-B PR: re-arranged & more casual FLV of cast with Sydney prominent wearing tank top & jeans, arms folded
C-AAS-C PR: tight MS of Sydney & her father (top of his head cropped)
C-AAS-D  PR: ECU of Vaughn (top of head cropped), with unfocused Sydney behind him
C-AAS-E  PR: bright MS of Sydney grinning & playing with hair, wearing tight white top
C-AAS-F  PR: MS of Sydney wearing black, disquised with bright red hair, hand on hip
C-AAS-G  PR: PRT of tight-lipped Jack Bristow
C-AAS-H PR: CU of Vaughn looking up
C-AAS-I  PR: PRT of Will with arms crossed against gray bg
C-AAS-J  PR: PRT of grim-looking Sloane
C-AAS-K PR: PRT of Dixon, hands clasped at waist
C-AAS-L  PR: Near-FLV of sassy Francie in yellow top & jean skirt
C-AAS-M PR: MS of lovable geek Marshall
C-AAS-N PR: MS of tight-lipped Sydney, braless under plunging white silk blouse
C-AAS-O Cont. #E, now flashing big, dimpled smile
C-AAS-P PR: MS of glowing Syd in soft blue sleeveless top
C-AAS-Q Cont. #F, MCU, brows furrowed

C-AQ-1 PR: MLS of Jesse Huston [Sharon Stone] with arms around shoulders of Allan Quatermain [Richard Chamberlain] & Umslopogaas [James Earl Jones] beside river, all smiles
C-AQ-2 PR: cute portrait of smiling, bare-shouldered Jesse posed outdoors
C-AQ-3 PR: MS of Jesse holding collars of dark brown shirt with both hands, her hair backlit against black bg
C-AQ-4 Profile MS of Quatermain & Jesse smiling into each other's eyes during romantic moment
C-AQ-5 MLS of Quatermain in village, turning attention aside
C-AQ-6 MS of Quatermain, shirt now sweat-stained, staring fixedly at something OS
C-AQ-7 MLS of Quatermain & Jesse in danger of falling, he hanging onto thick vine, she onto him
C-AQ-8 MCU of Quatermain turning face toward camera after discovering gold statue

C-ATM-1 MLS of stunning blonde Molly [Laurene Landon] & brunette Iris [Vicki Frederick] posed in red swimsuits

C-BVU-1 DA of breathtaking Anne Marie dancing in front of man covered by sheet in coffin

C-BVD-1 Casey Anderson [Cynthia Meyers], in green dress, with other girls on set
C-BVD-2 Russ Meyer directing a bosomy, bikini-clad actress
C-BVD-3 Six busty beauties in bikinis ready for camera session
C-BVD-4 Cont. #3, closer view of front row

BIG RED ONE - 1980
C-BRO-1 MS of soldier boy Griff [Mark Hamill], aiming rifle into Nazi oven

C-BLK-1 FLV of young Alec [Kelly Reno] feeding stallion seaweed at waters edge

C-BS-1 Hedley Lamarr [Harvey Korman], Gov. Lepetomane [Mel Brooks] & busty Miss Stein [Robyn Hilton] at desk

C-BLU-1 MLS of Carrie Fisher, automatic rifle on hip, giving OS John Belushi some hell in sewer

BODY HEAT - 1981
C-BHT-1 PR: PRT of Matty [Kathleen Turner] in white blouse, hair swept to one side
C-BHT-2 PR: MLS of Matty, in white blouse & skirt, standing in piazza
C-BHT-3 MCU of Matty, looking aside as she sits at bar with cigarette

C-BBY-1 MS of Antoinette Lily [Sondra Locke] snuggling up to smiling Bronco Billy [Clint Eastwood]

C-BC-1 Artsy MCU of Butch, Etta Place [Katherine Ross] & Sundance in Sunday duds
C-BC-2 Butch is shot & falls, but Sundance keeps on coming in climactic shoot-out
C-BC-3 PRT of Butch, Sundance & Etta in best duds

C-CA-1 PR: FLV of Angels Dylan [Drew Barrymore], Natalie [Cameron Diaz] & Alex [Lucy Liu], posed for martial arts action. Blue bg
C-CA-2 PR: FLV of Angels in action poses around Director McG. Blue bg
C-CA-3 PR: FLV of glamorous Angels in slinky garb against shimmery bg
C-CA-4 PR: FLV of Angels peeking thru door of Charlie's beach cottage
C-CA-5 MS of cautious & alert Dylan making her way down corridor
C-CA-6 Smashing MCU of beaming Natalie
C-CA-7 MLS of black-clad & all-business Alex wielding chain
C-CA-8 MLS of Angels listening to Bosley [Bill Murray] on couch
C-CA-9 MLS of Angels, wearing chain gang prison blues, reacting to OS event from grassy clearing
C-CA-10 MLS of karate-chopping Angels in alley
C-CA-11 MS of excited Angels kneeling in rubble of office building, devising plan to rescue kidnapped Charlie
C-CA-12 FLV of all wet Angels laughing as they stride ashore from ocean
C-CA-13 MLS of Bosley grinning aside as he kneels to plant pipe bomb
C-CA-14 BS: MS of Director McG, headphones around neck

C-C&C-1 Naked Cheech & Chong happily escort nightie-clad lady to bed

C-COO-1 Coogan [Clint Eastwood] doesn't like what Detective Lt. McElroy [Lee J. Cobb] tells him about prisoner at desk

C-COR-1 MCU of greasy Kenneth [Mark Hamill] resting head against tire
C-COR-2 MS of Kenneth wrapped with bedcover in front of mensroom
C-COR-2 Kenneth licks his lips while seated & eating in bordello van

C-CI-1 MCU of Sarah Michelle Gellar as sultry vixen Kathryn, wearing revealing nightgown, posed on bed

C-DHY-1 PR: MCU of Det. Harry Callahan [Clint Eastwood] holding up bullhorn
C-DHY-2 PR: CU of Harry holding his ID up to camera

C-DTN-1 BS: MS of Dr. Elliott [Michael Caine] taking Kate [Angie Dickinson] by the shoulder to his office. Camera crew in bg
C-DTK-2 MS of Kate, in white blouse, staring OS
C-DTK-3 MS of Miss Blake, in black bra, trying to entice OS Dr. Elliott into sexual liaison at his office
C-DTK-4 Cont. #3, MCU of Miss Blake draped across desk, teasing
C-DTK-5 MCU of Miss Blake, still in bra, as "Bobbie" sneaks up on her

C-EC-1 Three bikini-clad blondes on deck of pleasure boat

C-E&C-1 PR: FLV of rock group Eddie & the Cruisers posed with road manager around 1957 Chevy convertible
C-E&C-2 PR: PRT of sullen Eddie Wilson [Michael Pare]
C-E&C-3 MLS of Eddie singing for one last time
C-E&C-4 MCU of Frank Ridgeway [Tom Berenger] seated at piano

C-EH-1 MLS of western dude Sonny Steel [Robert Redford], at microphone holding cereal boxes

C-FTR-6 MLS of Linda [Phoebe Cates], in red bikini, & Stacy [Jennifer Jason Leigh], wearing blue top over bikini bottom, walking poolside & talking sex
C-FTR-7 PR: FLV of Linda, in red bikini, sitting on edge of diving board & smiling, feet in water
C-FTR-8 Cont. #7, Linda sits straight up & adjusts bikini bottoms in tighter shot
C-FTR-9 Cont. #8, MCU of Linda from over her shoulder as she laughs heartily into camera
C-FTR-10 MLS of Linda opening bikini top to expose breasts during fantasy sequence (slightly grainy)
C-FTR-11 Tight DA of Stacy looking up & over shoulder into camera with smile at pool, long hair nicely arranged
C-FTR-12 Cont. #9, MLS & slight DA as Linda turns aside
C-FTR-13 Cont. #12, MS as she eyes area just above camera & grins while sitting back on hands
C-FTR-14 Cont. #13, MCU studying camera with parted lips

FIREFOX - 1982
C-FFX-1 PR: MLS of fighter pilot Mitchell Gant [Clint Eastwood] in black flight suit, helmet under arm
C-FFX-2 FLV of Firefox dodging laserfire from another Russian fighter during aerial dogfight
C-FFX-3 FLV of Firefox whooshing thru clouds
C-FFX-4 FLV of Firefox landed beside submarine on ice

C-FOP-1 LS of desert crash suvivors pulling their revved-up & rebuilt aircraft across sand dunes

C-F10-1 PR: FLV of Barnsby, hands pocketed, in turtleneck & fatigues
C-F10-2 PR: MCU of Barnsby staring into distance
C-F10-3 PR: MS of Barnsby looking off to his right
C-F10-4 PR: MS of Nazi-uniformed Barnsby yelling as he takes wheel of German truck

C-FK-1 PR: MS of Tommy looking unbathed for month, his hat, scarf, coat & vest as filthy as his face
C-FK-2 Slight DA of Avram & Tommy tentatively putting their hands up in Indian village
C-FK-3 MS of Tommy, bleeding from mouth, gun trained on someone OS
C-FK-4 MCU of duded-up Tommy looking like the cat that ate canary
C-FK-5 CU of Tommy, mad as usual at OS Avram
C-FK-6 MLS of Tommy screaming at cowed Avram from across dinner table in crowded saloon
C-FK-7 Cont. #6, Tommy becomes tight-lipped as Avram droops even further
C-FK-8 MCU of Tommy looking past shoulder toward camera, perplexed expression on face
C-FK-9 MS of smiling Tommy beside his horse, squinting in rays of Sun, tree & blue sky in bg
C-FK-10 MLS of pissed-off Tommy, blood running from nose as he yells & points at OS Avram

C-GUS-1 PR: MS of Michelle "Mike" Cody [Jamie Lee Curtis] in sloppy sport shirt & old Levis jacket, posed before entrance to Cody's Speedrome
C-GUS-2 PR: MLS of Mike in wild costume consisting of red leopard skin top, black leather spangled corset from which hangs chain skirt, & black mesh body stocking
C-GUS-3 Cont. #2, Mike gives us RV of outfit
C-GUS-4 Cont. #3, slight pullback as Mike strikes sideways pose with upturned knee
C-GUS-5 PR: MS of Mike, in above garb, & Tim Pearson [C. Thomas Howell] embracing during dance number by railroad tracks. More dancers in bg by tanks

C-HS-1 Profile MS of Halloran & Margaret [Lesley- Anne Down] embracing as fire glow fills London street scene after air raid
C-HS-2 Profile MCU of Halloran & Margaret talking to each other with their eyes
C-HS-3 PR: MCU of Halloran holding Margaret tightly to his chest
C-HS-4 PR: MS of Halloran posed in Army uniform with unbuttoned jacket, loosened tie & cocked hat with hands in pockets. Blue bg
C-HS-5 MS of Halloran & Margaret embracing in street, both in uniform
C-HS-6 MS of Margaret, in red top, leaning up against Halloran, his Army jacket doffed
C-HS-7 FLV of Halloran & Margaret posed seated on floor & embracing
C-HS-8 PR: MLS of Halloran smiling as he poses in Army uniform & life preserver, hands pocketed
C-HS-9 MS of Margaret, in pretty white blouse, leaning backward on uniformed Halloran while holding his hand on her shoulder
C-HS-10 MCU of Halloran spotting someone interesting OS on London street
C-HS-11 MS of Halloran, hand to cheek, listening intently to Margaret [back turned] over dinner
C-HS-12 ECU of Halloran above Margaret, their lips about to meet. Backlighting provides near silhouettes
C-HS-13 Profile MCU of Halloran piloting B-25 bomber with co-pilot Lt. Hyer [Michael Sack, out of focus]
C-HS-14 MCU of Halloran, fraught at what he sees OS
C-HS-15 Profile MS of uniformed Halloran & Margaret talking to each other with their eyes on London street

  [NOTE: C-HPD-1 & C-HPD-2 printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-HPD-1 MS of town wench Callie Travers [Marianna Hill] provoking The Stranger [Clint Eastwood] with cruel words
C-HPD-2 MCU of The Stranger walking at edge of town, skeleton of building painted red in bg

C-HB-1 MS of Dick Miller introducing Robby the Robot
C-HB-2 MS of Robby in front of fountain as man brings him glass of champagne
C-HB-3 Cont. #2, three men listening to Robby speak

C-HOW-1 PR: Susan St. James, Jessica Lange & Jane Curtin stand before big bowl of money

ISLAND, THE - 1980
C-ISL-1 MS of modern day pirate leader Nau [David Warner] seated upon his makeshift throne

C-JON-1 PR: MS of Jack Colton [Michael Douglas] cuddling Joan Wilder [Kathleen Turner] from behind, both smiling, as natives look on
C-JON-2 PR: lighting turns lovers swarthy in similar pose with Jack holding her from opposite side
C-JON-3 Cont. #2, pair embraces in cheek to cheek pose. Watch that right hand, Jack!
C-JON-4 PR: MS of scruffy Jack staying close to Joan, who wears lovely black & gold Moroccoan hood
C-JON-5 Cont. #4, Joan breaks into smile
C-JON-6 PR: MCU of Jack, in white sport shirt, studying camera
C-JON-8 PR: PRT of Joan bent forward with chin resting in palm of hand
C-JON-9 FLV of Joan straddling downed Jack as both argue with Ralph [Danny DeVito], who gestures animatedly
C-JON-10 LS of Jack & Joan hanging by hands over well in crypt, their captor [back turned] looking on

C-KSM-1 PR: PRT of bearded Allan Quatermain [Richard Chamberlain] sans safari hat, looking aside
C-KSM-2 PR: horizontal MCU of Quatermain now wearing hat, pressing close to wall & staring into camera
C-KSM-3 PR: Cont. #2, similar shot, slightly different angle
C-KSM-4 PR: MS of Quatermain with shirt open & wearing ammunition belt, smiling aside
C-KSM-5 PR: MS of Jesse Huston [Sharon Stone] in yellow shirt, looking cautiously OS
C-KSM-6 PR: MLS of Jesse in sensuous reclining pose with tiger cub, wearing tattered button-down dress
C-KSM-7 Good tush shot of Quatermain wearing sidearm & knife, looking over settlement above street
C-KSM-8 MLS: Quatermain pulls Jesse along bazaar filled with natives
C-KSM-9 MLS of Quatermain holding Jesse from behind during confrontation with native chief & his spear carriers
C-KSM-10 Surrounded by chanting natives, Quatermain & Jesse hold each other tight. His hat's off
C-KSM-11 MLS of Quatermain bending into defensive stance with drawn gun inside temple
C-KSM-12 FLV of Quatermain & Jesse in mortal danger of becoming pin-cushions within treasure-filled chamber
C-KSM-13 Excellent MS of Quatermain, in safari hat & jacket, posed smiling at stern of ship with sunset highlighting ocean
C-KSM-14 PR: PRT of bare-shouldered Jesse coolly eyeing camera
C-KSM-15 Cont. #14, PRT of Jesse looking over bare shoulder, which she offers to camera

C-LAS-A PR: MS of Lassiter [Tom Selleck] flanked by Sara [Jane Seymour] & Countess Kari [Lauren Hutton]
C-LAS-2 MS of Lassiter, in white undershirt & brown pants, hands on hips in defiant sort of way
C-LAS-3 MS of Lassiter working out on punching bag
C-LAS-4 MCU of pensive Sara, in purple top & blue hat, seated in high-backed chair, looking off camera
C-LAS-5 MS of Kari, elegant in low-cut black evening gown & diamond necklace during party
C-LAS-6 MS of black-garbed Lassiter held at gunpoint by woman who catches him on second floor hall
C-LAS-7 Profile MCU of Lassiter & Sara gazing into each others eyes while dancing
C-LAS-8 FLV of Lassiter & Sara in kneeling embrace on bed, he in robe, she in sheet but back bare

C-LFNA-1 FLV of makeshift sailboat, converted from B-29 bomber, at sea

C-LBJ-1 PR: PRT of long blonde-haired Billie Jean [Helen Shaver] in blue work shirt, smiling pleasantly, Sun shining on her back
C-LBJ-2 PR: MS of Billie Jean looking wide-eyed toward camera, wearing blue work shirt with sleeves cut off & brown undershirt
C-LBJ-3 PR: MCU of smiling Billie Jean with short hair & wearing blue top & Levis jacket with cut sleeves, leaning face against hand
C-LBJ-4 PR: MCU of Billie Jean in handsome brown suede jacket, leaning face against tree branch outdoors
C-LBJ-5 PR: MLS of Billie Jean in gray undershirt cut just under bosom to leave midriff bare. Nice
C-LBJ-6 PR: MLS of Billie Jean, hair now short, posed in pink undershirt & Levis, both a size too big for her
C-LBJ-7 PR: PRT of Billie Jean in blue shirt, hand to forehead
C-LBJ-8 Cont. #7, MS but direct to camera with arms outspread
C-LBJ-9 PR: FLV of Billie Jean sitting at edge of pier overlooking ocean, clad in striped tank top & shorts held by suspenders & scuba belt, holding hat near face

C-LLR-1 PR: Lone Ranger [Klinton Spilsbury] & Tonto [Michael Horse] ride toward camera from off plains
C-LLR-2 PR: FLV of Lone Ranger & Tonto posed with horses
C-LLR-3 PR: MCU of Lone Ranger & Tonto
C-LLR-4 PR: FV of Lone Ranger astride Silver
C-LLR-5 PR: MCU of Tonto
C-LLR-6 MLS of Lone Ranger(favored) & President Grant [Jason Robards] talking as mounted Tonto listens

C-LNG-1 PR: Caradine brothers David [on horseback], Keith & Robert pose as outlaw Younger gang

C-MBF-1 PR: MS of Marlow being mauled by four beautiful women
C-MBF-2 PR: MLS of Gena in arms of Marlow, who's wearing white tuxedo
C-MBF-3 PR: Marlow poses in fg with pistol & cigarette as leggy Gena sits on red Ferrari in bg
C-MBF-4 PR: PRT of Marlow & Gena
C-MBF-5 PR: MCU of Marlow in topcoat & hat, every bit the Bogart gumshoe
C-MBF-6 PRT of Marlow in white tux, holding cigarette
C-MBF-7 PR: PRT of Gena in white off-shoulder evening dress
C-MBF-8 PR: Hakim [Franco Nero] seems disinterested in Cynthia's scantily-clad erotic dance
C-MBF-9 Cont. #8, now he's interested
C-MBF-10 Marlow & Gena about to kiss in bed

C-MIR-1 MS of Jason Rudd [Rock Hudson] posed with arms around Marina Rudd [Elizabeth Taylor] & Lola Brewster [Kim Novak]
C-MIR-2 PRT of Rudd
C-MIR-3 MLS of Marina in blue dress, white gloves & flowery headdress
C-MIR-4 MS of Marina in blue dress & headdress
C-MIR-5 MS of Marina in 17th century costume
C-MIR-6 PRT of Lola in pink dress & hat
C-MIR-7 Profile MS of Lola waving scarf to fans
C-MIR-8 MCU of Rudd holding Marina's face up to his

C-MIM-1 Slight UA/MCU of agent Ethan Hunt [Tom Cruise], eyes looking skyward
C-MIM-2 CU of bespectacled Hunt wearing communications headset, sweat beaded across his brow
C-MIM-3 CU of dapper Kittridge [Henry Czerny] making point
C-MIM-4 MCU of Luther [Ving Rhames], suave in red turtleneck & white sportcoat
C-MIM-5 DA of jacketed Hunt looking up into elaborate mirror
C-MIM-6 FLV of Hunt, Luther, Krieger [Jean Reno] & Claire [Emannuelle Beart] discussing plan in train car
C-MIM-7 Profile MS of Hunt, hand to chin, meeting with Luther at table in outdoor cafe
C-MIM-8 MS of Jim Phelps [Jon Voight] putting hand on Hunt's shoulder as he offers advice
C-MIM-9 MLS of Kittridge on phone in operations office
C-MIM-10 MS of Luther, in fireman gear, works on laptop
C-MIM-11 FLV of Hunt suspended millimeters above computer vault floor
C-MIM-12 Cont. #11, dangling in mid-air, he works quickly at terminal
C-MIM-13 MS of Hunt huddled in shadows with obscured Sarah Davies [Kristin Scott Thomas]
C-MIM-14 MLS of tuxedoed Hunt checking watch next to government car
C-MIM-15 Profile MS of Hunt, in tank top, confronting Claire
C-MIM-16 Profile MLS of confrontational Hunt & Kittridge over restaurant table
C-MIM-17 Tight MS of tense Hunt (tank top) aiming gun OS
C-MIM-18 MLS of Claire in doorway, holding gun in down position
C-MIM-19 MS of Sarah, slinky in black evening gown, at high class affair
C-MIM-20 Dramatically lit MS of Hunt (tank top) looking up from laptop
C-MIM-21 MS of Claire & Hunt sitting together in train car
C-MIM-22 CU of doe-eyed Claire looking aside
C-MIM-23 MCU/UA of Krieger piloting helicopter
C-MIM-24 MS of Hunt & Phelps conferring over seated Claire, who works on laptop
C-MIM-25 BS: MS of Cruise & director Brian De Palma in computer vault
C-MIM-26 BS: MS of De Palma hand-framing shot for Cruise
C-MIM-27 BS: FLV of De Palma & producer Paula Wagner watching action OS

C-MI2-1 FLV of shaggy-haired Hunt scaling cliff face
C-MI2-2 FLV of Hunt hanging by fingertips from ledge
C-MI2-3 MS of striking Nyah Hall [Thandie Newton] in evening dress
C-MI2-4 Tight MS of Hunt examining vaccine thru green-tinted tank
C-MI2-5 MS of Hunt & Nyah bracing themselves for approaching action
C-MI2-6 Horizontal MCU of skeptical Luther Stickell [Ving Rhames]
C-MI2-7 Profile MS of Hunt & Luther regarding each other solemnly
C-MI2-8 MLS of Sean Ambrose [Dougray Scott], Hugh Stamp [Richard Roxburgh] & Wallis [William Mapother] in underground chamber
C-MI2-9 UA of Hunt cutting circular hole in glass ceiling
C-MI2-10 MLS of sexy Nyah, directly in sights of OS Ambrose
C-MI2-11 Horizontal CU of grim Hunt looking aside under harsh lighting
C-MI2-12 FLV of Hunt & Luther, walking away from helicopter
C-MI2-13 FLV of black-clad Hunt walking toward camera at film's finale
C-MI2-14 MS of Ambrose rubbing shoulder of ex-girlfriend Nyah as they coldly eye each other
C-MI2-15 70mm: Hunt races away from explosion on motorcycle
C-MI2-16  MCU of Hunt in black tee, grid reflecting off face
C-MI2-17  Cont. #16,MS shows projection on wall, Hunt's arms folded
C-MI2-18  MS of Ambrose holding gun as he peers around corner during standoff with Hunt and Nyah
C-MI2-19  BS: MS of John Woo directing Cruise on set

C-MJS-1 PR: MS of Speed [Harvey Keitel], arm in sling, at shoulder of Jugs [Raquel Welch], in tight blue sweater

C-NL-1 MCU of state trooper Conrad [Mark Hamil] in front of brick wall

C-PAT-1 FLV of patriot Benjamin Martin [Mel Gibson] standing on porch of family home, hand on hip
C-PAT-2 FLV of Martin family on porch: William [Logan Lerman], servant Abigale [Beatrice Bush], Susan [Skye McCole Bartusiak], Margaret [Mike Boorem], Nathan [Trevor Morgan], Benjamin, Samuel [Bryan Chafin] & Thomas [Gregory Smith]
C-PAT-3 Profile FLV of Gabriel Martin [Heath Ledger] clasping hands of Anne Howard [Lisa Brenner] as he romances her on lawn
C-PAT-4 MS of Benjamin holding up wounded Gabriel as William & Samuel help, Abigale in bg
C-PAT-5 FLV of Gabriel holding rifle, crouched over torn American flag on ground
C-PAT-6 MS of father & son soldiers Gabriel & Benjamin looking OS, both with rifles
C-PAT-7 MS of bedraggled Gabriel in uniform, deep in thought on road
C-PAT-8 FLV of Benjamin & Gabriel discussing plans around campfire
C-PAT-9 Profile MLS of British Colonel Tavington [Jason Isaacs] poking Benjamin in chest with hilt of sword
C-PAT-10 PR: Sexy PRT of Benjamin bathed in warm glow from candles burning in bg
C-PAT-11 MS of French Major Jean Villeneuve [TchÈky Karyo] & Benjamin, both on horseback as they survey OS troops
C-PAT-12 FLV of Benjamin charging forward with American flag as battle rages around him
C-PAT-13 PR: PRT of slimy Tavington
C-PAT-14 MS of Benjamin & sister-in-law Charlotte Selton [Joely Richardson] observing Gabriel's OS wedding on beach
C-PAT-15 Profile FLV of Benjamin kneeling on beach, bidding tearful farewell to youngest daughter, Susan
C-PAT-16 BS: MS of director Roland Emmerich standing in waist-high grasses of South Carolina location
C-PAT-17 BS: MS of Emmerich watching scene with producer Dean Devlin

C-PRL-1 Profile FLV of pilot Rafe McCauley [Ben Affleck] sharing tender moment at train station with nurse Evelyn Johnson [Kate Beckinsdale] as he prepares to leave for England
C-PRL-2 Widescreen MS of Rafe & best friend Danny Walker [Josh Hartnett] standing in line-up with other flyboys on airfield
C-PRL-3 MLS of young nurses in civvies waiting for ride: Barbara [Catherine Kellner], Betty [James King], Evelyn, Sandra [Jennifer Garner] & Martha [Sara Rue]
C-PRL-4 MLS: eager Rafe meets with President Franklin D. Roosevelt [Jon Voight] in his office, General Marshall [Scott Wilson] looking on
C-PRL-5 MLS of uniformed nurses reporting for duty inside hospital
C-PRL-6 MS of Captain Thurman [Dan Aykroyd] examining documents in hand with magnifying glass
C-PRL-7 Widescreen LS of Japanese bombers approaching Hawaiian isle above clouds
C-PRL-8 FLV of Japanese bomber flying past three burning battleships
C-PRL-9 MLS of Rafe in uniform, running all out across airfield
C-PRL-10 FLV of Rafe & Danny in civilian duds, racing across airstrip as bombs explode behind them
C-PRL-11 LS of bombers letting loose on exploding battleships as sailors cling to wreckage in fg
C-PRL-12 MS of Doris "Dorrie" Miller [Cuba Gooding, Jr.] screaming while firing anti-aircraft guns at Japanese planes as battleships explode in bg
C-PRL-13 LS of exploding planes on ground going up in smoke & flames as airmen scurry for cover
C-PRL-14 MLS of USS Oklahoma rolling over as desperate sailors cling to deck. In fg, fellow seamen help survivors into boats
C-PRL-15 LS of Oklahoma's mast tilting over as black smoke billows about it & sailors in water
C-PRL-16 MLS of Rafe & Danny showing effects of attack, staring fixedly toward camera
C-PRL-17 Widescreen FLV of Rafe & Danny surveying damage caused by surprise attack
C-PRL-18 FLV of Colonel Doolittle [Alec Baldwin] explaining mission to flyers, including Danny, Rafe & Fusco [Greg Zola], as they walk toward camera
C-PRL-19 BS: widescreen MS of Producer Jerry Bruckheimer & Director/Producer Michael Bay on location in front of sunken battleship

C-PMR-1 Profile MCU of Michael "Tiger" McDrew [Rock Hudson] holding up Yvonne [Joanne Cameron] for kiss in his office

QUEEN OF SWORDS -2000-2001
C-QS-A PR: FLV of cast posed in courtyard: Tessa Alvarado, the Queen of Swords [Tessie Santiago], Marta [Paulina Galvez], Colonel Luis Montoya [Valentine Pelka], Captain Marcus Grisham [Anthony Lemke], Dr. Robert Helm [Peter
Wingfield], Vera Hidalgo [Elsa Pataky], & Don Hidalgo [Tacho Gonzalez}
C-QS-B PR: MS of Tessa wearing off-shoulder yellow blouse, arms crossed to shoulders, looking OS
C-QS-C PR: MLS of Tessa astride horse with sword held above head, decked out in full, all-black costume that includes mask

RELIC HUNTER - 1999-Present
C-RLC-A PR: MLS of sexy Prof. Sydney Fox [Tia Carrere] in slinky black dress, flanked by teaching assistant Nigel Bailey [Christien Anholt]
& cute student secretary Claudia [Lindy Booth]
C-RLC-B PR: MLS of Sydney in orange tank top & black slacks, standing with arms crossed between Nigel & Claudia against red bg
C-RLC-C PR: MLS of Sydney in adventurerous tight top, pants & boots, sitting on rocks beside Nigel
C-RLC-D PR: MLS of wavy-haired Sydney in suede jumpsuit, hands on waist & legs spread, bag at hip. Purplish bg.
C-RLC-E PR: MLS of Sydney in strategically unzipped black leather jumpsuit, looking aside
C-RLC-F PR: FLV of Sydney in black jumpsuit, white jacket falling off shoulder as she twirls around in action pose. White bg
C-RLC-G PR: MS of Sydney in slinky strapless number, resting elbow on pillows inside temple chamber
C-RLC-H PR: FLV of Sydney (gray blouse, black skirt) holding glasses, kicked back with legs on office desk
C-RLC-I PR: MLS of Nigel in yellow dress shirt, arms crossed. Red bg
C-RLC-J PR: MS of Claudia in orange tank top & flowered mini-skirt
C-RLC-K PR: MS of cool & collected Sydney, wearing sunglasses & blue business suit, on university campus
C-RLC-L MS of Sydney cautiously drawing aside beaded curtain
C-RLC-M MS of Sydney in red suede vest & white shirt, holding sword at throat of mostly OS opponent
C-RLC-N MS of surprised Sydney (brown leather jacket) & Nigel, his mouth agape, taking in OS sight
C-RLC-O FLV of Sydney (black jumpsuit & white jacket) & shirtless Nigel making their way along precarious jungle mountain ledge

RICH & FAMOUS - 1981
C-RAF-1 PR: PRT of Liz Hamilton [Jacqueline Bisset] in grey sweater & black cap
C-RAF-2 PR: MS of Merry Noel Blake [Candice Bergen], glamourous in veiled hat & mink stole
C-RAF-3 PR: MS of Merry & Liz posed on floor wearing black & white outfits, respectively
C-RAF-4 PR: MCU of women in sweatshirts, arms around each others shoulders
C-RAF-5 MS of Liz watching Merry play piano

C-ROM-1 BS: MS of director Robert Zemeckis walking arm in arm with Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner toward camera, all smiles
C-ROM-2 PR: Cheerful PRT of Jack Colton [Douglas] embracing Joan Wilder [Turner] from behind
C-ROM-3 PR: Much more romantic Lord & Lady PRT
C-ROM-4 PR: MS of roguish Colton smiling for camera, hand touching brim of straw hat
C-ROM-5 PR: MS of Joan posed in soiled peasant blouse
C-ROM-6 FLV of Colton & Joan finding themselves trapped at edge of jungle by unsafe bridge
C-ROM-7 Kneeling Colton & Joan put flashlight on freshly uncovered precious gem
C-ROM-8 MS of armed Ralph [Danny DeVito] taking stone from Colton & Joan, flaunting it at them
C-ROM-9 Profile MS of Colton & Joan locked in embrace & about to kiss

C-SED-1 PR: RV of Jamie Douglas [Morgan Fairchild] wearing shirt displaying film title in red as she looks over shoulder
C-SED-2 PR: MCU of Jamie in blue top & white jacket over shoulders
C-SED-3 MLS of Jamie in same outfit watching girlfriend Robin [Colleen Camp] take phone call
C-SED-4 Obsessed photographer Derek [Andrew Stevens] terrorizes Jamie with camera in her home
C-SED-5 CU of Jamie turning tables on Derek in her bedroom, putting arm around his head

C-SM-1 Luther Yerkes [Jay C. Flippen] in tuxedo beside busty playmate
C-SM-2 Faye Osborn [Edy Williams] wearing negligee, reflected in bedroom mirror

C-SLK-A PR: MLS of Lt. Sam Lorenzo [Rob Estes] & Lt. Rita Lee Lance [Mitzi Kapture], wearing bright purple & yellow outfits, respectively, pistols out & ready to fire
C-SLK-B Cont. #A,PR: casual pose with guns put away against white bg
C-SLK-C PR: outdoor MLS of Lorenzo (red blazer)& Rita (blue blazer) posed back to back as she plays with earring
C-SLK-D PR: Cont. #C, Rita crosses arms & leers at Lorenzo, who points over his shoulder at her
C-SLK-E Cont. #D, pair now side by side with hands in pockets
C-SLK-F PR: MLS of Rita in fg with gun held near face as Lorenzo (bright blue blazer) backs her up. Purplish bg
C-SLK-G PR: gun-toting Lorenzo emerges from behind Rita (hot pink blazer) as she tensely stands backed against wall
C-SLK-H PR: FLV of Lorenzo (pea-green blazer)& Rita (blue slacks & blazer) posed before shiny red sports car, hands in pockets
C-SLK-I Cont. #H, MLS of just Rita leaning against car
C-SLK-J PR: MS of Rita clothed as above near mansion garden
C-SLK-K PR: MCU of Lorenzo on balcony, in red blazer & gray tee
C-SLK-L PR: PRT of Lorenzo in blue blazer & yellow tee. Purplish bg
C-SLK-M PR: FLV of Rita sitting on stool, decked out in hot pink blazer & short white skirt to show off nice legs, eyes looking aside
C-SLK-N Cont. #M, now eyeing camera
C-SLK-O PR: slightly tilted MLS by door of Sgt. Ryan (gray suit, black shirt) & Sgt. St. John (pink pant suit) showing badges to camera
C-SLK-P Cont. #O, new angle further into doorway with Ryan prominent
C-SLK-Q PR: tight PRT of Ryan wearing unbuttoned white dress shirt
C-SLK-R PR: MLS of Cassy, sassy in lime green tank top & matching slacks, seductively approaching camera
C-SLK-S PR: MS of Cassy behind wheel of sports car, wearing revealing lowcut white tank top & shorts
C-SLK-T PR: MS of Ryan (black t-shirt & slacks) & Cassy (lowcut top & slacks) side-by-side & eyeing camera

C-SMN-1 MCU of film director Eli Cross [Peter O'Toole], sitting & holding up cigarette

C-TX-1 MS of slightly crazed Travis Bickle [Robert DeNiro], his hair in mohawk & blood covering his face & shirt

10 - 1979
C-TEN-1 PR: FLV of Jenny [Bo Derek] running on beach in swimsuit
C-TEN-2 PR: MLS of Jenny running in soft white dress
C-TEN-8 MLS of fetching Jenny seated on couch & looking aside

C-TRT-1 Day shot of Saturn rocket launch at Cape Canaveral
C-TRT-2 Night shot of Saturn rocket launch at Cape Canaveral
C-TRT-3 Satellite view of cloud-covered Earth
C-TRT-4 Enterprise shuttle outside its hangar
C-TRT-5 Stunning AV of lunar landscape & Earth hanging in bg
C-TRT-6 Color enhanced FLV of Saturn
C-TRT-7 Tight shot of Saturn & its cloud deck
C-TRT-8 The Moon Mimas, large impact feature making it look like the Death Star from STAR WARS

UC: UNDERCOVER - 2001-Present
C-UCU-A PR: blue-hued FLV of cast posed on stairway: Monica Davis
[Bruklin Harris], Alex Cross [Vera Farmiga], Frank Donovan [Oded Fehr], Jake Shaw [Jon Seda], & Cody [Jarrad Paul]
C-UCU-B PR: MS of Donovan looking suspiciously aside with hand held near face
C-UCU-C PR: MS of Shaw glancing around corner, gun at ready
C-UCU-D PR: MS of Alex drawing bead with pistol at someone OS

C-UND-1 FLV of Thomas [John Wayne], Langdon [Rock Hudson], wearing Confederate uniform, & Newby [Bruce Cabot] having drink & laugh

C-UTR-1 PRT of Annie Clark [Carrie Fisher] in sailor suit, head cocked
C-UTR-2 FLV of Annie with back turned, looking over shoulder & clad only in bra & short slip
C-UTR-3 PR: Profile MCU of Annie & Bruce Thorpe [Chevy Chase] holding each other in middle of street, gazing OS
C-UTR-4 PR: midget enjoys poking instrument into Annie's throat
C-UTR-6 PR: Cont. #1, Annie in sailor suit with head lowered
C-UTR-7 PR: soft-focus MCU of smiling Annie, lovely in white hat, dress & pearls

C-VD-1 PR: PRT of dolls Jennifer North [Sharon Tate], Anne Wells [Barbara Parkins] & Neely O'Hara [Patty Duke]

VILLAIN - 1979
C-VIL-1 PR: FLV of Cactus Jack [Kirk Douglas], Charming Jones [Ann- Margret] & Handsome Stranger [Arnold Schwarzenegger] in costume. Includes signatures by all three

C-VLV-1 PR: FLV of Rusty Martin [Ann-Margret] & Lucky Jackson [Elvis Presley] in dancing pose

WU-1 PR: gorgeous Japanese woman who performs incongruous striptease poses seductively

C-WB-1 CU of white buffalo charging thru snowstorm

C-ZGB-1 PR: Zorro [George Hamilton] smiles & raises sword over head
C-ZGB-2 PR: MS of Zorro embracing lady love Charlotte [Lauren Hutton]
C-ZGB-3 PR: Tight FLV of Zorro swinging across castle on rope
C-ZGB-4 PR: FLV of masked Zorro in sword battle with soldiers



ABC-A MS of host Dick Clark welcoming smiling, glamorously attired Annette Funicello to gala

C-AAA-A FLV of golden Oscar statuette from 57th annual awards against colorful bg

AIRWOLF - 1984-86
AIR-A PRT of serious Stringfellow Hawke [Jan-Michael Vincent] in sport shirt & leather jacket
AIR-B Cast PRT of smiling Hawke, Dominic Santini [Ernest Borgnine] & Caitlin [Jean Bruce Scott] standing by seated Archangel[Alex Cord]

ASJ-A MS of smiling Joshua Smith [Peter Duel] & Thaddeus Jones [Ben Murphy] posed back-to-back against post overlooking western street
ASJ-B MLS of serious Smith, arms folded, & Jones taking OS instructions
ASJ-C PR: FLV of Smith sitting cross-legged in steerhorn-appointed chair with Jones standing beside him
ASJ-D PR: FLV of seated Smith & Jones, hand on partner's shoulder
ASJ-E PR: MLS of Smith & Jones bent forward & smiling big for camera
ASJ-F PR: MS of boys dressed in formal duds & posed one in & one out of stagecoach, both smiling
ASJ-G MS of boys holding their hats, Jones smiling at amused Smith
ASJ-H MCU of Jones, Betsy Jamison [Michelle Carey] & Smith, all smiles. Fistful of Diamonds
ASJ-I PR: PRT of Peter Duel as himself
ASJ-J PR: MS of Smith in cowboy duds, gloved hands hitched in belt, tentative smile on face
ASJ-K PR: FLV of Smith & Jones wearing jackets against chill, stopping to pose with horses on trail
ASJ-L PR: MLS of boys smiling as they pose in formal suits & bowlers leaning against wall outdoors
ASJ-M Smith & Jones hold onto their hats as they take young lady on wild ride in motor car, steaming at least one town citizen
ASJ-N BS: MS of Smith smiling at Judge Handley [Jack Albertson]. Jailbreak at Junction City
ASJ-O Cont. #A, MLS of Smith & Jones posed back-to-back but more serious. Names signed at bottom of picture
ASJ-P PR: solemn PRT of Smith in dress suit, facing aside
ASJ-Q FLV of Smith & Jones standing on street outside bank, attention focused off camera

ALY-A PR: first season cast PRT gathered around Ally [Calista Flockhart] in office: Georgia Thomas [Courtney Thorne-Smith], Billy Thomas [Gil Bellows], Richard Fish [Greg Germann], Renee Radick [Lisa Nicole Carson], Elaine Vassal [Jane Krakowski] & John Cage [Peter MacNicol], all smiles
ALY-B PR: warm MS of Ally in slacks & sleeveless floral top, seated on floor with legs up against dark bg
ALY-C PR: PRT of smiling John in nice suit
ALY-D MLS of John & Ally in mock clinch while turned to OS judge in courtroom. Forbidden Fruit

A-TEAM - 1983-87
ATE-A PR: full cast PRT: somber Face [Dirk Benedict], smiling Hannibal [George Peppard], B.A. Baracus [Mr. T.], Murdock [Dwight Schultz] & Amy [Melinda Culea]
ATE-B MLS of armed Face & Murdock in raid on underworld headquarters. Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

BANACEK - 1972-74
BAN-A PR: over-the-shoulder PRT of Banacek [George Peppard] eyeing camera while holding up newspaper headlining theft. Name signed on shoulder

BES-A PR: PRT of ensemble cast, including: Tyger Hayes [Genie Francis], Ava Marshall [Jessica Walter], Lady Bobbi Rowan [Jennifer O'Neil], Niko Theophilus [Ian McShane], Marcus Marshall [Jonathan Frakes] & Sean Benedict [Michael Woods]

BAY-1 MLS of Mitch [David Hasselhoff], Craig [Parker Stevenson] & Jill [Shawn Weatherly] posed in lifeguard swimwear & jackets around beach patrol vehicle
BAY-2 MS of Mitch posed in unzipped jacket in front of lifeguard tower
BAY-3 MLS of Craig posed leaning hands on tower railing while gazing off, wearing trunks & unzipped jacket
BAY-4 PRT of swimsuit-clad beauty Shauni [Erika Eleniak] seated on hood of patrol vehicle
BAY-5 1993 cast PRT of C.J. [Pamela Anderson], Stephanie [Alexandra Paul], Mitch, Matt [David Charvet], Summer [Nicole Eggert] & Hobie [Jeremy Jackson] posed on patrol boat, all smiles
BAY-6 Cast PRT of above group sans Hobie posed around patrol vehicle
BAY-7 MLS of swimsuit-clad C.J., Stephanie & Summer posed side-by-side
BAY-8 PRT of smiling Mitch & son Hobie leaning on body board in front of patrol vehicle
BAY-9 PRT of Summer & C.J. flashing ivories around patrol vehicle
BAY-10 PRT of bare-chested Mitch holding rescue equipment, tight-lipped
BAY-11 Two-element shot of C.J. bent forward with hand to cheek & MS standing beside patrol vehicle, face beaming
BAY-12 Two-element shot of Summer, one smiling PRT & one pinup pose with hands on hips
BAY-13 Two-element shot of Stephanie as with Summer above
BAY-14 PRT of smiling Hobie wearing pullover shirt

BIG VALLEY - 1965-69
BV-A PR: Signed outdoor PRT of Nick Barkley [Peter Breck], gloved hand holding cowboy hat at chest

BONANZA - 1959-73
BZA-A PR: signed MS of smiling Little Joe [Michael Landon], one hand on holstered gun, other hitched in belt

BBA-A PR: MS of Frank Buck [Bruce Boxleitner] ready to rope big game
BBA-B PRT of Gloria Marlowe [Cindy Morgan] seated on arm of wicker chair next to Buck
BBA-C PRT as above with Gloria on opposite side & parrots added, both in dress evening wear

BSM-A MS of Kip [Tom Hanks] arriving for date with Sonny [Donna Dixon], but he's depressed anyway
BSM-B PR: Henry juggles balls for Kip, Sonny & gang who react in varying comical degrees
BSM-C MS of Sonny in sweater daydreaming at restaurant booth

CHARLIE'S ANGELS - 1976-1981
CA-A PR: PRT of smiling Angels Kelly Garrett [Jaclyn Smith], Sabrina Duncan [Kate Jackson] & Kris Munroe [Cheryl Ladd]
CA-B PR: MLS of Kris posed standing in strapless gown
CA-C PR: FLV of smiling Kris stepping from surf, smashing in dark bikini
CA-D PR: three-element shot: Kris, Kelly & Julie Rogers [Tanya Roberts]
CA-E PR: MS of Julie, Kelly & Kris posed side by side
CA-F PR: MLS of Kelly, Julie & Kris posed side by side, showing off their figures
CA-G Kelly, John Bosley [David Doyle], Kris & Julie watch OS nightclub act from table. Hula Angels
CA-H Kris, donning carhop outfit, asks fired cabbie Serge [Scott Brady] a question. Taxi Angels
CA-I MS of Julie reacting with shock at something Bosley says

CHEYENNE - 1955-63
CHY-A PR: PRT of Cheyenne Bodie [Clint Walker], his expression steely

DALLAS - 1978-91
DAL-A PR: Outdoor PRT of Bobby [Patrick Duffy] leaning on car
DAL-B PR: Pam [Victoria Principal], in summer dress, getting out of car
DAL-C PR: PRT of Sue Ellen [Linda Gray]
DAL-D PR: Lucy [Charlene Tilton] kneels in grass before Ewing digs
DAL-F PR: FLV of J.R. [Larry Hagman] & Sue Ellen posing on porch
DAL-G PR: Jock, Bobby & Pam pose at fence in front of ranchhouse

DCC-A Laura Cole [Jane Seymour] & other cheerleaders kick up heels

DEV-A PR: PRT of handsome Nick Corsello [Jack Scalia] in pullover v-neck sweater, hand to chin

DH-A PR: FLV of Uncle Jessie [Denver Pyle], Daisy [Catherine Bach] & shirtless Luke [Tom Wopat] posed with arms around each other
DH-B Cont. #B, tighter shot & they're smiling more broadly
DH-C PR: MS of Daisy, arm resting on head, leaning against General Lee
DH-D FLV of Daisy, in braless top & shorts, & Luke in field spying something OS. General Lee in bg

DYNASTY - 1981-89
DYN-E PR: PRT of Blake Carrington [John Forsythe]
DYN-F PR: PRT of Fallon [Pamela Sue Martin]
DYN-G PR: PRT of Blake & Krystle [Linda Evans]
DYN-H Profile MS of Steven [Al Corley] & Sammy Jo [Heather Locklear] sharing happy moment of budding mutual interest
DYN-I MS of Blake proudly holding his newborn grandson as Fallon & Jeff [John James] look on
DYN-J MS of Blake (favored) & Nick Toscanni [James Farentino] angrily faced off with upraised fists
DYN-K PR: sensuous FLV of Kirby [Kathleen Beller] curled up on reflective floor, wearing soft dress pulled off shoulders

EQUALIZER, THE - 1985-86
EQZ-A PR: PRT of Robert McCall [Edward Woodward], nattily attired in suit & overcoat, deadpan expression
EQZ-B PR: Outdoor MS of serious McCall in three-piece suit, thumbs tucked into vest pockets
EQZ-C PR: Four-element PRT of McCall in different wardrobes & poses, one with gun, one actually smiling
EQZ-D PR: MLS of McCall posed on street with arm around shoulder of Jenny Morrow [Lori Laughlin], both looking aside
EQZ-E PR: MLS of all business McCall aiming gun at OS human garbage from alley stairway

FALCON CREST - 1981-90
FAL-A MS of trimly suited Richard Channing [David Selby] squinting at OS diversion during garden party

FI-A Two-element shot: Loni Anderson as plain Jane secretary & sexy super woman movie star

GG-A PR: composite of armed Garrison [Ron Harper], Casino [Rudy Solari], Chief [Brendon Boone], Giniff [Christopher Carey] & Actor [Cesare Danova]. Signed by all five

GHSP-A PR: PRT of Luke [Tony Geary] holding Laura [Genie Francis] to his chest, arm around her shoulder
GHSP-B PR: FLV of Laura posed in wedding gown, holding bouquet of flowers

GI-A Sitting side-by-side on rocks, Gilligan [Bob Denver] cuddles fish & smiles at the Skipper [Alan Hale Jr.], who ogles him thru binoculars

H&M-A MS of smiling McCormick [Daniel Hugh-Kelly] resting forearm on shoulder of glum Hardcastle [Brian Keith], wearing shoulder holster over shirt

HPTA-A Stella [Barbara Eden] dons brassy black wig & sexy biker duds, straddling motorcycle beside gang leader Clutch Breath [Jonathan Frakes], both laughing. Low Noon

HART TO HART - 1979-84
HH-A PR: Jonathan & Jennifer [Robert Wagner & Stephanie Powers] having champagne by hood of sports car. He has glass, she has gun
HH-B MCU of Jonathan & Jennifer discussing problem as she fixes hors d'oeuvre tray

HAWAIIAN EYE - 1959-1963
HEYE-A Four-element shot: Cricket [Connie Stevens] in flowered halter & grass skirt, singing

HKT-A PR: PRT of smiling Beaumont [Robyn Douglas] with LaFiamma [Michael Paré] & Lundy [Michael Beck] posed back-to-back with arms folded behind her
HKT-B PR: MLS of Lundy & LaFiamma in street clothes but wearing badges & shoulder weapons, both glum
HKT-C PR: MLS of pair standing near bridge, both wearing sport jacket, Lundy adding cowboy hat
HKT-D PR: PRT of LaFiamma gazing lazily into camera
HKT-E PR: CU of LaFiamma coolly studying camera
HKT-F PR: PRT of smiling Lundy in cowboy hat
HKT-G PR: PRT of serious Lundy in sport shirt & shoulder holster, no hat
HKT-H MS of boys in police jackets, back against wall & ready to do damage, Lundy has one gun, LaFiamma has two
HKT-I PR: four-element shot of LaFiamma & Lundy, including PRT of each, MS of boys standing back-to-back & pair posed by police car with Lundy sitting on hood
HKT-J PR: PRT of LaFiamma & Lundy standing at shoulders of Beaumont, all dressed to nines
HKT-K PR: MS of two-gun toting LaFiamma & Lundy [no hat] flashing big smiles posed by police truck door
HKT-L PR: MLS of serious LaFiamma badgering picture-taker as Lundy (hat on) stands by
HKT-M PR: FLV of well armed boys, Lundy sitting on rock before LaFiamma, standing & leaning back against wall
HKT-N PR: MS of boys posed aiming guns at OS culprits from rocky vantage point
HKT-O PR: moody MS of Lundy partly in shadow, looking down & away before ladder placed against wall, his thumb hitched in shoulder holster strap
HKT-P PR: MS of well muscled LaFiamma in sitting up pose, wearing dark tank top
HKT-Q PR: MS of Beaumont, sultry as she slips silk wrap off shoulders, holding it about her bosom
HKT-R FLV of boys interviewing woman inside cabana

I MARRIED DORA - 1987-88
IMD-A PR: cast PRT of smiling Peter Farrell [Daniel Hugh-Kelly], son Will [Jason Horst], daughter Kate [Juliette Lewis] & Dora [Elizabeth Pena]
IMD-B PRT of smiling Peter wearing dark shirt & jacket

I SPY - 1965-1968
ISPY-A PR: relaxed sitting PRT of spies Kelly Robinson [Robert Culp] & Alexander Scott [Bill Cosby]
ISPY-B PR: PRT of natty pair holding guns across chests, framed thru tennis racket

ITR-A PR: PRT of Albert Speer [Rutger Hauer] posed with his leader Hitler [Derek Jacobi]

IT TAKES A THIEF - 1968-1970
ITT-A PR: handsome PRT of smiling Alexander Mundy [Robert Wagner] with lovely Charlene "Charlie" Brown [Susan Saint James]

JAG-A PR: FLV of Lt. Bud Roberts [Patrick Labyorteaux], Admiral A.J. Chegwidden [John M Jackson], Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie [Catherine Bell] & LCDR Harmon Rabb Jr. [David James Elliott], men in white uniforms, Sarah in dark uniform
JAG-B PR: MLS of Chigwidden, Ensign Sims [Karri Tuner], Rabb, Roberts & Sarah, all wearing dark uniforms & smiling aside before floor-length American flag
JAG-C PR: PRT of grinning Rabb, arms folded, & Sarah in front of flag
JAG-D PR: MLS of Rabb & Sarah posed in summer uniforms with arms folded before outdoor stairway
JAG-E PR: PRT of proud-looking Rabb turned aside in front of flag
JAG-F Cont. #E, MS of Rabb with hat tucked under arm
JAG-G PR: PRT of Sarah posed in front of flag, hat tucked under arm

JAKE & THE FATMAN - 1987-92
J&F-A PR: MLS of McCabe [William Conrad], his bulldog Max, Jake Styles [Joe Penny] & Derek [Alan Campbell] posed on couch
J&F-B PRT of suave undercover detective Styles in expensive suit

JCH-A PR: PRT of smiling Joanie [Erin Moran] & Chachi [Scott Baio], her arms around his shoulders

LP-A PR: PRT of transsexual cop Mel Brubaker [Randi Brooks] in low-cut dress, necklace & earrings, hand to throat

LONE RANGER - 1949-1957
LON-A PR: Lone Ranger [Clayton Moore] & Tonto [Jay Silverheels] posed with Silver in rocky setting
LON-B Lone Ranger points out something OS to Tonto & another Indian

MACGYVER - 1985-92
MAC-A PR: MS of smiling MacGyver [Richard Dean Anderson] in long sleeve shirt with buttoned collar, arms crossed
MAC-B PR: PRT of stubble-faced MacGyver in wool sport shirt
MAC-C PR: Moody PRT of MacGyver carrying cord of heavy rope over shoulder
MAC-D PR: FLV of MacGyver sitting behind wheel of jeep
MAC-E PR: PRT of MacGyver intently eyeing camera, beard stubble on face, wearing black shirt

MAE-A PRT of Mae West [Ann Jillian] in hat & feathers
MAE-B Two-element shot: original Mae resting arm on Cary Grant's shoulder in 1933 & Ann's re-creation of pose with Rod McCary as Grant

MAGNIFICENT 7 - 1998-99
M7-A PR: PRT of tight-lipped Esra Standish [Anthony Starke] leaning against sidewalk post
M7-B PR: MLS of tight-lipped Vin Tanner [Eric Close] posed in shadows on street
M7-C PR: MLS of tight-lipped Buck Wilmington [Dale Midkiff] posed resting forearm against wall
M7-D PR: MS of J.D. Dunne [Andrew Kavovit] tipping bowler to camera while leaning against hitching post. Oh, yeah, and tight-lipped

MAGNUM P.I. - 1980-88
MPI-A MLS of Thomas Magnum [Tom Selleck], in pullover shirt & jeans, standing on deck of boat
MPI-B Magnum kneels by tree, surprised by something OS above him as J. "Digger" Doyle [Erin Gray] runs up behind him
MPI-E PR: CU of Magnum holding .45 pistol next to face
MPI-F PR: CU of Magnum wearing quiet smile
MPI-G PR: MS of smiling Magnum in sport shirt with sweater around neck & tied in front
MPI-H PR: MLS of Magnum perched atop driver's seat of Ferrari, arms folded over open sun roof
MPI-I PR: MS of Magnum aboard cabin cruiser, clad in sport shirt & vest sweater
MPI-K PR: MS of smiling Magnum, in pullover sweater, jeans & Vietnam cap, standing with arms folded
MPI-L PR: four-element shot: three PRTs of Magnum alone plus cast sitting with Magnum, TC [Roger E. Mosley], Rick [Larry Manetti] & Higgins
MPI-M PR: hunky MS of smiling Magnum posed with arms folded before large ferns, wearing blue work shirt, glasses dangling from neck

M*A*S*H - 1972-83
MASH-A Cast PRT: Hawkeye [Alan Alda], Hotlips Houlihan[Loretta Swit], B.J. [Mike Farrell], Col. Potter [Harry Morgan], Maj. Winchester [David Odgen Stiers], Klinger [Jamie Farr] & Father Mulcahy [William Christopher]

MASQUERADE - 1983-84
MSQ-A PRT of Casey [Kirstie Alley] posed in pretty sweater, arms crossed & head cocked

MATT HOUSTON - 1982-85
MAT-A PR: two faces of Houston [Lee Horsley], cowboy & corporate chief, blend together in composite portraits
MAT-B PR: PRT of C.J. [Pamela Hensley], Houston's stylish lady lawyer

MAVERICK - 1957-1962
MAV-A PR: MLS of Brent Maverick [Robert Colbert] showing brother Bart [Jack Kelly] & cousin Beau [Roger Moore] thousand dollar bill hidden in coat on western street

MIAMI VICE - 1984-89
MVI-A PR: cast PRT of Crockett [ Don Johnson], Tubbs [Phillip Michael Thomas], Castillo [Edward James Olmos], Gina [Saundra Santiago], Trudy [Olivia Brown], Switek [Michael Talbott] & Zito [John Diehl]

MIM-A PR: profile PRT of Phelps [Peter Graves], Barney [Greg Morris], Willie [Peter Lupus], Cinnamon [Barbara Bain]& Rollin [Martin Landau]
MIM-B Cinnamon, in elegant hat & dress, checking stock market tape
MIM-C PR: PRT of Phelps, Barney, Willie & Paris [Leonard Nimoy]
MIM-D PR: PRT of smiling Paris
MIM-E PR: PRT of Lynda Day George as Casey
MIM-F PR: PRT of Phelps, Barney, Willie, Paris & Dana [Lesley Ann Warren]. "Mission Impossible Force" imprinted on Dana's sweater

MOD SQUAD - 1968-73
MSQD-A PR: signed PRT of Julie [Peggy Lipton], Pete [Michael Cole] & Linc [Clarence Williams III] at her shoulders, all serious
MSQD-B PR: PRT of Julie square to camera. Name written across chest

MONKEES, THE - 1966-68
MNK-A PR: tight PRT of smiling Davy Jones. Name signed on shirt collar
MNK-B PR: PRT of grinning Jones holding tambourine & maracas to chest

MY SISTER SAM - 1986-88
MSS-A PR: PRT of smiling Patti [Rebecca Schaeffer], Sam's teenage sister

NP-A PR: cast PRT of Phoebe [Juliet Mills], Prof. Everett [Richard Long] & his three kids Hal, Butch & Prudence
NP-B PR: MLS of Phoebe posed with an armload of toys

NSH-A PR: MLS of Nash Bridges [Don Johnson], wearing dark jacket & leaning shoulder against wall
NSH-B PR: MLS of Evan Cortez [Jaime P. Gomez] wearing light jacket & leaning shoulder against wall
NSH-C PR: MLS of Bridges' bright-smiling daughter, Cassidy [Jodi Lynn O'Keefe], wearing clinging print top under tight dark jumpsuit, hands on hips

NEWHART - 1982-90
NEW-A PR: 1987 cast PRT of Dick [Bob Newhart] & wife Joanna Louden [Mary Frann], George [Tom Poston], Stephanie [Julia Duffy] & Michael [Peter Scolari], all cheery
NEW-B PR: four-element shot: PRT of smiling Dick & Joanna, Dick sitting in chair with legs tucked under him & holding slate, MS of Larry [William Sanderson] flanked by Darryl [Tony Papenfuss] & Darryl [John Voldstad], full cast PRT

9 TO 5 - 1982
9T5-A PR: PRT of smiling Doralee [Rachel Dennison, Dolly Parton's robust sister] in v-neck sweater
9T5-B PR: MS of smiling Doralee in belted dress with v-neck

NH-A PR: MS of Dunross [Pierce Brosnan] posed with arm around Casey Tcholok [Deborah Raffin], both holding glasses of wine
NH-B PR: FLV of Dunross, wearing heavy pullover sweater, sitting on deck of boat playing mahjong with local
NB-C PR: PRT of Dunross in tailored pin-striped suit, squinting slightly at something OS
NB-D PR: High angle MS of Casey leaning back against Dunross in balcony lord & lady pose
NB-E PR: MS of Dunross cuddling Casey from behind, both smiling wide
NB-F PR: MS of Linc Bartlett [Ben Masters] seated next to Dunross, heavy sweater draped over shoulders, both gazing aside before floating restaurant
NB-G PR: PRT of smiling Dunross as above posed before view of Hong Kong Harbor & city beyond
NB-H PR: tight PRT of Dunross, wearing light suit, coolly eyeing camera from patio
NB-I PR: MS of Dunross, handsome in tuxedo, holding broken coin up to his gaze
NB-J Cont. #B, FLV of Dunross seemingly lost in thought while playing board game

OUTLAWS - 1986-87
OLW-A PR: classic PRT of time-displaced Texicans Grail [Rod Taylor], Ice [Richard Roundtree], Harland Pike [William Locking], Wolf [Charles Napier] & Billy Pike [Patrick Houser], all seriously armed
OLW-B PR: lovely PRT of smiling Grail in dirty cowboy hat
OLW-C PR: FLV of dirt-caked & glum cowboys in ready-for-trouble outdoor pose, Grail in front
OLW-D PR: FLV of displaced cowboys, still frowning, side by side
OLW-E PR: two-element shot: PRTs of frowning Harland & smiling Billy
OLW-F PR: two-element shot: PRTs of unsmiling Ice & smiling Wolf
OWL-G PR: MS of Grail in arm & arm smiling pose with Maggie [Christina Belford], wearing her sheriff's uniform

PROF-A PR: FLV of C15 agents Ray Doyle [Martin Shaw] & Bodie [Lewis Collins] standing together & scowling at camera, both wearing shoulder weapons
PROF-B PR: FLV of Doyle & Bodie standing side-by-side on rocks
PROF-C PR: MS of Doyle holding camera with telephoto lens, Bodie just behind him, both grim
PROF-D PR: MCU of scowling Doyle, Cmdr. George Cowley [Gordon Jackson] & Bodie focusing on OS felons
PROF-E PR: MS of Doyle, Cowley & Bodie scowling into camera in outdoor horizontal pose
PROF-F Cont. #E, Cowley bends forward over bale of goods during surveillance
PROF-G PR: PRT of Cowley flanked by Doyle & Bodie behind shoulders
PROF-H PR: PRT of Cowley with arms crossed, Doyle & Bodie standing back to back at his shoulders
PROF-I PR: MS of Doyle & Bodie eyeing high-level camera with Cowley between them in bg
PROF-J PR: PRT of serious Doyle & Bodie, latter standing head above & behind partner's shoulder
PROF-K PR: tight PRT of Bodie glumly eyeing camera against blank bg
PROF-L PRT of Bodie wearing light shirt with wide collar outside dark blazer
PROF-M PR: MS of Bodie with head down, lost in thought, wearing sport shirt & bush jacket
PROF-N PR: FLV of Bodie standing beside car with arm resting on roof
PROF-O PR: PRT of Doyle holding jacket over shoulder, mere hint of smile crossing lips
PROF-P PR: MCU of Doyle turned toward camera, leaning forward & resting arm on fence, smidge of smile on face
PROF-Q PR: candid MS of smiling Doyle in light sport shirt, dark jacket
PROF-R PR: FLV of Doyle, wearing swim trunks in sitting pose, jacket fallen between spread legs
PROF-S PR: MS of Murphy [Steve Alder] leaning forearm against wall while squinting at something overhead
PROF-T PR: MS of Doyle & Bodie manning boat & wearing headsets, Cowley standing between them
PROF-U Doyle & Bodie go into action, former driving boat, latter aiming gun at OS human swine

RS-A PR: MLS of Steele [Pierce Brosnan] smiling at camera begore getting into car
RS-B PR: MLS of Laura [Stephanie Zimbalist] & Steele posed side-by- side, she smiling at him, he with hands in pockets
RS-C PR: MS of casual Steele & Laura holding each other around while smiling for camera, resort waters in bg
RS-D PR: MS of Steele, in bathrobe & Laura, in wool sweater, both with arms crossed as they eye camera
RS-E PR: MS of Steele, standing beside Laura, seated on desk with hands, folded in lap, both wearing dark suits
RS-F FLV of Steele, in light double-breasted suit, & Laura, in blouse top & pants outfit, standing outside gate & contemplating next move
RS-G FLV of Steele making point to Laura, who holds skirt taken off rack in clothing store
RS-H MS of formally dressed Steele & Laura, she in profile & less than happy, seated at restaurant table
RS-I Cont. RS-H, profile MS of Steele & Laura dancing
RS-J FLV of Steele climbing industrial plant ladder in pursuit of criminal, Laura right behind him
RS-K MS of lady guest star fixing sheepish Steele's tie
RS-L MS of Steele shouting & pointing to something OS to bewilderment of utterly annoying Mildred [Doris Roberts]
RS-M MS of man with bloodied head trying to convince Laura, wearing towel on head & robe, & Steele that he needs their help
RS-N PR: MS of Steele in suit, loosened tie, wisp of hair over right eye
RS-O PR: PRT of Steele wearing monogram tie, overcoat & sly grin, arms crossed to shoulder
RS-P MLS of Steele & Laura, dressed country casual, leaning against front of tractor while mulling next move
RS-Q FLV of animated Steel & Laura walking over upset vegetable cart in Cannes. Steele at It
RS-R MLS of elegantly clad Steele & Laura about to enjoy champagne & birthday cake at anniversary of her creation. Breath of Steele
RS-S MLS of Steele being charmed by 40s glamour queens Virginia Mayo & Dorothy Lamour at gala fund raiser. Cast in Steele

ROB-A PR: FLV of Robin Hood[Michael Praed] holding sword, posed with rest of outlaw band, including Maid Marian [Judi Trott], Little John [Clive Mantle], Friar Tuck [Phil Rose] & Will Scarlet [Ray Whinstone]
ROB-B PR: MS of Robin sitting holding hilt of sword with both hands near intent face
ROB-C PR: PRT of third season Robin, Robert of Huntingdon [Jason Connery], looking aside
ROB-D PR: MS of Robert studying camera as he strings bow with arrow
ROB-E PR: MS of Robin [Praed] resting sword against shoulder, hair over one eye
ROB-F PR: FLV of Robin [Praed] posed against tree trunk with Maid Marion sitting in grass at his feet

RFR-A PRT of tuxedoed Lloyd Murphy [Joe Penny]
RFR-B PR: PRT of tuxedoed Murphy cuddling sexy Autumn McAvan Norton [Lisa Hartman], she holding rose, from behind
RFR-C PR: MS of Autumn posed with Murphy & other men in her life [Morgan Stevens & Jim Youngs], in tuxedos

SCR-A PR: MS of Spider [Dirk Benedict] posed with Priscilla Barnes & Shelly Smith vying for his affections

SENTINEL, THE - 1995-99
SEN-A PR: main cast FLV of Jim Ellison [Richard Burgi] seated with Carolyn Plummer [Kelly Curtis], Blair Sandburg [Garett Maggart] & Simon Banks [Bruce Young] standing behind him
SEN-B PR: MLS of (l to r) Sandburg, Banks & Ellison posed around office desk
SEN-C PR: MS of Ellison wearing pullover sweater, flanked by Sandburg, wearing plaid sportshirt, & Banks
SEN-D PR: FLV of kneeling Ellison, wearing dark t-shirt & pants, with Sandburg standing behind him with arms folded, wearing lighter tee & jeans
SEN-E PR: two-element shot: MS of Carolyn wearing long-sleeved top & vest, hands on hips; MS of Banks posed in suit
SEN-F PR: MS of Ellison in slacks & sport jacket, hands in pockets
SEN-G PR: sitting PRT of Ellison in light tee, arms crossed in lab
SEN-H PR: PRT of wide-smiling Ellison leaning back against brick wall
SEN-I PR: MCU of Sandburg, hint of smile on face
SEN-J PR: MLS of Sandburg wearing glasses, looking up at camera from crouch
SEN-K PR: PRT of tight-lipped Sandburg wearing heavy plaid jacket, hand near chin & glasses atop head
SEN-L PR: MS of steely-eyed Banks in crouch with arms across knees

SOAP - 1977-81
SOAP-A Burt [Richard Mulligan], tied up aboard spaceship, screams for help as aliens look him over

STARSKY & HUTCH - 1975-79
S&H-A PR: MS of warmly clothed Det. Dave Starsky [Paul Michael Glaser] & Det. Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson [David Soul] laughing it up

STINGRAY - 1986-87
STRY-A PR: MS of Stingray [Nick Mancuso] coolly eyeing camera by iron gate, wearing half-zipped jacket but no shirt

THB-A PR: Eight-element composite dramatizing highlights of show in action scenes & cutouts of cast
THB-B PRT of Maggie [Rachel Ward], in ashes of Rose's dress, & Mary Carson [Barbara Stanwyck] standing at shoulders of Father Ralph de Bricassart [Richard Chamberlain], seated with arms folded & wearing only dress shirt
THB-C MS of Father Ralph looking at unhappy Maggie, who closes eyes while holding rose

T.J. HOOKER - 1982-86
TJH-A PR: MLS of T.J. Hooker [William Shatner], Vince Romano [Adrian Zmed], Capt. Dennis Sheridan [Richard Herd] & Stacy Sheridan [Heather Locklear] in uniform
TJH-B PR: MS of Hooker & rookie partner Romano posed by police car
TJH-C PR: PRT of Hooker out of uniform, wearing pullover shirt & smile
TJH-D PRT of police trainee Stacy
TJH-E PR: PRT of smiling Hooker in light sport shirt

TOD-A PR: four-element shot: three group shots of Bravo Company & MCU of Platoon Sgt. Zeke Anderson [Terence Knox]

TWIN PEAKS - 1990-91
TWP-1 Title over welcome sign & road leading to seething logging town
TWP-2 MS of FBI Agent Dale Cooper [Kyle MacLachlan], wearing overcoat, holding up pocket recorder
TWP-3 MS of Audrey Horne [Sherilyn Fenn] exuding adolescent sexuality, arms crossed while kneeling on couch, wearing plaid skirt & pullover sweater
TWP-4 Donna Hayward [Lara Flynn Boyle], sitting on floor against couch, brooding over loss of best friend, Laura Palmer
TWP-5 MS of wide-smiling Norma Jennings [Peggy Lipton] posed in waitress uniform as owner of diner
TWP-6 Eccentric Nadine Hurley [Wendy Robie] looks up while sitting on floor trying to invent silent drape-runners
TWP-7 PRT of morose [l to r] Josie Packard [Joan Chen], Sheriff Harry Truman [Michael Ontkean], Cooper and Catherine Martell [Piper Laurie]
TWP-8 PRT of Cooper, Truman & those all-important doughnuts
TWP-9 MLS of Cooper & Truman leaning over table & looking aside during murder investigation
TWP-10 Tight MS of Cooper lifting coffee cup as Audrey rests her face near his shoulder
TWP-11 MLS of Audrey, Donna & James Hurley [James Marshall] posed at Double R Diner counter
TWP-12 MS of Norma, Bobby Briggs [Dana Ashbrook] & Shelly Johnson [Madchen Amick] standing at doorway
TWP-13 PRT of Josie, Catherine & Benjamin Horne [Richard Beymer], their faces mirroring intense rivalry between them
TWP-14 Lovers Truman & Josie cuddle for camera
TWP-15 MLS of Shelly, Norma, Ed Hurley [Everett McGill], Nadine, Cooper & others standing graveside as Laura Palmer is eulogized
TWP-16 MLS of Cooper & Truman discussing their case while seated before coffee & doughnut spread
TWP-17 Profile MS of Audrey standing alone by lockers in school hallway, holding up books
TWP-18 Ed Hurley about to wait on James, who has pulled up to gas pump on motorcycle
TWP-19 The Man From Another Place [Michael J. Anderson] & dead Laura Palmer [Sheryl Lee] acting out major plot development in Agent Cooper's dream
TWP-20 Patched-up Cooper rises from emergency room table as doctor, Truman & Lucy Moran [Kimmy Robertson] look on

VEGA$ - 1978-1982
VEG-A PR: FLV of smiling Dan Tanna [Robert Urich] surrounded by Las Vegas show girls
VEG-B PR: MLS of Bea [Phyllis Davis] posed in form-fitting tank top, hands on hips
VEG-C MLS of worried Bea carrying briefcase full of money to Dan's kidnappers. Time Bomb

V.I.P. - 1998
VIP-A PR: PRT of Vallery Irons [Pamela Anderson], glamorous head of
Beverly Hills bodyguard agency, wearing sexy lowcut number
VIP-B PR: sexy PRT of Tasha Dexter [Molly Culver] in slinky dress
VIP-C PR: PRT of Nikki Franco [Natalie Raitano] in tight spandex top

VIRGINIAN, THE - 1962-71
VIR-A PR: MS of smiling Emmett Ryker [Clu Gulager] in full cowboy regalia, thumbs hitched in belt
VIR-B PR: MS of The Virginian [James Drury] standing over saddle, tight smile crossing face

WAGON TRAIN - 1957-65
WAG-A PR: MLS of cowboy Cooper Smith [Robert Fuller] posed loading gun at fence, eyes glancing upward
WAG-B PR: FLV of Smith in dress duds, outstretched arm leaning against doorway, other hand hitched in gunbelt

YOUNG RIDERS - 1989-92
YNG-A PR: PRT of youthful westerners Billy Cody [Stephen Baldwin], Kid [Ty Miller], Jimmy Hickok [Josh Brolin], Ike [Travis Fine], Little Buck [Gregg Rainwater] & Lou [Yvonne Suhor]


C-AKS-A PR: MS of Sheriff John Onstad [Joe Don Baker] putting jacket around shoulder of kidnap victim Kari Swenson [Tracy Pollan]
C-AAA-A FLV of golden Oscar statuette against colorful bg circa 1985
ACAPULCO H.E.A.T. - 1993
C-AHT-A PR: cast PRT of H.E.A.T. [Hemisphere Emergency Action Team] operatives played by Alison Armitage, Spencer Rochfort, Michael Worth, Randy Vasquez, Holly Floria, Brendan Kelly, Fabio, John Vernon & Catherine Oxenberg
C-AHT-B Mike Savage [Kelly], Mr. Smith [Vernon] & Ashley Hunter-Coddington [Oxenberg] map out new team assignment strategy
C-AHT-C PR: PRT of blond hunk Claudio [Fabio] flanked by Krissie Valentine [Floria] & Marie Claire "Cat" Pascal [Armitage]
C-AHT-D PR: PRT of Ashley, in blue leotard, with arms crossed, flanked by Claudio & Savage
C-AHT-E PR: MLS of Ashley, holding speargun, flanked by bikinied Krissie & Cat, scuba masks in hand, before upright rubber raft
C-AHT-F PR: MLS of stunning Cat holding speargun beside perky Krissie, both posed in identical bikinis
C-AHT-G PR: PRT of lion-maned Claudio, billionaire hotel owner
C-AHT-H PR: PRT of Savage, maverick ex-CIA agent
C-AHT-I PR: PRT of Ashley, sophisticated leader of team
C-AHT-J PR: MLS of classy Ashley, wearing swimsuit under sheer, unbuttoned matching shirt
C-ACE-A PR: MS of Ace [Tim Conway], hands to lapels of trench coat, & Toomey [Joe Regalbuto], after explosion
C-AHS-A PR: PRT of embracing John [Daniel J. Travanti] & Reve Walsh [JoBeth Williams], blue bg
C-AHS-B PR: PRT of Walshs with young daughter & newborn baby in John's arms
ADAM-12 - 1968-75
C-A12-A MS of policemen Pete Malloy [Martin Milner] & Jim Reed [Kent McCord] studying something OS
ADDERLY - 1986-89
C-ADY-A PR: MLS of smiling cast posed around bright red phone booth. L to R: Maj. Jonathan B. Clack [Ken Pogue], Adderly [Winston Rekert], Mona Ellerby [Dixie Seatle], in red dress & Melville Greenspan [Jonathan Welsh]
C-ADY-B Cont. #A, slightly different pose with Greenspan adjusting bow tie & Adderly more animated
C-ADY-C PR: MLS of Adderly, tie loosened, stepping out of phone booth by Mona, wearing print dress, her arms folded
C-ADY-D PR: MLS of Adderly & Mona side-by-side at phone booth, he in tuxedo, she in white party dress with black trim
C-ADY-E Cont. #D, phone booth gone as Adderly stands at shoulder of seated Mona
C-ADY-F PR: outdoor PRT of team posed with Frank Tanaka [George Takai]. To Better Days
C-ADY-G PR: MCU of Adderly & Tanaka smiling aside. ...Days
C-ADY-H MS of Adderly standing inside open car door with suit coat slung over shoulder, squinting OS in sunlight
C-ADY-I CU of Adderly, head cocked at someone OS
C-ADY-J MS of Adderly, suit coat back on, looking off camera with lips parted outdoors
C-ADY-K Cont. #J, horizontal MCU of Adderly pondering situation, forearm leaning against something OS
C-ADY-L MLS of Adderly, in black slacks & white dinner jacket, sitting with fingers linked. Midnight in Morocco
C-AOFH-A PR: signed family PRT of Ozzie, Harriet & full-grown David & Rick Nelson
C-AOFA-B PR: FLV of Ozzie, Harriet, David & Rick [boys full grown] posed side-by-side on studio backlot
C-AWB-A PR: MS of Wild Bill Hickok [Guy Madison] with gun drawn, looking over shoulder for trouble
C-AWB-B PR: MLS of Jingles [Andy Devine] fiddling around while Wild Bill gets drop on OS baddie
AFTER-MASH - 1983-84
C-AFM-A PR: cast PRT: Col. Potter [Harry Morgan], Father Mulcahy [William Christopher], Klinger [Jamie Farr] & wife Soo-Lee [Rosalind Chao], red bg
C-AFM-C PR: MLS of smiling Col. Potter flanked by Klinger & Father Mulcahy, blue bg
C-AIR-A PR: FLV of Hawke playing cello for Santini & Archangel, Airwolf helicopter in bg
C-AIR-B PR: MS of Hawke, in brown sweater, tan slacks & black leather jacket, leaning against Santini helicopter, arms crossed
C-AIR-C PR: FLV of Santini sitting half in, half out of his helicopter, wearing big smile
C-AIR-D PR: MCU of Hawke with his arm around shoulder of smiling Santini, blue bg
C-AIR-E MS of Archangel talking with Gabrielle [Belinda Bauer] in Hawke's cabin
C-AIR-F FLV of Hawke running toward front of Airwolf landed in fg
C-AIR-G PR: MLS of Hawke, in flight jumpsuit with arms crossed & machine-pistol in hand, posed before landed Airwolf
C-AIR-H PR: PRT of Hawke wearing brown sweater, black leather jacket & quiet smile
C-AIR-I PR: PRT of steely-eyed Hawke wearing sport shirt & vest jacket, blue bg
C-AIR-J Cont. #I, Hawke lightens up & smiles
C-AIR-K PR: MCU of stern-faced Hawke
C-AIR-L PR: MCU of vulnerable, mountain-man Hawke
C-AIR-M PR: MS of Hawke, in brown sweater & tan slacks, sitting in Airwolf cockpit & eyeing camera from open door
C-AIR-N PR: PRT of smiling Santini in striped shirt
C-AIR-O PR: PRT of Gabrielle
C-AIR-P PR: MS of Hawke & Gabrielle in romantic pose on cabin porch
C-AIR-R Full SV of Airwolf in flight
C-AIR-S FV of Airwolf in flight
C-AIR-T Tight FV of Airwolf coming in for landing
C-AIR-U Cont. #T, full FV of Airwolf about to touch down in grassy area bordering trees
C-AIR-V Cont. #U, Airwolf lands on grass
C-AIR-W MS of Hawke wearing Army uniform & Capt. bars, sitting in jeep & smiling at someone OS
C-AIR-X MCU of Hawke sitting in open cockpit of jet, wearing flight helmet
C-AIR-Y Cont. #F, FLV of Hawke rounding nose of Airwolf as he runs toward cockpit
C-AIR-Z MLS of Archangel talking on phone while cooking eggs in cabin
C-AIR-A1 Profile MS of Santini listening to Gabrielle as he puts box of groceries on counter
C-AIR-A2 PR: FLV of cast posed on lawn in front of Airwolf helicopter with white-garbed Archangel seated on rattan chair & snappy flight-suited Hawke, Santini & Caitlin stationed around him
C-AIR-A3 Cont. #A2, Hawke kneels before standing Santini & Caitlin, all in flight suits & holding helmets, Airwolf in bg
C-AIR-A4 PR: MLS of flight-suited trio with Santini reaching for sidearm as Hawke & Caitlin aim theirs next to Airwolf machine gun pad
C-AIR-A5 PR: FLV of smiling Santini posed in cockpit of Airwolf with Hawke standing beside him, both in flight suits
C-AIR-A6 PR: MLS of flight-suited Hawke standing next to exposed Airwolf rotor drive assembly
C-AIR-A7 PR: MLS of Hawke, Caitlin & Santini posed in civvies leaning against nose of Airwolf
C-AIR-A8 PR: MS of trio posed in jeep with Santini behind wheel, Hawke beside him wearing light blue ski sweater & cute Caitlin with arms around their shoulders from back seat, wearing tan sweater
C-AIR-A9 PR: MLS of Hawke, in brown sweater & tan slacks, posed with arm around buddy Santini
C-AIR-B1 Cont. #M, MCU of Hawke sitting half in & half out of Airwolf cockpit, almost smiling
C-AIR-B2 PR: PRT of Hawke in brown sweater & leather jacket, arms folded by Santini's helicopter
C-AIR-B3 Cont. #B2, slightly tighter shot, Hawke looking OS
C-AIR-B4 PR: MLS of white-suited Archangel standing with cane against blue bg
C-AIR-B5 PR: PRT of Archangel smiling, wearing white pullover sweater, cane at shoulder
C-AIR-B6 PR: PRT of smiling Caitlin in light blue cowgirl shirt, posed inside Airwolf cockpit
C-AIR-B7 PR: glamour PRT of Caitlin in blue sequined evening dress
C-AIR-B8 FLV of Airwolf flying against blue sky, landing gear down
C-AIR-B9 UA of Airwolf from rear about to make landing near trees
C-AIR-C1 Full SV of Airwolf about to touch down on grass bordering trees
C-AIR-C2 3/4 FV of Airwolf sitting on landing field
C-AIR-C3 MS of flight-suited Hawke looking up from work on Airwolf engine, female guest star in bg
C-AIR-C4 MS of Hawke, wearing blue work shirt, jeans & sunglasses, astride motorcycle, looking aside
C-ASJ-A PR: MS of Smith & Jones posed back-to-back, both smiling. Painted over for period effect
C-ASJ-B PR: PRT of boys, dapper in suits & hats in hand, with Jones standing at shoulder of seated Smith, both serious
C-ASJ-C PR: PRT of Smith in cowboy clothes
C-ASJ-D PR: MS of Smith, spiffy in three-piece dark brown suit & hat, leaning against railroad poster
C-ASJ-E PR: PRT of smiling Jones tipping his cowboy hat
C-ASJ-F MS of Smith & Jones listening to someone OS with bemusement
C-ASJ-G MS of Jones looking over at smiling Smith as they lean against wood support beam on street
C-AMC-A PR: MS of Susan Lucci, in strapless black gown, holding US Magazine award as favorite female daytime TV star of 1983
C-AMC-B PR: FLV of Lucci as Erica Kane posed on stool, wearing blue sweater & black pants, head reared back

C-ALY-A PR: first season cast PRT gathered around Ally [Calista Flockhart] in office: Georgia Thomas [Courtney Thorne-Smith], Billy Alan Thomas [Gil Bellows], Richard Fish [Greg Germann], Renee Radick [Lisa Nicole Carson], Elaine Vassal [Jane Krakowski] & John Cage [Peter MacNicol], all smiles
C-ALY-B Cont. #A, identical shot except Cage is missing
C-ALY-C PR: MLS of seated Ally at office desk with Georgia & Billy
C-ALY-DPR: FLV of leggy Ally wearing purple jacket & big smile, seated on table in front of window
C-ALY-E Cont. #D, MS
C-ALY-F PR: profile FLV of seated Ally in above outfit, coyly pressing knees to chest against white bg
C-ALY-G PR: MS of pouty Ally, in gray blazer, head cocked & arms folded
C-ALY-H PR: MS of beaming Ally in black dress, posed before Christmas tree. Silver Bells
C-ALY-I PR: warm MS of Ally in brown slacks & matching sleeveless floral top, seated on floor with legs up against tan bg
C-ALY-J PR: PRT of Billy weaing business suit against brown bg
C-ALY-K MS of seated Georgia in tan suit, looking up at someone OS
C-ALY-L PR: PRT of Richard with suit coat removed, glancing aside
C-ALY-M PR: PRT of smiling John in nice suit, resting arm on witness box
C-ALY-N PR: cute PRT of Elaine looking over shoulder at camera
C-ALY-O PR: PRT of Renee wearing purple suit jacket & big smile, arm leaning on back of chair against red bg
C-ALY-P MS of Ally & Georgia arguing case from behind defense table
C-ALY-Q MLS of John & Karen Horowitz [Brenda Vaccaro] enjoying themselves at nightclub. The Attitude
C-ALY-R MLS of John & Ally in mock clinch while turned to OS judge in courtroom. Forbidden Fruit
C-ALY-S MLS of concerned Ally & Renee watching as paramedics wheel man out of their apartment. The Inmates
C-ALY-T CU of Ally & Elaine watching OS nightclub performance with Georgia & Billy, who are slightly out-of-focus in fg
C-ALY-U MS of John in disco mode, wearing afro wig & Travolta-like suit
C-ALY-V MS of Ally & Katherine Dawson [Kathy Baker] smiling warmly aside. The Affair
C-ALY-W MLS of cop handcuffing Ally in grocery store
C-ALY-X MLS of Elaine showing Richard padded diaper-like invention that doubtful John is modeling over his suit. Being There
C-ALY-Y MS of unsure Ally sculpting clay figure of fg male nude while considerably more animated Renne does same. Cro Magnon
C-ALY-Z MLS of scowling Ally & Caroline Poop [Sandra Bernhard]
C-ALY-AA Profile MS of Ally about to lock lips with Michael Rivers [Isaiah Washington]
C-ALY-BB MS of Hasidic Jews lifting up Ally in chair at her office
C-ALY-CC MLS of Ally singing at nightclub microphone. The Dirty Joke
C-ALY-DD MCU of eager Elaine & Billy looking OS. The Promise
C-ALY-EE Slight UA of amused Billy & Richard in office, looking aside. The Promise
C-ALY-FF MS of Ally leaning over table, slightly irritated at what is taking place OS, Elaine in bg showing interest. The Promise
C-ALY-GG MS: Ally looking confused at church funeral, hand under chin
C-ALY-HH MLS of downcast Billy talking to Ally at railing of law library. Drawing the Lines
C-ALY-II Profile MS of Ally & new beau Ronald [Tate Donovan] getting close. The Kiss
C-ALY-JJ MS of Ally, casual in jeans, & Elaine looking aside, clothes piled on desk in front of them
C-ALY-KK MS of Renee & songstress Vonda Shepard belting out tune on stage. Silver Bells
C-ALY-LL MLS of vocalizing vixen Elaine in Santa dress, backup singers in bg. Silver Bells
C-ALY-MM Cont. #LL, Elaine really getting down with backup singers
C-ALY-NN MS of reporters interviewing Richard. Forbidden Fruit
C-ALY-OO MS of Georgia & Billy looking OS. The Attitude
C-ALY-PP MS of Ally seated beside her shrink, Dr. Tracey Clark [Tracey Ullman], who takes notes
C-ALY-QQ Cute MCU of animated Ally in black suit, hands folded at table
C-ALY-RR PR: PRT of pouty Ally wearing gray suit over off-white top. A favorite
C-ALY-SS PR: FLV of Ally in short lavender dress, arms folded against hot pink bg
C-ALY-TT PR: MS of demure Ally in black sweater & slacks on white bg
C-ALY-UU PR: sitting PRT of Billy wearing natty gray suit on brown bg
C-ALY-VV PR: sweet MS of Georgia (gray suit), body profiled & arms behind back as she smiles at camera against white bg
C-ALY-WW PR: cute MLS of Elaine (black sweater & skirt set) flashing ivories against white bg
C-ALY-XX PR: FLV of Ling Woo [Lucy Liu] in black leather pants, seated on stool with legs crossed against bright red bg
C-ALY-YY Candid MCU of smiling Lucy (black strapless evening gown) at celebrity event
C-ALY-ZZ PR: charming sitting PRT of Ling in black satin dress, long hair nicely arranged over one shoulder against white bg
C-ALY-A1 PR: MS of Nelle Porter [Portia De Rossi], smart in pin-striped black suit, blonde hair pulled back & arms folded on white bg
C-ALY-A2 MS of Nelle (black suit) standing before law books, amused at something OS. They Eat Horses
C-ALY-A3 PR: MS of Nelle in little black number, posed across white fur rug on tummy while resting on elbows, bare feet kicked up
C-ALY-A4 PR: FLV of entire cast, now including Nelle, Ling & Vonda, standing around seated Ally & Renee against white bg
C-ALY-A5 Cont. #A4, tighter with Vonda & Ling rearranged at corners
C-ALY-A6 MS of now white-haired Billy regarding client Robin Jones [Farrah Fawcett], magazine editor suing company for sexual harassment. Changes
C-ALY-A7 MS: Ally sashays next to warbling Tina Turner, both in black
            [NOTE: #A8-A12 are from The Musical, Almost]
C-ALY-A8 MS of nervous birthday boy John at table, heel of sexy singer
Hope [Alicia Witt] planted in his lap as she sings Hanky Panky
C-ALY-A9 MCU of singer Randy Newman at piano, bathed in blue light.
C-ALY-A10 MS: Fish sings to smiling Nelle as she hoists shot glass at table
C-ALY-A11 FLV of Hope & Renee singing together on stage
C-ALY-A12 MS of Elaine singing into mike
C-ALY-A13 PR: MLS of Richard & John cracking up during shoot against white bg
C-ALY-A14 Eerie MS of Ally sitting at table holding cigarette, tape recorder in front of her
C-ALY-A15 PR: MS of sultry Vonda in blue sequined top
C-ALY-A16 PR: MS of John, natty in suit & sweater, against white bg
C-ALY-A17 PR: MS of very serious Richard looking sharp in dark suit with
red dress shirt & tie against white bg
C-ALY-A18 MS of Ling holding remote controls, wrapped in feather boa
C-ALY-A19 PR: MLS of Renne [black suit & red top] with hand on hip & lips parted against white bg
C-ALY-A20 PR: sitting PRT of Mark Albert [James LeGros] in brown pullover against white bg
C-ALY-A21 PR: warm PRT of Elaine against orange bg
C-ALY-A22 PR: MS of smiling Larry Paul [Robert Downey Jr.] leaning back in chair against black bg
C-ALY-A23 PR: PRT of Ally in white sweater, arms above her head
C-ALY-A24 PR: MS of smiling Nelle [soft black blouse] leaning arms over back of chair against white bg
C-ALY-A25 MS: Elaine, in cute Santa dress, singing while observing Richard & John strut their stuff as red-nosed reindeer dancers. Making Spirits Bright
C-ALY-A26 MS of Vonda at piano under blue lighting. Making Spirits...
C-ALY-A27 MS of seated Nelle wearing green suit. Story of Love
C-ALY-A28 Profile CU of Vonda at piano, spotlight on face. Worlds Without Love

AMEN - 1986-91
C-AMN-A PR: MS of Deacon Ernest Frye [Sherman Hemsley] & Rev. Reuben Gregory [Clifton Davis] posed before stained glass window of church
C-AMG-A PR: Rebecca Tompkins [Priscilla Barnes] & Amy Waddell [Debra Clinger] pose on sailboat in shorts & tanktops
C-AMG-B PR: PRT of Rebecca, Amy & Francis X. Casey [David Spielberg] on blue bg
C-AMG-C FLV of girls, wearing swimsuits, reacting to water splashing them below pier
C-AGS-A MCU of Andy bending over Opie [Ronnie Howard], who is doodling intently on grass
C-ANW-A PR: title over PRT of Sandy Alexander [Christopher Rich] & Cecile Cory [Nancy Frangione]
C-AWT-A PR: MLS of Steve Andropolous [Frank Runyeon] beside embracing Betsy [Meg Ryan] & Craig Montgomery [Scott Bryce], who form romantic triangle
C-ATE-A PR: full cast PRT: Face, Hannibal, B.A., Murdock & Amy
C-ATE-B PR: PRT of Hannibal, smiling with cigar in mouth, B.A. & Amy
C-ATE-C PR: MS of Hannibal smiling at B.A., who scowls back
C-ATE-D PR: PRT of bad B.A., hand to chin
C-ATE-E PR: MCU of Murdock, baseball cap worn backwards, & bemused Face
C-ATE-F PR: handsome PRT of smiling Face wearing suit
C-ATE-G PR: Cont. #F, slightly fuller shot, no smile
C-ATE-H PR: FLV of Hannibal, Face, Murdock & Mr. T posed heavily armed & ready for anything
C-ATE-I PR: horizontal PRT of smiling Hannibal, Face, Murdock & Amy with glum Mr. T looking at others
C-ATE-J PRT of Mr. T flexing muscles behind Hannibal
C-ATE-K PR: MCU of Mr. T flexing muscles
C-ATE-L PR: PRT of serious Face in blue polo shirt & black leather jacket, blue bg
C-ATE-M PR: horizontal PRT of smiling Face in red polo shirt & black leather jacket, blue bg
C-ATE-N PR: MS of somber Face dressed in nun's habit, hands hidden
C-ATE-O PR: candid MS of Face holding cigar in one hand & his A-Team doll in other
C-ATE-P PR: PRT of Amy in pretty white blouse. Red bg
C-ATE-Q PR: PRT of Amy's sexy replacement, Tawnia [Marla Heasley], wearing silver-striped white evening dress
C-ATE-R PR: MLS of Tawnia posed in loose-fitting red suede dress with wide belt, hands on hips
C-ATE-S PR: PRT of Hannibal sitting with arms crossed & cigar clenched in teeth, Face, Murdock & B.A. standing around him
C-ATE-T FLV of khaki-clad Hannibal & Face talking to B.A., all armed
C-ATE-U Cont. #S, horizontal PRT of team
C-ATE-V Murdock, Face & Hannibal ride Army tank with typical aplomb
C-ATE-W Cont. #V, tight on Hannibal & Face, latter manning machine gun
C-ATE-X PR: cast PRT of Hannibal sitting in director's chair, holding up gun with cigar clenched in teeth, B.A. & armed Face & Murdock standing around him, pink bg
C-ATE-Y PR: PRT of Hannibal wearing big smile & light blue sport shirt as in above, pink bg
          [NOTE: #Z-#A5 are from final season]
C-ATE-Z PR: cast PRT of Hannibal, Face, B.A. in uniform with new members Stockwell [Robert Vaughn], Frankie [Eddie Velez] & Carla [Judy Ledford] C-ATE-A1 PR: more casual PRT of group sans Carla
C-ATE-A2 PR: MLS of B.A. shaking hand of Stockwell, who grits teeth & flexes muscle under business suit
C-ATE-A3 PR: MLS of Murdock & Face, in white Navy uniform, smiling at something OS
C-ATE-A4 PR: sitting PRT of Stockwell holding eyeglasses in lap
C-ATE-A5 PR: MLS of Hannibal with arms around shoulders of Frankie & Stockwell, all smiles
C-AMR-A PR: MLS of Frances Schreuder [Stephanie Powers] flanked by teenage sons Larry [Cory Parker] & Marc [Doug McKeon]
C-AMR-B PR: Family PRT of Frances, her sons & little girl & Bernice [Frances Sternhagen]
BABY BOOM - 1988-89
C-BBM-A PR: MLS of J.C. Wiatt [Kate Jackson], in tweed jacket, smiling as she holds baby Elizabeth around waist from behind
C-BBM-B PR: Sitting PRT of J.C. holding glasses & Wall Street Journal in one hand
C-BGS-A PR: smiling Neil Scott [John Lithgow] & pregnant wife Wendy [Mary Beth Hurt] sitting on floor of nursery they're painting
B.A.D. CATS - 1980
C-BAD-A PR: MLS of Samantha [Michelle Pfeiffer], wearing tight jeans, white sweater & long blond hair, seated on stool flanked by Nick [Asher Brauner] & Ocee [Steve Hanks], in race car driver jumpsuit, orange bg
C-BAN-A PR: MLS of Banacek poolside with beautiful bikini-clad blonde
C-BRB-A PR: PRT of Jeff Cable [William Shatner], wearing fancy white shirt with tie, long sideburns & handlebar mustache
C-BRB-B PR: artwork against red bg captures flavor of show with Cable & Conover [Doug McClure] at center of casino & street life
C-BRB-C PR: FLV of Cable & Conover on horseback in front of Golden Gate Casino
C-BRB-D PR: MLS of cowpoke Cable posed smiling inside casino
C-BES-A PR: PRT of main cast similar to BES-A in b/w section
C-BES-B PR: PRT of Lady Bobbi [Linda Evans] cozying up to Niko, in silver gown & tuxedo, respectively, blue bg
C-BES-C PR: PRT of Bobbi seated before Niko, his hand on her shoulder, dressed as above, red bg
C-BES-D PR: PRT of Tyger posed smiling in multicolored chiffon dress & wrap, blue bg
C-BES-E PR: PRT of Tyger leaning to side, wearing teasingly open white top, gray pin-striped suit jacket & gold necklace, hair swept back. Pink bg
C-BES-F Cont. #E, Tyger sits up straight, hair falling to shoulders
C-BES-G PR: PRT of Tyger eyeing camera over bare shoulder, body wrapped in white fur, lips parted
C-BES-H Cont. #G, Tyger faces forward, gorgeous set
C-BES-I PR: PRT of Bobbi, hot in black evening gown, black gloves, red satin wrap & diamonds on ears, neck & fingers, hair up
C-BES-J PR: MS of Bobbi, in black dress with ruffled white collar & sleeves, seated in chair with arms folded, blue bg
C-BES-K PR: MCU of Bobbi wearing blue chiffon top & hint of smile. Red bg
C-BES-L Cont. #K, FLV of smiling Bobbi seated in chair with matching pants & boots, hand to chin
C-BES-M PR: MLS of Barbara [Jamie Lyn Bauer] in strapless blue satin evening gown, hand on hip, blue bg
C-BES-N PR: MS of gowned Bobbi & Chase [Bruce Boxleitner], in turtleneck sweater & black dress coat, embracing while turned to camera, blue bg
C-BES-O PR: FLV of show's gowned ladies Barbara, Bobbi & Ava above Tyger, seated & holding up perfume bottle
BARETTA - 1975-78
C-BTA-A PR: MS of Baretta [Robert Blake] kissing Fred, his pet Cockatoo
C-BNM-A PR: outdoor PRT of smiling Phineas T. Barnum [Burt Lancaster] & Jenny Lind [Hanna Schygulla]
C-BTM-A PR: MLS of debonair Bat Masterson [Gene Barry] pulling back coat to reveal sidearm while pointing gold-topped cane at camera. Yellow bg
C-BCB-A PR: cast PRT: Ray Holtz [Pat Corley], Judy Nuckles [Michele Greene], Frenchy Nuckles [Perry Lang], Angelo Carbone [Dennis Franz] & Bird [Marco Rodriguez]
C-BCB-B Cont. #A, everybody wearing bigger smiles
C-BCB-C PR: horizontal cast PRT
C-BCB-D PR: MLS of smiling Judy in low-cut red top & jeans
C-BAY-1 FLV of Eddie [Billy Warlock], Shauni, Craig, Mitch, Jill & Trevor [Peter Phelps] posed about vehicle at shoreline
C-BAY-2 Tight pose of Eddie, Mitch [in red trunks & jackets], Shauni & Hobie against sky backdrop
C-BAY-3 Tight PRT of jacketed Mitch, Craig & Jill by vehicle
C-BAY-4 From behind wheel, Mitch points out possible trouble to Craig, who stands by door
C-BAY-5 FLV of hunky Matt & Jimmy Slade [Kelly Slater] posed in trunks at rear of vehicle at shoreline
C-BAY-6 MS of Shauni wrapping arms around jacketed Eddie from behind
C-BAY-7 PRT of Mitch wearing white lifeguard shirt, expression serious
C-BAY-8 MLS of smiling Mitch in brown uniform, leaning elbow on flotation gear on beach at dusk
C-BAY-9 MLS of smiling Mitch wearing white polo shirt, posed by vehicle against sunset backdrop
C-BAY-10 MLS of Mitch in same shirt & red trunks, posed on tower at sunset
C-BAY-11 Craig, wearing trunks & jacket, kneels on sand & eyes camera
C-BAY-12 MLS of Eddie, in trunks & unzipped jacket, posed standing at water's edge
C-BAY-13 MCU of bare-chested Trevor, smiling as he holds up flotation gear as waves crash in bg
C-BAY-14 MLS of swimsuit-clad Jill posed on sand
C-BAY-15 FLV of suited Jill holding binoculars at rear of vehicle at shoreline
C-BAY-16 MLS of Shauni posed in swimsuit at tower ramp, empty sand & sea stretching behind her
C-BAY-17 UA of suited Shauni looking out to sea from lifeguard tower
C-BAY-18 FLV of suited Shauni standing ankle deep in surf
C-BAY-19 Similar to BAY-5, except police Sgt. Garner Ellerbee [Gregory Alan Williams] has been added
C-BAY-20 Same as BAY-6
C-BAY-21 FLV of [l to r] Summer, Mitch, Stephanie, Matt & C.J. with arms linked walking toward camera on beach, all wearing lifeguard swimwear
C-BAY-22 FLV of Summer, Stephanie & C.J. posed kneeling on sand, hands on hips
C-BAY-23 MLS of Matt & Mitch posed smiling by vehicle against sky backdrop in trunks & jackets
C-BAY-24 Same as BAY-9
C-BAY-25 Similar to BAY-10
C-BAY-26 PRT of Matt wearing white polo shirt & red jacket with collar up against sky backdrop
C-BAY-27 MLS of C.J. standing beside vehicle, flashing ivories
C-BAY-28 PRT of smiling Summer against sky backdrop
C-BAY-29 PRT of tight-lipped Stephanie against sky backdrop
BEN CASEY - 1961-66
C-BEN-A PR: PRT of Dr. Ben Casey [Vince Edwards] posed with arms folded before red curtain
C-BHB-A PR: MS of cheery Buntz [Dennis Franz] & sidekick Sidney [Peter Jurasik] in LaLa Land
C-BEV-A Clampett family drives vintage car at camera thru Beverly Hills
C-BHCB-A PR: MLS of Beverly Hills cop Harry Wilde [James Brolin] & Wyoming cowgirl cop Amanda Ryder [Lisa Hartman]
C-BV-A PR: FLV of cast walking hand-in-hand toward camera along town street, shown are Victoria Barkley [Barbara Stanwyck], Jarrod [Richard Long], Nick, Heath [Lee Majors] & Audra [Linda Evans], all but Heath smiling
C-BV-B PR: title over ABC logo superimposed over MLS of Victoria, Audra, Jarrod, Heath & Nick posed on & beside horse & buggy
C-BV-C PR: FLV of same group posed in barnyard setting, Audra particularly fetching seated on haystack in fg
B.J. AND THE BEAR - 1979-81
C-BJ-A PR: DA of chimp Bear posed with B.J. McCay [Greg Evigan] & seven titilating lady truckers, including Stacks [Judy Landers], Teri & Geri [twins Candi & Randi Brough], Callie [Linda McCullough] & Samantha [Barbara Horan] against white bg
C-BJ-B PR: FLV of Bear & trucker babes posed around B.J.'s big rig
C-BSS-A FLV of smiling Pappy Boyington [Robert Conrad] sitting in jeep, surrounded by men in his legendary flying squadron
C-BSS-B MS of Boyington, in t-shirt, posed with nursing corp dubbed "Pappy's Lambs," all smiling wide
C-BSS-C Artwork montage of flying ace Boyington & WWII fighter planes in action on yellow bg
BLAKE'S MAGIC - 1985-86
C-BLM-A PR: MLS of Alex [Hal Linden] holding two hoops, atop which perches white dove, Leonard [Harry Morgan] smiling beside him, blue bg
C-B&O-A PR: outdoor PRT of police Capt. Curt Maddox [Kris Kristofferson] & Leonore Bergman [Sean Young], in soft white dress & hat, as married woman he falls for
C-B&G-A MS of newlywed calvary officer Jonas Steele [Stacy Keach] & gowned bride Mary Hale [Julia Duffy] riding in carriage
C-BTH-A PR: PRT of Chaney [James Farentino] & Jafo [Dana Carvey] posed in flight suits before model of helicopter under mood lightning. Blue bg
C-BOB-A PR: FLV of Bob Hope in smiling pose with guest stars Vanna White, Lynda Carter, Gloria Loring & Stephanie Kramer
C-BZA-A PR: FLV of Ben Cartwright [Lorne Greene], Little Joe [Michael Landon] kneeling before standing Adam [Pernell Roberts] & Hoss [Dan Blocker] outdoors
C-BZA-B PR: PRT of serious Hoss
C-BZA-C PR: FLV of Ben, Little Joe, Adam & Hoss posed around big rock on ranch, all smiles
C-BZA-D PR: FLV of Ben, Little Joe & Hoss around hay wagon, all smiles
BOONE - 1983-84
C-BNE-A PR: MS of Boone Sawyer [Tom Byrd] posed with parents Merit [Barry Corbin] & Faye [Elizabeth Huddle]
C-BNE-B PR: MS of Boone & sidekick Rome [Greg Webb] playing guitar & banjo, respectively
C-BNE-C PR: MS of Boone with girlfriend Susannah [Kitty Moffat] leaning on his shoulder
C-BNE-D PR: PRT of Boone leaning on his guitar
C-BNE-E PR: PRT of Boone with guitar slung over his shoulder
C-BNE-F PR: PRT of Boone playing guitar. Orange bg
C-BNE-G PR: PRT of Boone smiling, arms folded
C-BOD-1 Composite of past reigning TV queens Loni Anderson, Donna Dixon, Lydia Cornell & Lorna Patterson
C-BOD-2 Four-element shot: cheesecake poses of Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe & Jayne Mansfield in swimwear plus a nude Laura Antonelli
C-BOD-3 PRT of two legendary bodies, Mr. Rogers & Big Bird. Why shop anywhere else?!?!?
C-BRN-A PR: MS of Doug [Ed Marinaro] putting arms around Betsy [Erin Gray] from behind as she holds camera
C-BRN-B PR: MS of Betsy, in red jumpsuit, over Jodi [Lori Singer], who rests chin on hands atop back of chair
C-BI-A PR: PRT of smiling Jason Bourne [Richard Chamberlin]
C-BI-B PR: PRT of Bourne holding Marie St. Jacques [Jaclyn Smith] tightly to him
C-BI-C MCU of disheveled Bourne aiming gun with both hands at someone just above him OS
C-BI-D Profile MS of shirtless Bourne & Marie, wearing bra only, embraced for kiss
BRANDED - 1965-1966
C-BND-A PRT of Jason McCord [Chuck Conners] in gray cowboy shirt & red neckerchief
BRADY BUNCH, THE - 1969-74
C-BDY-A PR: cast PRT of family [Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, etc.] & housekeeper Alice [Ann B. Davis]
BRONCO - 1958-62
C-BCO-A PR: MLS of Bronco Layne [Ty Hardin] sitting on saddle, arms crossed on knee, hat tipped back & smiling
BRONX ZOO - 1987-88
C-BZ-A PR: PRT of seven-member cast, including Joe Danzig [Ed Azner], Harry [David Wilson], Sara [Kathryn Harrold] & Callahan [Kathleen Beller], blue bg
C-BZ-B PR: PRT of Danzig, Sara & Callahan posed in front of classroom
C-BZ-C PR: PRT of smiling Callahan in black sweater with wide red suspender across one shoulder, blue bg
C-BZ-D Cont. #C, MS showing suspender attached to red trousers, gloved hand on hip & wider smile
C-BZ-E Cont. #D, slightly wider shot with both hands on hips & head cocked, no smile
C-BZ-F PRT of serious Sara in yellow silk blouse & gray suit jacket
C-BZ-G Cont. #F, Sara now smiling
C-BZ-H PR: smiling PRT of Sara against blue bg
C-BTH-A PR: FLV of Gloria [Kirstie Alley] surrounded by fellow Playboy bunnies at club
BUS STOP - 1982
C-BUS-A PR: FLV of Cherie [Margot Kidder], in sexy dancehall costume, seated on cocktail table
CAGNEY & LACEY - 1982-88
C-C&L-A PR: MS of Cagney [Sharon Gless] & Lacey [Tyne Daly] posed by open door of squad car
C-C&L-B PR: MLS of casually clad C&L sitting on hood of police car
C-C&L-C PR: C&L poke heads around corner of building with guns drawn
C-C&L-D PR: cast PRT with men of precinct standing behind seated Cagney & Lacey, all smiles
C-C&L-E PR: FLV of C&L sitting sideways & back-to-back on adjoining director's chairs
C-C&L-F PR: MLS of Cagney, in pink blouse, dark blazer & plaid scarf, & Lacey, in white silk blouse & brown striped blazer. Blue bg
C-C&L-G PR: PRT of Cagney, in bulky pink turtleneck sweater, leaning elbows on shoulder of Lacey, wearing purple blouse, blue bg
C-C&L-H PR: FLV of Cagney, snappy in yellow & gray ski sweater, black pants & suede boots, posed by squad car alongside Lacey, wearing black top & brown striped blazer
C-C&L-I Cont. #H, slightly different pose, more animated
C-C&L-J PR: MLS of women posed in alley with Lacey, on fire escape, wearing white sweater, black skirt & brown scarf, & Cagney in blue sweater
C-C&L-K PR: profile MS of Cagney, in pink sweater, leaning against wall as Lacey, in red & black sweater, looks on
C-C&L-M PR: MLS of ladies posed under 14th Precinct sign, Cagney showing holstered gun in belt
C-C&L-N PR: MLS of Cagney, in designer flight jacket, red sweater & Levis, & Lacey, in white blouse with brown sweater & skirt, backed against cop car
C-C&L-O PR: MS of Cagney with arm around shoulder of smiling Lacey beside squad car
C-C&L-P PR: MS of Lacey taking phone call while Cagney sits pensively in front of sign-in board
C-C&L-Q PR: PRT of Cagney in pink shirt, blue bg
C-C&L-R PR: MLS of Cagney posed in pink blouse, dark gray blazer & plaid scarf, white bg
C-C&L-S PR: PRT of Lacey in purple blouse, blue bg
C-C&L-T PR: MS of Lacey looking aside while seated at desk
C-C&L-U MLS of C&L flanking Samuels [Al Waxman] in squad room, enjoying something OS
C-C&L-V LS of C&L reluctantly watching male exotic dancer with cheering female patrons
C-C&L-W Cont. #R, MS of Cagney direct to camera with arms folded
C-C&L-X PR: MS of Cagney bent over desk, wearing plaid shirt under red sweater
C-C&L-Y PR: MS of C&L pressed against wall with guns drawn
C-C&L-Z PR: FLV of Cagney, in gray blouse & slacks, & Lacey posed behind police barrier
CALL TO GLORY - 1984-85
C-CTG-A MLS of Col. Raynor Sarnac [Craig T. Nelson], in summer Air Force uniform, & wife Vanessa [Cindy Pickett] with arms around each other on porch of house
C-CYF-A PR: family PRT of blind Karin Nichols [Justine Bateman], her mother Joan [Frances Lee McCain], father Mel [Max Gail] & brother Larry [Jason Bateman]
C-CYF-B FLV of Karen feeling her way along street with walking stick as hoodlum follows in bg
CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? - 1961-63
C-C54-A PR: FLV of Off. Toody [Joe E. Ross] standing by police car as partner Off. Muldoon [Fred Gwynne] pokes head out window from behind wheel
C-CAF-A PR: MS of Cartier Rand [Joan Collins] & her gay secretary Curt Taylor [David Hasselhoff] holding strand of pearls between them. Blue bg
C-CAF-B PR: MS of shirtless Taylor showing off tray of jewelry. Red bg
C-CAF-C PR: PRT of Cartier holding hand to throat
C-CAS-A PR: low angle PRT of Rick [David Soul], Renault [Hector Elizondo], Strasser [Patrick Horgan] & Ferrari [Reuven Bar- Yotam] seated at table in front of Cafe American
C-CAS-B PR: low angle FLV of Rick seated at same table with legs crossed, cigarette in hand
C-CVA-A PR: PRT of philandering Casanova [Richard Chamberlain], wearing bright red, white, black & gold period uniform
C-CBS-A PR: PRT of smiling hosts Harry Smith & Kathleen Sullivan
C-CIC-A PR: MS of Charles [Scott Baio], in gray slacks, tie & dress shirt, pulling on suspenders
C-CIC-B PR: cast PRT of Charles, Stan [James Widdoes] & Jill Pembroke [Julie Cobb] plus couple's three children, all smiles
C-CHH-A PR: family PRT of Charley Hannah [Robert Conrad] & Conrad's real-life sons Shane & Christian
C-CHH-B PR: totem pole pose of Charley with sons Shane & Christian above & below him, red bg
C-CCO-A PR: cast PRT of Charlie [Flip Wilson], wife Diana [Gladys Knight] & three kids, all smiles
C-CA-A PR: MS of Sabrina, JillMunroe [Farrah Fawcett] & Kelly, in summery white outfits, sharing laugh
C-CA-B PR: well-dressed Kelly, Sabrina & Jill point straight into camera, their images reflected in tabletop beneath them
C-CA-C PR: same Angels pose in forest setting. A favorite
C-CA-D Kris & Sabrina raise glasses for a toast & flash their ivories
C-CA-E PR: FLV of Tiffany Case [Shelly Hack], Kelly & Kris
C-CA-F PR: FLV of Kris, Kelly & Tiffany posed in bright-colored tight pants & tops against red curtain
C-CA-G PR: MLS of Kris posed in tight red top & pants, thumbs tucked in belt, against red curtain
C-CA-H PR: MCU of Kelly reclining into camera with saucy, open- mouthed expression
C-CA-I PR: sexy MS of Kris, in silver-white dress with plunging front, holding hands behind hair
C-CA-M PR: FLV of Sabrina & Jill, both wearing floor-length white summer dresses, huddling over victim
C-CA-N MLS of Julie, in halter top & tight green pants, bringing handgun up to firing position
C-CA-O PR: FLV of Kris in floor-length white gown slit up side, holding gun, blue bg
C-CA-P PR: MLS of Kelly, body profiled, posed in smart gray shirt & slacks set, hands in pocket
C-CA-Q PR: MS of Kelly [Army green jumpsuit], Kris [dark green peasant blouse] & Sabrina [red dress over white blouse] all smiles, red bg
C-CA-R PR: studio pose of Kelly, Tiffany Welles [Shelley Hack] & Kris looking glamourous in black, green & white gowns
C-CA-S Bosley, Sabrina & guest star prepare picnic feast on beach as Jill & Kris [swimsuits] look on
CHARMED - 1998-Present
C-CHM-A PR: PRT of pretty witch sisters (l to r) Phoebe [Alyssa Milano], Prue [Shannen Doherty] & Piper [Holly Marie Combs] against smoky bg
C-CHM-B PR: MS of pouty sisters in slinky dresses against white bg
C-CHM-C PR: MLS of stylish Prue, flanked by Piper & Phoebe, reacting with surprise at something OS
C-CHM-D Cont. #C, horizontal MS
C-CHM-E PR: FLV of barefoot Prue, in blue sweater & jeans, sitting on stairs
C-CHM-F PR: MLS of Piper, wearing black top & pink print skirt, posed in bedroom doorway
C-CHM-G PR: MLS of Piper outdoors, casually clad in orange top & black pants
C-CHM-H PR: sitting PRT of Phoebe wearing sexy blue tank top
C-CHM-I  Cont. #I, tighter pose, hint of smile
C-CHM-J PR: MS of Phoebe in tight lavender sweater against white bg
C-CHM-K PR: PRT of Andy Trudeau [T.W. King] & Det. Darryl Morris [Dorian Gregory], both in jackets & ties
C-CHM-L MS of serious Trudeau in jacket & loosened tie
C-CHM-M MS of Prue in blue sweater, smiling aside with arms crossed
C-CHM-N MLS of sisters reacting to OS occurance in attic, Piper holding Book of Shadows. Fourth Sister
C-CHM-O  MS of Piper peeking around tree, unaware of creature looming menacingly behind her. Wendigo
CHEERS - 1982-93
C-CHR-A PR: cast PRT: Diane [Shelly Long], Sam [Ted Danson], Ernie [Nick Colasanto] & Carla [Rhea Perlman]
C-CHR-B PR: PRT of Sam & Diane
C-CHR-C PR: PRT of Sam in sport shirt & white windbreaker
C-CHR-D PR: PRT of Diane in red blouse
C-CHR-E PR: title over MS of smiling Sam & Diane on black bg
C-CHR-F PR: MS of Ernie, Sam, Diane & Carla posed side-by-side at bar
C-CHR-G PR: MS of Sam & Diane posed leaning on bar, blue bg
C-CHR-H PR: full 1988-89 season cast PRT against white backdrop, including Rebecca [Kirstie Alley]
C-CHR-I PR: MLS of cast huddled tightly around bar
C-CHR-J PR: PRT of Sam resting chin on folded hands
C-CHR-K PR: PRT of Rebecca, in red suit, resting chin on folded hands
C-CHR-L PR: MS of Rebecca, in belted brown checked short jacket & black shirt, posed with hands on hips at bar
CHEYENNE - 1955-63
C-CHY-A PR: MS of Cheyenne holding smiling woman guest star from behind
C-CHY-B Dancehall girl flirts with Cheyenne as he tries to eat supper. He's smiling though
CHINA BEACH - 1988-91
C-CNA-A PR: FLV of cast in group pose on beach, including Frankie [Nancy Giles], Dr. Richard [Robert Picardo], Wayloo Marie [Megan Gallagher], Nurse Colleen McMurphy [Dana Delany], Sam Beckett [Michael Boatman], D.C. Dodger [Jeff Kober], K.C. [Marg Helgenberger], Boonie [Brian Wimmer] & Lila Garreau [Concetta Tomei]
C-CNA-B PR: MS of smiling McMurphy, wearing brown t-shirt, posed kneeling on beach with chin resting in palm of hand
C-CNA-C MLS of smiling Marie standing on beach overlooking ocean, in white shorts & black print halter top
C-CNA-D PR: PRT of smiling Marie wearing red oriental dress
C-CNA-E PR: FLV of pilot Natch Austen [Tim Ryan] near bunker, wearing flight jumpsuit, cap on foreleg
C-CNA-F PR: MLS of McMurphy, in matching red top & shorts, side-by- side with Marie, clad as above, on beach
C-CNA-G PR: MLS of K.C., in two-piece swimsuit, McMurphy as above & Frankie sharing letters before tall grass
C-CNA-H PR: MS of McMurphy, in crisp fatigue outfit, looking up from chart in front of sign
C-CNA-I PR: FLV of McMurphy sitting pensively on rocks, hand crossed to shoulder, knees covered with jacket
CHISHOLMS - 1979-80
C-CHI-A PR: outdoor dinner PRT of five Chisholms including Hadley [Robert Preston], Gideon [Brian Kerwin] & Bonnie Sue [Stacey Nelkin]
C-CHS-A PR: MLS of Evan Granger [George C. Scott] holding wife Marisa [Jacqueline Bisset] from behind as daughter Terry [Melissa Gilbert] expresses emotional distance between them
C-CCW-A PR: MLS of bearded & bundled trucker brothers Ray [John Schneider] & Pete [Tom Wopat], all smiles for camera
C-CHG-A PR: MS of George [John Denver] getting big, happy squeeze from Susan [Jane Kaczmarek], his romantic interest
C-CHC-A MLS of Columbus [Gabriel Byrne] claiming new world for Spain, clutching Catholic flag
C-CTY-A PR: MLS of Matt Rockford [George Montgomery] sitting on porch railing in town, smiling aside as he handles gun
C-CMN-A MS of Marshall Jim Crown [Stuart Whitman] looking aside before mounting his horse
C-CKR-A PR: MS of Lt. Eckford [Gerald McRaney] & Andrea [Heather Locklear] embracing tightly in wake of exploding & falling high- rise buildings
C-CKR-B PR: PRT of Andrea in multi-striped sweater. Pink bg
C-CKR-C PR: cast PRT of smiling Eckford, Andrea & friend [Terrance Knox]. Red bg
C-CKR-D PR: PRT of Locklear wearing multi-striped sweater & lovely smile
C-CKR-E PR: MLS of smartly dressed Eckford & Andrea posed on city street, smiling at something OS
C-CKR-F Semi-profile of Andrea, in pink blouse & orange blazer, looking anxiously at OS event
C-CMD-A PR: FLV of O'Shea [Jack Scalia] & Kate [Linda Hamilton] dressed for fun & sun sitting on beached sailboat
C-CMD-B PR: MS of O'Shea in blue muscle shirt, hair wet
C-CNF-A PR: cast PRT of Elizabeth Towne [Joanna Cassidy], Danny [Robin Johnson], Maggie [Sheryl Lee Ralph] & Larry [John McCook], all dressed to nines. Blue bg
C-CNF-B PR: PRT of Liz, Danny & Maggie in high fashion but more casual attire. Blue bg
C-CNF-C PR: MLS of Larry, in tuxedo, & Liz, in blue satin evening dress, posed back-to-back with glasses of champagne. Blue bg
C-CNF-D PR: MS of Liz in blue satin evening dress, hands on hips & lips parted. Blue bg
C-CNF-E Cont. #D, Liz now tight-lipped with one hand on hip & facing camera more squarely
C-CNF-F Cont. #E, one arm now crossing waist while resting chin in other hand
C-CNF-G Cont. #F, white mink stole now over shoulders. Red bg
C-CNF-H Cont. #G, slightly different angle, lips parted
C-CNF-I More earthy outdoors PRT of Liz in blue dress
C-CNF-J PRT of Danny in colorful outfit worn off one shoulder. Blue bg
COLUMBO - 1971-1977
C-COL-A Columbo [Peter Falk] questions murderer [Patrick McGoohan]
C-COL-B Cont. #A, MLS of murderer fielding question from OS
COMBAT - 1962-67
C-CBT-A PR: cast PRT of battle-ready Army platoon made up of Lt. Gil Hanley [Rick Jason], Sgt. Chip Saunders [Vic Morrow], Caje [Pierre Jalbert] & Kirby [Jack Hogan]
COSBY SHOW - 1984-92
C-CBY-A PR: PRT of Huxtable family all gathered around Cliff [Bill Cosby]
C-CBY-B PR: PRT of Clair [Phylicia Rashad] putting arms around Cliff from behind. Blue bg
C-CBY-C PR: 1986 family PRT of Huxtable clan, all smiles
C-CRG-A PR: PRT of Marianna [Sophia Loren] & Nick Miraldo [Hector Elizondo]
C-CRG-B PR: PRT of smiling Marianna & Bobby Jay [Billy Dee Williams], she in red dress, he in casual outfit
COVER UP - 1984-85
C-CUP-A PR: MS of smiling Danielle [Jennifer O'Neill], wearing yellow summer top & straw hat, holding camera poolside
C-CUP-B PR: MLS of Mac [Jon-Erik Hexum], in jeans, tan sweater & Army fatigue jacket, standing with arm around shoulder of Dani, in orange dress, seated on motorcycle
C-CUP-C PR: PRT of Mac & Dani posed arm-in-arm, he in white tuxedo, she in light blue dress
C-CUP-D PR: PRT of Dani, in silver sequined dress, posed arm-in-arm with Jack [Anthony Hamilton], in black tuxedo. Red bg
C-CUP-E PR: MLS of hunky Jack clad in tight blue trunks posed at water's edge, scuba mouthpiece hanging from neck
C-CUP-F PR: PRT of Jack in sexy pose wearing tuxedo. Red bg
C-CUP-G PR: PRT of Jack wearing white sweater & leather jacket with heavy fur collar. Blue bg
C-CUP-H PR: FLV of Mac flanked by four babes & two sports cars
C-CIA-A MLS of Jim Sinclair [Chuck Conners] laughing as he pulls head of giraffe near his, native boy looking on
CRIME STORY - 1986-88
C-CRM-A PR: PRT of Lt. Mike Torello [Dennis Farina] & his Major Crime Unit boys
C-CRM-B PR: MS of Torello leaning back against brick wall, wife Julie [Darlanne Fluegel] resting her elbow on his shoulder
C-CRM-C PR: PRT of Torello bending over typewriter
C-CRM-D PR: MS of Julie leaning back against brick wall, arms folded
C-CRM-E PR: outdoor cast PRT at stairway of Torelllo, Julie, MCU boys & crime boss Ray Luca [Anthony Denison]
C-CRM-F Cont. #E, MLS of just Torello, Julie, Luca & attorney David Abrams [Stephen Lang]
C-CRM-G Cont. #F, foursome changed positions, all more serious
C-CRM-H PR: tight PRT of boys posed about Torello's desk, all serious
C-CRM-I PR: Luca sits in restaurant booth with martini & gun while his henchman & Torello loom over him
C-CSS-A PR: FLV of stylishly clad Nick [Lee Horsley], Hillary [Jane Seymour], Liane [Cheryl Ladd] & Armand [Christopher Plummer] standing side-by-side
C-CSS-B MS of elegantly dressed Nick & Liane at social affair, he in tux, she in white gown
C-CSS-C PR: MS of Liane as above smiling
C-CSS-D PR: MLS of Nick standing at office desk in three-piece suit & tie
C-CUT-A PR: PRT of Dr. Hal Wexler [Alec Baldwin]
C-CUT-B PR: PRT of Dr. Andy Fenton [Jim Meltzer]
DALLAS - 1981-91
C-DAL-A PR: seven-member cast PRT posed at living room couch
C-DAL-B PR: PRT of Bobby & Pam
C-DAL-C PR: cast PRT outside Ewing ranchhouse
C-DAL-D PR: PRT of Sue Ellen in hat
C-DAL-E MCU of J.R. & Sue Ellen talking outdoors
C-DAL-F J.R. & towel-clad Sue Ellen, argue in front of fireplace
C-DAL-G PR: MLS of Bobby & Pam posed in front of car
C-DAL-H PR: great PRT of Ewing women Pam, Lucy & Sue Ellen.Red bg
C-DAL-I MLS of Kristin [Mary Crosby], wearing knotted Hawaiian shirt & red pants, standing on front porch of ranchhouse
C-DAL-J PR: updated main cast PRT on veranda
C-DAL-K PR: MS of J.R. sitting behind desk wearing business suit, cowboy hat & big smile
C-DAL-L PR: MLS of Pam in vertically striped dress, standing with hands clasped in front of ranchhouse
C-DAL-M PR: MS of Bobby & Pam posed arm-in-arm. Light blue bg
C-DAL-N PR: MLS of Peter Richards [Christopher Atkins], in open Levi jacket, jeans & fancy cowboy hat. Red bg
C-DAL-O PR: five-element shot of Jenna [Priscilla Presley] in outdoor poses, three with her horse, combined within circle over red bg
C-DAL-P MCU of Pam in sleeveless white summer dress, looking just off camera with sweet smile
C-DAL-Q MLS of Angelica [Barbara Carrera], smashing in red evening gown with matching boa-feather wrap
C-DAL-R PR: MLS of J.R. leaning elbow on handle of glass door, holding grey Stetson & smiling, wearing dark gray striped suit
C-DAL-S PR: PRT of austere, bare-shouldered Sue Ellen
C-DAL-T MS of Mandy [Deborah Shelton], in pink lace blouse, leaning on bars at rodeo, deep in thought
C-DAL-U PR: elegant PRT of Jenna in white & gold dinner dress & jacket
C-DAL-V PR: title card shot with boxed PRT of smiling J.R. & Sue Ellen
C-DAL-W PR: MLS of smiling Pam, sexy in red summer dress, hand on hip, posed by car
C-DCC-A FLV of three blonde cheerleaders posed against yellow bg. They're the real deal
C-DVY-A PR: FLV of Davy Crockett [Fess Parker] kneeling in field with flintlock rifle
C-DVY-B FLV of Davy leaning on flintlock rifle as he stands in beautiful mountain clearing
C-D&N-A PR: tight PRT of Molly [Blair Brown] smiling into camera with head resting on hand
C-DOL-A PR: title over MCU of smiling Roman [Wayne Northrop] & Marlena Brady [Deidre Hall], dark blue bg
C-DOL-B PR: MCU of Julie Williams [Susan Seaforth Hayes] seated on couch in print dress
C-DOL-C PR: candid MS of Deidre showing off awards she's won
C-DOL-D PR: candid MS of Deidre turning to smile at gala affair
C-DOL-E PR: candid MCU of Deidre showing mild surprise at being snapped while shopping
C-DOL-F PR: candid MS of Deidre cuddling large stuffed animal
C-DOL-G PR: candid MS of Kristian Alfonso, in red V-neck dress, talking to someone OS
C-DOL-H Cont. #G, Kristian faces camera & smiles
C-DOL-I PR: candid MS of Peter Reckell, in white sweater & brown checkered sport coat, grinning aside
C-DOL-J PR: candid MS of Kristian, LeAnn Henley, Anne-Marie Martin & Lisa Trusel gathered at sporting event
DEAR JOHN - 1988-92
C-DJ-A PR: main cast PRT: John Lacey [Judd Hirsch] reads singles paper as group members look over his shoulder
C-DJ-B PR: PRT of John in suit
C-DJ-C PR: PRT of Kate [Isabella Hofmann] in green dress
C-DJ-D PR: PRT of smiling, boorish Kirk [Jere Burns] in bright red shirt & tan tweed sport jacket
C-DSS-A MS of Snider [Bruce Weitz] hovering over Dorothy Stratton [Jamie Lee Curtis] at party
C-D&M-A PR: FLV of New York con Jim Dempsey [Michael Brandon] posed back-to-back with British Detective Harriet "Harry" Makepeace [Glynis Barber], both holding guns
C-D&M-B PR: PRT of smiling team, she leaning back against his shoulder, he with hand near mouth, red bg
C-D&M-C PR: outdoor PRT of Dempsey perched behind seated Makepeace, she touching rim of black hat
C-D&M-D PR: MCU of pair shoulder-to-shoulder looking aside, she wearing warm sweater & coat, he in black shirt & jacket with fur collar
C-D&M-F PR: PRT of Makepeace in white crocheted dress
C-D&M-G PR: MCU of Makepeace in yellow puffy-sleeved dress, one hand to necklace at throat, other holding coat over shoulder
C-D&M-H PR: MS of Dempsey, in black jacket, standing over Makepeace from behind, both serious
C-D&M-I PR: MS of Dempsey, in blue sport shirt & black jacket, standing in front of chainlink fence
C-D&M-J PR: MLS of Makepeace sitting on bench, wearing brown skirt, coat & gloves
C-DEN-A PR: MCU of Dennis [Jay North] biting into apple
C-DSG-A PR: tight PRT of decorators Suzanne [Delta Burke], Charlene [Jean Smart], Julia [Dixie Carter] & Mary Jo [Annie Potts]
C-DSG-B PR: festive PRT of smiling ladies with Christmas packages
C-DSG-C PR: PRT of Suzanne in lowcut blue dress
C-DEV-A PR: PRT of tuxedoed Devlin [Rock Hudson] at Nick Corsello's [Jack Scalia] shoulder
C-DEV-B Cont. #A, positions reversed, Corsello wearing yellow polo shirt, Levi jacket & jeans, hand in pocket
DIAMONDS - 1987-88
C-DIA-A PR: MS of Mike Devitt [Nicholas Campbell] holding up gun while Christina Towne [Peggy Smithart] holds him around shoulder from behind, he in rolled up dress shirt, she in white suit against red bg
C-DIA-B Cont. #A, MLS of pair standing back-to-back with Christina holding upraised gun
C-DIA-C Cont. #B, MS of pair back-to-back with arms folded, Christina flashing big smile
C-DIA-D PR: FLV of smiling Christina sitting in chair with hand to chin, in sharp dark gray suit, Mike standing beside her clad in black suit
C-DIF-A PR: MLS of Maggie [Mary Ann Mobley], in soft pink print dress & holding bouquet of flowers, with arm around shoulder of Arnold [Gary Coleman]
C-DFT-A PR: PRT of Denise Huxtable [Lisa Bonet], Jalessa [Dawnn Lewis] & Maggie [Marisa Tomei] posed with books about couch
C-DBC-A PR: MLS of David Hasselhoff, in silver lamè jacket & black vinyl pants, handing rose to Minnie Mouse
DOLLY - 1987-88
C-DLY-A PR: FLV of Dolly Parton cozied up in easy chair, wearing bright red dress with sleeve pulled off shoulder facing camera & black net stockings sans shoes
C-DLY-B PR: MLS of curvy Dolly striking pinup pose in shoulderless black party dress, her smile wide
C-DLY-C PR: PRT of smiling Dolly, shoulders bare, diamond earrings matching ring on black-gloved hand at neck
C-DLY-D Cont. C-DLY-C, teasingly offers shoulder to camera with gloved hand under chin
C-DLY-E Cont. C-DLY-D, MS facing camera squarely, resting face in gloved hands with big smile
C-DCV-A PR: FLV of smiling cast posed on home porch, including Michael Larson [Frank Converse], son David [Trey Ames], daughter Katie [Karron Graves] & Baron Trent [Nick Tate]
C-DCV-B PR: FLV of Katie, in purple swimsuit, holding dolphin on its side in shallow water
C-DBL-A PR: PRT of cute twins Jean & Liz Sagal, one posed above other beside reflected images
C-DUB-A PR: MLS of Det. Janek [Richard Crenna] with arms around photographer Caroline [Beverly D'Angelo] at construction site
DOWNTOWN - 1986-87
C-DWN-A PR: Cast PRT posed inside convertible of cop John Forney [Michael Nouri] & band of misfits Terry [Blair Underwood], Harriet [Millicent Martin], Jesse [Mariska Hargitay] & Dennis [Robert Englund]
DRAGNET 1952-59/1967-70
C-DNT-A FLV of Joe Friday [Jack Webb] & partner Bill Gannon [Harry Morgan], wearing nearly identical wash 'n wear suits, standing side-by-side inside home during investigation
DR. KILDARE - 1961-66
C-DK-A PR: autographed MS of Dr. Kildare [Richard Chamberlain] wearing smock & stethoscope
C-DK-B PR: PRT of Dr. Kildare wearing white shirt, brown tie & white lab coat, red bg
C-DWS-A PR: outdoor PRT of pathfinder John Charles Fremont [Richard Chamberlain] & his guide Kit Carson [Rip Torn]
C-DWS-B PR: MS of Fremont astride horse holding gun
C-DWS-C Profile MLS of uniformed Fremont romancing senator's daughter Jessie Benton [Alice Krige] on porch
DREAMS - 1984
C-DMS-A PR: cast PRT of Phil [Cain Devore], Martha [Jami Gertz], Gino [John Stamos], Lisa [Valerie Stevenson] & Weiner [Albert Macklin], all smiles
DUET - 1987
C-DUT-A PR: Ben [Matthew Laurance] gives playful Laura [Mary Page Keller] piggyback ride, red title in lower corner
C-DUT-B PR: smiling PRT of fresh-faced Laura in tan sweater
C-DUT-C Cont. #B, lips parted in cool gaze into camera, hand under chin
C-DUT-D PR: MS of Laura posed sitting with knee up, in Levi jacket & pants
C-DUT-E PR: MLS of serious Laura standing with hands in pockets of black slacks, white blouse, purple tie & gold jacket
C-DUT-F PR: MS of Laura, in black sleeveless dress, bent over table on elbows, open face turned to camera
C-DH-A PR: FLV of cast
C-DH-B PR: MS of Bo, Luke & Daisy in western attire
C-DH-C FLV of Daisy posing in light top, shorts & high heels beside General Lee
C-DH-D Daisy, Bo & Luke pose on top of General Lee
C-DH-E DA of Daisy in quicksand & sinking fast
C-DH-F MS of Daisy, in red bikini top, in front of truck stopped on road
C-DH-G PR: MCU of Bo, Daisy & Luke posed smilingly side by side
C-DH-H PR: MLS of new Duke boys Vance [Christopher Mayer] & Coy [Bryon Cherry], in cowboy shirts & blue jeans, both smiling
C-DH-I PR: MLS of Daisy coyly chewing on fingernail with smile, wearing tight jeans & even tighter low-cut red top
C-DH-J Cont. #I, MS of Daisy in same top, smiling into camera
C-DYN-A PRT of main cast: Blake, in tuxedo with arms folded, in front of standing Krystle, Alexis, Fallon, Claudia [Pamela Bellwood] & Sammy Jo, all elegantly gowned
C-DYN-B PR: FLV of Blake, Krystle, Alexis, Fallon, Jeff & majordomo posed in drawing room
C-DYN-C PR: MLS of Kirby, Fallon, Alexis & Krystle lined up in front of Blake, blue bg
C-DYN-D PR: PRT of Blake with arms around Krystle & Fallon posed tightly to him, blue bg
C-DYN-E PR: MLS of Blake & Alexis embracing in front of Krystle, all formally dressed, orange bg
C-DYN-F PR: horizontal MS of Blake holding Krystle by arms from behind, Alexis to his other side, purple bg
C-DYN-G PR: MS of Blake posed with arms folded as Krystle stands behind him smiling, both spiffy, black bg
C-DYN-H PR: FLV of gorgeously gowned Alexis, Claudia & Krystle posed arm-in-arm
C-DYN-I PR: PRT of Claudia in white blouse with black trim, blue bg
C-DYN-J PR: ABC logo & title over PRT of tuxedoed Blake flanked by fabulously gowned Alexis & Krystle
C-DYN-K PR: autographed candid MS of casually dressed Linda Evans & John Forsythe posed arm-in-arm
C-DYN-L PR: autographed candid MS of gowned Joan Collins, Pamela Bellwod & Evans side-by-side at 1983 Emmy Awards
C-DYN-M PR: PRT of Blake, in tuxedo & Krystle, wearing fur pulled off bare shoulder, black bg
C-DYN-N PR: MLS of Krystle & Alexis posed back-to-back on couch, wearing beautiful gowns & jewels
C-DYN-O PR: PRT of smiling Krystle in striped purple blouse with bow tie collar, orange bg
C-DYN-P PR: PRT of Fallon in white blouse & blue sweater, green bg
C-DYN-Q PR: MS of Fallon in purple blouse with crisscross frilled collar
C-DYN-R PR: PRT of Steven [Jack Coleman] in dress shirt & tweed suit coat, red bg
C-DYN-S PR: PRT of Mark [Geoffrey Scott] in white v-neck t-shirt
C-DYN-T Candid MS of smiling John James in white dress shirt & gray sport coat
C-DYN-U Candid MS of smiling James wearing gray sport shirt
C-DYN-V Candid MLS of smiling James relaxing with drink on patio chair, in white silk shirt, tan suede jacket & corduroy trousers
C-DYN-W Candid MS of Coleman in black sweater & jacket
C-DYN-X Candid MS of smiling Gordon Thomson in partly unbuttoned black shirt, chest hair exposed
C-DYN-Y Candid MS of Pamela Bellwood arriving at 1983 Emmys in black off-shoulder gown & choker
C-DYN-Z PR: FLV of tuxedoed Blake flanked by fabulously gowned Alexis & Krystle, magenta bg
C-DYN-A1 PR: horizontal PRT of Krystle, Adam Thomson, Fallon, Alexis & Blake
C-DYN-A2 PR: FLV of Alexis & Dominique Deveraux [Diahann Carroll] posed back-to-back in floor-length gowns & jackets
C-DYN-A3 PR: PRT of Krystle in red evening dress. Nice
C-DYN-A4 PR: horizontal MCU of smiling Pamela Sue Martin, in red sweater, leaning elbow on chair bearing her name
C-DYN-A5 PR: FLV of Dominique taking husband Brady's [Billy Dee Williams] arm in pose near flower stand
C-DYN-A6 PR: MCU of Claudia in sitting up pose, wearing strapless blue evening dress with sequined pattern & diamond necklace, magenta bg
C-DYN-A7 PR: horizontal PRT of Claudia in blue silk blouse, hair falling over shoulders
C-DYN-A8 BS: MLS of Catherine Oxenberg in gray sweater, pant & coat ensemble sitting patiently as hairdresser works on her hair
C-DYN-A9 PR: 1985 full length cast PRT gathered before Christmas tree & all decked out
C-DYN-B1 PR: PRT of Blake, Krystle, Daniel [Rock Hudson] & Lady Ashley [Ali McGraw] in formal dress
C-DYN-B2 PR: MS of nattily dressed Blake holding daughter Amanda [Oxenberg] by arms
C-DYN-B3 Cont. #B3, MS of Amanda beside Blake with arms resting on his shoulders, cheek-to-cheek
C-DYN-B4 Cont. #B3, MCU of similar pose
C-DYN-B5 PR: PRT of Steven & Claudia in romantic pose against blue bg
C-DYN-B6 PR: MS of Blake, handsome in dark gray three-piece business suit, hands in pockets
C-DYN-B7 PR: PRT of Krystle with body profiled, elegant in silver brocade gown, red & white bg
C-DYN-B8 PR: MS of Alexis looking gorgeous in stylish black gown with plunging neckline & diamond jewelry
C-DYN-B9 PR: MS of Fallon [Pamela Sue Martin] in bright red dress with fringed bodice, lips parted
C-DYN-C1 PR: PRT of Amanda in tan turtleneck sweater set, eyes highlighted, yellow bg
C-DYN-C2 Cont. #C1, MS of seated Amanda smiling wide
C-DYN-C3 PR: PRT of Amanda lovely in pink satin dress, arm crossed to shoulder, blue bg
C-DYN-C4 PR: soft-focus sitting PRT of Amanda in blue & black silk blouse
C-DYN-C5 PR: horizontal MS of Amanda wearing shiny gold dress & black scarf, leaning elbow on mantel
C-DYN-C6 PR: PRT of Dex [Michael Nader] in sporty suit
C-DYN-C7 PR: PRT of regally attired Prince Michael [Michael Praed] stoically eyeing camera
C-DYN-C8 MLS of Blake & Krystle taking wedding vows at altar with Fallon as maid of honor
C-DYN-C9 MLS of Krystle, wearing clingy gray dress & dazzling diamond necklace, standing in front of sales counter mirror & smiling aside
C-DYN-D1 Semi-profile MS of Krystle in red silk dress, looking over chair she's seated in, concerned
C-DYN-D2 Profile MLS of Krystle in major confrontation with Sammy Jo
C-DYN-D3 PR: PRT of tuxedoed Blake seated in chair encircled by decked out female cast of Sammy Jo, Amanda, Alexis, Dominique, Caress [Kate O'Mara], Jackie [Troy Beyer], Claudia & Krystle
C-DYN-D4 PR: PRT of Blake & brother Ben [Christopher Cazenove] posed behind Caress & Alexis
C-DYN-D5 PR: FLV of tuxedoed Blake taking arm of gowned Alexis & Krystle
C-DYN-D6 PR: MS of Caress flanked by Ben & Blake, all serious
C-DYN-D7 Cont. #D6, Blake's hands on Caress' shoulders, all smiling
C-DYN-D8 PR: PRT of seated Dominique flanked by standing Krystle & Alexis, all dressed for business
C-DYN-D9 PR: FLV of Dex & Alexis posed for wedding picture with maid of honor
C-DYN-E1 PR: FLV of casually clad [l to r] Jackie, Sammy Jo & Amanda in playful pose with arms around each others shoulders
C-DYN-E2 Cont. #E1, Amanda & Sammy Jo switch positions but continue to be silly
C-DYN-E3 Cont. #E2, girls lose composure completely
C-DYN-E4 PR: PRT of Caress & Alexis, magenta bg
C-DYN-E5 PR: PRT of smiling Dominique & daughter Jackie, arms around each other, blue bg
C-DYN-E6 PR: MLS of Prince Michael & Amanda posed for wedding picture holding hands on palace grounds
C-DYN-E7 PR: FLV of gold-crowned Alexis leaning back against Dex & taking his hand
C-DYN-E8 PR: PRT of smiling Krystle wearing creme blouse & diamond earrings
C-DYN-E9 PR: sitting PRT of smiling Krystle in gold belted white dress
C-DYN-F1 Cont. #E9, tighter horizontal shot, smile softer
C-DYN-F2 PR: FLV of Alexis posed in floor-length black gown with gold breast panels & veiled hat
C-DYN-F3 PR: MLS of Alexis wearing flesh-colored gown with silver design & boa feather wrap
C-DYN-F4 PR: MLS of Alexis sitting seductively wearing sexy satin sleepwear while smelling rose
C-DYN-F5 PR: MS of Amanda, model of artistic elegance in emerald green dress with hair up, leaning chin on polished gold statuette of lion
C-DYN-F6 Cont. #F5, Amanda propped up more, leaning chin on back of hand above statuette
C-DYN-F7 PR: PRT of enchanting Amanda in strapless blue dress
C-DYN-F8 Cont. #F7, MS with hands on hips
C-DYN-F9 PR: MS of Amanda in above dress at party with diamond & emerald necklace added
C-DYN-G1 PR: PRT of fresh-faced Amanda in white top, eyeing camera with chin in palm of hand
C-DYN-G2 PR: MS of Dominique posed in shiny black gown & pulled back matching jacket
C-DYN-G3 PR: PRT of Dex in open sport shirt & jacket
C-DYN-G4 PR: PRT of Caress in shiny black strapless gown, matching wrap held over one shoulder
C-DYN-G5 Cont. #G4, tighter horizontal shot
C-DYN-G6 PR: MS of Caress in pink coat with collar turned up
C-DYN-G7 PR: MLS of smartly attired Joel [George Hamilton] standing with one hand in pocket & turned aside
C-DYN-G8 DA of bodies sprawled on floor of Moldavia palace after massacre at wedding of Prince Michael & Amanda
C-DYN-G9 PR: PRT of Leslie Carrington [Terri Garber] in red print blouse, arms crossed to shoulders & chin resting on back of hand
C-DYN-H1 PR: PRT of smiling Leslie in strapless black gown, hand crossed to shoulder, blue bg
C-DYN-H2 PR: FLV of 1988 cast: Blake, Krystle, Alexis, Fallon, Sammy Jo, Jeff, Steven, Adam, Dex, Leslie, Sean [James Healy] & Dana [Leann Hunley] all posed around mansion staircase
C-DYN-H3 PR: tight, playful cast PRT of Fallon, Jeff, Sammy Jo, Adam, Dana, Sean, Leslie & Steven
C-DYN-H4 PR: MLS of Fallon & Leslie competing for attentions of Jeff, ladies in red outfits
C-DYN-H5 PR: MLS of Sammy Jo, in Levi skirt & jacket-shirt, flanked by Josh Harris [Tom Schanley] & Steven
C-DYN-H6 Cont. #H5, tighter horizontal shot
C-DYN-H7 PR: wedding PRT of Jeff & Fallon
C-DYN-H8 PR: MCU of Adam & Dana in romantic embrace
C-DYN-H9 PR: MS of Jeff, wearing sport dark brown jacket, leaning into camera with arms crossed
C-DYN-I1 PR: PRT of sober Dex in gray leather jacket
C-DYN-I2 PR: PRT of tight lipped Steven in brown jacket
C-DYN-I3 PR: PRT of natty Adam, hand to chin
C-DYN-I4 PR: PRT of devious Sean glaring at camera
C-DYN-I5 PR: PRT of blond Josh bent to camera
C-DYN-I6 PR: MLS of Krystle, wearing green gown & hip-length gold jacket with fur cuffs, black bg
C-DYN-I7 PR: MLS of vampish Alexis in low-cut leopard print gown with fur shoulders, hands on hips
C-DYN-I8 PR: sitting PRT of Sable [Stephanie Beacham] dressed in white & diamonds
C-DYN-I9 PR: sitting PRT of Fallon in green silk blouse & emerald earrings
C-DYN-J1 PR: PRT of MLS of Fallon looking aside with drink in hand, in strapless blue party dress
C-DYN-J2 PR: PRT of Fallon in confectionary wedding dress
C-DYN-J3 PR: MS of smiling Sammy Jo in brown silk blouse & gold- trimmed Levi jacket, hands on hips
C-DYN-J4 Cont. #J3, tighter horizontal shot, different pose
C-DYN-J5 PR: MS of Dana wearing off-white dress with crossover collar, arm around waist
C-DYN-J6 Cont. #J5, MCU with hand under chin
C-DYN-J7 PR: FLV of Dana, beguiling as she sits on rug before fire, wearing blue sequined party dress
C-DYN-J8 PR: full-length sitting PRT of Dana in stunning wedding dress
C-DYN-J9 PR: PRT of Dana seen clearly thru wedding veil
C-DYN-K1 PR: MS of severe Leslie in red blouse, arm crossed to shoulder
C-DYN-K2 PR: PRT of Leslie, fetching in black gown pulled off one shoulder, hands placed over bosom
C-DYN-K3 PR: candid FLV of Jackie [Troy Beyer] snapped in corridor, poured into sexy black leather dress
C-D2-A PR: cast PRT of spiffy Jason Colby [Charlton Heston], Jeff [John James], Miles [Maxwell Caulfield] & Fallon [Emma Samms]
C-D2-B PR: MS of Jeff, in black dinner jacket, holding Fallon by arms from behind. She's a knockout in red sequined gown & diamonds
C-D2-C Cont. #B, Jeff wraps arms around Fallon's waist as she breaks into smile
C-D2-D PR: nice PRT of Jeff in black shirt & gray windbreaker, red bg
C-D2-E PR: sultry PRT of Fallon in same red gown
C-D2-F FLV of Jason & Constance Colby [Barbara Stanwyck] showing concern for each other in garden
C-D2-G PR: PRT of full 16-member cast from first season, men in tuxedos, women in gowns
C-D2-H PR: FLV of Colby family posed on & around couch, all dressed to teeth, including Jason, Jeff, Miles, Fallon, Sable [Stephanie Beacham], Francesca [Katherine Ross], Constance, Monica [Tracy Scoggins] & Bliss [Claire Yarlett]
C-D2-I Cont. #H, tighter horizontal shot
C-D2-J PR: FLV of Colby family, same outfits but posed with Jason & Constance seated in fg, women on & around couch behind them
C-D2-K MS of Monica, Sable & Bliss, all wearing strapless gowns
C-D2-L PR: Lord & Lady PRT of Jason seated with Sable placing gloved hands on his shoulders from behind, he in tuxedo, she in strapless white gown, long white gloves & diamond jewelry
C-D2-M PR: FLV of sportily attired Jeff standing next to seated mother Francesca
C-D2-N PR: FLV of Jeff holding Fallon to him, he in suit, she in blue sweater & black pants
C-D2-O PR: PRT of Jeff holding Fallon to him from behind, she wearing gray satin blouse
C-D2-P PR: MS of Jeff, in tuxedo, & Monica, in strapless red velvet gown & diamond jewelry
C-D2-Q PR: MS of smiling Monica, in strapless blue gown, arm-in-arm with Dominique
C-D2-R PR: MLS of Roger [David Hedison] holding Francesca around waist from behind
C-D2-S PR: FLV of Sable seated in chair with legs up as Zach Powers [Ricardo Montalban] bends near, regarding her
C-D2-T PR: PRT of Miles & Channing [Kim Morgan Greene], she draping hands over his shoulders from behind
C-D2-U PR: PRT of Jason against red bg
C-D2-V PR: PRT of Jeff in suit
C-D2-W Outdoor MS of smiling Jeff bent toward camera in suit
C-D2-X PR: FLV of Sable posed in strapless black gown,
C-D2-Y PR: MLS of Sable, stylish in brown suede skirt & fur-lined jacket with white silk blouse & pearl necklace
C-D2-Z PR: PRT of Sable in strapless turquoise gown & matching jewelry
C-D2-A1 PR: PRT of Fallon in blue sweater
C-D2-A2 PR: PRT of smiling Fallon in yellow sweater, red bg
C-D2-A3 PR: MS of demure Fallon in powder blue sweater-shirt, red bg
C-D2-A4 Cont. #E, MS of Fallon smiling brightly
C-D2-A5 PR: PRT of Monica wearing red dress covering only one shoulder & heavy silver necklace, hand to chin & lips parted
C-D2-A6 PR: MS of Monica in white pullover V-neck top, hand on hip
C-D2-A7 PR: MS of Monica in pink silk blouse, orange skirt & matching jacket, hands on hips
C-D2-A8 PR: PRT of Monica, in patterned black U-neck dress & necklace, hands held at waist
C-D2-A9 PR: MS of smiling Monica in strapless red velvet gown & diamond jewelry, hands held at waist
C-D2-B1 PR: MLS of smiling Monica posed in smart light blue Levi skirt & shirt, one hand holding wrist of other hand on waist
C-D2-B2 PR: PRT of smiling Bliss in pink sweater, hair pulled back
C-D2-B3 PR: PRT of Bliss in strapless white gown, hair down & lips parted
C-D2-B4 Cont. #B3, slightly different pose & hint of smile
C-D2-B5 PR: MS of Bliss looking preppie in red silk blouse & black blazer with family insignia
C-D2-B6 PR: PRT of Constance
C-D2-B7 PR: FLV of Channing smiling wide as she sits in poolside cabana chair, wearing black pants, print blouse & white jacket
C-D2-B8 PR: PRT of quietly smiling Zach, in shiny gray suit, matching tie & pin-striped shirt
C-D2-B9 PR: PRT of Zach under darker mood lighting in business suit
C-D2-C1 PRT of Miles in black & gray business suit
C-D2-C2 PR; MLS of smiling Channing posed in brown leather skirt & jacket, hand on hip, yellow title bg
C-D2-C3 Cont. #A1, MLS of Fallon in long blue sweater, arms crossed
C-D2-C4 PR: MS of Fallon, in thin-strapped low-cut purple sequined gown, winsome smile setting off long diamond earrings, hair done up
C-D2-C5 PR: PRT of Miles holding Fallon by arms from behind, she in white dress with crisscross bodice & multiple strands of pearls
C-D2-C6 MS of glaring Nikolai Rostov [Adrian Paul] in blue suit & tie
C-EPY-A FLV of Wilder [Gerald McRaney], camera slung around neck, offering money to teenage Tina [Shawnee Smith] in front of store
EASY STREET - 1986-87
C-EST-A PR: MLS of L.K. [Loni Anderson] showing leg in strapless white gown sitting with irascible Bully [Jack Elam] & affable Ricardo [Lee Weaver] standing over her, blue bg
C-EST-B PR: PRT of L.K. standing behind Bully & Ricardo as above, all smiles, red bg
C-EST-C PR: PRT of L.K. in same white gown
C-EST-D PR: MLS of L.K. in same gown standing below chandelier with hands held at waist
C-EST-E PR: PRT of smiling L.K. wearing soft blue blouse, magenta bg
C-EST-F Cont. #E, slightly different pose, smile softer
C-EST-G PR: PRT of L.K., sexy in red evening dress
C-EST-H Cont. #G, smiles wider as she looks over shoulder with back toward camera
C-EST-I PR: PRT of L.K. pretty in frilly white evening dress, orange bg
C-EST-J Cont. #I, MLS with dress hiked past knee of upturned leg
C-EST-K PR: MLS of L.K. posed under chandelier wearing strapless black dress with glitter pattern above hips
C-EST-L Cont. #K, MS of smiling L.K. against patterned pink bg
C-EST-M Cont. #L, PRT of L.K. smiling, blue bg
C-EIE-A PR: PRT of Bradford clan includes: Tom [Dick Van Patten], Abby [Betty Buckley], Tommy [Willie Aames] & Nancy [Dianne Kay]
C-EIE-B PR: FLV of entire Bradford family against red bg
C-E&L-A PR: PRT of six-member main cast, including Bud Lutz Jr. [Scott Bakula] & girlfriend Megan [DeLane Matthews]
C-EI-A PR: PRT of newlyweds Marco Santorelli [Greg Martin] & Vanessa Ogden [Kate Burton], Senator Phipps Ogden [Richard Burton] & his wife Maud [Faye Dunaway]
C-EI-B PR: MLS of Irish sisters Georgie [Judi Bowker] & Bridget O'Donnell [Alice Krige] posed at Ellis Island processing station
C-EMB-A PR: MLS of warmly attired Harry Brackett [Nick Mancuso] with arm around shoulders of Nancy Russell [Mimi Rogers] in outdoor pose
EMERALD POINT N.A.S. - 1983-84
C-EP-A PR: FLV of eight main cast members, including Mallory [Dennis Weaver], Glenn [Andrew Stevens], Jack [Charles Frank], Simon [Richard Dean Anderson], Celia [Susan Day] & Hillary [Sela Ward], posed on front lawn in front of mansion
C-EP-B Outdoor PRT of Celia, Leslie [Doran Clark] & Kay [Stephanie Dunnam]
C-EP-C PR: MLS of Jack embracing Celia from behind in pretty outdoor setting
C-EP-D PR: PRT of smiling Celia in blue, crocheted dress, looking past camera
C-EP-E PR: PRT of Leslie in pink dress & pearl necklace
C-EP-F PR: MLS of smiling Hilary posed in lace-trimmed white dress worn off shoulders, one hand on hip, other holding gold pocket book
C-EP-G PR: PRT of smiling Deanna [Jill St. John] in dark blue dress with light blue bow tied at neck
C-EP-H MS of Celia, in pink dress & blue shawl, talking to OS Jack over dinner
C-EP-I PR: MLS of Mallory, in dress white Navy uniform, with Maggie [Maud Adams], in lavender dress, on his arm & Deanna at his side posed sexy in red blouse & skirt
C-EP-J PR: MS of smiling Glenn posed in white uniform, holding hat under arm
C-EP-K PR: MLS of smiling Glenn posed in flight suit, hands on hips
C-EP-L PR: MLS of hunky Glenn wearing only tight jeans in Playgirl Magazine-style pose on black bg
C-EP-M Cont. #L, MS of Glenn, top of jeans undone
C-EP-N PR: MLS of smiling Jack posed in white uniform, hands folded & hat under arm
C-EP-O PR: MLS of Celia sitting in corner, wearing frilly white dress & choker
C-EP-P PR: PRT of Leslie in uniform
EMPIRE - 1962-64
C-EMP-A PR: PRT of smiling Jim Redigo [Richard Egan] with arm around shoulder of pigtailed Connie Garrett [Terry Moore]
EMPTY NEST - 1988-95
C-EN-A PR: MLS of Dr. Harry Weston [Richard Mulligan], arms around daughters Barbara [Kristy McNichol] & Carol [Diane Manoff], all smiles
C-EQZ-A PR: MS of McCall posed against NY harbor & skyline, looking dignified in pin-striped suit & red tie, ready to help
C-EQZ-B PR: semi-profile MS of dapper crime fighter McCall gazing thoughtfully off camera
C-EQZ-C PR: MS of McCall, tense as he prepares to fire automatic weapon at some OS scurvy louse
C-EQZ-D PR: FLV of McCall standing on hood of graffiti-painted car with gloved hands held up in mock surprise, wearing suit, trenchcoat & blue scarf
C-EQZ-E PR: outdoor PRT of McCall wearing three-piece suit with red tie & soft smile
C-EQZ-F PR: MS of McCall, wearing suit, overcoat, glasses & driving gloves, leaning elbow on top of car
C-EQZ-G PR: title beneath boxed PRT of all business McCall
C-EQZ-H PR: PRT of McCall, in suit & overcoat, coolly eyeing camera
C-EQZ-I PR: MS of McCall posed with arms crossed, wearing stripped dress shirt & gray suit coat
C-EQZ-J PR: MS of McCall leaning back against wall, hands in pockets of black jacket
C-EQZ-K PR: MS of McCall allowing slight smile posed against watery backdrop, wearing blue shirt
C-EQZ-L Cont. #A, horizontal MS of McCall looking aside with back to Manhattan Island skyline, fingers linked
C-EQZ-M PR: MLS of McCall posed on street with arm around shoulder of Jenny Morrow [Lori Laughlin], both looking aside
C-EQZ-N Cont. #M, both face camera with Jenny smiling
C-EVG-A PR: FLV of Joseph [Armand Assante] & Paul [Ian McShane] posed in outdoor setting, both suited
C-EVG-B PR: MS of Joseph posed outside, wearing striped dark gray suit with red sweater & tie
C-EVG-C PR: MS of Joseph bent forward in car, wearing black suit & derby
C-EVG-D PR: PRT of Anna [Leslie Ann Warren] looking 1911 glamourous in svelte red dress with pearl necklace & earrings
C-EVG-E PR: MS of Anna in flowery print black & white dress, smiling as she sits in lawn chair
F TROOP - 1965-67
C-FT-A PR: MLS of Parmenter [Ken Berry], Agarn [Larry Storch], O'Rourke [Forrest Tucker] huddled around tom-tom, disguised as Hekawi Indians
C-FT-B PR: MLS of Agarn holding candle as he shushes camera while Dracula [Vincent Price] prepares to pounce with cape
C-FAL-A PR: MS of Lance [Lorenzo Lamas], arms folded, & Angie [Jane Wyman], hands in pockets of red skirt, posed in vineyard
C-FAL-B PR: MS of Chase [Robert Foxworth], good looking in white polo shirt & pants, posed in flower garden
C-FAL-C PR: MS of Lance, chest showing under unbuttoned shirt, smiling face partly shadowed
C-FAL-D PR: FLV of entire cast gathered in front of home
C-FAL-E PR: MS of Richard in light brown sweater & dark brown sport jacket, looking aside
C-FAL-F PR: MS of Pamela Lynch [Sarah Douglas] in low-cut white dress, acting perturbed, with hand on hip
C-FAL-G PR: MS of Francesca [Gina Lollobrigida], in low-cut red sequined evening gown, at hall door
C-FAL-H PR: sexy MS of Diana Hunter [Shannon Tweed], in sleeveless black gown, resting on elbow with Richard [David Selby] bending close & holding her other arm
C-FAL-I PR: PRT of Diana with hair up, blue bg
C-FAL-J PR: PRT of J.J. [Morgan Fairchild] starting to pull pink & blue top off shoulder, magenta bg
C-FAL-K PR: MLS of J.J. in seductive seated pose, wearing tight, multicolored designer dress, green bg
C-FAL-L PR: PRT of Apollonia [Apollonia Kotero], a sizzler wearing off-shoulder blue print dress with matching headband draped with pearls & sheer powder blue scarf around neck, red bg
C-FAL-M PR: PRT of Apollonia, a vision of sultry glamour in low-cut black dress & dark blue silk jacket set off by gem studded necklace & earrings
C-FAL-N PR: MS of Apollonia, striking in teasingly cut backless black dress with gem studded brooch holding feathered black scarf around throat, blue bg
C-FAL-O PR: MS of Apollonia in hot reclining pose with one raised hand framing eye, dressed as above
C-FAL-P PR: PRT of Peter [Cesar Romero], suave in black suit & red tie
C-FAL-Q BS: MLS of Lorenzo Lamas playfully manning camera on location, setting sights on sexy Apollonia
C-FAL-R PR: FLV of 13-member cast assembled for PRT at bottom of stairs
C-FAL-S Cont. #L, nearly identical PRT of Apollonia but bg is soft blue curtain
C-FAL-T Cont. #M, bit more cleavage shows in smidge longer shot of Apollonia, otherwise identical PRT
C-FAL-U PR: glamour PRT of Apollonia in heavily laced white dress, hand touching hair falling over one shoulder
C-FAL-V PR: MLS of Francesca sitting up on floor, in low-cut black satin dress with gold leaf pattern & transparent wrap. Red bg
C-FAL-W PR: MLS of Terry [Laura Johnson] sitting in garden, wearing pretty white dress with black flowered pattern
C-FAL-X PR: PRT of smiling Pamela in red blouse with collar up, hair cropped short, powder blue bg
C-FAL-Y PR: PRT of Diana, in red silk blouse, staring into camera, blonde hair cascading to side
C-FAL-Z PR: 1988-89 six-member cast PRT includes: Lance, Melissa, Dan Fixx [Brett Cullen] & Vicki [Dana Sparks]
C-FAL-A1 PR: PRT of Melissa, in pretty white silk blouse, & Brett, in tailored suit
C-FAL-A2 PR: MLS of Lance in sitting up pose before roaring fire, his shirt half-open, hand to forehead
C-FAL-A3 PR: MLS of Pilar [Kristian Alfonso], wearing smartly tailored white suit cinched by black belt, long red hair falling behind shoulders, one hand on hip
C-FAL-A4 PR: MLS of Pilar in white evening dress, her now black hair done up, hands held at waist
FALL GUY - 1981-86
C-FGY-A PR: FLV of Jody [Heather Thomas] posed in tan leather tassled jacket, tight pants & thigh-high boots, looking coy. Orange bg
C-FGY-B PR: FLV of Jody, Howie [Douglas Barr], Colt [Lee Majors] & Terri [Markie Post] posed in front of fireplace
C-FGY-C PR: PRT of smiling Colt in sport shirt & brown corduroy jacket, arms folded
C-FGY-D Cont. #A, FLV in more open stance with big smile on face
C-FGY-E Cont. #D, Jody sits on floor with arm across upturned knee
C-FGY-F PR: PRT of Terri in v-neck white sweater
C-FGY-G PR: ABC logo & title over MCU of Colt wearing stuntman's cap & smirk, jacket thrown over shoulder
C-FGY-H PR: FLV of happy Jody in tan leather outfit in spread-legged pose, hand on hip
C-FGY-I PR: lovely PRT of Terri in frilly white blouse, pink flower in hair, red bg
C-FGY-J PR: MCU of smiling Terri in purple sweatshirt
C-FGY-K PR: MLS of Colt posed with famous cowboys of old: John Russell [Lawman], Russell Johnson [Black Saddle], Roy Rogers & Jock Mahoney [Range Rider]
C-FGY-L PR: MLS of Jody in enticing pose atop hood of Colt's truck, wearing pink & blue cotton top & Levi miniskirt
C-FGY-M PR: FLV of smiling Terri in cute exercise outfit, kneeling on floor with hands on hips
C-FGY-N PR: FLV of Colt flanked by Howie & Jody, who looks foxy in tight white pants & top, all smiles
C-FGY-O PR: MS of smiling Colt, in blue Hawaiian shirt, with arms folded against crashing surf
FAME - 1982-83
C-FMS-A PR: outdoor MS of Julie [Lori Singer] in belted pink top, hands on hips
FAMILY - 1976-80
C-FML-A PR: cast PRT of Kate [Sada Thompson], Doug [James Broderick], Willie [Gary Frank], Nancy [Meredith Baxter-Birney] & Buddy [Kristy McNichol]
FAMILY TIES - 1982-89
C-FT-A PR: cast PRT: Elyse [Meredith Baxter-Birney] & Steven [Michael Gross] sit on couch above their three kids, all smiling, blue bg
C-FT-B PR: PRT of Elyse in pink blouse, green bg
C-FT-C PR: Horizontal PRT of smiling, bearded Steven in plaid sport shirt, green bg
C-FT-D PR: PRT of Elyse, in zippered black sweater with multicolored pattern, hand to forehead, blue bg
C-FT-E PR: 1985 family PRT of Steven & Elyse posed with children Jennifer [Tina Yothers], Mallory [Justine Bateman] & Alex [Michael J. Fox]
C-FT-F PR: MS of Mallory & Alex striking happy pose with arms around each other, she in red sweater & he in white shirt, red tie & black pullover sweater
C-FT-G PR: early '86 smiling family PRT with baby Andrew in living room
C-FT-H PR: PRT of smiling Alex in monogramed sweater over shirt & tie
C-FT-I PR: 1986-87 family PRT of smiling Steven, Elyse & Alex, all casually clothed
C-FT-J PR: PRT of Alex & smiling Ellen [Tracy Pollan] in nice boyfriend/girlfriend pose
C-FT-K PR: PRT of smiling Mallory in ribbed pink top
C-FT-L PR: FLV of Alex on European vacation, standing in square with pigeons all around his feet, guidebook in hand
C-FT-M PR: 1987-88 family PRT of Keatons against blue bg
C-FT-N PR: tight horizontal PRT of happy family group
C-FT-O PR: 1988-89 family PRT with little Andrew sporting grown-up haircut
C-FT-P PR: PRT of Steven leaning close to seated Elyse, both smiling warmly, orange bg
C-FT-Q PR: PRT of seated Alex wearing suit, sporty dad Steven leaning his forearm on his shoulder, white bg
C-FT-R PR: PRT of smirking Alex posed in dark suit with arms folded
C-FT-S PR: PRT of smiling Alex in white dress shirt & pullover black sweater
C-FT-T PR: PRT of smiling Mallory in pink silk blouse
C-FI-A MLS of Mr. Roarke [Ricardo Montalban] & Tattoo [Herve Villechaize] awaiting arrival of guests
            [Note: C-FI-B thru C-FI-A1 from Mary Ann & Miss Sophisticate episode]
C-FI-B MLS of Mary Ann [Annette Funicello] arriving with her stage dummy, Miss Sophisticate [hereafter called Miss S]
C-FI-C MLS of Roarke & Tatoo greeting Mary Ann & tuxedoed Miss S
C-FI-D MCU of Mary Ann, in pink dress, talking to someone off camera
C-FI-E Profile CU of Mary Ann
C-FI-F FLV of Mary Ann performing her ventriloquist act with Miss S
C-FI-G MS of Mary Ann trading quips with Miss S
C-FI-H FLV of Mary Ann & Miss S standing to applause
C-FI-I Profile MCU of Mary Ann in blue dress & red scarf tied around neck
C-FI-J MCU of Mary Ann listening to OS Roarke
C-FI-K MS of Mary Ann & Roarke studying OS dummy
C-FI-L Cont. #K, colored lights flash overhead as room darkens
C-FI-M CU of Mary Ann as blue beams stream from her eyes
C-FI-N MS of Miss S, now a real woman [Maren Jensen], peeking out window from parted curtains
C-FI-O FLV of Mary Ann happily entering house thru door
C-FI-P MS of Mary Ann [back turned] facing Miss S as she turns from curtain
C-FI-Q Profile MS of Miss S getting haughty with Mary Ann
C-FI-R MCU of Miss S, beautiful when she's angry
C-FI-S Artsy ECU of Miss S in profile as out of focus Roarke enters in bg
C-FI-T MS of Miss S sitting in chair listening to OS Roarke
C-FI-U Looking over Roarke's shoulder at Miss S
C-FI-V Profile MS of Roarke & Miss S talking
C-FI-W MCU of Mary Ann, in pink night gown, displeased at what OS Miss S is going on about
C-FI-X MS of Miss S, stunning in black penoit, sitting up in bed
C-FI-Y MCU of Miss S, stunning in black evening dress, strutting her stuff past parrot
C-FI-Z Mary Ann refuses to look up at Miss S, who stands behind her with hands on hips
C-FI-A1 MCU of Miss S, arrogantly sexy as she sits on couch with arms spread
C-FSN-A PR: PRT of Terrence Fallon [Harry Hamli], in suit with red tie, posed on Washington Capitol steps
C-FSN-B PR: MS of seated Sally Crain [Linda Kozlowski], wearing sleeveless red top, smiling for camera with arms crossed
F.B.I., THE - 1965-74
C-FBI-A PR: MS of Inspector Lewis Erskine [Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.] flanked by Arthur Ward [Phillip Abbott] & Agent Tom Colby [William Reynolds], all smiles
C-FFJ-A PR: PRT of interracial newlyweds David [Phillip Michael Thomas] & Kelsey [Lesley Ann Warren]
C-FFJ-B PR: outdoor MS of David riding daughter on his shoulders
C-FLI-A PR: PRT of Cary Maxwell [Tony Franciosa], in handsome dark three-piece suit, & Daisy [Deborah Adair], in white blouse & blue blazer, she leaning on his shoulder, maroon bg
C-FLI-B PR: PRT of Maxwell in striped sport shirt & tan suede jacket, arms folded, blue bg
C-FLI-C PR: PRT of smiling Daisy wearing white blouse & gray blazer
C-FLI-D PR: FLV of Daisy in glamour pose seated with white pup, wearing strapless black & red dress
C-FIL-E PR: MCU of Daisy, hint of smile on face
C-FIL-F PR: PRT of Daisy in stylish black & red top & Maxwell, in tan suit, next to her resting hands on her shoulders, blue bg
1ST AND TEN - 1989-90
C-F&T-A PR: PRT of football team lady boss Kristy Fulbright [Shannon Tweed] & right hand man TD Parker [O.J. Simpson]
C-FLA-A Cast PRT: Fielding [Mark Harmon], Lane [Christina Raines], Sam [John Beck], Skip [Woody Brown], Lute-Mae [Stella Stevens], Titus [Howard Duff], Eudora [Barbara Rush] & Constance [Morgan Fairchild]
C-FLA-B PR: PRT of Fielding in tailored suit. Blue bg
C-FLA-C PRT of Lane in red blouse. Blue bg
C-FLA-D PR: MS of Lane in wedding gown, holding floral bouquet as she looks past camera
FLIPPER - 1964-68
C-FPR-A PR: FLV of Flipper sunning with young pals Sandy [Luke Halpin] & Bud Ricks [Tommy Norden] below dock
C-FPR-B PR: FLV of Flipper jumping in & out of water as boys & dad Porter [Brian Kelly] watch from small sailboat
C-FPR-C PR: LS of Flipper conversing with trio as they sit on pontoons of seaplanes
FLYING HIGH - 1978-79
C-FHI-A PR: cast PRT of Pam[Kathryn Witt], Marcy [Pat Klous] & Lisa [Connie Selleca], wearing stewardess uniforms, posed with Capt. Doug March [Howard Platt]. Burgandy bg
C-FLH-A PR: PRT of uniformed Sgt. Gene Allard [Cliff Potts], Capt. Stephen Wiecek [Gary Grubbs], Sgt. James "China" Bell [Yaphet Kotto] & Capt. Carolyn Engel [Shelley Smith], American flag in bg
C-FLH-B PR: Same cast in horizontal PRT on yellow bg
FULL HOUSE - 1987-95
C-FLL-A PR: cast PRT of Danny Tanner [Bob Saget] & his daughters posed with brother-in-law Jessie [John Stamos] & pal Joey [David Coulier], all smiles, orange bg
C-GKR-A PR: MLS of side-by-side Brady Hawkes [Kenny Rogers], Kate Muldoon [Linda Evans] & Billy Montana [Bruce Boxleitner]
C-GKR-B PR: PRT of seated Hawkes & standing Montana, posed against outside wall, both smiling
C-GKR-C PR: MS of all-business Hawkes leaning against tree loading gun
C-GKR-D PR: tight PRT of Kate wearing Stetson, lips apart
C-GKR-E PR: MS of Kate fanning six-shooter at camera
C-GNG-A PR: Near FLV of tough guys "Lucky" Luciano [Michael Nouri], "Bugsy" Siegel [Joe Penny] & Michael Lasker [Brian Benben] posed on period back street
C-GG-A PR: low angle FLV of commandos brandishing guns & explosives against OS Nazis
GAVILAN - 1982-83
C-GAV-A PR: DA of Gavilan [Robert Urich], Caesar de Portago [Fernando Lamas] & Marion [Kate Reid] posed outside
C-GAV-B PR: PRT of Gavilan in blue dress shirt & blazer
C-GAV-C PR: title in black over PRT of Gavilan
C-GA-A PR: MLS of Gene Autry, in fancy cowboy outfit topped with white hat, astride his horse Champion
C-GHSP-A PR: MS of Luke [Anthony Geary] about to plant passionate kiss on Laura's [Genie Francis] upturned face as she curls up under him. Box in corner above heads pronounces their LOVE OF THE DECADE
C-GHSP-B PR: MS of Laura, in pink & green outfit with pink turban, getting piggyback ride from Luke
C-GHSP-C PR: MCU of Luke & Laura posed for wedding PRT
C-GHSP-D PR: MS of Luke posed slipping ring on Laura's finger
C-GHSP-E PR: profile MCU of Luke & Holly [Emma Samms] rubbing noses, her arms about his shoulders, inside heart shape on white bg
C-GHSP-F PR: PRT of Luke, wearing brown shirt, tie & jacket, & Holly, wearing soft purple dress
C-GHSP-G PR: MLS of Luke, in tan shirt & brown pants, posed with arm resting across upturned knee, blue bg
C-GHSP-H PR: PRT of Luke posed in same shirt, arms folded, blue bg
C-GHSP-I PR: MCU of Luke in tan shirt & gray jacket, name blocked in lower left corner
C-GHSP-J PR: FLV of Holly kneeling on floor wearing white shirt with red bow tie, purple sweater, gold belt & black pants, hand on hip, white bg
C-GHSP-K PR: MLS of Holly in plunging basic black string-tie dress, hand on hip, red bg
C-GHSP-L PR: PRT of bare-shouldered Holly, lips parted
C-GHSP-M PR: PRT of bare-shouldered Holly in white frilled top, holding parasol behind head. Name blocked in lower left corner
C-GHSP-N PR: PRT of Laura [Janine Turner] in blue sweater & scarf, hair falling past shoulders
C-GHSP-O PR: FLV of Jackie [Demi Moore] posed in long green dress with silver Indian belt, arm resting across kicked up knee
C-GHSP-P PR: FLV of Jackie in white cowgirl dress & boots, hands on hip hips
C-GHSP-Q PR: MLS of voluptuous Bobbi [Jackie Zeman] almost wearing red swimsuit with beaded strings
C-GHSP-R PR: FLV of kneeling Bobbi posed bent to camera wearing black & white striped swimsuit
C-GHSP-S PR: MS of Noah [Rick Springfield] sitting in chair wearing blue jeans, silver shirt & pullover sweater. Name blocked in lower left corner
C-GHSP-T PR: PRT of Scotty [Kin Shriner] in blue shirt & tie with gray suit coat. Name blocked in lower left corner
C-GHSP-U PR: MS of Jackie, in blue dress, leaning back against Luke, in sport shirt & red velvet jacket, both intently eyeing camera
C-GHSP-V PR: PRT of smiling Audrey [Rachel Ames] & Steve [John Beradino]
C-GHSP-W PR: PRT of Robert [Tristan Rogers], Amy [Shell Kepler] & Tiffany [Sharon Wyatt] in serious pose. Names blocked lower left corner
C-GHSP-X Candid MS of Emma Samms, in low-cut black gown with diaphanous lace overblouse, arriving at Celebration 1 fund- raiser Aug. 28, 1983, held at Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel
C-GHSP-Y Cont. #X, MS of Emma on arm of Tony Geary
C-GHSP-Z Cont. #Y, Emma poses with Roberta Leighton
C-GHSP-A1 PR: MS of Steve Bond & wife
C-GHSP-A2 PR:MLS of shirtless Steve Bond & Kin Shriner, same beard, at sports competition
C-GHSP-A3 PR: MS of Rachel Ames & John Beradino arm-in-arm
C-GHSP-A4 PR: MS of Shriner & Genie Francis arm-in-arm
C-GHSP-A5 PR: MS of Shriner & Robin Mattson arm-in-arm
C-GHSP-A6 PR: MS of Shriner in white shirt & sweater vest
C-GHSP-A7 PR: MS of Geary wearing gray windbreaker & sunglasses, smiling into camera
C-GHSP-A8 PR: MS of Geary in colorfully embroidered shirt & jacket, handing autograph to fan
C-GHSP-A9 PR: MS of Janine Turner in Spanish-style green dress
C-GHSP-B1 PR: MS of smiling Janine in white T-shirt & black pants held with suspenders
C-GHSP-B2 PR: FLV of Robin, in brown business suit & white blouse, leaning against storefront
C-GHSP-B3 PR: MS of Leighton in thin-strapped black & red dress, making funny face for camera
C-GHSP-B4 PR: MS of Leslie Charleston in gold blouse, white coat & straw hat, smiling into camera
C-GHSP-B5 PR: MS of smiling Susan Pratt in blue blouse & white blazer, purse slung over shoulder
C-GHSP-B6 PR: MCU of smiling Todd Davis in light suit
C-GHSP-B7 PR: CU of smiling Doug Sheehan
C-GHSP-B8 PR: MS of John Stamos, in striped white sport shirt, turned aside with lips parted
C-GHSP-B9 Cont. of #B8, face in semi-profile
C-GHSP-C1 Cont. of #B9, John faces camera & smiles
C-GHSP-C2 Cont. of #C1, John bends down to open car door
C-GHSP-C3 PR: Autographed FLV of Samms, in beautiful red blouse, matching hat & white skirt, sitting on couch
C-GHSP-C4 Cont. of #C3, MS of Emma sitting up & making eyes at camera, no autograph
C-GHSP-C5 PR: PRT of Luke & Laura in romantic pose, he in suit with loosened purple tie & she in gold lamè evening gown. Box in corner above her head proclaims them THE COUPLE OF THE 80's
C-GHSP-C6 PR: PRT of Robin & Holly Scorpio, he in unbuttoned red shirt & she in white blouse with pleated short sleeves. Names blocked in corner
C-GHSP-C7 PR: PRT of smiling Noah & Bobbi, both wearing sweaters, embraced. Names blocked in corner.
C-GHSP-C8 PR: PRT of Jimmy Lee Holt [Bond], in winter vest jacket, embracing Celia Putnam [Sherilyn Wolter], in red dress, from behind. Names blocked in corner
C-GHSP-C9 PR: FLV of Celia, in glorious wedding gown, posed with husband Grant [Brian Patrick Clarke] at front door of home. Names blocked in corner
C-GHSP-D1 PR: MCU of Jimmy Lee, in red shirt, bent forward & eyeing camera intently, blue bg
C-GHSP-D2 PR: PRT of Genie smiling warmly, wearing knit sweater with flower petal design
C-GHSP-D3 PR: PRT of Samms in purple silk dress & white leaf earrings. Name blocked in corner
C-GHSP-D4 PR: PRT of Holly in tank tip, arms folded over upturned knee
C-GHSP-D5 PR: PRT of Bobbi in gold satin robe with wide black collar, opened teasingly, black bg
C-GHSP-D6 PR: PRT of smiling Celia in blue denim shirt with upturned collar. Name blocked in corner
C-GHSP-D7 PR: PRT of Monica Quartermaine [Charleston] in red silk blouse, bent forward smiling
C-GHSP-D8 PR: PRT of Noah in gray sport shirt & brown leather jacket, blue bg
C-GHSP-D9 PR: MLS of Noah, in red T-shirt, jeans & black leather jacket, hands in pockets, by red pillar
C-GBCW-A PR: MS of dapper George Burns with cigar in animated pose before doll figurines, red bg
C-GW-A Elderly George [Barry Bostwick] & Martha Washington [Patty Duke] posed on lawn outside Mount Vernon home
C-GPE-A PR: MLS of Dusty Tyree [Dirk Benedict], wearing badge & waving cigar, with arms around Lorette Peach [Tanya Tucker] & Sue Lynn [Terri Nunn], having good laugh
C-GRL-A MLS of Mitch [John Tenney] & Mary [Debrah Farentino] sitting on steps & discussing her pregnancy
C-GRL-B MS of Meghan [Anne Hathaway] sharing laugh with Clay [Scott Vickaryous]
C-GRL-C MS of Elizabeth [Christina Pickles], Mitch & Mary seated on couch, lighted menorah in front of them
C-GRL-D MS of Meghan showing Kenny [Jesse Eisenberg] the old "heat up thermometer with hair dryer" trick. Prey
C-GRL-E PR: MS of Clay & Meghan cuddling on steps
C-GRL-F Cont. #E, two look into each other's eyes
C-GRL-G PR: MS of Clay & Meghan snuggling on couch
C-GRL-H FLV of Kenny & Rebecca [Taryn Manning] about to smooch on lawn. Prey
C-GRL-I MS of Cameron [Eric Christian Olsen], Meghan & Kenny laughing in school room
C-GRL-J MS of Cam & Meghan chatting at lockers. Anatomy of a Rumor
C-GRL-K MCU of Cam looking over shoulder with big grin. Anatomy...
C-GRL-L MS of Kenny smiling aside. Anatomy...
C-GRL-M MS of Meghan & former boyfriend Dan [Grant Garrison] sharing toast. Performance Anxiety
C-GRL-N MS of shirtless Cameron sitting on edge of pool with frown after failed scuba diving attempt. Performance...
C-GRL-N PR: MS of scuba-attired Cam smiling in pool. Performance...
GET SMART - 1965-70
C-GET-A PR: MCU of open-mouthed Maxwell Smart [Don Adams] resting his cheek atop head of Agent 99 [Barbara Feldon]
C-GET-B MS of Smart & 99 tied up back-to-back against brick wall, he's perturbed about it
C-GP-A PR: FLV of Nadine Cawley [Sandahl Bergman] & Kendall Gibley [Alexandra Paul] showing off their body building techniques
C-GI-A PR: cast PRT of Gilligan & rest of smiling castaways
GLITTER - 1984-85
C-GTR-A PR: FLV of entire cast posed at foot of staircase: Kate [Morgan Brittany], Sam [David Birney], Hardwick [Arthur Hill], Jennifer [Dianne Kay], Clive [Arte Johnson] & Pete [Chris Mayer]
C-GTR-B PR: MLS of Sam, Hardwick & Kate posed side-by-side
C-GTR-C PR: PRT of Kate in stylish yellow jacket with black breast & waist panels
C-GTR-D PR: PRT of Kate in soft blue blouse, magenta bg
C-GTR-E PR: PRT of Kate in blue blazer, hands folded over knee, red bg
C-GTR-F PR: PRT of Kate in red business suit, hand on hip
GLORIA - 1982-83
C-GLO-A PR: MS of smiling Gloria [Sally Struthers] sandwiched between sheepdog & kitten
GOLDEN GIRLS - 1985-92
C-GG-A PR: PRT of Rose [Betty White], Dorothy [Bea Arthur] & Blanche [Rue McClanahan], blue bg
GOMER PYLE, USMC - 1964-70
C-GMR-A PRT of Gomer [Jim Nabors] grinning stupidly as Sgt. Carter [Frank Sutton] yells into his ear from behind
C-GV-A PR: MLS of Sheriff Pat Garrett [Duncan Regehr], sans hat, leaning hand against wall, other hand on hip
C-GV-B CU of Garrett squinting aside in noonday sun
C-GV-C MCU of Garrett looking down barrel of gun held up to face with both hands
C-GKS-A PR: MLS of Princess Grace [Cheryl Ladd], in tan winter coat, on arm of Prince Rainier [Ian McShane], in dark dress suit, posed outdoors
C-GKS-B MS of Grace holding her Best Actress Oscar at Academy Awards
C-GKS-C MCU of pensive Grace, hand to chin
C-GRP-A PR: MLS of Maggie [Joanna Kerns] smiling up at Jason [Alan Thicke], who holds her around waist from behind, she in red dress, he in white blazer
C-GRP-B PR: FLV of Seaver family shoehorned into phone booth in desperate attempt to provoke laugh
C-GRP-C PR: PRT of smiling Maggie, hand to chin, red bg
C-GRP-D PR: MS of cool teenage Mike [Kirk Cameron] sporting Don Johnson look in pastel blue undershirt & beige sport jacket
C-GRP-E PR: 1989 PRT of Seaver family, all smiles
C-GRP-F PR: PRT of grinning Mike in red plaid sport shirt
C-GRP-G Cont. #F, Mike now serious as he leans forward
C-GRP-H PR: PRT of smiling Mike wearing blue sport shirt over patterned t-shirt, pink bg
C-GRP-I Cont. #D, MCU
C-GRP-J PR: MS of Mike clad in red t-shirt, black sport coat & white pants, thumbs pulled thru belt loops, red bg
C-GRP-K PR: MLS of Mike standing with arms folded, wearing white pants, sport shirt & thin red tie, yellow bg
C-GRP-L PR: FLV of smiling Mike seated on floor with hand wrapped around upturned knee, wearing buttoned green shirt, black trousers & light tan sweater
C-GRP-M PR: MLS of grinning Mike making kitchen blender concoction
GUNSMOKE - 1955-75
C-GUN-A PR: PRT of Marshall Matt Dillon [James Arness] holding Kitty [Amanda Blake] from behind, both smiling
C-GUN-B PR: MLS of Matt standing in street with thumbs stuck in gunbelt, deputy behind him
C-GUN-C PR: early PRT of Matt wearing modest smile, green bg
C-GUN-D FLV of Matt on horseback overlooking ranch & grazing livestock
C-HTC-A PR: President Julia Mansfield [Patty Duke] & uniformed husband Oliver [Ted Bessell] pose behind podium
C-HTC-B PR: Julia leans forward on podium & smiles
HAPPY DAYS - 1974-84
C-HD-A PR: Smiling Fonz [Henry Winkler] gives girlfriend Ashley [Linda Purl] ride on motorcycle, red bg
C-HD-B PR: FLV of Richie, Fonz, Laverne [Penny Marshall] & Shirley [Cindy Williams] in front of barn door
HARDBALL - 1988-90
C-HBL-A PR: outdoor PRT of long-haired Joe "Kaz" Kaczierowski [Richard Tyson] astride motorcycle, cop partner Charlie Battles [John Ashton] beside him
C-HBL-B PR: MLS of Kaz, wearing tight jeans & open Levi jacket with sleeves cut [no shirt], leaning against wall, Charlie at his side
C-H&M-A PR: ABC logo & title over profile MCU of Hardcastle & McCormick in face-to-face confrontation
C-H&M-B PR: MS of smiling Hardcastle, in judicial robes, banging gavel on table beside smiling McCormick, in race car driver duds, arms folded
C-H&M-C PR: Title over red Coyote sports car taking header during street chase
C-H&M-D PR: MS of Hardcastle & McCormick leaning on desk top from opposite sides, eyes to camera
C-H&M-E PR: MS of Hardcastle sitting on door of Coyote as McCormick leans over roof, both smiling
C-H&M-F PR: McCormick sits behind wheel of car as Hardcastle gets in passenger side
C-H&M-G MS of McCormick standing over Hardcastle's desk with comic book as judge reacts harshly
C-H&M-H Cont. #G, Hardcastle, now standing, making triumphant gesture with fist to amused Mark
C-H&M-I PR: FLV of McCormick, in racing jumpsuit, standing at shoulder of shotgun-toting Hardcastle, who displays sweatshirt bearing words: "There's no plea bargain in heaven" under robes
C-H&M-J PR: MLS of Hardcastle sitting with arms folded on door of Coyote with McCormick sitting on roof
C-H&M-K PR: MCU of McCormick smiling as he sits behind wheel of Coyote
C-H&M-L MLS of Hardcastle & McCormick standing in street next to car, judge with gun in hand
C-H&M-M Cont. #L, tighter shot with both in profile, gun hidden by car, boom mike visible overhead
C-H&M-N LS of McCormick standing in front of entrance to Windsor Hotel, hands in pocket
C-H&M-O Semi-profile FLV of McCormick hefting Christmas tree as Hardcastle, in bright red shirt, watches
C-H&M-P Cont. #O, profile MS of pair conferring at Christmas tree lot, ornaments dangling behind them
C-H&M-Q MS of McCormick, wearing muscle shirt, hat & napkin, beating gums at Hardcastle, who is trying to finish his dinner
C-H&M-R MS of McCormick, arms folded & grinning at something OS in bar, with Hardcastle less than amused
C-H&M-S MS of Hardcastle, in brown cowboy shirt, now amused with McCormick wearing unsure expression
C-H&M-T MCU of Hardcastle hunkering down in passenger seat of Coyote as McCormick drives
C-H&M-U PR: MLS of Hardcastle making fist as he sits on desk with McCormick leaning in to him, both smiling
C-H&M-V PR: MS of boys posed back-to-back with arms folded, Hardcastle wearing baseball cap, deep blue bg
C-H&M-W PR: MS of smiling McCormick wearing brown plaid sport shirt, jacket slung over shoulder, orange bg
C-H&M-X PR: PRT of McCormick, in car racing jumpsuit, leaning crossed arms on red helmet, black title bg
C-H&M-Y FLV of Hardcastle, in red shirt & cap, & McCormick, in sweatshirt, Levi jeans & jacket, looking aside in field
C-H&M-Z FLV of boys walking in park, McCormick turned to Hardcastle with animated expression
C-H&M-A1 CU of McCormick voicing anger toward OS Hardcastle
C-H&M-A2 MCU of McCormick, in tweed suit, looking perplexed as he glances aside, brow furrowed
C-H&M-A3 CU night shot of McCormick looking concerned at something just below frame
C-H&M-A4 PR: MS of McCormick putting arm around Hardcastle's shoulder as they face camera with big smiles
C-H&M-A5 Cont. #J, FLV of Hardcastle sitting on door of Coyote with McCormick sitting on roof
C-H&M-A6 PR: FLV of McCormick dribbling basketball as Hardcastle plays defense, both enjoying mock play
C-H&M-A7 Cont. #X, PRT of McCormick, in racing car jumpsuit, smiling for camera with arms folded against red bg
C-HBY-A PR: MS of Joe [Shaun Cassidy] & Frank [Parker Stevenson] Hardy studying tableful of colorfully filled test tubes & beakers
C-HPTA-A PR: Stella [Barbara Eden] snuggles up to Mayor Harper [George Gobel] behind his desk
C-HPTA-B PR: MLS of Stella holding up roll of paper towels in her kitchen
HARRY-O - 1974-76
C-HO-A PR: MS of Harry Orwell [David Janssen], wearing trenchcoat & holding piece of driftwood
C-HO-B PR: Casual MS of Harry wearing unbuttoned long-sleeved blue shirt, bent forward across upturned knee. Blue bg
HART TO HART - 1979-84
C-HH-A MLS of dressed up Jonathan & Jennifer posed at bar
C-HH-B PRT of Jennifer at her most glamourous
C-HH-C PR: PRT of Jonathan, in tux, & Jennifer, in white gown, holding hands & smiling
C-HH-D PR: MS of Jennifer cozying up to Jonathan from behind, both wearing matching red shirts & beige jackets
C-HH-E PR: MLS of tuxedoed Jonathan cozying up to black-gowned Jennifer from behind, magenta bg
C-HH-F Cont. #E, pair leans over glass tabletop
C-HH-G Cont. #F, horizontal cheek-to-cheek PRT
C-HH-H PR: ABC logo & title over PRT of lightly embracing, formally attired Harts
C-HH-I PR: PRT of Jonathan cozying up to Jennifer from behind, both in tan safari shirts
C-HH-J PR: PRT of tuxedoed Jonathan leaning elbow on upturned knee, magenta bg
C-HH-K PR: PRT of Jennifer cozying up to Jonathan from behind, she in red lounger, he in dark lounging jacket & gray slacks
C-HH-L PR: MLS of Harts posed romantically over elegant picnic setting that includes champagne
C-HH-M PR: PRT of Jonathan & Jennifer, he in tuxedo, she holding bouquet of roses, red bg
C-HH-N PR: MS of Harts posed alongside plane with their dog, Freeway
C-HG-A PR: CU of Paladin [Richard Boone] in dapper duds, steely eyes on camera. Yellow bg
HAWAII FIVE-O - 1968-80
C-HFO-A MLS of McGarrett [Jack Lord], in Hawaiian shirt & white pants, embracing native girl in bikini by waterfall
C-HFO-B PR: Final season cast PRT amid palms of McGarrett, Kimo [William Smith], Lori [Sharon Farrell], Duke Lukela [Herman Wedemeyer] & Truck Kealoha [Moe Keale]
HAWAIIAN EYE - 1959-63
C-HEYE-A PR: MS of sharply dressed, smiling Tracy Steele [Anthony Eisley] posed in front of office sign
C-HHT-A PR: MS of blonde beauty Irene [Tracy Scoggins], in strapless purple dress, posed smiling in outdoor setting
C-HHT-B PR: glamor PRT of Irene with mink gathered around her bare shoulders against magenta bg
C-HCS-A PR: 1989 PRT of twelve-member cast, including Charlie Moore [Howard Hesseman], Vicki [Lara Piper], Darlene [Robin Givens], Alan [Tony O'Dell], Sarah [Kimberly Russell], Dennis [Dan J. Schneider], Alex [Michael DeLorenzo] & Simone [Khrystyne Haje]
C-HCS-B PR: first year PRT of sweet smiling Simone, blue bg
C-HCS-C PR: first year PRT of Maria [Leslie Bega], wearing hint of smile & her version of military uniform, blue bg
C-HCS-D PR: PRT of pretty Viki flashing smile, wearing lady's tee & floral waist jacket
C-HOS-A PR: MCU of soiled steel worker Emory [Peter Strauss], his mill spread out behind him
C-HOC-A PR: MS of police Det. Wes Kennedy [Robert Desiderio] standing with back to his two problem teenagers Robin [Christina Applegate] & Kevin [Jonathan Ward]
C-HOC-B PR: MS of Kennedy with arms around shoulders of Kevin & Robin sitting at breakfast table, all smiles
C-HOC-C PR: MCU of Kennedy, wearing white sweater & gray suede jacket, leaning against brick wall with arms folded
C-HOC-D PR: MS of Kennedy holding up his gun, blurred city lights in bg
C-HOC-E MS of Kennedy holding squad car mike while eyeing camera
C-HBT-A PR: MLS of Dr. Leo Rosetti [Ben Masters] with arms around shoulders of Dr. Joanne Springsteen [Kate Mulgrew] & Dr. Eve Autrey [Laura Johnson], both in medical whites
C-HBT-B PR: PRT of Autrey posed behind desk, wearing silk silver-colored blouse, hair swept over shoulder
HELL TOWN - 1985
C-HT-A PR: MS of all business Father Noah "Hardstep" Rivers [Robert Blake], arms folded & leaning against wall
C-HT-B PR: MLS of Hardstep lightening up next to Mother Maggie [Natalie Core] before church door
C-HLM-A PR: PRT of Pam Dugan [Joan Collins] looking toward Carly Perkins [Robyn Douglass], transformed into bearded man wearing suit
C-HLM-B PR: MS of Pam, in lowcut white gown, posed back-to-back with Carly's alter ego
C-HCB-A PR: cast PRT of Joshua Bolt [David Soul], Lottie Hatfield [Joan Blondell], Jason [Robert Brown], Candy [Bridget Hanley] & Jeremy [Bobby Sherman]
C-HCH-A PR: outdoor family PRT of Big John Cannon [Leif Erickson], Victoria [Linda Cristal], Billy Blue [Mark Slade], Buck [Cameron Mitchell] & Manolito [Henry Darrow]
C-HMR-A PR: MLS of Jesse Hawkes [Robert Conrad] flanked by his sons Matt & Cody [Christian & Shane Conrad], posed in high grass
C-HI-A PR: cast PRT of smiling Lorilee Lee [Dawn Wells], Mr. Plaza [Dwayne Hickman, Mr. Krinsky [David Nelson], Milton Feld [Bob Denver], Miss D'Angelo [Angela Cartwright] & Mrs. Franklin [Elinor Donahue]
C-HI-B PR: PRT of Jay-Jay Manners [Michael J. Fox], Mrs. Franklin, Lorilee & Miss D'Angelo, all flashing ivories
C-HVN-A PR: PRT of angel Jonathan Smith [Michael Landon] & Mark [Victor French] encircled by cloud
C-HWY-A PR: FLV of Highwayman [Sam J. Jones], Jetto [Mark "Jacko" Jackson], Tania Winthrop [Jane Balder] & D.C. [Tim Russ] posed on hillside with two menacing truck rigs & three sports cars in bg
C-HWY-B PR: FLV of Highway & Jetto striking armed, tough guy poses in front on one rig
C-HWY-C PR: MS of Highway, resting rifle on shoulder, looking up & smiling near cab of rig
C-HSB-A PR: cast PRT, excluding Renko [Charles Haid] & JD [Kiel Martin]
C-HSB-B PR: main 14-member cast PRT, all smiles except for gloomy Belker [Bruce Weitz]
C-HSB-C PR: PRT of Capt. Furillo [Daniel J. Travanti] & Joyce Davenport [Veronica Hamel] in romantic pose against blue bg
C-HSB-D PRT of Officers Renko & partner Hill [Michael Warren]
C-HSB-E PR: PRT of smiling Bates [Betty Thomas] in uniform, arms crossed, red bg
C-HSB-F PR: MLS of Joyce, in gray blouse, purple skirt & blazer & brown fur coat, posed against US map
C-HSB-G Title above heads of Joyce, Furillo & Sgt. Esterhaus [Michael Conrad], posed in office
C-HSB-H PR: MS of smiling Furillo & Joyce in cheek-to-cheek embrace
C-HSB-I PR: PRT of partners Bates & Coffey [Ed Marinaro], blue bg
C-HSB-J PR: PRT of Coffey, uniform jacket slung over one shoulder, artsy yellow bg
C-HSB-K PR: PRT of quietly smiling Joyce in white top, hair blowing wistfully to side
C-HSB-L PR: MS of smiling Joyce wearing V-neck dress, pink bg
C-HSB-M PR: MS of Joyce in pink dress, hair falling over shoulders
C-HSB-N Cont. #M, hand to cheek, elbow resting on upturned knee
C-HSB-O PR: PRT of Buntz [Dennis Franz] looking like nice guy in natty suit, orange bg
C-HSB-P PR: MS of smiling Furillo standing before wood wall paneling with suit jacket unbuttoned, hands in pockets
C-HOG-A PR: six-member cast PRT, including Sandy Hogan [Sandy Duncan], her brother Michael [Josh Taylor] & his sons
C-HOG-B PR: PRT of Sandy & Hogan boys David [Jason Bateman], Willie [Danny Ponce] & Mark [Jeremy Licht]
HOGAN'S HEROES - 1965-71
C-HOG-A PR: PRT of smiling Hogan [Bob Crane], Col. Klink [Werner Klemperer] & Sgt. Schultz [John Banner]
C-HWD-A PR: PRT of scruffy Det. Jack Rado [Jay Acovone] wearing old t-shirt, jacket & days-old beard,red bg
C-HWD-B PR: PRT of Det. Nick McCarren [Jack Scalia] in leather jacket, gripping gun with both hands, red bg
C-HWD-C PR: PRT of smiling pair looking normal under bright city lights
C-HWD-D PR: FLV of casually attired boys striking relaxed poses by car & lamp post, Hollywood sign in bg
C-HWD-E PR: MS of boys disguised as street people posed under Hollywood Blvd. street sign
C-HWD-F PR: boys pose sitting atop seats of beat-up Cadillac convertible
C-HWV-A PR: MLS of Gina Germaine [Suzanne Somers] & Karen Lancaster [Mary Crosby] posed in strapless evening gowns in front of colored balloons
C-HWV-B PR: glamour PRT of Gina in lowcut white silk gown with mink stole draped over one shoulder
C-HWV-C PR: glamour PRT of Karen, body profiled for effect, in body-molding brown sequined dress worn off shoulder, orange bg
C-HTN-A PR: FLV of ensemble cast, including Joey [Daniel Stern], Barbara [Margaret Whitton] & Christopher [Andrew Rubin]
HOOPERMAN - 1987-89
C-HMN-A PR: Seven-member cast PRT, including Det. Harry Hooperman [John Ritter], Capt. Stern [Barbara Bosson], & Offs. Mo DeMott [Sydney Walsh] & Rick Silardi [Joseph Gian], all smiles
C-HMN-B PR: PRT of [l to r] Insp. McNeil [Felton Perry], Hooperman, Capt. Stern & Pritzger [Clarence Felder]
C-HMN-C PR: PRT of Hooperman in striped shirt & loose tie
C-HMN-D PR: PRT of Hooperman in stylish suit & tie with brown theme, badge displayed
C-HMN-E PR: sitting PRT of Hooperman in jeans & purple turtleneck shirt, "pet" dog Bijoux in his lap
C-HMN-F PR: FLV of Hooperman standing spread-legged with San Francisco skyline in bg, Bijoux climbing his leg
C-HMN-G PR: PRT of smiling Susan Smith [Debrah Farentino], pink bg
C-HMN-H MS of Off. Silardi sitting behind desk, attention focused on something to side
C-HOP-A PR: MLS of Hoppy [William Boyd] holding reigns of his horse, Topper, & smiling aside
HOT PURSUIT - 1984-85
C-HTP-A PR: PRT of Kate [Kerrie Keane] & Jim Wyler [Eric Pierpoint], Shaw [Mike Preston] & Estelle Modrian [Dina Merrill]
HOTEL - 1983-88
C-HTL-A ABC logo & title over MCU of hotel manager Peter McDermott [James Brolin] & his assistant Christine [Connie Selleca]
C-HTL-B PR: MS of smiling McDermott, in dark suit, & posed standing in front of office door
C-HTL-C PR: PRT of McDermott as above seated with Christine, in red pantsuit, at his shoulder
C-HTL-D PR: PRT of McDermott, in stylish gray suit & red tie, seated in red chair, Christine, in white blouse & blue skirt & jacket, standing next to him by chandelier
C-HTL-E Candid MS of smiling Julie [Shari Belafonte-Harper] in black jacket
C-HTL-F PR: MS of Julie in brown shirt & white sweater vest, smiling
C-HTL-G PR: MLS of smiling Megan [Heidi Bohay] & Dave [Michael Spound] in romantic pose outside hotel
C-HTL-H PR: PRT of Megan in bright red V-neck sweater, blonde locks falling over shoulder
C-HTL-I PR: PRT of Christine in soft white blouse with red & black pattern
C-HTL-J PR: sitting PRT of Christine wearing silk turquoise blouse & sensuous smile, dark blue bg
C-HTL-K PR: PRT of blonde, blue-eyed hotel concierge Elizabeth [Michelle Phillips], posed bent forward on crossed arms in blue blouse, hair swept to one side, green bg
C-HKT-A PR: PRT of seated Beaumont flanked by standing LaFiamma, Lundy, all smiles
C-HKT-B PR: outdoor MS of Lundy, wearing red cowboy shirt & hat, beside LaFiamma, both very serious
C-HKT-C PR: PRT of LaFiamma in black shirt & jacket, blue bg
C-HKT-D PR: PRT of Lundy in gray shirt, no hat, blue bg
C-HKT-E PR: PRT of smiling Beaumont in blue-green blouse
C-HKT-F PR: Studio promo shot with show title beneath PRT of LaFiamma & Lundy
C-HKT-G Cont. #A, slightly fuller shot without smiles
C-HKT-H PR: MLS of casually clad trio, one behind other with Beaumont in middle
C-HKT-I PR: similar to HKT-B but LaFiamma crossing arms & Lundy hitching thumbs in belt
C-HKT-J PR: MLS of boys leaning back against waist-high wall, Lundy in full cowboy mode, LaFiamma stylish
C-HKT-K Cont. #C, LaFiamma points those jawbones & steely eyes right into camera
C-HKT-L PR: LaFiamma relaxes in black muscle shirt, lighting brings out masculine frame
C-HKT-M Cont. #D, Lundy squares more to camera, lips parted
C-HKT-N PR: MLS of Beaumont in gray jumpsuit over blue blouse, leaning shoulder against wall
C-HKT-O FLV of boys ready to take on bad dudes from behind stacks of lumber, guns out
C-HWW-A PR: group shot of Zeb [James Arness], Laura [Kathryn Holcomb], Jessie [Vicki Schreck], Josh [William Kirby Cullen], Luke [Bruce Boxleitner] & Aunt Molly [Fionnula Flanagan] outside house
C-HWW-B PR: PRT of Laura in yellow shirt, green bg
C-HWW-C PR: beautiful painting of Zeb, Luke, Molly & children in montage depicting epic nature of series
HULL HIGH - 1990
C-HUL-A PR: sexpot teacher Donna Breedlove [Nancy Valen] shows off gorgeous gams while sitting on classroom desk as Mr. Deerborn [Will Lyman] leans on stack of books beside her
C-HUL-B PR: PRT of beauteous Ms. Breedlove
C-HUL-C PR: PRT of smiling raven-haired Camilla [Cheryl Pollak], new girl on campus
HUNTER - 1984-91
C-HTR-A PR: PRT of smiling Hunter [Fred Dryer], in dark suit, & Dee Dee [Stepfanie Kramer], in red silk blouse & gray skirt, who leans on his back with hand to forehead, blue bg
C-HTR-B PR: PRT of Hunter, in red plaid shirt & tan jacket, & Dee Dee, in pink blouse, his hand on her shoulder from behind, red bg
C-HTR-C PR: MLS of Hunter & Dee Dee parked back-to-back in car wrecking yard, he with shotgun & she with .38
C-HTR-D PR: MLS of Hunter & Dee Dee pointing handguns into camera from low angle
C-HTR-E PR: PRT of Hunter in checked sport shirt, blue-green bg
C-HTR-F MLS of Hunter posed in red plaid sport shirt, tan jacket & jeans, holding gun on knee
C-HTR-G PR: PRT of smiling Dee Dee in pink blouse & gray skirt, hands on hips, blue bg
C-HTR-H PR: MLS of Dee Dee posed in street outfit of black leather top & tight leopard skin pants, gun in hand, red bg
C-HTR-I PR: outdoors PRT of Hunter sitting above & behind Dee Dee, he in tailored gray suit & she in powder blue jacket-cut top
C-HTR-J Cont. #I, fuller shot of pair with smiling Dee Dee standing with arm on Hunter's shoulder
C-HTR-K PR: MLS of Dee Dee & Hunter standing back-to-back with arms folded, she wearing black pants, tan top & her best smile, he in gray sport jacket
C-HTR-L Cont. #K, both now serious, she with hands on hips & he with hands in pockets
C-HTR-M PR: MLS of Dee Dee in same outfit as above posed with arms crossed against dark bg
C-HTR-N PR: MS of Hunter pressed against fence, aiming gun OS
C-HTR-O PR: PRT of smiling Hunter & Dee Dee, he in gray t-shirt & tan jacket, she wearing blue top
C-HTR-P PR: MLS of Dee Dee pressed against wall with gun poised, wearing gray skirt & blue blouse
C-HTR-Q PR: MLS of Hunter & guest star Len Matuzak in punker disguises standing before semi rig
C-HTR-R MS of Dee Dee in undercover garb consisting of tight, zippered front blue dress, glancing askew on street
C-HTR-S PR: PRT of Hunter & Dee Dee, he in black suit & red tie, she in black blouse with red blazer
C-HTR-T PR: MLS of pair side-by-side smiling brightly, she in skirt, blouse & sweater, his arms crossed
C-HTR-U PR: studio PRT of partners smiling against gray bg, he in contrasting gray suit, she in red dress
C-HTR-V Cont. #U, pair posed with arms around waists
C-HTR-W PR: PRT of smiling Hunter in brown jacket
C-HTR-X PR: MLS of Hunter in jeans & white muscle shirt, leaning shoulder against twisting pillar
C-HTR-Y PR: PRT of Dee Dee in same red dress as above
C-HTR-Z PR: PRT of Dee Dee in white blouse & brown sweater
C-HTR-A1 PR: PRT of Dee Dee in black dress pulled off one shoulder
C-HTR-A2 PR: sitting PRT of smiling Dee Dee in brown pullover sweater
C-HTR-A3 Cont. #A2, pull to MCU, she's real cute in this one
C-HTR-A4 PR: FLV of Dee Dee in glamour pose on floor propped up on elbows, wearing strapless red gown & red high heels plus diamond necklace, earrings & bracelet
C-HTR-A5 PR: FLV of Dee Dee in smart black pantsuit, posed by chair with hand on hip, hair pulled back attractively
C-HTR-A6 PR: 1990 cast PRT of Hunter posed on freeway overcrossing with new partner Joanne Molenski [Darlanne Fluegel]
C-HTR-A7 PR: MLS of Joanne posed against wall, wearing Metro Division t-shirt & belted jeans, thumbs hitched in pockets
C-IHW-A PR: PRT of natty private eye Jackson Beaudine [Victor Garber] aided by three cuddly ex-wives Mary [Maggie Cooper], in red shirt, Liz [Shanna Reed], in magenta blouse, & Samantha [Teri Copley, in blue scuba gear. Purple bg
C-IHW-B PR: FLV of Beaudine in tuxedo with red bow tie, sitting with Samantha [sexy pink dress], Liz [magenta blouse & yellow jacket] & Mary [blue & white pant outfit] gathered around him
C-IHW-C PR: MLS of tuxedoed Beaudine in intimate pose with his ladies, all stylishly decked out
I LOVE LUCY - 1951-61
C-ILL-A PR: PRT of Lucy [Lucille Ball] & Ricky Ricardo [Desi Arnaz] posed cheek-to-cheek
C-IMD-A PR: cast PRT similar to IMD-A against blue bg with Dora holding hands to side with palms up
C-IMD-B PRT of Dora & kids sprawled atop sitting up Farrell, wearing black shirt & tan jacket
C-IF-A PR: PRT of smiling Hana [Courtney Cox] holding hands of Marty [Lou Liberatore] & Mo [Claude Akins] placed on her shoulders
C-ISPY-A Casual PRT of Robinson & Scott
C-ISPY-B PRT of Robinson & Scott holding guns across chests as seen thru tennis racket
C-ITC-A PR: MS of cat burglar Tracy Whitney [Madolyn Smith] with arm around Gunther Hartog [Richard Kiley], who holds pigeon
C-ITC-B PR: MS of Tracy & con man lover Jeff Stevens [Tom Berenger] stopping to look behind them at follower
C-ITC-C PR: Lord & Lady PRT of handsome Stevens in white dinner jacket & gorgeous Tracy propped at his shoulder in backless gown, red hair smashing
C-ITC-D PR: studio PRT of Tracy holding lapels of satin overcoat cinched tight at waist
C-IMPS-A PR: MS of imposter school principal Cade [Anthony Geary] & old flame Julie [Lorna Patterson] smiling at each other beside Raines [Billy Dee Williams]
IN SEARCH OF... - 1976-80
C-ISO-A PR: PRT of young, smiling Leonard Nimoy & title superimposed over Egyptian pyramid
C-ISO-B PR: PRT of older, mustachioed Nimoy with title in red over his head on purple bg
C-ITR-A PR: MS of smirking Speer [Rutger Hauer] in full uniform
INSIDERS, THE - 1985-86
C-INS-A PR: FLV of Nick Fox [Nicholas Campbell] standing sideways on empty road with Mackey [Stoney Jackson], in mod oriental outfit, striking spread-legged pose to camera as giant setting sun fills bg
C-INS-B PR: PRT of pair, Fox in buttoned shirt & twill sport jacket & Mackey wearing black leather jacket & red bandana, blue bg
C-INS-C PR: more natural pose of boys seated outside home, Mackey in sweater & tie, Fox in yellow jacket
C-INS-D PR: PRT of Fox in twill sport jacket & tie
C-INS-E PR: PRT of Fox in striped shirt with collar up, lips parted, red bg
C-INS-F PR: PRT of Mackey in leather jacket & red bandana, blue bg
C-INS-G PR: MS of smiling Mackey with arms folded, wearing light blue shirt & red jacket, dark blue bg
INTIMATE ENCOUNTERS - 1986 [tv movie]
C-INT-A PR: PRT of lightly bearded Nick Atkins [James Brolin] with arm around waist of wife Julie [Donna Mills]
C-IST-A PR: PRT of Dr. Jeff Bierston [Stacy Keach] in cuddle pose with wife Sally [Terri Garr], both smiling
C-IST-B MS of doc's lover Shauna Davis [Cathy Lee Crosby], in tan top & pants, pensive as she sits on beach
IRONSIDE - 1967-75
C-IRN-A PR: PRT of Eve Whitfield [Barbara Anderson], Det. Sgt. Ed Brown [Don Galloway] & Mark Sanger [Don Mitchell], she in pink dress, they in suits
ISLAND SON - 1989-90
C-ISN-A PR: PRT of smiling Dr. Daniel Kulani [Richard Chamberlain] with stethoscope draped around shoulders
C-ISN-B FLV of Kulaini, in shirt, jacket & swim trunks, standing on beach holding reins of horse
IT'S NOT EASY - 1983
C-INE-A PR: ABC logo & title over PRT of Jack [Ken Howard], Sharon [Carlene Watkins] & Neal [Bert Convy]
C-ITM-A PR: PRT of Eileen Burton [Caren Kaye], her son Matthew [Jason Bateman] & Norman Lamb [David Garrison], all smiles
J.J. STARBUCK - 1987-88
C-JJS-A PR: PRT of eccentric Texas billionaire J.J. Starbuck [Dale Robertson], wearing cowboy hat
C-JJS-B PR: PRT of Starbuck sans hat against blue bg
C-JJS-C PR: MLS of Starbuck posed by hood of his 1964 Lincoln sporting steer horns for ornaments
C-JJS-D PR: MLS of smiling Starbuck standing by horse, holding reins
JACK & MIKE - 1986
C-J&M-A PR: PRT of Jack [Shelly Hack] & Mike [Tom Mason] smiling warmly, he in striped sport shirt & brown suede jacket, she in white sweater & blue blazer, red bg
C-J&M-B PR: MS of brightly smiling couple sitting close at bar holding hands, she dressed as above, he in tweed jacket
C-J&M-C PR: MS of couple toasting each other with wine glasses at end of formal affair, both smiling wide
C-J&M-D PR: MS of smiling Jack posed in glittery gold hip-hugging blouson top & pants outfit, hand on waist, red bg
C-J&M-E PR: FLV of couple relaxing in bed with bowl of cherries & paperwork, she in white pajamas with her legs across his lap
C-J&M-F PR: PRT of Jack in strapless white satin gown & soft shoulder wrap with gold necklace & earrings
C-JAG-A PR: MLS of (l to r) Chegwidden, Sims, Rabb, Roberts & Sarah, all wearing black uniforms in front of American flag while square to camera with hats tucked under arms
C-JAG-B Same as #B in b/w section
C-JAG-C Same as #A in b/w section
C-JAG-D Same as #D in b/w section
C-JAG-E PR: PRT of Rabb & Sarah in casual civies, her hands placed on his arm as both flash ivories for camera
C-JAG-F Cont. #E, slightly longer shot with her elbow now resting on his shoulder as he crosses his arms
C-JAG-G PR: FLV of Rabb & Sarah looking a hot couple in dress uniform & slinky black evening gown, respectively
C-JAG-H PR: MLS of Rabb posed in whites with arms folded beside Sarah, wearing black uniform & looking amused
C-JAG-I PR: PRT of Rabb (arms folded) & Sarah in dark uniforms before flag
C-JAG-J PR: MLS of Rabb, wearing dark uniform, standing in front of helicopter, hat tucked under his arm
C-JAG-K PR: MLS of Rabb dressed in dark uniform & holding hat at waist, beaming as he faces aside before flag
C-JAG-L PR: MLS of Rabb in whites, holding chain rail from deck ofship & facing right
C-JAG-M Cont. #L, MS at different part of ship & facing left
C-JAG-N PR: MLS of Rabb in flight uniform, standing with arms folded in front of jet fighter
C-JAG-O Horizontal MCU of Rabb in tan uniform, looking over shoulder into camera against purplish bg lighting
C-JAG-P Cont. #O, slightly different vertical shot
C-JAG-Q PR: MS of Rabb in tan uniform & hat, standing with hands on hips while glaring at camera
C-JAG-R PR: MS of Rabb, tags dangling outside black muscle shirt
C-JAG-S PR: MS of Rabb in brown turtleneck & black leather jacket, leaning against wall with one hand in pants pocket
C-JAG-T PR: MS of Sarah in black uniform with hat tucked under arm, smiling aside while posed before flag
C-JAG-U PR: MS of Sarah wearing tan military blouse, arms folded while standing beside stair railing of ship
C-JAG-V PR: MS of Sarah in full uniform & cap, hands clasped outdoors
C-JAG-W PR: cute MS of smiling Sarah wearing gray top & black flowered skirt, arms folded while leaning back against wall
C-JAG-X PR: MS of Chegwidden in black uniform with hat under arm, posed before flag
C-JAG-Y PR: PRT of Chegwidden in whites, arms folded
C-JAG-Z PR: MS of Roberts in black uniform, saluting aside before flag
C-JAG-A1 PR: MS of all business Roberts posed in whites
C-JAG-A2 PR: MS of Harriet in black uniform with hat under arm, turned aside before flag
C-JAG A3 PR: outdoor PRT of Lt. JG Meg Austin [Tracey Needham]
C-JAG-A4 PR: profile MCU of Rabb & Meg in black uniforms
C-J&F-A PR: studio promo with show title under PRT of McCabe & Styles
C-J&F-B PR: PRT of Styles & Derek standing behind seated McCabe, good looking suits worn by all
C-J&F-C PR: tight PRT of McCabe & Styles in same suits
C-J&F-D PR: PRT of Styles, wearing unbuttoned dark blue shirt & jeans, & McCabe, in pale blue windbreaker
C-J&F-E PR: grinning McCabe leans over Max, perched on his desk
C-J&F-F PR: PRT of Styles in white pullover sweater, legs crossed atop upturned leg
C-J&F-G PR: PRT of Styles, handsome in expensive suit
C-J&F-H MS of Styles in tense action scene with cocked gun up
C-JMS-A PR: PRT of Jayne Mansfield [Loni Anderson], in pink strapless gown & fur, & Mickey Hargitay [Arnold Schwarzenegger], in tuxedo, blue bg
C-JMS-B PR: Mickey holds begowned Jayne over his head, black bg
C-JMS-C PR: PRT of Jayne in white gown, gloves & fur, hands on hips, pink bg
C-JMS-D PR: PRT of Jayne bundled up in white fur coat, red gloves & Santa cap, blue bg
C-JMS-E PR: PRT of Jayne in low-cut leopard skin dress & matching wide hat, pink bg
C-JMS-F Cont. #E, MS of Jayne with long gloves & sun glasses added
C-JMS-G PR: MS of Jayne posed in pink strapless gown & fur, holding up champagne glass, blue bg
C-JMS-H Cont. #G, FLV in floor-length gown
JESSIE - 1984
C-JES-A PR: MS of police psychologist Jessica Hayden [Lindsay Wagner] seated behind desk with pen held against chin, deep in thought
C-JES-B PR: PRT of Jessie in red & white patterned blouse & red blazer
JULIA - 1968-71
C-JUL-A PR: PRT of smiling nurse Julia Baker [Diahann Carroll], Dr. Chegley [Lloyd Nolan] & her son Corey [Mark Copage], red bg
JUST THE TEN OF US - 1988-90
C-JTU-A PR: FLV of all-American girls Cindy [Jamie Luner], Constance [JoAnn Willette], Wendy [Brooke Theiss] & Marie [Heather Langenkamp] in happy huddled pose, all flirtatiously clothed
C-JTU-B PR: Coach Lubbock [Bill Kirchenbauer] joins his seven offspring with thumbs up
C-JTU-C PR: PRT of Wendy & Cindy, their glowing faces tightly framed against blue bg
C-JTU-D PR: PRT of smiling Wendy wearing black dress under unbuttoned blue top, green bg
C-K&A-A PR: distinguished PRT of Kane [Sam Neill], Abel [Peter Strauss], Kate [Veronica Hamel] & Melanie [Sheree J. Wilson], all dressed to the nines
KATE & ALLIE - 1984-89
C-KAA-A PR: PRT of smiling Kate [Susan St. James] & Allie [Jane Curtin] wearing sweaters
C-KAA-B Cont. #A, ladies reverse positions, Kate resting chin in palm
C-KAA-C PR: cast PRT includes Kate, Allie & their children Emma [Ari Meyers], Jennie [Allison Smith] & Chip [Frederick Koehler]
C-KDT-A FLV of John [Michael Ontkean] & Claudia Ryan [JoBeth Williams] arm-in-arm as they look out to sea from sailboat
C-KIF-A PR: outdoor PRT of Gary Tison [Robert Mitchum], his three sons [James Spader, Lance Kerwin & Eric Stoltz] & Greenwalt [Stuart Margolin]
C-KW-A PR: cast PRT of The Knights: Condo [Joshua Cadman], Maldonado [Benjamin Bratt], Casey [Ava Haddad], Calvin [Don Franklin] & Burn [Calvin Levels], all wearing emblemed jackets
KNOT'S LANDING - 1979-93
C-KL-A PR: PRT of smiling Greg Sumner [William Devane], hand to chin
C-KL-B PR: PRT of Abby [Donna Mills], striking in bright yellow sweater
C-KL-C PR: MLS of Abby kneeling & exuding sexiness in shimmery red wraparound dress that's short & low-cut, hand on hip, magenta bg
C-KL-D Cont. #C, Abby sits sideways, twisting body toward camera in enticing manner
C-KL-E Cont. #D, Abby strikes reclining pose, offering teasing glimpses of legs & cleavage
C-KL-F PR: MLS of Cathy [Lisa Hartman] in white peasant blouse half unlaced down front & pulled off shoulders
C-KL-G PR: MLS of Cathy posed in red bikini & open sweater pulled back by hand on hip
C-KL-H PR: MLS of Cathy standing poolside, wearing sexy blue swimsuit & jewelry, one hand resting on shoulder, other on hip
C-KL-I PR: MLS of Cathy posed in front of palm trees, wearing another sassy black swimsuit with front cut to waist
C-KL-J PR: MS of Cathy in silver & red sequined form-fitting dress, hands on hips
C-KL-K PR: MLS of Abby posed against wall, wearing yellow outfit dotted in black
C-KL-L PR: outdoor MS of Abby in red dress with upturned collar & gold necklace, blond hair over one eye
C-KF-A PR: MS of Kwai Chang Caine [David Carradine] in defensive martial arts stance, red bg
C-KF-B PR: outdoor FLV of Caine in similar pose with tools of trade
C-KF-C PR: FLV of Caine seated in everyday garb on grass, playing reed instrument
L.A. LAW - 1986-94
C-LAL-A Cast PRT in law office of Hillary [Karen Austin], Michael Kuzak [Harry Hamlin], Arnie Becker [Corbin Bernsen], Ann Kelsey [Jill Eikenberry] & Leland McKenzie [Richard Dysart]
C-LAL-B PR: office PRT of Kuzak, Kelsey & Becker
C-LAL-C PR: Kelsey sits at desk looking up at Kuzak, who leans forward beside her in office
C-LAL-D PR: MS of Kuzak putting papers away in briefcase, light blue bg
C-LAL-E PR: MS of Kelsey smiling as she sits at desk writing briefs
C-LAL-F PR: outdoor MS of Grace Van Owen [Susan Dey] in white blouse & blue blazer
C-LAL-G PR: PRT of Van Owen in orange velour crisscross dress & hoop earrings, magenta bg
C-LAL-H PR: PRT of Van Owen resting chin on back of hand, wearing glittery gray sweater
C-LAL-I PR: MS of softly smiling Van Owen sitting at desk, smart in black silk blouse & gray suit jacket
C-LAL-J PR: MS of Kelsey posed over books on desk, Stuart Markowitz [Michael Tucker] standing at her side, pink bg
C-LAL-K PR: side-by-side MLS of Kelsey & Abby Perkins [Michele Greene], both wearing classy suits & big smiles, pink bg
C-LAL-L PR: 1989-90 twelve-member main cast studio PRT
C-LAL-M PR: PRT of Law's ladies, Van Owen, Kelsey, Abby & Roxanne Melman [Susan Ruttan], all smartly dressed, textured tan bg
C-LAL-N PR: MS of Roxanne grabbing Becker from behind as both laugh
C-LAL-O PR: PRT of Kuzak placing hand to mouth
C-LAL-P PR: PRT of Becker striking dashing pose in dark pin-striped suit
C-LAL-Q PR: MCU of Victor Sifuentes [Jimmy Smits] in black shirt & brown suede jacket
C-LAL-R PR: PRT of smiling Van Owen in red dress with wide black vertical stripe down front, textured tan bg
LACE - 1984 [TV MOVIE]
C-LCE-A PR: PRT of Pagan [Brooke Adams], Maxine [Arielle Dombasle], Judy [Bess Armstrong] & Lili [Phoebe Cates], all wearing black lace evening dresses
C-LCE-B PR: MS of Lili posed in black lace evening dress, arms crossed
C-LCE-C PR: Absolute knockout sitting PRT of Lili posed in wet black leather minidress with peepholes cut in side, sexy stockings & gloves added
C-LCE-D PR: sitting PRT of Lili in demure pose wearing elegant white full-length lace-trimmed dress
C-LCE-E PR: MCU of Lili posed lying provocatively on back in black lace, gloved hand to throat
C-LCE-F PR: PRT of Lili posed in black lace evening dress with crossed arms, beckoning smile, blue bg
C-LCE-G PR: artsy glamour PRT of Lili, face hugging boa feather wrap
C-L2-A PR: group shot of Lili, Maxine, Pagan & Judy [Deborah Raffin], all dressed with style & elegance
C-LS-B PR: FLV of Lili wrapped up in long fur coat & blue scarf posed in front of formal guards with upraised swords, Eiffel Tower in bg
C-LS-C PR: PRT of Lili in white sequined sweater, arms raised behind head & done up spiky
C-L2-D PR: shadowy lighting enhances PRT of Lili holding black lace to cheek, one shoulder bare
C-L2-E PR: FLV of Judy looking the worse for wear in ripped & soiled pink pants & white shirt, crouched against stone wall as if hiding
C-L2-F PR: semi-profile glamour PRT of Lili, fur draped around bare shoulders, bright red lips parted
LADY BLUE - 1985-86
C-LADY-A PR: PRT of Det. Katy Mahoney [Jamie Rose], feminine but all business in brown shirt, gray coat
C-LADY-B PR: MS of Katy, in white silk blouse, black pants & black checkered jacket, holding up pistol, her hair backlit, blue bg
C-LADY-C PR: MLS of Katy in Chicago Cubs t-shirt, black pants & black vinyl jacket, holding gun down at side with thumb hitched in pocket, blue bg
C-LADY-D Cont. #A, PRT of Katy with head held higher
C-LADY-E PR: profile MCU of Katy concerned about something OS
C-LADY-F PR: outdoor MS of Katy in yellow ribbed T-shirt under maroon long sleeved shirt, hands in jean pockets
C-LADY-G PR: MS of Katy out of tough cop character, all woman in purple silk blouse & black slacks, nice smile on lips
C-LADY-H PR: outdoor MS of Katy casting wary eye at camera, wearing same ribbed tee under blue jacket
C-LADY-I Cont. #H, Katy turns square to camera & starts to smile
C-LADY-J Cont. #I, smile now full
C-LADY-K Cont. #J, MLS as Katy stands spread-legged in tight jeans holding purse, look now serious
C-LADY-L PR: MS of Katy flashing badge at camera, wearing blue blouse, tan leather jacket & jeans
C-LADY-M PR: MS of Katy holding gun across chest, other hand holding wrist, wearing red sport shirt, red bg
C-LADY-N PR: semi-profile MS of Katy, in shiny black jacket, holding gun in front of face & eyeing camera
C-LADY-O PR: MS of Katy, in blue long-sleeved shirt over red ribbed T- shirt, at corner of brick wall with gun
C-LADY-P MS of Katy crouched with gun pointed at OS assailant who just shot arrow into trunk by her
C-LAD-A PR: PRT of Donna Mills, striking with carrot red hair, wearing black evening dress & diamond earrings
C-LAD-B PR: MLS of Donna as pretty blonde housewife Rebecca Simms flanked by mirror images of her redheaded alter ego
C-LM-A PR: MLS of cool Nick Scalfone [Michael Nader], wearing shoulder holster with dress shirt & tie, holding classy Laurel [Susan Lucci] from behind
C-LM-B PR: MLS of Laurel, cute in black skirt with wide belt & suspenders & white blouse, smiling while standing in doorway
LANCER - 1968-71
C-LAN-A PR: outdoor group PRT of Murdoch Lancer [Andrew Duggan], Johnny [James Stacy], Scott [Wayne Maunder], Teresa [Elizabeth Baur] & Jelly [Paul Brinegar]
C-LDP-A PR: MS of Lydon [Duncan Regehr] in studded black costume that displays most of his chest, hands on hips
C-LDP-B PR: MS of Regehr in swim trunks, all wet as he climbs out of pool between takes
C-LDP-D PR: MS of gladiator Lydon standing in arena holding trident
C-LDP-E Cont. #D, FLV of Lydon holding trident & net down at sides as he awaits opponent
C-LDP-F MLS of bare-chested Lydon protecting blind slave girl Nydia [Linda Purl] with sword & shield in arena as spectators look on
C-LDP-G PR: MS of Lydon sitting on rock, clad only in loincloth, smiling into camera
C-LDP-J Sexy MS of Lydon
C-LDP-K PR:MLS of gladiator Lydon standing in arena holding sword & shield, eyeing camera
C-LDP-L PR: MS of Lydon, armored right shoulder to camera, holding trident & net in arena
C-LDP-M MLS of sweaty Lydon spreading arms in triumph to applauding coliseum masses
C-LDP-N PR: MCU of Lydon covered in sweat as he coldly eyes camera
C-LDP-O PR: FLV of Lydon posed spread-legged in arena, ready to pounce with trident
LASSIE - 1954-74
C-LSS-A PR: family PRT of Ruth [June Lockhart], Paul [Hugh Reilly], Timmy [Jon Provost] & Lassie with head on boy's lap, red bg
C-LFG-A PR: MLS of Gloria [Connie Selleca], in wedding dress, posed pushing away Phil [John Ritter] at church
C-LFR-A PR: outdoor PRT of Kate Hannon [Linda Evans], Aussie rancher Ed Stenning [Jason Robards] & his son Nick [Jack Thompson]
C-LFR-B PR: MLS of smiling Kate & Nick posed by tree, she in white lace top & gray skirt
C-LP-A PR: cast PRT of Capt. Wright [Adam West], Butch [Keenan Wynn], Mel & Night Train [Ernie Hudson] with Mel showing off legs under uniform, blue bg
C-LP-B PR: different cast PRT with Sgt. Price Pascall [Jonathan Perpich] added, orange bg
C-LP-C PR: MCU of smiling Mel, wearing necklace, her dress pulled to edge of shoulders, chin resting in palm of hand, orange bg
C-LP-D PR: FLV of Mel frolicking at nightclub in white party dress, Night Train looking on
LAWMAN - 1958-62
C-LAW-A PR: Troop [John Russell] & McKay [Peter Brown] shooting it out with bad guys from rocks
C-LEY-A PR: MS of young Lyndon Johnson [Randy Quaid], leaning against post with hat held to chest
C-LEY-B PR: PRT of smiling Lyndon & wife Lady Bird [Patti Lupone] on campaign trail
LEG WORK - 1987
C-LWK-A PR: MS of pretty P.I. Claire McCarron [Margaret Colin], in red dress, black belt & black suede coat, hands on hips
C-LWK-B PR: FLV of Claire displaying fine legs as she sits half in, half out of Porsche, wearing black leather skirt, red blouse & high heels, resting chin on hand
LEGMEN - 1984
C-LMN-A PR: PRT of Jack [Bruce Greenwood], David [J.T. Terlesky] & Oscar [Don Calfa], red bg
C-LTY-A PR: FLV of Statue of Liberty creator Federic Auguste Bartholdi [Frank Langella] looking OS with coppersmith Jacque Marchant [Chris Sarandon] & poetess Emma Lazarus [Carrie Fisher]
C-LTY-B PR: MLS of Bartholdi making sketch of his beautiful mistress [Corrine Touzet], deciding she should be model for statue
C-LWE-A PR: FLV of Wyatt Earp [Hugh O'Brien] posed in street, rifle butt on hip & thumb tucked in gunbelt, which holds pair of Buntline Specials
C-LS-A PR: group PRT of Culver [Robert Wagner] with his daughters Elizabeth [Samantha Smith] & Margaret [Maia Brewton] & father Henry [Lew Ayres], all smiles. Red bg
C-LS-B PR: MLS of Culver, in bulky tan sweater & jeans, leaning back against fence on ranch
C-LS-C PR: MS of Culver resting arms on fence, wearing candy-striped shirt & tan pants
C-LS-D Cont. #C, Culver smiles wide as he pats horse in stable on nose
C-LS-E MS of seated Culver wearing tuxedo
C-LHB-A PR: MS of Laura [Melissa Gilbert] cozying up to husband Almanzo [Dean Butler] from behind
C-LHB-B Cont. #A, profile MS of pair back-to-back & facing camera after changing sides
C-LRK-A PR: MS of Regis Philbin playfully pointing to smiling Kathie Lee, who flexes muscles under Frank Gifford football jersey
LIVE-IN - 1989
C-LIN-A PR: PRT of cute Lisa [Lisa Patrick], hands folded under chin, wearing dimpled smile & sweater
C-LDL-A PR: FLV of curvy young models Caroline [Deborah Tucker], Emily [Halle Berry], Martha [Alison Elliott] & Charlie [Leah Remini] linking arms & slinking toward camera
C-LDL-B PR: girls as above all gathered around their agent Trish Carlin [Michael Learned], in red blouse
C-LDL-C PR: FLV of four girls standing side-by-side modeling brightly colored dresses & pantsuits
C-LDL-D PR: PRT of carrot-topped Caroline in green knit dress
LOBO - 1979
C-LOBO-A PR: PRT of Lobo [Claude Akins], Perkins [Mills Watson] & Hawkins [Brian Kerwin]. Red bg
LONE RANGER - 1949-57
C-LNE-A PR: FLV of Lone Ranger rearing Silver up in classic fashion
C-LNE-B FLV of Lone Ranger aboard Silver with gun drawn
C-LNE-C PR: FLV of Tonto astride Scout with gun drawn
C-LHS-A PR: PRT of Ben Quick [Don Johnson] sitting in lawn chair with Clara [Judith Ivey] & Eula [Cybill Shepherd] vying for his chest from behind
C-LHS-B MCU of shirtless Quick talking to someone OS in summer heat
C-LHS-C Cont. #B, sweaty Quick looks perturbed
C-LHS-D PR: MLS of Quick side-by-side with Minnie Littlejohn [Ava Gardner] & Will Varner [Jason Robards]
C-LHS-E PR: outdoor PRT of Quick in off-white sport shirt
C-LHS-F PR: MS of smiling Quick leaning arm on corral fence, other hand in pants pocket
C-LHS-G Cont. #F, Quick wipes hand with handkerchief
LOTTERY - 1983-84
C-LOT-A PR: MS of Eric Rush [Marshall Colt] & Patrick Sean Flaherty [Ben Murphy] posed with credentials before mound of money
C-LAT-A PR: romantic PRT of smiling Mike Chambers [Robert Wagner] & Baroness Caroline DuLac [Audrey Hepburn], red bg
LOVE BOAT - 1977-84
C-LOV-A PR: PRT of smiling main cast: Capt. Stubing [Gavin McLeod], Dr. Bricker [Bernie Kopell], Gopher [Fred Grandy], Issac [Ted Lange], Julie [Lauren Tewes] & Vicki [Jill Whelan]
C-LOV-B PR: MLS of adorable Cruise Director Judy McCoy [Patricia Klous] in red party dress
C-LOV-C PR: PRT of smiling Judy, cute in red shirt with rolled up sleeves & upturned collar
C-LOV-D PR: cute PRT of Vicki resting chin on back of hand, clad in gray sport shirt with patterned wrap over shoulder, blue bg
C-LOV-E PR: group shot of all eight Love Boat Mermaids, scantily clad in silver costumes [Teri Hatcher is one of them]
C-LVG-A PR: MS of Noreen [Marilyn McIntyre] sitting in husband Mike's [James Kiberd] arms
C-LVG-B PR: MS of Douglas Donovan [Bryan Cranston] & Merrill Vochek [Patricia Kalember] in touching embrace
C-LVG-C PR: MS of Roger Forbes [John Shearin] holding wife Ann [Shannon Eubanks] to his shoulder
C-LVG-D PR: FLV of tuxedoed Johnny Forbes [Jeff Bridges] standing in garden setting with arms folded
C-LRN-A PR: MS of attorney Diana Rockland [Stephanie Zimbalist] embraced with convict Sean Carpenter [Alec Baldwin], whom she loves, handcuffs dangling from one of his wrists, red bg
C-MAL-A PR: semi-profile FLV of police officers Jenny [Kathryn Harrold] & Malcolm [John Getz] drawing guns outside house
C-MAL-B UA of Jenny & Malcolm wearing grim expressions as they look off camera
C-MAL-C MLS of pair taking coffee break at headquarters, neither looking thrilled with their lot
C-MAL-D Profile MS of pair off duty at restaurant, enjoying themselves over champagne & cupcakes
C-MAC-A PR: FLV of MacGyver in work dungarees standing on roadway leading to surrealistic electrostatic bg
C-MAC-B PR: CU of MacGyver with bolt of rope over shoulder
C-MAC-C PR: MS of MacGyver showing off chest under gray collarless shirt, hair tousled
C-MAC-D PR: DA of MacGyver in crouch looking up into camera, wearing dungarees
C-MAC-E PR: MCU of MacGyver smiling into camera against trees
C-MAC-F PR: PRT of MacGyver, head slightly tilted, in brown t-shirt & dark plaid sport jacket
C-MAC-G PR: MS of MacGyver bent forward on crossed arms, wearing dark gray work shirt
C-MAC-H PR: outdoor PRT of smiling MacGyver in red & white racing outfit
C-MAC-I PR: PRT of smiling MacGyver in red shirt, light blue bg
C-MAC-J PR: MS of grinning MacGyver, in red shirt, leaning folded arms on back of wood chair
C-MAC-K PR: MS of smiling MacGyver, in red shirt, kneeling outdoors
C-MAC-L PR: MLS of MacGyver standing, hands in pockets of dungarees
C-MAC-M PR: MLS of MacGyver, in dungaree shirt & tattered blue jeans, sitting on bumper of jeep parked in field
C-MAC-N PR: FLV of kneeling MacGyver looking up into camera by palm frond, wearing long-sleeved sport shirt & work pants
C-MAC-O PR: FLV of MacGyver posed seated with one leg up, in white shirt, socks & tennies & black pants
C-MAC-P PR: MLS of MacGyver grappling with apparatus attached to underside of red airplane on tarmac
C-MAC-Q PR: MLS of MacGyver posed spread-legged with hands in pockets under red lighting diffused with swirling smoke
C-MAC-R PR: MLS of MacGyver, in smart double-breasted suit, posed with Phoenix Foundation head Peter Thornton [Dana Elcar] & Nikki Carpenter [Elyssa Davalos]. 1987
C-MAC-S PR: PRT of Thornton putting hands on MacGyver's shoulders from behind, Mac wearing old brown jacket
C-MAC-T PR: FLV of Mac [same jacket] & Thornton posed by chopper
C-MAC-U PR: outdoor PRT of Mac [same jacket] & Nikki
C-MAC-V PR: PRT of Mac, wearing blue shirt & same jacket, holding sheaf of papers, face serious
C-MAC-W PR: PRT of Mac leaning back against brick wall, clad in gray undershirt & same jacket
C-MAC-X Cont. #W, MS of Mac resting arm on cement wall, hand in jacket pocket
C-MAC-Y Cont. #X, MLS
C-MAC-Z PR: FLV of Mac on grassy foothill overlooking city, playing around with heavy duty light fixtures
C-MAC-A1 PR: FLV of Mac standing on lip of structure at satellite station, scientific gear slung over shoulder
C-MAC-A2 PR: 1988 PRT of Mac wearing sporty beret, sunglasses, undone tie & tan jacket, brown bg
C-MAC-A3 Cont. #A2, MS of Mac loosing cap & breaking into smile, hands in pockets
C-MAC-A4 PR: sexy PRT of Mac bent forward, wearing black undershirt & red windbreaker
C-MAC-A5 PR: MLS of Mac leaning shoulder against wall, in jeans, white t-shirt & same windbreaker, hands in pockets
C-MAC-A6 PR: PRT of Mac in white T-shirt & black sport coat
C-MAC-A7 PR: PRT of Mac in white t-shirt & leather jacket
C-MAC-A8 PR: PRT of Mac in brown sport shirt, swarthy under rays of sun [start of 1989 shots]
C-MAC-A9 PR: sitting PRT of Mac in front of brick wall, arm resting on upturned knee, wearing leather jacket
C-MAC-B1 Cont. #A9, Mac looses jacket & adds blue sport shirt & smile, both arms across knee
C-MAC-B2 PR: MLS of Mac, wearing Levi jeans & jacket & black undershirt, leaning shoulder against wall
C-MAC-B3 PR: MLS of Mac backed against wall with arms folded, attired in jeans & long-sleeved blue shirt
C-MAC-B4 PR: FLV of Mac in outdoors pose, clad in jeans, leather jacket & sneakers, hands in pockets
C-MAC-B5 PR: 1990 PRT of Mac posed squatting in tall grass, resting chin on crossed arms, in tan tee & jeans
C-MAC-B6 PR: MLS of Mac posed in jeans & too big long-sleeved blue pullover, hands in pockets
C-MAC-B7 PR: MLS of Mac, wearing long-sleeved black shirt hanging over jeans, leaning forearm against outdoor wall
C-MAC-B8 PR: MLS of Mac with hands in pockets of blue slacks, matching suit jacket & white tee added
C-MAC-B9 PR: FLV of smiling Mac squatting with arms crossed over one knee, wearing black sweater & jeans
C-MAP-A PR: sitting PRT of Sam Giancana [Tony Curtis] & daughter Antoinette [Susan Lucci], in gold gown
C-MDC-A PR: MS of handsome Copperfield, in natty white suit, & smiling Michelle Lee standing back-to-back
C-MDC-B PR:MS of smiling Copperfield changed into new tie & brown jacket, Michelle on his arm, eerie lighting on Ms. Liberty
C-MWD-A PR: PRT of 80s version of Davy Crockett [Tim Dunnigan] replete with coonskin cap, rifle in hand
C-M7-A PR: FLV of (l to r) Buck, Vin, Josiah Sanchez [Ron Perlman], Nathan Jackson [Rick Worthy], Ezra, J.D., seated on steps, & Chris Larrabee [Michael Biehn], all posed with serious expressions. Title logo superimposed at their feet
C-M7-B PR: low angle FLV of all seven posed on street with Chris, wearing all black, at center & others at his flanks against sky bg
C-M7-C PR: FLV of Buck, Chris(wearing serape), Josiah & Vin
C-M7-D PR: Knees up PRT of Buck leaning against wall, hands at sides
C-M7-E PR: FLV of our heroes in a row on horseback against gorgeous sunset
C-M7-F PR: FLV of seven posed spread in line across street with storefronts in bg
C-M7-G PR: MLS of Vin & Chris intently studying camera
C-M7-H PR: FLV of black-clad, business-like Chris entering saloon
C-M7-I PR: FLV of Chris, wearing serape, standing in shadows with cheroot before storefront
C-M7-J PR: PRT of tight-lipped Josiah posed at hitching post with rifle slung over shoulder
C-M7-K PR: MLS of Mary Travis [Laurie Holden] posed at sidewalk post
C-M7-L MLS of Nathan & Josiah restraining angry Buck from OS protagonist. Working Girls
C-M7-M MS of Vin, J.D. & Nathan drawing down on OS badguys at bar Safe Cracker
C-M7-N FLV of Ezra & Vin riding horses toward camera. Pilot episode
C-M7-O FLV of Buck looking for trouble with gun drawn as Indian prepares to pounce on him with knife from behind rocks. Pilot
C-M7-P MLS of frowning Gerard handing papers up to man on horse as Ezra & woman on covered wagon look on. Wagon Train
C-M7-Q PR: cast PRT of the seven posed in front of storefront porch, J.D. seated on hitching post
C-M7 R PR: cast PRT of the seven posed on storefront porch with Mary & a middle-aged woman added
C-M7-S PR: MS of Chris dressed in black, thumb hitched in gun belt
C-M7-T PR: FLV of Josiah sitting on porch stairs, holding his hat between his legs
C-M7-U PR: MS of Josiah leaning against storefront post, looking away
C-M7-V PR: MS of Ezra, wearing brocade vest, leaning against post & looking aside
C-M7-W PR: MS of Vin on horseback, seemingly deep in thought
C-M7-X PR: MLS of Vin standing with his horse & holding canteen
C-M7-Y Confederate soldier with eye patch standing by cannon in rocks
C-M7-Z MLS of Ezra in profile, wearing white trench coat, confronting confederate soldier with rifle
C-M7-A1 LS of Ezra & Vin on horseback, riding range
C-M7-A2 MS of Vin pointing finger at Buck from horseback
C-M7-A3 FLV of Nathan carrying Rain in arms while sharing laugh, straw hut in bg
C-M7-A4 PR: FLV of J.D. pointing gun toward camera against bg of trees
C-M7-A5 FLV of Nathan throwing knife from rocks
C-M7-A6 Inez watches from behind bar as Buck fights with troublemaker
C-M7-A7 MS of Nathan & J.D. seated at table with Buck leaning into conversation
C-M7-A8 Shadowy profile MS of Inez & Buck toasting each other at bar. Chinatown
C-M7-A9 FLV of Chris shooting at OS villain with circle of covered wagons in bg. Wagon Train
C-M7-B1 LS of our heroes on horseback crossing stream while protecting covered Wagon Train
C-M7-B2 Action scene with villain on horseback hitting ground as others fire away in bg. Wagon Train
C-M7-B3 PR: MLS of Josiah poised to strike out with weapon in front of covered wagon. Wagon Train
C-M7-B4 MS of Buck laying in wait with rifle from behind gnarled tree
C-M7-B5 FLV of Ma Nichols [Tyne Daly] standing in street & holding up rosary. Vendetta
C-M7-B6 FLV of Nichols brothers, one with arm in sling beside stagecoach as other lies in street. Vendetta
C-M7-B7 FLV of Chris in black, standing with forearm on stagecoach wagon wheel
C-M7-B8 Cont. #B7, pull to MS as Chris eyes camera
C-M7-B9 PR: PRT of tight-lipped J.D. wearing suit jacket, vest & bowler
C-M7-C1 PR: PRT of Vin in front of wagon
C-M7-C2 Cont. #G, Chris turns to Vin, who keeps attention on camera
C-M7-C3 PR: cast FLV of the Seven with Mary, in red dress & vest, posed at hitching post before storefront
C-M7-C4 PR: PRT of Chris cooly eyeing camera against rock face in bg
C-M7-C5 PR: MS of Chris holding gun against chest as he squints aside. Wagon Train
C-M7-C6 FLV of Chris moving with pistol toward OS bad guys amid rocks, handcuffs still on wrist. Pilot
C-M7-C7 PR: PRT of Josiah square to camera & looking mean. Pilot
C-M7-C8 PR: MS of Josiah [tan jacket] leaning elbow on hitching post
C-M7-C9 PR: MLS of Mary [blue dress] leaning back against sidewalk post while glancing at camera
C-M7- D1 PR: MS of Mary in black and white dress ensemble, arms behind back on street
C-M7-D2 PR: PRT of Nathan scowling
C-M7-D3 MLS of Nathan on horseback & smiling aside. Pilot
C-M7-D4 MLS of Vin [tan coat] standing next to horse but face turned OS
C-M7-D5 PR: MS of Vin in red shirt & brown jacket, looking aside. Wagon Train
C-M7-D6 PR: MLS of Buck leaning arm against adobe arch, pushing jacket back from gunbelt
C-M7-D7 PR: MS of Buck [red vest, no jacket] leaning against adobe arch
C-M7-D8 PR: MS of Ezra sans hat & jacket, leaning against sidewalk post
C-M7-D9 Cont. #D8, hat back on & jacket over left arm
C-M7-E1 PR: MLS of J.D. posed in street near hitching post, wearing suit but no hat, hands on holstered gun handles
C-M7-E2 Cont. #E1, now leaning against post & tipping hat to camera
C-M7-E3 MLS of J.D. with hands on guns & hat on against sagebrush bg
C-M7-E4 FLV of J.D. sitting on ground next to wagon & shooting at OS bad guys
C-MPI-A PR: Magnum kneels beside red Ferrari
C-MPI-B PR: FLV of Magnum looking for action on cabin cruiser
C-MPI-C PR: MCU of Magnum smiling into camera from helm of boat
C-MPI-D PR: MLS of Magnum, in blue pullover & jeans, posed at railing of cabin cruiser
C-MPI-E PR: MS of Magnum, in pink pullover shirt, posed on estate grounds with hands in pants pocket
C-MPI-F PR: MLS of Magnum, in dark blue pullover shirt & swim trunks, standing with hands on hips at beach, ocean in bg
C-MPI-G Cont. #D, Magnum reacts to something funny OS from behind railing of cabin cruiser
C-MPI-H PR: LS of Magnum walking around Ferrari from drivers side on estate grounds
C-MPI-I PR: candid MS of tuxedoed Tom Selleck, John Hillerman, Larry Manetti & Roger E. Mosley posed arm-in-arm at 1983 Emmys, autographed by all
C-MPI-J PR: four-element shot of Magnum in sweater, tank top & cap, bare-chested & posed with Higgins
C-MPI-K PR: MLS of armed & combat-uniformed Magnum, T.C. & Rick posed in Vietnam
C-MPI-L PR: MS of Magnum buttoning up dress shirt, yellow bg
C-MPI-M PR: MLS of Magnum posed in same shirt, tweed sport coat & jeans, blue bg
C-MPI-N PR: MLS of Magnum, in green pullover shirt & tan shorts, snuggled with Catherine Hailey [Morgan Fairchild], in flowered purple silk dress, posed on lawn. Ki'i's Don't Lie
C-MPI-O FLV of Magnum, in blue Hawaiian shirt & jeans, introducing guest Jill St. John, curvy in black over blue summer dress, to one of Higgins' lads. Three Minus Two
C-MPI-P MLS of Magnum, wearing tan shorts & wet suit vest, hosing himself off, Ferrari in bg
C-MPI-Q PR: PRT of smiling Magnum in purple & white Hawaiian shirt, posed outdoors
C-MPI-R PR: group PRT of Magnum, in aloha shirt & shorts, Rick, T.C. & Higgins, posed against leafy outdoor setting, all smiles
C-MPI-S PR: MS of boys posed side-by-side, Rick & Higgins in safari jackets, red bg
C-MPI-T PR: MS of Magnum in flowered shirt, flanked by Rick & T.C., dressed as above but unsmiling
C-MPI-U PR: Serious PRT of Magnum, in leafy shirt, & Higgins, dapper in black suit, yellow bg
C-MPI-V PR: MS of smiling Magnum, in different flowered shirt, & Rick in striped sport shirt with white collar, posed in tropical setting
C-MPI-W PR: gorgeous PRT of smiling Magnum in pin-striped shirt, hand crossed to upper arm
C-MPI-X PR: MS of Magnum posed looking OS in outdoor garden, wearing white flowered shirt
C-MPI-Y PR: MLS of Magnum, in tight jeans, gray pullover sweater & cap, crouching against rock with drawn gun overlooking beach below
C-MPI-Z PR: FLV of Magnum sitting with elbows on knees on edge of boat, wearing jeans & leafy shirt
C-MPI-A1 PR: FLV of Magnum sitting on fender of gleaming red Ferrari, wearing white pants & gray shirt
C-MPI-A2 PR: FLV of Magnum, Higgins, Rick & T.C. standing on grass, all smiles except proper Higgins
C-MPI-A3 PR: MS of Magnum & T.C. posed in leafy outdoor setting, both smiles
C-MPI-A4 PR: MS of Magnum, in red Hawaiian shirt, holding camera with telephoto lens, ocean in bg
C-MPI-A5 PR: MS of serious Magnum turned to face camera with black sport jacket slung over shoulder, wearing shirt & tie
C-MPI-A6 PR: MS of smiling Magnum & Sgt. Michael Doheny [Frank Sinatra] posed in outdoor setting. Laura
C-MPI-A7 PR: promo PRT of Magnum in tuxedo boxed above title of show
MAJOR DAD - 1989-93
C-MJR-A PR: MLS of smiling Marine Maj. J.D. MacGillis [Gerald McRaney] & Polly Cooper [Shanna Reed] posed back-to-back before flag
C-MJR-B PR: MLS of Polly playfully hopping on MacGillis' back, wrapping bare arm & legs around him
C-MJR-C PR: PRT of smiling MacGillis
C-MOD-A PR: MLS of Kay Dillon [Joan Collins] encircled by five hunks of shirtless beefcake, including Tyler Burnett [Jon-Erik Hexum]
C-MOD-B PR: PRT of Kay in black double-breasted blazer with red handkerchief in hip pocket, hair up
C-MOD-C PR: profile MS of Kay, in white slip peeling Burnett's dress shirt off as they move to kiss
C-MOD-D MLS of Burnett standing over woman wearing red nightie in bed, holding up cologne in one hand & shirt slung over bare shoulder with other
C-MOD-E MS of shirtless Burnett standing in Kay's office looking OS as she walks behind desk in bg
C-MOD-F MLS of Burnett, wearing only towel around waist, sitting on edge of bed, pulling Kay to him
C-MOD-G Profile MS of Burnett about to slip on shirt
C-MOD-H PR: LS of Burnett, in black tuxedo, posed tugging at sleeve
C-MOD-I MS of Burnett in white pullover shirt, looking OS, hands on hips
       [NOTE: except for #C, #A-K are fisheye lens PR portraits]
C-MID-A FLV of whole frantic family around kitchen table with Malcolm [Frankie Muniz] glaring up at camera, gesturing: "why me?"
C-MID-B FLV of bonkers family posed on front steps of house with Malcolm pleading his case in forefront
C-MID-C MCU of dismayed Malcolm
C-MID-D DA of Malcolm grinning wide against white bg
C-MID-E DA of Malcolm sitting on couch
C-MID-F DA of Malcolm's grinning dad, Hal [Bryan Cranston] on couch
C-MID-G DA of Malcolm's grinning mom, Lois [Jane Kaczmarek] in kitchen with hands to cheeks
C-MID-H DA of youngest brother Dewey [Erik Per Sullivan] on couch
C-MID-I PR: FLV DA of Reese [Justin Berfield] on couch
C-MID-J DA of oldest brother Francis [Christopher Kennedy Masterson] on couch
C-MID-K DA of Malcolm's teacher, Caroline [Catherine Lloyd Burns] in living room
C-MID-L Relatively normal family portrait
C-MID-M MS of Malcolm smiling aside like a normal kid
C-MID-N MCU of Lois smiling aside like a normal mom
C-MAL-A PR: MS of serious looking Billie [Kim Novak], in red dress & gold necklace, seated at table with glass of wine
C-MAL-B PR: MLS of Billie in white knit dress, & Gail [Ann Jillian], in black pantsuit, holding drinks at party
C-MCSH-A MS of hatless Shenandoah [Robert Horton] with gun drawn & ready to use on OS adversary
C-MCS-A MS of Sloane [Robert Conrad] crosses arms with gun in hand
C-MCS-B Cont. #A, Sloane holds up gun & champagne glass
C-MCS-C MS of Sloane in brown coat, holding up a clenched fist
C-MCS-D Sloane about to use spray can on OS adversary
C-MCS-E FLV of Torque [Ji-Tu Cumbuka] & Sloane in UNIT office
C-MCS-F Sloane relaxes as UNIT lab lady scrutinizes him behind his back
MANNIX - 1967-75
C-MNX-A MLS of Mannix [Mike Conners] drawing bead on OS bad guy in forest setting
C-MOA-A PR: FLV of Deirdre O'Manion [Linda Purl] taking arms of brother Rory [Pierce Brosnan] & David Clement [Simon McCorkindale], all wearing 1845 period costumes
C-MLDG-A PR: MS of Dobie Gillis [Dwayne Hickman] & girlfriend Melissa Frome [Yvonne Lime] eyeing camera while embracing
C-MLDG-B PR: PRT of smiling Dobie, arms folded
C-MLDG-C PR: MS of Dobie leaning arm on shoulder of beatnik buddy Maynard Krebs [Bob Denver]
C-MCO-A PR: MLS of Marco Polo [Ken Marshall] & Achmet [Leonard Nimoy] standing on either side of bethroned Mongol emperor Kublai Khan [Ying Ruocheng]
C-MCO-B PR: slight UA of Polo & Achmet in MS enjoying OS sight
C-MCO-C PR: MS of Achmet in 13th century finery
C-MCO-D PR: PRT of smiling Polo & wife of Chinese dignitary[Xiao Yan]
C-MCO-E PR: MLS of Polo standing before throne, flanked by Achmet & Kublai Khan
MARCUS WELBY, M.D. - 1969-76
C-MWMD-A PR: PRT of Dr. Welby [Robert Young], with Dr. Steven Kiley [James Brolin] looking over his shoulder
C-MWC-A PR: first season cast PRT of Bundy family & Rhoades newlyweds & friend
C-MWC-B PR: second season full length cast PRT with Buck, the Bundy dog added
C-MWC-C PR: third season full cast PRT
C-MWC-D PR: tight Bundy family PRT with Kelly [Christine Applegate] prominent wearing red skirt & top with bare midriff
C-MWC-E Cont. #D, different pose with Kelly & Al [Ed O'Neill] cheek- to-cheek & Bud [David Faustino] laughing
C-MWC-F PR: fourth season PRT of Bundy family seated on couch in sober mood as smiling Marcy [Amanda Bearse] hovers
C-MWC-G PR: MLS of Kelly, in tight red minidress, smiling dumbly at camera with arm around Bud, who acts suspicious
C-MWC-H PR: PRT of show logo of beleaguered Al & Peg [Katey Sagal]
C-MWC-I PR: PRT of Peg & Al in insincere cuddly, smiling pose
C-MWC-J PR: first season PRT of young Bud & 15-year-old Kelly
C-MWC-K PR: second season PRT of Kelly with arm around Bud's shoulder
C-MWC-L PR: horizontal PRT of smiling Marcy & Steve [David Garrison]
C-MWC-M PR: MS of Steve cuddling Marcy from behind
C-MWC-N PR: MS of redheaded Peg posed in green zebra-striped top pulled off shoulders & black skirt
C-MWC-O Cont. #N, Peg squares frame to camera & raises both hands to shoulder in flirty pose
C-MWC-P PR: 1988 candid MS of Katey Sagal as herself wearing black bra under peekaboo evening dress
C-MWC-Q PR: first season PRT of smiling Kelly in blue shirt
C-MWC-R PR: second season PRT of tight-lipped Kelly wearing red, white & black checkered sweater & earrings
C-MWC-S PR: MS of Kelly, in that red outfit, smiling brightly for camera, long blonde hair spilling everywhere
C-MWC-T PR: sexy PRT of Kelly in black leather jacket, holding fist under chin, all blonde hair & steely-eyed
C-MWC-U Cont. #T, tighter PRT with hands at sides of head
C-MWC-V PR: PRT of Kelly wearing tight red dress & anything but innocent smile, arms crossed
C-MWC-W PR: MLS of Kelly posed in orange double-breasted waist jacket, black skirt & low-slung belt, arms behind back
C-MWC-X PR: MS of Kelly taking sloe-eyed peak over shoulder at camera, hair swept back over pretty black dress
C-MWC-Y PR: MLS of Kelly posed with one arm crossed to hip & other behind head, all-American girl in cutoffs & floral crisscross sleeveless top
C-MWC-Z PR: full-length poster pinup of Kelly squatting with hand on hip, clad in blue halter, miniskirt & high heels
C-MWC-A1 PRT of grinning Steve
C-MWC-A2 PR: PRT of wide-smiling Marcy in prim white blouse & pink sweater
C-MWC-A3 PR: PRT of smiling Marcy in blue shirt, lighter colored hair attractively framing face
C-MWC-A4 PR: 1990 PRT of sophisticated Marcy wearing black turtleneck top & earrings, hair now cropped
C-MWC-A5 MS of Kelly & Marcy laughing at Al's OS antics
C-MWC-A6 FLV of Kelly, in pink & black miniskirt outfit, seated on couch with legs crossed, facing aside
C-MWC-A7 FLV of Kelly talking on phone from bar stool, happily chatting about wad of cash in her hand
C-MAS-D FLV of Cornelius Flavius Silva [Peter O'Toole] standing with sword, eyeing battle scene
M.A.S.H. - 1972-83
C-MASH-A MS of Hawkeye & Radar [Gary Burghoff] discussing problem by chicken coop
C-MASH-B PR: PRT of Hawkeye in dark skull cap, brown scarf & fatigue jacket, red bg
C-MASH-C PR: cast PRT of original eight-member unit, including Hawkeye, Radar, Trapper John [Wayne Rogers], Hot Lips, Col. Blake [McLean Stevenson], & Klinger, in red skirt
C-MASH-D PR: FLV of ending cast posed in yard, replacements including Potter, B.J. & Winchester
MASQUERADE - 1983-84
C-MSQ-A PR: FLV of Lavender [Rod Taylor] reaching inside suit coat pocket as Danny [Greg Evigan] & Casey, wearing black leather jumpsuit, aim pistols on either side of him
C-MSQ-B PR: PRT of Casey in white blouse & blue blazer, magenta bg
C-MSQ-C PR: PRT of Lavender seated in chair with gun, Casey & Danny standing at his shoulders
C-MSQ-D PR: MLS of trio, Casey in middle, Lavender holding gun against her shoulder
C-MSQ-E PR: MLS of trio with Lavender putting arm around Casey's shoulder, gun in hand
C-MSQ-F PR: PRT of Casey in lavender blouse & blue earrings, lips parted
C-MSQ-G Cont. #F, similar pose with slight smile
C-MSQ-H Cont. #G, head tilted
C-MSG-I MS of Casey, in cotton skirt & jeans, holding coffee & smiling at someone OS
C-MSQ-J Profile MLS of Casey, ravishing in low-cut black evening gown & diamond necklace, giving hand to guest star Lloyd Bochner
C-MSQ-K FLV of Casey & guest star Alana Hamilton, holding suitcase, standing in fields & talking
C-MSQ-L Cont. #K, MS of pair taking vantage position on grassy ridge with rifle & binoculars
C-MSQ-M PR: MS of Casey in purple sweatshirt & pink headband posed outdoors
C-MSQ-N PR: MLS of Casey in low-cut black evening gown & diamond jewelry at party
MASTER, THE - 1984
C-MSR-A PR: MS of The Master [Lee Van Cleef], clad in black with gold medallion around neck, drawing sword from sheath, red bg
C-MSR-B PR: PRT of Master & Max [Timothy Van Patten] in street clothes, blue bg
C-MSR-C PR: MCU of Master in glaring martial arts stance, yellow bg
MATLOCK - 1986-95
C-MLK-A PR: MLS of Matlock [Andy Griffith] leaning on stack of law books, flanked by daughter Charlene [Linda Purl] & Hudson [Kene Holliday]
C-MLK-B PR: MS of Matlock & Charlene posed over law books
C-MLK-C PR: PRT of smiling Charlene leaning on law books, wearing yellow dress [as in above two]
C-MLK-D PR: PRT of Charlene in white blouse & orange blazer, blue bg
C-MLK-E PR: PRT of Charlene as above smiling, orange bg
C-MLK-F MS of Matlock arguing case in court
C-MLK-G PR: PRT of Matlock & Attorney Michelle Thomas [Nancy Stafford] looking up from briefs & smiling to camera
C-MLK-H PR: PRT of Michelle in brown dress, flashing ivories
C-MLK-I Cont. #H, MS sans smile, hand on hip
C-MLK-J PR: MS of Michelle wearing smile & silky pink dress, arm crossed to shoulder atop upturned knee
C-MLK-K Cont. #J, MLS sitting straight up with grin, hand on wide black belt of dress
MATT HOUSTON - 1982-85
C-MAT-A PR: PRT of Houston, in three-piece gray tweed suit, with C.J. at his shoulder wearing white blouse & black jacket
C-MAT-B C.J., in turquoise shirt, sits behind wheel of car looking OS as Houston stands at passenger side
C-MAT-C MS of C.J., body profiled, looking over shoulder into camera & wearing pink dress, red bg
C-MAT-D MLS of C.J. sitting cross-legged in porch chair wearing slinky brown top & pant set, pink bg
C-MAT-E PR: ABC logo & title over MCU of Houston holding automatic pistol against shoulder near face
C-MAT-F PR: PRT of smiling Houston in blue cowboy work shirt & tan leather vest
C-MAT-G PR: PRT of smiling C.J., in blue silk blouse, tipping cowboy hat to camera, red bg
C-MAT-H PR: MS of Houston wearing black slacks, white dress shirt & tan sport jacket, red bg
C-MOH-A PR: MS of Jane Seymour sitting with pen & sheet music, clad in loose-fitting green sweater, hair long
MAVERICK - 1957-62 & 1981-82
C-MAV-A FLV of Bart holding Mexican girl from behind as bandito type holds up gun
C-MAV-B MS of Beau putting move on young lady while riding in wagon
C-MAV-C PR: PRT of Bret Maverick [James Garner] in reprised role
C-MAV-D PR: FLV of smiling reprised cast standing amid rocks. Posed with Maverick are Mary Lou [Darleen Carr], Sheriff Guthrie [Ed Brice] & Phil Sandine [Stuart Margolin]
MCHALE'S NAVY - 1962-66
C-MH-A PR: MCU of McHale[Ernest Borgnine] getting strange looks from Capt. Binghamton [Joe Flynn] & Ensign Parker [Tim Conway]
C-MH-B PR: FLV of entire cast posed behind boat mock-up
ME & MOM - 1985
C-MEM-A PR: PRT of Kate [Lisa Elibacher] in white sweater & brown leather jacket, head canted, purple bg
C-MEM-B PR: MS of Kate & Zena [Holland Taylor] posed with arms around each other at boat dock
C-MEM-C Cont. #B, Lou [James Earl Jones] joins them in MLS
C-MED-A PR: MS of Dr. Joe Gannon [Chad Everett] looking just aside
C-MVI-A PR: first cast PRT of Crockett, Tubbs, Rodriguez [Gregory Sierra], Trudy & Crockett's ex-wife Caroline [Belinda Montgomery]
C-MVI-B PR: PRT of Crockett holding Caroline around waist from behind, blue bg
C-MVI-C PR: PRT of smiling Crockett & Tubbs, latter with arms folded while leaning on partner's shoulder, yellow bg
C-MVI-D PR: PRT of Crockett, in silver suit jacket & slacks, & Tubbs, in gray suit, posed side-by-side, both smiling big
C-MVI-E PR: MLS of Crockett, in white summer suit & blue T-shirt, & Tubbs, in double-breasted polished gray suit, posed side-by-side, green bg
C-MVI-F PR: horizontal PRT of Crockett as above
C-MVI-G PR: MS of smiling Crockett as above, hands in jacket pocket
C-MVI-H PR: PRT of Crockett in same outfit, smiling aside with hands folded in lap & sunglasses hitched on T-shirt, dark blue bg
C-MVI-I MCU of scruffy Crockett wearing silver suit, pink T-shirt & days-old beard, cigarette dangling from lips
C-MVI-J MS of Crockett in pink shirt, talking on mobile phone & holding holstered weapons
C-MVI-K MS of open-mouthed Elvis, Crockett's not quite housebroken alligator, aboard his sloop
C-MVI-L PR: MLS of Crockett & Tubbs posed on marina pier with hands in pockets, Crockett smiling
C-MVI-M Cont. #L, slightly different pose, both serious
C-MVI-N PR: 1985 mini cast PRT of Crockett, Tubbs, Castillo, Gina, Trudy, Switek & Zito posed outdoors
C-MVI-O PR: FLV of Castillo, Crockett & tubbs standing side-by-side before bay, Crockett wearing white pants, striped bolero jacket & matching shirt
C-MVI-P Cont. #O, similar pose with Tubbs grinning
C-MVI-Q Cont. #P, MLS without Castillo, Tubbs wearing ivory pants, purple shirt & tie & sport coat
C-MVI-R PR: dynamite FLV of Crockett, in white suit & tubbs, in powder gray suit, posed back-to-back with drawn weapons in front of their sports car against Miami skyline at sundown
C-MVI-S PR: MLS of Tubbs [gray suit] & Crockett [blue t-shirt, white pants & jacket] posed before Miami travel posters
C-MVI-T PR: MLS of Crockett as above holding sunglasses standing beside seated Tubbs having laugh
C-MVI-U PR: horizontal MCU of Tubbs resting arms on Crockett's shoulder, wearing black & white muscle shirts, respectively & both grinning, beach in bg
C-MVI-V Cont. #U, MS showing Crockett's shoulder holster with Tubbs pointing at camera, both laughing
C-MVI-W PR: more serious MLS of boys sitting side-by-side, Crockett in blue sport shirt, white jacket
C-MVI-X PR: MS of scruffy Crockett with Tubbs, wearing all black, putting hand on partner's shoulder
C-MVI-Y PR: MLS of Crockett sitting on boat railing with cigarette as Tubbs stands with arms folded
C-MVI-Z Cont. #Y, Crockett stands & turns away with scowl as Tubbs sits on railing
C-MVI-A1 Cont. #Z, FLV of boys gazing off, Crockett with foot up
C-MVI-A2 PR: MS of Crockett sideways to Tubbs, both smiling into camera by car
C-MVI-A3 PR: MLS of boys playing to camera for laughs, Crockett in black tux, Tubbs in white tux
C-MVI-A4 Cont. #A3, guys settle down a bit, donning sunglasses in horizontal pose
C-MVI-A5 PR: MS of Crockett wearing blue t-shirt & white jacket plus hint of smile, green bg
C-MVI-A6 PR: CU of Crockett with head bowed, thumbing at days old beard with cigarette between fingers
C-MVI-A7 Cont. #A6, Crockett lifts head & smiles aside
C-MVI-A8 Cont. #A7, MS of Crockett leaning forward with chin in palm of hand, cigarette gone
C-MVI-A9 Cont. #A8, profile MCU of Crockett, deep in thought
C-MVI-B1 PR: MCU of Crockett wearing blue silk T-shirt, white jacket & 5 o'clock shadow, arm held over head
C-MVI-B2 Cont. #B1, sexy MS reveals shoulder holster under jacket & white pants, arm leaning against hall entranceway
C-MVI-B3 Cont. #B2, now smiling Crockett leans shoulder against entranceway
C-MVI-B4 PR: MS of Crockett seated with hands folded
C-MVI-B5 PR: MLS of Crockett sitting back on fender of car, wearing pink pullover shirt, violet jacket & white pants, hands folded in lap
C-MVI-B6 PR: MLS of Crockett relaxing on boat dock, in pink short sleeve shirt & white pants, hand holding sunglasses over upraised knee
C-MVI-B7 PR: MS of Crockett eyeing camera, lips parted, in black T-shirt & blue pants & jacket, hands in pockets, harbor blurred in bg
C-MVI-B8 Cont. #B7, MLS after doffing jacket with smile
C-MVI-B9 Semi-profile MS of somber Crockett in pink shirt & white patterned jacket
C-MVI-C1 Cont. #B9, horizontal MS of Crockett sitting in chair indoors with legs crossed
C-MVI-C2 PR: very nice MCU of smiling Tubbs in pink shirt & gray suit coat, posed outdoors
C-MVI-C3 PR: MS of smiling Tubbs leaning against building, wearing dark shirt, violet tie & gray suit coat
C-MVI-C4 PR: MLS of Tubbs in whimsical pose next to limo, clad in jeans, work shirt & Panama hat
C-MVI-C5 PR: profile MLS of Tubbs, in powder gray suit, with hand to chin, leaning against boat railing
C-MVI-C6 PR: PRT of Castillo in white dress shirt, black tie & suit coat
C-MVI-C7 PRT of Gina smiling sweetly, wearing white blouse, bay in bg
C-MVI-C8 PR: PRT of Caroline in ivory windbreaker, smiling, red bg
C-MVI-C9 MLS of Crockett, wearing pink shirt, white pants & shoulder holster with white jacket slung over shoulder, walking up beach alongside Tubbs, unbuttoned shirt blowing in wind
C-MVI-D1 MS of Crockett & Tubbs cracking up at cafe over lunch
C-MVI-D2 MCU of Crockett sitting crouched behind wheel of his car during surveillance
C-MVI-D3 MCU of Crockett leaning to side as he eyeballs OS suspect, wearing blue shirt & tan vest coat
C-MVI-D4 Crockett drops into crouch & aims gun with both hands on OS drug peddler
C-MVI-D5 MLS of shirtless Tubbs checking over shotgun in hotel room, on bed are various weapons & briefcase brimming with cash
C-MVI-D6 PR: horizontal MLS of Crockett, wearing blue sport shirt & white leisure suit, standing by palm tree overlooking dock with one boat in slip
C-MVI-D7 Profile MS of brooding Crockett leaning back against wall with head bowed, exhaling smoke
C-MVI-D8 MS of Gina distracted while doing paperwork, Crockett sitting behind her with pencil in mouth
C-MVI-D9 PR: MS of Crockett studying camera, wearing pink shirt & gray sport jacket, hands in pockets
C-MVI-E1 PR: MS of smiling Tubbs in shirtless pose
C-MVI-E2 PR: MLS of Tubbs posed with arms crossed on dock, hip in polished gray suit & pink tie
C-MVI-E3 PR: MLS of Gina posed in pink crisscross dress with hands on hips before garden arrangement
C-MVI-E4 Cont. #E3, Trudy steps into shot wearing powder blue dress separated by two midriff straps
C-MVI-E5 PR: 1986 cast PRT of Crockett, Tubbs, Castillo, Gina, Trudy & Switek
C-MVI-E6 PR: MLS of Crockett, in pastel purple shirt & white leisure suit, with arm around shoulder of Tubbs, in polished gray suit, who points finger at camera, both smiling
C-MVI-E7 Cont. #E6, boys change positions & pose normally, Crockett sitting with hands in lap
C-MVI-E8 PR: MS of relaxed Crockett in smiling pose with cigarette aboard boat, hand to chin
C-MVI-E9 PR: spoof MS of Crockett leaning back against rubber version of Elvis the alligator, gun at ready, cigarette in mouth & wearing white outfit with hat
C-MVI-F1 PR: outdoor MS of morose Castillo, hands in pockets
C-MVI-F2 PR: FLV of Crockett & Tubbs standing shoulder-to-shoulder at side of black sports car, hands in pockets
C-MVI-F3 PR: MCU of Crockett coolly eyeing camera near palms, wearing gray sports jacket
C-MVI-F4 PR: MCU of Crockett wearing only black jacket & sunglasses, posed staunchly against multicolored bg
C-MVI-F5 PR: PRT of Crockett, head bowed slightly as he studies camera past shoulder, wearing dark jacket
C-MVI-F6 PR: MS of Crockett square to camera, wearing white undershirt & black blazer
C-MVI-F7 PR: MS of Crockett in yellow undershirt & collarless brushed jacket
C-MVI-F8 PR: MS of Crockett glancing at camera with lowered eyes, wearing green shirt & dark blue sports jacket
C-MVI-F9 PR: PRT of Crockett in white undershirt, looking serious as he strums guitar, white bg
C-MVI-G1 PR: MLS of Crockett posed in polished purple shirt, pants & jacket, holding sunglasses
C-MVI-G2 PR: FLV of Crockett in sitting pose before cabinet & piece of statuary, wearing blue shirt, black pants & jacket, legs crossed & hands clasped on knees
C-MVI-G3 PR: 1988 outdoor cast PRT of [l to r] Crockett, Trudy, Castillo, Switek, Tubbs & Gina
C-MVI-G4 PR: vertical near FLV of group sans Castillo, hands around shoulders & arms in tight pose on black bg
C-MVI-G5 PR: MLS of Crockett, in white jacket & pants, posed with hands in pants, nattily dressed Tubbs at side
C-MVI-G6 PRT of smiling Crockett, in white shirt & dark vertical-stripped jacket, & Tubbs holding his partner around shoulders
C-MVI-G7 PR: PRT of Crockett wearing half-open black & white-patterned sport shirt & shoulder holster
C-MVI-G8 Cont. #G7, hand to chin, holster removed
C-MVI-G9 PR: MS of Crockett clad in black tee & gray sport jacket, strands of hair falling over one eye
C-MVI-H1 PR: horizontal outdoor PRT of Castillo in black suit
C-MVI-H2 PR: PRT of Gina in red top, shoulders bare, hand to throat
C-MVI-H3 PR: PRT of Gina in red dress, arms folded under bosom, lips parted
C-MVI-H4 PR: MLS of Gina flashing eyes at camera with hands in pockets of wide-belted black jacket
C-MVI-H5 PR: MLS of Gina smiling wide as she models black teddy
C-MVI-H6 PR: PRT of Trudy posed in decorated black halter & pants, hands on hips, kissable lips
C-MVI-H7 PR: MLS of Trudy & Gina posed back-to-back with upheld guns, wearing black & red outfits, respectively, ocean in bg
C-MVI-H8 MLS of Tubbs & shirtless Crockett investigating case at marina
C-MVI-H9 MCU of Crockett & Caitlin Davies [Sheena Easton] smiling at each other as they prepare to take wedding vows
C-MVI-I1 Cont. #H9, MS of Caitlin smiling up at Crockett, who faces OS priest with best man Tubbs at his side
C-MVI-I2 Cont. #I1, Crockett about to kiss his bride as Tubbs looks on
C-MMC-A PR: FLV of entire Mickey Mouse Club cast of kids, plus Jimmie & Roy, all posed in cowboy duds
C-MSMH-A PR: PRT of Velda [Lindsay Bloom] cuddled up to Hammer [Stacy Keach], with big smile
C-MSMH-B PR: MCU of Hammer posed in office with hat brim pulled over forehead, lighting makes shot
C-MSMH-C PR: PRT of Hammer in hat & trenchcoat, loose red tie, red bg
C-MSMH-D PR: MLS of Hammer with hat knocked back, bent to place hands on knee, coat off to show shoulder holster, red bg
C-MSMH-E PR: PRT of Velda in lowcut dark blue sweater, light blue bg
C-MSMH-F PR: PRT of smiling Velda in u-neck light blue sweater
C-MSMH-G PR: FLV of Jenny [Lee Benton], bartender at Hammer's favorite gin mill, kneeling on floor, in white leather bikini
C-MSMH-H PR: FLV of Jenny, body profiled as she bends to touch knees while smiling into camera, wearing powder blue leotard
C-MSMH-I MS of Hammer standing at phone booth with hand in pocket, eyes riveted to his left
C-MSMH-J PR: group PRT of Hammer, Barrington [Kent Williams], Velda & Chambers [Don Stroud]
C-MSMH-K PR: MS of Hammer, in trench coat & fedora, holding Velda, in blue sweater, from behind, red bg
C-MSMH-L PR: MLS of smiling Hammer & Velda, he sitting in shirt sleeves & knocked back hat, she with arm around his shoulder, wearing tight red sweater & black skirt
C-MSMH-M PR: MLS of grinning Hammer posed with gun raised & hand on hip, tie hanging loose, blue bg
C-MSMH-N PR: MS of Velda in tight orange knit dress with plunging neckline, posed with hands on hips during location shoot
C-MSMH-O PR: MS of Velda posed with hair done up & arms folded, wearing purple dress & sweater set
C-MSMH-P PR: MLS of Hammer leaning arm against door to office with tie & shirt undone, hat tipped back & Betsy in holster
C-MSMH-Q PR: PRT of smiling Velda in tight blue cotton top & matching jacket, orange bg
C-MSMH-R PR: MS of svelte Velda, hair done up, flanked tightly by Barrington & Chambers, orange bg
C-MSMH-S MS of Hammer sitting at his desk with cigarette, looking up from paper as Velda pours coffee
C-MSMH-T Hammer gazes out window bearing his name & number
C-MSMH-U MLS of Hammer, in trenchcoat & hat, standing on stairs just below street level
C-MSMH-V MS of Hammer on phone with guest star Susan Anton at his shoulder looking tense. Deadly Prey
C-MSMH-W MS of Susan, wearing lowcut black party dress, smiling wide at OS Hammer
C-MCL-A PR: cast PRT of Jack Killian [Gary Cole], Devon King [Wendy Kilbourne], Billy Po [Dennis Dun], Deacon Bridges [Mykelti Williamson] & Lt. Carl Zymak [Arthur Taxier]
C-MCL-B PR: PRT of Killian, Po, Zymak & Devon, all smiles
C-MCL-C PR: Killian & Devon pose in radio station booth
C-MCL-D PR: PRT of serious Killian with arms folded
C-MCL-E PR: PRT of Killian in black tee & leather jacket
C-MCL-F PR: MS of Killian as late night talk show host
C-MCL-G PR: PRT of smiling Devon wearing red suit jacket
C-MCL-H PR: PRT of Devon in black dress against white bg
C-MCL-I Cont. #H, different pose with smile added
C-MIM-A PR: burning fuse title logo above Jim Phelps [Peter Graves] holding gun on man as Cinnamon [Barbara Bain] looks on
C-MIM-B PR: PRT of Phelps bending over seated Rollin Hand [Martin Landau] & Cinnamon
C-MIM-C PR: montage of Phelps, Barney [Greg Morris], Willie [Peter Lupus] & Casey [Lynda Day George] in CU
C-MIM-D PR: Paris [Leonard Nimoy], Barney, Willie & Meredyth [Dina Merrill] hover over Phelps as he reads communications directory. Controllers, Part 1
C-MIM-E PR: cast PRT of Phelps, Barney & Willie standing behind seated Paris & Meredyth, all looking just aside. Controllers, Part 1
C-MIM-F PR: cast PRT of Phelps, Barney, Willie & Paris
C-MIM-G PR: PRT of smiling Paris, Phelps & Willie
C-MIM-H PR: horizontal PRT of refitted IMF Team: Phelps [Graves], Casey [Terry Markwell], Max Harte [Antony Hamilton], Grant Collier [Phil Morris] & Nicholas Black [Thaao Penghlis], all smiles against velvet bg
C-MIM-I PR: vertical PRT as above with rest of team aligned behind seated Phelps
C-MIM-J PR: FLV of team posed side-by-side with Shannon [Jane Badler] taking over for Casey
C-MIM-K PR: FLV of group as above posed in den setting
C-MIM-L PR: FLV of team tightly posed in outdoor park setting
C-MIM-M PR: FLV of [l to r] Collier, Phelps, Shannon & Harte posed in front of house
C-MIM-N PR: PRT of Harte wearing white tee & leather jacket
C-MIM-O PR: PRT of Harte, in dark blue denim shirt, tight-lipped against crushed velvet bg
C-MIM-P Cont. #O, Harte crosses hand over to shoulder
C-MIM-Q PR: PRT of Black bent forward with tight smile, sans glasses
C-MIM-R PR: PRT of Black wearing buttoned black shirt & glasses
C-MIM-S PR: MS of Black smartly attired in red tie, black blazer
C-MIM-T PR: PRT of Casey in orange jacket, crushed velvet bg
C-MIM-U PR: FLV of Casey standing with arms folded, wearing orange jacket over matching blouse & black skirt, crushed velvet bg
C-MIM-V PR: PRT of Shannon on blue bg
C-MIM-W PR: FLV of Harte & Collier playing muscled soldiers, aiming weapons at camera in gritty, smoky setting
C-MSQD-A PR: PRT of Pete, Julie & Linc
C-MSQD-B PR: FLV of Linc, Julie & Pete in hip 60s attire, posed against psychedelic backdrop
C-MNK-A FLV of Jones, Peter Tork & Mike Nesmith playing guitars on stage, gathered tightly around Micky Dolenz on drums
C-MNK-C PR: FLV of David, Mickey, Peter & Mike seated in director's chairs bearing their logo & first names, all wearing tuxedos & facing camera
C-MNK-D PR: FLV of David, listening to transistor radio, Mickey & Peter sitting on mat at edge of sand in beachwear
C-MNK-E PR: MS of Mike, in orange cowboy shirt & green ski cap, & Mickey, in green pocketed sport shirt with arms folded, posed side-by-side at door
MONROES, THE - 1966-1967
C-MON-A MS of Clayt [Michael Anderson Jr.] embracing Kathy [Barbara Hershey] from behind
MR. BELVEDERE - 1985-90
C-MRB-A Belvedere [Christopher Hewett] stands over table where seated George [Bob Uecker] & Marsha [Ilene Graff], are all looking at something OS
C-MRB-B PR: 1989-90 cast PRT posed around couch, including Kevin [Rob Stone], Heather [Tracy Wells] & Wesley [Brice Beckham]
MUPPET SHOW, THE - 1976-81
C-MUP-A MS of Raquel Welch, in lowcut dress, tickling Fozzie Bear under chin. He appears to really like it
C-MUP-B FLV of Elke Sommer, in floor-length silver gown, singing
C-MUP-C Cont. #B, MS of Elke singing as chorus line of muppets joins in
C-MBB-A PR: FLV of mystery writer Hank Mercer [Robert Hays], sitting at typewriter, yielding floor to fictional alter ego Biff Deegan [also Hays] with big gun
C-MRL-A PR: PRT of Adam Berwid [Jurgen Prochnow] tautly holding shoulders of wife Ewa [Candice Bergen]
MURDER 101 - 1990 [TV MOVIE]
C-M101-A PR: MS of bearded English Professor Charles Lattimore [Pierce Brosnan] smiling for camera with books under arm on campus
C-MUR-A MS of jaunty, smiling Jessica Fletcher [Angela Lansbury] in jogging gear
MURPHY BROWN - 1988-97
C-MBN-A PR: MS of smiling Murphy Brown [Candice Bergen], in white blouse & blue blazer, holding pencil
C-MBN-B PR: MS of Murphy, in red blazer, posed with arms crossed by Miles [Grant Shaud], holding video tapes
C-MBN-C PR: Murphy, wearing red sweater, pulls Miles' head from behind so his chin rests atop her blonde locks
MURPHY'S LAW - 1988-89
C-MLW-A PR: PRT of insurance investigator Daedalus Murphy [George Segal] in brown overcoat & tipped back hat
C-MLW-B PR: PRT of Murphy as above with pinup girl Kimiko [Maggie Han] smiling atop his shoulder, blue bg
C-MSS-A PR: FLV of smiling Samantha Russell [Pam Dawber] sitting on stool with camera, in tan pants & yellow jacket
C-MSS-B PR: PRT of Samantha & her teen sister Patti [Rebecca Schaeffer], arms linked & flashing ivories
MY THREE SONS - 1960-72
C-MTS-A PR: cast PRT of Douglas family: Steve [Fred McMurray], Mike [Tim Considine], Robbie [Don Grady], & Chip [Stanley Livingston] plus Uncle Charley [William Demarest], all smiles
MY TWO DADS - 1987-90
C-M2D-A PR: PRT of Nicole Bradford [Staci Keanan], happy with her two dads Michael Taylor [Paul Reiser] & Joey Harris [Greg Evigan], all smiles in flat
C-M2D-B Cont. #B, Nicole irritated with bickering dads behind her
C-M2D-C PR: PRT of Nicole bringing faces of her dads close to hers with both hands, blue bg
C-M2D-D PR: MLS of free-spirit Joey posed back-to-back with yuppie businessman Michael, white bg
C-M2D-E PR: MLS of sharply clothed Joey offering advise to conservatively clad Michael
C-M2D-F PR: PRT of pretty teenage Nicole wearing white blouse & wide smile, red bg
C-MWW-A BS: candid MCU of Duncan Regehr, who plays Errol Flynn, at news conference
C-MWW-B Cont. #A, profile MCU of Regehr smiling at reporter as she asks him question about role
C-MWW-C Cont. #B, MS of Regehr with Barbara Hershey, who plays Lili Damita, at his side
C-MWW-D BS: MCU of Regehr, wearing gray silk shirt & tweed sport coat, smiling aside between takes
C-MWW-E Cont. #D, slightly fuller MS
C-MWW-F PR: PRT of dapper lady-killer Flynn in smart tailored outfit
C-MWW-G PR: tighter PRT of Flynn, in different gray suit, looking away slightly
C-MWR-A Surreal profile MS of silhouetted Ahbleza [Robert Beltran] riding against boiling sunset
C-MWR-B MS of Ahbleza on horseback raising leather pouch over head with words to his god
NAME OF THE GAME - 1968-71
C-NG-A PR: MLS of nattily dressed Jeff Dillion [Tony Franciosa], Glenn Howard [Gene Barry] & Dan Farrell [Robert Stack]
C-NP-A PR: cast PRT of Phoebe, Prof. Everett & his three relentlessly cute children posed on staircase prop
C-NP-B PR: MLS of Phoebe posed smiling with armload of toys
NANNY, THE - 1993-99
C-NNY-A PR: FLV of Fran Fine [Fran Drescher] wearing bathrobe & pink slippers, bumping shoulders with Maxwell Sheffield [Charles Shaughnessy], in black blazer & brown trousers
C-NNY-B PR: FLV of beaming Fran in black dress & hat with fur trim, seated on park bench & holding red parasol
C-NNY-C PR: PRT of classy C.C. Babcock [Lauren Lane] in white blouse & pin-striped black blazer
C-NSH-A PR: FLV of Joe Dominguez [Cheech Marin], Nash Bridges [Don Johnson], Kelly Weld [Serena Scott Thomas], Lt. A.J. Shimamura [Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa] leaning against 'cuda, Golden Gate bridge in bg
C-NSH-B Beaming Mayor Bryn Carson [Mary Mara] puts arms around shoulders of Dominguez & Bridges, seated at either side of her
C-NSH-C PR: smiling Dominguez & Bridges posed side by side
C-NSH-D PR: MLS of Bridges with arm around waist of Simone Dubois [RuPaul)], wearing leopard print dress
C-NSH-E PR: moody PRT of Bridges wearing intense expression
C-NSH-F PR: MS of Bridges in fashion magazine-type pose facing aside
C-NSH-G PR: DA of Bridges kneeling on wet street & eyeing camera
C-NSH-H PR: FLV of Bridges standing before his 'cuda, hands in blazer pockets
C-NSH-I PR: MS of Dominguez seated on edge of outdoor stage
C-NSH-J PR: moody PRT of Lt. Shimamura looking aside on black bg
C-NSH-K PR: PRT of Kelly flashing ivories
C-NSH-L FLV of Dominguez & Bridges in crowd during investigation
C-NSH-M FLV of Shimamura & Bridges locked onto OS activity
C-NSH-N MS of Bridges working at desk, woman in Army uniform in bg
C-NSH-O MS of Bridges at desk, listening to someone OS
C-NSH-P FLV of Dominguez & Bridges stepping from 'cuda at curb
C-NSH-Q FLV of Bridges going into action on roof, pulling gun from shoulder holster
C-NSH-R MS of Bridges in tuxedo, speaking to someone OS, bridge lights in bg
C-NSH-S PR: buddy shot of smiling Cortez, Bridges, Dominguez & Harvey Leek [Jeff Perry] posed FLV in front of fence
C-NSH-T PR: MLS of smiling Dominguez, Bridges & Caitlin Cross [Yasmine Bleeth] posed in natty suits at office
C-NSH-U PR: outdoor PRT of bronzed Bridges
C-NSH-V PR: outdoor MLS of Dominguez wearing colorful suit
C-NBY-A PR: cast PRT of black-clad undercover vice squad & their boss Lt. Krieger [Dennis Franz], all packing
C-NBY-B PR: moody PRT of black-clad Jimmy Kee [James Pax], Danny Larsen [Craig Hurley] & Alex Wheeler [Don Franklin]
C-NBY-C PR: MLS of Larsen in black outfit against glitzy bg
C-NBY-D PR: PRT of Kee posed in black with gun raised
C-NBY-E PR: PRT of Eduardo Cruz [Benjamin Bratt] in natty suit
C-NBY-F PR: MS of Paul Morrissey [Jeff Kaake] as rugged Harley rider
C-NVR-A Semi-profile MCU of holocaust survivor Mel Mermelstein [Leonard Nimoy] candidly making point of fact
C-NVR-B MS of Mermelstein as his counsel William Cox [Dabney Coleman] listens
NEW GIDGET, THE - 1986-88
C-NGT-A PR: FLV of bikini-clad Gidget [Caryn Richman] posed sitting on beach sand in front of umbrella
C-NGT-B PR: Gidget & Moondoggie [Dean Butler] sit up on elbows side- by-side on beach towel with ocean in bg
NEWHART - 1982-83
C-NEW-A PR: MS of Dick & Joanna, her arms wrapped around his shoulders from behind
C-NEW-B PR: MS of educated maid Leslie [Jennifer Holmes] carrying towels & book on renaissance theology
C-NEW-C PRT of Stephanie in soft print dress
C-NEW-D PR: PRT of Joanna in blue silk blouse, red
NIGHT COURT - 1984-92
C-NC-A PR: PRT of Harry [Harry Anderson] posed behind bench with Mary [Murphy Cross] at his arm. Bull's Baby
C-NC-B PR: group shot gathered around courtroom bench of Harry, Christine [Markie Post], Bull [Richard Moll], Selma [Selma Diamond], Dan [John Larroquette], & Mac [Charlie Robinson]
C-NC-C PR: MLS of Harry & Christine, in blue blouse & blazer, posed behind bench
C-NC-D PR: FLV of Christine seated before witness stand with legs crossed
C-NC-E Cont. #D, MS of Christine
C-NC-F PR: 1990-91 season cast PRT
C-NC-G PR: Christine, in pink blouse, black skirt & black stockings, curled up on Harry's lap in leather chair
C-NC-H PR: MS of smiling Christine, in blue dress, sitting on edge of desk in Harry's office
C-NC-I Cont. #H, opposite angle, Christine grinning with arms folded
NIGHT HEAT - 1985-91
C-NHT-A PR: MLS of night cops O'Brien [Scott Hylands], Kirkwood [Allan Royal] & Giambone [Jeff Wincott] calling from phone booth
C-NHT-B PR: PRT of smiling, shirtsleeved O'Brien with Giambone & Det. Toland [Lynda Mason Green] leaning on his shoulders
C-NCR-A PR: montage of Daniel Hugh Kelly & Barnard Hughes facing off in profile CU above frightened boy at door
C-NTG-A PR: cast PRT of uniformed cover-girl nurses Sam [Chelsea Field], Becky [Kristy Swanson], Bridget [Susan Walters], Yo [Roxanne Dawson] & Allyson [Kim Ulrich], all smiles. Red bg
C-NTG-B PR: PRT of Bridget wearing hospital greens
C-NTG-C PR: PRT of Bridget in after work lowcut black dress & patterned white jacket, pretty smile added. Blue bg
C-NTG-D PR: PRT of Becky laughing into camera, wearing loose-fitting dress
9 TO 5 - 1982-83
C-9T5-A Ladder shot of Judy [Valerie Curtin], Doralee & Violet [Rita Moreno] all with hands on hips
C-9T5-B Girls roll Hart [Peter Bonerz] out in garbage can. They're happy about it, he's not
C-NML-A PR: FLV of widow Nellie Wilder [Stella Stevens] & daughter Brinna [Terri Gerber] & Sarah [Donna Dixon] posed outside bank, arm-in-arm
C-NML-B MS of Mrs. Wilder, in low-cut black velour dress, wearing sheriff's badge
C-NH-A PR: MLS of casually clad Ian Dunross, Bartlett & Casey posed overlooking Hong Kong Harbor
C-NH-B PR: MS of Dunross, in blue & gray tweed suit & red tie, on roof overlooking Hong Kong, Bartlett regarding him from behind
C-NH-C PR: MLS of Dunross, in tan sport coat & red tie, posed with arm around waist of Casey, in beaded black dress, both holding glasses of wine, harbor spread out in bg
C-NH-D PR: MS of Dunross & Casey regarding something OS, he in tan suit & red tie, she in white blouse, arms folded
C-NH-E PR: MLS of wide-smiling Dunross, in dark gray pin-striped suit, & Casey, in black dress, posed in hotel corridor
C-NH-F PR: outdoor MCU of focused Dunross standing before pillar embossed with Chinese characters
C-NH-G PR: outdoor MCU of Dunross, in gray suit & vest with red tie, facing camera, bg out of focus
C-NH-H PR: MCU of Dunross in deep thought, wearing pin-striped suit
C-NH-I PR: MCU of Dunross brooding, clasped fingers under chin
C-NH-J PR: MS of Dunross in sunny Hong Kong setting, looking just aside, wearing dark blue pin-striped three-piece suit
C-NH-K PR: MS of Dunross posed in front of red banner, wearing tan sport coat and red tie
C-NH-L PR: profile MS of Dunross standing outside Noble House, wearing gray three-piece suit, hands folded at waist
C-NH-M PR: MLS of Dunross, in tuxedo, smiling softly at camera
C-NH-N PR: sitting PRT of Dunross posed in front of Hong Kong Harbor, wearing white sweater over shoulders, blue dress shirt & tan corduroy pants, arms around knees
C-NH-O PR: MCU of Dunross giving someone OS stilted look, wearing blue striped dress shirt
C-NH-P Cont. #O, MS as hint of smile crosses lips
C-NH-Q PR: MCU of Dunross turning eyes skyward, wearing blue dress shirt & tweed suit
C-NH-R PR: MCU of Dunross eyeing camera while leaning elbow atop car outside Noble House, dressed as above with white sweater
C-NH-S PR: outdoor PRT of Dunross in blue shirt, heavy white sweater & green vest jacket, eyes averted
C-NH-T Cont. #S, MLS of Dunross standing with hand in pocket on street near row of potted flowers
C-NH-U PR: near FLV of Dunross standing before circular blinded window, deep in thought over serious matter
C-NH-V Superintendent Armstrong [Gordon Jackson] casts wary eye on Dunross, who fixes gaze just OS near police car
C-NH-W Cont. #D, FLV of Dunross & Casey, their feet placed at marks
C-NH-X Cont. #V, pair posed against fender of Rolls Royce as officials look on
C-NH-Y MCU of Dunross in same tan suit turned aside, slight UA
C-NH-Z MS of Dunross, in pin-striped suit, sitting back in desk chair, eyes slightly downcast
C-NH-A1 Cont. #Z, twists in chair & grins
C-NH-A2 MS of Dunross in black suit with black & gold tie, lips pursed & strands of hair over forehead
C-NH-A3 Cont. #A2, turned aside, in profile
C-NH-A4 MCU of glum Dunross in pin-striped suit, eyes front
C-NH-A5 FLV of Casey seated at stern of boat, classy in blue sating blouse & white slacks with sunglasses
C-NH-A6 FLV of Venus Poon [Tia Carrera], confection in red party dress & high heels, holding poodle
C-NH-A7 MS of Dunross taking hard-nosed view of Phillip Chen's [Burt Kwouk] offering
C-NH-A8 Cont. #A7, Dunross sits Chen down & gets in his face
C-NH-A9 FLV of Dunross at odds with scenery as he rides Chinese junk
C-NH-B1 Cont. #A9, tight on Dunross, harbor & skyline in bg
C-NH-B2 MS of tuxedoed Dunross & Casey chatting with Bartlett & Orlanda at social event
C-NH-B3 Dunross [favored] & Casey enjoying each other's company while eating with chopsticks on couch
C-NH-B4 Dunross kneels over fallen jockey at racetrack as others look on
C-N&S-A PR: FLV of uniformed Billy [Parker Stevenson], George Hazard [James Read], Orry Main [Patrick Swayze] & fourth soldier flanking cannon & confederate flag on battlefield
C-N&S-B PR: MLS of Hazard & Main standing side-by-side in respective Union & Confederate uniforms
C-N&S-C PR: MS of Main & Hazard posed in civilian suits outside estate
C-N&S-D PR: MCU of uniformed Hazard in wooded area
C-N&S-E PR: FLV of scarred Justin LaMotte [David Carradine] posed wearing sidearm at fireplace
C-N&S-F PR: MLS of natilly-attired Charles Main [Lewis Smith] standing at wrought iron railing
C-N&S-G PR: PRT of Virgilia [Kirstie Alley] in red dress & black hat
C-N&S-H MS of Grady [Georg Stanford Brown] pointing rifle at OS antagonist as Virgilia looks on in home
C-N&S-I PR: MS of Orry, in red shirt & uniform, holding Confederate flag
C-N&S-J Main family PRT of Orry, Charles, Clarissa [Jean Simmons], Brett [Genie Francis] & Ashton [Terri Garber], on estate steps
C-N&S-K Outdoor sitting PRT of prewar gentleman Orry
C-N&S-L Low angle MLS of Orry standing in garden area, posed in black suit, leaning on cane
C-N&S-M MS of Orry in tan Confederate uniform
C-N&S-N MLS of Orry in full dress uniform & overcoat, posed against stormy skies
C-N&S-O PRT of Hazard & Orry shoulder-to-shoulder in cadet uniforms
C-N&S-P Cont. #O, soldiers set against backdrop of civil turmoil blended with infantry battle action
C-N&S-Q MLS of battle-soiled & bloodied pair standing side-by-side before pair of flags
C-N&S-R PRT of pair in opposing uniforms placed in oval frame & surrounded by rah-rah artwork
C-N&S-S MS of Madeline Fabray [Lesley-Anne Down] posed in black dress, hand on hip
C-N&S-T Shirtless Orry embraces Madeline from behind as she, in undergarments only, responds lovingly
C-N&R-A PR: MS of Rawhide MacGregor [William Shatner] on horseback, wearing cowboy hat & Levi jacket
C-N&R-B PR: MS of smiling MacGregor standing holding reins of horse, wearing cowboy hat, shirt & jeans
C-NX-A PR: cast PRT of offbeat Cicely, Alaskans: Dr. Joel Fleischman [Rob Morrow], nurse Marilyn [Elaine Miles], bartender Holling Vincoeur [John Cullum], his young squeeze Shelly Tambo [Cynthia Geary], innocent Ed Chigliak [Darren E. Burrows], DJ Chris [John Corbett] & ex-astronaut Maurice [Barry Corbin]
C-NX-B Cont.#A, tighter version of smiling group
C-NX-C PR: warmly jacketed Joel & Maggie cuddle in front of totem with signs pointing to NY & other odd cities
C-NX-D PR: MS of ferverent fusser Joel wearing black v-neck sweater & suit coat & slacks, hands on hips
C-NX-E PR: MS of grinning Chris wearing light beard, jeans, sweatshirt & jacket, leaning against house
C-NX-F PR: MS of pouty-lipped Ed leaning against wall
C-NX-G PR: PRT of Shelly flashing dimpled smile
C-NX-H PR: PRT of Maggie flashing dimpled smile
C-NX-I PR: Maggie shows sensuous side as she cradles small dog & aims beautiful eyes at camera
C-NX-J PR: PRT of Maggie that accentuates bare shoulders & long neck, hands holding black dress up
C-NIC-A PR: cast PRT of smiling Max [Bill Macy], David [Todd Waring] & Jacqueline [Wendy Kilbourne]
C-NIC-B PR: PRT of smiling David in sweater & tie
C-NIC-C PR: PRT of Jacqueline in purple silk blouse & blue-green suit jacket, lips parted, blue bg
C-OPB-A PR: MS of Alicia [Lee Remick] holding bundled granddaughter as Dr. Felix Neumann [Patrick McGoohan] coldy eyes her in bg
C-OMW-A PR: PRT of Diane Putnam [Jane Seymour] sitting on Tony's [Tim Matheson] lap, she wearing blue crisscross blouse & gold necklace, hair done up, orange bg
OH, MADELINE! - 1983-89
C-OHM-A PR: ABC logo & title over MS of Madeline [Madeline Kahn] & Charlie [James Sloyan] riding motorcycle
OHARA - 1987-88
C-OHR-A PR: MS of Ohara [Pat Morita] pulling back sport jacket to show gun & police badge attached to belt, blue bg
C-OHR-B PR: sitting PRT of Ohara with partner Shaver [Robert Clohessy] bent behind him against skyscraper bg
C-OF-A PR: MS of fireman Joe Leary [John Forsythe] talking on phone beside fire truck as flames stir in bg
C-O&A-A PR: PRT of cast seated on set stair box: Rick Sammler [Billy Campbell] & his kids, Eli [Shane West] & Jessie [Evan Rachel Wood]; Lily Manning [Sela Ward] & her siblings, Grace [Julia Whelan] & Zoe [Meredith Deane]
C-O&A-B PR: MLS of Rick resting arm on Eli's shoulder as he holds clinging Jessie with other arm
C-O&A-C PR: MLS of Lily posed with daughters leaning against her
C-O&A-D PR: romantic PRT of Lily wrapping arms around Rick from behind, both in long-sleeved white shirts
C-O&A-E PR: PRT of Rick nuzzling Lily's cheek as she sits in his lap, both smiling wide against red bg
C-O&A-F PR: PRT of beaming Lily in black sweater & blue jeans. Red bg
C-O&A-G PR: PRT of Rick in green pullover shirt, arms folded. Red bg
C-O&A-H PR: PRT of grinning Jake [Jeffrey Nordling] in dress shirt & tie, hands in pants pockets against green bg
C-O&A-I PR: MLS of smiling Karen [Susanna Thompson] in sweater & slacks, hands in pockets, against green bg
C-O&A-J PR: wedding PRT of both families, all smiles
C-O&A-K Profile MS of Rick & Lily sharing quiet moment over coffee
C-O&A-L MLS of Rick & Lily in a tense moment with her daughters
C-O&A-M PR: BS PRT of Campbell with members of production team
C-OTG-A PR: PRT of Carrie Burton [Susan Rinell] & her mother [Mariette Hartley], both smiling, red bg
C-OTG-B PR: MLS of nervous Carrie holding notebook to chest as school teacher Mr. Brennan [Wayne Rogers] checks her out
C-OWE-A PR: MLS of General Bull Simons [Burt Lancaster] & H. Ross Perot [Richard Crenna] standing outside Iranian prison gate
OPEN HOUSE - 1989-90
C-OPN-A PR: FLV of Geneva [Arleen Sorkin] sitting with legs tucked on chair & dressed in cute black & white maid uniform
C-OFH-A PR: Group shot of Danzig & McKay families, including Vincent Danzig [Eli Wallach], Patrick McKay [Kenneth McMillian] & Cole [Michael Woods]
OUR HOUSE - 1986
C-OH-A PR: PRT of Jesse [Deidre Hall] sitting with arms folded, wearing orange silk dress with black pattern, blue bg
C-OH-B PR: PRT of smiling Jesse in multi-colored blouse with red orchid in hair
C-OMB-A PR: MS of Miss Brooks [Eve Arden], in gray dress with white collar, seated on couch smiling
C-OBK-A PR: FLV of Beverly Hills fashion plate Samantha Hollings [Donna Mills], seated on trunk while feeding baby kangaroo
C-OLW-A PR: outdoor PRT of Grail, Wolf, kneeling Billy, Ice & standing Harland posed in cowboy duds
C-OLW-B PR: MS of Grail, serious as he leans into camera, wearing black cowboy hat, blue bandana & blue shirt
C-OLW-C PR: FLV of Texicans posed outside by trees with Maggie, Grail's arm around her shoulder
C-OLW-D PR: FLV of smiling Texicans posed against hills
C-OLW-E MS of Wolf & Billy in outdoor pose
C-OLW-F PR: MS of Wolf, holding rifle across shoulders, & Billy, gun in hand, side by side against hills
C-OWL-G PR: PRT of smiling Billy
C-OWL-H PR: MS of smiling Billy leaning against fence
C-OWL-I PR: profile MCU of Harland looking seriously mean
C-OTS-A PR: cast PRT of mid-60s Greasers & Socs
C-OTS-B PR: FLV of Greasers side-by-side walking toward camera
C-OTS-C PR: FLV of Greasers side-by-side running toward camera
C-OTS-D PR: PRT of Ponyboy Curtis [Jay R. Ferguson], Sodapop [Rodney Harvey] & Darrel [Boyd Kestner]
C-OTS-E PR: PRT of Two-Bit Matthews [David Arquette]
C-OTS-F PR: sitting PRT of Randy Adderson [Scott Coffey]
C-OTS-G PR: FLV of Ponyboy sitting in tall grass
C-OTS-H PR: MS of Sodapop looking over shoulder into camera
C-OTS-I PR: MS of Darrel, wearing sportshirt with sleeves cut off, arms folded
C-OTS-J PR: PRT of Steve Randle [Harold Pruett]
C-OTS-K PR: PRT of Tim Shepard [Robert Rusler]
C-OTS-L PR: PRT of Buck Merrill [Billy Bob Thornton]
C-OTS-M PR: PRT of Cherry Valance [Kim Walker], violet sweater contrasting with raven hair
C-OTS-N PR: PRT of Marcia [Jennifer McComb] in white blouse & sweater & blue plaid skirt, hands on hips
C-OTS-O PR: Tomboy Belinda "Scout" Jenkins [Heather McComb] kneels in tall grass & smiles for camera
C-ODB-A PR: FLV of Nikki Page [Jessica Lundy] sitting on fence in field beside Maxwell Beckett [Edward Woodward], over-the-hill mystery writer & obituary scribe
C-PGD-A PR: resort boss Christy Cooper [Marcy Walker] holds her protector Tommy Logan [D.W. Moffett] around neck from behind
PALS - 1987 [TV MOVIE]
C-PAL-A PR:MS of Jack Stobbs [George C. Scott], in sea captain hat & blazer, with arm around shoulder of buddy Art Riddle [Don Ameche], overlooking water
C-PNC-A PR: MLS of 30s aviatrix Pancho Barnes [Valerie Bertinelli] posed by plane with young sons & Ben Catlin [Geoffrey Lewis]
C-PNC-B PR: MLS of Pancho, in striped shirt with red tie, black trousers & black leather jacket, hands on hips. Violet sky bg
C-PAP-A PR: MS of Racine [Morgan Fairchild], in dark blue dress, eyeing camera while talking on phone
C-PAP-B PR: cast PRT of glamourously attired Racine, Teryn Blake [Nicolette Sheridan], Laurie Caswell [Terry Farrell] & Grant [Lloyd Bridges]. Blue bg
C-PAP-C Cont. #B, similar pose without Grant
C-PAP-D PR: PRT of Laurie & Teryn dressed as above
C-PAP-E PR: FLV of Racine in white floor-length evening gown with icicle trimmings, mink stole over one shoulder & hand on hip
C-PAP-F Cont. #E, MS of Racine as above
C-PAP-G Cont. #F, Racine's face more squarely eyeing camera
C-PAP-H PR: MLS of Racine posed in red, sequin-patterned evening dress slit up side, mink around arms
C-PAP-I PR: PRT of Racine, in rich dress & diamond & ruby jewelry, chin resting in palm of hand as she lays on bed, new wave hairdo
C-PAP-J PR: horizontal grouping of smiling Laurie, Taryn, Racine & Grant, all dressed to teeth, white bg
C-PDI-A PR: FLV of Ethan Allen Cord [Lee Horsley] posed with newly arrived young'uns at steps of passenger train
C-PDI-B PR: FLV of Carroll kids all dressed up for family PRT with Uncle Ethan against blue backdrop
C-PDI-C PR: FLV of Cord seated on bench outside house with kids leaning all over him, no cowboy hat
C-PDI-D PR: MLS of Cord with rifle slung over shoulder posed with kids in tall grass on sunlit day
C-PDI-E PR: FLV of Cord, kids & Amelia Lawson [Sigrid Thornton]
C-PDI-F PR: FLV of Cord & Amelia posed by buggy
C-PDI-G PR: FLV of Cord spread-legged by sign pole outside of town
C-PDI-H PR: MLS of grinning Cord, thumb hitched in gunbelt. Orange tint
C-PDI-I PR: MS of Cord sitting in grass with rifle resting on shoulder. Orange tint
C-PDI-J PR: CU of Cord. Orange tint
C-PLC-A PR: PRT of mischievously smiling Parker Lewis [Corin Nemec]
C-PLC-B PR: Parker best bud Mikey [Billy Jayne] posed with pretty girlfriend Robin [Milla Jovovich] snuggled between his legs
C-PLC-C PR: PRT of petulant principal Ms. Musso [Melanie Chartoff] in blue dress, arms folded. White bg
C-PLC-D PR: MS of Parker making pay phone call
C-PLC-E PR: profile MS of Parker face-to-face with Robin
C-PLC-F PR: MLS of school bully Larry Kubiac [Abraham Benrubi] heaving Parker off floor by neck
C-PIC-A PR: MS of Carole Stanwyck [Lynda Carter], in red top, posed with arms folded at press gathering
C-PIC-B PR: MS of smiling Sydney Kovak [Loni Anderson], in gray silk dress, posed at gathering
C-PIC-C PR: MS of ladies posed together at gathering
C-PIC-D PR: MS of pair posed holding replica of Golden Gate Bridge between them
C-PIC-E PR: MS of Sydney, in red top with white collar pulled off shoulder & Carole, in white sweater & slacks, both smiling
C-PIC-F PR: MLS of Sydney, in sexy red evening gown & Carole, in slinky, lowcut black & white number, at their most glamourous in shoulder-to-shoulder pose. Blue bg
C-PIC-G Cont. #F, ladies switch positions with Sydney seated next to standing Carole. Pink bg
C-PIC-H Cont. #G, slightly different pose, Sydney no longer smiling
C-PIC-I Cont. #H, Carole sitting & Sydney standing, both smiling.Gray bg
C-PIC-J PR: MLS of Sydney, in blue dress, holding cello, next to Carole, in white sweater & slacks, who holds camera
C-PIC-K PR: horizontal PRT of Carole, delicious in strapless white gown, & Sydney in black gown trimmed in silver. Deep blue bg
C-PIC-L PR: MS of Carole seated on couch & looking aside, wearing clinging red silk dress
C-PIC-M PR: MS of Carole dressed as in #F, hands on hips
C-PIC-O Cont. #M, PRT of Carole with bigger smile. Red bg
C-PIC-P PR: PRT of Sydney in lacy white silk dress with matching earrings, orange bg
C-PIC-Q PR: PRT of smiling Vanessa Williams wearing purple turtleneck sweater & blue coat
C-PK-A PR: Smiling zoo keepers Rebecca Cafferty [Lindsay Wagner], cradling baby kangaroo, & Dr. Jed McFadden [Tom Wopat]. MLS
C-PST-A PR: PRT of bewildered Larry Appleton [Mark Linn-Baker] & smiling Balki Bartokomous [Bronson Pinchot]. Blue bg
C-PST-B Cont. #A, Larry smiling in slightly longer shot, both wearing shirt & sweater ensembles & holding arms behind backs. Red bg
C-PST-C PR: MS of boys posed with baseball equipment. Blue bg
C-PST-D PR: MLS of Balki, in native short pants, sash & bolero jacket, holding Larry across shoulders. White bg
C-PST-E PR: PRT of smiling Balki circa 1987
C-PST-F PR: PRT of blonde beauty Jennifer [Melanie Wilson] wearing zippered tan jacket
C-PST-G PR: MS of cute & bubbly Mary Anne [Rebecca Arthur] in white top, blue jeans & matching jacket
C-PRY-A PR: PRT of bearded Perry Mason [Raymond Burr] holding Della Street [Barbara Hale] from behind
C-PRS-A PR; MLS of ever dapper Lord Brett Sinclair [Roger Moore] in double-breasted pin-striped suit, one hand on hip, other holding cigar, face lit
C-PRS-B PR: MS of Sinclair wearing green silk shirt & ascot, hair tousled by wind, smiling just OS
C-PRS-C PR; MLS of Sinclair, in tan slacks & shirt, with arm around smiling young lady
C-PRS-D MS of Sinclair, sharp in tan dinner jacket, black bow tie & white ruffled shirt, blonde in tow
C-PRS-E FLV of Sinclair backed against wall during tense search for criminals, suit coat flying open
C-PJ-A FLV of Kate Bradley [Bea Benaderet] & her three daughters Billie Jo [Meredith MacRae], Bobbie Jo [Lori Saunders] & Betty Jo [Linda Kaye] having fun dancing in lobby of Shady Rest Hotel
C-PMP-A PR: MLS of Marlowe [Powers Boothe], pulling back suit coat to expose shoulder holster, posed with lady costar in LAPD office
C-PMP-B PR: moody FLV of Marlowe sans coat, sitting on side of chair with arm around satin-robed blonde
C-PMP-C PR: MS of Marlowe, in brown suit & fedora, pausing for smoke under street light
C-PMP-D PR: FLV of Marlowe eyeing camera while lighting cigarette as gowned mystery lady stretches in bg
C-PMP-E PR: MS of woman, back to camera, lighting Marlowe's cigarette
C-PMP-F PR: FLV of Marlowe seting foot on running board of car, eyeing camera as girlfriend Annie Riordan [Katherine Leigh Scott] smiles at him
C-PMP-G MS of Marlowe, cigarette in mouth, & Annie focusing attention on something OS
C-PUP-A PR: PRT of Don Hagan [James Farentino] holding Lynette Harding [Margot Kidder] from behind. Red bg
C-PL-A PR: MS of summertime romantics Ben Scott [Barry Bostwick] & Lillian Benton [Joanna Cassidy] in outdoor embrace
C-PL-B PR: MLS of Annie Benton [Tracy Nelson], Lillian & Eve Harper [Linda Purl] clad in shorts & swimwear
C-PLR-A PR: FLV of nine-member cast posed outdoors: Nicole Julian [Tammy Lynn Michaels], Mary Cherry [Leslie Grossman], Carmen Ferrara [Sara Rue], "Sugar Daddy" Bernadino [Ron Lester], Sam McPherson [Carly Pope], Josh Ford [Bryce Johnson], Lily Esposito [Tamara Mello], Brooke McQueen [Leslie Bibb] & Harrison John [Christopher Gorham]
C-PLR-B PR: studio FLV PRT of smiling cast
C-PLR-C PR: MLS of cast posed near bottom of staircase
C-PLR-D  PR: MLS of adversarial new sisters Brooke & Sam
C-PLR-E PR: PRT of Lily in brown leather sleeveless number
C-PLR-F PR: PRT of Mary Cherry, in tight black top, vamping
C-PLR-G PR: PRT of smiling Brooke in white top, arms folded
C-PLR-H PR: PRT of Sam in black top, lips parted
C-PLR-I   PR: PRT of serious Nicole in white satin blouse
C-PLR-J   PR: PRT of Carmen, hair fanning away from face
C-PLR-K  PR: PRT of earnest Josh, hint of smile on face
C-POS-A PR: FLV of stockbroker Janet Janeway [Michele Greene], mother of two Meredith Lanahan [Lynda Carter], & Yale honor student Abigail Baywood [Amanda Peterson] all posed in sexy lingerie for Playboy Magazine
C-POS-B PR: three-element side-by-side shot of women in different undergarments
C-PSN-A PR: PRT of icy Vice Adm. Takahashi [George Takei]
PRIVATE EYE - 1987-88
C-PVT-A PR: PRT of Johnny Betts [Josh Brolin] leaning forearm on shoulder of 50s P.I. partner Jack Cleary [Michael Woods]
C-PVT-B PR: shadowy MCU of pair looking thru blinds
PROBE - 1988
C-PBE-A PR: MS of young scientist genius Austin James [Parker Stevenson] sitting with arms folded in gadget-laden "batcave," his disarming secretary/helper Mickey Castle [Ashley Crow] parked behind him
C-PBE-B PR: pair lean elbows on desk while grinning for camera
C-PBE-C PR: MS of Austin, chin resting on cupped hands at lab table, hint of smile on face
C-PBE-D PR: MLS of Austin seated on stool before electronic equipment, elbow to knee & hand to cheek
C-PBE-E PR: MS of Austin posed outdoors in black leather jacket
C-PROF-A PR: seven-element shot of armed C15 agents Doyle, Bodie & Cowley in action. Includes title
C-PROF-B PR: shoulder to shoulder MS of Doyle, Cowley & Bodie, latter with hands in pockets of jacket
C-PROF-C PR: MS of Doyle [open shirt & jacket] & Bodie [black turtleneck, white jacket] in tight outdoor pose
C-PROF-D PR: MS of armed agents, Doyle in cowboy shirt & Bodie wearing white turtleneck. Black bg
C-PROF-E PR: outdoor MS of serious pair side by side in casual shirts & jackets
C-PROF-F PR: MS of boys aiming guns straight at camera
C-PROF-G PR: MCU of tight-lipped Bodie, slitted eyes on camera
C-PROF-H PR: FLV of Bodie [tight pants, brown turtleneck] leaning against car, thumbs hitched in belt
C-PROF-I PR: MS of Doyle wearing flannel shirt over white tee, leaning back against tree, thumbs hitched in belt
C-PROF-J PR: cover of Sept. 19, 1981, British magazine TITBITS featuring Doyle in pressed blue shirt & inset of Bodie & headline:
C-PROF-K Candid MS of Collins in black shirt, smiling aside at OS questioner during convention panel discussion
C-PROF-L Cont. #K, MCU of Collins stretching arms
C-PROF-M Cont. #L, pullback of Collins reacting to question with embarrassed smile
C-PROF-N Candid profile MS of Collins at another appearance wearing open blue sport shirt
C-PROF-O Cont. #N, MCU of Collins turned to camera & grinning
C-PROF-P Candid MLS of Collins sneaking up on Shaw & kissing him on cheek off camera. A Musthave for all ProFans!
C-PRMS-A PR: PRT of Bob Beuhler [James Garner] & schizo brother D.J. [James Woods]. Blue bg
C-QN-A PR: MLS of film producer David Konig [Kirk Douglas] seated with arm around Queenie [Mia Sara], both smartly attired, India setting bg
QUINCY M.E. - 1976-82
C-QCY-A MS of Quincy [Jack Klugman] in lab smock
C-RAF-A PR: warm PRT of Dr. Sid Rafferty [Patrick McGoohan] in red & white checked sport shirt. Red bg
RAGS TO RICHES - 1987-88
C-RTR-A PR: red title over cast PRT of millionaire playboy Nick Foley [Joseph Bologna] encircled by his beautiful adopted daughters aged 7 to 16. Red bg
RANGE RIDER - 1951-52
C-RR-A PR: MS of Range Rider [Jock Mahoney] feeding squirrel perched on his shoulder
RAT PATROL - 1966-68
C-RAT-A PR: MS of commandos Sgt. Sam Troy [Christopher George], Sgt. Jack Moffitt [Gary Raymond], Pvt. Mark Hitchcock [Lawrence Casey] & Pvt. Tully Pettigrew [Justin Tarr] by jeep
C-RMR-A PR: PRT of Donald Marshak [James Naughton] wrapping arms around neck of daughter Miranda [Royana Black]
RAWHIDE - 1959-66
C-RAW-A PR: four-element shot: Rowdy Yates [Clint Eastwood] riding range; posed in field alone; Roddy & Gil Favor [Eric Fleming]; Wishbone [Paul Brinegar], Rowdy & Favor posed on locomotive cowcatcher with hats in hands
C-RAW-B PR: final year ensemble cast PRT
C-RAW-C PR: PRT of Rowdy wearing cockeyed grin, hat in hand as he leans on hitching post
C-RAW-D PR: MCU of Rowdy sitting in tall grass
REAL MCCOYS - 1957-63
C-RMC-A PR: MS of Grandpa Amos McCoy [Walter Brennan] looking over shoulder & smiling beside buggy
C-RTL-A PR: woodsy outdoor PRT of Gus Stewart [Peter Fonda], his wife Delores [Deidre Hall] & son Alex [Ricky Schroder]
C-RSN-A PR: yellow-filtered PRT of hearing-impaired Assistant DA Tess Kaufman [Marlee Matlin] & Det. Dicky Cobb [Mark Harmon]
REBEL - 1959-1962
C-REB-A PR: PRT of Johnny Yuma [Nick Adams] resting chin on clasped hands
C-RS-A PR: MS of Laura seated sideways but facing camera, wearing red business suit
C-RS-B PR: MLS of Laura pointing thumb at Steele, behind her looking innocent. Red bg
C-RS-C PR: MS of sly smiling Steele, in tuxedo, & Laura, in white jacket. Yellow bg
C-RS-D PR: MS of Laura (snappy cap, brown suede jacket, white shirt & scarf) & Steele (black shirt & white pullover sweater), in front of office door
C-RS-E Cont. #D, Laura smiles at steele, who laughs into camera
C-RS-F PR: MS of Steele, in spiffy tan suit, looking up from desk. Blue bg
C-RS-G PR: title in red above MCU of Laura & Steele turned aside & smiling. Black bg
C-RS-H PR: MS of Laura & Steele standing chest-to-chest while smiling into camera, he in tuxedo, she in black sleeveless dress. Title in big block letters on jigsaw puzzle design in bg
C-RS-I PR: MS of Steele seated at desk, Laura leaning on chair behind him, both eyeing camera. Blue bg
C-RS-J Cont. #I, Steele looks up at Laura, who hushes him while taking phone call
C-RS-K PR: PRT of serious Steele in tuxedo against large blowup of private investigator license
C-RS-L PR: PRT of Steele wearing quiet smile & tan suit. Blue bg
C-RS-M PR: PRT of Steele, handsome in tan overcoat, gray suit, white scarf & yellow tie. Blue bg
C-RS-N PR: MS of Laura posed looking aside, wearing gray blouse & hat with white blazer, license in bg
C-RS-O PR: MS of serious Laura posed in white blouse, suede jacket & sporty tan cap before office door
C-RS-P PR: FLV of Laura posed standing with legs crossed & hands on hips, wearing white blouse, green jacket & blue jeans, yellow bg
C-RS-Q MS of Steele, in dark suit & red tie, turned aside, concern on face
C-RS-R Cont. #H, Laura holds two puzzle pieces at arms length & laughs as Steele wears wry smile
C-RS-S PR: smiling Laura & Steele stand back-to-back before giant crossword puzzle, his arms folded
C-RS-T PR: PRT of Steele, in casual polo outfit, & Laura, in smartly tailored suit & cap
C-RS-U PR: MLS of Laura sitting on Steele's knee, he in tuxedo & she in black dress. Red bg
C-RS-V Cont. #G, same shot of Laura & Steele turned aside without title
C-RS-W PR: smashing PRT of Steele posed in tux with finger to forehead. Notorious poster in bg
C-RS-X PR: horizontal PRT of smiling Steele in tux. Blue bg
C-RS-Y PR: candid MS of Brosnan in black suit, white dress shirt & red tie
C-RS-Z PR: PRT of smiling Steele in same suit, but different red tie
C-RS-A1 Cont. #L, PRT of Steele wearing bigger smile & tan suit
C-RS-A2 PR: PRT of Steele in spiffy three-piece gray suit, hands in pants pocket. Blue bg
C-RS-A3 Cont. #M, different pose with scarf removed
C-RS-A4 PR: FLV of Steele modeling tailored slacks & sport jacket worn with sweater, dress shirt & tie. Outfit & backdrop done in shades of purple
C-RS-A5 PR: MS of smiling Steele, kicked back & casual in faded jeans, white sport shirt & blue blazer
C-RS-A6 PR: MS of Steele on location, wearing white warm-up jacket unzipped to show off chest, lips parted
C-RS-A7 Cont. #A6, Steele squares shoulders to camera & smiles
C-RS-A8 PR: FLV of Steele seated in rear seat of car reading newspaper. Headline declares: STEELE PURE GOLD
C-RS-A9 MCU of Steele & Laura plotting next move from behind desk during night raid on house
C-RS-B1 MLS of Steele sitting on couch with lady in white pantsuit who is showing interest
C-RS-B2 PR: horizontal PRT of Steele, Laura & Mildred posed one behind other, ladies smiling
C-RS-B3 PR: trio peek out from behind doorway, Steele & Mildred smiling
C-RS-B4 PR: MS of Laura (checked blouse & black blazer) with hands on Steele's shoulders, he in tweed sport jacket & open white shirt
C-RS-B5 PR: PRT of Steele & Laura leaning against tree, she in red dress, he in white dress shirt
C-RS-B6 PR: MLS of Steele (tailored double-breasted suit) & woman from past Anna Simpson[Cassandra Harris] in lowcut blue sequined dress, posed with arms around each other. Woman of Steele
C-RS-B7 Cont. #K, PRT of smiling Steele against blowup of P.I. license
C-RS-B8 Cont. #W, PRT of Steele, finger no longer to forehead, with Notorious poster in bg
C-RS-B9 PR: MS of smiling Steele in tuxedo, one hand in pants pocket, other across upturned knee
C-RS-B10 PR: MS of Steele with white dress shirt & black bow tie undone, black suit jacket over shoulders & hands in pockets of slacks
C-RS-B11 PR: MS of Steele, in gray suit, relaxed behind wheel of convertible, smiling into camera
C-RS-B12 PR: semi-profile MS of smiling Steele in white sport jacket & black shirt, eyes squinting from Sun overlooking area
C-RS-B13 PR: MS of serious Steele, in half open white dress shirt, leaning against tree
C-RS-B14 Cont. #B13, Steele now smiling
C-RS-B15 PR: MLS of Laura, in white halter & red & white striped shorts, sitting with cold drink overlooking beach
C-RS-B16 MS of Steele in tuxedo, standing with arms folded & smiling aside
C-RS-B17 MLS of High Flying Steele & Laura about to start trapeze act, he in white undershirt & stretch pants, she in blue tights
C-RS-B18 BS: MS of Brosnan, in red sport shirt, laughing as he picks up director's chair with his name on it
C-RS-B19 Cont. #B5, MLS of Steele with shirt now open & Laura posed in front of tree
C-RS-B20 PR: MLS of spiffy Steele & Laura wearing great smiles as they stand under umbrella near array of colorful flowers
C-RS-B21 PR: FLV of couple as in #B6 turned around in director's chairs bearing their names to pose for camera, she smiling
C-RS-B22 PR: MLS of Laura, in white top & pink pants, standing close to smiling Steele, in white trousers & open striped blue sport shirt
C-RS-B23 Cont. #B22, horizontal MCU of pair now drenched in water & wondering if they're in right line of work
C-RS-B24 MLS of Laura & Steele in colorful circus costumes, he extending his hand to someone OS
C-RS-B25 MS of Steele wearing gypsy-like circus outfit & small mustache, hustling OS rubes
C-RS-B26 MLS of Steele & Laura discussing case, she dressed like prostitute, he in striped suit
C-RS-B27 FLV of Steele & Laura in domestic nightmare, he wasted & she plopped in his lap, all hair curlers, room is a mess
C-RS-B28 MS of Steele, natty in double-breasted suit & sunglasses, watching someone OS from street
C-RS-B29 MS of Steele, in gray shirt & dark blue neck scarf, keeping eye on someone OS out of doors
C-RS-B30 FLV of derelict Steele sitting at curb & swigging wine from bag
C-RS-B31 MCU of Steele all wet as he finishes taking shower
C-RS-B32 PR: candid MS of Laura (strapless black dress) & Steele (tux) arm-in-arm at social event, both smiling for camera
C-RS-B33 Cont. #U, MS of Laura leaning back against Steele, who has loosened bow tie. Red bg
C-RS-B34 PR: MLS of Laura & Steele in summer locale, she in white dress & headband, he in white warm-up jacket & white pants, holding sunglasses & red bandana, both smiling aside
C-RS-B35 Cont. #A, MS of Laura in red business suit, pointing camera with impish smile
C-RS-B36 PR: PRT of Laura in black & white checked blouse & black blazer, bent forward with hand to cheek. Red bg
C-RS-B37 Cont. #B36, now posed with hands on hips & flashing smile
C-RS-B38 PR: MS of Laura doing surveillance in supermarket, wearing white top, black coat & fedora
C-RS-B39 PR: MCU of Laura, stylish in white jacket & matching hat with sunglasses, staring off camera
C-RS-B40 PR: outdoors PRT of smiling Steele wearing open shirt & vest & 5 o'clock shadow
C-RS-B41 PR: PRT of cool Steele in brown shirt, holding cigarette by face
C-RS-B42 PR: FLV of Steele, wearing double-breasted gray suit & glasses, surrounded by gowned beauties, including Laura
C-RS-B43 PR: MS of Steele with arms around Mildred & Laura, all smiles
C-RS-B44 PR: MLS of Steele & Laura amid swirling smoke, she in pretty white dress, he in tux
C-RS-B45 PR: MCU of smiling Steele in brown leather jacket, collar up
C-RS-B46 PR: MCU of smiling Steele leaning shoulder against tree, wearing striped sport shirt & black leather jacket
C-RS-B47 Cont. #B14, MLS, shirt now hanging out of white trousers
C-RS-B48 PR: PRT of Laura tilting head back & laughing, wearing white dress & strand of pearls, hair done up
C-RS-B49 PR: MS of wide smiling Steele with human skull tucked under arm, wearing snappy black & white tweed double-breasted suit
C-RS-B50 PR: MS of smiling Steele holding baby wearing only bib
C-RS-B51 PR: MS of brightly smiling Steele, Laura & Mildred posed shoulder-to-shoulder, all dressed to nines
C-RS-B52 PR: MS of Steele posed behind Laura, he in dark suit, she in tan striped suit, including hat
C-RS-B53 PR: MS of Steele taking it like a man as woman's hands grope him from behind, wearing black suit, loose tie
C-RS-B54 Cont. #B53, nattily clad in different suit, Steele smiles as hands slip around to chest from behind
C-RS-B55 PR: MS of smiling Steele with suit jacket & dress shirt open with tie hanging around neck, hands in pockets
C-RS-B56 PR: outdoor PRT of stubble-faced Steele leaning into camera with hand to shoulder, wearing black leather jacket & red shirt
C-RS-B57 Cont. #B56, MS with smile added
C-RS-B58 PR: sitting PRT of aristocratic Steele in black suit & tie with pink handkerchief in pocket
C-RS-B59 PR: MS of Steele looking handsome & classy leaning back with arms crossed, wearing sharp brown suit
C-RS-B60 PR: gorgeous hunk PRT of Steele posed against swirling smoke bg, wearing undone tux tie, shirt & jacket
C-RS-B61 Cont. #B60, horizontal shot with Steele's hands pulling on collar to show chest
C-RS-B62 PR: MS of Laura, in striped tan suit over white turtleneck sweater, hat propped on upturned knee
C-RS-B63 PR: MS of Steele, pointing gun with outstretched arm at something just OS, Christmas tree in bg
C-RS-B64 PR: PRT of slightly bent forward Steele, smiling, in brown sport shirt & blue pullover sweater
C-RS-B65 PR: Cont. #B64, FLV of Steele as above sitting in den wicker chair, also wearing blue jeans, arms folded
C-RS-B66 PR: MCU of smiling Steele in beige polo shirt
C-RS-B67 Cont. #B66, FLV of Steele sitting on hood of luxury car, wearing riding boots, helmet in lap
C-RS-B68 PR: MS of Steele smiling wide, wearing gray three-piece suit with loosened shirt, tie & vest
C-RS-B69 Cont. #B68, horizontal MS of Steele sitting & smiling aside, grand piano in bg
C-RS-B70 Cont. #B69, Steele turns to camera, smile softer
C-RS-B71 PR: horizontal outdoor MS of Steele, smile matching Sun that hits him, in dress suit & tie
C-RS-B72 PR: MS of Steele standing at tree, eyes averted, in white dress shirt & black tie
C-RS-B73 PR: MLS of Steele smiling at camera while kicked back in office chair, tan suit vest unbuttoned
C-RS-B74 PR: MS of Steele seeming out of place with golf clubs on green, wearing dress shirt, tie & vest
C-RS-B75 PR: FLV of smiling Steele sitting against tree, with fingers around upturned knee, in sporty browns & tennies
C-RS-B76 PR: MLS of tuxedoed Steele about to wed mud-caked Laura aboard Mexican trawler, all smiles
C-RS-B77 Cont. #B8, smirking MS with forearm resting on upturned knee
C-RS-B78 MS of Laura, in blue knit dress, leaning arm atop open car door while eyeing camera
C-RP-A PR: MS of Maj. Kendall Laird [John Lithgow] & Army pallbearers beside flag draped coffin
RESTLESS GUN - 1957-59
C-RG-A PR: PRT of smiling Vint Bonner [John Payne]. Yellow bg
C-ROS-A PR: MLS of Simon Templar [Ian Oglivy] holding upraised rifle
C-ROS-B PR: artwork montage of Templar in wetsuit with speargun, plus speedboat & underwater action
C-ROS-C PR: MLS of Templar in doorway, pistol at ready
C-ROS-D PR: MS of Templar & costar Gayle Hunnicutt posed leaning against hood of car. Collision Course: The Brave Goose
C-ROS-E MLS of Templar in animated action stance with gun upraised
C-RPP-A PR: FLV of bundled up ensemble cast reunited for outdoor pose, including Norman Harrington [Christopher Connely], Betty Harrington Cord [Barbara Perkins], Elliot Carson [Tim O'Connor], Constance MacKenzie Carson [Dorothy Malone], Dr. Michael Rossi [Ed Nelson] & Steven Cord [James Douglas]
RIFLEMAN, THE - 1958-1963
C-RIF-A PR: MS of Lucas McCain [Chuck Conners] showing son Mark [Johnny Crawford] how to use trick rifle
C-RIF-B MS of McCain turned toward camera & holding bridle of horse
C-RIN-A PR: PRT of Rusty [Lee Aaker] & Rin Tin Tin keeping eye on OS action from wooded area
RIPTIDE - 1984
C-RIP-A PR: PRT of Cody [Perry King], Nick [Joe Penny], Boz [Thom Bray] & Mama Jo [Anne Francis], all wearing big smiles. Sky bg
C-RIP-B PR: FLV of Cody, Nick & Boz in casual pose leaning against front of pink helicopter
C-RIP-C MLS of Cody, Nick & Boz posed around Roboz
C-RIP-D PR: MLS of Cody, Nick & Boz posed in pier setting
C-RIP-E PR: MLS of Nick behind wheel of red Corvette convertible with Cody leaning against door
C-RIP-F PR: MLS of smiling Nick & Cody posed aboard cabin cruiser
C-RIP-G PR: PRT of Cody in black windbreaker
C-RIP-H PR: PRT of Cody in blue warm-up jacket, open to show chest
C-RIP-I PR: MS of Cody, Boz & Nick leaning on deck of boat bearing name of Riptide
C-RIP-J PR: MLS of Cody, Nick & Mama Jo in tight casual pose, blue bg
C-RIP-K PR: playful pose as Cody pulls on thick rope Nick holds around his neck
C-RIP-L PR: MLS of Nick in red t-shirt & jeans, & Cody, wearing blue shirt & tan trousers, posed on dock
C-RIP-M PR: MS of Nick leaning near Cody, who sits behind wheel of power boat, both eyeing camera
C-RIP-N PR: MS of boys wearing wide smiles, Nick in gray shirt & jeans, Cody in powder blue sweater & jeans, posed by Riptide cabin
C-RIP-O PR: MLS of boys dresses as above, kicked back & smiling at rear of Riptide, overlooking port
C-RIP-P PR: FLV of Contessa's lovely lady crew posed in various swimwear on deck of boat
C-RIP-Q PR: PRT of smiling Nick
C-RIP-R PR: PRT of smiling Cody
C-RIP-S PR: MLS of Cody showing off tush & gun hitched in belt, looking slyly over shoulder into camera beside boat
C-RIP-T PR: FLV of Nick & Cody crouched & aiming guns at OS villains from doorway
C-RIP-U PR: MLS of Nick, Cody & Boz leaning on aft section of Riptide, all with cigars & only Nick not wearing hat
C-RIP-V PR: MLS of Boz, Nick & Cody in casual, smiling, side-by-side pose on docks
C-RIP-W PR: MLS of Cody with arms around shoulders of Nick & Boz on either side of him
C-RIP-X PR: boys casually posed by Riptide cabin, Boz seated in front of standing Nick & Cody
C-RIP-Y PR: FLV of boys looking off camera outside cabin of boat
C-RIP-Z PR: MLS of smiling Cody leaning arm against front side of helicopter with Nick beside him
C-RIP-A1 PR: DA of Nick, Cody & Boz seated in docked speedboat
C-RIP-A2 MS of trio reacting to something OS with helicopter in bg, Cody in muscle shirt, bandana, straw hat & sidearm, Nick shouting
C-RIP-A3 MS: Nick & Cody tensely discuss OS activity as Boz looks on
C-RIP-A4 PR: PRT of Lt. Joanna Parisi [June Chadwick] in red silk blouse & blue blazer, lips parted
C-RIP-A5 PR: FLV of Nick enjoying beer & munchies while seated aft on Riptide with Cody & Boz, overlooking Contessa & her all female crew
C-RIP-A6 Cont. #E, MLS of Nick still behind wheel, Cody sitting on top of passenger seat, both wearing sunglasses
C-RIP-A7 Cont. #A6, tight on just Cody looking aside with hand on rim of windshield
C-RIP-A8 MLS of Cody posed on dock with arms folded, wearing blue shirt & khaki pants as in last pair, smiling
C-RIP-A9 PR: MS of brightly smiling Cody posed at helm of Riptide, wearing beige sport shirt
C-RIP-B1 PR: MLS of Cody eyeing camera with body profiled, wearing white sweater & jeans, standing with hand on door of boat
C-RIP-B2 PR: MLS of smiling Cody leaning back against cabin of boat with arms folded, wearing white striped pullover & blue jeans
C-RIP-B3 PR: MS of boys feigning fright at sight of their helicopter superimposed hovering above heads
C-RIP-B4 PR: FLV of Nick, Cody & Boz smiling in & on red Corvette
C-RIP-B5 PR: FLV of Nick posed inside helicopter with Cody next to him on step outside window, both smiling
C-RIP-B6 PR: FLV of Nick stepping from dumpster & striking crouching pose with gun as he stalks bad guy
C-RLG-A PR: MS of flame-haired Rita Hayworth [Lynda Carter] in famous white silk gown with black lace bodice
C-RLG-B Cont. #A, very sexy MLS kneeling on bed
C-RLG-C PR: MS of Rita in silk lavender nightgown, sitting up on elbow in modeling pose
C-ROB-A PR: FLV of Robin [Praed] standing holding bow to ground between legs
C-ROB-B PR: FLV of Robin, his bow aflame, about to fire arrow inside castle at someone OS
C-ROB-C PR: FLV of Robert of Huntingdon/Robin with outlaw band
C-ROB-D PR: MCU of Robin glancing aside
C-ROB-E PR: PRT of smiling Robin
C-ROB-F PR: MS of Robert resting forearm on sword & chin on forearm
C-ROB-G PR: MLS of Robert standing in forest, holding sword with blade pointed to ground
C-ROB-H PR: MLS of Robert standing in forest with arm around shoulder of seated Marian, sword held as above
C-ROB-I Same as ROB-A in b/w section
C-ROB-J MLS of Robin [Praed] & Marian standing in forest, both holding hilt of sword pointed to ground
C-ROB-K PR: MS of Robin [Praed] posed arm-in-arm with Marian, she leaning her head on his
ROUSTERS, THE - 1983-84
C-ROU-A PR: PRT of Wyatt Earp III [Chad Everett] in front of Sladetown banner
C-ROU-B PR: MS of smiling Earp in tan cowboy shirt & Levi jacket, fortune teller banner in bg
C-ROU-C PR: PRT of Earp wryly pointing finger at his elderly mom Amanda [Maxine Stuart], who's armed
C-ROU-D PR: PRT of Earp, Amanda & son Michael [Timothy Gibbs], picture of original Earp in bg
ROUTE 66 - 1960-64
C-R66-A PR: Tod Stiles [Martin Milner] & Buz Murdock [George Maharis] flank seated Peter Lorrie as Wolfman [Lon Chaney Jr.] & Frankenstein [Boris Karloff] look on menancingly. Lizard's Leg & Owlet's Wing
C-ROY-A PR: PRT of smiling Roy Rogers in fancy cowboy shirt sporting likeness of Bullet
C-ROY-B PR: FLV of Roy rearing Trigger up in classic fashion. Picture is signed: Happy Trails...
C-SNT-A Title on red beside profile MCU of Templar [Roger Moore]
ST. ELSEWHERE - 1982-88
C-STE-A PR: PRT of four head doctors Dr. Jack Morrison [David Morse], Dr. Donald Westphall [Ed Flanders], Dr. Annie Cavanero [Cynthia Sikes] & Dr. Ben Samuels [David Birney]
C-STE-B PR: PRT of four young residents including Dr. Cathy Martin [Barbara Whinnery] & Nurse Shirley Daniels [Ellen Bry]
C-STE-C PR: PRT of Dr. Samuels & Dr. Cavanero
C-STE-D PR: MS of Dr. Cavanero & Dr. Westphall posed holding papers between them
C-STE-E PR: MS of smiling Dr. Cavanero
C-STE-F PR: 1984-85 season cast PRT of 13-member ensemble
C-STE-G PR: PRT of Dr. Mark Craig [William Daniels] & wife Ellen [Bonnie Bartlett]
C-STE-H PR: PRT of smiling Dr. Craig in hospital whites
SARA - 1985-88
C-SRA-A PR: cast PRT of Sara McKenna [Geena Davis], Roz [Alfre Woodward], Marty [Bill Maher] & Dennis [Bronson Pinchot]. Yellow bg
C-SRA-B PR: PRT of Sara, in red blouse & black tie with Roz behind her holding book
C-SRA-C PR: PRT of smiling Sara dressed as above
C-SRA-D PR: PRT of smiling Sara in different red top, blue bg
C-SRA-E PR: MS of smiling Sara in white shirt, black tie & off white blazer
C-SRA-F Cont. #E, Sara no longer smiling & now holding book
C-SNL-A FLV of Dan Aykroyd as The Flash, Garrett Morris as Antman & John Belushi as The Hulk getting ready to start superhero skit
C-SNL-B Superheroes react with disgust at incredible odor Hulk brings with him from bathroom
C-SNL-C PR: MLS of 1982-1983 cast, including Joe Piscopo & Eddie Murphy, posed outside studio. Title above heads
C-SNL-D FLV of William Shatner standing at podium, telling assembled STAR TREK conventioneers to: "Get a Life!"
C-S&M-A PR: PRT of Lee Stetson/Scarecrow [Bruce Boxleitner] & Amanda King [Kate Jackson] posed in front of Capitol, both smiling
C-S&M-B PR: MS of Amanda leaning against Lee's shoulder, he in tux, she in white blouse & pink sweater
C-S&M-C PR: MS of Lee holding Amanda from behind, she holding bowl of vegetables
C-S&M-D PR: MS of Amanda bending forward to be almost cheek-to-cheek with Lee, in tux, outside home
C-S&M-E PR: MS of Lee, in tux, peeking around corner
C-S&M-F PR: PRT of Amanda sparkling for camera, in white blouse & wool jacket, blue bg
C-S&M-G PR: MCU of Amanda posed with hand to cheek
C-S&M-H MS of Amanda, in pink long sleeve shirt worn over red top, seated with stack of books
C-S&M-I Profile MS of Lee handing package to Amanda by train in opening episode initial meeting
C-S&M-J Profile MS of Lee & Amanda dancing
C-S&M-K PR: PRT of smiling Lee in suit & tie, dark blue bg
C-S&M-L PR: gag shot of smiling Lee & Amanda peeking around scarecrow guarding pumpkins. Red bg
C-S&M-M PR: MLS of Lee & Amanda posed beside English lake with castle in bg, both smiling
C-S&M-N PR: MLS of smiling pair, he in jeans, turtleneck shirt & windbreaker, she in tweed jacket over white blouse
C-S&M-O PR: MS of Lee sitting up on elbow with big grin, wearing same shirt, with Amanda at his shoulder, also smiling. Red bg
C-S&M-P PR: MS of smiling Amanda posed with arms folded, wearing pink checked blouse & blue jacket
C-S&M-Q Candid MLS of Francine Desmond [Martha Smith] looking away with big smile, wearing tight white pants, orange sweater & open blue jacket with hand on hip
C-S&M-R Cont. #Q, MS as she smiles into camera with jacket removed & slung over shoulder
C-S&M-S Cont. #R, MS of Francine loosing jacket, with nicest smile
C-S&M-T LS of Lee & Amanda aboard rubber raft, pulling into stone culvert & getting ready to debark
C-S&M-U MLS of pair watching OS activity outside building, he in three-piece suit, she dressed as in #P
C-S&M-V Profile MS of formally dressed pair toasting each other at dinner
C-S&M-W PR: MLS of Lee & Amanda posed side-by-side in Germany locale, she holding book of translations
C-S&M-X PR: PRT of cool Lee in tuxedo, trace of smile on face
C-S&M-Y Outdoor MS of Lee, handsome in sport jacket, sweater, loosened tie & shirt, eyes turned aside
C-SCR-A PR: MS of Billy Ikehorn [Shelly Smith], pretty in white dress with arms around tan-suited Spyder [Dirk Benedict]
SCTV NETWORK - 1981-83
C-SCTV-A PR: FLV of 1982-1983 cast, including Joe Flaherty, Catherine O'Hara & John Candy, posed before wall, title logo above heads
C-SFT-A Travis [Rod Arrants] & Liza Sentell [Sherry Mathis] happily show ff their baby boy, Roger
SECRET AGENT - 1965-1966
C-SAG-A MCU of British spy John Drake [Patrick McGoohan], eyes fixed on someone OS
C-SAG-B Semi-profile MS Drake with blood on cheek after fight
C-SAG-C FLV of Drake pressed against wall before hanging lamp at night
C-SAG-D MS of Drake grabbing hands of Ninja-type trying to slice & dice him from behind with samurai sword
C-SWP-A PRT of Elena Koslov [Linda Hamilton], wearing dark blue dress with crisscross front, hand to shoulder. Red bg
C-SWP-B Cont. #A, MS shows bit more cleavage & hand is off shoulder
C-SWP-C PRT of somewhat sad Elena wearing heavy coat & scarf with fur cap, Soviet flag in bg
C-SWP-D Horizontal MCU of Elena in tan dress, eyeing camera coolly
C-SDU-A PR: PRT of Vicki [Cybill Shepherd], in white dress, sitting on lover Mike's [Gregory Harrison] lap with hand on his chest, both coolly eyeing camera
C-SEN-A PR: main cast FLV of Ellison seated with Carolyn, Sandburg & Banks standing behind him (same as #A in b/w section)
C-SEN-B PR: MLS of (l to r) Sandburg, Banks & Ellison posed around office desk (same as #B in b/w section)
C-SEN-C PR: DA of Banks, Ellison & Sandburg sitting on floor around Cascade PD emblem
C-SEN-D PR: MS of Sandburg with arms crossed & Ellison leaning on door beside him
C-SEN-E PR: terrific MS of Ellison wearing tank top, standing with arms crossed as Sandburg turns shoulder to camera, both glaring
C-SEN-F PR: MLS of tight-lipped Ellison wearing brown sport jacket, arms crossed while leaning shoulder against wall
C-SEN-G PR: FLV of Ellison with arms crossed, leaning against door to major crimes office
C-SEN-H PR: PRT of smiling Sandburg wearing heavy rust-colored plaid jacket, hand near chin
C-SEN-I PR: MLS of Sandburg wearing glasses, looking up at camera from crouch
C-SEN-J PR: MS of Carolyn standing with hands on hips, wearing red vest over black knit sweater
C-SEN-K PR: MLS of serious Banks in brown suit
C-SEN-L PR: MLS of Banks in crouch with hand to chin
C-SEN-M MS of Banks & Sandburg talking outside captain's office
C-SEN-N MS of Ellison, wearing Jags cap, at a crime scene with Sandburg standing slightly behind his shoulder
C-SEN-O FLV of Ellison & Sandburg kneeling by pile of bricks
C-SEN-P PR: MLS of serious Banks, Ellison [arms folded, wearing dark blue shirt] & Sandburg [red jacket], posed before wall
C-SEN-Q PR: MLS of Sandburg wearing red jacket, hand on hip
C-SEN-R MS of Ellison aiming gun stage right as bad guy prepares to coldcock him from behind. Fool Me Twice
C-SEN-S PR: MLS similar to #P but Ellison wearing blue pullover & Sandburg wearing green plaid sportshirt, all now grinning
C-SEN-T Cont. #P with Banks now seated & Ellison leaning forearm on leg. Boys not quite as grim in this one
C-SEN-U Cont. #S, slightly different pose with blue cast to shot
C-SEN-V PR: PRT of Ellison wearing black leather jacket & big smile
C-SEN-W PR: PRT of Banks wearing blue shirt, arms folded
C-SEN-X Cont. #W, different angle with smile added
C-SEN-Y PR: MLS of smiling Sandburg in light tan shirt worn outside pants, hand in pocket
C-SEN­Z Cont. #Y, MS, smile gone
C-SEN-A1 PR: MS of smiling Ellison in green pullover sweater, arms crossed
C-SEN-A2 PR: similar to #S but MS and all flashing ivories
C-SEN-A3 MLS of Ellison questioning man on boat. Dead End on Blank Street
C-SEN-A4 Profile MS of Ellison questioning man at diner counter. Dead...
C-SEN-A5 MS of Sandburg with open-mouthed expression & holding gun, basketball player glaring at him in bg. Four Point Shot
C-SEN-A6 MCU of Sandburg, in profile & hair in ponytail, laughing at something Ellison just uttered. Murder 101
C-SEN-A7 MLS of Ellison, Megan [Anna Galvin], Banks & Sandburg taking cover at side of truck. Sentinel Too, part 2
C-SEN-A8 Alex Barnes [Jeri Ryan] sits on edge of water tank in darkness, studying unconcious Ellison. Sentinel Too, part 2
C-SEN-A9 MS of Sandburg [arms folded & hair pulled back], Ellison & Banks amused at OS event. Most Wanted
C-SEN-B1 PR: sexy PRT of Sandburg, hair in ponytail, wearing Hawaiian shirt
C-SYK-A FLV of smiling Sgt. Preston [Richard Simmons] posed holding rifle at side
C-SBSB-A PRT of Adam McFadden [Richard Dean Anderson]
C-SBSB-B MS of Hannah Moss [Terri Treas] sitting between legs of kneeling Adam, both in cowboy shirts
7TH HEAVEN - 1996-present
C-7TH-A PR: season two PRT of Camden family
C-7TH-B PR: MS of Reverend Eric Camden [Stephen Collins] with arm around shoulder of wife Annie [Catherine Hicks], all smiles
C-7TH-C PR: warm PRT of Eric wearing tan dress shirt against brown bg
C-7TH-D PR: PRT of demure Annie, pretty in white blouse
C-7TH-E PR: sitting PRT of Annie wearing soft blue blouse, hand to chin against gray bg
C-7TH-F PR: PRT of smiling older brother Matt [Barry Watson] wearing burgandy sport shirt over white tee
C-7TH-G PR: PRT of tight-lipped Matt in white shirt against gray bg
C-7TH-H PR: PRT of sultry big sister Mary [Jessica Biel] in bluesleeveless top against red bg
C-7TH-I PR: FLV of beaming Mary sitting on table & hugging legs tochest, cute in white pants & red sweater
C-7TH-J PR: sweet PRT of younger sister Lucy [Beverley Mitchell] inwhite pullover sweater, arms folded
C-7TH-K PR: PRT of sassier Lucy in pink top against blue bg
77 SUNSET STRIP - 1958-64
C-77S-A PR: MLS of Kookie [Edd Byrnes] posed in suit under marquee entrance to Hollywood detective agency
C-77S-B PR: MLS of Stuart Bailey [Efrem Zimbalist Jr.] posed with pipe under marquee entrance to agency
C-SV-A MS of praying nun Mary Gilligan [Valerie Bertinelli]
C-SV-B PRT of Sister Mary & Father Tim [David Morse], with whom she falls in love
C-SHO-A PR: PRT of Blackthorne/Anjin-san [Richard Chamberlain], hands on hilts of samurai swords threaded into belt of robes.
C-SHO-B PR: PRT of warlord Toranaga [Toshiro Mifune]
C-SHO-C PR: PRT of delicate Mariko [Yoko Shimada]
C-SHO-D PR: Samurai-costumed Blackthorne & Toranaga sit on steps, displaying sword between them
C-SHO-E UA of Toranaga standing near pagoda
C-SHO-F Mariko, clad in pink robes, rides horse as warrior walks just in front of her
C-SHO-G Cont. #F, tighter shot from opposite side of horse, no warrior
C-SHO-H White-robed Mariko begins ritual of seppuku, pagoda in bg
C-SHO-I PR: MS of Blackthorne/Anjin-san standing before fortress wall, hands on hilt of samurai sword
C-SHO-J MLS of Anjin-san walking along side Mariko as she rides horse
C-SHO-K PR: beautiful montage of characters & action in delicate artwork with FLV of Blackthorne in samurai robes filling center
C-SHO-L PR: FLV of Blackthorne/Anjin-san posed in samurai robes & pulling sword from sheath. Blue bg
C-SHO-M MS of Blackthorne/Anjin-san walking toward camera with gun tucked in belt of samurai robes
SIDEKICKS - 1986-87
C-SK-A PR: MLS of Sgt. Jack Rizzo [Gil Gerard] flanked by kid karate whiz Ernie [Ernie Reyes Jr.] & girlfriend Patricia [Nancy Stafford], all smiles. Purple bg
C-SK-B PR: FLV of Rizzo aiming gun from crouch as Ernie high kicks
C-SIL-A PR: MCU of Ricky Stratton [Ricky Schroder] wrapping arms around dad Edward [Joel Higgins] from behind, both smiling. Title above boy's head
C-SIL-B PR: MS of Ricky beside Edward, an arm around his shoulder, both smiling. Red bg
C-SIL-C PR: PRT of Edward, Ricky & Kate [Erin Gray], all wearing sweaters & smiles
C-SIL-D PR: horizontal PRT of Edward, in plaid sport shirt with arm around Ricky. Red bg
C-SIL-E PR: PRT of Edward in blue pullover shirt, pink bg
C-SIL-F PR: PRT of smiling Kate in blue pullover sweater, arms folded. Blue bg
C-SIL-G PR: PRT of Kate in burgundy pullover sweater, head cocked & lips parted. Orange bg
SIMON & SIMON - 1981-85
C-SIM-A PR: MS of Rick [Gerald McRaney], in red sweatshirt, jeans & cowboy hat, posed with arm around shoulder of brother A.J. [Jameson Parker], in gray double-breasted suit
C-SIM-B PR: MS of smiling A.J. wearing suit with Rick, in blue shirt, jeans, denim jacket & cowboy hat, leaning over his shoulders from behind
C-SIM-C PR: PRT of Janet [Jeannie Wilson] leaning to side with rose in hair, wearing lowcut, sleeveless white dress, lips parted. Red bg
C-SIM-D PR: first season PRT of Rick, A.J. & Janet, she leaning on Rick's leg & smiling
C-SIM-E PR: first season PRT of casually clad trio, Janet with hands on A.J.'s shoulders
C-SIM-F PR: terrific PRT of Rick in blue & white-striped sport shirt & fur-lined blue jean jacket. Orange bg
C-SIM-G PR: PRT of A.J. in rainbow-colored pullover shirt & lavender jacket
C-SIM-H MLS of boys climbing atop moving train, A.J. in suit, Rick in cut sweatshirt, jeans & cap
C-SIM-I FLV of boys running on beach toward camera, A.J. in suit, Rick in jeans, white cowboy shirt & fur-lined denim jacket
C-SIM-J PR: FLV of A.J., in nice suit, & Rick, in blue work shirt, jeans & cowboy hat, with arms around his pet dog
C-SIM-K PR: FLV of casually attired boys on pier overlooking water, A.J. leaning on shoulder of Rick, who points something out OS
C-SIM-L PR: MLS of boys sharing Alex Houston [Morgan Fairchild], in red dress, all smiles. Emeralds Are Not A Girl's Best Friend
         [NOTE: #M-P are candids snapped during filming of episode Break A Leg, Darling on location at Festival Stage in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA]
C-SIL-M MLS of Rick in butler uniform on stage with arms outstretched, thanking OS audience
C-SIM-N FLV of Rick sitting on stage chair between scenes, raising arm to explain something to director, Kim Manners
C-SIM-O MLS of smiling A.J. on stage with Carol Lawrence [back turned]
C-SIM-P Cont. #O, MS of A.J. signing autograph after filming ends
C-SIM-Q Cont. #L, MLS of A.J. with Alex all to himself
C-SIM-R MLS of boys on street keeping eye on OS suspect, A.J. (gray suit, blue dress shirt & loose tie), & Rick (jeans, two shirts, hat)
C-SIM-S PR: MLS of smiling Rick & A.J. posed in front of patio cafe
C-SIM-T PR: MS of boys posed unsmiling, Rick in Khaki shirt & straw hat, A.J. in dark checkered sport shirt. Brown lit bg
C-SIM-U Cont. #T, MS of guys now smiling
C-SIM-V PR: MLS of Rick in smart business suit & no hat with guest star Dee Wallace, in blue silk dress & straw hat, both looking aside in outdoor scene
C-SIM-W FLV of unhappy Rick & A.J. sitting on knee-high stone wall, in prison work clothes, two unsavory types guarding over them
C-SIM-X Cont. #W, tighter FLV of just Rick & A.J., just pondering
C-SIM-Y Rick, Downtown [Tim Reid] & A.J., all in green fatigue shirts & hats, taking aim on OS baddies from behind sand embankment
C-SIM-A1 PR: FLV of smiling A.J. leaning back against red sports car parked in front of house, hands in pants pockets
SINS - 1986 [TV MOVIE]
C-SINS-A PR: MS of Helene Junot [Joan Collins] posed in pretty, frilly white dress
C-SINS-B PR: MS of Helene, resplendent in period dress, hat, fan & hairdo
C-SINS-C PR: PRT of smiling Helene in white business suit with black lapels
C-SINS-D PR: MS of Helene, wearing slip, opening & looking thru venetian blinds
C-SINS-E PR: backlighting highlights Helene, wearing black evening dress with flared sleeves & diamond necklace
C-SINS-F Cont. #E, different angle as she adds fan
C-SINS-G PR: outdoor PRT of happy embracing team Steve [Joseph Bologna] & ZZ [Lauren Hutton]
C-SKY-A PR: MLS of Maureen [Dee Wallace], Joanna [Sharon Gless] & Susan [Anne Archer] as space shuttle astronaut trainees in blue flightsuits, arms folded and smiling softly. Red bg
C-SLD-A PR: profile MS of Sledge Hammer [David Rasche], in sport jacket with loud red tie, talking to his pearl-handled .44 magnum
C-SLD-B PR: MS of Hammer peering over sunglasses into camera, holding up gun
C-SLD-C PR: MLS of Hammer up against brick wall & shouldering rocket launcher
SOLID GOLD - 1980-88
C-SDG-A PR: FLV of lead Solid Gold dancer Darcel posed in skimpy silver costume next to poster-sized PRT of entire dance group
C-SFH-A PR: MLS of Spencer [Robert Urich] resting forearm on shoulder of girlfriend Susan [Barbara Stock], both dressed warmly
C-SFH-B PR: FLV of Spencer posed aiming gun at camera, wearing jeans, gray t-shirt & shoulder holster
C-SFH-C PR: MLS of Spencer standing in park, wearing sweatshirt, jeans & shoulder holster
C-SFH-D PR: FLV of Spencer holding gun against chest with Susan at his shoulder & Hawk [Avery Brooks] behind him with gun raised
C-SFH-E Cont. #D, Spencer hunches over & aims gun at camera
C-SFH-F PR: MS of Spencer, in white shirt, black sweater & gray wool sport jacket, posed standing against wall
SQUARE PEGS - 1982-83
C-SQP-A PR: PRT of Patty Greene [Sarah Jessica Parker]
C-STCH-A PR: FLV of Marshal Curly Wilcox [Johnny Cash], Ringo [Kris Kristofferson], Doc Holliday [Willie Nelson] & crooked gambler Hatfield [Waylon Jennings] posed beside stagecoach
C-STF-A PRT of Buddy Krebs [Brian Dennehy], Douggie [Michael Dudikoff] & Jennie Lee [Kathy Maisnik] clustered around chair, all smiling. Yellow bg
C-S&H-A PR: FLV of Starsky (jeans & sweater) leaning against Hutch (black turtleneck & long brown jacket), who sits on stool
C-S&H-B MS of Starsky in high-collared white cardigan sweater, arms folded
C-S&H-C MLS of Starsky, in windbreaker & jeans, leaning on water cooler with cup in hand
C-S&H-D PR: MS of Starsky on rooftop, putting sunglasses into pocket of tan jacket
C-S&H-E Cont. #A, FLV of Starsky leaning on shoulder of seated Hutch
C-S&H-F PR: PRT of Starsky, in black turtleneck & tan leather jacket, & Hutch, in checkered sport shirt & Levi jacket
C-S&H-G FLV of Starsky & Hutch enjoying run on beach in sweatpants & t-shirts bearing their names
C-S&H-H MS of boys conferring shoulder-to-shoulder, Starsky pulling doughnut from bag
              [NOTE: "A-G" lettering denotes season number; "H" denotes miscellaneous shots that aren't from any specific season= & "I" denotes candid cast shots]

C-STNG-A1  PR: MLS of main cast posed on Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-A2  PR: PRT of Picard with arms folded, against starfield bg
C-STNG-A3  PR: PRT of serious Riker against starfield bg
C-STNG-A4  PR: PRT of Dr. Crusher in dark blue uniform & light blue jacket
C-STNG-A5  PR: PRT of severe Yar with arms folded
C-STNG-A6  PR: PRT of LaForge against starfield
C-STNG-A7  PR: PRT of Data against starfield bg
C-STNG-A8  PR: PRT of Lt. Worf
C-STNG-A9  PR: PRT of Troi with arms folded against starfield
C-STNG-A10  PR: PRT of Wes posed against smoky red bg
C-STNG-A11  Head-on FLV of USS Enterprise in deep space
C-STNG-A12  Picard, Data & Troi attend to fallen Con officer, frozen by alien Q in bg as Yar & Worf look on. Encounter at Farpoint
C-STNG-A13  Full-length SV of Enterprise on black bg
C-STNG-A14  3/4 RV of Enterprise on black bg
C-STNG-A15  RV of Enterprise on black bg
C-STNG-A16  Full-length SV of Ferengi starship on black bg
C-STNG-A17  PR: MLS of smiling Riker & Troi posed with arms around each other on Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-A18  PR: MS of Picard posed turned aside by turbolift
C-STNG-A19  PR: FLV of Riker posed against white bg
C-STNG-A20  PR: MLS of Riker by wall graphic of Enterprise saucer section
C-STNG-A21  PR: FLV of Data spread-legged in front of Enterprise turbolift
C-STNG-A22  PR: FLV of Troi posed against pale blue bg
C-STNG-A23  PR: MS of Troi in her quarters, posed with arms folded
C-STNG-A24  PR: MS of Worf at his station, posed with arms folded
C-STNG-A25  PR: PRT of Wes wearing blue sweater
C-STNG-A26  PR: seated Wes looking up from work with electronic gadgetry
C-STNG-A27  PR: PRT of alien Ferengi wearing malevolent grin
C-STNG-A28  BS: Gene Roddenberry sits in command chair on bridge & talks with director amid activity among uniformed extras & studio suits
C-STNG-A29  BS: MLS of Data mugging camera as technicians prepare for blue screen scene behind him
C-STNG-A30  BS: LS of crew filming Data standing on his mark before turbolift, blue screen in bg
C-STNG-A31  BS: Profile MS of makeup artist touching up Troi's forehead in front of blue screen
C-STNG-A32  FLV of Riker, Picard & Troi seated on bridge as LaForge in left fg barks back information to them
C-STNG-A33  FLV of Yar, in profile at her station with Worf, listening to Picard
C-STNG-A34  Picard & officers discussing problem of the week in ready room
C-STNG-A35  MS of Dr. Crusher, wearing & holding latest healing devices, analyzing Worf's condition as concerned Troi waits for answer
C-STNG-A36  LaForge & Worf turn to OS action on bridge against blue screen
C-STNG-A37  FLV of Picard walking along perimeter on warp engines of Enterprise, his new command
C-STNG-A38  LS of Enterprise bridge from ceiling to floor with Data, Troi & Yar at their positions [dark on edges]
C-STNG-A39  FLV of Picard, Troi & Yar at their bridge posts
           [NOTE: #A40-#A55 are from Encounter at Farpoint]
C-STNG-A40  MS of Picard in command chair as something begins to happen
C-STNG-A41  LaForge stands over Worf, who's trying to identify energy mass on sensors
C-STNG-A42  Profile MS of Picard facing enigmatic alien Q [John Delancie], wearing judicial costume, as Troi looks on
C-STNG-A43  MLS of tense Yar working her command console
C-STNG-A44  Cont. #A43, tighter on Yar, who advises offensive action
C-STNG-A45  FLV of Picard, Data, Yar & Troi seated at Q's mock trail
C-STNG-A46  UA of Q as self-appointed judge of humanity
C-STNG-A47  FLV of Q soldier facing seated Picard [in profile] threateningly before court spectators
C-STNG-A48  MS of Picard facing away from now standing Q
C-STNG-A49  MS of Troi posed encircled by Farpoint station Denebians
C-STNG-A50  MS of Picard & Riker discussing matters on bridge, Troi & Yar taking it in
C-STNG-A51  Cont. #A50, tighter on just Picard, looking away
C-STNG-A52  MCU of alarmed Picard & stone-faced Riker side by side
C-STNG-A53  MS of Dr. Crusher bringing Wes onto bridge
C-STNG-A54  MLS of Picard showing Wes workings of command chair console, both facing OS
C-STNG-A55  Cont. #A54, FV has Picard gesturing toward camera
C-STNG-A56  FLV of scantily-clad male native welcoming Riker & Wes to Rubicam III. Justice
C-STNG-A57  Profile MLS of infected Yar, wearing sexy bedroom outfit, putting hands on Data's shoulders in act of seduction. Naked Now
C-STNG-A58  MS of infected Data smiling as he talks into Picard's ear, both standing over Worf at his console. Naked...
C-STNG-A59  Cont. #A58, horizontal angle with Picard growing angry with overly animated Data. Naked...
C-STNG-A60  MS of insufferable Lwaxana Troi with her mouth open as usual, Picard bearing it in bg. Haven
C-STNG-A61  FLV of Lwaxana & her servant standing in her quarters. Haven
C-STNG-A62  FLV: Lwaxana badgers her daughter Deanna on bridge. Haven
C-STNG-A63 At dinner party, Deanna stands & voices displeasure at bickering between her family & Wyatt's. Haven
C-STNG-A64  MS of Wyatt & Ariana clasping hands aboard Tarellian ship as they bid farewell to Enterprise. Haven
C-STNG-A65  With poison-tipped glavin on one hand, Yar falls forward in combat arena during duel to death. Code of Honor
C-STNG-A66  FLV of alarmed Yar standing over mortally wounded opponent, Yareena. Code...
C-STNG-A67  FLV of Riker, having beamed down alone to buttress on Delphi Ardu, calling out to crewmates against blue screen. Last Outpost
C-STNG-A68  FLV of unscrupulous Ferengi trio carrying deadly whips, gathered near crystalline trees. Last Outpost
C-STNG-A69  Cont. #A68, Ferengi prepare to lash out at away team
C-STNG-A70  Cont. #A69, LaForge intervenes between Ferengi & phaser-armed Yar, Data at her side
C-STNG-A71  Cont. #A70, DA of Ferengi leader about to lash out at downed Data & LaForge
C-STNG-A72  Cont. #A71, Ferengi reacting to deafening power of planet
C-STNG-A73  Riker & Wes watching propulsion expert Kosinski & his assistant, The Traveler, man Engineering's main console. Where No One...
C-STNG-A74  Cont. #A73, tighter shot favors Traveler monitoring visual display
C-STNG-A75  Beverly scans dying form of Traveler with tricorder as Picard orders his revival. Where No One...
C-STNG-A76  MLS of Picard as gumshoe Dixon Hill standing beside seated Dr. Crusher, foxy in 1940s-style beige suit & veiled black hat, hands clasped around bare knee. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A77  FLV of Dr. Crusher, as above, taking arms of Picard/Hill & Data in stroll toward camera aboard Enterprise. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A78  MS of Data looking over Picard/Hill's shoulder as captain reads newspaper. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A79  LS of Mordan IV miniature set. Too Short a Season
C-STNG-A80  FLV of "teen" Adm. Jameson on transporter with Dr. Crusher behind him before they beam down to planet. Too Short...
C-STNG-A81  Picard watches rejuvenated Jameson show scar on forearm to Governor Karnas. Too Short...
C-STNG-A82  PR: FLV of smiling Marina Sirtis as herself, wearing blue minidress & leather jacket
C-STNG-A83  BS: view past camera of various crew members getting into positions for take on bridge
C-STNG-A84  Cont. #A83, tighter vertical shot of bridge from command chairs to ceiling with two uniformed extras in bg
C-STNG-A85  Excellent MS of Picard aiming phaser at camera
C-STNG-A86  MS of Data at his station intently studying readouts
C-STNG-A87  MCU of Dr. Crusher looking just aside
C-STNG-A88  PR: PRT of Dr. Crusher out of character in pastel outfit topped by magenta hat, lips parted
C-STNG-A89  PR: MS of Troi, sitting at console, smiling wide with eyes averted
C-STNG-A90  PR: MLS of Worf posed with arms folded against white bg
C-STNG-A91  MS of seated Worf expressing self during meeting
C-STNG-A92  MLS of Dr. Crusher & Yar trying to comprehend meaning of living oil slick on Vagra 2. Skin of Evil
C-STNG-A93  Yar, pointing phaser, Dr. Crusher, Riker & Data confront sadistic alien Armus, who has risen from slick. Skin...
C-STNG-A94  FLV of crew, except Picard, at shipboard memorial, listening to Yar's OS holographic farewell. Skin...
C-STNG-A95  MLS of Picard standing in anteroom listening to old love Jenise [Michelle Phillips], discussing her dying husband's time experiments. We'll Always Have Paris
C-STNG-A96  Cont. #A95, tighter shot of Picard seated across from Jenise as Data looks on from bg
C-STNG-A97  Profile MS of alien drug dealers Sobee [Judson Scott] & Langor [Kimberly Farr] aboard Enterprise. Symbiosis
C-STNG-A98  Dr. Crusher treats drug-addicted Onarian as Sobee & Langor stand by in bg. Symbiosis
C-STNG-A99  MLS of Klingon's chanting over body of comrade in sickbay as Worf, Picard & Dr. Crusher observe. Heart of Glory
C-STNG-A100  BS: FLV of Binars huddled unconscious on bridge but one is smiling at camera. 11001001
C-STNG-A101  PR: PRT of Binar II [Kelly Ann McNally]. 11001001
C-STNG-A102  Picard kneels over unconscious Binars on bridge, Riker standing in bg. 11001001
C-STNG-A103  MLS of Picard & Riker with revived aliens, who will now face hearing for stealing Enterprise. 11001001
C-STNG-A104  FLV of Data & Riker standing defensively on planet run by computer weapons system. Arsenal of Freedom
C-STNG-A105  MLS of Yar aiming phaser at OS robot weapon. Arsenal...
C-STNG-A106  FLV of Picard/Hill & gumshoe aide Data posed in front of 1940s car. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A107  MCU: Mordak draws from breathing apparatus. Coming of Age
C-STNG-A108  MS of Wes & Mordak. Coming...
C-STNG-A109  MCU of Lore, Data's evil twin, prior to activation. Datalore
C-STNG-A110  MCU of Data lying unconscious with open head wound inflicted by Lore. Datalore
C-STNG-A111  MS of Dr. Crusher administering to would. Datalore
C-STNG-A112  MS of Lore, holding phaser, sweeping arms wide as he threatens OS crew members. Datalore
C-STNG-A113  MLS of belligerent Romulan commander. Neutral Zone
C-STNG-A114  Cont. #A113, MS, hands held palm to palm
C-STNG-A115  PR: MCU of Wes smiling aside against dark blue sky
C-STNG-A116  MS of Data taking reading on planet
C-STNG-A117  Profile MCU of Data working at station with Riker bending near
C-STNG-A118  MS of Picard seated at conference table with Riker rushing past behind him
C-STNG-A119  MS:Picard & Data talk in private, each holding plate of food
C-STNG-A120  BS: Picard, Troi, Yar & Wes have good laugh on bridge, all wearing inscribed caps
C-STNG-A121  PR: FLV of entire cast posed with Gene Roddenberry, Robert Justman & Rick Berman on Planet Hell set
           [NOTE: #A122-A133 are from Encounter at Farpoint]
C-STNG-A122  MLS of Q, dressed as 20th century military officer, on bridge
C-STNG-A123  FLV of Data, Troi, Riker & Yar nearly dematerialized on transporter pad
C-STNG-A124  MS of Q in judge's robes, resplendent on throne
C-STNG-A125  FLV of Q as conquistador, resting foot on bridge "horseshoe" railing as Worf looks on in bg
C-STNG-A126  MLS of Q in futuristic soldier armor, gesturing to annoyed Worf & Yar on bridge
C-STNG-A127  MS of Q in red robes on bridge
C-STNG-A128  BS: MLS of Deanna, Riker, Yar, Groppler Zorn [Michael Bell] & Data performing in front of bluescreen
C-STNG-A129  Cont. #A128, Deanna flexes hands as Data eyes camera with arms folded, out-of-focus Yar in bg
C-STNG-A130  MS: Worf observes as Q takes hit from inhaler device on armor
C-STNG-A131  MCU of ancient but still feisty Admiral Leonard McCoy listening to Data (back to camera)
C-STNG-A132  Cont. #A131, MLS of pair strolling thru Enterprise corridor
C-STNG-A133  MS of scowling Data & Riker on bridge, both dusty & dirty
C-STNG-A134  MS of Beverly backed up against doorway by inebriated Picard. Naked Now
C-STNG-A136  MS of grinning Tasha showing festive garment in her hand to mostly obscured Deanna. Naked Now
C-STNG-A137  Profile MS of exotically-garbed Tasha, putting moves on Data. Naked Now
C-STNG-A138  FLV of Tasha crouching, ready for battle with spiked glaive over hand. Code of Honor
C-STNG-A139  MS of Lwaxana Troi [Majel Barrett] comforting daughter Deanna, who holds white rose. Haven
C-STNG-A140  FLV of Deanna, Mr. Homn [Carel Struycken], Lwaxana & Picard in Enterprise corridor, suitcase on floor. Haven
C-STNG-A141  SV of crab-like Ferengi vessel against starfield. Last Outpost
C-STNG-A142  MS of Worf getting electrocuted as he holds stylus to computer panel. Lonely Among Us
C-STNG-A143  Semi-profile MCU of somber Riker on Rubicun III. Justice
C-STNG-A144  Profile MS of Tasha cavorting with blond "himbo." Justice
C-STNG-A145  It's Riker's turn: MLS of him embracing vixen while Worf & Wesley hang in bg. Justice
C-STNG-A146  FLV of Riker (back to camera) grappling with security guard as Tasha, Worf, Deanna & other natives begin to react. Justice
C-STNG-A147  MS of Tasha standing at ease in front of lake. Justice
C-STNG-A148  FLV of Worf, young Admiral Mark Jameson [Clayton Rohner], LaForge & Picard on transporter pad. Too Short a Season
C-STNG-A149  MS of Deanna comforting Anne Jameson [Marsha Hunt] before prone Adm. Jameson in sickbay. Too Short a Season
C-STNG-A150  PR: MS of Beverly, in cream suit & veiled hat, posing with Picard as dapper Dixon Hill. Big Goodbye
C-STNG-A151  PR: FLV of Picard as trench-coated Dixon Hill & Data in pin- striped suit, relaxing against vintage car. Big Goodbye
C-STNG-A152  CU of Tasha modeling Beverly's hat & veil
C-STNG-A153  MLS of Beverly & Wes listening to Data's "brother," Lore. Datalore
C-STNG-A154  MS of Lore (favored) confronted by a stand-in Data. Datalore
C-STNG-A155  MS of Tasha aiming phaser over barrel in cargo bay. Datalore
C-STNG-A156  MLS of Beverly aiming phaser as Wes stands by. Datalore
C-STNG-A157  MLS of Lore, wearing brown jumpsuit, standing in cargo bay gesturing with thumb as if hitchhiking. Datalore
C-STNG-A158  FLV of Data, Tasha, Riker & Deanna kneeling on floor cushions, Angel One residents behind them. Angel One
C-STNG-A159  Deanna & Tasha look aside with hints of smiles. Angel One
C-STNG-A163  MS of Beverly leaning on Wesley's shoulder in scene cut from Coming of Age
C-STNG-A164  MS: laughing Deanna & Wes share joke, encircled by LaForge, Riker & Beverly in party scene cut from Coming of Age
C-STNG-A165  Profile MCU of concerned Beverly listening to excited Wes
C-STNG-A166  BS: MLS of director Rob Bowman instructing Gates McFadden how to administer hypospray to Klingon on sickbay bed. Film crew & actors mingle in bg. Heart of Glory
C-STNG-A167  MS of Picard watching as Worf, Korris [Vaughn Armstrong], & Konmel [Charles H. Hyman] perform Klingon death cry over fallen Kunivas [Robert Bauer]. Heart of Glory
C-STNG-A168  MCU of worried Riker on Minos. Arsenal of Freedom
C-STNG-A169  MS of Data examining tricorder readings as Tasha stands at his side, phaser drawn. Arsenal of Freedom
         [NOTE: #A170-175 are from Skin of Evil]

C-STNG-A170  BS: MS of Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton & Denise Crosby (wearing veiled hat) stretching before Tasha's farewell scene
C-STNG-A172  MLS of Tasha scanning tar pit with tricorder
C-STNG-A173  FLV of Tasha, phaser out as she's confronted by living oil slick Armus [Mart McChesney]
C-STNG-A174  FLV of holo-Tasha, hands clasped, giving farewell address against bluescreen
C-STNG-A17  MCU of Riker comforting Deanna at Tasha's funeral
C-STNG-A176  MS of somber Wes & Bev at Tasha's memorial service
C-STNG-A177  MLS of Langor [Kimberly Farr] & Sobi [Judson Scott] listening to OS Picard in Enterprise guest quarters. Symbiosis
C-STNG-A178  MS of Picard standing on restaurant terrace, futuristic Paris in bg. We'll Always Have Paris
C-STNG-A179  Tight MS of Picard & Jenice Manheim [Michelle Phillips], Paris in bg. We'll Always Have Paris
C-STNG-A180  MS of Romulans Tebok [Marc Alaimo] & Thei [Anthony James] seated aboard ship. Neutral Zone
C-STNG-A181  Cont. #A179, tighter shot
C-STNG-A182  FLV of Romulan Warbird in space
C-STNG-A183  MCU of Picard smiling broadly
C-STNG-A184  PR: MS of serious Deanna, Beverly & Tasha posed on red-lit bridge
C-STNG-A185  PR: FLV of Tasha, Beverly & Deanna lounging in command chairs on bridge
C-STNG-A186  PR: FLV of Deanna posed in corridor, arms behind back, wearing "cosmic cheerleader" mini-uniform
C-STNG-A187  MS of Tasha in tense situation on bridge
C-STNG-A188  BS: Entire crew prepares for scene on bridge, Brent Spiner leaning uncharacteristically over Data's console
C-STNG-A189  BS: Wil Wheaton as Wes distributes Disneyland souvenir hats he bought for the rest of bridge crew
C-STNG-A190  PR: FLV of Beverly in Captain's chair, flanked by standing Deanna & Tasha, all serious
C-STNG-A191  MLS of Data pointing to rear bridge computer screen displaying "system offline" message
C-STNG-A192  MCU of sultry Deanna in dark gray uniform
C-STNG-A193  MS: At Ready Room window, Picard motions into space as Riker follows the gesture with his eyes
C-STNG-A194  MS of smiling Data
C-STNG-A195  MS of controls over Data's shoulder at Ops, his profile visible
C-STNG-A196  DA of Picard & Riker looking out conference room window
C-STNG-A197  BS: LS of Tasha, Deanna, Data & extra in cutting up between takes on bridge
C-STNG-A198  BS: MLS of Riker & Picard in command chairs, cracking up as Data mimes lifting heavy object (his back to camera)
C-STNG-A199  MLS of Tasha & Riker aiming phasers toward camera
C-STNG-A200  PR: PRT of LaForge, Deanna & Data looking aside
C-STNG-A201  PR: FLV of stern Worf in corridor, arms folded
C-STNG-A202  MS of Data & Picard in conference lounge, turned aside
C-STNG-A203  Six-element sfx montage: exploding ships, crew materializing on rocky planet, Enterprise heading toward sun, shuttlecraft exiting hangar bay, Enterprise confronting crystalline entity, Riker entering holodeck forest scene
C-STNG-B1  FLV of Enterprise orbiting bluish planet
C-STNG-B2  Cont. #B1, identical shot except planet has dark orange surface
C-STNG-B3  PR: MLS of main cast including new member Dr. Kate Pulaski [Diana Muldaur]
C-STNG-B4  PR: FLV of main cast posed on bridge with Riker, Picard & Deanna seated in command chairs
C-STNG-B5  MS of Picard posed with Guinan [Whoopi Goldberg], Enterprise bartender
C-STNG-B6  PR: PRT of tight-lipped Picard
C-STNG-B7  PR: PRT of bearded Riker, face half lit against galactic backdrop
C-STNG-B8  PR: PRT of whimsical-faced Data
C-STNG-B9  PR: PRT of hard-as-nails Worf with arms folded
C-STNG-B10  MS of Prof. Moriarty [Daniel Davis] in his lab. Elementary Dear Data
C-STNG-B11  MS: Data emulates Riker's beard to comic effect. Schizoid Man
C-STNG-B12  MLS of pretty Salia [Jaime Hubbard] in her quarters. Dauphin
C-STNG-B13  CU of Salia transformed into bug-eyed hairy beast. Dauphin
C-STNG-B14  MS: Picard, Worf & Data in Iconian control chamber. Contagion
C-STNG-B15  Semi-profile MS of Data in casino. Royale
C-STNG-B16  FLV of Riker & Worf examining exterior of shuttlepod El-Baz on hangar deck. Time Squared
C-STNG-B17  Profile MS of Data addressing Picard, who is wearing civvies & on horseback). Pen Pals
C-STNG-B18  MS of Little Sarjenka [Nikki Cox] nervously looking up as Data works Ops console. Pen Pals
C-STNG-B19  MS of Data doing his best to be ignored by several Borg drones as he strolls through their vessel. Q Who?
C-STNG-B20  PRT of Picard in Dixon Hill overcoat & hat. Manhunt
C-STNG-B21  MS of Riker, uniform partially unzipped, regarding dapper Data in 40s attire in corridor outside holodeck. Manhunt
C-STNG-B22  MS of fish-like Antedian dignitary [Mick Fleetwood] & cohort in sickbay, cowering as their deception is revealed. Manhunt
C-STNG-B23  FLV of skull-faced alien on ground after being dispatched by OS Worf during holodeck combat simulation. Emissary
C-STNG-B24  MS of fish-faced, armored alien from battle simulation. Emissary
C-STNG-B25  MS of K'Ehleyr [Suzie Plakson] in combat-ready crouch, gauntlet on one hand as alien lumbers up behind her. Emissary
C-STNG-B26  MS of anxious Data in conference room
C-STNG-B27  MLS of Guinan behind bar, dispensing advice & spirits to Ten Forward patrons
C-STNG-C1  PR: FLV of third season cast (minus Guinan) posed on bridge around seated Picard
C-STNG-C2  PR: PRT of cast (no Guinan) standing against red bg
C-STNG-C3  PR: PRT of Picard, arms at sides. Red bg
C-STNG-C4  PR: PRT of smiling Riker against. Red bg
C-STNG-C5  PR: PRT of quizzical Data, head cocked. Red bg
C-STNG-C6  PR: PRT of scowling Worf. Red bg
C-STNG-C7  PR: PRT of LaForge, arms behind back. Red bg
C-STNG-C8  PR: PRT of exotic Deanna in maroon jumper. Red bg
C-STNG-C9  PR: PRT of Beverly going where no perm has gone before. Red bg
C-STNG-C10  PR: PRT of content Wes in gray uniform. Red bg
C-STNG-C11  PR: MS of robust proto-Vulcan Liko [Ray Wise] posed outdoors. Who Watches the Watchers
C-STNG-C12  MLS of Deanna wearing blue dress, poised on edge of bridge chair. Booby Trap
C-STNG-C13  MS of Picard & Beverly gathered with Prime Minister Bhavani [Elizabeth Hoffman], Leyor [Kevin Peter Hall] & Mendoza [Castulo Guerra] in Ten Forward, all turned aside. The Price
C-STNG-C14  PR: MS of Riker embracing Yuta [Lisa Wilcox]. The Vengeance Factor
C-STNG-C15  FLV of Data helping Beverly tend to victim of Ansata rebel attack in Rutian plaza. High Ground
C-STNG-C16  MLS of Q in gray jumpsuit, leaning forward to examine seated Data, head electronics exposed. Deja Q
         [NOTE: #C17-C23 are from Yesterday's Enterprise]

C-STNG-C17  MS: Guinan scrutinizes alternate-universe Tasha in Ten Forward
C-STNG-C18  MS: view over bridge "horseshoe" of alternate Riker, Tasha & Picard
C-STNG-C19  MS of alternate timeline Tasha, phaser on hip
C-STNG-C20  FLV of Picard & Tasha, battle-ready on alternate Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-C21  MS of tense alternate Tasha & Picard
C-STNG-C22  MS of Riker, Tasha & Picard in divergent alternate universe
C-STNG-C23  Tasha flirts with Lt. Castillo [Christopher McDonald] in sickbay
C-STNG-C24  MS of Guinan beaming at proud papa Data. Offspring
C-STNG-C25  FLV of Gowron [Robert O'Reilly], Worf & his cha'DIch, Picard in Klingon assembly hall. Sins of the Father
C-STNG-C26  FLV of K'mpec [Charles Cooper] on throne, flanked by Duras [Patrick Massett] & other Klingons. Sins of the Father
C-STNG-C27  CU of Beverly, radiant in mauve gown. Allegiance
C-STNG-C28  MS: aliens Ajur [Karen Landry] & Boratus [Michail Champion] glance at each other, viewed thru glass display. Captain's Holiday
C-STNG-C29  MS of Ferengi Sovak [Max Grodenchik] addressing Speedo- wearing Picard & clingy Vash [Jennifer Hetrick] on Risa. Captain's Holiday
C-STNG-C30  MLS of Vash (favored) putting her arms around Picard's neck. Captain's Holiday
C-STNG-C31  FLV of Tam Elbrun [Harry Groener] & Data aboard living starship Gomtuu. Tin Man
           [NOTE: #C32-C41 are from Hollow Pursuits]

C-STNG-C32  FLV of Deanna in Roman toga -- the Goddess of Empathy in Barclay's holo-fantasy
C-STNG-C33  FLV of seated Picard in Musketeer garb, long hair & all
C-STNG-C34  MLS of Three Musketeers [Data, Picard & LaForge] confronting Barclay (back to camera)
C-STNG-C35  MLS of Guinan serving drinks to LaForge & Barclay [Dwight Schultz]. Bluescreen shows in windows before starfield added
C-STNG-C36  FLV of gussied-up Beverly cradling Barclay's head in her lap on holodeck
C-STNG-C37  FLV: Barclay plants passionate smooch on bent-over-backward Deanna
C-STNG-C38  FLV of Beverly, in beautiful gown, perched on swing
C-STNG-C39  Profile MS of Barclay & Musketeer Picard crossing swords
C-STNG-C40  PR: PRT of Data in Musketeer outfit
C-STNG-C41  Cont. #C41, Data looks aside with smirk
C-STNG-C42  FLV of Data in purple jumpsuit, seated as part of Fajo's collection. The Most Toys
C-STNG-C43  MS of Kivas Fajo [Saul Rubinek] showing off Data to fellow collector Palor Toff [Nehemiah Persoff]. The Most Toys
          [NOTE: #C44-C49 are from Sarek]

C-STNG-C44  FLV of Sarek [Mark Lenard], Perrin, Ki Mendrossen [William Denis] & Sakkath [Rocco Sisto] seated at concert
C-STNG-C45  Cont. #C44, MCU of Sarek becoming teary-eyed, Picard & Beverly seated in bg
C-STNG-C46  FLV of Enterprise string quartet, featuring Data on violin
C-STNG-C47  MLS of Sarek, Perrin & Picard congratulating Data (back turned) on his performance
C-STNG-C48  Slight UA of Sarek in white robe, hands clasped
C-STNG-C49  MS of Wes & LaForge leaning over side of tank, preparing for arrival of Legaran delegates
           [NOTE: #C50-C56 are from Menage a Troi]
C-STNG-C50  FLV of Lwaxana in scarlet-sequined dress & Mr. Homn in guest quarters
C-STNG-C51  MCU of Riker & Wesley looking over 3-D chess board in Ten Forward
C-STNG-C52  MCU of Riker & Deanna in casual dress, adoring each other on lush Betazed
C-STNG-C53  MS of Lwaxana gesturing flamboyantly at table in Ten Forward as Deanna pouts
C-STNG-C54  MLS of Lwaxana, Riker & Deanna enjoying picnic lunch on Betazed
C-STNG-C55  Cont. #C54, pullback to reveal Mr. Homn serving trio
C-STNG-C56  MS of Ferengi Nibor [Peter Slutsker] playing 3-D chess with OS Riker & losing
             [NOTE: #C57-C66 are from The Best of Both Worlds, Part I]
C-STNG-C57  MLS of interior of Borg cube, drones recharging in their alcoves
C-STNG-C58  MS of trio of Borg drones moving thru their ship
C-STNG-C59  MLS of captive Picard on Borg ship, guarded by drone behind him
C-STNG-C60  MLS of Data & Worf aboard Borg cube, aiming phasers at camera
C-STNG-C61  MLS of Riker, LaForge, Worf & Data having just materialized on Borg-ravaged Starfleet colony
C-STNG-C62  Cont. #C61, foursome examining surroundings
C-STNG-C63  Cont. #C62, four turn eyes skyward
C-STNG-C64  MLS: Data, Riker & LaForge watch as crouching Lt. Cmdr. Shelby [Elizabeth Dennehy] takes tricorder readings from ground
C-STNG-C65  Cont. #C61, Shelby looks up at camera
C-STNG-C66  FLV of Picard seated behind Ready Room desk, listening to Admiral Hanson [George Murdock] deliver briefing
C-STNG-C67  Profile MS of Guinan & Picard having heavy discussion in front of conference lounge windows
C-STNG-C68  MS of Picard seated at table in quarters, looking at picture frame before him
C-STNG-D1  PR: FLV of fourth season cast (including Wes & Guinan) against gray backdrop, some seated, some standing
C-STNG-D2  PR: PRT of smiling Picard, gray bg
C-STNG-D3  PR: sitting PRT of grinning Riker, gray bg
C-STNG-D4  PR: PRT of inquisitive Data, black bg
C-STNG-D5  PR: sitting PRT of stoic Worf seated, starry bg
C-STNG-D6  PR: MCU or serious LaForge, starry bg
C-STNG-D7  PR: PRT of Deanna in teal dress, gray bg
C-STNG-D8  PR: MS of cheery Beverly, hand to chin, gray bg
C-STNG-D9  PR: CU of concerned Guinan in yellow outfit
C-STNG-D10  PR: MS of grown-up & serious Wes, gray bg
C-STNG-D11  PR: sitting PRT of Deanna (teal dress), Guinan (dark blue muumuu), & Beverly (regular uniform), all smiling
           [NOTE: #D12-D30 are from Best of Both Worlds, Part II]
C-STNG-D12  CU of Borgified Picard looking aside, laser sight flashing
C-STNG-D13  FLV of Locutus/Picard flanked by two drones aboard Borg cube
C-STNG-D14  FLV of nude Borg-Picard unconscious in medical bay as Beverly & Deanna discuss his condition
C-STNG-D15  Cont. #D14, MCU of just Picard
C-STNG-D16  Cont. #D15, Picard has awoken & clutches his Borgified arm
C-STNG-D17  FLV: Data interfaces with Borg-Picard in medical bay as Beverly & Deanna (backs to camera) look on
C-STNG-D18  Cont. #D17, tighter FLV of just Picard, Deanna & Beverly
C-STNG-D19  MLS of vacant-looking Locutus/Picard standing on Borg vessel
C-STNG-D20  MCU of Borg Picard on table, face about to be drained of pigment by needle-tipped mechanical arm
C-STNG-D21  FLV of Worf & Data helping slumped-over Locutus/Picard off transporter pad
C-STNG-D22  FLV of Data & Worf moving through Borg ship in search of Picard, phasers drawn
C-STNG-D23  Slight UA of Worf, Data & Beverly conversing aboard Borg cube
C-STNG-D24  Dramatic MS of Data aiming phaser aboard Borg cube
C-STNG-D25  MS of Data roaming Borg vessel with hands at sides, drones in bg
C-STNG-D26  Enterprise's saucer section separates from main drive section while Borg cube looms nearby
C-STNG-D27  Top view of Enterprise saucer section firing at Borg cube
C-STNG-D28  MLS of Shelby & Worf making their way thru Borg vessel
C-STNG-D29  Cont. #D12, MS from opposite angle
C-STNG-D32  MS of almost smiling Worf seated at Ten Forward bar. Brothers
C-STNG-D33  MCU of Dr. Noonian Soong implanting emotion chip in Lore's mouth. Brothers
C-STNG-D34  FLV of Picard, his sister-in-law, Marie [Samantha Eggar] & nephew René [David Tristin Birkin], all walking down garden path. Family
C-STNG-D35  MS of sourpuss Robert Picard [Jeremy Kemp], Marie & Reni in garden. Family
C-STNG-D36  MLS of Ishara Yar [Beth Toussaint] coming around corner with upraised phaser. Legacy
C-STNG-D37  MS of Ishara in white tank top, sitting on sickbay bed. Legacy
C-STNG-D38  MCU of somber K'Ehleyr in black outfit. Reunion
C-STNG-D39  MS of ersatz Cmdr. Tomalak [Andreas Katsulas] showing Riker thru Romulan base. Future Imperfect
C-STNG-D40  CU of sly Data wearing visor & holding poker hand. Future...
C-STNG-D41  MLS of battered Wes, Picard & Dirgo [Nick Tate, aiming phaser] in cave. Final Mission
          [NOTE: #D42-D47 are from Data's Day]

C-STNG-D42  Profile MLS of Beverly about to show Data how to slow dance
C-STNG-D43  Cont. #D42, Beverly moving her hips now
C-STNG-D44  FLV of groom O'Brien in dress uniform & bride Keiko [Rosalind Chao] in gown, about to be married
C-STNG-D45  FLV of formally-uniformed Data taking Keiko's arm to escort her down aisle
C-STNG-D46  MS of Data & Keiko slow-dancing at reception with LaForge, Picard & O'Brien visible in bg
C-STNG-D47  Cont. #D46, wider MLS includes other crew members
C-STNG-D48  MLS of LaForge, Riker & Picard seated at conference table, negotiating with Cardassians Gul Macet [Marc Alaimo], Glinn Telle [Marco Rodriguez] & Gill Daro [Time Winters]. Wounded
C-STNG-D49  MS of O'Brien at Ten Forward bar with Daro. Bluescreen visible in bg before starfield added. Wounded
C-STNG-D50  MS of shifty-eyed Gul Macet leaning against chair in conference room. Wounded
C-STNG-D51  FLV of Worf, Deanna & Picard gathered with Ventaxian delegation, all turned to OS Ardra. Devil's Due
C-STNG-D52  MLS of beelze-babe Ardra [Marta DuBois] cross-examining Data on witness stand. Devil's Due
C-STNG-D53  Cont. #D52, MS as Ardra turns away from Data
C-STNG-D54  MS of Ardra with Deanna & Picard just behind her. Devil's Due
C-STNG-D55  MS of costumed Guinan & Picard in Dixon Hill scenario, holding hands up. Clues
C-STNG-D56  MCU of Data (holding light) & Susanna Leitjen [MaryAnn Plunkett] looking for transformed LaForge, out-of-focus Beverly in bg. Identity Crisis
C-STNG-D57  MLS of glowing alien-LaForge, shrinking away from OS crew. Identity Crisis
C-STNG-D58  PR: PRT of costumed Beverly performing "Cyrano de Bergerac." Nth Degree
C-STNG-D59  PR: PRT of "Robin Hood" Picard & "Maid Marian" Vash. Qpid
C-STNG-D60  PR: MS of Picard, Data, Worf, Deanna & LaForge dressed as Robin Hood & his Merry Men in forest. Qpid
C-STNG-D61  FLV of gang similar to above plus Beverly but minus Worf. Qpid
C-STNG-D62  MCU of Jean-Luc Hood in forest, Beverly & Worf in bg. Qpid
C-STNG-D63  FLV of Robin Picard & Maid Vash, who's looking down at castle floor. Qpid
C-STNG-D64  MS of Q, in Sheriff of Nottingham guise, on horseback. Qpid
C-STNG-D65  MS of Lwaxana in Engineering, Mr. Homn in bg. Half a Life
C-STNG-D66  MS of ebullient Odan [Franc Luz] hugging happy Beverly from side. The Host
C-STNG-D67  MS of expressive Data at table in Ten Forward as his date Jenna D'Sora [Michele Scarabelli] clutches his arm. In Theory
C-STNG-D68  MS of Guinan behind bar, handing Data beverage. In Theory
C-STNG-D69  MLS of Data, paintbrush in one hand, palette in other. In Theory
C-STNG-D70  MLS of Worf in Klingon duds, about to bid farewell to Riker, Data & LaForge gathered in transporter room. Redemption
C-STNG-D71  MLS of Picard holding Klingon vestment, flanked by K'mpec & Gowron in hall
C-STNG-D72  FLV: Worf, Beverly, Picard, Data, Deanna & Riker almost in a row & socializing beside shuttlecraft in hangar bay
C-STNG-E1  PR: MLS of fifth season cast (including Guinan) posed on bridge
C-STNG-E2  Cont. #E1, MS
C-STNG-E3  PR: PRT of Picard in bulky new uniform jacket on gray bg
C-STNG-E4  PR: PRT of Data with hands behind back on gray bg
C-STNG-E5  PR: PRT of Worf with arms crossed on gray bg
C-STNG-E6  PR: MLS of LaForge, hands clasped below waist on gray bg
C-STNG-E7  PR: PRT of Deanna in gray jumpsuit, arms crossed on gray bg
C-STNG-E8  PR: PRT of beguiling Beverly on gray bg
C-STNG-E9  MS of Worf in death struggle with Romulan. Redemption II
C-STNG-E10  MS: Lursa [Barbara March] glares at haughty Sela. Redemption...
C-STNG-E11  MLS of Picard & Capt. Dathon [Paul Winfield] ready to fight OS creature, knives in hand. Darmok
C-STNG-E12  Cont. #E11, semi-profile MS
C-STNG-E13  MS of Dathon looking aside. Darmok
C-STNG-E14  Profile MS of Mr. Mot [Ken Thorley] about to take a little more off seated Picard's top. Ensign Ro
         [NOTE: #E15-E19 from Ensign Ro]

C-STNG-E15  MCU of Ensign Ro Laren [Michelle Forbes]looking like she means business
C-STNG-E16  MLS of Ro on Enterprise transporter pad, duffel bag slung over shoulder
C-STNG-E17  FLV of Picard & Ro, arms crossed, standing in refugee camp
C-STNG-E18  Cont. #E17, pair joined by angry Bajoran refugee with Data in bg
C-STNG-E19  MS of Riker & Picard as viewed over shoulder of transporter room technician
C-STNG-E20  FLV of Carmen Davila [Susan Diol] being enchanted by flirtatious Riker on lush colony world. Silicon Avatar
C-STNG-E21  MCU of Riker on planet, looking aside. Silicon Avatar
C-STNG-E22  MLS of Deanna & Picard on bridge, giving tour to three children. Disaster
C-STNG-E23  MLS of Worf holding Keiko's wrapped-up newborn baby, Molly, having just delivered her. Disaster
C-STNG-E24  K'taran Etana Jol [Katherine Moffat] snuggles with enraptured Riker, who wears game headset. The Game
C-STNG-E25  Profile MS of Wes & Ensign Robin Lefler [Ashley Judd] discussing "game" plan. The Game
C-STNG-E26  PR: PRT of smiling, smoldering Etana. The Game
           [NOTE: #E27-E45 are from Reunification]

C-STNG-E27  PR: MS of Ambassador Spock [Leonard Nimoy] & surgically- altered Picard, both in Romulan robes
C-STNG-E28  PR: PRT of Picard in Romulan disguise
C-STNG-E29  PR: PRT of Data in Romulan disguise
C-STNG-E30  FLV of robed Spock (favored) meeting with disguised Picard in underground hideout
C-STNG-E31  PR: PRT of solemn Spock
C-STNG-E32  MS of Spock in cave, Romulan soldier in bg
C-STNG-E33  MS of tight-lipped Sela bent over desk, holding PADD
C-STNG-E34  MS of Sela looking aside with lips parted
C-STNG-E35  MS of Spock & Data in Sela's office
C-STNG-E37  Semi-profile CU of ailing Sarek
C-STNG-E38  MS of regal berobed Spock turned aside with grim expression
C-STNG-E39  MS of Sela training Romulan phaser on OS "guests"
C-STNG-E40  MLS: Romulan soldiers hold Picard, Data & Spock captive in cave
C-STNG-E43  MCU of terminally-ill Sarek in bedclothes
C-STNG-E44  Tight MLS of Picard & Spock listening to OS Sela
C-STNG-E45  MS of Perrin attending to dying Sarek
C-STNG-E46  MS of Prof. Berlinghoff Rasmussen [Matt Frewer] making point to attentive Deanna & Beverly in sickbay. Matter of Time
C-STNG-E47  DA of batleth-wielding Alexander [Brian Bonsall] confronting large skull-faced alien in hazy holo-forest. New Ground
C-STNG-E48  MS of Beverly (in flashback) standing over her husband's body as mind-rapist Jev [Ben Lemon] looms behind her. Violations
C-STNG-E49  MS of younger Beverly & Picard (with hair!), smiling. Violations
          [NOTE: #E50-E54 are from Masterpiece Society]

C-STNG-E50  FLV of Riker, Deanna & LaForge arriving on Moab colony.
C-STNG-E51  Cont. #E50, tighter on trio as they mingle with apprehensive locals
C-STNG-E52  Cont. #E51, MS of threesome being welcomed by leader Aaron Conor [John Snyder]
C-STNG-E53  Cont. #E52, Troi shakes Conor's hand
C-STNG-E54  MS of concerned Deanna looking aside, Picard at her shoulder
C-STNG-E55  MCU of Ro, rare smile on face as she looks aside. Conundrum
C-STNG-E56  FLV of Data & Ro at Conn & Ops, chairs turned back toward center seat. Conundrum
C-STNG-E57  MS of Beverly & LaForge seated at conference table.Conundrum
C-STNG-E58  MS of Riker in first officer's chair, chatting with Deanna, who's seated beside him. Conundrum
           [NOTE: #E59-E66 are from Power Play]

C-STNG-E59  MS: Ro works on OS control panel as just-visible Riker watches
C-STNG-E60  Shadowy MS of possessed Deanna, Data & O'Brien, phasers out
C-STNG-E61  MS of O'Brien, arms crossed & looking aside
C-STNG-E62  MS of Ro in cramped Jeffries tube, preparing to zap possessed crewmen with gadget LaForge whipped together
C-STNG-E63  Cont. #E62, tighter & more head-on view
C-STNG-E64  MS of Riker, Data & Deanna on Mab-Bu VI, crashed shuttle in bg
C-STNG-E65  MS of evil Deanna pointing phaser
C-STNG-E66  Dramatic MS of worried Keiko clutching baby Molly to her
C-STNG-E67  Profile MS of Riker & androgynous Soren [Melinda Culea] ogling each other amid bushes at night. Outcast
C-STNG-E68  Cont. #E67, pair now smooching
C-STNG-E70  MS of visor-wearing Data dealing poker hands to seated LaForge, Worf & Beverly (slightly dark & grainy). Cause & Effect
C-STNG-E71  MS of Riker leaning on back of Data's chair with Ro at Conn, all eyes riveted on viewscreen. Cause & Effect
           [NOTE: #E72-E76 are from First Duty]

C-STNG-E72  MCU of Wes & cadet Nick Locarno [Robert Duncan MacNeill] seated at table during misconduct trial
C-STNG-E73  Overview of courtroom with Picard, Beverly & others seated near accused Wes, Locarno & Sito Jaxa [Shannon Fill]
C-STNG-E74  FLV of Picard kneeling to converse with Boothby [Ray Walston], Starfleet Academy groundskeeper, in lush garden
C-STNG-E75  Cont. #E74, Boothby's head turned to Picard
C-STNG-E76  Profile MS of Picard lecturing Wes on Academy grounds
             [NOTE: #E77-E81 are from Cost of Living]
C-STNG-E77  MCU of Lwaxana & Alexander sharing drink in mudbath
C-STNG-E78  PR: CU of big-eared alien Juggler [Albie Selznick] submerged to neck in mudbath, toasting camera
C-STNG-E79  PR: PRT of Juggler clothed in rust-colored tunic
C-STNG-E80  FLV of Data, Deanna, Alexander & Worf gathered in Ten Forward, awaiting Lwaxana's wedding
C-STNG-E82  Profile MS of Kirosian Ambassador Briam [Tim O'Connor] bribing two Ferengis. Perfect Mate
C-STNG-E83  MCU of beautiful Kamala [Famke Janssen] in wedding gown. Perfect Mate
C-STNG-E84  FLV of Picard in dress uniform, about to walk veiled Kamala down aisle. Perfect Mate
C-STNG-E85  Cont. #E84, MS affords better look of Kamala under veil
C-STNG-E86  FLV of Picard & little Clara [Noley Thornton] in arboretum. Imaginary Friend
C-STNG-E87  FLV of Picard & Guinan seated on bench, both in fencing outfits & he pulling on glove. I, Borg
C-STNG-E88  FLV of Guinan confronting young Hugh Borg [Jonathan Del Arco], who stands behind force field in detention cell. I, Borg
C-STNG-E89  MS of Hugh accessing data port with arm apparatus. I, Borg
C-STNG-E90  Profile MS of elderly Picard sharing moment with his twenty- something daughter Meribor [Jennifer Nash]. Inner Light
C-STNG-E91  MS of old man Picard with son Batai [Stewart's real-life son, Daniel]. Inner Light
C-STNG-E92  "Invisible" Ro, Romulan phaser in hand, observes Riker playing dirge on trombone at her funeral. Next Phase
C-STNG-E93  MS of Romulan officers Mirok [Thomas Kopache] & Varel [Susanna Thompson] aboard their ship. Next Phase
       [NOTE: #E94-E99 are from Time's Arrow]

C-STNG-E94  LS of uniformed Data walking past 1890s San Francisco firehouse
C-STNG-E95  MLS of Data staring quizzically at grizzled old prospector [John M. Murdock]
C-STNG-E96  Cont. #E95, MS of prospector sharing confidence with Data
C-STNG-E97  Profile MS of Data confronting Guinan, both in period costumes
C-STNG-E98  Cont. #E97, both turn attention to something OS
C-STNG-E99  PR: especially nice MCU of period Nurse Beverly & San Fran Picard, both smiling broadly
C-STNG-E100  PR: PRT of Q in red Starfleet uniform
C-STNG-E101  MS of Guinan turned aside while sitting at Ten Forward table
C-STNG-E102  MS of Deanna in burgundy jumpsuit, relaxed at conference table
C-STNG-E103  MCU of Deanna in light purple outfit, facing aside
C-STNG-E104  MS of smiling Deanna in burgundy jumpsuit, on bridge with arms crossed
C-STNG-F1  PR: sixth season cast prt (no Guinan) against gray bg
C-STNG-F2  PR: PRT of Picard on gray bg
C-STNG-F3  PR: PRT of Data on gray bg
C-STNG-F4  PR: PRT of LaForge on gray bg
C-STNG-F5  PR: PRT of Worf on gray bg
C-STNG-F6  PR: PRT of Deanna in light purple outfit on gray bg
C-STNG-F7  PR: striking PRT of Beverly
C-STNG-F8  PR: FLV of white-haired windbag Lwaxana in silver gown
C-STNG-F9  PR: MS of Picard with arm around smiling Scotty [James Doohan] on old Enterprise bridge. Relics
C-STNG-F10  MS of battered Scotty looking up, arm in sling. Relics
C-STNG-F11  MS: disconsolate Scotty on old bridge, Picard just behind. Relics
C-STNG-F12  FLV of Scotty reminiscing on old bridge recreated by holodeck. Relics
C-STNG-F13  MCU of gunslinger Data chomping on cigar. Fistful of Datas
C-STNG-F14  MS of desperado Deanna aiming shotgun while standing in buckboard on western street. Fistful...
C-STNG-F15  FLV of Data, dapper in suit & western tie, sharing moment with cowgirl Deanna, both seated on bench in front of saloon. Fistful...
C-STNG-F16  BS: MS of cowboy Worf facing director Patrick Stewart (long- sleeved blue shirt), who points past him on street set. Fistful...
C-STNG-F17  FLV of Capt. Jellico [Ronny Cox] & Picard in Ten Forward, both in dress uniforms. Chain of Command
C-STNG-F18  FV of Enterprise in space dock. Chain of Command
C-STNG-F19  MLS of defiant Picard leaning on table while Gul Madred [David Warner] observes him
C-STNG-F20  Cont. #F19, tighter MS with Picard more animated
             [NOTE: #F21-F25 are from Ship in a Bottle]
C-STNG-F21  PR: sitting PRT of Picard & lovely Countess Regina Bartholomew [Stephanie Beacham]
C-STNG-F22  FLV: Moriarty takes hand of beaming Countess on transporter pad
C-STNG-F23  Cont. #F22, they embrace
C-STNG-F24  Profile MS of Countess & Picard chatting on divan
C-STNG-F25  Profile MS of Countess talking with Lt. Barclay
C-STNG-F26  PR: MS of Picard, wearing movie-era lieutenant's uniform, & Q, in civvies with arms folded, staring into camera Tapestry
C-STNG-F27  MS of Amanda [Olivia d'Abo] expressing doubts to Q (officer's uniform) in Enterprise lab. True Q
C-STNG-F28  MS of astonished Amanda standing on Enterprise hull, Q in bg with arms spread wide. True Q
C-STNG-F29  MS of Worf, in Klingon civvies, clutching batleth. Rightful Heir
        [NOTE: #F30-F35 are from Descent]

C-STNG-F30  LS of Borg mob inside Borg meeting hall
C-STNG-F31  FLV: Deanna, Picard & LaForge confronted by Borg drones in hall
C-STNG-F32  PR: MS of LaForge, Picard & Deanna pointing phasers at camera
C-STNG-F33  UA of Deanna (in Starfleet uniform), LaForge, Picard & crewman taking stock of situation below from forest hill vantage point
C-STNG-F34  LS of Starfleet team standing in tall grass on planet beyond shuttle pod in fg
C-STNG-F35  Cont. #F35, FLV of Riker, Worf & rest of team making phaser sweep on grassy plain
C-STNG-G1  PR: FLV of standing seventh season cast sans Guinan, on tan bg
C-STNG-G2  PR: FLV of cast as above posed on transporter platform
C-STNG-G3  PR: PRT of Picard against starry bg
C-STNG-G4  PR: PRT of solemn-looking Riker on brown bg
C-STNG-G5  PR: PRT of beady-eyed Worf on brown bg
C-STNG-G6  PR: PRT of Deanna in blue Starfleet uniform on dark bg
C-STNG-G7  MLS of Picard & dastardly Lore in Borg meeting hall, other Borg in bg. Descent II
C-STNG-G8  MS of Beverly monitoring wired-up LaForge, standing in medical apparatus. Interface
C-STNG-G9  MS of Picard in pirate disguise, grizzled buccaneer crewman behind him. Gambit
C-STNG-G10  MS: Romulan Tallera [Robin Curtis] holds Stone of Gol. Gambit
C-STNG-G11  BS: It's a piece of cake for Stewart as he directs Marina Sirtis on table. She's an angel (food), you see. Phantasms
C-STNG-G12  MS of Deanna, in pink dress, being admired by Cairn ambassador Maques [Norman Large]. Dark Page
C-STNG-G13  MS of alluring Beverly in gray crushed velvet top, glancing aside. Attached
C-STNG-G14  Cont. #G13, slight DA as she looks away from camera
C-STNG-G15  Profile MS of casual Picard & Beverly sharing toast. Attached
C-STNG-G16  FLV of Deanna (in blue dress, arms folded) on bridge of alternate Enterprise, Wes at weapons console in bg. Parallels
C-STNG-G17  FLV of Worf letting his hair down on bridge, foot resting on "horseshoe." Parallels
C-STNG-G18  MS of Beverly (back to camera) scanning Riker's bruised ribs with tricorder. Pegasus
C-STNG-G19  MCU of Riker & Admiral Pressman [Terry O'Quinn]. Pegasus
C-STNG-G20  CU of enraptured Beverly bathed in red light. Sub Rosa
C-STNG-G21  FLV of Beverly at grandmother's graveside. Sub Rosa
C-STNG-G22  BS: dark FLV of director Frakes & Duncan Regehr as Ronin going over script on cemetery set. Sub Rosa
C-STNG-G23  MS of Barclay de-evolving into spider-like creature. Genesis
C-STNG-G24  MCU of Cardassian Gul Evek [Richard Poe]. Journey's End
C-STNG-G25  Profile MS of Wes & Traveller conversing in Indian village on Dorvan V. Journey's End
C-STNG-G26  MLS of Picard sharing drinks with elderly Indian Wakasa [George Aguilar]. Journey's End
C-STNG-G27 Tight MS of Worf urging son Alexander into battle. Firstborn
C-STNG-G28  MLS of Worf swinging bat'leth at Klingon opponent as crewmembers watch. Firstborn
C-STNG-G29  MS of Picard aiming phaser aboard Ferengi ship. Bloodlines
C-STNG-G30  MS of astonished Riker & Data in train car. Emergence
         [NOTE: #G31- G49 from All Good Things ...]

C-STNG-G31  MS of aged future Admiral Riker on Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-G32  MS of present-day Deanna & Beverly at conference table
C-STNG-G33  Profile MS of Picard & Judge Q facing off in courtroom
C-STNG-G34  Profile MS of O'Brien & Data chatting during flashback to first days of Enterprise-D
C-STNG-G35  MS of Picard in captain's chair, absorbing advice of "cosmic cheerleader" Deanna in flashback scene
C-STNG-G36  MCU of aged Captain Beverly Crusher in future timeline
C-STNG-G37  MS of future LaForge (sans visor) & Data (gray streak in hair) seated side by side at table
C-STNG-G38  Semi-profile RV of Beverly's future med starship, the Pasteur, entering planet orbit
C-STNG-G39  MS of future Riker, Picard & Beverly reviewing crucial data
C-STNG-G40  FLV of Picard defiantly standing up to bethroned Q
C-STNG-G41  MLS of old LaForge, Picard, Beverly & Data on Pasteur bridge
C-STNG-G42  MS of aging & still temperamental Governor Worf at table
C-STNG-G43  MS of future farmer Picard amidst crops
C-STNG-G44  PR: PRT of Judge Q
C-STNG-G45  FLV of Professor Data sipping tea in wingback chair, cat in lap
C-STNG-G46  Profile MCU of aged Q urgently making point to future Picard
C-STNG-G47  MS: Gov. Worf, LaForge & crewman on future-Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-G48  MS: first-season flashback scene of Tasha Yar & Worf on bridge
C-STNG-G49  UA of LaForge & farmer Picard gaze up into blue sky
          [NOTE: #G50-55 are from same PR photo shoot]
C-STNG-G50  Profile PRT of uniformed Beverly
C-STNG-G51  3/4 profile FV of grinning Beverly
C-STNG-G52  Head-on PRT of smiling Beverly
C-STNG-G53  PRT of Beverly turned slightly to her left
C-STNG-G54  Profile FLV of Beverly
C-STNG-G55  FLV of Beverly turned to 3/4 FV
C-STNG-H1  PR: Gene Roddenberry sits in captain's chair, flashing big smile
C-STNG-H2  FLV of shuttlecraft departing Enterprise as it orbits planet
C-STNG-H4  Terrific RV of Enterprise flying toward ringed planet
C-STNG-H5  Profile FLV of Enterprise launching photon torpedoes & firing phasers at OS opponent
C-STNG-H6  BS: view of first season bridge set showing three empty command chairs & aft stations
C-STNG-H7  BS: FLV of warp core pulsing with blue light
C-STNG-H8  CU of tricorder
C-STNG-H9  CU of medical tricorder, mini-scanner detached
C-STNG-H10  CU of Engineering field kit & contents
C-STNG-H11  CU of phaser II
C-STNG-H12  PR:Roddenberry peeks around rock on Planet Hell set
             [NOTE: #I1-I5 are candids from 1992 Ninth Annual American Cinema Awards at Beverly Hilton Hotel]
C-STNG-I1  FLV of dapper, bespectacled Spiner in tuxedo
C-STNG-I2  MLS of Spiner sharing laugh with Gates McFadden in white lace dress & jacket
C-STNG-I3  Cont. #I2, two press together for papparazzi
C-STNG-I4  MLS of Frakes (tux) & wife Genie Francis (white gown) arriving
C-STNG-I5  MS of Dorn (tux) arriving with smile
          [NOTE: #I6-I10 are candids from 1992 convention on stage Q&A]
C-STNG-I6  MS of seated Wheaton, Spiner, Sirtis & Gates fielding questions
C-STNG-I7  MS of Spiner, in glasses & tan leather jacket, looking to his right
C-STNG-I8  Cont. #I7, turned to his left
C-STNG-I9  Cont. #I8, FLV on stool, holding microphone
C-STNG-I10  MS of smiling Stewart wearing glasses, sportcoat & sportshirt
C-STNG-I11  PR: PRT of smiling Stewart wearing cream blazer & turtleneck
C-STNG-I12  MLS of smiling Stewart (black tux) with hands in pockets on stage
C-STNG-I13  Cont. #I12, MS
C-STNG-I14  Candid MS of Sirtis in black fringed leather jacket, smiling broadly
C-STNG-I15  Cont. #I14, tighter shot
C-STNG-I16  PR: PRT of curly-haired Sirtis wearing red sweater, head cocked
C-STNG-I17  1991 Candid MLS of Sirtis in black minidress & casually clad Dorn leaving Hollywood Athletic Club
           [NOTE: #I22-I34 are from various publicity shoots of Gates McFadden]
C-STNG-I22  FLV wearing black, hair done up, against starry backdrop
C-STNG-I23  MS wearing burgundy jacket, silk scarf wrapped primly around head & neck against mauve bg
C-STNG-I24  Smiling PRT in burgundy top with scarf removed, hand to mouth. Mauve bg replaced with star backdrop
C-STNG-I25  Cont. #I24, similar pose with hand removed
C-STNG-I26  Saucy FLV of Gates letting red sweater dress fall off shoulders, laying on back in front of starry bg with black-stockinged legs up
C-STNG-I27  Cont. #I26, Gates sits Indian-style with crossed knees to chest
C-STNG-I28  Cont. #I27, PRT holding red rose near face
C-STNG-I29  MLS in peach dress, holding naked baby son in her lap
C-STNG-I30  Cont. #I29, MS standing with clothed baby in her arms
C-STNG-I31  Cute MS in sportcoat & polka dot scarf, reading to similarly-attired son against gray speckled bg
C-STNG-I32  Cont. #I31, Gates sits son on her knee
C-STNG-I33  Adorable FLV sitting on floor in hat & sunglasses, next to son as he tries to duplicate mom
C-STNG-I34  Baby cracks up in mom's lap as they play colorful accordion
C-SND-A MLS of gowned Blanche DuBois [Ann-Margret] sitting with bottle of rye
C-SHK-A PR: FLV of Off. Jesse Mach [Rex Smith] astride his super motorcycle
C-SHK-B PR: PRT of smiling Mach in black turtleneck sweater
C-STRY-A PR: PRT of serious Stingray in gray v-neck sweater
C-STRY-B PR: PRT of serious Stingray in red shirt, loosened black tie & black leather jacket
C-STRY-C Cont. #B, Stingray turns shoulder to camera
C-STRY-D PR: slight DA on Stingray posed outdoors in red sweatshirt & jeans, hands in pockets
C-STRY-E Cont. #D, Stingray leans back against wall, hand on thigh
C-STRY-F PR: FLV of Stingray crouching on cinder block wall overlooking valley, wearing long sleeved sport shirt & jeans
C-STRY-G PR: MS of Stingray leaning on roof of Corvette in same shirt & brown suede jacket
C-STRY-H PR: MLS of smiling Stingray sitting on hood of Corvette in outfit of tans & browns
C-STRY-I PR: FLV of Stingray sitting against hood with arms folded in similar attire without jacket
C-STRY-J PR: FLV of Stingray leaning arms against both sides of door leading to empty room of house
C-STRY-K PR: MLS of Stingray, in black leather jacket & white pants, leaning against wall as smoke swirls about him
C-SMB-A PR: PRT of smiling Lindsay Wagner as amnesiac wife & mother Beverly Slater, in red blouse & yellow jacket
C-SMB-B PR: PRT of Beverly in sporty black outfit with husband Hal [Armand Assante] holding her by shoulders
C-SSF-A PR: MS of Michael Douglas as Police Inspector Steve Keller leaning against post & smiling, nice looking in sport shirt, black tie & brown suede jacket
C-SMED-A MS of Martin [Ben Cross] & Celia [Pamela Sue Martin] in serious mood during picnic
SUGARFOOT - 1957-61
C-SGR-A PR: FLV of Tom "Sugarfoot" Brewster [Will Hutchins] standing in street with gun drawn, ready to shoot it out
SUGAR TIME - 1977-78
C-SUG-A FLV of Maxx [Barbi Benton], Maggie [Marianne Black] & Diane [Didi Carr] against blue bg
C-SRI-A PR: MLS of Lady Brett Ashley [Jane Seymour] posed in arms of Jake Barnes [Hart Bochner], both smiling
C-SRI-B PR: PRT of Lady Brett dressed all in white
C-SRI-C Profile FLV of Lady Brett standing barefoot on table & bending down playfully toward Jake
C-SRI-D PR: PRT of Lady Brett wearing white & gold dress & turban with string of pearls
C-SRI-E PR: MLS of Lady Brett, in pink dress & white hat, standing with arms folded beside the Count [Leonard Nimoy], in tan suit & Panama hat, on Paris location
SURFSIDE SIX - 1960-62
C-S6-A PR: PRT of smiling Sandy Winfield II [Troy Donahue] in blue Hawaiian shirt
C-SFC-A PR: FLV of David Brogan [Len Cariou], Tina [Ellen Burstyn, Harvey [Paul Sorvino] & Lois [Marsha Mason] with their children Philip [River Phoenix],Rick [Zach Galligan], Sarah [Heather O'Rourke] & Lonnie [Molly Ringwald] posed on porch
S.W.A.T. - 1975-76
C-SWAT-A PR: horizontal cast PRT of team officers including Lt. Hondo Harrelson [Steve Forrest] & Off. Jim Street [Robert Urich]
C-SRV-A PR: MS of Katherine [Kelly McGillis], in blue cotton dress, held around waist from behind by loving Army Maj. Alex Breen [Alec Baldwin] with Col. Cheever [Kevin Dobson] at her shoulder
SWITCH - 1975-1978
C-SWI-A PR: suave Pete [Robert Wagner] & Frank [Eddie Albert] posed over suitcase stacked with money
C-TWF-A PR: MLS of Jim Hardie [Dale Robertson] in smiling pose next to Wells Fargo stage coach
TARZAN - 1966-69
C-TARZ-A MS of bare-chested Tarzan [Ron Ely] & native standing behind him glaring at OS doings
C-TARZ-B LS of Tarzan, riding elephant (wearing only loincloth in this & all other shots)
C-TARZ-C FLV of Tarzan giving little boy Jai [Manuel Padilla Jr.] ride on baby elephant
C-TARZ-D MLS of Tarzan fallen to ground but aiming pistol at OS opponent, Cheetah at his side
TAXI - 1978-1983
C-TXI-A PR: final year cast PRT includes Alex Rieger[Judd Hirsch], Louie DePalma [Danny DeVito], Elaine Nardo [Marilu Henner] & Tony Banta [Tony Danza]
C-TXI-B PR: MS of lovey-dovey Alex & Elaine. Blue bg
C-TKJ-A PR: Outdoor FLV of young one-legged Ted Kennedy Jr. [Kimber Shoop] posed with father Sen. Edward Kennedy [Craig T. Nelson] & mother Joan [Susan Blakely]
C-TKJ-B PR: MS of Joan comforting her son outside house window
10 - 1979
C-TEN-1  FLV of Jenny [Bo Derek] running on beach in swimsuit
C-TEN-2  MLS of Jenny running in soft white dress
C-TEN-8  MLS of Jenny, wearing casual white outfit, sitting on couch
C-TEX-A  Sexy costumed cowgirls Debbie Kepley, Linda Kellum & Dawn Stansell pose in disco setting
C-TI-A  PRT of show hosts Cathy Lee Crosby, John Davidson & Fran Tarkenton on red bg
C-TMP-A  PR: PRT of fading movie queen Marguerite Sydney [Elizabeth Taylor] & her lover Ben Nichols [Robert Wagner] in romantic pose, she in white chiffon dress, he in suit
C-THIM-A  PR: Bonnie [Lindsay Wagner] & Craig Wilkerson [Chris Sarandon] stand behind little adopted daughter with her real mother, teenage Kimberly [Nancy McKeon]
C-THIM-B  PR: PRT of smiling Bonnie cuddling little girl as Kimberly looks on challengingly
C-TWH-A  PR: FLV of Alan [Robert Klein] standing in disapproval of coy wife Marsha [Pam Dawber], surrogate wife to group of men in bg, including basketball player Tommy Sellers [Sam J. Jones]
C-THB-A  PR: wonderful sitting shot of Cardinal Ralph
C-THB-B  PR: MCU of Maggie (hat & matching top), smiling up at camera
C-THB-C  PR: MS of Maggie in house dress, leaning forward with chin resting on hand
C-THB-D  PR: MS of Maggie wearing ashes of Rose's dress, leaning against doorway & smiling slightly
C-THB-E  PR: gorgeous sitting PRT of Maggie in ashes of Rose's dress
C-THB-F  PR: MS of Father Ralph & Maggie posed together holding hands before painting of Mary Carson
C-THB-G  Profile FLV of Ralph & Maggie stealing kiss on beach sand
C-THB-H  PR: title & credits under FLV of Father Ralph bending to kiss Maggie, clinging to him as she kneels at his feet on beach
C-THB-I  PR: MLS of Father Ralph posed standing amid trees & other greenery with hands crossed over lap
C-THB-J  PR: MLS of Father Ralph taking in the land that is Drogheda, his arms folded, with sheep grazing behind him & ranch in distance
C-THB-K  PR: PRT of aging Cardinal Ralph seated in chair with glass of wine
C-THB-L  PR: MS of Maggie in black top with white inner panel, smiling into camera softly
C-THB-M  FLV of Father Ralph & Fiona Cleary [Jean Simons] on porch of her home looking OS
C-THB-N  MS of Maggie facing camera with back turned to Father Ralph at edge of field, both in turmoil over emotions felt for each other
C-THB-O  MS of Ralph & Maggie sitting at table over glasses of wine as she puts hand to his mouth to silence words they're both thinking
C-THB-P   MLS of tearful Maggie resting her head in lap of aged Cardinal Ralph as he dies peacefully
C-3C-A PR: cast PRT of Jack [John Ritter], Janet [Joyce DeWitt], Larry [Richard Kline], Furley [Don Knotts], Terri [Priscilla Barnes] & Cindy [Jenilee Harrison]
C-3C-B PR: PRT of Jack with arms around waists of Terri & Janet. Red bg
C-TBM-A PR: PRT of rifle-toting Renee DeSalles [Morgan Fairchild] surrounded by Wes [Billy Dee Williams], Jake [Merlin Olsen] & Dan [Joseph Bottoms]
C-TBM-B PR: PRT of smiling Renee, in black top & brown leather jacket, international terrorist. Blue bg
C-TBM-C PR: PRT of Renee as above with arms crossed over upturned knees. Tan bg
C-TJH-A PR: MS of Hooker in pullover shirt, talking on hand mike
C-TJH-B PR: PRT of Shatner as himself in pullover sweater
C-TJH-C PR: PRT of Hooker in police uniform
C-TJH-D PR: MS of Hooker bent forward with head turned slightly. Red bg
C-TJH-E PR: MLS of Hooker with Romano at his shoulder. Yellow bg
C-TJH-F BS: MLS of Locklear hugging Herd under eye of director Leonard Nimoy, Shatner & Zmed in bg
C-TJH-G PR: ABC logo & title over MS of serious Hooker beside Romano & Stacy, their guns drawn & aimed at camera, Off. Jim Corrigan [James Darren] in bg
C-TJH-H BS: MS of uniformed Shatner playfully admonishing director & pal Leonard Nimoy between takes
C-TJH-I PR: nicely composed PRT of uniformed Hooker, Stacy, Romano & Corrigan, all serious. Blue bg
C-TJH-J PR: PRT of Hooker, Romano, Stacy & Capt. Sheriden, all serious. Blue bg
C-TJH-K PR: FLV of happier Hooker, Stacy & Romano striding toward camera. Magenta bg
C-TJH-L PR: MS of Hooker pointing out to Romano that they are trapped inside a giant police badge. Red bg
C-TJH-M PR: MLS of Hooker & Romano aiming guns at camera. Blue bg
C-TJH-N PR: MCU of Stacy smiling into camera
C-TJH-O PR: Title over MS of Hooker drawing down on OS scum
C-TJH-P PR: MS of Stacy [with mike], Corrigan [raised revolver] & Hooker [pump rifle] posed tensely by cop car
C-TJH-Q PR: horizontal PRT of uniformed, smiling Stacy posed in front of brick wall
C-TJH-R PR: FLV of Hooker, Stacy & Corrigan standing on railroad tracks with guns drawn
C-TJH-S PR: PRT of smiling Hooker
C-TJH-T PR: outdoor PRT of serious Hooker
C-TJH-U PR: MLS of Hooker smiling as he sheaths baton on beach, surf crashing in bg
C-TJH-V PR: PRT of Hooker, off-duty wearing gray business suit. Blue bg
C-TJH-W PR: horizontal MCU of Hooker in black sport shirt. Red bg
C-TJH-X PR: PRT of softly smiling Stacy. Blue bg
C-TCC-A PR: Henry [Ted Knight], Jackie [Deborah VanValkenburgh] & Sara [Lydia Cornell] watch Muriel [Nancy Dussault] practice caring for baby on doll
TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. - 1979-86
C-TJ-A MS of smiling Gonzo [Gregory Harrison] & Trapper [Pernell Roberts], clad in smocks. Blue bg
C-TRC-A PR: MS of Dr. Michael Royce [James Naughton] looking aside from open door of paramedic ambulance
C-TRC-B MLS of Royce, John Six [Lou Ferrigno] & fellow paramedic aiding female neck injury victim
C-TWP-1 PRT of Cooper in tailored suit, facing camera while holding up pocket recorder
C-TWP-2 PRT of Sheriff Truman
C-TWP-3 MS of Audrey in soft-focus glamour pose, wearing chiffon party dress & long gloves
C-TWP-4 FLV of flirtatious Audrey, in pullover sweater & plaid skirt, posed seated outside school
C-TWP-5 MS of Audrey in father's study, chin down & eyes averted
C-TWP-6 FLV of Audrey as above seated in class, palm to chin as she feels loss of Laura
C-TWP-7 PRT of Shelly in thought, long red hair spilling over shoulder
C-TWP-8 Laura's Homecoming Queen PRT in trophy case
C-TWP-9 Cont. #8, tight on just PRT
C-TWP-10 MS of smiling Madeleine Ferguson [Sheryl Lee] wearing black & white sweater ensemble
C-TWP-11 PRT of Deputy Andy Brennan [Harry Goaz], hand to chin
C-TWP-12 Cont. #11, MS seated with arms down
C-TWP-13 PRT of Lucy, head tilted coyly
C-TWP-14 MS of Tommy "The Hawk" Hill
C-TWP-15 PRT of Bobby Briggs, hands tucked under armpits
C-TWP-16 MS of Leo Johnson [Eric DaRe] looking aside with arms folded
C-TWP-17 PRT of grinning Dr. Lawrence Jacoby [Russ Tamblyn]
C-TWP-18 PRT of Log Lady [Catherine E. Coulson], cradling her log as if it were her baby
C-TWP-19 PRT of Leland Palmer [Ray Wise], Laura's father, holding picture frame
C-TWP-20 Cont. #19, MCU of Palmer smiling faintly into camera
C-TWP-21 MS of James turned aside as he dwells on Laura's death
C-TWP-22 Similar to TWP-6 in b/w section
C-TWP-23 PRT of Benjamin Horne in natty suit & red tie
C-TWP-24 MLS of Horne resting crossed arms on desk chair in his office as he eyes camera
C-TWP-25 Tight horizontal PRT of Harold Smith [Lenny VonDohlen] tending his flowers
C-TWP-26 Sitting PRT of Ed Hurley
C-TWP-27 PRT of scheming Windom Earle [Kenneth Welsh] posed over chessboard
C-TWP-28 PRT of Bob [Frank Silva], evil incarnate
C-TWP-29 Menacing MCU of The Giant [Carel Struycken]
C-TWP-30 PRT of Cooper & Truman standing over deer head on table
C-TWP-31 FLV of Cooper & Truman posed searching for clues on railroad tracks with bloodhounds
C-TWP-32 MS of Audrey sidling up to Cooper as he enjoys pie & coffee in diner booth, both looking aside
C-TWP-33 The Twin Peaks sign
C-TWP-34 FLV of Laura Palmer's dead body wrapped in plastic at water's edge
C-TWP-35 Cont. #34, Truman & Doc Hayward examine body
C-TWP-36 Cont. #35, CU of dead Laura with plastic wrap pulled away from blood-drained face
C-TWP-37 MS of Sarah Palmer [Grace Zabriskie] freaking over phone as she gets news of Laura's death
C-TWP-38 FLV of Truman questioning Sarah, slumped on couch, Doc Hayward at her side
C-TWP-39 MS of grieving Sarah on couch, lamp lighting Laura's framed picture on end table
C-TWP-40 Similar to TWP-18 in b/w section
C-TWP-41 LS of James [back turned] sitting off road by his Harley, overlooking scenery
C-TWP-42 Cont. #41, tight profile of anguished James by his motorcycle
C-TWP-43 Cont. #42, FV of James. Best of these
C-TWP-44 MLS of warmly frocked Jocelyn & Catherine outside cabin
C-TWP-45 Cont. #44, MS
C-TWP-46 Singer Julee Cruise & her group as featured in Roadhouse scene
C-TWP-47 Profile MS of Truman sitting on couch next to Laura's picture at Palmer home
C-TWP-48 MS of Truman watching Cooper reach for diary among effects on table
C-TWP-49 Overview of entire cast attending Laura's funeral
C-TWP-50 Cont. #49, similar to TWP-15 in b/w section
C-TWP-51 Cont. #50, MS of Leland & Sarah Palmer with Madeline & Benjamin Horne
C-TWP-52 MS of Pete Martel [Jack Nance], Catherine & Benjamin sitting glumly side-by-side
C-TWP-53 MLS of James making point to Truman at station as Doc Hayward, Donna & Cooper look on
C-TWP-54 MCU of Shelly in waitress uniform, tight-lipped & turned aside
C-TWP-55 MS of Josie looking into mirror while doing makeup
C-TWP-56 Norma pours cup of coffee for Bobby Briggs
C-TWP-57 MS as James catches Donna at her school locker
C-TWP-58 FLV of victim Ronette Pulaski [Phoebe Augustine] walking trance-like along train tracks
C-TWP-59 MLS of Josie, in red dress, downcast as she talks on phone
C-TWP-60 MS of Catherine in bathrobe, holding telephone receiver while deep in thought
C-TWP-61 Bob creeps about on all fours near circle of candles
C-TWP-62 FLV of James, Donna & Madeline playing guitar & singing on living room floor
C-TWP-63 Cont. #62, tighter, slightly different shot
C-TWP-64 Cont. #63, profile MS of James on guitar
C-TWP-65 Cont. #-64, FLV of Madeleine & Donna singing into mike
C-TWP-66 MCU of Cooper sleeping in bed
C-TWP-67 MS of Cooper bleeding half-to-death on floor
C-TWP-68 MCU of downcast Audrey wearing black dress. Lighting is a little harsh
C-TWP-69 MS of Audrey at dinner table, hand to chin as appetite fails due to recent events
C-TWP-70 CU of unhinged Harold Smith holding up garden weeder
C-TWP-71 Cont. #70, Harold about to rake face with weeder
C-TWP-72 Cont. #71, MS of Madeline & Donna reacting to OS act
C-TWP-73 Norma pouring smiling caffeine-crazy Cooper cup of coffee
C-TWP-74 Log Lady offers askew advice to louder-than-God Gordon Cole [David Lynch] as smiling waitress Shelly looks on
C-TWP-75 Profile MLS of Cooper grinning back at talkative Cole over diner booth
C-TWP-76 MS of Truman & snide FBI scientist Albert Rosenfield [Miguel Ferrer] turned aside
C-TWP-77 MLS: Ed & James Hurley standing in corridor, attention OS
C-TWO-A PR: PRT of aristocratic Ann Arden [Ann-Margaret], blue silk-gloved hands holding white fur to bosom
C-TWO-B PR: FLV of Ann as above seated with disapproving mother-in-law Alice Grenville [Claudette Colbert]
VEGA$ - 1978-81
C-VEG-A PR: PRT of Tanna, Bea, Angie [Judy Landers] & Philip Roth [Tony Curtis]. VEGAS sign in bg
C-VEG-B MCU of Tanna standing under Desert Inn Hotel sign
C-VEG-C PR: MS of Tanna, in plaid sport shirt & tan corduroy jacket, holding cup of coffee
C-VEG-D PR: FLV of Bea & Off. Britt Blackwell [Tanya Roberts] in front of forklift, both armed. Golden Gate Cop Killer
C-VEG-E Cont. #D, Tanna & guest star Marianna Hill sit in forklift, aiming guns off camera
VILLAIN - 1979
C-VIL-A PR: FLV of Cactus Jack [Kirk Douglas], damsel Ann-Margret & Arnold Schwarzenegger as Handsome Stranger. Signed by all
C-VIP-A PR: cast FLV of Vallery (blue pants & jacket) flanked by Tasha, Nikki, Quick Williams [Shaun Baker] & Kay Simmons [Leah Lail], all smiles against white bg
C-VIP-B Cont. #A, gang completely rearranged & now armed. Blue bg
C-VIP-C PR: FLV of Val (tight white top & low-rider black leather pants) leading group walk toward camera against white bg
C-VIP-D PR: MLS of Val (amazing in lowcut white dress) standing with hands on hips between fellow executive producers Morgan Gendel & J.F. Lawton against white bg
C-VIP-E PR: FLV of smiling Val, Tasha & Nikki sitting on floor & lookin' hot against white bg
C-VIP-F PR: tight MLS of Val with Tasha & Nikki armed with pistols against gray bg
C-VIP-G PR: FLV of Val in eye-popping silver shorts outfit, striking pose on beach between black-clad Tasha & Nikki, all holding guns up
C-VIP-H PR: tight CU of girls in pool, only heads above water. Nice!
C-VIP-I PR: FLV of Val (tight white top & peddle-pushers) & Maxine [Angela Brooks in red mini-dress], posed demurely. White bg
C-VIP-J PR: PRT of Val wearing sexy lowcut white dress. Wow!
C-VIP-K PR: FLV of Val in white skirt-suit, hands on hips. White bg
C-VIP-L Cont. #K, FLV now crouching with hand to side of face
C-VIP-M PR: glamour PRT of Val in stylish off-white dress. Tan bg
C-VIP-N PR: FLV of vamping Val (lowcut white top, black pants & high-heels) posed on stomach with legs kicked up & hand to chin
C-VIP-O PR: PRT of Nikki in see-thru oriental-style flowered dress
C-VIP-P PR: PRT of cute Kay in white blouse, glasses hanging on string around neck. Gray bg
VIRGINIAN, THE - 1962-71
C-VIR-A PR: PRT of John Grainger [Charles Bickford], Elizabeth [Sara Lane] & Stacy [Don Quine] dressed for church
C-VIR-B Cont. #A, trio dressed for work
C-VIR-C PR: PRT of Betsy [Roberta Shore] flanked by Ryker & Randy [Randy Boone]
C-VIR-D PR: FLV of Virginian holding reins of his horse, other hand on holstered gun
C-VIR-E PR: PRT of smiling Betsy
C-VIR-F PR: low-angle FLV of Grainger, Elizabeth & Stacy with Virginian standing behind them
WAGON TRAIN - 1957-65
C-WAG-A PR: cast PRT of Chris Hale [John McIntire], Smith, Duke Shannon [Scott Miller], Bill Hawks [Terry Wilson] & Charlie Wooster [Frank McGrath], all smiling
C-WT-A PR: MS of Bob [Paul Michael Glaser] & Pat Peters [Dee Wallace] posed back-to-back while smiling into camera. Blue bg
C-WT-B PR: PRT of Bob & Pat posed cheek-to-cheek & smiling. Red bg
C-WT-C PR: MS of Pat tasting ladle of something Bob has just cooked up & she's not sure about it. Blue bg
C-WDA-A PR: sepia-toned MS of Josh Randall [Steve McQueen] brandishing sawed-off carbine next to wanted poster showing two ugly desperados
C-WBC-A Group shot of early TV favorites: Bronco [Ty Hardin], Sugarfoot [Will Hutchins], Maverick brothers Bret [Jack Kelly] & Bart [James Garner], Lawman's Marshall Dan Troop [John Russell] & Deputy Johnny McKay [Peter Brown]
WE GOT IT MADE - 1983-84
C-WE-A PR: FLV of cast gathered around Mickey [Teri Copley], in pink t- shirt & skirt, pouring tea for David [Matt McCoy] & nutty Jay [Tom Villard] as girlfriends Beth [Bonnie Urseth] & Claudia [Stefanie Kramer] look on
C-WE-B Cont. #A, tighter shot, different expressions
C-WE-C PR: MLS of Mickey, in blue t-shirt & jeans, flanked by David & Jay. Green bg
C-WE-D PR: horizontal PRT of trio, she in pink t-shirt
C-WE-E PR: horizontal PRT of trio, she in blue t-shirt
C-WE-F PR: PRT of Mickey in green & white bikini top & open gray robe, smiling prettily
C-WE-G PR: PRT of smiling Mickey in black top. Magenta bg
C-WE-H PR: MS of smiling Mickey in pink & white dress outdoors
C-WE-I PR: FLV of Mickey posed seated on arm of couch, wearing blue t-shirt & Levi miniskirt
C-WE-J PR: MS of Claudia posed in lowcut pink party dress.Blue bg
WEBSTER - 1983-87
C-WEB-A PR: ABC logo & title above PRT of Webster [Emmanuel Lewis], George [Alex Karras] & Katherine [Susan Clark], all cheek-to-cheek
C-WET-A PR: MLS of Laura [Brooke Shields] posed on pier, wearing white top & cutoffs
C-WET-B PR: FLV of Laura, in blue swimsuit, standing on deck of boat with diving gear
C-WET-C PR: MLS of smiling Laura helping old salt Sampson [Burgess Meredith] helm boat, she clad in red shirt & cutoffs
C-WBB-A PR: PRT of child psychologist Alex [Ted Danson] & Melody [Marcie Leeds], little girl who witnessed murder
C-WB-1 CU of white buffalo charging thru snowstorm
C-WH-A PR: outdoor PRT of cowboys Matt Cooper [Kenny Rogers, Chuck Reese [Richard Farnsworth], Bill Ward [Ben Johnson] & Dean Ellis [David Andrews]& cowgirl Daryl Reese[Pam Dawber]
C-WCG-A PR: MS of smiling Sarah [Pamela Bellwood], in flowered dress with puffed sleeves, standing at head of horse
C-WCG-B MCU of hussy Susan [Phyllis Davis] & cowboy-hatted Sarah ready to fend off all comers with guns behind barrier
C-WSD-A PR: FLV of Wildside troubleshooters Brodie [William Smith], Prometheus [Terry Funk], Pike [Joshua Bryant], Bannister [Howard E. Rollins Jr.] & Zeke [Jason Hervey] gathered around corral fence. Delinquency of Miners
C-WSD-B Cont. #A, MS of group in different pose
C-WSD-C PR: semi-profile MCU of smiling Brodie
C-WSD-D PR: MLS of big, bad Prometheus ready for action
C-WSD-E PR: MS of boys joining Stella [Linda Hunt]in toast at saloon bar
WIZARD, THE - 1986-87
C-WZ-A PR: MS of Alex Jagger [Douglas Barr] with suspended Simon McKay [David Rappaport] resting foot on his shoulder & spread arms wide, both smiling
C-WZ-B PR: FLV of Simon, his bag of tricks slung over shoulder, tipping hat to camera
C-WZ-C PR: MS of seated Simon wearing hat, face tilted to camera
C-WZ-D PR: MLS of Simon, in red shirt & white pants, & Alex leaning against bag of tricks in front of brick wall & doorway
C-WZ-E PR: PRT of Alex & Darcy Stafford [Gates McFadden] standing behind seated Simon. El Dorado
C-WKRP-A PR: PRT of Jennifer [Loni Anderson], Bailey [Jan Smithers] & Andy [Gary Sandy]
C-WKRP-B PR: title under PRT of Jennifer, Andy & Bailey
C-WKRP-C PR: PRT of smiling Andy in blue cowboy shirt
C-WKRP-D PR: MCU of wild-eyed Johnny Fever [Howard Hesseman] listening to something awful on headphone
C-WKRP-E PRT of Jennifer in soft blue dress
C-WKRP-F PR: MCU of smiling Bailey against red bg
YELLOW ROSE - 1983-84
C-YR-A PR: horizontal PRT of Roy Champion [David Soul], Quisto [Edward Albert], Chance [Sam Elliott], Coleen Champion [Cybill Shepherd] & Grace [Susan Anspach]
C-YR-B PR: PRT of Roy, Chance & Quisto
C-YR-C PR: PRT of Roy, Colleen & Grace
C-YR-D PR: PRT of Chance & Colleen arm-in-arm
C-YR-E PR: PRT of Roy sans cowboy hat
C-YR-F PR: PRT of smiling Colleen in red plaid cowgirl shirt
C-YR-G Cont. #F, horizontal PRT of serious Colleen
C-YR-H PR: PRT of smiling Colleen, in white striped shirt & brown cowboy hat, by bale of hay. Blue bg
C-YR-I PR: PRT of Colleen exuding sex appeal as she poses against haystack in red plaid cowgirl shirt, long blonde hair falling over one eye & past shoulder
C-YOU-A PR: PRT of Groucho Marx posed with cigar behind NBC microphone, red curtain in bg
C-YNG-A PR: PRT of Cody, Kid, Hickcock, Ike, Little Buck & Lou, different pose than YNG-A in b/w section
C-YNG-B PR: FLV of group posed around corral fence, Kid astride horse
C-YNG-C PR: FLV of group posed side-by-side astride horses on street
C-YNG-D PR: MLS of Kid & Hickok studying camera in front of barn
C-YNG-E PR: MS of Hickok, square to camera & expressionless
C-ZNY-A PR: MS of Lady Marian [Morgan Fairchild] posed at banquet table wearing pink brocade dress trimmed in white fur & matching hat
ZORRO - 1989-93
        [NOTE: #A1-A25 are PR shots]
C-ZOR-A1 PRT of Duncan Regehr as Diego de la Vega, smiling with arms crossed against white bg
C-ZOR-A2 Cont. #A2, looking left with hand to chin
C-ZOR-A3 PRT of Regehr as Zorro holding upraised sword & eyeing camera with hint of smile against white bg
C-ZOR-A4 Cont. #A3, more serious pose
C-ZOR-A5 Cont. #A4, slightly tighter shot
C-ZOR-A6 Cont. #A5, CU
C-ZOR-A7 MLS of Zorro, body in profile but facing camera with sword grounded against white bg
C-ZOR-A8 Cont. #A7, grin added
C-ZOR-A9 Cont. #A8, sword now upraised
C-ZOR-A10 Cont. #A9, Zorro strikes 'en garde' pose
C-ZOR-A11 Cont. #A10, more square to camera & tight-lipped
C-ZOR-A12 PRT of smiling Zorro & Victoria Scalanti [Patrice Camhi], wearing yellow blouse, against white bg
C-ZOR-A13 Cont. #A12, Victoria admires red rose Zorro has given her
C-ZOR-A14 PRT of beaming Victoria with hat slung over bare shoulder
C-ZOR-A15 Cont. #A14, now tight-lipped
C-ZOR-A16 Cont. #A15, now direct to camera with hands on hips & no hat
C-ZOR-A17 MLS of Diego flashing smile at camera before mounting his palomino Espiranza
C-ZOR-A18 MLS of Zorro holding Victoria around waist from behind beyond hacienda
C-ZOR-A19 Cont. #A18, Victoria leans into Zorro as he tightens embrace
C-ZOR-A20 Cont. #A19, Victoria takes Zorro's arm as he brandishes sword, both smiling wide
C-ZOR-A21 MLS of smiling Victoria & Maceas [Benito Martinez] outside
C-ZOR-A22 MS of Zorro studying camera while standing with sword on gallows. Dead Men Tell No Tales
C-ZOR-A23 MS of smiling Zorro holding telescope over shoulder on gallows. Dead Men...
C-ZOR-A24 Cont. #A23, now holding sword & cape to one side with other hand. Dead Men...
C-ZOR-A25 MLS of Zorro tipping hat to camera while astride Toronado. Dead Men...
C-ZOR-A26 MLS of Don Alejandro [Efrem Zimbalist Jr.] seemingly pleased with himself as Diego stops working on sculpture in bg. Deceptive Heart
C-ZOR-A27 MLS of Zorro about to take bow in plaza with arms outspread & sword in hand. Water
C-ZOR-A28 FLV of Zorro standing spread-legged by tree with sword pointed at ground. Water
C-ZOR-A29 MS of Victoria, soldiers just behind her, grinning at something OS before gallows in bg. Water
C-ZOR-A30 MLS of Zorro examining arrow. Bounty Hunters
C-ZOR-A31 Profile MS of Diego seated at piano as Don Alejandro gives him eagle eye. The Legend Begins
C-ZOR-A32 Cont. #A31, camera has panned left to show more of piano as Diego listens to his father. ...Begins
C-ZOR-A33 MLS of Zorro thrusting sword past camera in outdoor setting
C-ZOR-A34 MS of smiling Maceas sitting in buckboard. The Sure Thing
C-ZOR-A35 Slight DA on Diego, Maceas & Mendosa [James Victor] looking aside from table in Tavern. ...Sure Thing
C-ZOR-A36 MLS of Diego, Maceas & Victoria at tavern table, eyes fixed on activity just off camera. ...Sure Thing
C-ZOR-A37 Cont. #A36, Mendosa back at table with Victoria serving water. ...Sure Thing
C-ZOR-A38 Zorro about to ride away from plaza as Victoria, Don Alejandro, Mendoza & others look on
C-ZOR-A39 MLS of Victoria, Don Alejandro & other townfolk in plaza expressing happiness with OS event
C-ZOR-A40 Diego feeds unhappy Mendosa in amusing tavern scene
C-ZOR-A41 MLS of Victoria, Don Alejandro & Diego glancing aside from tavern table
C-ZOR-A42 Horizontal MCU of Zorro against bg full of trees. He means business
C-ZOR-A43 Cont. #A42, vertical shot with eyes glued to camera. Nice one
C-ZOR-A44 LS of Zorro riding into town
C-ZOR-A45 MCU of Don Alejandro flashing ivories. Excellent shot
C-ZOR-A46 FLV of Zorro poised on roof with whip & sword
C-ZOR-A47 FLV of Zorro climbing wall with help of whip
C-ZOR-A48 PR: MS of Zorro posed outside, lips slightly parted
C-ZOR-A49 Slight UA of Zorro standing in tavern. Good costume detail
C-ZOR-A50 MS of serious Diego sitting in tavern & looking up
C-ZOR-A51 MLS of Diego & Don Alejandro in tavern, looking concerned
C-ZOR-A52 MLS of Don Alejandro & Victoria smiling aside in plaza
C-ZOR-A53 FLV of Victoria standing in plaza with hand on hip
C-ZOR-A54 MS of Victoria standing in tavern, eyes fixed on OS activity
C-ZOR-A55 PR: lovely PRT of Victoria in plaza, wearing flowered blouse
C-ZOR-A56 PR: MLS of Alcalde Ramone [Michael Tylo] leaning on outside wall of Cuartel
C-ZOR-A57 PR: MS of Ramone, tight-lipped as he points finger at camera
C-ZOR-A58 MLS of smiling Don Alejandro waving as Felipe [Juan Diego Botto] looks on with grin in Hacienda garden
C-ZOR-A59 PR: gorgeous standing PRT of Zorro & Victoria, wearing red skirt, smiling at camera in front of tavern
          [NOTE: following are Season 2 listings. #B2-B16 are PR shots]
C-ZOR-B1 FLV of Zorro riding Toronado across plain
C-ZOR-B2 FLV of Zorro [face in shadow] rearing Toronado
C-ZOR-B3 MLS of Zorro sporting hint of smile while standing beside hitching post in plaza with hand on sword
C-ZOR-B4 FLV of Zorro astride Toronado in front of mission
C-ZOR-B5 Smashing PRT of Zorro wearing sly grin in cave
C-ZOR-B6 MLS of Zorro & Don Alejandro [Henry Darrow] in tavern
C-ZOR-B7 MLS of beaming Zorro with arm around Felipe's shoulder in tavern
C-ZOR-B8 MLS of Zorro & Mendosa posed in tavern
C-ZOR-B9 MLS of Zorro & Dr. Henry Wayne [Adam West] posed shoulder to shoulder in cave. The Wizard
C-ZOR-B10 PRT of Dr. Wayne outside tavern. The Wizard
C-ZOR-B11 MCU of Don Alejandro outside tavern
C-ZOR-B12 MS of Don Alejandro turned aside in tavern
C-ZOR-B13 Beautiful PRT of smiling Victoria wearing red blouse
C-ZOR-B14 Cont. #B13, MS leaning hands against wall with body in profile but facing camera with warm grin
C-ZOR-B15 FLV of Ramone outside his office in full dress uniform
C-ZOR-B16 FLV of cast posed in front of mission
C-ZOR-B17 MS of Victoria & Don Alejandro in plaza, both worried
C-ZOR-B18 MLS of thoughtful Don Alejandro standing with villagers in plaza
C-ZOR-B19 FLV of Zorro crossing swords with Thackary [back to camera] outside tavern. He Who Lives By the Sword
C-ZOR-B20 Cont. #B19, profile MLS after Zorro has disarmed Thackary & holds sword at his throat. He Who Lives...
C-ZOR-B21 Cont. #B20, sword now pointed at more delicate area as Thackary surrenders. He Who Lives...
       [NOTE: following are from season 3. #C1-C10 are PR shots]
C-ZOR-C1 CU of wry-smiling Zorro holding sword across his neck
C-ZOR-C2 MLS of Zorro aboard Toronado, hands crossed in lap
C-ZOR-C3 ECU of serious-looking Victoria
C-ZOR-C4 MCU of Victoria with forearm across saddle on hitching post
C-ZOR-C5 Sitting PRT of Mendosa in Alcalde's chair
C-ZOR-C6 MCU of grim-faced Alcalde De Soto [John Hertzler]
C-ZOR-C7 Cont. #C6, pullback to MS
C-ZOR-C8 FLV of De Soto posed with Doctor [Tim Reid]
C-ZOR-C9 MLS of Victoria, De Soto, Mendosa & Don Alejandro posed in plaza, all but De Soto smiling
C-ZOR-C10 FLV of cast posed in front of mission, Zorro on Toronado behind others
C-ZOR-C11 LS of Zorro sword-fighting pirates in camp. The Buccaneers
C-ZOR-C12 Cont. #C11, Zorro thrusts sword at downed adversary. The Buccaneers
C-ZOR-C13 Profile MS of Big Jim [Jesse Ventura] holding grimacing Zorro by throat. The Buccaneers
C-ZOR-C14 LS of De Soto leading soldiers in plaza fight. The Buccaneers
C-ZOR-C15 MLS of De Soto holding pistol on someone OS as soldier tries to dissuade him inside de la Vega hacienda, Diego holding Victoria off to side. The Buccaneers
C-ZOR-C16 Cont. #C15, different angle has group fronting camera
C-ZOR-C17 Cont. #C16, just Diego grabbing Victoria up in his arms now & he's pissed
C-ZOR-C18 MLS of sword-toting De Soto with Mendosa & other soldiers outside Armoury. The Buccaneers
C-ZOR-C19 FLV of Zorro threatening the Doctor with his sword. Wicked Wicked Zorro