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This collection of film black & white and color/digitals is very large, so it is split up into two sections, color and B&W. Please give each page time to load as the pages have a large number of stills to choose from.

Color Section
Black & White Still Section Below

When ordering pictures containing nudity, you must certify your age as 18 or over

Glamour Gals

Adams, Beverly
GALS-282 MS of Beverly Adams in tailored blouse, smiling at camera with arm resting on brick wall
Adams Maud
GALS-283 MS of smoldering Maud Adams in French cut T-shirt with fierce eagle on front. Tattoo [1982]
Agutter, Jenny
GALS-68 Jenny Agutter shows off skin under wet blouse
GALS-284 MS of Jenny, in ribbed turtleneck sweater leaning against stable door. Equus [1977]
GALS-560 MS of Jenny in silk gown with open front
GALS-561 MS of Jenny posed in striped long sleeve shirt tied under bosom
GALS-562 FLV of smiling Jenny, wearing summer top & skirt pulled above knees, seated in hanging wicker
Alberghetti, Anna Maria
GALS-285 MLS of Anna Maria Alberghetti, in skirt & peasant blouse, posed with hand behind head against rock
Allen, Karen
GALS-238 MCU of freckle-faced, smiling Karen Allen looking over shoulder. A Small Circle of Friends [1980]
GALS-286 CU of freckled Karen looking wistfully OS, lips parted. Shoot the Moon [1982]
GALS-477 MS of Karen with face tilted skyward. Very attractive angle. Shoot the Moon
Allen, Nancy
GALS-287 MCU of Nancy Allen in velvet-shouldered tweed jacket with hair tucked under fedora. 1941 [1979]
Anderson, Loni
GALS-288 Autographed MS of Loni Anderson in strapless print gown & matching scarf over shoulder
Anderson, Melissa Sue
GALS-249 MS Of Melissa Sue Anderson turned grimly aside. Happy Birthday to Me [1981]
GALS-478 Autographed MS of smiling Melissa Sue with arms upraised, looking over shoulder
Andress, UrsuIa
GALS-56 MCU of Ursula Andress in v-neck blouse. Four for Texas [1963]
GALS-137 Autographed MLS of Ursula showing some leg
Anton, Susan
GALS-69 MCU of Susan Anton wrapped in towel, showing teeth
GALS-l14 PRT of Susan & her cascading hair
Antonielli, Laura
GALS-289 FLV of nude Laura Antonelli walking away but turned to camera for maximum exposure
Bacall Lauren
GALS-290 MCU of Lauren Bacall with head lowered, wearing hair down over one eye & blouse with beaded design
GALS-291 PRT of Lauren bent forward in gauzy blouse, hand resting on opposite shoulder
Bach, Catherine
GALS-185 PRT of Catherine Bach flashing big smile
GALS-186 PRT of a sophisticated Catherine wearing coy hat
Ball, Lucille
GALS-292 MS of Lucille Ball reacting to unpleasant taste of Vitameatavegamin from classic I Love Lucy
Barbeau, Adrienne
GALS-1 Three-element shot of young Adrienne Barbeau in very sexy poses
GALS-67 MS of Adrienne nude in bed with two men.
GALS-494 PRT of smiling Adrienne as Carol. Maude[1972/TV]
Bardot, Brigitte
GALS-293 Brigitte Bardot spread out on barroom floor in lowcut flamenco dancer's dress. Woman Like Satan
GALS-295 FLV of coy Brigitte seated in brief dance leotard with mesh stockings on upturned legs
Barnes, Priscilla
GALS-174 PRT of Priscilla Barnes showing cleavage
Barnstable, Cyb & Tricia
GALS-222 FLV of stunning twins Cyb & Tricia Barnstable posed in sexy corsets & top hats, Irish style
Baumann, Katherine
GALS-297 PRT of brightly smiling Katherine Baumann as aptly named Baby. 99-44/100% Dead [1974]
GALS-298 FLV of Katherine posed in short, short mini-dress, holding rose. 99/44100% Dead
Benton Barbi
GALS-299 MCU of Barbi Benton, in western shirt & Indian jewelry, singing
GALS-492 MS of Barbi in silky off shoulder dress with long hair swept to one side
Benton, Susanne
GALS-300 MLS of sexy blonde Susanne Benton draped on bed in minidress. Cover Me Babe
GALS-301 FLV of Susanne posed against beach rocks in crocheted net bikini. ...Babe
GALS-302 FLV of Susanne in same bikini, seated on rocks with knee up. ...Babe
Bergen, Candice
GALS-187 MLS of Candice Bergen in severe dress slit down front
GALS-214 MCU of Candice. 11 Harrowhouse [1974]
Berger, Senta
GALS-48 Senta Berger posing in becoming nightgown. The Ambushers [1968]
GALS-514 FLV of Senta, wearing two-piece bathing suit, sitting in crook of tree & pushing hair back with both hands
Bertinelli, Valerie
GALS-258 Autographed PRT of Valerie Bertinelli. One Day at a Time [1975/TV]
GALS-304 MS of Valerie in pullover sweater, seated in apartment. One Day at a Time
GALS-493 PRT of Valerie wearing big smile
Beswick, Martine
GALS-248 MCU of Martine Beswick, fire in her eyes
GALS-305 Nicely lit PRT of Martine, dark hair attractively framing her face
Bisset, Jacqueline
GALS-26 MCU of Jacqueline Bisset in wee bikini
GALS-27 MS of Jacqueline sitting on steps in no-bra dress
GALS-233 MS of Jacqueline seated in chair with arms around tucked legs. The Detective [1968]
GALS-234 PRT of smiling Jacqueline as mysterious Anna. End of the Game
Blackman, Honor
GALS-23 Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore sitting up in hay after tussle with James Bond. Goldfinger [1963]
Blair, Linda
GALS-213 MLS of grown-up Linda Blair posed in button down denim dress open wide in front
Blair, Patricia
GALS-306 PRT of beauteous Patricia Blair, in lowcut flowered print dress. Daniel Boone (1964)
Blakely, Susan
GALS-46 PRT of Susan Blakely. Towering Inferno [1974]
GALS-49 MS of Susan relaxing on set. Towering Inferno
Bloom, Claire
GALS-71 Claire Bloom reclines in lowcut attire. Illustrated Man [1969]
Bloom, Lindsay
GALS-574 Lovely PRT of smiling Lindsay [Mike Hammer] Bloom in lowcut glitter gown, hand to chin
Bouchet, Barbara
GALS-9 MCU of nude Barbara Bouchet on telephone
Brinkley, Christie
GALS-545 FLV of smiling Christie Brinkley, in t-shirt, no bra. tights & sunglasses, holding bags over shoulders on back porch of home
Brooks, Randi
GALS-567 PRT of smiling beauty Randi Brooks
GALS-568 MS of Randi in light colored dress & dark mink coat, looking aside
GALS-575 MLS of Randi in sexy, athletic pose, wearing tight tank top & bikini bottom
Bry, Ellen
GALS-544 Autographed PRT of Ellen [St. Elsewhere] Bry, shoulders bare
Bujold, Genevieve
GALS-215 CU of Genevieve Bujold as gypsy girl Maritza. Alex & the Gypsy [1976]
GALS-218 MS of Genevieve, her dress gathered low at her bosom, holding up cigarette. Alex...
Cameron, Joanna
GALS-28 MCU of cute Joanna Cameron in artful nude profile
GALS-235 Bikini-clad Joanna, as Marilyn/Michele, sits up in bed with smile. B.S. I Love You
Cannon, Dyan
GALS-120 MS of Dyan Cannon in low-cut dress with pearls
CALS-149 Candid MS of Dyan, in no-bra dress, at Hollywood affair
GALS-308 FLV of Dyan in floor length peignoir she fans out before her. Pose is dreamlike
Capshaw, Kate
GALS-563 PRT of Kate Capshaw wearing nice smile & man's workshirt, eyes turned aside
Cardinale, Claudia
GALS-220 PRT of Claudia Cardinale extraordinarily glamourous in lowcut evening dress
GALS-221 Claudia sits up in bed wearing black nightie, hands on hips, hair fallen sensuously over one eye
GALS-309 MCU of Claudia in smart wide-brimmed hat, hair to shoulders. Don't Make Waves
GALS-310 FLV of Claudia, an eyeful in diaphanous peignoir, one bare leg propped on vanity chair. Hell With Heroes
GALS-515 FLV of smiling Claudia in swimsuit, lolling in surf. ...Heroes [1968]
GALS-516 FLV of Claudia, in brief form-fitting showgirl costume, posed perkily by carousel horse. Blindfold [1966]
Carey, Michele
GALS-311 MS of Michele Carey sitting up in bed, wearing lowcut frilly nightgown
Carlson, Veronica
GALS-313 FLV of sexy Hammer Films femme Veronica Carlson, in ruffled dress open in front & hiked to thighs. She's seated, hanging onto spiked iron fence in wooded area with large cross in bg
GALS-546 MS of Veronica spread enticingly across bed in lowcut lace nightgown
Carter, Lynda
GALS-8 Lynda Carter, wearing peekaboo no-bra dress, strikes candid glamour pose on Hollywood street
GALS-S MS of Lynda in no-bra tank top, aiming gun aside.
Bobbie Jo & the Outlaw [1976]
GALS-10 Loaded Lynda, in bikini, sidling up to Marjoe Gortner lakeside. Bobbie Jo...
GALS-11 Profile MS of Lynda, in shirt knotted under breasts [no bra], smiling at Gortner, who smiles back. Bobbie Jo...
GALS-12 MLS of Lynda, in that snug tanktop, sharing laugh with Gortner & deputy. Bobbie Jo...
GALS-13 MS of smiling Lynda wearing hat & fur-collared coat, her Miss World USA banner over tight sweater
GALS-72 PRT of Lynda wearing ruffled dress, flower in her hair
GALS-73 MLS of Lynda in skimpy, tight bikini
GALS-312 MLS of Lynda posed in flowered dress pulled off shoulders, hand on hip
GALS-547 MLS of Lynda in soft blouse & jeans, hand on hip while other arm leans against open door of truck
Cartwright, Veronica
GALS-314 PRT of Veronica Cartwright as daughter of Daniel Boone
Cates, Phoebe
GALS-541 MLS of Phoebe Cates in bikini, walking poolside. Fast Times at Ridgemont High [1982]
GALS-548 FLV of Phoebe seated cross-legged on beach sand, wearing sun dress with shoulder straps pulled down.
Private School [1983]
Chambers, Marilyn
GALS-481 FLV of former porn queen Marilyn Chambers showing off some skin under fur coat. Angel of H.E.A.T [1982]
Charisse, Cyd
GALS-14 Satin-gowned Cyd Charisse in over-the-shoulder pose
GALS-118 Classy Cyd sits elegantly in tight pants & top
GALS-315 PRT of Cher in terrycloth top pulled off one shoulder
Collins, Joan
GALS-156 PRT of bare-shouldered Joan Collins
GALS-316 PRT of young, sexy Joan in dress with ruffled straps. Girl in the Red Velvet Swing
GALS-495 Sexy Joan vamps as spirited, scheming wife of Pharaoh. Land of the Pharaohs [1955]
GALS-538 MLS of Joan, wearing see thru bra & little else, reclining on back seat of car. The Stud [1978]
Conners, Carol
GALS-188 Carol Conners [of Deep Throat defame] applies suds to face while bathing
Cornell, Lydia
GALS-482 MLS of Lydia Cornell posed kneeling in leotard
Craig, Yvonne
GALS-66 PRT of Yvonne Craig in a very non-Batgirl pose, wearing lowcut dress
GALS-497 FLV of Yvonne, sexy in lowcut nightgown with strap dangling off shoulder, seated on bed
Crosby, Cathy Lee
GALS-327 MS of Cathy Lee Crosby in summery print blouse, smiling face to camera but body profiled
Curtis, Jamie Lee
GALS-197 Jamie Lee Curtis gets sexy in dress with plunging tie-front, Spanish hat added
GALS-198 PRT of Jamie Lee wearing extra large sweater & decoration in her hair
GALS-199 MCU of willowy Jamie Lee. Road Games [1983]
GALS-549 Delightful PRT of Jamie Lee as bewigged hooker. Trading Places [1983]
GALS-550 Delectable MLS of Jamie Lee looking into camera over shoulder of profiled body, wearing sexy tight dress, standing beside sign warning of curves
D'Abo, Olivia
GALS-585 MS of sexy. smiling Olivia D'Abo in plain shortsleeved top. Bullies [1986]
D'Angers, Yvonne
GALS-112 Topless dancer Yvonne D'Angers covers breasts in shower
Danning, Sybil
GALS-209 MLS of Sybil Danning clad in revealing fighting costume. Battle Beyond the Stars [1980]
GALS-210 Sybil poses as sensuous gun-toting shamus, breast peeking from trench coat a clue to her charms
GALS-256 CU of Sybil. The Salamander [1981]
GALS-569 MLS of Sybil posed in revealing bikini on beach, holding up king-sized handgun
Davis, Phyllis
GALS-332 MLS of dark-haired Phyllis Davis , in bra, garter belt & stockings, head turned aside. The Choirboys [1977]
GALS-333 MS of blonde Phyllis, in sun dress & wrap, looking aside. Love Boat
GALS-551 MLS of blonde Phyllis posed nude in outdoor setting
GALS-552 Four-element shot of Phyllis both blonde & brunette, three done nude
GALS-576 MS of topless Phyllis wading in lake
GALS-586 PRT of sultry Phyllis wearing braless silk dress gathered low at bosom. The Seven Minutes [1971]
DeHavilland, Olivia
GALS-334 Autographed MS of regal Olivia DeHavilland, in off-shoulder gown & jewels, on leopardskin settee
de la Croix, Raven
GALS-335 MLS of bountiful Raven de la Croix in meaningfully cut sheath. Up! [1976]
Dee, Sandra
GALS-130 FLV of Sandra Dee packed into two-piece swimsuit in typical 1950s cheesecake pose
Derek, Bo
GALS-l15 MCU of Bo Derek, a breeze whipping thru her hair
GALS-116 Low angle FV of Bo wearing pullover top while playing in beach sand. 10 [1979]
GALS-l17 Three-element shot of Bo at different angles with hair braided & clad in swimsuit. 10
GALS-140 Bo sits in surf as-tide washes around her
GALS-141 Bo stands thigh-high in water, hand on head, amply demonstrating wet look
GALS-142 Bo kneels in low tide, again displaying wet look
DeWitt, Joyce
GALS-483 Autographed PRT of Joyce DeWitt in silk blouse
Dickinson, Angie
GALS-2 FLV of Angie Dickinson, charming in soft mini-dress
Dietrich, Marlene
GALS-337 Profile PRT of blonde screen goddess Marlene Dietrich
craning face upward with eyes closed
Digart, Uschi
GALS-338 MLS of nude Russ Myer softcore queen Uschi Digart about to don fur-lined coat
Dixon, Donna
GALS-339 MS of Donna Dixon smiling into camera with head lowered, arms folded across V-neck sweater
Dobson, Tamara
GALS-19 MCU of Tamara Dobson in lace slip. Norman is That You? [1976]
Doda, Carol
GALS-570 FLV of famous San Francisco Condor Club topless dancer Carol [44-23-36] Doda kneeling on stage floor with cowboy hat held over lower part of nude body
Douglas, Donna
GALS-587 FLV of adorable Donna [Beverly Hillbillies] Douglas sitting with legs tucked, wearing lacy top tied with bow at throat, smiling warmly. Name signed on leg
Dru, Joanne
GALS-341 Autographed MCU of Joanne Dru in lacy dress, lips parted as she smooths back hair with one hand
Dunaway, Faye
GALS-15 MCU of Faye Dunaway in cocktail dress. Towering Inferno [1974]
Easton, Sheena
GALS-498 FLV of Sheena Easton in tight pant suit, singing
Eden, Barbara
GALS-4 PRT of smiling Barbara Eden in bikini top
GALS-5 Barbara sits in lounge chair wearing jeans & no-bra top
GALS-6 MCU of Barbara wearing big smile & lowcut gown
GALS-70 FLV of Babara in miniskirt. Harper Valley PTA[1978]
GALS-345 MLS of Barbara in tight gym shorts & turtleneck shirt sporting Harper Valley PTA logo, hand on hip
GALS-346 FLV of Barbara in tiptoe jogging pose wearing form-fitting tank top & silk gym shorts. ...PTA
Ege, Julie
GALS-348 Two-element shot: FLV of Julie Ege in tight top & shorts, thumb tucked in ammo belt loose at waist; FLV leaning profiled body forward, wearing short shorts & fringed hat
GALS-349 FLV of Julie reclined with inviting smile on leopardskin slip cover & fur pillows, long scarf covering all but one breast of naked body
GALS-543 FLV of Julie, in bikini top & skirt buttoned only at top, posed against police call box
Ekberg, Anita
GALS-22 MCU of Anita Ekberg in lowcut gown. Four for Texas
GALS-150 MS of Anita in over-the-shoulder pose, wearing beaded
dress. Way...Way Out
GALS-499 FLV of Anita in chiffon dress with plunging form-fitting lace top. Man Inside [1958]
Elvira (aka Cassandra Peterson)
GALS-508 Autographed PRT of LAs TV horror hostess, the dark & long-haired vampish beauty, Elvira
GALS-518 FLV of Elvira with face up & arms behind head as if stretching
GALS-519 Soft-focus PRT of Elvira holding long-stemmed rose to bosom
Eubank, Shari
GALS-75 Shari Eubank in tight sweater & pants. Supervixens
Fabares, Shelley
GALS-76 PRT of pretty Shelley Fabares
Fairchild, Morgan
GALS-203 FLV of Morgan Fairchild in peek-a-boo gown, a .45 automatic poised next to her smiling face
GALS-352 MS of Morgan with head up & eye to camera, spread across bed on propped elbows. The Seduction [1982]
GALS-353 Morgan soaps upturned leg while taking bubblebath. The Seduction
GALS-557 Moody FLV of Morgan posed in lace teddy, one knee propped up on lamp table
GALS-558 Cont. 557, Morgan turns back to camera with face profiled against shadowed bare wall
GALS-559 Cont. 558, Morgan melts camera as she strikes sitting up pose on bed
Farrell, Sharon
GALS-77 FLV of Sharon Farrell in fur coat & high boots on steps
Fawcett, Farrah
GALS-227 MLS of Farrah Fawcett posed in diving suit zippered open in front to good effect. Sunburn [1979]
GALS-228 MLS of Farrah, in swimsuit & hip wrap, bent over bed but looking behind her. Sunburn
GALS-354 MS of young Farrah, in lace slip, seated at dressing table with hands folded
Fisher, Carrie
GALS-219 MCU of Carrie Fisher singing song from Under the Rainbow [1981]
Fonda, Jane
GALS-80 MS of glamourous '60s sex-kitten Jane Fonda
Franklin, Pamela
GALS-254 MS of Pamela Franklin backing away with hand raised against OS nasty. Legend of Hell House [1973]
GALS-355 MCU of Pamela Franklin in wide-brimmed hat, looking OS. Ace Eli & Rodger of the Skies [1972]
Frederick, Lynn
GALS-240 MS of lovely English actress Lynn Frederick posed on ship staircase. Voyage of the Damned [1976]
Funicello, Annette
GALS-78 Soft-focus PRT of Annette Funicello in chiffon dress
GALS-229 PRT of Annette at age 16
GALS-588 MLS of dolled up Annette posed smiling on plush bed, wearing thin-strapped party gown & long gloves, hair up. Monkey's Uncle [1964]
GALS-589 MLS of Annette seated on couch with hands clasped behind head, wearing sequined, figure-accenting long dress, hair up. ...Uncle
Garland, Judy
GALS-358 MS of Judy Garland, a glamourous young woman seated on bed in chiffon dress, hand to chin
Gayle, Crystal
GALS-147 PRT of Crystal Gayle, her long hair braided, wearing silk blouse
George, Lynda Day
GALS-590 Signed PRT of Lynda Day George posed in dark slacks & blouse & light blazer, resting elbow on upturned knee with hand to hair
George, Susan
GALS-359 MS of Susan George in halter top, big eyes focused OS. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry [1974]
GALS-360 FLV of Susan in same top & blue jeans, hands on hips
Golan, Gila
GALS-230 MS of Gila Golan posed in swimsuit with net front. Our Man Flint [1966]
Grable, Betty
GALS-361 FLV of Betty Grable in classic RV bathing suit pose looking over shoulder with smile
GALS-362 FLV of Betty fanning out chiffon dress with beaded applique showing off leg. Tin Pan Alley [1940]
Grier, Pam
GALS-94 Pam Grier catches some rays in bikini that barely gets job done. Coffy [1973]
GALS-128 MLS of Pam packed into tight. lowcut black gown
GALS-175 MLS of seated Pam looking stunning in white dress that maximizes her charms. Sheba Baby [1975]
GALS-363 PRT of Pam, in chinese kimono, smiling into camera with hand to chin.Tough Dreams
GALS-571 Low angle FLV of Pam circa mid '60s in soulful cowgirl outfit, sitting cross-legged on stool & talking on phone, her breasts exposed under open vest
GALS-572 FLV of nude Pam reclining on chaise lounge
Griffith, Melanie
GALS-577 Semi-profile MS of Melanie Griffith in spicy teddy, sitting seductively on bed. Body Double [1984]
Harmon, Joy
GALS-79 MS of busty blonde Joy Harmon, best known as road- side sexpot from Cool Hand Luke, in lowcut dress
Harrison, Linda
GALS-83 FLV of curvy Linda Harrison posed in print bikini
Hartman, Lisa
GALS-581 FLV of Lisa Hartman in tight mini-dress with midriff cutout & high heels, resting knees on chair, hand on hip
Hayes, Allison
GALS-500 Glamour PRT of stunning Allison [50-foot Woman] Hayes in strapless gown & giant pearl earrings
GALS-501 A sweater girl with the best, Allison leans back & looks over shoulder into camera
Hayward, Susan
GALS-371 FLV of Susan Hayward posed in 1940s two-piece
bathing suit, hand on salon chair
Heatherton, Joey
GALS-29 Seated Joey Heatherton smiles aside, dress barely covering breasts. Happy Hooker Goes to Washington [1977]
GALS-81 PRT of Joey epitomizing the 1970s sex-kitten
Hicks, Catherine
GALS-376 PRT of Catherine Hicks in lowcut jersey top with wide-ribbed collar
GALS-553 MS of Catherine in nightie, lips parted
GALS-582 FLV of barefoot Catherine in relaxed sitting pose, wearing long, hiked-up 40s-style house dress
Hill, Marianna
GALS-377 PRT of sexy Marianna Hill in pinafore & puffed-sleeved top. Daniel Boone
Hilton, Robyn
GALS-41 Robyn Hilton in titillating MS. Blazing Saddles
Hubley, Season
GALS-378 PRT of Season Hubley as streetwise hooker, Princess. Vice Squad [1982]
GALS-379 FLV of Season. scrumptious in wedding gown designed to delight client. Vice Squad
Hyer, Martha
GALS-380 Semi-profile MCU of Martha Hyer in turn-of-the-century dress & hairdo. First Men in the Moon
Ireland, Jill
GALS-122 Autographed PRT of delicate Jill Ireland
Jackson, Kate
GALS-33 MCU of an outdorsy, smiling, Kate Jackson
Jones, Shirley
GALS-179 Saucy PRT of Shirley Jones in short hairdo
Kellerman, Sally
GALS-591 Profile MLS of Sally Kellerman in revealing black leather & net dress & studded wrist bands, genuflecting at someone OS. Moving Violations [1987]
Kidder, Margot
GALS-124 MCU of Margot Kidder, concern on her face
Novack, Nancy
GALS-91 MLS of blonde Nancy Kovack in bare-shoulder gown
Kristen, Marta
GALS-88 PRT of Marta [Lost in Space] Kristen
Kwan, Nancy
GALS-383 FLV of Nancy Kwan posed flirtatiously in Mandarin mini. Flower Drum Song [1961]
Ladd, Cheryl
GALS-82 MCU of cowgirl Cheryl Ladd from TV special
GALS-125 PRT of Cheryl wearing happy smile
GALS-164 MS of Cheryl in jacket opened to good effect
GALS-165 Bare-shoulder MCU of smiling Cheryl highlights thick curly hair
GALS-485 MS of Cheryl, a knockout in Bob Mackie beaded top, ribbons wafting from neck & forehead
Landers, Judy
GALS-160 MS of busty blonde Judy Landers in snug t-shirt
Landon, Laurene
GALS-388 PRT of stunning Laurene Landon as one of wrestling California Dolls. All the Marbles [1981]
GALS-521 MS of Laurene, arms pushed back from profiled body, looking over shoulder
Lange, Jessica
GALS-37 FLV of Jessica Lange toweling off after shower
GALS-163 MCU of Jessica, hand to forehead
Lansing, Joi
GALS-30 '50s sexpot Joi Lansing in party dress. Marriage on the Rocks
GALS-154 MS of Joi in sexy braless dress circa 1971
Lavi, Daliah
GALS-74 MS of hot Daliah Lavi in lowcut dress. The Silencers
GALS-168 Deliah in low-slung corset, aiming gun
Lawrence, Vicki
GALS-389 Autographed PRT of smiling Vicki Lawrence in padded jacket dusted with decorative studs
Leon, Valerie
GALS-539 FLV of Valerie Leon, a kinky vision in tight leather outfit, slinging whip at door to boudoir
GALS-564 MLS of Valerie posed in black lace panties & bra
GALS-565 MLS of Valerie posed teasingly semi-nude with sarap covering many charms
Lisi, Virna
GALS-59 MCU of Virna Lisi. Not with My Wife, You Don't
GALS-259 MCU of delicate Virna laughing
Locke, Sondra
GALS-392 PRT of Sondra Locke, her long blonde hair falling around shoulder. Cover Me Babe
Lollobrigida, Gina
GALS-151 Gina Lollobrigida poses seductively in lace slip on bed
GALS-393 MS of Gina, in tight lowcut angora sweater & jeans, gesturing with smile circa 1967
Loren, Sophia
GALS-49 MCU of voluptuous Sophia Loren
GALS-192 MLS of Sophia in famous wet look stance from Boy on a Dolphin
GALS-395 FLV of Sophia posed in sexy Frederick's of Hollywood undies. Divorce Italian Style [1962]
GALS-396 Cont. 395, Sophia faces front & cracks up
Louise, Tina
GALS-9 34 MS of darkly beautiful Tina Louise from late 1950s
GALS-522 Sensational FLV of Tina posed in abbreviated sheer Roman-style toga
GALS-523 Two-element shot of Tina wading in lake wearing lowcut dress. God's Little Acre [1958]
Lovelace, Linda
GALS-167 Autographed cheesecake of Linda [Deep Throat] Lovelace
Loving, Candy
GALS-84 MS of deserving 25th anniversary Playboy playmate Candy Loving
GALS-85 Incredible Candy poses in simple but effective bikini
GALS-86 Candy proves it's what's up front that counts in MS
Mansfield, Jayne
GALS-24 MCU of Jayne Mansfield in striped swimsuit
GALS-25 Famous nude shot of Jayne toweling off
GALS-152 Famous candid of Jayne about to fall out of dress next to shocked Sophia Loren
GALS-195 PRT of Jayne leaning forward in puffy sleeved dress
GALS-398 MLS of Jayne seated & modeling bikini pajamas with net & lace bed jacket
GALS-399 MLS of Jayne, in jeweled corset that barely holds her together, head uplifted into smile
GALS-400 FLV of Jayne bent forward in braless halter-blouse & bikini bottom, hand on hip
Margret, Ann
GALS-3 Ann poses in swimsuit, holding mink stole
GALS-138 Early PRT of Ann as wholesome young woman from State Fair [1962]
GALS-139 Sultry soft-focus PRT of Ann as chanteuse
GALS-183 MS of amorous Ann in form-fitting dress. Villain
GALS-184 FLV of Ann in glittery gown & fur, showing off one leg
GALS-583 Profile MLS of Ann embracing wind blowing at her in no-bra thin, diaphanous dress at Stonehenge
GALS-592 Gorgeous 1987 PRT of Ann wearing soft blouse & scarf, eyeing camera with parted lips
Mell, Marisa
GALS-127 Exotic MCU of dark-eyed Marisa Mell
Midler, Bette
GALS-146 Bette Midler exudes sex appeal with pose out of 1940s, wearing tight strapless gown
Mills, Donna
GALS-402 Autographed PRT of Donna Mills in white blouse. She's ready for any man man enuff
Mimieux, Yvette
GALS-262 MS of cute Yvette Mimieux in simple top & earrings with hair braided
Monroe, Marilyn
GALS-38 PRT of Marilyn Monroe in dark evening gown. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
GALS-39 MS of Marilyn posing nude thru filmy veil
GALS-87 Marilyn poses in bed, wearing sexy lace negligee
GALS-126 Marilyn in old-fashioned attire & setting astride bicycle
GALS-169 MS of smiling Marilyn draping see-thru veil in front of her nude figure
GALS-245 Classic FLV of Marilyn in famous blown dress pose done for Seven year Itch
GALS-403 Nude calender pose by Marilyn, her body curled up against drapery with legs tucked, back arched & upraised arm hiding one eye.
GALS-404 Nude calender pose by Marilyn, body outstretched in profile on drapery, one leg drawn up
Munro, Caroline
GALS-89 PRT of tousle-haired Caroline Munro
GALS-90 Caroline goes fishing in bikini, hip boots & cap
GALS-190 Caroline poses in plunging frilly blouse as she dips into treasure chest
GALS-253 MLS of Caroline posed in cutoffs & shirt knotted in front that she pulls open
GALS-415 MLS of costumers putting finishing touches on Caroline's flamboyant lam mini dress & visored cap. Casino Royale
GALS-416 Autographed MLS of Caroline in fringed bikini top & metallic-belted bottom
GALS-489 Four-element shot of Caroline in scenes from At the Earth's Core, Dracula A.D. 1972, Golden Voyage of Sinbad & Capt. Kronos, Vampire Hunter
GALS-524 FLV of Caroline in cheesecake pose wearing bikini & highheeled shoes
Newmar, Julie
GALS-31 Busty Julie Newmar as Indian maiden. McKenna's Gold
GALS-155 Kneeling Julie holds towel over strategic parts
Nielsen, Brigitte
GALS-593 FLV of nude man-killer Brigitte Nielsen sitting on beach sand with head & shoulders tilted back, cigarette in mouth
Novak, Kim
GALS-161 MS of Kim Novak looking harassed in revealing dress
GALS-201 PRT of Kim wearing period costume hat, low-cut dress & big smile. Mirror Crack'd
GALS-202 FLV of Kim posed in form-fitting gown. Mirror...
O'Hara, Maureen
GALS-173 PRT of glamourous Maureen O'Hara in low-cut gown circa 1960
O'Neill, Jennifer
GALS-196 PRT of smiling Jennifer O'Neill, her hair cropped short. A Force of One
Paget, Debra
GALS-417 MLS of pretty Debra Paget in tailored blouse & woolen skirt, standing sideways against rocks
Parkins, Barbara
GALS-40 Sultry, long-haired Barbara Parkins, wearing dark sheath, pointing gun at camera. Kremlin Letter
Parton, Dolly
GALS-121 Non-extravagant PRT of Dolly Parton
Patterson, Lorna
GALS-490 Autographed PRT of bare souldered Lorna Patterson, hair swept to one side.
Perrine, Valerie
GALS-57 FLV of Valerie Perrine on phone, in burlesque gown. Lenny
GALS-58 MS ofValerie covering up with boa feathers. Lenny
GALS-99 MS of Valerie in puff-sleeve blouse, laughing
GALS-100 PRT: Valerie pulls open levi jacket, almost shows 'em
GALS-101 PRT: nude but demure Valerie covers 'em with hands
GALS-l02 Cont. 101, now she's wearing funky necklace, laughing
GALS-103 MLS: Valerie, smiling wide, has posterior motives in this shot, covered only by slipover garment
GALS-104 Cont. 103, Valerie lets garment slip to reveal one breast
GALS-105 Cont. 104, Valerie doesn't mind. She's smiling again
GALS-106 Valerie gets downright daring, wearing see-thru wrap
GALS-107 Cont. 106, Valerie gives it more profile
GALS-108 Cont. 107, The creme de la creme PRT
GALS-418 PRT of Valerie, sophisticated in low-brimmed hat atop shoulder-length hair. Mr. Billion [1977]
Peters, Bernadette
GALS-143 Bare-shouldered PRT of Bernadette Peters
GALS-144 Bernadette strikes slinky pose in off-shoulder dress
GALS-419 Soft-focus PRT of Bernadette in lowcut evening gown. Pennies from Heaven [1981]
Pfeiffer, Michelle
GALS-580 PRT of Michelle Pfeiffer smiling softly over shoulder into camera, cozy in sweatcr jacket
Pitt, Ingrid
GALS-232 Ingid Pitt relaxes in Victorian bathtub. She's nude, of course. Vampire Lovers
GALS-420 Semi-profile FLV of Ingrid posed in see-thru black peignoir. Autographed "Fangs for Everything..."
Powers, Stefanie
GALS-129 Bright-eyed PRT of Stefanie Powers. Hart to Hart
Presley, Priscilla
GALS-421 Autographed FLV of Priscilla Presley seated seductively in off-shoulder dress with petticoats gathered around thighs, knee upraised
Principal, Victoria
GALS-109 Profile MLS of Victoria Principal in tight-fitting top & mini-skirt. Naked Ape
GALS-422 Autographed PRT of Victoria, sexy with Veronica Lake hairdo, wearing lowcut sweater
GALS-423 MS of Victoria in satin designer gown with deep plunging front & matching turban
GALS-525 PRT of Victoria in top with lightning bolt down front. Earthquake [1974]
Remick, Lee
GALS-424 Attractive PRT of Lee Remick in lowcut dress cinched tight with wide belt. The Detective [1968]
Rigg, Diana
GALS-16 FLV of Diana Rigg in long sleeved dress, smiling aside
GALS-17 FLV of Diana, a knee showing thru embroidered gown
GALS-18 MCU of Diana as Tracy, head tilted up. On Her Majcsty's Secret Service
GALS-425 FLV of Diana in slinky haltered ballroom gown with turban. Evil Under the Sun [1982]
GALS-427 MLS of Diana in different, equally spectacular gown while singing at piano. Evil...
Riley, Jeannie C.
GALS-123 Sitting PRT of pretty country singer Jeannie C. Riley in Mexican maiden dress
Riley, Jeannine
GALS-42 MLS of busty Jeannine Riley in tight no-bra sweater & miniskirt. Electra Glide in Blue [1973]
Roberts, Tanya
GALS-428 FLV of Tanya Roberts kneeling on floor, wearing polished wraparound gown & earrings
Romanoff, Liz
GALS-540 FLV of Hammer girl Liz Romanoff posed nude from rear with body, draped in giant pearls, twisted into profile
Ross, Katherine
GALS-432 MS of Katherine Ross absently brushing her beautiful long hair in front of mirror
Russell, Jane
GALS-157 FLV of Jane Russell in tight gown, holding mink. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
GALS-158 Famous PRT of Jane sitting in hay, top pulled off one shoulder. The Outlaw
Samms, Emma
GALS-509 MLS of delicate beauty Emma Samms, General Hospital's Holly, in plunging string-tie dress
GALS-510 MS of Emma, beguiling in form-fitting silken tank top
GALS-511 MS of Emma, adorable in Japanese-style top
GALS-512 MCU of Emma, sultry in lacy nightgown
Sarandon, Susan
GALS-207 PRT of Susan Sarandon coyly letting strap of gown fall from shoulder. Loving Couples [1980]
Schell, Catherine
GALS-l19 MCU of smiling Catherine Schell, breeze mussing hair
GALS-148 Catherine reclines in deck chair, wearing bikini
Seymour Jane
GALS-159 MS of stunning Jane Seymour, smiling sweetly, wearing lace blouse
GALS-200 MS of Jane wearing quiet smile & off-shoulder blouse. East of Eden
GALS-237 MLS of Jane posing backstage as she appeared at 1981 Academy Awards show
Shepherd, Cybil
GALS-225 PRT of Cybil wearing all-American-girl smile. Special Delivery [1976]
GALS-436 PRT of Cybil in football jersey. Heartbreak Kid[1972]
GALS-437 PRT of Cybil, braless under tight-fitting tailored blouse. ...Kid
GALS-526 MS of Cybil, in satiny top, relaxing on hammock, Guide for Married Woman [1978]
Shields, Brooke
GALS-212 MCU of Brooke Shields as Violet resting head on chair. Petty Baby
GALS-438 Smashing PRT of Brooke, long hair cascading down side of wool sweater. Sahara [1982]
Shoop, Pamela Susan
GALS-513 FLV of shaply Pamela Susan Shoop posed kneeling in bikini, hair wet
Somers, Suzanne
GALS-52 CU of Suzanne Somers wearing infectious smile
Sommars, Julie
GALS-440 Autographed PRT of Julie Sommars, girl next door of the 1960s
Sommer, Elke
GALS-50 FLV of Elke Sommer kneeling on pillow in satin nightgown
GALS-51 FLV of Elke as Linka in lowcut, slit-legged gown. Wrecking Crew [1968]
GALS-131 Cont. 51, smiling PRT of Elke
GALS-132 Cont. 131, FLV of Elke sitting in buckboard, exposing leg, hands on hips
GALS-211 Autographed PRT of Elke wearing boa feathers
St. John, Jill
GALS-153 MS of Jill St. John wearing surprised look & tight, low-cut dress
GALS-236 FLV of Jill in sexy pose wearing black undies & transparent knee length negligee
GALS-528 FLV of Jill in babydoll, seated on bar stool & holding small license plate showing name near face
Stensgaard, Yutte
GALS-442 FLV of Hammer Films femme Yutte Stensgaard, nude to waist, sitting pensively on edge of bed with nightgown slipping from arms
Stevens, Connie
GALS-527 Nude Connie Stevens teasingly covers up while draped across bed. Scorchy [1976]
Stevens, Stella
GALS-43 FLV of Stella Stevens posed in clinging silk evening gown, hands on hips. Poseidon Adventure [1972]
GALS-44 MS of sultry Stella in pretty nightgown. Sol Madrid
GALS-45 FLV of Stella kneeling poolside in bikini
GALS-95 Stella sits pretty in slinky slip
GALS-96 PRT of Stella in crochetted negligee. Poseidon...
GALS-97 MS of Stella sitting up in bed, wearing bust-flattering nightgown. How to Save a Marriage [1968]
GALS-176 FLV of bikinied Stella standing on poolside recliner, holding hat on head. Slaughter [1972]
GALS-191 Cont. 43, MS of Stella speaking to camera
GALS-443 Autographed MCU of Stella, hair in ringlets, looking over bare shoulder circa early '60s
GALS-578 Sultry 1963 PRT of Stella in lowcut. lace party dress
Storm, Tempest
GALS-573 FLV of Tempest Storm, famous stripper with hourglass figure, posed in form-fitting gown, holding boa feather wrap behind her
Stratton, Dorothy
GALS-193 MLS of smiling Dorothy Stratton, hands on hips, clad only in man's shirt open in front
GALS-194 Dorothy, in prone sitting up position, poses in sleek, off-shoulder gown
GALS-446 MCU of Dorothy looking up into camera with pixie eyes & coy smile. They All Laughed [1982]
GALS-447 MS of Dorothy posed in lace off-shoulder blouse & beads. ...Laughed
GAbS-448 MLS of Dorothy, in simple poet-sleeved dress. with body profiled & reflected in window, face to camera
Struthers, Sally
GALS-133 PRT of smiling Sally Struthers
Talbott, Gloria
GALS-231 FLV of curvy Gloria Talbott posed in tank top, shorts & mesh stockings circa 1958
Tate, Sharon
GALS-54 FLV of Sharon Tate, bare under revealing sideslit dress
GALS-55 Sharon poses on bed in pretty see-thru nightie. A Fave
GALS-98 Sitting PRT of smiling Sharon posed in lowcut negligee
GALS-179 PRT of Sharon underscores her girl-next-door beauty
GALS-449 Semi-profile PRT of Sharon in tight sweater. Eye of the Devil [1966]
GALS-529 MCU of Sharon smiling aside, classy in suit, hat & glasses. Wrecking Crew [1968]
Taylor, Elizabeth
GALS-226 Autographed PRT of Elizabeth Taylor at her vivacious best
GALS-450 FLV of Elizabeth leaning against door with drink in hand, wearing slip. Butterfield 8 [1960]
Tiegs, Cheryl
GALS-53 PRT of model Cheryl Tiegs wearing long-sleeve blouse
Tilton, Charlene
GALS-135 PRT of Charlene Tilton as Lucy, long blonde hair covering top of blouse. Dallas
Tompkins, Angel
GALS-136 Four-element shot: Angel Tompkins in different sexy outfits, smiles all around
GALS-531 FLV of Angel in bikini, standing at edge of lake by tree Tucker, Tanya
GALS-180 PRT of pretty country singer Tanya Tucker
Turkel, Ann
GALS-452 PRT of Ann Turkel wearing wide smile, feathered halter top & drop earrings. 99-44/100% Dead [1974]
Turner, Kathleen
GALS-239 Two-element shot: day & night poses of sultry, scheming Kathleen Turner. Body Heat [1981]
GALS-453 PRT of Kathleen, long hair flowing to side of tilted head. ...Heat
GALS-454 MLS of Kathleen in half unbuttoned blouse. hands on skirt as she awaits OS lover. ...Heat
Tweed, Shannon
GALS-584 MLS of sultry Shannon Tweed, classy in belted lowcut evening dress with padded shoulders & clipped, open sleeves, hair done up
GALS-594 Smiling PRT of stunner Shannon in zipped down ski suit, flashing ivories. Hot Dog...The Movie [1983]
Van Doren, Mamie
GALS-285 PRT of voluptuous blonde bombshell Mamie Van Doren in tight off shoulder evening gown
GALS-456 FLV of Mamie in patterned blouse & hiked-up skirt, seated on floor with legs tucked amidst stack of books.
Sex Kittens Go to College [1960]
GALS-457 FLV of glamorous Mamie in tight, slinky evening gown, trailing fur with free hand stroking hair
GALS-458 Candid MLS of Mamie from rear, body half turned to camera, wearing nice smile & form-fitting cocktail dress, hands on hips. Teacher's Pet [1958]
Vetri, Victoria
GALS-60 PRT of Victoria Vetri in bikini. 'Nuff said
GALS-181 MS of Victoria in old west petticoat. Chuka. [1967]
CALS-260 FLV of Victoria showcasing her beautiful smile & profiled form in tight top & slacks, foot on stool
Wagner, Lindsay
GALS-166 MCU of Lindsay Wagner smiling aside
GALS-241 MCU of Lindsay turned aside, pensive
GALS-242 PRT of Lindsay as Irene. Nighthawks [1981]
GALS-243 FLV of Lindsay as fashion model posed in full-length dress & shawl. Two People
Ward, Rachel
GALS-459 PRT of luscious Rachel Ward, in soft blouse, resting arm on metal bust. Sharky's Machine [1981]
GALS-460 FLV of Rachel standing back to camera in doorway & looking invitingly over shoulder with legs spread, wearing slit skirt & fur jacket. Sharky's...
Warren, Lesley Ann
GALS-532 MS of dimpled Lesley Ann Warren, in lacy, neck-high Victorian-style dress, flowers in shoulder-length hair
Wayborn, Kristina
GALS-533 MLS of long-limbed, bikini-clad & wet Kristina Wayborn posed in swimming pool
GALS-534 CU of Kristina glamourously made up, wearing earrings with hair brushed back
GALS-535 Horizontal MLS of Kristina in pensive pose
Wayne, Carol
GALS-111 PRT of blonde sexpot Carol Wayne
Weaver, Sigourney
GALS-208 Sigourney Weaver, wearing jeans & blouse, sits up in grass. Eyewitness [1980]
Welch, Raquel
GALS-61 Raquel Welch, wearing very low-cut gown, arrives at Oscars as escort shields her from rain with umbrella
GALS-62 PRT of coy Raquel playing peek-a-boo with short shirt knotted under bust
GALS-63 MS of Raquel as Jugs in tight, no-bra sweater. Mother, Jugs, & Speed [1976]
GALS-64 MLS of Raquel in revealing two-piece dance outfit. Bedazzled [1967]
GALS-65 MCU of fiery-eyed, bare shouldered Raquel
GALS-110 MLS of Raquel about to pull dress over undies as she peers upward, gunbelt slung over shoulder. 100 Rifles
GALS-182 Glamour PRT of bare-shouldered Raquel, her hair ornamented
GALS-261 FLV of Raquel, in short dress, stepping off train. Fathom [1967]
GALS-461 MLS of Raquel posed in sexy satin undies, right hand on cocked hip
GALS-463 FLV of windblown Raquel, wearing halter top & hiked up skirt, posed on boat in Mediterranean setting
GALS-464 FLV of Raquel with bouffant hairstyle, posed in lacy diaphanous nightgown
GALS-502 FLV of Raquel as Indian woman in buckskins. Legend of Walks far Woman [1982]
GALS-555 MLS of 1960s Raquel posed in checkered halter top & shorts, thumb hitched in pocket
GALS-556 FLV of Raquel posed outdoors in dark bra & panties
Wilkinson, June
GALS-504 FLV of June Wilkinson posed in bikini beside living room couch, hand on hip
GALS-505 FLV of June posed in baby doll with arms spread
GALS-566 FLV of June posed in tight top & shorts to best showcase all assets circa 1959
Williams, Edy
GALS-20 MLS of party girl Edy Williams in very sexy little nothing. Beyond the Valley of Dolls [1970]
GALS-21 FLV of Edy in revealing slit-legged gown. The Seven Minutes [1971]
GALS-506 Autographed MLS of Edy shedding scuba gear & baring breasts as she wades in water
GALS-536 FLV of Edy posed in black lace panties & bra, leaning back against stair railing
Winger, Debra
GALS-468 PRT of Debra Winger, cute in cowboy hat & halter-style top. Urban Cowboy [1980]
Wood, Cyndi
GALS-579 Three-element FLV of Cyndi Wood as cowgirl, Colleen Camp & Linda Carpenter entertaining Vietnam troops. Apocalypse Now [1979]
Wood, Lana
GALS-34 Lana Wood, in dress with plunging front, helps Sean Connery at crap table. Diamonds are Forever [1971]
GALS-35 FLV of long-legged Lana posing on toes in swimsuit
GALS-36 Lana poses on tiger rug in leopard-skin swimsuit. FLV
GALS-162 PRT of Lana flashing sex appeal in low-cut dress
GALS-470 MS of Lana as Plenty O'Toole displaying ample charms while leaning on crap table. Diamonds...
GALS-471 MS of Lana in tight pullover sweater. A Place Called Today [1972]
Wood, Natalie
GALS-92 PRT of 1960s Natalie Wood in dark lowcut dress
GALS-93 MS of Natalie, wearing slip, looking aside. From Here to Eternity [1979]
GALS-472 Lovely PRT of 1960s Natalie, hand to chin, wearing flowered bracelet & necklace
GALS-473 PRT of smiling Natalie holding cat. Peeper [1976]
GALS-474 PRT of Natalie in polkadot dress, brimmed felt hat & pearl necklace. Peeper
GALS-475 MLS of Natalie, in satin bathrobe, standing aristocratically at wrought iron bannister. Peeper
GALS-537 FLV of young Natalie sitting up on grass, wearing lowcut summer top & full skirt
Young, Sean
GALS-507 PRT of Sean Young in wraparound sweater, taken from high angle. Young Doctors in Love [1982]
Zimmer, Kim
GALS-476 PRT of smokey Kim Zimmer in dark dress, shoulder-length hair nicely backlighted

Glamour Guys

Baryshnikov, Mikhail
GUYS-39 Autographed MCU of Mikhail Baryshnikov with left arm extended during ballet number
Basehart, Richard
GUYS-6 Autographed PRT of Richard Basehart as a young man
Bogart, Humphrey
GUYS-41 MLS of Humphrey Bogart in double-breasted overcoat & fedora, holding gun on OS subject
Cagney, James
GUYS-46 MLS of James Cagney, in suit & homburg, protecting whisky crates with handguns. Roaring 20s
Chamberlain, Richard
GUYS-102 PRT of Richard Chamberlain in checkered sportshirt
Collins, Stephen
GUYS-9 PRT of Stephen Collins in pullover sweater. Loving Couples [1980]
Conrad, Robert
GUYS-127 Handsome PRT of confident smiling Robert Conrad in tailored pinstriped suit. Name written on lapel
Curry, Tim
GUYS-10 PRT of Tim Curry as DJ Johnny LaGuardia. Times Square [1980]
Dean, James
GUYS-50 FLV of James Dean posed in leather jacket, tight jeans & boots, body turned sideways but face to camera & hand in back pants pocket
Eastwood, Clint
GUYS-53 Signed PRT of young Clint Eastwood, wearing pullover shirt & that crooked signature smile
Everett, Chad
GUYS-128 Profile MCU of young Chad Everett wearing suit & sideburns. Name written on collar
Evigan, Greg
GUYS-23 1980 MCU of Greg Evigan turned aside, lips parted
GUYS-24 Greg poses with chimp from passenger window of his rig. B.J. & the Bear [1979]
Flynn, Erroll
GUYS-57 FLV of Erroll Flynn taking defensive stance with bow & shield inside castle. Robin Hood
GUYS-58 FLV of Erroll sitting on castle table with bow in hand, laughing. Robin Hood
Fonda, Henry
GUYS-59 PRT of Henry Fonda as frontier Indian fighter. Drums Along the Mohawk [1939]
Ford, Harrison
GUYS-12 Five-element shot of Harrison Ford in various PRTs, one with Carrie Fisher circa late '70s
GUYS-18 Harrison points finger at camera with horse-laugh while stuffing his Greek Army-uniformed bod into tiny bathtub displaying his name. Force 10 from Navarone
GUYS-28 PRT of Harrison as Union calvary officer. A Time for Killing [aka Long Ride Home]
GUYS-29 MS of smiling Harrison as Kenny posed barechested, wearing open shirt, cap & dogtag. Heroes
GUYS-30 Cont. 29. MS of Harrison in semi-profile, thumbs stuck in jeans pockets, distressed as he gives up keys to car
GUYS-31 MS of boyish Harrison as hotel bellhop, opening door. Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round [1966]
GUYS-32 1978 PRT of Harrison wearing sport shirt, jacket & glasses
GUYS-33 CU of Harrison in sport shirt. Nicely highlighted
GUVS-34 MS of Harrison,in striped sport shirt, seated at restaurant booth during magazine interview
GUYS-35 Seven-element shot of Harrison: three poses as Han Solo, one as Indy & set of three candids taken near San Francisco theater where he appeared for ESB press screening. He's signed autograph to fan in one shot
GUYS-36 Candid MS of Harrison, Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill as they leave smiling from TV studio after being interviewed on Kids are People Too show
GUYS-97 MLS of Harrison as Kenny, nails in mouth & hammer in hand, wearing open shirt. Heroes
GUYS-98 MS of youthful Harrison being held around shoulder by Victor Jory. Ironside [1974-TV]
GUYS-99 Artsy MS of Harrison half in shadow, leaning one raised arm against wall
GUYS-100 MLS of Harrison with beer in hand, trying to evade grasp of angry Henry Winkler. Heroes
GUYS-103 MS of Harrison leaning over balcony of home
GUYS-104 MLS of Harrison in his home workshop, leaning against bench with tool in lap
GUYS-105 Four element composite of above two scenes plus smiling Harrison bent over press & seasoning steak
GUYS-106 MS of bearded Harrison & his sons Ben & Willard, all in tuxedos, performing chorus line ta-da to camera
GUYS-111 PRT of pre-Star Wars Harrison looking very preppy, his chin scar air-brushed out
GUYS-112 PRT of Harrison wearing boyish smile, shirt & Levi jacket
GUYS-l13 Cont. 112, MS of serious Harrison looking aside
GUYS-l14 Cont. 111, similar PRT but not bent forward
GUYS-l15 Candid MS of Harrison, in pullover sweater, stuffing mouth full of food at outdoor party
GUYS-l16 Candid, slightly tilted MS taken in 1977 of Harrison, Carrie & Mark smiling after interview
GUYS-117 Candid MLS of Harrison, wearing glasses & pullover sweater, playful Carrie peeking out from behind his shoulder while Mark turns face from camera [at that time still recovering from facial surgery]
GUYS-l18 Effectively shadowed MS of Harrison as Bob Falfa, in cowboy shirt & hat, cigarette hanging from mouth, blonde beside him in car. American Graffiti [1973]
GUYS-l19 Cont. 118, Harrison now in car with brunette woman, pensively eyeing skull hanging over dashboard
GUYS-120 Autographed MS of Harrison referring to himself with hand gesture during interview
GUYS-121 MS of Harrison, wearing rumpled sport shirt, leather jacket & bemused grin, standing by car
GUYS-122 MCU of Harrison, top of sport shirt open, turned aside with lips parted
GUVS-125 A blooper: Harrison gestures to OS interviewer while sitting with legs spread, unaware that his fly is open GUYS-126 MS of Harrison looking up from magazine & smiling warmly at camera
GUYS-129 1987 outdoor PRT of Harrison wearing sport shirt & cap, back of hand to cheek
GUYS-130 Cont. 129, Harrison breaks into big smile, hand removed from face
Gere, Richard
GUYS-60 MCU of Richard Gere, wearing T-shirt & neck chain, clamoring at someone OS
GUYS-61 MCU of Richard in tuxedo, looking quietly aside
Gibson, Mel
GUYS-131 MS of Mel Gibson as laughing young retarded man, wearing black tank top. Tim [1982]
GUYS-132 PRT of Mel in dress shirt, polkadot tie & leather jacket, hint of smile on face
GUYS-133 MS of shirtless Mel looking like hell, sporting day-old beard & eye patch. Year of Living Dangerously[1983]
GUYS-134 1986 candid MLS of Mel arriving at LA airport, casual in plaid sports shirt worn outside jeans
GUYS-135 1987 candid MS of long-haired Mel arriving at LAX, wearing Hawaiian shirt & dark jacket, smiling aside
GUYS-136 CU of pre-Lethal Weapon Mel eyeing camera with parted lips, clad in solid-colored sport shirt & jacket
GUYS-137 Cont. 136, PRT from same sitting, nice smile added
GUYS-138 Cont. 137, Mel puts spread hand to side of smiling face
GUYS-139 Cont. 138, Mel turns serious
GUYS-140 Cont. 139, MS of Mel now resting side of face against back of hand, lips parted in half smile
GUYS-141 PRT of Mel with short cropped hair & scruffy beard
Hays, Robert
GUYS-142 MS of Robert Hays as coy Ted Striker, wearing shirt, tie & strange headgear. Airplane II: The Sequel [1982]
GUYS-143 FLV of rumpled & freaked-out Hays at doorway with sleepwear-clad Pamela Stephenson. Scandalous [1984]
GUYS-144 Very nice PRT of Hays wearing sport shirt under pullover ski sweater, arms crossed
Hunter, Jeff
GUYS-145 PRT of Jeff Hunter wearing dress western duds & hat, shadow on wall
Hutton, Timothy
GUYS-67 PRT of Timothy Hutton in cadet uniform. Taps [1981]
GUYS-68 MS of Hutton in shirt, pullover sweater & jacket. A Long Way Home [1982]
Jaekel, Richard
GUYS-146 PRT of young, smiling Richard Jaekel. Name on shirt
Kelly, Gene
GUYS-69 Autographed sitting PRT of Gene Kelly wearing shirt & pullover sweater
Ladd, Alan
GUYS-71 MS of Alan Ladd posed in cowboy hat, shirt & corduroy jacket, arms folded atop fencepost. Guns of the Timberland
Landau, Martin
GUYS-107 PRT of Martin Landau wearing sport jacket & ascot, circa 1968
Lee, Bruce
GUYS-147 PRT of grinning Bruce Lee posed in dress suit, arms folded over table
Lord, Jack
GUYS-148 MS of Jack Lord in cowboy hat & Levi jacket, rope in hands
GUYS-149 Cont. 148, low angle FLV of Lord smiling as he lugs saddle over shoulder
GUYS-150 Signed PRT of Lord in suit & tie, head slightly bent forward & eyes glancing upward
McGoohan, Patrick
GUYS-4 PRT of rugged-looking Patrick McGoohan. Rafferty
Naughton, James
GUYS-76 MCU of James Naughton in tweed suit, looking aside with smile. A Stranger is Watching [1982]
Nimoy, Leonard
GUYS-108 MS of bearded Leonard Nimoy being bathed by young woman. Catlow [1971]
GUYS-151 PRT of 1970s-style Nimoy wearing light turtleneck sweater & dark blazer. Name written on sweater
GUYS-152 Cont. 151, Nimoy breaks into smile
Power, Tyrone
GUYS-79 MLS of Tyrone Power as bearded, bare-chested swashbuckler holding up rapier beside barred window.
Black Swan [1942]
GUYS-81 MS of clean-cut Power in tweed suit. Luck of the Irish [1948]
Presley, Elvis
GUYS-2 Semi-profile MS of leather-clad Elvis Presley singing & playing guitar during 1968 TV special
Reagan, Ronald
GUYS-85 PRT of Ronald Reagan as U.S. Marshall. Law & Order [1953]
Reeve, Christopher
GUYS-21 1979 PRT of Christopher Reeve smiling just aside
Regehr Duncan
GUYS-123 PRT of Duncan Regehr in open silk shirt, hint of smile on face. Sexy
Reynolds, Burt
GUYS-5 Smug Burt Reynolds relaxes at bar with beer & cigar. W.W. & the Dixie Dancekings [1979]
Scott, Judson
GUYS-109 MCU of stern Judson Scott, wearing windbreaker, staring into camera. Streets of San Francisco [1977]
GUYS-110 Cont. 109, Scott turns to near profile with softer look, hand raised to chest level
Selleck, Tom
GUYS-22 1980 PRT of handsome Tom Selleck
Sinatra, Frank
GUYS-26 PRT of young crooner Frank Sinatra in tuxedo, belting
out song at microphone
Stevens, Craig
GUYS-153 Smiling PRT of Craig [Peter Gunn] Stevens wearing snappy sport coat & shirt sans tie. Name on lapel
Swayze, Patrick
GUYS-154 MLS of rugged construction worker Patrick Swayze posed by giant hauler wheel. GrandviewUSA [1984]
Thinnes, Roy
GUYS-155 PRT of gestapo agent Roy Thinnes posed as passenger aboard The Hindenburg [1975]
Wagner Robert
GUYS-27 FLV of Robert Wagner as hotshot jet pilot, posed in flightgear at cockpit. The Hunters
GUYS-124 MS of smiling Wagner circa 1962
Warner, David
GUYS-8 PRT of David Warner wearing shirt open at neck
Wayne, John
GUYS-95 FLV of stern Texas Ranger John Wayne astride horse. The Comancheros [1961]
York, Michael
GUYS-1 Handsome MS of Michael York sitting pensively in long-sleeved turtleneck sweater. Lost Horizon [1973]

Glamour Couples

CPLS-2 FLV of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers taking spin on dance floor
CPLS-3 FLV of Fred Astaire & Cyd Charisse high stepping on dance floor. The Band Wagon [1953]
CPLS-4 FLV of Annette Funicello & Frankie Avalon embracing beside giant sand castle on beach circa 1964
CPLS-5 FLV of Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall standing on pier, clothed in matching casual wear.KeyLargo[1948]
CPLS-11 Daring PRT of Joan Crawford, braless under see-thru gown, leaning back romantically against Clark Gable, wearing white tuxedo
CPLS-12 MCU of Clark Gable & Vivian Leigh, their lips inches apart. Gone With the Wind [1939]
CPLS-17 Candid MS of William Shatner with his arm around wife Marcy at cocktail party
CPLS-18 PRT of Robert Wagner in pageboy, cheek to cheek with gorgeous Janet Leigh. Prince Valiant [1954]
CPLS-20 FLV of first time newlyweds Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood leaving church back door hand in hand
CPLS-21 Cute FLV of Harrison Ford kneeling beside Carrie Fisher, scrunched up in chair, both smiling
CPLS-22 Artsy profile MS of Harrison & Carrie embraced for passionate kiss

Glamour Stars

STAR-1 41 big name Hollywood stars at heights of their careers posed circa late 1950s on outdoor stage set. Names include Liz Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, George Raft, Grace Kelly, Cyd Charisse & Robert Taylor. Full list provided with photo