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AVENGERS, THE - 1966-69
AV-A PR: CU of dapper John Steed [Patrick MacNee] with cane
AV-B PR: FLV of leather-clad Emma Peel [Diana Rigg] holding gun
AV-C PR: FLV of Steed, in snappy suit & bowler, resting on his cane & Peel,wearing sexy velour pant outfit & smile
AV-D PR: MS of smiling Steed & Tara King [Linda Thorson]
AV-E PR: Steed stands above Tara as both look grimly OS
AV-F MS of Steed looking somewhat amused
AV-G MS of Peel wearing hooded sweater
AV-H Miniaturized Steed wields giant letter opener atop desk
AV-I Creepy man whispers in Peel's ear by bearded statue
BG-A FLV of Cmdr. Adama [Lorne Greene] gesturing at computer solar system display
BG-B PR: FLV of Capt. Apollo [Richard Hatch] in full flight uniform, holding helmet while leaning shoulder against hatchway
BG-C PR: FLV of uniformed Lt. Starbuck [Dirk Benedict] leaning against bulkhead with arms folded
BG-D PR: FLV of uniformed Athena [Maren Jensen], Adama's daughter
BG-E PR: MCU of Serina [Jane Seymour], the beauteous Caprican, posed by rocks with hint of smile on face
BG-F MLS of robed Sire Uri [Ray Milland]
BG-G PR: MLS of Adama directing seated Apollo's attention to something OS from in front of computer display
BG-H PR: FLV of Apollo & brother Zac [Rick Springfield] in action pose with blasters drawn
BG-I PR: FLV of Boxey [Noah Hathaway] smiling at Muffit II, his mechanical daggit
BG-J PR: Nice pose of Adama, Apollo, Starbuck & Athena at computer console aboard Galactica
BG-K PR: FLV of Cylon centurion aiming blaster rifle at camera
BG-L PR: FLV of Cylon centurion aiming blaster rifle off camera
BG-M PR: UA of Cylon centurion just holding blaster rifle
BG-N PR: PRT of Cylon centurion
BG-O PR: MLS of insectoid, four-armed Ovion
BG-P MS of cigar-smoking Starbuck playing pyramid card game
BG-Q Caprican survivors in bg approach landed Viper fighter
BG-R MS of disheveled Serina & bandaged survivor at her side
BG-S FLV of Adama, Tigh [Terry Carter] & Apollo monitoring activity of Galactica bridge
BG-T MLS of Apollo, Starbuck & Boomer [Herb Jefferson Jr.] discussing mission thru nova starfield by computer display
BG-U MS of Cassiopeia [Laurette Spang] flanked by Starbuck & Apollo, wearing headsets
BG-V MS of Apollo, Serina & Lt. Jolly [Tony Swartz] following Ovion
BG-W FLV of Apollo, Serina, Boxey & Muffit standing in corridor on Carillon
BG-X Boxey kneels beside Muffit aboard ship
BG-Y FLV of two Ovions leading Boxey astray
BG-Z Ralph McQuarrie artwork of dogfight between Viper & Cylon raider
BG-AA McQuarrie artwork of capitol city of planet Caprica
BG-BB McQuarrie artwork of Cylon Raiders attacking fleet of Battlestars
BG-CC McQuarrie artwork of Galactica leading survivor ships away from Caprica
BG-DD PR: Two-element shot of Tigh & Adama aboard Galactica
BG-EE PR: Athena in serious, but saucy pose
BG-FF PR: three-element shot: MCU of Cylon centurion; Ovion Playing harp; Imperious Leader addresses one of his centurions
BG-GG Raider fires lasers on Caprica Presidium as victims flee
BG-HH LS of Viper as Caprican survivors walk down hill toward it
BG-I I FLV of survivors demanding answers from Apollo by Viper
BG-JJ LS of Adama & Apollo addressing Council of the Twelve
BG-KK DA of Tigh & Adama [back turned] manning Galactica bridge
BG-LL MS of two centurions about to behead Baltar [cut from show]
BG-MM Ovion drones pamper their insectoid queen, Lotay
BG-OO MS of four-eyed, two-mouthed Android Sister
BG-PP FLV of Starbuck & Boomer disposing of centurion
BG-QQ FLV of alarmed Serina fleeing with Boxey from casino den as Starbuck, Cassiopeia & Boomer start to react in bg
BG-RR FLV of three centurions raiding Ovion gambling casino
BG-SS Starbuck & Boomer [backs turned] battle raiding centurions
BG-TT PR: four-element shot: PRT of Elders as played by John Colicos, Ray Milland, Wilfrid Hyde-White & Lew Ayers
BG-UU PR: ripping good action montage of Apollo, Adama & Starbuck
BG-VV PR: MCU of Apollo eyeing camera while touching chin of Serina, whose profiled face smiles up at him
BG-WW PR: MS of smiling Maren Jensen as herself, wearing soft blouse, arms folded
BG-XX CU of daggit [read 'droid] Muffit II
BG-YY Profile MLS of Apollo placing hands on Adama's shoulders, offering reassurance along with Athena
BG-ZZ FLV of Android Sisters entertaining lounge crowd
BG-A1 Company of centurions organizing in smoke-filled Ovion chamber
BG-A2 PR: PRT of Apollo looking sternly aside
BG-A3 PR: four-element shot of Boomer, Starbuck, Jolly & Apollo
BG-A4 PR: three-element shot of Serina, Athena & Cassiopeia
BG-A5 PR: CU of dreaded Imperious Leader
BG-A6 PR: slight UA of Imperious Leader on his Base Ship throne
BG-A7 PR: MS of armed centurion, light glinting off his armor
BG-A8 MS of Boxey surprised by touch of Ovion hand on his shoulder
BG-A9 MS of Serina comforting Boxey
BG-A10 FLV of armed centurions storming from portal in casino raid
BG-A11 Profile FLV of centurions streaming across bridge
BG-A12 MLS of pouting Baltar appearing before OS Imperious Leader & awaiting pronouncement of fate [precedes BG-LL]
BG-A13 Montage of Cylon helmet, Raider firing lasers, front of Galactica & explosions displayed against starfield
BG-A14 PR: Cast PRT includes Sheba, Jolly & Boomer, no Tigh
BG-A15 PR: MCU of Serina, smiling slightly
BG-A16 PR: MS of Col. Tigh, typically stern-faced
BG-A17 PR: MCU of Boomer, his face shadowed
BG-A18 Boomer kneels during inspection aboard barge ship
BG-A19 Athena works her bridge station as Tigh stands behind
BG-A20 LS of Cylon basestar in orbit over planet
BG-A21 Three Raiders being chased by Viper firing lasers
BG-A22 PR: MLS of hooded Serina leaning solemnly
BG-A23 PR: FLV of Cylon holding sword at arms length
BG-A24 PR: MLS of Starbuck & Apollo side-by-side in warrior uniforms
BG-A25 PR: Apollo aiming laser pistol at camera
BG-A26 MS of smiling Apollo holding pistol up with both hands
BG-A27 PR: PRT of Apollo in dress uniform
BG-A28 PR: LS of two Cylons reporting to bethroned Imperious Leader
BG-A29 PR: Apollo, Starbuck & Chameleon pose side-by-side. Man With Nine Lives
BG-A30 PR: 3/4 FV of Apollo's Viper as survivors surge toward it
BG-A31 FLV of Adama performing wedding ceremony for Apollo & Serina
BG-A32 Serina holds Apollo as they stand amid ruins of Kobol
BG-A33 Adama, Apollo & Serina find ancient tomb markings, Baltar looks on in bg
BG-A34 Adama & Tigh discuss plans by star chart
BG-A35 Starbuck & others alight from snowram
BG-A36 Starbuck, in native garb, shoots Cylon. Gun on Ice Planet Zero
BG-A37 Boxey shows Muffit off to group of kids
BG-A38 Lucifer, bethroned Baltar stare OS as two Cylons work at panels in fg
BG-A39 Miri [Audrey Landers] stands over wounded Starbuck. Young Lords
BG-A40 Cain details his strategy on star chart to Adama. Apollo listens in bg. Living Legend
BG-A41 FLV of Boomer, in night raid duds, on set. Living...
BG-A42 Sheba, Apollo & Starbuck watch Count Iblis walk before them on planet. War of the Gods
BG-A43 PR: MS of smiling Cassiopeia in her off-shoulder dress
BG-A44 PR: PRT of Boomer
BG-A45 PR: MCU of Lucifer
BG-A46 MS of Starbuck romancing willing Athena, leaning against his fighter in hanger bay
BG-A47 MS of Serina on the arm of Apollo with Jolly at his side in Carrilon casino
BG-A48 MS of Starbuck explaining his hot streak to Athena & Cassiopeia in casino
BG-A49 Tigh kneels beside seriously injured & unconscious Adama after Galactica bridge takes hit
BG-A50 Adama & Cain argue tactics before star chart
BG-A52 MCU of distraught Sheba
BG-A53 FLV of Boomer & Starbuck, in night raid duds, searching out Cylons in corridor
BG-A54 PR: MS of Starbuck leaning his elbow against bulkhead
BG-A55 PR: MLS of Apollo popping out of Viper, crashed in snow, with blaster drawn
BG-A56 PR: MS of Apollo & Starbuck, in heavy uniform coats, held at blaster rifle point by Cylons
BEAUTY & THE BEAST - 1987-90
[NOTE: B&B-A thru B&B-W from first season]
B&B-A MLS of Catherine [Linda Hamilton], in slip & shawl held at bosom, lost in thought on balcony as shrouded Vincent [Ron Perlman], the man-beast, watches her from behind
B&B-B MS of Catherine embracing shrouded Vincent, her feelings for him clear
B&B-C PRT of exposed Vincent posed before candelabrum in subterranean lair
B&B-D PR: PRT of Perlman, lightly bearded & wearing sweater over sport shirt
B&B-E PR: CU of Perlman studying camera, resting chin on crossed arms
B&B-F PR: PRT of Father [Roy Dotrice] quietly eyeing camera
B&B-G MS of Catherine, dress pulled off shoulders, putting hand to throat as she turns away from mirror, recognizing OS Vincent
B&B-H MS of Vincent pulling hood of cloak away from partly shadowed face
B&B-I Sitting PRT of Vincent eyeing camera with gloved hands clasped under chin in candle-lit underground chamber
B&B-J Cont. B&B-A, similar pose with Vincent completely revealed
B&B-K MLS of Catherine wearing off-shoulder dress, turned away from mirror to face Vincent, who is reflected in glass
B&B-L Lord & Lady PRT, Catherine holding Vincent around waist as both look into camera within hushed underground setting
B&B-M MLS of Vincent holding Catherine to his chest, both facing camera at underground entrance
B&B-N Profile MS of Vincent & Catherine having meaningful meeting in tunnel beneath city
B&B-O Cont. B&B-J, Catherine turns face to camera & Vincent moves out of shadows a little more
B&B-P MS of Vincent wearing cloak & hood, face open as he looks just aside
B&B-Q MS of Vincent sans cloak & hood, standing nobly
B&B-R MLS of Vincent & Father playing chess
B&B-S Profile CU of Vincent looking in mirror where Ron Perlman's smiling face is reflected
B&B-T PR: PRT of Perlman as himself wearing sport shirt & denim jacket, gazing up into camera
B&B-U FLV of Vincent holding oil lamp out in front of evil Paracelsus [Tony Jay] beneath city
B&B-V MLS of Catherine & Vincent posed on her balcony, she wearing low-cut black dress & choker with hair pulled back, he holding open book at her side. Happy Life
B&B-W Cont. B&B-V, Vincent looses book in favor of warm cuddle with Catherine for camera
B&B-X Intense PRT of Vincent, wearing tunic with horizontal chains, eyes riveted on camera
B&B-Y FLV of Vincent contemplating Life, The Universe & Everything while seated on rocks in favorite cavern retreat, one leg planted under him
B&B-Z Cont. B&B-Y, MLS as Vincent is joined by long blonde-haired young lady who tries to soothe his troubled soul
[NOTE: B&B-AA thru B&B-WW from second season]
B&B-AA Nice PRT of Catherine in dress with lace shoulders
B&B-BB PRT of Father in serious pose direct to camera
B&B-CC PRT of Father looking up & away slightly against black bg
B&B-DD PRT of Deputy District Attorney Joe Maxwell [Jay Acovone], wearing suit & quiet smile with chin resting in palm of hand
B&B-EE Wonderful MS of glamourous, bare-shouldered Catherine nestled close to Vincent, her right hand on his chest, both eyeing camera
B&B-FF Cont. B&B-EE, tighter shot as Catherine turns face to Vincent's dreamily closing her eyes
B&B-GG PR: Manly PRT of Perlman in light sweater & dark jacket
B&B-HH Outstanding PRT of Dotrice kindly eyeing camera
B&B-II Cont. B&B-C, MS of Vincent looking over shoulder into camera while seated in underground chamber before candelabrum
B&B-JJ MLS of Vincent standing in open doorway leading from Catherine's balcony to her high-rise apartment, skyline in bg
B&B-KK FLV of Vincent, wearing hood & cape, standing with back to camera framed by brick entrance to tunnels. Very moody
B&B-LL DA of Vincent perched on roof top for bird's-eye view of bustling city
B&B-MM Cont. B&B-LL, tighter profile view of Vincent bent forward watching activity on streets far below
B&B-NN MS of Catherine posed in romantically designed off-shoulder dress with long, pleated buttoned sleeves and flattering waist cincher, both hands touching throat
B&B-OO PRT of David Greenlee, sport shirt worn with collar up, lips parted
B&B-PP PRT of Mouse [Greenlee] in wide-eyed pose, chin resting on gloved fist
B&B-QQ Cont. B&B-L, MS of Catherine in profile gazing up at Vincent, her hand on his chest
B&B-RR Sweet floating PRT of Catherine resting her head against Vincent's neck & chest, bg is vertical white/black split
B&B-SS Cont. B&B-O, Catherine turns as Vincent comes up behind her on balcony, their lips almost touching
B&B-TT Cont. B&B-SS, profile MLS of Beauty & her Beast now holding each other with their eyes & arms
B&B-UU MLS of Vincent holding torch in one hand & swathed infant in other, amid candle-lit digs
B&B-VV MCU of Vincent & Catherine warmly looking upon painting, a loving PRT of the pair [view is from behind canvas, painting itself does not show]
B&B-WW MLS of Vincent standing with young lady tunnel dweller, both focusing attention OS
[NOTE: B&B-1A thru B&B-2A are from third season]
B&B-1A Tight PRT of Vincent, his steely eyes riveted on camera
B&B-2B PR: Especially attractive PRT of Perlman wearing sport jacket with collar up on open sport shirt
B&B-3C PR: PRT of tough-case solving homicide detective Diana Bennett [Jo Anderson] showing soft side leaning against wall with ringed hand to throat, clad in dark sweater
B&B-4D PR: PRT of tycoon Elliot Burch [Edward Albert], suit jacket slung over shoulder as he turns to face camera
B&B-5E PR: Suitably darkly-lit PRT of Gabriel [Stephen McHattie], sadistic leader of criminal empire, murderer & child stealer
B&B-6F After Diana finds Vincent near death at Catherine's grave, she nurses him to recovery at her apartment, now kneeling beside him on floor with hand on his arm as he reads book of sonnets
B&B-7G CU of Vincent's tear-stained face pressed near Catherine's lifeless form on her bed
B&B-8H MS of Vincent facing camera as he holds swathed infant son in one arm amid tunnels
B&B-9I MS of Vincent cradling wide-eyed baby against his shoulder, lips touching side of baby's head
B&B-2A Father plants kiss atop baby's head as Vincent cradles son in both arms. Invictus
BIONIC WOMAN - 1975-78
BW-A MCU of Jamie [Lindsay Wagner] turning ear to task of cracking safe
BW-B FLV of show girl Jamie surrounded by Fembots in Las Vegas on stage
BW-C MS of Oscar [Richard Anderson] seated behind desk
BW-D MS of Jamie bending to pet the Bionic Dog as both give attention to something OS
BLH-A PR: MLS of crimebuster Blackhawk [Kirk Alyn], holding cap at waist
BLAKES SEVEN - 1978-80
B7-A PR: MLS of mercenary Del Tarrant [Steven Pacey] grabbing for holstered handgun
B7-B PR: FLV of Cally [Jan Chappell] & Jenna [Sally Knyvette] training blasters on robot. Mission to Destiny
B7-C PR: PRT of Tarrant, Dayna, Avon [Paul Darrow], Soolin [Glynis Barber] & Vila [Michael Keating] posed side-by-side
B7-D PR: MLS of Blake spreading arms as if to protect Gan [David Jackson], Avon, Cally, Jenna & Vila from OS menace
B7-E PR: MS of Avon flanked by Dayna [Josette Simon], Tarrant, Vila & Cally focusing attention just OS
B7-F FLV of Blake [Gareth Thomas], Avon, Vila, Jenna & Gan manning Liberator
B7-G PR: MS of Blake standing between Jenna & Cally, all variously armed in outdoor pose
B7-H MS of solemn Avon holding controls aboard Liberator
BU-A PR: MS of Buck in assassin's guise. Plot to Kill a City
BU-B PR: Buck poses with foxy friend [Markie Post]. Plot...
BU-C PR: Buck poses with elephant-faced lady. Plot...
BU-D PR: Wilma stands at wall with laser gun. Unchained Women
BU-E PR: Buck, Wilma & Gordon [Buster Crabbe] pose on flight deck
BU-F MS of Buck & woman [Melody Rogers] talking quietly. Cosmic Whiz Kid
BU-G MLS of Twiki & Hieronymus Fox [Gary Coleman] talking. Cosmic...
BU-H Wilma listens to Hieronymus relate story in her room Cosmic...
BU-I FLV of Cassius Thorne [Jay Robinson] selling shirtless Buck at auction. Planet of Amazon Women.
BU-J MS of Buck arm & arm with prime minister [Anne Jeffries]. Planet...
BU-K Buck serves refreshment to young woman [Teddi Siddall]. Planet...
BU-L Ship captain introduces Miss Cosmos to Buck. Cruise Ship to the Stars
BU-M Wilma in sexy disguise stands in pool area among vacationers. Cruise...
BU-O Twiki gets acquainted with female counterpart. Cruise...
BU-P Tigerman gets Buck in arm lock. Escape from Wedded Bliss
BU-Q Buck stands victorious over felled Tigerman. Escape...
BU-T PR: MS of Gerard & Buster Crabbe having laugh on set. Planet of the Slave Girls
BU-U PR: Armat [Cesar Romero] poses in costume with Buck. Vegas in Space
BU-V Buck aims blaster OS as Jen Burton [Jamie Lee Curtis] stands by. Unchained Women
BU-W FLV of Buck & Wilma striding thru hanger deck
BU-X PR: FLV of Buck in regular uniform, holding weapon
BU-Y FLV of Buck playing golf in his apartment
BU-Z PR: MCU of Ardala posing at edge of pool
BU-A1 Dour Ardala sits up at edge of bed in regal accouterment
BU-A2 PR: MLS of Buck & Wilma posed in first season civvies & tight jumpsuit, respectively
BU-A3 PR: PRT of Wilma in second season uniform
BU-A4 MCU of Hawk [Thom Christopher] gazing off into distance
BU-A5 Two-element shot of spaceship Searcher in a FLV & tight exterior on bow as shuttle exits
BU-A6 MLS of Ambassador Duvoe [Mark Lenard] clutching Wilma as both register shock at OS event. Journey to Oasis
BUGS-A Marvin the Martian leers thru windshield of spaceship at Bugs, who is piloting the craft
CAPT-A PR: MS of Captain America [Reb Brown] striking action pose
CAPT-B PR: MS of Captain America in torn shirt with his arm around research scientist [Connie Selleca]
CAPT-C PR: MS of Captain America in sport shirt with his arm around federal investigator [Heather Menzies]
CV-A PR: Capt. Video [Al Hodge] & Video Ranger [Don Hastings] stand ready to save Earth from spaceship bridge
CHA-A PR: cast PRT of superheroes & supervillians
CLO-A PR: Dr. Simon Shane [Art Hindle] poses with clone brothers
DARK SHADOWS - 1966-71
DAR-A PR: PRT of Barnabas Collins [Jonathan Frid] baring his fangs & holding wolfhead cane
DAR-B PR: PRT of normal-appearing Barnabas
DAR-C PR: MS of Barnabas glaring out window with snarl, fangs bared
DAR-D PR: Signed PRT of evilly smiling Barnabas
DAR-5 Full cast PRT of 1991 cast: Barnabas Collins [Ben Cross] & family matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard [Jean Simmons], posed on mansion stairs below paintings
DAR-6 Two-element PRT of Barnabas as handsome, elegant gentleman & as toothy alter-ego
DAR-7 PRT of Barnabas standing over seated Victoria Winters [Joanna Going]
DAR-8 FLV of earthy Angelique [Lysette Anthony] posed in beautiful period dress
DAR-9 Four-element PRT of Rogert Stoddard [Roy Thinnes], Maggie Evans [Ely Pouget], Carolyn Stoddard [Barbara Blackburn] & Joe Haskell [Michael T. Weiss]
DAR-10 MLS of Barnabas sinking fangs into throat of swooning Carolyn from behind
DS9-A1PR: main cast PRT aboard Deep Space Nine of Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko [Avery Brooks], Chief Operations Officer Miles O'Brien [Colm Meaney], Dr. Julian Bashir [Siddig El Fadil], Odo [Rene Auberjonois], Maj. Kira Nerys [Nana Visitor], Lt. Jadzia Dax [Terry Farrell], Quark [Armin Shimerman] & Jake Sisko [Cirroc Lofton]
DS9-A2PR: PRT of smiling Sisko, Starfleet officer heading DS9 outpost
DS9-A3PR: PRT of tight-lipped O'Brien, Enterprise's former transporter chief
DS9-A4PR: PRT of Bashir, Starfleet medical graduate
DS9-A5PR: PRT of shape-shifting security officer Odo, arms folded
DS9-A6PR: PRT of Kira, Sisko's First Officer & former Bajoran terrorist
DS9-A7PR: PRT of Dax, Starfleet science officer & host/symbiont Trill female
DS9-A8PR: PRT of Quark, Ferengi bartender
DS9-G1 PR: near-FLV of seventh season cast, including Ezri Dax [Nicole deBoer], posed in Ops
DS9-G2 PR: PRT of Sisko in Ops
DS9-G3 PR: PRT of now-Colonel Kira, in new uniform, bent forward in Ops
DS9-G4 PR: PRT of somber Worf in Ops, hand on railing
DS9-G5 PR: PRT of grinning O'Brien in Ops, arms folded
DS9-G6 PR: PRT of cheerful [for him, anyway] Odo in Ops
DS9-G7 PR: PRT of innocent-looking Ezri Dax, arms crossed in Ops
DS9-G8 PR: PRT of Bashir, hands on Ops railing
DS9-G9 PR: PRT of grown-up Jake Sisko, arms folded
DST-A MCU of Dr. Strange [Peter Houten], in suit & tie beside sorceress Morgan LeFay [Jessica Walter]
DR. WHO - 1974-81
DW-A PR: MS of third Dr. Who [Jon Pertwee], in laboratory
DW-B PR: MCU of wide-eyed & scarfed fourth Dr. Who [Tom Baker]
DW-C PR: MCU of Dr. Who wearing big smile
DW-D FLV of Dr. Who with sword. Masque of Mandragora
DW-E Leela [Louise James] listens to contemplative Dr. Who
DW-F Dr. Who looks OS, hand upraised, colonists in bg. Sunmakers
DW-G FLV of Dr. Who about to slash at giant Krynoid with sword as Sarah [Elizabeth Sladen] watches. Seeds of Doom
DW-H FLV of Field Major Styre facing Dr. Who. Sontaran Experiment
DW-I Sarah listens to super-robot. Robot
DW-J Wirrn at large in space station. Ark in Space
DW-K Davros, creator of Daleks. Genesis of the Daleks
DW-L MS of Dr. Who signaling Sarah behind him.
DW-M MLS of a Zygon attacking Dr. Who. Terror of the Zygons
DW-N Dr. Who hushes Leela. Image of the Fendahl
DW-O MS of two spacesuited men restraining Dr. Who. Underworld
DW-P Dr. Who watches captain look thru telescope. Horror of Fang Rock
DW-Q Dr. Who battles evil time lord Morbius. Brain of Morbius
EARTH I I - 1971 [TV Movie]
EAR-A Space station Earth II is mirrored in space helmet of astronaut David Seville [Gary Lockwood], piloting ship
EW-A PR: Near FLV of costumed superheroines Electra Woman [Deidre Hall] & Dyna Girl [Judy Strangis] in smiling buddy pose
FCT-A Giant insect stands in way of Lidenbrock, Alex & Han in JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH
FJ-A PR: MLS of Liana [Katie Saylor] striking defensive pose
FJ-B PR: Cast PRT of Liana, Willoway [Roddy McDowall], Fred [Carl Franklin], Varian [Jared Martin] & Scott [Ike Eisenmann] in tight pose around chair
FJ-C PR: PRT of Varian holding up healing device
FJ-D MLS of Eve [Susan Howard] questioning Varian about his ship. Vortex
FJ-E PR: Cast PRT of Varian, Liana, Scott & Fred
FJ-F Tight wedding PRT of Varian & Gwenith [Christina Hart].Act of Love
FJ-G Tight PRT of Liana cozying up to Cyrus. Beyond the Mountain
FJ-H Profile MS of Liana. Dream of Conquest
FJ-I MCU of sexy Queen Halyana [Joan Collins]. Turnabout
FJ-J MS of Queen Halyana leaning on bed pillows
FJ-K FLV of Liana posed standing with arms behind her against wall
FLIGHT - [exact Date unknown]
FL-A FLV of astronauts Ron Hagerthy, Robert Gist & Robert Fuller beside spaceship wreckage on another planet. From Outpost in Space, a 1960s drama series
FOREVER KNIGHT - 1992-1994
[#A-F are two-element shots]
FOR-A PR: PRT of vampire cop Nick Knight [Geraint Wyn Davies]; MS of Knight with fangs bared as he glares over shoulder
FOR-B PR: PRT of dapper Knight; FLV of Knight aiming gun at camera
FOR-C PR: PRT of LaCroix [Nigel Bennett], Knight's former master, arms crossed; MS of LaCroix wearing leather jacket, in vampire mode with blood dripping from mouth
FOR-D PR: two-element shot: PRT of LaCroix giving camera piercing gaze; FLV of LaCroix standing spread-legged with arms crossed
FOR-E PR: PRT of Det. Don Schanke [John Kapelos], Knight's partner; PRT of forensic pathologist Natalie Lambert [Catherine Disher], arms folded
FOR-F PR: PRT of smiling Capt. Amanda Cohen [Natsuko Ohama]; MS of seductive vampire Janette [Deborah Duchene] wearing sexy dress & long gloves
FOR-G MS of Knight, in blazer, & Schanke looking OS
FOR-H PR: third season cast PRT of Vachon [Ben Bass], LaCroix, Det. Tracy Vetter [Lisa Ryder], Knight, Reese [Blu Mankuma] & Natalie
FOR-IPR: PRT of long-maned Vachon, 16th century "Lost Boy" vampire
FTS-A PR: CU of Henri Clerval [David McCallum] twirling mustache
F13-A PR: first season PRT of Jack Marshak [Christopher Wiggins], Ryan Dallion [John D. LeMay] & Micki Foster [Robey], all looking up from mysterious book at strange doings OS
F13-B PR: PRT of Micki wrapping arms around necks of Marshak & Johnny Ventura [Steven Monarque] for third season pose
F13-C PR: PRT of Ventura in black T-shirt & leather jacket
F13-D PRT of Micki in loose-fitting shirt, hand to throat
FFE-A Toran of Malveel [Lane Caudell] squats in brush with bow & arrow
FFE-B MLS of Toran notching arrow against OS menace as Estra [Belinda Bauer] tenses at his side
GALACTICA 1980 - 1980
G80-A PR: FLV of main cast in uniform: Jamie [Robyn Douglass], Troy [Kent McCord], Dillon [Barry van Dyke] & bearded Adama [Lorne Greene]
G80-B PR: MS of Dillon & Troy looking skyward in wait of mothership
G80-C PR: PRT of bearded Adama
G80-D PR: PRT of smiling Troy
G80-E PR: PRT of smiling Dillon
G80-F PR: PRT of smiling Jaime looking off camera
G80-G PR: tighter PRT of Jamie looking into camera
GARGOYLES - 1972 [TV Movie]
GAR-A MCU of gargoyle leader [Bernie Casey]
GAR-B MS of two gargoyle minions
GENESIS II - 1973 [TV Movie]
GEN-A PRT of Dylan Hunt [Alex Cord] & Lyra-A [Mariette Hartley] posed in Terrania
GEN-B LS of subterranean shuttle as Dylan Hunt is driven in gocart past it & people
GEN-C MS of bare-chested Hunt sitting up before being put under in suspended animation chamber
GEN-D MLS of Lyra-A & Hunt on way to Terrania on horseback
GEN-E MS of Lyra-A escorting Hunt into Terrania
GEN-F PR: FLV of Lyra-A posed in bikini, showing off duel belly buttons, hands behind head
GAH-APR: MS of Bill Maxwell [Robert Culp], displaying his FBI identification & secret weapon, Ralph [William Katt], to camera
GAH-B PR: PRT of Bill
GAH-C PR: FLV of airborne Ralph in four composited poses in super suit & one in daily duds
GREEN HORNET - 1966-67
GH-A PR: PRT of smiling Britt Reid [Van Williams], alias Green Hornet, crime fighter, hand to chin
GH-B PR: MCU of Green Hornet in mask, hat & top coat, looking judiciously aside
GH-C PR: MCU of Kato [Bruce Lee], gloved fist near face
GH-D PR: MLS of Green Hornet & Kato shaking hands of elderly gentleman
GH-E MLS of Green Hornet aiming weapon at someone OS by chair inside home, Kato at his side in defensive stance
GH-F MS of Green Hornet & Kato trying to escape ship with Dr. Hannah Thomas [Beth Brickell]. Secret of the Sally Bell
GH-G Profile FLV of Green Hornet crashing masquerade party, aiming gun at scientist Abel Marcus [Peter Haskell]. Crime Wave
GH-H FLV of Green Hornet untying Claudia Bromley [Diana Hyland] from chair. Give 'Em Enough Rope
GH-I 3/4 FV of Black Beauty, Green Hornet's sleek, customized car
HLJ-1 PR: MS of Hercules [Kevin Sorbo], arms folded, looking serious. Hercules & the Amazon Women
HLJ-2 MCU of Herc & Hippolyta [Roma Downey), queen of Amazons, sharing tender embrace. ...Amazon Women
HLJ-3 MS of Herc & father Zeus [Anthony Quinn] standing side-by-side in forest. ...Amazon Women
HLJ-4 Near FLV of bound Herc surrounded by female warriors, who have ripped off his shirt. ...Amazon Women
HLJ-5 DA of struggling Herc viewed over shoulder of club-wielding Gargan the Giant [Onno Boelee]. Hercules & the Lost Kingdom
HLJ-6 MLS of Herc, Deianeira [Renee O'Connor] & Prince Telamon[Eric Close] as they emerge from forest. ...Lost Kingdom
HLJ-7 MS of Zeus, disguised as beggar, visiting Herc in village. ...Kingdom
HLJ-8 FLV of Herc looking up at good-natured giant Typhon [Glenn Shadix]. Cast A Giant Shadow
HLJ-9 Near FLV of Herc & Iolaus [Michael Hurst] ready to capture King Sisyphus. Highway to Hades
HLJ-10 MLS of Iolaus, clutching treasure chest & sword, being surrounded by angry soldiers. The King of Thieves
HLJ-11 MLS of Herc brandishing iron rod at Autolycus [Bruce Campbell] in old fortress. ...Thieves
HLJ-12 MS of Iolaus pulling arrow out of Herc. The Mother of All Monsters
HLJ-13 MS of Echidna [Bridget Hoffman] flailing tentacles while out-of-focus Herc wields sword in bg. The Mother of All Monsters
HLJ-14 CU of Herc & beautiful Persephone [Andrea Croton], who has her arms flung around his shoulders. The Other Side
HLJ-15 MS of Herc being ferried across River Styx by Charon [Michael Hurst]. The Other Side
HLJ-16 Great MS of all-business Hippolyta holding arrow. ...Amazon Women
HLJ-17 Prince Telamon holds sword to Herc's chin as Deianeira hangs upside down, caught in Telamon's snare. ...Lost Kingdom
HLJ-18 MS of Herc training Deianeira in use of bow & arrow, his arms over hers as string is drawn back & they aim OS. ...Lost Kingdom
HLJ-19 Herc & anguished (and dead) Deianeira [Tawny Kitaen] in loving embrace. The Other Side
HLJ-20 Aghast Herc & Salmoneus [Robert Trebor] look OS at monster Pyro. The Fire Down Below
HLJ-21 PR: MCU of tight-lipped Herc looking aside
HLJ-22 PR: MCU of Herc, hands on hips & hint of smile on face, hair blown back from forehead
HLJ-23 PR: FLV of Iolaus, sword raised high, & Herc ready for some hand-to-hand action
HLJ-24 MCU of Herc, arms crossed, & Iolaus looking OS
HLJ-25 FLV of Herc looking up at sky along with several native folk. ...Lost Kingdom
HLJ-26 MS of Deianeira & Herc looking up at something interesting OS. Hercules & the Circle of Fire
HLJ-27 MS of Amazon warriors pointing spears at Herc, who crouches over fallen Iolaus. ...Amazon Women
HLJ-28 Near FLV of Herc & Eryz [Jorge Gonzales] in profile, sizing each other up. Hercules in the Underworld
HLJ-29 PR: MCU of Herc leaning against post with arms folded
HLJ-30 PR: FLV of alert Herc in temple ruins, sword drawn
HIGHLANDER - 1992 -1998
HL-A MS of uniformed Duncan MacLeod [Adrian Paul] on French battlefield clutching hand of fallen comrade
HL-B PR: two-element shot: MS of glaring MacLeod in tank top, palms outstretched to camera; MS of MacLeod by river in leather jacket, sword held over his head
HL-C PR: two-element shot: MS of MacLeod in trench coat with sword tucked under arm; MacLeod holding sword up & pointed downward
HL-D MS of shirtless MacLeod gazing upward, ready for sword battle
HL-E PR: MLS of MacLeod crossing swords with fellow clansman Connor MacLeod [Christopher Lambert]
HL-F PR: two-element shot: PRT of Richie Ryan [Stan Kirsch] in muscle-shirt, holding sword; PRT of Joe Dawson [Jim Byrnes] & Charlie DeSalvo [Phillip Akin]
HL-G PR: two-element shot: MS of Dawson, head of "The Watchers;" MCU of
DeSalvo, resident martial arts expert, holding staff
HL-H PR: two-element shot: MS of MacLeod in duster, sword held over head with blade resting on upper arm; PRT of Richie, MacLeod & Dawson
HL-I PR: MLS of Richie, blade pointed at camera, & MacLeod, sword resting against arm, tip up
HL-J PR: MLS of smiling Dr. Anne Lindsey [Lisa Howard] huging bemused MacLeod
HL-K PR: MS of MacLeod in double-breasted jacket, holding sword with both hands
HL-L PR: cont. #K, shoulder turned to camera
HL-M MS of haggard MacLeod in blousy shirt, raising saber in front of waterfall
HL-N PR: PRT of dapper MacLeod, hair pulled back
HL-O PR: two-element shot: MLS of Richie bent over with hands on knees; MS of Richie now upright with hands on hips
HL-P PR: two-element shot: PRT of Dr. Lindsey smiling wide; MS of now business-like Dr. Lindsey, arms folded
HL-Q PR: two-element shot: PRT of grizzled Dawson; MLS of Dawson with one hand in jeans pocket & other holding cane
HL-R PR: MS of tight-lipped [l to r] Richie, Dr. Lindsey, MacLeod & Dawson
HL-S PR: MS of [l to r] Dawson, MacLeod, Dr. Lindsey & Richie, now smiling
HL-T MS of MacLeod in white tank top & suspenders, hands in pockets
HL-U PR: PRT of Paul as himself with hair short & two-day-old beard
HGG-A FLV of Marvin, Paranoid Android
HGG-B PR: PRT of Arthur Dent [Simon Jones] & Ford Perfect [David Dixon] posed in front of bulldozer
HGG-C PR: MS of two-headed Zaphod Beeblebrox [Mark Win-Davy] with arm around shoulder of smiling Trillian [Sandra Dickinson]
HND-A FLV of Esmerelda [Lesley-Anne Down] comforting Quasimodo [Anthony Hopkins], bound on knees in town square
HND-B FLV of armed guards forcing helpless Esmerelda thru streets of Paris
HND-C MLS of resigned Esmerelda, in soiled peasant dress, being carted off to gallows with rope around neck
ID-A PR: MS of bare-chested David Balseger [David Naughton] in embrace of Mova [Barbara Stock], who prepares to bite his neck
IDJ-A PR: Two-element PRT of Tony [Larry Hagman] caressing genie bottle; PRT of Jeannie [Barbara Eden]
IDJ-B PR: FLV of Jeannie leaning arms on large genie bottle
IDJ-C PR: profile MS of Jeannie kissing Tony on his space helmet
IDJ-D Jeannie, shows lots of leg, kneels holding bloodhound Snuffy's paw
IDJ-E PR: MS of costumed Jeannie coyly holding two fingers above & below one eye
IDJ-F PR: MS of smiling Jeannie toying with ponytail high over her head
HULK-A Semi-profile MLS of snarling Hulk [Lou Ferrigno], his shirt in shreds from transformation
HULK-B PR: MCU of wild-eyed David Banner [Bill Bixby] & his alter ego Hulk side by side
HULK-D PR: MS of Hulk & Banner autographed by both stars
IW-A PR: MS of Jake [Chad Everett] & Colette [Jennifer Warren], both stalwart looking
IW-B MCU of alienesque monster unearthed during Antarctic oil drilling
INVADERS, THE - 1967-68
INV-A PR: MLS of David Vincent [Roy Thinnes] running at camera as if from alien invaders
INV-B PR: MS of Vincent running at camera in shirt sleeves, fleeing hovering flying saucer in bg
INV-C FLV of alien sentry on rocks pointing raygun
INV-D Magnus [Michael Rennie] tries to convince Vincent on saucer of his peaceful intent. The Innocent
IMAN-A MS of Dr. Daniel Westin [David McCallum] & wife, Kate [Melinda Fee], smiling at something just OS
IMAN-B PR: MLS of Weston, Kate & Carlson [Craig Stevens] facing camera
ISIS - 1976
IS-A PR: PRT of Isis [Joanna Cameron], reincarnated Egyptian goddess
JSC-A PR: Cast PRT of Jason [Craig Littler], Nicole [Susan O'Hanlin], Cmdr. Canarvin [James Doohan] & Parsafoot [Charlie Dell]
JSC-B PR: FLV of above group standing in corridor, regarding evil Dragos [Sid Haig]
JSC-C MS of Dragosn, showing palm device off, light glinting off eyepatch helmet
KNIGHT RIDER - 1982-86
KNR-A PR: MS of Michael Knight [David Hasselhoff] posed before enhanced painting of Kitt
KNS-A MS of Kolchak [Darren McGavin] nervously holding up cross to ward off OS vampire
KNS-B Profile MS of Vincenso [Simon Oakland] ripping into Kolchak over piece of copy he wrote
LOG-A PR: PRT of spaceship pilot Steve Burton [Gary Conway]
LOG-B LS of Burton, copilot Dan Erickson [Don Marshall], Barry [Stefan Arngrim], Valerie [Deanna Lund] & Mark Wilson [Don Matheson] examining giant leaf in front of ship
LOG-C LS of Fitzhugh [Kurt Kazner] standing in front of ship
LOG-D MLS of Wilson & Erickson trying to repair burned-out cockpit control panel on crash landed ship
LOG-E MCU of struggling Valerie being held & scrutinized by giant entomologist after falling into huge bug box
LOG-F DA of Burton & Valerie taped down to lab specimen table
LOG-G Prof. Gorn [Broderick Crawford] places man-doll in cage
LOG-H PR: PRT of Wilson
LOG-I Burton cocks the hammer of giant pistol
LOG-J Betty, Fitzhugh & Valerie trapped in triangular force field. The Chase
LOG-K Erickson prepares trap for rebels. The Chase
LOG-L PRT of Spindrift copilot Dan Erickson
LOG-M Barry, Fitzhugh & Dan explore jungle-like surroundings with Kagan [Glenn Corbett]
LOGAN'S RUN - 1977-78
LR-A PR: MS of android Rem [Donald Moffat] at computer console
LR-B Rem repairs nanny robot as Friend watches. Innocent
LR-C PR: MS of smiling Jessica [Heather Menzies] flanked by Rem & Logan [Gregory Harrison]
LR-D PR: Cont. LR-C, Rem & Logan turn shoulders to camera & fold arms, all serious
LR-E PR: MS of Jessica, ankh hanging from neck, leaning on table with Rem & Logan beside her, all turning attention OS
LR-F MCU of Jessica smiling wide at Logan in outdoors scene
LR-G FLV of Logan & Rem standing beside landcar
LR-H MLS of Logan & Francis [Randy Powell] in woods, guns drawn
LR-I PR: CU of Rem
LR-J FLV of Paulson [Jared Martin] restraining Rowan [Ed Nelson] from harming Rem & Jessica, who is wired to headgear & strapped to lab chair. Half Life
LR-K Cont. LR-J, more agitated Rowan reaches out arm
LR-L PR: PRT of softly smiling Jessica
LR-M PR: FLV of smiling Jessica taking Logan's arm, Francis & Rem posed just behind them in futuristic doorway
LR-N PR: MS of Logan & Jessica in tight pose in lab
LR-O Rem sits in disrepair as Logan holds one of his arms
LR-P Francis & fellow Sandmen stand beside their landcar
LR-Q PR: MLS of Logan & Jessica posed tensely as imperiled runners against unseen menace
LR-R PRT of Randy Powell, who plays Francis, as himself in turtleneck sweater
LR-S FLV of Logan dancing with nanny robot
LOST IN SPACE - 1965-68
LIS-A PR: MLS of Judy Robinson[Marta Kristen]looking up at DonWest[Mark
Goddard], who stands just behind her holding heavy duty laser rifle, both wearing silver suits
LIS-B PR: FLV of Robot putting arms around mugging Dr. Smith [Jonathan Harris] from behind
LIS-C PR: cast PRT of silver-suited Robinson family, West & Smith with Robot in middle, all standing in FLV
LIS-D PR: semi-profile MCU of West in silver suit
LIS-E PR: PRT of Smith holding raygun
LIS-F MLS of Smith tampering with Robot. Island in the Sky
LIS-G MS of Maureen Robinson [June Lockhart] running from horned bear-like creature. One of Our Dogs is Missing
LIS-H MLS of cyclopean seaweed monster. Sky Pirate
LIS-I MS of alien monster strangling Smith from behind. Golden Man
LIS-J Adm. Zahrik [Ronald Long] shanghais Will Robinson [Billy Mumy], Smith & Robot, who takes wheel of pirate ship. Mutiny in Space
LIS-K MS of Morbius[Gerald Mohr]having fist fight with West. Visit to Hades
LIS-L MLS of Smith comedically teaching Robot how to paint
LIS-M PR: PRT of John Robinson [Guy Williams] wearing jacket
LIS-N PR: MS of Will holding flashlight
LIS-O PR: MLS of Judy posed among native flora & fauna of alien planet, smiling aside
LIS-P FLV of amok Robot attacking ducking West aboard ship. Reluctant Stowaway
LIS-Q MS of The Keeper [Michael Rennie] holding staff at arms length toward camera
LIS-R PR: MS of Will being eyed by luminary aliens. Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
LIS-S MLS of the Enforcer[Allan Melvin]pointing gun at head of Smith,
dressed as cowboy. West of Mars
LIS-T LS of Jupiter II in orbit above Earth
LIS-U FLV of giant Cyclops about to drop boulder on Robinson Chariot. There Were Giants in the Earth
LIS-V Semi-profile MS of android Verda in brooding stance on rocky planetscape. Revolt of the Androids
LIS-W PR: cast PRT, posed in different costumes outside ship
LIS-X PR: cast PRT, posed sans Robot on alien planet set
LIS-Y PR: Maureen poses in parka with fur hood aboard ship
LIS-Z PR: MS of Judy in silver suit posed against nebulous bg
LIS-A1 PR: MS of smiling Penny wearing parka with hood down
LIS-A2 PR: FLV of Smith & Robot posing on Jupiter II bridge
LIS-A3 PR: FLV of silver-garbed android beauty posing with Robot
LIS-A4 PR: MCU of Jimmy Hapgood [Warren Oates]. Welcome Stranger
LIS-A5 PR: MS of giant cyclops. There Were Giants in the Earth
LIS-A6 FLV of Space Pod
LIS-A7 FLV of Tiabo [Wally Cox] posed with his bird monster
LIS-A8 Tybo, carrot creature. Great Vegetable Rebellion
LIS-A9 Distressed Judy & Penny watch Smith, transformed into old man, talk to alien. A Change of Space
LIS-A10 Maureen & Penny plead with alien man & hairy cohort
LIS-A11 Non [Edy Williams] fanning agog Smith. Two Weeks in Space
LIS-A12 Smith bargains with Thor [Beru Hoffman]. Space Vikings
LIS-A13 John duels The Ruler [Michael Ansara]. The Challenge
LIS-A14 John wrestles with Retbso [Don Matheson] as Moela adjusts setting on sonic weapon. Sky is Falling
LIS-A15 Sparks fly literally when Robot sights his female counterpart across grid. Deadliest of the Species
LIS-A16 Space hippies argue strategy. Collision of Planets
LIS-A17 FLV of Robot in front of rock wall
LIS-A18 FLV of John, Will, Capt. Tucker, Smith, West & Robot during hunt for lost treasure
[NOTE: LIS-A19 thru LIS-A36 are rare set stills]
LIS-A19 Set #1: suspended animation tubes
LIS-A20 Set #2: main viewport & instrument deck
LIS-A21 Set #3: suspended animation tubes & part of astrogator in fg
LIS-A22 Set #4: various equipment panels on Jupiter II
LIS-A23 Set #5: different angle of Set #4
LIS-A24 Set #6: Jupiter II airlock, closed panels later replaced by space pod
LIS-A25 Set #7: food synthesis center on Jupiter II
LIS-A26 Set #8: suspended animation tubes under construction
LIS-A27 Set #9: planet exterior. Man with clapboard in bg
LIS-A28 Set #10: planet exterior with fenced area
LIS-A29 Set #11: Jupiter II & planet exteriors. Tubes visible thru ship windows
LIS-A30 Set #12: part of Jupiter II & man with clapboard on planet exterior
LIS-A31 Set #13: planet exterior with fenced area
LIS-A32 Set #14: same as above but less fence, more foliage
LIS-A33 Set #15: planet exterior with thick foliage
LIS-A34 Set #16: man holds clapboard against rock
LIS-A35 Set #17: exterior rock set & front of chariot
LIS-A36 Set #18: man with clapboard on Jupiter II ramp. Part of chariot in fg
LIS-A37 Autographed MCU of Angela Cartwright, age 9
LIS-A38 Autographed PRT of Angela in party dress, age 14
LIS-A39 Panoramic view of Jupiter II crew in suspended animation tubes
LIS-A40 3/4 FV of Robinson chariot land rover
LIS-A41 MS of silver-suited West & Judy looking OS while talking by Jupiter II control panel
LIS-A42 FLV of entire cast posed on planet set
LIS-A43 PR: MS of silver- suited John modeling jetpack
LIS-A44 PR: Nice MLS of silver-suited John wearing rocket pack in pose against starfield with Maureen, Judy & West
LIS-A45 PR: Signed MS of smiling Maureen, wearing silver suit, posed by corner of console
LIS-A46 LS of Jupiter II landed on planet with hatch open as Maureen & Judy work at table nearby. Strange ostrich-like bird & Will also in scene
LIS-A47 Cont. #A46, pullback to LS shows ship nestled amid rock spires & family activity at center. Spectacular matte shot
LIS-A48 BS: FLV of Robot, arms waving, parked in corner of set
LIS-A49 PR: two-element shot: first season PRT of entire gang, all but Smith & Robot in silver spacesuits; cast in civvies reunited for 10/16/97 Sci-Fi Channel LIS marathon, including Bob May & Dick Tufeld, man inside & voice of Robot
LIS-A50 Slightly grainy FLV of Robot on top deck of Jupiter II
LIS-A51 PR: MS of Robot flanked by smiling May & Tufeld against starry bg
MFA-A PR: MS of shirtless Mark Harris [Patrick Duffy] spreading webbed hands against pier support
MFA-B PR: FLV of Mark & Elizabeth [Belinda Montgomery] kneeling on beach, he holding lump of seaweed
MFA-C PR: MS of Mark posed with mutant two-headed seahorse
MFA-D PR: PRT of smiling Mark wearing unzipped jacket
MFA-E FLV of Mark trying to reason with havoc-wreaking machine as Elizabeth offers advise aboard Cetacean
MFA-F FLV of cowpoke Mark horseback in Old West after oceanic time warp
MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - 1964-68
MFU-A PR: PRT of Napoleon Solo [Robert Vaughn] holding telescopic rifle
MFU-B PR: PRT of Illya Kuryakin [David McCallum] coolly eyeing camera while holding pistol
MFU-C PR: Illya, Solo & Waverly [Leo G. Carroll] pose
MFU-D PR: Low key lighting captures Illya's brooding nature as he glares into camera, his shadow on wall to right adds to mood
MFU-E PR: MS of Solo facing toward camera with Illya behind him in profile
MFU-F PR: Autographed PRT of Robert Vaughn as himself
MFU-G PR: MS of Solo armed, dressed & made up for night raid inside home
MFU-H PR: PRT of Illya wearing hint of smile
MFU-I MS of Illya, in double-breasted suit coat, no tie, aiming handgun OS while looking down
MFU-J PR: MLS of Illya wearing night raid outfit including shoulder holster & weapon, jacket slung over back as he eyes camera with one hand in pants pocket
MFU-K MS of Illya & Solo showing identity badges to someone OS
MFU-L PR: Sitting PRT of McCallum as himself giving camera cool stare
MFU-M PR: MS of Illya posed against eerie barren tree
MFU-N PR: Very artsy PRT of Illya placing hand to side of head, all but face in shadows
MFU-O PR: MS of armed Illya bending over monitoring board while icily eyeing camera
MCH-A MS of Ylla [Maggie Wright] & husband [James Falkner] discussing her dream of Earth ship landing on Mars
MCH-B Spender [Bernie Casey] holds Martian weapon on Wilder [Rock Hudson] at temple while debating future exploitation of Mars
MCH-C MS of masked Martian holding out land grant to planet in Parkhill's restaurant
MCH-D Parkhill [Darren McGavin] sits in fg unaware that masked Martian has entered restaurant in bg
MCH-E MS of Wilder having bittersweet conversation with Martian [Terence Longdon] in front of temple
MXH-A PR: Sitting glamour PRT of Theora [Amanda Pays], wearing black strapless gown & pearl necklace, hair short
MEN INTO SPACE - 1956-60
MEN-A PR: FLV of Col. Ed. McCauley [William Lundigan] posed on stool in flight suit with helmet on lap
MEN-B PR: LS of McCauley & fellow spaceman carrying injured comrade between them on rocky Moon surface, space backdrop
MEN-C PR: FLV of McCauley, in spacesuit, playing golf on Moon
MOS-A PR: Lab PRT of Hayes [Dean Paul Martin], Johnny B. [Mark Thomas Miller], wearing sunglasses, & Lincoln [Kevin Peter Hall], Gloria [Courtney Cox], in shorts, & parole officer [Jennifer Holmes]
MOS-B PR: Above group rearranged to accommodate icy Beef Biefneiter [Mickey Jones]
MOS-C PR: Main cast PRT of Johnny B. [no sunglasses], Lincoln, Hayes & Gloria, wearing tank top
MIM-A PR: Profile cast PRT including James Phelps [Peter Graves], Barney Collier [Greg Morris], Willie Armitage [Peter Lupus], Cinnamon Carter [Barbara Bain] & Rollin Hand [Martin Landau]
MIM-B PR: MS of Cinnamon in elegant hat checking stock market tapes
MIM-C PR: PRT of Phelps, Barney, Willie & Paris
MIM-D PR: PRT of smiling Paris
MIM-E PRT of Casey [Linda Day George]
MIM-F Cast PRT of Paris [Leonard Nimoy], Barney, Willie, Phelps & Dana Lambert [Lesley-Anne Warren]
MORK AND MINDY - 1978-82
M&M-A PR: MCU of Mork [Robin Williams] & Mindy [Pam Dawber]
MUNSTERS, THE - 1964-66
MUN-A FLV of Herman [Fred Gwynne] & Lilly Munster [Yvonne deCarlo] standing on either side of Munster Koach
MUN-B Herman inspects hurt finger while looking over Munster Koach
MUN-C Munster family poses in front of gate to home
MUN-D Herman poses behind Munster Koach with checkered flag
MUN-E Grandpa Munster [Al Lewis] materializes behind Dragula
MUN-F Grandpa sits behind wheel of Dragula, smiling
MUN-G FV of Dragula with Herman behind wheel
MUN-H Herman races Dragula as Marilyn & Eddie watch
MUN-I Herman gives driving instructions to Grandpa, who sits in Dragula
MUN-J Grandpa in Dragula races Herman in Koach
MDR-A MLS of uniformed Braddock [Michael Ironside] sitting with arms
crossed & looking grimly aside
MFM-A PR: MS of Uncle Martin [Ray Walston] posed with arms crossed & antennae out
MY LIVING DOLL - 1964-65
MLD-A Dr. McDonald [Bob Cummings] gives female robot Rhoda [Julie Newmar] psychiatrist coach therapy
MLD-B MS of Bob testing Rhoda's long, lovely arm
MLD-C Peter [Jack Mullaney] shows off biceps to Rhoda
MLD-D Bob carries Peter over shoulder, Rhoda watches
MLD-E FLV of Rhoda posing in tights
NA-A PR: excellent composite of Steed [Patrick MacNee], Purdey [Joanna Lumley] & Gambit [Garth Hunt] in varied outfits
NA-B PR: three-element shot of trio in action
NA-C Three-element shot of trio posing elegantly
NA-D MS of pensive Gambit carrying shoulder holster
NA-E MS of Purdey aiming machine gun at camera
NORLISS TAPES - 1973 [TV Movie]
NT-A MCU of maddened demon-spirit
N&A-A PR: PRT of Michael Wiseman [Eric Close] in dark t-shirt, folded arms leaning on rail
OSB-A PR: Title next to MCU of series host John Newland
OUTER LIMITS - 1963-65
OL-A PR: FLV of Ben Garth [Bruce Dern] posed by tiny bullet-shaped spaceship as Zanti Misfits crawl from hatch
OL-B MS: of Man of the Future [David McCallum] holding up beaker. Sixth Finger
OL-C CU of three-dimensional Galaxy Being
OL-D FLV of alien holding weapon on his downed impersonator in woods. Chameleon
OL-E PR: MS of Maj. Jong [James Shigeta] being menaced by Ebonite interrogator [John Anderson]. Nightmare
OL-F PR: MS of horrible Luminoid frightening Andrea Holm [Phyllis Love]. A Feasibility Study
OL-G PR: MLS of icy apparition menacing Maj. Brothers [Harry Guardino]. Human Factor
OL-H MS of evil-visaged plant monster. Counterweight
OL-I PR: MS of Empyrian [Simon Oakland] with alien instrument. Second Chance
OL-J MS of Venusian plant being flailing way toward camera. Cold Hands, Warm Heart
OL-K PR: Kagan [Lloyd Nolan] asks Qarlo [Michael Ansara] about strange workings inside his war helmet. Soldier
OL-L MLS of coiled-up plant creature. Counterweight
OL-M MLS of repulsive Chromonian prisoner. The Mice
OL-N Head of monster pokes out from sea of Martian sand. Invisible Enemy
OL-O Group studies captured lizard-fish. Tourist Attraction
OL-P Profile MS of Bifrost Alien. Bellero Shield
OL-Q MCU of alien Aabel. Children of Spider County
OL-R FLV of globular floor-crawling creature. The Probe
OL-S MLS of blobish alien-in-the-box. Don't Open Till Doomsday
OL-T MS of deformed Andro [Martin Landau]. Man Who Was Never Born
OL-U FLV of Hobart [David McCallum] stretching to touch wires within time-tilter. Forms of Things Unknown
OL-V CU of bug-eyed Reese Fowler [Warren Oates]. The Mutant
OL-W MS of male Calco Galaxy primitive with saw-tooth boomerang. Fun & Games
OL-X CU of fake alien Thetan peering from brush. Architects of Fear
OL-Y MS of two aliens, one aiming weapon. Chameleon
OL-Z Parasitic life form. The Invisibles
OL-A1 CU of alien headpiece. Keeper of the Purple Twilight
OL-A2 MS of alien nasty standing in path of unlucky human [back turned] Keeper of the Purple Twilight
OL-A3 ECU of sinister alien Aabel, at once dark & glowing. Children of...
OL-A4 PR: FLV of Gwyllm [David McCallum], seated in evolutionary chamber, transformed into Man of the Future. Sixth Finger
OL-A5 Jeff [William Shatner] holds up grotesquely webbed hands as wife Ann [Geraldine Page] anguishes at his side. Cold Hands...
OL-A6 MCU of alien monster. Keeper...
OL-A7 MLS of three alien beings materialized in laboratory. Keeper...
OL-A8 MCU of Neena [Marianna Hill] bending close to robot. I Robot
OL-A9 LS of two astronauts pulling third member from pit on Moon after finding round mystery object. Moonstone
OL-B1 MS of scientist Allen Leighton [Robert Culp], freaking out during mid-mutation into alien Thetan. Architects of Fear
OL-B2 Cont. #J, MCU with title added left of its neck
OL-B3 MCU of Andy & Karen Thorne [Eddie Albert & June Havoc], totally bewildered by OS weirdness. Cry of Silence
OL-B4 ECU of Trent [Robert Culp] talking with his incomplete computer hand. Demon With a Glass Hand
OL-B5 Cont. #W same pose of alien only reversed with Mike Benson
[Nick Adams] & Laura Hanley [Nancy Malone] superimposed behind creature
OL-B6 Cont. #N, closer on monster as it's toothy maw opens wide
OL-B7 MCU of robot Adam Link inert in lab. I, Robot
OL-B8 MS of Judson Ellis [Leonard Nimoy] outside bars of cell, talking to immobile Adam. I, Robot
OL-B9 FLV of lava-faced Andro standing outside spaceship landed in clearing. Man Who Was Never Born
OL-C1 Cont. B9, basically same shot but Andro's face turned aside
OL-C2 LS of Moon base with domed structure prominent. Moonstone
OL-C3 CU of anemone-like eyeball alien. Moonstone
OL-C4 MCU of ranting bald & bug-eyed Fowler. The Mutant
OL-C5 Cont. #C4, ECU looking up into Sun
OL-C6 PR: MLS of Ebonite interrogator placing one hand on Col. Luke Stone's [Ed Nelson] shoulder while spreading other toward camera. Nightmare
OL-C7 MS of alien-held control wand blasting mouth of freaked-out Pvt. Dix [Martin Sheen] on floor. Nightmare
OL-C8 Profile MS of evolved Gwyllm asking for help of Cathy [Jill Haworth] in lab. Sixth Finger
OL-C9 BS: FLV of makeup artist Harry Thomas with before & after electification Eck costumes on wall & at feet. Behold Eck
PX-A PR: FLV of Bennu [Judson Scott] in lotus position, surrounded by aura & medallion glowing on chest, space bg
PX-B PR: CU of Judson as himself, in plaid flannel shirt, smiling at camera
PX-C PR: FLV of Bennu floating rigidly in midair, medallion resting on bare chest
PX-D PR: Semi-profile PRT of Bennu, shirt open to show medallion at chest, hair nicely backlit
PX-E PR: MS of Bennu in undone shirt & jacket, fingering medallion to release its power
PX-F PR: Shadowy MS of Bennu, left arm extended & right hand on medallion, dark bg
PX-G PR: MLS of Bennu, in cowboy shirt & jeans, staring into camera. Preminger [Richard Lynch] stares at him in bg
PX-H MS of Bennu carrying unconscious Ellie [Eileen Davidson] in his arms. Fire Within
PX-I MCU of intense Bennu, medallion hanging at throat
PX-J PR: Autographed PRT of Bennu with medallion hanging on bare chest, black bg
PX-K PR: Horizontal PRT of Bennu as above except head angled, white bg
PX-L Noel, seated on couch with clutter of photos before her & Bennu, sitting on back of couch, looking uneasily OS
PX-M PR: MS of Bennu, bare-chested but for medallion around neck, sitting up in bath while regarding camera
PLANET EARTH - 1974 [TV Movie]
PE-A MS of Dylan Hunt [John Saxon] & friends [Janet Margolin, Ted Cassidy, Christopher Cary] in sub-shuttle area
POA-A PR: PRT of astronaut Alan Virdon [Ron Harper]
POA-B PR: PRT of astronaut Pete Burke [James Naughton]
POA-C PR: PRT of Amy [Sandra Locke], who falls for Virdon
POA-D PR: CU of Galen [Roddy McDowall], who befriends astronauts
POA-F PR: MS of Urko [Mark Lenard], boss gorilla law enforcer
POA-G MS of Burke, Galen, Talia [Jennifer Ashley] & Virdon look to where Miro [Ben Andrews] is pointing OS. Liberator
POA-H PR: PRT of Burke smiling & looking off to side
POA-I PR: MS of Virdon, Galen & Burke in tight pose
POA-J Galen, Virdon & Burke peer out from behind bushes
POA-K MS of Burke, Galen & Virdon studying plaque of Oakland Science institute on side of building
PRISONER, THE - 1968-69
PR-A Profile CU of The Prisoner [Patrick McGoohan], hereafter called #6, even though he is not a number
PR-B MS of #6 & The Woman [Virginia Maskell] attending concert, he looking bemused. Arrival
PR-C #2 [Leo McKern] questions #6 as silent Butler [Angelo Muscat] serves tea. Chimes of Big Ben
PR-D FLV of #6 being brainwashed in Labor Exchange, his shadow reflected on wall, as manager watches. Free For All
PR-E LS of #6 delivering political speech from open taxi to group of villagers. Free For All
PR-F Cont. PR-E, MS of scene, #6 using bullhorn
PR-G MLS of #2 [Eric Portmann] raising #6's arm, proclaiming him winner of sham election. Free For All
PR-H MCU of #6 holding phone in hand, looking puzzled
PR-I MCU of sweaty, unkempt #6 looking past shoulder
PR-J PRT of stern-faced McGoohan as himself in suit
PR-K MS of #6 peering into periscope
PR-L MS of #6 listening to prattle of #2 [Mary Morris]. Dance of the Dead
PR-M MS of #6 standing beside young woman villager
PR-N MS of #6 cautiously boarding helicopter
PR-O SV of #6 telling #2 where to stick it
PR-P MS of #6 & another man dressed in victorian uniforms
PR-Q FLV of #6, #2 [Mary Morris] & Bo-Peep. Dance of the Dead
PR-R BS: cameras film #6 & others seated on chairs
PRO-A Sgt. Fitz [Caskey Swaim], Maj. Gatlin [William Jordan] & Col. Staley [Scott Hylands] confer on UFO sightings
PRO-B FLV of UFO model known as The Ball on black bg
QL-A PR: FLV of Al [Dean Stockwell] sitting cross-legged before multiple images of Sam Beckett [Scott Bakula] assuming vastly different guises against black bg
QL-B PR: MS of Sam, wearing T-shirt, jeans & leather jacket, posed by tree with Al, both eying camera
QL-C Profile MLS of slack-jawed Al observing Sam, as woman wearing dress, gloves & veiled hat, talking on pay phone. What Price Gloria
QL-D MS of Sam, in fishing gear, & Al, in pajamas, discussing another strange leap through time
QL-E MS of Al gesturing meaningfully at Sam as third baseman for doomed Waco Bombers in 1966
QL-F MLS of Sam in Bombers uniform, striking sad figure against wall of infield tunnel
QL-G Father Muldooney [Lewis Arquette] advises discouraged Sam as boxer Kid Cody. Oct. 24, 1974
QL-H Sam, as mortician, tries to convince sheriff [W.K. Stratton] that deceased under sheet was murdered & not a suicide. Dreaming a Life Away
QL-I FLV of Chubby Checker [as himself] teaching Sam how to dance The Twist. Good Morning, Peoria
QL-J MS of Cervantes [John Cullum] in Man of La Mancha & Sam as his understudy, Raymond. Catch a Falling Star
QL-K FLV of Sam, in body of hit man on Nov. 8 1965, crooning Volare at brother's wedding
QL-L PR: MLS of grinning Bakula in tuxedo posing at 47th Annual Golden Globes Awards
QUARK - 1977-78
QK-A PR: PRT of smiling Cmdr. Adam Quark [Richard Benjamin]
QK-B PR: MS of Luscious Betty I & Betty II [Barnstable twins] tightly posed in sexy uniforms, hands on hips
QK-C PR: The Head [Alan Caillou], eyes turned away
QK-D Gene/Jean [Tim Thomerson], Ficus [Richard Kelton] & Quark stand behind Bettys as they work spaceship controls
QK-E MLS of Bettys, in skimpy halter & shorts costumes, trying to put make on Quark & docile Ficus
QK-F PR: FLV of Quark, Ficus, Gene/Jean, Bettys, Andy the Robot & Otto Palindrome [Conrad Janis] lounging on trash bags
QK-G SV of Quark's garbage ship hauling in space baggie
QK-H PR: Quark cuddles nearly-dressed Bettys
QK-I Princess Karna [Barbara Rhodes] gets it on with aged Quark
QK-J Armed Gene/Jean & Quark stand over Bettys at ship controls, amused at their twin hysteria
QK-K FLV of Princess Karna trying to hush up an aged Quark in bed chamber so they can get on with romance
QT-A FLV of Questor android strapped to energizing panel in upright position, Jerry Robinson [Mike Farrell] in bg
ROB-A PR: FLV of Robin Hood[Michael Praed] holding sword, posed with rest of outlaw band, including Maid Marian [Judi Trott], Little John [Clive Mantle], Friar Tuck [Phil Rose] & Will Scarlet [Ray Whinstone]
ROB-B PR: MS of Robin sitting holding hilt of sword with both hands near intent face
ROB-C PR: PRT of third season Robin, Robert of Huntingdon [Jason Connery], looking aside
ROB-D PR: MS of Robert studying camera as he strings bow with arrow
ROB-E PR: MS of Robin [Praed] resting sword against shoulder, hair over one eye
ROB-F PR: FLV of Robin [Praed] posed against tree trunk with Maid Marion sitting in grass at his feet
RJ-A Rocky Jones [Richard Crane] watches villainous Agar [Vic Perrin] work controls of spaceship, henchman in bg
RJ-B PR: FLV of Rocky cradling Juliandra [Ann Robinson] in his arms
RJ-C PR: FLV of Juliandra posed smiling in her caped costume
RJ-D Agar laughs maniacally, standing behind Rocky & Winky [Scott Beckett], seated at ship controls, goggles on
RJ-E MS of Rocky, in Ranger jacket, brandishing blaster
RJ-F PR: FLV of leggy Vena Ray [Sally Mansfield] in smiling cheesecake pose seated on spaceship blastcouch
RJ-G PR: MLS of Rocky & Vena smiling at each other while holding Ranger cap between them aboard ship
RJ-H Juliandra talking on set telephone
RJ-I FLV of Rocky's spaceship, The Orbit Jet, traveling the stars
SEAQUEST DSV - 1993-95
SQ-A1 PR: PRT of Ted Raimi as Lt. (j.g.) Tim O'Neill
SQ-A2 PR: PRT of Edward Kerr as Lt. James Brody looking up slightly
SQ-B1PR: PRT of beaming Kathy Evison as Helmswoman Lonnie Henderso
SEAQUEST 2032 - 1995-96
SQ-C1 PRT of somber Captain Oliver Hudson [Michael Ironside] in formal uniform, cap tucked under arm
SIX-A PR: outdoor PRT of Col. Steve Austin [Lee Majors]
SIX-B MLS of Jaime [Lindsay Wagner] looking over at troubled Austin outdoors. Return of the Bionic Woman
SIX-C MS of Sasquatch [or Bigfoot] facing camera in forest
SIX-D MS of secret agent [Darren McGavin] explaining to depressed Austin why he has a busted bionic arm
SIX-E Five-element shot of Austin in variety of action scenes
SIX-F FLV of Austin steeled for action in hatchway
SIX-G FLV of Oscar [Richard Anderson] & Austin talking on steps
SIX-H MS of Oscar & Austin in wooded area
SIX-I Austin & Oscar kneel by portable transmitter & look up
SIX-J FLV of Austin running thru woods
SIX-K MS of Austin breaking lock on door
SIX-L Austin in Skylab jacket poses with Farrah & two more ladies on his arms
SIX-N MS of Jamie & Austin facing, talking to each other
SIX-P Austin wrestles guest star Suzanne Sommers, in flying gear, to ground. Cheshire Project
SIX-T Austin & guest star Simone Griffith wield spaceage weapons. Dark Side of the Moon
SIX-U PRT of Oscar
SDR-A PR: first season cast PRT of Quinn Mallory [Jerry O'Connell], holding sliding timer, Wade Wells [Sabrina Lloyd], Prof. Maximillian Arturo [John Ryhs-Davies] & Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown [Cleavant Derricks]
SDR-B PR: slightly tilted MS of Quinn aiming timer at camera, in free fall against radiating bg
SDR-C PR: MS of smiling Quinn with hands on hips against radiating bg with hands on hips against same bg
SDR-D PR: MS of Arturo at computer keyboard as concerned Quinn watches over his shoulder. Chalkboard full of equations in bg
SDR-E MCU of Wade looking up into sky. The Weaker Sex
SDR-F PR: '98 season cast PRT of Maggie [Kari Wuhrer], Colin Mallory [Charlie O'Connell], Quinn & Rembrandt looking around a broken sheet of glass in what looks like an abandoned warehouse
SAB-A MLS of cadets Michelle Low [Theresa Wong], Nathan West [Morgan Weisser], Paul Wang [Joel de la Fuente], Cooper Hawkes [Rodney Rowland], Vanessa Damphousse [Lanei Chapman] & Shane Vansen [Kristen Cloke] standing in flight gear side by side at attention
SAB-B PR: FLV of Hawkes, Vansen & West
SAB-C PR: smoldering PRT of Hawkes, arms folded
SAB-D PR: MS of scowling Hawkes resting arm on chair
SAB-E PR: MS of solemn, tight-lipped Vansen
SAB-F MS of Vansen & former lover Captain John Oakes [Michael Reilly Burke] sharing tender moment. Never No More
SA-A Three-element shot: PRT of Paul [Ty Henderson] & Adrienne [Maggie Cooper] above MLS of Paul, Adrienne, Chris & Laura [Pamela Ferdin] analyzing problem
SPACE: 1999 - 1975-76
SP-A PR: first season PRT of Cmdr. Koenig [Martin Landau] & Helena [Barbara Bain]
SP-B PR: MS of Lt. Carter [Nick Tate] aiming laser rifle, explosion fills bg
SP-C AV of sprawling Moonbase Alpha
SP-D FLV of Eagle 1 lifting off from Alpha launch pad
SP-E FLV of spacesuited Alphans inspecting nuclear disposal site. Breakaway
SP-F FLV of Koenig kneeling beside injured Helena amid rubble. War Games
SP-G FLV of tentacled monster embedded in spaceship hatchway. Dragon's Domain
SP-H Koenig pries hand of time-rotted Roland away from weirded-out Helena. Death's Other Dominion
SP-I MCU of alien [Anthony Valentine] in transparent case. War Games
SP-J Cont. SP-I, FLV of cloaked alien aiming weapon
SP-K FLV of Koenig, Helena & Bergman [Barry Morse] inspecting skeletal remains in cave of planet. Testament of Arkadia
SP-L 3/4 RV of Eagle crashed on Moon, planet above. Last Sunset
SP-M FLV of rescue Eagle about to land next to crashed Eagle. Last Sunset
SP-N FLV of spaceship lifting off from planet Psychon. The Metamorph [available as 5x7 only @ $2.00]
SP-O LS of Eagle landing amid misty graveyard of spaceships. TheMetamorph
SP-P MLS of Verdeschi [Tony Anholt] getting amused reactions to his special "beer" from Maya [Catherine Schell] & Carter in Alpha control center
SP-Q FLV of Koenig & Helena being driven back by flames in Eagle cockpit
SP-R Composite of Eagle closing in & firing on alien warship above Moon
SP-S FLV of Koenig battling tentacled monster. Dragon's Domain
SP-T MLS of Koenig & Helena pleading their case before encased male alien. War Games
SP-U FLV of unfinished starship. Death's Other Dominion
SP-V MS of Capt. Zantor [Christopher Lee]. Earthbound
SP-W FLV of Brian Johnson standing in workshop with three of his spaceship models
SP-X MLS of Maya high-kicking alien android in stomach. One Moment of Humanity
SP-Y MS of High Priest [Aubrey Morris] & luscious Kara [Joan Collins] side by side. Mission of the Darians
SP-Z MS of Maya transformed into reptilian monster. New Adam, New Eve
SP-AA PR: second season autographed PRT of Koenig & Helena
SP-BB PR: autographed MS of Maya leaning back against wall
SP-CC PR: signed PRT of Verdeschi, in spacesuit sans helmet, piloting Eagle
SP-DD PR: autographed FLV of Carter standing by computer, holding instruction manual, wry smile on face
SP-EE PR: FLV of uniformed Koenig & Helena & Maya, wearing Psychon dress, standing at door to command center
SP-FF PR: MS of Maya & Verdeschi in cheek-to-cheek pose
SP-GG PR: two-element shot of Maya in uniform leaning back against wall, wearing spectacular gown & hairdo
SP-HH PR: FLV of bare-chested Carter aiming hand-laser at camera on Guardian of Piri set
SP-I I PR: MLS of Koenig posed on Guardian of Piri set
SP-JJ PR: FLV of Maya posed in Psychon gown, arms spread wide
SP-KK PR: composite MS of snarling Maya flanked by tiger & alien alter egos
SP-LL PR: FLV of Hawk spaceship against black bg
SP-NN PR: MLS of Zantor, fellow aliens in command center making gestures of peace. Earthbound
SP-OO PR: FLV of Guardian of the Temple. A Matter of Balance
SP-PP PR: first season three-element shot of Koenig in spacesuit, PRT in uniform, & MLS standing over desk
SP-QQ PR: first season three-element shot of Helena working in lab, smiling PRT, with medical gear on planet
SP-RR PR: two-element shot: PRT of Verdeschi & Carter in uniform
SP-SS PR: three-element shot: PRT of Raan [Peter Cushing], Cmdr. Dione [Caroline Mortimer] & Zantor
SP-TT FLV of Eagle composite with planet in bg
SP-UU MS of Koenig & Helena in spacesuits sans helmets
SP-VV PR: FLV of Koenig & Helena kneeling in lush glade of antimatter planet, parrot in fg. Matter of Life & Death
SP-WW PR: two-element shot of Helena: MS in uniform & FLV in gown. One Moment of Humanity
SP-XX LS of gowned Helena standing in oppressively deserted command center. One Moment of Humanity
SP-YY MS of Koenig talking into corridor telecommunicator, taking Simmonds [Roy Dotrice] to task about dying astronauts on Alpha. Breakaway
SP-ZZ MLS of Koenig & Bergman drawing hand-lasers on OS danger in corridor of giant ship. Mission of the Darians
SP-A1 PR: FLV of Maya & father Mentor [Brian Blessed] holding each others arms
SP-A2 MS of Carter & Helena being subjected to mind torture. Metamorph
SP-A3 FLV of Koenig, holding sword & Carter shocked by what they see OS. Matter of Balance
SP-A4 Semi-profile MS of Carter resting arms on beam above his head, looking like something the cat dragged in
SP-A5 MS of Verdeschi flanked by two exotic alien android women. One Moment of Humanity
SP-A6 FLV of spacesuited Koenig being struck by defensive energy bolts in cavern. Chrysalis ABC
SP-A7 Ghostly & real profile images of Raan. Missing Link
SP-A8 MCU of Eagle from right front landing leg to cockpit pod on black bg
SP-A9 PR: MCU of stone-faced Helena in first season garb
SP-A10 PR: Koenig & Helena try in vain to ward off energy bubble enveloping them. Brian the Brain
SP-A11 Five spacesuited Alphans trek across Moon's rocky surface
SP-A12 MS of Tony & Maya clinging desperately to each other as OS menace approaches
SP-A13 MLS of Servant of the Guardian [Catherine Schell] taking Koenig for walk around planet Piri
SP-A14 MS of Helena & Maya aiming hand lasers toward camera on planet
SP-A15 Three-element shot: semi-profile head shots of serious Koenig, Helena & Bergman
SPACE PATROL - 1951-55
SPP-A PR: smiling, uniformed cast members Buzz Corey [Ed Kemmer], Cadet Happy [Lyn Osborn], Carol [Virginia Hewitt], Tonga [Nina Bara] & Major Robbie Robertson [Ken Mayer] posed at Terra helm
SPE-A MLS of reptilian Asmodeus wearing embroidered cape
SPI-A PR: MCU of Spiderman with hands spread in front of him
SPI-B PR: MS of Spidey looking out over wrought-iron fence
SPI-C PR: PRT of Peter Parker [Nicholas Hammond] holding camera at corner of brick wall
SPI-D UA of Spidey clinging to ceiling to elude samurai thugs
SPI-E PR: MLS of Parker reaching for upper story window beyond planter, camera slung over his shoulder
SPI-F PR: Spidey scales giant web above main cast
SPI-G Spiderman scales side of building
STARGATE SG-1 - 1997-99
SG1-A PR: cast PRT of [l to r] astrophysicist Captain Samantha Carter [Amanda Tapping], Egyptologist Daniel Jackson [Michael Shanks], Special Forces Colonel Jack O'Neill [Richard Dean Anderson] & Goa'uld defector Teal'c [Christopher Judge] gathered around orb
SG1-B PR: cast PRT without orb of [l to r] Samantha, O'Neill, Teal'c & Jackson
SG1-C PR: cast PRT of O'Neill, Jackson, Carter, Teal'c & General Hammond [Don S. Davis] posed in front of stargate
SG1-D PR: two-element MS of O'Neill in chamber & leaning against rock
SG1-E PR: PRT of O'Neill against hieroglyphic bg
SG1-F PR: PRT of Jackson against hieroglyphic bg
SG1-G PR: PRT of smiling Samantha
SG1-H PR: PRT of tight-lipped Teal'c
SG1-I PR: FLV of stargate & controlling orb
SG1-J PR: five-element shot of #D-#I
SG1-K FLV of gun-toting & fully accessorized O'Neill on stargate steps
SG1-L FLV of uniformed Samantha, arms outstretched while trying to explain things to pair of natives
SG1-M FLV of Teal'c in jumpsuit, standing spread-legged in front of stargate
SG1-N MLS of Jackson in uniform & vest, sense of urgency on his face
SG1-O FLV of wide-eyed Samantha, Jackson & O'Neill, holding scepter, ascending hill with natives behind them
SG1-P FLV of Teal'c in full regalia, spear in hand
SG1-Q MLS of uniformed Teal'c, O'Neill, Samantha & Jackson standing in clearing. The Nox
SG1-R FLV of swirling stargate & platform leading to it
STL-A PR: MS of smiling Devon [Keir Dullea] resting elbow on upturned knee, wearing western shirt & jeans
STL-B PR: MS of Devon, in Cypress Corners shirt & hat, arms folded
STL-C PR: MS of Garth [Robin Ward]
STL-D PR: MLS of Rachel [Gay Rowan]
STL-E PR: PRT of Devon & Rachel in romantic pose
STL-F PR: MS of Rachel & Garth, she turning face toward him
SMD-A Fulvia [Judy Geeson], Octavia [Christine Kruger] & fellow crew members piloting spaceship
SMD-B Rudi [Christian Quadflief] reacts with disbelief as Medusians take him hostage
STARMAN - 1986-87
SMAN-A PR: MS of Starman [Robert Hayes] in body of photojournalist Paul Forrester standing with glowing sphere in palm of upheld hand before planet Earth backdrop
SMAN-B MS of Starman looking aside while exposing glowing sphere in hand
SMAN-C FLV of Starman, son Scott [C.B. Barnes] & Elizabeth Baynes [Mimi Kuzyk] anxiously waiting for doors of subway train to open while escaping George Fox
SMAN-D PR: PRT of smiling Starman & Antonia [Janet Lee]. Society's Pet
SMAN-E PR: MS of Starman holding glowing sphere in palms of both hands while facing camera
SMAN-F PR: MS of Starman & Scott posed with jackets slung over shoulders at side of road stretching behind them
SMAN-G PR: MS of smiling Starman holding falcon in outdoor pose
SMAN-H PR: MLS of Starman, camera on shoulder, & Scott wearing faraway expressions
STAR TREK - 1966-69
ST-A PR: FLV of Kirk [William Shatner], Spock [Leonard Nimoy] & Dr. McCoy [DeForest Kelley] posed on transporter pads
ST-B PR: MS of Spock looking at camera while holding up Enterprise model
ST-C PR: MS of Spock holding phaser from in front of shuttlecraft
ST-D PR: MLS of The Keepers of Talos IV. The Menagerie
ST-E MCU of Balok's fake alien. Corbomite Maneuver
ST-F Cont. ST-E, head turned aside in tighter view
ST-G MS of angry Kirk & brainless Spock restraining Kara [Mary Dusay]. Spock's Brain
ST-H MLS of Kirk & Spock in pitched battle with Lipra. Amok Time
ST-I PR: main cast PRT on bridge with Kirk in command chair
ST-J 3/4 FV of Klingon spaceship against star bg
ST-K Blooper shot: MS of deformed Vina [Susan Oliver] holding up sign reading "Oscar, where are you?"
ST-L PR: MS of Kirk struggling with Marta [Yvonne Craig]. Whom Gods Destroy
ST-M PR: Near FLV of Shanna[Angelique Pettyjohn]. Gamesters of Triskelion
ST-N Gary Seven[Robert Lansing]smiles at Isis on shoulder. Assignment:Earth
ST-O PR: PRT of Kirk resting chin in his hand
ST-P PR: PRT of Spock on bridge
ST-Q PR: MS of Spock looking up while making calculations
ST-R PR: Spock, partly in shadow, listens to a communication
ST-S PR: CU of McCoy
ST-T PR: PRT of Scotty [James Doohan] on bridge
ST-U PR: MS of Kirk & Spock side-by-side on bridge
ST-V PR: Kirk sits in command chair. Spock in bg with his arms crossed
ST-W PR: Cont. ST-V, Kirk breaks up. Spock watches, hands on hips now
ST-X McCoy & Kirk discuss pregnant Eleen [Julie Newmar]. Friday's Child
ST-Y Spacesuited Chekov [Walter Koenig], Kirk, Spock & McCoy on bridge of derelict ship. Tholian Web
ST-Z PR: PRT of pregnant Eleen [Julie Newmar] leaning back against Kirk, who holds her by the shoulder, both smiling aside. Friday's Child
ST-A3 Sylvia [Antoinette Bower] falsely romances Kirk. Catspaw
ST-A4 Kirk beams when he gets best of Spock in 3D chess
ST-A5 Shadowy MCU of Kirk disguised as a Romulan. Enterprise Incident
ST-A6 PRT of Sulu [George Takai] sitting at station
ST-A7 PRT of Chekov sitting at station with smile
ST-A8 PRT of beauteous Uhura [Nichelle Nichols]
ST-A9 PRT of McCoy on bridge of Enterprise
ST-A10 Pregnant Eleen holds McCoy's hand over her stomach in hills. Friday's child
ST-A11 MS of Spock looking wistfully at Leila, who is turned away from him. Signed by Leonard Nimoy. This Side of Paradise
Note: "A-G" lettering denotes season number; "H" denotes miscellaneous shots that aren't from any specific season, and "I" denotes candid cast shots.
STNG-A1 PR: two-row FLV of main cast posed against rock wall setting, including Dr. Beverly Crusher [Cheryl McFadden], Lt. Tasha Yar [Denise Crosby], Lt. Geordi LaForge [LaVar Burton], Lt. Cmdr. Data [Brent Spiner], Wes Crusher [Wil Wheaton], Capt. Jean-Luc Picard [Patrick Stewart], Cmdr. Riker [Jonathan Frakes] & Counselor Deanna Troi [Marina Sirtis]
STNG-A2PR: PRT of all business Picard
STNG-A3PR: PRT of all business Riker
STNG-A4PR: PRT of Dr. Crusher, lips parted slightly
STNG-A5PR: PRT of Yar wearing hint of smile, arms folded
STNG-A6PR: PRT of LaForge standing at ease, looking aside
STNG-A7PR: PRT of android Data
STNG-A8PR: PRT of Klingon officer Lt. Worf [Michael Dorn]
STNG-A9PR: PRT of Troi
STNG-A10PRT of Wes, teenage son of Dr. Crusher
STNG-A11PR: Three-element shot: MLS of Picard & Riker; FLV of Data, Riker & LaForge; FLV of LaForge & Beverly Crusher
STNG-A12PR: Four-element shot: separate FLVs of Picard, Riker, Yar & Troi
STNG-A13PR: Four-element shot: separate FLVs of Data, LaForge, Dr. Crusher & Will
STNG-A14PR: Four-element shot: MS of Riker watching Yar aim hand phaser; MS of Riker & Wes posed with hands behind backs; MLS of Wes facing Yar, who eyes camera, both with arms folded; MS of LaForge & Dr. Crusher looking OS
STNG-A15Head-on FLV of USS Enterprise [NCC 1701-D] in space
STNG-A16MLS of Picard gesturing caution to Data, Yar & Troi, all reacting to OS alien intrusion. Encounter at Farpoint
STNG-A17PR: FLV of nine-member cast posed on Enterprise bridge
STNG-A18PR: MLS of Picard & Riker side by side, both wearing quiet smiles
STNG-A19PR: MS of Riker watching Yar aim hand phaser OS
STNG-A20PR: FLV of Picard, in 1940s trench coat & hat as gumshoe Dixon Hill, & equally dressed down Data posed before car during holodeck experience. The Big Good-bye
STNG-A21PR: 3/4 RV of new Enterprise against black bg
STNG-A22PR: Direct RV of Enterprise on black bg
STNG-A23PR: FLV of alien Ferengi starship against black bg
STNG-A24Four- element shot of Encounter at Farpoint scenes: Data poised at station; Yar striking defensive posture; discussion on bridge between Picard, Troi & Yar; all four seated at Q's mock trial
STNG-A25Wes sits in command chair as Picard makes point, boy's mother looking on
STNG-A26Dr. Crusher analyzes Data's condition in sickbay as Riker & LaForge stand by for results
STNG-A27FLV of three combative Ferengi on Delphi Ardu planet surface. Last Outpost
STNG-A28FLV of Lwaxana Troi [Majel Barrett] noisily accosting Picard as her manservant & daughter look on. Haven
STNG-I1PR: sexy MLS of Marina Sirtis as herself posed wearing wide-collared sweater pulled off shoulders, shorts & hoop earrings, long hair combed out attractively
STNG-A29MS of Picard uncharacteristically holding little girl in his arms
STNG-A30MS of Dixon Hill [Picard] & friend [Data] inside holodeck office. Big Good-bye
STNG-A31Profile MS of veiled Dr. Crusher putting her hand to Data's chin, ready to plant one on his smiling lips after he removes hat. Big...
STNG-A32FLV of away team [Riker, Yar, Troi, Worf & Wes] after beaming down to Rubicam III, all smiling at what they see OS. Justice
STNG-A33FLV of Yar, wearing sexy bedroom outfit, standing in quarters with eye on OS Data. Naked Now
STNG-A34Know-it-all Wes stands to question The Traveler [Eric Menyuk] as he & Kosinski [Stanley Kamil] operate Engineering's main console, Riker looking on. Where No One Has Gone Before
STNG-B1 PR: FLV of entire cast with new addition Dr. Katherine Pulaski [Diana Muldaur], posed in Ten Forward
STNG-B2 PR: MS of Picard against speckled bg
STNG-B3 PR: MS of bearded Riker
STNG-B4 PR: MS of Data against starry bg
STNG-B5 PR: MS of Pulaski, arms crossed
STNG-B6 PR: MS of clean-cut Wes
STNG-B7 PR: MS of smiling Picard with Guinan [Whoopi Goldberg] standing at Ten Forward bar
STNG-B8 FLV of Data seated at table in holodeck-created comedy club, getting advice from comedian [Joe Piscopo]. Outrageous Okona
STNG-B9 Data (as Sherlock Holmes), LaForge (as Watson), & period-attired Pulaski stroll down London street. Elementary, Dear Data
STNG-B10 MLS of Riker on transporter platform, surrounded by Riva [Howie Seago] & his chorus [Leo Damian, Marnie Mosiman, Thomas Oglesby]. Loud as a Whisper
STNG-B11 MS of casually dressed Picard standing next to horse. Pen Pals
STNG-C1 PR: MS of entire third season cast posed against gray bg
STNG-C2 PR: FLV of cast posed on bridge
STNG-C3 PR: CU of Picard
STNG-C4 PR: MS of Riker
STNG-C5 PR: CU of Data
STNG-C6 PR: CU of Worf
STNG-C7 PR: MS of LaForge, hands clasped before him
STNG-C8 PR: MS of Deanna in jumpsuit, hand raised
STNG-C9 PR: CU of Beverly wearing hint of smile, hair curled
STNG-C10 PR: MS of Wesley, arms crossed
STNG-C11 CU of Q2 [Corbin Bernsen] admonishing Q at shuttle controls. Deja Q
STNG-C12 MS of Picard in dress uniform, Perrin [Joanna Miles] & Riker behind him. Sarek
STNG-C13 CU of doppelganger Picard & Beverly about to share kiss. Allegiance
STNG-D1 PR: FLV of fourth season cast (including Guinan) against speckled backdrop, some seated, some standing
STNG-D2 PR: CU of smiling Picard, stars twinkling in bg
STNG-D3 PR: CU of Riker leaning forward, starry bg
STNG-D4 PR: CU of Data, twinkling bg
STNG-D5 PR: CU of Worf, starry bg
STNG-D6 PR: CU of happy Deanna resting head on hand, gray bg
STNG-D7 PR: CU of positively beaming Beverly, arms crossed in front of her, twinkly bg
STNG-D8 PR: CU of grown-up Wes in Starfleet uniform, gray bg
STNG-D9 MS of grim Picard in civvies on ancestral estate. Family
STNG-E1 PR: MS of Deanna, finger resting on cheek, gray bg
STNG-E2 PR: MS of Beverly, luxurious hair flowing over lab coat, gray bg
STNG-F1 PR: FLV of entire sixth season cast in Ten Forward
STNG-I2 Casual soft-focus PRT of bespectacled Spiner in dark turtleneck
STV-A1 PR: MS of first season cast posed in Engineering
STV-A2 PR: MS of stoic Captain Kathryn Janeway [Kate Mulgrew], arms behind back
STV-A3 PR: PRT of tight-lipped Commander Chakotay [Robert Beltran], arms folded
STV-A4 PR: PRTof serious Lieutenant Tom Paris [Robert Duncan McNeill], arms crossed
STV-A5 PR: PRT of earnest Ensign Harry Kim [Garrett Wang]
STV-A6 PR: PRT of Lt. Commander Tuvok [Tim Russ], arms crossed
STV-A7 PR: PRT of Lt. B'Elanna Torres [Roxann Biggs-Dawson], lips pursed
STV-A8 PR: PRT of Emergency Medical Hologram [Robert Picardo], aka Doctor
STV-A9 PR: PRT of smiling Kes [Jennifer Lien]
STV-A10 PR: PRT of morale officer/cook Neelix, clasping hands together
STV-A11 PR: four-element shot (all MS) of Chakotay, B'Elanna, Paris & Kes
STV-A12 PR: four-element shot (all MS) of Neelix, Doctor, Kim & Tuvok
STV-A13 PR: two-element shot: DA & SV of USS Voyager against starfield
STV-A14 Two-element shot: MLS of Janeway aiming phaser & MS of Doctor discussing prone Chakotay's condition with B'Elanna. Cathexis
STV-A15 Three-element shot: B'Elanna as full Klingon choking Sulan [Brian Markinson]; B'Elanna as full Klingon; B'Elanna as human. Faces
STV-A16 Three-element shot: MS of Jetrel [James Sloyan] as he subdues Neelix with hypospray & CU of angry Neelix over body of fallen family member. Jetrel
STV-B1 Three-element shot: CU of puzzled Young Chakotay [Douglas Spain]; MCU of squinting Chakotay; MS of Chief [Richard Chaves], Young Chakotay, & Kolopak [Henry Darrow] in village. Tattoo
STV-B2 CU of Seska attempting to kiss wounded Chakotay. Maneuvers
STV-B3 MCU of Janeway pleading with Caylem [Joel Grey]. Resistance
STV-B4 Three-element shot: MS of Riker (favored) shaking hands with Janeway; MLS of Q gesturing as Riker & Janeway observe; MS of suicidal Q [Gerrit Graham], Q, Janeway & Tuvok. Death Wish
STV-B5 Three-element shot: CU of Tuvok; CU of Tuvix [Tom Wright], CU of Neelix. Tuvix
STV-D1 PR: FLV of cast, including Seven of Nine [Jeri Ryan]
STV-D2 PR: MS of bemused Janeway, arms crossed in Voyager corridor
STV-D3 PR: MS of Chakotay in corridor
STV-D4 PR: MS of Paris in corridor, arms crossed
STV-D5 PR: MS of Kim casually leaning against corridor wall, arms folded
STV-D6 PR: MS of stern Tuvok, arms crossed, in corridor
STV-D7 PR: MS of solemn B'Elanna, hand on hip, in corridor
STV-D8 PR: MS of tight-lipped Doctor, scanning with tricorder in corridor
STV-D9 PR: MS of happy Neelix, hands on belly, in corridor
STV-D10 PR: Sexy MLS of Seven in silver uniform, hand on hip
STV-E1 PR: FLV of fifth season cast on bridge, Seven wearing two-toned outfit
STV-E2 PR: MCU of smirking Janeway against rocky wall
STV-E3 PR: MS of cocky Chakotay leaning against wall, hands on hips
STV-E4 PR: MS of happy Paris, arms crossed in front of same corrugated wall
STV-E5 PR: MS of somber Kim against wall, arms folded
STV-E6 PR: MS of serious Tuvok against wall
STV-E7 PR: MS of sassy-looking B'Elanna, arms crossed, against wall
STV-E8 PR: MCU of smiling Doctor turned to side with arms crossed in front of rocky wall
STV-E9 PR: MCU of Seven, hands on hips in front of rocky wall
STV-E10 PR: MCU of slightly-smiling Neelix against wall
SWH-A FLV of Chewbacca's family Itchy, Malla & Lumpy at home
SWH-B PR: FLV of Akmeena [Bea Arthur] surrounded by cantina aliens
SWH-C BS: FLV of cantina band aliens taking break between takes
SWH-D BS: MS of cantina band alien with bent straw in mouth
SWH-E FLV of Akmeena chatting with Greedo & second alien at table in crowded cantina
SWH-F FLV of Leia & C3PO
SWH-H FLV of Luke & C3PO in rebel fleet hanger
SWH-L Family PRT: Chewie, Malla, Lumpy & Grandpa Itchy
SWH-M MCU of Chewie
SWH-N MS of Lumpy
SWH-O CU of Chewie kissing wife Malla at Life Day reunion
SWH-P PR: Animated Han Solo & C3PO pose in open cockpit of X-wing
MSW-A PR: MS of Lucas pointedly directing Han [part of his chin hidden behind his head] & Chewie
MSW-B FLV of C3PO & R2D2 standing before screen, hosting TV special
SUPERBOY - 1988-91
SBY-A PR: MLS of Clark [John Haynes Newton], Lana Lang [Stacy Haiduk] & T.J. White [Jim Clavert], all flashing ivories
SBY-B PR: Three-element shot: T.J. with camera, Clark with note pad & pencil & Lana with note paper binder
SBY-C Two-element shot: MLS of Superboy posed with hands on hips; FLV of Superboy applying super strength to heavy object on construction site
SBY-D Two-element shot: FLV of second season Superboy [Gerard Christopher] in spread-legged outdoor pose, hands on hips; FLV of Clark, adjusting glasses with boyish smile
SUP-A BS: FLV of Superman [George Reeves] jumping out window toward mattress inches below
SUP-B FV of Superman flying over Metropolis
SUP-C PR: Cast PRT of smiling Superman, Lois Lane [Noel Neill], Jimmy Olson [Jack Larson] & Perry White [John Hamilton] on set
SUP-D MS of Superman & Lois sharing intimate moment
SUP-E Superman shields Lois [Phyllis Coates] from man [Jeff Corey] aiming gun at him
SUP-F PR: FLV of Superman posed on terrace against Metropolis skyline
SUP-G Superman makes a phone call from office desk
SUP-J Kent at desk tells story to Lois & Jimmy
SUP-K BS: LS of sound stage with Lois, Jimmy & Kent preparing for scene
SUP-L Cont. #K, DA of film crew & equipment as director rehearses cast
SUP-M PR: MCU of Superman in stance proving he stands for Truth, Justice & the American Way
TGM-A PR: FLV of Jake Cutter [Stephen Collins], Corky [Jeff MacKay], Sarah White [Caitlin O'Haaney] & Jack, one-eyed pooch, posed on beach
TGM-B PR: FLV of Jake, Corky, Sarah, Bon Chance Louie [Ron Moody] & Rev. Tanboom [John Calvin] posed in bar
TGM-C PR: Excellent PRT of Jake holding up cheroot
TGM-D PR: PRT of cool spy Sarah in lacy white dress
TGM-E PR: PRT of natty Bon Chance Louie [Roddy McDowall]
TGM-F PR: MS of Corky, Jake [holding Jack] & Sarah posed on beach
TGM-G PR: Individually autographed FLV of Jake, Sarah, Louie, Corky & Jack posed at bar
TB-A Composite of Thunderbird 1 & its pilot, Scott Tracy
TB-B Composite of Thunderbird 2 & its pilot, Virgil Tracy
TB-C Composite of Thunderbird 3 & its pilot, Alan Tracy
TB-D Composite of Thunderbird 4 & its pilot, Gordon Tracy
TB-E Composite of orbiting space monitor, Thunderbird 5 & John Tracy, who mans station
TB-F MS of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in front of mirror she's just fired bullet into
TB-G Composite of Lady Penelope in front of mansion & Rolls Royce
TIME TUNNEL - 1966-67
TTT-A PR: FLV of Doug [Robert Colbert], Ann [Lee Meriwether] & Tony [James Darren] posed seated in Director's chairs before time tunnel
TTT-B PR: MS of smiling Ann seated before lit up computer bank
TTT-C FLV of Tony & Doug conferring in front of consoles & time tunnel
TTT-D MLS of Doug, Tony & Ann talking in control room
TTT-E MS of security guard holding French Revolution leader Querque [Whit Bissell]. Reign of Terror
TTT-F FLV of Tony & Doug walking thru debris after Pear Harbor bombing. Day the Sky Fell Down
TTT-G MS of Tony & Doug held at knife point by Capt. Beal [Victor Jory]. Pirates of Deadman's Island
TTT-H LS of time tunnel as Tony enters it
TTT-I PR: PRT of Tony
TTT-J PR: PRT of Doug
TTT-L MCU of Lt. Gen. Kirk [Whit Bissell]
TTT-M Tony & Doug are captured by three Sioux Indians during Custer's Last Stand. Massacre
TTT-N Doug & Tony are harshly interrogated by Nazi before D-Day. Invasion
TTT-O Armed & costumed Tony & Doug land in 13th century castle. Robin Hood
TC-A FLV of Dr. Joan Dale [Margaret Garland] helping spacesuited Tom Corbett [Frankie Thomas] from floor airlock
TC-B MS of Corbett & Joan smiling broadly at something OS
TWJL-A PR: MS of Jenny [Lindsay Wagner] & her husband [Alan Feinstein]
TWJL-B MS of crying Jenny clutching her husband
TZ-A PR: MLS of smiling Rod Sterling posed with Robby the Robot, head replaced with tin can for Uncle Simon episode
TZ-B Spaceship [from Forbidden Planet] orbits planet. Death Ship
TZ-C Cont. #B, LS of saucer about to land on alien planet
TZ-D Cont. #C, FLV of saucer crashed & mangled on planet
TZ-E PR: sexy FLV of Maya, the Cat Girl [Suzanne Lloyd]. Perchance to Dream
TZ-F PR: MS of anguished Bob Wilson [William Shatner] face-to-face with frightening gremlin. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
TZ-G Astronauts Mason [Ross Martin] & Ross [Jack Klugman] scrutinize controls aboard Death Ship
TZ-H MS of Mason, Ross & Carter [Fredrick Beir] standing over viewscreen at center of Death Ship
TZ-I LS of crew stepping from ramp of Death Ship onto lush planet surface
TZ-J Tight shot of awestruck astronauts not believing what they see OS. Death Ship
TZ-K MLS of worried astronaut [Roddy McDowall] with back to sad Martian [Susan Oliver]. People are Alike All Over
TZ-L Patricia Breslin worries over husband [William Shatner] seated before fortune-telling machine. Nick of Time
TZ-M Terrorized farm woman [Agnes Moorehead] shrinks from tiny spacesuited alien. The Invaders
TZ-N FLV of Capt. Benteen [James Whitmore] watching OS spaceship stranding him on planet forever [mountains in bg from Forbidden Planet set]. On Thursday We Leave for Home
TZ-O Spacesuited Kirby [Don Dubbins] asks stock-still Miss Mystery Planet pointed question. Elegy
TZ-P Horned Miss Devlin [Julie Newmar] wryly eyes Feathersmith [Albert Salmi] from outside train window. Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
TZ-Q FLV of Rod Sterling & Inger Stevens relaxing on patio of his California home in 1960
UFO- 1972
UFO-A FLV of Sky Diver 1 attached to submarine on ocean floor
UFO-B PR: MS of Cmdr. Ed Straker [Ed Bishop] aiming gun by computer
UFO-C PR: MS of Col. Paul Foster [Michael Billington] leaning hands against wall, eyes turned upward
UFO-D MLS of Joan Harrington [Antonia Ellis] seated in Moonbase radar center, looking up at Lt. Gay Ellis [Gabrielle Drake] standing behind her with hand on hip
UFO-E UFO spinning in Earth orbit
UFO-F FLV of UFO landed in Canadian mountain region
UFO-G FLV of Sky-1 flying over forest & snow covered mountains
UFO-H AV of Moonbase
UFO-I FLV of Lunar module streaking across Moon surface
UFO-J Astronauts float beside space shuttle orbiting Moon
UFO-K FLV of 3 Moonbase interceptors ascending on launch pads
UFO-L FLV of Mobile standing by in forest
UFO-N FLV of spacesuited alien aiming ray rifle in woods
UI-A Alien offers hand to help Betty Hill[Estelle Parsons]out of car
UI-C MS of two aliens escorting knocked out Barney Hill[James Earl Jones] thru woods
UI-D MLS of two aliens leading concious Barney & Betty thru woods
V: THE SERIES - 1985
VTS-A PR: PRT of Donovan [Marc Singer] with hands tucked into pockets of vest jacket
VTS-B PR: PRT of Ham Tyler [Michael Ironside], serious as usual
VTS-C PR: PRT of smiling Kyle Bates [Jeff Yagher]
VTS-D PR: PRT of teenage Elizabeth [Jennifer Cooke]
VTS-E PR: PRT of Willie [Robert Englund]
VTS-F PR: PRT of Diana [Jane Badler]. She means business
VTS-G PR: MS of Donovan, armed with laser gun, sneaking along mothership corridor, backed up by Ham
VTS-H PR: MS of Kyle holding Elizabeth protectively to him
VTS-I PR: Four-element shot of Lydia [June Chadwick], Ham, Kyle & Elizabeth
VTS-J PR: PRT of James [Judson Scott] smiling at camera
VTS-K PR: MCU of James eyeing camera
VBS-A MS of Capt. Lee Crane [David Hedison] turned into "Man-Beast" aboard Seaview
VBS-A6 PR: PRT of dashing Crane smiling for camera
VBS-A7 FLV of lovely mermaid [Diane Webber] reclining in hatchway as Crane
kneels by her side, both looking toward camera
VBS-A8 MS of Nelson & Dr. Janus [John Anderson] examining large laser-like
device. Cradle of the Deep
VBS-B PR: PRT of Crane stroking chin
VBS-C FLV of Adm. Nelson [Richard Basehart] descending thru floor of spaceship control room. Sky is Falling
VBS-D FLV of Nelson taking radio from Dr. Brand [Michael Constantine] by space capsule. Indestructible Man
VBS-E PR: PRT of Tippy Penfield [Barbara Bouchet] smiling aside. Left Handed Man
VBS-F Paul Ward [Arthur O'Connell] checks circuitry on back of android Peter Omir [James Darren]. Mechanical Man
VBS-G MS of Nelson struggling to maintain control of flying sub. Terror on Dinosaur Island
VBS-H Nelson evaluates Ulrich's [Victor Buono] argument as Gundi [Brooke Bundy] looks on in lab. The Cyborg
VBS-I MS of Clown[Michael Dunn]holding Crane at gunpoint. The Wax Men
VBS-J FLV of "The Mummy" returning to life aboard Seaview
VBS-K MLS of Adm. Von Neuberg [John Van Dreelen] in front of Nazi bombs. Death from the Past
VBS-L PR: PRT of Prof. Multiple [Vincent Price], evil puppet master. Deadly Dolls
VBS-M MS of aging Dr. Turner [Victor Jory] at helm of flying sub. Fires of Death
VBS-N Alpha [John Crawford] & his zombified military figures capture Nelson in future. Time Lock
VBS-O PR: MLS of Nelson & Crane in Seaview control room
VBS-P MS of Sharkey [Terry Becker] guarding entrance to reactor room with weapon. Terror
VBS-Q MS of Nelson in full dress uniform
VBS-R MS of Crane talking into Seaview command mike
VBS-S FLV of Nelson & Crane, firing extinguisher at OS menace
VBS-T Crane aids downed Sharkey & aims weapon at OS menace
VBS-U PR: autographed FLV of Nelson & Crane running thru Seaview
VBS-V PR: autographed MS of Crane talking on telephone aboard Seaview
VBS-W PR: MCU of grim Nelson
VBS-X PR: MCU of Katya [Gia Scala] posed with blueprint in hand. Jonah & the Whale
VBS-Y MLS of Nelson emerging from hatch after explosion. Submarine Sunk Here
VBS-Z FLV of Nelson trying to seal off gaping hole in Seaview hull. Killer of the Deep
VBS-A1 MS of Nelson confronting 1820s ancestral version of himself at desk. Haunted Submarine
VBS-A2 Crane works propellant loading control with Cara Sloane [Karen Steele] at hand. Leviathan
VBS-A3 Crane & Katie [Susan Flannery] hold Litchka [Ina Balin] at gunpoint by car. Time Bomb
VBS-A4 Athos Vadim [Gerald Mohr] & Cmdr. Zane listen to message aboard enemy sub Vulcan. Lost Bomb
VBS-A5 PR: MS of Crane, in full dress uniform, gazing past shoulder & into camera, aboard Seaview
WW-A PR: Tight horizontal cast PRT of Dr. Harrison Blackwood [Jared Martin], Dr. Suzanne McCullough [Lynda Mason Green], Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse [Richard Chaves] & Norton Drake [Philip Akin]
WW-B PR: Vertical MLS of posed cast, Ironhorse in uniform
WW-C PR: PRT of Blackwood, with jacket slung over shoulder, & Suzanne with hands atop upturned knee
WW-D PR: PRT of lightly smiling Blackwood
WW-E PR: PRT of smiling Suzanne resting forehead against back of hand
WW-F PR: PRT of smiling Ironhorse in sport shirt
WW-G PR: PRT of Ann Robinson, Sylvia from original 1953 movie, as herself in smiling outdoor pose in pressed work shirt
WILD, WILD WEST - 1965-69
WWW-A MS of James West [Robert Conrad] & Artemis Gordon [Ross Martin] in dapper western attire, holding carbines
WWW-B Smug looking West trains gun on OS baddie
WWW-C FLV of West holding carbine on tracks in front of train
WWW-D MS of Gordon in one of his old man disguises
WWW-E CU of Gordon in different old man disguise
WWW-F MS of West setting a hand bomb to detonate
WWW-G West stands beside bethroned baddie holding crow on arm
WWW-H Gordon, in top hat & mustache, carries woman in arms
WWW-I PRT of Artemis Gordon
WWW-J Fish-eye lens DA of West & Loveless [Michael Dunn] Night of the Murderous Spring
WWW-K Gunster Burgess Meredith leans on device on prone West's chest. Night of the Human Trigger
WWW-L West holds Arab-costumed beauty on his shoulders. Night of the Eccentrics
WWW-M CU of woman soothing West, who hangs from ceiling. Night of the Burning Diamond
WWW-N MS of Loveless behind bars. Night that Terror Stalked the Town
WR-A PR: MS of West & Gordon[made up as dancehall hostess]aboard train
W&W-A PR: MLS of regal Blackpool [Duncan Regehr] standing tall beside smirking Vector [Clive Revill]
W&W-B MCU of Blackpool, jaw set, looking aside
WW-A PR: FLV of Wonder Woman [Cathy Lee Crosby] in alert posture against wood fence
WW-C PR: FLV of WW posed in amazon togs on secret island
NOW-A PR: FLV of Wonder Woman[Lynda Carter] in bent-knee attack pose, smoke swirling about her feet
NOW-B PR: MS of WW in blonde wig & island costume, arms crossed & fists clenched below face
NOW-C MLS of WW about to throw bazooka shell
NOW-D MS of WW bound to chair by chains, looking aside at OS captors
NOW-E MLS of WW directly facing camera & raising log over her head with both hands
NOW-F MLS of WW facing front while tied to chair with rope & chains by Nazis, legs crossed & hands in lap
NOW-G MS of WW as Diana Prince in clawed clutches of Darth Vader look alike robot
NOW-H MS of WW in bare-shouldered lounge gown on Paradise Island
NAW-A PR: MLS of Wonder Woman [Lynda Carter] posed in altered costume
NAW-B PR: MS of WW, body in profile, eyeing camera with hands on hips, lips parted
NAW-C PR: MLS of WW spreading patriotic cape worn with costume
NAW-D MS of Diana Prince [Carter] carrying unconscious Trevor [Lyle Waggnor] in her arms
XWP-1 Xena [Lucy Lawless] slithers along rock, ready to sneak into cave of Hephaestus. Prometheus
XWP-2 MS of smiling Xena, holding two staffs among Amazons. Hooves & Harlots
XWP-3 MCU of Xena listening to Gabrielle [Renee O'Connor] asking to accompany her on her travels. Sins of the Past
XWP-4 Warlord Draco [Jay Laga'aia], back to camera, holds sword at throat of lounging Xena. Sins of the Past
XWP-5 MCU of Gabrielle, half-smile on face
XWP-6 MS of seated Gabrielle wearing home-spun dress, holding mug
XWP-7 Dramatic MCU of Xena astride horse, looking grim as she grips reigns
XWP-8 Near FLV of Xena ready for action, wielding quarterstaff in dark dungeon as sunlight filters in [similar to C-XWP-6]
XWP-9 CU of stern-faced Xena standing next to horse. If looks could kill!
XWP-10 MS of Xena, holding reigns of horse, & Gabrielle, holding staff. Both half-smiling