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C-ADD-A Gomez [John Astin] gleefully sharpens tips of wrought iron fence, mailbox with nameplate in fg
C-ADD-B Cast PRT of Gomez, Morticia [Carolyn Jones], Lurch [Ted Cassidy] & kids
C-ADD-C Cont. #B, Uncle Fester [Jackie Coogan] & Grandmama [Blossom Rock] added as Gomez sits with turkey cradled in lap

ALF - 1986
C-ALF-A PR: PRT of Alf [Alien Life Form] with head cocked, blue bg
C-ALF-B PR: Cast PRT of Alf and Tanner family, Willie [Max Wright], Kate [Anne Schedeen], Lynn [Andrea Elison] & Brian [Benji Gregory]
C-ALF-C PR: FLV of Alf standing against blue bg
C-ALF-D PR: FLV of Alf, toting backpack & school books, stopping to pose while opening kitchen door
C-ALF-E PR: FLV of Alf, wearing Santa Claus hat & scarf, holding Christmas present, more at his feet
C-ALF-F FLV of Alf sitting on living room couch with bowl of popcorn

C-AIW-A PR: MLS of Alice [Natalie Gregory] arm in arm with the White Rabbit, orange bg
C-AIW-B BS: Producer Irwin Allen posed with Queen of Hearts [Jayne Mansfield], White Queen [Carol Channing], King of Hearts [Robert Morley], & Red Queen [Ann Jillian]
C-AIW-C PR: MS of Alice smiling at camera wearing crown & holding wand
C-AIW-D Profile FLV of giant Alice stuck inside White Rabbit's house
C-AIW-E MS of Alice smiling at something OS in Queen of Hearts kingdom

C-AAC-A MLS of alien in bulbous helmet & green spacesuit inside its spaceship
C-AAC-B MS of alien at spaceship controls
C-AAC-C Two aliens prepare human inside spaceship

C-ANN-A PR: cast PRT of Matthew Sikes [Gary Graham], his Newcomer girlfriend Cathy [Terri Treas], partner George Francisco [Eric Pierpoint] & George's family, wife Susan [Michele Scarabelli],daughter Emily [Lauren Woodland] & son Buck [Sean Six]
C-ANN-B PR: George & family pose for smiling PRT in front of brick wall
C-ANN-C PR: MLS of LAPD partners Matt & George posed shoulder to shoulder, Matt with arms folded
C-ANN-D PR: more casual MS of Matt, in blue -t-shirt, & George posed outside brick building
C-ANN-E PR: MLS of Matt posed with arms folded, wearing brown pants & jacket & red shirt
C-ANN-F PR: MS of Pierpoint as himself, bent forward with arms across knee, wearing brown jacket
C-ANN-G PR: MLS of George wearing suit, hands on hips
C-ANN-H PR: PRT of Scarabelli as herself, in stylish black & white blouse, her auburn hair shoulder length
C-ANN-I PR: PRT of Susan in simple pink top, arms folded
C-ANN-J PR: PRT of Woodland as herself, clad in red
C-ANN-K PR: PRT of Emily, cute in red shirt & white bottoms held by suspenders, hands on hips as she flashes smile
C-ANN-L PR: MS of Six as himself staring at camera with hands crossed toshoulders, clad in black
C-ANN-M PR: PRT of troubled teen Buck, clad in brown t-shirt in outdoor pose
C-ANN-N PR: PRT of Treas as herself, red hair cropped & wearing hot pink jacket over blue shirt
C-ANN-O PR: PRT of Cathy, wearing off-shoulder floral garment

C-AMZ-A PR: MS of creator Steven Spielberg posed leaning on globe in front of banner logo on wall
C-AMZ-B FLV of The Greibble standing in living room with Mrs. Simmons [Haley Mills]sitting on couch & casting wary eye at cartoon creature come to life
C-AMZ-C MCU of The Greibble
C-AMZ-D FLV of The Greibble approaching junkyard
C-AMZ-E MS of The Greibble munching on tin can
C-AMZ-F MCU of The Greibble licking Mrs. Simmons' face

C-ANL-A PR: dramatic near-FLV of Angel [David Boreanaz] flanked by Cordelia [Charisma Carpenter] & Doyle [Glenn Quinn] in corridor
C-ANL-B PR: MLS of glowering Angel with Doyle & Cordy standing slightly behind him in outdoor entryway
C-ANL-C PR: MS of serious trio in nighttime outdoor pose
C-ANL-D PR: PRT of tight-lipped Angel looking over his shoulder at camera against bright city lights in bg
C-ANL-E PR: MLS of Angel in black trenchcoat, walking down entryway
C-ANL-F PR: MS of brooding Angel on fire escape with hands in pockets
C-ANL-G PR: MS of Angel turning head to camera against brightly-lit marquee
C-ANL-H PR: MS of Angel wearing black leather jacket, clasping hands before backdrop of LA city lights in bg
C-ANL-I PR: MS of Cordy wearing white tank top & black skirt, leaning against outdoor wall
C-ANL-J PR: MS of Angel & Doyle prowling for trouble on mean streets of LA
C-ANL-K  PR: handsome PRT of brooding Angel in gray sweater
C-ANL-L  PR: MS of Cordy in tight white tank top, posed against wall
C-ANL-M  PR: MLS of serious Cordy [red top, black leather jacket] & Angel [gray sweater] in front of block wall
C-ANL-N  MCU of Angel slamming Spike down on car hood. In the Dark
C-ANL-O  MLS of Cordy, Angel, Wesley & friend striding toward camera & pending confrontation. Judgment
C-ANL-P MS of bemused Angel looking OS at night, hands in leather jacket pockets. First Impressions
C-ANL-Q  Profile MS of Angel & Darla [Julie Benz] dancing closely & enjoying moment. First Impressions
C-ANL-R  Cont. #Q, tight MS of Angel (favored) beaming at Darla
C-ANL-S MLS of karaoke Anagogic demon [Andrew Hallett] revealing destiny to dubious Angel. First Impressions

C-ATK-A PRT of Lancelot[Rupert Everett]& Guenevere[Rosalyn Landor]in romantic pose
C-ATK-B FLV of winged dragons facing camera for battle

ARK II - 1976
C-ARK-A FLV of Jonah[Terry Lester]& Ruth[Jean Marie Hon]posing in costume beside all-purpose Ark II
C-ARK-B Cast, including uniformed chimp, poses in front of Ark II
C-ARK-C FLV of cast standing in front of Ark II, Jonah wearing jetpack
C-ARK-D FLV of Ruth handing Jonah helmet that goes with jetpack, Ark in bg

AUTOMAN - 1983
C-ATO-A PR: MS of computer expert Walter Nebicher[Dezi Arnez Jr.]wearing suit & tie
C-ATO-B PR: MS of Walter posed with Capt. E.G. Boyd [Gerald S. O'Laughlin], both smiling
C-ATO-C PR: Boyd, Lt. Jack Curtis[Robert Lansing]& Roxanne Caldwell [Heather McNair] watch as Walter consults his computer
C-ATO-D MCU of Automan[Chuck Wagner]looking aside with wry smile
C-ATO-E FV of computer-generated Autocar revving out of underground police garage
C-ATO-F Profile MS of Automan taking Walter on wild ride in Autocar
C-ATO-G BS: MLS of Wagner in body-molding plastisuit before sfx are added
C-ATO-H FLV of Automan, in tuxedo, posed spread out atop computer console behind Walter
C-ATO-I PR: Title over MS of Automan
C-ATO-J PR: MS of smiling Automan with arms folded. Lavender bg
C-ATO-K PR: MLS of Automan in civilian suit, posed with three young women in bikinis
C-ATO-L PR: MLS of Roxanne, in white skirt & sweater & red blouse, looking off camera with nice smile
C-ATO-M FLV of silhouetted Automan forming within green ray-glow
C-ATO-N SV of Autocar blistering along street

AVENGERS, THE - 1966-69
C-AV-A PR: Peel, wearing sumptuous red dress, on lap of Steed, holdingbowler, seated on fancy antique chair
C-AV-B FLV of Peel in purple pants suit
C-AV-C FLV of Peel in form-fitting blue jumpsuit
C-AV-D MS of smiling Peel in beige dress
C-AV-E FLV of Steed & Peel, in mod body-suit, cutting up
C-AV-F FLV of Peel in red body-suit, & cowgirl Charlotte Rampling
C-AV-G MS of Steed & Peel, latter behind wheel of old time motor car
C-AV-H Peel relaxes on bench with poddle & talks to set crewman
C-AV-I FLV of Peel in short print dress, working on sculpture
C-AV-J MS Steed & Peel discussing scene on set
C-AV-K PR: MS of dapper Steed wearing bowler, carnation in lapel
C-AV-L PR: MCU of Steed & Peel looking OS
C-AV-M PR: CU of Peel & Steed looking OS
C-AV-N FLV of Peel wearing blue pantsuit, standing in doorway
C-AV-O Peel, in green velour outfit, tied to chair
C-AV-P MS of Peel & Steed talking to government man in office
C-AV-Q FLV of Steed & Peel menaced by armed dancers in studio
C-AV-R MS of Peel, wearing black top & white coat, talking to woman
C-AV-S MCU of Peel, wearing stripped shirt, & Steed having cozy chat
C-AV-T Steed watches director study Peel's pocket watch as she steps from car
C-AV-U PR: Tara King [Linda Thorson], in brown shorts outfit, by gun rack
C-AV-V Peel peaks around corner with pistol in hand
C-AV-W PR: FLV of Steed & armed first sidekick Cathy Gale [HonorBlackman] waiting to ambush someone at door
C-AV-X PR: MLS of Peel, in lovely white jumpsuit, standing spread-leggedwith back to Steed, who sits in chair at beach, both on telephones
C-AV-Y PR: FLV of Peel wrapping arms around Steed & pointing handgun atcamera
C-AV-Z PR: FLV of Peel, in yellow cap, purple blouse & red coat, posedperkily beside man seated on throne-like chair of gold & red velvet
C-AV-A1 MS of Paul Beresford [Peter Cushing] operating right arm of roboticPeel in lab. Return of the Cybernauts
C-AV-A2 PR: PRT of dapper Steed wearing big smile
C-AV-A3 PR: Steed & Tara crouch in field
C-AV-A4 PR: FLV of Steed & Tara in playful pose aboard ship
C-AV-A5 FV of classic car with Steed behind wheel & Cathy Gale [HonorBlackman] standing on passenger seat of convertible
C-AV-A6 PR: FLV of Peel, in blue jumpsuit, sitting coyly by blackboarddisplaying children's rhymes, man in cap & gown looks on
C-AV-A7 PR: Nice PRT of Steed, red carnation in lapel of black suit, & Peel inred dress & neck scarf, yellow bg

C-BOP-A MCU of G-Force Leader with fellow agent in profile at his side

C-BG-A Three giant, two-tiered Cylon basestars on black bg
C-BG-B Cont. C-BG-A, basestars with planet & starfield added
C-BG-C SV of Colonial Viper fighter, its turbo ignited
C-BG-D Lasers about to hit one of three Cylon Raiders
C-BG-E Cont. C-BG-D, same shot, but laser bolts shorter
C-BG-F Cont. C-BG-E, middle ship explodes
C-BG-G All five Colonial battlestars in deep space
C-BG-H SV of Galactica amidships
C-BG-I Cont. C-BG-H, Closer, more detailed shot
C-BG-J FV of Galactica in typical establishing shot
C-BG-K Cont. C-BG-J, exterior CU of bridge area
C-BG-L Head-on shot of Galactica's Viper landing deck
C-BG-M RV of Galactica as an explosion bursts above it
C-BG-N Cmdr. Adama's stubby shuttlecraft in space
C-BG-O DA of Colonial movers ship over Carrilon [scratchy]
C-BG-Q Centurians enter Ovion underground chamber [scratchy]
C-BG-R FLV of Apollo & Starbuck in Ovion corridor, guns out
C-BG-S FLV of Apollo & Starbuck in Ovion tunnel, guns out
C-BG-T MCU of Athena wearing beige uniform
C-BG-U MS of pensive Serina in blue off-the-shoulder dress
C-BG-V Cont. C-BG-U, different angle, equally alluring pose
C-BG-W Cont. C-BG-V, over shoulder pose, especially alluring
C-BG-X Near FLV of Tenna [Britt Ekland] with tongue in cheek
C-BG-Y Boxey stands beside seated Muffit II, aboard ship
C-BG-Z Imperious Leader [face mark clearly visible]
C-BG-AA FLV of centurion armed with laser rifle
C-BG-BB FLV of robed Ovion standing in geometric archway
C-BG-CC Some of ragtag fleet of ships in deep space
C-BG-DD RV of two centurions facing Imperious Leader
C-BG-EE Two centurions flank sniveling traitor, Count Baltar
C-BG-FF Three centurions in cockpit of their Raider
C-BG-GG Boomer & Starbuck study a scarlet-clad Taurus beauty in gamblingden of pleasure planet, Carillon
C-BG-HH Orange-hued shot of Queen Lotay, in her bed chamber, attended byservant & musician playing harp in fg
C-BG-I I FLV of hog-like alien in casino [not seen in series]
C-BG-JJ Various aliens socializing in casino [also not seen in series]
C-BG-KK Two armed centurions stand over fallen in casino area
C-BG-LL Starbuck & Boomer in bg, draw beads on centurion in fg
C-BG-MM Profile FLV of Galactica in space
C-BG-NN Title over Raider diving on battlestar in ECU
C-BG-OO Artwork of Galactica leading ships away from Caprica
C-BG-PP BS: DA of full-scaled Viper on set
C-BG-QQ DA of two Vipers blasting away from Galactica
C-BG-RR Three centurions seen thru shuttered Raider cockpit
C-BG-SS Raiders [blurred] swoop toward fleet of battlestars
C-BG-TT FV of Cylon Raider firing one laser bolt
C-BG-UU Cont. C-BG-TT, Raider fires two laser bolts
C-BG-VV Explosions rip underside of a doomed battlestar
C-BG-WW Same as C-BG-NN without title
C-BG-XX Raiders cross over a battlestar amidships
C-BG-YY MS of Galactica bridge, two technicians in fg
C-BG-ZZ Adama & others, on bridge during red alert, cover their eyes inreaction to OS battlestar exploding
C-BG-A1 Explosions lash Caprica Presidium
C-BG-A2 LS of Raiders returning to their basestar
C-BG-A3 Boxey hugs Muffit II, aboard Galactica
C-BG-A4 FV of a Cylon Raider in space
C-BG-A5 Leader of four Raiders rolls while firing lasers
C-BG-A6 RV of a battlestar taking a hit aft
C-BG-A7 A battlestar laser cannon triggers two blasts
C-BG-A8 Underside of a Viper, turbos ignited, starting turn
C-BG-A9 Viper flies over a battlestar, on fire from within
C-BG-A10 FV of Viper firing twin laser bolts
C-BG-A11 MS of Raider flying between tiers of a basestar
C-BG-A12 RV of Galactica threading thru red Nova Madigon
C-BG-A13 Cont. C-BG-12, slightly longer shot of Galactica
C-BG-A14 CU of Ovion head peeking over rocks on Carillon
C-BG-A15 Boomer & Starbuck talk with hog-alien in casino
C-BG-A16 LS of aliens socializing in casino [different from C-BG-JJ]
C-BG-A17 Cigar chomping Starbuck rakes up cubits in casino
C-BG-A18 CU of Serina & Apollo sharing a smile in casino
C-BG-A19 CU of Adama talking to an Elder [back turned]
C-BG-A20 FLV of an Ovion, its four arms outstretched
C-BG-A21 FLV of two centurions following an Ovion in corridor
C-BG-A22 SV of Starbuck in corridor, pointing gun
C-BG-A23 MS of Apollo & Starbuck in tunnel about to shoot
C-BG-A25 LS of two centurions as explosion goes off behind them
C-BG-A26 Muffit II doggedly lopes thru smoky casino
C-BG-A27 BS: MS of Starbuck posing in his uniform
C-BG-A28 Nearly FLV of Serina posing in off-the-shoulder dress
C-BG-A29 BS: CU of laser cannon against blue screen
C-BG-A30 MS of Serina posing in her warrior uniform
C-BG-A31 MS of Adama, Serina & Apollo posed in wedding attire
C-BG-A32 MCU of a centurion, light glinting off its armor
C-BG-A33 FLV of a centurion about to buckle & fall in tunnel
C-BG-A34 Athena cuddles Starbuck as he gambles in casino
C-BG-A35 FLV of Android Sisters doing the Supremes
C-BG-A36 Artwork montage of lead players, Cylons & spaceship
C-BG-A37 BS: crew readies centurions for snow scene
C-BG-A38 BS: actor in centurion armor stands beside Cylon gadgetry, oneungloved hand resting on his hip
C-BG-A39 PR: CU of a smiling Apollo
C-BG-A40 PR: MCU of Athena wearing black command uniform
C-BG-A41 Three Raiders being chased by Viper firing lasers
C-BG-A42 CU of Cassiopeia smiling up at Starbuck, who looks off
C-BG-A43 Muffit [stands on all fours, ready for action
C-BG-A44 FLV of Boxey & Starbuck, gun out, in Ovion tunnel
C-BG-A45 Centurions drag warrior thru snow past crashed Viper
C-BG-A46 PRT of Apollo & Starbuck in warrior uniform
C-BG-A47 FLV of Starbuck posing beside his Viper
C-BG-A48 PRT of smiling Apollo
C-BG-A49 FLV of Starbuck armed & ready for action
C-BG-A50 MCU of a centurion aiming his laser rifle
C-BG-A51 Starbuck scrambles out of his damaged Viper on ship
C-BG-A52 Red-hued shot of Starbuck & Athena beside Viper
C-BG-A53 FLV of Jolly, Apollo & Serina surrounded by Ovions
C-BG-A54 Starbuck & Boomer work toward Android Sisters on stage
C-BG-A55 MS of Serina, Apollo & Boxey in Ovion corridor
C-BG-A56 Cont. C-BG-55, pull back shot includes RV of Muffit II
C-BG-A57 LS of Boomer, Athena, Boxey, Serina, Apollo, Starbuck, Cassiopeia & other warriors watching OS speaker
C-BG-A58 Work print shot: FLV of Colonial Viper, turbos firing
C-BG-A59 PR: MS of stern faced Cmdr. Adama on blue bg
C-BG-A60 PR: MS of a laughing Cassiopeia
C-BG-A61 Cont. C-BG-60, closer, directly frontal view
C-BG-A62 MCU of Cassiopeia snuggling up to Starbuck
C-BG-A63 Hog-alien talks to blue-skinned humanoid in casino as a pincer-snouted alien, in red cape, passes in fg
C-BG-A64 Bug-eyed & garishly dressed female aliens in casino
C-BG-A65 Athena & Cassiopeia fight over Starbuck in casino
C-BG-A66 Ovions place screaming woman in food storage bin
C-BG-A67 People, fleeing from casino, approach land ramp
C-BG-A68 Artwork of sleek luxury spaceship Rising Star
C-BG-A69 Artwork of planet Caprica, explosions dotting surface
C-BG-A70 Artwork of Capricans enjoying domed architecture
C-BG-A71 Artwork of Raiders razing triangular-shaped structure
C-BG-A72 Artwork of Android Sisters & multi-armed bongo player
C-BG-A73 Artwork of Viper blasting three Ovions on Carillon
C-BG-A74 PR: Cast PRT includes Adama, Apollo, Starbuck, Jolly, Boomer,Athena, Cassiopeia & Sheba aboard Galactica
C-BG-A75 PR: Montage of Apollo, Adama & Starbuck in action pose withGalactica above them. All on a starfield
C-BG-A76 PR: MS of Starbuck, Adama & Apollo in dress uniforms
C-BG-A77 PR: MS of Starbuck & Apollo striking majestic pose
C-BG-A78 PR: MS of Zac & Apollo in relaxed pose by doorway
C-BG-A79 PR: MS of smiling Adama
C-BG-A80 PR: PRT of serious Apollo
C-BG-A81 PR: MS of smiling Apollo sitting at Galactica bridge
C-BG-A82 PR: PRT of smiling Starbuck
C-BG-A83 PR: Red-hued MS of Starbuck leaning against bulkhead
C-BG-A84 PR: Near FLV of Starbuck posing aboard fleet barge
C-BG-A85 PR: MLS of Starbuck with drawn gun in Ovion chamber
C-BG-A86 PR: Candid of Starbuck with drawn gun on set
C-BG-A87 PR: FLV of Serina seated on floor in her Caprican outfit
C-BG-A88 PR: Semi-profile PRT of Serina in blue dress
C-BG-A89 PR: MCU of Serina in blue dress
C-BG-A90 PR: MS of Serina in blue dress, talking animatedly
C-BG-A91 PR: Semi-profile PRT of Athena in tan uniform
C-BG-A92 PR: PRT of Athena in black uniform on orange bg
C-BG-A93 PR: MS of Athena posed in dress worn at Carillon casino
C-BG-A94 PR: MS of Athena looking up from bridge console
C-BG-A95 PR: PRT of smiling Sheba in warrior uniform
C-BG-A96 PR: MS of Boxey
C-BG-A97 PR: MS of Starbuck & Chameleon [Fred Astaire) smiling
C-BG-A98 PR: CU of Imperious Leader's face
C-BG-A99 PR: MS of centurion, light bursting colorfully off armor
C-BG-B1 PR: FLV of centurion in entryway to Leader's chamber
C-BG-B2 PR: FLV of IL-series robot, Lucifer
C-BG-B3 PR: CU of Lucifer
C-BG-B4 PR: MS of an Android Sister
C-BG-B5 PR: Battlestar Galactica model mounted for filming
C-BG-B6 PR: 3/4 FV of "film can" member of ragtag fleet
C-BG-B7 PR: SV of full scale shuttle prototype not used in series
C-BG-B8 BS: FV of shuttle mock-up, taken at studio lot
C-BG-B9 BS: A lit-up Viper cockpit interior
C-BG-B10 BS: Boom mike hangs over actors & Viper on Caprica set
C-BG-B11 LS of Carillon casino filled with aliens. Camera in fg
C-BG-B12 Title in distance against starfield
C-BG-B13 Title up full against starfield
C-BG-B14 Title over bow of Galactica
C-BG-B15 Galactica in fg [bow OS] leads battlestar force in space
C-BG-B16 RV of the Galactica's port side showing landing bay
C-BG-B17 MCU of Adama pondering impending peace with Cylons
C-BG-B18 MCU of Adar [Lew Ayres) confronting Adama on the issue
C-BG-B19 Apollo's & Zac's Vipers heading back to the fleet
C-BG-B20 Cont. C-BG-19, both Vipers with turbos ignited
C-BG-B21 Cont. C-BG-20, explosion goes off between the Vipers
C-BG-B22 Cont. C-BG-2, rear Viper fires laser at OS Raiders
C-BG-B23 Starbuck shows shirtless Boomer his full pyramid card hand
C-BG-B24 Tigh informs Adama that their patrol is under attack
C-BG-B25 MCU of Tigh advising OS Adama to launch fighters
C-BG-B26 Wall of Cylon Raiders on the advance thru space
C-BG-B27 Cont. C-BG-26, one of lead Raiders fires twin lasers
C-BG-B28 Cont. C-BG-27, lead Raider goes into roll
C-BG-B29 FLV of Adar on Atlantia bridge by communicator
C-BG-B30 Cont. C-BG-29, Adar turns in search of missing Baltar
C-BG-B31 DA on Galactica bridge after red alert is called
C-BG-B32 Warriors scramble from quarters
C-BG-B33 Athena at her station punching computer keys
C-BG-B34 MCU of Adama listening to reports from enemy action
C-BG-B35 MCU of bridge officer [David Greenan) giving report
C-BG-B36 Crew on bridge rim consoles in action
C-BG-B37 MS of Tigh & Adama discussing their plight
C-BG-B38 Launch crew readies Vipers for takeoff
C-BG-B39 RV of Viper launching
C-BG-B40 Cont. C-BG-39, Viper further down tube
C-BG-B41 FV of Viper launching
C-BG-B42 Exterior shot of Viper launching from Galactica
C-BG-B43 Raider dives toward aft of Galactica
C-BG-B44 Cont. C-BG-43, Raider crosses over aft of Galactica
C-BG-B45 CU of hand punching lateral laser control keys
C-BG-B46 CU of laser cannon firing
C-BG-B47 Cannon firing at rolling Raider
C-BG-B48 Cont. C-BG-47, Raider gets by but cannons still firing
C-BG-B49 SV of burning Atlantia amidships & cannon fire
C-BG-B50 Near FLV of Atlantia with midsection ablaze
C-BG-B51 The not-too-cool Atlantia bridge before final do-dah
C-BG-B52 RV of two Vipers blasting thru space
C-BG-B53 FV of Starbuck in Viper cockpit
C-BG-B54 FV of Boomer in Viper cockpit
C-BG-B55 FV of Jolly in Viper cockpit
C-BG-B56 DA of Viper as aft explosion spreads debris about it
C-BG-B57 FV of Viper
C-BG-B58 FV of Viper turned orange by its laser fire
C-BG-B59 RV of three Raiders
C-BG-B60 Spectacular explosion in space
C-BG-B61 Brilliant explosion goes off between Viper & Raiders
C-BG-B62 RV of Raider returning to its basestar
C-BG-B63 Near FLV of Serina reporting from Caprican mall
C-BG-B64 Explosion in mall area sends Capricans fleeing
C-BG-B65 Raider flies low over Presidium, wreaking destruction
C-BG-B66 Line of explosions rips Presidium
C-BG-B67 Explosion behind Caprican sends her flying
C-BG-B68 Brave Caprican pulls Serina & Boxey to cover
C-BG-B69 FV of landed Viper as crowd surges downhill toward it
C-BG-B70 Cont. C-BG-B69, 3/4 FV of Viper with crowd slightly closer
C-BG-B71 Cont. C-BG-B70, pullback shot as Apollo goes to meet group
C-BG-B72 Cont. C-BG-B71, MS of survivors browbeating Apollo
C-BG-B73 Apollo & Starbuck with elderly survivor aboard barge
C-BG-B74 Boomer draws on Uri's guard as Apollo nears in bg
C-BG-B75 Apollo woefully inspects Uri's sumptuous private party
C-BG-B76 Cont. C-BG-B75, longer shot
C-BG-B77 LS of Adama sitting with Council of the Twelve
C-BG-B78 CU of star chart in meeting room
C-BG-B79 MS of Apollo gesturing at star chart
C-BG-B80 Muffit II makes his debut in laboratory
C-BG-B81 Boxey, Serina & Apollo react happily to OS daggit
C-BG-B82 Muffit & Boxey get acquainted
C-BG-B83 LS of centurion reporting to Imperious Leader
C-BG-B84 Cont. C-BG-B83, reverse angle favors Leader
C-BG-B85 MS of Starbuck & Cassiopeia talking in Viper bay
C-BG-B86 Cont. C- BG-B85, Cassiopeia takes cigar out of his mouth
C-BG-B87 Cont. C-BG-B86, they kiss
C-BG-B88 DA past Leader of Baltar flanked by two centurions
C-BG-B89 MCU of desperate Baltar, metal hand atop his head
C-BG-B90 Cont. C-BG-B89, sword slashes at neck of screaming Baltar
C-BG-B91 LS of Landram moving across Carillon surface
C-BG-B92 Ovion head peeks over ledge
C-BG-B93 Starbuck & Boomer beside Landram with blasters drawn
C-BG-B94 Hands grope for cubits on sparkling gaming table
C-BG-B95 MS of Starbuck holding up a cubit, transfixed
C-BG-B96 Starbuck & Boomer sit & talk at casino table
C-BG-B97 DA of Android Sisters singing before audience
C-BG-B98 FLV of the Android Sisters doing their thing
C-BG-B99 Ovions escort Jolly, Apollo & Serina to casino
C-BG-C1 MCU of Serina peeking around corner, disturbed
C-BG-C2 Serina, Starbuck & Apollo discuss odd developments
C-BG-C3 MS of Apollo & Starbuck entering underground chamber
C-BG-C4 MS of centurion in violet-hued Ovion chamber
C-BG-C5 DA of two Ovion miners at work
C-BG-C6 Ovion hands touch head of unconscious Cassiopeia
C-BG-C7 Cont. C-BG-6, Cassiopeia screams for her life
C-BG-C8 Apollo & Starbuck find secret Ovion food chamber OS
C-BG-C9 FLV of storage compartment containing remains
C-BG-C10 Cassiopeia still screaming as her captors are fired upon
C-BG-C11 Rescued, Cassiopeia hugs Starbuck as Apollo aims blaster
C-BG-C12 Boxey, Apollo, Starbuck & Cassie run across bridge
C-BG-C13 Centurions advance toward bridge
C-BG-C14 LS of heroes & centurions shooting it out on bridge
C-BG-C15 Cont. C-BG-C14, blaster fire just misses our heroes
C-BG-C16 Cont. C-BG-C15, our heroes escaping toward elevator
C-BG-C17 Cont. C-BG-C16, our heroes cover for lagging Muffit
C-BG-C18 Cont. C-BG-C17, Muffit now in elevator
C-BG-C19 Centurions halted in front of closed elevator door
C-BG-C20 MCU of Uri turning aside at sounds of commotion
C-BG-C21 MS of Starbuck & Apollo firing at OS centurions
C-BG-C22 Centurions advance on Boomer [back turned]
C-BG-C23 FV of Boomer firing at OS centurions
C-BG-C24 Centurions dropping as they surge into casino [no fx]
C-BG-C25 DA of Raiders & captured Viper gunning across frozen surface of iceplanet. Gun on Ice Planet Zero
C-BG-C26 BS: crewman raises clapboard in front of snowram sportinggunmount. Gun on Ice Planet Zero
C-BG-C27 Never used original McQuarrie poster art
C-BG-C28 McQuarrie art of Rising Star leaving exploding planet
C-BG-C29 Adama, Starbuck, Apollo below painting of giant Cylon
C-BG-C30 MCU of Serina in hooded gown, smiling
C-BG-C31 FLV of Boomer posed on interior ramp of barge ship [bit dark]
C-BG-C32 MS of Cassiopeia & Starbuck striding thru Carillon casino
C-BG-C33 AV of Cylon Raider prototype model never used in series
C-BG-C34 SV from cabin to stern of full-scale Viper
C-BG-C35 BS: RV of full scale Viper in garage on backlot
C-BG-C36 Boomer & Starbuck driving in Landram
C-BG-C37 Cylon basestar explodes in space
C-BG-C38 Sheba, Apollo & Starbuck stand side-by-side
C-BG-C39 FLV of Count Iblis revealed for what he really is in front of spaceship wreckage
C-BG-C40 PR: MLS of Adama & Apollo posed before star chart
C-BG-C41 PR: Adama, Apollo & Starbuck huddle next to Athena at console
C-BG-C42 FLV of Athena on hanger lift during red alert
C-BG-C43 MCU of hooded sociolator Cassiopeia
C-BG-C44 MS of Serina & other Caprican survivors listening to OS Adamaoffer them new hope
C-BG-C45 MS of Baltar surveying Cylon carnage as two centurians stand at hisside
C-BG-C46 SV of Sire Uri greeting Serina & Apollo in Carillon casino
C-BG-C47 DA of snowram pushing thru storm
C-BG-C48 Starbuck explains mission to Cassiopeia [back turned] as Apollo &Sheba approach them in hanger area. Living Legend
C-BG-C49 Cont. C-BG-C48, MCU of Starbuck & Cassiopeia
C-BG-C50 MCU of IL series Cylon, Spectre. Young Lords
C-BG-C51 Two centurians wade waist deep thru swamp in search of disrupters.Young Lords
C-BG-C52 RV of Imperious Leader addressing robotic assemblage at Cylon base
C-BG-C53 PR: MCU of Serina in off-shoulder blue dress smiling into camera onpink bg
C-BG-C54 PR: FLV of Athena in flight uniform posed coyly leaning on railing
C-BG-C55 MS of Sheba about to become emotional again
C-BG-C56 MCU of Lucifer, light glinting off his head
C-BG-C57 MCU of Starbuck in quarters, a bit tense
C-BG-C58 MS of Cain, his back turned on Apollo, who is taking him to taskduring red alert
C-BG-C59 MS of Boomer & Starbuck in night raid duds
C-BG-C60 Action montage of Apollo, Adama & Starbuck menaced by Cylonsfrom behind as fighters wage laser battle in space overhand [same asBG-UU in B/W section]
C-BG-C61 FLV of spectacular multi-spired City of Light spaceship. War of theGods
C-BG-C62 PRT of Zac in uniform
C-BG-C63 MLS of Cassiopeia posed in off-shoulder white dress before starchart
C-BG-C64 FLV of Count Iblis walking toward camera away from Sheba, Apollo& Starbuck. War of the Gods
C-BG-C65 MCU of Serina, bandaged Caprican survivor beside her, listening toOS Adama
C-BG-C66 Lightning bolts & explosions radiate between low-flying CylonBasestar & surface of Carrilon in colorful display before both arevaporized
C-BG-C67 CU of Starbuck wearing lighted helmet, his face glowing red & green
C-BG-C68 Profile MCU of Starbuck & Chameleon telling dirty stories
C-BG-C70 BS: MS of Serina closing her eyes as makeup man applies spray toher face
C-BG-C71 PR: MS of Starbuck under light red glow from behind
C-BG-C72 PR: FLV of Starbuck standing on Ovion tunnel taking breather,blaster held down at side
C-BG-C73 PR: MLS of Serina, Apollo & Boxey posed in Carillon corridor
C-BG-C74 MS of Apollo taking Adama by shoulders as Athena looks on
C-BG-C75 Serina watches Apollo try to lift spirits of Boxey, disheartened byloss of Muffit
C-BG-C76 DA of Ovions escorting Serina, Apollo & Jolly thru tunnel
C-BG-C77 BS: Serina looks up from script, flanked by Adama & survivor, atViper landing site
C-BG-C78 PR: PRT of Starbuck sans uniform jacket, red glow highlighting leftside of face
C-BG-C79 PR: MCU of Starbuck seated in open Viper cockpit, eyes pointedskyward
C-BG-C80 PR: FLV of Apollo kneeling, in full snow gear
C-BG-C81 PR: MLS of troubled Serina, in hooded dress, leaning forehead onsteel beam
C-BG-C82 PR:PRT of Athena, in beige uniform, smiling into camera with armscrossed
C-BG-C83 PR: bottom view of Viper in space. Excellent detail
C-BG-C84 PR: FLV of Cylon Battlestar in space. Great detail
C-BG-C85 PR: FV of Cylon Raider in space. Superb detail
C-BG-C86 MS of Serina, reporting at Caprican Hall
C-BG-C87 LS of Adama entering burned out ruins of home
C-BG-C88 Cont. C-BG-C87, FLV of grieving Adama turning as Apollo appearsat door behind him
C-BG-C89 MS of Starbuck standing between Boomer & Apollo, pilotingsurvivors to fleet
C-BG-C90 MLS of Boomer & Starbuck on ship survey. Green lighting
C-BG-C91 Cont. C-BG-C90, MS with Starbuck in profile
C-BG-C92 Profile MCU of Athena trying to comfort brooding Adama in hisquarters
C-BG-C93 MS of Apollo trying to cheer up Serina at Carillon
C-BG-C94 Cont. C-BG-C93, Apollo succeeds. Serina turns to him with weaksmile
C-BG-C95 UA of Cassie getting help from Starbuck & Apollo aboard survivorship
C-BG-C96 PR: Nice MLS of smiling Starbuck leaning elbow on kicked-up leg,holding lit cheroot
C-BG-C97 PR: MCU of Serina with subtle smile & hair flowing to side of face.Cylon ships on monitors at left
C-BG-C98 MS of Sheba leaning on chair beside seated Cassie on Galacticabridge. Nice PRT
C-BG-C99 DA of Cassie, wrapped in blanket with head down, beside row offellow injured aboard survivor ship
C-BG-D1 Profile MS of Starbuck facing Cassie with Boomer talking frombehind his shoulder
C-BG-D2 MS of Apollo & Serina looking at each other & sharing laugh atCarillon
C-BG-D3 FLV of Baltar standing in doorway ruins
C-BG-D4 MS of Starbuck smiling into camera, wearing headset
C-BG-D5 BS: FLV of John Dykstra & friend standing beside man-sized modelof Galactica in workshop
C-BG-D6 PR: MS of Apollo, in snow gear, holding Boxey in his lap frominterior of snowram
C-BG-D7 PR: MS of smiling Cassie, body profiled, off-shoulder white dress
C-BG-D8 PR: MS of Cassie, lips parted, in off-shoulder yellow dress
C-BG-D9 PR: MLS of Cmdr. Cain leaning arm on table in his quarters, hint ofsmile crossing face

BEASTMASTER - 1999-2000
C-BST-A PR: FLV cast PRT of Beastmaster Dar [Daniel Goddard] posed in lush jungle with Tao [Jackson Raine], Arina [Marjean Holden], Sorceress [Monika Schnarre] & Ruh the tiger
C-BST-B PR: MLS of Dar wielding spear

         [NOTE: C-B&B-A thru C-B&B-A7 from first season]
C-B&B-A PRT of lovely Catherine in melancholy pose against yellow curtain
C-B&B-B Evocative MLS of Catherine, wearing slip & shawl held at bosom,lost in thought at balcony as shrouded Vincent watches her frombehind. Colors of curtains & rose-covered walls give added feeling
C-B&B-C MS of Catherine posed leaning forward & holding maroon robeabout her as shrouded Vincent stands in full view at entrance tohidden lair in bg
C-B&B-D Stirring pose of Catherine, bare-shouldered wearing maroon velourdress, looking over shoulder while standing at & touching floor-length mirror because Vincent is reflected in glass
C-B&B-E Sitting PRT of Vincent eyeing camera with gloved hands claspedunder chin in candle-lit underground chamber
C-B&B-F Lord & Lady PRT, Catherine holding Vincent around waist as bothlook into camera in hushed underground setting
C-B&B-G PRT of father gazing up & away from camera wistfully
C-B&B-H Cont. C-B&B-B, Vincent now visible from waist up as Catherine studies camera
C-B&B-I PR: MLS of Linda & Perlman as themselves in posed embrace, shewearing yellow & black dress pulled off shoulder & wide-brimmedblack hat, tight-lipped Perlman nice looking in suit
C-B&B-J Cont. C-B&B-I, Linda switches sides & sits on Perlman's lap,causing him to flash his ivories
C-B&B-K MLS of Linda in sleeveless yellow summer dress with lime greenscarf around her back held at waist with hands, head tossed back
C-B&B-L Sitting PRT of smiling Linda wearing red dress with wide green belt& yellow leather waist-jacket, head tossed back
C-B&B-M Cont. C-B&B-L, Linda smiling directly into camera
C-B&B-N Cont. C-B&B-H, Catherine turns face to camera & Vincent movesout of shadows a little more
C-B&B-O MS of Vincent wearing cloak & hood, face open as he looks aside
C-B&B-P MS of Vincent sans cloak & hood, standing nobly
C-B&B-Q MLS of Vincent playing chess with Father
C-B&B-R Profile CU of Vincent looking in mirror where Perlman's smilingface is reflected
C-B&B-S Serious PRT of Perlman as himself, lightly bearded & wearing darksweater over sport shirt, arms folded at chest
C-B&B-T Cont. C-B&B-K, Linda adds fun-loving smile while facing cameradirectly
C-B&B-U MS of Linda posed demure in low-cut, off-shoulder, flower decorateddress topped off by jaunty straw hat
C-B&B-V Cont. C-B&B-J, playful Linda coils hands around Perlman's neck &flings body backward in his grasp
C-B&B-W PRT of Linda on Perlman's lap, smartly clad in dark blue suit & neckscarf, his hair slicked back, both smiling wide
C-B&B-X Cont. C-B&B-W, Linda pulls Perlman to her so his forehead restsagainst her cheek
C-B&B-Y Beautiful PRT mindful of soulful kiss in Happy Life as Catherine'sprofiled, upturned face is positioned so her lips appear to unite withVincent's C-B&B-Z Underground PRT of Vincent holding Catherine by shoulders from behind while also resting his chin against her hair
C-B&B-A1 PRT of Vincent holding single red rose near face
C-B&B-A2 MLS of Vincent standing, hands spread on hips, before tunnelentrance
C-B&B-A3 Outdoor sitting PRT of Catherine wearing red dress with black piping& trim
C-B&B-A4 MS of Vincent & Catherine cuddling for camera
C-B&B-A5 Profile MLS of Father & his son Devin [Bruce Abbott] discussingmatter of importance in elders chamber as Vincent looks on in bg. Promises of Someday
C-B&B-A6 MS of Vincent [face obscured by mane] holding Catherine's hands inhis, on her balcony. Catherine, wearing blue silk robe, studies hisface with longing. Dark Spirit
C-B&B-A7 ECU of Vincent's face, right side partially shadowed, golden lockshighlighted
C-B&B-A8 Cont. C-B&B-A7, normal PRT, right side of face in shadow but oneblue eye catches light
C-B&B-A9 Cont C-B&B-A8, Vincent turns to right profile
C-B&B-B1 Intense PRT of Vincent, wearing tunic with horizontal chains, eyesriveted on camera
C-B&B-B2 FLV of Vincent posed spread-legged outdoors against brick wall
C-B&B-B3 MS of regally-posed Vincent & Father shoulder to shoulder against colorful starry bg
C-B&B-B4 MLS of Vincent posed before same colorful bg with head turned aside
C-B&B-B5 Cont. C-B&B-B4, Vincent beasts out, baring teeth at camera
C-B&B-B6 Cont. C-B&B-K, Linda turns & arches body while sporting sly grin
C-B&B-B7 Cont. C-B&B-X, pair now face each other with fun-loving smiles
C-B&B-B8 Tight, orange-tinted, PRT of Vincent, his steely eyes riveted on camera
C-B&B-B9 MLS of Vincent & Catherine at masked ball, he in ruffled white belted overshirt, she in beautiful Marie Antoinette costume & owl mask. Masques
C-B&B-C1 In aftermath of To Reign in Hell, Vincent places protective hand on knee of rescued Catherine, who has been thru ringer & shows it
C-B&B-C2 FLV of Vincent & deformed Charles [Kevin Scannell] standing at crossroad in tunnels with beast-man reaching up to touch face of former sideshow freak. Brothers
C-B&B-C3 FLV of robed Catherine falling to floor of her apartment, frightened by appearance of Vincent, who reaches down for her. Remember Love
C-B&B-C4 BS: FLV of Perlman in Vincent makeup & costume [except for hands], holding sheet of paper & looking just aside on backlot
C-B&B-C5 Cont. C-B&B-C4, MS facing camera with tight smile
C-B&B-C6 Cont. C-B&B-C5, MCU shows off his sparkling blue eyes
         [NOTE: C-B&B-AA thru C-B&B-ZZ from second season. C-B&B-AA thru C-B&B-DD have orange cast from deliberate filtering process]
C-B&B-AA PRT of bare-shouldered Catherine, wearing attractive wavy hairdo, nearly applying kiss to Vincent's cheek with upturned, profiled face as man-beast studies camera
C-B&B-BB PRT of Catherine, hand under chin, resting head against Vincent's neck & lion's mane hair, both eyeing camera dreamily
C-B&B-CC PRT of Catherine in white top, hint of smile crossing face, hair nicely arranged
C-B&B-DD Excellent PRT of Father studying camera with gloved hand to bearded chin
C-B&B-EE Moodily lit PRT of hooded Vincent facing just aside
C-B&B-FF MS of glamourous, bare-shouldered Catherine nestled close to Vincent, her right hand on his chest, both eyeing camera keenly
C-B&B-GG MLS of Catherine finely styled in black evening dress & choker, hair pulled back, smiling as she poses beside Vincent, who holds book open at her shoulder [3 1/2x5 or 5/7 recommended]
C-B&B-HH Straight-on CU of Vincent, hood pulled back
C-B&B-II MS of Vincent looking over shoulder into camera, seated in underground chamber before candelabrum
C-B&B-JJ Cont. C-B&B-A2, MLS of Vincent, hands fisted against hips, bg brick tunnel entrance more clearly defined
C-B&B-KK FLV of caped Vincent posed standing on grating throwing light on his legs from below in front of brick wall, hands raised to midsection
C-B&B-LL MLS of Vincent holding torch in one hand & swathed infant in other amid candle-lit digs
C-B&B-MM Cont. C-B&B-Q, MLS of pair at chess board, Vincent studying layout as Father peers over glasses at something OS
C-B&B-NN MS of Catherine, elegantly dressed for occasion, looking upon Vincent with interest as Father eyes her from behind at Winter Fest celebration. Dead of Winter
C-B&B-OO MCU of Vincent & Catherine warmly looking upon painting [same as B&B-VV b/w]
C-B&B-PP Cont. C-B&B-OO, canvas now visible as couple share moment of seeing themselves beautifully rendered in paint as lovers
C-B&B-QQ Cont. C-B&B-PP, FLV of painting
C-B&B-RR Cont. C-B&B-FF, MLS as Vincent holds Catherine to him & holds her hand against his chest
C-B&B-SS PR: MS of Vincent with shoulder & face to camera, tan bg
C-B&B-TT Cont. C-B&B-SS, Vincent squares to camera, hitching thumbs in belt of costume
C-B&B-UU Slight UA of Vincent in MS holding arm up below face, which is bathed in red glow
C-B&B-VV Cont. C-B&B-KK, horizontal MLS of Vincent, hands now balled into fists
C-B&B-WW Cont. C-B&B-MM, Father removes glasses during respite in chess match
C-B&B-XX Near FLV of Vincent standing in open doorway leading from Catherine's balcony to her apartment, hood of cape pulled up & hands on hips, lights of New York City in bg
C-B&B-YY Shadowy MS of cowled Vincent & defiant-looking Father, his arms folded, posed in tunnels
C-B&B-ZZ Near FLV of Father leaning on cane, wearing rust-colored tunic & over-jacket with white shirt & brown patched leggings
          [NOTE: C-B&B-1A thru C- B&B-3A from third season]
C-B&B-1A MS of steadfast Vincent square to camera
C-B&B-2B Fatherly PRT of Father
C-B&B-3C PRT of Diana pensively posed leaning against wall, ringed hand to throat, pulling down wide collar of red sweater
C-B&B-4D Outdoor PRT of Diana wearing white top, brown coat & jaunty hat against floral bg
C-B&B-5E Outdoor PRT of tight-lipped Burch in natty suit against floral bg
C-B&B-6F MLS of Diana, in red sweater & blue jeans, leaning forward, hands braced against wall, her open face toward camera. Picture appeared in Jan. 13, 1990 TV Guide
C-B&B-7G This one's a killer! Backlighting accents this cowled PRT of Vincent, his smouldering eyes challenging camera
C-B&B-8H Seriously sexy FLV of Vincent turning pensive eye to camera, seated on ledge of Catherine's balcony, arms clasped around upturned leg, lighted buildings in bg. Excellent detail
C-B&B-9I MLS of Catherine, wearing brown trench coat, cuddling downcast Vincent from side against stained glass window in bg. Though Lovers Be Lost
C-B&B-2A PRT of evil Gabriel wearing natty suit & chilly expression, city lights blur in bg
C-B&B-3B Cont. C-B&B-3C, Diana's face fuller to camera, ringed hand crossed to upper arm, blue bg
C-B&B-4C MCU of Catherine pressed against unconscious Vincent's chest, trying to rouse him. Though Lovers...
C-B&B-5D Having nursed Vincent to recovery, Diana hands him book of sonnets in her apartment, both in profile. A Time to Heal
C-B&B-6E Profile MLS of Vincent & Diana facing each other before bulletin board covered with photos & newspaper clippings. A Time...
C-B&B-7F Cont. C-B&B-6E, both turn to camera, eyeing something OS
C-B&B-8G Father plants kiss atop baby's head as Vincent cradles son in arms. Invictus
C-B&B-9H MS of Vincent cradling wide-eyed baby against shoulder, lips touching side of baby's head, stained glass window in bg. The Reckoning
C-B&B-3A MS of Vincent & Diana side by side in tunnels, gazing intently at something OS. The Reckoning

C-BEW-A PR: Final year cast PRT of Samantha [Elizabeth Montgomery],Darrin [Dick Sargent] with children Tabitha & Adam, red bg
C-BEW-B Cont. C-BEW-A, vertical PRT of smiling Samantha, Darrin &children Tabitha & Adam in different clothes, beige bg

C-BEY-A PR: cast PRT: Moore [Jim McMullan], Oppenheimer [William Jordan] &Pamela [Connie Selleca] on red bg
C-BEY-B PR: PRT of cast with villain Quaid [James Wainwright] added

C-BW-A MCU of Jaime in woods, talking to someone OS
C-BW-B FLV of Jaime leaning down to pet Max, her bionic dog, in field
C-BW-C PR: PRT of Jaime & Oscar cheek-to-cheek & smiling
C-BW-D MLS of Jaime, winner of beauty pageant, being sent up runway with bouquet of flowers

C-B7-A MS of Avon & Jenna posing side by side. Spacefall
C-B7-B MS of Blake posing with elderly gentleman
C-B7-C MS of Blake & Jenna & Cally showing off futuristic hand weapons
C-B7-D Exotically armed Avon, Blake & Cally climb metal stairway at plant
C-B7-E Six horrific creatures cavort in wooded setting. The Web
C-B7-F Cont. C-B7-E, one creature sits amidst shroud of webbing
C-B7-G Cont. C-B7-F, FLV of creature armed with crude spear & tomahawk
C-B7-H PR: MLS of cast, standing in row, including Vila, Cally, Blake, Jenna, Avon & Gan
C-B7-I PR: MS of Avon in black outfit with white piping. Power
C-B7-J PR: MCU of Avon in black & silver two-piece top
C-B7-K PR: MS of Vila leaning forward on flight deck of Liberator. Volcano
C-B7-L PR: MS of Tarrant speaking into wrist communicator. Ultraworld
C-B7-M PR: PRT of Jenna looking over shoulder. Redemption
C-B7-N PR: MS of Cally in futuristic black & white costume in Spaceworld. Redemption
C-B7-O PR: MS of cool Servalan [Jacqueline Pearce] in white high-collared top & straw hat. Pressure Point
C-B7-P PR: MCU of Servalan. Terminal
C-B7-Q PR: MLS of Dayna, wearing Roman-like toga, in Liberator corridor. Powerplay
C-B7-R MCU of Carnell [Scott Fredericks] & Servalan. Weapon
C-B7-S LS of Raiker floating off into space from transfer tube of penal ship London. Spacefall
C-B7-T MS of Federation guard, covered by red glow, aiming blaster, blue bg
C-B7-U MCU of Soolin holding up blaster, title logo & credit beside face
C-B7-V PR: MS of Vila crouched in woods. Headhunter
C-B7-W PR: PRT of Soolin at sand quarry of Space Rats. Star Drive
C-B7-X PR: MS of Avon holding Tynus [Ronald Lacey] at gun point as Villa looks on. Killer
C-B7-Y MS of guards taking Blake, Avon & Jenna to cells. Redemption
C-B7-Z MCU of Tarrant bent over reclining Dayna, each smiling at other. Ultraworld
C-B7-A1 MS of Tarrant, Avon & Soolin on crest of ridge checking out Space Rats headquarters. Star Drive
C-B7-A2 MLS of Tarrant & Dayna held captive by Federation troopers.Volcano
C-B7-A3 MS of Avon leaning over what appears to be injured Blake on table. Terminal
C-B7-A4 FLV of Avon & Jenna in connecting tube to Liberator. Spacefall
C-B7-A5 FLV of Avon with gun trained on OS Cally. Time Squad
C-B7-A6 MS of Cally with gun trained on OS Blake. Time Squad
C-B7-A7 Dayna & Tarrant relax in teleport room of Liberator. City at the Edge of the World
C-B7-A8 MLS of Tarrant & Avon discussing transmitter Vila's to swallow. City...
C-B7-A9 Semi-profile RV of Liberator on black bg
C-B7-B1 FV of Liberator in space
C-B7-B2 SV of Liberator in front of Star One [dark & hard to see]. Star One
C-B7-B3 RV of Liberator approaching Space City. Shadow
C-B7-B4 FV of three Federation pursuit spaceships
C-B7-B5 PR: MS of Vila, Avon & Tarrant aiming blasters at camera, blue bg
C-B7-B6 PR: FLV of Tarrant, Vila & Dayna posed on rocky summit, aiming blasters just off camera
C-B7-B7 PR: MS of Avon, Tarrant & Soolin aiming blasters OS from behind rocks
C-B7-B8 PR: MLS of Soolin leaning against tree, aiming blaster OS
C-B7-B9 Cont. C-B7-Y, MCU of Blake looking aside as Avon glares at him from behind Jenna not in frame
C-B7-B10 Profile MS of Tarrant having discussion with Dayna
C-B7-C1 Cont. C-B7-B, same except reverse positions as they aim blasters
C-B7-C2 PR: PRT of Soolin looking back at Avon, who holds her arm from behind & broods, blue bg
C-B7-C3 PR: MS of Spacerat aiming weapon while pressed up against rock. Stardrive
C-B7-C4 PR: Full length SV of spaceship Scorpio
C-B7-C5 PR: Terry Nation stands with patrol robot from Time Squad
C-B7-C6 PR: Terrific third season cast shot of Tarrant, Dayna, Avon [in bolero black leather costume], Cally & Vila against black bg
C-B7-C7 PR: MS of haughty Servalan posed in fourth season costume, hands on hips
C-B7-C8 MS of drunken Vila with arm around Avon's neck for support.Gambit
C-B7-C9 FLV of armed Avon, wearing gauntlets, walking in snow.Headhunter
C-B7-D1 MLS of Blake setting timer on explosive device as Cally looks on, hand on canister
C-B7-D2 MS of Blake brandishing glowing Liberator gun
C-B7-D3 FLV of scarred Blake roasting rabbit over campfire. Blake
C-B7-D4 Cont. C-B7-A, vertical MS of Avon with arm around Jenna's waist
C-B7-D5 PR: Candid PRT ofsmiling Darrow as himself, wearing beige sweater-shirt] at 1988 convention, holding cigarette to lips
C-B7-D6 PR: MLS of Darrow at 1987 Scorpio V convention standing at podium to remove shirt before modeling another given to him by fan
C-B7-D7 BS: MLS of Avon, Cally, Blake, Gan, Vila & Jenna displaying arms while posed around robot outdoors
C-B7-D8 PR: FLV of second season cast posed aboard Liberator, Blake in center with arms folded
C-B7-D9 PR: Cont. C-B7-J, vertical PRT of Avon in black & silver two-piece top, eyeing camera with lips parted
C-B7-E1 PR: MS of solemn Avon holding controls aboard Liberator
C-B7-E2 PR: PRT of grim Avon, in studded black & white garb, arms folded & holding blaster across chest, sky bg
C-B7-E3 PR: FLV of Avon in forest, posed spread-legged & pointing blaster with both hands OS
C-B7-E4 MS of Tarrant & Avon aiming weapons at OS alien sinners
C-B7-E5 Cont. C-B7-E4, MCU of pair shoulder to shoulder
C-B7-E6 FLV of [l to r] Tarrant, Dayna, Avon, Cally & Vila staring at various weapons & such on table inside ship
C-B7-E7 FLV of Avon, carrying Orac, & Vila entering Egrorian's lab. Orbit
C-B7-E8 FLV of Avon [favored] sticking weapon in Blake's face in perhaps their most serious confrontation. Blake

C-BNW-A PR: Thomas Grahmbell [Keir Dullea], arms folded
C-BNW-B PR: MLS of Grahmbell & Linda Lysenko [Julie Cobb]
C-BNW-C DA on Beta workers decanting baby at hatcheries plant
C-BNW-D PR: MS of Linda Lysenko on blue bg
C-BNW-E PR: MCU of Linda
C-BNW-F PR: MS of Grahmbell & Lenia [Marcia Strassman] as seen thruhatchery glass enclosure
C-BNW-G PR: MLS of Lenia & Bernard Marx [Bud Cort] in the savagereservation

C-BATM-A PR: MS of Det. Don Gordon[David Hasselhoff] & Stephanie Kramer as Angie Shepherd posed holding each other against unseen menace
C-BATM-B PR: FLV of Gordon posed with Angie, Lynn Chandler[Adrienne Barbeau] & Elaine Gardner[Lindsay Bloom] on set
C-BATM-C PR: PRT of Angie, hand toying with collar of pink blouse, lips parted

C-BBA-A PR: MLS of Buck, hands on hips, posed with Gloria, in shirt & shorts, holding his arm & Ali [Clyde Kusatsu] as elephant curls trunk in bg
C-BBA-B PR: horizontal MS of trio as above in different pose
C-BBA-C PR: FLV of Gloria seated on arm of wicker chair next to Buck with tiger at their feet
C-BBA-D PR: MLS of Buck riding elephant, rope in one hand
C-BBA-E PR: FLV of Buck with foot resting on running board of truck bearing emblem of his enterprise
C-BBA-F PR: MLS of Gloria, in shirt & shorts, posed leaning against tree & fondling fern

C-BU-A PR: FLV of Buck in tight silver pants, showing off hairy chest
C-BU-B PR: FLV of Buck in standard white uniform, roaming corridor
C-BU-C PR: MS of Buck face forward, hands on hips
C-BU-D PR: MS of Buck aiming laser pistol
C-BU-E PR: Buck kneels down by Twiki, points OS
C-BU-F PR: MLS of Wilma posed in tight green outfit, legs spread
C-BU-G PR: MS of Wilma in same garb against bright red bg
C-BU-H PR: MCU of Wilma, sultry against multicolored bg
C-BU-I PR: MLS of Buck & Wilma posing with hands on hips
C-BU-J PR: FLV of Twiki repairing computer panel
C-BU-K PR: FLV of Princess Ardala in red nightgown
C-BU-L PR: MLS of Ardala in sexy purple gown
C-BU-M PR: Ardala leans up in bed, covering bosom with bedspread
C-BU-N PR: Cont. C-BU-M, Ardala sits up attentive to something
C-BU-O PR: MS of Buck & Gordon [Buster Crabbe] posing on flight deck
C-BU-P PR: Buck & Gordon show smiling Wilma their laser pistols, all inwhite uniforms
C-BU-Q Buck & Gordon pick Wilma up & aim their guns
C-BU-R PR: MS of Gordon
C-BU-S FLV of Buck detailing battle procedure to class using football terminology
C-BU-T Buck & sexy lady talk in nightclub. Vegas in Space
C-BU-U Buck & chalk-skinned beauty look to ceiling. Vegas...
C-BU-V PR: MS of Buck with Miss Cosmos [Dorothy Stratten]. Cruise Ship to the Stars
C-BU-W Cont. C-BU-V, SV of Buck & Miss Cosmos turning to each other
C-BU-X MLS of Miss Cosmos [sparse silver costume] as aide admires her
C-BU-Y Cont. C-BU-X, Miss Cosmos stands alone in stateroom
C-BU-Z Cont. C-BU-Y, MS of Miss Cosmos doffing wrap
C-BU-AA Cont. C-BU-Z, MCU of Miss Cosmos
C-BU-BB Miss Cosmos, in gold bikini, sits pool side with several others
C-BU-CC PR: PRT of Wilma in green garb on red bg
C-BU-DD Cont. C-BU-CC, Wilma looks into camera instead of off camera
C-BU-EE MLS of Wilma posing in red duds with arms folded
C-BU-FF MLS of Wilma leaning on Bayliss' lab chair, hand on her hip
C-BU-GG MS of smiling Wilma, in low-cut blue dress, sitting on couch
C-BU-HH MLS of Vorvon grabbing scared Wilma. Space Vampire
C-BU-II Cont. C-BU-HH, closer shot
C-BU-JJ FLV of Vorvon holding hurt arm outside ship wreckage
C-BU-KK MS of Vorvon doing in female member of space station
C-BU-LL Twiki meets female counterpart. Cruise Ship to the Stars
C-BU-MM Ardala sits primly on bed clad in silver costume
C-BU-NN Ardala sits on couch clad in pink, high-collared outfit
C-BU-OO Cont. C-BU-NN, MS of Ardala listening to Kane in bg
C-BU-PP MS of Buck & Wilma posed on set, laughing
C-BU-QQ MLS of Buck & Wilma posed on set, amused
C-BU-RR MS of Wilma sitting sideways, looking at camera with big smile
C-BU-SS MS of smiling Wilma, head tilted, looks off camera, multicolored bg
C-BU-TT MS of Wilma in businesslike pose with arms folded
C-BU-UU MLS of Wilma posed in sleek walking position
C-BU-VV MCU of Wilma bent over, speaking to someone OS
C-BU-WW MLS of Ardala in sexy purple lounge gown, stands, hands on hips
C-BU-XX Cont. C-BU-WW, Ardala holds small device in hand
C-BU-YY Ardala sprawls blissfully on cushion, handmaidens attend her whims
C-BU-ZZ Cont. C-BU-YY, Ardala props chin on hands & smiles beguilingly at someone OS
C-BU-A1 Cont. C-BU-ZZ, Ardala sits up, gold lamè towel wrapped around her
C-BU-A2 Ardala, wearing black dress & earrings, sits at small table, eyeing cautiously someone OS
C-BU-A3 FLV of Twiki
C-BU-A4 Twiki seated in starfighter cockpit
C-BU-A5 3/4 RV of Draconia spaceship model on black bg
C-BU-A6 SV of Draconia model on black bg
C-BU-A7 3/4 FV of Draconia model on black bg
C-BU-A8 FV of Draconia model on black bg
C-BU-A9 ECU of top section of Draconia
C-BU-A10 BS: technician prepares to shoot scene with spaceship model
C-BU-A11 Standard opening shot of Buck's Ranger 3 spaceship streaking toward New Chicago
C-BU-A12 MS of Trebor [William Smith] on set. Buck's Duel to the Death
C-BU-A13 MLS of Buck, hefting heavy blaster, with Twiki. Buck's Duel...
C-BU-A14 PRT Jennifer [Anne Lockhart] wearing blue coverall
C-BU-A15 MLS Leila with Merlin [Gino Conforti] & consort watching her in bg. Jennifer
C-BU-A16 Cont. C-BU-A15, MS of Merlin threatening Jennifer
C-BU-A17 MLS of Jennifer & Buck talking in security room. Jennifer
C-BU-A18 Dressed up Buck & Jennifer in a romantic clinch. Jennifer
C-BU-A19 PR: MS of Buck & Jen Burton [Jamie Lee Curtis] wearing low-cut dress, in lighthearted moment outdoors. Unchained Women
C-BU-A20 MLS of Jen watching as Buck holds blaster on someone OS. Unchained Women
C-BU-A21 SV of Buck meeting evil Zarina [Julie Newmar]. Flight...
C-BU-A22 MS of Zarina in elegant caped black & red gown + headdress.Flight...
C-BU-A23 Zarina & henchman [Syd Haig] torture their young captive. Flight...
C-BU-A24 PR: Two starfighters fly high over Earth with all of America visible
C-BU-A25 PR: PRT of Dr. Huer
C-BU-A26 PR: MS of Wilma in slinky nightclub gown under low key lighting
C-BU-A27 PR: MCU of Wilma in lamè gown
C-BU-A28 PR: MLS of Ardala, hands on hips, in high-collared pink number with oversized cuffs
C-BU-A29 PR: MS of Ardala standing in red halter top
C-BU-A30 PR: Cont. C-BU-A29, full shot of Ardala & black dress as she sits up
C-BU-A31 PR: MLS of Ardala, sitting with hands on knees, in low-cut black & silver dress
C-BU-A32 PR: MLS of Ardala, in same dress, putting make on Buck from behind
C-BU-A33 PR: MCU of Chandar [Kelley Miles]. Flight...
C-BU-A34 PR: MS of Elana [Wesley Ann Pfenning] posing in blue jumpsuit over white blouse. Flight...
C-BU-A35 PR: MS of Elana, hand on hip, playing at being coy. Flight...
C-BU-A36 PR: MLS of Elana, hands behind her & smiling. Flight...
C-BU-A37 PR: MCU of Tora [Vera Miles]. Flight...
C-BU-A38 PR: MS of Tora placing hand on Chandar's shoulder to comfort her
C-BU-A39 PR: Cast PRT of Wilma [in her cute new uniform], Buck [in stylish white shirt & black leather vest], Twiki [in polished silver] & Dr. Goodfellow [[Wilford Hyde-White] in old grey sweater & wrinkles] all smiling into camera.
C-BU-A40 PR: same as above except Wilma is smiling at Buck
C-BU-A41 PR: Buck & Wilma [now wearing cap] pose cheek-to-cheek
C-BU-A42 PR: Cont. C-BU-A41, both have different expressions
C-BU-A43 PR: FLV of smiling Wilma posed with legs spread apart, arms folded
C-BU-A44 PR: Cont. C-BU-A43, Wilma has bigger smile & head is cocked
C-BU-A45 PR: Cont. C-BU-A44, MLS of Wilma looking more serious
C-BU-A46 PR: Cont. C-BU-A45, MS of Wilma with hands at sides
C-BU-A47 PR: MS of Wilma, cap removed, wearing best coy expression
C-BU-A48 PR: Cont. C-BU-A47, MCU of Wilma as above
C-BU-A49 PR: PRT of Dr. Goodfellow holding glasses
C-BU-A50 PR: Cast PRT of Wilma [no cap], Dr. Goodfellow [same wrinkles], Buck [same shirt & vest] & Twiki [same pain in the ass]
C-BU-A51 PR: Cont. C-BU-50, horizontal shot of cast side-by-side [Wilma's cap is back on]
C-BU-A52 PR: PRT of Buck
C-BU-A53 PR: FLV of Wilma, hands on hips
C-BU-A54 PR: MS of Wilma smiling away from camera
C-BU-A55 PR: PRT of Dr. Goodfellow going on ninety
C-BU-A56 PR: PRT of Hawk
C-BU-A57 PR: FLV of Buck carrying woman in his arms up steps with Hawk at his side & aliens with yellow stovepipe headdresses bringing up rear
C-BU-A58 PR: Gag shot of Buck making crazy face & pointing OS from rocks
C-BU-A59 PR: FLV of Hawk [Thorn Christopher] posed at astrogation globe aboard Searcher
C-BU-A60 PR: MS of Hawk posed at astrogation globe
C-BU-A61 PR: MS of Hawk &Koori [Barbara Luna] embracing in front of bird god statue
C-BU-A62 PR: MLS of Hawk & Buck, in dress uniforms, with big smiles
C-BU-A63 PR: MS of Hawk & Buck, in white shirt & red sash, posed in desert
C-BU-A64 PR: MS of Wilma & Ambassador Duvoe [Mark Lenard] posed in dress uniform
C-BU-A65 PR: FLV of green alien, ODX-The Invincible, posed among rocks
            [NOTE: C-BU-A66 thru C-BU-A79 from Time of the Hawk]
C-BU-A66 MS of Buck in blue flight suit, acknowledging order from bridge
C-BU-A67 Hawk ship flies thru space
C-BU-A68 Hawk ship flying over home planet of Throm
C-BU-A69 Buck's fighter heading toward camera over Throm
C-BU-A70 Buck & Koori see Hawk ship buzz them from fighter cockpit
C-BU-A71 MCU of Hawk piloting his ship with grim resolve
C-BU-A72 MCU of Koori in Buck's fighter, awaiting inevitable
C-BU-A73 In cockpit Buck looks up suddenly as Koori sits quietly behind him
C-BU-A74 FV of Hawk ship flying directly above Buck's fighter over Throm
C-BU-A75 Cont. C-BU-A74, Hawk ship about to sink talons into fighter
C-BU-A76 CU of Hawk ship talons about to grab hold of fighter
C-BU-A77 Cont. C-BU-A76, talons rip into fighter cockpit
C-BU-A78 MS of Buck reaching back for Koori, but talons have gored her
C-BU-A79 Cont. C-BU-A78, much tighter shot
C-BU-A80 Buck & Wilma lean over dying man, listening to his final words. The Guardians
C-BU-A81 MCU of fetching Wilma relaxing with drink in Buck's cabin. Hand of Goral
C-BU-A82 Cont. C-BU-A81, Wilma smiles at something from OS Buck
C-BU-A83 LS of Buck rounding corner of Searcher in hurry, Hawk walks in other direction behind him
C-BU-A84 MCU of Buck [brown-vested white shirt] turned to someone OS
C-BU-A85 MCU of Hawk, head cocked slightly, aboard Searcher
C-BU-A87 PR: Jen [Jamie Lee Curtis] gestures to camera that she enjoys Buck's close company. Unchained Woman
C-BU-A88 PR: Cont. C-BU-A87, Buck & sexy lady respond to fg movement
C-BU-A89 Stella [Eddie Benton] & two other women join hands & encircle Buck. Twiki is Missing
C-BU-A90 MLS of Ardala [futuristic gold two-piece gown] taking Kane to task
C-BU-A91 MLS of Ardala, in sexy black & silver dress, gives best bitchy pose
C-BU-A92 LS of Ardala, in sequined halter, sitting up in bed smiling
C-BU-A93 SV of starfighter turned red by multicolored force beam. Planet of Amazon Women
C-BU-A94 MS of Noah [Peter Graves] smiling at Wilma [back turned]. Return of the Fighting 69th
C-BU-A95 MCU of Regis [Roddy McDowall] wearing jeweled turban, raising goblet. Planet of Slave Girls
C-BU-A96 DA of the Space Rockers performing
C-BU-A97 MLS of Wilma comforting Twiki as crewman cuts into spaceship wreckage. Space Vampire
C-BU-A98 PR: MCU of Buck transformed into a Satyr
C-BU-A99 PR: profile MCU of Hawk showing off his nose
C-BU-B1 FLV of Buck & gold-skinned youth against wall, about to be attacked. Golden Man
C-BU-B2 PR of Hawk smiling into camera in front of shuttle
C-BU-B3 PR: MS of Koori pressing her hands against bird god statue
C-BU-B4 PR: FLV of robot Crichton, neck fully extended in Searcher corridor
C-BU-B5 PR: FLV of Crichton & Twiki posed in Searcher corridor
C-BU-B6 PR: MS of Hawk & Koori holding each other in front of bird good statue
C-BU-B7 Scuffed-up Hawk kneels & covers dying Koori with giant leaves in cave
C-BU-B8 MS of Hawk & Wilma in front of shuttle on planet. The Crystals
C-BU-B9 FLV of Hawk, Wilma & Buck eyeballing fuel crystal. ...Crystals
C-BU-B10 MS of mummylike creature touching Hawk's shoulder from behind. ...Crystals
C-BU-B11 Hawk, Asimov & Buck stand behind Wilma as she works controls on Searcher bridge
C-BU-B12 Buck, Wilma [wearing sunglasses] & Hawk look down curiously from rocky ledge
C-BU-B13 Hawk looks aside during trial for Buck. Testimony of a Traitor
C-BU-B14 Wilma having hard time protecting herself from mischievous alien dwarves. Shgoratchx
C-BU-B16 MCU of Saurian ambassador in his true guise, lizard-face. Mark of the Saurian
C-BU-B17 PR: PRT of Ambassador Duvoe in dress uniform in desert. Journey to Oasis
C-BU-B18 FLV of Hawk pointing direction to take for approaching Wilma & Buck, who carries green box. The Guardian
C-BU-B19 MLS of Buck, in first stage satyr transformation, holding upset Syra [Anne E. Curry]. The Satyr
C-BU-B20 FLV of armed Hawk & Buck exploring planet. The Crystals
C-BU-B21 Cont. C-BU-O, FLV of Buck & Gordon posed with weapons & helmets on flight deck
C-BU-B22 PR: FLV of Wilma posed in tight purple jump suit next to wing of fighter on flight deck
C-BU-B23 Cont. C-BU-22, MLS of Wilma in similar pose
C-BU-B24 PR: Delicious MS of Ardala posed in star-studded bikini affair & pink crepe cape
C-BU-B25 MCU of entranced Wilma in red jump suit, eyes closed

C-BVS-A PR: FLV of Buffy [Sarah Michelle Gellar] flanked by Xander [Nicholas Brendon], Giles [Anthony Stewart Head], Cordelia [Charisma Carpenter] & Willow [Alyson Hannigan] posed in front of underground gothic architecture
C-BVS-B PR: MLS of group lined up back to back against candlelit underground setting
C-BVS-C PR: PRT of Buffy seated in library holding open tome entitled "Vampyr" as Giles bends over her
C-BVS-D PR: MS of Buffy posed in front of locker with arms foldedC-BVS-D9 PR: FLV of seated fourth season cast: Giles, Riley Finn [Marc Blucas], Xander, Buffy, Spike, Willow & Oz
C-BVS-D10 PR: MS of Buffy in light blue sweater, arms crossed
C-BVS-D11 PR: MS of Xander, hands in pockets, in front of graveyard fence
C-BVS-D12 PR: cute PRT of demure Willow in aqua sweater, arms wrapped around herself
C-BVS-D13 PR: MS of Giles [gray sweater] seated in study & holding glasses
C-BVS-D14 PR: MCU of serious Oz [red tee] in front of fence
C-BVS-D15 PR: MS of Riley [green sweater] glaring at camera, arms crossed
C-BVS-D16 PR: MS of Spike red shirt & black leather jacket] before wall tapestry, slight smirk on face
C-BVS-D17 FLV of all-business Buffy standing on beat up arm chair, brandishing tennis racket
C-BVS-D18 MS of vamped-out Spike poised to munch obscured Willow on bed
C-BVS-D19 Cont. #D18, profile MS of Willow trying to fight off Spike as he presses her down on bed
C-BVS-D20 MS of Xander, Oz & Willow investigating graffiti-lined room
C-BVS-D21MS of Scooby gang in Halloween costumes: Xander as James Bond, Buffy as Little Red Riding Hood, Willow as Joan of Arc & Oz wearing Hello, My Name Is... God sticker. Fear, Itself
C-BVS-D22 MLS of Oz wielding cross to ward off OS attack as Willow observes next to van
C-BVS-D23 MLS: Giles (back to camera) addresses Willow & Xander in crypt
C-BVS-D24 MS of Giles in demon form, leaning over bed & giving shock to just-awakened Xander. A New Man
C-BVS-E1 PR: FLV of standing fifth season cast: Willow, Giles, Buffy, Tara [Amber Benson], Dawn [Michelle Trachtenberg], Xander, Spike, Anya [Emma Caulfield] & Riley
C-BVS-E2 PR: PRT of Xander [brown sweater], artsy shadow of fence in bg
C-BVS-E3 PR: MS of smiling Willow leaning over back of red velvet couch, candelabra in bg
C-BVS-E4 PR: nice MS of Giles [sweater & jacket] in study, hands in pockets
C-BVS-E5 MS of Dracula [Rudolf Martin] standing behind confused Buffy, leading her in seductive tango
C-BVS-E PR: FLV of Buffy standing spread-legged with hands on hips in underground setting, wearing brown leather jacket over white top & dark slacks
C-BVS-E6  PR: sexy PRT of wide-eyed Buffy wearing gray top with neckline that plunges to her waist & reveals hint of bare breast
C-BVS-E7  PR: PRT of Riley Finn [Marc Blucas] in green sweatshirt
C-BVS-E8  PR: cute sitting PRT of Dawn Summers [Michelle Trachtenberg] in white tank top
C-BVS-F PR: PRT of scholarly Giles posed in library
C-BVS-G PR: PRT of hunky Angel [David Boreanaz] backed against wall, wearing white tee & black sport jacket
C-BVS-H PR: PRT of slightly smiling Xander posed beside wall corner
C-BVS-I PR: sitting PRT of Willow smiling at camera with hand to chin, wearing long-sleeved gold sweater & short skirt
C-BVS-J PR: DA of school sexpot Cordelia lounging on couch, wearing brown blouse & short wrap-around skirt
C-BVS-K PR: PRT of Mark Metcalf as The Master, teeth bared & red eyes glaring into camera
C-BVS-L PR: MLS of The Master posed in candlelit underground setting
C-BVS-M The Master menaces Buffy, holding stake, from behind
C-BVS-N MS of demon planting Buffy against wall wth hand to her throat
C-BVS-O MS of Buffy blocking blow of blonde bimbo
C-BVS-P MLS of Buffy aiming crossbow at OS assailant
C-BVS-Q Light from above shines down on anguished Cordy, wearing ball gown & tiara, & Buffy, who are rope-tied to chairs
C-BVS-R Cont. #Q, MS of just Cordelia
C-BVS-S MLS of monster warrior Moloch after smashing thru corridor wall, Willow & Buffy expressing shock in bg
C-BVS-T Shirtless Angel gets close with uncertain Buffy in kitchen
C-BVS-U Cont. #R, MLS of just Buffy
C-BVS-V PR: Saucy FLV of The Buffster, wearing gold mini-dress & brown boots, sitting on rock in underground setting
C-BVS-W PR: FLV of Angel, Buffy, Willow, Giles, Cordelia & seated Xander posed against carved column
C-BVS-X BS: creator Joss Whedon sitting on floor of high school set with Nicholas Brendon, Sarah Michelle Gellar & Alyson Hannigan
C-BVS-Y PR: MLS of Buffy in black tanktop & stretch pants, arms ready for some kung-fu fighting against white bg
C-BVS-Z PR: smoldering CU of serious Buffy slithering along floor
C-BVS-A1 PR: CU of saucy Buffy looking over shoulder at camera, black leather jacket lowered to reveal white tanktop
C-BVS-A2 PR: MS of Sarah in sexy pose against antiqued wooden columns, wearing black slip, her hair uncharacteristicly brown
C-BVS-A3 PR: PRT of Angel wearing black shirt, fingers clasped in front of him
C-BVS-A4 PR: FLV of Angel crouched in corner, wearing all black & piercing stare
C-BVS-A5 PR: MS of embracing Angel & Buffy, both looking serious against stone wall
C-BVS-A6 PR: great PRT of Angel & Buffy, he wearing black, she in white tank
C-BVS-A7 Dramatic MS of Spike [James Marsters] about to sink teeth into struggling Buffy's neck
C-BVS-A8 MS of black-jacketed, crossbow-wielding Buffy unaware that the nefarious Master is standing behind her
C-BVS-A9 SFX shot of vampire crumbling to dust as his heart is pierced by pumpkin-patch sign wielded by OS Buffy
C-BVS-B1 Sensual PRT of Buffy wearing white dress & silver neck chain, leaning head against wall
C-BVS-B2 Cont. #A, group rearranged in a more badass pose
C-BVS-B3 PR: FLV of Angel, Buffy, Cordy, Willow & seated Xander in front ofpillar under blue lighting
C-BVS-B4 PR: MS of Willow, Buffy, Cordy & grinning Xander leaning casually against row of lockers
C-BVS-B5 PR: real cute MLS of jovial Buffy, Cordy & Willow by lockers
C-BVS-B6 PR: serious MS of Buffy, in lowcut white top with arms folded, flanked by Angel & Xander against black bg
C-BVS-B7 PR: MS of Buffy & Kendra [Bianca Lawson] in badass pose back-to-back with arms crossed
C-BVS-B8 PR: tight PRT of Angel leaning in close to Buffy, both serious
C-BVS-B9 PR: MS of Buffy, demure in purple sweater, unbuttoned to show off belly button. White bg
C-BVS-C1 PR: MS of smiling Buffy looking over shoulder into camera while pressing hands up against locker
C-BVS-C2 PR: super MS of Buffy in school library, wearing soft white top & smirk on face as she looks slightly aside
C-BVS-C3 PR: FLV of Buffy in cavern, one hand on hip & other holding up stake
C-BVS-C4 PR: MS of Buffy emerging from behind wall, stake in hand
C-BVS-C5 PR: FLV of Buffy in all black garb, standing spread-legged with arms crossed
C-BVS-C6 PR: sexy MS of Cordy in black midriff-baring top, one hand on hip & other against wall
C-BVS-C7 PR: nighttime PRT of tight-lipped Angel in black shirt
C-BVS-C8 MS of Buffy looking up as she examines Kendra's corpse. Becoming
C-BVS-C9 MS of sultry ex-witch Anya [Emma Caulfield] turned aside
C-BVS-D1  MCU of pouty Buffy about to eat popcorn from bowl. Fear Itself
C-BVS-D2  MS of Harmony [Mercedes McNab] in full vamp mode, bearing fangs
C-BVS-D3  MS of Willow, Xander & Oz [Seth Green] examining pumpkins
C-BVS-D4  MS of Buffy & Parker Abrams [Adam Kaufman] gazing at each other on bench in student commons
C-BVS-D5  Cont. D4, pull back to FLV
C-BVS-D6  Candid MCU of grinning Seth Green in black t-shirt at "Free Tibet" premiere at Hollywood's Showcase Theatre on 9/9/98
C-BVS-D7  Candid MCU of smiling Green in blue sport shirt
C-BVS-D8  MS of Boreanaz in leather jacket at YM Magazine event
C-BVS-D9  PR: FLV of seated fourth season cast: Giles, Riley Finn [Marc Blucas], Xander, Buffy, Spike, Willow & Oz
C-BVS-D10  PR:  MS of Buffy in light blue sweater, arms crossed
C-BVS-D11  PR:  MS of Xander, hands in pockets, in front of graveyard fence
C-BVS-D12  PR: cute PRT of demure Willow in aqua sweater, arms wrapped around herself
C-BVS-D13  PR: MS of Giles [gray sweater] seated in study & holding glasses
C-BVS-D14   PR: MCU of serious Oz [red tee] in front of fence
C-BVS-D15   PR: MS of Riley [green sweater] glaring at camera, arms crossed
C-BVS-D16  PR: MS of Spike red shirt & black leather jacket] before wall tapestry, slight smirk on face
C-BVS-D17  FLV of all-business Buffy standing on beat up arm chair, brandishing tennis racket
C-BVS-D18  MS of vamped-out Spike poised to munch obscured Willow on bed
C-BVS-D19  Cont. #D18, profile MS of Willow trying to fight off Spike as he presses her down on bed
C-BVS-D20  MS of Xander, Oz & Willow investigating graffiti-lined room
C-BVS-D21   MS of Scooby gang in Halloween costumes: Xander as James Bond, Buffy as Little Red Riding Hood, Willow as Joan of Arc & Oz wearing: Hello, My Name Is...God sticker.      Fear, Itself
C-BVS-D22 MLS of Oz wielding cross to ward off OS attack as Willow observes next to van
C-BVS-D23 MLS: Giles (back to camera) addresses Willow & Xander in crypt
C-BVS-D24 MS of Giles in demon form, leaning over bed & giving shock to just-awakened Xander. A New Man
C-BVS-E1 PR: FLV of standing fifth season cast: Willow, Giles, Buffy, Tara [Amber Benson], Dawn [Michelle Trachtenberg], Xander, Spike, Anya [Emma Caulfield] & Riley
C-BVS-E2  PR: PRT of Xander [brown sweater], artsy shadow of fence in bg
C-BVS-E3  PR: MS of smiling Willow leaning over back of red velvet couch, candelabra in bg
C-BVS-E4  PR: nice MS of Giles [sweater & jacket] in study, hands in pockets
C-BVS-E5  MS of Dracula [Rudolf Martin] standing behind confused Buffy, leading her in seductive tango

C-BBR-1 Daffy Duck keeps Elmer Fudd's hunting rifle away from him as Bugs Bunny smugly watches
C-BBR-2 Wile E. Coyote falls toward roadrunner, armed with fork & knife
C-BBR-3 Wile E. leans over edge of cliff as roadrunner steals behind him & beep-beeps

C-CAPT-A PR: MS of Captain America sans helmet
C-CAPT-B PR: MS of Captain America with his helmet on
C-CAPT-C UA of Captain America riding hoist at construction site
C-CAPT-D SV of Captain America straddling his patriotic motorcycle

C-CCA-A PR: FLV of two young men & woman [identities unknown] posed with Pops, the Robot from "Lost in Space" in his last TV appearance.British serial subtitled" Mysterious Island". Helicopter parked in bg.

C-CPS-A PR: FLV of battle dressed & armed Capt. Power [Tim Dunigan], Hawk[Peter MacNeill], Scout [Maurice Dean Wint], Pilot [Jessica Steen] &Tank [Sven-Ole Thorsen] striking pose
C-CPS-B PR: FLV of Power posed aiming weapon off camera amid swirlingsmoke

C-CSM-A Colorful artwork of Capt. Scarlet, two astronauts & battle on Moon
C-CSM-B FV of lunar hover hopper skirting Moon surface
C-CSM-C SV of XQR airplane on runway
C-CSM-D DA of SPV vehicle moving thru snow
C-CSM-E MS of profiled Capt. Scarlet wearing rocket belt
C-CSM-F CU of Angel interceptor pilot
C-CSM-G MS of Capt. Black
C-CSM-H FLV of Capt. Scarlet & an Angel shackled to wall with mouths taped, spear between them
C-CSM-I AV of lunar city

C-CHA-A PR: entire cast of heroes & villains pose on set
C-CHA-B PR: Crotchety Scarlet Cyclone [William Schallert] poses with buxom Black Canary [Danuta] & Huntress [Barbara Joyce]
C-CHA-C PR: FLV of Hawkman, Ghettoman & Captain Marvel
C-CHA-D PR: FLV of Green Lantern posed outdoors
C-CHA-E PR: The Flash sits smiling at camera
C-CHA-G PR: Giganta sits on throne holding lead pipe

C-C25-A  PR: MLS of Cleo [Jennifer Sky], arms folded, flanked by action-ready Hel [Gina Torres] & Sarge [Victoria Pratt], showing fists to camera
C-C25-B  PR: FLV of Sarge, Cleo, Mauser [Patrick Kake] & Hel posed in blue-lit circular passageway
C-C25-C  PR: MS of sexy Sarge looking badass against yellow-lit wall
C-C25-D  PR: PRT of grinning Cleo against blue-lit bg
C-C25-E  PR: PRT of enticing Hel against violet-lit bg

C-CLO-A MCU of Simon Shane [Art Hindle] in surgical smock & headwrap
C-CLO-B Shane stares into tank of solution
C-CLO-C Cont. C-CLO-B, Shane turns away toward something OS

C-DKA-C  PR: MCU of pouty Max, sexy in black leather, against white bg
C-DKA-D  PR: FLV of Max in black tank top & white jeans, crouched & ready to pounce against white bg
C-DKA-E       Similar pose to #D but wearing all black action outfit
C-DKA-F   PR: hot action FLV of Max in blue jeans & red tank top, ßready to leap off building in a single bound

C-DAR-A PRT of Barnabas partly in shadow holding cane
C-DAR-B PR: FLV of Angelique [Lara Parker] reclined on sofa in low-cut dress, curt smile on her lips
C-DAR-C PR: MCU of Angelique looking into camera
C-DAR-D PR: Title to right of MLS of caped Barnabas holding up cane as he bares fangs
C-DAR-E PR: MCU of Barnabas baring fangs at camera as he holds up cane
C-DAR-F PR: MCU of David Selby out of character, but wearing brooding, disturbed face
C-DAR-G Semi-profile MCU of Barnabas in velveteen jacket tied with red bow
C-DAR-H FLV of Barnabas & Maggie [Kathryn Leigh Scott] holding hands while walking in woods
C-DAR-I FLV of nighgowned Carolyn [Nancy Barrett] after returning from dead as vampire
C-DAR-J MS of Quentin Collins [Selby] & wife Tracy [Kate Jackson] having rare quiet moment as they relax on picnic blanket
C-DAR-K PR: MS of regal Barnabas coldly eyeing camera while holding up wolf head cane before wall portrait

C-DY-A MS of Nancy Bauer [Jo Beth Williams] cooling brow of bedridden Dr.Oakes [Jason Robards]

C-DS9-A1 PR: cast PRT nearly identical to DS9-A1 in b/w section
C-DS9-A2 PR: different cast pose against brown curtained backdrop
C-DS9-A3 PR: horizontal cast PRT posed before large station porthole
C-SD9-A4 PR: PRT of smiling Sisko
C-DS9-A5 PR: PRT of tight-lipped O'Brien
C-DS9-A6 PR: PRT of Bashir
C-DS9-A7 PR: PRT of Odo, arms crossed
C-DS9-A8 PR: PRT of Kira, eyes fixed hard on camera
C-DS9-A9 PR: PRT of Dax wearing hint of smile
C-DS9-A10 PR: PRT of Quark
C-DS9-A11 PR: front & top FLV of Runabout, small starship similar to shuttlecraft, against black bg
C-DS9-A14 MS of Kira, Jadzia & Bashir in Ops, looking aside as O'Brien operates station in bg
C-DS9-A15 Cont. #A14, tighter view of just Kira, Jadzia & O'Brien
C-DS9-A16 Cont. #A15, really nice pullback shot
C-DS9-A17 MS of Sisko in Ops, O'Brien visible in bg
C-DS9-A18 MS of Odo at circular Ops station
C-DS9-A19 Cont. #A18, Odo's head turned to side
C-DS9-A20 Tight MS of Odo bent over console, looking up at camera
C-DS9-A21 MCU of Odo on Promenade
C-DS9-A22 MS of Kira gazing upward in Ops, standing before circular console
C-DS9-A23 MS of Kira in Ops with hands behind back, O'Brien in bg
C-DS9-A24 MLS of grinning Jadzia at console with smiling O'Brien, Kira & Bashir at raised station in bg
C-DS9-A25 MS of intense Jadzia in Ops
C-DS9-A26 MS of Jadzia looking aside from Ops console, O'Brien in bg
C-DS9-A27 BS: profile FLV of Jadzia working inside horseshoe-shaped science station. "Dax" script is visible on floor nearby
C-DS9-A28 MLS of Ops with Odo, Jadzia & various crew members visible
C-DS9-A29 Slight UA/MS of Sisko & O'Brien standing in front of circular airlock on Promenade
C-DS9-A30 MLS of stern Sisko in Ops
C-DS9-A31 MS of O'Brien bent over console
             [NOTE: #A32-#A43 are from "Emissary"]
C-DS9-A32 MCU of Kira (favored) warning Quark to take his hand off her hip
C-DS9-A33 Cont. #A32, better profile of Quark
C-DS9-A34 MS of Quark acting chummy with Kira as they stand on Promenade
C-DS9-A35 MLS of Kira, grimacing while about to fire phaser on Promenade, Bajoran crewman in bg
C-DS9-A36 MS of Sisko speaking to Kira, who is clad in white latticed top
C-DS9-A37 MLS of Kira, wearing same top, making way thru torn screening
C-DS9-A38 SV of O'Brien & Kira (slightly favored) chatting in Ops
C-DS9-A39 PR: sitting PRT of Keiko O'Brien [Rosalind Chao] garbed in brown-lapeled jacket
C-DS9-A40 FLV of Jadzia talking to Sisko & O'Brien as they exit circular hatchway onto Promenade
C-DS9-A41 MCU of profiled Sisko in runabout chair
C-DS9-A42 MS of Morn [Mark Shepherd] on Promenade
C-DS9-A43 View over Gul Dukat's [Marc Alaimo] shoulder as he watches viewscreen displaying DS9 & wormhole
C-DS9-A44 Over shoulder view of Borgified Picard as he witnesses battle of Wolf 259
C-DS9-A45 MS of Kira working in Ops
C-DS9-A46 PR: CU of Kira sternly eyeing camera
C-DS9-A47 PR: PRT of chipper Jadzia at her station
C-DS9-A48 MS of O'Brien leaning on console with Kira beside him, both keenly watching OS activity
C-DS9-A49 MS of Kira, Odo, Sisko & partially-obscured Bashir watching as Jadzia works at console. Emissary
C-DS9-A50 MCU of Quark looking worried. Emissary
C-DS9-A51 MS of Bashir & Odo talking in Infirmary
C-DS9-A52 Cardassian warships approach DS9. Emissary
C-DS9-A53 Spectacular RV of runabout entering swirling wormhole
C-DS9-A54 FLV of darkened & empty Ops set
C-DS9-A55 FLV of darkened & empty Quark's Bar set
C-DS9-A56 Beautiful FLV of DS9 against starfield
C-DS9-A57 MS of Keiko bringing tea tray to dining O'Brien. A Man Alone
C-DS9-A58 Excellent MLS of profiled Kira, Quark, Odo & Bashir (seated) gazing up at infirmary screen. A Man Alone
C-DS9-A59 BS: MLS of director Paul Lynch instructing Brooks, Fadil & Farrell on Infirmary set. A Man Alone
C-DS9-A60 MS of Bashir examining O'Brien's eye as Kira looks on. Babel
C-DS9-A61 MS of angry Sisko turned to Jake as freighter captain Jaheel [Jack Kehler] watches. Babel
C-DS9-A62 MS of Sisko attempting to comfort Jake as Bashir observes. Babel
C-DS9-A63 MS of O'Brien & lizard-like Tosk [Scott MacDonald] looking aside with interest. Captive Pursuit
C-DS9-A64 FLV of helmeted Hunters of Tosk wearing red uniforms. ...Pursuit
C-DS9-A65 MCU of helmeted Hunter, eyeslit glowing. ...Pursuit
C-DS9-A66 MS of profiled head Hunter [Gerrit Graham] holding Tosk's leash as he converses with O'Brien. ...Pursuit
C-DS9-A67 Hunter leads Tosk, head hung in shame, through Promenade as O'Brien watches. ...Pursuit
C-DS9-A68 MS of Vash [Jennifer Hetrick] smirking at Q [John deLancie], who is wearing Starfleet uniform. Q-Less
C-DS9-A69 FLV of ecstatic Quark posing with two scantily-clad Dabo beauties. If Wishes Were Horses
C-DS9-A70 MS of Lwaxana Troi [Majel Barrett] tickling Odo's chest. Forsaken
C-DS9-A71 MS of profiled Sisko & Vedek Bareil Antos [Philip Anglim] chatting in Bajoran garden. In the Hands of the Prophets
C-DS9-A72 MS of Vedeks Winn [Louise Fletcher] & Bareil on crowded Promenade, Kira standing behind them. ...Prophets
C-DS9-A73 PR: PRT of tight-lipped Bareil & his dangling earring
C-DS9-A76 MCU of Bareil with mouth agape, startled by something OS against green landscape
C-DS9-B1 MCU of Kira in civvies, aiming weapon in Cardassian work camp. Homecoming
C-DS9-B2 MLS of O'Brien & Kira standing shoulder to shoulder in civvies outdoors. Homecoming
C-DS9-B3 MS of Sisko, Li Nalas[Richard Beymer]& Kira standing quietly in Ops. Homecoming
C-DS9-B4 PR: PRT of beady-eyed Minister Jaro [Frank Langella]
C-DS9-B5 BS: MS of Langella & Fletcher rehearsing as crewman observes. The Circle
C-DS9-B6 MS of Li Nalas & Jaro, flanked by Odo & Sisko, standing before station crowd. The Circle
          [NOTE: #B7-B14 are from "The Siege"]
C-DS9-B7 MLS of Bajoran Colonel Day [Steven Weber] drawing phaser
C-DS9-B8 CU of alien Dabo girl
C-DS9-B9 MS of Kira, in rust & green dress, facing left & staring upward
C-DS9-B10 MS of Kira in same outfit but now badly battered & bloody
C-DS9-B11 MCU of Kira in torn uniform, Jadzia in bg wearing monk's robes
C-DS9-B12 MS of Kira & Jadzia disguised in Vedek robes
C-DS9-B13 MS of Kira in Vedek robe
C-DS9-B14 BS: DA of Philip Anglim & Nana Visitor receiving instruction from director on garden set
C-DS9-B15 MLS of Jadzia held captive by Klingon Yeto [Steve Rankin], Mareel [Megan Gallagher] & Varod [John Glover]. Invasive Procedures
C-DS9-B16 MLS of Sisko leaning on console as T'Kar [Tim Russ] holds gun to Kira's head. ...Procedures
C-DS9-B17 MS of Jadzia laying on table with Dax symbiont partially exposed. ...Procedures
C-DS9-B18 PR: MLS of Mareel in Ops, holding phaser. ...Procedures
C-DS9-B19 PR: MS of T'Kar & Yeto mugging for camera. ...Procedures
C-DS9-B20 MCU of Cardassian Kotan Pa'Dar [Robert Mandan]. Cardassians
C-DS9-B21 MS of beaming Bashir & Melora [Daphne Ashbrook]. Melora
C-DS9-B22 MS of Martus [Chris Sarandon] & Jadzia listening to reproachful Sisko. Rivals
C-DS9-B23 BS: FLV of director prepping Fadil & Meany for racquetball match. Rivals
C-DS9-B24 MS of seated Jadzia chatting with Bajoran man in plaid tunic
C-DS9-B25 MS of profiled Odo placing hand on arm of Taya [Noley Thornton]. Shadowplay
C-DS9-B26 MS of Trajok [Chris Nelson Norris] kissing Jadzia's hand after romantic tryst. Playing God
C-DS9-B27 PR: PRT of somber Cardassian Natima Lang [Mary Crosby] & elated Quark. Profit & Loss
C-DS9-B28 PR: MS of Kor [John Colicos], Koloth [William Campbell] & Kang [Michael Ansara], bat'leths raised before structure. Blood Oath
C-DS9-B29 PR: UA of Koloth & Kor posed before structure. Blood...
C-DS9-B30 PR: PRT of glum Kor. Blood...
C-DS9-B31 MS of Jadzia, in warrior garb, conferring with all three Klingons before battle, structure in bg. Blood...
C-DS9-B32 FLV of Jadzia crouched beside Kang, seated against tree. Blood...
C-DS9-B33 Profile MS of Kira listening to Sisko in Ops. The Maquis
C-DS9-B34 MS of Dukat, Sisko & Cmdr. Cal Hudson [Bernie Casey]. ...Maquis
C-DS9-B35 FLV of Sisko, Kira & partially obscured Bashir caught by Maquis in misty forest. ...Maquis
C-DS9-B36 MS of Garak [Andrew Robinson] gesturing. The Wire
C-DS9-B37 Profile MS of frantic Garak grabbing surprised Bashir's shoulders. The Wire
C-DS9-B38 MLS of denizens & Dabo girls of alternate Quark's. Crossover
C-DS9-B39 MS of mirror Garak in military uniform getting neck massaged by sexy Dabo girl. Crossover
C-DS9-B40 Profile MS of Kira asking Quark for help to get home. Crossover
C-DS9-B41 MCU of sexy mirror Kira, in lowcut blue strapped dress, glancing over shoulder. Crossover
C-DS9-B42 MLS of mirror Sisko with arm around "Smiley" O'Brien's shoulder. Crossover
C-DS9-B43 Provocative MS of Intendant Kira (favored), in ultra-tight black suit, lecturing "our" Kira. Crossover
C-DS9-B44 MCU of Bareil, in orange robe & cap, & Kai Winn looking urgently OS. ...Collaborator
C-DS9-B45 MCU of Bareil in formal robe & hat. ...Collaborator
C-DS9-B46 MS of Bareil in ceremonial outfit, turned aside. ...Collaborator
C-DS9-B47 FLV of Kai Winn & Bareil in robes on Promenade. ...Collaborator
C-DS9-B48 MS of two Cardassians slamming O'Brien against wall. Tribunal
C-DS9-B49 FLV of Sisko & Quark on camping trip, relaxing under tree. The Jem'Hadar
C-DS9-C1 DA of USS Defiant in space. The Search
C-DS9-C2 Profile MCU of happy Kira pushing surprised Bareil against wall. Fascination
C-DS9-C3 MS of impassioned Kira about to kiss shirtless Bareil. Fascination
C-DS9-C4 FLV of Intendant Kira in alternate Quark's, wearing headband & slinky lowcut purple dress. Through the Looking Glass
C-DS9-D1 PR: FLV of 4th season cast in front of Defiant's forward console
C-DS9-D2 PR: FLV of cast against aqua-colored wall
C-DS9-D3 PR: MLS of Worf & Sisko posed at ease against blue bg
C-DS9-D4 PR: FLV of Sisko with arms crossed against blue bg
C-DS9-D5 PR: PRT of Worf against blue bg
C-DS9-D6 PR: MLS of cheerful O'Brien, hands on hips against blue bg
C-DS9-D7 PR: PRT of amiable Bashir, arms crossed against violet bg
C-DS9-D8 PR: PRT of severe Odo against violet bg
C-DS9-D9 PR: MS of smiling Kira, arms crossed against blue bg
C-DS9-D10 PR: flattering MLS of Jadzia, hands behind back against blue bg
C-DS9-D11 PR: PRT of leering Quark against violet bg
C-DS9-D12 PR: MLS of eager Jake, hands on hips against blue bg
              [NOTE: #D13-D18 are from "Way of the Warrior" ]
C-DS9-D13 MS of Kira & Jadzia in Arthurian gowns
C-DS9-D14 MCU of Gowron [Robert O'Reilly]putting hand on Worf's shoulder
C-DS9-D15 MLS of three armed Klingon warriors entering Ops
C-DS9-D16 DA of Ops as battle between DS9 crew & Klingons wages
C-DS9-D17 MS of mean-looking Sisko aiming phaser in Ops
C-DS9-D18 MS of downed Kira clutching wound to side, phaser on floor
C-DS9-D19 MS of O'Brien & Bashir dressed as 11th-century Irish warriors, talking to smiling Leeta [Chase Masterson]. The Bar Association
C-DS9-D20 MS of Rom [Max Grodenchik], Leeta, disgruntled Ferengi employees & Dabo girls. The Bar Association
C-DS9-D21 Profile MS of Odo & Lwaxana during wedding. The Muse
C-DS9-D22 Near-FLV of Worf in Defiant command chair, barking order
C-DS9-D23 MS of Worf towering over Jadzia at forward station of Defiant
C-DS9-D24 MCU of Odo & Kira, she resplendent in blue dress uniform, eyes fixed on something OS
C-DS9-D25 FLV of runabout racing away from DS9 & open wormhole
C-DS9-D26 Underside of Defiant model against black bg
C-DS9-D27 Runabout emerging from closing wormhole
C-DS9-E1 PR: FLV of fifth season cast posed on Defiant
C-DS9-E2 PR: FLV of firm Sisko, hands at sides, in front of upper Promenade window
C-DS9-E3 PR: unique DA/MCU of Odo ascending spiral staircase
C-DS9-E4 PR: PRT of Worf gripping stair railing
C-DS9-E5 PR: near-FLV of Jadzia sitting on stairs, hand on railing
C-DS9-E6 PR: PRT of Jake, wearing purple-&-striped shirt, seated on stairs
C-DS9-E7 PR: DA/CU of O'Brien on stairs
C-DS9-E8 PR: MS of Quark, in tapestry-like jacket, seated on stairs
C-DS9-E9 PR: near-FLV of casual Bashir sitting on stairs
C-DS9-E10 PR: slight DA of pregnant Kira on stairs
C-DS9-E11 PR: MLS of Kira & Jadzia standing back-to-back against blue bg
C-DS9-E12 Jake & Sisko watch over prone Jennifer Sisko [Felecia Bell] in Infirmary
C-DS9-E13 Profile MS of Jadzia & Worf sharing private moment
              [NOTE: #E14-E24 are from "Trials & Tribble-ations"]
C-DS9-E14 MS of Kirk & Spock standing by wall intercom as Sisko & Jadzia work in bg
C-DS9-E15 MLS of "Yeoman" Jadzia looking mischievous while bending near console, clipboard with in hand
C-DS9-E16 MS of Jadzia talking with Sisko, who's wearing command yellow
C-DS9-E17 Bashir, in old-style science uniform, quizzically holds device in front of him as red-shirted O'Brien observes
C-DS9-E18 Scotty, Chekov, O'Brien, Bashir & other crewmen stand at attention as angry Kirk dresses them down
C-DS9-E19 MS of Sisko on original Enterprise bridge
C-DS9-E20 MS of Sisko working on wall panel as Jadzia stands beside him with tricorder
C-DS9-E21 MS of Odo, dressed as trader, listening to blue-shirted Bashir in K-7 lounge as O'Brien grins
C-DS9-E22 MS of Odo trying to separate Worf, wearing striped shirt & funny beanie, from a clinging Klingon
C-DS9-E23 Cont. #E22, tighter shot
C-DS9-E24 MS of Quark amid pile of tribbles, one even on his noggin
           [Note: #E25-#E34 are from "Our Man Bashir"]
C-DS9-E25 Profile MS of secret agent Bashir, in gray suit, facing Kira, dressed as Anastasia in white slip
C-DS9-E26Cont. #E25, pair embrace while looking toward floor
C-DS9-E27 MS of Bashir in black tux
C-DS9-E28 MLS of Kira/Anastasia, wearing crimson gown & gloves, escorted by Garak, decked out in black tux
C-DS9-E29 MS of vamping Kira/Anastasia holding cheroot near face
C-DS9-E30Cont. E29, Bashir joins her, both glued to OS casino activity
C-DS9-E31 Kira/Anastasia takes up position by Bashir at bacarrat table
C-DS9-E32 MS of Worf as Duchamps, in white tux, seated at bacarrat table
C-DS9-E33 MS of O'Brien as Falcon, patch over one eye, aiming pistol aside
C-DS9-E34 MS of Sisko as grinning, evil Dr. Noah, his arm around Falcon's shoulder
C-DS9-G1 PR: FLV of seventh season cast (including Ezri) posed in Ops
C-DS9-G2 PR: MS of cheery Sisko in Ops
C-DS9-G3 PR: MS of now-Colonel Kira (in new uniform) bent forward in Ops
C-DS9-G4 PR: MS of somber Worf in Ops, hand on railing
C-DS9-G5 PR: MS of grinning O'Brien leaning against railing in Ops
C-DS9-G6 PR: MS of Odo in Ops
C-DS9-G7 PR: MS of innocent-looking Ezri Dax, arms crossed in Ops
C-DS9-G8 PR: MS of Bashir, hands on Ops railing
C-DS9-G9 PR: MS of happy Quark leaning on railing in Ops
C-DS9-G10 PR: MS of smiling Jake leaning into railing
C-DS9-G11 MS of Jadzia Dax, in casual purple dress, enjoying herself at party

DR. STRANGE - 1978
C-DST-A PR: near FLV of Dr. Strange & Morgan LeFay, enemies in sorcery
C-DST-B FLV of Morgan in gown & cloak in netherworld domain
C-DST-C CU of stop-motion animated netherworld Nameless One
C-DST-D MLS of Strange holding crystal ball
C-DST-E Near FLV of Morgan in black dress suit, red scarf
C-DST-F MLS of red gown & caped Morgan standing against netherworld winds

C-DW-A Dr. Who [Jon Pertwee] & second man face-to-face with Dalek
C-DW-B PR: Autographed MS of Dr. Who [Tom Baker] holding his hat
C-DW-C PR: MS of Dr. Who in hat with Daleks poised behind him
C-DW-D PR: MS of Dr. Who without hat, his hand pointing OS
C-DW-E PR: MS of Leela, circled by fog, knife held at the ready
C-DW-F PR: MS of nasty Zygon
          [NOTE: C-DW-G thru C-DW-U are from Baker series]
C-DW-G MS of hatless Dr. Who, uttering witticism
C-DW-H Dr. Who riding his motor car
C-DW-I Dr. Who relaxes on rock at Stonehenge
C-DW-J MLS of Leela posed in costume with hands on her hips
C-DW-K FLV of Dr. Who & Sarah Jane searching thru tunnel
C-DW-L Krynoid pursues Dr. Who & Sarah Jane. Seeds of Doom
C-DW-M FLV of Davros mechanized into life support system
C-DW-N CU of Davros
C-DW-O Prof. Scarman & robot mummies uncrate rocket part. Pyramids ofMars
C-DW-P Dalek follows two autons. Terror of Autons
C-DW-Q Cont. C-DW-P, Dalek in fg followed by another in tunnel
C-DW-R Three Daleks meet in metal-clad room
C-DW-S PR: MS of Dr. Who [Baker] staring grimly into camera
C-DW-T MS of seated Dr. Who [Baker], in white pullover shirt, gesturing withpointed finger
C-DW-U MS of Sarah, head tilted up slightly
C-DW-V MLS of preppie-like Dr. Who [Peter Davison] leaning against Tardiswith cricket bat & ball
C-DW-W MS of Dr. Who [William Hartnell] cautiously unlocking Tardis.Marco Polo
C-DW-X MS of Marco, Susan & Gegana. Marco Polo
C-DW-Y FLV of Dr. Who [Pertwee] & Liz [Caroline John] riding in Bessie. TheSilurians
C-DW-Z CU of Brigadier [Nicholas Courtney]. Day of the Daleks
C-DW-A1 MS of Master [Roger Delgado] getting drop on Jo Grant [KatyArmstrong] with blaster. Frontier in Space
C-DW-A2 MS of Jo & Latep [Alan Tucker] kneeling, discussing return to Skarro.Planet of the Daleks
C-DW-A3 DA of K-9
C-DW-A4 PR: FLV of Dr. Who [Baker] beaming & doffing hat
C-DW-A5 FLV of Dr. Who bound to futuristic lie detector chair. Genesis of theDaleks
C-DW-A6 FLV of Lady Adrastra [Myra Frances], backed by armed guards, aboutto sacrifice Dr. Who to Creature from the Pit
C-DW-A7 MLS of villain getting drop on Dr. Who with power scepter inNimon's labyrinth complex. Horns of Nimon
C-DW-A8 FLV of Dr. Who slashing at giant Krynoid with sword as Sara watches.Seeds of Doom
C-DW-A9 FLV of Dr. Who & alien Eldred [Judith Paris] confronted in powerstation. Hand of Fear
C-DW-A10 MCU of alien Field Major Styre. Sontaran Experiment
C-DW-A11 PR: Sarah Jane poses kneeling beside K-9
C-DW-A12 MS of Leela being attacked from behind by one of Robots ofDeath
C-DW-A13 MLS of Dr. Who [Baker], with telescope, & Romana [Lalla Ward]in front of Tardis
C-DW-A14 MS of Cybermen operating controls of their spaceship. Return ofthe Cybermen
C-DW-A15 MCU of man transforming into Drynoid. Seeds...
C-DW-A16 MLS of robot mummies. Pyramids of Mars
C-DW-A17 PR: MLS of Dr. Who [Davidson] in doorway of Tardis wavinggood-bye with his hat
C-DW-A18 PR: MLS of Dr. Who, Tegan [Janet Fielding], Nyssa [Sarah Sutton],& Adric [Matthew Waterhouse] posed smiling in woods. Visitation
C-DW-A19 MS of Dr. Who, Tegan, Nyssa & Adric looking over wooded area infront of Tardis. The Visitation
C-DW-A20 MLS of Dr. Who kneeling to take aim on OS Cyberman with blaster.Earthshock
C-DW-A21 MLS of Dr. Who & Adric trying to reason with alien leader Monarch& his assistant Enlightenment [Anne Lambert]. Four to Doomsday
C-DW-A22 Dr. Who & Adric diffuse cyberbomb hidden in rocks.Earthshock
C-DW-A23 MS of Dr. Who letting Nyssa borrow his sonic screwdriver. Four toDoomsday
C-DW-A24 Dr. Who #2 [Troughton] and Dr. Who #3 [Pertwee] peeking out ofTardis. The Three Doctors
C-DW-A25 MS of Dr. Who #3, Axon & Master [Delgado] faced off outsidereactor. Claws of Axon
C-DW-A26 FLV of Sara & Dr. Who #3 before Statue of Aggador. Monster ofPeladon
C-DW-A27 MS of Dr. Who #3 & Sarah posed outside castle. Time Warrior
         [NOTE: C-DW-A28 thru C-DW-A53 feature Tom Baker as Dr. Who]
C-DW-A28 PRT of Dr. Who, K-9 & Leela, scarf wrapped around all
C-DW-A29 MLS of Dr. Who doffing hat with smile & pointing forefinger atcamera, yellow bg
C-DW-A30 PRT of serious Dr. Who & Sarah cheek-to-cheek
C-DW-A31 Informal MLS of Dr. Who leaning against Tardis, hands in pockets [costume not authentic]
C-DW-A32 MCU: Dr. Who looks down at camera, lips parted. City of Death
C-DW-A33 MLS of Dr. Who & Romana posed in park overlooking Eiffel Tower. City...
C-DW-A34 MLS of Dr. Who mocking surprise as he shakes hands with Bessie. Robot
C-DW-A35 MLS of Dr. Who & Sarah sitting on Bessie's running board. Robot
C-DW-A36 FLV of Dr. Who with scarf stretched out. Masque of the Mandragoras
C-DW-A37 MLS of Dr. Who with sword raised. Masque...
C-DW-A38 MS of Dr. Who examining skull. Image of the Fendahl
C-DW-A39 MS of Dr. Who & Romana posed at table of outdoor cafe. City...
C-DW-A40 FLV of Dr. Who, K-9, & Romana kneeling in grass. Stones of Blood
C-DW-A41 MCU of Romana & playfully smiling Dr. Who. Ribos Operation
C-DW-A42 Cont. C-DW-A41, MS of pair, Dr. leaning head toward Romana
C-DW-A43 MS of Dr. Who, hand shielding eyes from Sun, standing behind posed Tegan, Nyssa & Adric. Logopolis
C-DW-A44 MS of Romana #2 walking behind Dr. Who, both serious. Final season for Baker
C-DW-A45 MS of Dr. Who & Romana standing side by side, hands in pockets
C-DW-A46 FLV of Dr. Who in roomful of gears & cogs. Invasion of Time
C-DW-A47 MS of Dr. Who in chainmail, disguised as guard. Ribos...
C-DW-A48 MLS of Dr. Who & Sarah sitting on floor before platform withSisterhood of Farn in bg. Brain of Morbius
C-DW-A49 MLS of Dr. Who winding yo-yo. Genesis of Daleks
C-DW-A50 MS of Dr. Who holding dodecahedron. Meglos
C-DW-A51 MS of Dr. Who in front of Tardis, holding spyglass. State of Decay
C-DW-A52 MS of Dr. Who with Master #2 [Ainley] at his shoulder outsidePharos Project. Logopolis
C-DW-A53 FLV of Enlightenment, Monarch & Persuasion seated on controlchairs. Four to Doomsday
          [NOTE: C-DW-A54 thru C-DW-A64 feature Peter Davison as Dr. Who]
C-DW-A54 MLS of Dr. Who stepping out of Tardis with hands in pockets
C-DW-A55 FLV of Dr. Who playing cricket, using Tardis as wicket
C-DW-A56 FLV of Dr. Who posed between two Daleks with London TowerBridge in bg. Resurrection of the Daleks
C-DW-A57 MS of Dr. Who in costume ball outfit, holding up mask. Black Orchids
C-DW-A58 Cont. C-DW-A57, FLV of costumed Nyssa & Tegan dancing around Dr. Who before Tardis
C-DW-A59 MS of Dr. Who unraveling scarf, Adric watches. Castrovalva
C-DW-A60 FLV of ravaged Dalek, innards spilling out. Resurrection...
C-DW-A61 FLV of Davros instructing Daleks in lab
C-DW-A62 MS of Davros
C-DW-A63 FLV of two Daleks
C-DW-A64 FLV of Dr. Who threatening Davros with exotic weapon
C-DW-A65 FLV of Dr. Who #6 [Colin Baker] stepping out of Tardis
C-DW-A66 FLV of Dr. Who #6 sitting on edge of stone bridge wearing tasteless attire & holding Technicolor umbrella, Tardis in bg
C-DW-A67 FLV of sweet-smiling Sarah sitting in grass
C-DW-A68 FLV of Sarah kneeling & taking aim with rifle. Pyramids of Mars
C-DW-A69 MCU of Romana #1 [Mary Tamm]
C-DW-A70 FLV of Romana & K9 in tunnels. Ribos...
C-DW-A71 MLS of Nyssa talking to statue of Melkur. Keeper of Treken
C-DW-A72 MLS of Nyssa & Tegan at radio-satellite station. Logopolis
C-DW-A73 MS of monstrous Terralaptil eyeing Tegan. The Visitation
C-DW-A74 PR; Outdoor PRT of The Five Doctors [William Hartnell, PeterDavidson, wax figure of Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton & JonPertwee] posed with Brigadier, Sarah Jane & Carole Ann Ford
C-DW-A75 PR: FLV of The Five Doctors posed in Bessie [Baker againrepresented by wax figure]
C-DW-A76 FLV of Dr. Who [Hartnell] & Master standing over dead Cybermen.The Five...
C-DW-A77 FLV of Dr. Who [Pertwee] with back pressed against wall as twoDaleks pass him
C-DW-A78 FLV of Dr. Who [Pertwee] standing up in Bessie
C-DW-A79 Profile MS of Dr. Who [Pertwee] in face to face confrontation withSea Devil. Sea Devil
C-DW-A80 MCU of Dr. Who [Pertwee] showing scientific device to Brigadier
C-DW-A81 Excellent MS of Dr. Who [Baker] with Tardis in bg & head of Dalekin fg against yellow bg
C-DW-A82 MS of serious-looking Dr. Who [Baker] in one of his final seasonepisodes [no scarf]
C-DW-A83 MS of glum Dr. Who [Baker], in coat & scarf, studying somethingOS in final season show
C-DW-A84 MS of Dr. Who [Baker] turning into porcupine-like Maglos. Maglos
C-DW-A85 CU of Dr. Who [Baker] dazed from explosion. Hand of Fear
C-DW-A86 Nice outdoor shot of Tegan & Adric standing over seated Dr. Who[Davidson] & Nyssa
C-DW-A87 MLS of Dr. Who [Davidson], clothes badly soiled & hand bloodied,sitting on rocks & eyeing camera
C-DW-A88 MLS of Dr. Who [Davidson], Tegan & Turlough operatingcomputerlike console in middle of stark room
C-DW-A89 Enlightenment & Persuasion have drop on Dr. Who [Davidson] &Adric. Four to Doomsday
C-DW-A90 MS of Terraleptil & Dr. Who [Davidson]. The Visitation
C-DW-A91 MLS of Dr. Who [Davidson] bending near seated Kamelion. King's Demons
C-DW-A92 MLS of Dr. Who [Davidson] & Adric kicked back in chairs &smiling at each other. Four to Doomsday
C-DW-A93 MCU of Dr. Who [Colin Baker], expression wide-eyed as hescratches cheek
C-DW-A94 MS of Dr. Who [Colin] making point to someone OS
C-DW-A95 Peri looks on as scientist makes point to kneeling Dr. Who [Colin]
C-DW-A96 MS of Peri, flanked by two Jacondans, her attention on somethingOS. Twin Dilemma
C-DW-A97 FLV of Robot manhandling Tegan from behind. The Visitation
C-DW-A98 FLV of Sarah crouching beside K-9. Five Doctors
C-DW-A99 MCU of Brigadier in overcoat outdoors. Five Doctors
C-DW-B1 Profile FLV of featureless Raston Robot, one arm outstretched. Five Doctors
C-DW-B2 FLV of Master. Twin Dilemma
C-DW-B3 FLV of Kalid viewing globe. Timeflight
C-DW-B4 Semi-profile of Dr. Who [Tom Baker] with title logo superimposednear face
C-DW-B5 MLS of Dr. Who [Baker], in extravagant brown cloak, & Time Lordreporter. Deadly Assassin
C-DW-B6 MS of Brigadier & Liz at doorway, looking aside
C-DW-B7 MLS of Sea Devil up to no good

E. T. & FRIENDS - 1983
C-ETF-A MS of Robin Williams & Steven Spielberg studying alien imp from Day Time Ended. Other masks shown include monster from The Creature Wasn't Nice & head of Gort on shelf in bg
C-ETF-B MS of Robin & makeup men & creations on table before them
C-ETF-C MS of Robin joking about three very different monster masks
C-ETF-D PRT of Robin & E.T. himself surrounded by six monster masks
C-ETF-E Cont. C-EFT-D, seventh mask added to horizontal shot as E.T. & Robin gaze open-mouthed OS
C-ETF-F E.T. & Robin pose looking OS with monster masks sporting four, one & two eyes, respectively
C-ETF-G Cont. ETF-F, E.T. & Robin face camera, orange bg

C-EFC-A PR: MLS of Ronald Sandoval [Von Flores], Capt. Lili Marquette [Lisa Howard] & William Boone [Kevin Kilner] posed in office
C-EFC-B PR: MLS of annoyingly aloof Taelon leaders Da'an [Leni Parker] & Zo'or [Anita La Selva] aboard their mothership
C-EFC-C PR: FLV of Boone in suit, standing spread-legged beside bethroned Da'an aboard ship
C-EFC-D PR: MS of Kinkaid & Augur [Richard Chevolleau] gazing aside
C-EFC-E PR: MS of glaring Kinkaid in leather jacket, seated at console
C-EFC-F PR: CU of Sandoval giving camera piercing stare
C-EFC-G PR: MS of Lili, pistol raised as she tensely looks OS
C-EFC-H MLS of Da'an making point to quizzical Kincaid
C-EFC-I MCU of shimmering alien. Truth
C-EFC-J FLV of organic-looking Taelon shuttle about to land. Decision
C-EFC-K PR: FLV of mean-faced Dr. Julianne Belman [Majel Barett] standing behind bethroned Da'an
C-EFC-L PR: MS of black leather-clad Renee Palmer [Jayne Heitmeyer] & Kincaid, ready for action with guns ready

C-ESV-A PR: FLV of mostly young eight-person crew of spaceship Earth*Star Voyager posed before huge star map
C-ESV-B PR: FLV of smiling Capt. Jonathan Hays [Brian McNamara], Huxley Welles [Tom Breznahan] & Beanie [Jason Michas] posed in front of airlock
C-ESV-C PR: MLS of Hays posed seriously before airlock
C-ESV-D PR: PRT of bearded space derelict Jake Brown [Duncan Regehr]
C-ESV-E PR: MS of Shell [Henri Kingi], part human, part android
C-ESV-F MLS of young crew bending over consoles of spaceship
C-ESV-G FLV of Brown as he first appears when found adrift
C-ESV-H Profile MLS of Hays & Brown arguing over procedure as Welles looks on
C-ESV-I FLV of Brown grimacing as sparks fly between two electrical cables he's holding during ship emergency

C-EAR-A Spacecraft destined to be Earth II orbits Earth I
C-EAR-B Completed orbiting Earth II
C-EAR-C Earth II accentuated by flaring Sun behind it
C-EAR-D CU of Earth II, looking into docking area
C-EAR-E Seville & Karger [Tony Franciosa] during council meeting to discuss orbiting Chinese warhead
C-EAR-F View past shuttle pilots of orbiting warhead
C-EAR-G FLV of warhead seen from shuttle
C-EAR-H Astronaut leaves shuttle to defuse bomb in space
C-EAR-I CU of distressed Lisa Karger [Mariette Hartley]
C-EAR-J CU of helmeted Capa [Hari Rhodes] working on warhead

C-EM-A Tobor, the Eighth Man, smashes thru wall in display of power

C-EW-A FLV of costumed Electra Woman
C-EW-B MS of costumed Dyna Girl smiling
C-EW-C Profile MCU of Dyna Girl consulting her Electra Comp
C-EW-D FLV of Electra Woman & Spider Lady in Xerograph
C-EW-E Cont. 4, Spider Lady transformed into Electra Woman dupe
C-EW-F Electra Woman confronts changed-back Spider Lady
C-EW-G Electra Woman, Dyna Girl catch escaping Spider Lady
C-EW-H MLS of Electra Woman, holding Spider Lady's golden scarab, & Dynagirl, hands on hips
C-EW-I Electra Woman lays in a heap, covered with rope
C-EW-J PR: PRT of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl tightly posed against blue bg

C-EPS-A PR: FLV cast PRT of Capt. Jonathan Archer [Scott Bakula] flanked by Vulcan Sub Cmdr. T'Pol [Jolene Blalock], Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III], Lt. Malcolm Reed [Dominic Keating], Ensign Travis Mayweather [Anthony Montgomery], Ensign Hoshi Sato [Linda Park] & Dr. Phlox [John Billingsley]
C-EPS-B PR: FLV of Capt. Archer in spacesuit, holding helmet
C-EPS-C PR: MLS of curvy T'Pol
C-EPS-D PR: MLS of Lt. Reed, arms folded
C-EPS-E PR: MLS of Engineer Tucker square to camera, arms at sides
C-EPS-F PR: MLS of Ensign Mayweather, shoulder to camera & arms folded
C-ESP-G PR: MLS of Ensign Sato with arms behind back
C-ESP-H PR: MS of Dr. Phlox, head tilted
C-ESP-I PR: sitting PRT of show creator Rick Berman

C-EWE-A Poor man's Luke Skywalker, Mace [Eric Walker] has supper with Ewoks
C-EWE-B LS of Ewoks riding ponies thru mountains [matte painting] of Endor
C-EWE-C FLV of Cindel [Aubree Miller] playfully holding hands of two Ewoks
C-EWE-D PR: FLV of Mace & Cindel posed cuddled in tent

C-EBE-A Artwork montage depicting King Terak & his marauders plus Charal the witch woman, Cindel, Wicket & hermit Noa & his fast, furry friend Teek
C-EBE-B PR: FLV of Wicket holding staff in his village
C-EBE-C FLV of giant marauding creatures capturing Cindel & Wicket in forest
C-EBE-D FLV of Teek introducing Cindel to hermit Noa [Wilford Brimley] inside his forest home

C-FF-1 Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, The Thing & Torch in action pose before burning big red 4

C-FJ-A Cast PRT taken without Roddy McDowall
C-FJ-B Cast PRT including McDowall
C-FJ-C PR: Willoway, Cyrus [David Carson] with green-skinned aliens on Beyond the Mountains set
C-FJ-D PR: PRT of Varian, Willoway & Halyana [Joan Collins]
C-FJ-E PR: MS of Varian & Liana tensely posed
C-FJ-F PR: PRT of Varian
C-FJ-G PR: MS of Willoway in a lighter moment
C-FJ-H LS of boat heading for luminescent green cloud in Bermuda Triangle
C-FJ-I Jared Martin credit on red beside MCU of smiling Varian
C-FJ-J Katie Saylor credit on red beside MCU of Liana in blue costume with white collar
C-FJ-K Roddy McDowall credit on purple above CU of Willoway
C-FJ-L Four-element shot of Varian under stress & operating sonic healer; Atlantium brain glowing red & CU of circuit panel shorting out
C-FJ-M Three-element shot of Varian & Liana walking, MCU of Liana holding her cat Sil-el & CU of the cat in Liana's hands
C-FJ-N Three-element shot of Willoway exploring Greek temple ruins, CU of android circuitry & MCU of Willoway in his all gold suit
            [NOTE: C-FJ-O thru C-FJ-A5 from "Beyond the Mountain" episode]
C-FJ-O MS of Liana sitting with glass of wine, head bowed, as she listens to OS Willoway
C-FJ-P MCU of Willoway telling OS Liana about his children
C-FJ-Q MCU of Liana reacting with puzzlement
C-FJ-R MS of Willoway & Rachel [Marj Dusay] aiming surprised looks at something OS
C-FJ-S Varian, Scott & Fred enter Willoway's village
C-FJ-T MS of Liana, outside in village, looking distraught
C-FJ-U MS of Cyrus [John David Carson] wooing Liana, who admires flower he's given her
C-FJ-V Liana clasps her hands & laughs as gold-suited androids dance in bg
C-FJ-W Varian, Fred & Scott confront Willoway [back turned] & androids outside in village
C-FJ-X Willoway, Fred, Scott & Varian sit talking around table as Rachel & male androids watch
C-FJ-Y MCU of Willoway wearing characteristic frown
C-FJ-Z LS of Willoway chewing out Cyrus in lab
C-FJ-A1 Fred, Liana, Varian & Scott outside in village discussing their situation
C-FJ-A2 MS of Varian, wearing cape, holding out his activated sonic healer
C-FJ-A3 CU of activated sonic healer in Varian's hand
C-FJ-A4 MLS of Scott, Fred, Varian & Liana [holding Sil-el] awaiting OSWilloway to join them
C-FJ-A5 Cont. C-FJ-A4, all smile [except dubious Fred] as Willoway joinsparty outside village
C-FJ-A6 LS of our travelers happening upon Greek temple ruins. Children ofthe Gods
C-FJ-A7 PR: FLV of Liana, in black & white costume, striking defensive pose
C-FJ-A8 PR: PRT of smiling Liana, shoulder to camera
C-FJ-A9 PR: MS of Liana in defensive pose, pushing hands into camera belowface
C-FJ-A10 PR: FLV of Liana, in black & white costume with hood & cape, bydoorway, hand on hip
C-FJ-A11 PR: FLV of Liana posed spread-legged, hands on hips, in abovecostume sans cape, android women in bg. Beyond the Mountain
C-FJ-A12 CU of alien woman [Cheryl Ladd] wearing jeweled headband
C-FJ-A13 MLS of Scott getting angry with Tye [Nicholas Hammond] whoignores lad in favor of alien woman
C-FJ-A14 MS of York [Richard Jaeckel] grabbing alien woman from behindwhile aiming weapon at OS Varian & Willoway

C-FAR-A PR: FLV of aptly named fruitcakes Junior [Bob Denver] & Barney [Chuck McCann] holding alien pet Honk

FIREBALL XL-5 - 1962
C-FXL-A FLV of Fireball Jr. disconnecting from mothership over planet
C-FXL-B FLV of The Investigator, specially equipped bright red motor vehicle

C-FG-A Title under action-filled assemblage of character heroes & villains

FLYING NUN - 1967-70
C-FN-A PR: CU of smiling Sister Bertrille [Sally Field], red bg

C-FOR-A PR: FLV of first season cast gathered around seated Knight
C-FOR-B PR: MS of Knight fixing camera with penetrating stare, gun raised
C-FOR-C PR: PRT of tight-lipped Knight wearing leather jacket
C-FOR-D PR: MS of deadpan LaCroix in leather jacket, arms crossed
C-FOR-E MS of Tracy Vetter [Lisa Ryder] wearing black dress & matching eye makeup, aiming gun at someone OS. Trophy Girl
C-FOR-F PR: MS of amiable Natalie in purple business suit, arms crossed
C-FOR-G PR: PRT of somber Capt. Stonetree [Gary Farmer]
C-FOR-H PR: PRT of grinning Schanke in snappy suit & tie
C-FOR-I MS of vamped-out Knight putting bite on baddie from behind
C-FOR-J MS of transformed Knight lurking outside window, about to pounce on freaked-out dude inside
C-FOR-K MS of Janette taunting Knight thru dangling chains
C-FOR-L MS of Knight wearing cape, blood splattered across face
C-FOR-M DA of Knight searching dark basement below horizontal bars
C-FOR-N PR: FLV of normal Knight standing with arms folded, flanked by fang-bearing LaCroix & Janette
C-FOR-O PR: PRT of unshaven Knight fully transformed under creepy lighting
C-FOR-P MS of Knight cheek to cheek with Natalie & holding upraised gun
C-FOR-Q MS of Knight showing fangs to OS menace
C-FOR-R Profile MS of Knight & Schanke conferring
C-FOR-S PR: CU of amused Knight baring fangs for camera
C-FOR-T PR: MS of vamped Knight recoiling from cross thrust in his face
C-FOR-U Same as #H in b/w section)
C-FOR-V MS of Knight standing at kitchen counter with phone in hand
C-FOR-W MCU of Knight at the Raven, with lights flashing in bg
C-FOR-X MCU of Knight in dark night spot, Vachon nearby
C-FOR-Y Profile MS of Knight placing hand on throat of prostitute against wall in flashback. Let No Man Tear Asunder
C-FOR-Z MLS of smirking Knight in bar under harsh lighting
C-FOR-A1 MCU of Knight raising bottle toward lips. Baby Baby
C-FOR-A2 MS of Knight grabbing jacket lapels of Lt. Travis Drake [Clark Johnson]. Can't Run, Can't Hide
C-FOR-A3 MLS of Vachon leaning close to seated blonde babe at bar, Raven patrons behind them. Hearts of Darkness
C-FOR-A4 FLV of transformed Knight & Lacroix in wooded area, latter pointing at OS catch. Hunted
C-FOR-A5 MCU of dishy Dr. Dianna Linsman [Julie Stewart] leaning over sleeping Knight. Near Death
C-FOR-A6 MS of Lacroix, in ornate black robes, holding hand over sleeping Knight's face. Near Death
C-FOR-A7 FLV of LaCroix & Knight in robes, backed into corner by flames in fg. Sons of Belial
C-FOR-A8 PR: MS of Janette posed in black dress & long gloves, hand to chin
C-FOR-A9 PR: fabulous FLV of entire first season cast posed in castle
C-FOR-A10 PR: FLV of Knight lounging on period divan with Janette, wearing strapless gold & red gown, standing behind him
C-FOR-A11 PR: MS of tight-lipped Knight in red shirt & black sweater
C-FOR-A12 PR: PRT of dapper Knight as above against stark white bg
C-FOR-A13 PR: PRT of Knight as above but now turned
C-FOR-A14 Cont. #A1, slight UA as Knight puts bottle to lips
C-FOR-A15 PR: FLV of Knight & Schanke crouching next to blacked-outwindows
C-FOR-A16 MS of Natalie taking "why me?" stance as Knight holds her shoulders from behind
C-FOR-A17 PR: MS of transformed Lacroix & Knight trying to choke each other to death
C-FOR-A18 PR: MCU of LaCroix baring fangs for camera
C-FOR-A19 PR: FLV of Knight in trench coat, flashing badge against white bg
C-F13-A Title logo
C-F13-B First season PRT of Marshak flanked by Dallion & Micki, she placinghands across his shoulder
C-F13-C MS similar to above but Dallion & Micki, in off-shoulder white dress,change sides
C-F13-D MS of Marshak sitting at desk holding up crystal ball as Dallion &Micki smile into camera beside him
C-F13-E FLV of Dallion & Micki feigning surprise behind open doors of vault,he holding her, leggy in tight white dress, to him
C-F13-F MS of Dallion peering over glasses at Micki, who smiles at camera
C-F13-G MS of Micki, Marshak & Ventura looking up suddenly from bookthey're studying, reacting to OS menace near stairs
C-F13-H MS of Micki clinging to Ventura as they spot something dangerous OS
C-F13-I MLS of Micki striking model's pose in loose-fitting white shirt, handsin pockets of tight black pants
C-F13-J Glamour PRT of Micki in bright red evening dress, hands crossed atbosom & head tilted
C-F13-K Tight sitting PRT of sexy, ill-fated rock singer [Vanity], arm drapedacross Micki's knee. Secret Agenda of Mesmer's Bauble
C-F13-L MS of rock singer, in distracting black costume, distracted by OSmovement during performance. Secret Agenda...
C-F13-M MLS of Micki, in yellow top & white pants, searching corridor,oblivious to eerie shadow figure directly behind her
C-F13-N Dallion & Micki find themselves thrust into netherworld, shocked byskeletal remains before their eyes. Doorway to Hell
C-FFE-A CU of Toran & companion laying low in grass
C-G80-A PR: MLS of Dillon, Jaime & Troy posing in tan/brown uniforms
C-G80-B PR: MS of smiling Jaime posed with thumbs hitched in uniform belt
C-G80-C SV of two Vipers flying above Earth clouds
C-G80-D Squadron of Vipers flying in space over Earth
C-G80-E MS of bearded Adama assessing urgent matters aboard Galactica
C-G80-F MLS of Dillon & Troy aiming blasters from locker room entranceway
C-G80-G MS of jacketed Dillon & Troy, latter operating his wrist device
         [NOTE: [C-G80-H thru C-G80-L from Super Scouts]
C-G80-H MS of Troy & Dillon in woods, concerned
C-G80-I Dillon & Jaime carry stricken children into doctors office
C-G80-J Jaime, Dillon & Troy realize child on examining table is dying
C-G80-K MS of Jaime pointing OS for Dillon's benefit in doctors office
C-G80-L UA: Galactican version of CE3K mothership dropping out of stars
C-G80-M Andromus [Roger Davis] & Centuri push thru darkness. Night the Cylons Landed
C-G80-N PR: MS of uniformed Jaime, Adama, Dillon & Troy, gazes fixed OS
C-G80-O RV of Viper, turbos ignited, rushing toward Earth
C-G80-P Streak photography effect simulating Viper going into hyperspace
C-G80-Q Optical effect of hyperdrive with Viper pinpoint at center
        [NOTE: C-G80-R thru C-G80-W from opener]
C-G80-R MLS of Adama & Boomer clasping arms in friendship
C-G80-S MCU of Xavier [Richard Lynch] arguing with OS Adama
C-G80-T MS of Dillon & Troy standing in Prof. Mortinson's living room
C-G80-U SV of helmeted Troy & Jaime in Viper cockpit
C-G80-V MS of Troy & Dillon introducing bewildered Jaime to OS Adamaaboard Galactica
C-G80-W 3/4 FV of helmeted Troy & Jamie in Viper cockpit with yellow smokebehind them
C-G80-X Troy & Dillon driving with Mexican farmer & son. Space Croppers
C-G80-Y Wolfman Jack sits by while Andromus plays with console in radiostation, Centuri stands in fg. Night the Cylons Landed
C-G80-Z MCU of Andromus leaning over console
           [NOTE: C-G80-A1 thru C-G80-A7 from "Return of Starbuck" episode]
C-G80-A1 MCU of helmeted Starbuck in his damaged Viper, flash lighting his face
C-G80-A2 FLV of Cy [back turned] carrying section of plating to Starbuck outside their chateau
C-G80-A3 Cont. C-G80-A2, Starbuck says something to Cy as they face each other
C-G80-A4 UA of Cy carrying unconscious Angela [Judith Chapman] into villa
C-G80-A5 MLS of Starbuck railing at Angela for deceiving him, she looks away, wearing his overcoat
C-G80-A6 Cont. C-G80-A7, MS of Angela pulling Starbuck to her & soothing his hurt feelings
C-G80-A7 MCU of Angela speaking to OS Starbuck
GAR-A MCU of gargoyle leader [Bernie Casey]
GAR-B MS of two gargoyle minions
C-GEN-A LS of people disembarking subterranean shuttle [blue tint]
C-GEN-B Dylan Hunt & Lyra-A ride to Tarrania
C-GEN-C Hunt & Lyra-A are attended to by Terranian servants
GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E - 1966-67
C-GFU-A PR: FLV of April Dancer [Stephanie Powers], in orange pant suit, standing at front of M.G. coupe with upraised weapon, title superimposed over car
C-GFU-B PR: MS of April & Mark Slate [Noel Harrison] posed at computer console
C-GFU-C PR: Slate posed seated with upraised pistol/carbine resting on lap, orange bg
C-GAH-A PR: FLV of Ralph in his cute red suit flexing would-be muscles under spotlight
C-GAH-B PR: everyday Ralph leans against column as his superhero self looks & listens on other side
C-GAH-C PR: MS of Bill showing FBI identification to camera as superhero Ralph watches
C-GAH-D PR: MLS of superhero Ralph, Bill & Pam [Connie Selleca] posed side-by-side
C-GAH-E PR: MLS of Ralph posed with arms in superhero suit. Red-lit smoke billows in bg
C-GAH-F PR: Superhero Ralph sits looking up at Pam at his shoulder, Bill smiles from other side
C-GH-A MS of Green Hornet & Kato
C-GH-B Near FLV of Hornet, Kato & woman talking by sailboat
C-GH-C PRT of Kato
C-GH-D MS of Green Hornet & Kato tense to something OS near den bar
C-GH-E PR: Great MLS of Green Hornet ready to fire sting gun beside Kato, who has dukes up, red bg
C-GH-F PR: Very nice PRT of Green Hornet on green bg
C-GH-G MLS of Green Hornet aiming gas gun in front of yacht
C-HP-A PR: PRT of Dan Evans [Gerald McRaney] holding wife [Jane Seymour] tight to him
C-HLJ-1 MS of bare-chested & bound Hercules, captive of Amazon women. Hercules & the Amazon Women
C-HLJ-2 MS of Herc crouching over body of Iolaus, warriors behind him. ...Amazon Women
C-HLJ-3 FLV of Herc & Zeus, disguised as beggar, sharing moment. ...Amazon Women
C-HLJ-4 MS of reflective Zeus in beggar's garb. ...Amazon Women
C-HLJ-5 MS of Herc & Deianeira consulting magic compass. Hercules & the Lost Kingdom
C-HLJ-6 Herc crouches over body of dead messenger as concerned villagers look on. ...Lost Kingdom
C-HLJ-7 Herc forced onto back by Blue Priest [Nathaniel Lees], who's about ready to drive knife through our hero's heart. ...Lost Kingdom
C-HLJ-8 FLV of sacrificial lamb Deianeira, in long flowing white gown, entering lair of Blue Priest. ...Lost Kingdom
C-HLJ-9 MLS of Herc turning toward camera with torch in hand, sexy babes in bg. Hercules & the Circle of Fire
C-HLJ-10 PRT of pensive Herc against dark bg
C-HLJ-11 MS of Herc, body in profile but facing camera. Potted plant in bg
C-HLJ-12 MS of Herc holding wrist, ready for action in forest clearing
C-HLJ-13 MS of Herc crouching & reaching high from behind foilage
C-HLJ-14 FLV of Herc & Iolaus battling three-headed hydra in forest....Amazon Women
C-HLJ-15 Cont. #14, FLV of Iolaus in fg with sword drawn, attracting hydra's attention away from Herc. ...Amazon Women
C-HLJ-16 CU of hydra head about to attack. ...Amazon Women
C-HLJ-17 Kneeling at stream with cupped hands, a man encounters Hera in watery form. ...Lost Kingdom
C-HLJ-18 FLV of Nessus the Centaur [Cliff Curtis] in stable. Hercules in the Underworld
C-HLJ-19 FLV of Nessus in forest clearing. ...Underworld
C-HLJ-20 BS: Sorbo in costume with special effects men, one of whom holds dog head of Cerebus
C-HLJ-21 MLS of Herc, sword drawn, & Iolaus in minotaur's maze. Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur
C-HLJ-22 MS of worked-up Iolaus & Xena [Lucy Lawless] looking OS, horse & wagon behind them
C-HLJ-23 Herc & way hot Atalanta [Cory Everson] arm wrestling on table. Ares
C-HLJ-24 Herc, Janista [Marise Wipani & Atalanta struggle against thick roots binding them. Ares
C-HLJ-25 MLS of Herc in chorus line of blue undead. Vanishing Dead
C-HLJ-26 MS of disarmed Herc captured by band of barbarians
C-HLJ-27 MS of bare-chested Herc as he row, row, rows his boat
C-HLJ-28 Dramatic CU of forlorn Herc looking into distance as hut blazes in bg
C-HLJ-29 MLS of Herc about to raise bow as he draws arrow across string
C-HLJ-30 MS of sexy admirer putting hand on chest of shirtless Herc
C-HLJ-31 MS of Herc about to lay into snake-like beast with sword
C-HLJ-32 MS of Herc & Xena sharing toast out of doors
C-HLJ-33 MS of Xena with sword lowered as battle rages around her
C-HLJ-34 Cont. #33, wider shot in similar stance
C-HLJ-35 CU of Xena with eyes downcast amid crowd
C-HLJ-36 PR: MLS of Herc in battle-ready stance
C-HLJ-37 PR: MLS of Herc gripping edge of wooden gate & eyeing camera
C-HLJ-38 MS of Herc gritting teeth as he struggles against ropes
C-HLJ-39 MS of Herc standing with arms at sides & lips parted
C-HLJ-40 MS of Herc crouching near ground, face lit by fire burning nearby
C-HLJ-41 MS of Herc & Autolycus giving each other exasperated looks. King of Thieves
C-HLJ-42 Wounded Herc leans against large rock as Iolaus tends to him. Mother of All Monsters
C-HLJ-43 MS of Herc & agitated centaur Deric [Peter Muller]. Outcast
C-HLJ-44 MLS of Herc & two children in forest
C-HLJ-45 MS of Herc comforting Deianeira
C-HLJ-46 FLV of friendly giant Typhon looking down at miniature Herc. Cast A Giant Shadow
C-HLJ-47 PR: MS of Herc in defensive pose against pale bg
C-HLJ-48 MS of tight-lipped Herc outdoors, holding small weapon
C-HLJ-49 PR: MLS of Herc against rock bg, aiming bow & arrow skyward
C-HLJ-50 MS of grim Herc wrapped in fur as snow falls on him. Circle of Fire
C-HLJ-51 MLS of Herc falling backwards, gasping for air as he struggles with ropes around neck
C-HLJ-52 Herc in MS, turning toward camera in mid-speech
C-HLJ-53 MLS of Herc showing signs of battle against icy-looking bg
C-HLJ-54 MS of Herc struggling against Echidna's tentacles wrapped around his neck & body. Mother of All Monsters
C-HLJ-55 MS of battle-scarred Herc & Iolaus reacting to OS menace in village
C-HLJ-56 MS of Deianeira looking up at bare-chested Herc. Hercules in the Underworld
C-HLJ-57 Poster art: Herc's head prominent with tagline, "Half Man, Half God, All Hero"
C-HLJ-58 PR: outdoor "family" MLS of smiling Gabrielle, Xena, Herc & Iolaus
C-HLJ-59 MS of Herc & Iolaus near river, grinning at something OS
C-HLJ-60 Heroic MLS of Herc, arms braced for action & lips pursed
C-HLJ-61 Dramatic MS of Herc in action pose, sword raised
C-HLJ-62 MS of embattled Herc wielding staff
C-HLJ-63 MCU of Herc in village looking upward, startled at what he sees
C-HLJ-64 PR: MS of Herc with arm around Xena's shoulder, both beaming
C-HLJ-65 PR: near-FLV of Xena & Herc posed with swords against fiery bg
C-HLJ-66 MCU of pretty blonde about to kiss smirking Iolaus on cheek
C-HLJ-67 MCU of Iolaus wielding two big sticks in forest
C-HLJ-68 FLV of Echidna looming over prone victim in fg. Mother of All Monsters
C-HLJ-69 AV of Herc vs. Pallaeus' evil mandrake-turned-lizard monster. What's In a Name?
C-HLJ-70 PR: sexy MS of Sorbo wearing open leather vest, thumbs hooked in belt. Sassy!
C-HLJ-71 PR: PRT of stubble-faced Sorbo in black jacket & white shirt with upturned collar
C-HLJ-72 PR: PRT of Sorbo in black shirt
C-HLJ-73 PR: tighter PRT of Sorbo with wet hair falling around pouty face. He still needs a shave
C-HLJ-74 MS of Herc & Xena back to back with weapons crossing overhead
C-HLJ-75 MS of Aphrodite [Alexandra Tydings], wearing sexy pink skimpies, giggling as she releases arrow from bow. One Foul Day
C-HLJ-76 PR: MS of tight-lipped Herc leaning against post with arms folded
C-HLJ-77 PR: FLV of stoic Herc ready to fire bow & arrow, stone bldgs in bg
C-HLJ-78 FLV of Herc crouches in misty clearing & looks ahead cautiously
C-HLJ-79 MS of Herc wearing black vest, both hands on ship's wheel
C-HLJ-80 MLS of Herc & Iolaus with swords drawn in front of burning hut
C-HLJ-81 MCU of Herc being choked from behind by red-headed warrior woman
C-HLJ-82 FLV of spread-legged Herc in forest with Iolaus just behind him, both alert to OS goings-on
C-HLJ-83 PR: FLV of serious Herc with arms crossed, standing in grass against pale blue sky
H&X-1 Title logo: "Hercules & Xena: The Animated Movie -- The Battle For Mount Olympus"
H&X-2 PR: FLV of jacketed Kevin Sorbo flanked by Xena & Herc standees
H&X-3 PR: FLV of Lucy Lawless in costume as Xena, "conversing" with heranimated standee counterpart
H&X-4 MS of beefy Herc, Xena at his side
H&X-5 MLS of Herc smiling aside as Iolaus holds marlin behind him
H&X-6 MLS of Herc valiantly struggling under weight of huge rock
H&X-7 MCU of sly Xena looking over shoulder toward camera
H&X-8 FLV of Iolaus showing both palms to OS attacker
H&X-9 Near-FLV of Gabrielle wielding battle pike
C-HL-A MLS of MacLeod crossing swords with evil Slan Quince [Richard Moll]. The Gathering
C-HL-B PR: FLV of MacLeod, in blue Levis & chambray shirt, seated cross-legged in front of carved monolith
C-HL-C MS of MacLeod astride horse, wearing 19th-century Bavarian garb. Lady & the Tiger
C-HL-D FLV of MacLeod dressed as Napoleonic soldier, confronted by black- robed Darius [Werner Stocker]. Band of Brothers
C-HL-E FLV of mustachioed MacLeod wearing musketeer garb, openingdoorway into rocky, sunlit chamber
C-HL-F PR: MLS of smiling Richie with arm around shoulder of MacLeod,wearing jeans & black t-shirt, arms folded
C-HL-G PR: MS of scruffy MacLeod in sport coat, holding up sword alongsideunsavory sort in black leather
C-HL-H MLS of casually clad Richie & MacLeod staring at something OS
C-HL-I PR: MLS of beaming Richie leaning on handlebars of motorcycle
C-HL-J PR: MS of Richie seated on stairs with hand in hair
C-HL-K PR: MS of MacLeod, arms around pretty Tessa [Alexandra Vandernoot]from behind in front of quaint French bridge
C-HL-L CU of MacLeod & Tessa gazing OS against leafy backdrop
C-HL-M PR: shadowy MS of MacLeod, in jacket & bright tie, & Tessa, in redjacket
C-HL-N PR: MS of MacLeod with hair pulled back, standing on Paris rooftopwith upraised sword. Great winged statue in bg. The Beast Below
C-HL-O PR: poster-like montage with title logo above sword-wielding MacLeodin fg & bg scene of MacLeod engulfed by The Quickening energy
C-HL-P PR: MS of MacLeod with sword raised, tip down
C-HL-R MS of MacLeod in 1840s gypsy garb, turned aside with arm curledaround thin tree. The Darkness
C-HL-S PR: FLV of MacLeod in trench coat, looking back over shoulder atcamera
C-HL-T FLV of MacLeod, long hair in braids, holding canteen while resting inforest
C-HL-U FLV of MacLeod experiencing The Quickening from auditoriumbleachers
C-HL-V MLS of MacLeod discovering sarcophagus. Pharaoh's Daughter
C-HL-W Profile MCU of Nefertiri [Nia Peeples], braziers burning in bg. Pharaoh's...
C-HL-X MLS of MacLeod fencing with Xavier St. Cloud [Roland Gift] indarkness. Unholy Alliance
C-HL-Y MLS of MacLeod receiving sword from robed Kiem Sun [Soon-TekOh]. Road Not Taken
C-HL-Z Happy MS of MacLeod & Tessa sharing wine over game of chess
C-HL-A1 FLV of MacLeod, DeSalvo & Sara Lightfoot [Michelle Thrush], tightly holding swathed baby, by rocks
C-HL-A3 Profile MS of MacLeod in tight conversation with short brunette woman
C-HL-A4 MCU of MacLeod sharing wine with dark-haired woman
C-HL-A5 Profile MS of tuxedoed MacLeod intimately sharing champagne with date dressed as flapper at costume ball
C-HL-A6 Cont. #A5, MS of female party guest confronting couple
C-HL-A7 PR: MLS of MacLeod posed in white tank top & black pants, hands in pockets, against white bg
C-HL-A8 Cont. #A7, suspenders now pulled up
C-HL-A9 PR: CU of smiling Paul as himself, smiling aside
C-HL-B1 Cont. #A9, now flashing ivories toward camera
C-HL-B2 Cont. #B1, now biting lower lip while still smiling
C-HL-B3 FLV of MacLeod, in 16th century period dress, walking narrow village street
C-HL-B4 MLS of MacLeod in trenchcoat, holding sword like golf club & ready to drive at OS adversary
C-HL-B5 FLV of MacLeod seated outdoors, saber in one hand, ancient crystal on cord in other. Legacy
C-HL-B6 PR: MS of chums MacLeod & Richie posed wearing black leather jackets
C-HL-B7 PR: PRT of long-haired MacLeod wearing sleeveless vest, arms crossed
C-HL-B8 PR: MS of glaring MacLeod in black tank top, palms outstretched to camera
C-HL-B9 PR: MS of mustachioed, grinning MacLeod & friend, clad in musketeer garb, facing camera in village square
C-HL-C1 MS of two pre-WWII Russian guards escorting similarly-clad prisoner MacLeod through dungeon. The Sea Witch
C-HL-C2 BS: MS of Paul & Soon-Tek Oh in character, watching as crew members set up shot in leafy monastery set. The Road Not Taken
C-HL-C3 FLV of MacLeod dueling with St. Cloud in clearing
C-HL-C4 BS: Paul puts sword to neck of Kirsch (back to camera) while practicing fencing moves in forest clearing, both wearing sweats
C-HL-C5 MLS of long-haired MacLeod in fringed jacket, talking to grizzled, fur-clad Carl the Hermit [John Dennis Johnston], in 1870s Pacific Northwest. Mountain Men
C-HL-C6 FLV of MacLeod dressed in Scottish garb, astride rearing white stallion in forest clearing of 1622 highlands. Family Tree
C-HL-C7 Shadowy MS of MacLeod in kitchen listening to DeSalvo (back to camera)
C-HL-C9 PR: MS of tight-lipped [l to r] Richie, Dr. Lindsey, MacLeod & Duncan
C-HL-D1 PR: MLS of Richie pointing sword at camera beside MacLeod, who stands rigidly with sword resting against arm
C-HL-D2 PR: MLS of grinning Dr. Lindsey hugging bemused MacLeod
C-HL-D3 MS of MacLeod in duster, showing sword to camera
C-HL-D4 PR: MS of MacLeod in double-breasted jacket, holding sword up with one hand. Slight tilt to shot
C-HL-D5 Cont. #D4, MacLeod more square to camera & holding sword with both hands. Tilt gone
C-HL-D6 Cont. #D5, MCU without sword
C-HL-D7 Cont. #C6, tight MS of MacLeod atop horse
C-HL-D8 PR: MS of MacLeod crossing swords with fellow clansman Connor MacLeod, both turning eyes on camera
C-HL-D9 PR: MLS of MacLeod, wearing black double-breasted jacket, posed with sword resting against arm. Slight tilt to shot
C-HL-E1 Cont. #D9, sword held out to camera in tighter MS
C-HL-E2 PR: outdoor MS of MacLeod presenting hilt of sword to camera, Sun coloring face & hands
C-HL-E3 PR: MS of haggard MacLeod in blousy shirt, raising saber in front of scenic waterfall
C-HL-E4 PR: MCU of pensive MacLeod in loose-knit sweater, eyes downcast
C-HL-E5 PR: MS of Richie wearing green shirt with rolled up sleeves, hands on hips
C-HL-E6 PR: PRT of Dr. Lindsey smiling wide
C-HL-E7 PR: PRT of grizzled Dawson
C-HL-E8 PR: MS of pretty blade-wielding blonde in black leather vest . White bg
C-HL-E9 PR: MS of white-tuxedoed MacLeod performing musical number with blonde, sequined Amanda [Elizabeth Gracen]
C-HL-F1 MLS of MacLeod, in tux, with flapper friend on his arm
C-HL-F2 MS of MacLeod, dressed in dapper duds, with Tessa, wearing red-sequined gown, attending museum gala
C-HL-F3 MS of MacLeod in brown leather jacket, flanked by two shady ladies, one blonde, one brunette
C-HL-F4 FLV of MacLeod, in white shirt, suspenders & black pants, standing with long-haired brunette in tapestry-like nightgown at scene of fire
C-HL-F5 MS of tight-lipped MacLeod in buckskin clothing, being hugged from behind by beaming American Indian woman in fringed dress.
C-HL-F6 Profile MS of Richie & Dr. Lindsey clasping hands enthusiastically on pier
C-HL-F7 MLS of MacLeod, in t-shirt, jeans & leather vest, walking through skidrow area with DeSalvo
C-HL-F8 MS of anxious MacLeod caring for fallen DeSalvo in his arms
C-HL-F9 MS of MacLeod, nattily attired as early 20th-century English gentleman, downcast at funeral beside man holding daisies
C-HL-G1 MLS of MacLeod in bleachers, gripping sword in preparation for The Quickening [precedes #U]
C-HL-G2 LS of MacLeod thrusting saber high as he bursts up from water, flames consuming logs all around him
C-HL-G3 MS of desperado MacLeod wearing hat & bandanna, rifle in hand
C-HL-G4 FLV of cowpoke MacLeod riding horse thru frontier town
C-HL-G5 MLS of long-haired MacLeod wrapped in Scottish clan robe, sword lowered
C-HL-G6 FLV of MacLeod, in buccaneer outfit, walking onto beach as pirates in bg pull boat into shore
C-HL-G7 MS of MacLeod in brown monk robe, eyes cast downward & hands clasped at waist
C-HL-G8 MS of seated MacLeod looking like Mississippi river gambler, turned aside
C-HL-G9 MS of MacLeod, wearing knocked-back hat, behind wheel of old truck
C-HL-H1 MS of Tessa in gray jacket, observing African mask on display in museum
C-HL-H2 MLS of MacLeod in white dress shirt & gray slacks, practicing fencing with rapier in dimly lit living room
C-HL-H3 FLV of MacLeod, in brown suede duster, battling St. Croix [back to camera] in church ruins
C-HL-H4 FLV of MacLeod wielding spear against opponent in black trench coat who holds both knife & sword, hills & bay city in bg
C-HL-H5 FLV of MacLeod looking very Phantom of the Opera-like in black cape & frilly white shirt, dueling with white-haired dandy in stone chamber
C-HL-H6 FLV/UA of MacLeod defending himself unarmed on forest bridge against sword-wielding opponent in gray trench coat [back to camera]
C-HL-H7 MLS of MacLeod, in orange shirt, holding sword at throat of defeated Gregor Powers [Joel Wyner]. Studies in Light
C-HL-H8 FLV of MacLeod holding sword as blade-wielding foe advances in room filled with mannequin busts & clothing racks
C-HL-H9 FLV of MacLeod in French wench drag (literally), forced onto back by musketeer-like foe but about to kick him off during swordfight
C-HL-J1 MCU of blonde-maned English dandy placing shiny broadsword across seemingly defeated fur-wearing MacLeod's throat
C-HL-J2 MLS of MacLeod in red-jacketed Napoleonic soldier uniform, drawing claymore against snowy backdrop. Band of Brothers
C-HL-J3 FLV of MacLeod checking wallet of fallen victim in alley as Dr, Lindsey bends near
C-HL-J4 LS of MacLeod at back of vintage fire truck as pretty reporter holding 4x5 camera) questions him as building burns in bg
C-HL-J5 MS of MacLeod shopping in Ye Olde France, being offered tomatoes by elderly street vendor
C-HL-J6 MS of long-haired MacLeod kneeling over man in bedshirt on floor of period bedroom with woman looking on from under covers
C-HL-J7 MLS of MacLeod dressed as Prohibition-era gangster, drinking beer with man looking wide-eyed at something OS in 1920s mining town. The Zone
C-HL-J8 MS of Richie carrying battered boy from Metro station, firemen in bg
C-HL-J9 MLS of sword-wielding Amanda in rooftop combat with blond-haired man wearing black suit & gloves
C-HL-K1 MLS of dueling Methos [Peter Wingfield] parrying with foe from #J9
C-HL-K2 PR: PRT of MacLeod looking very French with mustache & gotee, gloved hands holding double rapiers to camera. Duende
C-HL-K3 MS of MacLeod as elegantly-attired Englishman complete with ruffles & top hat
C-HL-K4 PR: MS of MacLeod leaning against wall with back slightly turned toward camera while looking over shoulder. He's wearing jeans & black leather sleeveless vest
C-HL-K5 Cont. #K4, MacLeod now facing camera with thumbs in pockets, cross hanging against bare chest
C-HL-K6 MS of MacLeod in 1930s Paris, dressed in snazzy suit. Reasonable Doubt
C-HL-K7 PR: MS of MacLeod in gray trench coat, & black-clad Dawson posed outside. Judgment Day
C-HL-K8 MS of uniformed MacLeod on French battlefield, clutching hand of fallen comrade
C-HL-K9 PR: PRT of Peter Wingfield as himself
C-HHG-A MS of two-headed Zaphod waving at camera, his other arm around shoulder of smiling Trillian
C-HHG-B PR: MCU of serious Ford & smiling Arthur eyeing camera
C-HHG-C PR: MLS of colorfully-clothed Ford standing with bag over shoulder, hand in pocket
C-HHG-D PR: MS of equally colorful Zaphod, hands on hips
C-HHG-E MLS of Zaphod looking down [one head anyway] at Trillian, in red vinyl jumpsuit, who smiles back
C-HHG-F MCU of Bogon commander
HOLMES & YOYO - 1976
C-H&Y-A Yoyo [John Schuck] poses with his chest open to reveal robot controls
C-HULK-A MCU of Hulk before he goes green, red glow on face
C-HULK-B MS of fully transformed Hulk wearing ripped shirt
C-HULK-C SFX shot of Banner changing into [superimposed] Hulk
C-HULK-D MCU of Banner with extra made up as early-stage Hulk
C-HULK-EMS of Ferrigno as Hulk
C-HULK-FMS of Hulk bathed in menacing dark green light
C-HULK-G MS of Hulk apparently after taking mud bath
C-HULK-H FLV of Hulk, wearing ripped shirt, standing in woods
C-HULK-IFLV of Hulk, wearing ripped shirt, walking in woods
C-HULK-JMS of Hulk snarling, fists raised & clenched as red light strikes his right side. Black bg
C-HULK-K Profile MCU of Hulk facing evil, green-skinned counterpart
C-ID-A ABC Tel-Op with title & ECU of Mova's lower face with fangs bared on magenta bg
C-ID-B Profile FLV of David facing black nightgowned vampiress Mova, male victim at their feet
C-ID-C MCU of vampiress, eyes partly in shadow, sprouting fangs
C-ID-D CU of David trying to ward off vampiress, who wants to fang him for the memories
C-IDJ-A MCU of Tony & Jeannie in caress, eyeball to eyeball [reddish]
C-IDJ-B Tony stands forlornly in front of house [reddish]
C-IDJ-C Jeannie, hand to chin, leans elbow on table next to framed picture of Tony & genie bottle
C-IDJ-D PR: Smiling Jeannie, in Genie costume, poses on pillows inside her lamp, upturned palms framing face as she leans on elbows
C-IDJ-E PR: PRT of smiling, domesticized Jeannie wearing black party dress
C-IDJ-F PR: MS of Jeannie facing camera with smile & hands on hips, wearingupdated harem costume, blue bg
C-IDJ-G PR: MS of Jeannie folding her arms, ready to perform magic beforepink curtain
C-IDJ-H PR: MLS of Jeannie in delightful harem outfit, gesturing as if to say:"Here's the belly button"
C-IDJ-I PR: MLS of Jeannie as above & husband Tony [Wayne Rogers] posed with magic lamp, blue bg
C-IW-A PR: FLV of monster in timeworn muscleman pose
C-INV-A LS of flying saucer hovering above man in field
C-INV-B UA of saucer's underbelly
C-INV-C LS of landed saucer as aliens load boxes into truck
C-INV-D MS of Vincent inspecting device aboard saucer
C-INV-E PR: MS of Vincent pointing at map of Earth
C-INV-F Hovering saucer lights wooded area in orange glow
C-INV-G Title next to MS of Vincent fleeing from flying saucer
C-INV-H LS of Earth viewed with quarter of Moon in fg from saucer POV
C-INV-I Cont. C-INV-H, saucer enters scene after passing Moon
C-INV-J Cont. C-INV-I, saucer farther away, underside no longer visible
C-INV-K LS of girl walking toward saucer landed in field, reddish tint [shotgrainy, 3 1/2x5 or 5x7 recommended]
C-INV-L Vincent, striking thoughtful pose, letting sand sift thru fingers
C-IMAN-A MS of Westin holding Kate close from behind
C-IMAN-B PRT of Kate, smiling
C-IMAN-C PRT of Kate, serious
C-ISIS-A PR: MLS of Isis, hands on hips, posed against red bg
C-ISIS-B PR: MS of Isis posed against multicolored lightning bg
C-ISIS-C PR: PRT of schoolteacher Andrea Thomas, alias Isis
C-ISIS-D MLS of Andrea spreading arms, about to transform
C-ISIS-E Cont. C-ISIS-D, transformation completed
C-ISIS-F MS of Isis talking to blind young man
C-ISIS-G PR: MCU of Isis with serpent against red bg
C-ISIS-H PR: MLS of Isis posed against multicolored lightning bg
C-ISIS-I PR: MS of Isis looking at Falcon perched on her arm
C-ISIS-K PR: MCU of cast
C-ISIS-L PR: MLS of Andrea, wearing blue dress & quilted blouse, holding books in one hand & putting glasses to lips with other on red bg
C-ISIS-M Cont. C-ISIS-L, MS of Andrea putting glasses to lips
C-ISIS-N BS: FLV of Isis getting rigged with wires for flying sequence
C-ISIS-O BS: MS of Isis hanging from wires before blue screen
IT'S ABOUT TIME - 1966-67
C-IAT-A PR: Title above heads of astronauts Hector [Jack Mullaney] & Mac[Frank Aletter] posed over lavish dinner table spread with wacky StoneAge family, including Shad [Imogene Coca], Gronk [Joe E. Ross], &Clon [Mike Mazurki]
C-JSC-A FV of trisections spaceship [similar to Enterprise]
C-JSC-B RV of same ship approaching Space Academy
C-JSC-C SV of Star Command's Scout ship, Starfire
C-JSC-D FV of Dragos' evil-looking Dragonship
C-JSC-E SV of Dragonship
C-JSC-F PR: FLV of Star Command cast posed on set
C-JSC-G PR: FLV of Jason in ready-for-anything stance
C-JSC-H MS of Jason posed with hands on hips
C-JSC-I PR: FLV of Commander
C-JSC-J PR: MLS of Nicole leaning against wall
C-JSC-K PR: MS of Parsafoot
C-JSC-L PR: Drago menaces Cmdr. & Parsafoot from behind
C-JSC-M PR: PRT of pert Nicole in tight uniform
C-JSC-N PR: MS of blue-skinned new commander of Star Command [JohnRussell] aboard Starfire
C-JSC-O MS of Jason, on wireless telephone, & Parsafoot, holding WIKI
C-JSC-P FLV of Janson's reptilian alien companion, Adron, standing with armsoutstretched
C-JSC-Q PR: 2nd season cast PRT: Jason, Parsafoot, Commander, Samantha[Tamara Dobson] & Dragos
C-JSC-R PR: MLS of Jason, on wireless telephone, kneeling side-by-side withNicole
C-JSC-S PR: MS of Samantha posed with alien Adron at her shoulder
C-JSC-T PR: MS of Samantha posed in stylish jeweled black coat & veiled hat,holding cane
C-JSC-U FLV of Dragos' Dragonship as Starfire nears
C-JSH-A PR: Cast PRT: Jennifer [Anne Jillian], in low-cut pink dress, sits inchair with Joey [John P. Navin Jr.], his family & friend Marc [Glenn Scarpelli] posed around her, blue bg
C-JSH-B PR: MS of Joey & Marc unsure how to take playful Jennifer, in pinkdress as above, magenta bg
C-JSH-C PR: MS of Jennifer, in white evening dress, resting hand on smilingJoey's shoulder, blue bg
C-JSH-D PR: FLV of ghostly Jennifer kneeling on chair as Joe points thumb at her
C-JSH-E PR: FLV of Jennifer, wearing gold lamè dress & witches hat, ridesbroom over Hollywood sign
C-JSH-F Cont. C-JSH-E, Jennifer doffs hat
C-JSH-G MLS of Jennifer posed in sparkly form-fitting gown, holding redfeather wrap, hands on hips
C-JSH-H Cont. C-JSH-G, Jennifer turns sideways, cocks head
C-JSH-I Cont. C-JSH-H, MS of Jennifer holding wrap around waist & bareshoulder
C-JSH-J PR: MLS of Jennifer in striped beachwear halter & wraparound skirtwith straw hat, tip of sunglasses in teeth & hands on hips, green bg
C-JSH-K PR: MS of Jennifer in red silk dress pulled off one shoulder
C-JSH-L PR: MS of Jennifer posed in white sweater set & blue skirt, hands onhips & head cocked
C-JSH-M PR: MLS of ghostly Jennifer, in silver backless gown, looking coylyover shoulder into camera from doorway
C-JSH-N PR: Cute PRT of Jennifer, in yellow dress, surrounded by boa feathers,orange bg
C-JSH-O PR: PRT of smiling Jennifer in bright red show gown with feathers
JOE 90
C-JOE-A 3/4 SV of Navy hovercraft on green bg
C-JOE-B O-T-C space station in sea of stars
C-JOE-C Tow vehicle pulls bullet-nosed, gull-winged aircraft along runway
C-JOE-D Tank-like explosive carriers push along desert
C-JOE-E Two green mini-subs float underwater
C-JOE-F DA of Concord-like orange experimental aircraft taking off
C-JOE-G Profile of white Air Force jet on runway
C-JOE-H Silver Royal Muldova 1 jet plane in flight
C-KNR-A PR: MLS of Knight, in red turtleneck shirt, blue jeans & gray windbreaker, leaning on Kitt
C-KNR-B PR: FLV of Knight kneeling in front of Kitt
C-KNR-C PR: FLV of Knight squatting in front of Kitt
C-KNR-D PR: FLV of Knight, wearing gray jacket, kneeling at rear of Kitt to show off licence plate
C-KNR-E PR: FLV of Knight in sitting position, leaning back against rear bumper of Kitt
C-KNR-F PR: 3/4 FV of Kitt parked on pretty residential lane
C-KNR-G PR: Title above Kitt streaking across desert at sunset
C-KNR-H PR: Title across shoulder of Knight with headlight effect piercing black bg over his head
C-KNR-I PR: MS of Knight wearing black leather jacket & sly grin, posed before gleaming Kitt
C-KNR-J PR: FLV of Knight, wearing all black, standing spread- legged in front of Kitt
C-KNR-K PR: MLS of Knight, in jeans, blue shirt & windbreaker, seated on hood of Kitt
C-KNR-L PR: FLV of Knight, in pink shirt & gray slacks, seated on hood of Kitt
C-KNR-M PR: PRT of Knight in pink shirt
C-KNR-N PR: PRT of Knight wearing cowboy shirt, black jacket & big smile
C-KNR-O PR: MCU of smiling Knight in black shirt & gray jacket
C-KNR-P PR: MLS of Knight, in black, standing spread-legged next to seated Devon [Edward Mulhare]
C-KNR-Q PR:MS of April [Rebecca Holden] posed in purple top while smiling & holding drink
C-KNR-R PR: 3/4 RV of Kitt parked in desert
C-KNR-S PR: MCU of smiling Knight with Kitt parked on grass behind his right shoulder
C-KNR-T PR: MS of smiling Knight posed in pink shirt & black leather jacket
C-KNR-U PR: MS of smiling Knight posed in green shirt & black leather jacket
C-KNR-V PR: Horizontal PRT of serious Knight posed in red turtleneck & same jacket, blue bg
C-KNR-W PR: Horizontal PRT of smiling Devon in smart gray suit, blue bg
C-KNR-X PR: PRT of April in red jumpsuit, purple bg
C-KNR-Y PR: MS of April in red jumpsuit, blue bg
C-KNR-Z Title over Kitt driving into camera
C-KNR-A1 MS of Devon talking on phone as Bonnie [Patricia McPherson], in white jumpsuit, stands nearby
C-KNR-A2 PR: PRT of Bonnie in tan leather sweater top, pink bg
C-KNR-A3 CU of Knight behind wheel of Kitt
C-KNR-A4 FLV of Kitt driving along highway
C-KNR-A5 CU of Kitt cruise control panel on dash
C-KNR-A6 CU of Kitt dash panel showing turbo boost & other displays
C-KNR-A7 FV of Kitt fleeing three gunmen
C-KNR-A8 MCU of Knight, in black & white checked sport shirt & blackleather jacket, telling off somebody OS
C-KNR-A9 MLS of Knight as above questioning young woman wearing redtights in gym workout area
C-KNR-B1 PR: MCU of smiling Knight in black leather jacket & red shirt openat neck, white bg
C-KNR-B2 PR: MCU of Knight, natty in same jacket, black shirt & white tie
C-KNR-B3 PR; FLV of Knight in tuxedo, sitting on hood of Kitt
C-KNR-B4 PR: MS of Knight, in tuxedo, posed behind wheel of Kitt with dooropen to show dashboard
C-KNR-B5 PR: PRT of Knight giving thumbs up gesture behind Devon &Bonnie, who holds Kitt model
C-KNR-B6 PR: PRT of trio with Knight's hand on Devon's shoulder, Devon'saround Bonnie's
                 [NOTE: C-KNR-B7 thru C-KNR-C5 are PR shots from 1986 season]
C-KNR-B7 Cast PRT of Devon & Knight resting hands on shoulders of seatedBonnie [in yellow top & blue coveralls] all smiling, blue bg
C-KNR-B8 PRT of Knight standing behind seated Bonnie, particularly attractivewearing beautiful sweater & hair down, blue bg
C-KNR-B9 MLS of smiling Knight & Bonnie [in tan slacks & sweater] posedback to back with arms folded
C-KNR-C1 MS of Bonnie in yellow top under blue coveralls, hair up, red bg
C-KNR-C2 FV of revamped convertible Kitt
C-KNR-C3 3/4 FV of Kitt
C-KNR-C4 SV of Kitt
C-KNR-C5 3/4 RV from high angle of Kitt showing dashboard
C-KNS-A PR Kolchak wearing straw hat in relaxed pose
C-KNS-B PR: ugly succubus looks over Kolchak's shoulder
C-KNS-C MCU of dishevelled, forlorn Kolchak
C-KNS-D Kolchak poises to pound stake into female vampire before burning cross. The Vampire
C-KNS-E MS of Kolchak trying to be nonchalant despite fright mask worn by Mr. R.I.N.G.
C-KNS-F Cont. C-KNS-B, Kolchak smiling & more of succubus visible
C-KNS-G Surrealistic painting of Kolchak's & Vampire's faces in deep shades of red
C-LOG-A PR: PRT of entire cast
C-LOG-B Burton, Valerie, others inspect giant leaf by ship
C-LOG-C FLV of miniskirted Valerie & Wilson seemingly trapped
C-LOG-D Valerie & companion on makeshift cot in cave hideaway
C-LOG-E MCU of smiling Valerie seated aboard ship
C-LOG-F Steve & Valerie try to break out of screened vent. Valerie holds walkie-talkie
C-LOG-G Betty tends to young Barry seated aboard ship
C-LOG-H BS: technician works on front half of Spindrift model on black bg
C-LOG-I LS of Spindrift about to collide with green storm cloud
C-LOG-J Spindrift floats toward thick forest of trees
C-LOG-K FLV of Steve holding a pencil taller than he
C-LOG-L DA of Steve & Valerie, scalpel at her stomach, taped to lab specimen table
C-LOG-M PR: montage of highlights with small PRT of stars at sides. Orange bg
C-LOG-N Handsome PRT of Steve in red uniform
C-LOG-O Spectacular MLS of Spindrift flying close to Moon
C-LOG-P Profile MS of Fitzhugh & Barry, cradling pooch, talking in front of spaceship
C-LOG-Q MS of Erickson taking cigarette break on oversized foliage set
C-LOG-R PR: FLV of Valerie [Deanna Lund] posed invitingly against side of ship
C-LOG-S MS of Burton listening on hand receiver
C-LOG-T PR: PRT of side-by-side Burton, Valerie & Erickson
C-LOG-U Valerie[sitting] & Burton [kneeling] on edge of cabinet. The Crash
C-LOG-V PR: Extreme DA of Burton, Valerie & others amid giant-sized scissors, ruler, razor blade, pencil & thimble, looking up into camera
C-LOG-W Burton, Valerie, Wilson, Fitzhugh & rest of group in gondola of flying hot air balloon
C-LOL-A FLV of Allosaurus standing on rocky plateau
C-LOL-B LS of Allosaurus in primeval forest, mountains in bg
C-LOL-C FLV of Allosaurus seemingly stuck between trees
C-LOL-D Struthimimus crosses Allosaurus' path in forest
            [NOTE: C-LOL-E thru C-LOL-K from "Abominable Snowman" episode]
C-LOL-E Holly & Cha-Ka find unicorn in forest
C-LOL-F Alien Enik tells Will unicorn is food for Tapa
C-LOL-G Holly offers cake to snowman called Tapa
C-LOL-H Cha-Ka & Holly flee alongside cliff
C-LOL-I MS of snowman pounding his chest
C-LOL-J Jack & Will recapture unicorn
C-LOL-K Enid stands in clearing, hands on hips
C-LOH-A Bizarre, faceless alien warns George Orr [Bruce Davison, back turned] about power of his dreams, surreal mist swirls about them
C-LOH-B FLV of Dr. Haber [Kevin Conway] shaking hands with Orr [they & people in bg have gone gray]
         [NOTE: Shots C-LR-E - C-LR-N from "The Innocent" episode]
C-LR-A MS of Logan & Jessica shielding themselves from wind
C-LR-B MS of Logan & Jessica in tight embrace
C-LR-C FLV of Logan & Jessica walking hand in hand
C-LR-D MS of Logan aiming his Sandman pistol
C-LR-E Lisa [Lian Eilbacker] faces Rem & Jessica [backs turned]
C-LR-F MCU OF Lisa wearing an off-shoulder dress.
C-LR-G MCU of Lisa, her brow furrowed
C-LR-H Rem, Logan & Jessica talking to robot, Friend
C-LR-I Francis, holding weapon, & other Sandmen stand grim-faced besideland car in field near Lisa's refuge
C-LR-J MS of Logan & Jessica, with unsure expressions, in lab
C-LR-K MCU of Jessica, her teeth clenched
C-LR-L Slight UA of Jessica, Rem & Logan in spider webbed lab
C-LR-M Profile CU of Logan in land car
C-LR-N MCU of Lisa with ribbon-tied pigtails
C-LR-O PR: mist swirls about the feet of Jessica, Rem & Logan, aiming gun,standing before red archway
C-LR-P PR: FLV of Jessica flanked by armed Logan, Francis
C-LR-Q MS of Jessica, Karen [Angela Cartwright] & Logan
C-LR-R Jessica, Logan, Rem & Hal 14 [Nicholas Hammond] in aircar. Judas Goat
C-LR-S Provider shows anger at Hal & Logan in lab. Judas Goat
C-LR-T MCU of the Provider [Lance Legault]. Judas Goat
C-LR-U LS of Hal & Logan strapped to joy machine in lab. Judas Goat
C-LR-V MS of Provider's assistant operating controls of machine. Judas Goat
C-LR-W Blue light effect enshrouds Hal. Judas Goat
C-LR-X MCU of Jessica outside
C-LR-Y MLS of Jessica & Logan outside
C-LR-Z MS of Francis with gun & three of his boys behind him
C-LR-A1 PR: FLV of Logan, Jessica & Rem posed in costume
C-LR-A2 PR: MLS of Logan & Jessica taken aback by something OS, bright red bg
C-LR-A3 PR: MS of armed Logan outside room holding spectre-like captives of The Collectors
C-LR-A4 Logan & Jessica are captured by Draco [Keene Curtis] & pair of robot henchmen
C-LR-A5 DA of Draco showing Logan & Jessica room within mountain city
C-LR-A6 MS of Logan & Francis, casually holding Sandman pistol, in moment of truce
C-LR-A7 PR: tight PRT of Logan & Francis, holding raised Sandman pistol
C-LR-A8 PR: FLV of Logan, Jessica & Karen [Angela Cartwright] in tight pose. The Collectors
C-LR-A9 MS of Ariana [Mariette Hartley] looking up & away as if perplexed. Futurepast
C-LR-A10 MS of Ariana smiling at something OS while taking Rem by shoulder
C-LR-A11 MLS of Francis entering room with Sandman gun
C-LIS-A Full cast PRT posed aboard Jupiter II
C-LIS-B FLV of Will & Robot in native camp. Space Primevals
C-LIS-C Cont. C-LIS-B, Robot fires lasers past group of natives
C-LIS-D Space Pirate Tucker [Albert Salmi] talking to his mechanical parrot. Treasure of the Lost Planet
C-LIS-E BS: Prof. Robinson, West, Will, Dr. Smith, Robot & Tucker on set. Treasure of the Lost Planet
C-LIS-F Alien Creech & Smith: prisoners. Fugitives in Space
C-LIS-G Creech, Smith & West take a break from the rock pile
C-LIS-H Creech about to bop Smith on head with rock crusher
C-LIS-I Smith talks to space wizard Zalto [Al Lewis], Will & magical looking apparatus in bg. Rocket to Earth
C-LIS-J Smith, Robinson & alien with West imprisoned in chair & missiles along walls. Flaming Planet
C-LIS-K Smith holds Will as shield against OS menace
C-LIS-L West, Robinson, Will & Robot confront monk-garbed, sinister alien brandishing exotic weapon
C-LIS-M Robot watches Will & Robinson help dazed West to his feet
C-LIS-N West & Robinson repair glowing instrument on ship
         [NOTE: C-LIS-P is sold in 3 1/2x5 or 5x7 size only]
C-LIS-P LS of Jupiter II flying over mountains
C-LIS-R PR: title in red beside West in silver uniform aboard ship
C-LIS-S PR: FLV of silver-suited cast aboard ship, part of Robot OS
C-LIS-T PR: FLV of silver-suited Maureen, Judy, Penny aboard ship
C-LIS-U PR: FLV of silver-suited Maureen & John in ship tube
C-LIS-V PR: MLS of silver-suited Judy in ship tube
C-LIS-W PR: FLV of silver-suited West bent over ship controls
C-LIS-X PR: MS of West out of uniform
C-LIS-Y PR: FLV of Smith showing Robot his flair with paints
C-LIS-Z PR: Judy & West pose with Robot
C-LIS-AA FLV of black-garbed space queen [Francine Yourk] holding up scepter in her lavish gadget-ridden bed chamber
C-LIS-BB LS of Robot, Smith & Will reluctantly entering cave
C-LIS-CC LS of Jupiter II nearing Vera Castle. Condemned of Space
           [NOTE:C-LIS-DD and C-LIS-EE available as 3 1/2x5 or 5x7 only]
C-LIS-DD Jupiter II prepares to take off from planet
C-LIS-EE Cont. C-LIS-DD, Jupiter II rises, ramps still down
C-LIS-FF MS of Robot holding container emitting flame out in front of him
C-LIS-GG FLV of Judy & Don wearing civilian clothes while standing on alien planet, rocks in bg
C-LIS-HH Title over Junkman & Smith watching Robot sparking. Junkyard of Space
C-LIS-II Title over carrot man scolding Smith for picking flower. Great Vegetable Rebellion
C-LIS-JJ Title over West & Robinson dealing with space hippies. Collision of the Planets
C-LIS-KK Title over blue-skinned alien with Spock ears talking to computer
C-LIS-LL PR: Smith, wearing his original uniform, sits while pointing raygun toward camera
C-LIS-MM PR: MLS of Smith bent against bulkhead while on sneaky escapade
C-LIS-NN PR: MS of Smith posing with metal head inside open case
C-LIS-OO PR: MS of giant cyclops. There Were Giants in the Earth
C-LIS-PP PR: MCU of purplish alien with heavy black eyebrows showing off his ugly hands
C-LIS-QQ PR: MS of flame-haired & bearded alien peering around rocks with funnel-tipped weapon
C-LIS-RR MLS of Smith putting chokehold on Will as Maureen tries to stop him by rocks
C-LIS-SS Silver-suited Robinson & Robot walk thru area of various caged aliens. Hunter's Moon
C-LIS-TT Silver-suited Robinson & alien Sobram watch something OS. Flaming Planet
C-LIS-UU FLV of gas-masked Smith & Robot in confrontation aboard ship
C-LIS-VV Spacesuited West & Robinson are down & almost out at Jupiter II airlock as Smith, Will, Penny & Judy watch them from inside ship
C-LIS-WW Jupiter II fires laser in star-studded space above Moon
C-LIS-XX Cont.C-LIS-WW, Jupiter II passes in front of Moon
C-LIS-YY Jupiter II sits on launch pad. Reluctant Stowaway [5x7 or 4x5 only]
C-LIS-ZZ Silver-suited Robinson women stand on access ramp of Jupiter II. The Derelict
C-LIS-A1 LS of West & Judy standing in front of chariot at drill site. Blast Off Into Space
C-LIS-A2 Profile MS of Penny standing behind Verda by rocks. Revolt of theAndroids
C-LIS-A3 PR: MLS of Robinson, Maureen & Smith posing with smiles byequipment aboard Jupiter II
C-LIS-A4 PR: MLS of Robinson & Maureen posed in silver suits against deepred bg
C-LIS-A5 PR: MLS of Judy dolled up in blue gown & Smith posed with robot, decked out like a Madame
C-LIS-A6 PR: FLV of Will posing with Smith, who's dressed like pirate
C-LIS-A7 PR: MLS of Don posed in silver spacesuit
C-LIS-A8 PR: FLV of Will posed with arms around two. Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
C-LIS-A9 PR: MLS of Penny posed beside Verda in front of rock
C-LIS-A10 PR: Cont. C-LIS-A9, Penny laughs as they turn toward each other
C-LIS-A11 PR: MLS of Jupiter II flying over planet [3 1/2x5 or 5x7 only]
[NOTE: C-LIS-A12 thru C-LIS-A18 are from the Condemned of Space episode & are sold in 3-1/2x5 or 5x7 size only]
C-LIS-A12 Robinson family, Robot & Smith, clad in night clothes, assemble in front of Jupiter II
C-LIS-A13 John & Don man controls in preparing ship's flight thru comet
C-LIS-A14 MLS of Maureen turning away from Penny & Judy, who worrybeside astrogator
C-LIS-A15 Robby comes up behind Don & fires freezing ray at him
C-LIS-A16 Robby stands in front of malfunctioning computer judge
C-LIS-A17 Profile MS of Smith cowering behind Robot, who convinces Robby he is relief guard
C-LIS-A18 MLS of Phanzig dropping pearl cat's cradle into Will's hand as Smith & Robot look on
C-LIS-A19 Will points wand at Smith, who holds out clenched hands, as Don sits nearby & Robot watches
C-LIS-A20 Cont. C-LIS-A19, pullback shot with Judy seated behind Smith, his hands now down
C-LIS-A21 Cont. C-LIS-NN, FLV of Smith seated beside metal head inside open case on table
C-LIS-A22 FLV of John, Maureen, Will & Don standing side-by-side during evening, foliage in bg
C-LIS-A23 PRT of Judy against orange bg
C-LIS-A24 MLS of Judy & Don playing with Robot
C-LIS-A25 PR: MLS of silver-suited Maureen inserting giant key into giant lock on giant heart
             [Note: C-LIS-A26 thru C-LIS-A28 are grainy, 3-1/2x5 or 5x7 recommended]
C-LIS-A26 Jupiter II takes evasive action to dodge atomic missile
C-LIS-A27 Cont. C-LIS-A26, missile almost by spaceship
C-LIS-A28 Missile explodes beyond ship
C-LIS-A29 LS of stone creature [back turned] walking toward Will & terrified Smith in base camp. Blast Off Into Space
C-LIS-A30 PR: PRT of Will wearing cute smile, arms crossed atop rock
C-LIS-A31 PR: TV monitor POV of Jupiter II landed on planet
C-LIS-A32 FLV of Jupiter II, its landing gear down moments before touchdown.Target: Earth
C-LIS-A33 MLS of Jupiter II ejecting Space Pod in space [light grain, 3-1/2 x5 or 5x7 recommended]
C-LIS-A34 LS of Space Pod about to land on alien planet [light grain & orange hue]
C-LIS-A35 PR: MS of smiling Will resting chin in hands, wearing shipboard red & orange shirt
C-LIS-A36 PR: MLS of Will posed in silver costume, hands folded in front of him, smiling
C-LIS-A37 PR: MS of cast reassembled for Family Feud game show, including Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen & Bob May
C-LIS-A38 PR: MLS of Smith, in military uniform, standing aboard Jupiter IIwith blaster held against chest
C-LIS-A39 Composite of Jupiter II in orbit over actual shot of Moon, planet Earth on horizon
C-LIS-A40 PR: Outstanding full cast PRT taken against interior wall of Jupiter II, all facing just OS
C-LIS-A41 Title & CBS eye superimposed over MLS of John & Don in silver spacesuits on control deck while giant hand hangs outside window
C-LIS-A42 PR: FLV of Smith eyeing John & Maureen, both in silver suits, at stasis tubes
C-LIS-A43 PR: MLS of John wearing jet pack while holding Maureen from behind, both in silver suits & smiling
C-LIS-A44 Cont. #A43, both now looking aside
C-LIS-A45 PR: tight MS of John & Maureen (silver suits) embracing while looking aside against red bg
C-LIS-A46 PR: fetching MS of smiling Judy (silver suit) standing by chair
C-LIS-A47 PR: PRT of beaming Judy in yellow & orange outfit
C-LIS-A48 PR: MS of aghast Smith being menaced by two fishy-looking aliens
C-LIS-A49 PR: 1997 MS of Kristen, Harris, Cartwright, Mumy, Lockhart & Goddard posed around Robot for Sci-Fi Channel reunion special
C-LIS-A50 Cont. #A49, PRT of Robinson women posed with Robot
C-LIS-A51 Cont. #A50, PRT of Mumy & Harris with Robot
C-LIS-A52 FLV of Maureen, John & Don immobile in stasis tubes
C-LIS-A53 MS of Maureen in tube, sleeping peacefully
C-LIS-A54 MS of Don in tube, standing at ease with eyes open
C-LIS-A55 BS: LS of Judy picking alien fruit near ship, blurry Penny in bg
C-LIS-A56 BS: FLV of bundled-up Robinsons preparing Chariot for departure in front of ship. Top of set just visible
C-LIS-A57 BS: FLV of Robot rolling along sand near Jupiter II on planet set
C-LIS-A58 Space pod breaks orbit of earthlike planet. Rare shot
C-LIS-A59 MLS of Don, Penny (in princess get-up), Judy & Smith on deck of alien space boat. Princess of Space
C-LIS-A60 MS of Robot confronting two robot computers. Princess of Space

C-LW-A  PR: MLS of sizzling Veronica [Jennifer O'Dell] in revealing animal skins, arms folded & leaning against rock wall
C-LW-B  MLS of wet Veronica looking aside as she holds jar in air
C-LW-C  MS of fallen Veronica, back to camera as she tries to avoid oncoming raptor
C-LW-D  AV of Veronica laying on back, regarding dead dinosaur on ground beside her

C-MFA-A CU of handsome, green-eyed Mark Harris
C-MFA-B MS of Elizabeth doing lab tests on bare-chested Mark
C-MFA-C PR: MS of uniformed Mark aboard the Cetacean
C-MFA-D PR: MS of uniformed Elizabeth with arms crossed
C-MFA-E MS of Mark & Elizabeth in smiling pose, casually clad
C-MFA-F PR: Mark puts webbed hands on pier piling
C-MFA-G DA of Cetacean model suspended by strings on ocean floor miniature
C-MFA-H MLS of Mark carrying young woman from ocean

C-MFU-A PR: Title over MLS of Solo & Illya poised with guns aimed at camera
C-MFU-B PR: MS of Waverly looking over shoulders of Solo & Illya, who holds piece of jewelry
C-MFU-C Title over MS of Illya, Solo & Waverly posed at computer console
C-MFU-D PR: PRT of Illya in plaid flannel shirt with collar up worn over white dress shirt, red bg
C-MFU-E PR: MS of tuxedoed Solo holding up machine gun as two sexy women dress up bg, blue bg
C-MFU-F PR: MS of Solo, in brown suit, holding automatic pistol with silencer, portable lightpack on table before him, deep red bg
C-MFU-G PR: MLS of Solo, holding pistol with scope & silencer, & Illya standing beside seated, expressive Waverly in U.N.C.L.E. headquarters [names signed above their heads]
C-MFU-H PR: MLS of Solo, spiffy in tuxedo, standing with arms spread at sides, pistol with silencer in hand
C-MFU-I PR: PRT of Solo in brown suit, holding pistol against shoulder, pale blue bg
C-MFU-J PR: MS of Solo in sitting PRT with arms folded, wearing different brown suit, lightpack in bg
C-MFU-K PR: MCU of Illya, eyes piercing camera, in dark suit
C-MFU-L PR: PRT of Illya, in same suit, against brick bg
C-MFU-M PR: MS of Illya, in same suit, head lowered but eyes glaring into camera, his shadow on bare wall
C-MFU-N PR: PRT of McCallum as himself, wearing gray sport shirt & dark suit jacket

C-MIS-1 Title over astronaut in cockpit of spaceplane
C-MIS-2 Low angle of launch pad & bottom of spaceship
C-MIS-3 DA of men working on ramp at upper stage of spaceship
C-MIS-4 LS of men working on ramp inside & outside of spaceplane XR-1
C-MIS-5 LS of entire three-stage spaceship in launch
C-MIS-6 LS of spaceship blasting off
C-MIS-7 Rockets burning, ship blasts thru space
C-MIS-8 Third stage of spaceship separates
C-MIS-9 Spaceplane floats below astronaut snapping pictures in fg
C-MIS-10 Spaceplane reenters Earth's atmosphere, flies over ocean at sunset

MANIMAL - 1983
C-MML-A PR: FLV of Jonathan Chase [Simon MacCorkindale] kneeling beside black panther
C-MML-B PR: PRT of Chase, Brooke [Melody Anderson] & sidekick [MichaelD. Roberts] posed against wall of animal pictures
C-MML-C PR: PRT of trio against blue bg
C-MML-D PR: PRT of Chase holding hawk over Brooke's head, orange bg
C-MMI-E PRT of Brooke in white pullover sweater
C-MML-F Cont. C-MMI-E, tighter PRT of smiling Brooke
C-MML-G PR: PRT of Brooke in white top & red sweater
C-MML-H PR: Horizontal PRT of Chase in tuxedo posed against wall of animalpictures. Nice shot

C-M&B-A Stunning FLV of umbrella disc-shaped spaceship flotilla nearingplanet Mars

C-MCH-A PR: MS of Wilder & wife Ruth [Gayle Hunnicutt]
C-MCH-B PR: MLS of Wilder standing in front of spaceship
C-MCH-C PR: MS of Wilder aiming rifle
C-MCH-D LS of Ylla in bed, dreaming of Earth man's first trip to Mars
C-MCH-E Cont. C-MCH-D, Ylla takes her husbands hand, explaining dream
C-MCH-F Black [Nicholas Hammond] & crew leave their spaceship, show dismay at OS sight
C-MCH-G Spender reports to Wilder & his crew by spaceship
C-MCH-H MCU of Spender telling Wilder his feelings about Mars
C-MCH-I Wilder & Parkhill find one of expeditions crewmen dead
C-MCH-J LS of Wilder & Spender exploring Martian ruins
C-MCH-K Spender, in Martian mask & robes, sits at temple ruins
C-MCH-L Wilder has happy reunion with Parkhill & his wife in their restaurant
C-MCH-M MS of masked Martian holding out land grant in restaurant
C-MCH-N Slight UA of two Martians, one masked, from sand ship
C-MCH-O Hathaway [Barry Morse] climbs his telescope/laser signaller
C-MCH-P Hathaway looking thru his homemade telescope
C-MCH-Q Night view of Martian temple & waterway leading to it
C-MCH-R MLS of Spender in Martian mask & robes aiming alien weapon from behind temple column
C-MCH-S Parkhill turns away in momentary shock when masked Martian appears in his restaurant

C-MXH-A PR: computer-generated, frowning Max Headroom, wearingsunglasses, sticks head out of Christmas stocking
C-MXH-B PR: MLS of tightly posed cast, including Edison Carter [MattFrewer], Theora, Murray [Jeffery Tambor] & Bryce [Chris Young],Max imaged above them
C-MXH-C PR: sitting PRT of Theora & Edison, who sports nasty gash onforehead, Max on wall monitors in bg
C-MXH-D PR: PRT of smiling Edison holding camera, Max on monitors in bg
C-MXH-E PR: MS of Edison pointing finger at his alter ego on monitor
C-MXH-F PR: MS of Edison with camera out in rubble-strewn field
C-MXH-G PR: nice PRT of Amanda as herself in multicolored sweater, headcocked, hair shoulder length
C-MXH-H MLS of Theora, in gray dress, sitting pretty on console beforemonitor images of Max
C-MXH-I PR: sitting glamour PRT of Amanda as herself, wearing blackstrapless gown & pearl necklace, hair short
C-MXH-J Cont. C-MXH-I, FLV, slightly different pose
C-MXH-K PRT of open-mouthed Max wearing sunglasses
C-MXH-L MS of Edison aiming camera toward camera, Theora at his side
C-MXH-M MLS of Theora, in tan skirt & top, sitting on console looking aside, hair in pigtail
C-MXH-N LS of Channel 23 network & other lit buildings at night beyond burned-out region

C-MOS-A PR: PRT of Hayes, Johnny B. & Lincoln
C-MOS-B PR: PRT of smiling Hayes & Lincoln posed behind lab beakers
C-MOS-C PR: FLV of Lincoln reclining whimsically on floor
C-MOS-D PR: Cast PRT of Hayes, Lincoln, Johnny B. & Gloria
C-MOS-E PR: PRT of smiling Hayes, blue bg
C-MOS-F PR: MLS of Johnny B., wearing striped sport shirt, white pants & big smile, resting crossed arms on upraised knee
C-MOS-H PR: PRT of adorable Gloria, with warm smile, wearing Misfits T-shirt under sweat jacket, red bg
C-MOS-I PR: PRT of human icicle Beef Biefneiter, blue bg
C-MOS-J PR: FLV of whole gang, including Jennifer, posed smiling in sweats, shorts & T-shirts by rocks
C-MOS-K PR: PRT of all but Beef posed by lab equipment
C-MOS-L PR: Cont. C-MOS-H, PRT of Gloria smiling with shoulder turned to camera

C-M&M-A PR: MCU of Mork & Mindy
C-M&M-B PR: FLV of floating Mork & skateboarding Mindy
C-M&M-C PR: PRT of Mindy smiling prettily
C-M&M-D PR: Mork gets cuddle from alien adversary [Raquel Welch]
C-M&M-E PR: Raquel relaxes in blue & silver costume between takes
C-M&M-F PR: Mork tries to listen to one of daises Mindy is preparing in vase
C-M&M-G PR: ABC title tel-op composited with MS of smiling Mork &Mindy, he in native costume, blue bg

MR. ED - 1961-65
C-MRED-A PR: MS of Wilbur [Alan Young] & Carol Post [Connie Hines] smiling wide as they feed carrots to Mr. Ed [head only]

MR. MERLIN - 1981-82
C-MRM-A PR: MS of Merlin [Bernard Hughes] with arm around shoulder of Zac [Clark Brandon], with sorcerer's hat

MR. SMITH - 1983
C-MSM-A PR: Cast PRT: clothed Mr. Smith [C.J. the orangutan] sits in chairsurrounded by Tommy [Tim Dunitan], his little sister, Raymond [Leonard Frey] & Tracy
C-MSM-B Cont. C-MSM-A, Tommy & sister take chair, Smith at arm
C-MSM-C PR: Smith, in business suit, sits at desk with Raymond at his shoulder, smiling
C-MSM-D PR: Raymond bends over desk as Smith signs document
C-MSM-E PR: MS of Mr. Smith taking phone call at desk
C-MSM-F PRT of smiling Tracy in brown jacket
C-MUN-A Warmhearted family PRT of the Munsters clan
C-MUN-B Grandpa sits on Herman's lap in Munster Mansion
C-MUN-C PR: PRT of Herman, Lily, & Grandpa, all graying nicely
C-MUN-D PR: PRT of Marilyn, Grandpa, Lily, Herman, & Eddie sitting on dad's lap
C-MUN-E PR: PRT of Marilyn standing with hands on shoulders of seated Grandpa & Eddie, who holds Werewolf doll
C-MUN-F PR: PRT of Herman smiling that goofy smile
C-MUN-G PR: MS of Herman & Marilyn hugging
MUPPET SHOW - 1976-1981
          {NOTE: Following are from program spoofing STAR WARS]
C-MUP-D C3PO & Chewie pose with Miss Piggy as Leia, Vader [Gonzo] & Swinetrek captain
C-MUP-E R2D2 & Kermit join all others for songfest in front of castle
C-MUP-F MCU of Luke beside Chewie, standing with arms folded
C-MUP-G MS of Luke listening to C3PO
C-MUP-H Luke, Miss Piggy, C3PO & Swinetrek captain react to something OS
C-MUP-I Vader walks in front of armed Luke & C3PO
C-MUP-J Luke, C3PO & Miss Piggy listen to Vader
C-MUP-K FLV of Chewie & R2D2 with muppet aliens peaking out from mountain set in bg
C-MDR-A PR: PRT of uniformed Braddock looking aside with lips parted
C-MDR-B PR: FLV of eight-member crew posed in flight suits aboard ship
C-MDR-C Profile MLS of Braddock in flight suit aboard ship, staring at hand after wiping blood from forehead
C-MRU-A PR: MLS of Phillipe [Val Kilmer] & Claire [Rebecca DeMornay]posed by iron gate in natty 1899 Paris costumes
C-MLD-AFLV of curvey robot Rhoda striking pinup pose in salon doorway, wearing blue leotard
C-MLD-BPR: FLV of curvy Rhoda the robot posed in sexy gold, clingy swimsuit & matching turban
C-NA-A MS of Gambit, Purdey & Steed on airfield, plane in bg
C-NA-B CU of Purdey & Steed, gun drawn, hiding from enemies
C-NA-C MS of amused Steed & Gambit
C-NA-D MS of dapper Steed, holding up cane
C-NA-E MS of Steed pounding on wall
C-NA-F Near FLV of Steed in sweater outside with woman in coat
C-NA-G MCU of Gambit in sport shirt & sweater
C-NA-H MS of Gambit about to open door with gun drawn
C-NA-I Gambit leaps over fence
C-NA-J Gambit poses on sidewalk leaning on crutch
C-NA-K MS of Purdey & unidentified man cuddling outdoors
C-NA-N MS of Purdey studying person [back turned] in deep fg
C-NA-O Purdey & soldier take cover behind rocks
C-NA-P Purdey grabs for ledge to elude two pursuers in bg
C-NA-Q Female assailant [back turned] goes for Purdey's throat
C-NA-R SV of male adversary going for Purdey's throat
C-NA-S Purdey, in deep V-neck dress, sits tied, captor in bg
C-NA-T Nurse [Caroline Munro] on phone. Angels of Death
C-NA-U MS of Purdy, her face full of surprise
C-NA-V FLV of bad guy getting a real kick out of Purdy
C-NA-W PR: MLS of Gambit, Purdey & Steele wearing black belt, purpleleotard & natty suit, respectively
C-NA-X PR: FLV of Gambit & Purdey leaning back to back with guns upraised,eyes to camera. Cute
C-N&A-A PR: cast PRT of (l to r) Lisa Wiseman [Margaret Colin], Heather Wiseman [Heather Matarazzo], Roger Singer [Gerrit Graham], Michael Wiseman [Close] & Dr. Theodore Morris [Dennis Haysbert]
C-N&A-B PR: MLS of Michael wearing black t-shirt with arms crossed, flanked by Lisa & Dr. Morris
C-N&A-C PR: FLV of Michael sitting on couch with hands clasped across spread legs, wearing brown shirt & snakeskin pants, Dr. Morris perched on arm of sofa beside him, both barefoot
C-N&A-D PR: MLS Michael standing against wall with arms crossed, wearing red sweater & black leather pants
C-N&A-E PR: FLV of Michael sitting spread-legged on bed, wearing open white long-sleeved shirt & dark blue pajama bottoms
C-N&A-F PR: FLV of barefoot Dr. Morris sitting on floor in front of sofa
C-N&A-G PR: PRT of smiling Lisa wearing black dress
C-N&A-H PR: FLV of smiling Heather sitting on white sofa
C-N&A-I PR: PRT of Roger wearing brown suit, hand to knot of tie
OTHERWORLD - 1984-85
C-OW-A PR: FLV of Sterling family, Hal [Sam Groom], June [GretchenCorbett], Trace [Tony O'Dell] & Gina [Jonna Lee], in awestruck poseamid obelisks & dry ice
C-OW-B Cont. C-OW-A, similar pose of Sterling family with addition ofKommander Kroll [Jonathan Banks]
C-OW-C PR: MLS of stoic Kroll posed against blood red bg
C-OW-D PR: Nice shot of pretty Gina, in outlander trappings, astride motorcycle& eyeing camera
C-OL-A PR: excellent promo art of scientist tuning in The Galaxy Being. Artappeared on TV Guide cover
C-OL-B CU of one of The Zanti Misfits
C-OL-C FLV of laser-light alien protected by transparent shield in lab. BelleroShield
C-OL-D PR: MS of technician taking break with Chromoite creature from TheMice
C-OL-E FV model shot of hand-held Zanti on block of wood
C-OL-F SV model shot of hand-held Zanti on block of wood
C-OL-G BS: FLV of Joseph Stefano relaxing on set with tabled IchthyosaursMarcurius fish monster. Tourist Attraction
C-OL-H MS of spectral ice monster [dubbed Chili Charlie] striking menacingpose. Human Factor
C-POO-A Christine [Jane Seymour] sits at organ with masked phantom
PHOENIX, THE - 1981-82
C-PX-A PR: MS of Bennu, in blue cowboy shirt, holding medallion as Noel[Shelley Smith] rests hands & chin on his shoulder from behind
C-PX-B PR: MS of Bennu, in same shirt & Levi jacket [medallion hidden], turning hazel eyes skyward
C-PX-C PR: Profile MCU of shirtless Bennu, medallion around neck, facing ocean as photographer Noel, maneuvers for picture
C-PX-D Cont. #C, MCU of Bennu facing camera, absorbing Sun's rays
C-PX-E Cont. #D, CU of Bennu lifting head & closing eyes to get his batterycharged
C-PX-F Title over CU of medallion hanging on Bennu's chest inside triangle
C-PX-G CU of Bennu, shirt collar upturned, looking into camera
C-PX-H PR: MCU of intense Bennu, medallion hanging at throat
C-PX-I PR: MS of Bennu wearing tan leather jacket with medallion stickingout of unbuttoned shirt
C-PX-J PR: MS of Bennu seated in grass, medallion hanging from bare chest
C-PX-K PR: Shadowy MS of Bennu, left arm extended & right hand onmedallion
C-PX-L PR: FLV of Bennu floating rigidly in midair, wrapped from abdomen toankle, with medallion resting on bare chest, dark blue bg
C-PX-M Noel & Dr. Frasier [E.G. Marshall] study photos as Bennu, seated oncouch, looks amused
C-PX-N MLS of Bennu carrying unconscious Ellie in his arms
          [NOTE: C-PX-O thru C-PX-U are scenes contained within triangle]
C-PX-O FLV of Bennu sitting in lotus position, shirt open to reveal glowingmedallion on chest
C-PX-P DA of floating Mira
C-PX-Q Cont. C-PX-P, MCU of Mira
C-PX-R ECU of Bennu in profile closing eyes & absorbing Sun
           [NOTE: C-PX-S thru C-PX-W have flames filling outer frame]
C-PX-S CU of Bennu angrily focusing power
C-PX-T Cont. C-PX-S, Bennu extends hand
C-PX-U DA of Bennu fingering radiating medallion on chest
C-PX-V Cont. C-PX-U, tight on Bennu's face
C-PX-W CU of Bennu's hand touching radiating Medallion at chest
C-PX-X FLV of Bennu in lotus position floating in sea of stars, orange auraencircling body & medallion aglow on chest
C-PX-Y Cont. C-PX-B, Bennu in blue shirt & Levi jacket in pose altered by tiltof head & closed mouth
C-PX-Z PR: FLV of Bennu seated cross-legged with medallion under openshirt, head & shoulders aglow
C-PX-A1 Cont. C-PX-Z, MS of Bennu as above
C-PX-A2 PR: MS of shirtless Bennu, medallion hanging on chest, with eyesclosed & covered in glow
C-PX-A3 PR: MS of Bennu in cowboy shirt, posed in front of observatory dome
C-PX-A4 Cont. C-PX-A3, CU of Bennu, dome whited out by Sun
C-PX-A5 PR: MS of Bennu posed before astrological chart
C-PX-A6 PR: MCU of serious Bennu in cowboy shirt & brown leather jacket
C-PIG-A The spaceship Swinetrek on black bg
C-PE-A PR: FLV of green-uniformed main cast [same as PE-A]
C-POA-A PR: PRT of astronauts Burke & Virdon
C-POA-B LS of Burke & Virdon resting from hunt by stream
C-POA-C Burke, Virdon & Galen share repast by stream
C-POA-D Galen attends to injured human in front of crashed spaceship as Virdon rides off in bg
C-POA-E LS of Galen & kneeling Virdon watching armed apes mill over fallen comrade in street rubble
C-POA-F PR: MS of Zaius, Galen & Urko studying globe they find
C-PMS-A PR: MLS of Matthew Star [Peter Barton], in high school jacket, standing beside seated guardian Max [Lou Gossett, Jr.]
C-PMS-B PR: MS of Star, in form-fitting white body costume, standing beside Max
C-PMS-C PR: FLV of Star seated cross-legged on glass tabletop, Max standing by him
C-PMS-D PR: MS of Star seated with arms crossed over mirrored tabletop reflecting his image
C-PMS-E PR: MLS of Star, hands raised in zapping fashion, surrounded by blue aura
C-PMS-F PR: FLV of Star kneeling on checkered flooring
C-PMS-G PR: DA of Star kneeling on checkered flooring
C-PMS-H PR: MS of Star kneeling on checkered flooring
C-PMS-I PR: MCU of Star kneeling on checkered flooring with arms raised in zapping fashion
C-PMS-J PR: FLV of Star holding long, tubular, prong-tipped weapon beside him on checkered floor
C-PMS-K PR: Cont. C-PMS-J, same pose except Star is smiling
C-PMS-L PR: MS of Star seated at mirrored table, weapon laid upon it, with one hand raised
C-PMS-M PR: MCU of Star holding weapon tight to chest
C-PMS-N PR: MLS of Star posed with four bizarre aliens from home planet
C-PMS-O PR: FLV of Yoda-like alien pal of Star's by rack containing two sidearms & two tube weapons
C-PMS-P PR: MS of Star with arms folded & girlfriend Pam [Amy Steel] smiling up at him
C-PR-A Title along side MS of #6 in dome
C-PR-B MS of The Prisoner with cape & pawn pole. Checkmate
C-PR-C No. 2 [McKern] talking on phone. Chimes of Big Ben
C-PR-D LS of No. 2 [Guy Doleman] in hollowed chair. Arrival
C-PR-E MS of #6 getting wrong answers on telephone
C-PR-F #6 campaigns with placard-carrying supporters in bg
C-PR-G #6 relaxes in wooded glade with female companion
C-PR-H Small title over #6 getting wrong answers on telephone
C-PR-I MLS of village miss dressed as Bo-Peep
C-PR-J MS of woman villager with roses in striped top, red cap
C-PR-K BS: Cameramen set up shot with #6 & Rover
C-PR-L LS of camera team preparing scene with #6 holding pawn pole in village square
C-PR-M LS of #6 resting on large bicycle wheel as villagers meander about him
C-PR-N LS of #6 standing alone in front of Village general store, looking for answers
C-PR-O FLV of #2 [Guy Doleman] introducing #6, who turns gaze upward, unimpressed with rumblings of psychiatrist & his tinker toy. Arrival
C-PR-P Enthroned #6, butler at side, watches bizarre courtroom proceedings. Fall Out [final episode]
C-PR-Q BS: FLV of #6 campaigning with bullhorn from taxi as cameras roll from back seat. Free for All
C-PR-R Village taxi pulls up to #6, taking his attention away from outdoors information display board
C-PR-S Cont. C-PR-P, FLV of #6 on throne, surveying surroundings. Fall Out
C-PR-T Cont. C-PR-S, MLS of #6 toying with sleeves
C-PRO-A FLV of Robby the Robot look-alike in front of UFO
C-PRO-B Five-in-one UFO landed in desert
C-PRO-C Tubular trinary UFO hovers near ground at night
C-PRO-D UA of "the whale" UFO's aft section, engines burning
C-PRO-E UA of bulky, triangular-shaped UFO
C-PRO-F FV of red-glowing blimp UFO hovering over car
C-PRO-G Bug-eyed alien peeking thru window of house
C-PRO-H LS of Robby the Robot look-alike standing in hatchway of UFO
C-QL-A PR: PRT of Sam studiously posed by tree, wearing T-shirt & brown leather jacket
C-QL-B PR: Studio PRT of smiling Sam wearing black jacket of Air Force captain, blue bg
C-QL-C PR: Sexy studio PRT of Sam in gray jacket, unbuttoned white dress shirt & undone bow tie, side lighting capturing his masculine features against black bg
C-QL-D PR: Outdoor PRT of Al posed with arms crossed to shoulders, wearing white shirt & black jacket
C-QL-E PR: Hamming it up in MS, Al peeks out from behind Sam, in the AF jacket, who talks to camera against red bg
C-QL-F Cont. C-QL-E, more demure MLS with Al fronting Sam against blue bg
C-QL-G FLV of cigar-chomping Al, in red trousers & hat, trying to show on-the-ropes Kid Cody how to box during match
C-QK-A Betty & Dr. Mudd flank Quark aboard his ship
C-QK-B PR: cast [minus The Head] poses on space baggies
C-QK-C PR: 3/4 FV of Quark's garbage ship
C-QK-D PR: SV of Quark's garbage ship
C-QK-E PR: Cast PRT includes Andy & Palindrome
C-QK-F PR: MS of steel-jawed Quark, manning ship's helm
C-QK-G PR: MS of Ficus peering out from between tree branches
C-QK-H PR: MS of smiling Bettys in their gold outfits
C-QK-I MS Zultar, Gene, Quark & girl. Good-bye Polumbus
C-QK-J Quark gives squeeze to Bettys, wearing their gold outfits
C-QK-K PR: FLV of Bettys in gold outfits holding up paperbacks of ForbiddenPlanet & Close Encounters of the Third Kind
C-QK-L PR: FLV of Bettys posed with array of blasters
C-QK-M Quark & Palindrome sit & listen to OS Head
C-QK-N Bettys, in gold outfits, cuddle around Quark
C-QK-O Bettys strike sexy poses in gold outfits
C-QK-P PR: MLS of the Bettys hovering at Quark's shoulder
C-QK-Q RLV of six-man Perma One council table. All look like cantina rejects
C-QK-R FLV of Quark turning from High Gorgon [Ross Martin], elegantlyseated on spaceship bridge
C-QK-S MLS of Quark arm in arm with his fantasy, Diane. Good-bye...
C-QK-T Queen Karna sits with aged Quark, who wears sly smile, on bed. Old& the Beautiful
C-QK-U MS of Ficus, Bettys & Quark tensely looking around corner
C-QT-A Jerry eyes Questor, strapped to panel
C-QT-B Jerry & Darrow [John Vernon] arguing, Questor in bg
C-QT-C Scientists prepare to leave Questor in darkened lab
C-QT-D LS of Questor on energizing panel in dimly lit lab
C-QT-H Librarian catches Questor reading book after hours
C-QT-J Questor [back turned] watches children play in park
C-QT-M Questor assimilates data on his creator from computer
C-QT-N Cont. C-QT-M, SV of Questor with his eyes closed
C-QT-O Lady Helena[Dana Wynter], in pink nightgown, appears at doorway
C-QT-P LS of Questor & Jerry at Mt. Ararat
C-QT-Q Mysterious tunnel entrance to hidden chamber
C-QT-R RV of Jerry & Questor finding Vaslovik [Lew Ayers] on slab
C-QT-S LS of trio & androids on slabs in hidden chamber
C-RCN-A Nemo [Jose Ferrer] charts course as crew looks on
C-RCN-B Armed Nemo, crewmen watch robot blow up between them
C-RMU-A PR: PRT of Illya & Solo somberly flanking Sir John [Patrick MacNee], seated at desk in headquarters
C-RMU-B PR: MS of Solo, in camouflage jacket pressed against wall with upraised pistol/carbine
C-RMU-C PR: Handsome MCU of David McCallum as himself in black shirt, bent forward, red bg
C-RMU-D PR: MS of Illya & Solo, holding up pistol/carbine, posed side-by-side in black suits, red bg
C-RMU-E PR: PRT of Solo & Illya, red bg
C-RMU-F FLV of Illya crouched with automatic rifle as Solo climbs up outside wall ladder next to him
C-RMU-G PR: Solo points gun at camera from prone position on catwalk, Illya crouched just behind with rifle
C-RPOA-A Four gorilla soldiers with Moon in bg
C-SBA-A PR: tight PRT of happy 2000 cast: Hilda [Caroline Rhea], Zelda [Beth Broderick], Josh [David Lascher], Roxie [Soleil Moon Frye], Miles [Trevor Lissauer], Sabrina [Melissa Joan Hart] & Morgan [Elisa Donovan]
C-SBA-B PR: MS of Sabrina's aunts pointing at their smiling niece
C-SBA-C PR: MS of smiling Sabrina & dark-haired gal pal in front of lockers
C-SBA-D PR: MS of Harvey [Nate Richert] with arm around Sabrina in front of lockers, football in other arm & both smiling
C-SBA-E PR: lovely PRT of Sabrina in black dress, flashing big smile
C-SBA-F PR: MS of grinning Sabrina, arms crossed, in classroom
C-SBA-G PR: FLV of fashionable Sabrina kneeling against white bg
C-SBA-H PR: FLV of bright Sabrina in all white, cross-legged on dance studio floor with hand to chin
C-SBA-I   PR: FLV of a bit more grown-up Sabrina in blue top & black leather pants, hands on hips
C-SBA-J   PR: cute MLS of Sabrina holding Salem against white bg
C-SBA-K  PR: PRT of happy Hilda
C-SBA-L   PR: MS of Hilda smiling aside, wearing yellow blazer & nametag
C-SBA-M   PR: PRT of smirking Harvey
C-SBA-N  PR: MS of grinning Harvey, looking OS in front of lockers
C-SBA-O  PR: sexy MS of Roxie in tight red garb, hands on hips against blue bg
C-SBA-P   PR: MS of Sabrina's friend from #C, clasped hands to chin
C-SBA-Q  FLV of Harvey & Sabrina dressed in "Grease" getups. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Season Opener
C-SBA-R MS of Sabrina & dorky guy pal looking OS. Suspicious Minds
C-SBA-S   Profile MS of Harvey confronting open-mouthed Sabrina. ...Minds
C-SBA-T   MS of Hilda & Sabrina in kitchen, regarding Cousin Mortimer [Dom Deluise], in magician garb. The Pom-pom Incident
C-SBA-U   MLS of Zelda (as chef), Hilda (as maid) & Sabrina (as chauffeur) listening to Diamond Dave [Edward Albert]. You Bet Your Family
C-SBA-V MS: Sabrina holds statuette near podium as friends congratulate her on win. And the Sabrina Goes To?
C-SBA-W MS: beaming Sabrina listens to gal pal by lockers. And the Sabrina...
C-SBA-X  MLS of goofy Sabrina placing Salem on giant nasal protrusion. Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby
C-SBA-Y  MLS of Sabrina, aunts, Harvey & gal pal making eggnog toast. Christmas Amnesia
C-SBA-Z   MS of Sabrina's gal pals (one dark-haired, one blonde) dressed in punk rock costumes. Whose So-Called Life is it Anyway?
C-SAL-A PR: MLS of Barlow, The Vampire [Reggie Nalder], in basic black & upraised clawed hands
C-SAL-B PR: MS of Barlow looking up vampirically
C-SAL-C PR: MS of Barlow, eyes glowing, setting sights on someone OS
C-SAL-D PR: PRT of Straker [James Mason]
C-SAL-E MS of Barlow grabbing Mark[Lance Kerwin] around throat in kitchen
C-SAL-F UA of Mears [David Soul] holding makeshift cross in front of him
C-SAL-G Barlow sits up in coffin as Mears' hand appears with hammer in it
C-SAL-H Cont. #G, Mears tries to hammer stake into heart of struggling Barlow
C-SAL-I Cont. #H, Mears' hand holds stake to Barlow's heart after driving it home
C-S&S-A PR: title in block letters over heads of Sapphire [Joanna Lumley] & Steel [David McCallum], his arm leaning on clock
C-S&S-B FLV of Steel kneeling at side of trancelike Sapphire, seated near cobwebbed staircase, holding her hands while in telepathic contact
C-S&S-C MS of Sapphire directly facing camera in hypnotic state
C-S&S-D MS of Sapphire seated at table & talking to OS Steel
C-S&S-E MLS of Sapphire standing by staircase, deep in thought
C-S&S-F MCU of sober Sapphire under stark lighting
C-S&S-G Cont. C-S&S-F, horizontal & tighter with Sapphire looking aside
C-S&S-H MS of seated Steel in WWII fighter pilot gear
C-S&S-I MS of Sapphire holding arms out to middle-aged man with Steel, head down, thinking in bg
C-S&S-J Cont. C-S&S-I, slightly fuller MS with smiling Sapphire taking gentleman's hand as Steel watches
C-S&S-K PR: Terrific PRT of Sapphire & Steel against blue bg
C-S&S-L Horizontal CU of Steel, looking soberly aside
C-S&S-M ECU of Steele looking thru window, light dancing off glass as rain falls
C-S&S-N PR: MS of Sapphire [profile] & Steel sitting in director's chairs bearing their names
C-S&S-O MCU of Sapphire in dark blue dress & earrings, questioning eyes gazing slightly upward
C-S&S-P PR: Top-notch FLV of Steel standing with arm around shoulder of Sapphire as she sits on fender of luxury car
S-SHF-1 Casually dressed George Lucas, Mark Hamill & Amy Irving arrive atfirst televised show
S-SHF-2 All dressed to kill, actress Ann Robinson, Hamill & his girlfriendMarylou York pose after show
S-SHF-3 Hamill & Melinda Dillon hug & smile
S-SHF-4 Cont. #3, still hugging, now talking
C-SQ-A1 PR: FLV of first season cast posed around Darwin's tank: Captain Nathan Bridger [Roy Scheider], Security Chief Manilow Crocker [Royce D. Applegate], Dr. Kristen Westphalen [Stephanie Beacham], Lt. Benjamin Krieg [John DiAquino], Lt. O'Neill [Ted Raimi], Commander Jonathan Ford [Don Franklin], Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz [Marco Sanchez], Chief Computer Analyst Lucas Wolenczak [Jonathan Brandis], & Lt. Cmdr. Katherine Hitchcock [Stacy Haiduk]
C-SQ-A2 PR: MLS of Crocker, Bridger, Hitchcock, Westphalen & Ford posed in doorway
C-SQ-A3 PR: MS of Bridger resting hand on Hitchcock's shoulder, Ford at her other flank
C-SQ-A4 PR: MS of Hitchcock, Bridger & Crocker facing camera stoically before group of deep sea miners
C-SQ-A5 PR: FLV of Bridger seated on stairs. Slight UA
C-SQ-A6 Cont. #A5, pull to MS as he eyes camera
C-SQ-A7 PR: MLS of Bridger posed at hatch of seaQuest's bridge, arms folded
C-SQ-A8 PR: PRT of serious Westphalen seated at table full of vials & beakers
C-SQ-A9 PR: MS of uniformed Westphalen beside pool, smiling as she plays with Darwin, SeaQuest's ultra-bright dolphin
C-SQ-A10 PR: MLS of Hitchcock outside of bridge, gripping sides of hatchway
C-SQ-A11 PR: FLV of Crocker retreating into doorway, aiming sonic stun gun at OS menace. Slight tilt to shot
C-SQ-A12 PR: FLV of Bridger crouching beside pool tank containing Darwin as Lucas, in wetsuit, leans over top rim, both grinning at camera
C-SQ-A13 MS of Bridger & Westphalen communicating with Darwin as crew looks on during red alert
C-SQ-A14 MS of Darwin poking nose out of tank to pose for camera
C-SQ-A15 Bridger speaks to Darwin as mammal swims by in corridor tube
C-SQ-A16 MS of Westphalen & Bridger examining torpedo-like object
C-SQ-A17 Semi-profile MCU of Hitchcock wearing piloting visor
C-SQ-A18 CU of worried Ortiz at station, face bathed in red light
C-SQ-A19 MS of Lucas making friends with Verne, the Regulator's chimp. Regulator
C-SQ-A20 FLV of armed Ford racing up seaQuest corridor with metal suitcase
C-SQ-A21 Darwin, fish in mouth, peeks thru window into Lucas' cabin
C-SQ-A22 MLS of Verne in Regulator's lair. Regulator
C-SQ-A23 FLV of spider-like mini-sub, the Sea Crab
C-SQ-A24 SeaQuest's Sea Launch utility craft, headlights blazing underwater
C-SQ-A25 FLV of seaQuest DSV 4600 as small craft buzz about it
C-SQ-A26 MS of Milos Tezlof [William Shatner], fascinated by Darwin as he sticks nose out of tank in greeting. Hide & Seek
C-SQ-A27 FLV of Westphalen showing off in ivory period gown
C-SQ-A28 PR: FLV of Stephanie Beacham as herself wearing boots, tight pants & sweater, kicked back on couch
C-SQ-A29 BS: MLS of Roy Scheider, scientific consultant Dr. Robert Ballard & executive producer Steven Spielberg posed on bridge set
C-SQ-B1 PR: FLV of second season cast: Ortiz, Seaman Tony Piccolo [Michael DeLuise], Dr. Wendy Smith [Rosalind Allen], Lt. Brody, Bridger, Ensign Henderson, Head Janitor Dagwood [Peter DeLuise], Lucas, O'Neill & Ford -- all clad in wetsuits
C-SQ-B2 PR: MS of Ford in more casual new uniform, hands on hips
C-SQ-B3 PR: CU of Brody, Henderson & Lucas posed in darkened water tank
C-SQ-B4 PR: fetching MS of Dr. Smith in pool, wearing half-unzipped wetsuit
C-SQ-B5 PR: MS of Ortiz leaning against chair on bridge, display screen in bg
C-SQ-B6 PR: MS of Lucas emerging from hatchway
C-SQ-B7 PR: MS of wetsuited Lucas in pool with arm around Darwin
C-SQ-B8 PR: MS of Lucas reaching into on-board tank to pet Darwin
C-SQ-B9 PR: FLV of Dagwood holding comically-posed Piccolo above head
C-SQ-B10 PR: FLV of Piccolo motioning for us to "come here" as Dagwood hoists barbell
C-SQ-B11 MLS of Daggers exercising in prison yard. Daggers
C-SQ-B12 FLV of two GELFs swimming toward camera. Daggers
C-SQ-B13 MLS of casually-attired Bridger conversing with holographic advisor, the Professor [W. Morgan Sheppard]
C-SQ-C1 PR: horizontal FLV of revamped third season cast posed on bridge: Dagwood, Lt. J.J. Fredricks [Elise Neal], O'Neill, Lucas, new Captain Hudson, Henderson, Ford, Piccolo & Brody
C-SQ-C2 PR: Vertical FLV of cast
C-SQ-C3 MS of smiling Hudson in formal uniform, cap tucked under arm
C-7D-A PR: low angle main cast FLV of "back-step" team Nate Ramsey [NickSearcy], Dr. John Ballard [Sam Whipple], Craig Donovan [DonFranklin], Frank Parker [Jonathan LaPaglia], Bradley Talmadge [AlanScarfe], Olga Vukavitch [Justina Vail] & Isaac Mentor [Norman Lloyd]
C-7D-B PR: FLV of (l to r) Ramsey, Ballard, Donovan, Parker, Olga, Mentnor& Talmadge spread out side by side in mountain pass
C-7D-C Cont. #B, tighter FLV of group walking toward camera
C-7D-D PR: FLV of Olga & Parker posed along mountain path, turned towardseach other while eyeing camera
C-7D-E Cont. #D, both now square to camera, Parker just behind her shoulder
C-7D-F PR: FLV of Olga stretched out on floor with Parker kneeling over her,both dressed to nines
C-7D-G PR: MLS of Donovan & Parker with arms around each other's necks
C-7D-H PR: FLV of Parker, wearing slacks & powder blue long-sleeved shirt,leaning shoulder against wall with hands in pockets
C-7D-I PR: FLV of Parker kneeling, in same tailored suit from #F
C-7D-J PR: sitting PRT of uniformed Donovan
C-7D-K PR: slight UA of Olga leaning back against barrier with, smartly attiredin tan & brown skirt & sweater set, eyeing camera with parted lips
C-7D- L Cont. #K, close-mouthed Olga turned more square to camera
C-7D-M PR: FLV of Olga spread out on floor as in #F, vamping for camera
C-7D-N PR: PRT of tight-lipped Ramsey in dark suit
C-7D-O PR: MLS of Mentnor in tweed suit
C-7D-P PR: MLS of Talmadge in double-breasted gray suit
C-7D-Q PR: PRT of wheelchair-bound Ballard in gray sweater and bow tie
C-7D-R MS of Parker in spacesuit
C-7D-S FLV of Parker sitting in padded cell with arms wrapped around hisknees. For the Children
C-7D- T MS of Parker sitting in shadows with head turned to side. ...Children
C-7D-U MS of serious Donovan, Olga (wearing headsets) & Mentnor
C-7D-V MCU of casually-clad Olga & Parker looking OS
C-7D-W MS of Olga & Parker, wearing tuxedo, sitting at table. Sleepers
C-7D-X FLV of Parker, Donovan, Olga & Talmadge sitting at outdoor picnictable, enjoying moment as Ramsey stands near
C-7D-Y Profile MLS of Olga with hand to headset, Talmadge in bg
C-7D-Z Semi-profile MLS of Olga wearing brown dress, hands on hips
C-7D-A1 MS of Olga wearing tight blue sweater, surprised at something OS
C-7D-B1 LS of time travel sphere & gantry area
C-SCH-A PR: MLS of Benny [Dennis Dugan] & Jonathan [Trevor Eve] lurking around mock graveyard with camera & flashlight, deep red bg
C-SCH-B PR: Boys pretend fright as they peek thru cobwebbed open set window with flashlight
SHAZAM! - 1974
C-SHZ-A PRT of Capt. Marvel [John Davey], Billy Batson [Michael Gray] & [Mr. Mentor] Les Tremayne
C-SIX-A Quail & Violette interrogate Steve Austin, tied to chair, in citadel lab.Last of the Fourth of Julys
C-SIX-B Cont. C-SIX-A, Violette informs Austin she's with Interpol
C-SIX-C Title together with gridded monitor shot of Austin running. Black bg
C-SIX-D Gridded monitor shot of Austin running like locomotive
C-SIX-E MCU of Austin outdoors, almost smiling
C-SIX-F MS of Oscar on telephone
C-SIX-G FLV of Austin & Jaime running together by white fence on ranch
C-SIX-H MCU of Austin aiming water from busted pipe at OS baddies
C-SIX-I MCU of Austin angrily laying into Oscar
C-SIX-J Cont. C-SIX-I, pullback shot as Austin grabs Oscar's shirt
C-SIX-K Cont. C-SIX-J, Austin lets go of shirt [favors Oscar]
C-SIX-L MS of Jaime, in tight black top, turned away from Austin
C-SLD-A PR: first season cast PRT of Quinn Mallory (holding timer), Wade, Arturo & Brown
C-SLD-B PR: tilted MLS of Quinn, holding timer, & a pointing Arturo posed against colorful bg
C-SLD-C PR: MS of Arturo seated before computer & holding up timer as Quinn leans over his shoulder & eyes camera
C-SLD-D PR: tilted MLS of smiling Quinn wearing green shirt, hands claspedat waist against colorful vortex-like bg
C-SLD-E PR: tilted MLS of Wade, wearing black v-neck sweater, hands on hipsagainst vortex-like bg
C-SLD-F PR: tilted MLS of Brown wearing bright shirt, grinning & holdingsaxophone in front of vortex bg
C-SLD-G PR: FLV of Arturo with hands on hips in front of vortex bg
C-SLD-H MS of lady doctor examining Quinn's chest while he's strappedto surgical table. Fever
C-SLD-I Distorted DA of Quinn on table, electrodes attached to chest. Fever
C-SLD-J MS: The two Rembrandt Brown's, in sparkly tuxes, croon to eachother before audience. The King Is Back
C-SLD-K MS of Wade, wearing silver dress & wrist corsage, smelling rose at party while talking to gentleman in white tux. Luck of the Draw
C-SLD-L PR: PRT of Brown, Quinn & Maggie, all wearing leather jackets infront of brick archway
C-SLD-M PR: FLV of Maggie, looking hot in bright red top & black mini-skirt, Colin & Quinn Mallory & Brown posed by broken sheet of glass
C-SLD-N PR: super PRT of Mallory boys, Maggie & Brown against black bg
C-SLD-O PR: MLS of Maggie, in same skirt & top, & Quinn looking off from between post & broken glass sheet in warehouse
C-SLD-P PR: MLS of saucy Maggie as above, posed against broken glass sheet in warehouse & staring into camera
C-SLD-Q PR: MLS of leather-jacketed Quinn aiming timer while leaningagainst brick wall
C-SLD-R MS of vacant-looking Quinn in Kromagg outfit, flanked by twoKromagg baddies in shadowy gulag. Genesis
C-SLD-T FLV of Maggie, Quinn & obscured Brown, in tropical garb, racingtoward camera to escape large explosion in bg. Common Ground
C-SLD-U MS of Brown & Maggie watching as Quinn puts hand on shoulder ofnewly-found brother Colin, who's wearing cap & goggles. Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?
C-SLD-V FLV of Brown being restrained by two ugly Kromaggs. Slidecage
C-SLD-W FLV of crouching Brown, Maggie & Quinn, armed with machineguns & looking for Kromaggs. The Dying Fields
C-SPCE-A PR: Stirring composite shot of John Pope [Harry Hamlin] holdingspace helmet with Mott [Bruce Dern] & Kolff [Michael York] in bgwatching Saturn rocket launch against starfield backdrop
C-SPCE-B FLV of two astronauts jumping around on lunar surface near plantedAmerican flag
C-SAB-A Same as SAB-A in b/w section
C-SAB-B PR: excellent FLV of Wang, West, Vansen, Hawkes & Damphousse holding helmets while posed on flight deck
C-SAB-C PR: FLV of Lt. Col. Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen standing withcadets
C-SAB-D Similar to SAB-B in b/w section
C-SAB-E PR: FLV of Hawkes, Vansen & West, clad in white t-shirts & khakis,clutching helmets in airlock
C-SAB-F PR: MS of Hawkes & Vansen, her hair pulled back, in jumpsuits
C-SAB-G PR: PRT of somber West in jumpsuit
C-SAB-H PR: MS of West suited up, sans helmet, face partly in shadow
C-SAB-I PR: MS of defiant-looking West posed against blue-lit interior
C-SAB-J PR: PRT of tight-lipped Vansen with arms crossed
C-SAB-K PR: MLS of Hawkes in spacesuit (no helmet) on flight deck
C-SAB-L PR: MS of Hawkes in jumpsuit, squinting into sun while standingbeside block wall. Choice or Chance
C-SAB-M PR: PRT of Damphousse posed in jumpsuit against mild red interior
C-SAB-N PR: MLS of stern McQueen in spacesuit, helmet under arm
C-SAB-O Cont. #N, McQueen adds beret & faces away slightly
C-SAB-P MS of West, Hawkes & Vansen receiving mission instructions
C-SAB-Q Profile MS of helmeted Hawkes in spacesuit, rifle lowered, on rockyplanet
             NOTE: #R-X from Angriest Angel episode
C-SAB-R MLS of cadets in dress uniforms for official military ceremony
C-SAB-S MLS of cadets in dress uniforms, saluting thru docking bay window
C-SAB-T Profile FLV of McQueen, in jumpsuit & beret, facing off withCommodore Ross [Tucker Smallwood] & two formally-attired cadets
C-SAB-U Semi-profile MCU of McQueen strapped into cockpit
C-SAB-V MS of helmeted McQueen in closed cockpit of Hawkes' fighter
C-SAB-W Profile MCU of McQueen exchanging angry words with Mr. Sewell [Michael Mantell]
C-SAB-X MLS of McQueen arguing with formally-attired cadets as he preparesto enter fighter
C-SAB-Y MS of West & another cadet in battle gear, looking over rock. Never No More
C-SAB-Z MS of battle-tested West standing behind rock, eyes fixed on OSevent. Never No More
C-SAB-A1 FLV of cargo ship leaving cloudy planet's orbit
C-SAB-A2 FLV of Hammerhead fighter flying thru field of asteroids
C-SAB-A3 DA of Hammerhead fighters flying in formation
C-SAB-A4 Head-on shot of Hammerhead during space battle
C-SAB-A5 FLV of Hammerhead moving past exploding Chig fighter
C-SAB-A6 BS: MLS of Chapman, Weisser, Cloke, Rowland & de la Fuente incasual street clothes at Aug. 8, 1995, Universal Studios event
C-SAB-A7 Cont. #A6, similar MS
C-SA-A Mile-long Space Academy asteroid against starfield
C-SA-B BS: makeup girl prepares Gampu [Jonathan Harris], Adrienne & Paulfor the cameras
C-SA-C Cont. C-SA-B, man with clapboard in fg, Paul's face obscure
C-SA-D BS: whole cast prepares for scene in green lit corridor
C-SA-E MCU of Adrienne & Chris looking off camera
C-SA-F FLV of Chris & Laura walking in corridor
C-SA-G Cont. C-SA-F, Loki [Eric Green] jumps on Chris' back
C-SA-H MS of Peepo, the manudroid
C-SA-I PR: Tee [Brian Tochi], Adrienne & Paul laugh it up
C-SA-J FLV of Gampu & Peepo walking in control room
C-SA-K Gampu lectures Adrienne, Laura, Chris & Loki
C-SA-L Tee-Gar, Chris & Paul man the Seeker helm
C-SA-M Sun flares up behind top section of Space Academy
C-SA-N RV of Seeker heading for Space Academy
C-SA-O FV of Seeker about to land on damaged Vegan ship
SPACE 1999
[NOTE: C-SP-1 thru C-SP-76 are from The Taybor episode]
C-SP-1 Title over Moonbase Alpha, no planet in bg
C-SP-2 A Gerry Anderson Production alongside the Moon
C-SP-3 Credit next to Koenig firing hand laser
C-SP-4 Credit next to CU of Maya
C-SP-5 "Massive nuclear explosion over Moonbase Alpha" with titanic blastradiating beyond mountains in distance
C-SP-6 "Moon torn out of Earth o"... over two bodies
C-SP-7 "Hurled..." below Moon passing thru red space cloud
C-SP-8 "Moonbase..". over Eagle ascending from launch pad
C-SP-9 Title The Taybor over bottom of alien ship
C-SP-10 "Special effects designed & directed by Brian Johnson" over MS ofcannon aimed at heart of Alpha in distance
C-SP-11 Half of Moon in silhouette
C-SP-12 Gorgeous optical of two colorful planets & nebula
C-SP-13 MS of Moonbase Alpha with launch pad in fg
C-SP-14 Bikini clad Alphan prepares to relax in solarium
C-SP-15 Cont. C-SP-14, different woman, begoggled, resting
C-SP-16 Cont. C-SP-15, hourglass-shaped alien object materializes
C-SP-17 Cont. C-SP-16, woman goes blind after touching object
C-SP-18 Cont. C-SP-17, woman screams as she realizes her plight
C-SP-19 Cont. C-SP-18, other women rush to her aid
C-SP-20 Cont. C-SP-19, woman contacts Helena on telescreen
C-SP-21 Helena & aide arrive to help blinded woman
C-SP-22 Cont. C-SP-21, CU of Helena & hysterical woman
C-SP-23 CU of hexagonal alien cube
C-SP-24 Cont. C-SP-23, light effects added to cube
C-SP-25 Cont. C-SP-24, Alphan handles cube & goes mad
C-SP-26 Cont. C-SP-25, CU of cube on floor glowing strangely
C-SP-27 Koenig's image on telescreen
C-SP-28 MS of Verdeschi walking in corridor
C-SP-29 Alphans watch telescreen as Verdeschi rounds corner
C-SP-30 Verdeschi enters Command Center, Helena's back turned
C-SP-31 Helena, Maya, Verdeschi & Koenig hold tense meeting
C-SP-32 Koenig issues command, Helena's back is to camera
C-SP-33 CU of somewhat bewildered Koenig
C-SP-34 CU of somewhat bewildered Helena
C-SP-35 CU of Koenig barking orders
C-SP-36 MS of Koenig, attention drawn to viewscreen
C-SP-37 Helena reacts likewise
C-SP-38 Pullback shot of entire group transfixed by viewscreen
C-SP-39 Cont. C-SP-38, Koenig moves forward
C-SP-40 Cont. C-SP-39, closer shot favors Koenig & Verdeschi
C-SP-41 Cont. C-SP-40, Koenig turns away toward Maya
C-SP-42 Maya studies sensors past Koenig's arm
C-SP-43 Cont. C-SP-42, CU shows excellent detail of Maya's face
C-SP-44 Viewscreen image of barren lunar surface
C-SP-45 Optical rainbow effect appears on lunar surface
C-SP-46 Cont. C-SP-45, rainbow swirl on viewscreen
C-SP-47 Cont. C-SP-46, rainbow colors spread out
C-SP-48 Cont. C-SP-47, rainbow fills screen
C-SP-49 Cont. C-SP-48, rainbow changes patterns
C-SP-50 Cont. C-SP-49, alien spaceship materializes behind colors
C-SP-51 FLV of S.S. Emporium landed on Moon
C-SP-52 Cont. C-SP-51, UA of ship as hatches open
C-SP-53 Cont. C-SP-52, bottom of ship with ramp extended
C-SP-54 Moon-cannon on viewscreen
C-SP-55 Moon-cannon aimed at heart of Alpha in distance
C-SP-56 Tabor's trading license visible on viewscreen
C-SP-57 Koenig & Helena await Taybor's arrival
C-SP-58 Taybor [Willoughby Goddard] appears in Command Center
C-SP-59 Alphans greet Taybor with drawn hand lasers
C-SP-60 CU of Taybor conning his hosts
C-SP-61 Cont. C-SP-60, pullback shot with Koenig's head in fg
C-SP-62 Cont. C-SP-61, ECU of Taybor
C-SP-63 Taybor stands between Verdeschi, Maya & Koenig
C-SP-64 Cont. C-SP-63, Taybor warns Alphans against using force
C-SP-65 Cont. C-SP-64, Maya turned toward Taybor
C-SP-66 Cont. C-SP-65, Koenig faces Taybor with hand laser
C-SP-67 Helena watches & listens to Taybor
C-SP-68 Cont. C-SP-67, Helena asks Taybor question
C-SP-69 Maya at her console with Verdeschi beside her
C-SP-70 Cont. C-SP-69, Maya looks up at skeptical Verdeschi
C-SP-71 Cont. C-SP-70, tight shot of Maya looking up
C-SP-72 Slight DA of entire group in Command Center
C-SP-73 Cont. C-SP-72, tighter shot favors Taybor
C-SP-74 Cont. C-SP-73, MCU of Taybor facing viewscreen
C-SP-75 Cont. C-SP-74, CU of Taybor facing screen
C-SP-76 CU of Taybor gesturing at viewscreen
          [NOTE: C-SP-77 thru C-SP-80 from "The Taybor" episode]
C-SP-77 MS of Helena walking rapidly around corner in corridor
C-SP-78 FLV of Helena walking rapidly from sickbay with aide pulling stretcher behind her
C-SP-79 MS of Maya at console, her back turned to Taybor as he nears her, Tony stands by in bg
C-SP-80 Cont. C-SP-79, Maya turns to Taybor as Tony looks wary
C-SP-A Alphans inspect nuclear disposal site. Breakaway
C-SP-B Lighting bolts strike airborne Eagle. Breakaway
C-SP-D Alien ship in base hanger for repairs. Earthbound
C-SP-E Alphans prepare to open cylinder of The Exiles
C-SP-F MS of Zova & Cantar, aiming hand laser. The Exiles
C-SP-G Etrec & Pasc being revived from suspended animation in Alpha medical laboratory. The Mark of Archanon
C-SP-H MS of Verdeschi in Main Mission, crew woman in bg
C-SP-I Title over LS of Moonbase Alpha, green planet in bg
C-SP-J FLV of deep space probe ship. Dragon's Domain
C-SP-K Cont. C-SP-J, probe ship orbits red spotted planet
C-SP-L Beam touches felled Bergman. The Infernal Machine
C-SP-N Beautiful matte painting of alien city. Missing Link
C-SP-O FV of alien spaceship over Alpha. Alpha Child
C-SP-P FLV of long pursuit ship over Alpha. Alpha Child
C-SP-Q MCU of Eagle firing yellow laser bolt
C-SP-R MS o f Maya reclining in Psychon dress against red bg
C-SP-S Maya strikes martial arts posture in Command Center
C-SP-T AV of Moonbase Alpha
C-SP-U FLV of tentacled monster on spaceship. Dragon's Domain
C-SP-V Graveyard of spaceships on Psychon. Metamorph
C-SP-W Gray Morrow art work of Bergman, Helena & Koenig in action pose with exploding Moon & flying Eagle in bg
           [NOTE: shots C-SP-X thru C-SP-A12 are from War Games episode]
C-SP-X MS of Koenig watching image on telecommunicator
C-SP-Y Koenig orders Sandra, Bergman & others to prepare for counterattack against unknown alien invading forces
C-SP-Z FLV of elongated alien spaceship [same as C-SP-F]
C-SP-A1 Koenig, Helena & others tensely watch OS space battle
C-SP-A2 Eagle powers up for lift-off from launch pad
C-SP-A3 Eagle prepares to fly to alien planet in bg
C-SP-A4 Koenig & Helena at Eagle controls
C-SP-A5 LS of Eagle flying over alien city
C-SP-A6 Female alien sits quietly in glass case
C-SP-A7 MS of Helena holding hand laser on male & female aliens
C-SP-A8 Spacesuited Carter & Koenig in exploding Eagle cockpit
C-SP-A9 Spacesuited Koenig floats helplessly in space
C-SP-A10 Helena, in glass case wearing alien robe, wills Koenig to be safe using alien thought power, female alien in bg
C-SP-A11 Koenig kneels by Helena in blasted alien brain center
C-SP-A12 MS of thoughtful Koenig back in Command Center
C-SP-A12 MS of thoughtful Koenig back in Main Mission. War Games
C-SP-A13 PR: MCU of Koenig & Helena posed cheek to forehead
C-SP-A14 PR: Helena stands over Koenig in Command Center
C-SP-A15 PR: MS of Helena & Koenig in uniforms from first year
C-SP-A16 PR: MS of Helena & Koenig cringing from fire in Eagle
C-SP-A17 PR: MS of Helena, Maya & Koenig posed in Command Center
C-SP-A18 PR: MS of concerned Verdeschi & Koenig in Command Center
C-SP-A19 PR: MS of concerned Maya & Koenig on Psychon
C-SP-A20 PR: MS of concerned Maya & Koenig in Eagle cockpit
C-SP-A21 PR: MLS of Maya & Verdeschi cringing from OS menace
C-SP-A22 PR: Enticing MLS of Maya & Verdeschi posed cheek to cheek
C-SP-A23 PR: MS of Verdeschi looking aside
C-SP-A24 PR: MS of smiling Carter, thumb tucked in his belt
C-SP-A25 PR: Profile PRT of Maya in Psychon dress
C-SP-A26 PR: MLS of Maya in creme-colored, zippered-front dress
C-SP-A27 PR: FLV of Maya leaning against wall
C-SP-A28 PR: Cont.C-SP-S, longer shot shows more of Command Center
C-SP-A29 PR: MS of Maya working at wall computer consoles
C-SP-A30 PR: FLV of Maya cringing from Eagle fire [hand over mouth]
C-SP-A31 PR: FLV of Maya transformed into BEM. Beta Cloud
C-SP-A32 PR: FLV of Sandra in uniform, hand on hip
C-SP-A33 PR: Brian Johnson & second man work on Eagle table model
C-SP-A34 PR: Johnson & helper hold three different size Eagles up
C-SP-A35 PR: FLV of fx man working in graveyard of spaceships set
C-SP-A36 PR: Two Alphans being rigged to float by Exiles cylinders
C-SP-A37 FV of Eagle flying under Moon, crew visible in cockpit
C-SP-A38 3/4 FV of a Hawk on black bg
C-SP-A39 Koenig, Carter, Helena hang on inside Eagle cockpit
C-SP-A40 DA of Eagle flying over nuclear waste area. Breakaway
C-SP-A41 MS of Bergman, Koenig, Helena. Death's Other Dominion
C-SP-A42 Carter gets warm with girl. Death's Other Dominion
C-SP-A43 LS of starship under construction. Death's Other Dominion
C-SP-A44 Paddlewheel spaceship lands on Moon. Infernal Machine
C-SP-A45 Helena leans over shoulder of Yasko at computer
C-SP-A46 Koenig & Helena by lush pond. Matter of Life/Death
C-SP-A47 Cont. 98, Helena kneeling alone beside pond
C-SP-A48 Psychon spaceship rising from mist. Metamorph
C-SP-A49 Cont. C-SP-A48, ship is higher
C-SP-A50 SV of Eagle carrying piggyback booster
C-SP-A51 FLV of Eagle landed on Psychon
C-SP-A52 Carter & Helena under torturous mind-drain helmets
C-SP-A53 CU of Carter under machine with slave in bg
C-SP-A54 Spacesuited Koenig, crewman float by Exiles cylinder
C-SP-A55 Maya monster chases Moon car. Bringers of Wonder
C-SP-A56 Koenig bewildered by mirror images in strange cavern. Seeds of Destruction
C-SP-A57 MS of Koenig, Maya about to kiss. New Adam, New Eve
C-SP-A58 Maya, crewman, Koenig & the Guardian of the Temple await their OS cues. A Matter of Balance
C-SP-A59 Alien android grabs Helena from behind
C-SP-A60 Koenig, Taybor materialize aboard the S.S. Emporium
C-SP-A61 Cont. C-SP-A60, Taybor explains ship workings to Koenig
C-SP-A62 Maya's head in replicating machine
C-SP-A63 MLS of Maya posed in her Psychon dress
C-SP-A64 LS of entire 2nd season cast fixing their eyes on OS viewscreen
C-SP-A65 Spacesuited Alphans slip & slide in alien foam
C-SP-A66 Maya high-kicks an alien android
C-SP-A67 Eagle flies under corner of green planet. Moon in bg
C-SP-A68 Low angle shot of Eagle landed on Psychon
C-SP-A69 CU of Eagle attacking alien spaceship
C-SP-A70 Maya, Reilly, party OS Koenig discuss glittering rocks. All That Glisters
C-SP-A71 MCU of Maya at her station making report
C-SP-A72 MCU of Maya in exotic dress, neckband & hairdo, which she is primping. Helena in bg
C-SP-A73 FLV of Tony gesturing with his laser
C-SP-A74 SV of flat-shaped alien spaceship
C-SP-A75 FV of huge alien eye on black bg. Ring Around the Moon
C-SP-A76 Alphans give in to hypnotic effects of Piri. Guardian of Piri
C-SP-A77 Koenig wrecks Psychon computer as Mentor tries to stop him. Metamorph
C-SP-A78 3/4 FV of Eagle lifting off from Moonbase
C-SP-A79 PRT of Koenig, Helena, Carter, Sandra & Paul [Prentis Hancock]
C-SP-A80 MLS of Sandra posing in uniform
C-SP-A81 MS of strong-willed Dione in black jacket with yellow-striped sleeves. Last Enemy
C-SP-A82 MCU of aristocratic Kara & high priest in bg [5x7 only]
C-SP-A83 Helena & spacesuited Maya [helmet off] stand over seated Koenig at console, all worried
C-SP-A84 MLS of Koenig moving cautiously thru cave with hand laser drawn
C-SP-A85 MS of Helena strapped to chair. Metamorph
C-SP-A86 MS of Maya, in purple feathered dress, posed with two monstrous alter egos
C-SP-A87 MLS of Maya at station, making point to someone OS
C-SP-A88 MCU of Maya, light brightening her face
C-SP-A89 Spacesuited Carter & Koenig [helmets off] explore alien moon interior. Chrysalis ABC
C-SP-A90 FLV of Tony, armed with laser rifle, & Maya in corridor planning next move. Beta Cloud
C-SP-A91 MLS of Maya kicking silver-cowled alien
C-SP-A92 MS of Maya, in Psychon dress, posed with two alter egos partly visible behind her
C-SP-A93 MS of Mentor standing in front of his biological computer. Metamorph
C-SP-A94 DA of Eagle on launch pad as airlock cocoon moves toward spacecraft
C-SP-A95 MS of Capt. Zantor [Christopher Lee] repairing suspended animation system. Earthbound
C-SP-A96 PR: Six-element shot: MS of Servant of the Guardian [Catherine Schell] on Piri; Koenig pries Helena away from rotted body of Cabot aboard Eagle; Raan poses with daughter Vana & Sandra Benes on Zenno; Koenig & Bergman discuss problem in lab; Koenig battles wind on antimatter planet
C-SP-A97 PR: MLS of Tony & Maya cringing from fire in cabin of Eagle
C-SP-A98 PR: FLV of Tony & Maya cringing in cabinet of Eagle [no fire]
C-SP-A99 PR: Tony holds unconscious Maya in his arms on floor of Eagle cabin
C-SP-B0 Helena & Fraser seated quietly in corner of cell on Psychon. Metamorph
C-SP-B1 PR: FLV of Maya & Mentor posed in Psychon costumes
C-SP-B2 PR: MS of Maya & Mentor posed in Psychon costumes
C-SP-B3 PR: MCU of Maya & Mentor posed in Psychon costumes
C-SP-B4 PR: CU of Maya showing excellent makeup detail
C-SP-A5 PR: ECU of Maya showing excellent makeup detail
C-SP-A6 Low angle shot of Eagle flying over mountains of Psychon. Metamorph
C-SP-A7 FLV of Hawk with refracted images above & below
C-SP-A8 Optical effect to twirling light before tentacled monster forms. Dragon's Domain
         [NOTE: C-SP-B9 thru C-SP-B12 are multi-element shots]

C-SP-B9 Composite of main stars, guest aliens & spaceships from Earthbound & Voyager's Return
C-SP-B10 Composite of aliens featuring scenes from Guardian of Piri, Mission of the Darians and many more
C-SP-B11 Composite of various spaceships & alien vessels features scenes from Voyager's Return & more
C-SP-B12 Composite of spaceships featuring scenes from Infernal Machine & others
C-SP-B13 FLV of Koenig seated in chair with legs crossed near closed main mission doorway
C-SP-B14 Low angle shot from lunar surface of Eagle flying over nuclear disposal area. Breakaway
C-SP-B15 Wide angle FLV of Zantor aboard his ship, flanked by suspended animation couches. Earthbound
C-SP-B16 FLV of Raan posing with daughter Vana & Sandra Benes on Zeeno. Missing Link
C-SP-B17 Colorful LS of Piri with Bergman & Helena vegging-out in fg. Guardian of Piri
C-SP-B18 MLS of Mentor showing off his biological computer to unsuspecting Maya. Metamorph
C-SP-B19 Helena & aide restrain Annette [Anoushka Hempel] in sickbay as news arrives that her boyfriend is alive on Psychon. Metamorph
C-SP-B21 DA of Helena trying to calm Maya's anxiety in sickbay. Space Warp
C-SP-B22 Koenig & Helena watch two security men fire laser rifles aboard Swift. Brian the Brain
C-SP-B23 PR: MS of Maya, in Psychon dress, posed beside yellow rock formation & looking straight into camera
C-SP-B24 PR: Cont. C-SP-B23, head tilted down
C-SP-B25 PR: Cont. C-SP-B24, head turned to semi-profile
C-SP-B26 PR: Cont. C-SP-B25, MCU with head cocked
C-SP-B27 Profile FLV of Maya in Alpha uniform going thru files atop cabinet
C-SP-B28 LS of Maya seated on storage bins watching Tony on monitors in barren Command Center
C-SP-B29 Profile MS of Maya, wearing spacesuit [sans helmet] in Eagle cockpit
C-SP-B30 FLV of Maya backing away from fire in Eagle cockpit, left arm outstretched
C-SP-B31 MS of Maya, hands to head, in agony as green spotlight illuminates her face
C-SP-B32 MCU of Sandra & Carter holding hands while bent over monitor carrying Helena's image
C-SP-B33 FLV of Carter, Maya & Koenig standing over chlorine-filled alien sleeping chamber. AB Chrysalis
C-SP-B34 FLV of Carter standing on planet, gazing skyward. All That Glisters
C-SP-B35 FLV of armed Koenig, Carter behind him, examining gold rock formations. All That Glisters
C-SP-B36 Reilly, Maya, Koenig & Carter steel against mysterious force. Red sky bg. All That Glisters
C-SP-B37 MS of spacesuited Koenig moving thru lethal mist on planet. Brian the Brain
C-SP-B38 Tony talks into com-link as Sahala [Jill Townsend] tries to make him believe her about Dorzak in medical center, Carter at her side
C-SP-B39 Profile CU of Carter kissing Sahala. Dorzak
C-SP-B40 DA of Tony & fellow Alphan fighting on ground over hand laser. Immunity Syndrome
C-SP-B41 Scottish leader offers toast to new year as Koenig & sick Helena watch. Journey to Where
C-SP-B42 MS of Vindrus [Stuart Wilson] & Maya in adjacent temple chambers. Matter of Balance
C-SP-B43 MS of Koenig just inside Psychon lab with Maya & Mentor at entrance in bg. Metamorph
C-SP-B44 Helena silently awaits brain drain. Metamorph
C-SP-B45 FLV of fuming Maya about to enter Psychon lab
C-SP-B46 Annette, Sandra & Tony listen happily to news from Koenig on OS monitor. Metamorph
C-SP-B47 LS of Helena & Koenig observing exploration team overwhelmed by boredom. Seance Spectre
C-SP-B48 Koenig gives hell to Taybor [back turned], who mans controls of his ship. The Taybor
C-SP-B49 PR: FLV of main cast gathered below secondary members on upper deck of command center
C-SP-B50 MS of Kara explaining biological computer to Koenig as High Priest listens with head bowed. Mission of the Darians
C-SP-B51 Koenig & concerned Helena stand over sleeping Lee Russell in medical center. Matter of Life & Death
C-SP-B52 MLS of Koenig bent over skeletal remains in cave. Testament of Arkadia
C-SP-B53 FLV of Helena as prehistoric cavewoman in skins with others of her kind. Full Circle
C-SP-B54 Half disfigured Mateo reaches for Bergman from behind as Sandra reacts. Troubled Spirit
C-SP-B55 FLV of giant elongated spaceship flying low over mountains of Moon
C-SP-B56 PR: MS of Koenig & Helena posed cheek-to-cheek
C-SP-B57 PR: Cont. C-SP-B56, tighter horizontal pose
C-SP-B58 PR: MCU of Koenig turned toward camera from pilot seat of Eagle, Carter in bg
C-SP-B59 PR: MLS of armed Carter posed in front of golden glowing rock formation. All that Glisters
C-SP-B60 Head-on LS of Carter & Koenig at Eagle controls as Helena leans on equipment beyond open hatch
C-SP-B61 LS of Maya standing in cave, speaking
C-SP-B62 LS of Maya [in bg] exploring roomful of hanging crystal & tabletop domes containing globes
C-SP-B63 LS of Maya & three other Alphans in command center reacting to red alert message on monitors
C-SP-B64 Carter desperately tries to douse flames in Eagle cockpit from copilot seat
C-SP-B65 Profile FLV of Koenig sitting remorsefully on floor of cell, Helena in bg. Metamorph
C-SP-B66 FLV of monster picking up & throttling Maya-cum-alien in corridor. Beta Cloud
C-SP-B67 MLS of Koenig crossing swords with 14th century man in woods. Journey to Where
C-SP-B68 Cont. C-SP-A57, MS of Koenig & Maya kissing. New Adam, New Eve
C-SP-B69 FLV of android putting make on Helena, in floor-length pink dress. One Moment of Humanity
C-SP-B70 FLV of prisoners, surrounded by cat-women with whips, listening to bethroned Elizia [back turned]. Devil's Moon
C-SP-B71 Tony & Helena stand next to octagon-shaped table on Golos. Exiles
C-SP-B72 LS of Koenig, Helena & Bergman exploring spaceship containing crew in suspended animation. Earthbound
C-SP-B73 LS of Sahala relaxing at rear of spacious spaceship living area as crew woman sleeps in side cubicle. Dorzak
C-SP-B74 MS of Carter & Tony questioning Dorzak in command center
C-SP-B75 MCU of Brian the Brain on black bg
C-SP-B76 Brian introduces himself to female Alphan as Tony, Helena & Koenig watch. Brian the Brain
C-SP-B77 MS of one-eyed alien garbage standing behind unsuspecting Carter. Bringers of Wonder
C-SP-B78 Pair of aliens amble along corridor. Bringers of Wonder
C-SP-B79 MLS of monster deluding Carter & another man to open door to reactor core. Bringers of Wonder
C-SP-B80 MS of Maya-cum-alien about to grab woman talking to Tony. Bringers of Wonder
C-SP-B81 LS of Sandra, Tony & Maya checking conditions of Helena & Koenig, who lay unconscious. Beta Cloud
C-SP-B82 FLV of spacesuited Helena & Koenig sitting in & leaning on Moon buggy with helmets off
C-SP-B83 Bergman looks into microscope, alien artifact on table at right, as Koenig watches. Last Sunset
C-SP-B84 MS of Servant of the Guardian of Piri looking aside, beautiful planet surface in bg
C-SP-B85 Cont. C-SP-B84, MLS of Servant trying to convince Koenig [back turned] about Pirian paradise
C-SP-B86 MS of alien holding log at edge of lake. Rules of Luton
C-SP-B87 MS of Koenig mixing it up with humanoid alien in cockpit of burning Eagle
C-SP-B88 MS of Koenig & Helena together pulling back from OS menace in command center
C-SP-B89 Koenig pries Helena away from time-rotted body of Cabot aboard Eagle. Death's Other Dominion
C-SP-B90 PR: FLV of Koenig & Helena posed together in front of command center door
C-SP-B91 PR: MCU of Helena posed in spacesuit sans helmet
C-SP-B92 Low angle MS of nuclear waste arena [detailed miniature]
C-SP-B93 FLV of medical Eagle landing beside crashed Eagle. Last Sunset
C-SP-B94 RV of Eagle flying over top of Moonbase enroute to planet in distance
C-SP-B95 MS of Alan, Maya, Koenig & Helena facing OS alien intelligence. Immunity Syndrome
C-SP-B96 Profile MCU of Tony bending down to talk to Sandra privately at her station
C-SP-B97 Outstanding first season autographed FLV of Koenig & Helena posed on steps in front of Computer
C-SP-B98 Second season art montage showing Koenig, Helena, Tony & Maya encircled by Moon in space
C-SP-B99 MS of Helena, Koenig, Maya, Tony & Alan huddled tightly & troubled by viewscreen doings
C-SP-C1 MS of Maya transformed into green fishlike monster. New Adam, New Eve
C-SP-C2 FLV of Koenig, Helena, Maya & Tony trying to figure how to best alien God who's given them new Earth. New Adam...
C-SP-C3 MS of Helena & Maya aiming lasers at camera. New Adam...
C-SP-C4 BS: FLV of full scale Hawk spacecraft model being held by its builder next to Moon replica
C-SP-C5 BS: Topside of Super Eagle model with piggyback boosters, black bg
C-SP-C6 PR: Thirteen-element shot focusing on Koenig in action from first & second season episodes
C-SP-C7 PR: Sixteen-element shot showcasing Helena from first & second season episodes
C-SP-C8 PR: FLV of main & secondary cast posed in front of Computer in command center
C-SP-C9 PR: MCU of serious Koenig looking just past camera
C-SP-C10 PR: MS of Koenig making cautious remark to someone OS
C-SP-C11 PR: PRT of Helena wearing bedgown, hair backlighted, black bg
C-SP-C12 PR: MS of Helena sitting at desk in her quarters & looking up slightly
C-SP-C13 PR: MS of Bergman looking up from calculations while seated at desk
C-SP-C14 FLV of Koenig & Bergman walking toward camera in Alpha corridor, talking to each other
C-SP-C15 LS of Eagle flying over irradiated cones of nuclear waste about to go sky high. Breakaway
C-SP-C16 FLV of Alphans [back turned] watching final report from Earth on viewscreen. Breakaway
C-SP-C17 Cont. C-SP-D, longer DA of alien ship with several Eagles in bg. Earthbound
C-SP-C18 Koenig sits at command console holding clipboard with back turned to impatient Commissioner Simonds & others behind him in CC. Earthbound
C-SP-C19 MS of Zantor & his alien crew holding gold eggs to be given as presents to Alphans. Earthbound
C-SP-C20 Zantor & Koenig look with concern upon Helena, unconscious in suspension chamber. Earthbound
C-SP-C21 FLV of Helena & Bergman discovering human skeletons in cavern. Testament of Arkadia
C-SP-C22 LS of spaceship interior, Koenig standing with back turned in bg. Infernal Machine
C-SP-C23 FLV of Koenig & Helena standing by pond & dense foliage on antimatter planet. A Matter of Life & Death
C-SP-C24 MLS of Koenig, in bathrobe, screaming as alien creatures pull on his arms in dream sequence. Missing Link
C-SP-C25 FLV of spacesuited Alphans sloshing thru billowing foam in CC. Space Brain
C-SP-C26 LS of Koenig with counterpart Bergman in settlement on barren Earth. Another Time, Another Place
C-SP-C27 Beautiful artwork featuring Maya spreading hawklike wings above Koenig, Helena & action scenes & below alien transformations of herself [second season]
C-SP-C28 MLS of Helena holding medical kit aboard Sahala's spaceship. Dorzak [second season]
C-SP-C29 PR: MS of Koenig, smiling wide, almost cheek to cheek with amused Helena in Command Center
C-SP-C30 PR: FLV of Helena relaxing in chair, looking up at OS Koenig
C-SP-C31 PR: Second season PRT of Helena wearing blue jacket, head cocked
C-SP-C32 PR: Cont. C-SP-C31, FLV pose
C-SP-C33 PR: FLV of seated, playful Maya showing computer chips to Tony, who bends near in Command Center
C-SP-C34 UA of electrical bolts arcing toward Eagle hauling container of nuclear waste against black bg. Breakaway
C-SP-C35 MS of tense Koenig & Helena in alien surroundings. War Games
C-SP-C36 MS of sexy Kara [Joan Collins] appearing lost in thought. Mission of the Darians
C-SP-C37 LS of High Priest & Kara escorting Koenig & Bergman across bridge inside massive spaceship. ...Darians
C-SP-C38 Bergman & Koenig take cover behind rocks with drawn lasers
C-SP-C39 FLV of Koenig getting zapped by spray of light in underground room containing bouncing balls on pedestals. AB Chysalis
C-SP-C40 MS of Tony greeting his brother, Guido [Stuart Damon] as Maya looks on. Bringers of Wonder
C-SP-C41 MS of Koenig hunched in shadowed darkness with drawn laser
C-SP-C42 MLS of Koenig, in anti-radiation suit sans helmet, piloting Eagle with Maya as copilot
C-SGDB-A FLV of Space Ghost & Dino Boy, astride dinosaur. Lime green bg
C-SPCH-A Title above FLV of Harlock with spaceship Arcadia
C-SPCH-B MS of Harlock standing with arms folded
C-SPCH-C MCU of Harlock with skull & crossbones flag & Japanese titlefilling bg
C-SPE-1 Lilith [Majel Barrett] prepares witches potion from behind trellis tocure drinking problem
C-SPE-2 Cont. C-SPE-1 , FV of Lilith chanting
C-SPE-3 Sebastian [Robert Culp] & Ham [Gig Young] talk at bar
C-SPE-4 Sebastian at his bar beyond fireplace
C-SPE-5 CU of Ham
C-SPE-6 Sebastion walks past seductive succubus of Lady Anitra Cyon [AnnBell] in his home library
C-SPE-7 Cont. C-SPE-6, Anitra stands in glow of fireplace
C-SPE-8 CU of Anitra writhing in pain on floor
C-SPE-9 Dr. Qualus lays clawed to death on floor pentagram
C-SPE-10 DA of Ham standing over body as fire burns around him
C-SPE-11 Cont. C-SPE-10, MS of Ham shouting
C-SPE-12 Beautiful Cyon House servants greet Sebastian & Ham
C-SPE-13 Cyon [James Villiare] reproves the real Lady Anitra
C-SPE-14 Servants serve dinner to smirking Ham
C-SPE-15 MS of servant girl, serving
C-SPE-16 Wine glass breaks in Cyon's hand at dinner table
C-SPE-17 Cu of stern-faced Sebastian
C-SPE-18 FLV of servants in black leather & little girl clothes
C-SPE-19 Cyon stands at center of Druid Ring of Stones
C-SPE-20 Sebastian & Ham find stone entrance to underground
C-SPE-21 Ham finds woman chained upside-down on stone slab
C-SPE-22 Hairy, toothy Druid denizen
C-SPE-23 DA of Anitra on altar during Black Cathedral
C-SPE-24 Cont. C-SPE-23, cloaked disciples revel at side of altar
C-SPE-25 Cont. C-SPE-24, CU of Anitra, hands clutching at her
C-SPE-26 CU of Mitri [John Hurt] as half-human Asmodeus
C-SPE-27 CU of two crazed evil worshippers
C-SPE-28 FLV of Mitri standing over his disciples
C-SPE-29 CU of Cyon as Asmodeus' cat-priest
C-SPE-30 FLV of Asmodeus himself beyond fire pit
C-SPE-31 Cont. C-SPE-30, CU of Asmodeus
C-SPE-32 MS of Asmodeus seen thru flames
C-SPE-33 Sebastian & Lilith view painting as fireplace wafts
C-SPE-34 Excellent shot of red-caped Asmodeus
C-SPI-A FLV of Spiderman pressing himself against wall
C-SPI-B Spiderman leans over edge of bldg. Skyscrapers abound in bg
C-SPC-A PR: MS of huddled Cody [Lee Majors] & Erika [Lauren Hutton] hanging onto emergency brace straps
C-SPC-B PR: MS of Erika hanging onto brace straps
C-SPC-C RV of Starflight One firing engines as it orbits Earth
C-SG1-A PR: cast PRT of O'Neill, Jackson, Carter, Teal'c & Hammond in front of stargate with logo superimposed beneath them
C-SG1-B PR: PRT of tight-lipped O'Neill in cap & uniform
C-SG1-C Cont. #B, CU with similar non-expression
C-SG1-D PR: PRT of business-like Jackson in black jacket
C-SG1-E PR: PRT of armored Teal'c
C-SG1-F PR: PRT of Samantha in uniform, trace of smile on lips
C-SG1-G PR: PRT of Jackson, Samantha & Teal'c posed around seated O'Neill
C-SG1-H PR: PRT of Samantha, O'Neill & Jackson against black bg
C-SG1-I FLV of O'Neill crouching on ground & pointing staff stage right
C-SG1-J MS of guard [Rachel Hayward] being mauled by armored Apophis[Peter Williams]
C-SG1-K MLS of completely serpent-armored Apophis holding staff
C-SG1-L MS of O'Neill holding staff & gazing into distance from forestclearing with Jackson, Teal'c & natives in bg. Children of the Gods
C-SG1-M MS of Goa'uld native pointing into distance for armed Jackson,Samantha & O'Neill. Children...
C-SG1-N MS of O'Neill smiling at camera, Samantha at his side. Broca Divide
C-SG1-O MS of Teal'c, O'Neill, Samantha & Jackson(with camera) all wearingsunglasses against bright yellow bg. Cold Lazarus
C-SG1-P MLS of uniformed Teal'c, O'Neill, Samantha & Jackson standing sideby side in clearing. The Nox
C-SG1-Q MLS of O'Neill placing hand on "rosetta stone" orb as ErnestLittlefield [Keene Curtis], Jackson & Dr. Catherine Langford [Elizabeth Hoffman] observe in bg. Torment of Tantalus
C-SG1-R MS of Hammond & O'Neill in busy operations center. Enigma
          NOTE: #S-V from Children of the Gods episode

C-SG1-S FLV of stargate in clearing on Abydos
C-SG1-T MLS of Teal'c ready for battle, spear in hand
C-SG1-U MLS of Samantha in khakis, gazing up at ceiling in Abydos cave
C-SG1-V MS of Jackson huddling with wife Sha'Re [Vaitaire Bandera].
C-SG1-W Same as #M in b/w section
C-SG1-X MS of O'Neill in black shirt, bandage over eyebrow. Broca Divide
C-SG1-Y MS of Samantha & Capt. Jonas Hanson [William Russ]. First Commandment
C-SG1-Z MS of O'Neill disguised in robe, pointing long tube past camera. ...Commandment
C-SG1-A1 MLS of SG-1 team walking thru clearing on planet Simarka with Abu [Jorge Vargas] & Mughal [Soon-Tek Oh]. Emancipation
C-SG1-A2 Profile MS of Turghan [Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa] holding knife to Samantha's throat. Emancipation
C-SG1-A3 FLV of Samantha, wearing sunglasses, crouching to examine blue crystal formation poking up thru ground. Cold Lazarus
C-SG1-A4MLS of defiant O'Neill & ersatz son Charlie [Kyle Graham] surrounded by Army men in front of control room. ...Lazarus
C-SG1-A5 MLS of Jackson in forest, confronting native in fg. The Nox
C-SG1-A6 MS of frowning Apophis in woods. The Nox
C-SG1-A7 FLV of Samantha cradling head of rapidly aging O'Neill. Brief Candle
C-SG1-A8 MS of Samantha & Dr. Fraiser [Teryl Rothery] peeking around corner, rifles in hand. Hathor
C-SG1-A9 MS of captive Hammond & O'Neill with Hathor [Suanne Braun] smirking in bg. Hathor
C-SG1-B1 MS of Jackson & Amanda examining book on steps. Torment of Tantalus
C-SG1-B2 MS of Teal'c in vicious battle with monstrous Unas [Vincent Hammond]. Thor's Hammer
C-SG1-B3 LS of SG-1 team near stargate on Cimmeria. ...Hammer
C-SG1-B4 MLS of Teal'c, Bra-Tac [Tony Amendola] & Drey-Auc [Salli Richardson] tending to fallen Rya'c [Neil Denis]. Bloodlines
C-SG1-B5 MS of O'Neill, Samantha & Jackson disguised as monks on Chulak. Bloodlines
C-SG1-B6 FLV of amphibious humanoid Nem [Gerard Plunkett] examining Jackson, who's strapped to mind-reading chair. Fire & Water
C-SG1-B7 MCU of O'Neill, Teal'c & Samantha looking urgently OS. Fire...
C-SG1-B8 MS of young Cassandra [Katie Stuart] gripping Samantha's arm as they & Dr. Fraiser show concern over something OS. Singularity
C-SG1-B9 MLS of Samantha, Teal'c, Jackson & O'Neill outside gate on planet P8X987. Singularity
C-SG1-C1 Native women draw markings on captive Teal'c's bare chest. Cor-Ai
C-SG1-C2 FLV of Teal'c on dais of courtroom, Jackson in bg. Cor-Ai
C-SG1-C3 Profile MS of silver-suited Narim [Garwin Sanford] & Samantha about to kiss. Enigma
C-SG1-C4 PR: MS of stoic Hammond standing in command center. Solitudes
C-SG1-C5 MS of robot Jackson, Samantha & Teal'c in black garb. Tin Man
C-SG1-C6 MLS of Teal'c, in Gou'ald armor, addressing captured O'Neill, who's arms are raised. There But For the Grace of God
C-SG1-C7 MLS of Samantha studying console in alien command center. ...God
C-SG1-C8 MS of Samantha, in dress uniform, & Jackson, arm in sling, listening to OS speaker. Politics
C-SG1-C9 Profile MS of Senator Kinsey [Ronnie Cox] pointing animatedly at Jackson. Politics
C-SG1-D1 Profile MS of Skaara (posessed by Klorel), hand outstretched while holding Jackson in thrall. Within the Serpent's Grasp
C-SG1-D2DA of SG-1 team, O'Neill pointing at camera, held by Jaffa warriors behind them. ...Grasp
C-SG1-D3PR: neat montage of Stargate crew surrounded by multiple images from show & Go'auld in armor
C-STL-A PR: Devon & Rachel in romantic embrace
C-STL-B FLV of the starlost's giant spaceship home
C-SMD-A FLV of Medusan spaceship
C-SMD-B FLV of multicolored tubular spaceship
C-SMD-C LS of bug-like Medusan patrol ship hovering over planet surface opening of underground launch site
C-SMAN-A BS: Profile MS of Hays & Barnes going over script on location, sun reflector in bg
C-SMAN-B PR: FLV of Starman standing on roof overlooking city, corner of face shaded by Sun, hands in jeans pockets
C-SMAN-C PR: Nice PRT of Starman, in red shirt, holding gleaming sphere in palms of both hands as Scott leans elbows on his shoulder against starfield bg
C-SMAN-D Similar to SMAN-C in b/w section
C-SMAN-E PR: Outdoors PRT of smiling Scott
C-SMAN-F PR: PRT of Starman in sport shirt & bush jacket against starfield
C-SMAN-G PR: MS of Starman & Scott tightly posed against sunset
C-SMAN-H PR: FLV of Starman standing behind Scott outdoors, both gazing off into distance at sunset
C-SMAN-I Cont. C-SMAN-A, different, vertical angle with Barnes smiling up at Hays, reflector gone
C-SMAN-J PR: MS of Starman, in red shirt, holding glowing sphere in palms of hands while facing camera against starfield
C-SMAN-K PR: MS of Starman, in blue corduroy shirt, exposing sphere in palm of upheld hand amid swirling, red-filtered smoke against planet Earth backdrop
C-SMAN-L PR: MS of Starman in above setting but now with arms folded & Scott at his side
C-SMAN-M PR: MLS of Starman pointing out his home to Scott in rock setting against starfield bg
C-SMAN-N PR: MLS of Starman & Scott on road again with backpack, suitcase & camera, gazing just OS
C-SMAN-O Cont. C-SMAN-N, FLV of pair in similar pose, different setting
C-SMAN-P PR: Horizontal MS of pair on road at night standing in beam of headlights
C-SMAN-Q Starman looking at hand as he exposes sphere to work its magic
C-SMAN-R Cont. C-SMAN-D, Starman focusing on sphere to open doors of subway train as Scott & Elizabeth watch him anxiously
C-ST-1 Title over Enterprise orbiting planet
C-ST-2 FV of Enterprise with title in lower right hand corner
C-ST-3 Production shot of Enterprise in front of blue screen
C-ST-4 Enterprise orbiting Earth-like blue planet
C-ST-5 Enterprise orbiting red planet
C-ST-6 Enterprise firing twin lasers from phaser banks
C-ST-7 Transporter aboard Enterprise
C-ST-8 FLV of Kirk standing on transporter pad
C-ST-9 MS of Spock in front of station on Enterprise bridge
C-ST-10 Spock takes sensor reading at his station
C-ST-12 FLV of Sulu at helm with planet on viewscreen
C-ST-13 LS of two crewmen working in engineering section
C-ST-14 Shuttlecraft leaves Enterprise hanger bay
C-ST-15 Shuttlecraft against deep blue field of stars
C-ST-16 3/4 FV of Klingon spaceship
C-ST-17 RV of Klingon spaceship
C-ST-18 Spock playing lyrette in his quarters
            [NOTE: #19-28 are from The Menagerie]
C-ST-19 Matte painting of star base
C-ST-20 MS of scarred, immobile Pike in machine
C-ST-21 Spock & No. 1 at helm of Enterprise
C-ST-24 Rescue team beams down to Talos IV
C-ST-26 Phaser cannon blasts side of cliff
C-ST-27 Pike & Vina at Rigal VII fortress
C-ST-28 Pike chokes monster head of Keeper
C-ST-29 LS of Lithium station. Where No Man Has Gone Before
C-ST-30 CU of mutated Gary & Liz. Where No Man Has Gone Before
C-ST-31 Viewscreen shows Tholian Web starting to spin
C-ST-32 Spock sees transparent Kirk on bridge. Tholian Web
C-ST-33 DA of Tholian Web trapping Enterprise
C-ST-34 Screen shows ghostly Kirk against strands of Tholian Web
C-ST-35 Looking down mouth of The Doomsday Machine
C-ST-36 SV of Constellation entering The Doomsday Machine
C-ST-37 Cont. C-ST-36, RV of Constellation entering mouth
C-ST-38 FLV of Romulan war ship. Balance of Terror
C-ST-39 Romulans at primary duty station. Balance of Terror
C-ST-40 Elaan of Troyius in her quarters, frowning
C-ST-41 Scotty & crewman show Elaan thru engineering
C-ST-43 Warning space cube on viewscreen. Corbomite Maneuver
C-ST-44 Balok's gargantuan globe ship.Corbomite Maneuver
C-ST-45 Globe ship dwarfs Enterprise. Corbomite Maneuver
C-ST-46 Kirk & Scotty in engine room. The Naked Time
C-ST-47 Spock sobs uncontrollably.The Naked Time
C-ST-48 Giant hand grips Enterprise. Who Mourns for Adonais?
C-ST-49 Apollo & Carolyn in godly attire. Who Mourns for Adonais?
C-ST-50 Zephram greets crew at shuttlecraft. Metamorphosis
C-ST-51 The Companion envelops Zephram. Metamorphosis
C-ST-52 Kirk, Spock & Scotty royally greet Abe Lincoln in the transporter room. The Savage Curtain
C-ST-53 Lava creature & villains of past. The Savage Curtain
C-ST-54 Kirk, Spock & McCoy in force beams. The Empath
C-ST-55 Kirk holds transmuter wand on Sylvia. Catspaw
C-ST-56 Leila & Spock on communicator. This Side of Paradise
C-ST-57 Kirk, McCoy & hippie leader Dr. Sevrin. Way to Eden
C-ST-58 Scalosians delivering SOS. Wink of an Eye
C-ST-59 Spock melds minds with Horta. Devil in the Dark
C-ST-60 Reptilian Gorn stalks Kirk. Arena
C-ST-61 Floating city, Stratos. The Cloud Minders
C-ST-62 Purrhalls dump on Kirk. Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-63 Kirk, Spock & Mudd beam to planet. Mudd's Women
C-ST-64 Gary Seven enters teleport vault. Assignment Earth
C-ST-65 Loaira, in triplicate. That Which Survives
C-ST-66 The Malkotian. Spectre of the Gun
C-ST-67 The time portal. City on the Edge of Forever
C-ST-68 Enterprise nears giant amoeba. Immunity Syndrome
C-ST-69 Kirk & brains in globe. Gamesters of Triskelion
C-ST-70 Salt vampire lays dead on Enterprise. Man Trap
C-ST-71 Space probe Nomad afloat in tubeway. Changeling
C-ST-72 Lights of Zetar speak to crew thru host
C-ST-73 Garth & Marta trap Kirk in cell. Whom Gods Destroy
C-ST-74 Matte of city on Eminiar VII. A Taste of Armageddon
C-ST-75 Matte of city on Star Base 11. Court Martial
C-ST-76 Kirk gestures beseechingly in small room as people outside windowpress together. The Mark of Gideon
C-ST-77 Kirk in command chair on bridge of parallel Enterprise with Chekov,Sulu & bearded Spock. Mirror, Mirror
C-ST-78 MCU of Bele. Let that be Your Last Battlefield
C-ST-79 MS of Ruk. What are Little Girls Made of?
C-ST-80 Composite: Enterprise & asteroid; asteroid on screen. For the World is Hollow & I have Touched the Sky
C-ST-82 Mountain matted to space backdrop [never used in series]
C-ST-83 Enterprise nears energy barrier. Where No Man has....
C-ST-84 Vina as green Orion slave girl. The Menagerie
C-ST-85 MS of Balok's fake alien. Corbomite Maneuver
C-ST-86 Kirk buffers Sarek & Gav's quarrel. Journey to Babel
C-ST-87 Wall projection of Losira. That Which Survives
C-ST-89 Marlena uses Tantalus Field to spy on Kirk & his shipmates in medicallaboratory. Mirror, Mirror
C-ST-91 Space Station K-7. Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-92 Adm. Fitzpatrick [Ed Reimers] speaks. Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-93 MS of Galt & Shana. Gamesters of Triskelion
C-ST-94 CU of brains in globe. Gamesters of Triskelion
C-ST-95 Kirk & Norman, the android. I, Mudd
C-ST-96 CU of Mudd [Roger C. Carmel]. I, Mudd
C-ST-97 MS of Ambassador Hodin. The Mark of Gideon
C-ST-98 CU of Cloud William. The Omega Glory
C-ST-99 CU of Garth. Whom Gods Destroy
C-ST-100 Alien researchers lay dead. Lights of Zetar
C-ST-102 MCU of Perman delirious on couch. Plato's Stepchildren
C-ST-107 Eligon ships surround Enterprise. Enterprise Incident
C-ST-108 Pilot ship & Phasariu. Corbomite Maneuver
C-ST-109 Vians bend over Gem as Kirk, Spock & McCoy fight against force field [before sfx added]. The Empath
C-ST-110 CU of Tholian mask [before sfx added]. Tholian Web
C-ST-111 Phasers strike stone god, Vaal. The Apple
C-ST-112 Kang & Klingon landing party. Day of the Dove
C-ST-113 Enterprise hooks up to Botany Bay. Space Seed
C-ST-115 CU of Andorian ambassador. Journey to Babel
C-ST-117 Kirk fires phaser at smiling Deela. Wink of an Eye
C-ST-118 CU of Kara on the Great Teacher, Spock's Brain
C-ST-119 Kirk, crew & time portal. City on Edge of Forever
C-ST-120 Marta forced outside asylum. Whom Gods Destroy
C-ST-121 FLV of Metron. Arena
C-ST-122 MCU of Mugtu. A Private Little War
C-ST-123 Kirk talks to Gem, Spock & McCoy in bg. The Empath
           [NOTE: #127 thru #143 are from "The Menagerie" episode]

C-ST-127 Slight UA of the three Keepers
C-ST-137 FLV of Pike in machine
C-ST-138 Rugged Talos IV terrain shows singing flowers
C-ST-139 Original matte painting of Rigel VII fortress
C-ST-140 Pike & Vina picnicking, matte of city in distance
C-ST-141 Rare FLV of Keeper monster [cut from episode]
C-ST-142 LS of rocky Talos IV surface entrance to underground domain, Keeper& Pike visible in elevator
C-ST-143 Pike holds phaser on Keeper with Vina, No. 1 & Colt
C-ST-144 Cont. C-ST-143, whirling cube blocks path of Enterprise
C-ST-145 Cont. C-ST-85, Balok's alien as seen on viewscreen
C-ST-146 Kirk & Balok hold glasses of Tranya. Corbomite Maneuver
C-ST-147 Rare FLV of Apollo [Michael Forest] standing on stage platform infront of blue screen. Who Mourns for Adonais?
C-ST-148 Cont. C-ST-147, end result with crew & temple matted in
C-ST-149 Sylvia & Korob revert to tiny alien forms. Catspaw
C-ST-150 Cont. C-ST-149, aliens shrivel & die
C-ST-151 LS of Kirk & crew on leveled Cestus III base. Arena
C-ST-152 DA of Kirk, President Lincoln, Surak & Spock facing rock creature,Yarmek. The Savage Curtain
C-ST-153 Kirk & Spock meet Plasus & Droxine. Cloud Minders
C-ST-154 Cont. C-ST-67, Kirk & Spock take readings on time portal
C-ST-155 Yeoman scolds McCoy, girls on his arms. Shore Leave
C-ST-156 Shuttlecraft seen beyond glade on Eden. Way to Eden
C-ST-157 Cont. C-ST-117, Deela dodges phaser bolt
C-ST-158 Khan holds crew hostage in anteroom Space Seed
C-ST-159 CU of never seen Neanderthaloid giant. Galieo 7
C-ST-160 Viana & Gem watch Kirk, suspended by chains. Empath
C-ST-161 Cont. C-ST-110, Tholian mask [after fx inserted]
C-ST-162 MS of Marta by cells. Whom Gods Destroy
C-ST-163 Kirk & Lazarus by time ship. Alternative Factor
C-ST-164 Cont. C-ST-70, MS of Ruk & Andrea
C-ST-165 DA of dead Constellation. Doomsday Machine
C-ST-166 Cont. C-ST-59, McCoy kneels by Horta, watching Spock
C-ST-167 T'Pring & Stonn at wedding ceremony. Amok Time
C-ST-168 Spinning Melkotian buoy. Spectre of the Gun
C-ST-169 Blooper shot: Ed Reimers holds tribble in his hands. Trouble...
C-ST-170 Kirk steals cloaking device. Enterprise Incident
C-ST-171 Spock & crewman, in red radiation suits, inspect frozen victim &science station. Naked Time
C-ST-172 Kirk, Spock, Gary Seven & Roberta Lincoln [Terri Garr] in front ofalien computer. Assignment: Earth
C-ST-173 CU of Yeoman Barrows smiling. Shore Leave
C-ST-174 MS of white rabbit. Shore Leave
C-ST-175 Scotty & Kelvan getting drunk. By Any Other Name
C-ST-176 Blooper shot: Spock purses his lips in funny manner
C-ST-177 Blooper shot: Spock reads newspaper headline, "Spock Gets 2 YearPrison Term, Fine." Spock's Brain
C-ST-178 Composite: Enterprise orbits planet: Spock beams down to planet;Kirk, Spock, McCoy & alien in animated Albatross; ForbiddenPlanet saucer in deep space.
               [NOTE: #180-183 are from By Any Other Name]
C-ST-180 Kelinda [Barbara Bouchet] ponders alien plant life
C-ST-181 Kelinda threatens two of Kirk's party
C-ST-182 Kirk kneels over Kelinda, feigning unconsciousness
C-ST-183 CU of Kelinda aboard Enterprise
C-ST-186 CU from rear of Enterprise nearing orange planet
C-ST-187 Enterprise orbiting emerald-green planet
C-ST-190 MS of McCoy, Spock & Kirk talking in ship corridor
C-ST-193 MS of Spock & Scotty looking off camera
C-ST-207 Spock & crewman Joe Tormolen stand ready in red anti-decominationsuits on transporter. Naked Time
C-ST-208 MCU of Zephram. Metamorphosis
C-ST-209 MS of Zephram
C-ST-210 MCU of Drozine. The Cloud-Minders
C-ST-212 Enterprise enters giant amoeba. Immunity Syndrome
C-ST-213 MS of Galt. Gamesters of Triskelion
C-ST-214 Kirk on communicator with crewman behind him
C-ST-225 Sarek & Amanda in their quarters. Journey to Babel
C-ST-230 CU of Sarek in engineering. Journey to Babel
C-ST-231 MS of Spock & Amanda, side by side. Journey to Babel
C-ST-232 Thelov next to Kirk in command chair. Journey to Babel
C-ST-235 MS of Cmdr. Wesley as Lexington is attacked. Ultimate Computer
C-ST-236 MS of Kirk & Spock in medieval garb. Errand of Mercy
C-ST-237 MCU of Alice 236, female android. I, Mudd
C-ST-238 Scotty installs cloaking device. Enterprise Incident
C-ST-239 Angry McCoy beside Perman. Plato's Stepchildren
C-ST-240 Yeoman, Jaris & Scott on Enterprise. Wolf in the Fold
C-ST-241 MS of Pike, No. 1 & Yeoman Colt on set. The Menagerie
C-ST-242 MS of Pike, holding paper, & Mr. Spock looking OS. The Menagerie
C-ST-243 PR: PRT of Shatner as Kirk on red bg
C-ST-244 Kirk poses in command chair, hand to chin
C-ST-245 Laughing Kirk in quarters with arms folded
C-ST-246 MS of Spock holding lab equipment on orange bg
C-ST-247 MS of Kirk & Spock side-by-side on bridge
C-ST-248 MLS of Kirk & McCoy side-by-side on bridge
C-ST-249 FLV of Kirk, McCoy & Spock posed on transporter pads
C-ST-250 PR: MLS of Spock, Rand & Kirk aiming flashlights
C-ST-251 PR: MS of Kirk, hands on astronomical globe, posed with Rand against blue bg
C-ST-252 PR: MLS of Kirk clutching Rand to him from behind
C-ST-253 PR: MS of Spock & Sulu in early uniforms, posed in Enterprise corridor
C-ST-254 PR: DA of Spock posed at station, looking intense
C-ST-255 Low angle shot of Kirk in command chair
C-ST-256 MS of Spock making point. Lighting reddens his face as he gestures
C-ST-257 MLS of Spock standing with his hands folded in front of dwelling
C-ST-258 Cont. #257, Spock's hands at his side
C-ST-260 Unusual UA/RV of Klingon ship in space
C-ST-262 MS of bearded Spock trying to persuade Kirk to attack planet. Mirror,Mirror
         [NOTE: #264-266 are from Where No Man Has Gone Before]

C-ST-264 Yeoman Smith [Andrea Dromm] listens as Gary Mitchell ranklesElizabeth at his bridge station. Scotty, Dr. Piper & Sulu in bg
C-ST-265 MS of Kirk standing by as Spock listens to message from recorder- marker
C-ST-266 Valiant recorder-marker rests on Enterprise transporter pad
C-ST-267 MCU of Spock on bridge gazing OS. Worried Dr. Boyce stands behindhim. The Menagerie
C-ST-268 Profile FLV of Galieo shuttlecraft landed on Eden. Way to Eden
C-ST-269 PR: MS of Kirk posed with phaser rifle
C-ST-271 CU of Kang [Michael Ansara], his face aglow with hatred from OSentity. Day of the Dove
C-ST-272 MCU of Gorn captain on communicator. Arena
C-ST-276 MS of Andrea. What are Little Girls Made of?
C-ST-277 MS of Deela aboard Enterprise. Wink of an Eye
C-ST-278 MLS of Uhura at station looking toward OS command chair. Alluring
C-ST-279 PR: beautiful dancer Kara [Tania Lemani] bends backwards toward anappreciative Kirk as he sits at table. Wolf in the Fold
C-ST-280 FV of Enterprise orbiting swirling red planet
C-ST-281 SV of Enterprise orbiting swirling red planet
C-ST-282 RV of Enterprise orbiting orange planet
C-ST-283 MS of Kirk & Cmdr. Kor [John Colicos] listening to annoyed OSOrganians. Errand of Mercy
C-ST-284 PR: MS of Spock aiming phaser in front of shuttle
C-ST-285 PR: MS of Kirk on bridge, eyeing camera as crewman walks by in bg
C-ST-286 UA of Enterprise among clouds over 20th Century Earth. Tomorrow is Yesterday
C-ST-287 Enterprise orbits space station K-7. Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-288 Cont. #37, Constellation inside blazing maw of The DoomsdayMachine
C-ST-289 Tight RV of Enterprise about to enter giant amoeba. Immunity...
C-ST-290 Cont. #289, Enterprise inside amoeba
C-ST-291 Enterprise on starfield above real life space shuttle of same name. Legend: To Go Places & Do Things That Have Never Been DoneBefore in upper right hand corner
C-ST-292 MLS of Kirk, Spock, Bones & Scotty in Enterprise elevator, Kirk & Scotty wearing wry expressions
C-ST-293 FLV of Uhura smiling up at Capt. Christopher's [Roger Perry]perplexed state on Enterprise bridge. Tomorrow is Yesterday
C-ST-294 Kirk watches effect of spores on Sulu & crewmen as smiling Leila &Spock look on approvingly. This Side of Yesterday
C-ST-295 LS of Kirk alone on bridge of Enterprise, trying to raise anyone leftaboard. ...Paradise
C-ST-299 Romulan war ship dead in space. Balance of Terror
C-ST-300 MS of Romulan Commander [Mark Lenard] at side of dying Centurionduring red alert. Balance...
C-ST-301 PR: FLV of Kirk standing on transporter platform
C-ST-302 PR: PRT of Khan with arms folded. Space Seed
C-ST-303 Blooper: CU of Spock sucking on lollipop
C-ST-304 Blooper: Spock, in command chair, starts to break up when his son,wearing Vulcan ears, appears
C-ST-305 Blooper: FLV of Kirk, Spock, Scotty & Uhura cracking up on timeportal set. City on Edge...
C-ST-306 MS of Pike & Spock studying singing Talosian IV plant life, crew inbg. The Menagerie
C-ST-307 LS of Vina as Orion slave girl dancing before Pike & company in fg. The Menagerie
C-ST-308 Cont. #307, MLS of Vina dancing seductively
C-ST-309 Cont. #308, MCU of Vina focusing on OS Pike
C-ST-310 Semi-profile MCU of bearded, Imperialistic Spock. Mirror...
C-ST-311 FLV of Gorn closing in for kill on Kirk, disabled by trap. Arena
C-ST-312 FLV of Galt & Shana observing Kirk bent over downed drill thrall. Gamesters of Triskelion
C-ST-313 MLS of Shana giving food & drink to imprisoned Kirk. Gamesters...
C-ST-314 MS of Spock donning heavy animal-skin cloak. All Our Yesterdays
C-ST-315 Slight DA on Spock somewhat frostbitten. All Our Yesterdays
C-ST-317 Cont. #238, MS of Scotty trying to adapt Romulan cloaking device.Enterprise Incident
C-ST-318 FLV of McCoy being escorted into clearing by two Playboy Bunnytypes. Shore Leave
C-ST-319 Cont. #318, MS of playmate sidling up to Spock, who reacts in his customary way
C-ST-320 MLS of Spock & Droxine talking in her quarters. Cloud Minders
C-ST-321 Kirk, Scotty, McCoy & Marla bend over Khan after reviving him onBotany Bay. Space Seed
C-ST-322 Profile MCU of Spock taking Leila's hand as she brings out his hidden romantic nature. This Side of Paradise
C-ST-323 Cont. #322, MS of Spock kissing Leila while she toys with communicator. This Side of Paradise
C-ST-324 MCU of Spock deep in spell of Plaktow. Amok Time
C-ST-325 MS of T'Pring halting wedding ceremonially before surprised Spock. Amok Time
C-ST-326 MS of seated Romulan Commander [Joanne Linville] turning to greet OS Kirk & Spock. Enterprise Incident(as are next three)
C-ST-327 MCU of commander questioning OS Kirk as Spock looks on
C-ST-328 MCU of Kirk in Romulan disguise after beaming aboard flagship
C-ST-329 DA of disguised Kirk contacting Enterprise, having dismantled cloaking devise
C-ST-330 Profile MCU of Kirk & Spock in business suits. Assignment Earth
C-ST-331 FLV of Kirk, in period dress, peering thru opening in stone, Spock &Marplon [Torin Thatcher] in bg. Return of the Archons
C-ST-332 CU of Romulan commander [Mark Lenard] thinking over his options.Balance of Terror
C-ST-333 View past Enterprise nacelles at disappearing Defiant. Tholian Web
C-ST-334 FV of Enterprise almost completely snared by Tholian Web
C-ST-335 LS of cavern mining station on Janus VI. Devil in the Dark
C-ST-336 Title under FLV of Enterprise orbiting red planet
C-ST-337 PR: cast PRT on Enterprise bridge of Scotty, Chekov, McCoy, Spock,Chapel, Sulu & Uhura standing about Kirk, seated in command chair
C-ST-338 PR: MS of Kirk sitting in quarters smiling softly into camera
C-ST-339 PR: MS of Spock seated at station holding pen & stoically facing camera
C-ST-340 PR: PRT of McCoy smiling, red bg
C-ST-341 PR: MLS of Uhura posed holding communicator near face & smiling on planet set
C-ST-342 PR: nice PRT of Chapel holding half seen object, orange bg
C-ST-343 PR: MLS of Yeoman Rand posed smiling by ladder aboard Enterprise
C-ST-344 PR: fine PRT of Sulu & Chekov at helm, eyes fixed on viewscreen
C-ST-345 PR: MS of Chapel & McCoy looking at tube specimen he holds up infront of diagnostic panel
C-ST-346 PR: PRT of formally attired Spock & his mother Amanda, posed touching fingertips
C-ST-347 Neat CU of Spock at station, blinking lights from console form bg
C-ST-348 MCU of Spock concentrating on calculations in Engineering under redglow
C-ST-349 MS of Scotty on bridge, smiling at something past camera
C-ST-350 No. 1 holds Talosian from behind as Pike threatens him with laser gun,Yeoman Colt looking on. The Menagerie
C-ST-351 MCU of T'Pring glaring into camera at Vulcan wedding ceremony. Amok Time
C-ST-352 MS of Spock, in command chair, watching viewscreen tensely with McCoy, Scotty & Uhura. Arena
C-ST-353 Slight UA of Kirk, Spock & Plasus looking over railing of cloud city,Stratos. The Cloud-Minders (as are next five)
C-ST-354 FLV of Droxine making grand entrance
C-ST-355 Formally dressed Vanna [back turned] powwows with Kirk, Spock & Droxine
C-ST-356 FLV of Spock lost in thought as he sits in orange-appointed quarters
C-ST-357 Cont. #356, Kirk stands over Spock, who's discussing Troglytes
C-ST-358 DA of Troglytes capturing Kirk & Spock [back turned] on surface of planet
C-ST-359 MS of Kang, Kirk just behind him, turning attention to OS entityduring hostilities aboard Enterprise. Day of the Dove
C-ST-360 MS of Kirk sipping drink as Spock & McCoy talk at formal cocktailparty aboard Enterprise. Journey to Babel (as are next three)
C-ST-361 MS of Sarek being confronted at party by Gav [back turned]
C-ST-362 Cont. #362, MCU of Sarek listening to quarrelsome alien
C-ST-363 MCU of Amanda, deeply concerned over Sarek
C-ST-364 MCU of Halkan leader Tharn [Vic Perrin] reluctant to give up dilithium crystals to OS Kirk & landing party. Mirror, Mirror(as are next six)
C-ST-365 MCU of alternate universe Sulu wearing challenging expression
C-ST-366 MS of parallel Uhura at station talking secretively into communicator
C-ST-367 MLS of Kirk making point to concerned McCoy, Uhura & Scotty
C-ST-368 MCU of Uhura voicing worry to OS Kirk
C-ST-369 MCU of bearded Spock unconscious in medical lab
C-ST-370 MLS of Kirk reasoning with OS Spock as he, McCoy, Scotty & Uhura prepare to beam back to their own universe
C-ST-371 Semi-profile MS of Kirk, wearing Indian paint & garb of medicine chief, warding off knife attack. Paradise Syndrome(as are next three)
C-ST-372 CU of Miramanee [Sabrina Scharf] smiling at OS Kirk
C-ST-373 FLV of Kirk bending over prone Miramanee in romantic moment
C-ST-374 MS of Kirk & Miramanee having privacy disturbed by someone OS
C-ST-375 MS of Kirk in Nazi uniform. Patterns of Force
C-ST-376 MS of Kirk dancing with attentive Reena [Louise Sorel]. Requiem for Methuselah
C-ST-377 MLS of Reena entering life lab. Requiem...
C-ST-378 McGivers [back turned] works transporter controls as Khan & armeddetachment stand on pads. Space Seeds
C-ST-379 LS of Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Scotty standing with backs to woodfence, passively facing Earps at O.K. Corral. Spectre of the Gun
C-ST-380 DA of Trelane [William Campbell] held by spotlight, exclaiming: "But I was winning." Squire of Gothos
C-ST-381 FLV of Losira trying to touch Kirk but McCoy & Sulu block her path to him. That Which Survives
C-ST-382 MS of Losira [favored] talking to Spock. That Which...
C-ST-383 FLV of Chekov rising to defend insults to Kirk by Klingon Korax[Michael Strong] but Scotty stops him. Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-384 MCU of Chapel looking aside with hands folded. What are Little...
C-ST-385 MS of Spock making prolonged confession of crimes aboard Romulanship. Enterprise Incident
C-ST-386 BS: SV of Enterprise-shaped cake at 1986 party celebrating 20th anniversary of show
C-ST-387 BS: candid MS of bearded Nimoy smiling for camera
C-ST-388 BS: MLS of Nichols, wearing low-cut black top with soft white skirt speckled in black & matching jacket, laughing at someone OS
C-ST-389 Blooper shot: FLV of Spock smiling to himself after Uhura says: "Shonuff, Mr. Spock, sugah" & turns back to station duties
C-ST-390 Blooper shot: FLV of Kirk & Bailey cracking up & McCoy smirking while sharing drink with Balok aboard Fesarius
C-ST-391 PR: Commerative shot of bronzed likenesses of Kirk & Spock inside circle next to title inside starred circle
C-ST-392 MLS of Kirk & McCoy eyeing OS Spock after bethroned T'Pau informs them of quaint local custom. Amok Time
C-ST-393 FLV of Gary Seven materializing in apartment vault transporter. Assignment Earth
C-ST-394 FLV of black-maned beauty Isis transformed from cat to sexy woman, seated on office couch. Assignment Earth
C-ST-395 MLS on bridge of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Rand & very scared Charlie Evans watching appearance of Thasians. Charlie X
C-ST-396 MLS of Kang talking to Kirk over intercom in auxiliary control center as Mara [back turned] works controls. Day of the Dove
C-ST-397 LS of Kirk & Spock standing in mining tunnel, aiming phasers atHorta in fg. Devil in the Dark
C-ST-398 FLV of Priestess Natira kneeling before Oracle as guards force Kirk, McCoy & Spock to do same behind her. For the World is Hollow & I Have Touched the Sky
C-ST-400 Semi-profile CU of Uhura-2 at station with device in ear. Mirror,Mirror
C-ST-401 MCU of Uhura-2 threatening OS Sulu-2 with dagger. Mirror...
C-ST-402 FLV of Uhura-2 holding phaser on Marlena-2 as Kirk-2 tries to reasonwith her. Mirror...
C-ST-403 FLV of Spock-2 & crewman saluting OS Kirk's landing party uponreturn to alternate Enterprise. Mirror...
C-ST-404 FLV of Mudd's Women fully materialized on transporter pads aboard Enterprise
C-ST-405 MLS of shirtless, handcuffed Kirk & Spock held at bay by nasty Nazis. Patterns of Force
C-ST-406 MS of Spock, in Nazi SS uniform, & Daras [Valora Norland]scrutinizing something OS. Patterns...
C-ST-407 MLS of soldiers putting arm on Spock who has removed helmet toreveal those famous ears, McCoy in bg. Patterns...
C-ST-408 FLV of Kirk talking to globe containing entity on Sargon as Spock,McCoy & Dr. Hulhall [Diana Muldaur] look on in cave. Return to Tomorrow
C-ST-409 FLV of Kirk bending to hear whispers of just awakened Khan aboardsleeper ship, McCoy, Scotty & McGivers looking on. Space Seed
C-ST-410 FLV of Khan & four of his men, one holding phaser, standing ontransporter. Space Seed
C-ST-411 MCU of Melkotian with large, glowing eyes. Spectre of the Gun
C-ST-412 RV of stolen Aurora space cruiser in deep space. Way to Eden
C-ST-413 MLS of Carolyn happily showing off beautiful Greek gown to OS landing party. Who Mourns for Adonais?
C-ST-414 PR: early PRT of Spock holding edge of disc against deep red bg
C-ST-415 PR: MLS of Kirk happily squeezed between two female androids. I, Mudd
C-ST-416 STAR TREK created by GENE RODDENBERRY superimposed onto starfield
C-ST-417 MS of Kirk sitting in command chair, looking aside with bemusement
C-ST-418 CU of enigmatic Spock
C-ST-419 Warm MCU of McCoy eyeing something just OS
C-ST-420 Spock takes tricorder reading on unconscious McCoy as Zarabethstands watching. All Our Yesterdays
C-ST-421 FLV of McCoy giving hell to Spock, who sits with arm aroundZarabeth's shoulder. All Our Yesterdays
C-ST-422 Profile MCU of Romulan commander [Lenard] considering fate ofship, crew hunched at controls in bg. Balance of Terror
C-ST-423 CU of commander admitting defeat, face streaked with dirt. Balance...
C-ST-424 FLV of shackled Kirk standing between Capt. Merik [WilliamSmithers] & Claudius Marcus [Logan Ramsey}. Bread & Circuses
C-ST-425 MLS of Kirk firing machine gun with eyes closed by jail cell. Bread & Circuses
C-ST-426 LS of Kirk, McCoy, Spock & two red shirts moments after beamingdown to planet. By Any Other Name
C-ST-427 Profile MS of Rand talking to Charlie in corridor. Charlie X
C-ST-428 Spock [smiling?} playing harp against colorful bg. Charlie X
C-ST-429 MLS of Kirk showing Nomad around ship. The Changeling
C-ST-430 FLV of bridge crew reacting to image of alien on OS viewscreen. Corbomite Maneuver
C-ST-432 FLV of McCoy doubled over on bridge after accident, Sulu, Uhura &others coming to his aid as Scotty looks on from helm. City on theEdge of Forever
C-ST-435 MCU of smitten Edith [Joan Collins] looking into Kirk's eyes, she's favored. City...
C-ST-436 MLS of McCoy reappearing from Guardian. City...
C-ST-439 MS of Kirk [favored] drinking with old girlfriend Areel Shaw [JoanMarshall], who tells him she's prosecutor at his Court Martial
C-ST-440 FLV of Kirk's landing party captured by Klingon's led by Kang. Day of the Dove
C-ST-441 MCU of Kang [favored] making aggressive move on Kirk. Day...
C-ST-442 MLS of Kirk, with sword, Spock & McCoy [back turned] discussingsituation as hostile Mara [Susan Johnson] stands by. Day...
C-ST-443 MS of Kirk, with upraised sword, & Kang Staring up at OS entity,both bathed in orange glow. Day ...
C-ST-445 MS of Spock analyzing Doomsday Machine at station, Decker & rest of crew beyond
C-ST-446 MCU of punched out Commodore Decker [William Windom]uselessly battling Doomsday Machine
C-ST-447 Kirk stands between Elasian guard & Petri [Jay Robinson] intransporter room, Scotty, McCoy & Spock in bg. Elaan of Troyius
C-ST-448 MS of two Vian torturers. The Empath
C-ST-450 LS of Cmdr. Kor [John Colicos] trying to push Kirk around beforeOrganian council. Errand of Mercy
C-ST-452 Kirk & Spock watch kneeling Natira from hiding in Oracle chamber. For the World...
C-ST-453 FLV of McCoy cradling unconscious Natira as Kirk & Spock searchfor computer controls. For the World...
C-ST-454 LS of Kirk & party appearing before Akaar [Ben Gage] & Eleen in tent. Friday's Child
C-ST-456 FLV of Kirk & Spock sitting by fire in tent with McCoy sleeping in bg. Friday's Child
C-ST-461 FLV of Scotty, android Norman, Mudd & Kirk standing over tablecrammed with gadgetry. I, Mudd
C-ST-462 MLS of Mudd listening to gesturing Kirk, Scotty in bg. I Mudd
C-ST-463 FLV of horrified Mudd surrounded by three Stella androids dressing him down. I Mudd
C-ST-464 LS of conference room with Kirk & officers entertaining Dr. Miranda Jones [Diana Muldaur]. Is There No Truth in Beauty
C-ST-465 Cont. #464, tight on Kirk & Miranda turned to OS Spock
C-ST-466 MS of worried Amanda [favored] talking to Kirk. Journey to Babel
C-ST-467 MCU of unconscious Sarek in sickbay. Journey...
C-ST-468 Kirk & others listen to racial remarks from Bele [Frank Gorshin] &Lokai [Lou Antonio] on bridge. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
C-ST-469 Cont. #468, MS of just Kirk & Lokai, Uhura in bg
C-ST-470 MS of Kirk & smiling Odona [Sharon Acker] in Enterprise corridor. Mark of Gideon
C-ST-471 MS of Odona [favored] listening to Kirk on bridge. Mark of...
C-ST-474 MLS of Spock being sworn in for court-martial. The Menagerie
C-ST-475 MCU of Spock at court-martial, turned aside. The Menagerie
C-ST-477 Front half of Galileo II exterior. Metamorphosis
C-ST-478 LS of everyone standing outside hut at climax. Metamorphosis
C-ST-479 MS of McCoy, Kirk, Rand & Spock looking over town. Miri
C-ST-480 Amusing MS of Kirk in front of blackboard, screaming. Miri
C-ST-481 MLS of evil Kirk in cell talking to Spock thru protective shield,McCoy, Uhura & Scotty in bg. Mirror...
C-ST-482 MLS of Mudd reassuring his three female charges while under guardaboard Enterprise. Mudd's Women
C-ST-483 Sulu & Riley [Bruce Hyde] interrupt Tormolen's [Stewart Moss] meal to ask about mission to disintegrating planet. Naked Time
C-ST-484 Cont. #483, Tormolen rises suddenly & threatens Sulu with knife
C-ST-485 MLS of Shirtless Sulu brandishing foil in Enterprise corridor. ...Time
C-ST-486 MLS of Kirk standing before Spock & McCoy [backs turned] in labduring study of parasite. Operation: Annihilate
C-ST-487 MS of Nazi-uniformed Kirk, Spock & McCoy listening to OS John Gill on Ekos. Patterns of Force
C-ST-488 FLV of Spock, Kirk & McCoy arriving on Platonius. Plato's Stepchildren
C-ST-489 MLS of McCoy about to treat delirious Parmen on couch. Plato's...
C-ST-490 MS of McCoy urging OS Kirk to return to Enterprise without him,cured Parmen now sitting up. Plato's...
C-ST-491 MLS of Alexander [Michael Dunn] feeling pain for downed Spock,forced to act against his will. Plato's...
C-ST-492 MS of Kirk & Flint looking aside. Requiem for Methuselah
C-ST-493 MS of Flint with Reena at his side. Requiem...
C-ST-494 MLS of Reena entreating Kirk, Spock & McCoy over table of drinks. Requiem...
C-ST-495 MLS of Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Dr. Ann Milhall [Diana Muldaur] studying large globes in wall compartments. Return to Tomorrow
C-ST-496 Cont. #495, group huddles to discuss findings
C-ST-497 DA of Kirk talking into communicator as he stands before rock thing Yarnek, Spock, Lincoln & Surak watching from bg. Savage Curtain
C-ST-498 MLS of McCoy standing alone by lake, spotting large white rabbit OS. Shore Leave
C-ST-499 MS of Yeoman Barrows & Sulu spying something unusual OS at their feet. Shore Leave
C-ST-500 Tight MS of Spock, Chekov, Scotty & McCoy finding themselves in Tombstone, AZ. Spectre of the Gun
C-ST-501 MS of McCoy, Kirk & Scotty eyeing something OS at O.K. Corral. Spectre...
C-ST-502 MLS of Chekov ready to draw down on OS Morgan Earp. Spectre...
C-ST-503 MLS of Kirk [back turned], Spock [holding tranquilizer grenade],McCoy & Scotty in saloon. Spectre...
C-ST-504 MLS of Kirk [back turned] kneeling before Kara with arms spread as McCoy & Scotty look on, all wearing training device belts, debrained Spock in bg. Spock's Brain
C-ST-506 MCU of Trelane reacting to Spock's impertinence. Squire of Gothos
C-ST-507 MLS of Trelane looking over phaser. Squire...
C-ST-508 Profile MLS of Trelane ready to finish Kirk at end of hunt on steps of castle. Squire...
C-ST-509 FLV of Kirk's landing party meeting Anan 7 [David Opatoshhu] & Mea 3 [Barbara Babcock] outside war room. A Taste of Armageddon
C-ST-510 MS of Kirk under guard. A Taste...
C-ST-511 Spacesuited landing party on bridge of dead Defiant. Tholian Web
C-ST-512 LS of fight in Engineering, Scotty at post. Tholian...
C-ST-513 McCoy tending to distraught Uhura, resting on sickbed. Tholian...
C-ST-514 MS of Uhura, in orange gown, surprised to see OS Kirk ghost in herquarters. Tholian...
C-ST-515 Head-on shot of [front to back] Sulu, Spock, McCoy & Uhura inbridge positions during interphase. Tholian...
C-ST-516 FLV of Losira facing Kirk, McCoy & Sulu [precedes #381] That Which Survives
C-ST-517 MS of Losira reaching hand out for OS Kirk. That Which...
C-ST-518 MLS of McCoy, Sulu & Kirk reacting to sight of OS computer inhidden chamber. That Which...
C-ST-519 FLV of Spock & Cyrano Jones [Stanley Adams] eyeing Klingons with Mr. Lurry [Whit Bissell] in office, Enterprise visible outside window. Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-520 MS of smug Capt. Koloth [William Campbell] & Korax [Michael Pataki]. Trouble...
C-ST-521 FLV of unimpressed Kirk, with Spock & Lurry, sparring with Nilz Baris [William Schallert] & his assistant Arne Darvin [Charlie Brill] in office. Trouble...
C-ST-522 MCU of Koloth speaking arrogantly in office. Trouble...
C-ST-523 FLV of Kirk petting furball, Spock & Lurry behind him, whilelistening to Baris. Trouble...
C-ST-524 MLS of Kirk taunting Darvin with tribble, who doesn't like disguised Klingon. Trouble...
C-ST-525 Scotty tells Kirk that he beamed furrballs onto Klingon ship, where they'll be "no tribble at all" as bridge crew looks on. Trouble...
C-ST-526 MS of Janice/Kirk having major fit on bridge. Turnabout Intruder
C-ST-527 MS of Janice/Kirk having flashback in command chair, hands raised tocamera. Turnabout...
C-ST-528 Profile MS of Dr. Daystrom explaining his M-5 computer invention toKirk in Engineering as Spock observes. Ultimate Computer
C-ST-529 Looking past Sulu & Chekov at drone ship on viewscreen. Ultimate...
C-ST-530 MS of worried Kirk, Daystrom, Spock & Uhura on bridge, eyes gluedto OS viewscreen. Ultimate...
C-ST-531 MS of space hippies Dr. Sevrin & Adam [Charles Napier] sitting neartransporter. Way to Eden
C-ST-532 MLS of Korby [back turned] getting drop on Kirk & Chapel nearclimax. What Are Little Girls Made Of?
C-ST-533 Soft-filtered CU of concerned Chapel looking aside. What Are...
C-ST-534 MS of Kirk with Donald Cory [Keye Luke] inside penal colony. Whom Gods Destroy
C-ST-535 FLV of armed Spock finding himself face to face with two Kirks[backs turned]. Whom Gods...
C-ST-536 FLV of Apollo sitting upon his throne with gowned Carolyn besidehim. Who Mourns for Adonais?
C-ST-537 Throne's eye view of Kirk. Who Mourns...
C-ST-538 MCU of Chekov brooding in temple. Who Mourns..
C-ST-539 MLS of Scalosians delivering SOS [matte painting of city in bg.] Wink of an Eye
C-ST-540 MS of Kirk, in dress uniform, greeting Khan at dinner held in hishonor. Space Seed
C-ST-541 MS of Kirk taking aim with Eminiar disruptor as worried Mea 3 &Spock stand by. Taste of Armageddon
C-ST-542 MLS of Andrea confronting Dr. Korby [Michael Strong] as Kirk &Chapel watch. What are Little Girls Made Of?
C-ST-543 MS of Spock (mostly obscured) & Kirk struggling to restrain Mitchellas Dr. Piper [Paul Fix] administers hypospray. Where No Man Has Gone Before
C-ST-544 LS of Enterprise crew (backs to camera) gazing upward at toweringApollo in Roman courtyard. Who Mourns for Adonais?
C-ST-545 MS of Kirk & Edith dreamily contemplating the stars. City on the Edge of Forever
C-ST-546 Redish FLV of happy Nancy Hedford [Elinor Donahue] emerging from Cochrane's dwelling, Companion having taken over her body. Metamorphosis
C-ST-547 MS of Kirk, in SS uniform & holding rifle, with similarly-attiredMcCoy at his shoulder. Patterns of Force
         Note: #548-#559 have slightly color-shifted due to age. #548-#552 are from Spectre of the Gun

C-ST-548 MS of three Earp brothers ready for showdown
C-ST-549 Outtake of grim Spock turned away from Kirk & Scotty, who arebreaking up in front of saloon doors
C-ST-550 MLS of Kirk talking to two Earps in sheriff's office
C-ST-551 Spock, Scotty, Kirk & McCoy turned aside in front of saloon doors
C-ST-552 MCU of Wyatt Earp [Ron Soble] in front of jail cell
C-ST-553 MS of Spock reviewing data pad in captain's chair as stoic Deckerstands behind him. Doomsday Machine
C-ST-554 View past Sulu at helm of Decker in center seat with Spock trying toreason with him at his side. Doomsday...
C-ST-555 MS of Decker being obstinate in captain's chair, Spock & Lt. Palmer [Elizabeth Rogers] behind him. Doomsday...
           Note: #557-#559 are from Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-557 MS of Baris & Darvin
C-ST-558 FLV of Kirk, Lurry & Spock confronting Korax [Michael Pataki] &mocking Koloth [William Campbell], who leans against desk
C-ST-559 MLS of Kirk (back to camera) & Spock questioning Cyrano Jones
C-ST-560 Spectacular FLV of Enterprise against backdrop of swirling stars
C-ST-561 BS: DA of Enterprise model in front of bluescreen
C-ST-562 Top view of Enterprise against sea of stars
C-ST-563 SV from left side of heavily damaged USS Constellation against starfield. Doomsday...
C-ST-564 Cont. #563, right side of Constellation
C-ST-565 Cont. #564, top view of Constellation
C-ST-566 BS: FLV of large Enterprise model next to DY-100 sleeper shipminiature. Space Seed
C-ST-567 LS of Akuta & tribe being secretly observed near Vaal by Kirk, Spock & McCoy [backs to camera] from fg greenery. The Apple
C-ST-568 MLS of Kirk, in 20th-century civvies, barking into communicator as Spock restrains Roberta Lincoln [Terri Garr]. Assignment: Earth
C-ST-569 MS of Romulan Commander formulating plan of attack, attended to by Centurion [John Warburton]. Balance of Terror
C-ST-570 MS of Rojan showing polyhedrons to Kirk. By Any Other Name
C-ST-571 MCU of tense Pike speaking from command chair as Spock listens athis side. The Menagerie
C-ST-572 Cont. #306, MS of uncharacteristically grinning Spock & Pike touching plant leaves
C-ST-573 CU of somewhat awestruck Pike on Talos IV. The Menagerie
C-ST-574 MS of Scotty draining phaser charges in Galileo 7 shuttlecraft asMcCoy, Spock & Boma [Don Marshall] listen to sounds of attack
C-ST-575 Reddish MLS of Mara & Spock in corridor. Day of the Dove
C-ST-576 Reddish ECU of Sub-Commander Tal [Jack Donner]
C-ST-577 Outtake of Scalosians between takes on city plaza set. Wink of an Eye
C-ST-578 Kirk & Spock react to OS noise on pleasure planet. Shore Leave
C-ST-579 MS of alternate universe Spock holding phaser on Kirk in transporterroom. Mirror, Mirror
C-ST-580 DA of Scott in Jefferies tube, fixing plasmonic disgroneficator asphaser-wielding McCoy watches him from below. Mirror...
C-ST-581 Reddish MS of leering mirror Sulu holding up nasty-looking dagger. Mirror...
C-ST-582 MS of rapier-wielding Sulu, sans shirt, on bridge, holding unwillingUhura around waist. Naked Time
C-ST-584 Reddish profile FLV of McCoy at Kirk's side on bridge, Chekov & other crewman at forward console
C-ST-585 PR: PRT of Uhura & McCoy standing over seated Spock & Kirk against multi-colored star chart
                   [NOTE: #586-590 have slightly color-shifted]
C-ST-586 3/4 RV of Sulu at station with screen blaring condition alert in bg
C-ST-587 CU of concerned Sulu at outer bridge station
C-ST-588 MS of Sulu working helm controls as blonde female ensign watches him from Engineering station in bg
C-ST-589 MS of alarmed Sulu at helm, targeting viewer extended
C-ST-590 FLV of Kirk standing between Chekov & Sulu, Uhura & Scotty in bg
C-ST-591 MS of Spock & McCoy, both amused & looking OS
C-ST-592 MS of sultry Uhura & quizzical Chekov leaning on counter. Trouble with Tribbles
C-ST-593 CU of Spock
C-ST-595 MCU of Kirk in fg, Spock at station behind him
C-ST-596 CU of worried Chekov, head tilted upward
C-ST-597 Reddish CU of eager Scotty
C-ST-598 Reddish CU of chortling Scotty showing pearly whites
C-ST-599 MCU of Spock in Auxiliary Control
C-ST-600 Reddish MS of Chekov & Sulu at stations, Kirk behind them in chairchattting with Spock & McCoy
C-ST-601 FLV of Uhura, Sulu & two other crewmen helping doubled-over McCoy by forward bridge console; Scotty sits at helm
             [NOTE: #602-#608 are from 1988 opening of Universal Studios' Star Trek Adventure]
C-ST-602 MS of Walter Koenig hugging George Takei, who's giving Vulcan salute. Nichelle Nichols & DeForest Kelley stand near them on Enterprise bridge facsimile
C-ST-603 MS of smiling Gene Roddenberry, Jimmy Doohan, George, William Shatner & friend on bridge
C-ST-604 MS of Gene shaking hands with Shatner while Jimmy, George & man watch
C-ST-605 Warm MS SV of Shatner & DeForest Kelly embracing
C-ST-606 MS of laughing Shatner, Roddenberry & De on bridge
C-ST-607 MS of beaming De leaning on bridge railing, "Star Trek Adventure" sign behind him
C-ST-608 Comical MS of Jimmy showing Gene how to work wall console as amused George looks on
                [NOTE: #609-646 from For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky]
C-ST-609 CU of pensive McCoy
C-ST-610 FLV of unconscious McCoy sprawled on ground; Yonadan soldierstands over him, visible from chest down
C-ST-611 FLV: interior of Yonadan chamber as Kirk attempts to rouse proneMcCoy while Spock watches
C-ST-612 MS of expectant Natira outside of elevator tube
C-ST-613 Near-FLV of McCoy listening to Natira's pleas as she sits on divan
C-ST-614 Cont. #613, McCoy is now also seated as Natira leans toward him
C-ST-615 MS: Spock kneels next to unconscious McCoy
C-ST-616 Tight MS of Kirk, McCoy & Spock kneeling before OS Natira
C-ST-617 MCU of McCoy talking closely to Natira [her back to camera]
C-ST-618 Cont. #617, reverse angle with Natira now favored as McCoy puts hishands on her shoulder
C-ST-619 MS SV of Kirk placing his hand over Natira's mouth
C-ST-620 MS of somber McCoy in Yonadan chamber
C-ST-621 Reddish MS of seated McCoy holding out communicator
C-ST-622 MS of Kirk & Spock
C-ST-623 MLS of Kirk, Spock & Chapel attending to McCoy on Sickbay bed
C-ST-624 MS of McCoy looking up urgently as he cradles Natira's head in his lap
C-ST-625 CU of triangularly-designed Yonadan control panel
C-ST-626 FLV of Spock, Kirk & McCoy over body of fallen Yonadan [Jon Lormer] in chamber
C-ST-627 MS of Kirk, McCoy & Spock being prodded into Oracle's chamber by guards
C-ST-628 RV MS of Natira consulting with Oracle
C-ST-629 FLV of Kirk, McCoy & Spock facing Natira (her back to us)
C-ST-630 CU of angered Natira
C-ST-631 CU of smiling Natira, lips pursed
C-ST-632 Near-FLV of Kirk & Spock on Yonadan surface, talking to McCoy (back turned)
C-ST-633 MS of McCoy preparing to administer ampoule to Natira, who lays in his lap
C-ST-634 FLV SV of Natira genuflecting before Oracle
C-ST-635 CU of Natira, eyes cast downward
C-ST-636 Profile MS of Kirk handing communicator to McCoy on Yonadan surface
C-ST-637 MS of stern Natira on Yonadan surface
C-ST-638 Profile MS of Kirk attempting to comfort Natira
C-ST-639 Dramatic MS of glaring Natira, Oracle visible in bg
C-ST-640 MS: McCoy (favored) helping Natira step down, her hand in his
C-ST-641 MS: Kirk & Spock (backs to us) secretly observe Natira kneeling infront of Oracle
C-ST-642 MS SV of Natira touching McCoy's chin
C-ST-643 FLV of Kirk & Spock engineering escape as McCoy holds Natira in bg
C-ST-644 CU aft view of Enterprise approaching Yonada asteroid
C-ST-645 LS of Enterprise as above
C-ST-646 Phaser blast from OS Enterprise strikes Yonada
            [NOTE: #647-#696 are from Journey to Babel]
C-ST-647 MS of Ambassador Shras [Reggie Nalder] at buffet table, other dignitaries in bg
C-ST-648 CU of serious Sarek walking from shuttlecraft
C-ST-649 MLS of Sarek, Kirk, Shras, Gav & other Tellarite conversing at banquet table
C-ST-650 MS of Kirk in chair, regarding Thelev [William O'Connell]as two security guards stand by turbolift in bg
C-ST-651 MS of Sarek & formally-attired Kirk listening to OS delegates
C-ST-652 MS of Spock, Amanda & McCoy at table
C-ST-653 CU of recovered Sarek in Sickbay bed
C-ST-654 CU of devious Thelev, one antennae broken off
C-ST-655 MS of Sarek, Kirk, Gav & other Tellarite at reception
C-ST-656 CU of smiling McCoy in dress duds
C-ST-657 MS of Sarek introducing Amanda to Kirk & McCoy as Spock coolly observes
C-ST-658 MS of Sarek on bed, partially obscured by tubes as seated McCoy looks on
C-ST-659 Rare MS of two hooded, robed delegates gossiping
C-ST-660 CU of Sarek as he tours Enterprise
C-ST-661 MS of McCoy futzing with dress uniform as he & Spock wait for Sarek's arrival
C-ST-662 MS of Spock & mother Amanda
C-ST-663 MS of worried Amanda in Sickbay
C-ST-664 CU of Gav at gathering, distinguished snout upturned
C-ST-665 MCU of tense McCoy as he operates on OS Sarek
C-ST-666 MS of Spock posed in doorway, his father's Vulcan attendants in bg
C-ST-667 MS of Gav sitting at small table with bottle of Romulan ale
C-ST-668 MCU of unreadable Spock
C-ST-669 MS of McCoy escorting Amanda along buffet table while Spock coolly observes
C-ST-670 MCU of Sarek glancing OS at reception
C-ST-671 MCU of Sarek, having just boarded Enterprise
C-ST-672 CU of Uhura on briefing room monitor
C-ST-673 CU SV of Thelev on bridge
C-ST-674 Cont. #650, Kirk looks toward viewscreen
C-ST-675 MLS of view over buffet spread of Kirk, Sarek, McCoy, Amanda & Spock chatting amongst other delegates at cocktail party
C-ST-676 ECU of agonized Amanda
C-ST-677 MS of dressed-up Spock & Amanda in corridor
C-ST-678 MS of shifty-looking Shras
C-ST-679 MS of Spock regarding Shras as they stand outside of Thelev's detention cell
C-ST-680 MS of Spock, McCoy & Kirk in Sickbay - not a smile to be found
C-ST-681 MS of Kirk turned around in chair, checking out smirking Spock on bridge
C-ST-682 MCU of Shras & Thelev sharing secret toast at reception
C-ST-683 Cont. #682, Thelev drinks from glass
C-ST-684 Cont. #683, pulled back shot; Thelev's glass lowered
C-ST-685 MCU of Shras looking OS at reception
C-ST-687 CU of Sarek, head on pillow after surgery
C-ST-689 MS of Amanda standing next to Sarek at bedside, both looking aside
C-ST-690 MS: back of Gav's head as Sarek speaks to him - diminutive delegates visible in bg
C-ST-691 CU of scheming Thelev on bridge
C-ST-693 MCU of Amanda, voluminous scarf around head
C-ST-694 Cont. #669, Amanda clucks approval
C-ST-695 MS of McCoy telling Spock (back turned) about Sarek's condition in Sickbay, Amanda listens in
C-ST-696 Classic MS of McCoy trying to make his fingers form Vulcan salute to match Spock's perfect example
                 [NOTE: #697-#722 are from Gamesters of Triskelion]
C-ST-697 MS of Kirk sitting at small table with Shahna, holding harness
C-ST-698 FLV of shirtless Kirk (wearing harness) facing Shahna amidst ruins
C-ST-699 BS: LS of film crewmember holding clapboard before arena set; actors seated on benches in bg
C-ST-700 LS of Galt towering over Kirk & Shahna, who share embrace onground outdoors
C-ST-701 FLV of Galt & Lars [Steve Sandor] standing next to Chekov & Tamoon [Jane Ross], who both sit on bench
C-ST-702 FLV of Shahna rushing at fallen Kirk with staff in ring
C-ST-703 CU of brain-like Provider
C-ST-704 Cont. #703, Provider is glowing
C-ST-705 MS of Chekov & Uhura, both wearing defeated looks
C-ST-706 MS of knife-wielding Andorian thrall [Dick Crockett], ready to rumble
C-ST-707 MS through transparent dome of Kirk in harness, pleading withProviders
C-ST-708 Cont. #707, Kirk continues to make his case
C-ST-709 MS of Galt, Shahna, Uhura & Tamoon in combat ring
C-ST-710 FLV of Shahna holding spear to fallen Kirk's neck
C-ST-711 CU of doe-eyed Shahna
C-ST-712 MCU of shirtless Kirk talking to OS Shahna
C-ST-713 FLV of Kirk standing in center of ring, surrounded on the outside by Kloog [Mickey Morton], Galt, Shahna & Tamoon
C-ST-714 LS of Kirk facing Kloog (back to us) in ring, as Chekov, Tamoon(partially obscured), Galt & Lars stand witness
C-ST-715 MS of coy-looking Tamoon; Galt & Lars behind her
C-ST-716 CU of blank-faced Shahna in cavern
C-ST-717 RV of Tamoon facing OS opponent, Shahna ready for action nearby
C-ST-718 MCU of astonished Tamoon removing thrall collar
C-ST-719 FLV of Tamoon, Chekov, Galt, Uhura, Lars, Shahna, Kirk & Kloog in detention corridor
C-ST-720 MS of Uhura, Lars, Galt & dark-skinned thrall in arena
C-ST-721 FLV of Lars, Kloog, Chekov, Kirk (back turned), Galt, Shahna, Uhura (head turned) & Tamoon in combat arena
C-ST-722 FLV of shirtless, wounded Kirk holding arms out to Shahna in ring asUhura & Chekov watch in bg
                 [NOTE: #723-#733 are from Is There in Truth No Beauty]
C-ST-723 MS of Spock wearing IDIC medallion
C-ST-724 MS of stern Kirk (favored) staring down Miranda, Spock behind him
C-ST-725 CU of box containing Ambassador Kollos on transporter pad
C-ST-726 CU of open box, revealing glowing light
C-ST-727 MS of Miranda at table, holding wine glass as she turns to OS guests
C-ST-728 MS of oddly-coifed Miranda in Enterprise corridor, wearing visor
C-ST-729 MS of visor-wearing Spock in lab
C-ST-730 MS of McCoy at reception, holding glass
C-ST-731 MS of Spock (holding visor) & Kirk confronting Miranda (back to us)
C-ST-732 LS of Spock & Miranda, both wearing visors, emerging from turboliftwith the ambassador's box
C-ST-733 Cont. #730, slightly tighter shot
                 [NOTE: #734-#741 are from Let That Be Your Last Battlefield]
C-ST-734 MS of Bele being scrutinized by Lokai on bridge
C-ST-735 MS of Kirk in chair, listening to Lokai & Bele (back turned)
C-ST-736 SV MS of Kirk facing off with Lokai, observed by Uhura & Bele (back to camera)
C-ST-737 MS of Bele sitting at table, glasses & bottle before him
C-ST-738 Profile FLV of Bele on transporter pad, control console in bg
C-ST-739 MS of Spock & Kirk standing over Lokai on Sickbay bed
C-ST-740 MCU of frightened Lokai sitting up in bed, looking OS as Kirk standsby
C-ST-741 ECU of anguished Lokai
                 [NOTE: #742-#763 are from Lights of Zetar]
C-ST-742 RV of Enterprise approaching the Zetar's light storm
C-ST-743 FLV of crew watching Zetar lights emerging from pressure chamber
C-ST-744 Lights of Zetar amongst stars
C-ST-746 MLS of Scotty with arm around Mira Romaine [Jan Shutan] as bothlook OS
C-ST-747 MS of Scotty holding Mira behind console in Engineering anteroom
C-ST-748 MS of Scotty grinning as he talks to Mira (her back to camera)
C-ST-749 RV of Enterprise entering lights
C-ST-750 MS of McCoy, Kirk & Spock seated at briefing table
C-ST-751 Main viewscreen shows strange lights
C-ST-752 MS of Scotty comforting terrified Mira
C-ST-753 MS of Spock, Scotty & Kirk
C-ST-754 MS SV of Mira & Scotty on bridge
C-ST-755 CU of Mira holding fingers to temple
C-ST-756 MS of Mira at briefing table
C-ST-757 MS of Mira fainting against Sickbay wall
C-ST-758 FLV of Kirk, Scotty & others observing Mira slumped on floor outside pressure chamber
C-ST-759 CU of limp Mira, eyes open
C-ST-760 Cont. #759, lips pursed
C-ST-761 MS of Mira floating in pressure chamber
C-ST-762 MS of Kirk (favored) sharing smile with Scotty as they examine Mirain pressure chamber
C-ST-763 MS of McCoy & Kirk at briefing table, Mira (back to us) in fg
                 [NOTE: #764-#784 are from I, Mudd]
C-ST-764 MS of McCoy & Kirk on Mudd's planet
C-ST-765 MLS of Alice android, Kirk, Spock, Norman (in Starfleet uniform) & McCoy on planet
C-ST-766 MS of Spock observing Kirk squeezing Norman's bicep on bridge
C-ST-767 FLV of Mudd on throne, flanked by two Alices holding wine
C-ST-768 MS of Spock & Scotty looking OS
C-ST-769 MS of Mudd showing Stella android to Kirk & McCoy
C-ST-770 MS of two Alices & Norman looking with amazement OS
C-ST-771 CU SV of Scotty, Spock, & McCoy in line-up
C-ST-772 FLV of Norman & Alices facing Mudd (his back to us)
C-ST-773 MS of Spock & Scotty
C-ST-774 MS of Mudd talking to Kirk as an Alice observes
C-ST-775 FLV of Kirk, an Alice, Mudd (passed out on bed), McCoy & Chekov listening to Uhura
C-ST-776 MS of McCoy & Kirk; two Herman androids [Tom & Ted LeGarde] & Norman in bg
C-ST-777 MS of two Barbara androids [Maureen & Colleen Thornton]
C-ST-778 MS of Kirk gesturing to Spock
C-ST-779 MCU of Norman
C-ST-780 LS of #767
C-ST-781 MLS of Mudd & Enterprise crew concocting plan
C-ST-782 MS of McCoy with arms crossed, & Kirk (similar to #764)
C-ST-783 MS of Mudd & Kirk, an Alice in bg
C-ST-784 MCU of Alice #263
                 [NOTE: #788-#795 are from Immunity Syndrome]
C-ST-788 FLV of Spock in his quarters, stalking away from McCoy
C-ST-789 MCU of serious Spock during red alert
C-ST-790 MS of Spock looking up from scanner; Uhura, Kirk & McCoy in bg
C-ST-791 MS of Spock looking up from console
C-ST-792 MS of Kirk sitting at desk in his quarters
C-ST-793 MS of Chekov in fg & Sulu at console
C-ST-794 MS of Spock & McCoy in Kirk's quarters, watching Kirk on small viewscreen
C-ST-795 MLS of Kirk, McCoy, Spock & crew at briefing table
                 [NOTE: #796#-801 are from Tomorrow is Yesterday]
C-ST-796 MCU of Capt. Christopher on bridge
C-ST-797 MS of Kirk at table in his quarters, explaining things to Christopher
C-ST-798 MS of Kirk & Christopher in turbolift
C-ST-799 FLV of Sulu & Kirk in hallway of Air Force base
C-ST-800 MCU of shocked Air Police Sergeant [Hal Lynch] facing McCoy (backto us), having just been beamed aboard Enterprise
C-ST-801 MS of Kirk & astonished Christopher on bridge
C-ST-A PR: FLV of Kirk, Scotty, Spock & McCoy running toward cameraabove red planet, Enterprise flying above them against yellow sky
C-ST-B PR: FLV of Kirk & crew posed on bridge of Enterprise
C-ST-C PR: PRT of Kirk, red bg
C-ST-D PR: PRT of Spock, red bg
C-ST-E PR: PRT of McCoy, red bg
C-ST-F RV of Enterprise arcing toward Klingon spaceship above green planet
C-ST-G MCU of Spock checking sensor reading at station
C-ST-H Kirk in command chair with Lt. Arex & Spock at navigational controls
NOTE: "A-G" lettering denotes season number; "H" denotes miscellaneous shots that aren't from any specific season, and "I" denotes candid cast shots.
C-STNG-A1  PR: MLS of main cast posed on Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-A2  PR: PRT of Picard with arms folded, against starfield bg
C-STNG-A3  PR: PRT of serious Riker against starfield bg
C-STNG-A4  PR: PRT of Dr. Crusher in dark blue uniform & light blue jacket
C-STNG-A5  PR: PRT of severe Yar with arms folded
C-STNG-A6  PR: PRT of LaForge against starfield
C-STNG-A7  PR: PRT of Data against starfield bg
C-STNG-A8  PR: PRT of Lt. Worf
C-STNG-A9  PR: PRT of Troi with arms folded against starfield
C-STNG-A10  PR: PRT of Wes posed against smoky red bg
C-STNG-A11  Head-on FLV of USS Enterprise in deep space
C-STNG-A12   Picard, Data & Troi attend to fallen Con officer, frozen by alien Q in bg as Yar & Worf look on. Encounter at Farpoint
C-STNG-A13  Full-length SV of new Enterprise on black bg
C-STNG-A14  3/4 RV of Enterprise on black bg
C-STNG-A15  Direct RV of Enterprise on black bg
C-STNG-A16  Full-length SV of Ferengi starship on black bg
C-STNG-A17  PR: MLS of smiling Riker & Troi posed with arms around each other on Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-A18  PR: MS of Picard posed turned aside by turbolift
C-STNG-A19  PR: FLV of Riker posed against white bg
C-STNG-A20  PR: MLS of Riker by wall graphic of Enterprise saucer section
C-STNG-A21  PR: FLV of Data spread-legged in front of Enterprise turbolift
C-STNG-A22  PR: FLV of Troi posed against pale blue bg
C-STNG-A23  PR: MS of Troi in her quarters, posed with arms folded
C-STNG-A24  PR: MS of Worf at his station, posed with arms folded
C-STNG-A25  PR: PRT of Wes wearing blue sweater
C-STNG-A26  PR: seated Wes looking up from work with electronic gadgetry
C-STNG-A27  PR: PRT of alien Ferengi wearing malevolent grin
C-STNG-A28  BS: Gene Roddenberry sits in command chair on bridge & talks with director amid activity among uniformed extras & studio suits
C-STNG-A29  BS: MLS of Data mugging camera as technicians prepare for blue screen scene behind him
C-STNG-A30  BS: LS of crew filming Data standing on his mark before turbolift, blue screen in bg
C-STNG-A31  BS: Profile MS of makeup artist touching up Troi's forehead in front of blue screen
C-STNG-A32  FLV of Riker, Picard & Troi seated on bridge as LaForge in left fg barks back information to them
C-STNG-A33  FLV of Yar, in profile at her station with Worf, listening to Picard
C-STNG-A34  Picard & officers discussing problem of the week in ready room
C-STNG-A35  MS of Dr. Crusher, wearing & holding latest healing devices, analyzing Worf's condition as concerned Troi waits for answer
C-STNG-A36  LaForge & Worf turn to OS action on bridge against blue screen
C-STNG-A37  FLV of Picard walking along perimeter on warp engines of Enterprise, his new command
C-STNG-A38  LS of Enterprise bridge from ceiling to floor with Data, Troi & Yar at their positions [dark on edges]
C-STNG-A39  FLV of Picard, Troi & Yar at their bridge posts
                [NOTE: #A40-#A55 are from Encounter at Farpoint]
C-STNG-A40  MS of Picard in command chair as something begins to happen
C-STNG-A41  LaForge stands over Worf, who's trying to identify energy mass on sensors
C-STNG-A42  Profile MS of Picard confronting enigmatic alien Q [John Delancie], wearing judicial costume, as Troi looks on
C-STNG-A43  MLS of tense Yar working her command console
C-STNG-A44  Cont. #A43, tighter on Yar, who advises offensive action
C-STNG-A45  FLV of Picard, Data, Yar & Troi seated at Q's mock trail
C-STNG-A46  UA of Q as self-appointed judge of humanity
C-STNG-A47  FLV of Q soldier facing seated Picard [in profile] threateningly before court spectators
C-STNG-A48  MS of Picard facing away from now standing Q
C-STNG-A49  MS of Troi posed encircled by Farpoint station Denebians
C-STNG-A50  MS of Picard & Riker discussing matters on bridge, Troi & Yar taking it in
C-STNG-A51  Cont. #A50, tighter on just Picard, looking away
C-STNG-A52  MCU of alarmed Picard & stone-faced Riker side by side
C-STNG-A53  MS of Dr. Crusher bringing Wes onto bridge
C-STNG-A54  MLS of Picard showing Wes workings of command chair console, both facing OS
C-STNG-A55  Cont. #A54, FV has Picard gesturing toward camera
C-STNG-A56  FLV of scantily-clad male native welcoming Riker & Wes to Rubicam III. Justice
C-STNG-A57  Profile MLS of infected Yar, wearing sexy bedroom outfit, putting hands on Data's shoulders in act of seduction. Naked Now
C-STNG-A58  MS of infected Data smiling as he talks into Picard's ear, both standing over Worf at his console. Naked...
C-STNG-A59  Cont. #A58, horizontal angle with Picard growing angry with overly animated Data. Naked...
C-STNG-A60  MS of haughty Lwaxana Troi with her mouth open as usual, Picard bearing it in bg. Haven
C-STNG-A61  FLV of Lwaxana & her servant standing in her quarters. Haven
C-STNG-A62  FLV of Troi badgering her daughter on bridge. Haven
C-STNG-A63  At dinner party, Deanna Troi stands & voices displeasure at bickering between her family & Wyatt's. Haven
C-STNG-A64  MS of Wyatt & Ariana clasping hands aboard tarellian ship as they bid farewell to Enterprise. Haven
C-STNG-A65  With poison-tipped glavin on one hand, Yar falls forward in combat arena during duel to death. Code of Honor
C-STNG-A66  FLV of alarmed Yar standing over mortally wounded opponent, Yareena. Code...
C-STNG-A67  FLV of Riker, having beamed down alone to buttress on Delphi Ardu, calling out to crewmates against blue screen. Last Outpost
C-STNG-A68  FLV of unscrupulous Ferengi trio carrying deadly whips, gathered near crystalline trees. Last Outpost
C-STNG-A69  Cont. #A68, Ferengi prepare to lash out at away team
C-STNG-A70  Cont. #A69, LaForge intervenes between Ferengi & phaser-armed Yar, Data at her side
C-STNG-A71  Cont. #A70, DA of Ferengi leader about to lash out at downed Data & LaForge
C-STNG-A72  Cont. #A71, DA of just Ferengi reacting to deafening power of planet
C-STNG-A73  Riker & Wes watching propulsion expert Kosinski & his assistant, The Traveler, man Engineering's main console. Where No One...
C-STNG-A74  Cont. #A73, tighter shot favors Traveler monitoring visual display
C-STNG-A75  Dr. Crusher scans dying form of Traveler with tricorder as Picard orders his revival. Where No One...
C-STNG-A76  MLS of Picard as gumshoe Dixon Hill standing beside seated Dr. Crusher, foxy in 1940s-style beige suit & veiled black hat, hands clasped around bare knee. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A77  FLV of Dr. Crusher, as above, taking arms of Picard/Hill & Data in stroll toward camera aboard Enterprise. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A78  MS of Data looking over Picard/Hill's shoulder as captain reads newspaper. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A79  LS of Mordan IV miniature set. Too Short a Season
C-STNG-A80  FLV of "teen" Adm. Jameson on transporter with Dr. Crusher behind him before they beam down to planet. Too Short...
C-STNG-A81  Picard watches rejuvenated Jameson show scar on forearm to Governor Karnas. Too Short...
C-STNG-A82  PR: FLV of smiling Marina Sirtis as herself, wearing blue minidress & leather jacket
C-STNG-A83  BS: view past camera of various crew members getting into positions for take on bridge
C-STNG-A84  Cont. #A83, tighter vertical shot of bridge from command chairs to ceiling with two uniformed extras in bg
C-STNG-A85  Excellent MS of Picard aiming phaser at camera
C-STNG-A86  MS of Data at his station intently studying readouts
C-STNG-A87  MCU of Dr. Crusher looking just aside
C-STNG-A88  PR: PRT of Dr. Crusher out of character in pastel outfit topped by magenta hat, lips parted
C-STNG-A89  PR: MS of Troi, sitting at console, smiling wide with eyes averted
C-STNG-A90  PR: MLS of Worf posed with arms folded against white bg
C-STNG-A91  MS of seated Worf expressing self during meeting
C-STNG-A92  MLS of Dr. Crusher & Yar trying to comprehend meaning of living oil slick on Vagra 2. Skin of Evil
C-STNG-A93  Yar, pointing phaser, Dr. Crusher, Riker & Data confront sadistic alien Armus, who has risen from slick. Skin...
C-STNG-A94  FLV of crew, except Picard, at shipboard memorial, listening to Yar's OS holographic farewell. Skin...
C-STNG-A95  MLS of Picard standing in anteroom listening to old love Jenise [Michelle Phillips] discussing her dying husband's time experiments. We'll Always Have Paris
C-STNG-A96  Cont. #A95, tighter shot of Picard seated across from Jenise as Data looks on from bg
C-STNG-A97  Profile MS of alien drug dealers Sobee [Judson Scott] & Langor [Kimberly Farr] aboard Enterprise. Symbiosis
C-STNG-A98  Dr. Crusher treats drug-addicted Onarian as Sobee & Langor stand by in bg. Symbiosis
C-STNG-A99  MLS of Klingon's chanting over body of comrade in sickbay as Worf, Picard & Dr. Crusher observe. Heart of Glory
C-STNG-A100  BS: FLV of Binars huddled unconscious on bridge but one is smiling at camera. 11001001
C-STNG-A101  PR: PRT of Binar II [Kelly Ann McNally]. 11001001
C-STNG-A102  Picard kneels over unconscious Binars on bridge, Riker standing in bg. 11001001
C-STNG-A103  MLS of Picard & Riker with revived aliens, who will now face hearing for stealing Enterprise. 11001001
C-STNG-A104  FLV of Data & Riker standing defensively on planet run by computer weapons system. Arsenal of Freedom
C-STNG-A105  MLS of Yar aiming phaser at OS robot weapon. Arsenal...
C-STNG-A106  FLV of Picard/Hill & gumshoe aide Data posed in front of 1940s car. Big Good-bye
C-STNG-A107  MCU of Mordak drawing from breathing apparatus. Coming of Age
C-STNG-A108  MS of Wes & Mordak. Coming...
C-STNG-A109  MCU of Lore, Data's evil twin, prior to activation. Datalore
C-STNG-A110  MCU of Data lying unconscious with open head wound inflicted by Lore. Datalore
C-STNG-A111  MS of Dr. Crusher administering to would. Datalore
C-STNG-A112  MS of Lore, holding phaser, sweeping arms wide as he threatens OS crew members. Datalore
C-STNG-A113  MLS of belligerent Romulan commander. Neutral Zone
C-STNG-A114  Cont. #A113, MS, hands held palm to palm
C-STNG-A115  PR: MCU of Wes smiling aside against dark blue sky
C-STNG-A116  MS of Data taking reading on planet
C-STNG-A117  Profile MCU of Data working at station with Riker bending near
C-STNG-A118  MS of Picard seated at conference table with Riker rushing past behind him
C-STNG-A119  MS:Picard & Data talk in private, each holding plate of food
C-STNG-A120  BS: Picard, Troi, Yar & Wes have good laugh on bridge, all wearing inscribed caps
C-STNG-A121 PR: FLV of entire cast posed with Gene Roddenberry, Robert Justman & Rick Berman on Planet Hell set
                 [NOTE: #A122-A133 are from Encounter at Farpoint]
C-STNG-A122  MLS of Q, dressed as 20th century military officer, on bridge
C-STNG-A123  FLV of Data, Troi, Riker & Yar nearly dematerialized on transporter pad
C-STNG-A124  MS of Q in judge's robes, resplendent on throne
C-STNG-A125  FLV of Q as conquistador, resting foot on bridge "horseshoe" railing as Worf looks on in bg
C-STNG-A126  MLS of Q in futuristic soldier armor, gesturing to annoyed Worf & Yar on bridge
C-STNG-A127  MS of Q in red robes on bridge
C-STNG-A128  BS: MLS of Deanna (in cosmic cheerleader uniform), Riker, partly-obscured Yar, Groppler Zorn [Michael Bell] & Data standing before bluescreen
C-STNG-A129  BS: cont. #A128, Deanna flexes hands as Data eyes camera with arms folded. Out-of-focus Yar is in bg
C-STNG-A130  MS: Worf observes as Q takes a hit from inhaler device on soldier armor
C-STNG-A131  MCU of ancient but still feisty Admiral Leonard McCoy listening to Data (back to camera)
C-STNG-A132  MLS of McCoy & Data strolling thru Enterprise corridor
C-STNG-A133  MS of scowling Data & Riker on bridge, both dusty & dirty
C-STNG-A134  MS of Beverly backed up against doorway by inebriated Picard. Naked Now
C-STNG-A136  MS of grinning Tasha showing festive garment to mostly-obscured Deanna. Naked Now
C-STNG-A137  Profile MS of exotically-garbed Tasha, putting moves on Data. Naked Now
C-STNG-A138  FLV of Tasha crouching, ready for battle with spiked glaive over hand. Code of Honor
C-STNG-A139  MS of Lwaxana Troi [Majel Barrett] comforting daughter Deanna, who holds white rose. Haven
C-STNG-A140  FLV of Deanna, Mr. Homn [Carel Struycken], Lwaxana & Picard in Enterprise corridor, suitcase on floor. Haven
C-STNG-A141  SV of crab-like Ferengi vessel. Last Outpost
C-STNG-A142  MS of Worf getting electrocuted as he holds stylus to computer panel. Lonely Among Us
C-STNG-A143  Semi-profile MCU of somber Riker on Rubicun III. Justice
C-STNG-A144  Profile MS of Tasha cavorting with blond "himbo." Justice
C-STNG-A145  It's Riker's turn: MLS of him embracing vixen while Worf & Wesley hang in bg. Justice
C-STNG-A146  FLV of Riker (back to camera) grappling with security guard as Tasha, Worf, Deanna & other natives look on. Justice
C-STNG-A147  MS of Tasha standing at ease in front of lake. Justice
C-STNG-A148  FLV of Worf, young Admiral Mark Jameson [Clayton Rohner], LaForge & Picard on transporter pad. Too Short a Season
C-STNG-A149  MS of Deanna comforting Anne Jameson [Marsha Hunt] before prone Adm. Jameson in sickbay. Too Short a Season
C-STNG-A150  PR: MS of Beverly, in cream suit & veiled hat, posing with Picard as dapper Dixon Hill. Big Goodbye
C-STNG-A151  PR: FLV of Picard as trench-coated Dixon Hill & Data in pin- striped suit, relaxing against vintage car. Big Goodbye
C-STNG-A152  CU of Tasha modeling Beverly's hat & veil
C-STNG-A153  MLS of Beverly & Wes listening to Data's "brother," Lore. Datalore
C-STNG-A154  MS of Lore (favored) confronted by a stand-in Data. Datalore
C-STNG-A155  MS of Tasha aiming phaser over barrel in cargo bay. Datalore
C-STNG-A156  MLS of Beverly aiming phaser as Wes stands by. Datalore
C-STNG-A157  MLS of Lore, wearing brown jumpsuit, standing in cargo bay gesturing with thumb as if hitchhiking. Datalore
C-STNG-A158  FLV of Data, Tasha, Riker & Deanna kneeling on floor cushions, Angel One residents behind them. Angel One
C-STNG-A159  Deanna & Tasha look aside with hints of smiles. Angel One
C-STNG-A163  MS of Beverly leaning on Wesley's shoulder in scene cut from Coming of Age
C-STNG-A164  MS: laughing Deanna & Wesley share joke, surrounded by LaForge, Riker & Beverly. Birthday party scene that was excised from Coming of Age
C-STNG-A165  MCU of concerned Beverly listening to Wesley, who's apparently excited about some experiment or other
C-STNG-A166  BS: MS of director Rob Bowman instructing Gates McFadden how to administer hypospray to Klingon on sickbay bed. Film crew & actors mingle in bg. Heart of Glory
C-STNG-A167  MS of Picard watching as Worf, Korris [Vaughn Armstrong], & Konmel [Charles H. Hyman] perform Klingon death cry over fallen Kunivas [Robert Bauer]. Heart of Glory
C-STNG-A168  MCU of worried Riker on Minos. Arsenal of Freedom
C-STNG-A169  MS of Data examining tricorder readings as Tasha stands at his side, phaser drawn. Arsenal of Freedom
             [NOTE: #A170-175 are from Skin of Evil]

C-STNG-A170  BS: MS of Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton & Denise Crosby (wearing veiled hat) stretching before Tasha's farewell scene
C-STNG-A171  Near-FLV of Tasha scanning tar pit with tricorder
C-STNG-A172  FLV of Tasha, phaser out, as she's confronted by living oil slick Armus [Mart McChesney]
C-STNG-A173  FLV of holo-Tasha, hands clasped, giving farewell address against bluescreen
C-STNG-A174  MCU of Riker comforting Deanna at Tasha's funeral
C-STNG-A175  CU of somber Wes & Bev at Tasha's memorial service
C-STNG-A176  MLS of Langor [Kimberly Farr] & Sobi [Judson Scott] listening to OS Picard in Enterprise guest quarters. Symbiosis
C-STNG-A177  MCU of Picard standing on restaurant terrace, futuristic Paris in bg. We'll Always Have Paris
C-STNG-A178  Tight MS of Picard & Jenice Manheim [Michelle Phillips], Paris in bg. We'll Always Have Paris
C-STNG-A179  MS of Romulans Tebok [Marc Alaimo] & Thei [Anthony James]. "Neutral Zone"
C-STNG-A180  Cont. #A179, tighter shot
C-STNG-A181  Tight shot of Romulan Warbird in space
C-STNG-A182  CU of Picard smiling broadly
C-STNG-A183  PR: MS of serious Deanna, Beverly & Tasha posed on red-lit bridge
C-STNG-A184  PR: MLS of Tasha, Bev & Deanna lounging in command chairs on bridge
C-STNG-A185  PR: FLV of Deanna posed in corridor, arms behind back, wearing "cosmic cheerleader" mini-skirt
C-STNG-A186  CU of Tasha in tense situation on bridge
C-STNG-A187  BS: Entire crew prepares for scene on bridge, Brent Spiner leaning uncharacteristically over Data's console
C-STNG-A188  BS: Wil Wheaton (as Wes) distributes Disneyland souvenir hats he bought for the rest of bridge crew
C-STNG-A189  PR: FLV of Beverly in Captain's chair, flanked by standing Deanna & Tasha, all serious
C-STNG-A190  MS of Data pointing to rear bridge computer screen displaying "system offline" message
C-STNG-A191  CU of sultry Deanna in dark gray outfit
C-STNG-A192  MS: At Ready Room window, Picard motions into space as Riker follows the gesture with his eyes
C-STNG-A193  MS of smiling Data
C-STNG-A194  MS: View of controls over Data's shoulder at Ops, his profile visible
C-STNG-A195  BS: DA of Patrick Stewart & Jonathan Frakes looking out of conference room window set
C-STNG-A196  BS: LS of Tasha, Deanna, Data & extra in between takes on bridge
C-STNG-A197  BS: MS of Frakes & Stewart in command chairs, cracking up as Spiner mimes lifting heavy object (his back to us)
C-STNG-A198  Great head-on MS of Tasha & Riker aiming phasers slightly OS
C-STNG-A199  PR: MCU of LaForge, Deanna & Data looking OS right
C-STNG-A200  PR: FLV of stern Worf, arms crossed in corridor
C-STNG-A201  MS of Data & Picard in conference lounge, looking OS right
C-STNG-A202  Montage of six first season images: exploding ships, crew materializing on rocky planet, Enterprise heading toward sun, shuttlecraft exiting hangar bay, Enterprise confronting crystalline entity, Riker entering holodeck forest scene
C-STNG-B1  FLV of Enterprise orbiting bluish planet
C-STNG-B2  Cont. #B1, identical shot except planet has dark orange surface
C-STNG-B3  PR: MLS of main cast including new member Dr. Pulaski [Diana Muldaur]
C-STNG-B4  PR: FLV of main cast posed on bridge with Riker, Picard & Troi seated in command chairs
C-STNG-B5  MS of Picard posed with Guinan [Whoopi Goldberg], Enterprise bartender
C-STNG-B6  PR: PRT of tight-lipped Picard
C-STNG-B7  PR: PRT of bearded Riker, face half lit against galactic backdrop
C-STNG-B8  PR: PRT of whimsical-faced Data
C-STNG-B9  PR: PRT of hard-as-nails Worf with arms folded
C-STNG-B10  MS of Prof. Moriarty [Daniel Davis] in his lab. Elementary Dear Data
C-STNG-B11  MS of Data emulating Riker's beard to comic effect. Schizoid Man
C-STNG-B12  MLS of pretty Salia [Jaime Hubbard] in her quarters. Dauphin
C-STNG-B13  CU of Salia transformed into bug-eyed hairy beast. Dauphin
C-STNG-B14  MS of Picard, Worf & Data in Iconian control chamber. Contagion
C-STNG-B15  Tight MS of Data in casino. Royale
C-STNG-B16  MLS of Riker & Worf examining exterior of shuttlepod El-Baz on hangar deck. Time Squared
C-STNG-B17  MS of Data addressing Picard (wearing civvies, on horseback). Pen Pals
C-STNG-B18  Tight MS of Little Sarjenka [Nikki Cox] nervously looking up at viewscreen as Data works Ops console. Pen Pals
C-STNG-B19  MS of Data doing his best to be ignored by several Borg drones as he strolls through their vessel. Q Who?
C-STNG-B20  MCU of Picard in Dixon Hill overcoat & hat. Manhunt
C-STNG-B21  MS of Riker, uniform partially unzipped, regarding dapper Data in 40s attire in corridor outside holodeck. Manhunt
C-STNG-B22  MS of fish-like Antedian dignitary [Mick Fleetwood] & cohort in sickbay, cowering as their deception is revealed. Manhunt
C-STNG-B23  FLV of skull-faced alien in studded leather & chainmail, laying on ground after being dispatched by OS Worf during holodeck combat simulation. "Emissary"
C-STNG-B24  MCU of fishy-looking armored alien from battle simulation. Emissary
C-STNG-B25  MS of K'Ehleyr [Suzie Plakson] crouched in combat-ready pose, gauntlet on one hand. Does she notice the alien lumbering up behind her? Emissary
C-STNG-B26  MS of pensive Data in conference room
C-STNG-B27  MLS of Guinan behind bar, dispensing advice & spirits to supernumerary Ten Forward patrons
C-STNG-C1  PR: FLV of third season cast (minus Guinan) posed on bridge around seated Picard
C-STNG-C2  PR: MS of cast (no Guinan) against deep red bg
C-STNG-C3  PR: MS of Picard, arms at sides, deep red bg
C-STNG-C4  PR: MCU of smiling Riker, red bg
C-STNG-C5  PR: MCU of quizzical Data, head cocked to one side. Red bg
C-STNG-C6  PR: CU of scowling Worf, red bg
C-STNG-C7  PR: MS of LaForge, arms behind back. Red bg
C-STNG-C8  PR: MCU of exotic Deanna in maroon jumper, red bg
C-STNG-C9  PR: CU of Beverly, going where no perm has gone before. Red bg
C-STNG-C10  PR: MCU of content Wesley in gray uniform, red bg
C-STNG-C11  PR: MS of robust proto-Vulcan Liko [Ray Wise] posed outdoors. Who Watches the Watchers
C-STNG-C12  MLS of busty Deanna wearing blue dress, rising from bridge chair. Booby Trap (no pun intended?)
C-STNG-C13  MS of Picard & Bev gathered with Prime Minister Bhavani [Elizabeth Hoffman], Leyor [Kevin Peter Hall], & Mendoza [Castulo Guerra] in Ten Forward. The Price
C-STNG-C14  PR: MS of Riker embracing Yuta [Lisa Wilcox]. The Vengeance Factor
C-STNG-C15  FLV of Data helping Beverly tend to victim of Ansata rebel attack in Rutian plaza. High Ground
C-STNG-C16  MLS of Q in gray jumpsuit, leaning forward to examine seated Data, head electronics exposed. Deja Q
            [NOTE: #C17-C23 are from Yesterday's Enterprise]

C-STNG-C17  MS of Guinan scrutinizing alternate-universe Tasha in Ten Forward
C-STNG-C18  MS: view over bridge "horseshoe" of alternate Riker, Tasha & Picard
C-STNG-C19  MCU of alternate timeline Tasha, phaser on hip
C-STNG-C20  MLS of Picard & Tasha, battle-ready on alternate Enterprise-D bridge
C-STNG-C21  MS of tense alternate Tasha & Picard
C-STNG-C22  MS of Riker, Tasha & Picard in divergent alternate universe
C-STNG-C23  MS of Tasha flirting with Lt. Castillo [Christopher McDonald] in sickbay
C-STNG-C24  MS of Guinan beaming at proud papa Data, who stands behind her. Offspring
C-STNG-C25  FLV of Gowron [Robert O'Reilly], Worf & his cha'DIch Picard in Klingon assembly hall. Sins of the Father
C-STNG-C26  FLV of K'mpec [Charles Cooper] on throne, flanked by Duras [Patrick Massett] & other Klingons. Sins of the Father
C-STNG-C27  CU of beautiful Beverly radiant in mauve gown. Allegiance
C-STNG-C28  MS of aliens Ajur [Karen Landry] & Boratus [Michail Champion] glancing at each other as we view them through frosted glass display. Captain's Holiday
C-STNG-C29  MS of Ferengi Sovak [Max Grodenchik] addressing Speedo-wearing Picard & clingy Vash [Jennifer Hetrick] on Risa. Captain's Holiday
C-STNG-C30  MS of Vash (favored) putting her arms around Picard's neck. Captain's Holiday
C-STNG-C31  FLV of Tam Elbrun [Harry Groener] & Data aboard living starship Gomtuu. Tin Man
            [NOTE: #C32-C41 are from Hollow Pursuits]

C-STNG-C32  FLV of Deanna in Roman toga -- the Goddess of Empathy in Barclay's holo-fantasy
C-STNG-C33  FLV of seated Picard in Musketeer garb, long hair & all
C-STNG-C34  MS: Three Musketeers (Data, Picard & LaForge) confront Barclay (back to camera)
C-STNG-C35  MS: Guinan serves drinks to LaForge & Barclay [Dwight Schultz]. Bluescreen shows in windows before "stars" are added
C-STNG-C36  FLV of gussied-up Bev cradling Barclay's head in her lap on holodeck
C-STNG-C37  FLV of Barclay planting passionate smooch on bent-over- backward Deanna
C-STNG-C38  FLV of Bev, in beautiful gown, on swing
C-STNG-C39  MS: SV of Barclay & Musketeer Picard crossing swords
C-STNG-C40  PR: tight CU of Data in Musketeer outfit
C-STNG-C41  CU of Musketeer Data smirking aside
C-STNG-C42  FLV of Data in purple jumpsuit, seated as part of Fajo's collection. The Most Toys
C-STNG-C43  MS of Kivas Fajo [Saul Rubinek] showing off Data to fellow collector Palor Toff [Nehemiah Persoff]. The Most Toys
            [NOTE: #C44-C49 are from Sarek]

C-STNG-C44  MS of Sarek [Mark Lenard] becoming teary-eyed at concert, Picard & Bev seated in bg
C-STNG-C45  MS: slight UA of Sarek in white robe, hands clasped
C-STNG-C46  FLV of Sarek, Perrin, Ki Mendrossen [William Denis] & Sakkath [Rocco Sisto] seated at concert
C-STNG-C47 MS of Wesley & LaForge leaning over side of tank, preparing for arrival of Legaran delegates
C-STNG-C48  MLS of Sarek, Perrin & Picard congratulating Data on his performance
C-STNG-C49  FLV of Enterprise string quartet featuring Data on violin
                 [NOTE: #C50-C56 are from Menage a Troi]
C-STNG-C50  FLV of Lwaxana in scarlet-sequined dress & Mr. Homn in guest quarters
C-STNG-C51  MCU of Riker & Wesley looking over 3-D chess board in Ten Forward
C-STNG-C52  MCU of Riker & Deanna in casual dress, adoring each other on lush Betazed
C-STNG-C53  MS of Lwaxana gesturing flamboyantly at table in Ten Forward as Deanna pouts
C-STNG-C54  MLS of Lwaxana, Riker & Deanna enjoying picnic lunch on Betazed
C-STNG-C55  Cont. C54, pulled back to reveal Mr. Homn serving trio
C-STNG-C56  MS of Ferengi Nibor [Peter Slutsker] playing 3-D chess with OS Riker & losing
                [NOTE: #C57-C66 are from The Best of Both Worlds, Part I]
C-STNG-C57  MLS of interior of Borg cube, drones recharging in their alcoves
C-STNG-C58  MLS of Riker, LaForge, Worf & Data turning heads to examine Borg-ravaged Starfleet colony
C-STNG-C59  MLS of Data & Worf aboard Borg cube, aiming phasers at camera
C-STNG-C60  MLS of Data, Riker & LaForge watching as Lt. Cmdr. Shelby [Elizabeth Dennehy] crouches near ground, taking tricorder readings
C-STNG-C61  MS of trio of Borg drones aboard their ship
C-STNG-C62  Cont. #C58, foursome now looking directly at camera
C-STNG-C63  Cont. #C62, four looking up at sky
C-STNG-C64  FLV of Picard seated behind Ready Room desk, listening to Admiral Hanson [George Murdock] deliver briefing
C-STNG-C65  MLS of captive Picard on Borg ship, guarded by drone behind him
C-STNG-C66  Cont. #C60, Shelby looks up at camera
C-STNG-C67  Profile MS of Guinan & Picard having heavy discussion in front of conference lounge windows
C-STNG-C68  MS of Picard seated at table in quarters, looking at picture frame before him
C-STNG-D1  PR: FLV of fourth season cast (including Wesley & Guinan) against gray backdrop - some seated, some standing
C-STNG-D2  PR: MCU of smiling Picard, gray bg
C-STNG-D3  PR: super MS of grinning Riker, seated before gray bg
C-STNG-D4  PR: MCU of inquisitive Data, starry bg
C-STNG-D5  PR: MS of stoic Worf seated against twinkling bg
C-STNG-D6  PR: MCU or serious LaForge, starry bg
C-STNG-D7  PR: MCU of Deanna in blue dress, gray bg
C-STNG-D8  PR: great MS of cheery Bev showing pearly whites, leaning hand on face, gray bg
C-STNG-D9  PR: tight CU of concerned Guinan in yellow outfit
C-STNG-D10  PR: MS of all-grown-up-and-serious Wesley, gray bg
C-STNG-D11  PR: MLS of seated Deanna (in teal dress), Guinan (in dark blue muumuu), & Bev (in regular uniform), all smiling
                 [NOTE: #D12-D30 are from Best of Both Worlds, Part II]
C-STNG-D12  CU of Borgified Picard looking aside, laser sight flashing
C-STNG-D13  FLV of nude Borg-Picard unconscious in medical bay as Beverly & Deanna discuss his condition
C-STNG-D14  FLV of Locutus/Picard flanked by two drones aboard Borg cube
C-STNG-D15  Cont. #D13, MCU of just Picard
C-STNG-D16  Cont. #D15, Picard has awoken & clutches his Borgified arm
C-STNG-D17  FLV of Borg-Picard in medical bay -- Data interfaces with him as Bev & Deanna (backs to camera) watch
C-STNG-D18  Cont. #D17, tighter MS of Picard, Deanna & Bev
C-STNG-D19  MS of vacant-looking Locutus/Picard standing against wall on Borg vessel
C-STNG-D20  MS of Borg Picard on table, face about to be drained of pigment by needle-tipped mechanical arm
C-STNG-D21  FLV of Worf & Data helping slumped-over Locutus/Picard on transporter pad
C-STNG-D22  FLV of Data & Worf moving through Borg ship in search of Picard, phasers drawn
C-STNG-D23  MS of Worf, Data & Beverly conversing aboard Borg cube
C-STNG-D24  Dramatic MS of Data aiming phaser aboard Borg cube
C-STNG-D25  MS of Data on Borg vessel, drones in bg
C-STNG-D26  Enterprise's saucer section separates from main drive section while Borg cube looms nearby
C-STNG-D27  View of top of Enterprise saucer section firing at approaching Borg cube
C-STNG-D28  Tight MS of Shelby & Worf making their way through Borg vessel
C-STNG-D29  Similar to #D12, slightly different angle
C-STNG-D30  Cont. #D29, looking head-on
C-STNG-D31  MS of Data holding ceremonial Klingon dagger above his head. Brothers
C-STNG-D32  MS of almost-smiling Worf in Ten Forward. Brothers
C-STNG-D33  MCU of Dr. Noonian Soong implanting emotion chip in Lore's mouth. Brothers
C-STNG-D34  FLV of Picard, his sister-in-law Marie [Samantha Eggar] & nephew René [David Tristin Birkin], all walking down garden path. Family
C-STNG-D35  MS of Robert Picard [Jeremy Kemp], Marie & Reni in garden. Family
C-STNG-D36  MLS of phaser-armed Ishara Yar [Beth Toussaint] emerging from around corner. Legacy
C-STNG-D37  Tight MS of Ishara in white satiny tank top, sitting on sickbay bed. Legacy
C-STNG-D38  Tight CU of somber K'Ehleyr in black outfit. Reunion
C-STNG-D39  MS of ersatz Cmdr. Tomalak [Andreas Katsulas] showing Riker thru Romulan base. Future Imperfect
C-STNG-D40  Tight CU of sly Data wearing visor & holding poker hand aloft. Future Imperfect
C-STNG-D41  MS of battered Wesley, Picard & Dirgo [Nick Tate, aiming phaser] in cave. Final Mission
             [NOTE: #D42-D47 are from Data's Day]

C-STNG-D42  Profile MLS of Beverly about to show Data how to slow dance
C-STNG-D43  Cont. #D42, now they've just started to move
C-STNG-D44  FLV of groom O'Brien in dress uniform & bride Keiko [Rosalind Chao] in gown, about to be married
C-STNG-D45  FLV of formally-attired Data taking Keiko's arm in order to escort her down the aisle
C-STNG-D46  MLS of Data & Keiko slow-dancing at reception with LaForge, Picard & O'Brien visible in bg
C-STNG-D47  MLS of Data & Keiko dancing, Picard & other crew in bg
C-STNG-D48  MS of LaForge, Riker & Picard seated at conference table, negotiating with Cardassians Gul Macet [Marc Alaimo], Glinn Telle [Marco Rodriguez] & Gill Daro [Time Winters]. Wounded
C-STNG-D49  MS of O'Brien at Ten Forward's bar with Daro. Bluescreen visible in bg before star sfx added. Wounded
C-STNG-D50  MS of shifty-eyed Gul Macet leaning against chair in conference room. Wounded
C-STNG-D51  MLS of Worf, Deanna & Picard gathered with Ventaxian delegation, all turned to OS Ardra. Devil's Due
C-STNG-D52  FLV of beelze-babe Ardra [Marta DuBois] cross-examining Data on witness stand. Devil's Due
C-STNG-D53  Cont. #D52, tighter shot as Ardra turns away from Data
C-STNG-D54  MS of Ardra, Deanna & Picard. Devil's Due
C-STNG-D55  MS of costumed Guinan & Picard in Dixon Hill scenario, holding hands up. Clues
C-STNG-D56  MCU of Data (holding light) & Susanna Leitjen [MaryAnn Plunkett] looking for transformed LaForge with out-of-focus Bev in bg. Identity Crisis
C-STNG-D57  MLS of glowing alien-LaForge, shrinking away from OS crew. Identity Crisis
C-STNG-D58  MCU of costumed Beverly performing "Cyrano de Bergerac." Nth Degree
C-STNG-D59  MCU of "Robin Hood" Picard & "Maid Marian" Vash. Qpid
C-STNG-D60  MS of Picard, Data, Worf, Deanna & LaForge dressed as Robin Hood & his Merry Men in forest. Qpid
C-STNG-D61  FLV of gang as above plus Bev but minus Worf. Qpid
C-STNG-D62  MCU of Jean-Luc Hood in forest, Bev & Worf visible in bg. Qpid
C-STNG-D63  FLV of Robin Picard & Maid Vash (who's looking down at castle floor). Qpid
C-STNG-D64  Excellent MS of Q in Sheriff of Nottingham guise. Qpid
C-STNG-D65  MS of aqua-garbed Lwaxana standing happily at Engineering table, Mr. Homn standing at attention behind her. Half a Life
C-STNG-D66  MS of ebullient Odan [Franc Luz] hugging radiant Bev from behind. The Host
C-STNG-D67  MS of open-mouthed Data at table in Ten Forward as his date Jenna D'Sora [Michele Scarabelli] clutches his arm. In Theory
C-STNG-D68  MS of smiling Guinan behind bar, handing Data beverage. In Theory
C-STNG-D69  MS of Data, paintbrush in one hand, palette in other. In Theory
C-STNG-D70  MS of Worf in Klingon duds, about to say goodbye to Riker, Data, LaForge & other crew gathered in transporter room. Redemption
C-STNG-D71  MLS of Picard holding Klingon vestment, flanked by K'mpec & Gowron in hall
C-STNG-D72  FLV: Worf, Beverly, Picard, Data, Deanna & Riker socialize in front of shuttlecraft in hangar bay
C-STNG-E1  PR: FLV of fifth season cast (including Guinan) posed standing on bridge -- some behind, some in front of "horseshoe"
C-STNG-E2  PR: MS as above
C-STNG-E3  PR: MS of Picard in new casual jacket, light gray bg
C-STNG-E4  PR: MS of Data, hands behind back, light gray bg
C-STNG-E5  PR: MS of Worf, arms crossed, light gray bg
C-STNG-E6  PR: MS of LaForge, hands clasped before him, light gray bg
C-STNG-E7  PR: MS of Deanna in grayish/purple jumpsuit, arms folded, light gray bg
C-STNG-E8  PR: MS of beguiling Beverly, light gray bg
C-STNG-E9  MS of Worf in death struggle with Romulan. Redemption II
C-STNG-E10  MCU of Lursa [Barbara March] glaring at haughty Sela. Redemption II
C-STNG-E11  Cool MS of gray-shirted Picard & Dathon [Paul Winfield] ready to fight creature, knives in hand. Darmok
C-STNG-E12  Cont. #E11, profile MS of above
C-STNG-E13  MS profile of Mr. Mot [Ken Thorley] about to take a little off of seated Picard's top. Ensign Ro
C-STNG-E14  MCU of Captain Dathon. Darmok
            [NOTE: #E15-E19 from Ensign Ro]

C-STNG-E15  FLV of Picard & Ensign Ro Laren [Michelle Forbes] standing in refugee camp
C-STNG-E16  Striking CU of Ro -- she means business!
C-STNG-E17  Cont. #E15, pair joined by Bajoran refugee & Data in bg
C-STNG-E18  MS of Riker & Picard in casual jacket, as viewed over shoulder of transporter room technician
C-STNG-E19  MS of Ro on transporter pad, duffel bag slung over shoulder
C-STNG-E20  FLV of Carmen Davila [Susan Diol] being enchanted by flirtatious Riker on lush colony world. Silicon Avatar
C-STNG-E21  CU of Riker on planet. Silicon Avatar
C-STNG-E22  MLS of Deanna & Picard on bridge, giving tour to young Jay Gordon [John Christian Graas], Patterson [Max Supera], & Marissa [Erika Flores]. Disaster
C-STNG-E23  MS of Worf holding Keiko's newborn baby Molly in Ten Forward, having just delivered her. Disaster
C-STNG-E24  CU of K'taran Etana Jol [Katherine Moffat] snuggling with enraptured Riker, who wears game headset. The Game
C-STNG-E25  Profile MS of Wesley & Ensign Robin Lefler [Ashley Judd] discussing "game" plan. The Game
C-STNG-E26  CU of smiling, smoldering Etana. The Game
            [NOTE: #E27-E45 are from Reunification]

C-STNG-E27  MS of Ambassador Spock [Leonard Nimoy] & surgically-altered Picard, both in Romulan robes
C-STNG-E28  CU of Picard in Romulan disguise
C-STNG-E29  MCU of Data, eyes wide at the unusual Romulan look he's sporting
C-STNG-E30  FLV of robed Spock (favored) meeting with disguised Picard in underground hideout
C-STNG-E31  MCU of solemn Spock
C-STNG-E32  MS of Spock in cave, Romulan soldier in bg
C-STNG-E33  MS of Sela leaning over desk, holding PADD
C-STNG-E34  CU of Sela, lips parted
C-STNG-E35  MS of Spock & uniformed Data in Sela's office
C-STNG-E36  Profile MCU of Spock mind-melding with Picard as Data watches
C-STNG-E37  CU of ailing Sarek
C-STNG-E38  MCU of regal Spock
C-STNG-E39  Cool MS of Sela training Romulan phaser on OS "guests"
C-STNG-E40  MLS of Picard, Data & Spock held captive by Romulan soldiers in cave
C-STNG-E41  Somewhat blurry FLV of Spock & Picard seated in Sela's office -- Spock studies PADD as Data & soldiers stand by
C-STNG-E42  UA: partial view of underside of Enterprise beginning to enter starship junkyard
C-STNG-E43  MCU of terminally-ill Sarek in bedclothes
C-STNG-E44  Cont. #E41, tighter & clearer shot of Picard & Spock listening to OS Sela
C-STNG-E45  MS of Perrin attending to near-dead Sarek
C-STNG-E46  MS of Prof. Berlinghoff Rasmussen [Matt Frewer] making point to attentive Deanna & Beverly in sickbay. Matter of Time
C-STNG-E47  MS of batleth-wielding Alexander [Brian Bonsall] confronting large skull-faced alien in hazy holo-forest. New Ground
C-STNG-E48  MS of Beverly in flashback standing over her husband's body, as mind-rapist Jev [Ben Lemon] looms behind her, wearing Starfleet uniform. Violations
C-STNG-E49  MS of younger Beverly & Picard (with hair!), smiling. Violations
             [NOTE: #E50-E54 are from Masterpiece Society]

C-STNG-E50  FLV of Riker, Deanna & LaForge arriving on Moab colony.
C-STNG-E51  Cont. #E50, tighter on trio as they mingle with apprehensive locals
C-STNG-E52  Cont. #E51, MS of threesome being welcomed by leader Aaron Conor [John Snyder]
C-STNG-E53  MS of concerned Deanna, Picard behind her
C-STNG-E54  Cont. #E52, Troi shakes Conor's hand
C-STNG-E55  CU or Ensign Ro, rare smile on face as she turns to look OS. Conundrum
C-STNG-E56  FLV of Data & Ro at Conn & Ops, chairs turned back toward center seat. Conundrum
C-STNG-E57  Moody MS of Beverly (in an especially poofy 'do) & LaForge seated at conference table. Conundrum
C-STNG-E58  MS of Riker in first officer's chair, catting with Deanna, who's seated beside him. Conundrum
            [NOTE: #E59-E66 are from Power Play]

C-STNG-E59  MS of Ro working on OS control panel as just-visible Riker watches
C-STNG-E60  Ominous MS of possessed Deanna, Data & O'Brien, phasers draw
C-STNG-E61  Tight MCU of O'Brien, arms crossed, looking OS
C-STNG-E62  MS of Ro in cramped Jeffries tube preparing to zap possessed crewmen with gadget LaForge whipped together
C-STNG-E63  Cont. #E62, tighter & more full-on view of Ro in tube
C-STNG-E64  MS of Riker, Data & Deanna on Mab-Bu VI, crashed shuttle in bg
C-STNG-E65  MCU of evil Deanna pointing phaser
C-STNG-E66  Dramatic MS of worried Keiko clutching baby Molly to her
C-STNG-E67  MS: SV of Riker smooching androgynous Soren [Melinda Culea] in bushes. Outcast
C-STNG-E68  Cont. #E67, now they're just ogling each other
C-STNG-E69  MLS of Riker & Soren seated on bench outside meeting hall, other citizens visible in bg. Outcast
C-STNG-E70  MS of visor-wearing Data dealing poker hands to seated LaForge, Worf & Beverly. Cause & Effect
C-STNG-E71  MS of Riker leaning on Back of Data's chair, Ro at Conn. Cause & Effect
            [NOTE: #E72-E76 are from First Duty]

C-STNG-E72  MCU of Wesley & cadet Nick Locarno [Robert Duncan MacNeill] seated at table during misconduct trial
C-STNG-E73  MLS of Picard crouched down, conversing with Boothby [Ray Walston], Starfleet Academy groundskeeper
C-STNG-E74  MLS of courtroom: Picard, Beverly & others observe seated Wesley, Locarno & Sito Jaxa [Shannon Fill]
C-STNG-E75  MS of Picard lecturing seated Wesley on Academy grounds
C-STNG-E76  Cont. #E73, Boothby's head turned to Picard
                 [NOTE: #E77-E81 are from Cost of Living]
C-STNG-E77  MCU of Lwaxana & Alexander sharing drink in luxurious mudbath
C-STNG-E78  CU of Juggler [Albie Selznick] submerged to neck in mudbath, toasting camera
C-STNG-E79  MCU of Juggler, big ears & red streaks in hair, clothed in rust- colored tunic
C-STNG-E80  Data, Deanna, Alexander & Worf gather in Ten Forward, awaiting Lwaxana's wedding
C-STNG-E81  MS of frizzy-haired, bearded alien sitting in mudbath
C-STNG-E82  MS of Kirosian Ambassador Briam [Tim O'Connor] bribing two Ferengis. Perfect Mate
C-STNG-E83  CU of beauty Kamala [Famke Janssen] in wedding gown. ...Mate
C-STNG-E84  FLV of Picard in dress uniform, ready to walk veiled Kamala down the aisle. ...Mate
C-STNG-E85  Cont. #E84, tighter MS
C-STNG-E86  FLV of Picard & little Clara [Noley Thornton] in arboretum. Imaginary Friend
C-STNG-E87  FLV of Picard & Guinan in fencing outfits seated on bench, Picard pulling on glove. I, Borg
C-STNG-E88  MLS of Guinan confronting young Hugh Borg [Jonathan Del Arco], who stands behind force field in detention cell. I, Borg
C-STNG-E89  MCU of Hugh accessing data port with arm apparatus. I, Borg
C-STNG-E90  MS of elderly Picard sharing moment with his twenty-something daughter Meribor [Jennifer Nash]. Inner Light
C-STNG-E91  MCU of old man Picard with son Batai [Patrick Stewart's real-life son Daniel Stewart]. Inner Light
C-STNG-E92  Invisible Ro, Romulan phaser in hand, observes Riker playing dirge on trombone at her funeral. Next Phase
C-STNG-E93  MS of Romulan officers Mirok [Thomas Kopache] & Varel [Susanna Thompson] aboard their ship. Next Phase
            [NOTE: #E94-E99 are from Time's Arrow]

C-STNG-E94  LS of uniformed Data walking past 1890s San Francisco firehouse
C-STNG-E95  MLS of Data staring quizzically at grizzled old prospector [John M. Murdock]
C-STNG-E96  Cont. #E95, MS of prospector (head turned away from camera) sharing confidence with Data
C-STNG-E97  MS of Data in period garb confronting Guinan in socialite's gown
C-STNG-E98  Cont. #E97, now both are looking at something OS
C-STNG-E99  CU of period Nurse Bev & San Fran Picard, both smiling broadly
C-STNG-E100  CU of Q in red Starfleet uniform
C-STNG-E101  MS of benevolent Guinan, looking OS while sitting at Ten Forward table
C-STNG-E102  MS of relaxed Deanna in burgundy jumpsuit at conference table
C-STNG-E103  CU of Deanna in light purple outfit, hint of smile
C-STNG-E104  MS of smiling Deanna in burgundy jumpsuit on bridge, arms crossed
C-STNG-F1  PR: excellent MS of sixth season cast (no Guinan), light gray bg
C-STNG-F2  PR: CU of Picard, light gray bg
C-STNG-F3  PR: CU of Data, light gray bg
C-STNG-F4  PR: tight CU of LaForge, light gray bg
C-STNG-F5  PR: CU of almost-smiling Worf, light gray bg
C-STNG-F6  PR: CU of Deanna in light purple outfit, light gray bg
C-STNG-F7  PR: striking CU of Beverly
C-STNG-F8  PR: FLV of white-haired Lwaxana in silvery gown posed in front of warp core
C-STNG-F9  PR: MS of Picard, arm around smiling Scotty [James Doohan] on old Enterprise bridge. Relics
C-STNG-F10  MCU of battered Scotty looking up, arm in sling. Relics
C-STNG-F11  MCU of Scorry & Picard on old bridge. Relics
C-STNG-F12  FLV of Scotty reminiscing on old bridge recreated by holodeck. Relics
C-STNG-F13 Tight CU of gunslinger Data chomping on cigar. Fistful of Datas
C-STNG-F14  MS of desperado Deanna, face partly shadowed as she aims shotgun on western street. Fistful of Datas
C-STNG-F15  Dapper Data (in suit & western tie) shares moment with cowgirl Deanna, both seated on bench in front of saloon
C-STNG-F16  BS: Director Patrick Stewart pointing direction to costumed Michael Dorn (as Worf) on street set. Fistful of Datas
C-STNG-F17  Near-FLV of Capt. Jellico [Ronny Cox] & Picard in Ten Forward, both in dress uniforms. Chain of Command
C-STNG-F18  Enterprise in space dock. Chain of Command
C-STNG-F19  MS of defiant Picard leaning on table while Gul Madred [David Warner] looks on
C-STNG-F20  Cont. #F19, MCU
                [NOTE: #F21-F25 are from Ship in a Bottle]
C-STNG-F21  PR: MS of Picard seated with lovely Countess Regina Bartholomew [Stephanie Beacham]
C-STNG-F22  FLV of Moriarty & Countess on transporter pad
C-STNG-F23  MS of Countess & Picard chatting on divan
C-STNG-F24  Cont. #F22, the pair embrace
C-STNG-F25  MS of Countess with Lt. Barclay
C-STNG-F26  MS of Picard (in movie-era lieutenant's uniform) & Q in civvies. Tapestry
C-STNG-F27  MS of astonished female Q, Amanda [Olivia d'Abo] standing on outside of Enterprise hull, Q in bg. True Q
C-STNG-F28  MS of Amanda expressing doubts to Q in Enterprise lab. True Q
C-STNG-F29  MS of Worf in civvies clutching batleth. Rightful Heir
            [NOTE: #F30-F35 are from Descent]

C-STNG-F30  LS of Borg mob inside Borg meeting hall
C-STNG-F31  LS of Deanna, Picard & LaForge surrounded by Borg drones in hall
C-STNG-F32  MS of LaForge, Picard & Deanna pointing phasers at camera
C-STNG-F33  MS of Deanna (in Starfleet uniform), LaForge, Picard & other crewman on forested hill
C-STNG-F34  Very LS of Starfleet crew on planet, shuttle pod in fg
C-STNG-F35  FLV of Riker, Worf & officers in grassy plain, phasers drawn
C-STNG-G1  PR: FLV of seventh (& final) season cast, sans Guinan, standing against tan backdrop
C-STNG-G2  PR: FLV of cast as above posed on transporter platform
C-STNG-G3  PR: MCU of Picard, starry bg
C-STNG-G4  PR: CU of solemn-looking Riker, dark bg
C-STNG-G5  PR: CU of Worf turned slightly to the side, tan bg
C-STNG-G6  PR: MCU of Deanna in blue Starfleet uniform, dark bg
C-STNG-G7  MS of Picard & dastardly Lore in Borg meeting hall, other Borg in bg. Descent II
C-STNG-G8  MS of Beverly monitoring wired-up LaForge standing in medical apparatus. Interface
C-STNG-G9  MS of Picard in pirate disguise, grizzled buccaneer crewman behind him. Gambit
C-STNG-G10  MCU of Romulan Tallera [Robin Curtis] holding Stone of Gol. Gambit
C-STNG-G11  BS: It's a piece of cake for Patrick Stewart as he directs Marina Sirtis ... she's an angel (food). Phantasms
C-STNG-G12  MS: Deanna (in pink dress) being admired by Cairn ambassador Maques [Norman Large]. Dark Page
C-STNG-G13  MS of alluring Beverly in gray crushed velvet top. Attached
C-STNG-G14  Cont. #G13, Bev looks OS right
C-STNG-G15  MS of casual Picard & Bev sharing toast. Attached
C-STNG-G16  FLV of Deanna in blue dress on bridge of alternate Enterprise, Wesley at weapons console in bg. Parallels
C-STNG-G17  FLV of Worf letting his hair down on bridge, foot resting on "horseshoe." Parallels
C-STNG-G18  MS of Beverly (back to camera) scanning bruised Riker with tricorder. Pegasus
C-STNG-G19  MCU of Riker & Admiral Pressman [Terry O'Quinn]. Pegasus
C-STNG-G20  CU of enraptured Beverly bathed in red light. Sub Rosa
C-STNG-G21  FLV of Bev at grandmother Felisa Howard's graveside. Sub Rosa
C-STNG-G22  BS: FLV of director Jonathan Frakes going over script with Duncan Regehr (as Ronin) on cemetery set. Sub Rosa
C-STNG-G23  MS of Barclay de-evolving into spider-like creature. Genesis
C-STNG-G24  CU of Cardassian Gul Evek [Richard Poe]. Journey's End
C-STNG-G25  MS of Wesley & Traveller conversing in Indian village on Dorvan V. Journey's End
C-STNG-G26  MS of Picard sharing drinks with elderly Indian Wakasa [George Aguilar]. Journey's End
C-STNG-G27  Tight MS of Worf urging son Alexander into battle. "Firstborn"
C-STNG-G28  MLS of Worf swinging bat'leth at Klingon opponent as crewmembers watch. Firstborn
C-STNG-G29  MS of Picard aiming phaser aboard Ferengi ship. Bloodlines
C-STNG-G30  MS of astonished Riker & Data in train car. Emergence
            [NOTE: #G31- G49 from All Good Things ...]

C-STNG-G31  MS of future Admiral Riker aboard bridge
C-STNG-G32  MCU of present-day Deanna (favored) & Bev at conference table
C-STNG-G33  SV of Picard & Judge Q facing off in courtroom
C-STNG-G34  MS of O'Brien & Data chatting during flashback to first days of Enterprise-D
C-STNG-G35  MS of Picard in captain's chair, absorbing advice of "cosmic cheerleader" Deanna (flashback)
C-STNG-G36  CU of Captain Beverly Crusher in future timeline
C-STNG-G37  MS of future LaForge (sans visor) & Data (gray streak in hair) seated at table
C-STNG-G38  Beverly's future starship, the Pasteur, enters orbit around planet
C-STNG-G39  MS of future Riker, Picard & Beverly reviewing crucial data
C-STNG-G40  MLS of Picard defiantly standing up to bethroned Q
C-STNG-G41  MS of LaForge, Picard, Beverly & Data on bridge of Pasteur
C-STNG-G42  MS of aging Governor Worf at table
C-STNG-G43  MCU of future farmer Picard amidst crops
C-STNG-G44  CU of Judge Q
C-STNG-G45  FLV of Professor Data sipping tea in wingback chair
C-STNG-G46  MS of aged Q urgently making point to bearded future Picard
C-STNG-G47  MS of Governor Worf, LaForge & crewman on future-Enterprise bridge
C-STNG-G48  MS: first-season flashback of Tasha Yar & Worf on bridge
C-STNG-G49  MCU: LaForge & farmer Picard gaze up into blue sky
C-STNG-G50  PR: CU SV of Beverly
C-STNG-G51  PR: 3/4 CU view of Bev turned to right
C-STNG-G52  PR: CU of smiling Bev
C-STNG-G53  PR: CU of Bev turned 1/4 way to left
C-STNG-G54  PR: FLV of Bev in profile (no lab coat)
C-STNG-G55  PR: FLV of Bev turned 3/4 way to right
C-STNG-H1  PR: MS of Gene Roddenberry sitting in captain's chair
C-STNG-H2  PR: shuttlecraft departs Enterprise as it orbits planet with ST: TNG logo beneath
C-STNG-H3  LS of Enterprise moving away from us as it flies by alien construct
C-STNG-H4  Shot of Enterprise heading toward Saturn-like planet
C-STNG-H5  SV of Enterprise launching photon torpedoes while firing phasers at OS opponent
C-STNG-H6  PR: view of three empty command chairs & aft stations on post-first-season bridge
C-STNG-H7  PR: shot of vacant warp core pulsing with blue light
C-STNG-H8  PR: CU of later-season tricorder
C-STNG-H9  PR: CU of later-season medical tricorder, mini-scanner detached
C-STNG-H10  PR: CU of interior of Engineering kit
C-STNG-H11  PR: CU of later season phaser II
C-STNG-H12  PR: Gene Roddenberry peeks around rock on Planet Hell set
C-STNG-I1  FLV of dapper, bespectacled Brent Spiner in tuxedo at 1992 NinthAnnual American Cinema Awards at Beverly Hilton
C-STNG-I2  MS of Spiner with beaming Gates McFadden at Cinema Awards
C-STNG-I3  Cont. #I2, two pressed close together
C-STNG-I4  MS of Jonathan Frakes in tux & wife Genie Francis at Awards
C-STNG-I5  MS of sophisticated Michael Dorn at Awards
C-STNG-I6  MS of seated Wheaton, Spiner, Marina & Gates at 1992 con Q&A
C-STNG-I7  MCU of Spiner, in glasses & tan leather jacket, looking right at con
C-STNG-I8  Cont. #I7, turned to left
C-STNG-I9  Cont. #I8, MLS on stool, holding microphone
C-STNG-I10  MS of Patrick Stewart in glasses, sportcoat & partially-unbuttoned oxford at con
C-STNG-I11  PR: tight CU of Stewart in cream blazer & turtleneck on gray bg
C-STNG-I12  MLS of sheepishly-smiling Stewart in black tux, hands in pockets, in front of blue curtain
C-STNG-I13  Cont. #I12, closer shot, Stewart more confident
C-STNG-I14  MS of Sirtis in black fringed leather jacket, smiling broadly
C-STNG-I15  MS of Sirtis in short black dress & Dorn in pin-striped sportcoat, black t-shirt & khaki slacks, leaving Hollywood Athletic Club in '91
C-STNG-I16  CU of curly-haired Sirtis, wearing red sweater & wrapping arms around herself
C-STNG-I17  Cont. #I15, tighter shot
C-STNG-I22  FLV of Gates in black against starry backdrop
C-STNG-I23  PRT of grinning McFadden in burgundy top, hand to mouth, against starry bg
C-STNG-I24  Cont. #I23, similar pose with hand removed
C-STNG-I25  Saucy FLV of Gates letting red sweater dress fall off shoulders, laying on back in front of starry bg with black-stockinged legs up
C-STNG-I26  Cont. #I25, Gates sits Indian-style with crossed knees to chest
C-STNG-I27  Cont. #I26, PRT holding red rose near face
C-STNG-I28  MLS of Gates, in peach dress, holding baby son, in his birthday suit
C-STNG-I29  Cont. #I28, MS as baby, in white gown, grins with thumb in mouth
C-STNG-I30  Cute MS of Gates, in sportcoat & polka dot scarf, reading to similarly-attired son against gray speckled bg
C-STNG-I31  Cont. #I30, Gates sits son on her knee
C-STNG-I32  Adorable FLV of Gates sitting on floor in hat & sunglasses, next to son as he tries to duplicate mom
C-STNG-I33  Gates & son (in her lap) play colorful accordion
C-STNG-I34  MS of Gates wearing burgundy jacket, silk scarf wrapped primly around head & neck against mauve bg
C-STV-A1 PR: FLV of entire first season cast against gray backdrop, three seated & six standing
C-STV-A2 PR: PRT of first season cast posed standing in Engineering
C-STV-A3 PR: PRT of stalwart Capt. Janeway, arms folded
C-STV-A4 PR: PRT of stern Cmdr. Chakotay, arms folded
C-STV-A5 PR: PRT of serious Lt. Tom Paris, arms folded
C-STV-A6 PR: PRT of earnest Ensign Harry Kim, arms NOT folded
C-STV-A7 PR: PRT of Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok, arms folded
C-STV-A8 PR: PRT of sexy Lt. B'Elanna Torres, lips pursed
C-STV-A9 PR: PRT of all business Emergency Medical Hologram, aka Doctor
C-STV-A10 PR: PRT of cute Kes in red & orange outfit, hint of smile on lips
C-STV-A11 PR: PRT of Neelix, hands clasped below smiling face
C-STV-A12 PR: UA of Tuvok, Janeway & Chakotay posed before warp core
C-STV-A13 Top view of starship USS Voyager against starfield
C-STV-A14 Underside view of Voyager against starfield
C-STV-A15 SV of Voyager against starfield
             NOTE: #A16-A19 are from opening sequence
C-STV-A16 Voyager making near pass of planet
C-STV-A17 DA of Voyager flying through planet's rings
C-STV-A18 UA of Voyager flying over ice chunks in space, planet in bg
C-STV-A19 Voyager speeding away from galactic whirlpool
C-STV-A20 FLV of unmanned forward stations of Voyager's bridge
C-STV-A21 Top view of Maquis ship model against black bg
C-STV-A22 FV of Maquis ship model against black bg
C-STV-A23 SV of Cardassian ship model against black bg
C-STV-A24 FV of Klingon Vor'cha-class attack cruiser model against black bg
C-STV-A25 Cont. A24, SV
C-STV-A26 SV of Romulan Warbird model against black bg
C-STV-A27 Cont. A26, more of a head-on view from above
C-STV-A28 SV of Kazon fighter model against black bg
C-STV-A29 Cont. A28, DA
             NOTE: A30-A50 are from "Caretaker" episode
C-STV-A30 MLS of severe Janeway standing at attention on bridge
C-STV-A31 MS of worried Janeway on bridge
C-STV-A32 MS of tight-lipped Chakotay looking aside on bridge
C-STV-A33 MCU of Kes (favored) smiling up at Toscat [David Selburg]
C-STV-A34 MS of concerned Paris seated at briefing room table, hands folded
C-STV-A35 MCU of serious B'Elanna in Starfleet uniform
C-STV-A36 Cont. A35, looking aside with hint of smile
C-STV-A37 FV of Cardassian ship firing upon Maquis vessel
C-STV-A38 Cont. A37, tighter view of Maquis ship returning fire
C-STV-A39 MCU of Kes looking concerned
C-STV-A40 MS of beatific Kes preparing space salad in Neelix's kitchen
C-STV-A41 FLV of Janeway giving orders to helmsman as Paris stands nearby
C-STV-A42 MS of Paris, female officer & Janeway at helm, chasing Maquisship through Badlands
C-STV-A43 Profile CU of Neelix & Kes sharing apprehensive look in sickbay
C-STV-A44 FLV of Paris, Janeway, an obscured Chakotay, Neelix & Tuvok onarid planet
C-STV-A45 Cont. A44, tighter FLV. Best of these two
C-STV-A46 FLV of Chakotay, Janeway & Paris, holding phaser rifle, confrontingseated Banjo Man [Basil Langton] on farm
C-STV-A47 MS of B'Elanna & others being probed while suspended on anti- gravity slabs
C-STV-A48 MS of B'Elanna in white pajamas, struggling with masked Ocampandoctors
C-STV-A49 MCU of Neelix & Kes on bridge with Tuvok at station in bg
C-STV-A50 MS of anxious Kes looking down at prone Neelix in sickbay
C-STV-A51 MLS of Makull [Nicholas Surovy], Janeway & Paris in colorfulnative garb. Time & Again
C-STV-A52 MCU of stern Janeway looking OS while holding up bent over Paris, who is laughing at young Latika [Brady Bluhm]. Time & Again
C-STV-A53 MS of Neelix, in chef's hat, preparing meal over fire as Janewaylooks somewhat in shock. Phage
C-STV-A54 MS of Janeway, Doctor & crewman being scanned by two Vidiians [Cully Fredricksen & Stephen Rappaport]. Phage
C-STV-A55 MS of Doctor examining supine Kes. Phage
C-STV-A56 MLS of Janeway talking to Paris & Kim as they eat breakfast. The Cloud
C-STV-A57 MS of grinning Paris, hand near cheek. The Cloud
C-STV-A58 PR: near-FLV of Doctor & Kes posed against slate blue bg
C-STV-A59 PR: MLS of Kes & Neelix embracing against blue bg
C-STV-A60 PR: dramatic FLV of the Voyager women -- Kes, Janeway & B'Elanna -- against blue bg. A favorite
C-STV-B1 PR: FLV of entire second season cast posed standing behind bridgerailing
C-STV-B2 PR: FLV looking up slightly at somber cast posed in Engineering
C-STV-B3 PR: tight FLV of cast standing against light blue bg
C-STV-B4 PR: FLV of amiable Janeway leaning hands on Engineering railing
C-STV-B5 PR: MS of Janeway on bridge bathed in red light, arms folded
C-STV-B6 PR: MS of Chakotay leaning against support beam, hand on hip
C-STV-B7 PR: PRT of smiling Paris leaning against ship wall, arms folded
C-STV-B8 PR: PRT of Kim in ship corridor, standing at ease
C-STV-B9 PR: PRT of Tuvok in ship corridor, arms folded
C-STV-B10 PR: PRT of B'Elanna in ship corridor, trace of smile on lips
C-STV-B11 PR: MS of bemused Doctor aboard ship, hand held up near face
C-STV-B12 PR: MS of beaming Kes leaning back against support beam
C-STV-B13 PR: MS of smiling Neelix in ship corridor
C-STV-B14 MS of Q [John deLancie], wearing Starfleet uniform, Janeway &Tuvok standing side by side in outdoor setting. Death Wish
C-STV-B15 MS of Tuvok & Janeway aiming phasers from shadows againstrocky bg. Death Wish
C-STV-B16 MS of holodeck-created Lord Burleigh [Michael Cumpsty], his backto camera as he manhandles Janeway (favored) in her "Lucie"costume. Persistence of Vision
C-STV-B17 MS of battered & bruised Chakotay, held prisoner on Kazon ship. Maneuvers
C-STV-B18 MCU of southern belle Janeway in front of Confederate soldier Kim,who holds pistol near face. Q & the Grey
C-STV-C1 PR: FLV of third season cast posed on edge of transporter platform, all very serious
C-STV-C2 PR: slight DA of Janeway leaning forearm on railing in front of warp core
C-STV-C3 PR: MS of Chakotay resting back against support beam
C-STV-C4 PR: MS of smiling Paris leaning shoulder against wall
C-STV-C5 PR: MS of solemn Tuvok standing against wall, arms folded
C-STV-C6 PR: MS of B'Elanna leaning back against support beam
C-STV-C7 PR: MS of Doctor leaning against wall, arms folded
C-STV-C8 PR: MS of tight-lipped Neelix, leaning arm against wall
C-STV-D1 PR: FLV of fourth season cast posed at Engineering railing with Seven of Nine, wearing form-fitting silver outfit, taking over for Kes
C-STV-D2 Cont. D1, more straight-on FLV with Seven folding arms
C-STV-D3 PR: MS of bemused Janeway in soft-lit corridor, arms folded
C-STV-D4 PR: MS of Chakotay in soft-lit corridor, hands at sides
C-STV-D5 PR: MS of Paris in soft-lit passageway, hands at sides
C-STV-D6 PR: MS of Kim leaning against soft-lit corridor wall, arms folded. Slight tilt to shot
C-STV-D7 PR: MS of stern Tuvok in soft-lit passageway, arms folded
C-STV-D8 PR: MS of B'Elanna in soft-lit corridor, lips parted & hand on hip
C-STV-D9 PR: MS of stern-faced Doctor, scanning with tricorder as he standsin soft-lit corridor
C-STV-D10 PR: MS of euphoric Neelix in soft-lit corridor, hands on stomach
C-STV-D11 PR: MLS of sexy Seven in silver costume, arm resting against wallof soft-lit corridor
C-STV-D12 PR: FLV of silver-suited Seven standing spread-legged againstsilver bg, hand on stomach
C-STV-D13 PR: two-element shot of Jeri Ryan as herself in saucy lowcut tiger- striped minidress & as Seven in brown outfit, emerging from smoke
C-STV-D14 PR: FLV of Trek babes Seven & DS9's Jadzia Dax standing spread- legged amidst smoke, small inset of somber Janeway included
C-STV-D15 FLV of Borg hive vessel, lit up against black bg
C-STV-D16 MS of Neelix astride bicycle, flanked by human Nazi soldier &Hirogen in SS officer's uniform. Killing Game
C-STV-D17 Dazzling MS of Seven in lowcut club chanteuse attire, long blonde hair flowing past shoulders. Killing Game
C-STV-D18 Cont. D17, Seven turns attention to something OS, face in profile
C-STV-E1 PR: fantastic FLV of fifth season cast posed on bridge, Seven now in two-toned blue outfit & Janeway's hair is FINALLY pulled down
C-STV-E2 PR: PRT of Janeway posed under soft blue lighting
C-STV-E3 PR: PRT of Chakotay leaning arm against rock wall, hand on hip
C-STV-E4 PR: PRT of grinning Paris in front of rock wall, arms folded
C-STV-E5 PR: PRT of buoyant Kim in front of rock wall, arms folded
C-STV-E6 PR: PRT of Tuvok leaning arm against rock wall
C-STV-E7 PR: PRT of B'Elanna in front of rock wall, arms folded
C-STV-E8 PR: PRT of grouchy Doctor in front of rock wall, arms folded
C-STV-E9 PR: PRT of busty Seven(blue costume) in front of rock wall, armsbehind back
C-STV-E10 PR: PRT of Neelix in front of rock wall, hands clasped
C-STV-E11 MCU of Seven looking aside at Qatai [W. Morgan Sheppard]. Bliss
C-STV-E12 MS of Doctor, Tuvok, Noss [Lori Petty] & Paris (looking throughbinoculars) aboard wrecked alien vessel. Gravity
C-STV-E13 Cont. E12, Noss, Tuvok & Paris(holding binoculars) fixing gazes OS
C-STV-E14 MS of Tuvok & grinning Noss preparing dinner. Gravity
C-STV-E15 MLS of Janeway wearing Queen Arachnia gown. Bride of Chaotica
C-STV-E16 MS of Seven & Prax [Patrick McCormack] as he questions her abouther interlink node. Counterpoint
C-STV-E17 MS of soiled Seven & Janeway eyeing viewscreen as ship isattacked by Krenim time manipulator Annorax. Year of the Hell
C-STV-E18 MLS of Kim, Seven, Neelix & Tuvok (in bg) grimly fixing onviewscreen. Year of the Hell
C-STV-E19 MS of Chakotay listening to slightly mad Annorax [KurtwoodSmith] aboard his vessel. Year of the Hell
C-STV-E20 MS of battered Janeway looking aside, determined to defeatAnnorax or go down with her ship. Year of the Hell
C-STV-E21 Profile MS of Borg Queen [Susanna Thompson] grabbing Seven'supraised arm as drone watches in bg. Dark Frontier
C-STV-E22 Vivid profile MS of Queen & Seven sizing each other up. ...Frontier
C-STV-E23 MCU of Seven peeking over edge of Borg console. ...Frontier
C-STV-E24 MS of statuesque Janeway standing on bridge with left hand on hip,Admiral Patterson [Dakin Matthews] eyeing her from bg. Relativity
C-STV-E25 MLS of concerned Seven, in Starfleet uniform, crawling throughdarkened Jeffries tube. Relativity
C-STV-E26 MCU of timeship Captain Braxton [Bruce McGill] pointing as heexplains situation to Seven their faces partly in shadow. Relativity
C-STV-E27 MS of tricorder-bearing Kim examining alien missile embedded inrock as The Doctor looks on. Warhead
C-STV-E28 Dramatic MLS of battle-weary Captain Ransom [John Savage]screaming on ruined Equinox bridge, phaser rifle in hand. Equinox
C-STV-E29 MS of grim Ransom & Janeway on Equinox bridge, looking aside. Equinox
C-STV-E30 MLS of Ransom, first officer Burke [Titus Welliver] & twoaliens gathered around campfire, watching as other-dimensionalcreatures flit around OS. Equinox
C-STV-E31 PR: sexy PRT of Seven wearing silver costume & hint of smile,leaning shoulder against wall
C-STV-F1 PR: FLV of mostly smiling season six cast on bridge
C-STV-F2 Cont. #F1, more serious pose & Seven's arms are folded
C-STV-F3 PR: MS of Janeway leaning against rock wall, one hand to chin &other on hip
C-STV-F4 MS of Savage & Burke standing in dark with Ankari leader whilesummoning nucleogenic lifeforms. Equinox, Part II
C-STV-F5 Amusing MS of Janeway placing Doctor's hand on her butt as B'Elanna looks on. Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
C-STV-F6 PR: FLV of cast dressed in black against gray bg, tightly posed &enjoying themselves
C-STV-F7 PR: FLV of cast still dressed in black but posed standing, sitting &kneeling on brighter set, just one big happy family
C-STV-F8 Cont. F7, almost same shot but Beltran is flashing big grin
C-STV-F9 Cont. F8, just the guys now
C-STV-F10 PR: artsy FLV of Kate Mulgrew in simple blue dress, stretching arms above head while standing in shadowy blue room
C-STV-F11 PR: smoldering FLV of Jeri Ryan seated in zebra-striped chair, sexy black dress revealing lotsa leg as her long blonde hair flares
[NOTE: #G1-G10 are final seventh season PR portraits against a silver bg]
C-STV-G1 Full cast FLV taken from above
C-STV-G2 MS of Capt. Janeway wearing hint of smile, hands on hips
C-STV-G3  MS of tight-lipped Paris, hands on hips
C-STV-G4  MS of fairly serious Chakotay, hands on hips
C-STV-G5  MS of B'Elanna almost smiling, arms folded
C-STV-G6  MS of business-like Seven of Nine in purple jumpsuit, arms folded
C-STV-G7  MS of wry-looking Doctor, arms behind back
C-STV-G8  MS of Kim, hands on hips
C-STV-G9  MS of Tuvok, hands clasped at waist
C-STV-G10  MS of grinning Neelix, arms folded
C-SWH-A FLV of Leia & C3PO talking to Chewie's OS family
C-SWH-B FLV of C3PO & R2D2, side by side
C-SWH-C MS of C3PO on black bg
C-SWH-D FLV of holographic dancer attired in outre green
C-SWH-E MS of makeup artist combing Lumpy's head piece
C-SWH-F FLV of R2D2, C3PO, Chewie [in red robe], Leia, Han, & Luke posed side-by-side
C-SWH-G Boba Fett, astride giant beast, arrives to help Luke, emerging from crashed fighter [animated]
C-SWH-H Luke panics at Falcon controls, C3PO in bg [animated]
C-SWH-I Han & Chewie, at Falcon controls, enjoy chuckle at expense of C3PO & Luke in bg [animated]
C-SWH-J MLS of Grandpa Itchy's fantasy [Diahann Carroll] on black bg
C-SFD-A PR: dressy family PRT of Don Murray, Barbara Eden with children Randall Batinkoff & Tammy Lauren
C-SRY-A Diagonal image of Stingray submarine in front of undersea wall of rock
C-SRY-B FLV of Stingray submarine resting on ocean floor
C-SRY-C Submarine Titan, shaped like giant fish, leaves underwater port
C-SBY-A FLV of Superboy [Newton] holding out arm against unseen menace toprotect Lana
C-SBY-B Outdoor PRT of tight-lipped Superboy [Christopher]
C-SBY-C PR: FLV of Clark standing posed with hands in pants pockets
C-SBY-D PR: PRT of Lana wearing brown button-down top against blue bg
C-SBY-E Cont. #D, MLS shows her also clad in black skirt, hint of smile on face
C-SUP-A PR: MLS of Superman holding Lois to him as both smile into camerain front of thatched hut
C-SUP-B PR: Superman stands on fake ledge in front of canvas painting ofMetropolis while taking Lois' hand as she stands below him
C-SUP-C PR: Superman amuses two children, one wearing Superman costume,between tree trunks
C-STN-A3/4 FV of the sleek silver & red supertrain
C-TGM-A PR: PRT of Stephen Collins in dark suit, white dress shirt & red tie
C-TGM-B PR: terrific Amsel-like painting of Jake, Jack & Goose in jungle setting done in shades of brown & gold
C-TGM-C PR: MLS of Jake, Louis & Jack, who sits on bar between them
C-TGM-D PR: PRT of smiling full cast, Jake in front holding gold statue, posed in front of bar
C-TGM-E PR: Jake kneels & eyes camera, pair of simians behind each shoulder
C-TGM-F PR: Smiling Jake, holding tarnished monkey idol & Jack, doesn't seem to mind angry simian at side
C-TGM-G PR: Semi-profile FLV of Jake squatting on jungle beach, Jack by him
C-TGM-H PR: MS of Jake & Sarah sitting at Monkey Bar petting Jack
C-TGM-I PR: FLV of Jack sitting atop bar
C-TGM-J PR: FLV of Corky sitting on dock where Goose is parked, ocean spreads to island in bg.
C-TGM-K PR: PRT of Sarah in lacy white dress [different pose from TGM-D]
C-TGM-L PR: MS of exotic Princess Kogi {Marta DuBois] & her main samurai, Todo [John Fujioka]
C-TGM-M PR: MLS of classy Kogi posed with cigarette holder in gloved hand with helmeted samurai in bg
C-TGM-N PR: MS of simian populating exotic island where priceless monkey idol is said to exist
C-TGM-O PR: FLV of simian squatting in jungle tree
C-TGM-P PR: Tribe of simians guard tarnished monkey idol sitting before them
C-TGM-Q PR: MLS of Jake aiming gun at camera while mutually embraced with Sarah in front of Goose
C-TGM-R PR: MS of Sarah posed with arms folded, machete in one hand
C-TGM-S PR: MS of perspiring, tense Jake, pistol at ready
C-TGM-T PR: MCU of Jake sighting OS target with gun braced on arm
C-TGM-U PR: MS of Jake looking like little boy lost
C-TGM-V MS of Jake about to toss baseball into mitt inside monkey bar
C-TGM-W MS of Jake holding cheroot & pool cue stick as Tenboom looks on behind him
C-TGM-X Profile MLS of Jake handing Luger to Sarah in front of Goose
C-TGM-Y MLS of Jake about to hop aboard Goose after Sarah to escape OS pursuers
C-TGM-Z PR: MLS of Jake, Sarah, Louie & Corky at bar counter, all smiles
C-TGM-A1 PR: MS of Jake pouring mug of beer into bowl for Jack on bar counter
C-TGM-A2 PR: MS of Jake grasping monkey statue & looking over shoulder at Sarah, who takes his arm
C-TGM-A3 PR: MS of delicious Princess Kogi turned aside
C-TGM-A4 PR: PRT of Jake holding cheroot. Good one
C-TGM-A5 PR: MS of Jake leaning on bar, cheroot in mouth, next to Jack
THRILLER - 1960-62
C-THR-A PR: PRT of Boris Karloff holding syringe
C-TTB-A Tight FLV of Thundarr, Princess Ariel & Ukla being chased by gaggle of super villains
C-TTB-B Ariel uses sorcery to build energy bridge leading to overgrown city ruins for her & Ukla
C-TU-A Thunderbird 1 & its pilot, Scott Tracy
C-TU-B Thunderbird 2 & its pilot, Virgil Tracy
C-TU-C Thunderbird 3 & its pilot, Adam Tracy
C-TU-D Thunderbird 5 & its pilot
C-TU-E SV of Thunderbird 4 on the ocean floor
C-TU-F Camera crew about to film Thunderbird 3 in launch silo
C-TU-G Thunderbird 2 sits in front of hill with palm trees all around
C-TU-H Thunderbird 3 flying into cloudy blue sky
C-TAG-A MS of Martian rock-snake
C-TAG-B Cont. C-TAG-A, rock-snake opens fire with its mouth
C-TM-A FLV: Neil Perry [John Beck]walks in front of his time machine in field
C-TTT-A Doug & Tony discuss problem in Tic-Toc control room
C-TTT-B PR: title over time tunnel with cast seated fg
C-TTT-C PR: MS of Tony
C-TTT-D PR: FLV of main cast [Tony, Doug, Gen. Kirk, Dr. Swain & Ann] posed in front of time tunnel
C-TTT-E RV of French general entering time tunnel
C-TTT-F Cont. C-TTT-E, small explosions erupt on either side of general once inside tunnel
C-TTT-G PR: FLV of two silver-suited aliens holding Tony captive. Visitors from Beyond the Stars
C-TTT-H DA of free fall elevator shaft in underground time tunnel labyrinth
C-TTT-I DA of multilevel walkways in complex
C-TTT-J Time tunnel office area & living quarters as seen from bridge
C-TTT-K Cont. C-TTT-J, DA gives full view to base floor level
C-TTT-L CU of time tunnel power core
C-TTT-M Cont. C-TTT-L, FLV of core as soldiers scramble across walkway above it
C-TTT-N LS of control area & tunnel chamber
C-TTT-O Tony floats thru time
C-TTT-P Tony & Doug float thru time
C-TTT-Q FLV of Tony & Doug standing amid wreckage at Pearl Harbor. Day the Sky Fell Down
C-TTT-R PR: FLV of Tony, Doug & Ann with arms linked before tunnel
C-TC-A Tom Corbett strikes pose wearing dress uniform in rocky setting
C-TBA-A PR: PRT of Roma Downey as Monica, angel of title
TUCKER'S WITCH - 1982-83
C-TW-A PR: Title above MCU of Amanda Tucker [Catherine Hicks] & herSiamese cat, Dickens
C-TW-B PR: PRT of smiling Amanda & Rick [Tim Matheson] cheek-to-cheek
C-TW-C PR: PRT of bewitching Amanda holding Dickens up to chin
C-TW-D PR: MCU of Amanda, wearing blue sweater, resting chin on crossed arms & gazing into camera
C-TW-E PRT of Amanda, Rick & Dickens, red bg
C-TZ-A PR: New title design which opens show streaking out of window againsteclipsed Sun & Moon
C-TZ-B BS: LS of director instructing Costigan [Fritz Weaver] in front of starpanorama. The Star
C-TZ-C Costigan & Chandler [Donald Moffat] working during deep spacemission. The Star
C-TWJL-A PR: FLV of Jenny standing outdoors wearing period dress & hairdo
C-UFO-A FLV of Space Intruder Detector [SID]
C-UFO-B Female SHADOite in revealing fishnet top
C-UFO-C Straker scrutinizes model of B-142 probe
C-UFO-D LS of lunar module having landed at Moonbase
C-UFO-E MS of Foster, Straker & Lt. Ellis inside Moonbase
C-UFO-F B-142 in orbit around Moon
C-UFO-G Lt. Ellis watches Straker instruct lunar module
C-UFO-H Lunar module in orbit alongside B-142
C-UFO-I Foster leaves module for space walk above Moon
C-UFO-J Foster installs electronometer on probe
C-UFO-K Foster floats near module & probe over Moon
C-UFO-L Straker receives Foster's report, Lt. Ellis looks on
C-UFO-M Straker issues further instructions from console
C-UFO-N UFO taking spin in outer space
C-UFO-O A UFO landed in the Canadian mountain region
C-UFO-P SHADO astro services B-142 in space
C-UFO-Q MLS of Straker working radar tracking unit
C-UFO-R Straker sits in futuristic car, gull-wing doors open
C-UFO-S PRT of purple-coiffed Lt. Ellis
C-UFO-T Lt. Ellis on communicator in Moonbase
C-UFO-U Foster issues orders to Lt. Ellis at console
C-UFO-V Lt. Ellis, doctor study spacesuited alien on bed
C-UFO-W MCU of Lt. Ellis in spacesuit, sans helmet
C-UFO-X LS of Skydiver skimming ocean surface
C-UFO-Y 3 Moonbase interceptors about to take off from launching pads
C-UFO-Z Flying SHADO ski vehicle
C-UFO-AA Sky One in flight
C-UFO-BB FV of Sky One pilot
C-UFO-CC Spacesuited Foster & alien lay unconscious on rocks on Moon surface
C-UFO-DD FLV of Lt. Ellis standing with interceptor crew, two of them in spacesuits
C-UFO-EE PR: Five-element shot: satellite on black bg; two action scenes & PRT of Straker; PRT of Lt. Ellis
C-UFO-FF Title over tight shot of photograph burning in grass
C-UFO-GG AV of Moonbase
C-UFO-HH FLV of Straker standing few feet behind SHADO control radio operator, watching him work
C-UFO-II MS of Straker on communicator at radio control station
C-UFO-JJ MCU of grim Foster
C-UFO-KK MCU of lovely Col. Virginia Lake [Wanda Ventham] aboard SHADO transport plane
C-UFO-LL MS of Straker talking to Dr. Jackson [Vladek Sheybal] as he prepares for surgery
C-UFO-MM CU of oxygen being administered to green-faced alien, his head wrapped in bloodied bandage
C-UFO-NN FLV of Lt. Ellis walking toward camera in Moonbase corridor
C-UFO-OO MS of Lt. Harrington at post with Lt. Ellis at central console in bg
C-UFO-QQ FLV of Sky Diver 1 in position to fire from sub near ocean floor
C-UFO-RR Cont. C-UFO-QQ, tighter shot as Sky 1 launches
C-UFO-SS 3/4 SV of Mobile exiting transport plane
C-UFO-TT SV of Mobile pushing thru wooded area
C-UFO-UU FV of Mobile pushing thru wooded area
C-UFO-VV MS of voluptuous Lt. Ellis smiling faintly at someone OS
C-UFO-WW FLV of interceptor flying over Moon
C-UFO-XX Straker & Foster eyeball Lt. Ellis, who relaxes at instruments after successful mission
C-UFO-YY FLV of runaway Russian oil rig on Moon. Responsibility Seat
C-UFO-ZZ BS: MS of technician squirting substance on wires holding saucer model above miniature clouds
C-UFO-A1 CU of Straker, sweaty as he holds gun on OS rotten person
C-UFO-A2 MS of Foster in diving gear aboard Skydiver
C-UFO-A3 MS of Col. Freeman [George Sewell] seated behind desk worrying
C-UFO-A4 MS of Gen. Henderson [Grant Taylor]
C-UFO-A5 MS of Straker offering Henderson cigarette from case in his office
C-UFO-A6 Cont. C-UFO-VV, Lt. Ellis drops smile
C-UFO-A7 MLS of Lt. Ellis, head cocked & hand on hip [light grain]
C-UFO-A8 MS of Lt. Harrington at her station
C-UFO-A10 MS of Straker leaning on console behind Lt. Harrington as they monitor UFO activity
C-UFO-A11 MS of Freeman talking into microphone at side of Lt. Ellis, her hair no longer purple
C-UFO-A12 MLS of Straker, SHADO report in hand, about to give bad news to woman working at desk
C-UFO-A13 MS of Straker, Freeman & radio operator discussing UFOs or pending blind dates
C-UFO-A14 Cont. C-UFO-A13, Straker & Freeman, in different clothes, flank radio operator as all listen to incoming UFO report
C-UFO-A15 FLV of spacesuited astronauts carrying injured comrade between them on lunar surface
C-UFO-A16 FLV of Shandair flying above clouds
C-UFO-A17 PR: Nice title montage showing prominent Straker encircled by ground & Moonbase personnel & spacecraft
C-UI-A FLV of flying saucer nestled among trees in forest [cut from final print]
ULTRA MAN - 1966
C-UM-A PR: Title in red to right of Ultra Man's crossed arms against sky bg
C-VEE-A MLS of Donovan & helmeted & armed shock trooper flanking Diana, in low-cut red uniform dress, an aura surrounding her head. Blue bg
              [NOTE: C-VEE-B thru C-VEE-J are model shots on black bg]
C-VEE-B SV of visitors passenger ship & two fighter escorts on black bg
C-VEE-C FV of visitors tanker ship & fighter escort
C-VEE-D FV of tanker
C-VEE-E 3/4 SV of supreme commander's shuttle
C-VEE-F 3/4 FV of passenger shuttle
C-VEE-G 3/4 FV of squad shuttle
C-VEE-H 3/4 FV of fighter
C-VEE-I 3/4 RV of fighter
C-VEE-J 3/4 FV of Diana's shuttle showing laser hit
C-VEE-K BS: LS of three visitor ships docked in landing bay of mothership
C-VEE-L BS: MS of technician posed in front of fighter parked at curb as shopper waits to blow it up
C-VEE-M PR: Donovan, camera on shoulder, & Julie [Faye Grant], holding laser rifle, kneeling before Diana & Martin [Frank Ashmore]. V bg
C-VEE-N PR: Red letter V superimposed over MLS of Donovan holding camera on shoulder. Blue bg
C-VEE-O PR: MCU of Donovan in visitors red uniform
C-VEE-P PR: MLS of Donovan & Julie posed with camera & laser rifle, respectively
C-VEE-Q PR: MS of Diana revealing lizard eye peekaboo style as Donovan, at her side, looks into camera
C-VEE-R Donovan & Tony [Evan Kim] crouch in front of porch as they film guerilla fighting OS
C-VEE-S Semi-profile MCU of Donovan, camera on shoulder, watching OS fighting
C-VEE-T MS of a mother, father & daughter [holding E.T. doll] watching OS aliens arrive
C-VEE-U FLV of alien John [Richard Herd] standing in open hatchway of shuttle with arms crossed
C-VEE-V LS of welcoming ceremony being staged for visitors just off shuttle at chemical plant
C-VEE-W FLV of red-uniformed visitors at parade rest next to transport shuttle
C-VEE-X FLV of Donovan, Tony & Kristine [Jenny Sullivan] interviewing visitor at plant
C-VEE-Y Low-angle FV of fighter parked on grass next to police car
C-VEE-Z Low-angle FLV of armed alien shock trooper standing guard before landed fighter
C-VEE-A1 MS of armed trooper standing guard in front of visitor propaganda posters
C-VEE-A2 MS of Donovan in open fighter hatchway with upraised laser rifle
C-VEE-A3 MS of Diana in mothership, guards at side & behind her
C-VEE-A4 Profile MS of Abraham musing before visitor "friendly" poster with letter V sprayed on it
C-VEE-A5 Night shot of fighter parked on street exploding into flames
C-VEE-A6 Cont. 57, tight on fighter aflame at curb
C-VEE-A7 RV of one fighter chasing another into sky above tall buildings
C-VEE-A8 MS of Julie coolly aiming gun at arms length toward OS attacking visitor ships
C-VEE-A9 PR: PRT of Julie in red top
C-VEE-A10 PR: Cont. 61, Julie's left shoulder to camera
C-VEE-A11 PR: MCU of Julie holding up rifle
C-VEE-A12 PR: MCU of Julie making bold stand with handgun at mountain camp
C-VEE-A13 PR: Cont. C-VEE-A12, MLS of Julie about to take aim at oncoming fighters
C-VEE-A14 BS: The Armada set, consisting of model fleet & Moon, Earth photo, black backdrop & motion control camera
C-VEE-A15 BS: MS of technician calibrating one of saucer fleet models
C-VEE-A16 BS: PRT of visual effects team, including Directory of Photography David Stipes & Effects Supervisor Richard Bennett on Armada set
C-VEE-A17 Armada POV of Earth from behind Moon
C-VEE-A18 Visitor saucer armada hidden behind Moon
C-VEE-A19 Saucer hovers over excavation, skull imbedded in rock wall in fg
C-VEE-A20 Saucer flies over west coast of U.S.
C-VEE-A21 LS of giant mothership hanging in clouds above power plant, workers in fg taking in sight
C-VEE-A22 LS of mothership [underbelly] hooked up to refinery complex
C-VEE-A23 PR: CU of actor wearing Visitor lizard mask, face turned aside
C-VEE-A24 PR: Cont. C-VEE-A23, straight-on CU on yellow bg
C-VEE-A25 PR: FLV of rifle-toting Julie, wearing khaki pants & matching blouse, posed behind red painted V
C-VEE-A26 PR: MS of Julie [black sweater] standing before Visitor shuttle
C-VEE-A27 PR: MLS of Donovan, holding blaster at side, & Julie posed with arms around each other in front of shuttle
C-VEE-A28 PR: PRT of Donovan, Julie, Diana & helmeted Visitor soldier
C-VEE-A29 PR: Horizontal PRT of Donovan [camera on shoulder], Julie, Diana & Martin
C-VEE-A30 PR: MCU of Diana revealing lizard eye peekaboo style
C-VEE-A31 PR: Cont. C-VEE-A30, Diana removes hand from face
C-VEE-A32 PR: MS of John posed regally in front of Visitor banner
C-VEE-A33 PR: great PRT of Donovan, in Visitor uniform, glaring aside from next to wall with red letter V painted on it. Lighting makes shot
C-VEE-A34 PR: FLV of Donovan [holding camera], Diana & Martin
C-VEE-A35 Large letter V superimposed over MLS of Martin & Diana, she with arms crossed
C-VEE-A36 SV of lit Mothership on black bg [model]
C-VEE-A37 3/4 bottom view of Mothership [model]
C-VEE-A38 Complete bottom view of Mothership [model]
C-VEE-A39 Top view of Mothership under brighter lighting [model]
C-VEE-A40 3/4 bottom view of Mothership [model]
C-VEE-A41 SV of half of Mothership to show detail [model]
C-VEE-A42 Tight on top of Mothership to show detail [model]
C-VEE-A43 Tight on edge of Mothership to show detail [model]
C-VEE-A44 Full SV of Mothership on animation stand [model]
C-VEE-A45 MS of Diana about to swallow mouse
C-VEE-A46 PR: MS of seductive Diana in sleek red outfit with quilted bodice
C-VEE-A47 PR: MLS of Judas figure Daniel, in Visitor jumpsuit, posed with blaster before shuttle
C-VEE-A48 PR: FLV of green lizard baby
C-VEE-A49 PR: MS of lizard baby. Red bg
C-VEE-A50 Profile MLS of Visitor-uniformed Donovan & Martin pausing to confer in ship corridor
C-VEE-A51 MS of Martin & Donovan inspecting Visitor food station
C-VEE-A52 PR: CU of lizard visitor with human mask torn away
C-VEE-A53 PR: LS of gigantic visitor mothership hovering low over city
C-VFB-A PR: MLS of Julie, Donovan & Diana in serious pose before fighter
C-VFB-B PR: FLV of main good guys Julie, Donovan, Ham Tyler [Michael Ironside], his sidekick Chris Farber [Mickey Jones] & teenager Robin Maxwell [Blair Tefkin]
C-VFB-C PR: PRT of Donovan smiling into camera over shoulder, jacket collar upturned
C-VFB-D PR: MLS of Donovan leaning against fighter with blaster ready to fire
C-VFB-E PR: Cont. C-VFB-D, Donovan standing in front of fighter with blaster upraised
C-VFB-F PR: MLS of Donovan & Julie posed back to back with blaster & rifle in front of fighter
C-VFB-G PR: MS of Diana eyeing camera, posed in hold of mothership. Nice
C-VFB-H Cont. C-VFB-G, head tilted away but eyes still focused on camera
C-VFB-I PR: MS of Diana, wearing hint of smile, posed before big mothership viewscreen, hands on hips. Horizontal shot
C-VFB-J LS of mothership command area with red-uniformed visitors working at stations
C-VFB-K Cont. C-VFB-J, tighter vertical shot
C-VFB-L LS of multi-leveled fighter hanger deck
C-VFB-M Section of hanger deck with front half of shuttle fg
C-VFB-N Fighter leaves mothership in space
C-VFB-O RV of squad shuttle flying over Los Angeles
C-VFB-P LS of Visitor Headquarters exploding on one side
C-VFB-Q PR: Cont. C-VFB-B, different arrangement of Donovan, Julie, Ham, Chris, Elias & Robin posed by shuttle
C-VFB-R PR: MS of Donovan in kneeling stance with pistol, ready for action
C-VFB-S PR: FLV of Donovan kneeling beside Visitor-uniformed son Sean with blaster at ready
C-VFB-T PR: PRT of arrogant Diana. Blue bg
C-VFB-U PR: Horizontal MCU of Diana posed with hand touching wall in cargo hold of mothership
C-VFB-V PR: MS of Diana & Steven [Andrew Prine]posed before Visitor poster
C-VFB-W PR: MLS of Donovan & Visitor-bought newswoman Kristine aboard mothership
C-VFB-X MLS of Donovan & Sean in mothership corridor, looking to escape
C-VFB-Y MCU of Brian, part of face peeled away to reveal lizard skin beneath, laying dead in glass cylinder, a victim of Robin's revenge
C-VFB-Z PR: FLV of Visitor elite: Diana, John, Steven & henchman posed before food processors
C-VFB-A1 PR: MLS of Steven posed in front of shuttle
C-VTS-A BS: MS of makeup man applying lipstick to Diana [Jane Badler]
C-VTS-B BS: MS of extra having lizard arm appliance place over his own arm
C-VTS-C PR: FLV of Lydia, Diana, Julie, Donovan, Kyle & Robin posed in V group formation before large red letter.
C-VTS-D PR: Cont. C-VTS-C, normal group pose with Donovan & Julie kneeling before others. Plain orange bg
C-VTS-E PR: Cont.C-VTS-D, horizontal group PRT
C-VTS-F PR: PRT of Donovan & Julie posed back to back under Diana & Lydia. Orange bg
C-VTS-G PR: PRT of smiling Donovan & Julie tightly posed sitting with armed Diana above them
C-VTS-H PR: Cont.C-VTS-G, longer shot, Donovan & Julie arm in arm
C-VTS-I PR: Cont. C-VTS-H, PRT of Donovan holding Julie from behind, laser fx removed
C-VTS-J PR: MS of Donovan & Julie posed with laser rifle & laser pistol, respectively. Yellow bg
C-VTS-K PR: MLS of Donovan & Julie armed as above but dodging laser blasts. Orange bg
C-VTS-L PR: Cont. C-VTS-K, different pose, both brandishing weapons in opposite direction
C-VTS-M PR: MS of blaster-armed Donovan back to back with Ham as they prepare for assault on ship
C-VTS-N PR: Cont. C-VTS-M, Donovan now aims raygun into camera as Ham glares meanly at his friend's side
C-VTS-O PR: Shadowy PRT of armed Donovan & young freedom fighter Denny [Chad McQueen]
C-VTS-P PR: MS of Ham & Chris, armed & ready to defend God, motherhood & baseball
C-VTS-Q PR: MS of Nathan Bates, arms crossed, & his estranged son Kyle, both stubbornly grim
C-VTS-R PR: MS of Donovan gritting teeth, ready to strike out with his fist
C-VTS-S PR: Armed with blaster, Donovan crouches in mothership corridor
C-VTS-T PR: FLV of Donovan in defensive stance against wall, blaster out
C-VTS-U PR: PRT of Julie in Levi shirt, hair backlighted
C-VTS-V PR: PRT of Julie in green blouse, backlit hair blowing off shoulders
C-VTS-W PR: PRT of Julie in striped shirt, hint of smile on face. Red bg
C-VTS-X PR: horizontal PRT of Robin, hand to chin. Red bg
C-VTS-Y PR: PRT of Elizabeth in sleeveless blue blouse. Yellow bg
C-VTS-Z PR: MLS of Willie in dress shirt & bow tie, towel draped over arm
C-VTS-A1 PR: PRT of Willie as above
C-VTS-A2 PR: PRT of Willie looking cute with chin in hand, wearing suit &lazy smile
C-VTS-A3 PR: PRT of Nathan Bates
C-VTS-A4 PR: MS of phlegmatic Ham holding machine gun in crossed arms ashe leans head against prop of shuttle
C-VTS-A5 PR: horizontal MCU of Ham coolly rubbing chin with forefinger
C-VTS-A6 PR: MS of Diana before change of hairdo, arrogantly facing camerawith hands on hips
C-VTS-A7 PR: MS of Diana holding laser pistol near face, hand on hip
C-VTS-A8 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A7, Diana aims gun at camera
C-VTS-A9 PR: great MS of Diana with now fluffed hairdo & wearing tight reduniform with slick black leather poncho, glow from glove in herhands reflecting on her face
C-VTS-A10 PR: MLS of seated Diana eyeing camera, hand on hip
C-VTS-A11 PR: Cont. C-VTS-11, FLV of Diana sitting up with legs kicked out
C-VTS-A12 PR: MS of Diana, white uniform under poncho, aiming laser pistolaside
C-VTS-A13 PR: FLV of seated Diana with blaster near face. Good look at black& white outfit
C-VTS-A14 PR: PRT of quietly smiling Lydia, square to camera. Blue bg
C-VTS-A15 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A14, Lydia cocks head, parts lips
C-VTS-A16 PR: PRT of smiling Lydia, her head slightly bowed. Brown bg
C-VTS-A17 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A17, Lydia turns body sideways, pouts at camera
C-VTS-A18 PR: Horizontal MCU of Lydia holding laser pistol near askew face
C-VTS-A19 PR: MLS of Lydia square to camera with legs spread & hand on hip,gun down at side
C-VTS-A20 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A19, similar pose, head & body twisted
C-VTS-A21 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A20, FLV of Lydia aiming blaster at camera
C-VTS-A22 PR: MLS of Lydia in sexier uniform with gold shoulder rolls & belt,hands on hips, posed in Mothership corridor
C-VTS-A23 PR: adversaries Diana & Lydia posed back to back in early uniforms
C-VTS-A24 PR: excellent MLS of Lydia [gold shoulder piping on uniform] &Diana posed by Mothership console
C-VTS-A25 PR: MS of Elizabeth at console with Diana, arms crossed, watching her with motherly love
C-VTS-A26 PR: profile MS of Nathan Bates as Diana, arms crossed, looks up at him with smoky eyes
C-VTS-A27 PR: MLS of Diana square to camera with hands on hips as Klaus, black-garbed Visitor assassin [Tom Callaway] look on in bg
C-VTS-A28 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A27, tighter shot with Klaus now at Diana's shoulder, her arms folded
C-VTS-A29 PR: MLS of Diana [early uniform] holding laser gun on Julie, in blue knit top, her arms folded
C-VTS-A30 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A30, Julie turns tables on Diana
C-VTS-A31 PR: FLV of Mary Kruger [Sybil Danning], wearing leopard-skin swimsuit & sunglasses, standing under Visitor flag on outside wall of mansion. She's flanked by Field Marshall Larson & Cmdr. Raymond
C-VTS-A32 PR: FLV of armed Kruger standing between profiled security chief facing helmeted guard
C-VTS-A33 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A32, tighter horizontal shot
C-VTS-A34 PR: MLS of seated Kruger, still in sexy swimsuit, holding laser gun near face
C-VTS-A35 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A34, FLV of Kruger standing spread-legged, thumb hitched in belt
C-VTS-A36 PR: Cont.C-VTS-A35, FLV of Kruger in slight crouch, aiming gun just off camera
C-VTS-A37 Cont. C-VTS-A36, FLV of Kruger seated with one leg up, resting gun atop head
C-VTS-A38 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A37, FLV of Kruger spread out on floor, gun held across upturned knee
C-VTS-A39 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A38, Kruger posed in opposite direction with gun near face
C-VTS-A40 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A39, FLV of Kruger kneeling on floor in sexy pose [no gun]
C-VTS-A41 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A40, Kruger dons Visitor sunglasses
C-VTS-A42 PR: horizontal MCU of Kruger in full uniform, laser gun near face
C-VTS-A43 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A42, PRT of Kruger holding gun across chest
C-VTS-A44 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A43, MS of Kruger square to camera with arms folded, gun in hand
C-VTS-A45 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A44, Kruger turns body slightly & holds gun pointed up away from face
C-VTS-A46 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A45, Kruger turns body sideways, holding gun up near face
C-VTS-A47 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A46, Kruger points gun off camera
C-VTS-A48 FLV of Julie & Robert Maxwell picking up snakes & removing them from cave entrance
C-VTS-A49 FLV of pair standing inside cave as they spot Elizabeth's gelatinous cocoon in fg
C-VTS-A50 Cont. C-VTS-A49, Elizabeth's arm pushes out top of cocoon
C-VTS-A51 MLS of Donovan behind wheel of jeep, reacting to OS alien atrocities on innocent children & animals
C-VTS-A52 Profile MS: armed Ham raises hands as cycle-helmeted Julie wraps arm around Elizabeth during aborted rescue attempt of Starchild
C-VTS-A53 MLS: Diana, in sunglasses, walking toward camera from helicopter
C-VTS-A54 LS of Klaus instructing Youth Corps, including Sean, in martial arts
C-VTS-A55 MS of Klaus getting Donovan in headlock from behind
C-VTS-A56 MS of Donovan, armed with laser gun, opening door to fuse box during fight with Klaus
C-VTS-A57 MS of Cmdr. Raymond, in full lizard guise & wearing red robe & sunglasses, petting rabbit
C-VTS-A58 Cont. C-VTS-A58, profile MS of Diana playing hostess to Raymond, hood of robe over his head
C-VTS-A59 FLV of Mary Kruger displaying her hunky human processing prototype to Visitor leaders
C-VTS-A60 Cont. C-VTS-A59, Kruger shows mummified prototype in scene cut from episode
C-VTS-A61 FLV of Julie bursting into rendition of God Bless America as Willie looks on approvingly
C-VTS-A62 Profile MCU of Elizabeth touching torn away face of Visitor
C-VTS-A63 MS of Willie watching Elizabeth going into her save-the-plot act
C-VTS-A64 MS of Lydia, in uniform with gold shoulder rolls, having typical discussion with Diana
C-VTS-A65 PR: PRT of Charles [Duncan Regehr] dressed in black & holding ringed hand near face
C-VTS-A66 PR: FLV of Charles as above posed spread-legged with arms folded in shuttle hatchway
C-VTS-A67 PR: MS of Charles as above with heartless Diana at his side aboard Mothership
C-VTS-A68 PR: PRT of Kyle in sport shirt & jacket
C-VTS-A69 PR: MS of Chris in all business pose with upraised crossbow aboard Mothership
C-VTS-A70 PRT of Philip [Frank Ashmore]
C-VTS-A71 Slight UA/MCU of Philip looking aside.
C-VTS-A72 PR: FLV of Donovan in spread-legged stance with blaster at ready in mothership corridor
C-VTS-A73 PR: MS of Philip looking off camera, lips parted
C-VTS-A74 PR: MLS of Kyle ready to fire laser rifle at OS lizards. Yellow bg
C-VTS-A75 PR: FLV of Chris standing with upraised gun beside crouching Ham, holding walkie-talkie
C-VTS-A76 PR: fine MS of Lydia posed with drawn weapon
C-VTS-A77 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A77, tighter shot of Charles touching ringed finger to chin
C-VTS-A78 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A77, MLS of Charles & Diana
C-VTS-A79 PR: FLV of Charles flanked by Lydia & Diana posed on outdoor set
C-VTS-A80 PR: FLV of exotically made up Diana & Lydia posed with Philip behind bethroned lizard priest
C-VTS-A81 PR: FLV of Mary Kruger, in leopard-skin costume, posed on grass poised with blaster
C-VTS-A82 PR: MLS of Kruger as above, all steel as she puts weapon near face
C-VTS-A83 PR: Cont. C-VTS-A83, MS faced more squarely to camera
C-VTS-A84 PR: MLS of Kruger as above & wearing sunglasses, posed with blaster under Visitor flag
C-VTS-A85 PR: Kruger as above with arms around robed lizard Raymond
C-VTS-A86 PR: low angle FLV of Kruger as above with field officers on either side of her in bg
C-VTS-A87 Cont. C-VTS-A52, squinting Ham walking behind Elizabeth & partly obscured & helmeted Julie
C-VTS-A88 Cont. C-VTS-A87, FLV of trio running for cover
C-VTS-A89 FLV of Ham covering Julie & Elizabeth as they move to board helicopter but Visitor gets drop on them from inside chopper
C-VTS-A90 MLS of Donovan & Ham bidding each other farewell as Ham leaves for Chicago
C-VTS-A91 MLS: Diana[back turned]& Lydia square off in trial by combat
C-VTS-A92 Cont. C-VTS-A91, MS of Lydia, her face painted for combat, bends forward & extends lizard tongue
C-VTS-A93 Diana prepares to perform ritual sacrifice on Lydia's brother, she & Philip watching
C-VTS-A94 BS: LS of production crew & extras on sound stage housing shuttles in hanger
C-VTS-A95 PR: MS of Donovan posed wearing visitor uniform & sunglasses, blaster upraised before brick wall
C-VTS-A96 MLS of Kruger, in full dress uniform, feasting on ants with Diana, in black & white garb
C-VTS-A97 PR: Hot MLS of Diana in b/w uniform with tears in leg, side & arm [revealing lizard skin underneath], makeup & hair perfect, holding laser rifle. "V" legend & vow "We will return" superimposed
C-VBS-A PR: Chris Robinson. The Death Clock
C-VBS-B PR: Crane smilingly adjusts oxygen tanks on scantily-clad Tippy
C-VBS-C PR: PRT of smiling Nelson
C-VBS-D Crane & Nelson confer across desk in Nelson's quarters
C-VBS-E LS of Crane inside whale. Jonah & the Whale
C-VBS-F PRT of Crane in uniform
                    [NOTE: C-VBS-G thru C-VBS-L are concept paintings]
C-VBS-G Seaview surfaces off shore of new York at height of weather catastrophe
C-VBS-H Seaview plows thru glaciers amid floating New York skyscrapers
C-VBS-I Flying sub soars high above volcano erupting near Manhattan Island
C-VBS-J Flying sub soars low over street scene of fire & destruction
C-VBS-K Seaview floats under gigantic serpent looking to gobble two divers
C-VBS-L Two divers try to escape clutches of giant pink sea monster
C-VBS-M PR: Nelson, Chip [Bob Dowdell] & Crane pose by equipment, red bg
C-VBS-N Flying sub is dwarfed by gigantic algae monster, green bg
C-VBS-O Title under FLV of Seaview submerged near ocean bottom
C-VBS-P PR: MLS of Nelson & Crane smiling as they pose aboard Seaview
C-VBS-Q MS of Nelson & Crane standing over Morton at sonar screen
C-VBS-R MS of uniformed Nelson leaning against bathysphere
C-VBS-S PR: FLV of uniformed Nelson, Chip & Crane side by side, yellow bg
C-VBS-T PR: FLV of Nelson, Crane, Riley [Allan Hunt], Sharkey & Horton posed side by side, yellow bg
C-VBS-U MS of Crane sneaking up behind fishy-looking monster wearing medallion around neck
C-VBS-V Logo superimposed over MLS of Morton seated at console, Nelson & Crane standing over him,
C-VBS-W PR: MCU of Nelson & Crane against bulkhead, looking aside
C-VBS-X PR: MCU of Crane, holding raised pistol, & Nelson tense against multi-colored bg
C-VBS-Y PR: MS of Nelson & Crane, spiffy in full dress uniforms
C-VBS-Z PR: PRT of Nelson wearing dress uniform & hint of smile
C-VBS-AA MS of serious Crane moving along control panel wall of bright lights, pistol raised
C-VBS-BB PR: PRT of amiable Sharkey
C-VBS-CC FLV of Crane & crewman attempting to secure sub during attack amidst shower of sparks, two men fallen at their feet
C-VBS-DD BS: FLV of flying sub model on tabletop
C-VBS-EE Excellent caricature art of Nelson & Crane aboard sub

VOYAGERS! - 1982
C-VOY-A PR: Jeffery Jones [Meeno Peluce] rips thru man-sized timepiece & grabs Phineas Bogg [Jon-Erik Hexum]
C-VOY-B PR: MS of Bogg, in black leather coat, holding Omni & leaning arm on Jeffrey's shoulder
C-VOY-C PR: FLV of Bogg & Jeffrey, dressed in 1900s duds, leaning against edge of era vehicle & smiling
C-VOY-D PR: MLS of Bogg posed in cowboy clothes
C-VOY-E PR: MLS of Bogg posed as Roman spartan with sword
C-VOY-F PR: Sexy MLS of Bogg in brown leather vest jacket & tight tan pants, well muscled arms folded
C-VOY-G BS: MCU of laughing Jon-Erik Hexum in 1900s shirt, tie & vest
C-VOY-H BS: MCU of Hexum smiling into camera
C-VOY-I BS: MS of Hexum not smiling into camera
C-VOY-J BS: MS of Hexum turned aside, passive
C-VOY-K BS: MS of Hexum, hands in pants pockets, eyeing camera
C-VOY-L BS: Profile MS of Hexum in front of wood slat
C-VOY-M BS: FLV of Hexum, hands in pockets, eyeing camera
C-VOY-N BS: MLS of Hexum turned aside & yelling to someone OS
C-VOY-O PR: Title over MS of Bogg & Jeffery smiling big, orange bg
C-VOY-P PR: MLS of smiling Bogg & Jeffery posed arm in arm before man-sized timepiece
C-VOY-Q PR: MCU of Bogg holding Omni before timepiece
C-VOY-R PR: PRT of Bogg in light blue windbreaker, dark blue bg
C-VOY-S PR: PRT of Bogg in white shirt & brown waistcoat, red bg
C-VOY-T PR: MLS of Bogg posed in striped white shirt, brown vest & pants, holding gray cap
C-VOY-U PR: MS of smiling Bogg posed with shirt off, arms folded, white bg
C-WW-A Block title swoops out of space above giant Martian hand putting grip on planet Earth
C-WW-B Cont. C-WW-A, same shot with title removed
C-WW-C PR: MLS of casually clad, serious, cast PRT, Suzanne with hands resting on Blackwood's shoulder
C-WW-D PR: Smiling cast PRT, Ironhorse in uniform, others in civvies
C-WW-E Dressed for battle, Ironhorse wields rifle in front of tank
C-WW-F Our heroes bend over slimy remains of alien on hockey rink
C-WW-G Suzanne tries to get serious with Blackwood, who just kicks back at his desk with hands linked behind head
                  [NOTE: C-WW-H, C-WW-I, C-WW-N thru C-WW-A3 from second season]
C-WW-H FLV of malevolent alien Mothren Malzor [Denis Forest] & Mana [Catherine Disher] posed back to back in their gloomy duds
C-WW-I MLS of John Kincaid [Adrian Paul] flanked by Blackwood & Suzanne, all armed & poised for action
C-WW-J MS of Ironhorse, wearing Army greens & red beret, grimly lofting hatchet [Starlog #148 cover]
C-WW-K MLS of slightly soiled threesome posed closely for camera, boys in jackets [Ironhorse has gun raised] but Suzanne smartly clad in slacks, white blouse, man's tie & sweater, all smiles
C-WW-L MS of Ironhorse & elder Indian companion, both dressed warmly, coldly staring aside in woods
C-WW-M Tightly grouped Blackwood, anxiety-ridden Sylvia & Suzanne looking off at OS alien menace as they stand before chain link fence. Thy Kingdom Come
C-WW-N PR: Adversary pose of Malzor & Mana striking neo-Nazi inspired stance off to side of Blackwood, Suzanne, Debi [Rachael Blanchard] & hard-nosed Kincaid
C-WW-O PR: PRT of bearded, smiling Blackwood wearing work shirt & beat-up leather jacket
C-WW-P PR: MS of ruggedly-smiling Kincaid wearing brown T-shirt, holding jacket with arms crossed atop upturned knee
C-WW-Q PR: PRT of Suzanne wearing white undershirt & gray jacket, smiling as she rests cheek on back of hand
C-WW-R PR: MLS of young Debi flashing ivories against cloudy bg, hands resting on upturned knee
C-WW-S PR: PRT of grim alien leader Malzor
C-WW-T PR: PRT of not-quite-as-grim Mana
C-WW-U FLV of The Eternal appraising firstborn Morthren baby on Earth
C-WW-V FLV of Malzor & Ardix [Julian Richings] cloning their first subject, Ironhorse. Second Wave
C-WW-W Blackwood & Kincaid discover Ironhorse in cloning chamber too late to save him. Second Wave
C-WW-X MS of brooding Kincaid in bar. Synthetic Love
C-WW-Y MS of Blackwood posed with high priestess from planet Emun [Laura Press], who holds up crystal. Seft of Emun
C-WW-Z Profile MLS of sweaty Kincaid taking hands of minister's wife [Diana Reis] as she holds container, trying to help her. Doomsday
C-WW-A1 MS of Kincaid & Suzanne questioning man in club during search for Debi. Loving the Alien
C-WW-A2 MLS of Kincaid, Blackwood & Suzanne trapped in alien hologram. Pied Piper
C-WW-A3 Kincaid, Suzanne & Blackwood are stricken by memories thru power of alien before them in underground shelter. No Direction Home
WEREWOLF - 1987-88
C-WWF-A PR: PRT of Eric Cord [John J. York], part of face shadowed againstblurred bg
C-WWF-B PR: MLS of snarling werewolf inside burning house
C-WWW-A PR: Four-element shot: West & Gordon in two MS's apiece
C-WWW-B PR: MCU of West & Gordon smiling
C-WWW-C PR: MS of West holding a mean-looking device
C-WWW-D PR: extremely handsome PRT of smartly-attired West
C-WWW-E PR: MCU of West
C-WWW-F PR: CU of West
C-WWW-G PR: MCU of West wearing hat & locomotive in bg
C-WWW-H PR: CU of Gordon smiling
C-WWW-I PR: MCU of serious-looking Gordon in hat & cloak, on red bg
C-WWW-J Kneeling West shouts as Gordon looks over his shoulder
C-WWW-K LS of West & group of townsfolk assembled before spacecraft landed in woods. Night of the Flying Pie Plate
C-WWW-L PR: Nice PRT of smiling West & Artemis posed inside blue half-circle on beige bg
C-WR-A PR: FLV of full cast in costumes posed at cave entrance, West holds bomb
C-WR-B MS of West, in white shirt & fancy blue vest, looking mildly amused
C-WR-C MLS of Artemis dressed up as dancehall hussy
C-WR-D MS of Artemis & Loveless' daughter with bomb
C-WBL-A PR: near FLV of Det. Sara Pezzini [Yancy Butler] & partner Jake
McCartey [David Chokachi] in alley, she leaning against motorcycle
C-WBL-B PR: MS of Sara displaying Witchblade gauntlet against orange bg
C-WBL-C MLS of cautious Sara entering museum, gun pointed at floor in hand
C-WBL-D MS of Sara bending down to examine gauntlet inside glass case
C-WBL-F MS of Kenneth Irons [Anthony Cistaro, back to camera], showing painting of past Witchblade wielder to profiled Sara
C-WBL-G Profile MS: Sara & original partner Danny Woo [Will Yun Lee] confront mobster Gallo [George Jenesky] & henchman on sidewalk
C-WBL-H Profile MLS of Woo holding gun on Gallo in street
C-WBL-I Profile MLS of Sara & Irons talking at his mansion
C-WBL-J Cont. #I, MCU of smirking Irons grabbing Sara's right arm
C-WBL-K MS of Woo & McCartey talking over street event
C-W&W-A Candid MS of tuxedoed Jeff Conaway arm-in-arm with prettyblonde girlfriend, both smiling
C-W&W-B PR: PRT of Princess Ariel [Julia Duffy]
C-W&W-C PR: PRT of handsome, but deadly Prince Blackpool, hint of smile
C-W&W-D PR: MS of Bethel [Randi Brooks], fetching in low-cut peasant dress,sitting with hands in lap
C-W&W-E PR: FLV of Bethel standing inside castle, knockout in gold,downright s[k]inful costume
C-W&W-F MS of Greystone [Conway] & Marko [Walter Olkewics] side-by- side inside castle, talking
C-W&W-G MS of Blackpool raising sword, looking OS
C-W&W-H MS: Blackpool, surrounded by candles, scheming as Bethel listens
C-W&W-I MS: Blackpool & Vector in woods at night, looking OS [light grain]
C-W&W-J Greystone & Blackpool [back turned] clash swords inside tent,Marko in bg
C-W&W-K MS of Blackpool holding diamond at end of necklace, other hand onsword
C-W&W-L MS: Kin Baaldorf instructing less then pleased Greystone & Marko
C-W&W-M LS: Blackpool, Vector & henchmen prepare to fire cannon of doom
C-W&W-N FLV of Greystone & Marko [favored] tied back to back withBlackpool standing before them
C-W&W-O Cont. C-W&W-N, MS of Blackpool planing to do away with pair
C-W&W-P MS of smiling Bethel, in low-cut peasant dress, holding pendant
C-W&W-Q FLV of wench Bethel standing haughtily with hands on hips, lookingaside at inn
C-W&W-R FLV of Greystone & Blackpool squared off sword to sword onspiked staircase
C-WW-A FLV of Wonder Woman [Cathy Lee Crosby] tensing at something OS
C-WW-B MCU of WW in civvies, hair up, turning & smiling at her OS boss as she leaves on assignment
C-WW-C Clad in red blouse & white skirt, WW kicks leather-jacketed adversary in elevator
C-WW-D MCU of WW tensed upon sighting something OS
C-WW-E US of WW primed for action on wooden stairway
C-WW-F LS of WW trapped in gas-filled chamber
C-WW-G MCU of WW outdoors surprised by something OS
C-WW-H MCU of WW blocking javelin thrust to face with javelin of her own
C-WW-I Villain in safari togs puts gun to back of WW's head, but she takes it calmly
C-NOW-1 BS: Wonder Woman [WW] practices her leap on backlot
C-NOW-2 MS of WW wearing a generous smile
C-NOW-3 FLV of WW spreading her arms wide in front of her
C-NOW-4 WW kneels down to pick up large log
C-NOW-5 MCU of Drusilla, teenage Wonder Girl [Debra Winger]
C-NOW-6 CU of WW, her expression intense
C-NOW-7 MCU of WW talking
C-NOW-8 MCU of WW in semi-profile
C-NOW-9 MS of WW eavesdropping at closed door
C-NOW-10 Cont. C-NOW-9, WW turns away from door to face camera
C-NOW-11 Hand-to-hips profile of statuesque WW
C-NOW-12 UA of WW with treetops behind her
C-NOW-13 LS from above of WW in woods
C-NOW-14 WW's alter ego, Diana Prince, talking on phone
C-NOW-15 WW beside pillar handling her wrist bracelet
C-NOW-16 MS of WW in her Paradise Island quarters wearing bare-shoulderedlounge gown & pink ribbons in her hair
C-NOW-17 Cont. C-NOW-16, profile CU of WW
C-NOW-18 WW [back turned] with her mother [Cloris Leachman]
C-NOW-19 Cont. C-NOW-18, closer shot of the two together
C-NOW-20 LS of WW's mother strumming harp
C-NOW-21 MS of WW & Drusilla
C-NOW-22 Cont. C-NOW-21, they turn to look at each other
C-NOW-23 FLV of Drusilla in aviation togs with Carolyn Jones
C-NOW-24 MS of Trevor [Lyle Waggner] & WW in dungeon
C-NOW-25 WW tames gorilla
C-NOW-26 CU of WW being subdued with chloroform
C-NOW-27 Female Nazi [Lynda Day George] questions trussed WW
C-NOW-28 Cont. C-NOW-27, MS of female Nazi
C-NOW-29 MS of bound & chained WW
C-NOW-30 MCU of black-cloaked female Nazi
C-NOW-31 Female Nazi poses as WW on stage with Army officer
C-NOW-32 Cont. C-NOW-31, closer view
C-NOW-33 Cont. C-NOW-32, tight shot of officer & fake WW
C-NOW-34 Cont. C-NOW-33, real WW steps onto the stage
C-NOW-35 Cont. C-NOW-34, real & fake WW stand together on stage
C-NOW-36 Nazis observe WW, strapped to slab under hot lights
C-NOW-37 Cont. C-NOW-36, FV of WW on slab
C-NOW-38 MS of silver-garbed outer space visitor
C-NOW-39 MS of WW inside lab
C-NOW-40 WW & alien visitor side by side
C-NOW-41 WW holds her lasso of truth around alien visitor
C-NOW-42 MCU of WW wearing cloak
C-NOW-43 Cont. C-NOW-42, WW speaking
C-NOW-44 Shot of audience with Stella Stevens in center
C-NOW-45 PR: FLV of WW & uniformed Trevor
C-NOW-46 WW hoists large log over her head
C-NOW-47 MCU of WW looking up slightly & to one side
C-NOW-48 MS of WW holding rope on something OS
C-NOW-49 Semi-profile MCU of pensive WW
C-NOW-50 PR: FLV of Wonder Girl in white costume, standing spread-legged with hands on hips
C-NOW-51 MLS of WW frozen in her tracks by something OS
C-NOW-52 PR: MS of WW with crossed arms framing face
C-NOW-53 PR: FLV of WW standing spread-legged with hands on hips asservicemen admire her in bg
C-NOW-54 Cont. C-NOW-50, different pose of Wonder Girl standing in fieldwith hands on hips & legs spread
C-NOW-55 FLV of WW struggling to break free of gorilla's tight grip
C-NAW-A MS of WW petting head of horse
C-NAW-B Semi-profile CU of WW
C-NAW-C PR: FLV of WW spreading wide both sides of her cape
C-NAW-D PR: MLS of WW spreading out left side of cape
C-NAW-E FV of WW in her form-fitting diving suit[clarity a little fuzzy]
C-NAW-F PR: FLV of WW posing with cape, hands on hips
C-NAW-G PR: MS of WW with hands on hips & no cape
C-NAW-H PR: MCU of WW spreading cape behind her
C-NAW-I PR: Near FLV of WW spreading cape at half-mast
C-NAW-J PR: FLV of caped WW pose on spiral starpath backdrop
C-NAW-K PR: MCU of WW posing against blue backdrop
C-NAW-L Crouching WW places unknown device into container
C-NAW-M MCU of WW in diving outfit
C-NAW-N MLS of WW in diving suit, arms spread[preferred over #E]
C-NAW-O PR: FLV of WW posing with group of champion skateboarders
C-NAW-P PR: FLV of WW in smiling tough girl pose on red spiral starpath
C-NAW-Q FLV of Diana Prince, in pink dress & glasses, tied up to column incavern
C-NAW-R PR: FLV of WW posed with hands on hips sans cape on red spiral starpath backdrop
C-NAW-S PR: tight MS of WW staring into camera
C-NAW-T PR: MCU of WW smiling into camera
C-NAW-U PR: MLS of WW standing with hands on hips
C-NAW-V FLV of Diana in business suit, hair in ponytail, grappling with silver- suited alien
C-NAW-W PR: Cont. #C, FLV of WW spreading cape wide, legs apart
C-NAW-X FLV of WW in crouch, bracelet raised to deflect bullets
C-NAW-Y MS of WW on horseback, wearing alternate outfit of lowcut redblouse & white pants with headband
C-WW-A Prt of Col. Jake Caffey [David Soul] & Maj. Kate Breckenridge [Cathy Lee Crosby] in army uniforms. Red bg
C-WW-B PR: MS of Kate, sexy in silk party dress, leaning against box instorage room
C-XWP-A1 PR: FLV of Xena brandishing sword upright against grayish bg
C-XWP-A2 PR: FLV of Xena holding up chakram against gray bg
C-XWP-A3 PR: FLV of Xena plying dagger against blue sky bg
C-XWP-A4 PR: waist-up shot of Xena crossing swords against blue sky in bg
C-XWP-A5 MLS of Xena on horseback, holding torch
C-XWP-A6 Near FLV of Xena ready for action wielding quarterstaff in dark dungeon as sunlight filters in [similar to XWP-8]
C-XWP-A7 Near-FLV of Xena gearing up for action in dark cave
C-XWP-A8 MS of Gabrielle, pensive in simple blue dress
C-XWP-A9 MS of Xena handling sword, surrounded by warriors in canyon
C-XWP-A10 MCU of scowling Xena being comforted by mustachioed man with white hair
C-XWP-A11 MS of Xena & dark-haired female friend wearing lowcut white gown, looking OS
C-XWP-A12 MS of happy Xena & Gabrielle walking alongside horse
C-XWP-A13 MLS of Xena walking toward camera amid dank surroundings
C-XWP-A14 Great MS shot of smirking Xena, good detail visible on armor
C-XWP-A15 CU of Xena warily peeking around tree, looking for danger
C-XWP-A16 Profile CU of Xena, bold expression on face, head turned toward camera
C-XWP-A17 MCU of Xena, head cocked & ready to raise chakram, surrounded by baddies
C-XWP-A18 Excellent MS of Xena pointing at herself ["Who, me?"]& smiling, but her sword doesn't appear quite so friendly
C-XWP-A19 MS of Xena, uncharacteristically soft-looking in ivory dress, hair up
C-XWP-A20 MS of Xena in harem garb, standing rigid as she eyes something OS
C-XWP-A21 Reproduction of poster featuring FLV of statuesque Xena brandishing sword next to taglines & credits
C-XWP-A22 PR: near FLV of Xena looking ready to rock, the text "XENA!" superimposed vertically beside her
C-XWP-A23 MS of Xena staring down OS menace, chakram raised, as fires burn beside her
C-XWP-A24 Near FLV of Gabrielle holding sword in night-time forest
C-XWP-A25 Near FLV of grinning blonde bombshell Callisto [Hudson Leick], brandishing sword & dangerous-looking belly button
C-XWP-A26 PR: FLV of Lucy garbed in flimsy white dress while crouched on outdoor balcony
C-XWP-A27 PR: knees-up shot of wacky-looking, pony-tailed Lucy wearing [not much of a] white skirt & top, revealing bare tummy
C-XWP-A28 Waist-up shot of grim Callisto, looking OS, ready to throw chakram
C-XWP-A29 And they're off! Mounted Xena (favored) & competitor race their horses in this MCU
C-XWP-A30 PR: MCU of Lucy, seductive in off-shoulder black top & Cleopatra-like hairdo
C-XWP-A31 PR: FLV of laughing Lucy, resplendent in ivory period gown with voluminous skirt
C-XWP-A32 FLV (looking straight down) of Lucy laying on golden starburst tapestry in fancy crimson dress
C-XWP-A33 PR: very sharp MLS of Xena standing in forest with sword drawn. Picture is edged by rock wall frame
C-XWP-A34 Super MLS of Xena holding sword, body tensed & ready for battle
C-XWP-A35 CU of alarmed Xena, mouth agape. Oh, those baby blues
C-XWP-A36 MCU of Gabrielle, golden hair blowing gently as she looks aside
C-XWP-A37 MS of Xena lecturing Gabrielle (head turned away from camera) in forest setting
C-XWP-A38 FLV of Ares [Kevin Smith] looming over Xena (favored) in battle as their swords clash
C-XWP-A39 FLV of Xena wrestling Callisto to ground. Callisto
C-XWP-A40 MLS of Callisto, Gabrielle & Xena standing before guards. Callisto
C-XWP-A41 FLV of Goliath [Todd Rippon] towering over chakram-wielding Xena in clearing. Giant Killers
C-XWP-A42 Profile MS of Xena holding up head of minstrel Orpheus [Matthew Chamberlain] in forest. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
C-XWP-A43 Near-FLV of Xena standing against fiery sky, unsuspecting as winged Dryads swoop down on her. Girls...
          (NOTE: #44-47 from
Warrior...Princess...Tramp episode)
C-XWP-A44 MLS of guards dragging Xena into large stadium arena
C-XWP-A45 MS of Agis [Chris Bailey] holding knife to dolled-up Xena
C-XWP-A46 MLS of Xena times three, all wearing ivory gowns
C-XWP-A47 FLV of Xena tied to stake as flames begin to lick at her toes.
C-XWP-A48 MS of Aphrodite [Alexandra Tydings] smiling as she examines Mystic Diamond. Fins, Femmes & Gems
C-XWP-A49 MCU of the Destroyer [Mark Vinello] trying to strangle struggling Xena. Family Affair
C-XWP-A50 MS of Xena beside beefy soldier at sea, distant volcano belching smoke in bg
C-XWP-A51MLS of Xena wearing provocative red dress & gold jewelry, showing off gams while seated on cushions
C-XWP-A52Profile MS of Xena sharing tender after-battle moment with Gabrielle, her hair close-cropped
C-XWP-A53MS of screaming Xena about to sword-clobber opponent in encampment
C-XWP-A54MS of whip-wielding Xena issuing that battle cry before dashing into combat
C-XWP-A55MS of Xena & Gabrielle, holding spear, side-by-side in front of castle gate. A new fave
C-XWP-A56MS of haughty Xena decked out in golden headwrap, standing beside bearded consort wearing crown & armor
C-XWP-A57FLV of Xena comforting Gabrielle as they kneel over body of fallen comrade on battlefield
C-XF-A1 PR: bluish-cast PRT of serious Mulder & Scully against mesh bg
C-XF-A2 PR: similar to #A1 with reddish cast
C-XF-A3 PR: cont. #A2, more evenly lit but Mulder's chin is hidden behind Scully
C-XF-A4 PR: bluish-cast FLV of Scully turned to Mulder in backlit corridor
C-XF-A5 PR: cont. #A4, Scully now turned to camera (preferred)
C-XF-A6 PR: MS of duo behind desk in lab, pausing from work to look up
C-XF-A7 PR: cont. #A6, attention now fully focused on camera
C-XF-A8 PR: PRT of tight-lipped Mulder in lab with arms crossed
C-XF-A9 PR: MLS of Mulder in lab, leaning against counter, hand on hip
C-XF-A10  PR: sitting PRT of red-suited Scully in lab, looking up from file
              [NOTE: #A11-A16 are from pilot episode]
C-XF-A11 Mulder & Scully look up while crouching near rocks in forest
C-XF-A12 Cont. #A11, tighter horizontal shot, Scully's hand over her mouth
C-XF-A13  FLV of Mulder, Scully & deputy observing forensics examiner work over rocks in forest
C-XF-A14 Chilly night scene of Mulder, deputy & Scully looking aside
C-XF-A15 Cont. #A14, wider angle as all study crime scene
C-XF-A16 Outdoor MLS of Scully with notepad as Mulder explains mystery
C-XF-A17  Scully kneels to investigate dirt in sunlit tenement as wheelchair- bound Det. Frank Biggs [Henry Beckman] watches. Squeeze
C-XF-A19 FLV of Mulder (white t-shirt) kneeling on ground. Jersey Devil
C-XF-A20 MLS of Scully standing next to desk, hand moving toward mouth. Ice
C-XF-A21 Profile MS of Scully & Mulder questioning surgeon in hospital. Fallen Angel
C-XF-A22 MCU of Mulder peeking thru bush. Fallen Angel
C-XF-A23 MLS of soldiers dragging Scully away from bldg at night. Fallen...
C-XF-A24 Profile MS of tuxedoed Mulder romancing Phoebe Green [Amanda Pays]. Fire
C-XF-A25 FLV of Cecil Lively [Mark Sheppard] gesturing like it's showtime while standing at end of hallway as wall pictures catch Fire
C-XF-A26 Shadowy MS of Scully attending to Mulder, who holds oxygen mask over mouth. Fire
C-XF-A27 MS of Mulder & Deep Throat [Jerry Hardin] looking OS. E.B.E.
C-XF-A28 Brightly lit MS of Mulder & Scully standing over body in hospital bed. Miracle Man
C-XF-A29 Profile MS of Scully questioning girl in wheelchair as Mulder looks on in bg. Miracle Man
C-XF-A30 MS of seated Mulder & Scully looking up quizzically. Miracle Man
C-XF-A31 Profile MCU of tribal elder chanting over fire burning in bg. Shapes
C-XF-A32 MS of wounded Lyle Parker [Ty Miller] backed into corner & transforming into manitou. Shapes
C-XF-A33 MCU of anxious Scully looking aside. Shapes
C-XF-A34 Profile MS of astonished Scully extricating alien fetuses from freezing chamber. The Erlenmeyer Flask
C-XF-B1 Shadowy MS of sweaty Mulder caught in spotlight like deer in headlights. Little Green Men
C-XF-B2 Cont. #B1, screaming Mulder is sprawled on floor, hand outstretched against OS menace
C-XF-B3 LS of Mulder climbing precariously out of stalled tram car. Ascension
             [NOTE: #B4-B10 are from One Breath]
C-XF-B4 MLS of Mulder visiting bed-ridden Scully in hospital
C-XF-B5 Cont. #B4, Scully & Mulder smile at each other
C-XF-B6 Cont. #B5, Mulder takes Scully's hand
C-XF-B7 FLV of Scully in rowboat
C-XF-B8 Cont. #B7, as boat reaches shore, Scully faces nurse (back to camera)
C-XF-B9 Scully lays unconciouson table in fg while out-of-focus father, Capt. Scully [Don Davis] watches over her in bg
C-XF-B11 MS of Scully taken aback as spore tendril erupts from neck of Jesse O'Neil. Firewalker
C-XF-B12 FLV of Mulder & Scully conferring with Sheriff Mazeroski [Steve Eastin] in woods. Red Museum
C-XF-B13 Mulder & Scully examine voodoo markings on tree. Fresh Bones
C-XF-B14 CU of Mulder (favored) & Scully at funeral. Humbug
C-XF-B15 Profile MLS of Mulder by phonebooth, watching helicopter land in distance. F. Emasculata
C-XF-B16 MS of Mulder striding by chopper about to ejaculate CDC personnel F. Emasculata
C-XF-B17 MCU of Mulder & Scully bent intently over computer. Soft Light
C-XF-B18 DA of sun-drenched alien skeleton. Anasazi
C-XF-C1 MS of Scully leaning close to Clyde Bruckman [Peter Boyle] seated at desk. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
C-XF-C2 Outdoor MS of Scully holding up vial as Mulder watches. 2Shy
C-XF-C3 MS of Scully, Mulder & Det. Cross [James Handy] examining bloody body on stretcher by ambulance. 2Shy
C-XF-C4 MCU of Mulder listening to disheveled Lucy Householder. Oubliette
C-XF-C5 MLS: Mulder running toward camera along trainyard rooftop. Nisei
C-XF-C6 Soldiers load alien-human hybrids into trucks. 731
C-XF-C7 MS of Alex Krycek [Nicholas Lea] bathed in magenta light. Piper Maru
C-XF-C8 Mulder, Scully & Det. Glen Chao [B.D. Wong] march toward camera in Chinatown. Hell Money
C-XF-C9 CU of Skinner, who has been framed for murder. Avatar
C-XF-C10 MS of skeptic Scully & Mulder listening to Sheriff Lance Hindt [Chris Ellis] at lake. Quagmire
C-XF-C11 Cont. #C10, Hindt turns away from camera as he lifts rope
C-XF-C12 MS of Mulder holding alien spike weapon as he & Scully explore trashed bldng. Talitha Cumi
C-XF-C13 MS of Mulder as he begins to assault Cigarette-Smoking Man [William B. Davis]. Talitha Cumi
C-XF-C14 MS of Scully caught by surprise
C-XF-C15 Virtually same as #C12
C-XF-D1 MS: Mulder kneels in field, talking to sister-clone [Vanessa Morley] & friend as Jeremiah Smith [Roy Thinnes] observes. Herrenvolk
C-XF-D2 MCU: Skinner & Scully eye camera in office. Field Where I Died
C-XF-D3 MS of Mulder in grassy field, arms in air. Field...
C-XF-D4 MS of Scully holding up Jacob Weiss [David Groh] as Mulder tries to cut him loose from noose. Kaddish
C-XF-D5 MS: airplane cabin is bathed in light as obscured Max Fenig [Scott Bellis] gets sucked out of emergency exit. Tempus Fugit
C-XF-D6 CU of Scully examining frozen body of Dr. Yonechi [Hiro Kanagawa], breathing tube stuck in his mouth. Synchrony
C-XF-D7 MS of fazed Mulder in lab, taken aback as Yonechi bursts into flame. Synchrony
C-XF-D8 Cool MS of Scully standing next to badge-flashin' Mulder. Small Potatoes
C-XF-D9 Skinner stands coolly as nurse checks on bee sting victim in hospital. Zero Sum
C-XF-E1 PR: Det. John Munch [Richard Belzer] presents Lone Gunmen Langly [Dean Haglund], Frohike [Tom Braidwood] & Byers [Bruce Harwood], who are behind bars. Unusual Suspects
C-XF-E2 MS of masked Scully looking at blood test results under light. Christmas Carol
C-XF-E3 FLV of Scully holding hand of little Emily [Lauren Diewold]. Christmas Carol
C-XF-E4 MLS of Scully turning away from blue paint-drenched Nathan Bowman. Kitsunegari
C-XF-E5 MS of open-mouthed Scully regarding little Polly Turner [Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson], who holds Chinga, the devil doll. Chinga
C-XF-E6 CU of handsome but slimy Krycek in black leather coat & turtleneck. Patient X
C-XF-E7 MS of Mulder reaching out to touch cheek of unconscious Scully in hospital bed. Red & the Black
C-XF-E8 Mulder listens intently to bathrobe-clad Arthur Dales [Darren McGavin] as he explains history of X-Files. Travelers
C-XF-E9 Terrified Mulder recoils in hospital bed as giant bug creature lowers itself from ceiling. Folie a Deux
C-XF-E10 MS of all-business FBI Agent (& Mulder's former flame) Diana Fowley [Mimi Rogers] seated at table. The End
C-XF-E11 MLS: alarmed Scully, reviewing file, looks up at Mulder. The End
C-XF-E12 Scully & bespectacled Mulder listen to Skinner outside home. ...End
C-XF-F1 Shadowy MS of Mulder & Fowley next to ladder. The Beginning
C-XF-F2 MS of Mulder crouched over knocked-out Nazi officer a.k.a. Jeffrey Spender [Chris Owen]. Triangle
C-XF-F3 MS of 1939-attired Scully, sweaty Mulder & Queen Anne passengers held at gunpoint by partially OS Nazi Spender. Triangle
C-XF-G1 PR: excellent DA of Mulder & Scully standing on bright blue floor
             [NOTE: #G2-G8 are from two-part Sixth Extinction]
C-XF-G2 MS: Skinner brings hand to face of agitated Mulder in hospital bed
C-XF-G3 MS of Scully anxiously standing over still Mulder in hospital bed
C-XF-G4 Cont. #G3, Fowley takes Scully's place, room darkened
C-XF-G5 DA of Mulder in bed of darkened room, surrounded only by monitors
C-XF-G6 CU of Skinner, his face horribly transformed, assaulting Scully
C-XF-G7 MS: concerned Fowley touches Mulder's cheek, clamp device now attached to his head
C-XF-G8 MCU of Fowley & Cigarette-smoking Man under blue glow
C-XF-G9 Mulder & Scully squat down to examine head poking out of ground. Millennium
C-XF-G10 MS of wary Mulder looking aside at morose Frank Black [Lance Henriksen]. Millennium
C-XF-G11 MS of Mulder looking aside as Scully studies Mulder. Orison
C-XF-G12 MS of Scully forced face down on floor by Donnie Pfaster [Nick Chinlund], who ties her hands. Orison
C-XF-G13 FLV of Mulder, Scully, Lone Gunmen & Phoebe [Constance Zimmer] walking toward final shootout. First Person Shooter
C-XF-G14 FLV of kneeling Mulder, cut above eye, wearing combat gear as he lifts sword off floor. First Person...
C-XF-G15 Great MLS of Scully in body armor, headset & goggles, blasting away with huge rifle. First Person...
C-XF-G16 MS of Mulder with gun in one hand & flashlight in other, uncovering bed piled with sludge. Theef
C-XF-G17 FLV of Mulder entering log cabin with gun drawn. Theef
C-XF-G18 MS of puzzled Dr. Robert Weider [James Morrison]. Theef
C-XF-G19 MS: Mulder & amused Scully stand in front of cash register. Theef
C-XF-G20 MLS of laughing Cigarette Smoking Man walking with cancer survivor Marjorie Butters [Louise Latham]. En Ami
C-XF-G21  Grinning CSM introduces profiled Scully to Marjorie. En Ami
C-XF-G22  MS of jarred Scully on boat, holding up computer disks she thinks hold cancer cure. En Ami
C-XF-G23  Profile MS of Scully peering thru telescope on stakeout. Chimera
C-XF-G24  MS of Mulder discussing disappearance of missing woman with Sheriff Phil Adderly [John Mese]. Chimera
C-XF-G25 MS of doctor's arms feeding tubes into mouth of Mulder as he combats insidious infection. Brand X
C-XF-G26 MS of Skinner in profile & Scully, wearing medical scrubs, discussing Mulder's grave condition. Brand X
C-XF-G27 BS: MS of Duchovny, as writer/director, looking thru handheld camera on set. Hollywood A.D.
C-XF-G28 Profile MS of Garry Shandling asking Mulder about FBI procedure. Hollywood A.D.
C-XF-G29 MS of Wayne Federman introducing Shandling & Tea Leoni to their "real-life" counterparts, Mulder & Scully. Hollywood A.D.
C-XF-G30 MCU of Shandling & Tea sharing amusing moment inside coffin. Hollywood A.D.
C-XF-G31 FLV of Mulder standing between feuding sisters Betty Templeton & Lulu Pfeiffer (both Kathy Griffin) in wrestling arena. Fight Club
C-XF-G32 MS: one of twins & Mulder gape at something OS. Fight Club
C-XF-G33 MS: after applying fingerprinting powder, Scully & Mulder observe invisible body of Leslie Stokes [Will Sasso] on table. Je Souhaite
C-XF-G34 MS: Scully & Mulder sprawled on ground as they witness OS unearthly force unleashed on small town. Je Souhaite
           [NOTE: #G35-G40 are from Requiem episode]
C-XF-G35 Profile MCU of Scully showing piece of evidence to Deputy Billy Miles [Zachary Ansley]
C-XF-G36  Scully falls unconcious into arms of Lone Gunmen
C-XF-G37  Kneeling Mulder holds unconscious Scully in his arms in forest
C-XF-G38  FLV: forces of good & evil gather around table to discuss case. Group consists of Scully, Lone Gunmen, Mulder, Krycek, Marita Covarrubias [Laurie Holden]& Skinner
C-XF-G39  MS of ailing Cigarette Smoking Man in wheelchair
C-XF-G40  Profile MS of Skinner stepping between Mulder & Krycek as Marita looks on from doorway in bg
C-XF-H1  PR: FLV of Skinner, Scully & her new partner John Doggett [Robert Patrick], all in long jackets
C-XF-H2  PR: PRT of tight-lipped Scully & Doggett against black bg
C-XF-H3  PR: FLV of MIA Mulder in trenchcoat against white bg
C-XF-H4  PR: MLS of grim Doggett in suit against gray bg
C-XF-H5  CU of pensive Doggett waiting outside office. Within
C-XF-H6  MLS of Doggett regarding Scully, who has taken seat on other end of couch. Within
C-XF-H7  CU of prone Mulder, alien devices pulling his face taut. Within
C-XF-H8  MLS of Scully & Doggett talking outside van in desert as Skinner looks on. Without
C-XF-H9  MS of Scully showing Martin [Joe Morton] baggie of evidence while Doggett glares. Redrum
C-XF-H10 Slight DA of Scully & Doggett looking OS while leaning on stairway outdoors. Patience
C-XF-H11 MS of Doggett in fg & Scully, gun at ready, cautiously entering room. Invocation
C-XF-H12  PR: FLV of all business Scully, in black overcoat, striding toward camera against white bg
C-XF-H13  PR: PRT of Doggett glancing up at camera, mysterious light in bg
C-XF-I1 PR: FLV of final season cast of Doggett, Skinner, Reyes, Scully, FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh [James Pickens Jr.], Asst. Director Brad Follmer [Cary Elwes] all posed around seated Scully, smart-looking in lowcut blue blouse and black pantsuit
C-XF-I2  PR: tight MS of Reyes, Doggett & Scully against brown bg. Very nice
C-XF-I3 PR: FLV of Doggett, Scully & Skinner walking toward camera with authority, all wearing trenchcoats against white bg
C-XF-I4 PR: PRT of cool Scully & Doggett against blue bg
C-XF-P1  PR: MS of Scully standing with arms folded in front of Mulder, both staring fixedly at camera against black bg
C-XF-P2  Cont. #P1, similar pose [Scully's hands clasped] against brown bg
C-XF-P4  PR: slightly tilted MS of Scully posed in front of Skinner & Mulder
C-XF-P5  MS of Scully examining cadaver on table as Mulder observes
C-XF-P6  CU of unconcious Scully on stretcher, wearing oxygen mask
C-XF-P7  MCU of Mulder on his knees as man behind him appears ready to shoot him execution-style
C-XF-P8  MLS of casually-dressed Mulder regarding bloody, zombie-like man
C-XF-P9 MS: Mulder & Scully sit on edge of desk, reel-to-reel recorders in bg
C-XF-P10 Cont. #P9, pair turn attention OS
C-XF-P11 MS of Scully looking up anxiously at Byers, card catalog files in bg
C-XF-P12 MS of Scully seated behind table with another female FBI agent
C-XF-P13 MS of Scully, Mulder & bruised-up man behind them, reacting to OS action
C-XF-P14 FLV of Scully spraying burning man with fire extinguisher as Mulder prepares to throw on blankets
C-XF-P15 MS of mummy-like female cadaver behind wheel of car
C-XF-P16 MS of CSM, having just taken puff
C-XF-P17 PR: MCU of Scully turned aside against black bg, face attractively lit
C-XF-P18 PR: PRT of Mulder against black bg, only face & hands visible (companion to #P17)
C-XF-P19 MLS of exasperated Scully leaning on counter
C-XF-P20 PR: slightly tilted MS of Mulder against brown bg
C-XF-P21 PR: amusing FLV of Lone Gunmen doing "ta da" gesture on iceskates
C-XF-P22 PR: PRT of Gunmen under mood lighting
C-XF-P23 PR: odd MS of black-clad Mulder & Scully surrounded by foliage; image is set within globe against brown bg
C-XF-P24 PR: excellent MS of Mulder & dubious Scully (cover of Resist or Serve: Official Guide to X-Files, vol. 4)
C-XF-P25 PR: MLS of Mulder leaning arm against bluish stone wall. Same tone as #P24
C-XF-P26 Cont. #P25, MS of demure Scully leaning shoulder against wall
C-XF-P27 Cont. #P26, now kneeling
C-XF-P28 Cont. #P27, tighter shot of Scully in crouch & looking off
C-XF-P29 PR: slight DA of Scully in black pantsuit, arms folded as she turns aside against pavement
C-XF-P30 PR: PRT of flawless Scully against white bg
C-XF-P31 PR: cool MCU of Mulder & Scully facing aside in tight pose
C-XF-P32 PR: shadowy MS of Mulder & Scully chest to chest but facing camera against white wall
C-XF-P33 PR: warmly-lit PRT of Mulder & Scully looking attentively at camera
C-XF-P34 PR: slightly tilted PRT of Mulder wearing smirk & bad tie
C-XF-P36 PR: MLS of Skinner in suit & trench coat against blood red bg
C-XF-P37 Cont. #P36, trench coat off & smoky bg
C-XF-P38 PR: MCU of CSM looking OS with cigarette hanging from mouth as he puffs away
C-XF-P39 PR: defining MS of CSM about to take drag from cancer stick
C-XF-P40 PR: classic PRT of Gunmen posed by computer & leering into camera
C-XF-P43 CU of Scully, wide-eyed as she focuses on strange OS event above
C-XF-P44 PR: early MS of serious Scully & Mulder in dark suits against gray bg
C-XF-P45 PR: slightly tilted PRT of tight-lipped Scully & Mulder in brown suits
C-XF-P46 PR: PRT of Scully, wearing brown suit & FBI badge, shoulder to shoulder with Mulder, wearing dress shirt & tie
C-XF-P47 PR: low-angle FLV of Mulder & Scully (brown suits) crouching in creepy mock warehouse
C-XF-P48 PR: FLV of pair again kneeling but clad in blue suits against smoky bg
C-XF-P49 PR: vivid PRT of Mulder & Scully against aqua-colored cement wall
C-XF-P50 Cont. P49, Mulder shines flashlight directly at camera
C-XF-P51 PR: tilted FLV of Mulder, suit coat off, crouched before tan bg
C-XF-P52 PR: nice MLS of Scully in brown suit, arms crossed & lips parted
C-XF-P53 Profile MS of Scully smiling wide at something OS
C-XF-P54 PR: PRT of grim Skinner in white shirt & tie, arms folded & looking away from camera
C-XF-P55 Cont. #P54, MLS with hands on hips under yellow lighting, now eyeing camera
C-XF-P56 PR: interesting MLS of Mulder clad in black, arms holding onto pipe above his head
C-XF-P57 Orange-lit MLS of shell-shocked Mulder in stained sweatshirt
C-XF-P58 PR: FLV of Scully standing at filing cabinet, reviewing actual "X" file folder while eyeing camera as smoke swirls about her
C-XF-P59 Cont. #P58, she's put file away, rests hand on drawer & faces front
C-XF-P60 PR: artsy, tilted blue-green MLS of Scully posed in front of column
C-XF-P61 PR: shadowy FLV of Mulder & Scully, holding flashlight up to camera, both wearing fastened trenchcoats
C-XF-P62 PR: FLV of pair leaning on opposite sides of filing cabinet from #P58
C-XF-P63 PR: gag FLV of Mulder grimacing as hand is caught in cabinet drawer
C-XF-P65 PR: dramatic widescreen CU of Mulder & Scully caught in light, large "X" projected on wall behind them
C-XF-P66 Grainy horizontal MCU of Mulder & Scully gazing upward
            [NOTE: #P68-P81 are from same publicity shoot]
C-XF-P68 MCU of intense Scully in fg & Mulder just behind her. Olive bg
C-XF-P69 Cont. #P68, pullback to MS that favors both equally
C-XF-P70 pair now posed back-to-back & eyeing camera, Scully favored
C-XF-P71 Cont. #P70, both more in profile with slight tilt to shot
C-XF-P72 Outtake MLS of pair (in overcoats) laughing
C-XF-P73 Cont. #P72, back to business: FLV of pair caught in mid-stride but facing camera
C-XF-P74 Profile MS of Mulder (white dress shirt) standing over Scully, her shoulder at his chest as she studies camera
C-XF-P75 Cont. #P74, slight pullback with Scully looking up at Mulder, in rolled-up sleeves, who turns to face camera
C-XF-P76 PRT of Scully intently eyeing camera with parted lips
C-XF-P77 Cont. #P76, shoulder now square to camera, head slightly turned
C-XF-P78 Cont. #P77, pullback to MLS with arms crossed & mouth shut
C-XF-P79 Cont. #P78, now square to camera with slight tilt to shot
C-XF-P81 Cont. #P55, FLV with arms crossed & legs spread slightly
C-XF-P82 Cont. #A8, MLS square to camera
C-XF-P83 PR: MCU of Mulder turned aside & looking up quizzically
C-XF-P84 PR: DA of Mulder mock-punching Skinner behind oblivious Scully in amusing outtake
C-XF-P85 Cont. #P84, Skinner moves in to flirt with Scully as Mulder makes an ugly face while observing
C-XF-P86 PR: dramatic, shadowy UA of Mulder's face
C-XF-P87 PR: very intriguing FLV of Mulder standing behind seated Scully in oddly muraled room as ring of fire encirles them
C-XF-P88 Darkish MCU of Mulder & Scully smiling at each other
C-XF-P89 MCU of distressed Scully
C-XF-P90 Profile MLS of Scully & Mulder, gun at ready, in leafy woods
C-XF-P91 MS of exasperated Mulder talking on cell phone as Scully examines small object
C-XF-P92 PR: cool collage of Mulder & Scully's heads superimposed on either side of big X against mottled brown bg. Series title & words: "Dare to Believe" are at top & bottom of shot, respectively
C-XF-P93 CU of Mulder & Scully with words: "The X-Files ... The Truth is In Here" superimposed against creepy bg
C-XF-P94 PR: FLV of black-clad Krycek, Skinner, CSM & X [StephenWilliams] striking exaggerated poses with large, bright letter X at their feet
C-XF-P95 PR: FLV of Mulder inside triangle shape, holding Scully's hand as she leans on outside. Both clad in shiny black PVC jackets
C-XF-P96 PR: dreamy, filtered MCU of Mulder & Scully in romantic embrace
C-XF-P97 Cont. #P96, Mulder now carries Scully in his arms, holding embrace
C-XF-P98 PR: MS of giggly pair dancing, she in backless green gown, he in all white outfit
C-XF-P99 PR: three-element shot of pair mugging & acting goofy, ending with Scully planting kiss on Muldar's cheek
C-XF-P100 PR: MS of Duchovny with arms around Anderson from behind, both wearing big smiles as they break character. Small inset picture shows their serious alter egos
C-XF-P101 PR: provocative DA of Anderson (in black nightie) holding cigarette as bare-chested Duchovny & Chris Carter sleep in bed next to her
C-XF-P102 Cont. #P101, Anderson snuggles in Duchovny's arms, both naked but sheets cover them from waist down
C-XF-P103  PR: high-contrast MS of Anderson cuddling against Duchovny's chest
C-XF-P104 Candid MS of Duchovny (in tux) & Anderson (in black gown) at Golden Globe Awards, beaming as they hold trophy
C-XF-P105 Candid MLS of duo at Golden Globes, he in black nehru jacket, she in satiny white gown (her pregnancy shows)
C-XF-P106 Candid MLS of Duchovny & then-girlfriend Perrey Reeves, in burgundy dress, arriving at same Globes event as in #P105
C-XF-P107 Cont. #P106, MCU of pair posing backstage
C-XF-P108 Candid MS of Anderson, hair piled in curls atop head, & Duchovny in jacket & tie, at premiere
C-XF-P109 Candid MS of smiling duo posing at museum event
C-XF-P110 Candid FLV of Duchovny, in absurd light paisley suit, & curvy Reeves, in lavender gown, on his arm at red carpet event
           [NOTE: #P111-115 are from same publicity shoot]
C-XF-P111 PR: MLS of Duchovny grinning while looking aside, wearing jeans & chambray shirt, one hand to throat
C-XF-P112 Cont. #P111, nearly square to camera with hands on hips
C-XF-P113 Cont. #P112, arms folded
C-XF-P114 Cont. #P113, grin reduced to hint of smile
C-XF-P115 Cont. #P114, now seated and serious with hand to chin
C-XF-P116 PR: MLS of Duchovny, in brown tweed sportcoat & brown polo shirt, leaning against metal siding
C-XF-P117 Cont. #P116, somber PRT in same sportcoat but green shirt, black bg
C-XF-P118 PR: sexy DA of tousled Duchovny in crushed velvet shirt, flashing bedroom eyes with hands clasped near face
C-XF-P119 BS: Duchovny seated on set, clutching grimacing mannequin head
C-XF-P120 Candid MLS of baseball-attired Duchovny at MTV's 5th Rock N' Jock event
C-XF-P121 PR: FLV of smiling, black-clad Duchovny seated on box, hand to forehead
C-XF-P122 Cont. #P121, now standing & leaning to side while flashing smile
C-XF-P123 PR: FLV of tight-lipped, kneeling Duchovny clad in dark plaid shirt
C-XF-P124 PR: FLV of Duchovny stretched out on couch, looking very "Men In Black"
C-XF-P125 PR: ECU of Duchovny bent forward into camera
C-XF-P127 PR: CU of Duchovny in near-profile, looking aside in dark bldg
C-XF-P128 Cont. #P127, MCU now facing camera & looking pouty, casually leaning on short brick wall
C-XF-P129  PR: PRT of serious Mulder wearing black, making only head visible against black bg
C-XF-P131  PR: FLV of Duchovny in black turtleneck & slacks , seemingly presenting himself for approval
C-XF-P132 PR: horizontal MCU of Scully in red plaid jacket, looking earnestly into camera
C-XF-P133 Cont. #P132, she cracks warm smile while turned away slightly
C-XF-P134 PR: PRT of Gillian wearing doilie-like gray blouse, lips parted as she eyes camera
C-XF-P135 Cont. #P134, now tight-lipped with head cocked back slightly
C-XF-P136 Cont. #P135, now looking extra-sexy with wet hair & blouse pulled off one shoulder
C-XF-P137  PR: PRT of Gillian wearing lotsa lipstick, lotsa hair & velvet dress, hands crossed as she leans into camera with smile against white bg
C-XF-P138 Cont. #P137, FLV with body in profile, arching back & standing on tiptoes
C-XF-P141 PR: MS of wet Gillian in shiny silver swimsuit, waist deep in water
C-XF-P142 Candid MS of Gillian, in black slip dress, hair swept up as she holds award statuette
C-XF-P143 Candid MS of Gillian seated on couch in leopard-print halter & skirt
C-XF-P144 PR: MS of Gillian, in silver satin blouse & black skirt, leaning arm on balcony railing
C-XF-P145 Cont. #P144, MCU against gray bg
C-XF-P146 Candid MCU of Gillian smiling brightly at awards event, sporting vintage look in black dress with large white collar
C-XF-P147 PR: PRT of Gillian, sultry in shiny gold long-sleeved satin blouse
C-XF-P148 Candid MS: Gillian wearing glasses & baseball cap at outdoor event
         [NOTE: #P149-P163 are from same convention appearance]
C-XF-P149 MS of Gillian in white jacket, all smiles as she waves to audience
C-XF-P150 CU as she acknowledges back of audience
C-XF-P151 CU smiling aside as she settles in
C-XF-P152 ECU, more serious as she looks aside, listening
C-XF-P153 ECU, pondering question
C-XF-P154 ECU, now facing front & brushing hair from face , about to answer
C-XF-P155 ECU, reacting to racy question!
C-XF-P156 ECU, she's beaming aside
C-XF-P157 This one's especially nice as she listens intently
C-XF-P158 CU, looking out over audience
C-XF-P159 Profile ECU in mid-speech
C-XF-P160 Profile ECU now flashing ivories
C-XF-P161 MLS seated in chair with microphone & having good time
C-XF-P162 MLS, scrunching up face as if she's smelled something horrible
C-XF-P163 MLS, now contemplative with hand to mouth
C-XF-P164 PR: FLV of Gillian, a vision in lowcut peach gown as she spreads out on bed, propped up on one elbow
C-XF-P165 Cont. #P164, slightly closer shot as she sits up on both elbows
C-XF-P166 PR: DA of beautiful Gillian gazing up into camera, sultry in black gown with diamond straps, red hair ablaze
C-XF-P167 Cont. #P166, now leaning back with eyes lowered
C-XF-P169 Smokin' MS of Gillian in black lace bra & panties, leaning toward camera on bed
C-XF-P170 Cont. #P169, Gillian crosses arm to opposite shoulder to give pushup look. Very sexy against white bg
C-XF-P171 Cont. #P170, now laying back on bed with arms folded below breasts
C-XF-P172 PR: MLS of Gillian, in midriff-baring red spandex top & wrap skirt, pouring sea water on herself from huge conch shell at sunset
C-XF-P173 PR: FLV of tropical Gillian wearing cute Hawaiian outfit & seated in large wicker chair placed upon shallow water
C-XF-P174 PR: MS of Gillian, in bright yellow swimsuit, posed between ropes of swing
C-XF-P175 PR: MLS of Gillian [blue bikini] seated on kayak in lagoon, holding tropical drink
C-XF-P176 PR: FLV of Gillian clad in leopardskin bikini & wrap skirt, seated on porch bench in tropical setting, exposed legs crossed
C-XF-P177 Cont. #P176, FLV leaning back against tree in front of island house
C-XF-P178 PR: FLV of barefoot Gillian in satiny white dress, standing on steps of Polynesian-like lodge
C-XF-P179 Cont. #P178, now seated on steps, looking sassy with hand to chin
C-XF-P180 PR: interesting profile FLV of Gillian in black evening gown with cut-out back, standing below big Fox lot "X-Files" billboard of her
C-XF-P181 PR: sizzling PRT of Gillian, black-gloved hands crossed over bare breasts
C-XF-P182 Cont. #P181, pullback to MLS reveals patterned pantyhose
C-XF-P183 PR: DA of Gillian showing ample cleavage in peasant dress as she eyes camera
C-XF-P184 PR: retro PRT of Gillian in black dress with large white lapels, leaning forearm against steering wheel of 1940s car
C-XF-P185 Candid PRT of Gillian smiling backstage after Golden Globes win
C-XF-P186 Candid FLV of Gillian at media event, wearing black skirt & blazer
C-XF-P187 Cont. #P138, pensive Gillian on floor with legs tucked under her
C-XF-P188 Cont. #P187, tighter gag shot as she presses up on chest & vamps to camera
C-XF-P189 PR: MS of Gillian in satin peach blouse, hands in pockets of black slacks. Very classy & one of our faves
C-XF-P190 PR: hot profile MLS of seated Gillian in skintight purple PVC jumpsuit unzipped to reveal partial breast, leaning head back, red hair offering stark contrast
C-XF-P191 PR: movie poster mock-up shows screaming Gillian in red nightie with tag line promising "Her Dark Places"
C-XF-P192 PR: FLV of bad girl Gillian in pseudo-50s garb, seated on diner chair
C-XF-P193 Cont. #P136, she bends forward & pouts for camera
C-XF-P194 PR: FLV of Gillian hiking up black velvet dress to show a little leg, other arm resting atop head. Stark white bg
C-XF-P195 PR: FLV of Gillian in white blouse & slacks that blend with black bg, hand on hip
C-XF-P196 PR: neat "Blair Witch"-like CU of Gillian as viewed through tangle of branches
C-XF-P197 PR: sexy PRT of soaked Gillian in tight white tank top
C-XF-P198 PR: FLV of Gillian in beaded gown, holding reins of horse on rocky beach shoreline
C-XF-P199 PR: MS of reclining Gillian in white sleeveless jumpsuit that's unzipped to waist, arm atop head. Light blue bg
C-XF-P200 PR: MS of stern-faced Gillian in plaid bikini top & pants, holding cigarette
C-XF-P201 PR: slightly tilted MLS of Gillian tousling hair with hands, wearing see-thru black lace mini-dress
C-XF-P202  PR: bizarre FLV of bare-chested Duchovny in black leather pants, flailing toward camera in wierd bedroom. In bg blowup doll has fallen off bed
           (NOTE: #A-F from the movie, #G-K from the series)
C-YH-A MCU of smirking young Iolaus [Dean O'Gorman] in dark vest
C-YH-B MLS of sword-wielding Yvenna [Johna Stewart], curvaceous inrevealing brown tunic & black leather breeches
C-YH-C FLV of brown-vested Young Hercules [Ian Bohen] flanked by Yvenna& Iolaus as they stride through town
C-YH-D MS of glowering Ares [Kevin Smith] & smirking Discord [MeighanDesmond], both wearing lotsa black leather & metal studs
C-YH-E MS of Yvenna & Herc, hands on hips while observing something OS
C-YH-F PRT of tight-lipped Herc in brown leather vest
C-YH-G MCU of blond-haired Herc [Ryan Gosling] in tan vest, looking aside
C-YH-H MS of Herc, arms at side, looking off into distance
C-YH-I FLV of pensive Herc kneeling on grass, balancing himself with sword
C-YH-J MS of Herc, Iolaus [Dean O'Gorman], & Jason [Chris Conrad] on deckof ship, gazing off to left
C-YH-K MLS of warmly-lit Iolaus, Herc & Jason, all with swords resting onshoulders
C-YH-L MS of Iolaus (back to camera) facing mustachioed centaur Chiron[Nathaniel Lees]
C-YIJ-1 Creator/Executive Producer George Lucas dangling arms over top ofchair on which he's seated backwards on studio indoor set
C-YIJ-2 MS of Lucas posed before Egyptian tomb
C-YIJ-3 PRT of young Indy [Corey Carrier], age 10, posed on bicycle, wrappedin red blanket
C-YIJ-4 FLV of young Indy posed at bottom of steps leading to archaeologicalfind in pyramid
C-YIJ-5 Young Indy posed with pick axe in front of camel at Egyptian dig
C-YIJ-6 MS of young Indy holding baseball bat across shoulders with both arms
C-YIJ-7 MS of 16 year-old Indy [Sean Patrick Flanery] posed in militaryuniform sans hat, thumb hitched in belt
C-YIJ-8 Sitting PRT of teen Indy wearing shirtsleeves, vest & brown hat,holding note
C-YIJ-9 MLS of teen Indy wearing period suit, knee pulled up as he eyescamera intently
C-YIJ-10 MS of Sabu-like teen Indy decked out in jewelled vest, headdress,armbands & low-slung bottoms, upraised sword held in both hands ashe looks aside
C-YIJ-11 PRT of old Indy [George Hall], age 93, holding cane at chest
C-YIJ-12 Old Indy teaching class over table of artifacts
C-YIJ-13 PRT of young Indy's father, Prof. Henry Jones [Lloyd Owen], wearingbrown suit
C-YIJ-14 PRT of young Indy's mother Anna Jones [Ruth DeSosa], wearingflower-decorated hat
C-YIJ-15 PRT of young Indy's traveling tutor, Helen Seymour [Margaret Tyzack]
C-YIJ-16 Young Indy & African boy kneel in brush side-by-side while sightingOS wild animals
C-YIJ-17 MS of teen Indy & fellow soldiers capturing OS enemy movementsthru binoculars
C-YIJ-18 Teen soldier boy Indy takes cover behind grassy knoll & reloads pistol
C-YIJ-19 MLS of little Indy holding safari hat under arm, binoculars slung around neck