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This collection of film color stills is very large, so it is listed alphabetically by person. Please give the page time to load as it has a large number of stills to choose from.

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Glamour Gals

Adair, Deborah
C-GALS-1649 Candid MS of smiling Deborah [Dynasty] Adair in green blouse & brown fur coat
Adams, Maud
C-GALS-1605 MS of wet Maud Adams sitting in water, wearing revealing undershirt
C-GALS-1606 MLS of Maud, in white lace-trimmed unbuttoned top & tight jeans, sitting back on wood steps
C-GALS-1780 PRT of Maud letting towel slip from bare breasts
Agutter, Jenny
C-GALS-519 PRT of Jenny Agutter looking into camera over bare shoulder
C-GALS-841 FLV of Jenny sitting with one foot up on wicker chair, wearing lowcut white pantsuit
C-GALS-842 MLS of Jenny, in black tog with large brown & orange pockets, sitting up on couch
C-GALS-1212 FLV of Jenny in white silk gown with wide open front
C-GALS-1650 MLS of young Jenny seated on white cushion, holding stuffed rabbit in lap
C-GALS-1781 FLV of Jenny, in white bra & panties, sitting at dresser but facing camera with hand in hair
Akin, Susan
C-GALS-2583 MLS of gorgeous cover girl Susan Akin knocking photographers dead as she arrives at NBC for Bob Hope show in glittery, diaphanous creation
Allen, Karen
C-GALS-1918 CU of freckle-faced Karen Allen smiling brightly
Allen, Nancy
C-GALS-30 MS of smiling Nancy Allen posing on Carrie set
C-GALS-520 MCU of smiling Nancy resting face against hands
C-GALS-521 MS: Nancy posing in long-sleeved orange pullover
C-GALS-843 MCU of Nancy, wavy hair falling to shoulders, hint of smile on face. Blowout
Alley, Kirstie
C-GALS-1651 Candid MS of smiling Kirstie Alley in black dress with lace cutout front panel
C-GALS-1782 Candid MS of Kirstie in holiday sweater outfit near outdoor Christmas decorations
C-GALS-2222 MS of Kirstie posed with hand to chin, wearing blue knit top & white skirt. Red bg
C-GALS-2223 FLV of Kirstie draped across top of den piano on stomach, leaning on elbows with feet kicked up, wearing black blouse pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-2351 MLS of Kirstie, in sharkskin swimsuit, standing hip deep in pool, looking up slightly
C-GALS-2584 Candid MCU of Kirstie, in powder blue outfit with padded shoulders, looking over shoulder at camera
C-GALS-2585 Sexy MS of Kirstie wearing strapless white summer frock, sitting in lawn chair & displaying strand of pearls wrapped around forearm.
Allyson, June
C-GALS-844 Woman-next-door PRT of June Allyson in gray & white dress
C-GALS-845 PRT of June smiling big & wearing white blouse with scarf tie
C-GALS-846 Glamour PRT of June in strapless black gown with pearl necklace
C-GALS-847 MS of June, in lowcut black dress, holding up bird cage. Red bg
Ample, Annie
C-GALS-1923 FLV of Hustler magazine model/stripper Annie Ample posed before art deco painting, wearing only black panties & fishnet hose
C-GALS-1924 Cont. 1923, MLS of topless Annie posed smiling against white wall
C-GALS-1925 Cont. 1924, Annie sits before painting, holding breasts
C-GALS-1926 Cont. 1925, Annie now sits spread-legged with arms resting on knees
Anderson, Loni
C-GALS-55 MCU of Loni Anderson smiling into camera
C-GALS-56 MCU of Loni looking off camera with smile
C-GALS-57 MS of Loni in loosely fitting blouse
C-GALS-58 MS of Loni in braless, bare-shouldered dress
C-GALS-168 Candid MS of Loni in heavenly pink gown
C-GALS-169 Cont. 168, MLS of Loni in same gown
C-GALS-224 Candid MS of Loni in delicious lowcut white dress & shawl. Burt Reynolds in bg
C-GALS-407 Candid MS of Loni in sparkling gold gown that shows off her tanned body
C-GALS-522 Candid MS of Loni in another lowcut white dress. Different from #224
C-GALS-638 Candid MS of smiling Loni, in strapless gown, carrying white fur over arm
C-GALS-848 MLS of Loni posed in sexy blue swimsuit
C-GALS-1213 Candid MS of smiling Loni in blue, unbuttoned cowboy shirt worn over leotard
C-GALS-1652 Candid MS of smiling Loni in fetching striped business suit & hat
C-GALS-1919 Tight MS of Loni bustin' out all over in red bikini. Surf bg
C-GALS-1920 Candid MLS of Loni from rear in two-piece outfit with tight white skirt & backless gold lamé top, smiling over shoulder
C-GALS-1921 Studio PRT of Loni in pink sweater & white pants, hand to neck
C-GALS-2224 FLV of smiling Loni sitting on floor & leaning forward on hands, in strapless dark blue swimsuit
C-GALS-2225 Cont.2224, now laughing
C-GALS-2352 FLV of smiling Loni posed on front porch in blue leisure halter & floor-length skirt
C-GALS-2353 MLS of Loni in relaxed pose on couch. wearing lowcut maroon blouse & tan pants, lips parted
C-GALS-2879 Outdoor PRT of grinning Loni in white dress with crisscross bustline, hair to shoulders. Leave Her to Heaven [1989 TVM]
C-GALS-2880 MS of Loni in lawn setting, wearing different white summer dress & exquisite jeweled earrings, leaning against tree trunk. ...Heaven
Andress, Ursula
C-GALS-573 MLS of Ursula Andress posed in tropical setting, wearing orange bikini
C-GALS-1607 FLV of Ursula nude but for towel wrapped around hips, shielding eyes with hand as she stands on rocks overlooking rapids
C-GALS-1783 FLV of young Ursula languishing nude on rock overlooking rapids
Angel, Fallen
C-GALS-2655 MLS of redheaded GLOW wrestler Fallen Angel wearing lacy black outfit, hands on hips
C-GALS-1922 MLS of outrageous would-be celebrity Angelyne, wearing black pants, pink top & sunglasses, posed before the Hollywood sign to highlight ample chest
C-GALS-2354 FLV of Angelyne, Hollywood's most flamboyant '90s nobody, seated outdoors exhibiting herself in hot pink mini-skirt & revealing leopardskin top
C-GALS-2355 Candid MLS of Angelyne waving to OS fan, wearing lowcut zip-front hot pink mini-dress
C-GALS-2586 Candid FLV of bosomy Angelyne rocking out at LA disco opening in garish pink skimpies
C-GALS-2587 MLS of Angelyne, in lowcut animal skin number, vamping at fender of her signature pink Corvette
C-GALS-2588 Cont.2587, Angelyne sits in drivers seat, kicks legs out door & puckers for camera
C-GALS-2589 MS of Angelyne, in revealing leopardskin & hot pink-colored items, peeking out from under sunglasses while seated on hood of Corvette
C-GALS-2590 Cont. 2589, slightly longer shot, Angelyne peeking over sunglasses & holding long-stemmed red rose
C-GALS-2591 Cont. 2590, FLV of Angelyne going oops, covering up private parts with hand & smile
C-GALS-2592 Cont. 2591, FLV of Angelyne leaning back on elbows & kicking legs into air
Anton, Susan
C-GALS-12 Susan Anton poses in magenta swimsuit
C-GALS-59 PRT of smiling Susan & her gorgeous hair
C-GALS-60 Susan flops in hay, wearing sweater & knit cap
C-GALS-61 Susan, in purple blouse, rests on rock in riverbed
C-GALS-62 MS of Susan in cowgirl shirt, vest & scarf
C-GALS-63 Candid MS of Susan in red silk shirt & white jacket
C-GALS-408 FLV of Susan posed in beautiful gold pant/dress
C-GALS-409 MS of Susan, in skin tight jersey, leaning on wall
C-GALS-410 FLV of Susan in same jersey, placing feet in starting blocks for race
C-GALS-523 Very sexy FLV of Susan, in aqua blue swimsuit & matching pants, squatting
C-GALS-1136 MLS of slicked-up Susan in tight black silk dress, holding champagne bottle & heels
C-GALS-1784 FLV of Susan posed sitting up poolside, wearing black bikini
C-GALS-2226 MLS of smiling Susan holding glass of wine, wearing red body suit under sequined red gown clasped at waist, long hair falling past shoulders
Antonelli, Laura
C-GALS-1214 MLS of foreign film queen Laura Antonelli in brown see-thru slip, apple held in lap
C-GALS-1927 Candid MLS of smiling Apollonia entering nightclub, wearing black lace top, black vinyl miniskirt & purple shawl
C-GALS-1928 Cont. 1927, MCU of Apollonia looking aside
C-GALS-1929 FLV of Apollonia posed in revealing leopardskin swimsuit, sitting on white tree trunk
C-GALS-1930 MLS ofApollonia doffing her top for OS Prince near lake. Purple Rain [1984]
C-GALS-1931 FLV of lace-attired Apollonia & girl backups posed for Apollonia 6 album cover
C-GALS-2227 Exquisite FLV of full-lipped Apollonia posed in high-cut sequined silver & black swimsuit set off by necklace & earrings, one hand on waist, other in fluffed hairdo. Red bg
C-GALS-2228 Tight MLS of sexy Apollonia wearing smokey expression, revealing black lace corset, net stockings & long gloves
C-GALS-2229 MLS of seated Apollonia in blue teddy trimmed in black lace, feathered black wrap around shoulders, lips parted sensuously
C-GALS-2230 PRT of luxurious Apollonia, hair side lit in red with hands framing face, wrists adorned in diamond bracelets & black lace
C-GALS-2231 Candid MS of smiling Apollonia, a knockout in lowcut black silk & lace evening gown with collar & diamond jewelry
C-GALS-2232 Cont. 2231, slightly tighter shot under subdued lighting, gazing open-mouthed at camera lustily
C-GALS-2233 Candid MS of Apollonia arriving at American Music Awards, cameraman's delight in blue sequined dress with revealing cutout panel lined from waist to neck in gold fabric, golden headdress framing face
C-GALS-2234 Cont. 2233, MCU zeroes in on face & showy bustline
C-GALS-2235 Cont. 2234, profile MCU of smiling Apollonia
C-GALS-2236 Killer FLV of Apollonia posed at American Video Awards in full-length white creation that defies description but that's a diamond in her belly-button. Outfit finished off with white feathered headdress & wrap set off shoulders
C-GALS-2237 Cont. 2236, tight MLS as she cocks head, smiles & toys with headpiece
C-GALS-2356 Candid MLS of smiling Apollonia in tight summer minidress with attached, open skirt
Archer, Anne
C-GALS-225 PRT of bare-shouldered Anne Archer
C-GALS-226 Pert Anne reclines in pullover sweater & tight blue jeans
Armstrong, Bess
C-GALS-2238 MS of Bess Armstrong, wearing black sweater & diamond earring, peeking out of pink curtain with coy smile
Arngrin, Alison
C-GALS-227 MLS of Alison [Little House on The Prairie] Arngrin posed in braless tank top
C-GALS-228 FLV of Alison posed on beach rocks in revealing swimsuit
C-GALS-229 FLV of Alison kneeling on wet beach sand near rocks in red bikini
C-GALS-l194 Cont 229, Alison squats on sand. Sexy
C-GALS-1215 MLS of Alison, in white undershirt & tight jeans, stretching with smile
Arquette, Rosanna
C-GALS-2593 MS of Rosanna Arquette sorta sexy wearing black bra & open sport jacket, trace of smile on lips
Bach, Barbara
C-GALS-170 DA of Barbara Bach semi-nude in tub of water
C-GALS-230 MLS of Barbara in tight low-cut blouse & skirt holding projectile. Up the Academy
C-GALS-1608 FLV of Barbara seated in cabana, wearing red-checked bikini, lips parted
Bach, Catherine
C-GALS-64 FLV of Catherine Bach in tight top & shorts by car
C-GALS-171 MLS of Catherine in red top & Levi shorts. Red bg
C-GALS-172 MS of Catherine in lowcut white top. Red bg
C-GALS-173 Cont. 172, Catherine pulls her hair back
C-GALS-174 FLV of Catherine in red-hot bikini, posed in front of haystack. She rates an 11
C-GALS-231 Scrumptious poster shot of Catherine in red-checked top & cutoffs, holding daisies
C-GALS-232 Delectable PRT of Catherine in light blue blouse accented by sweater necktie
C-GALS-233 PRT of Catherine crossing her arms to cover bare shoulders. Red bg
C-GALS-234 MS of Catherine posed with arms crossed in red & white pullover, hair blowing
C-GALS-235 MLS of Catherine posed in same top, white shorts
C-GALS-236 FLV of Catherine seated on edge of bed, wearing red lamé gown hiked up to thighs while fixing shoe strap. Love Boat
C-GALS-237 Cont. 236,Catherine raises leg for show
C-GALS-336 FLV of Catherine posed with arms crossed, wearing red-checkered top & tight cutoffs that show off her spectacular gams
C-GALS-337 Catherine reposes on bed, clad in red lamé gown hiked up to thighs. Love Boat
C-GALS-338 MLS ofCatherine, in red knit sweater & white shorts, hand to chin & leg kicked up
C-GALS-339 MS of Catherine wearing big smile & simple blue pullover top
C-GALS-340 MCU of Catherine smiling
C-GALS-411 PRT of Catherine in red & white checked shirt, hand to chin
C-GALS-412 FLV of Catherine in shorts & checked shirt tied in front, enjoying OS event
C-GALS-413 MS of Catherine in tight, lowcut red top & jeans, singing into microphone
C-GALS-414 Catherine sitting posed in girlish Santa Claus suit. Santa never had legs like these
C-GALS-524 FLV of Catherine in a revealing green swimsuit, seated on dunking board
C-GALS-605 MS of Catherine posed in white top dotted with hearts & blue jeans
C-GALS-639 Candid MLS of Catherine, in sequined white lowcut gown, back against wall & hand to hair
C-GALS-1100 Candid MCU of Catherine in strapless orange top, smiling into camera
C-GALS-1101 Candid MLS of Catherine wearing sequined red gown & fur pulled onto one shoulder
C-GALS-1137 Horizontal CU of smiling Catherine. Blue bg
C-GALS-1216 FLV of Catherine seated on floor, arms crossed in front of bare breasts
C-GALS-1217 MLS of Catherine in jeans, braless under lowcut lacy white blouse, holding hair up with both hands
C-GALS-1218 Cont. 1217, Catherine kneels on floor wearing same top with white skirt, hair down
Badler, Jane
C-GALS-2594 Candid MS of smiling Jane Badler arriving for celebrity event wearing black gown, white jacket & large diamond necklace
Bain, Barbara
C-GALS-2239 PRT of Barbara Bain wearing lime green dress & short hairdo circa late 1960s
Baker, Carol
C-GALS-849 FLV of Carol Baker laying on floor with hands behind head & knees up, wearing black lace bra & panties
Barbeau, Adrienne
C-GALS-238 PRT of Adrienne Barbeau, hair very curly
C-GALS-239 PRT of smiling Adrienne wearing white blouse, head cocked
C-GALS-240 FLV of Adrienne kneeling on wet beach sand, wearing unbuttoned red blouse & white shorts
C-GALS-241 Cont. 240. Adrienne cups chin in her hand
C-GALS-415 Dimpled Adrienne in no-bra flowery blouse & white pants, posing on stack of pillows
C-GALS-850 MS: Adrienne in tight white undershirt[light grain]
C-GALS-851 MS of Adrienne with hair up & arms folded, wearing only soap suds [light grain]
C-GALS-852 FLV of young Adrienne posed nude on bearskin rug [Orange cast & medium grain]
C-GALS-853 MS of young Adrienne posed topless with clothes slung over shoulder [medium grain]
C-GALS-1205 MLS of Adrienne, in black dress that accents her curves, arms behind her back & smiling
C-GALS-1219 Candid MLS of Adrienne in no-bra blue dress
C-GALS-1220 Candid MS of Adrienne in blue & white polo shirt, carrying flight bag
C-GALS-1932 Studio PRT of Adrienne, in lowcut flowered blouse, thinking sweet thoughts
C-GALS-2240 Soft focus FLV of young Adrienne posed nude with knees tucked as she sits holding flower to face, other arm held behind head
C-GALS-2881 Lovely sitting PRT of Adrienne in lowcut gray sweater, turned just aside with wry smile
Bardot, Brigitte
C-GALS-1933 MS of young Brigitte Bardot, a doll in bridal gown & veil, leaned back & pensive
C-GALS-2241 MS of 1950s sex kitten Brigitte, body profiled as she smiles winsomly into camera, wearing red sweater & hoop earrings
C-GALS-2242 Cheesecake of Brigitte in red sleeveless top, head held jauntily so hair can fall behind arched back
Barnes, Priscilla
C-GALS-242 PRT of Priscilla Barnes in blue dress
C-GALS-606 PRT of Priscilla in blue blouse, hair cascading to one side. Red bg
C-GALS-779 MS of Priscilla, arms crossed to shoulders, daisies in done-up hair. Blue bg
C-GALS-l138 Semi-profile MS of Priscilla in strapless pink dress with gold belt, bringing rose up to face
C-GALS-2243 Full nude pose of young Priscilla wearing knee-high boots & coat around shoulders, sitting on reflective surface
Baron, Angela
C-GALS-2595 MLS of adult star Angela Baron striking pouty pin- up pose in white bra, beaded black jacket, black lace skirt & net stockings at 1988 industry awards
Basinger, Kim
C-GALS-65 CU of torrid-looking Kim Basinger in profile
C-GALS-66 MCU of Kim, sultry as she eyes camera
C-GALS-175 MLS of Kim posed beside car. From Here to Eternity[TVM]
C-GALS-ll02 Profile MCU of Kim in brown jacket & multi-colored shawl. Mother Lode [1983]
C-GALS-1221 MS of Kim posed nude holding straw hat atop head
C-GALS-1609 MS of Kim, in soft pink dress, seated on cushions, hand on hip. Man Who Loved Women [1983]
C-GALS-1934 Candid MLS of Kim, in belted red top & white slacks, leaning against wall with hand in pocket, thinking to herself
C-GALS-1935 Cont. 1934, MCU of Kim now aware of camera & smiling
C-GALS-1936 MS of Kim leaning forward with hand to chin, wearing black sleeveless dress & matching scarf wrapped around hair
C-GALS-1937 MS of Kim looking over shoulder into camera, wearing dark dress & vinyl shawl
C-GALS-1938 MCU of Kim sitting on divan in white slip, long blonde hair flowing over shoulder. From Here to Eternity
C-GALS-4939 Nice CU of Kim's face as she leans forward on fence metalwork
C-GALS-2346 MS of Kim smirking as she points finger at camera, wearing plaid sport shirt & brown vest. Red bg
C-GALS-2357 MLS of nude Kim wading in surf, wind blowing hair across her expressive face
C-GALS-2882 FLV of Kim sitting at back of boat in canal, looking great in tan business suit
C-GALS-2883 FLV of Kim, in belted white minidress, wading at edge of mild surf, hand behind wet hair
C-GALS-2884 Cont. 2883, MS posed on sand, body semi-profiled
Bateman, Justine
C-GALS-2596 Candid MLS of Justine Bateman in skin-tight gold mini-dress & black waist-jacket, at 1987 Emmys
Bauer, Belinda
C-GALS-341 FLV of Belinda Bauer in pretty, flowing off-shoulder white dress
C-GALS-342 Belinda sits inside door, a red bathing gown draped on her deliciously
C-GALS-343 Bare-shouldered Belinda half sits up in bed. Winter Kills
C-GALS-344 MCU of Belinda, one shoulder bare, reaching OS. Winter Kills
Beals, Jennifer
C-GALS-1222 MCU of Jennifer Beals resting head back as she eyes camera, hands over her head
C-GALS-1940 Outstanding MS of Jennifer in glamour pose, reclining on pillows with hands behind head, wearing long sleeved black dress
C-GALS-2597 Inviting MCU of Jennifer posed on bed in half-unbuttoned pajama tops
C-GALS-2598 CU of Jennifer in bewitching sloe-eyed pose
Belafonte-Harper, Shari
C-GALS-1846 Bitchin PRT of smokey-eyed Shari Belafonte-Harper in knit garment that covers head, tucks under chin & ends in display of hanging feathers
C-GALS-1847 Candid MS of Shari in white top over rust-colored shirt with collar up, smiling wide
Beller, Kathleen
C-GALS-1223 MS of Kathleen Beller sitting up in bed with concern written on face
C-GALS-1224 Candid MLS of Kathleen, in black evening dress & choker, arriving at Hollywood doings
C-GALS-1941 Studio PRT of Kathleen glancing fearfully at something OS. Gray bg
Bellwood, Pamela
C-GALS-1653 MLS of Pamela [Dynasty] Bellwood posed in strapless white party dress
C-GALS-2244 FLV of Pamela posed seated in chair with book in lap, wearing white summer dress partly unbuttoned & pulled down bare shoulder
Benton, Barbi
C-GALS-67 Candid MCU of Barbi Benton at a party smiling
C-GALS-243 MS of smiling Barbi in off-shoulder black dress
C-GALS-525 Candid MS of Barbi, in elegant jungle skins, waving & smiling into camera
C-GALS-640 Candid FLV of seated Barbi posed in tight tank top & gym shorts, one leg up
C-GALS-641 Candid MS of Barbi, in white & blue shirt, looking into camera during celebrity sports event
C-GALS-854 Soft-focus MCU of nude Barbi laying head on pillow, hair curled around shoulder & breast
C-GALS-855 MS of Barbi in all pink, studded bikini outfit & giant feathered headdress, holding balloons, for Circus of the Stars TV show
C-GALS-856 Tight candid MS of smiling Barbi in very lowcut white lace dress worn off shoulder
C-GALS-857 Candid MS of Barbi, in red-sequined black dress, flowing hair over right shoulder, glancing aside
C-GALS-858 Candid MS of Barbi out on town & dressed to kill in silk/satin dress & fur coat
C-GALS-1103 FLV of Barbi, in Levi halter top & skirt, seated on swimming pool ladder handholds with big smile
C-GALS-l176 Autographed PRT of Barbi, in satiny black top, looking soft & vulnernable
C-GALS-1225 Profile MLS of nude Barbi bent forward to taste grapes, her hair backlighted
C-GALS-1226 Candid MCU of Barbi, in blue-trimmed white top, taken on tennis courts
C-GALS-1227 FLV of Barbi posed squatting at edge of pool, clad in black bikini
C-GALS-1654 PRT of Barbi in plunging print halter, cocking head & smiling
C-GALS-1942 MS of topless Barbi shrinking from OS antagonist in scene from horror film
Benton, Susanne
C-GALS-2885 FLV of Susanne[A Boy & His Dog]Benton in catty semi-nude pose circa 1975 by fallen log in grassy forest setting, fabric wrapped about hips & legs
C-GALS-2886 MS of Susanne propped on elbows in tall grass with head tilted at camera
C-GALS-2887 MLS of Susanne in little girl innocent pose framed in window of old abandoned cabin, her arm, long blonde hair & a doll covering bare breasts
Berger, Senta
C-GALS-859 MCU of Senta Berger in wet white top, wrapping hair in towel
Bergman, Ingrid
C-GALS-642 PRT of Ingrid Bergman in olive green jacket with rose pinned to it circa 1940s
C-GALS-1228 MCU of Ingrid in beige dress & veiled hat with necklace & earrings
Bergman, Sandahl
C-GALS-416 FLV of Sandahl Bergman posed in red jersey & boots beside American flag
C-GALS-780 FLV of Sandahl posed spread-legged in red swimsuit & holding sash against backside
C-GALS-1229 Candid MS of Sandahl in spaghetti-strapped white silk top & strand of pearls
C-GALS-1230 FLV of Sandahl sprawled on sand, wearing tigerskin swimsuit & high heels
C-GALS-1231 FLV of Sandahl seated on floor, posed in pink sweater, slacks & strand of pearls
C-GALS-1943 MLS of Sandahl posed in minimal yellow swimsuit, flashing smile
C-GALS-1944 FLV of Sandahl wearing wet turquoise bikini, seated at edge of pool with one leg in water
C-GALS-2245 MS of wet Sandahl at edge of jacuzzi, wearing blue-green seashell bikini
C-GALS-2246 MLS of wet Sandahl stepping from jacuzzi in white clinging shorts
C-GALS-2358 FLV of Sandahl standing in sunlight, wearing only pink pool jacket opened teasingly
Berova, Olinka
C-GALS-1139 MCU of Olinka Berova holding flower to breasts while bathing, looking toward ceiling
C-GALS-1140 FLV of bikini-clad Olinka gingerly wading out of water
Bertinelli, Valerie
C-GALS-778 MCU of angelic Valerie Bertinelli in pink sweater, smiling with hand framing face
C-GALS-860 Candid MS of Valerie wearing big smile & lowcut dark green dress
C-GALS-1141 MCU of Valerie leaning to right side, wearing red top with white stripes
C-GALS-1142 PRT of Valerie wearing big smile & different red top. Sky blue bg
C-GALS-l143 MS of Valerie in sultry pose with arm resting atop head, wearing white blue-striped blouse
C-GALS-l177 MLS of Valerie sitting up on elbow, wearing pretty white blouse & black skirt
C-GALS-1232 PRT of Valerie posed outdoors, lips parted & hair falling over bare shoulders
C-GALS-1233 MS of smiling Valerie in high-necked yellow & gold dress
C-GALS-1234 FLV of Valerie, in green top & shorts, waiting to warm up for network stars battle
C-GALS-1235 FLV of Valerie skateboarding down London bridge in red jacket, jeans & scarf
C-GALS-1236 PRT of sophisticated 1983 Valerie in turquoise blouse & done-up hair. Green bg
C-GALS-1237 MS of Valerie, striking in sashed weave dress pulled off one shoulder & gold coin earrings & necklace, hair done up
C-GALS-1785 Cont. 1141, MCU of Valerie in leaning pose, wearing red top & big smile
C-GALS-1945 PRT of bare-shouldered Valerie smiling wistfully
C-GALS-1946 MLS of Valerie in glamourous sitting up pose, wearing gold dress off pulled off one shoulder
C-6ALS-2599 PRT of Valerie in pink blouse, hand to neck. Silent Witness [1985 TVM]
C-GALS-2600 Nice MLS of Valerie, in belted orange dress & red patterned coat, posed standing with bridge in bg as heiress Maxi Amberville. I'II Take Manhattan [1980 TV mini-series]
Beswick, Martine
C-GALS-68 FLV of Martine Beswick posed in tight sweater, pants & boots
C-GALS-69 Martine sits Indian-style, nude from waist up[grain]
C-GALS-643 Autographed FLV of Martine posed seated with arm resting on upraised leg, clad in brown sweater & pants & black boots
Bisset, Jacqueline
C-GALS-26 MS of Jacqueline Bisset in shoulderless blue dress
C-GALS-32 MCU of stylish-looking Jacqueline
C-GALS-90 Jacqueline crosses arms over propped up knees
C-GALS-71 Scuba-diving Jacqueline in underwater trouble. The Deep
C-GALS-176 FLV of Jacqueline in scuba gear, primping. ...Deep
C-GALS-244 PRT of Jacqueline, flashing pretty green eyes
C-GALS-245 Cont. 244, Jacqueline puts hand to chin
C-GALS-246 MLS of bikinied Jacqueline, arms spread high as she frolics in surf
C-GALS-345 MS of Jacqueline in zippered-down diving suit, sunglasses & straw hat
C-GALS-417 MS of Jacqueline in white off-shoulder dress, smiling at someone OS
C-GALS-593 MS of bikini-clad Jacqueline bending while toweling off. ...Deep
C-GALS-861 MS of Jacqueline, in sheer pink nightgown, resting on elbows in bed
C-GALS-1238 MCU of bare-shouldered Jacqueline
C-GALS-1239 Very special MS of Jacqueline posed in dark brown leather dress & hoop earrings, hair done up & hand on hip. Burnt orange bg
C-GALS-1947 PRT of Jacqueline in 1930s period dress & hairdo
C-GALS-2247 PRT of smiling Jacqueline in period white blouse & gray jacket, hair short
C-GALS-2359 Candid MS of Jacqueline in white silk gown under seethru black lace top, fur around arms
C-GALS-2360 Horizontal CU of young Jacqueline, wearing straw hat, hair short with bangs
C-GALS-2361 MS of young Jacqueline in tight red long-sleeved sweater, dark hair falling past shoulders
C-GALS-2362 Lovely PRT of Jacqueline in soft black blouse with laceup front, hair long & head cocked
C-GALS-2363 Soft-focus PRT of Jacqueline in green top & brown corduroy jacket, long mane behind shoulders
C-GALS-2364 MLS of smiling Jacqueline in Mexican-style red & white skirt & blouse, posed outdoors, hand on hip
C-GALS-2365 MLS of Jacqueline sitting on beach, wearing silver lamé dress hiked past upturned knees
C-GALS-2601 PRT of Jacqueline as Anna Karenina [1985 TVM] in 19th century white dress & veiled hat
C-GALS-2602 PRT of dimpled Jacqueline, straight hair falling past shoulders & glasses perched atop head, smiling aside, wearing black & white print dress
C-GALS-2603 Glamour PRT of Jacqueline wearing willowy lowcut black cocktail dress, hair done up
C-GALS-2604 Jaunty MLS of Jacqueline in long-sleeved black dress embellished with elaborate bodice filigree, hands on hips, hair swept to one side. White bg
C-GALS-2605 Candid MLS of Jacqueline wearing braless white dress with front slit to waist
C-GALS-2606 Horizontal PRT of winsomely smiling Jacqueline covered in furs. her beautiful hairdo highiighted with sparkles
C-GALS-2888 MS of Jacqueline, in tight brown ladies tee with leather strap across chest, looking aside on roadway. When Time Ran Out [1980]
Black, Karen
C-GALS-73 CU of Karen Black
C-GALS-74 MCU of Karen
Blackman, Honor
C-GALS-418 Smiling Honor Blackman poses on floor in light purple top & pants circa 1964
Blair, Linda
C-GALS-75 Soft-focus MCU of smiling Linda Blair
C-GALS-247 MLS of Linda, in turquoise swimsuit, packing skates. Roller Boogie
C-GALS-526 MS of Linda posed sideways to camera in pretty white dress
C-GALS-781 Candid MS of smiling Linda in frilly white blouse, velvet blazer & choker
C-GALS-862 Candid MLS of smiling Linda showing off lowcut blue dress that threatens to reveal much more
C-GALS-1248 Nude Linda pops out of water & sweeps back hair
C-ÑALS-1241 MS of topless Linda, body profiled, smiling for camera as water sprays over her. She is wearing straw hat pulled down
C-GALS-1242 MS of Linda laying on back with hands over head, white lace nightgown pulled away from breasts
C-GALS-1243 Sexy MCU of Linda in lace-trimmed corset worn to reveal charms
C-GALS-1244 MS of Linda in coy pose, lace nightie pulled away from breasts
C-GALS-1245 Candid MS of smiling Linda in lowcut white party dress
C-GALS-1246 Candid MS of smiling Linda in lowcut black top & light pull-on jacket
C-GALS-1247 Candid MS of smiling Linda in white tube top, white pull-on jacket & pink skirt
C-GALS-1248 Cont. 1246, Linda playfully pulls jacket open
C-GALS-1249 Candid MS of smiling Linda in lowcut blue & purple top, white jacket & turquoise necklace, glasses hanging from around neck
C-GALS-1610 Candid MS of Linda, in soft blue dress with purse under arm, smiling big at camera
C-GALS-1611 Candid MS of Linda, flashing another sweet smile, in tight red sweater & fur jacket
C-GALS-1612 FLV of kneeling Linda with body profiled, nude but for fancy stockings & blue corset pulled off breasts
C-GALS-1613 DA of Linda popping out of wet undershirt, head tilted back & wearing sunglasses
C-GALS-1786 Cont. 1240, nude Linda pops out of water & presses breasts together
C-GALS-1787 Cont. 1241, MS of topless Linda mouthing delight as water pours over her body. Red headband replaces straw hat
C-GALS-1788 MLS of still wet Linda arching nude body while coyly posed on blanket
C-GALS-1789 Cont. 1243, Linda faces camera & blows kiss, lace-trimmed corset pulled below breasts
C-GALS-1790 Cont. 1244, more Linda revealed in lace nightie
C-GALS-1948 Candid MLS of smiling Linda wearing very lowcut off shoulder white party dress
C-GALS-1949 Candid MLS of smiling Linda in very lowcut sequined evening gown & matching jacket
C-GALS-1950 Candid MS of smiling Linda in strapless black evening dress with gold/silver choker
C-GALS-1951 Candid MS of smiling Linda in sexy blue lace top with black coat over shoulders & hat
C-GALS-1952 MS of Linda posing on Hollywood street with hands on hips, wearing 1950s style turquoise top knotted tightly under bosom
C-GALS-2366 Candid MS of smiling Linda wearing lowcut black evening dress & diamond necklace
C-GALS-2367 MLS of smiling Linda, in pink & blue aerobics wear, astride exercise bicycle, hair cropped
C-GALS-2368 Ravishing MLS of Linda in sheer white lace dress that clings to every curve, lips pouty & hand on hip
C-GALS-2369 Cont. 2368, Linda turns body sideways & drops top of dress under upturned breast, lips parted. Sexy
Bohay, Heidi
C-GALS-1655 Candid MS of smiling Heidi [Hotel] Bohay in red & brown checked blouse & wrap
C-GALS-1791 MLS of Heidi stretched on floor in showy lowcut evening dress. Purple bg
C-GALS-1953 Candid MCU of Heidi, in red sweater & black coat, smiling sweetly for camera
C-GALS-2248 PRT of smiling Heidi in blue & white v-neck sweater. Blue bg
C-GALS-2249 Cont. 2248, MS of Heidi with arms folded
C-GALS-2607 1985 candid MS of radiantly smiling Heidi wearing powder blue dress
Boone, Debbie
C-GALS-346 Candid MS of smiling Debbie Boone in green blouse & white evening jacket
Bouchet, Barbara
C-GALS-13 CU of Barbara Bouchet, light accenting blonde hair
C-GALS-1250 Smashing 1980 PRT of Barbara with black sweater pulled off shoulders & held below upper breasts
Boyer, Erica
C-GALS-2608 FLV of adult actress Erica Boyer on hands & knees against potted plant setting, wearing white panties, black pumps & lei, arm partly hiding breasts
Brennan, Colleen
C-GALS-2370 MS of adult actress Colleen Brennan smiling wide as she nearly falls out of lowcut silk red dress
C-GALS-2371 Cont. 2370, Colleen sits with legs crossed & talks to camera while bent forward provocatively
C-GALS-2372 Cont. 2371, MS of Colleen looking down at breasts pushing them up with both hands
Bresee, Bobbie
C-GALS-347 MLS of super-sexy horror star Bobbie Bresee in stunning swimsuit, hands on hips
C-GALS-348 MLS of braless Bobbie in see-thru red top, hands
reaching behind her head
C-GALS-1614 MLS of Bobbie in white bikini, one hand behind head & one on thigh, posed against Zebra-skin bg
C-GALS-1615 Cont. 1614. slightly different pose with hands over her head
Brinkley, Christie
C-GALS-1251 Candid MS of Christie Brinkley in white blouse & gray jacket & skirt, looking aside with big smile
C-GALS-1252 MS of wet Christie in red swimsuit
C-GALS-1253 MLS of Christie posed in pink bikini against beach, sunset & seagull backdrop
C-GALS-1254 FLV of Christie seated on rock, wearing body- molding gold swimsuit
C-GALS-1792 MS of Christie, wearing white undershirt [no bra] , stretching arms high over head while exercising
C-GALS-1793 MLS of smiling Christie, a stunner in red & silver swimsuit, about to slip into matching jacket
C-GALS-1954 MLS of Christie posing seductively in shiny black swimsuit against wall
C-GALS-2373 FLV of Christie, delectable in white bikini, leaning back against palm tree trunk with one leg up, long hair swept to one side
C-GALS-2374 FLV of Christie in different white bikini, posed on tiptoe with hands over head, lips parted
C-GALS-2375 Cont. 2374, Christie pulling on pink skirt
C-GALS-2609 MLS of Christie modeling beaded, black swimsuit, hands holding back hair, big smile on face
C-GALS-2610 Fetching FLV of Christie in white bikini, one knee up as she leans back against palm tree near marina
C-GALS-2611 FLV of Christie in knockout pinup tiptoe pose, wearing different white bikini
C-GALS-2612 Horizontal FLV of Christie, in skimpy black swimsuit, eyeing camera while spread out on rubber raft in pool
C-GALS-2889 FLV of Christie sitting playfully in directors chair with tropical drink & arms flung wide, wearing off shoulder black jumpsuit
C-GALS-2890 Cont. 2889, great MS in more modest but sexier pose with hair spilling to one side & lips open
Brittany, Morgan
C-GALS-248 MS of Morgan Brittany as Vivien Leigh in austere white dress. Moviola
C-GALS-863 Candid MS of Morgan, in lacy white long-sleeved blouse & pink waist sash, hands on hips
C-GALS-1255 Candid MS of smiling Morgan in black-trimmed white sweater
C-GALS-1256 Candid MLS of Morgan, in black evening dress & wrap & diamond necklace, seated on couch
C-GALS-1616 Candid MS of Morgan in white dress trimmed in black, smiling into camera
C-GALS-1617 Candid MLS of Morgan in lace-trimmed white dress with pink sash, hands clasped
C-GALS-1618 Candid MS of smiling Morgan in semi-profile wearing gorgeous fur coat
C-GALS-1656 PRT of Morgan in pink blouse, lips parted. Red bg
C-GALS-1794 Candid MS of smiling Morgan in tight white top laced down front
C-GALS-2250 MLS of Morgan wearing glowing smile & red & black exercise outfit, hands on hips
Brooks, Randi
C-GALS-1257 Candid MS of stunning Randi Brooks in roman toga-like white dress with gold belt
C-GALS-1795 MLS of nude Randi laying stomach down on beach blanket with back arched
C-GALS-1955 Candid MS of Randi wearing very lowcut striped dress, earrings & big smile
C-GALS-1956 Candid MS of smiling Randi in soft red dress & fur overcoat. holding white snatch bag
C-GALS-2251 FLV of leggy Randi sitting on cushions, wearing red top, white skirt & smile
C-GALS-2376 MS of hardbody Randi in white top with string tie, its thin fabric barely covering breasts, arms over head, lips pouty
C-GALS-2377 MLS of swarthy Randi in white undershirt & blue bikini bottom, hair windblown, lips still pouty
C-GALS-2613 Killer outdoor PRT of Randi in pink bikini top, lips parted sensuously
C-GALS-2614 FLV of ravishing Randi modeling dark blue silk, braless jumpsuit & heels
Brough, Candi & Randi
C-GALS-864 Candid MS of smiling blonde twins Candi & Randi Brough in identical white dresses with gold belts
C-GALS-865 MLS of Candi & Randi posed in satiny red jumpsuits, surrounded by clowns
Bujold, Genevieve
C-GALS-33 MS of Genevieve Bujold looking over shoulder
C-GALS-349 Genevieve sits on throne in Cleopatra hairdo & white gown with plunging front
Burke, Delta
C-GALS-2615 Candid MLS of Delta Burke[slim version], wearing lowcut green silk evening dress & black fur coat at CBS party, one hand on hip as other holds gift
C-GALS-2616 Cont. 2615, tighter shot with both hands on hips, facing aside, smile lighting up room
C-GALS-2617 Candid FLV of smiling Delta arriving at 1987 video awards, smashing in lowcut blue evening gown
with beads & sequins & front-slit, curled hemline
Cadell, Ava
C-GALS-2378 FLV of voluptuous beauty Ava Cadell, Playboy's Pillow Preview hostess, in coy pose leaving little to imagination holding leopardskin top to breasts
C-GALS-2379 FLV of Ava, a feast for eyes sitting on silk sheets, wearing red bra, panties & stockings
Cameron, Joanna
C-GALS-1258 Artfully photographed profile MCU of nude Joanna Cameron
Camp, Colleen
C-GALS-867 MLS of Colleen Camp posed in fancy corset & mesh stockings, hand at waist. Seduction [1982]
C-GALS-1259 MS of buxom Colleen posed topless [light grain]
C-GALS-1957 Soft-focus MS of Colleen bent forward poolside, nearly spilling out of bikini top
Cannon, Dyan
C-GALS-419 Candid MS of Dyan Cannon in white blouse trimmed with lace
C-GALS-527 MS of Dyan in blouse & cowboy hat, hands clasped in front. Honeysuckle Rose
C-GALS-1144 FLV of Dyan posed with hands on hips in designer fashion, silver skirt & jacket with soft white blouse. Having it All [1982]
C-GALS-1260 MLS of Dyan, in light blue summer dress, holding straw hat in wooded area
C-CALS-1657 Sitting PRT of Dyan in blue sailor suit. Master of the Game [1984]
Canova, Diana
C-GALS-1178 Sexy MLS of Diana Canova in sultry pose, wearing sequined body suit with plunging front
Capshaw, Kate
C-GALS-1658 Semi-profile MS of smiling Kate Capshaw, in blue workshirt, arching shoulders
C-GALS-1659 MS of Kate sitting behind wheel of car, wearing glasses & smiling. Best Defense
C-GALS-1796 Candid MS of Kate, body profiled, facing camera with smile, wearing man's shirt, vest & tie
C-GALS-1797 MS of Kate at her cutest with hair pulled back, smiling & wearing checkered shirt
C-GALS-1798 MLS of brooding Kate sitting & holding knit cap. Windy City [1984]
Cardinale, Claudia
C-GALS-76 PRT of international beauty Claudia Cardinale
C-GALS-1179 FLV of Claudia in pose similar to b/w GALS-516
C-GALS-1180 PRT of Claudia with hand near face & looking over shoulder, hair done up
C-GALS-1660 Semi-profile FLV of Claudia, in lowcut white nightgown, holding pillow as she kneels on bed, hair in long braid
Carey, Michelle
C-GALS-420 FLV of barefoot Michelle Carey posed on grass in one-piece halter pant dress circa 1968
C-GALS-421 FLV of Michelle posed in blue bikini
Carlson, Veronica
C-GALS-823 MS of Hammer honey Veronica Carlson in artists model pose, flowers draped in long blonde hair, crossed arm covering upper breast
Carrera, Barbara
C-GALS-1 CU of Barbara Carrera in dark blue silk blouse
C-GALS-78 MS of Barbara in same tight blouse & red slacks
C-GALS-79 MCU of Barbara in glittering gold v-neck top
C-GALS-80 MS of Barbara in same outfit, hand on hip
C-GALS-81 Classy MS of Barbara in off-shoulder white dress
C-GALS-82 Barbara kneels on beach in loose-fitting dress
C-GALS-177 Beautiful PRT of Barbara
C-GALS-178 Barbara clings to pole in side-slit black dress. MLS
C-GALS-422 MS of Barbara in black dress & blue wrap
C-GALS-868 MLS of topless Barbara in beaded leather bikini bottom, water drops covering her body
C-GALS-l145 MS of Barbara, wearing jeans, no-bra patchwork shirt tied under breasts & headband, back to wall. Lone Wolf McQuade [1983]
C-GALS-1261 MS of Barbara in crocheted bikini, hair in pigtails
C-GALS-1262 Cont. 1261, FLV of Barbara, outstretched arms leaning against bent tree trunk
C-GALS-1263 FLV of Barbara in paisley-patterned see-thru garment wind-whipped against body, posed with arms over head before hillside stone steps
C-GALS-1661 FLV of Barbara, in white blouse & tan riding pants, astride horse
C-GALS-1799 MS of topless Barbara wading in ocean surf
C-GALS-2252 MLS of Barbara wearing fresh-faced smile & gold sequined dress, hand on hip
C-GALS-2253 Outdoor MS of Barbara in tan cotton dress pulled off one shoulder, hair backlit by sun
C-GALS-2254 Three-element shot of Barbara: MLS in see-thru bedgown, wet topless MS in jacuzzi & wet topless FLV kneeling on beach
Carter Lynda
C-GALS-5 Leggy shot of Lynda Carter in va-va-voom pose
C-GALS-14 MS of Lynda in soft powder-blue dress
C-GALS-27 MS of Lynda posing poolside in black swimsuit
C-GALS-28 MS of Lynda almost wearing brown string bikini
C-GALS-45 MCU of Lynda in glamour pose on red bg
C-GALS-83 Classy MCU of serious Lynda with hair up
C-GALS-84 MS of Lynda in lowcut bright red dress on red bg
C-GALS-85 MCU of Lynda in white dress & flowered jacket
C-GALS-86 Cont. 85, MS of Lynda with hand on hip
C-GALS-87 Candid MCU of Lynda smiling brightly
C-GALS-88 Candid MCU of Lynda during glamourous nite out
C-GALS-249 MLS of Lynda & male dancers doing Carmen Miranda number on TV special
C-GALS-401 MLS of Lynda in red dress & blue silk wrap, posed against red bg
C-GALS-423 Candid MS of Lynda in purple silk top, jeans & white coat over shoulders
C-GALS-528 Lovely PRT of Lynda wearing pink blouse, pink flower in hair
C-GALS-594 Candid MS of Lynda in red strapless evening gown with matching neck scarf
C-GALS-607 Knockout MS of Lynda in very lowcut brown Indian-style dress & necklace
C-GALS-608 MS of Lynda in strapless red gown, dancing & singing during TV special
C-GALS-644 Candid MCU of Lynda, wearing diamond earrings, necklace & gold medallion, looking up
C-GALS-645 Candid MCU of smiling Lynda, wearing same diamonds with black evening dress, hair done up
C-GALS-782 MS of Lynda in open shirt knotted at bust with thumb in jeans to show off navel
C-GALS-822 PRT of Lynda, bare shouldered & wearing only diamond necklace & earring
C-GALS-869 MS of wet Lynda in bathing suit, drawing out of lake & smiling. Bobby Jo & the Outlaw
C-GALS-870 Candid MCU of Lynda in delicate black neck-high dress & diamond drop earrings, hair up
C-GALS-871 MS of Lynda standing at fence, wearing cowboy shirt & hat
C-GALS-872 FLV of Lynda doing Vegas act in sumptuous showgirl outfit topped by pink boa-feathered, floor-length headdress
C-GALS-1104 MCU of Lynda bundled up in winter coat, hair framing face attractively
C-GALS-1105 Cont. 607, slightly longer shot of Lynda in lowcut Indian-style dress. A honey
C-GALS-1106 MLS of Lynda in soft powder blue dress, hands held at waist
C-GALS-1264 Cont. 423, candid MS of Lynda in purple silk top, white jacket slung over arm
C-GALS-1265 MS of Lynda, in blue silk dress, singing down to Kermit the Frog, her arm on his shoulder
C-GALS-1662 MS of Lynda posed in beaded gown with plunging neckline
C-GALS-1663 MLS of Lynda in pretty black evening dress with diaphanous wrap & silver belt, hands on hips
C-GALS-1800 PRT of Lynda, glamourous in lowcut evening dress & hoop earrings, hair down. Red bg
C-GALS-1801 MS of Lynda in cowboy shirt, unsnapped to show off her charms. Bobbie Jo & the Outlaw
C-GALS-1802 PRT of business-like but no less provocative Lynda in white blouse, velvet jacket & emerald earrings, hair done up
C-GALS-1803 MS of Lynda in plunging nightclub gown & large flower headdress. Red bg
C-GALS-1804 MS of smiling Lynda in soft multi-colored dress studded with sequins, hair swept back. Orange bg
C-GALS-1805 Cont. 1804, Lynda directly facing camera with touch of smile, hair over shoulder
C-GALS-1806 Cont. 1805, longer shot shows her figure to best advantage, hands on hips
C-GALS-1807 MLS of Lynda in demure pose wearing flowery off white dress pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-1808 Cont. 1807, Lynda more animated, hands on hips & lips parted
C-GALS-1809 MLS of Lynda, a knockout in lowcut white evening dress, boa feather wrap around pulled-back arms
C-GALS-1810 FLV of Lynda in show-stopping black leotard & tights with long-tasseled Mexican-style wrap draped from shoulder to upturned knee
C-GALS-1958 FLV of Lynda posed teasingly in lavish silver gown used in Las Vegas act
C-GALS-1959 Younger Lynda in bare-chested pinup posed with leather jacket draped over shoulders & hand on hip of unzipped pants [grainy]
C-GALS-2255 MS of Lynda leaning against tree with hair pulled back, wearing white sleeveless unbuttoned top & no bra, arms folded
C-GALS-2256 Bright MS of smiling Lynda posed in yellow leotard & gym shorts plus pulled-back orange warm up jacket, hands on hips. Yellow bg
Cassidy, Joanna
C-GALS-350 Candid MS of Joanna Cassidy in purple satin dress, pearls & red jacket
C-GALS-424 MS of Joanna in orange dress, hand on hip & looking aside
C-GALS-1266 PRT of Joanna in red print shirt & dark sweater, hand to chin. Red bg
C-GALS-1960 Candid MLS of Joanna, in lowcut, red sequined evening dress, smiling for fans at 1985 Emmy show
C-GALS-1961 LS of wet Joanna competing in rubber kayak race during Battle of Network Stars
Cates, Phoebe
C-GALS-983 MCU of Phoebe Cates in neck-high white blouse with flowers in hair. Tropical greenery in bg
C-GALS-784 MLS of Phoebe in patchwork bikini with hair braided to one side, seated on beach
C-GALS-830 MLS of Phoebe in leopardskin bikini, towel held behind head with hair falling over one eye
C-GALS-832 FLV of Phoebe looking cute in feathered & tassled Indian dress
C-GALS-833 Cont 832, Phoebe stretches, arms on top of head
C-GALS-873 MCU of Phoebe, lips parted as she eyes camera. Fast Times at Ridgemont High [1982]
C-GALS-874 MS of smiling Phoebe in red bikini. Fast...
C-GALS-875 MCU of Phoebe wearing sweatshirt & headband with hands behind head
C-GALS-896 MS of sexy Phoebe in white angora sweater, arms crossed to shoulders [light grain]
C-GALS-877 MCU of Phoebe looking over shoulder into camera with lips parted, full of sexuality
C-GALS-878 FLV of smiling Phoebe in seated pose, wearing tan top & blue mini-skirt, hand to cheek
C-GALS-879 MLS of wind-whipped Phoebe in white skirt & top with lacing down front, holding flower
C-GALS-880 FLV of Phoebe, in tailored red Indian squaw outfit with hanging feathers, on edge of bed
C-GALS-1146 FLV of Phoebe, in long white skirt & brief top, standing by palm tree & smiling. Paradise [1982]
C-GALS-l195 MS of smiling Phoebe in blue Levi jacket with sleeves rolled up
C-GALS-1267 LS of Phoebe, in white dress, laughing heartily while climbing palm tree. Paradise
C-GALS-1268 RV of Phoebe, in patchwork bikini, looking over shoulder into camera from palm tree
C-GALS-1269 CU of Phoebe wearing pink hat, facing OS
C-GALS-1270 PRT of Phoebe in gray sweater
C-GALS-1271 PRT of Phoebe smiling, wearing blue dress & pearl necklace
C-GALS-1272 MLS of smiling Phoebe, in pink mini-dress, seated & bent over, leaning arms on knees
C-GALS-1273 FLV of Phoebe posed in hot pink shorts outfit with white skirt unbuttoned & held away from body.
Ocean & port in bg
C-GALS-1811 PRT of pouty Phoebe posed in white knit top, hair pulled to one side & bangs framing eyes
C-GALS-1812 PRT of smiling Phoebe, arms crossed to shoulders, wearing white mesh top & undershirt
C-GALS-1813 MLS of Phoebe, strikingly pretty in white dress pulled off one shoulder & posed under harsh but agreeable outdoor lighting, hand on hip as she leans against porch support
C-GALS-1814 MLS of smiling Phoebe sitting on grass, wearing white cotton top & blue skirt pulled up to thighs
C-GALS-1815 FLV of Phoebe sitting in tall grass & pulling hair into ponytail, wearing faded jeans & white blouse, lighting harsh but intimate
C-GALS-1816 MCU of Phoebe in red & white-striped bikini top
C-GALS-1817 Cont. 1816, MLS of Phoebe in bikini holding up can of beer for magazine ad
C-GALS-1818 MLS of Phoebe in red bikini, yellow ribbon in hair, holding can of beer down at side
C-GALS-1819 Cont. 1818, rear view of Phoebe, smiling face turned sideways
C-GALS-1820 MCU of smiling Phoebe in red halter & white hat with pink band
C-GALS-1821 MLS of Phoebe in same top & white skirt, holding glass of beer down at side
C-GALS-1962 MS of Phoebe, in white summer top, sitting near beach & gazing past shoulder
C-GALS-2257 MCU of fresh-faced Phoebe in yellow dress, holding daffodils
C-GALS-2258 Lovely MS of Phoebe in white blouse & pantsuit with flowers in fg
C-GALS-2259 Glamour PRT of Phoebe wearing high-gloss make- up & high-collared purple dress, hair swept to side
C-GALS-2260 Glamour PRT of Phoebe with hair done up in high style, wearing blue evening gown & black stole
C-GALS-2380 PRT of sweetly smiling Phoebe in black bikini top, brunette hair falling over shoulder
C-GALS-2381 FLV of pert Phoebe in fashionable white pants & beige blouse, white jacket slung over shoulder
C-GALS-2618 MS of Phoebe looking especially charming in black lace dress with diaphanous lowcut bodice & puff sleeves, dangling diamond earrings an added plus
Cattrall, Kim
C-GALS-2891 MLS of Kim Cattrall looking cute in white ladies tee & faded jeans, hands in pockets
Charisse, Cyd
C-GALS-881 FLV of Cyd Charisse in high-kicking dance pose wearing leopardskin costume, legs bare
C-GALS-89 MCU: pigtailed Charo clad in spangled green dress
C-GALS-250 MLS of Charo doing her cuchi-cuchi move while amply displaying wet t-shirt look
C-GALS-251 Candid MS of Charo in gold dress
C-GALS-2619 PRT of Charo, sumptuous in spangled evening gown, singing & playing guitar
C-GALS-646 FLV of Cher kneeling in kinky black outfit with boots & red head bandana. Smoke swirling in bg
C-GALS-647 MLS of Cher, Body turned sideways, posed in slinky purple gown, hands on hips
C-GALS-2261 FLV of Cher showing off trim figure by gym equipment, wearing pink aerobics outfit
C-GALS-2382 MS of Cher, wearing white lace loungewear & blonde punk wig, posed seated on easychair
C-GALS-2620 MLS of Cher in oversized blue sweater, arms folded & hair worn fanned out past shoulders
C-GALS-2621 FLV of Cher, in typically showy creation, showing off best actress oscar for Moonstruck [1987]
Christie, Julie
C-GALS-425 Slight DA of Julie Christie sitting on bed, wearing lowcut turn-of-the-century dress
Chung, Connie
C-GALS-1274 PRT of smiling TV newswoman Connie Chung in green blouse & white blazer, arms folded
Clark, Candy
C-GALS-1664 Especially nice MS of Candy Clark in soft red blouse & knit wool sweater
Clark, Tiffany
C-GALS-1963 Candid MLS of adult film star Tiffany Clark in scanty black outfit, showing lotsa leg
Cleridge, Cindy
C-GALS-2622 MLS of vivacious 1985 Miss Teenage America Cindy Cleridge posed smiling in pink mini-dress
Clery, Corinne
C-GALS-882 MS of nude Corinne Clery looking into camera
C-GALS-883 MLS of topless & nearly bottomless Corinne, arms stretched behind head. Beach bg
Close, Glenn
C-GALS-2262 MS of classy Glenn Close, eyes averted, wearing black & white blouse & beige coat
Coelho, Susie
C-GALS-96 Sexy MS of almost Charlie's Angel, Susie Coelho
Colbert, Claudette
C-GALS-648 PRT of Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra [1934]
Collins, Joan
C-GALS-91 MCU of Joan Collins in fur, looking tense but nice
C-GALS-252 Candid MS of Joan in pretty white dress & transparent shawl
C-GALS-595 Scrumptious MS of Joan in green bikini top & gold neck chain
C-GALS-785 MS of Joan wrapped in black fur with knees & shoulder exposed
C-GALS-786 Dazzling FLV of Joan in slinky gold lamé gown cut deep in front. Yellow bg
C-GALS-787 Another stunner of seated Joan in slinky red gown, one gorgeous gam exposed
C-GALS-884 MCU of Joan in pink dress, looking into camera over bare shoulder, her lips parted. Deep blue bg
C-GALS-885 Cont. 884, MS with body profiled
C-GALS-886 Cont. 885, PRT shows top front of dress pulled tight & tied at shoulder
C-GALS-887 Cont. 886, fullest shot posed with hands in lap
C-GALS-888 Seated Joan exudes glamour in gold evening gown & diamond earrings, arm across lap. Yellow bg
C-GALS-889 Cont. 888, Joan sits upright in fuller shot with shoulder wrap pulled back & hand on hip
C-GALS-890 Cont. 889, FLV of Joan seated with bare !egs stretched out & crossed, elbow on knee
C-GALS-891 Cont. 890, the piece de resistance. FLV of Joan standing with wrap held behind hips. Dress neckline plunges to waist
C-GALS-892 MCU of Joan bent forward & leaning on arms, black mink wrapping all but shoulder & bosom
C-GALS-893 Cont. 892, MS leaning on elbow with hand under chin, more skin showing
C-GALS-894 FLV of smiling Joan in divinely arranged silk slip, on her stomach while draped across pillows with leg kicked up
C-GALS-895 Cont. 894, face against shoulder & turned away from camera, leg down
C-GALS-896 Candid MCU of Joan in lowcut red gown with puffed sleeves, pearl necklace & earrings
C-GALS-897 PRT of Joan in white blouse, cool & assured
C-GALS-898 MLS of Joan in sexy white halter top sashed at waist & black pants, hand on hip
C-GALS-899 FLV of Joan wearing big smile & sparkling red gown, bare legs tucked under her & hands on hips
C-GALS-900 FLV of Joan circa late 1960s standing spread-legged at tennis court net in sweatshirt & shorts, hair in pigtails & arms behind head
C-GALS-1147 Candid MS of Joan in veeerrry lowcut red evening dress, pearl necklace & earrings
C-GALS-1181 MS of young Joan in silver gown with hair done up in triple bun, posed at harp
C-GALS-1196 Candid MS of Joan in straw hat & pink summer dress pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-1275 MS of Joan in sexy Egyptian costume from Land of the Pharaohs [1955], her first bitch role
C-GALS-1276 PRT of Joan circa late 1950s in gold Japanese-style dress & earrings. Red bg
C-GALS-1277 PRT of Joan circa late 1960s in powder blue sweater & pearl necklace. Dark blue bg
C-GALS-1278 MLS of Joan in sexy pose wearing leopardskin bikini, hands on hips
C-GALS-1279 Cont. 896, candid MS of Joan in lowcut red gown with puffed sleeves. Very showy
C-GALS-1619 MLS of Joan in sexy silk evening dress with matching boa feather-trimmed wrap. Red bg
C-GALS-1620 MLS of Joan posed in black corset. stockings & gloves, white fur stole over shoulders
C-GALS-1621 FLV of Joan seated on couch, wearing black bra, stockings & gloves, surrounded by fur
C-GALS-1622 MCU of topless Joan laying in bed with arms tucked behind head
C-GALS-1822 Cont.786, another dazzler of Joan seated on floor with lowcut gold lamé gown hiked to thighs
C-GALS-1964 Beautifully low-lit sitting PRT of Joan circa 1950s, wearing gold lamé oriental cheongsam. Sultry
C-GALS-1965 Cont. 1964, tighter PRT of Joan turning smokey gaze on camera
C-GALS-1966 Early 1970s PRT of Joan in green & white shirt, eyes turned away & lips parted
C-GALS-1967 MS of Joan wearing revealingly wet blue swimsuit, hands pressed against straps, lips parted
C-GALS-1968 Recent PRT of smiling Joan in stylish tan jacket unzipped teasingly low
C-GALS-1969 1985 MLS of Joan, body turned sideways, posed in period white ball gown, hand on hip
C-GALS-2623 Lucious PRT of young Joan wearing green chiffon party dress, hair cropped short
C-GALS-2892 Candid FLV of smiling Joan, just stunning in strapless white gown, gloves & diamond jewelry
Comer, Anjanette
C-GALS-901 MS of pert Anjanette Comer in yellow sweater
Connolly, Jennifer
C-GALS-2624 PRT of cute Jennifer Connolly wearing brown & white sweaters, most of long hair falling to one side
Connors, Carol
C-GALS-1280 FLV of buxom adult film star Carol Connors posed seated on car hood. purple dress pulled away to show nude body, hands under breasts
Copley, Teri
C-GALS-1281 Candid MS of wide-smiling Teri Copley, cuddly in blue pullover sweater & jeans
C-GALS-1823 Candid MS of smiling Teri in white jacket sporting NBC emblem at 1984 Battle of the Network Stars
C-GALS-1970 Candid MLS of smiling Teri wearing braless white sleeveless outfit
C-GALS-1971 Candid MLS of Teri looking over shoulder & smiling as she walks away from camera, wearing stylish black peekaboo top & tight pants
C-GALS-1972 MS of cute as a button Teri wearing wet strapless swimsuit, waiting for kayak competition to begin for Battle of the Network Stars
C-GALS-1973 PRT of smiling Teri posed in white cutout style top
C-GALS-1974 Teri strikes alluring open-mouthed pose in wide-open red halter top
C-GALS-1975 MS of Teri posed with hands behind head, in purple & blue workout attire, lips parted
Cornell, Lydia
C-GALS-426 MLS of Lydia [Too Close for Comfort] Cornell, posed in blue silk blouse & cutoffs
C-GALS-427 FLV of Lydia posed sitting in sexy, tiny lace top, satin skirt & body hose
C-GALS-428 FLV of Lydia posed sitting in dress pulled off shoulders & hiked up to display legs
C-GALS-788 MLS of Lydia in bluegreen leotard with hands on hip & knee upturned. Red bg
C-GALS-802 FLV of Lydia in kneeling pose wearing blue sequined swimsuit on pink bg. Sexy
C-GALS-903 MS of Lydia in half unzipped, bright red jumpsuit, hands on hips
C-GALS-904 MS of Lydia in pretty, lace-trimmed white dress
C-GALS-1182 MS of Lydia in tight red top, hair nicely backlit
C-GALS-1183 MS of Lydia in white dress with see-thru net wrap, lips parted
C-GALS-1184 FLV of statuesque Lydia, body profiled with hands behind her, posed in blue sequined swimsuit. Hot
Cox, Courteney
C-GALS-2625 Candid MS of Courteney Cox, in spaghetti-strapped black evening dress, arriving at party
C-GALS-2626 Candid MLS of Courteney, in sleeveless black, belted, floor-length dress, pausing to smile for camera as she arrives for NBC office party
C-GALS-2627 Candid MS of Courteney smiling aside, wearing yellow top & black coat with rolled up sleeves
C-GALS-2893 Four-element shot of Courteney in casual, sexy & glamour poses that show her many sides
C-GALS-2894 Candid MS of winsomely smiling Courteney wearing white tee, black slacks & black teal jacket
Craig, Yvonne
C-GALS-1824 FLV of Yvonne Craig in artist model pose with towel draped strategically across nude form
C-GALS-1976 1960s PRT of smiling Yvonne in red top. Yellow bg
Crosby, Cathy Lee
C-GALS-253 MLS of Cathy Lee Crosby standing in front of oilpump, wearing hardhat, shirt & jeans
C-GALS-529 PRT of smiling Cathy Lee on pink bg
C-GALS-906 MLS of Cathy Lee in flashy silver-gold dress & cape, posed in front of curtain
C-GALS-2628 Outdoor PRT of smiling Cathy Lee at sporting event, wearing pink top
C-GALS-2629 Candid MS of Cathy Lee, attractive in blue suede top with upturned collar & Indian necklace
Crosby, Denise
C-GALS-2630 Three-element shot of Denise Crosby, in pre Star Trek: The Next Generation new wave nude poses, modeling wild Italian designer fashions
C-GALS-2631 MLS of Denise, in black body stocking pulled off one breast, posed under mood lighting, head down
C-GALS-2632 FLV of butchy Denise in nude sitting pose with long coat draped over shoulders
Crosby, Mary
C-GALS-609 Candid MCU of long-maned Mary Crosby in pink chiffon dress at awards ceremony
C-GALS-905 Candid MLS of Mary in clinging blue-green dress
C-GALS-1282 Candid MS of Mary, in dark blue dress, looking out glass of outdoor LA hotel elevator
C-GALS-1283 Cont. 1282, Mary turns to camera & smiles
Curtis, Jamie Lee
C-GALS-429 MS of Jamie Lee Curtis, head cocked & smiling, posed in black sweatshirt
C-GALS-430 Candid MS of Jamie Lee in blue & purple satin & chiffon evening dress
C-GALS-530 Provocative soft-focus MS of Jamie Lee. A favorite
C-GALS-649 CU of Jamie Lee, face brightly highlighted
C-GALS-650 Soft-focus MS of Jamie Lee in light orange shirt with upturned collar, pet dog at side
C-GALS-651 MS of Jamie Lee, in white string bikini, relaxing on chaise lounge
C-GALS-789 PRT of Jamie Lee wearing lowcut white dress, small necklace & earrings
C-GALS-790 MS of smiling Jamie Lee in lowcut black top with arms folded under pushed-up bosom
C-GALS-967 Candid MLS of Jamie Lee in satin & chiffon pant outfit, smiling nicely
C-GALS-1284 FLV of Jamie Lee sitting on floor at home in light blue lounge wear
C-GALS-1285 Candid MS of smiling Jamie Lee, in red satin gown, at 1983 American Movie Awards gala
C-GALS-1623 MCU of Jamie Lee at 1982 Oscars, wearing sparkling gold evening gown & earrings
C-GALS-1624 Cont. 1623, profile MLS of Jamie Lee fielding questions from OS press corps
C-GALS-1625 Candid MLS of Jamie Lee, delectable in soft white evening dress & jacket set, arriving at 1979 American Film Institute Awards,
C-GALS-1665 Terrific backside shot of Jamie Lee straddlling white chair, looking over shoulder into camera, wearing white blouse & jeans
C-GALS-1666 MS of nude Jamie Lee sitting up in bathtub, reading letter. Love Letters [1984]
C-GALS-1825 Tight MS of Jamie Lee in white bikini top, face turned aside
C-GALS-1826 Cont. 1825, MLS of Jamie Lee, sunglasses added, her arms wrapped around stanchion
C-GALS-1977 Smashing MLS of Jamie Lee in three-piece orange outfit consisting of long top, pants & flowing cloak
C-GALS-1978 Delicious glamour PRT of Jamie Lee in red evening dress & earrings, hair done up
C-GALS-2263 Lucious FLV of Jamie Lee kneeling on floor with hands on hips, braless under shiny gray evening dress, hair done up new wave
C-GALS-2383 Striking MS of Jamie Lee in gold & black swimsuit & matching jacket, hair cropped & hands on hips
C-GALS-2384 MLS of Jamie Lee in blue wool body stocking, dark blue sweater tied around waist, hands on hips
D'Abo, Olivia
C-GALS-2633 Candid MLS of Olivia D'Abo wearing pretty white evening dress, hair moussed, lips parted
D'Angelo, Beverly
C-GALS-431 MS of Beverly D'Angelo, in orange top, features her pretty eyes
C-GALS-432 MCU of Beverly stroking her chin in deep thought
C-GALS-1286 MCU of nude Beverly showering. National Lampoon's Vacation [1983]
C-GALS-1979 Sultry look & lighting enhance PRT of Beverly in lowcut purple top, arms crossed & head tilted to
upturned shoulder
Danning, Sybil
C-GALS-433 MLS of Sybil Danning clad wearing almost nothing as she performs erotic dance under purple glow
C-GALS-434 PRT of Sybil, lips parted, in blue dress worn off shoulder & cut low on one side
C-GALS-435 Cont.434, Sybil with lips shut
C-GALS-436 Sybil poses sitting in blue dress that reveals her charms to greatest effect
C-GALS-437 Sybil poses sitting in red dress that reveals her charms to greatest effect
C-GALS-438 Sybil kneels in grass, wearing print halter & wraparound skirt tied low at hip
C-GALS-531 MLS of Sybil posed with hands on hips in see-thru crocheted dress
C-GALS-532 FLV of Sybil wading in surf at sunset, clad in skin-tight white swimsuit
C-GALS-570 MS of Sybil almost wearing white bikini top
C-GALS-571 FLV of Sybil reclining in white jumpsuit
C-GALS-610 MS of Sybil, glistening wet in revealing white swimsuit
C-GALS-611 MLS of Sybil posed sexily in white bikini
C-GALS-612 FLV of Sybil kneeling poolside in now wet bikini
C-GALS-613 FLV of Sybil in tube top & cutoffs, posed holding rake by box of leaves
C-GALS-614 Sybil relaxes in bathtub filled with soap bubbles, holding glass of wine
C-GALS-615 MLS of Sybil reposing in silk robe on divan
C-GALS-652 FLV of Sybil posed kneeling in snakeskin bikini, hands on hips
C-GALS-653 Cont. 652, Sybil kneels on rock, one leg up & bent forward
C-GALS-654 MLS of all wet Sybil posed in white bikini, hands on hips
C-GALS-655 Cont. 654, FLV of dried-out Sybil kneeling on rock with back arched
C-GALS-656 Cont. 655, Sybil turns sideways & leans forward
C-GALS-657 PRT of Sybil in blue & white-flowered dress pulled off one shoulder
C-GALS-658 MS of Sybil posed as sensuous gun-toting shamus, breast peeking from trench coat
C-GALS-659 FLV of Sybil in lowcut gypsy-style dress, red carnation in hair
C-GALS-660 Cont. 659, FLV of Sybil seated back on rocks, dress hiked up to show red-gartered leg
C-GALS-661 FLV ofSybil, in seethru leotard & shorts, seated spread-legged on pool diving board
C-GALS-662 FLV of Sybil, head bowed, wearing only diaphanous white dress blowing in wind
C-GALS-663 MLS of Sybil in Santa Claus-type outfit designed to curl St. Nick's beard
C-GALS-664 FLV of Sybil as a Christmas gift, red suspenders barely covering her best points
C-GALS-665 FLV of young Sybil posed nude, hand-held shawl covering thighs
C-GALS-666 FLV of Sybil seated before wall mirror in silk panties, exposing breasts as she pulls up pretty slip
C-GALS-667 FLV of bare-breasted Sybil draped across bordello-style bed
C-GALS-668 UA of Sybil, head turned aside & top of dress unbuttoned to expose breasts.
C-GALS-669 MS of nude Sybil bent forward while waist deep in water
C-GALS-670 MLS of topless Sybil posed with thumb tucked in bikini bottom
C-GALS-671 MS of nude Sybil, hands held at tummy, posed before spray of flowers
C-GALS-672 Cont. 671, hand over head only difference
C-GALS-834 Wet, windblown Sybil bends forward, allowing top of swimsuit to fall & expose breasts
C-GALS-908 MLS of young, topless Sybil tilting head back, thumbs tucked in pants
C-GALS-909 FLV of Sybil, nude but for panty brief, squatting in front of mirrored closet door
C-GALS-910 MCU of Sybil in sheer nylon dress with leopard- skin pattern
C-GALS-911 MS of braless Sybil in thin-fabric, lowcut & belted red dress, leaning against tree
C-GALS-912 Tight MLS of Sybil in wet suit unzipped to waist, one arm resting on head with pistol in hand. Red bg
C-GALS-913 LS of Sybil kneeling on rocks as water flows underfoot, wearing wet lowcut top
C-GALS-914 FLV of Sybil sitting on mussed bed, clad in kinky black pant outfit with lowcut top, velvet jacket, shiny boots & choker
C-GALS-915 Cont. 531, FLV of spread-legged Sybil in see-thru crocheted dress
C-GALS-1107 FLV of Sybil posed spread-legged with hands on hips, in white top tied at bosom, tight jeans & white boots. Deep red bg
C-GALS-1148 MLS of Sybil in outrageous black chiffon & lace dress with see-thru breast panels
C-GALS-1287 MLS of young nude Sybil chewing on blade of grass where she is laying, shawl in lap
C-GALS-1288 MLS of young Sybil in full nude pose by soft window drapes as light filters in
C-GALS-1289 Cont. 1288, Sybil poses on floor, eyeing camera
C-GALS-1290 MS of wet Sybil bobbing in pool water. seductively gazing into camera
C-GALS-1291 MS of Sybil sitting on porch railing with face profiled, top of white dress open to show breasts
C-GALS-1292 Artsy MLS of Sybil laying nude in hammock
C-GALS-1293 UA of Sybil, in white shorts & jacket open to show breasts, seated on elevated sailboat platform at sea
C-GALS-1294 MLS of wet Sybil posed in white bikini, alluring look on face
C-GALS-1295 FLV of smiling Sybil posed kneeling in hot pink bikini
C-GALS-1296 FLV of Sybil in kneeling, animal-like pose, wearing skimpy leopardskin bikini & tooth necklace, unsheathing knife at hip
C-GALS-1297 MS of smiling Sybil wearing red suspenders over bare chest & Santa Claus hat
C-GALS-1298 FLV of Sybil in half unzipped red shorts, black thigh-high boots & Santa hat, hands covering bare bosom
C-GALS-1299 Playboy cover shot of Sybil in gold see-thru mesh swimsuit on black bg
C-GALS-1300 MS of Sybil in wetsuit beaded with water & unzipped revealingly to waist, arm resting across forehead with pistol in hand
C-GALS-1301 FLV of Sybil posed in black leather halter, pants & boots with gun tucked in silver belt & chains hanging from waist, hands on hips. Red bg
C-GALS-1302 Cont. 1301, Sybil crosses arms over now bare bosom, gun in hand
C-GALS-1303 FLV of Sybil, interesting in red silk jumpsuit, hand in pants pocket
C-GALS-1304 MS of sensuous Sybil sitting at chessboard, wearing black lounger open partly in front
C-GALS-1305 FLV of Sybil, in sheer white lingerie & stockings. sitting dreamily in wicker chair
C-GALS-1306 FLV of Sybil laying in sumptuous all white bedroom furnishings, wearing nightgown & hose, looking at fan held away from face
C-GALS-1307 Cont. 1306, Sybil puts down fan & adjusts stocking on upturned leg
C-GALS-1308 FLV of Sybil, in white sundress pulled up to thighs of upturned legs, posed on crate overlooking ocean as breeze blows hair
C-GALS-1309 FLV of Sybil, in pink silk robe, posed with arms crossed on porch
C-GALS-1310 Cont. 911, MS of Sybil posed under tree wearing braless red silk dress
C-GALS-1311 Candid MS of Sybil in blue silk dress with wide black belt, smiling at someone OS
C-GALS-1312 Cont. 1148, tighter MS
C-GALS-1313 Candid MS of Sybil in black dress with gold embroidery down front & matching choker
C-GALS-1667 MLS of Sybil sitting in lounge chair on porch, wearing lowcut red dress
C-GALS-1668 MLS of Sybil in white blouse & light brown pants, pumping gas into her car
C-GALS-1669 FLV of Sybil seated on beach with lace front sun dress gathered between spread legs as she pins up her hair
C-GALS-1670 Cont. 1669, Sybil stretches out, leaning on elbow while holding unlaced top to bosom
C-GALS-1671 MS of Sybil wearing purple bikini top, talking on gold telephone
C-GALS-1672 MLS of Sybil posed wet in revealing purple bikini
C-GALS-1673 MLS of young Sybil in pinup pose wearing only small pair of pink panties
C-GALS-1674 MS of young, nude Sybil transfixed as she prepares to take hold of sword offered to her
C-GALS-1675 FLV of Sybil on balcony wearing white robe open to partially expose one breast
C-GALS-1676 Cont. 1291, with face turned away, Sybil lets one side of dress fall to expose one breast
C-GALS-1677 DA of Sybil draped across red bedsheet with silk robe pulled away from body, nude but for panties
C-GALS-1827 FLV of Sybil fully nude but for thigh-high black boots & waist chain. Sexy pose
C-GALS-1828 FLV of Sybil in Black Diamond comic book persona, wearing lowcut black dress cut to waist on one side, arms crossed with gun in one black-gloved hand. Red bg
C-GALS-1829 FLV of Sybil, sexy & vulnerable leaning back against door wearing pretty blue dress cinched tight with black belt, one leg showing
C-GALS-1830 MLS of Sybil in Dante's Inferno posed for cover of Prevue #55, her outfit short, black & revealing
C-GALS-1831 MS of Sybil posed in red bikini overlooking water
C-GALS-1832 Candid MS of Sybil, in purple jumpsuit, signing autograph
C-GALS-1980 MS of nude Sybil bobbing in water at shallow end of pool, hands behind head
C-GALS-1981 Semi-profile RV of wet, nude Sybil on hands & knees on beach sand
C-GALS-1982 MLS of golden-tanned & all wet Sybil standing on beach, nude but for gold bikini bottom
C-GALS-1983 MS of Sybil in wet look pose wearing thin, clinging white blouse, one arm over head
C-GALS-1984 Candid MS of Sybil in lowcut, bare-shouldered black evening gown & hoop earrings
C-GALS-1985 Candid MS of Sybil smiling into camera, wearing silver lamé dress with plunging neckline & jacket
C-GALS-1986 Candid MLS of smiling Sybil facing camera in plunging silver top, gold bowtie & pants & black pinstriped jacket
C-GALS-1987 Candid MS of smiling Sybil, completely covered for a change in red dress & fur coat
C-GALS-1988 FV of Sybil posed in braless, belted red pantsuit & boots, arms folded
C-GALS-1989 Inviting FLV of Sybil sitting up on setee, wearing plunging gold lamé top, gold pants & heels
C-GALS-1990 Softer look for Sybil in seated pose wearing white shirt, polkadot tie & pinstpiped suit jacket, chin resting in hand
C-GALS-1991 MS of Sybil posed with hand leaning high against wall, wearing strapless black dress
C-GALS-1992 FLV of long-legged Sybil posed in white swimsuit against beach backdrop, soft blonde hair flowing over shoulders
C-GALS-1993 MLS: wet Sybil stepping from pool in brown bikini
C-GALS-1994 Tight MLS of Sybil in white bikini, facing camera with pursed lips
C-GALS-1995 Cont. 1672, MS of all wet Sybil in purple bikini top that almost does job
C-GALS-1996 Cont. 1302, MLS of Sybil with crossed arms not covering quite as much & lips parted
C-GALS-1997 FLV of Sybil striking action pose with pistol & clad in wetsuit unzipped temptingly
C-GALS-2264 FLV of Sybil sitting on edge of bed & talking on phone, wearing red bra, garter belt & stockings
C-GALS-226S DA of Sybil taking bubble bath, froth covering important parts
C-GALS-2266 PRT of Sybil wearing snakeskin bikini & gold necklace
C-GALS-2267 Cont. 2266, MLS of Sybil tying bottoms teasingly
C-GALS-2268 MLS of Sybil posed as female Rambo in jungle setting with automatic rifle, wearing camouflage trousers & bikini top, body oiled
C-GALS-2269 FLV of Sybil cum Indiana Jones posed as if she just parachuted into jungle with knife to face spears, black leather jacket open to good effect
C-GALS-2270 FLV: Sybil with gun in rock & palm frond setting, wearing white undershirt & beige slacks, jacket slung over shoulder & money sticking out of belt
C-GALS-2385 MLS of Sybil posed in invitingly unzipped wetsuit, pistol tucked at waist, arm resting across forehead & hand on hip. Red bg. Similar to #1300
C-GALS-2386 PRT of Sybil in black bodice-like top with thin shoulder straps, head held high & lips parted
C-GALS-2387 MS of Sybil in cheesecake pose wearing red & white-striped bikini. Red bg
C-GALS-2388 MLS of Sybil posed in tight-fitting black jumpsuit with lots of zippers, main one undone to waist, hands on hips, black sports car behind her
C-GALS-2389 Sybil poses at door in red bra & sheer red wrap. MS
C-GALS-2390 FLV of Sybil sitting on bed with legs crossed, inwhite mens dress shirt open in front, collar up
C-CALS-2634 Five-element shot of Sybil in various sexy adventures guises
C-GALS-2635 Candid MLS of Sybil, in black leather bustier, white slacks & matching jacket over shoulders
Dare, Barbara
C-GALS-2636 MLS of adult film star Barbara Dare posed in purple spandex skirt, haltar top & waist jacket
Darnell, Linda
C-GALS-673 FLV of radiant Linda Darnell, seated on Edwardian love seat, posed in black ball gown
C-GALS-1314 Wonderful FLV of Linda, stunning in gold ball gown, holding mask under face
Davis, Patricia
C-GALS-439 PRT of Patricia Davis, President Ronald Reagan's daughter, when she was still cute
Davis, Phyllis
C-GALS-254 Candid MCU of Phyllis Davis on Vegas set
C-GALS-440 Candid MS of Phyllis in blue sweater with plunging neckline
C-GALS-441 Candid MS of Phyllis looking better than most in ABC celebrity sports jersey
C-GALS-917 MS of nude Phyllis looking over shoulder at young stud putting towel around her waist after bathing
C-GALS-1315 MLS of brunette Phyllis posed in blue-green tube top & tight pants, hands on hips
C-GALS-1316 MS of blonde Phyllis posed in brown silk blouse half unbuttoned & tied at waist
C-GALS-1317 MS of frosted blonde Phyllis posed in white silk dress. Pink bg
C-GALS-1833 MCU of Phyllis, in soft gray & white sweater, seductively eyeing camera
Dawber, Pam
C-GALS-2271 Nice PRT of smiling Pam Dawber in soft basic black blouse, hair falling to shoulders
de la Croix, Raven
C-GALS-942 MLS of buxom Raven de la Croix, of Russ
Meyers' Up, in gold-belted black dress
C-GALS-443 MS of smiling Raven in purple top & satin wrap
C-GALS-444 MS of Raven, her long dark hair covering strategic parts of her naked bosom
C-GALS-445 FLV: Raven in revealing Wonder Woman-like outfit
C-GALS-916 FLV of Raven seated on couch, wearing sexy chain-mail outfit
C-GALS-1318 MLS of voluptuous Raven posed in Indian-style dress with headband, hand on hip. Very sexy
C-GALS-1998 MLS of buxom Raven posed nude but for black shawl held across waist
C-GALS-1999 Cont. 1998, slightly different angle with Raven looking away
C-GALS-2000 Cont. 1999, Raven turns body & places hand behind head
C-GALS-2001 Cont. 2000, MS of Raven leaning back against wall
Dee, Sandra
C-GALS-1189 PRT of pert Sandra Dee in pink sweater with wide pleated collar
Del Rio, Vanesa
C-GALS-1319 MS of adult film star Vanesa Del Rio, white dress pulled away to expose breasts
Deneuve, Catherine
C-GALS-918 MCU of nude Catherine Deneuve, profiled body bent forward on rug with face turned to camera [medium grain]
C-GALS-1320 PRT of beauteous, pensive Catherine in blue dress
Derek, Bo
C-GALS-199 PRT of Bo Derek in glittery top, hair braided
C-GALS-255 Low-angle FV of Bo squatting on beach
C-GALS-351 Stimulating profile MS of Bo in clinging silver-streaked see-thru top
C-GALS-352 All wet Bo stands thigh high in water in see-thru white shirt, hands on hips
C-GALS-446 Bo poses in bathing suit astride horse
C-GALS-447 FLV of Bo buttoning her pants over tight sweater. Change of Seasons
DeWitt, Joyce
C-GALS-791 PRT of Joyce DeWitt in bright red top, arm around tucked knee
C-GALS-2272 Excellent PRT of smiling Joyce wearing burgundy & pale green top with turtleneck collar
Dickinson, Angie
C-GALS-9 MS of nude Angie Dickinson. Big Bad Mama
C-GALS-92 Candid MCU of Angie in blue dress at party
C-GALS-674 Soft-focus PRT of Angie in white sweater & gold earrings. Cassie & Co. [1982]
C-GALS-923 PRT of Angie with hair done up, silver evening jacket around bare shoulders
C-GALS-2007 MLS of Angie in glamour pose wearing diaphanous spangled gown. Yellow bg
C-GALS-2273 Winning PRT of smiling Angie ready for winter in white sweater & collar trimmed in black & red
C-GALS-2391 PRT of Angie wearing white blouse & tweed jacket, hands near slightly upturned face
Dietrich, Marlene
C-GALS-675 PRT of Marlene Dietrich in green pullover sweater against Magenta bg
Digart, Uschi [Note: first 12 are topless or nude poses]
C-GALS-93 MLS of softcore cult queen Uschi[44-26-35]Digart,
holding shawl between her breasts & legs
C-GALS-94 Profile MLS of Uschi holding shawl behind her
C-GALS-95 Profile MS/UA of Uschi looking down at camera
C-GALS-96 Profile FLV of Uschi with knees on floor & arms resting on end of bed
C-GALS-97 FLV of Uschi reclining on bed with arms over head
C-GALS-98 DA/FLV of Uschi stretched out on bed, wearing black panties, rope around neck
C-GALS-99 Profile MS of Uschi sitting up in bed
C-GALS-757 MLS of Uschi sitting up with one breast pulled out of hiked up red dress, eyes lowered
C-GALS-919 MLS of Uschi standing with arms behind her, wearing only demure smile
C-GALS-920 FLV of Uschi from behind kneeling in chair, looking over shoulder with playful expression
C-GALS-921 MLS of Uschi sitting on edge of tub with few soap suds left on body [slightly dark]
C-GALS-922 FLV of Uschi in pigtails, leaning on Scandinavian shield, hand on hip
C-GALS-1321 MS of Uschi Digart, in t-shirt with C.B. Hustler logo on front, inside van with girl at her side
C-GALS-1322 Cont. 1321, FLV of Uschi stepping out of van, also clad in blue jeans
Dillon Melinda
C-GALS-100 Candid MCU of bare-shouldered Melinda Dillon
Dixon, Donna
C-GALS-792 MS of Donna Dixon in sweater pulled off shoulder, arms crisscrossed. Nice highlights
C-GALS-793 PRT of Donna in purple top with unzipped front on deep red bg
C-GALS-1323 MLS of Donna seated on floor, sexy in blue bikini & Indian jewelry. Red bg
C-GALS-1324 MLS of Donna wearing skinful red swimsuit & big smile at poolside, hands on hips
C-GALS-1325 PRT of Donna in black v-neck sweater, hair brushed over one shoulder
C-GALS-1326 MS of Donna in white peasant dress, lips smiling & eyes sparkling
C-GALS-1327 Cont. 1326, FLV of Donna sitting on edge of gazebo, dress hiked up to knees
C-GALS-1328 MS of Donna in sensuous MS wearing Indian-flavored swimsuit & floral-striped top, bent forward on floor. Orange bg
C-GALS-1329 Tight MLS of Donna in strapped red dress with black-tassled bodice & hem, kneeling on floor with hair swept to side
C-GALS-1330 Tight MLS of Donna bent over & smiling. wearing blue cowgirl dress pulled to thigh
C-GALS-2002 Alluring PRT of Donna, long blonde hair falling over one eye as she plays peekaboo with camera
C-GALS-2003 MCU of Donna smiling engagingly into camera, wearing dressy attire & jewelry
C-GALS-2004 MS of Donna, charming in plunging Indian-style halter & open skirt. Yellow bg
C-GALS-2005 FLV of Donna posed in snappy black & pink pantsuit, hands in pockcts
C-GALS-2006 Cont. 2005, MS as Donna rests one arm atop head
C-GALS-2274 CU of Donna bobbing up from water in pool to smile broadly for camera
C-GALS-2275 PRT of comely Donna in green lace top & black jacket on green bg. Beverly Hills Madam
C-GALS-2637 MS of Donna smiling aside at party, wearing soft lowcut black dress & diamond necklace, hair done up for 1983 film role
C-GALS-2638 MS of sexy Donna, hair down & wearing lowcut red glitter gown, lips parted as she focuses OS
Dobson, Tamara
C-GALS-1834 FLV of black beauty Tamara Dobson in red & gold pant suit, holding exotic weapon. Cleopatra Jones & the Casino of Gold [1975]
Douglas, Sarah
C-GALS-596 MLS of Sarah Douglas posed with hands on hips in tight blue vest top & pants
C-GALS-597 FLV of Sarah sitting on floor wearing black dress & hose, showing off leg
C-GALS-2008 Candid MLS of braless Sarah in see-thru black top worn over gray pants, hands on hips as she talks to photographer
C-GALS-2895 Nice candid MLS of smiling Sarah, smartly attired in black suit with open double-breasted jacket & white silk blouse beneath
Down, Leslie Ann
C-GALS-533 MS of Leslie Ann Down posed in white t-shirt & blue shoulder wrap
C-GALS-534 FLV of Leslie Ann sitting nude in corner with smile
C-GALS-676 Soft-focus PRT of Leslie Ann in Victorian dress & rose in curled hair
C-GALS-677 MS of Leslie Ann as Esmerelda playing tamborine. Hunchback of Notre Dame [1982]
C-GALS-758 MLS of Leslie Ann, in blue bikini, sitting amid field of flowers
C-GALS-924 MLS of Leslie Ann standing in water, wet blouse clinging to bare skin
C-GALS-1331 MS of Leslie Ann, bare-shouldered as she holds white fur-edged, sequined dress in front of body, hair done up. Black bg
C-GALS-1332 PRT of Leslie Ann in red top. Black bg
C-GALS-1333 MS of Leslie Ann posed outdoors in wide-collared pullover sweater & black hat
C-GALS-1626 PRT of Leslie Ann, exquisitly made up & wearing white silk blouse
C-GALS-1627 MLS of Leslie Ann seated on floor modeling beaded white silk chiffon pantsuit
C-GALS-1678 Charming FLV of Leslie Ann sitting with feet tucked under her on floor, wearing polkadot blue blouse & sporty gray skirt. Blue bg
C-GALS-2009 Pensive PRT of Leslie Ann in full mid-1800s costume & hat. Great Train Robbery [1979]
C-GALS-2010 Cont. 2009, MLS of Leslie Ann in merry widow, pulling on black stocking in bedroom
C-GALS-2392 MLS of Leslie Ann posed in Egyptian pharaoh queen costume before appropriate setting
C-GALS-2639 Candid MS of Leslie Ann, braless under red silk dress, smiling wide for camera
C-GALS-2896 FLV of Leslie Ann, just gorgeous in sleeveless deep red, tassled chiffon evening gown & gold wedgies, hair in wringlets
Dunaway, Faye
C-GALS-1679 MS of Faye Dunaway, in red & black 19th Century costume, seated in carriage. Wicked Lady [1983]
Dusenberry, Anne
C-GALS-448 MLS of Anne Dusenberry wearing tight bosom-enhancing bodice with jeans, wide ruffled collar & curly red wig, thumbs hitched in pockets
Easton, Sheena
C-GALS-678 MCU of songstress Sheena Easton in brown leather jacket with collar up
C-GALS-759 MS of Sheena in glossy silver & yellow-striped dress posed behind wheel of car
C-GALS-1197 MS of Sheena, voluptuous in lowcut black dress with red-feathered neckline, holding music award
Eden, Barbara
C-GALS-257 Candid MLS of Barbara Eden wearing unbelievable form-fitting diaphanous dress
C-GALS-258 Candid semi-profile MS of Barbara in lovely pink chiffon dress
C-GALS-259 PRT of Barbara wearing frilly green dress & green flower in hair
C-GALS-353 FLV of Barbara posed in white shorts & red top sporting words: "Stella for City Council" & hat, giving victory sign. Harper Valley PTA
C-GALS-616 Nice PRT of Barbara wearing diamond & emerald tier necklace & her blonde hair long
C-GALS-679 MLS of Barbara resting on lounge chair in belted jeans & no-bra top knotted in front
C-GALS-1206 CU of Barbara, in white top, resting face on crossed arms & pensively eyeing camera
C-GALS-1334 PRT of Barbara in strapless summer dress, lips parted. Pink bg
C-GALS-1335 Semi-profile MS of Barbara in lowcut blue dress & pearl drop necklace
C-GALS-1336 MS of Barbara in bluegreen dress & same necklace, turned away from camera with lips parted
C-GALS-1337 Semi-profile MS of Barbara in long sleeved red blouse with gold-embroidered neckline & cuffs
C-GALS-1338 MS of Barbara posed leaning against sculpture, wearing pink dress unbuttoned to folded arms
C-GALS-1339 MLS of Barbara, body profiled, in molded evening gown accenting curves, eyes to camera
C-GALS-1835 FLV of young Barbara posed in red two-piece swimsuit by lawn chair. Yellow bg
C-GALS-2011 MCU of young, wholesome-looking Barbara in wide-necked, puff-sleeved dress. Sky bg
C-GALS-2012 Candid MLS of Barbara, body profiled to show off sequined pink, backless gown
C-GALS-2013 Candid MS of Barbara in blue satin dress with plunging neckline & matching jacket, caught as she arrives for party
C-GALS-2014 Cont. 2013, Barbara flashes sweet smile
C-GALS-2640 Cuddly PRT of Barbara wearing knit turtleneck sweater & nice smile
C-GALS-2641 MLS of smiling Barbara posed at 1986 Emmys, displaying lots of cleavage in marvelous gold gown, earrings & smile added, hair worn short
C-GALS-2897 PRT of alluring Barbara in soft pink criss-cross sweater & pearl necklace. Secret Life of Kathy McCormick [1989 TVM]
Edmonson, Donna
C-GALS-2642 FLV of 1987 Playboy Playmate of the Year Donna Edmonson posed in hot pink strapless party dress that accentuates ample cleavage, hands at sides
C-GALS-2643 Cont. 2642, slightly tighter, smile added
Ege, Julie
C-GALS-402 MS of saucy Julie Ege posed in smart off-shoulder black dress on powder blue bg
C-GALS-574 MS of Julie showing exceptional cleavage in blue & white gown with matching necklace
C-GALS-680 FLV of seated Julie wearing glossy gold costume hiked to thigh. Red bg. Up Pompeii
C-GALS-681 MLS of Julie in dark red toga, gold snake ornament curled around one bared breast, holding feathered pole fan. Sky blue bg. ...Pompeii
C-GALS-682 Cont. 681, MS sans fan, leaning back on pillows
C-GALS-732 MCU of Julie in lowcut flowered peasant dress with white front
Ekberg, Anita
C-GALS-1340 Glamour MS of Anita Ekberg posed in red chiffon dress pulled off one shoulder, holding red rose under her face
C-GALS-1341 Soft-focus FLV of Anita, in black teddy & open robe, seated in chair & showing off kicked up legs
Ekland, Britt
C-GALS-256 Candid MS of Britt Ekland
C-GALS-925 Candid MS of Britt in see-thru black evening dress with sequined star pattern
C-GALS-1108 FLV of Britt spread on couch, wearing blue bikini
Elvira (aka Cassandra Peterson)
C-GALS-926 MLS of campy Elvira, poised with hands on hips
C-GALS-927 Cont. 926, MS similar to above but with hair falling between bosom
C-GALS-928 Candid MS of Elvira toying with hair
C-GALS-929 MCU of Elvira turning Vampire-like gaze on someone OS
C-GALS-930 FLV of Elvira vamping it up with Robby the Robot during party
C-GALS-931 Cont. 930, Elvira turns toward camera with eyes opened wide
C-GALS-932 Cont. 931, tighter on Elvira smiling while holding Robby's hand
C-GALS-1342 MLS of Elvira in typical vampy pose with hands on hips, autographed "Yours Cruely." Red bg
C-GALS-1491 Candid MS of Cassandra Peterson sans Elvira trappings. Redhead wears gray button-down dress with pink belt, purse on shoulder
C-GALS-1492 Candid MS of Cassandra in more fashionable gray dress, smiling big for camera
C-GALS-1680 MLS of Elvira manacled to dungeon wall in mock pinup
C-GALS-1681 Look out! FLV of Elvira posed to make blood boil in black teddy & mesh stockings
C-GALS-1871 Six-element shot of Cassandra, including four pre-Elvira nude poses, one PRT & one as night mistress C-GALS-1872 MLS of Cassandra posed semi-nude wearing open see-thru nightie, hands held over crotch
C-GALS-2276 MLS of Elvira striking sultry vamp pose on her set filled with candles & cobwebs
C-GALS-2277 MLS of Elvira posed in skimpy but charmingly kinky leather costume. Signed: "Yours Cruelly..."
C-GALS-2393 MLS of Elvira posed leaning arm on giant pumpkin for TV Halloween special
C-GALS-2394 FLV of Elvira modeling tight, shiny black strapless dress in inimitable style, hand on hip
C-GALS-2395 Cont. 2394, tight MLS with more expressive face
C-GALS-2644 Two-element shot of Elvira: MLS holding red roses by face; FLV in side-slit red gown, leg exposed, pointing at camera in front of American flag
C-GALS-2645 PRT of open-mouthed Elvira letting snake slither from shoulder to chest
C-GALS-2646 Pinup of Elvira in cobwebbed Halloween dungeon setting, pumpkin, spider & bat placed about
C-GALS-2647 MLS of coy Elvira propped on red antique sofa
C-GALS-2898 MLS of Elvira in mock rising-from-the-grave pose
C-GALS-2899 FLV of Elvira wearing sly grin while posed with hands on hips & leg on display outside old house
C-GALS-2934 Slinky horizontal FLV of Elvira poised atop lionskin rug, one leg on display, against red bg
C-CALS-2935 Cont. 2934, MLS sitting up with hand on hip
C-GALS-2936 Candid MS of Elvira, in sequined version of costume, putting hands over breasts with big smile
C-GALS-2937 Candid MS of Cassandra caught outside restaurant door, wearing black sweater, black leather jacket & pearls, long red hair striking
C-GALS-2938 Candid MS of smiling Cassandra in white blouse, setting off red tresses & hoop earrings
C-GALS-2939 Candid MLS of open-mouthed Cassandra fine in dress with tight black top ending in blue skirt
Evans, Linda
C-GALS-683 FLV of Linda Evans posed on train tracks in no-bra shirt, gun tucked in belt. Avalanche Express
C-GALS-684 PRT of Linda wearing blue-green blouse. Dynasty
C-GALS-685 CU of smiling Linda in red blouse. Dynasty
C-GALS-933 MCU of Linda, in black satin blouse & diamond earrings, hint of smile on face
C-GALS-934 PRT of Linda in blue blouse
C-GALS-935 Candid MCU of smiling Linda wearing lowcut flowered black dress
C-GALS-936 MS of smiling Linda in pink, sequined dress with vee-neck, hands behind head
C-GALS-937 PRT of classy Linda wearing brown satin blouse, earrings, necklace & nice smile
C-GALS-1185 Cont. 937, tighter PRT of Linda. no smile
C-GALS-1186 PRT of Linda in red blouse buttoned at neck
C-GALS-1187 PRT of Linda in blue checkerboard blouse, head tilted down slightly
C-GALS-1343 PRT of Linda in lowcut green top & light shoulder wrap, slight smile on face
C-GALS-1682 Candid MS of sorta surprised Linda wearing braless black wraparound dress
C-GALS-1836 MLS of Linda, all wet in blue bikini after stepping from pool, arms behind head
Fairchild, Morgan
C-GALS-260 MS of beautiful blonde Morgan Fairchild seated on bed, wearing blue-sequined gown
C-GALS-261 Cont. 260, Morgan pulls up her legs
C-GALS-262 Cont. 261, Morgan photographed thru blinds
C-GALS-263 PRT of Morgan in green sweater
C-GALS-264 MLS of Morgan posed in pink cashmere sweater & slacks
C-GALS-265 Morgan poses kneeling in black swimsuit, holding up her hair
C-GALS-266 FLV of Morgan posed with hands on hips, wearing sexy black babydoll
C-GALS-354 Morgan sits posing in black swimsuit & high heels. hand on hip. Blue bg
C-GALS-355 FLV of Morgan posed in blue sequined swimsuit. detached dress slung over shoulder
C-GALS-449 Candid MS of Morgan in brown shirt & jacket
C-GALS-450 FLV of Morgan posed in braless white dress wrapped around neck & waist
C-GALS-451 Morgan poses in brown dress on chair, smilingly showing off her other good side
C-GALS-535 MS of Morgan, in blue sweater, seated in wicker chair & facing camera
C-GALS-536 MCU of Morgan as above but glancing upward
C-GALS-590 MS of Morgan posed in red & silver flapper dress & matching headband, holding up cigarette
C-GALS-617 MLS of Morgan, stunning in blue swimsuit with crisscrossing front. Red bg
C-GALS-686 Candid MCU of Morgan wearing thin V-neck sweater & earrings
C-GALS-687 Cont. 686, CU facing camera with big smile
C-GALS-688 Alluring DA of Morgan posed on bed with silk sheet covering all but tops of breasts, gun in hand. Seduction
C-GALS-689 MS of Morgan relaxing in bubblebath. Seduction
C-GALS-690 Cont. 689, CU of Morgan in bubblebath
C-GALS-760 FLV of Morgan seated on floor, wearing pink cashmere sweater & slacks
C-GALS-761 FLV of Morgan seated with black nightie-clad body in profile with face to camera
C-GALS-794 FLV of Morgan, a foxy Halloween witch in black swimsuit & pointed hat while riding broom with large pumpkin at feet
C-GALS-795 Cont. 794, Morgan sits in leaned-back position on pumpkin, one leg up
C-GALS-796 Cont. 795, Morgan kneels on floor sans broom & pumpkin
C-GALS-797 PRT of Morgan, in pretty brown dress, seated sideways in chair with hand in hair
C-GALS-798 Candid MS of Morgan, in strapless blue-sequined evening gown, backstage at 1982 Oscar show
C-GALS-799 Candid MLS of Morgan in lowcut print dress
C-GALS-835 FLV of Morgan, in skimpy leopardskin teddy, seated with leg up on silk-sheeted bed
C-GALS-938 MCU of Morgan in pretty white blouse & flowered hat canted over one eye
C-GALS-939 Sexy MCU of Morgan in lowcut pink crocheted top with part of neck chain falling into opening
C-GALS-940 Sexy MS of Morgan in blue-sequined strapless gown, pushing back hair & tilting head up
C-GALS-941 Candid MS of Morgan dressed to dazzle in gold gown with matching necklace, earrings & purse, whole package wrapped in mink coat
C-GALS-942 MLS of Morgan wearing no-bra, clinging long white tee with arms stretched over head. Silver bg
C-GALS-943 MLS of Morgan in knit top unbuttoned to upper waist & worn teasingly, hair done up
C-GALS-944 MLS of Morgan in lace trimmed black teddy & black stockings, seated on chair with one leg over arm & pink bathrobe spread under her
C-GALS-945 FLV of Morgan, in silver-trimmed black dress, seated with bare legs tucked under her & arms spread to sides. Blue bg
C-GALS-946 FLV of Morgan holding glass of wine & wearing satin nightgown amid trappings of like material, bare legs tucked under her. Orange cast
C-GALS-947 FLV of Morgan in pink gown & feathered cape, bent forward with exposed leg propped up
C-GALS-1109 FLV of Morgan displaying self on table wearing pink summer top & shorts
C-GALS-1149 MS of wet & sexy Morgan in revealing white undershirt
C-GALS-1344 Signed MCU of smiling Morgan at 1983 Emmys
C-GALS-1345 Signed candid MS of Morgan in pink silk blouse & green skirt
C-GALS-1346 Candid MS of Morgan, in black evening dress & shawl, smiling into camera from over shoulder while signing autographs for several fans
C-GALS-1347 Candid MS of Morgan, absolutely delicious in strapless white evening gown & jeweled necklace
C-GALS-1348 MS of Morgan posed in revealing white swimsuit
C-GALS-1349 PRT of Morgan with hair mussed, wearing teasingly open pink silk bathrobe
C-GALS-1350 MS of Morgan in sweet pose wearing pretty pink dress with white lace trim & white gloves
C-GALS-1351 DA of Morgan laying in bed, wrapped delightfully in satin sheets, arms over her head
C-GALS-1352 MLS of Morgan in cute pose wearing blue-green skirted leotard & bow in hair, jumprope in hand
C-GALS-1353 MLS of Morgan leaning forward, top of diaphanous bedroom wear fallen off shoulder to expose breast
C-GALS-1354 FLV of Morgan in semi-transparent white floor-length dress, posed before giant wall painting
C-GALS-1628 MS of Morgan, bewitching in gold satin blouse with collar bow, smiling aside
C-GALS-1629 Candid MLS of Morgan in white slacks & pink pullover sweater, hands on hips & looking OS
C-GALS-1683 MCU of Morgan talking to someone OS
C-GALS-1684 Sweet MS of smiling Morgan in partly unzipped hot pink jumpsuit
C-GALS-1685 High-fashion MS of Morgan in gold silk gown worn off one shoulder & matching headdress
C-GALS-1837 Candid over-the-shoulder MS of smiling Morgan in frilly white blouse pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-2015 Candid MS of Morgan turning to look back over shoulder with smile, body profiled, wearing pretty bulkknit sweater
C-GALS-2016 Entrancing PRT of Morgan in frilly white blouse, hair done up with spray of baby's breath
C-GALS-2017 MLS of Morgan posed with hips cocked, wearing red tank top & gym shorts
C-GALS-2018 FLV of Morgan in feminine setting seated on wicker chair & petting cat, hem of white, bare- shouldered gown hiked to thighs
C-GALS-2019 FLV of Morgan, a treat for eyes as she kneels on floor wearing gold satin skirt & pink sweater with plunging front. Great smile
C-GALS-2278 Lovely PRT of Morgan wearing beaded white sweater & drop earrings, lips parted. Blue bg
C-GALS-2279 Horizontal MCU of delicate Morgan, very feminine in white lace dress, hands touching rim of pink banded hat as she looks away outdoors
C-GALS-2280 MLS of Morgan arching back while spreading large towel behind her with both hands, wearing dark blue swimsuit
C-GALS-2281 Candid MS of smiling Morgan looking hot in red satin blouse with black-sequined skirt & jacket ensemble to go with punk hairdo
C-GALS-2396 Candid MLS of Morgan walking toward camera with smile, dishy in braless red evening dress
C-GALS-2397 Cont. 2396, MS of Morgan as she starts past camera, her charms more apparent
C-GALS-2398 Sitting PRT of Morgan in bright red evening gown & diamond/ruby necklace, hair done up. Red bg
C-GALS-2399 MLS of smiling Morgan posed in baggy white pants with shoulder straps & crinkly light blue sleeveless shirt
C-GALS-2648 Soft focus ECU of Morgan resting chin on hands, lips parted sensuously
C-GALS-2649 PRT of Morgan lookin' good in light blue dress & matching neck piece
C-GALS-2650 Outdoor MS of Morgan wearing pink knit top & sweater set, sun shining off one side of hair
C-GALS-2651 MS of Morgan smiling warmly at camera outdoors, wearing tan blouse under grey pullover sweater
C-GALS-2652 Candid FLV of smiling Morgan, very fetching in chocolate mesh top, belt & satin slacks
C-GALS-2653 Cont. 2652, Morgan walks off but stops to look over shoulder at admiring camera
C-GALS-2654 Cont. 2653, MS of Morgan, body in profile
C-GALS-2900 Candid MLS of Morgan in yellow & black man-pleasing strapless dress with poufed bottom C-GALS-2901 Candid FLV of Morgan putting her newly enhanced bustline on display in slinky black number with star designs & tassled hemline, looking aside
C-GALS-2902 Cont. 2901, Morgan turns to camera & smiles
Fawcett, Farrah
C-GALS-1 PRT: Farrah Fawcett as Nurse Holly. Logan's Run
C-GALS-2 Farrah in swimsuit pose from famous poster
C-GALS-3 MS of Farrah posing in revealing pull-over top
C-GALS-4 FLV of Farrah doing her stuff on skateboard
C-GALS-6 Farrah poses in red dancing outfit
C-GALS-34 FLV of Farrah in flowing floor-length gown with Lee Majors, two other women on his arms
C-GALS-180 Farrah samples sumptuous food spread. Myra Breckinridge
C-GALS-181 Sunny PRT of Farrah in red blouse, flowers in fg
C-GALS-216 Half-covered Farrah sits up in bed. Sunburn
C-GALS-217 MCU of Farrah, her hair wetted down
C-GALS-452 MCU of Farrah, hair pulled back, in white blouse. Murder in Texas
C-GALS-575 Two-element shot: Farrah in front-facing & profile poses in halfway zipped diving suit
C-GALS-691 FLV of Farrah, in strapless bright red gown. sitting up on carpeted steps
C-GALS-692 MS of Farrah, very pretty in white peignoir, hand to forehead
C-GALS-836 CU of Farrah, smiling broadly as wind whips hair against tilted face
C-GALS-948 MS of Farrah in red dress with wide open middle, arms crossed & hair backlighted
C-GALS-1110 Candid MS of Farrah in gold evening dress, head tilted back so hair spills over one eye
C-GALS-1355 Candid MCU of Farrah, braless under white blouse & open sweater, smiling away from camera
C-GALS-1356 MLS of Farrah, in braless blue top & short white skirt, hands on hips as she stops tennis play
C-GALS-1357 MS of smiling Farrah posed in stylish black dress [no bra] with wide sash & man's hat
C-GALS-1358 MLS of Farrah posed in purple silk pajamas & green silk robe pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-1359 FLV of Farrah seated on stool clad in man's white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up
C-GALS-1686 Tight PRT of Farrah, hand to bare shoulder. Signed: Love, Farrah
C-GALS-2020 Comely PRT of Farrah in simple but elegant black dress. Green bg
C-GALS-2400 PRT of Farrah posed bent forward with chin set in palm of hand, blonde locks fluffed
C-GALS-2401 PRT of Farrah in black camisole & white sweater/jacket, head tilted, hair done up. Red bg
Field, Sally
C-GALS-267 MS of Sally Field smiling broadly
C-GALS-268 MLS of Sally wearing cap & Florida tourist shirt
C-GALS-1838 Lovely sitting PRT of smiling Sally in yellow knit top & white pants
C-GALS-1839 Candid MS of smiling Sally in white knit top, carrying package
Finney, Michelle
C-GALS-453 MLS of Michelle Finney posed in sparkling red gown
C-GALS-454 Cont. 453, MS
Fisher, Carrie
C-GALS-269 Attractive MCU of Carrie Fisher reclined against hand in off-shoulder top
C-GALS-270 CU of cute Carrie looking over sunglasses
C-GALS-455 PRT of Carrie smiling broadly
C-GALS-456 MCU of Carrie cocking her head & smiling
C-GALS-457 Carrie kneels with hands on knees, wearing shorts & top pulled off one shoulder
C-GALS-458 Soft-focus MS of Carrie in strapped black dress, arm crossed to opposite shoulder
C-GALS-537 MLS of Carrie in black top & horned red cap, hands shoved in pants pockets
C-GALS-538 MS of Carrie wearing blue-grey blouse tied in front, her smiling face tilted back
C-GALS-539 Soft-focus MCU of Carrie peering over eyeglasses
C-GALS-540 Carrie as above but more glamourous sans glasses, playing with hair & looking away
C-GALS-541 Tight MS of Carrie with knee up & wearing white shirt & pants, bright smile on face
C-GALS-542 MCU of bare-shouldered Carrie smiling at camera
C-GALS-693 MLS of Carrie in loose fitting white shirt & blue jeans, thumb hitched in belt loop
C-GALS-694 MCU of Carrie in brown sleeveless dress, hand to chin
C-GALS-800 FLV of cute Carrie, in baggy pants, brown suit jacket, print scarf & work shoes with hand to bill of riding cap while seated in easy chair, legs tucked
C-GALS-949 Candid MS of braless Carrie in gold satin evening dress & long earrings, caught by surprise
C-GALS-950 Cont. 949, Carrie turns fully to camera & smiles
C-GALS-951 MLS of pixieish Carrie wearng burlap top pulled off shoulder & tan shorts, hands in pockets
C-GALS-952 FLV of Carrie spread out on floor & leaning up on elbow, clad in black pants top & cap
C-GALS-1360 FLV of Carrie circa 1975 in tennis shorts & no-bra top, standing on court & eyeing camera
C-GALS-1361 Cont. 1360, MS
C-GALS-1362 Candid MS of smiling Carrie in white knit dress with brown belt
C-GALS-1363 Candid MLS of Carrie in blue jeans & soft brown blouse, looking over shoulder into camera
C-GALS-1364 Candid FLV of Carrie, in black sweater & slacks, smiling at camera as she gets into limousine
C-GALS-1365 MCU of smiling Carrie, in dark blue-patterned blouse, resting on couch with her head up
C-GALS-1366 Cont. 1365, FLV of Carrie on couch as above but no smile. She's barefoot & wearing black skirt
C-GALS-1367 FLV of smiling Carrie bundled on floor wearing loose-fitting white dress
C-GALS-1368 MS of Carrie & Penny Marshall posed in Playboy bunny costumes on either side of Hugh Hefner, all smiling. Laverne & Shirley [1982]
C-GALS-1840 Candid FLV of Carrie, in off-white dress, emerging from doorway between fans at 1984 World Science Fiction Convention
C-GALS-2021 Candid MLS of Carrie walking toward camera with smile, white knit dress, gray coat & black hat
Fonda, Jane
C-GALS-459 FLV of Jane Fonda, wearing red halter & shorts, standing in water & looking OS
C-CALS-460 PRT of Jane in white blouse. China Syndrome
C-GALS-1207 PRT of Jane, arms crossed to bare shoulders
Forslund, Constance
C-GALS-271 Candid MLS of Constance Forslund in red dress, walking with knapsack
C-GALS-272 FLV of Constance as Marilyn Monroe, recreating Seven Year Itch blown dress pose as she stands over street air vent. Moviola
C-GALS-273 Cont. 272, Constance looks down at dress
Fox, Samantha
C-GALS-2402 Candid MLS of smiling Samantha Fox, Britain's 1980's model/singing & Page 3 sensation, in shiny pink dress
C-GALS-2403 Cont. 2402, FLV of Samantha now resting on couch, closing eyes & scratching head
C-GALS-2404 Seven-element shot of Samantha in all different poses wearing dresses, swimsuits & undergarments
C-GALS-2405 Sexy four-element shot of Samantha includes CU & two semi-nudes showing 36-22-31 figure
C-GALS-2406 Two-element shot of wet Samantha slipping off black bikini top
C-GALS-2407 MS of Samantha pulling strap of red nightgown off shoulder, hair done up
C-GALS-2408 Wet look MS of winsome Samantha wearing white summer dress pulled down to barely cover breasts
C-GALS-2409 MLS of Samantha in cuddly pose, wearing white pant dress with twin-tie bodice that's hardly tied
C-GALS-2410 MLS of Samantha, body profiled, showing off curves in red leotard cinched with black belt, chin on shoulder
C-GALS-2411 FLV of smiling Samantha sitting on floor with one leg up, wearing white camisole, stockings & jewels
C-GALS-2412 MLS of Samantha in black spandex swimsuit, holding long silver pole in both hands
C-GALS-2413 FLV of wet Samantha kneeling in surf, letting water rush over legs in posed revelry with back arched, wearing white & black swimsuit with little fabric
C-GALS-2414 FLV of Samantha in sitting cheesecake pose, wearing red bikini, arm resting on upturned leg
C-GALS-2415 MS of Samantha wearing white bra, hands on hips
C-GALS-2416 MLS of smiling Samantha wearing lacy blue bustier, hands on hips
C-GALS-2417 MLS of smiling Samantha, charming in revealing black mesh leotard & black tie necklace, hands clasped below waist. Purple bg
C-GALS-2418 MLS of Samantha wearing unzipped cutoff jeans, arms partially covering breasts, hands under chin
.C-GALS-2419 MLS of smiling Samantha posed in white vest that doesn't cover much, lots of jewelry added
C-GALS-2420 Killer MLS of wet look Samantha in clingy white leotard, sitting outdoors with hands on bare leg
C-GALS-2421 Hip MLS of Samantha wearing sleeveless black leather jacket pulled away from one bare breast, black bikini panties & dark glasses, hair done up
C-GALS-2422 FLV of Samantha in penultimate farmer's daughter pose on stacks of hay in barn, wearing white cotton robe pulled away from naked chest, hand to chin
C-GALS-2423 MLS of Samantha pulling top of white mesh mini-dress with straps down past bare breasts. Black bg
C-GALS-2424 Samantha arches back in proud MS, wearing piece of aerobics clothing that leaves breasts bared
C-GALS-2425 MS of Samantha holding pink top at waist away from bare breast, boa feather wrap around arms
C-GALS-2426 MLS of smiling Samantha sitting on bed, wearing only white panties & pink shawl over shoulders
C-GALS-2427 MS of topless Samantha donning Indian headdress & necklace with black panties. Some kemosabe
C-GALS-2428 Smashing PRT of unadorned topless Samantha
C-GALS-2429 MS of Samantha thrusting out bare bosom with chin upon upturned shoulder, big pink bow in hair
C-GALS-2436 MLS of smiling Samantha in red bikini bottom & nothing else, in outdoor pose with hand on hip
C-GALS-2431 FLV of smiling Samantha kneeling on beach sand, nude but for gold necklace, black bikini bottoms & scuba mask held by rope around waist
C-GALS-2432 Cont. 2431, different angle with head in profile as she closes eyes & soaks up sun, hands behind head
C-GALS-2433 Baby doll pose of Samantha propped up on elbows as she lays on stomach across angora rug, nude but for white string-tie bikini panties
C-GALS-2434 FLV of Samantha sitting up with legs draped over small iron tub, wearing only water & soap suds
C-GALS-2656 MS of Samantha pulling on straps of zebra-striped bikini top
C-GALS-2657 Cont. 2656, MLS of Samantha in matching bikini bottom but top removed, posed by pool ladder
C-GALS-2658 MLS of Samantha, an office girl fantasy wearing white blouse unbuttoned to reveal one breast & black skirt hiked past stockings
C-GALS-2659 FLV of kneeling Samantha posed in sheer white & wet night shirt pulled away from bare breasts, head tilted back. Name written in top corner
C-GALS-2660 Striking FLV of Samantha wearing lace-fringed panties & white stockings, diamond necklace & earrings, holding mink coat over shoulder
C-GALS-2903 MLS of tantalizing Samantha perched on elbow across desk, breast poking out of unbuttoned white blouse & gray skirt hiked past thighs
Francis, Anne
C-GALS-824 FLV of Anne Francis posed in fabulous Funny Girl Follies finery
Francis, Genie
C-GALS-953 PRT of Genie Francis looking over bare shoulder into camera, pink chiffon wrap over dress. Bare Essence [1983]
C-GALS-954 Candid MS of Genie wearing big smile, gold evening dress & warm coat, eyes sparkling
C-GALS-955 MS of Genie wearing even bigger smile & pink evening dress, holding up glass of champagne
C-GALS-956 Candid MLS of Genie, still all smiles, wearing multi-colored chiffon dress & wrap
C-GALS-957 Candid MLS of smiling Genie in Dodger Blue top & shorts ensemble
C-GALS-1150 Candid MS of smiling Genie in white blouse & black pin-striped jacket
C-GALS-1630 MS of smiling Genie in gray silk blouse with gathered collar & gray blazer
Franklin, Bonnie
C-GALS-958 MLS of Bonnie Franklin wearing cute smile, pink pullover sweater gr jeans, seated on stool
Franklin, Pamela
C-GALS-274 PRT of serious Pamela Franklin in black & white top & neck jewelry
Frederick, Lynn
C-GALS-543 MLS of lovely English actress Lynn Frederick bending over vase of daffodils
Funicello, Annette
C-GALS-182 Gorgeous candid of Annette Funicello in fur coat
C-GALS-618 Cute MS of Annette holding up picture of Frankie Avalon from Beach Party days
C-GALS-1369 FLV of Annette circa early 1960s striking coquettish pose in short pink nightie
C-GALS-1370 MLS of Annette circa late 1960s posed poolside in green & white backless swimsuit, body profiled as she smiles into camera
C-GALS-1371 Candid MLS of 1983 Annette wearing sunglasses, Levi pants & jacket & red turtleneck sweater
C-GALS-1687 MLS of Annette, in very pretty highneck, floor-length flowered red dress on Merv Griffin show, fielding question from audience
C-GALS-1688 Cont. 1687, Annette turns to OS Merv with smile & hand to chin
C-GALS-1841 FLV of Annette circa 1963 posed in flattering paisley print swimsuit on fake beach setting
C-GALS-1842 Candid MS of Annette circa early 1970s in strapless purple gown at gala affair, looking over shoulder past camera
C-GALS-2022 MLS of young teenage Annette in button-down red sweater & gray pants, posed with hands on hips in front of home
C-GALS-2023 MLS of Annette, in grey sweater & tan skirt, cuddling poodle in her arms with smile
C-GALS-2024 CU of Annette eyeing camera with chin resting in both hands, hair done up 1960s style
C-GALS-2025 MLS of Annette posed by pool with hands behind back, wearing white party dress
C-GALS-2026 MS of Annette circa early 1970s in green print blouse, hands on sculpture
C-GALS-2027 Studio glamour PRT of Annette with white-gloved hands folded over chair, also wearing soft evening dress, earrings & nice smile
C-GALS-2028 Studio PRT of smiling Annette in white blouse & red vest, body profiled but face to camera
C-GALS-2029 Studio PRT of Annette circa late 1970s, wearing orange sleeveless turtleneck sweater with brooch attached to collar. Orange bg
C-GALS-2030 Cont. 2029, almost identical pose with hint of smile
C-GALS-2031 Cont. 2030, PRT with warm smile now
C-GALS-2032 Cont. 2031, MCU of serious Annette resting chin on hand over outstretched arm
C-GALS-2033 PRT of smiling Annette in blue dress with frilly white collar
C-GALS-2282 Teen Annette sits quietly at table, arms folded & eyes fixed on something above her, wearing white sweater with black scarf tied around collar. MS
C-GALS-2283 FLV of slightly older Annette in gray sleeveless top & pleated skirt set, smelling red rose in front of curtained window
Gallagher, Meg
C-GALS-461 Meg Gallagher, J.R.'s secretary in Dallas, posed on lawn chair in revealing blue dress
Gardner, Ava
C-GALS-959 PRT of Ava Gardner holding tulips under tilted face
C-GALS-960 Glamour PRT of Ava bent forward, wearing strapless red dress bunched in front
C-GALS-961 PRT of Ava in strapless red evening dress, wicked smile on bent face
C-GALS-962 MS of Ava, body profiled but face to camera. in dark summer dress
Garvey, Cindy
C-GALS-462 MLS of Cindy Garvey posed in sparkling gold gown cut to thigh
Gaynor, Mitzi
C-GALS-101 MS of Mitzi Gaynor in elegant blue v-necked gown
C-GALS-102 Fab MS of Mitzi decked out like Queen of the Nile
C-GALS-2034 FLV of curvy, leggy Mitzi posed with one knee on cushion seat, wearing form-fitting red workout attire & big smile
Gentry, Bobbie
C-GALS-275 Candid MLS of country singer Bobbie Gentry in open front red shirt & pant outfit
Gibb, Cynthia
C-GALS-2435 Candid MLS of young Cynthia Gibb standing against chainlink fence, wearing white shorts & sleeveless blue top, talking to camera
C-GALS-2436 Candid night MLS of Cynthia now in black evening dress, hair shoulder length
C-GALS-2437 MS of Cynthia looking aside with arms folded by car, wearing pink sport shirt over undershirt
C-GALS-2438 PRT of Cynthia as Suzi Wyatt on Search for Tomorrow soap, wearing brown jacket. Nice
C-GALS-2439 Three-element shot of girl-next-door Cynthia in poses wearing faded Levi jeans & jacket combo
C-GALS-2440 Cont. 2439, MLS of Cynthia, upper body tilted to one side, left hand behind head, right in pocket
C-GALS-2441 MLS of smiling Cynthia sitting up on tiled pavement, wearing sunny yellow top & short skirt
C-GALS-2442 Super PRT of Cynthia in perfect makeup & hairdo, wearing green shirt over white top
C-GALS-2443 Sultry PRT of Cynthia in red turtleneck sweater with black splotch design
C-GALS-2444 MS of carefully made-up Cynthia in white button-down shirt
C-GALS-2445 Horizontal MS of smiling Cynthia wearing dark gray sweater pulled off right shoulder. Blue bg
C-GALS-2446 Horizontal MS of Cynthia posed near busy street at sunset, wearing brown leather jacket & men's hat
C-GALS-2447 MS of Cynthia wearing red sweater, hair moussed, holding red sunglasses. Name in lower corner
C-GALS-2448 FLV of Cynthia in twisted sitting chair pose, wearing blue skirt with stick figure pattern & backless top tied at rear. Name in lower corner
C-GALS-2449 FLV of Cynthia looking away, wearing tight jeans, shiny green sleeveless top & pony tail
C-GALS-2450 High fashion MLS of Cynthia featuring her rump, wearing tight black pants with unzipped top & designer gold belt & hoop earrings, hair moussed
C-GALS-2451 Cont. 2450, PRT of Cynthia intently eyeing camera, neck scarf accessory added
C-GALS-2661 PRT of brightly smiling Cynthia wearing striped polo shirt, hand under chin
C-GALS-2662 Cont. 2661, MLS in same shirt & belted blue jeans, leaning back against step ladder & grinning
C-GALS-2663 Warm PRT of Cynthia wearing wide-banded black & gray shirt & charming smile
C-GALS-2664 MS of grinning Cynthia, in pink & blue tank tops, sitting on deck chair overlooking pool, hair wet
C-GALS-2665 Glamour MLS of Cynthia wearing lowcut black dress with lace bodice & leg cutouts, hair moussed
C-GALS-2666 FLV of Cynthia looking scrumptious sitting at patio table, smiling at camera with hand to chin, her outfit a white top & long plaid skirt
C-GALS-2669 Three-element pose of Cynthia in lime green swim suit & white beach jacket, sitting on pool chair
Gilbert, Melissa
C-GALS-963 MS of teenage Melissa Gilbert in thin white top & jeans, hands in pockets
C-GALS-964 MLS of Melissa wearing billowy blue & white-striped dress
C-GALS-1852 FLV of Melissa in white cotton dress, sitting & daydreaming
Grant, Shauna
C-GALS-2452 DA of adult film star Shauna Grant reposing seductively in bed, lower body draped in white negligee & hands cupping breasts, lips parted
C-GALS-2453 MS of Shauna smiling coyly as she pulls down red bikini top to display breasts
Gravatte, Marianne
C-GALS-1372 Candid MS of 1983 Playmate of the Year Marianne Gravatte in beautiful low-necked Indian dress
Gray, Erin
C-GALS-35 FLV of Erin Gray posing by tree in swimsuit
C-GALS-276 Candid MS of Erin in elegant black
C-GALS-825 Cont. 35, FLV of Erin twisting swimsuited body sideways in playful pose by tree
C-GALS-965 MS of smiling Erin sitting on ground in tan pullover sweater & slacks, hand to hair
C-GALS-1151 PRT of Erin wearing red top & Indian-style necklace. Blue bg
C-GALS-1373 Candid MS of Erin in pink v-neck sweater & leather jacket, hair pinned back
C-GALS-2454 Candid MS of Erin smiling wide for camera at celebrity sports event, wearing red warmup jacket
Gray, Linda
C-GALS-183 PRT of Linda Gray in flowing white dress
C-GALS-277 Candid MS of Linda wrapped in white fur, flashing broad smile
C-GALS-1111 MS of Linda posed in half unbuttoned red shirt
C-GALS-1112 Cont. 1111, MLS of Linda seated on stool, also wearing jeans & boots, hand to chin
C-GALS-1631 PRT of Linda in white robe spilled open to waist, necklace hanging on bosom
Grayson, Kathryn
C-GALS-966 PRT of Kathryn Grayson in tan shirt with scarf necktie, fake pink flowers next to face
C-GALS-967 PRT of Kathryn in gray top, holding fake yellow & white flowers next to face
C-GALS-968 PRT of Kathryn in appliqued chiffon blouse, resting chin on hand
Greene, Kim Morgan
C-GALS-2668 FLV of smiling Kim Morgan Greene modeling multi-zippered green leather jacket & tight skirt ensemble
C-GALS-2669 FLV of happy Kim arriving at Hollywood event in floor-length blue sequined evening gown & diamond jewelry
C-GALS-2670 FLV of smiling Kim posed at Slamdance movie premiere, wearing fancy white blouse, black skirt & belt & dangling diamond earrings, hand on hip
Grier, Pam [Note: first three are reddish]
C-GALS-15 Pam Grier unbuttoning front of dress for OS spectator. Coffy
C-GALS-16 Cont. 15, Pam now on floor about to fire gun, dress undone to expose black bra & panties
C-GALS-17 Pam, nose bleeding, in open shirt. Big Bird Cage
C-GALS-969 MS of Pam circa 1981 posed in pink pullover sweater. Yellow bg
C-GALS-1374 MS of Pam, wearing black leather toreador coat & skirt, hands raised. Foxy Brown
C-GALS-1375 MS of Pam, in green print blouse with bare midriff & matching headband in hair, raising gun at someone OS. Foxy Brown
C-GALS-1376 MLS of Pam, in dark blue panties & bra, standing in doorway shouting. Foxy Brown
C-GALS-1689 PRT of bare-shouldered Pam in black gown with plunging neckline. Red bg
Griffith, Melanie
C-GALS-2284 FLV of Melanie Griffith, tempting in blue teddy trimmed in black lace & black nightgown
Hack, Shelly
C-GALS-184 Shelly Hack reposes by tree in white top & shorts
C-GALS-185 Shelly, in blue top & shorts, sits in basket chair
C-GALS-278 PRT of Shelly in red turtleneck
C-GALS-695 Sexy FLV of Shelly seated with bare legs on display, wearing black satin kimono
C-GALS-2035 MS of smiling Shelly in summery white dress & matching jacket. Red bg
C-GALS-2285 PRT of shyly smiling Shelly in white sweater with collar turned up. Red bg
C-GALS-2347 Sitting PRT of happy-go-lucky Shelly in director's chair, wearing blue cotton-thin short-sleeved top
C-GALS-2455 Candid MS of Shelly wearing big smile & black top, scripts in hand
C-GALS-2456 Winning PRT of fresh-faced Shelly in blue striped sport shirt with collar up. Dark blue bg
C-GALS-2457 Glamour PRT of Shelly in white evening gown & sheer jacket with jeweled linked necklace
C-GALS-2458 FLV of Shelly seated pertly in director's chair, wearing blue blouse & pant set with red belt
Haddon, Dayle
C-GALS-356 MLS of Dayle Haddon standing in doorway, brown shawl wrapped around her body
C-GALS-357 DA of near nude, deeply tanned Dayle, back turned to camera as she sits in beach sand
Hall, Fawn
C-GALS-2671 Candid MS of smiling former Ollie North secretary Fawn Hall in beige evening dress & bolero jacket
Hamel, Veronica
C-GALS-463 PRT of Veronica Hamel. Hill Street Blues
C-GALS-696 PRT of classically featured Veronica in white peasant blouse
C-GALS-2672 PRT of young, fresh-faced Veronica in white blouse & tan sweater, straight hair over one shoulder
C-GALS-2673 MS of Veronica turned aside, wearing cotton blouse & straw hat, long hair tipped in wringlets
C-GALS-2674 1986 PRT of striking Veronica in black top, dark hair swept behind shoulders
Hamill, Dorothy
C-GALS-1377 Candid MS of ice-skating champion Dorothy Hamill in frilled red blouse & heavy winter coat
Hamilton, Linda
C-GALS-2286 MCU of Linda Hamilton in pale blue cowboy shirt, eyes focused off to side
C-GALS-2904 PRT of Linda in Christmas spirit wearing Santa Claus hat & blue leather jacket
Hannah, Daryl
C-GALS-1843 MCU of Daryl Hannah smiling brightly aside
C-GALS-1844 MS of Daryl, a study in contrasts with beautifully coiffed hair but wearing casual duds, arms folded
C-GALS-1845 Candid MLS of Daryl in blue satin evening dress, matching jewelry, white gloves & wrap
C-GALS-2036 PRT of full-lipped Daryl with tousled hair, in faded Levi jacket. Sultry
C-GALS-2037 Cont. 2036. soft smile added
C-GALS-2038 Cont. 2037, slightly fuller shot shows designer shirt, head tilted & lips parted
C-GALS-2039 Cont. 2038, Daryl rests hands across chair
C-GALS-2040 FLV of Daryl sitting on ground between two cactus plants, wearing print dress gathered between legs, elbow to upturned knee
C-GALS-2041 Glamour pose of Daryl kneeling in long-sleeved white gown worn off shoulders as she tilts head up toward camera & smiles
C-GALS-2459 MLS of coquettish Daryl standing on beach, towel placed over bare breasts & swimsuit bottom
C-GALS-2677 MLS of Daryl, svelte in clinging, hooded white crepe dress, makeup somewhat punkish
C-GALS-2678 Candid MLS of Daryl at 1988 Oscars in silver gown, long gloves, diamond earrings & sunglasses
Harper, Valerie
C-GALS-103 Candid MS of Valerie Harper in black coat
Harrison, Jenilee
C-GALS-801 PRT of Jenilee Harrison in lowcut thin-strapped black dress with red scarf, arms folded
C-GALS-1378 Candid MS of Jenilee smiling big, wearing yellow short-sleeved sweatshirt
C-GALS-1379 Candid MLS of Jenilee smiling big & dolled up in lowcut, thin-strapped black evening dress, white fur hanging off arms
C-GALS-1380 Candid MLS of Jenilee in strapless red party dress
Harrison, Linda
C-GALS-1381 FLV of Linda Harrison circa late 1960s posed seated on floor, wearing print two-piece swimsuit, legs tucked under her. Yellow bg
C-GALS-1382 MLS of Linda posed outdoors in same swimsuit
Harrold, Kathryn
C-GALS-619 MS of Kathryn Harrold in red silk blouse & grey skirt, hands in pockets. Blue bg
C-GALS-620 MS of Kathryn in tight blue sweater, attention turned to something OS
C-GALS-2042 MS of Kathryn, braless under purple, half- unbuttoned dress, looking sternly aside
C-GALS-2043 FLV of Kathryn perched on stool, lovely in no-bra red evening dress, one shoulder bared
C-GALS-2905 MS of Kathryn wearing zippered white swimsuit, pink robe over shoulders & beauty contestant sash in fresh-faced outdoor pose
Harry, Deborah
C-GALS-544 MCU of Deborah [Blondie] Harry wearing tan turtleneck sweater on black bg
C-GALS-697 MLS of Deborah in black velvet top with Blondie on front over red jumpsuit
C-GALS-698 FLV of Deborah in kinky black & gold outfit with dog collar, lips puckered
Hart, Mary
C-GALS-1848 Candid MS of smiling Mary [Entertainment Tonight] Hart in basic black dress
C-GALS-2044 PRT of Mary in white blouse, black tie & red blazer. Blue bg
C-GALS-2679 Glamour PRT of Mary in blue & white sweater, hand to chin
C-GALS-2680 more casual PRT of Mary in multi-colored pair of shirts with collars up, lips parted in half smile
C-GALS-2906 PRT of Mary, wearing pink blouse & that fabulous smile, cupping cheek in palm of hand
Hart, Veronica
C-GALS-1383 Candid MS of adult fiilm star Veronica Hart in lowcut blue evening gown
Hartley, Mariette
C-GALS-358 Mariette Hartley sits at desk as TODAY show hostess, logo on monitor in bg
Hartman, Lisa
C-GALS-1384 Candid semi-profile MS of Lisa Hartman in strapless blue sequined gown. Sexy
C-GALS-1385 PRT of smiling Lisa in pink sweater
C-GALS-1386 FLV of Lisa posed kneeling on floor in deep red spandex jumpsuit, unzipped teasingly
C-GALS-1632 PRT of Lisa in lowcut strapless purple top, bare shoulder to camera. Pink bg
C-GALS-1690 MS of Lisa, in red sequined gown, reclining on stretched out arm & hand
C-GALS-2045 PRT of young Lisa in small red top, long hair gathered on bare shoulders
C-GALS-2046 MLS of Lisa with hands behind back posed in no bra blue/green blouse & tight jeans
C-GALS-2047 FLV of Lisa in thoughtful pose kneeling on floor wearing skimpy black, backless top & tight jeans
C-GALS-2048 MS of Lisa in workout pose on floor, wearing shiny red spandex garb & new-wave hairdo
C-GALS-2049 FLV of Lisa lying stomach down on white surface with one leg up, a feast for eyes in black lace top & fishnet pantyhose
C-GALS-2050 Candid MLS of new wave Lisa in gaudy red outfit with bare midriff
C-GALS-2051 Candid MLS of Lisa in even gaudier sequined purple & red minidress
C-GALS-2287 Sensational candid FLV of Lisa at Hollywood event in tight white floor-length diaphanous creation
C-GALS-2681 Candid MLS of Lisa snapped at film premiere in tight jeans, black bustier & black military jacket
C-GALS-2682 PRT of beguiling Lisa in wide-lapeled cardigan jacket buttoned over simple dress, all off white
Hatcher Teri
C-GALS-2460 PRT of wide-smiling Teri Hatcher in ornamented blue shirt. Karen's Song [1987]
Haven, Annette
C-GALS-970 MS of nude adult film star Annette Haven
C-GALS-2052 MLS of fully nude Annette
Hawn, Goldie
C-GALS-598 PRT of Goldie Hawn photographed in appropriate yellow & gold highlights
C-GALS-971 MS of Goldie in white sun top, looking OS
C-GALS-972 MLS of Goldie wearing patented smile & white evening dress. Red bg
C-GALS-1208 PRT of Goldie in yellow & blue-striped top, scratching top of head
C-GALS-1387 MCU of smiling Goldie in blue pullover top. Cute
C-GALS-1691 MCU of Goldie in lace-trimmed robe, looking aside. Swing Shift [1984]
C-GALS-2053 Glamour PRT of Goldie in silver lamé dress, hair backlighted. Black bg
Hayward, Susan
C-GALS-762 MS of Susan Hayward in jeweled gown, necklace, earrings & bracelet. Deep red bg
Hayworth, Rita
C-GALS-104 Studio PRT of Rita Hayworth in fur wrap
C-GALS-699 FLV of Rita posed seated in gypsy costume. Loves of Carmen [1948]
C-GALS-1388 PRT of Rita in lowcut, sleeveless dark creme gown, hair swept to side
Heatherton, Joey
C-GALS-700 MS of Joey Heatherton barely covered by dress with wide-open front. Happy Hooker Goes to Washington [1977]
C-GALS-1389 MS of Joey, kittenish in bulky dark red sweater, head tilted down
C-GALS-1692 MLS of Joey, in pleated sun dress with plunging neckline, seated crosslegged
Hedron, Tippi
C-GALS-105 MS: Tippi Hedron holding shoes & purse. Marnie
Helmond, Kathryn
C-GALS-464 Candid MS of Kathryn [Soap] Helmond in red gown with plunging neckline
Hemingway, Margaux
C-GALS-359 MLS of Margaux Hemingway looking like floozy in long silver dress & gawdawful hairdo
C-GALS-360 CU of Margaux
Hemingway Mariel
C-GALS-1633 MS of Mariel Hemingway reclining in chair, black lace nightgown pulled away from breast
C-GALS-1634 MS of Mariel posed nude by face mirror, scarf draped discreetly over hip & thigh
C-GALS-1635 MLS of Mariel posed nude in front of wall mirror, holding white scarf between breasts
C-GALS-1636 MLS of Mariel seated in lawn chair, nude but for leg warmers, smelling flowers
C-GALS-2054 MS of Mariel sitting in wicker chair & smiling aside sweetIy, wearing green neckstrap halter & shimmery shoulder piece
C-GALS-2055 Ultra-modern glamour PRT of Mariel in gray spandex top & glitter headdress
Henner, Marilu
C-GALS-1390 PRT of Marilu Henner in black dress with white chiffon collar. Man Who Loved Women [1983]
Hensley, Pamela
C-GALS-279 Candid MS of Pamela Hensley in civvies but wearing Ardala makeup from Buck Rogers role
C-GALS-280 Cont.279, Pamela smiles widely into camera
C-GALS-1391 Sexy MS of Pamela in forward-leaning pose, wearing black gown with arm cutout pattern, lips parted sensuously
C-GALS-1392 MS of Pamela in sheer gray blouse with silver glitter pattern. Red bg
C-GALS-1393 Candid MS of Pamela in multi-colored athletic wear at network sporting event
C-GALS-1693 Lovely PRT of Pamela in cream silk blouse, posed on yellow cushions
C-GALS-2056 MLS of wet look Pamela wearing see-thru white nightgown pulled off shoulder
Hepburn, Audrey
C-GALS-763 PRT of Audrey Hepburn in orange woven top & short hairdo. Blue bg
Hershey, Barbara
C-GALS-545 MCU of Barbara Hershey sitting at bar, smiling.
Hickland, Catherine
C-GALS-2461 Candid MS of blonde Catherine Hickland wearing big smile, white shirt & black suit jacket
Hicks, Catherine
C-GALS-1113 CU of Catherine Hicks wearing big smile & gray sweater. Happy Endings [1983]
C-GALS-1394 DA of Catherine in bed covered with satin sheets
C-GALS-2288 FLV of Catherine posed spread-legged with thumbs hitched in belt, wearing white sleeveless top, black pants & pleasant smile
Hoffs, Suzanna
C-GALS-2683 PRT of Suzanna Hoffs under yellow-filtered lighting, wearing black dress, hair moussed
Hogan, Susan
C-GALS-546 PRT of smiling Susan Hogan wearing knit cap & sweater
Holden, Rebecca
C-GALS-1395 Autographed MCU of smiling Rebecca Holden, eyes sparkling
C-GALS-1396 Signed MLS of Rebecca in pretty white pants dress, hand on hip
C-GALS-1397 Candid MLS of Rebecca, in bulky red & white sweater, body profiled as she eyes camera
C-GALS-1398 Cont. 1397, MS of Rebecca facing camera
C-GALS-1399 Candid MLS of Rebecca, body profiled, in man's gray striped shirt with tails out
C-GALS-1400 MLS of Rebecca posed in front of Christmas wreath, wearing strapless sequined dress
C-GALS-1401 MS of Rebecca in foxy sophisticate pose, wearing silky charcoal gown & holding boa feather wrap over shoulder, hand on hip
C-GALS-1694 PRT of Rebecca in soft pink blouse posed against pink flowered bg
C-GALS-1695 MLS of Rebecca in wide stance pose, wearing blue jumpsuit
C-GALS-1696 FLV of Rebecca in profile playing guitar on large cushions, wearing white sweater & slacks
C-GALS-1697 DA of Rebecca, all but shoulders, arms & legs covered in white fur, stretched out in bath tub with glass of white wine & TV script
C-GALS-2684 1984 candid MS of brightly smiling Rebecca in green sequined cocktail dress
Horan, Barbara
C-GALS-547 Candid MS of Barbara Horan [Sam in BJ. & the Bear] in blue-green dress
C-GALS-2057 Candid MS of smiling Barbara, smashing in white pearl-lined sweater with open front
Houston, Whitney
C-GALS-2685 MS of smiling Whitney Houston at music awards, wearing black evening dress caught with sparkles
C-GALS-2686 MS of Whitney in smart-looking black suit, smiling at someone OS before yellow curtain
Howard, Justice
C-GALS-2462 PRT of adult film actress Justice Howard with black gloved hands locked near face, lips parted
C-GALS-2463 MLS of Justice, in sexy black lace outfit, really rocking as she sings & plays guitar with band
C-GALS-2464 Steamy FLV of Justice kneeling on bed. wearing white lace undergarment, bleached blonde hair done up, long strings of pearls draped over bosom
C-GALS-2465 MS of Justice pushing bare breasts together with hands, looking over Lolita-style glasses
C-GALS-2466 MLS of kinky Justice straddling her Harley, clad in studded collar, thigh-high boots & spiked gloves, top spilling out of bra, all items black
C-GALS-2467 Outdoor FLV of topless Justice holding handlebars of classic Harley, wearing leopardskin briefs
Hughes, Finola
C-GALS-1402 Candid MLS of Finola [Staying Alive] Hughes in pink silk gown [no bra] & sequined long-sleeved wrap arriving for 1983 Oscars
C-GALS-2058 MCU of Finola covered in white fur, faced framed with black head wrap
Hunnicutt, Gayle
C-GALS-1190 MS of smiling Gayle Hunnicutt, in white lace blouse & orange coat, hands held up near face
Hutton, Betty
C-GALS-993 MLS of Betty Hutton garbed as Annie Oakley, standing before film poster featuring herself
Hutton, Lauren
C-GALS-36 MCU of Lauren Hutton, wind tossing her hair
C-GALS-37 MS of Lauren posing in blue silk blouse
C-GALS-281 MCU of Lauren fixing on something OS
C-GALS-282 Lauren sits up in bed, wearing partly open silk robe
C-GALS-701 MCU of Lauren in yellow sweater
Hyatt, Missy
C-GALS-2468 MLS of dazzling blonde pro wrestling manager Missy Hyatt wearing tight black top & gold pants, bent forward with hands resting just above knees
C-GALS-2469 Cont. 2468, tighter shot with grin turned to smile
C-GALS-2470 MLS of smiling Missy in black bikini top under shiny black leather jumpsuit unzipped to waist
Ingall, Joyce
C-GALS-18 Orange-hued MCU of Joyce Ingall. Paradise Alley
Ireland, Jill
C-GALS-2059 Candid MS of beauteous Jill Ireland wearing frilly pink evening dress & pearl necklace
C-GALS-2471 MLS of young Jill in cheesecake pose, wearing blue two-piece swimsuit. Beige bg
C-GALS-2472 Cont. 2471, PRT posed squarely to camera
Irving, Amy
C-GALS-283 Attractive PRT of Amy Irving. Voices
C-GALS-702 MCU of Amy wearing sunhat & coy look
C-GALS-1403 MLS of Amy, in cinnamon-colored shirt worn over black pants, posed beside wrought-iron gate. Nice
C-GALS-1404 MLS of Amy lounging on wicker chair in loose-fitting white toga, tilted head resting on shoulder
C-GALS-1405 Amy reclines in chair & props up leg, wearing black pants & boots
C-GALS-2060 MS of Amy, in bulky sweater, eyeing camera while seated on park bench. Grass bg
C-GALS-2061 Evocative MS of Amy in red blouse & black wool shawl, hair backlighted
C-GALS-2062 MS of Amy in sitting-up pose, wearing soft print dress & necklace
C-GALS-2687 PRT of demure Amy in white dress. Yentl
Jackson, Kate
C-GALS-1406 CU of Kate Jackson resting chin on folded arms, thoughtful. Making Love [1982]
Jensen, Maren
C-GALS-50 MS of Maren Jensen clad in gold bikini & white fur
C-GALS-106 PRT of Maren, her hair mussed
C-GALS-107 Candid MS of Maren walking with group of young fans
C-GALS-186 MCU of Maren in white blouse on red bg
C-GALS-284 Candid MLS of Maren in pretty white blouse with long garland around her neck
C-GALS-285 Candid MS of Maren in black dress
C-GALS-1114 MS of Maren in pink silk blouse, hands clasped atop head. Pink bg
Jillian, Ann
C-GALS-802 Adorable MLS of Ann Jillian posed in canary yellow top, slacks & straw hat. Red bg
C-GALS-974 Candid MCU of smiling Ann in black coat
C-GALS-1115 PRT of Ann wearing yellow top & intense, wide-eyed expression
C-GALS-1116 MCU of smiling Ann in black & red-striped swimsuit, arms holding turned-up knee
C-GALS-1407 Candid MS of smiling Ann, in red velour top, at network sporting event
C-GALS-2063 Candid MLS of smiling, bare-shouldered Ann in lowcut pink sequined evening gown
Johnson, Lynn Holly
C-GALS-548 Great PRT of Lynn Holly Johnson, all smiles as blue light plays over her hair
C-GALS-599 FLV of Lynn sitting in lawn chair wearing red top & pulled-up skirt
C-GALS-975 FLV of smiling Lynn in yellow pant & vested top outfit, seated on floor with hand to cheek
C-GALS-1408 Candid MS of Lynn in v-necked red dress, holding coat in hands & smiling
C-CALS-1409 Cont. 1408, still smiling, Lynn signs autograph
Johnson, Michelle
C-GALS-2064 Cute candid MS of radiant Michelle Johnson clad in white sweater, looking back over shoulder & smiling for snapshot
Jones, Janet
C-GALS-2688 Candid MLS of Janet Jones, in brown dress & black leather jacket, smiling away from camera
C-GALS-2689 Candid MLS of Janet, in white blouse & black skirt, smiling into camera while signing autograph
C-GALS-2690 Slinky MLS of Janet all curled up against wall, wearing form-accenting pink dress. Real nice
C-GALS-2691 MLS of Janet posed in red aerobics wear, holding herself around waist, hair wet
C-GALS-2692 Pinup of Janet in lacy white bikini against blue bg. Signed: Love & Hugs Forever
C-GALS-2907 FLV of Janet leaning back on elbow against pillar at beach, wearing yellow swimsuit & headband
C-GALS-2908 Cont. 2907, MS now standing & eyeing camera
C-GALS-2909 Cont. 2908, PRT direct to camera in sun's glare
Kasem, Jean
C-GALS-2473 Candid MS of tall, blonde & buxom beauty Jean Kasem in strapless white nightgown, flashing smile
C-GALS-2675 FLV of Jean in another dazzler, boa-feather wrap held in front to strapless lowcut white evening creation with pink petticoat base, dramatic veiled hat on her head & long blonde hair swept to side
C-GALS-2676 Cont. 2675, Jean spreads wrap to show off more of what she's poured herself into
C-GALS-2693 Candid MS of bright-smiling Jean in strapless black dress, long matching gloves, straight blonde wig & hoop earrings with attached tassles
C-GALS-2694 Cont. 2693, MS from front as Jean smiles aside
C-GALS-2695 FLV of Jean, posed in lowcut green antebellum gown with one shoulder bare & blonde tresses cascading to one side at 1987 Video Awards
C-GALS-2696 MS of Jean striking brassy, smiling hands on hips pose in tight blue dress & cowl of frills & shimmer
C-GALS-2697 MLS of Jean sitting up on steps with warm smile, wearing shimmery powder blue frilled skirt, strapless black top & black leggings, hair done up
C-GALS-2698 Candid MS of Jean in tight, lowcut strapless black evening dress that commands attention, hair curled
C-GALS-2699 FLV of adult star Keisha astride motor-scooter, barely covered by blowing red negligee with matching nylons & heels against contrasting red bg
C-GALS-2700 MS of topless Keisha reclining bust down on backlit pink set, propped up on elbows & flashing sexy smile
C-GALS-2701 Cont. 2700, Keisha puts on little girl pout
C-GALS-2910 Cont. 2701, FLV of Keisha from tight forward angle, nude but for black heels raised in air
Kelly, Grace
C-GALS-976 PRT of Grace Kelly circa mid-1950s looking over shoulder with back to camera, wearing powder blue evening gown with double straps
C-GALS-1410 PRT of Grace circa 1950s wearing green & white-striped top. Red bg
Kennedy, Jayne
C-GALS-286 Candid MS of dusky beauty Jayne Kennedy in blue sweater
C-GALS-361 PRT of smiling Jayne in open red shirt
C-GALS-362 MLS of Jayne doing hot dance number in halter & wraparound skirt outfit
C-GALS-703 PRT of Jayne in lavender dress, hand touching open collar
C-GALS-977 PRT of Jayne in purple blouse
C-GALS-1411 Cont. 361, MS with matching halter top added
C-GALS-1412 PRT of Jayne in hot pink shirt with collar up against deeper pink bg
C-GALS-1698 Candid MS of smiling Jayne in black & white-striped tube top, skirt & wrap
C-GALS-1699 Candid MS of smiling Jayne in sequined red evening gown with plunging neckline
C-GALS-1849 FLV of Jayne dressed as jungle native girl, poised to throw spear
C-GALS-2065 Candid MS of smiling Jayne in semi-transparent blue dress, attending party
C-GALS-2066 Semi-profile MS of Jayne posed by mirror in lush white robe, eyeing camera seductively
Khambata, Persis
C-GALS-2702 Gorgeous FLV of Persis Khambata sitting against flowery wall paper in strapless white formal gown
Kidder, Margot
C-GALS-108 FLV of Margot Kidder sitting in print dress, leg up
C-GALS-287 Leggy FLV of Margot sitting on stool, doodling with pad & pencil
C-GALS-465 MS of Margot posed in white blouse
C-GALS-466 CU of Margot looking off to her left
C-GALS-549 PRT of Margot, head tilted down & framed by arm & hand touching hair
C-GALS-1413 PRT of bare-shouldered Margot wearing only coy smile, hair up
C-GALS-1700 Pretty PRT of Margot in period hairdo, straw hat, white lace dress & blue bow tied around neck
C-GALS-2289 Four-element shot of Margot, three posed topless [one profile, one b/w] & one sitting PRT cinched up in lowcut peasant girl dress
Kiger, Susan Lynn
C-GALS-467 FLV of Susan Lynn Kiger, in open-sided dress, propping leg on Cadillac bumper & aiming gun
Kinski, Nastassia
C-GALS-550 FLV of topless Nastassia Kinski standing at beach surfline with dress gathered at her waist.
C-GALS-704 MS of Nastassia, in brown print top, trance-like while holding gold chain
C-GALS-764 MCU of Nastassia in white v-neck t-shirt & gold neck chain
C-GALS-765 MCU of Nastassia in white dress with frilly collar & starburst necklace, hands atop head
C-GALS-766 MS of Nastassia in strapless gown & boyish hairdo, resting chin coyly on crossed arms
C-GALS-767 MS of Nastassia in untied black corset with hair in buns held by red flowers
C-GALS-768 MS of Nastassia in pink wool sweater & pearl necklace with hand touching long hair
C-GALS-769 MLS of Nastassia in loose-fitting blue dress, body tilted to side with hand touching cheek
C-GALS-770 FLV of Nastassia seated with bare legs spread wide, wearing blue flowered chiffon dress
C-GALS-803 MS of Nastassia in strapless white top, chin resting on bare shoulder, flower in hair
C-GALS-837 MS of nude Nastassia, long hair swept behind shoulders
C-eALS-978 Two-element shot of Nastassia swimming nude in pool & eyeing camera from pool's edge
C-GALS-1117 MS of Nastassia in flowered chiffon dress, hair swept behind shoulders
C-GALS-1414 PRT of Nastassia wearing only black hat, necklace & smile
C-GALS-1415 MS of Nastassia in black corset affair with laces untied at top, hair in buns
C-GALS-1416 MS of Nastassia in purple see-thru top, revealing bare breasts
Kitaen, Tawny
C-GALS-2703 PRT of Tawny Kitaen pensively eyeing camera as she rests head against chain of swing, wearing pink top & blue overalls, pink ribbon in hair
Kozlowski, Linda
C-GALS-2704 Earthy PRT of Linda Kozlowski in lacy white slip
Kristel, Sylvia
C-GALS-705 MLS of Sylvia Kristel in grey house dress, holding orange & clippers. Private Lessons
C-GALS-706 MCU of Sylvia in red & white blouse. ...Lessons
Kristen, Marta
C-GALS-707 1968 PRT of Marta Kristen in gold sweater. Red bg
Ladd, Cheryl
C-GALS-187 Candid MS of Cheryl Ladd in fine white coat & hat
C-GALS-288 Cheryl, wearing loose-fitting blouse & sexy stockings, posed seated. Name stenciled above head
C-GALS-289 MLS of Cheryl in super sexy bodysuit, hair tossed against red bg
C-GALS-363 MLS of Cheryl at her most glamourous in bare-shouldered red gown & diamonds
C-GALS-364 MCU of Cheryl, hair done up, reposing on bed of purple pillows
C-GALS-365 Smiling Cheryl, down to Earth in brown blouse & sweater tied around neck. Orange bg
C-GALS-366 MS of Cheryl wearing bikini top & sunglasses
C-GALS-838 MS of Cheryl posed with hands in pockets of powder blue satin school jacket
C-GALS-839 MS of smiling Cheryl reposed, wearing red kimono
C-GALS-979 FLV of Cheryl kneeling on bed with back arched, wearing blue nightgown. Pink bg
C-GALS-980 FLV of braless Cheryl in ballet pose wearing summery see-thru white top & floor-length skirt
C-GALS-1118 MS of smiling Cheryl in pink silk blouse, hair combed behind shoulders & hand on hip
C-GALS-1119 MLS of Cheryl, in black strapless gown, arms held behind back. Red bg
C-GALS-1120 MLS of Cheryl, in blue blouse & pant outfit with hair curled, seated on red couch
C-GALS-1121 Cont. 187, fuller MS of Cheryl wearing blue blouse, white jacket & hat, looking aside
C-GALS-1152 PRT of Cheryl holding big bouquet of wild flowers under smiling face. Blue bg
C-GALS-1153 MCU of Cheryl charming camera in over-the- shoulder pose, wearing silky white nightgown
C-GALS-1154 Cont. 1153. MS of Cheryl bent forward on floor in lowcut gown with bellbottom sleeves. Red bg
C-GALS-1155 MCU of sweet Cheryl wearing big smile & sailor cap. Sky blue bg
C-GALS-1156 Cont. 1155, semiprofile MS of Cheryl, in lowcut white, pin-striped top, giving salute
C-GALS-1417 PRT of Cheryl in white blouse with red stripes
C-GALS-1701 FLV of Cheryl, a knockout in Bob Mackie beaded top & gold spandex pants, ribbons wafting from body top to bottom
C-GALS-2705 PRT of Cheryl grinning knowingly as she shrugs unbuttoned pale green shirt off one shoulder
C-GALS-2706 MLS of Cheryl, stunning as she strikes sleek pose in gold neckstrap cocktail dress against deep red bg
Lake, Veronica
C-GALS-708 MCU of Veronica Lake, in white blouse & red jacket with trace of smile on face
C-GALS-709 Great PRT of Veronica in black chiffon dress with lace bodice. Fiery bg. I Married a Witch [1942]
Lamarr, Hedy
C-GALS-710 PRT of Hedy Lamarr bent forward over couch armrest
C-GALS-1418 PRT of Hedy in off shoulder red dress & pearl-drop earrings
Landers, Audrey
C-GALS-468 MLS of Audrey Landers posed in strapless blue dress, showing off upper leg
C-GALS-469 Audrey poses on chair in red Indian-style dress, showing off legs
C-GALS-470 Audrey poses on chair in pink cashmere dress, showing off legs
C-GALS-711 Candid MS of Audrey in form-fitting black evening dress & red neck scarf
C-GALS-712 Soft-focus MCU of Audrey, hair done up in ringlets, hand to chin
C-GALS-981 MS of Audrey, striking in delicate white cowgirl shirt & hat, looking OS & smiling
C-GALS-1419 MCU of Audrey singing into microphone, wearing strapless purple top
C-GALS-2067 Super MS of Audrey in cowgirl shirt & hat, hand crossed to chin, Red bg
C-GALS-2707 Candid MLS of sunny Audrey arriving at industry event wrapped in white fur & sequined violet gown
Landers, Audrey & Judy
C-GALS-2709 Two-element shot starring both Landers sisters modeling sexy undergarments
Landers, Judy
C-GALS-471 MLS of Judy Landers posed in tiny blue bikini, leaving little to imagination
C-GALS-472 MLS of Judy posed in sexy magenta swimsuit, leaving little to imagination
C-GALS-473 MLS of Judy posed with hands behind head, clad in tight white top & candy-stripped bikini bottoms
C-GALS-474 Profile MLS of Judy posed coyly in white t-shirt & satin boxer shorts
C-GALS-475 Cont. 474, Judy faces front
C-GALS-476 MLS of Judy posed in man's tan work shirt
C-GALS-551 PRT of Judy in lowcut red top. Pink bg
C-GALS-552 Cont. 551, Judy turns slightly to side with hand to shoulder
C-GALS-553 PRT of Judy similar to above but horizontal image
C-GALS-713 Cont. 475, Judy turns head aside, eyes to camera
C-GALS-714 PRT of Judy in tight lowcut top & gold necklace. Lavender bg
C-GALS-982 MS of Judy in white top with see-thru puffed sleeves, sensual look to features
C-GALS-1420 Sweet MCU of Judy eyeing camera with lips parted, wearing soft sweater
C-GALS-1421 MS of Judy, in strapless pink dress, looking over shoulder at camera, back to same
C-GALS-1702 Candid MS of smiling Judy in pink angora sweater tube top
C-GALS-1850 Candid MS of pert Judy in pink angora sweater, smiling for camera
C-GALS-2068 Candid MLS of sexy Judy wearing lowcut white sweater, pink pants & white fur jacket, carrying stuffed pink elephant
C-GALS-2069 Candid MLS of beaming Judy pulling back white fur coat to show off lowcut pink evening dress & it's a heart-stopper
C-GALS-2070 Candid MS of Judy in different pink sequined dress & white fur jacket. signing autograph
C-GALS-2071 Candid MS of Judy, in pink silk blouse & white shoulder wrap, smiling into camera
C-GALS-2072 Alluring PRT of Judy in maroon robe
C-GALS-2708 FLV of Judy in sitting pose wearing snug white top with see-thru puff sleeves & red pants
Landon, Laurene
C-GALS-983 PRT of Laurene Landon, long blonde hair falling past shoulders to top of black dress
C-GALS-1703 Candid MCU of deeply tanned Laurene in lowcut summer dress & blue pearl necklace
Lane, Diane
C-GALS-554 DA of Diane Lane posed on beach, wearing striped tank top with fingers tucked in shorts pockets
C-GALS-555 FLV of Diane as above leaning against keel of boat with ocean beyond
C-GALS-1637 MCU of smiling Diane in Chinese-style red robe, long hair swept over one shoulder
C-GALS-1638 MCU of Diane, in blue pullover top & faded cowboy shirt, hairpins in mouth & arms over head as she puts up hair
C-GALS-1639 MS of Diane in pinstriped shirt knotted above waist & jeans. Nice big smile
C-GALS-1640 MLS of Diane leaning back against wall while seated in hay & playing with kitten in lap, wearing cowgirl outfit
C-GALS-1641 MLS of smiling Diane, in gray sleeveless top & flair skirt, standing at railing
C-GALS-1642 MLS of Diane modeling black swimsuit. Blue bg
C-GALS-1704 PRT of Diane in red top, looking over shoulder into camera with quiet smile
C-GALS-1851 FLV of Diane posed in white bikini, kneeling with beachball on fake beach set
C-GALS-1853 MS of wet Diane, nude but arm covering breasts, bowed head looking shyly aside
C-GALS-2073 Diane strikes coquettish pose in stylish black & white print dress & veiled hat. MS
C-GALS-2074 MS of Diane posed with hands clasped across forehead, wearing flowery print dress, wide metal bracelets & saucer-shaped earrings
C-GALS-2075 MS of Diane in sleeveless black top in outdoor pose, raising sunglasses to eye camera
C-GALS-2076 MS of younger Diane somewhat sad-faced as she looks away, wearing black blouse
C-GALS-2474 MS of charming Diane, entrancing in thin-strapped red silk dess & white jacket pulled off one shoulder, long brunette hair swept to opposite side
C-GALS-2710 MCU of Diane in wet island temptress pose with orchids decorating her hair & bare shoulders
C-GALS-2711 MS of Diane holding snapshot & smiling at camera engagingly, wearing champagne silk blouse with large black necktie, hair damp & combed back
C-GALS-2712 MS of Diane posed turned aside with hand on hip, wearing white swimsuit with mesh cutout, wind tossing hair against blue sky & white obelisk
C-GALS-2713 MLS of Diane ready for business in empty rococco diner, wearing white-on-white pantsuit & floppy blue overshirt pulled off one shoulder
C-GALS-2714 FLV of Diane striking alluring pose in beautiful patio setting, wearing sexy beige summer dress unbuttoned at bottom, bared leg propped on chair
Lange, Jessica
C-GALS-290 PRT of high-fashion angel Jessica Lange. All That Jazz
C-GALS-367 MS of smiling Jessica in plunging high-collared quilted top
C-GALS-984 MCU: Jessica, in neck-high lacy pearl dress, smiles away from camera, hair braided up. Frances [1982]
C-GALS-985 MCU of Jessica wearing broader smile & nurse uniform. Tootsie [1982]
C-GALS-1198 MS of Jessica, in lowcut white summer top, framed beautifully in open glass door
C-GALS-2715 Semi-profile MS of Jessica in heavenly white ruffled, puff-sleeved dress worn off shoulders
Lansing, Joi
C-GALS-715 MCU of 50s blonde sexpot Joi Lansing reclined on stomach into camera, arms crossed under bust held by untied swimsuit top
C-GALS-2077 MLS of Joi in form-fitting yellow dress, bent forward to exhibit cleavage
Laughlin, Lori
C-GALS-2475 MLS of cute Lori Laughlin in sitting-up pose, wearing sleeveless yellow-ribbed sweater & tight jeans, chestnut mane brushed behind back & rosy smile on face
Lauper, Cindy
C-GALS-1854 PRT of Cindy Lauper trying to unnerve camera
C-GALS-1855 Candid MS of Cindy waving at camera
Lavi, Dahlia
C-GALS-1856 MLS of exotic Dahlia Lavi circa 1966, in white bra & panties, holding gun near face
C-GALS-1857 Cont. 1856, Dahlia sits on arm of chair & aims gun held in front of mouth
Leary, Brianne
C-GALS-368 PRT of cute Brianne Leary in her Chips uniform
LeBrock, Kelly
C-GALS-1858 Sexy catlike MLS of pouty Kelly LeBrock in purple leotard & black jacket pulled off shoulder
C-CALS-1859 Cont. 1858, MCU
C-GALS-2078 MLS of Kelly, sexy & smoldering as she models black vinyl swimsuit with plunging neckline, hands on hips & hair fluffed
C-GALS-2079 FLV of Kelly modeling white top with slitted tan mini-skirt & matching jacket. Also sexy
C-GALS-2080 MLS of Kelly, svelte in red wraparound dress held by gem-encrusted belt, arms crossed
C-GALS-2081 Wonderful MS of Kelly posed in soft, lacy & frilly white blouse unbuttoned to waist & matching skirt with black belt tie
C-GALS-2290 MLS of Kelly posed in daring high-fashion gold criss-cross swimsuit with minimal fabric
Lee, Hyapatia
C-GALS-2291 MLS of adult star Hyapatia Lee wearing deep red tassled Indian-style dress open to reveal breasts
Lee, Michelle
C-GALS-986 MS of smiling Michelle Lee sitting up, wearing gold sequined evening gown. Magenta bg
Leigh, Janet
C-GALS-1157 1950s sitting PRT of Janet Leigh wearing red velvet gown & pearl necklace. Green bg
C-CALS-1422 PRT of Janet circa 1950s, costumed in medieval gown, cloak & tiara
Leigh, Jennifer Jason
C-GALS-2476 MLS of winsome Jennifer Jason Leigh posed in gray skirt, white blouse & sweater
C-GALS-2477 MLS of smiling Jennifer posed seated in lawn chair, wearing white mesh top & faded jeans, moussed hair cropped short, hand to chin
C-GALS-2716 FLV of icy Jennifer curled up on floor, wearing bulky purple sweater & lacy white dress
C-GALS-2717 Mood lighting enhances 1982 PRT of coquettish Jennifer, wearing print blouse
C-GALS-2718 MS of Jennifer wearing white bathrobe & best bedroom eyes gaze circa 1982
Leigh, Vivien
C-GALS-716 MS of Vivien Leigh, as Scarlett O'Hara, sitting with cigarette on Gone With the Wind set
Leighton, Roberta
C-GALS-477 MCU of Roberta Leighton in white tank top
Lenz, Kay
C-GALS-291 Candid MS of Kay Lenz in tight braless white top
Leon, Valerie
C-GALS-292 Super sexy PRT of buxom Hammer horror queen Valerie Leon posed in lacy black nightgown
C-GALS-717 FLV of seated Valerie clad in sexy black nightgown hiked up leg. Blood from Mummy's Tomb [1971]
C-GALS-826 Cont. 717, nightgown hiked up both legs
C-GALS-987 MS of Valerie facing camera & wearing red suede dress with black stitching on sleeve
C-GALS-1423 MLS of Valerie posed in satiny bikini affair with chainlink accessories
C-GALS-1424 MCU of Valerie playing scared, holding blanket over body in front of poster from Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
Leslie, Joan
C-GALS-1425 PRT of Joan Leslie circa early 1950s in sheer brown dress with wide standup collar
Littledove, Jeanette
C-GALS-2719 MLS of sex star Jeanette Littledove in full nude pose, eyes lowered
C-GALS-2720 MS of Jeanette eyeing camera daringly as she sits wearing only dark blue bikini bottom
C-GALS-2721 Cont. 2720, Jeanette twists body & plants arm under bare breasts, eyes half open
C-GALS-2722 Cont. 2721, Jeanette faces front, squeezing breasts together with upper arms, hands between knees
C-GALS-2723 MLS of Jeanette in nude sitting pose, clutching at hair with both hands & drawing knees up
Locke, Sondra
C-GALS-109 MCU of Sondra Locke in turtleneck sweater
C-GALS-110 MS of Sondra singing & playing guitar at mike
Lockhart, Anne
C-GALS-293 MLS of Anne Lockhart in purple velvet dress
C-GALS-478 Candid MS of Anne in blue t-shirt with words Indescribably Sweet on front
C-GALS-479 Cont. 478, tighter shot from different angle
Locklear, Heather
C-GALS-988 MS of Heather Locklear in lacy white dress holding gold fan below face
C-GALS-989 Candid MCU of smiling Heather, blue eyes sparkling & blonde hair falling below shoulders
C-GALS-990 Candid MS of happy Heather in dreamy blue top & gray slacks
C-GALS-991 MS of Heather wearing white blouse & smile, arms folded
C-GALS-992 MLS of seated Heather, smiling at camera, in blousy white summer dress pulled up past knees
C-GALS-993 Cont. 992, different angle with Heather looking off
C-GALS-1199 Super PRT of smiling Heather in white pullover top with blue neckline
C-GALS-1200 MLS of Heather in lacy white summer dress pulled off shoulders & up to thighs, seated in lawn chair
C-GALS-1426 Candid MS of Heather in criss-cross red & white striped sweater, hands in pockets
C-GALS-1427 Cont. 1426, tighter MS
C-GALS-1428 Cont. 1427, MCU
C-GALS-1429 Cont. 1428, CU
C-GALS-1430 Candid MS of wide eyed Heather smiling big for camera, wearing bulky cardigan sweater
C-GALS-1431 Candid MS of Heather wearing white gown with plunging front & open sweater wrap, looking aside
C-GALS-1432 Striking MS of Heather, in pretty diaphanous lace blouse, separating window blinds to flash smile C-GALS-1433 PRT of Heather in lacy white dress pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-1706 Beguiling soft PRT of smiling Heather propped up on elbows, wearing lowcut sequined red evening gown & fingerless long gloves.
C-GALS-1707 Cont. 1706, FLV with legs kicked up
C-GALS-1708 Modest PRT of Heather in white sport shirt with wide & thin stripes
C-GALS-1709 MS of Heather posed in powder blue sweatshirt, arms crossed
C-GALS-1710 MS of Heather wearing big smile & gray sweater, holding hair up with both hands
C-GALS-1711 MS of Heather posed in white blouse tied under bust & blue jean cutoffs. Purple bg
C-GALS-1712 MLS of Heather, in pretty white blouse & pant outfit with pink ribboned carnation on lapel, hands linked in front. Blue bg
C-GALS-1713 Candid MS of Heather in blue swimsuit at 1983 Battle of the Network Stars, arms crossed C-GALS-1860 Sweet PRT of Heather in knit sweater, shoulder to camera, lips parted. Pink bg
C-GALS-1861 MCU of Heather in light blue blouse, leaning forword & making big eyes at camera
C-GALS-1862 Glamour PRT of Heather, in strapless white dress, head cocked & hair falling to one side
C-GALS-1863 Glamour PRT of Heather in gold lamé strapless gown with matching bandana, hair coiffed to one side & falling over shoulder. Burnt orange bg
C-GALS-1864 Heather poses in casual mod-white dress with multi-colored sash as she sits in front of large fan
C-GALS-1865 FLV of Heather smiling as she lays on floor & points legs in air during exercise, wearing white top & pink tights
C-GALS-1866 Candid MS of Heather, in black & white sweater, laughing into camera
C-GALS-1867 Candid MS of Heather, in purple gym shorts & white top with stars across front
C-GALS-1868 Candid MS of smiling Heather, in loose-fitting brown dress with wide gold belt, looking aside
C-GALS-2082 MLS of Heather throwing head back & smiling as she pulls on exercise rings, wearing red, white & blue swimsuit
C-GALS-2083 MLS of Heather delightfully posed in strapless swimsuit, hair swept to one side, smile inviting
C-GALS-2084 FLV of smiling Heather kneeling in front of brightly colored wall design, wearing hot pink swimsuit. Name in upper left corner
C-GALS-2085 Cont. 2084, MLS without backdrop, Heather now standing with leg propped & hand on hip
C-GALS-2086 MS of Heather in frilly halter & skirt set with glitter-gold collar. Burnt orange bg
C-GALS-2087 Cont. 2086, fuller shot as Heather strikes jaunty attitude with hands on hips
C-GALS-2088 Horizontal MCU of Heather, wearing white jacket, giving camera bemused expression
C-GALS-2089 MS of smiling Heather posed outdoors in green silk blouse & gold coin necklace
C-GALS-2090 Candid MLS of Heather in white evening dress cut to waist plus pearl-lined sweater
C-GALS-2292 Candid MS of Heather smiling at camera on sidewalk, wearing lowcut white knit sweater & matching jacket
C-GALS-2293 PRT of Heather posed in powder blue sweat shirt pulled off one shoulder
C-GALS-2294 Cont. 1711, tighter PRT with better color of Heather posed in white blouse tied under bust
C-GALS-2295 Hot PRT of smiling, bare-shouldered Heather, beautifully coiffed hair & earrings setting off face
C-GALS-2296 Tight MLS of smiling Heather sitting in wicker chair & leaning head on hand, wearing light blue sweater & dark blue skirt, white petticoat showing
C-GALS-2297 MLS of Heather posed in sashed high-cut purple swimsuit, hand toying wirh necklace. Yellow bg
C-GALS-2298 MLS of smiling Heather posed with hands on hips & legs spread, wearing zebraskin swimsuit & leopardskin headband. Striking against black bg
C-GALS-2299 MLS of Heather in colorfully appointed white summer top & matching skirt, hands in lap
C-GALS-2300 MLS of Heather posed on floor resting against wood carving, radiantly glamourous in strapless white taffeta dress with diamond necklace & earrings, hair done up
C-GALS-2301 FLV of Heather sitting up on floor & smiling wide, wearing pink halter top & shorts
C-GALS-2302 FLV of Heather sitting on chaise lounge, wearing fashionable lowcut red & black pantsuit, hair swept to one side
C-GALS-2478 Candid MS of smiling Heather in strapless gray evening dress tied at bosom & set off by multi-jeweled necklace, sparkling eyes turned aside
C-GALS-2479 Candid MLS of Heather greeting cameraman with big Hi, wearing black dress with gold applique & matching knee-length jacket
C-GALS-2480 Candid semi-profile MLS of smiling Heather, delectable in shiny black leather skin & black lace party top as she arrives at Hollywood affair
C-GALS-2481 PRT of Heather with bare shoulder to camera, wearing diamond earrings. Red curtained bg
C-GALS-2482 PRT of Heather in strapless white evening dress
C-GALS-2483 Nice PRT of Heather with bare shoulder to camera, wearing diamond earrings. Red curtained bg
C-GALS-2484 MS of radiant Heather leaning across divan with inviting smile, wearing multi-colored valour jacket
C-GALS-2485 Cont. 1868, MS of smiling Heather in loose-fitting brown dress with gold belt, facing camera
C-GALS-2724 PRT of crystal-eyed Heather, straight hair placed on one bare shoulder, lips parted
C-GALS-2725 Gorgeous sitting PRT of Heather flashing famous smile, wearing sumptuous black & white print dress & red flower in hair against purple bg
C-GALS-2726 Cont. 2725, somewhat tighter view & altered pose, flower gone & expression serious
C-GALS-2727 Sitting PRT of Heather in same setting as above, wearing cute sailor suit & that smile
C-GALS-2728 Heather maintains pose in above setting but now wears white jacket over multi-colored blouse
C-GALS-2729 Cont. 2294, slightly longer knee up pose, wearing blouse tied under bust, top of cutoff jeans showing
C-GALS-2730 Heather turns on heat in MLS, giving us baby doll look & shrugging shoulder out of short black skin- tight dress with sheer sleeves, hand under chin
C-GALS-2731 MLS of Heather posed alongside half-seen muscle- head, wearing strapless red swimsuit cut high on hips, holding plug to studio light in bg
C-GALS-2732 Candid FLV of Heather pausing to smile aside at Hollywood affair, wearing all lace white dress
C-GALS-2733 Candid MLS of smiling Heather, wearing snug-fitting white top & skirt set with jeweled belt
C-GALS-2734 FLV of Heather greeting us with cheery smile as she steps thru doorway in catchy suit-dress of various gray patterns
C-GALS-2735 MS of Heather smiling hypnotically at camera in black dress with see-through neck & sleeves motif
C-GALS-2911 Glamour PRT of tigh-lipped Heather wearing dark blue glitter gown, hair done up
C-GALS-2912 Cont. 2911, Heather flashes smile
C-GALS-2913 PRT of Califomia Girl Heather leaning forward & smiling warmly, in colorful halter top
C-GALS-2914 MS of smiling Heather looking delicious under red filtered lighting, in black tube top & jacket
C-GALS-2915 Stark lighting makes this horizontal MS of bare-shouldered Heather interesting as she leans into camera with hair all wet
C-GALS-2916 Cont. 2915, vertical shot square to camera
C-GALS-2917 Cont. 2916, moody lighting replaces harsh in order to unveil dark side of Heather. Horizontal CU
C-GALS-2918 MLS of smiling Heather posed in lacy white jumpsuit & matching deep-pocket jacket with belt
C-GALS-2919 Cont. 2918, Heather turns pensive
Lollobrigida, Gina
C-GALS-994 MLS of Gina Lollobrigida in short black slip & black stockings, standing before curtains
C-GALS-2736 MLS of Gina, in beige silk nightgown, holding palm out to someone OS. Come September
Lomez, Celine
C-GALS-49 Red-hot MS of Celine Lomez wearing slacks & not much else
Lords, Traci
C-GALS-2303 MLS of adult film legend Traci Lords posed in lacy white teddy, pulled back trenchcoat & fedora
C-GALS-2304 FLV of Traci in seductive kneeling pose, lips pursed, wearing pink teddy
C-GALS-2305 FLV of Traci in pouty kneeling pose wearing white bra & garter belt
C-GALS-2306 Two-element shot of Traci, hands behind head in both, wearing net top & revealing undershirt, respectively
C-GALS-2486 Six-element montage of Traci in various stages of dress & undress
C-GALS-2487 Four element shot of Traci in R-rated poses from all different films, wearing open nurses uniform in one
C-GALS-2488 Two-element shot: MS of Traci stretching in black teddy & cover PR photo from New Wave Hookers
C-GALS-2737 MLS of Traci kneeling on bed, nude but for scarf around neck, arm shielding crotch
C-GALS-2920 FLV of rocker Traci playing guitar in mock jam session, wearing tight black top & red pants
C-GALS-2921 FLV of saucy Traci pulling back overcoat to show off white teddy & stockings, safari hat on head
Loren, Sophia
C-GALS-111 Sultry MCU of Sophia Loren
C-GALS-112 MCU of Sophia, hair wrapped in towel while standing before shower
C-GALS-995 MS of glamourous Sophia bent forward & wearing high fashion strapless yellow dress
C-GALS-1434 MS of sophisticated Sophia in lacy, frilly dress. Candelabra in bg. Arabesque [1966]
C-GALS-1435 PRT of sultry Sophia in black dress with sheer lace bodice, hair backlighted
C-GALS-1436 MS of seductive Sophia posed in lowcut peasant attire. Man of La Mancha [1972]
C-GALS-1714 Lovely soft-focus PRT of Sophia in lowcut red dress with puffed sleeves & gold necklace
C-GALS-1715 FLV of Sophia in sexy black seethru undies, leaning against wall. Divorce Italian Style
C-GALS-2091 MS of Sophia hugging Collie dog
C-GALS-2092 PRT of Sophia in lowcut red print dress & hat with veil over face, lips parted
Loring, Gloria
C-GALS-2738 Candid MLS of blonde Gloria Loring smiling for camera in corridor, wearing ornate violet silk dress tied at hips & hoop earrings
Louise, Tina
C-CALS-996 Candid MS of Tina Louise wearing very lowcut white evening dress & gold neck chain
C-GALS-1716 FLV of Tina, in white slip, posed on stomach & reaching back to grab feet
Lucci, Susan
C-GALS-2739 MS of glaring femme fatale Susan Lucci attired in satanic red with arms folded, posed against contrasting outdoor scene. Invitation to Hell[TV]
Lumley, Joanna
C-GALS-480 Joanna Lumley poses seated on floor, one leg kicked up, wearing dress of blue lace
C-GALS-1437 FLV of Joanna posed in dress that blends artfully with black bg, her legs exposed
Lund, Deanna
C-GALS-299 Deanna [Land of the Giants] Lund, in white bikini, reclining seductively on couch
MacLaine, Shirley
C-GALS-718 Shirley MacLaine sits on couch, knitting. Change of Seasons [1981]
C-GALS-2093 Lovely PRT of young Shirley in green suit & deep-brim straw hat
C-GALS-2094 PRT: Madonna in dark jacket & scarf, bow in hair
Madsen, Virginia
C-GALS-2740 MS of sultry Virginia Madsen wearing soiled but snug white tanktop, curly tresses spilling over one shoulder. Blue bg
C-GALS-2741 Cont. 2740, tighter on Virginia leaning forward intently, hand tugging on shoulder strap
C-GALS-2742 FLV of Virginia posed kneeling with body profiled, wearing tight white sweater & tan pants, matching sash over shoulder, hair tousled
C-GALS-2743 FLV of Virginia smiling brightly at Slamdance premiere, poured into strapless, minimal burgundy evening dress, hands on hips
C-GALS-2744 Cont. 2743, MS of Virginia, one drink too many under her belt, one side of dress slipping too low
Maffett, Debbie
C-GALS-1438 Candid MS of Miss America Debbie Maffett in form-fitting white knit dress
Mandrell, Barbara
C-GALS-481 PRT of country singer Barbara Mandrell wearing white lace dress
C-GALS-482 PRT of Barbara & gorgeous sisters Irlene & Louise in pretty cowgirl shirts
C-GALS-483 FLV of Mandrell sisters posed with ropes, clad in same cowgirl shirts as above
C-GALS-484 PRT of Mandrell sisters posed on saddle in pretty country dresses
C-GALS-485 FLV of Barbara tipping hat as sisters sit at her feet, all in blouses & pants
Manoff, Dinah
C-GALS-2095 PRT of Dinah Manoff in scoop-necked red top. I Ought to be in Pictures [1982]
Mansfield, Jayne
C-GALS-113 MS of Jayne Mansfield with halter-straining bustline
C-GALS-114 FLV of Jayne stretching in two-piece swimsuit
C-GALS-218 Jayne lounges seductively poolside
C-GALS-219 DA of Jayne in pool, wearing wet top over bra
C-GALS-220 MS of Jayne, in silver lamé dress, beside brick wall
C-GALS-221 MS of Jayne in lowcut gown & fur during night out
C-GALS-556 MS of Jayne bent forward to good advantage in grassy setting, wearing tight sweater
C-GALS-557 FLV of Jayne posed slightly bent in skin-tight gown heavily ruffled at bottom
C-GALS-558 FLV of Jayne posed in white pokadot swimsuit between two pillars
C-GALS-577 FLV of Jayne posed with rear to camera in leopardskin swimsuit, hands on chair
C-GALS-578 Jayne toasts new year seated by clock striking midnight. She's wearing lowcut black gown hiked up to thighs
C-GALS-719 Provocative MCU of Jayne bent over tigerskin rug while clad in leopardskin outfit
C-GALS-1439 FLV of Jayne, wearing pink negligee, posed on red cushion so as to show off legs & breast held up by folded arms
C-GALS-1717 FLV of Jayne, nude but for panties, sitting on edge of bathtub with arms behind head [light grain]
C-GALS-1718 MS of nude Jayne reposed on bed with her head lolling over side, eyes to camera
C-GALS-2489 FLV of young Jayne sitting on bed, wearing pink pajamas, pulling tops halfway over breasts
C-GALS-2490 MS of Jayne in popular bent forward pose, wearing strapless gown barely covering assets & heavy- weight diamond necklace, lips parted sensuously
Margret, Ann
C-GALS-31 CU of Ann-Margret in glamorous attire
C-GALS-47 Ann-Margret sits up in bed, wearing hot nightgown
C-GALS-115 MS of Ann-Margret in bed, in lowcut nightgown
C-GALS-116 FLV of Ann-Margret sipping drink in bed, similarly attired
C-GALS-214 Soft-focus PRT of Ann-Margret taken in 1950s
C-GALS-215 FLV of Ann-Margret in great bathing suit pinup
C-GALS-332 MCU of teenage charmer Ann-Margret. Orange tint
C-GALS-333 MS of Ann-Margret, in green sweater, holding her hair up with both hands. Red bg
C-GALS-334 FLV of Ann-Margret, in black leotard, kneeling on floor & pouring out song. Red bg
C-GALS-335 FLV of Ann-Margret, in tight flair pants & matching top, singing & dancing. Purple bg
C-GALS-604 MS of Ann-Margret in lowcut gold gown & pink wrap, holding drink. Cheap Detective
C-GALS-755 MS of Ann-Margret proving she's loaded, posing braless in soft orange dress
C-GALS-756 MS of Ann-Margret showing off bosom with smile, wearing lowcut pink dress. Villain
C-GALS-997 Profile MS of Ann-Margret looking over shoulder, wearing soft pink dress & diamond necklace
C-GALS-998 MLS of Ann-Margret in 1940s-style white swimsuit, removing high-collared cape
C-GALS-999 Candid MLS of Ann-Margret in lowcut gold evening gown, caught by surprise
C-GALS-1122 Overhead soft-focus MCU of Ann-Margret, dreamy in lowcut aqua sweater that accents bustline
C-GALS-1123 Cont. 1122, Ann Margret pushes hair up with both hands, flashing bedroom eyes
C-GALS-1124 MCU of Ann-Margret showing pensive side resting chin on crossed forearm, wearing green silk top
C-GALS-1125 MLS of Ann-Margret showing wild side, perform-
ing in green & gold lamé gown with leopardskin backside collar & gloves
C-GALS-1440 Candid MS of Ann Margret arriving at 1983 Emmys, wearing yellow gown & chiffon wrap
C-GALS-1441 Cont. 1440, better look at beautiful gown sans wrap
C-GALS-1442 Stunning PRT of Ann-Margret in lowcut lime evening dress with glitter striping. Pale green bg
C-GALS-1443 MS of smiling Ann-Margret in black sequined dress, body profiled as she clasps hands near face & coyly eyes camera. hair done up. Light bg
C-GALS-1444 MLS of Ann-Margret in sexy pose wearing red leotard, open red blouse & cutoffs, hand on hip
C-GALS-1445 FLV of Ann-Margret, in very lowcut green lounge wear, spread out on carpet invitingly
C-GALS-1446 FLV of Ann-Margret on stage in side-slitted floor-length white gown, belting out song
C-GALS-1447 Cont. 1446, she smiles wide while spreading legs
C-GALS-1448 Cont. 1447, she turns aside with sweep of gown
C-GALS-1643 MS of Ann-Margret posed at 1983 Oscars in soft pink gown
C-GALS-1719 PRT of smiling Ann-Margret in bare-shouldered red crisscross gown
C-GALS-1869 Tight MLS of seated Ann-Margret, a vision in lowcut dark blue sequined gown pulled to thigh, one hand held to throat
C-GALS-2096 Moody-lit MCU of Ann-Margret wearing slip
C-GALS-2097 Smokey PRT of Ann-Margret eyeing camera. I Ought to be in Pictures
C-GALS-2491 MCU of young Ann-Margret in sex-kitten pose with wet lips parted & long red hair spilling to side
C-GALS-2492 FLV of young Ann-Margret posed in doorway, wearing red flair skirt, blue pullover top & scarf headpiece in hair
C-GALS-2493 Cont. 1123, MS smiling as she cocks head
C-GALS-2494 FLV of Ann-Margret, a hot number in glitter gown slit to thigh on one side, hands on hip & upper leg
C-GALS-2746 MS of Ann-Margret flashing smile while seated behind microphone at 1987 Crystal Awards luncheon, wearing attractive white dress & jacket
Martin, Pamela Sue
C-GALS-720 MCU of Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon in white blouse & purple jacket. Dynasty
C-GALS-1000 MS of Pamela Sue in black dress with white lace collar & black hat, hand on hip
C-GALS-1158 MLS of Pamela Sue in Russian-style purple blouse, wide belt & tight jeans, hands on hips. Orange bg
C-GALS-1449 FLV of Pamela Sue laughing playfully while sitting nude on rocks as water from stream washes over her feet, arm crossed over thighs
C-GALS-1720 Tight horizontal PRT of Pamela Sue in red top, leaning on couch
C-GALS-2098 PRT of Pamela Sue in red print high-necked top, hair flowing over shoulders
Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth
C-GALS-2495 Two-element shot: FLV of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in black dress pulled up high on thighs, kneeling; smiling MCU holding head high
C-GALS-2496 Candid MLS of Mary arriving at Color of Money premiere, splendid in form-fitting blue silk dress
C-GALS-2497 Cont. 2496, Mary turns to camera & smiles
C-GALS-2747 Candid MS of smiling oscar nominee Mary wearing shiny silver outfit
Maxwell, Marilyn
C-GALS-812 PRT of bare-shouldered Marilyn Maxwell, grey boa feathers over bust, leaning to side on elbow
McBain, Diane
C-GALS-1450 MS of Diane McBain propped in front of fireplace on floor, orange vest pulled off bare breasts
McGillis, Kelly
C-GALS-2498 Sexy MS of Kelly McGillis wearing soiled purple silk blouse, unbuttoned & pulled teasingly off one shoulder, strands of fluffed hair over eyes & lips
C-GALS-2499 Cont. 2498, open blouse reveals tip of breast as Kelly buries hand in hair, elbow resting on knee
McGovern, Elizabeth
C-GALS-1159 MS of Elizabeth McGovern leaning elbows on dinner table, looking off with smile. Lovesick ['83]
C-GALS-1721 MCU of Elizabeth in gray wool sweater, smiling at someone OS
C-GALS-1722 MS of seated Elizabeth in brown plaid sport shirt, hands folded in lap
C-GALS-1723 MS of bare-shouldered Elizabeth pulling silk robe around her while holding flower in sensuous pose
C-GALS-1724 MS of smiling Elizabeth in period dress & hairdo, posed on beach
McGraw, Ali
C-GALS-295 Candid MLS of Ali McGraw clad in white blouse
C-GALS-2099 MCU of bare-shouldered Ali smiling aside, wearing gold necklaces
McNichol, Kristy
C-GALS-621 PRT of Kristy McNichol, pretty wearing white sweater with gold neck chain
Menzies, Heather
C-GALS-117 PRT of Heather Menzies in green pullover top
Meredith, Lee
C-GALS-369 MS of busty Lee Meredith in revealing nurse uniform. Kotch
Mills, Donna
C-GALS-1001 Exceptional PRT of Donna Mills in pink blouse, blonde hair attractively arranged
C-GALS-1002 Candid MS of Donna in high-necked white blouse
C-GALS-1451 Signed candid MCU of Donna in sequined red gown, lips parted
C-GALS-1452 MLS of Donna twisting body into profile while modeling green & white-striped leotard & skirt
C-GALS-1644 MS of Donna in seated pose, wearing pink blouse & white pants, hand to hair
C-GALS-1725 Candid MLS of Donna, in strapless silver gown, smiling on her way to Hollywood social event
C-GALS-2748 Sitting PRT of Donna lounging against cushion, in eye-necked white cashmere sweater & matching slacks, finger to chin. Pink bg
Mills, Hayley
C-GALS-2100 Cute PRT of Hayley Mills in her late teens, wearing dark blue dress, smiling whimsically
Mills, Juliet
C-GALS-1191 PRT of adorable Juliet Mills looking up & smiling, wearing black dress with white collar, hair resting on one shoulder
Mimieux, Yvette
C-GALS-296 Candid MS of Yvette Mimieux wearing blue blouse C-GALS-297 Cont. 296, Yvette smiles for camera
C-GALS-721 1980 CU of Yvette, hair swept to one side & upturned blouse collar framing chin
Minnelli, Liza
C-GALS-1269 FLV of Liza Minnelli, sexily posed in red sequined gown with legs exposed, hands on hips
C-GALS-1453 MS of Liza in dark red ruffled gown, turned aside. New York, New York [1977]
C-GALS-1454 MS of Liza in sequined white gown. New York...
Mistal, Karen
C-GALS-2500 PRT of fetching Karen Mistal wearing white blouse & warm smile, hand to chin. New Adventures of Beans Baxter [1987 TV]
Monroe, Marilyn
C-GALS-51 Fabulous FLV of Marilyn Monroe posed in gold gown, blowing kiss. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
C-GALS-54 FLV of Marilyn & Jane Russell posed in floor- length red gowns, each exposing leg. Gentlemen...
C-GALS-118 MS of Marilyn posed in red swimsuit & earrings
C-GALS-119 FLV of Marilyn in black swimsuit, holding umbrella. RV
C-GALS-120 Marilyn's famous nude calendar pose
C-GALS-222 Marilyn & Don Murray hug on stool. Bus Stop
C-CALS-298 MS of Marilyn wrapped in towel at beach
C-GALS-299 Bare-shouldered Marilyn seated & posing in bouffant white slip
C-GALS-300 Marilyn seated & posing in scoop-necked top with mesh stockings on exposed legs. Bus Stop
C-GALS-301 Lovely shot of Marilyn in turn-of-the-century attire, sitting astride bicycle
C-GALS-302 Classic shot of Tom Ewell watching burst of air from street vent blow up Marilyn's dress
C-GALS-486 PRT of Marilyn wearing off-shoulder white fur
C-GALS-722 Quintessential Marilyn: MLS in gold gown cut to waist, with parted lips & drooping eyelids
C-GALS-923 FLV of Marilyn, in lacy black nightie, seated sideways with outstretched arms touching upturned legs, face to camera
C-GALS-724 Candid MCU of Marilyn, in black dress, smiling face turned aside
C-GALS-1455 MS of Marilyn in white shirt, pulling on pigtails
C-GALS-1726 FLV of Marilyn & Jack Lemmon, both in women's beachwear, cavorting on beach. Some Like it Hot
C-GALS-1870 FLV of Marilyn posed in off-white two-piece swimsuit, standing with arms behind head, eyes closed & smiling to herself against cloudy sky bg
C-GALS-2101 MLS of Marilyn striking provocative wet & chilled pose in two-piece swimsuit
Moore, Demi
C-GALS-2307 PRT of Demi Moore with lips parted, wearing white t-shirt & black leather jacket
C-GALS-2501 MS of Demi in charming white turtleneck sweater & belted brown corduroy pants, hand in pocket
C-GALS-2502 MLS of Demi exuding sex appeal in sitting pose, wearing layered yellow skirt, puff-sleeved dark green blouse open down front & yellow headband
C-GALS-2503 Glamour PRT of Demi evoking Rita Hayworth look, eyes averted & bright red lips parted
C-GALS-2504 Horizontal PRT of Demi demurely eyeing camera with green gloved hand near pouty lips
C-GALS-2749 MLS of brunette Demi posed on hands & knees, one breast spilling out of open black & white man's plaid shirt. White bg
C-GALS-2750 FLV of Demi in teasing pose, holding lacy black top & hiding bare breasts with arm, wearing only hipless panties
C-GALS-2751 Profile FLV of Demi, clad in accidentally peekaboo t-shirt & black gym shorts, seated on grass with friends watching OS athletic competition
Moore, Mary Tyler
C-GALS-305 Over-the-shoulder PRT of Mary Tyler Moore circa early 1960s
C-GALS-804 MS of smiling Mary bundled up in winter coat, scarf & mittens
Moran, Erin
C-GALS-1727 Candid MS of smiling Erin Moran in blue dress
C-GALS-1728 FLV of Erin in kneeling pose, sharp looking in pink blouse, tight jeans. pink leg warmers & suede boots
Morgan, Cindy
C-GALS-2308 PRT of grinning Cindy Morgan wearing black swimsuit & necklace
C-GALS-2309 Cont. 2308, MS of Cindy turned to show flesh behind suit her expression teasing
C-GALS-2752 Candid MS of pretty Cindy in snug, off-shoulder red dress, hands behind back
C-GALS-210 MLS of abundantly bouncy baseball player-loving bombshell Morganna posed in red gym shorts & sweater. Inscribed to Lover Boy
Moritz, Lisa
C-GALS-1160 Candid MLS of blonde sexpot Lisa Moritz in purple flapper dress & white fur jacket
Morris, Anita
C-GALS-2103 PRT of sultry redhead Anita Morris in strapless white gown & diamond necklace
C-GALS-2505 Sitting PRT of Anita in black skirt & blue top, hand to shoulder. Down & Out in Beverly Hills [1986]
Munro, Caroline
C-GALS-7 Caroline Munro shows off tan in bikini by rocks
C-GALS-19 MS of Caroline posing in pretty print dress
C-GALS-20 Orange-hued MS of Caroline almost wearing bikini
C-GALS-29 Near FLV of Caroline in hot red top & shorts
C-GALS-38 Caroline poses with smile in sexy black dress
C-GALS-121 CU of Caroline smiling brightly
C-GALS-122 MCU of Caroline in headress & open black top
C-GALS-123 MS of Caroline in revealing black pantsuit
C-GALS-124 Cont. 123, more straight on MS
C-GALS-125 Cont. 124, FLV posed by pillar
C-GALS-126 MCU of Caroline in black halter top
C-GALS-127 Cont. 126, MS shows lots of skin
C-GALS-128 Caroline poses out of character as college type
C-GALS-129 MS of Caroline, in peasant top, leaning against tree
C-GALS-188 MCU of bare-shouldered Caroline
C-GALS-189 Betoweled Caroline puts out hand during Noxzema commercial
C-GALS-190 MCU of Caroline with shave cream & can in either hand
C-GALS-191 FLV of Caroline in silver costume, holding up can
C-GALS-192 MS of Caroline clad in corset-like top & blue jeans
C-GALS-303 MLS of Caroline posed in barely useful top vest & tight jeans
C-GALS-304 Cont. 303, Caroline pulls hair up with hands
C-GALS-370 Caroline poses in plunging frilly blouse as she dips into treasure chest
C-GALS-487 MLS of Caroline in sexy French-cut swimsuit, looking very fiery
C-GALS-559 MS of Caroline posed in ornate peek-a-boo top with neck chains
C-GALS-560 MS of Caroline posed in bikini top with arms crossed to accent cleavage
C-GALS-572 Provocative FLV of Caroline kneeling in surf, holding bikini top across her naked bosom
C-GALS-579 MLS of Caroline in yellow-trimmed white swimsuit, hair falling to one side of face, as she holds ropes aboard boat. Lovely shot
C-GALS-580 Caroline sits at surfline on beach piling flowers in front of her, wearing sarong
C-GALS-581 Caroline, in raggedy black bikini, sits & cuts up pineapples in basket between her legs
C-GALS-725 MLS of Caroline up to her armpits in shaving cream. She tousles hair & smiles
C-GALS-726 MCU of Caroline, head tilted down & lips parted. Maniac
C-GALS-805 MS of topless Caroline languishing as clear spring water washes over her
C-GALS-1003 Candid semi-profile MCU of Caroline, in blue blouse & white jacket, blonde streaks running thru her auburn hair
C-GALS-1004 MS of wet Caroline in brown pullover top [light grain]
C-GALS-1161 MS of smiling Caroline in leopardskin dress & black jacket, hands on hips. Red bg
C-GALS-1456 Candid profile MCU of Caroline enjoying herself at 1982 convention autograph table
C-GALS-1457 Cont. 1456, MCU of Caroline looking up at OS fan
C-GALS-1458 MLS of Caroline posed coyly in skin-tight white jumpsuit with cartridge belt
C-GALS-2104 FLV of oiled & tanned Caroline posed spread-legged with hands on hips amid rocks, wearing fringed white bikini
C-GALS-2105 Cont. 2104, Caroline turns body sideways as she places foot on rock step
C-GALS-2106 FLV of Caroline seated on floor wearing white blouse with black vest, tie, vinyl pants & boots, sweet smile added
C-GALS-2107 Cont. 2106, MLS of Caroline now standing, vest discarded, wearing saucy expression
C-GALS-2108 Cont. 2107, MCU of Caroline, hands touching collars of blouse, staring into camera
C-GALS-2753 MLS of teasing Caroline leaning over fireplace mantle with black & white-laced corset undone in showy fashion, hand on hip above dark skirt
Murray, Anne
C-GALS-1459 PRT of country singer Anne Murray, hand fingering collar of yellow top
Muti, Ornella
C-GALS-561 Ornella [Flash Gordon] Muti invitingly scrunched into yoga position, wearing blue body suit
Myers, Cynthia
C-GALS-10 MLS of busty Cynthia Myers, in black mini-dress, standing by bed. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Natividad, Kitten
C-GALS-1460 Candid MS of full figure stripper Kitten Natividad wearing eye-popping silver gown & fur piece
C-GALS-1461 MS of nude Kitten tying ribbon around neck
C-GALS-1462 Cont. 1461, Kitten holds unlaced ribbon across tops of outthrust breasts
C-GALS-1463 MLS of nude Kitten wiggling into black corset
C-GALS-2109 FLV of Kitten, in see-thru fishnet bodysuit, on all fours at start of club striptease performance
C-GALS-2110 Cont. 2109, Kitten kneels at edge of stage with hands behind head, netting peeled to waist
C-GALS-2111 Cont. 2110, MLS of nude Kitten standing in glass tub & pouring water over herself
C-GALS-2112 Cont. 2111, Kitten soaps up
C-GALS-2413 Cont. 2112, FLV of Kitten reclining across tub, head tilted back over edge
C-GALS-2114 MLS of Kitten in killer pose before giant painting of stalking leopard. She's wearing eye-popping two piece leopardskin outfit
C-GALS-2506 Two-element shot of Kitten in different poses wearing gold sequined top pulled above bare bosom & gold bikini panties
C-GALS-2754 Candid FLV of exhibitionist Kitten, in shimmery strapless gold party dress, bending low at disco
C-GALS-2755 Turn on the cooler, mates! FLV of Kitten posed on hillside patio in see-thru black mesh nightgown that leaves nothing to imagination
Nelkin, Stacey
C-GALS-2745 Profile MLS of delicious Stacey Nelkin wearing belly dancer costume, gazed fixed OS, lips parted
Neuhaus, Lacey
C-GALS-306 PRT of Lacey Neuhaus, lovely in red blouse. From Here to Eternity
C-GALS-307 Lasey strikes '50s cheesecake pose, wearing blouse & shorts in front of rock wall. MLS
C-GALS-308 MLS of Lacey in pretty flowered black dress
Newton-John, Olivia
C-GALS-48 MS of Olivia Newton-John in gold lamé jacket
C-GALS-130 Candid MCU of bare-shouldered Olivia
C-GALS-131 MCU of Olivia in white jacket & blouse, smiling
C-GALS-193 Candid MS of Olivia arriving at gala
C-GALS-727 FLV of Olivia, in white top & blue jeans, reposed on floor propped up on crossed arms. Blue bg
C-GALS-728 FLV of Olivia posed in four-tiered, floor-length red evening dress, hands behind her
C-GALS-1126 MS of Olivia singing into microphone with eyes closed, wearing tan & brown top & sweater set
C-GALS-1127 FLV of Olivia seated on floor wearing layered red dress off shoulders, smiling sweetly
C-GALS-1128 FLV of Olivia performing on stage in Roman toga
C-GALS-1129 FLV of Olivia in Barbarella outfit & blonde wig, standing spread-legged with hands on hips
C-GALS-1130 FLV of Olivia performing on smoky set in Lady Godiva wear & hair
C-GALS-1464 Autographed MS of Olivia in bullfighter-style outfit of white lace blouse, black bolero jacket & red waist sash
C-GALS-1465 Candid MCU: Olivia in red dress & gold necklace
C-GALS-1466 Candid MCU of smiling Olivia wearing white dress
C-GALS-1467 MS of Olivia, in blue sequined dress, with tight-lipped smile during sit-down song
C-GALS-1468 MLS of Olivia belting torch song, wearing red pants & tunic blouse with Indian-style belt
C-GALS-1469 MLS of Olivia, in pixie-like black mini-dress, singing on stage
C-GALS-1470 Cont. 1469, MS in semi-profile
C-GALS-1471 Cont. 1470, MS with hand above eyes as she scans audience
C-GALS-1472 PRT of Olivia, in white top & necklace of scarf looped with shell strand, smiling
C-GALS-1473 Cont. 1472, MS leaning head on propped arm
C-GALS-1474 Cont. 1473, FLV, also wearing full green skirt,
seated in easy chair
C-GALS-1475 MCU of Olivia wearing plaid shirt, white headband, & sweet smile. Black bg
C-GALS-1476 Cont. 1475, Olivia leans chin on hand
C-GALS-1477 Cont. 1476, MS leaning on folded arms, dolphin ceramic on table in front of her & greenery in bg
C-GALS-1478 FLV of Olivia seated on floor posed in pink tights, sweatshirt, leg warmers & sweatband
C-GALS-1479 Cont. 1478, Olivia leans back & touches hand to feet pointed skyward
C-GALS-1480 MS of bent back Olivia in white peasant top [no bra] & red skirt
C-GALS-1481 MS of Olivia in black velvetine pullover top, arms folded
C-GALS-1482 MS of Olivia posed in silver brocade dress, hand holding neck collar. Magenta bg
C-GALS-1483 MLS of Olivia in bluegreen button-down shirt & brushed silver pants, in corral
C-GALS-1484 MS of Olivia in frilly white dress, tie in shoulder-length hair
C-GALS-1485 MLS of Olivia in red party dress pulled off shoulders. Black bg
C-GALS-1486 LS of Olivia in Grease outfit of blue spandex pants, pink blouse with upturned collar & red jacket, hair curled
C-GALS-1487 FLV of Olivia posed rollerskating, wearing cowboy shirt & hat. Orange bg
C-GALS-1729 MCU of Olivia wearing red sweater & black jacket
C-GALS-1730 MS of Olivia, in black zippered outfit with red-checked blazer, sitting & thinking in front of microphone, hair done up
C-GALS-1731 FLV of Olivia wearing shorts, red cowboy shirt & white Stetson, smiling big as she rollerskates toward camera
C-GALS-2115 Candid MCU of Olivia, in jewelled white gown & diamond earring with hair done up new wave, looking aside
C-GALS-2116 Candid MS of beaming Olivia in silver jacket blouse with black ribbon tie
C-GALS-2117 Candid MS of Olivia in white eye-neck top, smiling big for camera
C-GALS-2118 Soft focus MCU of Olivia in pink silk robe, hand in hair & lips parted slightly
C-GALS-2119 Cont. 2118, MS with expansive smile
C-GALS-2120 PRT of Olivia as she turns up collar on red coat with gloved hand
C-GALS-2121 Cont. 2120, Olivia runs gloved hand thru hair
C-GALS-2122 MS of beaming Olivia posed with horse, wearing cowgirl shirt & jeans
C-GALS-2123 MS of Olivia in wistful pose wearing white u-neck blouse. Blue sky bg
C-GALS-2124 PRT of Olivia in glamour pose wearing red coat with black fur collar. Red bg
C-GALS-2125 MCU of somber Olivia leaning face & upper arm against cushion, wearing red overalls with Hanks Speed Shop embossed on front
C-GALS-2126 MCU of Olivia, wearing pink & white summer top, sporting pouty little girl face, hair in twin ponytails
C-GALS-2127 MS of broadly grinning Olivia seated with arms resting on reflective tabletop, in longsleeved red top
C-GALS-2128 MS of smiling Olivia, in dark velour sweater, arms folded
C-GALS-2129 Sitting PRT of Olivia wearing sultry expression & off-shoulder red dress
C-GALS-2130 Glamour PRT of Olivia in black dress & hat, lips parted. Red bg
C-GALS-2131 Warm MS of Olivia smiling as she poses in field of wild flowers, wearing floppy straw hat & designer work shirt
C-GALS-2132 MCU of Olivia turned toward camera with hair blowing in light breeze
C-GALS-2133 MCU of Olivia, in high-necked violet & black dress, hands playing with hair
C-GALS-2134 MCU of Olivia with elbows propped on cushion & face pressed against hand, hair in bangs
C-GALS-2507 Candid MLS of Olivia, wearing Hands Across America t-shirt, visor & sunglasses, enjoying hand-holding event on May 25, 1986
C-GALS-2508 FLV of smiling Olivia in bright red multi-layered gown worn off shoulders, hands folded at waist
C-GALS-2509 FLV of smiling Olivia in white summer dress with ruffled neckline pulled off shoulders, red belt & red rose on lapel setting ensemble off nicely
C-GALS-2510 FLV of smiling Olivia in flashy dark evening pants & splashy off shoulder top covered in bugle beads
C-GALS-2511 Cont. 2510, Olivia turns body into profile
C-GALS-2512 Delicious FLV of smiling Olivia wearing red shirt over tight jeans, hands on hips
C-GALS-2513 Cute FLV of smiling Olivia wearing & holding most sportswear & equipment known to man
Nichols, Nichelle
C-GALS-1005 MLS of topless Nichelle Nichols pre-Star Trek, shawl tied at hips, head down & arms spread at sides [light grain]
Nielsen, Brigitte
C-GALS-2756 Candid profile MS of blonde Brigitte Nielsen, in lowcut black outfit, about to sign autograph for fan
C-GALS-2757 Candid MLS of Brigitte smiling like cat, bewitching in strapless black evening dress
C-GALS-2758 Candid MLS of Brigitte stepping along brightly in killer strapless pink, form-fitting dress
C-GALS-2759 Earlier PRT of red-headed Brigitte in hot red dress, arm propped on upturned bare knee
C-GALS-2760 Coquettish PRT of red-headed Brigitte, bare-shouldered as she poses behind Japanese parasol
C-GALS-2761 Two-element shot of topless, leggy Brigitte strutting her stuff in tiny green & black lace bikini bottom on European beach; FLV with insert of girlfriend applying lotion
C-GALS-2762 FLV of slinky Brigitte luxuriating in sun, topless before waist-high wall, wearing skimpy combin-
ation of chain-mail, leather & fishnet stockings
C-GALS-2763 Six-element shot of Brigitte before, during & after her time with Sly that showcases her sex appeal, one taken with LaToya Jackson
C-GALS-2922 MS of haughty Brigitte posed in black nightgown
C-GALS-2923 Semi-profile MLS of redhead Brigitte posed in highcut lime green swimsuit, red flower in hair
C-GALS-2924 MLS of Brigitte seated on ocean rocks, fingers touching chin & arms partially covering breasts, wearing black panties & hose with white scarf
C-GALS-2925 FLV of Brigitte standing in beach hut with cigarette, wearing pink bikini & sunglasses
C-GALS-2926 Cont. 2761, Brigitte faces more toward camera with smile, sans insert
Noble, Trisha
C-GALS-771 PRT of beauteous auburn-haired Trisha Noble leaning forehead on hand. Strike Force
Norris, Christopher
C-GALS-1732 Candid MS of smiling Christopher [Trapper John M.D.] Norris in white sweatshirt
C-GALS-2314 MS of pert, smiling Christopher, bare-shouldered in shiny red summer dress. Blue bg
Novak, Kim
C-GALS-132 Studio PRT of Kim Novak
C-GALS-488 MS of Kim in black evening gown, holding red rose. Mirror Crack'd
C-GALS-1488 Sitting PRT of Kim circa 1955, dreamy in white satin, lowcut gown, her platinum hair cut short
O'Connor, Glynnis
C-GALS-1733 MLS of Glynnis O'Connor, in pink bikini, walking on beach toward camera carrying volleyball. California Dreaming [1979]
O'Mara, Kate
C-GALS-729 MS of Hammer Films femme Kate O'Mara, in lowcut dress, hand under breast & arm behind head. Vampire Lovers [1970]
O'Neal, Tatum
C-GALS-371 MS of Tatum O'Neal & horse.International Velvet
O'Neil, Jennifer
C-GALS-2135 MCU of Jennifer O'Neil in outdoor setting, wearing light blue dress with puff sleeves
O'Toole, Annette
C-GALS-1192 MS of Annette O'toole as country singer Tammy Wynette, in blonde wig & gold dress, singing song in studio. Stand by Your Man [TVM]
Oakes, Randi
C-GALS-194 MS of Randi Oakes in her Chips uniform
C-GALS-195 PRT of Randi on green bg
C-GALS-196 MS of Randi in silk red dress, arm resting on knee
Osmond, Marie
C-GALS-1489 1983 candid MS of Marie Osmond wearing striped sweater and dangling necklace
C-GALS-1490 1980 PRT of Marie, in white blouse with red dots & ruffled yoke, hand to hair
C-GALS-2136 Recent PRT of Marie in glitzy attire of white shirt, black vest & bowtie
Oxenberg, Catherine
C-GALS-2137 Candid MS of Catherine Oxenberg eyeing camera while seated at autograph table, wearing white woolen pullover & violet scarf
C-GALS-2138 Cont. 2137, Catherine breaks into smile
C-GALS-2139 Cont. 2138, she's holding pen with head tilted slightly. Best of these
C-GALS-2141 Winning PRT of Catherine in blue & black silk blouse. Purple bg. Really nice
C-GALS-2142 MS of Catherine, in white pullover top & gold necklace, hands on hips
C-GALS-2143 MS of Catherine in pearl-studded white blouse with designer print jacket & black pants
C-GALS-2312 Candid FLV of smiling Catherine arriving at Hollywood event, wearing strapless blue chiffon evening dress
C-GALS-2313 FLV of Catherine girlishly posed sitting up on floor, wearing strapless white summer dress with pink sash belt
C-GALS-2314 MLS of tanned Catherine sitting poolside with hand brushing back wet hair, wearing strapless black & white bikini
C-GALS-2514 MLS of Catherine, yummy in Levi-style brown skirt & jacket set, leaning on fireplace
Paluzzi, Lucianna
C-GALS-1734 FLV of Lucianna seated on brick wall with towel around most of body, smiling as she holds drink with dog at side
Parker, Kay
C-GALS-2764 MLS of adult film star Kay Parker untying front of black bustier against blush red bg
Parton, Dolly
C-GALS-223 Candid MCU of Dolly Parton waving
C-GALS-489 Candid MCU of bosomy Dolly in lowcut white country-style dress
C-GALS-730 Candid MS of Dolly in frilly blue dress, hands on waist
C-GALS-1006 MS of Dolly in sexy black corset & stocking ensemble. Best Little Whorehouse in Texas[1982]
C-GALS-1007 MS of Dolly in lowcut red gown with puffed sleeves, hands on hips. ...Whorehouse
C-GALS-2144 Candid FLV of smiling Dolly arriving at media event in lacy white dress with wide plunging neckline, holding clutch purse
C-GALS-2145 MS of smiling Dolly, in orange sweater, talking on phone at desk. Nine to Five
C-GALS-2146 Exquisite PRT of smiling Dolly posed in form-fitting white knit dress. White bg
C-GALS-2147 MLS of Dolly wearing tight, satiny silver lowcut gown. ...Whorehouse
C-GALS-2515 MLS of Dolly in beige crepe dress, turned to camera while decorating Christmas tree at home
C-GALS-2765 MLS of Dolly smiling wide aside, wearing lowcut, figure-flattering pink & purple dress
C-GALS-2766 MCU of pensive actress/model Paulina. Anna [1987]
Payne, Freda
C-GALS-2516 Candid MS of singer Freda Payne, dishy in marvelous lowcut black dress with tie-lace bodice & oversized puffed sleeves, sparkling earrings too
Pays, Amanda
C-GALS-2767 PRT of Amanda Pays wearing black dress & trace of smile. Off Limits [1988]
Perrine, Valerie
C-GALS-133 MCU of pig-tailed Valerie Perrine
C-GALS-134 FLV of Valerie posing in hiked-up black dress
C-GALS-197 Outdoorsy MS of Valerie smiling
C-GALS-198 Valerie nude in bed with Alan Arkin. Magician of Lublin
C-GALS-199 Valerie sits up in bed, coins on her breasts. Magician...
C-GALS-309 Bare-shouldered Valerie seated wearing dance gown. Can't Stop the Music
C-GALS-310 MLS of Valerie in black dress, hand on hip
C-GALS-311 MLS of Valerie posed in revealing black slip
C-GALS-731 FLV of Valerie, in sequined strapless gown, bent forward with bare legs spread, hands on one knee
C-GALS-1008 Candid MS of Valerie in lowcut white satin top, shawl & black skirt, smiling
C-GALS-1645 FLV of kneeling Valerie posed in white slip, blonde hair backlighted
C-GALS-1646 FLV of nude Valerie posed coyly sitting in grass, dress placed between upturned legs
Peters, Bernadette
C-GALS-490 MS of Bernadette Peters in strapless evening gown & hair a cloud of curls
C-GALS-1009 MLS of Bernadette, sexy in beige lounge ensemble of bra, panties, stockings & bedgown
Petty, Rhonda Jo
C-GALS-2315 MLS of adult film star Rhonda Jo Petty posed nude in shower with one hand covering breasts, other holding towel at crotch
Pettyjohn, Angelique
C-GALS-1493 Rare FLV of Angelique Pettyjohn, in skins with long blonde hair covering bosom, testing for role of Nova in Planet of the Apes
C-GALS-1494 Candid MS of Angelique sitting at convention table with hand to chin & smiling, clad as Shahna from Star Trek episode Gamesters of Triskelion
C-GALS-1495 Cont. 1494, MLS of Angelique standing, posed to show off costume, hands on hips
C-GALS-2148 MS of buxom Angelique posed with forehead against knee under darkening sky, wearing red & white two-piece bathing suit
Pfeiffer, Michelle
C-GALS-831 MS of Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie in black top & pin jacket with sun glasses hanging from gold neck chain. Grease II [1982]
C-GALS-2149 Delicious PRT of Michelle in gray pullover top worn off one shoulder & dangling earrings. Red bg
C-GALS-2316 Outdoor PRT of Michelle circa 1980 with hair framing face & lips parted, wearing red shirt
C-GALS-2317 1986 MCU of alluring Michelle, hair blowing away from face, wearing white shirt
C-GALS-2768 PRT of grinning Michelle wearing brown print blouse & gray jacket against darker gray bg
C-GALS-2769 Cont. 2768, shoulder turned to camera in more serious pose
C-GALS-2770 Sexy PRT of Michelle in sleeveless, deep v-neck knit sweater, backlit hair blowing off shoulders
C-GALS-2771 MS of perky Michelle smiling fetchingly, in long mohair sweater, top buttons undone, hair backlit
C-GALS-2772 MS of Michelle, hair cropped, looking wide-eyed OS, in t-shirt & red jacket. Into the Night [1985]
Phillips, Julianne
C-GALS-2150 MS of Julianne Phillips posed wet in red swimsuit at edge of pool
Pisier, Marie-France
C-GALS-372 MCU of pensive Marie France Pisier. French Postcards
Pitt, Ingrid
C-GALS-200 FLV of Hammer girl Ingrid Pitt in see-thru peignoir
Plato, Dana
C-GALS-373 Dana Different Strokes Plato poses on floor in white tank top & tight black pants
C-GALS-374 MLS of freckled-faced Dana posed in stylish black dress jacket
Pleshette, Suzanne
C-GALS-2151 PRT of young Suzanne Pleshette in lowcut pink dress & pearl necklaces. Green bg
Post, Markie
C-GALS-491 FLV of Markie Post posed in flapper dress at hood of antique car. Gangster Chronicles
C-GALS-2318 MLS of smiling Markie in black & white-spotted bikini with red straps, arm propped atop head
C-GALS-2773 Candid MLS of Markie, wonderful in strapless white evening gown, matching long gloves & pearl choker as she arrives at Hollywood event
C-GALS-2774 Candid MLS of yummy Markie wearing white lace top, pink satin skirt & pink & white satin jacket
C-GALS-2775 Candid MLS of Markie, beautiful & classy in black evening dress & black cape draped over one shoulder as she arrives for 1986 Emmys with smile
C-GALS-2776 FLV of smiling Markie posing at Century Plaza in multi-colored abstract, button-down dress & shiny blue coat held open by hand on hip
C-GALS-2927 MLS of bright-smiling Markie, bodacious in red satin gown, jeweled centerpiece & attention-getting cutout, hands held behind back
C-GALS-2928 Cont. 2927, MCU of Markie enjoying attention
Powell, Jane
C-GALS-1010 PRT of smiling Jane Powell in strapless print sun dress & choker
Powers, Stephanie
C-GALS-600 MS of Stephanie Powers in yellow double-breasted top, tossing her head back
C-GALS-1011 Candid MCU of smiling Stephanie in black evening dress & jacket
C-GALS-1131 PRT of smiling Stephanie in gold sarong & diamond earrings
C-GALS-1496 MS of Stephanie in multi-colored summer pant outfit, seated on floor
C-GALS-1497 MS of Stephanie posed in green evening dress, vase of daffodils beside her
Presley, Priscilla
C-GALS-772 Tight MS of Priscilla Presley in pink bikini top, her skin glistening wet
C-GALS-773 Tight MS of Priscilla in shiny gold bikini top
C-GALS-774 MLS of Priscilla, stunning in leopardskin bikini &matching shoulder garment
C-GALS-1012 MS of wet Priscilla bent forward, wearing Indian-style swimsuit, hair swept back
C-GALS-1498 MS of wet Priscilla in blue swimsuit & scuba gear, water in bg
C-GALS-1499 MCU of pensive Priscilla
C-GALS-1500 MCU of Priscilla in high-necked, blue sequined evening dress, looking aside
C-GALS-1501 MS of Priscilla, in silk white robe, smiling invitingly while seated on couch
C-GALS-1502 MLS of classy Priscilla posed in gray & black-striped suit jacket, mesh hose on upturned knee
C-GALS-1503 MLS of hot stuff Priscilla posed sexy in red leotard & blue skirt, hair fluffed
C-GALS-1647 Cont. 1500, MS in similar pose
C-GALS-2152 Scrumptious PRT of Priscilla
C-GALS-2153 MS of Priscilla gazing off camera, wearing red windbreaker-type top, hair done up
Principal, Victoria
C-GALS-53 MS of Victoria Principal looking cuddly & cute
C-GALS-135 MCU of Victoria in jacket & sweater
C-GALS-201 CU of Victoria on purple bg
C-GALS-375 MS of Victoria posed in provocative white dress designed to stir the blood
C-GALS-403 FLV of Victoria posed sweetly in white sweater & tight blue jeans
C-GALS-492 Profile MS of Victoria in tight red dress, arching her back sensuously
C-GALS-493 MS of Victoria posed in lowcut, belted brown dress with hand on hip
C-GALS-494 Victoria poses sitting in wicker chair, wearing lowcut black dress, showing off legs
C-GALS-495 Candid MLS of Victoria posing for photographers in white satin-topped dress
C-GALS-582 MS of Victoria playing coy, pulling blue bikini top over breasts by untied strings
C-GALS-622 MS of young Victoria crossing her arms over off-shoulder dress to show bustline
C-GALS-733 MCU of Victoria, in white sweater, looking past shoulder into camera & smiling
C-GALS-806 MS of young Victoria in lowrider jeans & shirt knotted under breasts
C-GALS-807 MLS of nude Victoria, profiled body bent forward with elbow resting on knee & strand of hair over one eye
C-GALS-808 MS of nude Victoria laying on fur-covered bed, lower body turned sideways
C-GALS-1013 Soft-focus MCU of Victoria looking down & unbuttoning top to reveal one breast
C-GALS-1014 MS of nude Victoria, body profiled, playfully pulling cap over one eye
C-GALS-1015 PRT of Victoria, bare shouldered & flashing ivories
C-GALS-1016 MS of smiling Victoria in heavily beaded white sweater. Slight UA
C-GALS-1017 MS of Victoria posed in multi-colored swimsuit as parrot looks on
C-GALS-1018 Candid MLS of Victoria, a vision in silver satin evening dress & diamond necklace
C-GALS-1162 MCU of bare-shouldered Victoria talking on phone
C-GALS-1163 MS of Victoria in soft white blouse, apparently deep in thought
C-GALS-1164 MLS of Victoria oozing sex appeal in strapless blue-green dress with hair creatively mussed
C-GALS-1210 MLS of Victoria, in orange leisure top & pants outfit, curled up on shiny floor
C-GALS-1504 Candid MS of Victoria, sexy in strapless black dress, eyeing camera while signing autograph
C-GALS-1505 MS of nude Victoria posed on stomach with back arched & head in air [light grain]
C-GALS-1506 MLS of braless Victoria, in see-thru mesh babydoll, admiring herself in mirror
C-GALS-1507 MCU of Victoria wearing red knit top & sweet smile, posed outdoors
C-GALS-1508 MLS of Victoria in form-fitting, multi-striped workout wear, arm resting on upturned knee
C-GALS-1509 Cont. 1508, arms laced around knee
C-GALS-1510 MLS of Victoria posed with hands in gym rings, wearing white ski pants with suspenders & tight white top, big smile going on
C-GALS-1648 MS of smiling Victoria in pink peasant dress, red flower in hair
C-GALS-2154 MLS of young Victoria in flirtatious pose wearing very lowcut black dress
C-GALS-2155 PRT of Victoria in dressy gray top, eyeing camera with quiet smile
C-GALS-2517 FLV of Victoria doing pushups on floor, wearing snug aerobics outfit with leggings. Red bg
Purl, Linda
C-GALS-1019 PRT of Linda Purl wearing pretty flowered dress, strand of pearls & sweet smile. Red bg
Quinlan, Kathleen
C-GALS-2518 MLS of Kathleen Quinlan in flowing white blouse tied with black sash & flowered skirt, arms spread wide, hair combed behind head. Red bg
Raffin, Deborah
C-GALS-1165 MS of Deborah Raffin in purple blouse & gray coat, showing concern. Running Out [1983]
Rhodes, Barbara
C-GALS-1511 MS of Barbara Rhodes in orange evening dress with silver trim, hair done up
C-GALS-1512 Cont. 1511, now leaning forward with hair down
C-GALS-1513 MS of Barbara in lowcut black evening dress
Richards, Kyle
C-GALS-1514 Candid MS of cute Kyle Richards in Indian dress, earrings & headband. Nice smile
Richter, Wendy
C-GALS-2519 Candid MLS of smiling champion female wrestler Wendy Richter, shapely figure captured in red mini-dress with wide white belt
Rigg, Diana
C-GALS-136 FLV of Diana Rigg in expensive lowcut gown
C-GALS-312 MLS of Diana posed in wedding dress worn in
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
C-GALS-404 FLV of Diana, in black vinyl jumpsuit, taking ballet step
Ringwald, Molly
C-GALS-2319 Molly Ringwald sits with legs up in deck chair, wearing flowered pink pants & white knit sweater over pink top, hand atop head
C-GALS-2320 MLS of Molly sitting on floor with hand to neck, wearing strapless brown floral-patterned dress
C-GALS-2520 ECU of Molly with hand to chin
C-GALS-2521 MS of Molly leaning forward on folded arms, wearing pink sweater with cut sleeves
C-GALS-2522 PRT of Molly in gray wool sweater & black hat
C-GALS-2523 Horizontal MCU of Molly in white sweatshirt & deep set pink hat, hand to brim
Rixon, Cheryl
C-GALS-376 FLV of Penthouse Pet of the Year Cheryl Rixon posed in red sequined body suit
C-GALS-377 Gerrit Graham interviews super-charged Cheryl on hood of car. Used Cars
C-GALS-378 Cont. 377, tighter shot from different angle
Roberts, Tanya
C-GALS-313 FLV of Tanya Roberts in black bikini, walking on beach
C-GALS-379 MS of Tanya, in blue-striped tank top & Levi cutoffs, leaning against tree. Tourist Trap
C-GALS-380 Cont. 379, MS
C-GALS-381 Cont. 380, MS looking up and away
C-GALS-382 Cont. 381, MS with hand to chin, thoughtful
C-GALS-383 Tied & scraped up Tanya awaits her fate. ...Trap
C-GALS-384 MS of untied but frantic Tanya. ...Trap
C-GALS-385 FLV of Tanya, in braless top & cutoffs. heading for camera on skateboard
C-GALS-386 CU of Tanya in high fashion hat
C-GALS-496 MS of Tanya in saucy pose wearing pink sweater pulled down one shoulder
C-GALS-497 MLS of delectable Tanya posed in pink bikini, hand on upraised leg
C-GALS-562 MCU of Tanya posed in pink bikini top, her blue-green eyes glistening
C-GALS-809 MS of Tanya in tank top, hands behind her as she stands before wax figure. ...Trap
C-GALS-810 Sexy PRT of Tanya in knit top held by strap, red highlights around hair
C-GALS-811 MLS of Tanya in blue bikini, walking toward camera under pier
C-GALS-1020 Cont. 497, Tanya stands square to camera with hands on hips, gold chains around waist
C-GALS-1021 MS of Tanya in pretty lowcut pullover sweater, head tilted back
C-GALS-1022 FLV of nude Tanya, body profiled & bent forward on rocks, lion at feet [light grain]
C-GALS-1023 MS of nude Tanya bent over back of tiger [light grain]
C-GALS-1132 Beautiful PRT of Tanya that highlights her stunning blue eyes, wearing pastel blue top
C-GALS-1133 MS of Tanya in blue blouse with lace handkerchief pinned to pocket
C-GALS-1134 MLS of Tanya posed in pink sweater & tight pants, hand on hip
C-GALS-1515 Candid MLS of Tanya in pretty sheer white lace blouse & skirt at night
C-GALS-1516 MS of Tanya in blue silk top, hands pushing hair back, lips parted sensuously
C-GALS-1735 MS of Tanya, in backless white evening dress, looking over shoulder into camera while seated at dinner table
C-GALS-1873 Glamour PRT of bare-shouldered Tanya leaning into camera, hair swept to one side
C-GALS-1874 PRT of Tanya in blue dress, her hair feathered, chin resting in palm of hand
C-GALS-1875 Nice candid MS of smiling Tanya wearing white top pulled off shoulder, hair falling past shoulders
C-GALS-2156 Candid MLS of smiling Tanya in hot pink jumpsuit
C-GALS-2157 MCU of sunny Tanya posed outdoors in red bikini
C-GALS-2158 PRT of blonde Tanya, charming in old-fashioned pink dress against pink bg
C-GALS-2159 MLS of torrid Tanya posed in red designer animal skin affair, lighting fire-tinges hair
C-GALS-2321 MLS of Tanya in 1986 beach session posed in black & white halter top & white shorts, one hand in pocket, other behind hair
C-GALS-2322 Cont. 2321, slightly different with head tilted & hand playing with hair
C-GALS-2323 Cont. 2322, more direct pose with both hands placed near shoulders
Ross, Diana
C-GALS-282 MS of Diana Ross in exotic white dress
Ross, Katherine
C-GALS-498 MCU of Katherine Ross in white top. Murder in Texas
C-GALS-601 Exceptional PRT of Katherine in yellow top pulled off shoulder. Purple bg
Rowe, Misty
C-GALS-499 FLV of Misty Rowe posed seated on stool, clad in tight yellow dress, hand on hip
C-GALS-1024 MLS of nude Misty leaning up in bed, toying with strand of blonde hair
C-GALS-1025 Two-element shot: RV of Misty with upper body twisted toward camera; FLV of nightie pulled off one breast, eyes closed
Russell, Betsy
C-GALS-1876 MS of smiling Betsy Russell sitting poolside, wearing skimpy black & gray bikini
C-GALS-2160 FLV of Betsy posed sitting on outdoor steps in yellow designer pantsuit
C-GALS-2161 Cont. 2160, MCU of Betsy with head tilted to side
C-GALS-2162 Horizontal MCU of Betsy in frilly nightgown
C-GALS-2163 FLV of Betsy sitting sideways in director's chair, looking up coyly from script, wearing blue sweater & fedora & faded jeans
C-GALS-2164 MLS of bonny Betsy posed in string bikini with hand on hip, ocean in bg [light grain]
C-GALS-2165 MS of Betsy wearing cheery smile but nothing else, crossed arms covering breasts
Russell, Jane
C-GALS-2166 Early PRT of Jane Russell in black & white-striped halter & shorts set, holding hat behind head with blithe smile. Sky bg
Russell, Theresa
C-GALS-2777 PRT of bright-eyed Theresa Russell in black top & red jacket, long hair over shoulder. Black Widow
C-GALS-2778 PRT of Theresa, in yellow blouse, gazing aside while carrying groceries. ...Widow [1987]
C-GALS-2779 Profile FLV of Theresa, Marilyn Monroe-like in classic white dress, on hands & knees with flashlight in livingroom, smiling at someone OS. Insignificance
Ryan, Meg
C-GALS-2929 MS of cute-as-a-bug Meg Ryan, in loose-fitting white blouse & wide-belted black skirt, before wall
C-GALS-2930 Scrumptious glamour PRT of Meg in brown wool dress with open front, hair moussed & highly styled
Samms, Emma
C-GALS-1517 Candid MS of Emma Samms in lowcut black evening dress with sheer white, puffy-sleeved wrap
C-GALS-2167 MLS of beautiful Emma posed in purple silk dress cinched with gold belt. So nice
C-GALS-2168 FLV of Emma sitting in grass, wearing pink blouse & white slacks with gold belt
C-GALS-2169 Cont. 2168, FLV of Emma standing by stream
C-GALS-2324 Candid MS of Emma smiling wide for camera, wearing purple silk dress & gold chain necklace
C-GALS-2325 Candid MLS of Emma walking near softball event smiling, wearing polkadot pants & white v-neck sweater cinched at waist with wide belt
C-GALS-2326 Cont. 2325, FLV of Emma standing stiffly with hands at sides as she meets with reporters
C-GALS-2327 Candid FLV of Emma snapped at Hollywood affair, wearing strapless dark blue evening gown held at waist by diamond broach, hair done up
C-GALS-2524 Candid FLV of smiling Emma, radiant in lowcut red evening gown at Hollywood gala
C-GALS-2525 Candid FLV of Emma smiling aside at Hollywood do, dressed in rich blue satin gown & matching floor length coat with gold sleeves & wide collar
C-GALS-2526 Exquisite MLS of Emma in figure-flattering white bustier, pearl drop earrings setting off smouldering expression. Red bg. This one's hot
C-GALS-2527 FLV of Emma standing posed in out-for-the-count black corset with attached flower-petal see-thru skirt. Red bg. Time for a cold shower
C-GALS-2528 FLV of kneeling Emma posed in blue swimsuit with zipper front & leg-warmers, hand on hip
C-GALS-2780 Candid MLS of Emma smiling warmly aside, lovely in wide-belted white party dress worn off shoulders
C-GALS-2781 Candid MLS of Emma wearing red, open-collar chemise, eyes averted
C-GALS-2782 Candid MLS of Emma with hands on hips & face turned aside, looking tasty in strapless popsicle pink dress standing before yellow curtain, hair up
C-GALS-2783 Candid MLS of smiling Emma in surplice dress of sleeveless purple-sequined top & black bottom
C-GALS-2784 Emma wears big smile & lowcut, long-sleeved pink & white pattern dress in another candid
C-GALS-2785 Near FLV of Emma posed pulling back mink coat to reveal knock-em-dead strapless pink silk gown
C-GALS-2786 Candid FLV of Emma, hot in sleeveless white & black dress combination set off by large necklace
C-GALS-2787 Killer PRT of Emma, pink lips parted sensuously, bare-shouldered but head adorned with beflowered, wide-brimmed black hat. White bg
C-GALS-2788 Gorgeous PRT of Emma wearing black cocktail dress with plunging neckline, hair short & stylish
C-GALS-2789 MLS of sweet-smiling Emma wearing hip-hugging cardigan sweater over white pants, arms folded
C-GALS-2790 Alluring MLS of Emma leaning bare shoulders back against rocks, wearing black bikini bottom & holding diaphanous short robe against bare top
C-GALS-2791 MS of Emma enjoying splashy romp in water. wearing green & lavender bikini
C-GALS-2792 MLS of Emma in her finest pinup pose wearing barest of blue bikinis, eyes riveted to camera
C-GALS-2793 FLV of Emma kneeling on beach sand & shielding eyes with both hands, in black & white two piece
Samples, Candy
C-GALS-1518 Candid MS of busty adult film senior citizen Candy Samples
C-GALS-2170 Candid MLS of Candy barely squeezed into glittery gold show gown, pointing to button promoting her latest adult film
Sarandon, Susan
C-GALS-39 MS of Susan Sarandon in open top dress. Pretty Baby
Sassoon, Beverly
C-GALS-1519 Candid MS of Beverly Sassoon in soft red blouse
Schell, Catherine
C-GALS-137 CU of Catherine Schell
Scoggins, Tracy
C-GALS-1877 Five-element shot of buff Tracy Scoggins modeling various swimwear
C-GALS-1878 FLV of golden girl Tracy, in snakeskin bikini, covered with sand as she kneels on beach
C-GALS-1879 MLS of Tracy square to camera with hands on hips, wearing pink bikini
C-GALS-1880 MLS ofTracy posed in green & black-striped bikini, hands at sides
C-GALS-1881 MLS of Tracy modeling skin-molding purple swimsuit, red towel around neck
C-GALS-1882 Candid MLS of Tracy, wearing skin-tight red swimsuit & blue visor, waiting to compete at 1984 Battle of the Network Stars
C-GALS-1883 Cont. 1882, Tracy turns in opposite direction, smiling at someone OS
C-GALS-1884 Candid MS of Tracy on sidelines wearing white ABC shirt & red shorts over swimsuit
C-GALS-1885 Cont. 1884, Tracy profiles body & smiles at camera
C-GALS-2171 Candid MLS of Tracy, in tight red swimsuit, pausing to refresh with fellow male competitors poolside at Network Stars battle
C-GALS-2172 FLV of Tracy as above standing in dunking tank, body profiled by smiling face to camera
C-GALS-2173 FLV of athletic, tanned Tracy modeling strapless pink & black bikini before bg of ferns
C-GALS-2328 Candid MS of beaming Tracy arriving at star event,
wearing blue evening dress with spaghetti straps & diamond & ruby necklace
C-GALS-2329 Candid MLS of Tracy, body profiled, stopping to smile, wearing red & white-striped cotton dress
C-GALS-2330 Cont. 2329, FLV of Tracy posing directly for camera with smile. Dress is lowcut & buttons down to exposed knee
C-GALS-2331 FLV of charming Tracy propped in chair, linking fingers around knee of crossed leg, wearing belted blue swimsuit, scarf wrapped in hair
C-GALS-2529 MLS of alluring cowgirl Tracy posed at corral fence, wearing tight Levis, green shirt, tan hat & black boots, hand to chin, leg raised
C-GALS-2794 Candid FLV of smiling Tracy elegantly gowned in floor length black, lowcut number, holding purse at waist against large flower arrangement
C-GALS-2795 Candid MLS of smiling Tracy arriving at celebrity event in glittery gold evening dress gathered at bust, long hair dyed red
C-GALS-2796 Glamour PRT of redheaded Tracy wearing dazzling dark blue evening dress edged in silver & long diamond earrings, look sultry
C-GALS-2797 Cont. 2796, MLS from different angle
C-GALS-2798 FLV of Tracy kneeling on towel in sand overlook- ing ocean at sunset, wearing black & red bikini face profiled & blonde hair done up in big curls
C-GALS-2799 FLV of auburn-haired Tracy seated on reflective floor, wearing lime green second skin workout garb
C-GALS-2800 MLS of Tracy in party mood, wearing colorful multi-striped minidress with matching earrings & bracelets, hands on hips. White bg
C-GALS-2801 Cont. 2800, Tracy pulls hair back with both hands
C-GALS-2802 MLS of Tracy posed on beach in orange swimsuit with plunging front, towel draped over shoulder, ornamented hair now blonde
C-GALS-2803 Tracy makes heart race in beachside hardbody pose wearing green & black-striped bikini, lips in ooooh shape, hair blowing in wind
C-GALS-2804 Cont. 2803, she puts sunglasses on with both hands
C-GALS-2805 Cont. 2804,Tracy turns body sideways. one hand on bare hip, other on shades
C-GALS-2806 MLS of Tracy getting all wet sitting up in calm water, wearing gold-on-black patterned bikini
C-GALS-2807 Wet Tracy leans across beach sand, which clings to her body & snakeskin bikini, head turned aside
C-GALS-2808 PRT of auburn-haired Tracy flashing eyes at camera in gray terrycloth tube top
C-GALS-2809 Cont. 2808, Tracy strikes more earnest expression
C-GALS-2810 MLS of Tracy in after shower pose, wearing white slip under yellow robe fallen off shoulder, hair wrapped in towel, lips bright red
C-GALS-2811 DA of Tracy lying back on bed with long red hair fanned out, hand pulling lounge shirt above striped bikini bottom, eyes on camera
C-GALS-2812 Cont. 2311,Tracy pulls shirt higher, parts full, red lips & averts eyes
C-GALS-2813 MLS of Tracy sporting 1940s look seated in lawn chair with bottle of Coke, wearing green & white-striped halter & shorts with white headband
C-GALS-2814 MLS of ravishing Tracy in 1940s-style white-circles-on black strapless swimsuit, lips parted
C-GALS-2815 Cont. 2314, Tracy cocks head
C-GALS-1520 Candid MS of adult film super star Seka at 1983 Erotic Film Awards wearing strapless evening gown & punk hairdo, lips parted
C-GALS-2816 MS of Seka at 1984 Erotica Awards, wearing revealing see-thru black silk evening dress & diamond studded "S" necklace, face in profile
Selleca, Connie
C-GALS-777 MLS as Connie Selleca models white panties & bra
C-GALS-1026 PRT of Connie wearing black top & soft smile
C-GALS-2530 MS of smiling Connie posed at 1986 Emmy awards show in thin-strapped blue glitter gown
C-GALS-2531 High-fashion PRT of Connie in blue & black satin blouse with square, padded shoulders, hair done up, lips parted. Blue bg
C-GALS-2817 PRT of raven-haired Connie in studded black sweater against red bg
Seymour, Jane
C-GALS-11 MS: Jane Seymour in topcoat & veiled hat. Red bg
C-GALS-22 CU of Jane, bare-shouldered, holding fur
C-GALS-40 MS of smiling Jane in lacy white blouse
C-GALS-52 Extra-special MS of Jane smiling sweetly
C-GALS-138 Studio PRT of Jane, shoulders bared
C-GALS-139 MCU of Jane in hooded garment, smiling
C-GALS-140 Candid of Jane in shawl dress with child fan
C-GALS-141 Candid MS of Jane, exciting in dark v-neck dress
C-GALS-314 Candid MS of Jane in Indian dress
C-GALS-387 MS of soft but smoldering Jane in feminine white tea gown, auburn hair cascading at her shoulders. [This is Jane's personal favorite picture from her own portfolio. It is also ours. Available as 8x8 for $5.00 & 11x11 for $12.50
C-GALS-388 High-fashion PRT of Jane in black top & gold shoulder wrap with her hair down
C-GALS-389 High-fashion PRT of Jane in dark gold dress draped over one shoulder with hair up
C-GALS-390 PRT of Jane in lovely turn-of-the-century dress & straw hat
C-GALS-391 MS of Jane, in off-shoulder white top, as Cathy in TV version of East of Eden
C-GALS-392 MLS of Jane wearing gypsy dress that flairs out as she twirls
C-GALS-393 MCU of Jane resting head in hand that holds draping scarf
C-GALS-394 MCU of Jane, hand behind head of pulled back hair, wearing earring & smokey look
C-GALS-395 Cont. 394, CU of above after lowering hand
C-GALS-500 Candid MS of Jane, wearing off-shoulder red dress, smiling into camera
C-GALS-501 Cont. 500, Jane turns into semi-profile stance & looks away
C-GALS-502 Cont. 501, MCU of Jane smiling as she turns aside
C-GALS-503 MS of Jane as man destroyer Cathy, tying bow to frilly undergarment, casting look-but-don't-touch eye to camera. East of Eden
C-GALS-504 MS of Jane as Cathy showing darker side as she seductively buttons undergarment. East...
C-GALS-563 PRT of Jane in lowcut blue sweater with hair pulled back into ponytail, hand to chin
C-GALS-564 Candid RV of Jane in athletic top & shorts, looking over shoulder with smile
C-GALS-591 Stunning CU of Jane photographed in soft red tones, hair & eyes beautifully lighted
C-GALS-623 CU of Jane with hair pulled back. Great study of her perfect features
C-GALS-734 Candid MCU of Jane in gray woven pullover top & star necklace
C-GALS-735 FLV of Jane, in white sun dress, draping bare legs over arm of wicker chair
C-GALS-813 MS of Jane in peasant top with doily topping head, hair streaming down her front
C-GALS-814 MCU of Jane as above but hair braided to side
C-GALS-827 Outstanding PRT of Jane in blue top with fluffed hair swept to one side. Pink bg
C-GALS-840 MS of Jane, wearing only black choker, with arms covering bare bosom
C-GALS-1027 CU of intense Jane in high-fashion, wide-brimmed black hat, mink stole pressed close to face
C-GALS-1028 Cont. 1027, MS in less harsh lighting, hand touching stole wrapped around shoulders. Hot
C-GALS-1029 PRT of Jane leaning diagonally, hair tied in one large braid over shoulder
C-GALS-1030 Cont. 387, tighter PRT looking over shoulder of profiled body into camera
C-GALS-1031 Semi-profile MCU of smiling Jane wearing black halter top & large necklace
C-GALS-1032 MS of Jane in brown peasant dress
C-GALS-1033 MS of Jane smartly clad in white blouse, gray wool coat & black hat with hair done up in bun
C-GALS-1034 MS of Jane, playfully holding long hair at arms length, in print top tied at bottom
C-GALS-1035 Candid MS of Jane in red swimsuit & straw hat, smiling into camera
C-GALS-1036 Candid MS of Jane in lowcut black evening dress & pearl necklace, hair up
C-GALS-1037 MS of Jane posed at Academy Awards in red gown, curled hair falling over one shoulder
C-GALS-1166 Simmery MCU of Jane. Oohh those eyes!
C-GALS-1167 MLS of Jane in pretty white dress with hair done up, hands behind head
C-GALS-1168 MLS of Jane, in green dress, looking into camera over bare shoulder of profiled body
C-GALS-1188 MS of Jane in sexiest pose to date, wearing only small vest barely covering breasts
C-GALS-1521 Candid MCU of Jane, in tweed coat & hat, smiling into camera while signing autograph
C-GALS-1522 Candid MS of Jane, in lowcut blue silk dress, smiling as she signs autograph, long hair down
C-GALS-1523 Semi-profile CU of Jane wearing wide-brimmed straw hat, smiling into camera
C-GALS-1524 View past out of focus leaves at Jane in MS, wearing off shoulder brown cotton dress
C-GALS-1525 MS of Jane warmly bundled in suede & fur coat with matching fur hat, lips parted
C-GALS-1526 MS of smiling Jane pulling on gold-embroidered black vest
C-GALS-1527 MS of Jane in glamour pose laying back on bed with her hair falling away, one strap of silver gown dangling off shoulder, red lips parted
C-GALS-1528 MLS of Jane, comely in white peasant dress with hands held at chest level, hair done up
C-GALS-1529 MLS of Jane posed backstage at 1981 Oscars, wearing red gown, curled hair swept to side
C-GALS-1736 Nice bare-shouldered PRT of Jane. Blue bg
C-GALS-1737 Soft-focus PRT of Jane in pink robe, hair pulled back & ornamented on sides
C-GALS-1738 Great PRT of Jane posed in black dress with gold jacket, ornamented hair fanned out, lips pouty
C-GALS-1739 Horizontal PRT of Jane posed on couch wearing full red dress, hair done up
C-GALS-1740 FLV of Jane standing at lighted window in wedding dress, holding bouquet & innocently eyeing camera C-GALS-1741 FLV of slinky & little bit evil Jane posed in floor-length silver gown
C-GALS-1886 Glamour PRT of Jane wearing hair Veronica Lake-style
C-GALS-1887 MLS of Jane, wearing red strapless dress & sweet smile, posed in flowery setting, hair cascading over one shoulder to waist
C-GALS-1888 MLS of Jane in inviting pose, pulling hem of white summer dress up to expose one leg
C-GALS-2174 MS of Jane glancing tensely aside,clutching collar of damp raincoat, black fedora cocked on head
C-GALS-2175 MS of Jane sitting on couch & resting chin in hand, wearing strapless white summer dress, long hair falling over one shoulder. Nice
C-GALS-2176 FLV of Jane posed standing beside settee, wearing clinging silver gown. Glamorous
C-GALS-2l77 Cont. 2176, Jane turns back to camera & drops shoulder strap teasingly
C-GALS-2332 Dusky CU of Jane bewitching camera, long hair spilling to one side of face, wearing white choker
C-GALS-2333 MCU of Jane, serious face & one bare shoulder direct to camera
C-GALS-2334 Lovely outdoor MS of Jane standing at fence eyeing camera from over shoulder, wearing frilly white dress, hair cascading down back
C-GALS-2348 MCU of Jane, wearing pulled back Monk's hood. facing right with soft expression. Jamaica Inn [1986 TVM]
C-GALS-2532 PRT of Jane wearing 1930s-style black slip, burgundy floral silk lounger & gold headwrap, expression smokey
C-GALS-2818 Demure PRT of bare-shouldered Jane posed outdoors. Dark Mirror [1988 TVM]
C-GALS-2819 PRT of Jane in romantic pose with red rose held under chin, wearing white dress of ruffles & lace, long hair falling behind back
C-GALS-2820 MS of Jane looking every bit a queen in deep blue satin gown leaving one shoulder bare, that set off by diamond necklace & earrings, hair done up
C-GALS-2821 MLS of coy Jane wearing girlish off shoulder outfit of lacy black bustier & red satin skirt
C-GALS-2822 FLV of Jane sitting on end of diving board, pulling white skirt to knees as feet play in water, also wearing loose-fitting sweater & floppy hair
Shaver, Helen
C-GALS-315 PRT of Helen Shaver on red bg
C-GALS-316 PRT of Helen on blue bg. United States
C-GALS-317 MLS of Helen posed in delicate dress
C-GALS-736 MS of windblown Helen, arms folded over heavy black turtleneck sweater
Sheedy, Ally
C-GALS-1742 MCU of Ally Sheedy wearing blue shirt, Levi jacket & sweet smile
C-GALS-1889 FLV of Ally sitting in grass, bundled up in long skirt, sweater, scarf, cute hat & man's jacket
C-GALS-2335 MS of Ally gazing intently into camera, her arms folded & long hair falling away from face, wearing white windbreaker
C-GALS-2349 MCU of Ally smiling wide for camera, chin almost touching upturned knee
C-GALS-2350 FLV of Ally dressed as harem dancing girl, midriff bare. Purty sexy
C-GALS-2533 MLS of Ally in white cocktail dress with pink hip wrap & low-sitting hat, makeup just right
C-GALS-2534 MLS of Ally, bouncy in white tank top & matching baggy pants, hands in pockets, cute smile
Shelton, Deborah
C-GALS-2535 Candid MS of lovely smiling Deborah Shelton in black evening dress & shimmering silver jacket
Shepherd, Cybil
C-GALS-1038 MLS of Cybil Shepherd in playful poolside pose, wearing wet see-thru undershirt
C-GALS-2336 PRT of Cybil wearing light blue blouse with upturned collar & multistrand necklace, hint of smile on face
C-GALS-2536 Candid MS of Cybil smiling & waving at camera, wearing pink champagne evening gown
C-GALS-2823 FLV of Cybil kneeling over star on Hollywood's walk of fame
Shields, Brooke
C-GALS-142 Candid MS of dolled-up Brooke Shields at Oscars
C-GALS-318 MCU of Brooke smiling into camera
C-GALS-319 CU of Brooke in more serious pose
C-GALS-505 Brooke poses amid tropical plants. Blue Lagoon
C-GALS-565 MCU of Brooke looking off & smiling
C-GALS-602 PRT of Brooke in strapless gold evening dress on black bg
C-GALS-624 Profile MS of Brooke, parrot perched on her hand, looking OS. Blue Lagoon
C-GALS-737 MLS of Brooke at age 10 posed in little girl underclothes, hands behind head
C-GALS-738 FLV of teen Brooke in fur-lined dress with flower in hair, seated on floor & looking over shoulder
C-GALS-739 PRT of young sophisticate Brooke in red plaid shirt
C-GALS-740 MCU of smiling Brooke at age 15 in light blue cowboy shirt
C-GALS-741 FLV of Brooke at age 16 posed in crouch, wearing silken gold top & black shorts, long hair falling to side of tilted head. Burnt brown bg
C-GALS-742 MS of Brooke, very attractive in white blouse with lace neck pattern, one hand behind head
C-GALS-743 MS of Brooke, braless in tight white tank top, face lowered
C-GALS-775 Seven-element shot of Brooke in variety of poses from Blue Lagoon
C-GALS-1039 MCU of Brooke in white t-shirt with red trim, speaking to someone OS
C-GALS-1040 MLS of pre-teen Brooke in white lace top & pink shorts. Dark blue bg
C-GALS-1041 MLS of Brooke in seated pose, wearing gray pant & blouse ensemble with blue & pink wrap
C-GALS-1042 FLV of Brooke posed in pink mini-dress & high heels, wrap held at arms length
C-GALS-1043 FLV of Brooke in blue, pink & white silk floor-length puffed sleeve dress, fingers laced atop head
C-GALS-1530 MS of Brooke in elegant pink blouse, purple waist sash & brown skirt, smiling as she puts hand to frilly neck collar
C-GALS-1793 PRT of Brooke in yellow top hand held up to neck, hair combed to side
C-GALS-2178 MLS of Brooke posed in red bikini bottom & white, part mesh top held under bosom with both hands, all wet on beach
C-GALS-2179 MLS of Brooke modeling black & white bikini bottom & white flowing top wafting away from midsection aboard sailboat
C-GALS-2180 MLS of Brooke covering bare chest with hands, pink skirt blowing in wind as she stands on crest overlooking ocean
C-GALS-2537 MLS of Brooke in silver-sequined bikini, posed at beach with arms resting atop head
C-GALS-2538 MLS of older Brooke in outdoor sitting pose, wearing red bikini, wet hair blowing across face
C-GALS-2539 PRT of beautiful brunette Brooke smiling up at camera, wearing soft white party dress with appliqued sleeves. Dark green bg
C-GALS-2540 MLS of warmly smiling Brooke standing in lowcut crisscross silver-sequined evening dress
C-GALS-2931 FLV of high-fashion model Brooke wearing blue & black suede mini-dress, black stockings & boots, long hair clasped back & falling over one shoulder
Shue, Elizabeth
C-GALS-2824 Soft PRT of dreamy Elizabeth Shue wearing brown leather jacket, lips parted in half smile
Sikes, Cynthia
C-GALS-2337 Outdoor PRT of pretty, smiling Cynthia Sikes posed against grass, wearing dark blue sweater & light blue silk scarf around neck
Simms, Misty Blue
C-GALS-2541 MLS of female wrestler Misty Blue Simms wearing patriotic ring outfit, champion belt on shoulder
Sims, Tawny
C-GALS-1044 Candid MLS of would-be Jayne Mansfield look-alike Tawny Sims in tight lowcut evening dress
Sinatra, Nancy
C-GALS-583 FLV of Nancy Sinatra in tight blue sweater & pants, arms holding stair railing. Speedway
Singer, Lori
C-GALS-2181 MCU of Lori Singer smiling softly into camera. Footloose [1986]
C-GALS-2182 FLV of Lori sitting cross legged, wearing Levis, white shirt & vest jacket
Smith, Jaclyn
C-GALS-143 CU of smiling Jaclyn Smith looking OS
C-GALS-144 Cover-girl PRT of Jaclyn in blue blouse
C-GALS-145 Cover-girl PRT, of Jaclyn in white top
C-eALS-203 PRT of Jaclyn in pullover sweater
C-GALS-204 MS of Jaclyn at poolside in powder blue bikini
C-GALS-396 MLS of Jaclyn, the model, in green satin dress with plunging neckline
C-GALS-576 MLS of Jaclyn posed in easy, chair wearing feminine white top & cotton pants
C-GALS-625 Especially nice PRT of Jaclyn looking into camera over bare shoulder
C-GALS-1045 PRT of Jaclyn in man's shirt, tie & overcoat. Rage of Angels [1983]
C-GALS-1169 MS of Jaclyn, elegant in gray coat & pink hat. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy [1982]
C-GALS-1170 MS of Jaclyn/Jacqueline, in raincoat, holding umbrella & glancing at camera. ...Kennedy
C-GALS-1193 MLS of Jaclyn/Jacqueline posed in beautiful wedding dress, holding flowers. ...Kennedy
C-GALS-1744 Gorgeous PRT of Jaclyn as Sally Fairfax in lacy period costume & hat tied under neck with red bow, fan held near face. George Washington [1984]
C-GALS-1745 Classy MLS of Jaclyn, in white silk blouse & slack set, sitting up & petting cat, hair combed to side
C-GALS-1890 Bust shot of Jaclyn posed in dark blue dress trimmed with silver strands. Sentimental Journey
C-GALS-1891 PRT of Jaclyn sporting blondish new wave hairdo & black jacket with upturned collar
C-GALS-2932 PRT of classy, smiling Jaclyn in creme blouse & tweed jacket. Rage of Angels: The Story Continues [1986 TVM]
Smith, Madolyn
C-GALS-2825 MS of Madolyn Smith wearing black sweater & skirt with strand of pearls, smiling aside
Smith, Shelly
C-GALS-566 PRT of yummy Shelly Smith posed in white blouse with one hand over her head
C-GALS-567 PRT of Shelly as above with both hands holding hat on her head
C-GALS-1531 Candid MS of Shelly, gorgeous in thin-strapped, sequined purple gown, fur on shoulder
C-GALS-1532 Cont. 1531, Shelly vamps for camera, smiling over upturned bare shoulder
Smithers, Jan
C-GALS-322 Jan Smithers in seated pose as Bailey. WKRP in Cincinnatti
Somers, Suzanne
C-GALS-46 Glamour PRT of Suzanne Somers. Green bg
C-GALS-146 MLS of Suzanne in sexy blue top & slacks
C-GALS-324 Suzanne in high-necked brown blouse, looking up from letter while seated
C-GALS-506 MS of Suzanne wearing lowcut evening gown & big smile
C-GALS-603 MLS of Suzanne dancing in gold top & side-slit skirt with pom-pons
C-GALS-626 FLV of Suzanne in pigtails, wearing lime green jacket & shorts & roller skates
C-GALS-1533 Candid MLS of Suzanne in wide-pleated white blouse & black skirt, hand on hip
C-GALS-1534 Cont. 1533, MS of Suzanne smiling wide & waving index fingers as if to say she's #1
C-GALS-1535 MLS of Suzanne posed in sexy blue swimsuit with no back, hand on hip
C-GALS-2826 Candid 1987 FLV of Suzanne in killer light blue show gown with hood & flair bottom with gloves
C-GALS-2827 Cont. 2826, Light MS of Suzanne smiling wide
C-GALS-2828 Candid FLV of perky Suzanne in form-accentuating black dress set off by silver Indian belt
Sommer, Elke
C-GALS-41 MS of Elke Sommer clad in 1900's dancehall gown
C-GALS-147 FLV of gowned Elke perched on fence, showing leg
C-GALS-148 FLV of Elke in tight white dress, showing leg
C-GALS-1046 MLS of nude, pigtailed Elke holding coat in front of lower body [light grain]
Spacek, Sissy
C-GALS-149 CU of smiling Sissy Spacek
C-GALS-320 Profile MLS of Sissy as Loretta Lynn singing. Coal Miner's Daughter
C-GALS-321 MCU of Sissy as Loretta, singing. Coal Miners...
C-GALS-507 MCU of Sissy looking aside. Coal Miners...
Spang, Laurette
C-GALS-150 Candid MCU of Laurette Spang with her hair down
C-GALS-151 Candid MCU of Laurette with her hair cut short
St. John, Jill
C-GALS-152 FLV of Jill St. John posing in see-thru mini-dress
C-GALS-153 RV of bare-backed Jill with fur, looking at camera
C-GALS-744 FLV of Jill in flowing white nightgown, back part fanned out to give hint of nakedness
C-GALS-1054 Low-angle MS of Jill, in purple bikini, dozing on chaise lounge while reading
C-GALS-1172 PRT of Jill circa mid-1960s in beaded red & silver dress & dangling earrings
C-GALS-1537 Revealing MS of Jill posed in diaphanous orange nightgown with embroidered front
C-GALS-1538 Cont. 1537, MLS of Jill spreading folds of gown out with arms, showing off curvy figure
C-GALS-1539 MLS of Jill posed in mesh nightie. Orange bg
C-GALS-2188 Candid of smiling Jill in lowcut blue sequined evening gown & pearl & emerald necklace
Starion, Jeanette
C-GALS-1892 Candid MS of Penthouse Pet Jeanette Starion in brown dress
Steenburgen, Mary
C-GALS-1536 Candid MS of Mary Steenburgen in red top & tan suit jacket
Stevens, Inger
C-GALS-23 MCU of girl-next-door Inger Stevens
Stevens, Stella
C-GALS-398 PRT of Stella Stevens in lowcut red wrap-around dress, hair worn up with flowers
C-GALS-508 FLV of Stella posed in garden setting, clad in pretty lounge gown slit daringly up side to waist
C-GALS-627 MS of Stella displaying ample assets in crochetted negligee. Poseidon Adventure
C-GALS-828 FLV of Stella, in yellow bikini & straw hat, lounging on propped elbows. Nice
C-GALS-1047 MLS of Stella in beige dress tied at waist. Blue bg
C-GALS-1048 PRT of Stella posed before painting of herself, clad
in lovely white lace dress & sheer shawl. Blue bg
C-GALS-1049 Cont. 1048, MLS seated facing camera sans shawl & painting
C-GALS-1050 MS of Stella looking over shoulder of profiled body into camera, wearing blue dress. Blue bg
C-GALS-1051 Cont. 1050, MLS standing with hand resting on exposed leg
C-GALS-1052 MS of Stella peering thru fiber strands [from 1960s Playboy spread]
C-GALS-1053 Cont. 1052, profile MLS of nude Stella holding yellow flower
C-GALS-1135 Cont. 1047, MS of Stella bent forward slightly
C-GALS-1171 FLV of Stella in 1963 pinup pose, wearing form-fitting angora sweater, legs bare
C-GALS-2183 FLV of young Stella sitting atop boat docked in marina, wearing red swimsuit
C-GALS-2184 Luscious FLV of Stella circa 1968, posed on all fours in two-piece swimsuit poolside
C-GALS-2185 PRT of alluring Stella seated in satiny white gown. Sol Madrid [1968]
C-GALS-2186 Delightful profile MS of Stella in frilly pink dancehall dress & black nylons. Advance to the Rear [1964]
C-GALS-2187 More recent candid of smiling Stella wearing knit see-thru top & sheer violet shawl
Stone, Sharon
C-GALS-2542 Outdoor MS of Sharon Stone, expressive face turned aside, wearing white satin blouse pinned at collar with ruby broach & powder blue jacket
C-GALS-2933 PRT of pouty Sharon wrapped up in hood & cloak, emerald eyes piercing camera
Stratton, Dorothy
C-GALS-323 Dorothy Stratton in Playboy cover pose as 1979 Playmate of the Year
C-GALS-1055 MCU of topless Dorothy bent forward with black shawl over arm, hair swept to one side [light grain]
C-GALS-1540 Full nude of Dorothy, wearing only tiny corset, seated with wine glass between spread, upturned legs, hair swept to side
Streep, Meryl
C-GALS-205 PRT of Meryl Streep, long hair combed to one side
C-GALS-206 MCU of Meryl with her hair down
C-GALS-207 MCU of Meryl with her hair up
C-GALS-208 Profile ECU of Meryl with intense expression
C-GALS-1056 MCU of bare-shouldered Meryl. Sophie's Choice
C-GALS-1201 FLV of Meryl posed attractively in antique chair, wearing soft white cotton dress
Streisand, Barbra
C-GALS-42 CU of pensive Barbra Streisand
C-GALS-628 MS of Barbra holding her Academy Awards Oscar
C-GALS-1057 PRT of Barbra in white top, seated with guitar
Strong, Samantha
C-GALS-2829 MLS of sex star Samantha Strong wearing white bikini panties & silver waist sash during dance
C-GALS-2830 Cont. 2829, UA with face & all eyeing camera
Struthers, Sally
C-GALS-43 Outdoorsy MS of Sally Struthers on horseback
C-GALS-154 Candid MS of Sally at Oscars
C-GALS-209 Candid MCU of Sally at her most glamourous
C-GALS-2543 Glamour PRT of Sally in blue blouse
Sullivan, Susan
C-GALS-1173 MS of Susan [Falcon Crest] Sullivan posed with arms folded, wearing purple jacket
Summer, Donna
C-GALS-155 MS of songstress Donna Summer in soulful pose
Swit, Loretta
C-GALS-1058 PRT of Loretta Swit wearing sweet smile & wool sweater, hand to chin
Tate, Sharon
C-GALS-1059 FLV of seated Sharon Tate in black & brown mini-dress with hair in ponytail pulled over shoulder
Taylor, Elizabeth
C-GALS-815 PRT of Elizabeth Taylor circa 1950s, hands turning up collars of bright red top
Tennant, Victoria
C-GALS-1541 Candid MS of Victoria Tennant in black top & blue ski jacket
Tewes, Lauren
C-GALS-509 PRT of Lauren Tewes as Julie. Love Boat
C-GALS-510 MCU of bare-shouldered Lauren
C-GALS-511 Lauren poses with balloons, wearing sailor suit
C-GALS-512 PRT: Lauren as femme fatale in satin dress. Red bg
C-GALS-1542 MLS of Lauren posed in wedding dress, holding bouquet of flowers. Blue bg
Thomas, Heather
C-GALS-1060 MCU of bare-shouldered Heather Thomas eyeing camera with lips parted & head back
C-GALS-1061 Cont. 1060, MS of Heather in black velvet top with gold trim & rope straps
C-GALS-1062 Cont. 1061, FLV of Heather with mini-dress added, hands on hips, image reflects off gold wall
C-GALS-1063 PRT of Heather wearing smile & faded Levi jacket
C-GALS-1064 PRT of Heather in white shirt, head tilted toward uplifted shoulder. Green bg
C-GALS-1065 Cont. 1064, Heather straightens posture & parts lips
C-GALS-1066 MLS of happy Heather posed in white pullover top & shorts, hands on hips. Blue bg
C-GALS-1067 Candid MS of laughing Heather in half red, half black top
C-GALS-1068 Candid MS of smiling Heather in blue & white college sweater with letter E on front
C-GALS-1069 Candid semi-profile MS of smiling Heather in pink dress pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-1070 Candid MS of Heather wearing big smile, red swimsuit, & blue shorts. Camper in bg
C-GALS-1071 Cont. 1070, MS of laughing Heather in swimsuit & white shorts, sunglasses atop head. Pool bg
C-GALS-1072 Cont. 1071, smiling Heather rests on elbows at edge of pool after swim
C-GALS-1073 Candid MCU of Heather, body profiled, in tight white t-shirt & open sweater, caught while signing autograph
C-GALS-1074 Cont. 1073, MS of Heather walking toward camera & smiling, also wearing long necklace & earrings
C-GALS-1075 Candid MS of Heather in pink strapless party dress, smiling at OS fans
C-GALS-1202 Tight MCU of Heather making love to camera [figuratively] in lowcut white summer top
C-GALS-1203 MS of jaunty Heather, in form-fitting pink top, holding bunch of red & yellow balloons
C-GALS-1204 MLS of Heather, in striped shirt, & black pants, having good time pretending to work NBC camera
C-GALS-1543 Candid MS of smiling Heather in red swimsuit & blue shorts
C-GALS-1544 Candid MS of smiling Heather, stunning in shiny gold evening gown gathered at bust. A favorite
C-GALS-1545 Candid MS of smiling Heather, in pink sweater, looking up while signing autograph
C-GALS-1546 Candid FLV of Heather in lowcut white leather Indian-style dress & knee-high boots, fur on shoulder
C-GALS-1547 PRT of Heather in faded blue cowboy shirt, lips parted. Dark blue bg
C-GALS-1548 MS of Heather wearing lowcut black evening dress & diamond earrings, eyeing camera sexily
C-GALS-1549 Cont. 1548, Heather flashes nice smile
C-GALS-1550 DA on wet Heather sitting poolside in red swimsuit, body twisted toward camera
C-GALS-1551 FLV of smiling Heather seated on floor with arm across upturned knee, wearing pink & white striped leotard & leg-warmers. Yellow bg
C-GALS-1552 Cont. 1062, FLV of Heather in gold-trimmed velvet top & mini-dress set, arms down & legs spread, image reflecting off gold mirrored wall
C-GALS-1746 Candid MS of animated Heather, in red blouse, black jacket & pants, scratching head
C-GALS-1747 Cont. 1746, gesturing with arms while reacting to something OS
C-GALS-1748 Candid MS of Heather in blue evening dress & fur coat, lips parted
C-GALS-1749 Candid MS of Heather in white evening dress gathered at bust & jacket, smiling wide
C-GALS-1750 Cont. 1749, different angle, still smiling & about to sign autograph
C-GALS-1751 Candid MS of smiling Heather in gold-trimmed velvet dress, looking aside
C-GALS-1752 Cont. 1544, different angle in shiny gold-topped, white-skirted evening gown, flashing beautiful smile enroute to Hollywood event
C-GALS-1753 PRT of smiling Heather, shoulder to camera. in blue sequined dress
C-GALS-1754 MLS of smiling Heather standing in hot tub, wearing pink bikini, thumb pulling waistband
C-GALS-1755 FLV of Heather, in white leotard & shorts, taking wide stance while playing raquetball
C-GALS-1756 FLV of Heather in kneeling pose, showing lots of skin in white leather dress, resting chin on hand with big smile. Green bg
C-GALS-1893 MS of perky Heather, in girl's pink t-shirt, cocking head & smiling at camera
C-GALS-1894 MS of Heather, body profiled. wearing tight white top, hair flowing behind shoulder
C-GALS-1895 MS of pert Heather, in multi-colored sporty top, slipping hands into pockets of jeans
C-GALS-1896 MLS of Heather in cute aerobics outfit, arching back with hand on hip & stretching legs
C-GALS-1897 MLS of Heather posed outdoors in form-hugging swimsuit
C-GALS-1898 Candid MS of Heather, in blue ABC shirt & white shorts, on sidelines at '83 Battle of Network Stars
C-GALS-1899 Cont. 1544, another angle, hands behind back
C-GALS-1900 Candid MS of Heather wearing black & white-checked coat, her hair curled & feathered
C-GALS-2189 Harshly-lit FLV of Heather posed in semi-profile RV with nothing on but black panties, smiling face turned coyly toward camera with hands on hips by staircase
C-GALS-2190 Smiling Heather sits with legs up on floor, bare arms wrapped around knees
C-GALS-2191 Candid MCU of Heather in strapless gold evening dress with multi-strand pearl necklace & brooch
C-GALS-2192 Candid MS of Heather looking over shoulder into camera from rear, wearing backless white dress
C-GALS-2193 MLS of Heather, smashing in blue silk mini-dress, dark stockings & long fur coat
C-GALS-2194 Cont. 2193, slightly tighter shot, even more smashing without coat
C-GALS-2195 FLV of Heather in blue swimsuit, preparing to leave dunking pool at celebrity games
C-GALS-2196 Cont. 2195, wet Heather descends steps
C-GALS-2197 Semi-profile FLV of Heather ready to start rubber kayak race at celebrity games
C-GALS-2198 Profile MS of Heather signing autograph poolside at games
C-GALS-2544 Candid MS of Heather wearing white undershirt, gray pull-on sweater & happy smile, holding bouquet of flowers
C-GALS-2545 Cont. 2544, different angle without flowers, now turning smile on someone OS
C-GALS-2831 Candid MS of smiling Heather, braless under sleeveless orange top, hands in pockets of cords
C-GALS-2832 Nighttime candid of Heather wearing black cocktail dress with plunging neckline
C-GALS-2833 High glamour PRT of Heather in full makeup & wearing soft dark blue evening dress with padded shoulders & gold snake necklace, hair up
C-GALS-2834 Exquisite glamour PRT of Heather with hair swirled past shoulders, wearing black blouse & diamond earrings, lips parted invitingly
C-GALS-2835 MLS of glamorous Heather wearing purple & black suede zippered purple top over sheer black skirt
C-GALS-2836 Down to Earth PRT of grinning Heather in v-neck white knit sweater
C-GALS-2837 PRT of Heather wearing blue cardigan sweater, raised hand holding blonde locks to one side
Thomas, Marlo
C-GALS-1553 PRT of smiling Marlo Thomas, in blue heavy knit sweater, hand to chin. Red bg
Thompson, Lea
C-GALS-2338 Coquettish two-element shot of Lea Thompson wearing red & white sleeveless sweater in one & silk pink dress pulled off shoulder & upturned knee with fingers to cheek & lip in other
C-GALS-2546 Fetching MCU of Lea leaning side of face & palm of hand against tree, eyeing camera with quiet smile, wearing casual white shirt
C-GALS-2547 Cont. 2546, MLS in same shirt & blue jeans, standing spread-legged with hands on hips
C-GALS-2548 FLV of Lea looking at camera while opening door of pickup truck, hair blowing in wind, wearing white dress with black polkadots & high heels
C-GALS-2549 Sloe-eyed horizontal glamour CU of slyly-smiling Lea with hair dramatically coiffed
C-GALS-2838 PRT of Lea smiling directly into camera, wearing orange blouse with collar upturned
C-GALS-2839 PRT of giddy Lea with head tilted back, wearing white dress with blue polkadots
C-GALS-2840 Cute PRT of dimpled Lea in pink top, face placed on shoulder & chin resting on back of hand
C-GALS-2841 PRT of happy Lea in burgundy-colored shirt
C-GALS-2842 PRT of smiling Lea, in blue top, cuddling pet cat
C-GALS-2843 MS of Lea in dark setting & hair backlighted, smiling aside, wearing black top
C-GALS-2844 Cont. 2843, Lea puts hand under chin & grins at camera, lighting softer
C-GALS-2845 FLV of Lea, wearing rolled up white shirt with collar upturned & blue jeans, posed sitting on cement shelf bordering corner apartment window
C-GALS-2846 Cont. 2845, Lea drops legs over end of shelf
C-GALS-2847 Charming PRT of dimpled Lea in white sweater pulled off one shoulder & offered to camera
C-GALS-2848 Cont. 2847, FLV of cheery Lea, also wearing tight jeans, posed on box after removing boot, kicking leg high & holding bare foot
C-GALS-2849 Playful Lea stretches arms high over head, wearing red top & jeans
C-GALS-2850 A completely different look for Lea in seated pose, wearing black knit top, suspenders, belted yellow trousers & black cap, expression steely
C-GALS-2851 FLV of smiling Lea in seated spread-legged pose, wearing loosely fitted gold dress gathered at crotch
Thompson, Linda
C-GALS-513 Candid of Linda Thompson, Elvis' last girlfriend, in braless red dress
C-GALS-514 MLS of Linda posed in white swimsuit
C-GALS-515 MLS of Linda in body suit zipped up halfway
Tiegs, Cheryl
C-GALS-584 MS of Cheryl Tiegs posed in white see-thru net swimsuit
C-GALS-629 MS of Cheryl leaning forward, clad in ruffled blue swimsuit
C-GALS-630 MLS of Cheryl in seated pose, wearing white bikini
C-GALS-631 MLS of Cheryl in gold bikini, leaning against rock with arms behind her head
C-GALS-745 PRT of Cheryl in blue blouse, hair tinged with red highlights
C-GALS-746 MLS of Cheryl in gold swimsuit, both hands shielding eyes from sunlight against rocks
C-GALS-1076 MCU of wet Cheryl in black swimsuit
C-GALS-1554 MS of wet & smiling Cheryl in red bikini top [light grain]
C-GALS-1555 MLS of smiling Cheryl in white swimsuit, enjoying natural spring waterfall
C-GALS-1556 MS of Cheryl wearing soft white dress, sitting up on pillows
C-GALS-1557 MLS of Cheryl in sepia-tone glamour shot, wearing black gown that blends with bg, hand on hip
C-GALS-2199 MS of Cheryl frolicking topless in surf, arms barely covering breasts as she splashes water on herself
C-GALS-2200 DA on Cheryl kneeling in surf, wearing clinging wet yellow swimsuit
Tilly, Jennifer
C-GALS-2852 Provocative cheesecake FLV of coquettish Jennifer Tilly in romantic bedroom setting, wearing paisley, strapless number pulled above thighs & silver heels
Tilton, Charlene
C-GALS-210 MLS of Charlene Tilton wearing white dress, posed in front of brick wall
C-GALS-211 MS of Charlene in overalls, posed outdoors
Tolo, Marilu
C-GALS-156 PRT of Marilu Tolo from The Greek Tycoon
C-GALS-516 FLV of Marilu lounging in sinful dancing costume. Greek...
Tompkins, Angel
C-GALS-1757 MS of Angel Tompkins, braless under tight-fitting orange top with zipper front
Turkel, Ann
C-GALS-2201 MLS of beauteous Ann Turkel posed smiling in flowery pink & blue strapless bikini
C-GALS-2853 Candid MLS of smiling Ann, delectable in strapless bright pink cocktail dress
Turner, Kathleen
C-GALS-1558 Nice PRT of Kathleen Turner in v-neck black top, lips parted in slight smile
C-GALS-2202 Very glamorous PRT of Kathleen in purple silk dress & pearl necklace, hugging black fur coat. Prizzi's Honor [1985]
C-GALS-2203 MS of Kathleen seated in director's chair on stage set with hand to chin, wearing suit
C-GALS-2550 MLS of sultry Kathleen seated on floor holding cigarette at shoulder, clad in burgundy & gold robe, auburn hair looking great
Turner, Lana
C-GALS-747 PRT of Lana Turner, white fur draped around bare shoulder
C-GALS-816 PRT of bare-shouldered Lana in lime green gown with brocaded neck straps
C-GALS-1174 MLS of 1950s Lana in yellow chiffon dress, standing before gaily decorated Christmas tree
Tweed, Shannon
C-GALS-1559 Candid MS of 1982 Playboy Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed in blue cowboy shirt & jeans
C-GALS-1560 Candid MS of Shannon wearing satiny white & coral evening dress & wide smile
C-GALS-1901 MS of Playmate Shannon posed nude but for open shirt & heart-shaped necklace
C-GALS-2339 Exquisite MLS of Shannon, a heartbreaker posed bent forward from sitting position, hair in rivulets swept to side, wearing thin lace blue corset & panties, lips parted sensuously
C-GALS-2551 FLV of Shannon in nude sitting pose with pink bathrobe around shoulders, sash held against crotch
C-GALS-2854 FLV of centerfold Shannon in sitting semi-nude pose wearing black, revealing undergarments while watching home movies
Van Ark, Joan
C-GALS-817 Seated Joan Van Ark, in yellow blouse & maroon slacks, poses bent forward leaning on hands
C-GALS-1077 Soft-focus PRT of Joan in lavender blouse, arms crossed. Darker lavender bg
C-GALS-1561 FLV of Joan kneeling on floor posed in lowcut deep pink evening dress
Van Doren, Mamie
C-GALS-1078 MS of topless Mamie Van Doren bent forward on bed with hair in ringlets from 1960s Playboy spread [medium grain]
C-GALS-1902 MS of Mamie circa late 1950s wearing cowgirl outfit that shows off all her charms
C-GALS-2204 MS of Vanity giving camera bewitching look, wearing lacy black outfit. Red bg
C-GALS-2205 PRT of Vanity smiling pleasantly with head cocked, wearing gold, red & black oriental dress. Yellow bg
C-GALS-2206 Very sexy PRT of Vanity bent forward to show charms, wearing briefest lace garment with white lace-gloved hand crossing front
C-GALS-2207 MLS of Vanity reclining on bed in black lace negligee worn peekaboo fashion top & bottom
C-GALS-2208 MLS of Vanity striking erotic pose in leopardskin bikini with top undone. Yellow bg
C-GALS-2209 Three-element composite: Vanity kicks her heels against black & white-splotched art backdrop featuring herself in black mini-skirt with arm covering most of nude upper body plus inset of her rock singing group
C-GALS-2340 Soft-focus FLV of Vanity seated in dark, lighting showcasing gold & white mini-dress covered in pearls & lovely legs, hand propped on cane
C-GALS-2855 Cute candid MCU of Vanity smiling out window of car, white lace-gloved hands on steering wheel
C-GALS-2856 Sexy poster shot of Vanity holding silk sheet about bare body, white net stockinged legs exposed
C-GALS-2857 Another sexy pose of Vanity clad in gold halter & black embroidered jacket pulled off shoulders, hair in wringlets as she pouts for camera
Velasco, Noella
C-GALS-399 Noella Velasco strikes boffo pose in bikini on beach. Seven from Heaven
Vetri, Victoria
C-GALS-748 MCU of Victoria Vetri pulling back strand of hair from smiling face
C-GALS-749 MS of all wet Victoria waist deep in water, wearing tattered bikini top
C-GALS-1562 Lovely MLS of young, auburn-haired Victoria in yellow & black-striped mini-dress
C-GALS-1563 Cont. 1562, smiling MS holding leaf near chin
C-GALS-1564 MCU of bare-shouldered Victoria, hair bleached blonde, playing guitar at beach, face in semiprofile
Wagner, Lindsay
C-GALS-24 MS of Lindsay Wagner smiling, arms crossed
C-GALS-212 MS of Lindsay posed at 1979 Emmys
C-GALS-213 Candid CU of Lindsay wearing hat
C-GALS-325 Excellent PRT of Lindsay on purple bg
C-GALS-326 Candid MS of Lindsay in Indian squaw garb
C-GALS-400 MS of Lindsay in red satin blouse & suede pants, jacket slung over shoulder
C-GALS-517 FLV of Lindsay posed in blue dress with red top below Scruples sign
C-GALS-568 CU of Lindsay looking intently into camera
C-GALS-585 MS of Lindsay standing with arms folded across fur coat she's wearing
C-GALS-586 Lindsay relaxes on chaise lounge in brown bikini, petting dog
C-GALS-632 Signed PRT of Lindsay holding scarf under chin
C-GALS-633 Candid MS of Lindsay in red top & blue scarf
C-GALS-1079 MCU of Lindsay in lowcut gray dress, lips parted in half smile
C-GALS-1080 MLS of Lindsay presenting sexy image posed in part chiffon black dress cut to waist, leg exposed & hand on hip. Lime bg
C-GALS-1758 CU of elegant Lindsay in black dress & veiled hat
C-GALS-1903 PRT of bare-shouldered Lindsay, cupped hands to chin. Blue bg
C-GALS-2341 PRT of smiling Lindsay in blue silk blouse & multi-colored striped gabardine wrap, with cropped & moussed hairdo. Child's Cry
Walter, Jessica
C-GALS-25 MS of Jessica Walter wearing classy red dress
Ward, Rachel
C-GALS-750 CU of Rachel Ward leaning head on hand, fur piece framing face
C-GALS-751 MS of Rachel exuding sensuality, braless under white silk robe
C-GALS-1081 MLS of Rachel in powder blue leotard, crossing arms to hips & exhaling during exercise
C-GALS-1082 MS of Rachel laid back seductively on cushy pillows, wearing pink nightgown
C-GALS-1211 MLS of Rachel sitting up in bed, clad in charming beige nightgown. Very inviting
C-GALS-1565 MCU of pensive Rachel in cardigan sweater, leaning forehead on hand
C-GALS-1566 Cont. 1565, now smiling Rachel rests chin in palm
C-GALS-1567 CU of Rachel in black cowboy jacket, reddish lighting on face
C-GALS-1568 Cont. 1567, MCU of Rachel bent diagonally, wearing jacket & button-down sweater
C-GALS-1569 Cont. 1568, MS standing straight, thumbs tucked in Indian belt
C-GALS-1570 MCU of Rachel in black jacket worn over Levi jacket, face turned aside
C-GALS-1571 Cont. 1570, MCU of Rachel in both jacket & striped shirt, face to camera
C-GALS-1572 Cont. 1571, MS with jeans added, hand on hip
C-GALS-1573 Cont. 1572, MCU just in shirt, chin resting in palms of both hands
C-GALS-1574 MCU of smiling Rachel wearing white cotton dress
C-GALS-1575 Cont. 1574, MS with two silver Indian belts added, hand on hip. No smile
C-GALS-1576 Cont. 1575, MLS standing by chair, hand on hip
C-GALS-1577 Cont. 1576, Rachel leans back on chair
C-GALS-1578 Sensuous MCU of Rachel intensely eyeing camera, arm crossed to shoulder, wearing green cardigan sweater & Indian bracelet
C-GALS-1579 MCU of Rachel in aqua undershirt, starting to take off heavier shirt, face wistful
C-GALS-1580 MLS of Rachel in seated pose, charming in scoop cut black blouse with wide white collar & red plaid pants, hair to shoulders
C-GALS-1581 Low angle FLV of Rachel stretched across couch, biting with smile on strand of hair
C-GALS-1759 MCU of Rachel in v-neck white dress & matching straw hat, head slightly bowed
C-GALS-1760 MS of Rachel sitting up on elbow & toying with hair, wearing frilly brown print blouse
C-GALS-1761 FLV of Rachel standing in water, body profiled, wearing blue swimsuit, hand on hip
C-GALS-1904 CU of Rachel in sailor suit, shoulder to camera
C-GALS-1905 FLV of Rachel at her most voluptuous posed on beach rock formations, wearing white bikini
C-GALS-2210 PRT of Rachel wearing light blue top & warm smile. Fortress [1985]
C-GALS-2552 Cont. 751, MLS astride gleaming silver hobby horse, resting chin in palm of hand, hair pinned up
C-GALS-2553 MS of Rachel in brown leotard, catching breath in aerobics class. Sharky's Machine [1981]
C-GALS-2554 FLV of Rachel, in purple leotard, concentrating on exercise by hat rack. Sharky's...
C-GALS-2555 MS of Rachel somewhat distracted while playing piano, wearing white blouse under blue pullover sweater, hair in one pigtail. Sharky's...
C-GALS-2556 MLS of Rachel sitting on bed with cigarette, wearing beige slacks & unbuttoned silk champagne blouse, hair falling past shoulders. Sharky's...
C-GALS-2557 MS of Rachel sitting at makeup table, touching up face in mirror, wearing floral robe, hair up
C-GALS-2858 Cont. 2552, FLV looking aside, feast for eyes in white silk bed jacket & pants
Watkins, Carlene
C-GALS-1582 PRT of Carlene Watkins in white blouse with peekaboo slit. It's Not Easy [1983 TVM]
Wayborn, Kristine
C-GALS-327 PRT of Kristine as Greta Garbo. Moviola
C-GALS-328 MLS of Kristina Wayborn as Garbo, hands on hips
Wayne, Carol
C-GALS-1762 Full nude FLV of buxom Carol Wayne in kneeling pose, hand over one breast
C-GALS-1906 MS of Carol, turned aside next to sculpture, clad in lowcut black top & sequined jacket
Weatherly, Shawn
C-GALS-2859 Outdoor PRT of tight-lipped Shawn Weatherly, in red shirt, raised arm leaning against tree trunk
Weaver, Sigourney
C-GALS-329 MS of Sigourney Weaver in blue blouse, seated on grass
C-GALS-589 Sigourney, in jeans & blouse, sits up on grass. Eyewitness
C-GALS-1763 Striking PRT of Sigourney that highlights her eyes, in gold & white dress worn off shoulders
C-GALS-1764 MS of Sigourney, in red-trimmed white blouse, listening to someone OS
C-GALS-1765 PRT of Sigourney wearing veiled hat, white blouse & black blazer, holding up cigarette. Deal of the Century [1984]
C-GALS-1766 Cont. 1765, FLV seated in chair with teddy bear & cigarette, veil pulled away & skirt hiked past knees
C-GALS-2558 Candid MS of Sigourney facing camera with smile, wearing lowcut evening dress & long gloves
C-GALS-2559 High fashion black dress dotted in white adorns Sigourney, posed with hand to forehead, hair in bun
C-GALS-2560 Semi-profile MCU of smiling Sigourney sitting behind wheel of vehicle, wearing tweed jacket & neck scarf
C-GALS-2561 FLV of Sigourney sitting on beach sand in lowcut black & white-dotted dress & white bolero jacket
C-GALS-2860 Candid MLS of smiling Sigourney arriving for Hollywood event in sapphire blue evening dress
C-GALS-2861 Cont. 2860, now smiling into camera
C-GALS-2862 PRT of Sigourney, fetching in pink blouse & matching beret, hand to chin & lips slightly parted
C-GALS-2863 MS of sophisticated Sigourney wearing blue sweater, eyes glancing over shoulder, hair backlit
C-GALS-2864 MLS of Sigourney posed casually in purple sweater & black pants with boat-filled marina in bg. Nice
Welch, Raquel
C-GALS-44 CU of Raquel Welch
C-GALS-157 Studio PRT of Raquel in lowcut dress
C-GALS-158 MCU of sultry Raquel clad in peasant blouse, baring shoulder
C-GALS-159 Mini-skirted Raquel sits with knees pulled up
C-GALS-160 Raquel sits on beach in bikini after swim
C-GALS-161 MS of Raquel posing at Oscars in blue glitter gown
C-GALS-405 FLV of Raquel posed in yellow bikini on paddle boat in middle of lake
C-GALS-406 FLV of Raquel posed in clinging, slit-legged purple dress behind tree limbs
C-GALS-569 MLS of Raquel circa 1960s reclined on grass, wearing colorful pant dress & earrings
C-GALS-587 Raquel sits on diving board over pool in red bikini bottom, holding towel over bare bosom
C-GALS-588 DA of Raquel in white bikini top, standing in pool
C-GALS-592 FLV of Raquel posed in lovely silver-speckled black mini-gown on blue bg
C-GAbS-634 MS of Raquel stretching delightfully in red sweater
C-GALS-635 MLS of Raquel posed in paisley print dress hiked up to thighs. Orange bg
C-GALS-636 FLV of Raquel in orange bikini, posed as if water skiing on beach
C-GALS-637 Candid MCU of Raquel, buxom in black evening dress with spaghetti straps
C-GALS-752 MLS of Raquel, in yellow bikini, eyes shut & hand clutching breast in mock passion
C-GALS-753 FLV of Raquel kneeling on beach sand in orange bikini. Red filtered to simulate sunset
C-GALS-818 MS of topless Raquel, crossed arms covering breasts, leaning against reflecting glass
C-GALS-819 MS of Raquel in brown bikini top, hands toying with hair
C-GALS-1083 MCU of Raquel in white top with upturned collar & orange scarf, lips parted
C-GALS-1084 Candid MS of Raquel, braless under neck-high red dress
C-GALS-1085 MS of 1960s Raquel in pink top with hair flowing over shoulders, lips parted
C-GALS-1086 MS of 1960s Raquel in green top with word POW embossed, hair done up in curls. Yellow bg
C-GALS-1087 MLS of Racquel, in white leotard & open robe, doing stretching exercise with small barbells
C-GALS-1088 MLS of Raquel, body profiled & bent over, wearing red top & white shorts in sexy pose
C-GALS-1089 MLS of purple bikini clad Raquel relaxing on back in shallow water, smiling
C-GALS-1090 FLV of Raquel in catlike pose on floor, wearing form-fitting gold-flecked garment
C-GALS-1091 FLV of 1960s Raquel posed at water's edge in brown bikini, hair down past shoulders
C-GALS-1092 FLV of smiling Raquel posed seated on stool, clad in tigerskin swimsuit. Yellow bg
C-GALS-1093 FLV of braless Raquel wearing sheer black dress, standing with head turned aside near wall
C-GALS-1094 FLV of Raquel performing on stage in gold cowgirl outfit & white hat
C-GALS-1095 FLV of Raquel being fitted with floor-length, empire-line nightgown
C-GALS-1583 MCU of Raquel circa early 1960s in white bikini top, hair done up
C-GALS-1584 MS of Raquel circa 1965 in red-striped top, midriff exposed & hair in pigtails
C-GALS-1585 MS of Raquel circa late 1960s, posed in outdoor setting, wearing soft black blouse, hair falling past shoulders. A favorite
C-GALS-1586 MS of Raquel in purple dress with oval cutout at bust, posed against tall reeds
C-GALS-1587 MS of Raquel, in lowcut red dress, moving sexily under moody highlighting
C-GALS-1588 MCU of Raquel in white undergarment & Mexican hat, smiling. Bandolero! [1968]
C-GALS-1589 MS of Raquel, charming in blue summer dress & pearl necklace, lips parted
C-GALS-1590 MS of Racquel in black gown with plunging front & white wrap, hair done up in curls, seated & turned away from camera
C-GALS-1591 FLV of Raquel standing at seashore, posed wearing flowing orange dress
C-GALS-1592 FLV of Raquel kneeling on bed, clad in lace-trimmed blue babydoll, hands to knees
C-GALS-1593 Cont. 1592, FLV combing hair in front of mirror
C-GALS-1594 FLV of Raquel laying sensuously in leaves of forest under filtered, moody lighting
C-GALS-1767 Candid MS of Raquel braless under form-fitting red silk evening dress
C-GALS-1768 Nice shadowy MS of smiling Raquel circa 1966 in red bikini top
C-GALS-1769 MS of smiling Raquel in rain forest setting, wearing green chiffon dress. Good photography
C-GALS-1907 Fetching PRT of Raquel circa 1960s in brown empire-line dress, hair falling to shoulders
C-GALS-1908 MS of Raquel circa mid-1960s in flattering halter top worn for dance number, head turned away
C-GALS-1909 MLS of Raquel posed in sleeveless zebra-striped dress, hands behind back [mid 1960s]
C-GALS-1910 FLV of Raquel in white two-piece swimsuit, just putting on shirt during same period
C-GALS-1911 FLV of 1984 Raquel in sensual sitting pose for her beauty book, clad in blue body wear
C-GALS-2211 High-fashion PRT of Raquel wearing white fur off bare shoulders plus white hat
C-GALS-2212 FLV of Raquel striking dancer's pose in long frilly dress & floppy hat. Stark white bg
C-6ALS-2213 Candid MS of Raquel dressed to maim in strapless white evening gown, hand on hip as she smiles aside at OS admirers
C-GALS-2214 PRT of Raquel in younger days, giving camera sultry over-the-shoulder look, wearing backless red dress. Violet bg
C-GALS-2215 FLV ofRaquel during show dance number, wearing hip length gold lamé top & boots. Leggy
C-GALS-2216 MS of Raquel, wearing white shirt, brown skirt & bandoliers, leaning against cabin wall. 100 Rifles
C-GALS-2342 MCU of Raquel in neck-high shiny silver jumpsuit, hand holding blowing hair back from face, half smile on lips
C-GALS-2343 MLS of wet Raquel in yellow two-piece swimsuit, running out of ocean
C-GALS-2562 MLS of Raquel circa early 1960s posed outdoors in white thigh-length blouse, spread legs bare
C-GALS-2563 Early 70s MS of Raquel in Army fatigue shirt tied under bosom, posed outside with lips parted
C-GALS-2569 MS of expressive Raquel wearing pro-UCLA pins on cap & braless tan pullover sweater
C-GALS-2565 FLV of Raquel sitting spread-legged in hay, wearing lowcut cotton dress gathered between legs
C-GALS-2566 PRT of smiling Raquel in lowcut top & gold necklace, hand to cheek, hair cropped short
C-GALS-2567 MS of smiling Raquel, looking great in red leotard. same necklace, same short-cropped hair
C-GALS-2568 Candid MS of Raquel, in red dress with revealing open front, laughing aside as wind blows hair
Wheeler-Nichols, Dana
C-GALS-2310 PRT of smiling Dana Wheeler-Nichols as Gale. Fletch [1985]
Whelchel, Lisa
C-GALS-1096 PRT of smiling Lisa Whelchel in pink blouse & black coat against blue bg. Facts of Life [TV]
C-GALS-2217 MS of Lisa in white blouse with black ribbon tie & black skirt
C-GALS-2218 MS of Lisa flashing pretty smile, wearing western-style multi-colored shirt, jeans & jacket as she leans against tree
White, Vanna
C-GALS-2569 Young Vanna White, wearing only sweatshirt, sitting bare bottom on window sill
C-GALS-2570 MLS of young Vanna posed in see-thru white nightie & panties, long blonde hair swept to side
C-GALS-2571 MLS of young Vanna in sheer, floor-length lounge gown worn revealingly open, leg kicked out & hair swept to side
C-GALS-2572 Cuddly MCU of Vanna smiling before Wheel of Fortune wheel in shimmery black lowcut dress
C-GALS-2573 MS of inviting Vanna wearing gold lamé gown & warm smile, name in upper left corner. Yellow bg
C-GALS-2574 Cont. 2573, FLV sitting with legs tucked on big game show wheel, smiling up at camera
C-GALS-2575 FLV of smiling Vanna working out with hand weights in gym by mirror, wearing red & black aerobics gear
C-GALS-2576 FLV of smiling Vanna sitting up on floor. wearing red shirt, Levi miniskirt & jacket & black boots
C-GALS-2575 Candid MLS of Vanna, in lowcut black sequined gown & diamond earrings, smiling for camera
C-GALS-2578 Candid FLV of smiling Vanna, looking fine in basic brown skirt, top & blouse ensemble, holding clutch
C-GALS-2865 FLV of country girl Vanna arranged on haystack, in jeans & unbuttoned blue shirt tied under bust
C-GALS-2866 PRT of coyly smiling Vanna, in lowcut sleeveless black dress, arms folded & hair tied at back to high- light gold earrings. Goddess of Love [1988 TVM]
C-GALS-2867 PRT of Vanna, luscious in white Roman-style dress, hair gathered about shoulders. Goddess...
C-GALS-2868 MS of pretty Vanna wearing bright red dress with puff sleeves, hand on hip. Goddess...
Whittaker, Maria
C-GALS-2869 MLS of buxom British model Maria Whittaker in beguiling white bikini, smiling as she spreads arms
C-GALS-2870 MLS of pouty Maria in sexy cheesecake pose wearing champagne teddy
C-GALS-2871 MS of bountiful Maria holding collar of blue shirt, opened to display breasts, hair up [as in next three]
C-GALS-2872 MS of sudsy Maria posed taking sponge bath
C-GALS-2873 FLV of nude Maria squatting on floor with red towel held over crotch, red bow in hair
C-GALS-2874 MLS of smiling Maria, topless & bent over slightly, wearing white tummy corset & white stockings
C-GALS-2875 FLV of bright Maria nude but for open shiny black jacket & black boots, hand on upturned knee
Wilde, Lauren
C-GALS-2876 FLV of sex star Lauren Wilde striking come-n-get-it pose in bed, clad in opened teddy
Wilkinson, June
C-GALS-829 FLV of June Wilkinson circa 1950s, in tiny tigerskin bottom, posed with arm leaning against door, one leg kicked up
Williams, Edy
C-GALS-1097 Candid MLS of Edy Williams in lowcut black evening dress with white fur slung off shoulders
C-GALS-1595 Typically outrageous candid MS of Edy exhibiting breasts pulled out of dress
C-GALS-1596 FLV of Edy, in lowcut white lace gown, posed sitting up on rim of water fountain, fur under body
C-GALS-1770 DA of Edy circa late 1960s, long hair swept to one side of fur-trimmed coat
C-GALS-1771 MLS of Edy posed poolside in yellow halter top & half unzipped cutoffs
C-GALS-1772 FLV of Edy sitting nude in shallow water but hair is positioned strategically. Still sexy
C-GALS-1912 FLV of Edy peeling off top to expose breasts during rendezvous with lover. Dr. Minx [1975]
C-GALS-1913 FLV of Edy peeling again, this time alone in living room. Dr. Minx
C-GALS-2219 FLV of Edy kneeling on stage during striptease, top doffed & skirt down to floor
C-GALS-2220 Cont. 2219, MLS now completely nude, holding up undergarment
C-GALS-2579 Delicious PRT of Edy in lacy black negligee, blonde hair falling well past shoulders
C-GALS-2580 FLV of Edy celebrating new year in lowcut gold lamé party dress, one shapely leg on display
Williams, Esther
C-GALS-820 PRT of bare-shouldered Esther Williams in black gown with pearl snap. Red checkered bg
C-GALS-821 FLV of Esther in red swimsuit, hair wrapped in towel, standing by basket of red roses
Williams, JoBeth
C-GALS-1597 Candid MS of JoBeth Williams in white blouse pulled off shoulders
C-GALS-1598 PRT of JoBeth wearing nothing. Taken above bustline but still pretty sexy
C-GALS-1599 MS of JoBeth in cream satin blouse, holding strands of pearls to her lips. Blue bg
C-GALS-1600 Beautiful MLS of JoBeth, alluring in buttondown summer dress pulled above spread knees as she sits & eyes camera. Pink bg
C-GALS-1601 MLS of JoBeth, exquisite in strapless white gown, curled hair swept to one side, posed beside vase of white roses, hand on hip
C-GALS-1973 MS of JoBeth, in Sheriff's uniform, thinking over cup of coffee. Endangered Species [1982]
C-GALS-1774 PRT of bare-shouldered JoBeth in pink hat
C-GALS-1775 PRT of JoBeth in seductive pose wearing white fur off bare shoulders, lips parted
C-GALS-1776 MS of enticing JoBeth in buttondown summer dress, relaxing on lounge chair
C-GALS-1777 MLS of JoBeth, body profiled, coyly pulling silk slip off shoulders, covering breasts
C-GALS-1914 MS of smiling JoBeth wearing only towel
C-GALS-1915 FLV of JoBeth, in black teddy, spread out on floor
C-GALS-2877 Nice PRT of JoBeth touching collar of red winter coat opened teasingly, lips parted
C-GALS-2878 Blooper DA of JoBeth lying on couch with hands above head, top of strapless black dress drooping off one breast unintentionally
Winger, Debra
C-GALS-1778 Pert MCU of Debra Winger wearing green cap & striped tube top, leaning on elbow
Winters, D. D.[later to become Vanity]
C-GALS-330 MS of dark, sensuous D.D. Winters tugging at open front shirt. Tanya's Island
Wood, Cyndi
C-GALS-162 MS of Cyndi Wood in no bra dress. Van Nuys Blvd
C-GALS-163 MS of smiling Cyndi in tight top & blue jeans
C-GALS-164 MS of serious Cyndi in same top as above, looking down and away
C-GALS-1602 1976 PRT of Cyndi in lovely white blouse
C-GALS-1603 MS of delightful Cyndi in lowcut burgundy top [no bra], wide pink headband scarf, wide leather belt & jeans, hands on hips
Wood, Lana
C-GALS-518 FLV of Lana Wood looking scrumptious seated on floor in low-slung bikini against deep red bg
C-GALS-1916 MS of topless Lana circa late 1960s leaning back against wall, dress gathered around elbows & waist
C-GALS-1917 FLV of nude Lana sitting in highback red chair with wrap draped across lap
C-GALS-2221 FLV of young Lana sitting up on mat beside pool in red print two-piece swimsuit
C-GALS-2581 MLS of wet Lana wearing brown bikini & towel on hair, laughing into camera while lounging in sun
Wood, Natalie
C-GALS-165 PRT of Natalie Wood
C-GALS-166 Artistically photographed CU of pensive Natalie
C-GALS-167 Candid MCU of Natalie wearing fur, hair in curls
C-GALS-331 PRT of Natalie circa 1970s
C-GALS-754 MS of Natalie, in bluegreen sun dress, posed by planter of daisies hanging from tree
C-GALS-1098 MCU of Natalie in white string top with hair up in curls, smiling at someone OS
C-GALS-1099 MS of Natalie, in mink coat & turban hat, holding flower bouquet & looking down with smile
C-GALS-1604 MS of Natalie in black sweater with gold medallion necklace, holding cigarette
C-GALS-2344 CU of young Natalie in cuddly pose wearing spotted brown winter coat
Woronov, Mary
C-GALS-2345 MS of Mary Woronov, in gray pullover top with leopardskin sleeves, handling rifle outdoors
Young, Sean
C-GALS-1779 MS of Sean Young in blue sport shirt & white smock. Young Doctor's in Love [1982]
C-GALS-2582 FLV of Sean, in pink teddy & matching jacket, spread across oversize pillows on king-size bed
Zadora, Pia
C-GALS-776 MLS of Pia Zadora from low angle, in orange bikini, arms stretched out against blue sky
C-GALS-l175 MLS of Pia relaxing on couch with glass of wine, in white sweater & gold miniskirt

Glamour Guys

Anderson, Richard
C-GUYS-418 MS of Richard Anderson wearing tweed suit, black tie, dress shirt & glasses
Arness, James
C-GUYS-248 PRT of craggy James Arness in brown suede jacket
Barton, Peter
C-GUYS-419 Candid MS of smiling Peter Barton, casual in red windbreaker & jeans
Benedict, Dirk
C-GUYS-31 Candid MS of Dirk Benedict, wearing tan jacket, outside gym
C-GUYS-173 Candid FLV of Benedict, in tight blue jeans & shirt, walking on street near van
C-GUYS-327 Candid MS of Benedict in three-piece suit, about to put cigar in mouth
C-GUYS-328 Candid MLS of Benedict in pink shirt, black sweater, tan slacks & gray cowboy hat, cigar in hand C-GUYS-329 Candid MLS of smiling Benedict in white ski sweater & tan slacks at 1980 Winter Olympics
C-GUYS-330 PRT of Benedict wearing loosened tie, wool sweater, gray cap & charming smile
C-GUYS-435 PRT of Benedict in white dress shirt & red tie
C-GUYS-455 PRT of Benedict in white dress shirt & red tie, black coat slung over shoulder. Light blue bg
Berenger, Tom
C-GUYS-748 Excellent MLS of Tom Berenger as Jeff Stevens in green sport shirt & sport jacket, hands in pockets as he poses on stairs. If Tomorrow Comes [1986]
Biehn, Michael
C-GUYS-530 Candid MLS of smiling Michael Biehn, casual in purple sport shirt worn outside white pants, about to light cigarette at door
C-GUYS-531 MS of handsome Beihn moodily eyeing camera, wearing white undershirt & black leather jacket, hands folded across knee
C-GUYS-594 PRT of Beihn, in gray undershirt, resting jaw in fists of both hands
C-GUYS-629 Boy-next-door PRT of Beihn, in blue t-shirt, leaning back against tree with arms folded
C-GUYS-630 MS of sexy Beihn in sitting up pose, wearing long-sleeved yellow shirt, fingers laced together
Blake, Robert
C-GUYS-1 Robert Blake as Baretta patting his cockatoo, Fred
Blocker, Dan
C-GUYS-32 MS of Dan Blocker as Hoss Cartwright. Bonanza
Bogart, Humphrey
C-GUYS-199 PRT of Humphrey Bogart in pin-striped suit, seated on arm of chair. Red bg
C-GUYS-331 PRT of Bogart wearing striped shirt, bow tie, trenchcoat & hat
Bostwick, Barry
C-GUYS-420 Candid MS of Barry Bostwick in blue shirt, brown tie & brown sport jacket
Bowie, David
C-GUYS-436 MS of seated rock star David Bowie, natty in suit, hands clasped in front of him
Boxleitner, Bruce
C-GUYS-601 MCU of lightly bearded Bruce Boxleitner sitting in wicker chair, wearing white sport shirt, lips parted
C-GUYS-602 Nice PRT of smiling Boxleitner sitting with arms folded, clad in white dress shirt, loosened gold tie & pullover blue knit sweater. Blue bg
C-GUYS-603 MS of Boxleitner leaning shoulder against outside wall with arms folded, wearing dress suit & tie
C-GUYS-604 MS of smiling Boxleitner posed on porch in double-breasted tuxedo with red handkerchief in pocket
C-GUYS-631 Candid MS of Boxleitner in tuxedo, walking corridor after handing autograph pad & pen back to fan
Brando, Marlon
C-GUYS-33 Studio PRT of Marlon Brando
Bridges, Jeff
C-GUYS-532 CU of Jeff Bridges smiling aside, wearing white pullover sweater with red & black stripes
C-GUYS-533 PRT of lightly bearded Bridges wearing only a tan
C-GUYS-534 MLS of Bridges standing on beach in sweat pants
Bronson, Charles
C-GUYS-2 MCU of macho Charles Bronson in dress suit
C-GUYS-152 MS of Bronson as sheriff, twirling gun. Borderline
C-GUYS-153 FLV of Bronson taking aim in woods at someone OS
Brosnan, Pierce
C-GUYS-421 PRT of Pierce Brosnan in spiffy 1840s suit. Manion's of America [1981]
C-GUYS-422 Cont. 421, MLS in similar vested suit & gloves, looking to his right
C-GUYS-423 MLS of Brosnan in peasant clothes, standing by donkey cart & reacting to OS event
C-GUYS-456 Candid MLS of smiling, bearded Brosnan in blue workshirt & tan pants
C-GUVS-632 Candid FLV of lightly bearded Brosnan wearing blue t-shirt & white trousers, holding shades in one hand & gesturing with other by Le Dome Resturant
C-GUYS-633 Great MLS of Brosnan seated with hands in pants pocket, wearing sharp tan suit & red tie, jacket open
C-GUYS-749 Outstanding MLS of Brosnan framed by door & outdoor plants, wearing jeans & black pullover shirt
Brown, Reb
C-GUYS-92 MS of Reb Brown, TV's Capt. America, in red pullover sweater
Caan, James
C-GUYS-34 MS of serious James Caan in sport coat & open shirt
Chamberlain, Richard
C-GUYS-332 Signed PRT of young Richard Chamberlain posed in yellow sweater over white dress shirt, arms folded
C-GUYS-333 PRT of Chamberlain wearing blue sweater over white dress shirt, hands clasped by face
C-GUYS-334 1983 MS of Chamberlain wearing white dress shirt & brown suede jacket, smiling into camera
C-GUYS-415 MS of bearded & smiling Chamberlain in tan sport shirt, blue sweater & dark jacket
C-GUYS-634 PRT of smiling Chamberlain wearing gold cardigan sweater over black pullover sweater & shirt
Coburn, James
C-GUYS-93 James Coburn as super spy Derek Flint looking up from book. Our Man Flint
Collins, Stephen
C-GUYS-130 MS of Stephen Collins, hands in pockets, wearing three-piece black suit
C-GUYS-131 MS of Collins holding guitar across lap
C-GUYS-249 Candid MS of smiling Collins in white dress shirt & gray suit coat
C-GUYS-335 Horizontal MCU of Collins in old Navy jacket against white bg
Colt, Marshall
C-GUYS-336 Candid MS of Marshall [Lottery] Colt in white sweater & black suit jacket
Conaway, Jeff
C-GUYS-35 MS of smiling Jeff [Taxi] Conaway
Connery, Jason
C-GUYS-595 Sexy MLS of blond Jason Connery kicked back on couch, clad in white undershirt & blue jeans
C-GUYS-596 MS of Connery posed in blue polo shirt & buttoned brown sport coat
Connery, Sean
C-GUYS-36 Studio PRT of Sean Connery from 1960s
C-GUYS-37 Studio PRT of Connery from 1970s
C-GUYS-437 PRT of mid-1960s Connery wearing white dress shirt & brown cardigan sweater
C-GUYS-605 Handsome PRT of Connery circa early 1960s, in gray suit & black tie, smiling warmly
Connors, Mike
C-GUYS-458 Sassy PRT of young Mike Connors in dress shirt & bulky blue cardigan sweater
Conrad, Robert
C-GUYS-38 MCU of smiling Robert Conrad in coat & tie
C-GUYS-39 MS of spiffy Conrad as A Man Called Sloane
C-GUYS-94 PRT of Conrad
C-GUYS-111 Profile MS of Conrad behind rose bush with hands on hips
C-GUYS-635 MS of Conrad, in dark blue heavy-duty shirt with brass buttons, posed before fence
C-GUYS-636 Cont. 635, MCU looking aside
C-GUYS-637 MLS of Conrad resting elbow on top of wall, wearing long-sleeved red sport shirt & belted tan pants, windbreaker slung over shoulder, hand on hip
C-GUYS-638 FLV of wet hardbody Conrad in red swim trunks
Cooper, Gary
C-GUYS-28 PRT of Gary Cooper
C-GUYS-158 PRT of Cooper in blue suit
Costner, Kevin
C-GUYS-639 PRT of serious Kevin Costner in blue shirt & gray jacket, hair long in back
C-GUYS-640 MS of pensive Costner laid back with arm atop head, shirt open & dogtags dangling on bare chest
C-GUYS-641 FLV of Costner sitting on outdoor steps, wearing t-shirt, jeans & sneakers, hair cropped short
Crenna, Richard
C-GUYS-250 PRT of Richard Crenna in sport shirt & dark brown suede jacket. It Takes Two [1983]
Cronenberg, David
C-GUYS-457 PRT of horror film director David Cronenberg leaning arms on blood-drenched film cans displaying titles of his movies
Cruise, Tom
C-GUYS-337 Candid MS of Tom [Risky Business] Cruise clad in undershirt, corduroy jacket & blue jeans
C-GUYS-438 MS of Cruise wearing tan pullover sweater & blue jeans, lips parted. Red bg
C-GUYS-606 Candid MS of Cruise, in white dress shirt & dark sport jacket, smiling big for camera
Culp, Robert
C-GUYS-200 PRT of Robert Culp as FBI agent Bill Maxwell. Greatest American Hero [TV/1981]
Daltry, Roger
C-GUYS-112 Profile MS of Roger Daltry in concert. Kids are Alright
Daly, Timothy
C-GUYS-642 MLS of Timothy Daly as Norman Foley, in suit & tie, hands in pockets. Almost Grown [TV/1988-89]
Dangerfield, Rodney
C-GUYS-338 MS of wide-eyed Rodney Dangerfield posed in white tuxedo & red bow tie. Red bg
Darin, Bobby
C-GUYS-308 PRT of singer Bobby Darin, in brown suit with striped tie, looking aside. Yellow bg
Davidson, John
C-GUYS-339 Horizontal PRT of smiling John Davidson in dark suit with red tie & blue shirt
Dean, James
C-GUYS-8 MS of James Dean, looking every bit the rebel
C-GUYS-643 MS of 1950s teen idol Dean, in blue pullover shirt sitting up in grass against tree trunk, looking up
C-GUYS-644 MLS of Dean leaning back against car & facing aside, in pullover sport shirt & jacket & glasses
DeLuise, Dom
C-GUYS-340 PRT of Dom DeLuise clowning for camera
Dillon, Matt
C-GUYS-535 CU of smiling Matt Dillon
Disney, Walt
C-GUYS-645 MLS of young Walt Disney sitting on couch with two animated cels from Fantasia
C-GUYS-646 Classic sitting PRT of smiling Walt in business suit, holding pad & pencil in lap
Douglas, Kirk
C-GUYS-341 MS of mustachioed Kirk Douglas posed in orange shirt, overlooking Turkish ruins
C-GUYS-459 PRT of smiling Douglas holding baseball bat across shoulders, wearing cap & letter jacket. Amos [1985]
Douglas, Michael
C-GUYS-536 MS of smiling Michael Douglas resting chin on arms folded atop film editing machine
Dreyfuss, Richard
C-GUYS-40 MCU of Richard Dreyfuss sporting mustache
Duel, Peter
C-GUYS-647 MCU of Peter Duel in tan shirt, looking over shoulder with back to camera. How to Steal an Airplane
Duffy, Patrick
C-GUYS-41 Candid MCU of Patrick Duffy in dress coat & tie
C-GUYS-95 Candid MCU of Duffy
C-GUYS-251 PRT of Duffy in light brown leather jacket. Blue bg. Dallas [1982]
Eastwood, Clint
C-GUYS-9 MCU of Clint Eastwood, kick butt cowboy
C-GUYS-42 Studio PRT of Eastwood from Rawhide
C-GUYS-43 MCU of Eastwood as The Man With No Name
C-GUYS-44 MCU of Eastwood wearing coat & tie
C-GUYS-45 MCU of Eastwood in purple striped shirt, laughing
C-GUYS-113 MCU of Eastwood from High Plains Drifter
C-GUYS-132 MCU of Eastwood posed with pair of six-guns for Outlaw Josey Wales poster
C-GUYS-133 Profile MCU of Eastwood as Josey Wales
Ferina, Dennis
C-GUYS-648 MS of Dennis [Crime Story] Ferina in gray polo shirt, signing autographs for fans
Flynn, Errol
C-GUYS-29 PRT of Errol Flynn holding cigarette
C-GUYS-46 MS of stone-faced Flynn in black outfit
C-GUYS-201 PRT of Flynn, old west gentleman. Red curtain bg
Ford, Harrison
C-GUYS-114 Unshaven Harrison Ford in relaxed pose, his name stenciled in upper right hand corner
C-GUYS-115 MS of Ford eating apple
C-GUYS-116 Ford sits with knees up, posed in blue jean outfit
C-GUYS-117 PRT of Ford on orange bg
C-GUYS-118 MLS of Ford posed in Army fatigues & gun belt. Force 10 from Navaronne
C-GUYS-137 CU of Ford in Han Solo shirt & vest, looking straight into camera. Yellow bg
C-GUYS-138 CU of Ford, hand tucked behind ear, looking up & away. Count the pores on this one
C-GUYS-139 MCU of Ford in gray shirt & sport coat, looking down & away
C-GUYS-140 MCU of Ford smiling broadly, strands of hair over forehead
C-GUYS-141 MS of Ford, in casual suit with loosened tie, hand to side of face while looking into camera
C-GUYS-142 Candid MLS of Ford in tight blue jeans, sport shirt & leather jacket
C-GUYS-143 MLS of smiling Ford wearing jeans, shirt, sportcoat & glasses, fishing in pockets while seated on railing
C-GUYS-144 Ford sits crosslegged on floor, rolling up shirtsleeve
C-GUYS-145 Casually dressed Ford takes quiet walk along lake of English countryside as two nearby feeding pigeons fly up in front of him
C-GUYS-159 PRT of Ford, handsome in black suit coat, red tie & striped shirt
C-GUYS-160 MLS of Ford posed in belted jeans & shirt with rolled up sleeves, hands in pockets. Blue bg
C-GUYS-161 MLS of Ford posed only in blue swim trunks that leave, ah, little to imagination, hands on hips
C-GUYS-163 MCU of Ford eyeing camera. Orange bg
C-GUYS-164 MS of Ford listening on phone tucked to shoulder
C-GUYS-165 MS of bearded Ford in Levi jacket, holding bridle around head of horse
C-GUYS-166 Seven-element shot of Ford in poses from Hanover Street & Force 10 from Navaronne plus swim trunks pic. Includes two fotos of Mark Hamill at war & wearing cowboy hat
C-GUYS-167 Signed PRT of Ford in loosened shirt & tie, looking straight ahead
C-GUYS-168 MCU of Ford in open sport shirt
C-GUYS-169 MLS of Ford, in jeans & open sport shirt, seated at fireplace. Very nice
C-GUYS-170 Candid MS of Ford, in pink shirt & leather jacket, caught smiling
C-GUYS-171 Candid MS of Ford in blue suit & tie, hair tousled
C-GUYS-172 Candid MS of Ford in green velvetine diner jacket & black tie
C-GUYS-174 MLS of stubble-faced Ford wearing plain brown shirt & blue jeans, sitting up in chair, playing nervously with microphone cord
[Note: C-GUYS-174 thru 180 and 216 thru 219 are candids at Raiders of the Lost Ark seminar in Hollywood Aug. 15, 1981]
C-GUYS-175 MLS of Ford gesturing with right hand
C-GUYS-176 MLS of Ford, hand to chin as he fields question
C-GUYS-177 MLS of Ford in profile as he stands
C-GUYS-178 MS of Ford reseated & turned away with chin buried in right hand
C-GUYS-179 MCU of Ford bent slightly forward, listening
C-GUYS-180 MCU of Ford in profile as he leans back
C-GUYS-181 Cont. 159, slightly different angle looking more directly into camera
C-GUYS-182 Cont. 181, pullback shot sitting straight with hands in lap
C-GUYS-183 Cont. 160, smile only difference
C-GUYS-184 MCU of bearded Ford in tuxedo
C-GUYS-185 PRT of Ford, California casual in yellow sweater, blue shirt & black sportcoat
C-GUYS-186 PRT of smiling Ford in checked white shirt & loosened black tie
C-GUYS-187 Especially nice PRT of Ford smiling boyishly, in green shirt & brown sweater
C-GUYS-188 MS of smiling Ford in yellow t-shirt, hands linked around knee
C-GUYS-189 MLS of stubble-faced Ford, in tan shirt & jeans, relaxing on chaise lounge
C-GUYS-190 FLV of smiling Ford standing with legs spread while buttoning black suit coat
C-GUYS-191 FLV of smiling Ford posed in kewl skiing outfit before taking to slopes
C-GUYS-192 FLV of bearded Ford seated on porch chair with leg crossed, sunglasses in one hand. He's wearing blue pullover shirt, jeans & loafers
C-GUYS-193 Cont. 142, FLV walking thru lush wooded area with hands in pockets
C-GUYS-194 Cont. 193, extreme DA laying in grass, playing peekaboo with camera
C-GUYS-195 Six-element shot of Ford as Intelligence Officer Col. Lucas. Apocalypse Now
C-GUYS-196 Cont. 195, MCU of grim Ford looking down
C-GUYS-197 Cont. 196, MS giving mission briefing
C-GUYS-198 Low angle FLV of Ford relaxing in hammock with hands behind head, eyes closed & coy smile on lips
C-GUYS-202 Cont. 188, serious instead of smiling
C-GUYS-203 CU of Ford wearing grey sweater over red shirt, deep in thought
C-GUYS-204 ECU of Ford smiling shyly into camera, hand to forehead
C-GUYS-205 Cont. 145, candid MLS walking toward smiling English sidewalk saleslady
C-GUYS-206 LS of Ford seated on shingled rooftop of his home
C-GUYS-216 MS of Ford, wearing glasses [this shot only], lifting from seat with producer Frank Marshall beside him
C-GUYS-217 MLS of Ford leaning back & smiling at private remark from Marshall
C-GUYS-218 Cont. 217, Ford & Marshall both leaning back & smiling at each other
C-GUYS-219 Ford & Marshall crack up over deliberately stupid question re: location of best Beverly Hills taco stand C-GUYS-220 Cont. 186, PRT with shoulders squared to camera
C-GUYS-221 Horizontal MCU of smiling Ford in pin-striped shirt
C-GUYS-222 Cont. 221, Horizontal MS of serious Ford
C-GUYS-223 MCU of Ford wearing glasses, pin-striped shirt & blue denim jacket
C-GUYS-224 MS of Ford in same shirt & jacket, leaning arm against white fence
C-GUYS-225 Cont. 224, now sitting with hand to side of face
C-GUYS-226 Horizontal MS of Ford, in blue shirt & sport jacket, looking up from magazine at dining table
C-GUYS-227 MS of Ford in white shirt, brown suit coat & loosened red tie in front of Raiders... poster
C-GUYS-228 MLS of Ford in yellow t-shirt with hands resting on crossed leg. Blue bg
C-GUYS-229 Ford has vices! Here he sits in chair with cigarette while making point with beer bottle. FLV
C-GUYS-230 FLV of bearded Ford in blue swim trunks, sitting poolside with legs crossed
C-GUYS-231 MLS of Ford in blue shirt. sport jacket & belted jeans, holding foreign film achievement award
C-GUYS-236 Candid MCU of Ford, in striped shirt, black tie & suit coat, looking down slightly & off camera with hint of smile, his hair close cropped. Taken after wrapping Blade Runner
C-GUYS-252 Six-element shot of Ford in three widely different casual poses: high school graduation PRT [it's a scream], grab shot [mustache!] after too much partying & getting cozy with Carrie Fisher in his lap & holding her arm around his shoulder [cute]
C-GUYS-253 Six snapshots of Ford in amusing range of expressions during David Letterman show
C-GUYS-254 10-element shot of Ford: two each from Hanover Street & Force 10 from Navarone, three from Blade Runner, candid FLV in suit & FLV pose in shorts beside Hawaiian tiki god
C-GUYS-255 Eight-element shot: two snaps of Ford as Indy with bazooka from Raiders..., two snaps hosting Making of Raiders..., a TV interview, a Frisco Kid thumb- nail & pair of casual poses walking & sitting
C-GUYS-256 CU of Ford smiling broadly at someone OS
C-GUYS-257 MS of girl presenting Ford bouquet of red roses before Blade Runner photo display during promotional tour of Japan
C-GUYS-258 Cont. 257, MCU in front of display
C-GUYS-259 MS of Ford dressed as above, candidly making point with upraised forefinger
C-GUYS-260 Cont. 259, MLS relaxing in chair, eyeing camera
C-GUYS-261 PRT of Ford, in striped sport shirt, smiling into camera with hand to chin. Yellow bg
C-GUYS-262 Cont. 261, MCU now serious. Blue bg
C-GUYS-263 PRT of Ford in striped dress shirt & gray sweater
C-GUYS-264 Candid MS of Ford wearing tuxedo & glasses
C-GUYS-265 MS of Ford, in light green shirt, sitting outdoors with hands folded near face. White pillared wall in bg [slight grain]
C-GUYS-266 Candid MS of Ford outside studio after Star Wars interview on Merv Griffin show. He's wearing suit & holds cigarette in hand
C-GUYS-267 Cont. 266, MLS facing more to camera & smiling with other hand in pants pocket
C-GUYS-268 Cont. 267, slightly further back & square to camera
C-GUYS-269 MS of Ford looking down from balcony of his home, arms folded. Similar to b/w GUYS-103
C-GUYS-270 Profile MS of Ford, wearing sport shirt, blue jeans & sunglasses, talking at microphone during summer 1982 No Nuke rally at Rose Bowl
C-GUYS-271 Cont. 270, vertical MLS facing more to camera
C-GUYS-272 MS of Ford kicked back in chair, wearing dress shirt, suit coat & blue jeans, hand to forehead [light grain]
C-GUYS-273 MLS of Ford at Raiders... seminar, about to put hand to bowed head & looking to be in pain after another dumb question
C-GUYS-274 FLV of Ford posed with Hawaiian woman & tiki god, wearing blue shirt, gray shorts & shoes with no socks, holding sunglasses & luggage in either hand
C-GUYS-275 Horizontal CU of bearded, smiling Ford in gray sport shirt
C-GUYS-276 Cont. 275, vertical PRT only no smile & eyes are diverted OS
C-GUYS-277 FLV of bearded Ford, in blue pullover shirt, blue jeans & shoes with no socks, sitting with legs crossed on porch chair
C-GUYS-278 Wide-angle MS of Ford in home workshop, looking up & aside while dusting bench
C-GUYS-279 Two-element shot: MS of Ford in gray shirt, holding drink; MS of amused Ford tilting head & scratching behind ear, wearing sport shirt & black suit jacket
C-GUYS-280 Nine-element shot of Ford: five from Japan tour, three PRTs & snapshot sitting in chair at home near open window
C-GUYS-309 Five element shot of Ford on Dinah Shore TV show
C-GUYS-310 Six-element shot of Ford on Merv Griffin TV show
C-GUYS-313 Candid MCU of Ford, wearing striped shirt, glasses & typical why me expression
C-GUYS-314 Candid MS of tuxedoed Ford relaxing in back seat of limousine
C-GUYS-315 Cont. 261, smile gone, otherwise same
C-GUYS-316 Cont .263, smile back, otherwise same
C-GUYS-317 Handsome PRT of Ford in gray shirt & black suit coat. Lighting captures all features against red bg
C-GUYS-318 Cont. 277, Ford sits up, straddling chaise lounge
C-GUYS-322 Candid MCU of Ford in tuxedo, sorta smiling 'cause he has to
C-GUYS-323 Cont. 322, MS has him smiling wide
C-GUYS-324 Candid MS of Ford in dark gray suit coat & darker shirt buttoned to neck, turned aside
C-GUYS-342 Candid MCU of smiling Ford in tuxedo
C-GUYS-343 Cont. 342, different angle, smile gone
C-GUYS-344 Candid MS of Ford in drab suit but he's smiling
C-GUYS-345 Cont. 344, Ford maintains smile despite microphone approaching his face
C-GUYS-346 Cont. 271, candid MS climbing stairs, eyeing camera
C-GUYS-347 Cont. 346, Ford faces camera & smiles
C-GUYS-348 MCU of Ford, in striped shirt & dark suit jacket, staring into camera
C-GUYS-349 Outdoor PRT of Ford wearing sport shirt & jacket plus glasses
C-GUYS-350 PRT of Ford wearing striped shirt, dark suit jacket & beard
C-GUYS-351 MCU of Ford, in striped cowboy shirt, playing peek-a-boo with hand. Yellow bg
C-GUYS-352 Really handsome MS of Harrison in seated pose, wearing red plaid shirt, blue jeans & tan suede jacket. Green bg
C-GUYS-353 MS of Ford in seated pose, wearing striped cowboy shirt, hands clasped on knee
C-GUYS-354 FLV of Ford, in jeans & gray shirt, seated on back yard steps, shaking dog's paw during coffee break
C-GUYS-355 MLS of Ford, in striped shirt, dark suit jacket & jeans, standing before large French Blade Runner poster on wall
C-GUYS-356 MLS of Ford wearing pink shirt buttoned to top, black leather jacket, cap pulled over glasses & jeans, hands in pockets
C-GUYS-357 Profile MS of Ford smiling at someone OS as he kneels in front of refrigerator & grabs some leftovers
C-GUYS-358 Cont. 357, MS preparing sandwich in kitchen
C-GUYS-424 MS of Ford in plaid sport shirt, brushing his teeth over sink at home
C-GUYS-425 MLS of bearded Ford in tan sport shirt & faded jeans, sitting on lounger with cigarette & script
C-GUYS-439 CU of bearded Ford smiling into camera
C-GUYS-440 Candid MS of bearded Ford wearing sunglasses, black shirt & white sport jacket, carrying flight bag
C-GUYS-441 Horizontal MS of smiling Ford standing in narrow corridor, wearing blue pullover shirt, jeans & beard, hands in back pockets
C-GUYS-460 Eight-element composite of Ford in myriad of poses & candids accenting his relaxed side
C-GUYS-461 FLV of grinning, bearded Ford wearing brief swim trunks, clowning as he sits near OS backyard pool
C-GUYS-462 MLS of Ford sitting on divan, looking up from magazine resting on crossed leg, wearing blue pinstriped shirt & gray shorts
C-GUYS-463 Cont. 462, MCU eyeing camera
C-GUYS-464 MS of Ford smiling into camera, wearing white sportshirt & black sportcoat
C-GUYS-465 MLS of Ford seated outdoors, wearing gray sweater & black sportcoat worn over red shirt
C-GUYS-466 MCU of Ford gazing soberly at camera, wearing dress shirt, some stubble on face
C-GUYS-467 MCU of introspective Ford in open-necked shirt
C-GUYS-468 PRT of Ford square to camera in dark blue shirt, hair neatly combed.
[Note: C-GUYS-468 thru 473 are from GQ magazine sitting]
C-GUYS-469 Cont. 468, head cocked slightly, similar expression
C-GUYS-470 Cont. 469, now wearing warm smile
C-GUYS-471 Cont. 470, now smiling brightly, head lowered a bit
C-GUYS-472 Cont. 471, still wearing big smile while looking directly into camera
C-GUYS-473 Cont. 472, more open-mouthed, mirthful smile
C-GUYS-474 MLS of stubble-faced Ford, in dark blue shirt & jeans, sitting spread-legged on chair arm, hair short
C-GUYS-475 Cont. 474, MS smiling into camera
C-GUYS-476 MLS of Ford sitting somberly on tree stump in woodland clearing, wearing plaid shirt & jeans, legs spread & hair short
C-GUYS-477 MLS of Ford standing on terrace, relaxed in dress shirt, undone tie & jeans
C-GUYS-478 MS of Ford striking casual, seated pose against rocks in shady outdoor area, wearing light blue dress shirt & dark slacks
C-GUYS-479 Very handsome MCU of Ford in dark blue pullover sweater, posed against tree setting
C-GUYS-480 Wonderful MS of smiling Ford posed in outdoor setting, wearing light blue denim shirt & khaki pants, one hand in pocket
C-GUYS-481 Cont. 480, FLV with both hands in pockets
C-GUYS-482 MLS of Ford posed on outdoor stairs, wearing blue t-shirt & jeans with white sport jacket [light grain]
C-GUYS-483 Cont. 482, MS pulling sunglasses from jacket pocket, serious look on face
C-GUYS-484 FLV of Ford posed languishing on big limb of oak tree outside house, stylish in red t-shirt, black windbreaker, jeans & sneakers
C-GUYS-485 Cont. 484, MCU of Ford out of his tree, jacket half zippered, hair cropped short in both
C-GUYS-486 FLV of Ford in blue business suit, standing at center of large trellis affair overgrown with ivy, reference book on making wood tucked under arm, hands in trouser pockets
C-GUYS-487 MS of Ford being his candid self at banquet table as microphone is thrust at him, wearing buttoned-up red shirt & black sportcoat
C-GUYS-537 Cont. 352, tighter, slightly different pose
C-GUYS-538 MCU of Ford grinning as he puts hand to cheek, wearing red sport shirt & brown tweed sportcoat
C-GUYS-539 MCU of serious Ford resting chin in palm of hand, hair cropped short, wearing buttoned-up striped dress shirt & black sportcoat
C-GUYS-540 Cont. 484, FLV sitting up on tree limb with hand to forehead & elbow resting on upturned knee
C-GUYS-541 FLV of Ford seated on arm of chair in living room, wearing striped dress shirt, white dinner jacket, blue jeans & tennies
C-GUYS-597 FLV of Ford standing against house in backyard after wrapping Mosquito Coast, wearing brown sport shirt & blue jeans, thumbs tucked in pockets & hair slicked back
C-GUYS-598 Cont. 597, similar MS with lower left corner insert of Ford in MLS standing on lawn, hands in pockets C-GUYS-607 Six-element shot of old & new Ford, making like Stan Laurel in one, stroking clipped hair & holding up scissors, signing autograph for two girls while resting against Mustang in another
C-GUYS-608 MLS of Ford, in white t-shirt & tan shorts, sitting aft on boat overlooking water, lifting sunglasses to eye camera with smile, hair grown out full
C-GUYS-609 MLS of Ford posed in ribbed red turtleneck sweater, yellow jacket & jeans, hair slicked back, thumbs hitched in pockets
C-GUYS-649 Outdoor PRT of smiling Ford with full head of hair & start of beard, wearing tan sport shirt
C-GUYS-650 Candid MCU of stubble-faced Ford in white dress shirt, black tie & jacket, wishing he were elsewhere
C-GUYS-651 Warm MS of Ford wearing plaid sport shirt, posed holding puppy against wooded backdrop, hair short
C-GUYS-652 MS of Ford, in red shirt, leaning arm on wood beam out of doors, wet hair slicked staight back
C-GUYS-653 MS of Ford wearing carpenter's belt & Levi jacket, hands in pockets before house he's building
C-GUYS-654 MS of Ford posed in woods, wearing glasses & warm coat with collar turned up
C-GUYS-655 FLV of Ford decked out in full fisherman regalia, wading in woodland lake with fishing pole
C-GUYS-656 FLV of Ford, casual in jeans & sweatshirt, sitting on folding chair before going fireplace
Fox, Michael J.
C-GUYS-542 PRT of young, smiling Michael J. Fox wearing dress shirt, black tie & sweater. Blue bg
C-GUYS-543 More recent PRT of Fox lighted in dusky tone, wearing basic brown sport shirt & jacket
C-GUYS-544 1986 MS of Michael posed in brown sport coat with embroidered lapels, hair spikey & moussed
C-GUYS-610 PRT of Fox wearing white jacket & nice smile
C-GUYS-611 MS of smiling Fox in checkerboard sport shirt
C-GUYS-612 MS of smiling Fox in green sport shirt with short, rolled sleeves, elbow on upturned knee
C-GUYS-613 MLS of Fox posed with hands behind head & match- stick in mouth, wearing button-front jeans, tan sweater & jacket. Red bg
C-GUYS-614 FLV of Fox sitting on rocks, having tied laces from tennis shoes he's wearing together, also clad in brown sport shirt & jacket with blue jeans
C-GUYS-657 Candid MLS of Fox standing in hotel lobby. wearing gray slacks & shirt with black jacket
Franciosa, Tony
C-GUYS-311 PRT of smiling Tony Franciosa in yellow turtleneck sweater & dark suit coat. Green bg
Gable, Clark
C-GUYS-47 Studio PRT of Clark Gable
C-GUYS-359 MCU of 50ish Gable, in white cardigan sweater, seated & looking over shoulder
Garner, James
C-GUYS-10 MCU of James Garner, wind blowing his hair
C-GUYS-96 MCU of Garner in sweaty cowboy role
C-GUYS-97 MS of Garner as James Rockford, arms folded
C-GUYS-281 PRT of 1960s Garner in pin-striped shirt, red scarf & dark jacket
Gerard, Gil
C-GUYS-48 Candid MS of Gil Gerard in casual sport clothes
C-GUYS-49 Candid MS of Gerard in tuxedo
Gere, Richard
C-GUYS-207 MS of Richard Gere standing bare-chested with t- shirt around neck, hands on hips
C-GUYS-282 MS of unshaven Gere in sport shirt unbuttoned to show off chest, hair mussed
C-GUYS-283 MS of Gere in military uniform, turned aside while holding flagpole draw cord. An Officer & A Gentleman [1982]
C-GUYS-426 MLS of perturbed Gere in half open ruffled red shirt & blue pants, hand on hips. Breathless [1983]
Gibb, Andy
C-GUYS-50 Candid MCU of Andy Gibb in pink coat, open shirt
C-GUYS-51 Candid MS of Gibb in open pink shirt & vest
C-GUYS-360 Candid MS of Gibb wearing white t-shirt, windbreaker & sunglasses
Gibson, Mel
C-GUYS-232 Candid MCU of smiling Mel Gibson looking to side
C-GUYS-284 MCU of Gibson at beach, wearing black t-shirt & sunglasses
C-GUYS-285 Cont. 284, MLS also wearing black pants with sun- glasses hanging from shirt, posed near brick wall
C-GUYS-286 MCU of smiling Gibson in white shirt & jacket
C-GUYS-287 MS of Gibson posed in bush gear. Gallipoli
C-GUYS-325 CU of musing Gibson, hand to chin & lips
C-GUYS-326 CU of Gibson eyeing camera intently
C-GUYS-361 MLS of Gibson, wearing pink shirt & jeans, leaning against car, dragging on cigarette
C-GUYS-442 MS of Gibson, in black t-shirt, glaring into camera, hands folded across knees
C-GUYS-443 MS of kicked back Gibson, in open pink sport shirt & jeans, hand scratching head as he laughs
C-GUYS-488 Somberly-lit PRT of Gibson in black t-shirt, leaning on folded arms
C-GUYS-489 Cont. 488, Gibson smiles as he rests chin in hand
C-GUYS-490 Cont. 489, colorful fill lighting surrounds smiling Gibson, now standing with arms folded
C-GUYS-491 PRT of Gibson glaring into camera, wearing plaid shirt open at neck
C-GUYS-492 MS of Gibson, both he & white shirt drenched in sweat, lit cigarette in one hand. Black bg
C-GUYS-493 Sexy MS of Gibson sitting back against tree & stretching, cigarette dangling from lips, wearing tan wool sweater
C-GUYS-494 MS of Gibson posed in business-like fashion wearing dress shirt with sleeves rolled up & loosened black tie
C-GUYS-495 FLV of Gibson relaxing with smile on park bench, wearing maroon shirt, tan jacket & charcoal pants with black boots
C-GUYS-545 ECU of smiling Gibson with hand to side of face
C-GUYS-546 CU of smiling Gibson
C-GUYS-547 CU of serious Gibson
C-GUYS-548 Cont. 547, MCU of serious Gibson
C-GUYS-549 PRT of Gibson leaning to side under shadowy lighting, wearing white-flecked black sweater
C-GUYS-550 PRT of swarthy Gibson in green patterned sweater & brown jacket
C-GUYS-551 PRT of staid Gibson posed outdoors in red wool shirt & tan jacket
C-GUYS-552 MS of smiling Gibson leaning on elbow at beach, wearing basic white Hawaiian shirt & brown pants
C-GUYS-553 Cont. 552, FLV sitting up with ankles crossed, hand to chin
C-GUYS-554 Semi-profile MCU of Gibson smiling aside & rubbing chin with fingers, wearing pink shirt
C-GUYS-555 MS of Gibson in same shirt, leaning arm against top of car, hand on hip & expression animated
C-GUYS-556 MLS of Gibson backed against wall, making face at camera with cigarette in mouth, wearing same shirt & black pants, hand in pocket
C-GUYS-557 MS of more serious Gibson in same shirt & white windbreaker, standing against spray painted fence
C-GUYS-558 PRT of Gibson, stylish in long-sleeved red shirt, tie & basic brown vest coat. Ochre bg
C-GUYS-559 MS of smiling Gibson in black & white-threaded shirt & black leather jacket. Ochre bg
C-GUYS-560 PRT of Gibson wearing sweat shirt, beige trenchcoat & quiet smile, hand to cheek
C-GUYS-561 PRT of Gibson wearing only sleeveless aged brown leather jacket unzipped to show chest. Blue bg
C-GUYS-562 MS of smiling Gibson leaning against pylon with hands in pockets, wearing open gray sport shirt
C-GUYS-563 MLS of Gibson leaning back on elbows at beach beside upright surfboard, wearing bikini trunks
C-GUVS-615 MS of Gibson cooly eyeing camera, wearing white shirt & brown sport jacket. Gallipoli [1981]
C-GUYS-616 Great outdoor MCU of Gibson smiling, wearing sweatshirt, hair tousled
C-GUYS-617 1987 candid MLS of Gibson smiling as he walks with traveling bag slung over shoulder, wearing blue & white sport shirt with black pants & jacket
C-GUYS-658 Candid MLS of long haired Gibson, wearing gray t-shirt, belted jeans & black jacket, stopped in hotel lobby with cigar in hand, looking aside
C-GUYS-659 Cont. 658, tighter shot, talking to someone OS
C-GUYS-660 Cont. 659, Gibson turns sideways & grins
C-GUYS-661 Cont. 660, Gibson walking near woman assistant
C-GUYS-662 Cont. 661, opposite side snapshot of smiling Gibson with assistant in bg
C-GUYS-663 Candid MS of animated Gibson in brown t-shirt & spiffy blue blazer, caught at Bistro Restaurant
C-GUYS-664 Cont. 663, tighter on smiling actor
C-GUYS-665 Cont. 664, back turned toward camera as he walks away with friends
C-GUYS-666 Candid FLV of Gibson outside Spagos with two friends, wearing brushed silk outfit of black slacks, blue shirt & tie & white dinner jacket, one hand in pocket, other holding cash
C-GUYS-667 Cont. 666, MS talking with man at his shoulder
C-GUYS-668 Cont. 667, semi-profile MS counting $$$
C-GUYS-669 Cont. 668, profile MS driving off in convertible
C-GUVS-670 Candid MS of Gibson in gray suit with v-neck sweater & undone tie, holding bottle of beer
C-GUYS-671 Cont. 670, opposite angle of Mel speaking with someone OS, holding bottle with both hands
C-GUYS-672 Candid MLS of Gibson in blue Hawaiian shirt & dark jacket, walking toward camera glibly
C-GUYS-673 Candid MS of Gibson caught by surprise as he sits in car with beer, tuxedo jacket removed
C-GUYS-674 Candid MS of Gibson, wearing colorful bowtie & black dinner jacket, laughing with OS fellow guest at premiere of Ruthless People
C-GUYS-675 Candid MS of smiling Gibson with agent taking his arm as they arrive at Out of Africa premiere, wearing black suit with green tie
C-GUYS-676 Seven-element shot of Gibson in mostly laid-back poses, three in shoulder-length hair
C-GUYS-677 Seven-element shot of Gibson in hot outdoor poses
C-GUYS-678 PRT of Gibson studying camera intently, wearing dark blue shirt against sky bg
C-GUYS-679 Killer PRT of Gibson in sport shirt, tie & sweater. Aqua blue bg
C-GUYS-680 Outdoor night MS of Gibson wearing green dress shirt, spotted black & white tie & black jacket
C-GUYS-681 Outdoor MS of lightly bearded Gibson in blue plaid sport shirt, arms folded
C-GUYS-682 MS of Gibson posed with arms folded in Sydney, Australia park after filming Mad Max. He's wearing tan shirt & jacket
C-CUYS-683 MLS of Gibson in sitting pose, wearing white trousers & brown pullover shirt, sleeves pulled up
C-GUYS-684 Profile MLS of Gibson wearing only blue swim- trunks, talking to someone OS on home porch
C-GUYS-685 PRT of Gibson in uniform. Gallipoli
C-GUYS-686 MCU of Gibson with eyes averted, wearing brown striped shirt & blue cap
C-GUYS-687 MS of Gibson laughing as he relaxes with cigarette in easy chair next to TV set airing program
C-GUYS-688 ECU of pensive Gibson in horizontal shot
C-GUYS-689 MCU of parka-clad Gibson smiling warmly
C-GUYS-690 MS of fully-bearded Gibson sitting on ledge overlooking city, wearing purple sport shirt
C-GUYS-691 MS of long-haired Gibson posed seriously & square to camera, wearing white sweatshirt
C-GUYS-692 PRT of long-haired Gibson strking Mr. Adorable pose, smiling with hands over cheeks
Glaser, Paul Michael
C-GUYS-52 MS of smiling Paul Michael Glaser captures his charm
C-GUYS-98 MS of Glaser sitting & smiling
C-GUYS-319 MCU of Glaser wearing blue sport shirt & hint of smile
C-GUYS-320 Cont. 319, tighter shot & more squared off
C-GUYS-362 MCU of Glaser, in tan work shirt, standing by tree. Nice mood lighting
C-GUYS-363 MS of Glaser walking along seashore in black t-shirt with New York embossed on front & jacket
C-GUYS-364 MS of Glaser in tan dress shirt & slacks, kicked back with hand to forehead
C-GUYS-365 MS of Glaser seated with knees up, wearing green pullover shirt
C-GUYS-366 Sexy MLS of Glaser wearing white sweater & black slacks, sitting up on sand that overlooks seashore at sunset
C-GUYS-444 PRT of Glaser in black turtleneck & tan leather jacket. Red bg
Grant, Cary
C-GUYS-30 PRT of Cary Grant
C-GUYS-496 PRT of dashing 50ish Grant posed smiling in red shirt & sportcoat
Hamill, Mark
C-GUYS-53 Candid MCU of smiling Mark Hamill in tuxedo
C-GUYS-54 Candid CU of Hamill with woman behind him
C-GUYS-119 PRT of Hamill, hand to chin
C-GUYS-120 Candid MS of Hamill in sweater & sport jacket
C-GUYS-146 MCU of smiling Hamill framed by tree leaves
C-GUYS-149 PRT of smiling Hamill wearing sport shirt. Blue bg
C-GUYS-148 MS of smiling Hamill in sport shirt & brown leather jacket. Name printed beside face
C-GUYS-149 FLV of Hamill in jeans, black shirt & windbreaker, leaning against pier support, arms spread wide
C-GUYS-154 MS of Hamill, in brown & tan leisure coat, t-shirt & jeans, hands in lap
C-GUYS-155 MS of Hamill as Patrolman Conrad. Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
C-GUYS-233 Horizontal CU of smiling Hamill at 1981 Oscars
C-GUYS-288 MCU of Hamill in light blue sport shirt, lips parted
C-GUYS-367 Candid MS of Hamill in sport shirt, plaid sweater & black leather jacket
C-GUYS-368 Candid MS of Hamill in blue t-shirt & jacket & tan cowboy hat. Nice smile
C-GUYS-369 MCU of Hamill in red shirt. Count the pores
C-GUYS-370 MCU of Hamill in cowboy shirt, hand to chin
C-GUYS-371 PRT of smiling Hamill in gray shirt
C-GUYS-372 MCU of Hamill in t-shirt & gray suit jacket, looking aside
C-GUYS-373 MCU of Hamill in red & black-striped sport shirt & leather jacket, face upturned
C-GUYS-374 Cont, 373, horizontal MCU of Hamill talking to someone off frame
C-GUYS-375 MS of Hamill in blue plaid sport shirt & brown sport coat, smiling aside
C-GUYS-376 Nice MCU of Hamill in smart tuxedo, smiling aside
C-GUYS-377 MS of Hamill at beach, wearing maroon pullover & cute smile
C-GUYS-378 MS of Hamill in gray cowboy shirt & belted blue jeans, arms folded
C-GUYS-379 MLS of Hamill, in red t-shirt, blue sport shirt, suede jacket & jeans, leaning against outside tenement stair railing, hands in pockets
C-GUYS-380 MLS of Hamill in handsome brown sweater & jeans, holding up signed Star Wars insert poster
Hamilton, George
C-GUYS-162 PRT of George Hamilton in beige suit coat, wide red tie & checkered shirt
C-GUYS-564 MLS of Hamilton posed at corral fence in polo outfit of blue shirt, white trousers with shin guards, holding helmet
Harmon, Mark
C-GUYS-618 PRT of stubble-faced Mark Harmon wearing black sport shirt
C-GUYS-619 MS of bare-chested Harmon wearing blue jeans, stopping to face camera while cleaning pool
Harrison, Gregory
C-GUYS-55 Candid MS of Gregory Harrison wearing brown leather coat
C-GUYS-99 PRT of Harrison
C-GUYS-427 Candid MS of Harrison in striped sport shirt & brown sport coat
Hasselhoff, David
C-GUYS-321 Candid MS of smiling David Hasselhoff in white shirt, brown tie & black leather jacket
C-GUYS-381 MCU of Hasselhoff in football jersey, eyeing camera intently
C-GUVS-382 MCU of Hasselhoff wearing unbuttoned gray dress shirt & nice big smile
Hatch, Richard
C-GUYS-56 Candid MCU of Richard Hatch in sport coat & open shirt
C-GUYS-100 Candid MCU of Richard wearing tuxedo
Hauer, Rutger
C-GUYS-620 MCU of swarthy, tough-minded Rutger Hauer as international terrorist. Nighthawks [1981]
C-GUYS-693 1981 PRT of surly Hauer wearing gray turtleneck sweater & monogramed blue blazer
C-GUYS-694 FLV of Hauer posed in prison grubbies, one mud-caked boot propped on barbed-wire fence as he coldly eyes camera. Escape from Sobibar
Hays, Robert
C-GUYS-695 Relaxed outdoor PRT of smiling Robert Hays wearing wide-collared blue sport shirt
C-GUYS-696 Outdoor PRT of smiling Hays square to camera, wearing gray shirt with epaulets
C-GUYS-699 Again smiling wide, Hays stands before fence in MS, clad in white auto racing jumpsuit
Hedison, David
C-GUYS-565 Nice PRT of David Hedison smiling easily, wearing white dress shirt with black tie & overcoat
Heston, Charlton
C-GUYS-208 MLS of Charlton Heston as Ben Hur, standing with coiled whip in hands. Sky bg
Hexum, Jon-Erik
C-GUYS-416 Sexy PRT of Jon-Erik Hexum in white dress shirt & black suit coat
C-GUYS-417 Cont. 416, tighter shot with head askew
C-GUYS-428 Candid MS of Hexum in gray shirt & tie & black blazer, hair cropped short
C-GUYS-451 CU of bare-chested Hexum with face profiled
C-GUYS-452 Beefcake MS of Hexum wearing blue swimtrunks, arms folded & leaning head & shoulder against post
C-GUYS-453 PRT of Hexum, very macho in unbuttoned Levi jacket with sleeves cut off
C-GUYS-454 Candid MLS of smiling Hexum, in blue pullover shirt & faded jeans outdoors, cup of coffee in hand
C-GUYS-497 PRT of bare-chested Hexum giving smoldering look to camera, hair mussed
C-CUYS-498 MS of bare-chested Hexum donning straw Stetson hat with shirt slung over shoulder
C-GUYS-499 MLS of shirtless Hexum posed standing after workout in gray sweat pants
C-GUYS-500 Sexy sitting pose of Hexum relaxing outdoors, wearing blue jacket with sweater around shoulders & knotted in front, arms folded
C-GUYS-501 MLS of smiling, good natured Hexum putting straw Stetson on head & wearing blue workshirt & belted Levis, hand in pocket
C-GUYS-502 FLV of smiling Hexum in tuxedo, sitting at desk with feet up, cigar in one hand & phone in other, photos of himself deck wall behind him in office
Hoffman, Dustin
C-GUYS-134 Dustin Hoffman looks up from desk, distracted. Straw Dogs
Holden, William
C-GUYS-57 Studio PRT of William Holden
Hudson, Rock
C-GUYS-11 CU of smiling Rock Hudson
C-GUYS-503 PRT of clean-cut, youthful Hudson in light-colored pinstriped suit & black tie
Hugh-Kelley, Daniel
C-GUYS-698 Tight PRT of full bearded Daniel Hugh-Kelley in white t-shirt & black leather jacket, head canted
C-GUYS-699 Cont. 698, much the same shot but beard shaved off
C-GUVS-700 Tight MS [top of head cropped off] of Kelley posed with arms folded, wearing casual yellow sport jacket over white t-shirt
C-GUYS-701 Candid MLS of Kelley in blue sweats, looking upward with smile during Battle of Network Stars
C-GUYS-702 Cont. 701, FLV of Kelley, sweat jacket removed, sitting on grass between events
Hurt, William
C-GUYS-209 MS of William Hurt in dress shirt & loosened black tie, suit coat hitched over shoulder
Hutton, Timothy
C-GUYS-210 CU of smiling Timothy Hutton with inset hugging father in screen role. Orange bg
C-GUYS-211 MS of Timothy relaxing in chair, wearing good- looking green sweater, hand to chin
Jackson, Michael
C-GUYS-445 MS of rock superstar Michael Jackson in white dress shirt & black pullover sweater, hands in pants pockets. Brushed gray bg
C-GUYS-504 MS of Jackson, in white shirt with custom-made sleeveless yellow sweater & matching bowtie, soberly eyeing camera
C-GUYS-703 MLS of master moonwalker Jackson adorned in black & silver-buckled outfit against white bg
Johnson, Don
C-GUYS-505 MLS of young, long-haired Don Johnson as all black-garbed gunslinger drawing gun on OS foe. Zacariah, the Electric Cowboy [TVM]
C-GUYS-506 Candid MS of smiling Johnson wearing gray knit suit with tan tie
C-GUYS-507 MS of Johnson addressing fans with microphone in hand, casually clad in floppy plaid jacket over white t-shirt & gray pants
C-GUYS-508 Candid MCU of mustachioed Johnson in blue sport coat, white shirt & loosened tie, an admiring female fan in bg
C-GUYS-566 MCU of Johnson peering over rim of sunglasses as he prepares to step from Ferrari at start of TV Pepsi-Cola commercial
C-GUYS-567 Cont. 566, MS of Johnson & friend entering nightclub as revelers in fg clasp hands over heads
C-GUYS-568 Cont. 567, hands down as friend looks at smiling Johnson
C-GUYS-569 Cont. 568, smiling Johnson points toward performer on stage
C-GUYS-570 Cont. 569, CU of Johnson now laughing
C-GUYS-571 Cont. 570, CU of Johnson sitting in car, smiling up at OS admirer as friend looks on
C-GUYS-572 Cont. 571, RV of Johnson as pretty woman smiles & snakes arm around him
C-GUYS-573 Cont. 572, young lady steals kiss
C-GUYS-574 Cont. 573, after woman leaves, Johnson turns to OS friend & grins sheepishly
C-GUYS-575 MS of Johnson smiling into camera with head cocked, clad in beige polo shirt & gray sport jacket
C-GUYS-576 Sexy MS of Johnson with cigarette, wearing white body shirt & purple dinner jacket with black lapels
C-GUYS-577 Profile MS of shirtless Johnson in brooding pose, leaning arm against wall with hand holding cigarette behind head, other hand in pocket of white pants, sunglasses on
Jones, Sam
C-GUYS-101 Sam Jones wades in surf in wet t-shirt
Jones, Tommy Lee
C-GUYS-102 Tommy Lee Jones, as racecar pro, leans on helmet
Kaplan, Gabe
C-GUYS-58 Profile MS of Gabe Kaplan smiling at camera
Karloff, Boris
C-GUYS-578 Wonderful MS of Boris Karloff turned to camera while starting to pick up receiver of antique phone, wearing brown business suit
Katt, William
C-GUYS-59 MCU of bare-chested, smiling William Katt
C-GUYS-156 PRT of Katt, smiling face resting in hand
C-GUYS-234 Katt, in t-shirt & jeans, kneels in grass with white German Shepherd before truck
Kelley, DeForest
C-GUYS-621 Early 1950s PRT of DeForest Kelley with hand to chin, wearing white dress shirt & brown sport coat
Kennedy, John F.
C-GUYS-383 MLS of President John F. Kennedy working at his oval office desk
Kilmer, Val
C-GUYS-599 PRT of smiling Val Kilmer in white shirt & gray sport coat. Black bg
C-GUYS-600 CU of Kilmer leaning into camera, wearing pink & blue-striped sport shirt
C-GUYS-704 MS of stubble-faced Kilmar in brown long-sleeved sport shirt, elbow raised & hand behind head
C-GUYS-705 Cont. 704, horizontal MCU, arm down
C-GUYS-706 Snappy PRT of Kilmar with hair slicked back, wearing black shirt & grey suit jacket Blue bg
King, Perry
C-GUYS-290 Shadowy MCU of shirtless Perry King. Blue bg
C-GUYS-291 MS of smiling King, in hooded sweatshirt, leaning on folded arms. Empire State Bldg in bg
C-GUYS-446 MCU of bearded King in blue dress shirt & loose tie, arms folded in front of him. Class of 1984
C-GUYS-622 MS of smiling King wearing black leather jacket with fur collar & blue scarf around neck
C-GUYS-623 MS of King, all wet from fight, menacing OS combatant with pitchfork. Mandingo [1975]
Ladd, Alan
C-GUYS-60 Studio PRT of Alan Ladd
Landau, Martin
C-GUYS-579 Late 1960s PRT of Martin Landau in brown wool knit sport coat, white dress shirt & neckerchief
Lansing, Robert
C-GUYS-157 PRT of Robert Lansing against red bg
Lee, Bruce
C-GUYS-121 MS of Bruce Lee primed for OS adversary. Game of Death
C-GUYS-707 MS of Lee striking patented martial arts defensive pose. Game...
C-GUYS-708 MLS of Lee, wearing only trunks, in action with boxing gloves
C-GUYS-709 FLV of shirtless & sweaty Lee holding knunchauks at arms length
Lee, Christopher
C-GUYS-12 MS of bearded Christopher Lee in striped robe
C-GUYS-61 CU of deadly glaring Lee
Lennon, John
C-GUYS-235 MS of long-haired John Lennon, in dark glasses & multi-zippered red jacket, singing & playing guitar at microphone on stage
Leonard, Sugar Ray
C-GUYS-509 MS of boxer Sugar Ray Leonard working up sweat hitting OS punching bag with bandaged hands wearing blue t-shirt & shorts
Lewis, Jerry
C-GUYS-580 MS of smiling Jerry Lewis resting forearms on back of chair, wearing brown suit. Red bg
Linden, Hal
C-GUYS-384 PRT of smiling Hal Linden in suit & tie
Lithgow, John
C-GUYS-581 FLV of John Lithgow, wearing Army uniform, kneeling at gravesite. Resting Place
Lord, Jack
C-GUYS-103 MS of Jack Lord holding black terrier dog
Lowe, Rob
C-GUYS-582 FLV of smiling Rob Lowe standing on seat of sports convertible foot on open door, wearing faded blue jeans & black t-shirt against yellow sky
C-GUYS-583 MS of sweaty, bare-chested Rob clad in tight jeans, sitting with hands on legs & looking aside
Majors, Lee
C-GUYS-3 MS of Lee Majors wearing blue cowboy shirt
C-GUYS-151 MCU of Majors in Panama hat
Manilow, Barry
C-GUYS-710 MS of singer Barry Manilow, wearing hip brown striped shirt & black sport coat, standing before colored neon tube lights attached to brick wall
Marinaro, Ed
C-GUYS-511 MLS of Ed Marinaro, nice looking in tennis shorts & shirt, sitting on bench at celebrity tournament
Marvin, Lee
C-GUYS-512 Horizontal MCU of cowboy-hatted, mustachiod Lee Marvin, squinting aside in desert
Mason, James
C-GUYS-429 1983 PRT of James Mason in suit
McCallum, David
C-GUYS-385 Candid MS of David McCallum in gray sport shirt under black sweatshirt
McGavin, Darren
C-GUYS-62 Studio PRT of Darren McGavin
McRaney, Gerald
C-GUYS-510 Candid MLS of Gerald McRaney, snappy in tuxedo, stopping to smile for photographer
Mitchum, Robert
C-GUYS-63 MCU of middle-aged Robert Mitchum wearing suit
C-GUYS-212 1940s PRT of Mitchum in long-sleeved sport shirt
Moore, Dudley
C-GUYS-386 PRT of smiling Dudley Moore in tan dress shirt & sport jacket, hand to chin
Moore, Roger
C-GUYS-64 MS of dapper Roger Moore in coat & tie
C-GUYS-122 PRT of Moore, arms crossed, wearing tweed suit
C-GUYS-123 Candid MS of Moore wearing handsome tan sport outfit & sunglasses
C-GUYS-135 PRT of Moore in white shirt & red pullover sweater
C-GUYS-150 FLV of Moore as Nazi commandant. Escape to Athena
C-GUYS-213 MCU of Moore in open white shirt & green suede jacket
Mull, Martin
C-GUYS-65 Candid MCU of comedian Martin Mull in tuxedo
Murphy, Ben
C-GUYS-387 MLS of Ben Murphy, wearing blue polo shirt & swim trunks, arms folded as he awaits to compete in 1983 network stars swimming event
C-GUYS-388 Candid MS of Murphy in tan suit, smiling
C-GUYS-389 Cont. 388, Murphy signs autograph & smiles at off frame admirer
Murphy, Eddie
C-GUYS-584 MS of tuxedoed Eddie Murphy staring into camera at 1985 Academy Awards
Murray, Bill
C-GUYS-430 MCU of Bill Murray wearing off-center red tie & gray suit coat, cigarette & holder sticking out right side of mouth
Neill, Sam
C-GUYS-624 MS of Sam Neill posed outside in white t-shirt & belted jeans, hands in pockets
Nelson, Rick
C-GUYS-585 MS of 1980s Rick Nelson singing with eyes closed & playing guitar in concert, wearing white silk shirt & powder blue checked blazer
Nelson, Willie
C-GUYS-289 FLV of country singer Willie Nelson in full cowboy gear, aiming gun at camera. Barbarosa [1982]
Newman, Paul
C-GUYS-13 CU of white-haired Paul Newman
Nimoy, Leonard
C-GUYS-66 Profile CU of Leonard Nimoy in somber mood
C-GUYS-67 MS of Nimoy laughing lightheartedly
C-GUYS-136 MS of Nimoy posed in red turtleneck shirt & plaid sport jacket
C-GUYS-390 Candid MS of smiling Nimoy in blue sweater over white dress shirt & gray slacks, hands in pockets
C-GUYS-391 PRT of craggy-faced, mustachioed Nimoy in black pullover seater. Dark pink bg
C-GUYS-513 PRT of Nimoy smiling big for camera with arms folded, wearing long-sleeved blue shirt & tan vest
Nolte, Nick
C-GUYS-68 Candid MS of Nick Nolte sporting scruffy beard
O'Neal, Patrick
C-GUYS-69 Candid MS of Patrick O'Neal in tuxedo
O'Neal, Ryan
C-GUYS-392 Candid MS of shirtless Ryan O'Neal in blue swim trunks, arms folded
Pare, Michael
C-GUYS-514 PRT of Michael Pare smiling whimsically into camera, wearing black muscle shirt
C-GUYS-625 MS of long-haired Pare in white sport shirt & black leather jacket, smile bringing out dimples
Peck, Gregory
C-GUYS-515 PRT of stoic-looking Gregory Peck wearing brown business suit
Penny, Joe
C-GUYS-711 Candid MS of Joe Penny smiling for camera while behind wheel of car with cigarette, wearing gray suit
C-GUYS-712 Candid MS of Penny wearing tuxedo, flashing smile
Peppard, George
C-GUYS-516 PRT of young, swarthy George Peppard eyeing camera, wearing yellow sport shirt
C-GUYS-517 MS of slightly older Peppard standing outdoors in blue shirt & tan corduroy jacket showing knife cuts, his hand bleeding
Perlman, Ron
C-GUYS-715 PRT of smiling Ron Perlman posed at LA Dodger stadium clad in Dodger baseball jersey & cap
C-GUYS-716 Cont. 715, close-mouthed MS of Ron with baseball bat resting on shoulder
C-GUYS-717 Cont. 716, new angle MLS, bat off shoulder
C-GUYS-718 Cont. 717, Perlman removes cap & leans on bat
C-GUYS-719 Cont. 718, slightly tighter shot with big smile
C-GUYS-720 Candid MS of Perlman wearing tuxedo & warm smile as he arrives for 1988 Emmy awards. He shuda left with one
C-GUYS-721 Cont. 720, Perlman looks aside at fans with grin
C-GUYS-722 Candid MS of wry smiling Perlman in black shirt
Phoenix, River
C-GUYS-713 MS of River Phoenix in outdoor sitting PRT, arm across upturned knee, wearing blue shirt & jeans
C-GUYS-714 MLS of River standing with hand in pocket of tight jeans, wearing white polo shirt & loose sportcoat
Presley, Elvis
C-GUYS-14 MS of pensive Elvis Presley. Change of Habit
C-GUYS-15 Semi-profile of Presley, looking thoughtful. ...Habit
C-GUYS-16 Presley sings & plays guitar for group. ...Habit
C-GUYS-23 PRT of Presley in brown business suit
C-GUYS-24 PRT of Presley in bush pilot cap & coat
C-GUYS-25 FLV of Presley in suit, playing guitar
C-GUYS-26 MS of Presley in blazer, singing & playing guitar
C-GUYS-27 Presley sitting on stool, smiling as he plays guitar
C-GUYS-70 Studio PRT of 1960s Presley in dress suit
C-GUYS-71 Casual MS of Presley singing & strumming guitar
C-GUYS-72 MS of Presley in coat & sport shirt, playing & singing
C-GUYS-73 FLV of Presley in suit, playing & singing
C-GUYS-74 Studio PRT of early 1970s Presley
C-GUYS-75 Candid Presley at mike during concert news confab
C-GUYS-109 PRT of Presley taken in 1950s
C-GUYS-110 PRT of Presley with guitar taken in '50s
C-GUYS-292 '70s MCU of Presley in green shirt, singing soulfully
Reagan, Ronald
C-GUYS-586 CU of smiling President Ronald Reagan in beige cowboy hat & blue cowboy shirt
Redford, Robert
C-GUYS-293 MS of Robert Redford as The Great Waldo Pepper [1975] beside plane, scarf blowing in wind
Reeve, Christopher
C-GUYS-76 PRT of serious-looking Christopher Reeve
C-GUYS-77 MS of smiling Reeve dressed for cool weather
C-GUYS-78 Candid MCU of Reeve at 1979 Oscars
C-GUYS-79 Cont. 78, MS
C-GUYS-80 MS of Reeve, large Oscar statue partly visible in bg
C-GUYS-124 Terrific PRT of Reeve with ocean spread out in bg
C-GUYS-125 Candid MLS of Reeve in sport shirt, corduroy jacket
C-GUYS-312 Shadowy MLS of shirtless Reeve furtively checking out room. Death Trap [1982]
Regehr, Duncan
C-GUYS-431 Candid MS of handsome Duncan Regehr in white dress shirt, brown sweater & gray sport coat
C-GUYS-447 MS of wet Regehr at edge of pool after taking swim, smiling into camera
C-GUYS-448 Cont. 447, slight pullback with hands resting on edge of pool
C-GUYS-449 Cont. 448, he starts to pull himself out of pool
C-GUYS-450 MS of Regehr in red swim trunks, looking aside
Reynolds, Burt
C-GUYS-81 MCU of Burt Reynolds sporting beard. The End
C-GUYS-82 MS of Reynolds in athletic sweat shirt. The End
C-GUYS-104 MS of Reynolds as Dan August
C-GUYS-126 MS of Reynolds clad in red Bandit coat, waiting for response on CB radio
C-GUYS-127 MS of Reynolds in western shirt & hat, laughing
Ritter, John
C-GUYS-393 PRT of smiling John Ritter in blue plaid sport shirt, red tie & tan sport jacket
Robertson, Cliff
C-GUYS-394 1983 candid MS of Cliff Robertson in white dress shirt & brown suit coat
C-GUYS-587 PRT of Robertson, hands clasped under chin, wearing plaid cotton shirt
Russell, Kurt
C-GUYS-432 MLS of Kurt Russell pitching car, dangling bill on end of fishing pole by open convertible. Used Cars [1980] C-GUYS-433 MS of seated Russell holding trumpet & bottle of beer, wearing black leather jacket & fedora. Swing Shift [1984]
C-GUYS-434 MLS of bare-chested Russell in dirty blue jeans, leaning against open door
C-GUYS-518 PRT of unsmiling Russell in plaid cowboy shirt
Savalas, Telly
C-GUYS-4 CU of Telly Savalas as Kojak
C-GUYS-105 MCU of Savalas wearing casual suit & shades
Scalia, Jack
C-GUYS-395 Candid MS of Jack Scalia in green pin-striped sport coat over tan sweater & tie
Scheider, Roy
C-GUYS-128 PRT of rugged-looking Roy Scheider
Schneider, John
C-GUYS-214 MCU of John Schneider, in tank top, his baby browns riveted at camera. Red bg
Schroder, Ricky
C-GUYS-519 Cute MLS of nine-year old Ricky Schroder leaning on staff & looking off camera against watery bg. The Earthling [1980]
C-GUYS-520 MLS of older Schroder stylishly attired in brown, belted jacket with collar turned up, matching pants & pink t-shirt. Blue bg
Scott, George C.
C-GUYS-521 MLS of George C. Scott as General Patton, in uniform & packing sixguns. Last Days of Patton [1986 TVM]
Scott, Judson
C-GUYS-237 Candid MS of smiling Judson Scott at podium during Q&A at his first convention showing in 1982, He's wearing shirt & jacket from The Phoenix plus vest [Note: C-GUYS-237 thru 247 from same convention appearance]
C-GUYS-238 Scott laughing
C-GUYS-239 Scott listening intently
C-GUYS-240 Scott bored
C-GUYS-241 Scott making funny face
C-GUYS-242 Scott rising from seat, laughing
C-GUYS-243 Scott picking up can of Sprite
C-GUYS-244 Scott smiling & hitching up back of jeans while turned sideways
C-GUYS-245 Scott, wearing medallion, turns aside, about to place hands in jacket pockets
C-GUYS-246 MS of Scott posed smiling
C-GUYS-247 Scott enthusiastically points to OS questioner
C-GUYS-294 Candid MS of Scott, in white shirt, brown jacket & white scarf, listening to someone off frame
C-GUYS-295 Cont. 294, Scott smiles wide into camera
C-GUYS-296 Cont. 295, Scott out of doors, eyeing camera with hint of smile
C-GUYS-297 Candid MS of Scott, thumbs tucked in pockets of gray jacket with same scarf, facing camera
C-GUYS-298 Cont. 297, Scott looks over shoulder into camera & smiles during autograph session
C-GUYS-396 MS of Scott, in dark gray sport shirt unbuttoned to show part of medallion, smiling into camera from behind autograph table at convention
C-GUYS-397 Candid MS of Scott in tux, leaning back on car & putting cigarette to mouth in Mr.Wonderful pose
C-GUYS-588 Horizontal PRT of smiling Scott wearing brown shirt & gray sport jacket, collars of both upturned
Seagal, Steven
C-GUYS-723 Candid MS of Steven Seagal, sharp in tuxedo, at 1988 Hollywood event
Selleck, Tom
C-GUYS-299 FLV of Tom Selleck distracted from diving into pool during Battle of the Stars TV show by arm of spectator about to pull towel off his waist
C-GUYS-300 Cont. 299, MLS from opposite side as he tosses towel away with smile. He's got trunks on. Sorry
C-GUYS-301 Cont. 300, MS all wet after swimming
C-GUYS-302 Sexy MLS of Selleck seated in glade-like setting, wearing tight blue jeans & purple sweater, hand to chin of smiling face
C-GUYS-398 Candid horizontal MCU of Selleck in yellow undershirt & Vietnam cap during network meet
C-GUYS-399 Candid MCU of smiling Selleck in business suit
C-GUYS-400 Candid MS of Selleck in dark dress suit
C-GUYS-401 Excellent MS of Selleck posed outside, wearing cream sport shirt & blue jeans, lips parted
C-GUYS-724 Slight DA on tuxedoed Selleck in MLS leaning against red sports car, hand in pants pocket
C-GUYS-725 FLV of smiling Selleck, in white cowboy shirt, gray sweater vest & tight jeans, posed before fireplace
Shackleford, Ted
C-GUYS-402 Candid MS of Ted Shackleford in white dress shirt, black tie & tweed sport jacket
Shatner, William
C-GUYS-83 PRT of serious-looking William Shatner in suit
C-GUYS-129 PRT of Shatner wearing red turtleneck & sportcoat against yellow bg
C-GUYS-403 Candid MCU of Shatner in blue t-shirt with white shoulder stripes at network meet
C-GUYS-404 MCU of Shatner, shoulder to camera, wearing tan suede jacket & pensive expression
C-GUYS-405 Exceptional PRT of Shatner in dark gray shirt with zipper front
C-GUYS-726 Candid MS of Shatner at 1987 convention, wearing white shirt, gray tie & dark blue jacket on stage
Shaw, Martin
C-GUYS-727 Magazine MCU of long-haired, bearded Martin Shaw wearing warpaint as Zax in British TV musical Facelift
C-GUYS-728 Sitting PRT of rugged looking Shaw in brown jacket as Scott of the Antartic
Shaw, Robert
C-GUYS-84 ECU of Robert Shaw, hair blowing in wind
Sheen, Martin
C-GUYS-522 MLS of Martin Sheen with his back to wall during action scene. Out of the Darkness [1986 TVM]
C-GUYS-590 MS of Sheen posed with hand on hip, wearing light blue work shirt & black pants
Smothers, Dick & Tommy
C-GUYS-406 Candid MLS of Dick & Tommy, The Smothers Brothers, both casually clad & leaning on musical instrument case
Snyder, Tom
C-GUYS-589 Horizontal PRT of smiling TV host & journalist Tom Snyder in dark business suit
Soul, David
C-GUYS-407 PRT of mustachioed David Soul in blue & red-striped sport shirt
Spielberg, Steven
C-GUYS-303 CU of director Steven Spielberg wearing sunglasses, lips parted
C-GUYS-304 PRT of bearded Spielberg wearing pink dress shirt & lightweight hunting jacket
Springfield, Rick
C-GUYS-408 Candid MS of Rick Springfield leaving restaurant in blue cowboy shirt & light jacket
Stallone, Sylvester
C-GUYS-5 Sylvester Stallone as a clad-in-black Rocky
C-GUYS-305 FLV of Stallone in handsome pose wearing pearl-colored v-neck sweater & white corduroy pants, thumbs in pockets
C-GUYS-409 Cont. 305, MS starting to pull off sweater, showing off stomach muscles
C-GUYS-410 FLV of Stallone, in blue t-shirt & white corduroy pants, striking boxing pose
C-GUYS-411 MS of bearded Stallone as tough New York City cop. Nighthawks [1981]
C-GUYS-591 MS of Stallone square to camera in half-buttoned tailored white dress shirt with matching slacks & belt, hands in pockets
Stevens, Shadoe
C-GUYS-729 PRT of Shadoe Stevens wearing Army field jacket, holding gun across chest. Traxx [1987]
Stewart, James
C-GUYS-17 PRT of dapper James Stewart
C-GUYS-523 PRT of smiling, 50ish Stewart in brown suit & striped tie
C-GUYS-592 MLS of Sting straddling motorcycle, wearing buttoned & belted brown leather overcoat, white shirt & brown tie
C-GUYS-593 MCU of Sting, in collarless white, partly open shirt, talking to someone OS outdoors
C-GUYS-626 Candid MS of smiling Sting stepping from limousine, wearing layered black shirts
Swayze, Patrick
C-GUYS-730 Candid MLS of Patrick Swayze wearing black pants & gray sweatshirt with cutaway collar, look serious
C-GUYS-731 Candid MS of Swayze, snappy in double-breasted black suit, facing aside at Spagos
C-GUYS-732 MCU of Swayze sternly eyeing camera with head at cant, wearing blue shirt. Orange bg
C-GUYS-733 PRT of younger Swayze wearing brown cowboy shirt, brown leather jacket & tight-lipped gaze
C-GUYS-734 Artsy PRT of cool Swayze with chin tucked inside muscled shoulder, highlights on face
C-GUYS-735 Tight MS of long, curly-haired Swayze, a cool dude astride motorcycle, wearing open leather jacket & gloves, no shirt
C-GUYS-736 MS of smiling Swayze, now more the boy next door standing at gate, wearing brown pullover shirt
C-GUYS-737 MLS of Swayze at home on ranch, folded arms resting atop corral fence, wearing work jeans & muscle shirt
C-GUYS-738 FLV of Swayze posed sitting on floor, wearing black pants & blue shirt with rolled up sleeves
C-GUYS-739 PRT of warmly smiling Swayze in black shirt & black leather jacket, stubble on face & eyes averted
C-GUYS-740 Sexy PRT of lightly bearded Swayze in black leather jacket, hand crossed to shoulder
C-GUYS-741 PRT of lightly bearded Swayze, handsome in tuxedo
C-GUYS-742 MS of intense Swayze posed in dark area with face & upper body highlighted, light beard & mustache now grown in [as in next five], wearing sweater
C-GUYS-743 Cont. 742, MCU
C-GUYS-744 MS of Swayze posed backed against chain link fence topped by barbed wire, one arm reaching above head, clad in black muscle shirt & denim jacket
C-GUYS-745 Cont. 744, horizontal shot clutching at fence with hands & high-arched bare foot
C-GUYS-746 Cont. 745, jacket removed, his well-turned arms & back spread against fence
C-GUYS-747 Cont. 746, tight MS with face & arms curled snugly against fence, now vulnerable
Taylor, Robert
C-GUYS-215 PRT of Robert Taylor as handsome Naval officer
Taylor, Rod
C-GUYS-6 Rod Taylor as a rugged adventurer saddling his horse
C-GUYS-85 Studio PRT of Taylor
Thicke, Alan
C-GUYS-412 Candid MS of Alan Thicke in tan polo shirt
Travolta, John
C-GUYS-18 MCU of John Travolta behind car wheel. Grease
C-GUYS-86 Candid MS of Travolta in tuxedo
Urich, Robert
C-GUYS-87 Candid MCU of Robert Urich
C-GUYS-306 Tight MS of Urich posed resting on elbow, wearing unbuttoned red shirt & black coat
Vincent, Jan Michael
C-GUYS-88 Candid MS of Jan Michael Vincent in tuxedo
C-GUYS-413 MS of wet, well muscled Vincent carrying surfboard. Big Wednesday [1978]
C-GUYS-524 Candid MS of Vincent, snappy in tailored gray suit & tie smiling at camera
C-GUYS-525 PRT of Vincent with dimples showing, wearing dark wool sweater over red shirt
C-GUYS-526 MS of Vincent smiling as he sits in old rocking chair on porch, wearing only coveralls
C-GUYS-527 FLV of Vincent in semi-profile as he sits in lawn chair with knees up, wearing only shorts
C-GUYS-528 MS of shirtless Vincent eyeing camera hard
Voight, Jon
C-GUYS-106 Candid MCU of Jon Voight
Wagner, Robert
C-GUYS-7 MS of bare-chested Robert Wagner holding shades
C-GUYS-19 MCU of dressed-to-kill Wagner. Switch
Warner, David
C-GUYS-107 PRT of David Warner in brown sport shirt
Wayne, John
C-GUYS-20 MS of John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn. True Grit
C-GUYS-89 Studio PRT of Wayne in early 1960s
C-GUYS-90 Studio PRT of The Duke in early 1970s
Weller, Peter
C-GUYS-529 MS of soiled Peter Weller in miner's garb, including hardhat with light. Kentucky Woman [TVM]
Widmark, Richard
C-GUYS-307 PRT of Richard Widmark in business suit
Williams, Robin
C-GUYS-108 Candid MS of Robin Williams in tuxedo
Williams, Treat
C-GUYS-414 PRT of Treat Williams as tough New York City cop. Prince of the City [1981]
Willis, Bruce
C-GUYS-627 MS of smiling Bruce Willis posed with hands behind back in black slacks, white dress shirt & suspenders & loosened bow tie, stubble on face
C-GUYS-628 FLV of smiling Willis sitting on floor before burning fireplace, holding sneakers between upturned legs, wearing t-shirt & faded jeans
Winkler, Henry
C-GUYS-21 MS of grinning Henry Winkler in t-shirt & robe
C-GUYS-91 MS of Winkler posed as The Fonz
York, Michael
C-GUYS-22 MCU of Michael York smoking cigar

Glamour Couples

C-CPLS-1 Candid MS of Don Adams & his stunning wife
C-CPLS-2 Candid MS of Charles Bronson & wife Jill Ireland
C-CPLS-3 Candid MS of Martin Landau & wife Barbara Bain
C-CPLS-4 Candid MS of James Woods with two ladies. So who's counting?
C-CPLS-5 Candid MS of Johnny Cash & wife June
C-CPLS-6 Candid MS of Shaun Cassidy & Kay Lenz walking arm in arm
C-CPLS-7 MS of Richard Chamberlain & Barbara Eden walking arm in arm
C-CPLS-8 MS of Legacy co-stars Sam Elliott & Katherine Ross posing for camera
C-CPLS-9 MS of Lou Ferigno & wife during night out
C-CPLS-10 Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher posing together on hotel room chair
C-CPLS-11 Candid MLS of Gil Gerard & wife Connie Selleca arriving at gala affair
C-CPLS-12 Candid MS of Larry Hagman & Linda Gray arriving at gala affair
C-CPLS-13 Candid MS of sexy sisters Audra & Judy Landers
C-CPLS-14 Candid MLS of Olivia Newton-John & her equally pretty sister, Rona
C-CPLS-15 Candid MLS of Gary Sandy & Loni Anderson of WKRP arriving at gala affair
C-CPLS-16 Candid MCU of John Schneider & Catherine Bach of Dukes, holding each other as both clown
C-CPLS-17 Candid MCU of William Shatner & wife at gala
C-CPLS-18 MLS of Larry [CHIPs] Wilcox in tuxedo, warming up to Catherine Bach on Love Boat
C-CPLS-19 Candid MCU of Linda Gray wrapping her arms around Larry Hagman's neck as both smile
C-CPLS-20 PRT of Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher posed affectionately cheek to-cheek
C-CPLS-21 CU of Mark & Carrie playfully going for kiss but squishing noses instead
C-CPLS-22 PRT of Captain & Tenille, she of the smile, he of the deadpan. Red bg
C-CPLS-23 Carrie Fisher clowns with Mark Hamill, wrapping her legs around his face
C-CPLS-24 FLV of Mark & Carrie arm in arm at edge of lake. Mark points at camera
C-CPLS-25 FLV of Mark & Carrie reposed on grass, smiling into camera
C-CPLS-26 MLS of Sonny & Cher, he in burgundy velvet suit, she in red gown. Blue bg
C-CPLS-27 MS of Burt Reynolds & Farrah Fawcett sharing laugh between takes on set of Cannonball Run
C-CPLS-28 MS of Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher sitting at press conference table for announcement of Empire Strikes Back filming
C-CPLS-29 PRT of Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher on dark green bg. She's smiling, he isn't
C-CPLS-30 PRT of Harrison & Carrie, both smiling
C-CPLS-31 PRT of Burt Reynolds & Farrah Fawcett cheek-to-cheek
C-CPLS-32 MS of James Garner & Lindsay Wagner, a happy couple side by side
C-CPLS-33 Profile MS of John Wayne & Paulette Goddard staring into each other's eyes. Reap the Wild Wind [1942]
C-CPLS-34 MS of Laurette Spang & Anne Lockhart posed cheek to cheek at sci-fi convention autograph table
C-CPLS-35 PRT of Clark Gable & Ava Gardner, cheek to cheek. Mogambo [1953]
C-CPLS-36 Profile MS of young Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood, romance in their eyes
C-CPLS-37 MLS of Harrison Ford, in t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses & cap, walking with wife Melissa Matheson
C-CPLS-38 MLS of Steven Spielberg pointing thumb at Harrison Ford beside him, both casually clad
C-CPLS-39 Candid MS of smiling Elvira with escort Sam Jones, in white suit, during night on town
C-CPLS-40 MS of smiling Morgan Fairchild & Ann Jillian posed arm in arm before celebrity softball game
C-CPLS-41 MS of Goldie Hawn snuggling up to Liza Minelli from behind, both wearing black dance costumes & sharing laugh
C-CPLS-42 Candid MLS of sexy sisters Audrey & Judy Landers tight shorts & tops, both smiling
C-CPLS-43 MLS of sexy Heather's Locklear & Thomas, both in red swimsuits & cracking up while arm in arm
C-CPLS-44 MS of Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner posing at Hollywood event, both wearing tuxedos
C-CPLS-45 CU of smiling Burt Reynolds & Clint Eastwood
C-CPLS-46 Candid FLV of Ann[War of The Worlds]Robinson, in red pant suit, dancing with Robby the Robot
C-CPLS-47 Signed FLV of Roy Rogers & Trigger, Roy waving aboard reared up palomino
C-CPLS-48 Candid MLS of Harrison Ford, in blue shirt buttoned to top, velvetine suit coat & blue pants, with Mark Hamill, in brown pullover sweater & blue jeans, posing outside CBS studio hotel complex
C-CPLS-49 Profile PRT of Prince Rainier & Princess Grace taken soon after marriage
C-CPLS-50 Candid MS of Harrison Ford & wife Melissa, in tuxedo & dress suit respectively, hand in hand
C-CPLS-51 Candid MS of Harrison & Melissa in similar attire on different occasion, arm in arm
C-CPLS-52 MS of Harrison & Melissa proudly displaying her Writers Guild award for E.T.
C-CPLS-53 Candid MCU of Harrison & Frank Marshall, both in tuxedoes, talking at gala affair
C-CPLS-54 Candid MLS of Mark Hamill & wife arriving at 1978 Photoplay Awards in tuxedo & white gown
C-CPLS-55 Cont. 54, FLV of couple with Gary Kurtz in bg
C-CPLS-56 Candid MS of Martin Landau & Barbara Bain, she holding umbrella over their heads
C-CPLS-57 Signed MS of Judy & Audrey Landers posed in white & red gowns
C-CPLS-58 Candid MS of Landers sisters laughing in front of phone booth as Audrey signs baseball
C-CPLS-59 Candid MLS of Ann-Margret & husband Roger Smith arriving at 1983 Emmys
C-CPLS-60 PRT of Paul McCartney & wife Linda
C-CPLS-61 Candid MS of Malcolm McDowell & wife Mary Steenburgen, in white tuxedo & silver sequined gown with velvet wrap, respectively
C-CPLS-62 Candid MS of Efram Zimbalist Jr. & daughter Stephanie, he in tuxedo & she in white chiffon & lace evening dress, both smiling
C-CPLS-63 MS of filmmakers George Lucas & Steven Spielberg on podium during summer, 1984, ceremony at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood
C-CPLS-64 Cont. 63, FLV of pair about to put hands into wet cement on forecourt of theater
C-CPLS-65 MS of Patrick Duffy & Gregory Harrison as crew- men of B-29 bomber talking in front of plane. Flight of the Enola Gay [1980]
C-CPLS-66 FLV of Raquel Welch, in black gown, & Tom Selleck, in tuxedo, posed arm in arm
C-CPLS-67 PRT of smiling interviewer Barbara Walters & country singer Willie Nelson
C-CPLS-68 FLV of gorgeously gowned Morgan Fairchild & Joan Collins posed back to back. Blue bg
C-CPLS-69 Candid MLS of Heather Locklear & Tracy Scoggins, in ABC shirts & shorts, on sidelines at 1984 Battle of the Network Stars
C-CPLS-70 FLV of Walt Disney holding hands with lifesize Winnie the Pooh
C-CPLS-71 FLV of wet David Hasselhoff posed inside hot tub, his pretty bikinied wife, Cathy Hickland, sitting on deck behind him with hand on his shoulder
C-CPLS-72 Candid MLS of Jon-Erik Hexum, in business suit, with arm around waist of Emma Samms, in strapless red dress with white polkadots
C-CPLS-73 Candid MLS of smiling Whitney Houston & Apollonia posing arm in arm at American Music Awards, former dressed in black silk gown with jeweled blue satin bow on shoulder & holding statuette she won. Latter as described in #2233
C-CPLS-74 Candid MLS of Landers sisters beaming for camera at Hollywood gala, Judy in delicious white taffeta gown & Audrey in strapless black gown
C-CPLS-75 FLV of topless Candy Samples on stage during promo gig with Elvira [about to gag] beside her
C-CPLS-76 MS of Jill St. John, in red & white polkadot bikini, romantically posed with Robert Wagner aboard yacht. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
C-CPLS-77 Candid MS of George Hamilton & Morgan Fairchild, in tuxedo & red gown, respectfully, arm in arm as they smile at gathered fans
C-CPLS-78 FLV of gorgeous begowned Price is Right hostesses Janice Pennington & Dian Parkinson. Red bg
C-CPLS-79 Candid MLS of casually stylish Richard Dean Anderson & soap star Tristan Rogers at party
C-CPLS-80 Candid MLS of tuxedoed Bruce Boxleitner & Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart, in beautiful red satin jacket, smiling at OS fans
C-CPLS-81 MLS of GLOW wrestling babes California Doll & Farmer's Daughter posed with cute smiles
C-CPLS-82 Candid MLS of Joan Collins & then husband Peter Holms walking hand in hand
C-CPLS-83 FLV of Hugh Hefner & then girlfriend Carrie Leigh, she in gray haltar, black leather pants & matching bolero jacket
C-CPLS-84 Candid MLS of William Hurt & Marlee Maitlan, both casually clad, arriving at airport
C-CPLS-85 Candid MLS of Don Johnson & Bruce Willis laughing at OS goings-on, both looking sporty
C-CPLS-86 FLV of sex stars Keisha & Nina Hartley astride motor-scooter, both barely covered by blowing red negligee against contrasting red bg
C-CPLS-87 Candid FLV of Ann-Margret looking gorgeous in black gown & glittery jacket, on arm of husband Roger Smith, wearing tuxedo, at 1988 Hollywood do
C-CPLS-88 Cont. 87, MLS as couple walks hand in hand
C-CPLS-89 MLS of Ann-Margret, in white dress suit, & Roger Smith, in suit, posed at Crystal Awards luncheon
C-CPLS-90 Candid MLS of smiling Ron Perlman & wife, Opal Stone, he in white trousers & purple dinner jacket
C-CPLS-91 Cont. 90, MS as couple approaches camera, Ron now grinning, wife enjoying attention
C-CPLS-92 Candid MLS of Ron & wife on different occasion, he in black slacks & shirt & sport jacket
C-CPLS-93 Candid MS of mustachioed Ron in white shirt & black sport coat, wife peeking over shoulder
C-CPLS-94 1987 candid FLV of Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed arm in arm walking toward camera, he in slick black slacks, white shirt & double-breasted dinner jacket, she in stunning white evening dress
C-CPLS-95 Candid MLS of Simmons in Levi jacket & jeans & Tweed in tight white top, jeans & black jacket
C-CPLS-96 Wedding PRT of Sylvester Stallone & Brigitte Nielsen. Nuff said
C-CPLS-97 Candid MLS of Stephanie Zimbalist, in pretty black glitter gown, with arm around waist of father, tuxedoed Efram Zimbalist Jr.

Glamour Trios

C-TRIO-1 MLS of Sybil Danning, Linda Blair & Edy Williams, each clothed as befits their personalities, posed arm in arm & smiling
C-TRIO-2 FLV of Hugh Hefner posed in tuxedo on grass outside Playboy Mansion with 25th Anniversary Playmate Candy Loving, in gold sequined gown, & second playmate beauty wearing silver sequined gown
C-TRIO-3 MLS of animated Annette Funicello, in white peekaboo knit top & white skirt, flanked by nattily suited Frankie Avalon & Dick Clark, all looking ageless
C-TRIO-4 Cont 2, PRT of Hefner flanked by gorgeous playmates, all seated under 25th anniversary Playboy bunny sign
C-TRIO-5 Candid MS of happy Hugh Hefner seated at dinner table flanked by Carrie Leigh & 1987 Playmate of the Year Donna Edmonson, all dressed to nines

Glamour Famlies

C-FAMS-1 Family PRT circa late 1960s of Leonard Nimoy seated in home with wife, son & daughter