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[NOTE: this series has shifted color]
C-ABD-1 Title & 2024 AD over facial art of Vic & Blood
C-ABD-6 MS of Vic carrying talking dog Blood on his back in desert
C-ABD-7 Vic & Blood lay on desert ground to rest
C-ABD-8 MS of Vic talking to OS Blood
C-ABD-10 MS of Blood
C-ABD-22 A cleaned-up Vic in coveralls has big laugh
C-ABD-26 MS of android Michael [Hal Baylor] chasing after Vic & Quilla June
C-ABY-1 CIN: LS of Deepcore oil drilling complex on ocean floor with diver standing before it. Spectacular matte
C-ABY-2 LS of Lindsey, while assessing damage to station, encountering huge glowing manta ship rising from ocean depths
C-ABY-3 Profile CU of Lindsey's awestruck face
C-ABY-4 Cont. #3, Lindsey reaches up & touches ship's colorful transparent surface
C-ABY-5 CU of Lindsey & Bud facing undulating column of water as it takes on her appearance
C-ABY-6 Glowing manta ray-like alien reflects off face plate of Bud's diving helmet as his oxygen is running out
C-AI-1 MCU of android boy David [Haley Joel Osment] smiling at OS mother
as she rests her arm on his shoulder
C-AI-2 CU: pleasure android Gigolo Joe [Jude Law] gazes out from behind bars
C-AI-3 UA of Joe & robot compatriots in cage, looking longingly beyond bars
C-AI-4 Slightly tilted MS of David in cage, surrounded by assorted robots
C-AI-5 Profile MCU of David looking up at Joe in awe
C-AI-6 LS of Joe gleefully introducing David to pleasures of neon-lit
Rouge City
C-AI-7 FLV of Joe leading David, carrying teddy bear, thru throngs of city
C-AI-8 MS of Joe & David gazing at wonders of city
C-AI-9 FLV of Joe & Gigolo Jane [Ashley Scott] on sidewalk, both looking aside
C-AI-10 MS of David enjoying dinner with adoptive parents Henry [Sam
Robards] & Monica [Frances O'Connor]
C-AI-11 Bright & hazy FLV of Monica kneeling on floor, activating bonding
program of seated David
C-AI-12 BS: Director Steven Spielberg discusses scene with Osment, both
seated in bedroom set
C-A2-1 PR: MS of Buck Murdock [William Shatner] throwing hands toward camera & mugging from Lunar Base command chair
C-A2-2 PR: MCU of Buck saluting camera with smile
C-A2-3 MLS of Buck sitting back in chair & talking into hand microphone
C-A2-4 FLV of Buck standing over console with hand mike, constipated look on face
C-A2-5 MS of Buck, cap turned backward, leaning arms on periscope handles
C-A2-6 PR: MCU of Buck's lackey lieutenant [Sandahl Bergman], saluting camera
C-A2-7 PR: Lieutenant sans cap, posing with arms leaning on piece of equipment
C-A2-8 MS of lieutenant pointing something out to pair of Lunar Base cohorts
C-A2-9 MS of Ted Striker [Robert Hayes] looking depressed, seated beside lady skeleton on lunar shuttle
C-A2-10 MS of Striker talking over mike while piloting shuttle as Elaine [Julie Hagerty] worries by him
C-A2-11 MS of Buck talking into hand mike
C-A2-12 PR: MCU of Elaine
C-AIW-1 Title over Alice daydreaming in grass
C-AIW-2 Title over Alice & caterpillar on mushroom
C-AIW-3 Pastoral view of English countryside, swans on lake
C-AIW-4 Alice kneels by stream, talking to her kitten
C-AIW-5 Same as #1, without title
C-AIW-6 White Rabbit scurries along forest path
C-AIW-7 White Rabbit, in a tizzy, holds up his pocket watch
C-AIW-8 Alice falls thru blackness of rabbit hole
C-AIW-9 Dazed Alice on hands & knees at bottom of hole
C-AIW-10 Alice peers thru wide-mouthed keyhole
C-AIW-11 MS of wide-eyed Alice
C-AIW-12 Worried Alice lost amid oversized foliage
C-AIW-13 Bread-winged butterflies hover over leaves
C-AIW-14 Alice encounters pair of horn-flowers
C-AIW-15 Night shot of Alice in clearing under watchful eyes
C-AIW-16 MS of Alice looking up in surprise
C-AIW-17 RV of Alice coming upon charming cottage
C-AIW-18 Mad Hatter shows Alice unbirthday cake on his hand
C-AIW-19 Mad Hatter & March Hare dance circle around Alice
C-AIW-20 FLV of Tweedledee & Tweedledum dancing
C-AIW-21 White rabbit checking watch at tea party
C-AIW-22 Wonderland cast, led by Red Queen, emerges from spiralling maelstrom as Alice's dream draws to close
C-AL-1 Title over nebulous star cluster
C-AL-3 Artwork of one-sheet poster before title, credits added
C-AL-4 Cast PRT aboard the Nostromo
C-AL-5 LS of space refinery with Nostromo dwarfed below it
C-AL-6 FLV of Nostromo commercial ship in space
C-AL-11 Hypersleep chamber petal lids open to awaken crew
C-AL-13 Dallas at bridge controls, Ripley looks on in bg
C-AL-21 Excellent MS of Dallas in his spacesuit on ship ramp
C-AL-22 MS of Kane & Dallas on planetoid sighting something OS
C-AL-23 LS of trio climbing into opening of alien ship
C-AL-25 LS of trio examining area around space jockey
C-AL-26 Lambert & Dallas lower Kane into shaft on alien ship
C-AL-27 DA of Kane exploring egg chamber with flashlight
C-AL-28 Dallas & Lambert bend over Kane back on Nostromo
C-AL-29 Crew holding convulsing Kane down on dinner table
C-AL-33 Ripley grabs Ash by shirt, screaming at him
           [#36-39 were taken at Hollywood Egyptian Theater]
C-AL-36 FLV of space jockey exhibit in front of theater one day before juvenile arsonists burned it to ground & got away
C-AL-37 MLS of space jockey from opposite side, tree in bg
C-AL-38 MS of space jockey
C-AL-39 MCU of space jockey
C-AL-49 PR: MS of Ripley petting Jones, the cat. Nice
C-AL-54 PR: DA of Nostromo, its nose pointed downward
C-AL-56 PR: CU of space jockey on black bg
C-AL-57 PR: FLV of full-grown alien, bent at the waist as if taking a bow
C-AL-58 PR: ECU of alien head with its mouth shut
C-AL-59 PR: ECU of alien head with its mouth open baring inner set of teeth
C-AL-64 MCU of Ripley on intercom during landing
C-AL-67 LS of Nostromo kicking up red dust while landing
C-AL-68 Cont. #67, ship stands out clearly on alien surface of planetoid
C-AL-69 Kane, Lambert [obscured] & Dallas suited up to leave ship
C-AL-72 Trio explores planetoid's misshapen surface
C-AL-73 FV of trio moments before they sight derelict ship
C-AL-74 FLV of giant derelict ship. Great detail
C-AL-84 Face hugger launches itself onto Kane's space helmet
C-AL-85 Ash examines face hugger on Kane in ship infirmary
C-AL-86 SV of bloody alien baby sticking out of Kane's chest
C-AL-91 MS of horrified Lambert face-to-face with Big-N-Ugly
C-AL-92 MCU of bloodied Parker & alien's head before final blow
C-AL-93 FLV of alien slouching in corridor leading to shuttle
C-AL-96 MS of uncoiled alien reaching out for OS Ripley
C-AL-97 Alien being blown backward as shuttle depressurizes
C-AL-98 Alien hangs on to sides of open hatch as Ripley aims gun
C-AL-99 Alien is jettisoned thru hatch & into space
C-AL-100 Ripley begins to close her eyes in hypersleep chamber
C-AL-103 DA of alien baby uncoiling from Kane's torn, bloody chest
C-AL-104 UA of Ripley working herself into Narcissus spacesuit
C-AL-105 Kane writhes in agony as alien baby bursts violently from his chest.
C-AL-106 Ripley reaches out near alien napping aboard Narcissus
C-AL-107 Alien begins to awaken from his final resting place
C-AL-109 Face hugger wrapped around Kane's head
C-AL-110 DA on bloody Kane as chestburster issues its newborn wail
C-AL-112 PR: FLV of H.R. Giger, wearing all black, carrying original alien head & arm appliances
C-AL-113 PR: MS of Ripley leaning against grimy bulkhead cradling Jones, the cat, in her arms
C-AL-115 PR: profile CU of Ripley in space helmet
C-AL-116 UA of Nostromo detaching from space refinery above planetoid
C-AL-117 Ripley at her position aboard Nostromo saying: "It's not our system"
C-AL-118 Ripley kneels, programing computer destruction system with determination
C-AL-119 MLS of Ripley in a panic after failing to override detonation order
C-AL-120 MLS of Ripley, striped to skivvies, fiddling with device above head
C-AL-121 MLS of Ripley, striped to skivvies, before stepping into spacesuit
C-AL-122 MLS of Narcissus with helmeted Ripley at window
C-AL-123 Cont. #122, tight shot of triumphant Ripley looking out window
C-AL-124 DA of Kane lowering himself on rope into lower chamber of alien derelict
C-AL-125 FLV of Kane exploring chamber with flashlight as his legs pierce blue mist
C-AL-126 MCU of Ripley peering out of her bulbous space helmet
C-AL-127 BS: LS of Kane being lowered into bottom of egg chamber set, camera in fg
C-AL-200 BS: SV of our slavering alien sitting down during break between murders. Nifty shot
C-AL-201 70mm: Kane's chest rips open bloodily as alien baby just begins to pop thru, precedes #105
C-AL-203 CIN: Exterior of lit hatch as Kane's wrapped body is jettisoned
C-AL-204 Cont. #203, Kane shoots thru outer channel toward space
C-AL-208 CIN: FV of Narcissus with Ripley visible thru window as she prepares craft for launch
C-AL-210 CIN: initial horizontal blast effect as seen from inside Narcissus
C-AL-211 Cont. #210, colors of thinned-out blast effect are bright orange & red
C-AL-212 Cont. #211, second, more intense three-layer explosion
C-AL-213 PR: PRT of smiling Ripley posed with flame thrower in lap
C-AL-214 Ash comes after Ripley from behind in command center after knocking her to hands & knees
C-AL-215 FLV of alien standing & looking straight into camera in corridor leading to shuttle
C-AL-216 70mm: MCU of newborn alien squawking disapprovingly
C-AL-217 Cont. #216, little bugger exits table, leaving behind bloody epitaph
C-AL-218 MS of Ripley in spacesuit pointing weapon at camera
C-AL-220 CIN: RV of Nostromo blasting toward planet from underside of space refinery
C-AL-221 MS of alien about to strike at spacesuited Ripley inside cramped shuttle confines
C-AL-222 MLS of Ripley in flight suit, hands on hips as she wrestles with illegal alien problem
C-AL-223 FLV of topless Ripley & Kane awakening in hypersleep chamber
C-ALS-1 PR: PRT of Ripley smiling wide, holding soiled Newt tightly to her
C-ALS-2 PR: MS of Ripley pulling Newt to her bosom from crouch in reaction to OS alien menace
C-ALS-3 PR: PRT of Newt, lone survivor of terraformed planet Acheron
C-ALS-4 PR: PRT of writer-director James Cameron
C-ALS-5 PR: MS of Hicks, wearing body armor, staring into camera while sitting & relaxing with cigarette
C-ALS-6 PR: backlit FLV of Ripley standing spread-legged with arms at sides before detachment of Marines
C-ALS-7 PR: MS of Cameron directing armored Hicks & Frost outside med lab behind scenes
C-ALS-8 Title over strange alien landscape of planet
C-ALS-9 Different view of landscape sans title
C-ALS-10 FLV of four hypersleep chambers opening with Vasquez visible behind one canopy
C-ALS-11 MS of Vasquez & Drake [Mark Rolston] practicing movements with heavy-duty Smart-guns
C-ALS-12 MS of Ripley picking up pulse-rifle as Hicks starts to show her how to use it
C-ALS-13 Cont. #12, profile angle as he shows her how to aim it
C-ALS-14 MS of Vasquez alert for aliens above her with trained Smart-gun, Hicks behind her as fire erupts in sub-level labyrinth
C-ALS-15 MLS of Apone & his men searching complex before all hell breaks loose
C-ALS-16 FLV of screaming Hicks at side of downed Hudson as fire burns around them
C-ALS-17 Profile MS of Ripley cleaning Newt's face while trying to communicate with little girl
C-ALS-18 Profile MS of Hicks, Ripley, Hudson & Vasquez bent over console in colony operations room
C-ALS-19 UA of trooper firing flamethrower at alien about to pounce on him from above
C-ALS-20 FLV of stasis tubes containing face-huggers in med lab
C-ALS-21 MLS of Gorman, Bishop, Hicks & Burke [Paul Reiser] inspecting stasis tubes
C-ALS-22 FLV of face-hugger being dissected
C-ALS-23 Semi-profile MS of Ripley driving Armored Personnel Carrier [APC] to rescue Marines under attack
C-ALS-24 MLS of Hicks, Ripley & Hudson scanning colony schematics to map defense strategy
C-ALS-25 MLS of Hicks on red-hued surface waiting for drop ship with Ripley, Newt & others in bg
C-ALS-26 CU of Hudson wide-eyed & sweating shortly before his demise
C-ALS-27 UA of drop ship about to land on Acheron
C-ALS-28 Profile MS of Hicks wearing headset
C-ALS-29 Cont. #28, Hicks turns in opposite direction, looking over shoulder
C-ALS-30 MLS of Hicks running to rescue Ripley & Newt, shouting into headset as he goes
C-ALS-31 CU of Hicks under red glow, face sweaty as he talks into headset
C-ALS-32 MLS of Hicks yelling & brandishing pulse-rifle as OS aliens are on roll en masse
C-ALS-33 Ripley screams, reaching for OS Newt who has fallen past ventilation turbine
C-ALS-34 FLV of Hicks trying to pull Ripley away from floor grating, alien has taken Newt & it's time to move
C-ALS-35 MS of Ripley shouldering wounded, screaming Hicks as they leave elevator
C-ALS-36 Cont. #35, slightly different with Ripley looking aside & Hicks' head turned toward her
C-ALS-37 LS of processing station, arcing beams signaling nuclear buildup
C-ALS-38 CU of Ripley in flight jacket, looking over shoulder & toward camera with lips parted
C-ALS-39 Shadowy MCU of Ripley holding tight to Newt as both witness horrible OS sight
C-ALS-40 Cont. #39, MLS of Ripley with assault rifle slung from shoulder & Newt clinging to her neck
C-ALS-41 Profile MCU of Queen Alien appearing out of shadow
C-ALS-42 Cont. #41, still in shadow, her head turns toward Ripley
C-ALS-43 Cont. #42, strobe illuminates head as Queen opens mouth wide in profile
C-ALS-44 Cont. #43, Queen turns open maw toward OS Ripley
C-ALS-45 Cont. #44, MLS of Ripley alone in middle of egg chamber, ready to do battle with Big Mama
C-ALS-46 MLS of Ripley emerging from double doors dressed to kill in Powerloader
C-ALS-47 Cont. #46, new angle MLS as Ripley moves toward camera
C-ALS-48 Cont. #47, MS with claws of machine OS
C-ALS-49 Cont. #48, MCU
C-ALS-50 Cont. #49, CU
C-ALS-51 PR: PRT of smiling Ripley in white undershirt & flightsuit
C-ALS-52 Ripley sits up in hospital bed with Jones the cat, listening to Burke as her side
C-ALS-53 Ripley bends over table, trying to convince Company tribunal her nightmare story is true
C-ALS-54 MCU of Ripley briefing OS troops on Sulaco hanger deck
C-ALS-55 LS of troops scrambling from APC onto rain-swept surface of planet
C-ALS-56 Cont. #55, tighter shot as group deploys, Vasquez on point
C-ALS-57 MS of cautious Vasquez entering complex
C-ALS-58 MS of Vasquez & Drake carrying raised Smart-guns as they begin to search slimy station interior
C-ALS-59 MS of Hicks grabbing Vasquez, who snaps momentarily after losing her comrade to big bug
C-ALS-60 CU of bloody Ripley embracing Newt tightly after battling Queen Alien to death
C-ALS-61 Cont. #6, FLV of Ripley standing with legs apart & hands on hips before businesslike Marines
C-ALS-62 PR: PRT of smiling Ripley holding up Jones as smoke swirls in bg
C-ALS-63 MS of Ripley in gray undershirt showing uncertainty as she walks away from hypersleep chamber
C-ALS-64 MS of choking Ripley barely fending off attack from face-hugger in med lab under red glow
C-ALS-65 MCU of Ripley eyeing Hicks affectionately after he gives her bracelet locator
C-ALS-66 MS of Ripley with assault rifle, eyes locked on OS Queen in egg chamber
C-ALS-67 Cont. #66, profile MS of Ripley in ultra-hot, smoky environment
C-ALS-68 LS of Marines diving for cover as drop ship crashes, breaks up & tumbles toward them
C-ALS-69 MS of Hicks showing wear as he sits talking over headset [good detail on banged up body armor but lock over heart still intact]
C-ALS-70 Six-element shot of Ripley: in hospital bed smiling at Burke, touching her shoulders while walking from hypersleep chamber, bending over console with Hicks, Hicks pulling her away from floor grating, profile of her flaming eff chamber & standing before troop detachment
C-ALS-71 Eight-element composite featuring deleted scene of Newt's parents by their giant tractor rediscovering OS derelict, Narcissus in space, overview of Acheron colony, three views of drop ship & Marines deploying from APC
C-ALS-72 MLS of banged-up Hicks standing on corridor grating with hands in pockets
C-ALS-73 MS of alien parasite bursting from chest of cocooned colonist found momentarily alive
C-ALS-74 Under red lights & sprinkler shower, Ripley struggles to keep face-hugger from attaching itself
C-ALS-75 FLV of Queen Alien attached to distended egg sac & ovipositor inside slimy egg chamber
C-ALS-76 Looking past Ripley holding Newt as they come upon ominous Queen, her head bowed
C-ALS-77 Profile MLS of Queen venting her wrath at OS Ripley before detaching from egg sac
C-ALS-78 PR: FLV of Ripley posed leaning bulkhead after final battle with Queen, wearing torn shirt
C-ALS-79 PR: FLV of Ripley in crouch, aiming assault rifle OS, smokey bg
C-ALS-80 PR: FLV of Ripley posed spread-legged with assault rifle aimed toward camera while holding Newt in other arm, smokey bg
C-ALS-81 PR: semi-profile MCU of contemplative Bishop
C-ALS-82 MS of Vasquez & Drake side-by-side in full combat gear prior to going into action
C-ALS-83 Profile MCU of Ripley smiling at Bishop back on Sulaco, tahanking him for rescuing her & Newt
C-ALS-84 FLV of Ripley crawling over lip of vertical loading airlock, fighting against rush of pulling air
C-ALS-85 Profile MCU of Ripley in power-loader with Queen right in her face
C-ALS-86 Five-element shot of alien Queen in action. Good detail
C-ALS-87 MCU of harried Ripley discovering cocooned Burke, who begs her to kill him. Scene cut from film
C-ALT-1 PR: optical lightning effect superimposed alongside Jessup's face
C-ALT-2 MS of Jessup having tormenting hallucination, skyrockets popping around him
C-ALT-3 Orange-filtered fish-eye view of Jessup in isolation tank
C-ALT-4 Jessup writes in notebook as Rosenberg & Parrish check him over after transmutation
C-ALT-5 CU of Jessup undergoing swirling, cosmic amorphous transformation
C-ALT-6 Silhouetted Emily flails about within whirlpool during terrifying lab transformation
C-ALT-7 MCU of Jessup laying on Emily for comfort
C-ALT-8 MS of Jessup sitting beside old Indian man during religious ritual
C-ALT-9 MS of Parrish loudly questioning Jessup's theory face to face
C-ALT-10 Cont. #9, Jessup finds Parrish's reaction absurd & shows it
C-ALT-11 DA of Jessup, in bed with sleeping Emily, staring at his suddenly rippling arm
C-ALT-12 Cont. #11, CU of Jessup grimacing in pain
C-ALT-13 Cont. #12, Jessup's raised arm going weird
C-AWM-1 50s-style block title against starfield
C-AWM-2 MS of Karen [Rosanna Arquette] laying sly grin on OS would-be date as she reads his computer printout
C-AWM-3 MCU of Jerry [Steve Guttenberg], astonished at what Karen is telling him about himself
C-AWM-4 MS of astronaut Capt. Nelson [Steve Forrest] removing his space helmet, finding air on Moon
C-AWM-5 MS of Queen Lara [Sybil Danning] assailing OS Moon visitors in her throne room
C-AWM-6 MLS of Nelson & Butch [Joey Travolta], holding monkey named Looney, listening to OS Lara, Moon maidens in bg
C-AWM-7 Row of colorfully clad Moon maidens holding spears
C-AWM-8 Cont. #7, maidens break into laughter
C-AWM-9 MLS of Nelson kneeling to help fallen Lara during escape to rocketship
C-AWM-10 LS of Moon maidens about to throw spears at OS spaceship
C-AWM-11 Cont. #10, maidens hurling spears
C-AWM-12 Cont. #11, spears bouncing harmlessly off ship
C-AWM-13 MS of Violet [Kelly Preston] sitting in convertible, waiting for teenage date to return from pharmacy
C-AWM-14 LS of Pethouse Plaything Taryn Steele [Monique Gabrielle] walking down shopping mall stairs, wearing white uniform
C-AWM-15 FLV of nude Taryn kneeling at edge of bed
C-AWM-16 MLS of video date Sharrie, a bombshell in lowcut red sequined gown, smiling aside by dinner table
C-AWM-17 MLS of Sharri, clad only in black panties, vamping for camera as she folds arms under breasts
C-AWL-1 MS of slavering Nazi werewolf firing machine gun into camera
C-AWL-2 Cont. #1, slightly longer shot with weapon turned away from camera
C-AWL-3 Nazi monster holds up David's head after slitting his throat
C-AWL-4 MS of David in agonizing mid-transformation, elongated hands at side of head
C-AWL-5 MS of David floored on his back, body transformation nearly complete
C-AWL-6 MS of David on floor, arms extended, werewolf from head to toe
C-AWL-7 MCU of David's face in semi-profile before mouth stretches out
C-AWL-8 CU of David's hairy, toothy face with partially extended mouth
C-AWL-9 MCU of dreadfully decayed Jack seated in porno theater beside one of David's victims
C-AWL-10 PR: MS of Jack with shirt off to display rotting claw wounds on face, neck & back of hand
C-AWL-11 PR: MCU of Jack smilingly showing off face & neck wounds
C-AWL-12 PR: PRT of decayed Jack surrounded by all David's very bloody victims in porno theater
C-AWL-13 David & Jack stop at side of road to listen to distant wolf call
C-AWL-17 MCU of nurse Alex listening to David relate events of nightmare
C-AWL-18 Profile MCU of David kissing nurse Alex from hospital bed
C-AWL-21 Profile CU of David transformed into werewolf with extended snout & teeth
C-AWL-26 Profile CU of werewolf with bloody teeth loping thru Picadilly Circus
C-AWL-27 BS: MS of makeup artists touching up werewolf mask on David
C-AM-1 MS of Kathy Lutz [Margot Kidder], breast showing from under open night shirt [light grain]
C-A3D-1 MLS of John Baxter [Tony Roberts] & wife Nancy [Tess Harper] shrinking in terror
C-A3D-2 MS of Melanie [Candy Clark] shrinking in terror from man before her
C-A3D-3 Creature from Hell about to chomp on Elliot West [Robert Joy] in basement wall
C-AND-1 Alien microbe pulsates greenly under magnification
[#13-24 are b/w scenes superimposed over Mars against starfield]
C-ARP-1 Title over Mars & starfield
C-ARP-2 IS THERE LIFE ON MARS? over Mars & starfield
C-ARP-3 Credit over cutout of laughing O'Banion [Gerald Mohr] to left of LS of spaceship in flight
C-ARP-4 Same as #3, but bemused Gettell [Les Tremayne] pictured
C-ARP-5 Crew works in darkened ship, Iris in fg
C-ARP-6 ELS of Mars & its two moons
C-ARP-7 Closer view shows planet's canal topography
C-ARP-8 Still closer view eliminates one of moons
C-ARP-9 Mars almost fills frame, no scene showing
C-ARP-10 Crew at ship controls, Iris gazes thru porthole
C-ARP-11 MCU of smiling Iris
C-ARP-12 Tri-eyed Martian stares into ship thru porthole
C-ARP-13 MCU of Iris in space suit as she explores Mars
C-ARP-14 Craggy peeks dot a still Martian surface
C-ARP-15 CU of carnivorous Martian plant's tendril
C-ARP-16 Iris struggles to break free of Martian plant
C-ARP-17 Cont. #16, Iris about to be eaten by plant
C-ARP-18 The bat-rat-spider-crab
C-ARP-19 Cont. #18, CU of creature's slavering face
C-ARP-20 Martian city on horizon of lake's still waters
C-ARP-21 CU of Martian city's stylish skyscrapers
C-ARP-22 Cont. #21, top of skyscraper vanishes in clouds
C-ARP-23 Amoeba monster pops from water between city & astros
C-ARP-24 CU of amoeba monster bubbling out of water
C-AW-1 MCU of allosaurus displaying its teeth
C-AW-2 MS of allosaurus biting into stegosaurus' spikes
C-AW-3 MS of ceratosaurus
C-AW-4 MS of ceratosaurus gnawing neck of triceratops
C-AW-5 MS of allosaurus reaching for neck of brontosaurus
C-AW-6 CU of horned triceratops
C-AW-7 FLV of grazing triceratops
C-AW-8 LS of triceratops about to charge tyrannosaurus
C-AW-9 LS of brontosaurus dining on leafy tree
C-AW-10 Tyrannosaurus chases brontosaurus
C-AW-11 DA of brontosaurus guarding nest of eggs
C-AW-12 Baby brontosaurus hatches from egg
C-AW-13 Allosaurus & triceratops pause in battle [red tint]
C-AW-14 Triceratops gores allosaurus [red tint]
C-AW-15 Dinosaurs are caught as Earth erupts [red tint]
C-AFD-1 PRT of smiling Kit [Amy Steel]
C-AA-1 LS of two men on flying carpet soaring over Jaddur
C-AA-2 Veiled Princess Zuleira pleads with Caliph of Alquazar [Christopher Lee]
C-AA-3 MS of genie Jinnee [Milton Reid], hands ready to grab a throat
C-AA-4 Prince Hasan [Oliver Tobias] & Bahloul [John Wyman] in sword fight
C-AEC-1 Title over cave interior of Pelucidar
C-AEC-2 CU of David Innes [Doug McClure] with name superimposed
C-AEC-3 CU of Princess Dia [Caroline Munro] with name superimposed
C-AEC-4 Innes & Dr. Abner Perry [Peter Cushing] walk thru strange forest
C-AEC-6 CU of half-human Sagoth
C-AEC-7 FLV of two monsters locking horns on precipice
C-AEC-8 Innes finds himself waist deep in quicksand
C-AEC-9 Giant monster blocks Innes' path in cave arena
C-AEC-10 Cont. #9, CU of Innes fending off monster
C-AEC-11 MS of Kahar, intelligent flying reptile
C-AEC-16 Giant monster ready to breath fire on hilltop
C-AEC-17 Cont. #16, monster lets go burst of flame
C-AEC-18 Iron Mole earth-borer poised at mountainside
C-AEC-19 Near FLV of Dia held by knife-wielding barbarian
C-AEC-20 PR: MS of Dia, in revealing native costume, poised with spear
C-AEC-21 Cont. #20, Dia thrusts spear at camera
C-AEC-22 Cont. #21, Dia holds spear at her side
C-AEC-23 FLV of Iron Mole in factory environs
C-AEC-25 MLS of Dia pressed against rock wall, trapped by OS fire-breathing monster
C-ALC-1 LS of submarine surfacing in Atlantis harbor
C-AMS-1 Reproduction of colorful original poster from Chapter 15 of serial
C-AT-1 Title over flying submarine breaking water
C-AT-2 Colorfully designed space station orbits earth
C-AT-3 Invaders walk thru huge undersea control chamber
C-AT-4 FV of submarine underwater
C-AT-5 Sea serpent closes in on submarine
C-AT-6 Same as #1, without title
C-AT-7 Flying submarine, flying
C-AWK-1 Matthew Corbeck [Charlton Heston] startled by noise in tomb from beside mummy of Queen Kara
C-AWK-2 Tight shot of Corbeck looking up from golden mask of Kara
C-AWK-3 Corbeck relates his find to fellow Egyptologist in lab as both stand over mummy
C-AWK-4 Corbeck & daughter Margaret [Stephanie Zimbalist] uncover forbidden treasure
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BABY - 1985
C-BAB-1 BS: MLS of mechanical effects supervisor Isidoro Raponi relaxing atop foot of full scale mama brontosaurus
C-BAB-2 PR: PRT of smiling palentologist Susan Loomis [Sean Young]
C-BAB-3 MS of Susan studying dinosaur bone fragment as husband George [William Katt] looks on
C-BAB-4 MCU of evil scientist Dr. Eric Kiviat [Patrick McGoohan]
C-BAB-5 MLS of Loomis & Susan crouched in jungle growth as they first spy brontosaurus family
C-BAB-6 FLV: Susan & Loomis make friends with baby bronto at rivers edge
C-BAB-7 Natives awaken couple in jungle clearing, giving baby bronto friendly once over
C-BAB-8 MLS of shirtless Loomis gesturing next to crates in front of netted tail of bronto
C-BAB-9 Cont. #8, Loomis, knife in mouth, prepares to free dinosaur
C-BAB-10 MCU: shirtless Loomis watches mama & baby bronto leave for home
C-BAB-11 LS of mama & baby bronto swimming toward jungle home at sunset
C-BAB-12 CU of baby bronto eyeing camera
C-BTF-1 PR: PRT of smiling Marty McFly [Michael J. Fox] in 50s sport shirt & jacket
C-BTF-2 PRT of 80s McFly in sensual pose with head lowered near crossed arms
C-BTF-3 PR: MS of McFly resting head against hand, nicely dressed in pullover sweater & sport jacket
C-BTF-4 PR: PRT of smiling Lorraine [Lea Thompson] in strapless summer dress, arms crossed
C-BTF-5 PR: MS of Lorraine cuddling up to crossed legs, wearing blue skirt & purple sweater
C-BTF-6 FLV of McFly & mad scientist pal Dr. Emmett Brown [Christopher Lloyd] reacting to timecar warping out of present & trailing fire
C-BTF-7 Cont. #6, MS of Brown turned to shaken McFly with explanation of his invention
C-BTF-8 FLV of Brown seated behind wheel of scorched DeLorean timecar as McFly videotapes him
C-BTF-9 Profile MS of 1955's Dr. Brown testing brain analyzer with help of reluctant McFly
C-BTF-10 MS of McFly realizing Lorraine is very interested in him as they sit on bed
C-BTF-11 MS of McFly showing hidden DeLorean to Dr. Brown after traveling thru time into past
C-BTF-12 MS of McFly, mouth agape as lightning flashes watching deathless antics OS of Dr. Brown on clock tower
C-BTF-15 PR: PRT of smiling McFly, sharp in checkerboard green sport shirt & loosened tie
C-BTF-16 PR: MS of McFly smiling aside, resting crossed arms on knee, wearing gray 1950s shirt
C-BTF-17 PR: MLS of cool McFly, putting on sunglasses while playing guitar, wearing sporty ensemble
C-BTF-18 Cont. #3, serious, handsome PRT of McFly
C-BTF-19 Cont. #5, MS draped forward across car fender with hand to chin
C-BTF-20 Cont. #19, now sitting across hood with cheek in hand & smiling
C-BTF-21 FLV of McFly standing spread-legged in square, eyes fixed on something OS
C-BTF-22 Cont. #21, MS standing in front of Chamber of Commerce sign, troubled by something OS
C-BTF-23 Looking like alien in yellow radiation suit, McFly gets out of just crashed DeLorean & waves
C-BTF-24 FLV of McFly singing & playing guitar at prom
C-BTF3-1 Old West PRT of Doc Brown [Christopher Lloyd], Clara Clayton [Mary Steenburgen] & Marty [Michael J. Fox]
C-BTF3-2 Doc & Marty pose in 1885 against mountainous backdrop
C-BTF3-3 PRT of Marty in cowboy gear
C-BTF3-4 Sitting behind wheel of DeLorean, Marty gets last minute instructions from Doc in 1955
C-BTF3-5 MS of Clara smiling warmly at OS Doc at Hill Valley Festival
C-BTF3-6 Profile MCU: Doc & Clara get to know each other on dance floor
C-BTF3-7 As Marty & Doc look at pictures, the see effects of their intervention in space/time in 1885
C-BTF3-8 Seamus McFly [Fox] & wife Maggie [Lea Thompson] watch as OS Marty confronts outlaw Buford Tannen
C-BFT3-9 Tannen [Thomas F. Wilson] challenges OS Marty to gun duel while his men hold Doc hostage
C-BTF3-10 FLV of Marty balling fists in street, accepting challenge without guns
C-BTF3-11 Minutes before being sent back to 1985, Doc realizes someone is still aboard locomotive cab
C-BAR-1 MCU of horned Black Queen
C-BAR-2 PR: Barby reclines on gold rug with ray gun
C-BAR-3 PR: Barby, hand to chin, in chain mail outfit
C-BAR-4 PR: Barby in full-length, sexy white outfit
C-BAR-5 PR: Barby in chain mail with killer dolls
C-BAR-6 Lythion labyrinth & evil city of Sogo beyond
C-BAR-7 Barby leads Pygar thru Sogo red-light district
C-BAR-8 PR: FLV of Barby in black, saluting
C-BAR-9 MS of Barby, half obscured by helmet face plate
C-BAR-10 Barby poses on all fours with crossbow
C-BAR-11 Barby poses on all fours in fur outfit with tail
C-BAR-12 FLV of Barby in white outfit
C-BAR-13 Barby sits cross-legged in above outfit with weapon
C-BAR-14 FLV of Barby in standing "Thinker" position
C-BAR-15 FLV of Barby kneeling between two deadly dolls
C-BAR-16 FLV of Barby posing on ice, crashed spaceship in bg
C-BAR-17 Kittenish MCU of bare-shouldered Barby
C-BAR-18 CU of Barby, eyes wide & lips parted
C-BAR-19 Cont. #18, facial expression is more relaxed
C-BAR-20 MS of Barby in chainmail top
C-BAR-21 MCU of Barby in chainmail top
C-BAR-22 MCU of Barby, hand held to chin
C-BAR-23 MCU of Barby on ice, crashed ship [blurred] in bg
C-BAR-24 MS of Barby leaning back in green spangled outfit
C-BAR-25 FLV of Barby on fur rug of ship, pointing raygun
C-BAR-26 Cont. #25, MS of Barby on rug, holding raygun
C-BAR-27 MS of Barby kneeling by ship matter-transmitter
C-BAR-28 MS of Barby kneeling in front of ship controls
C-BAR-29 Cont. #28, SV of Barby in front of controls
C-BAR-30 Pygar discovers unconscious Barby in labyrinth
C-BAR-31 MS of Barby trying to talk Pygar into flying
C-BAR-32 FLV of Pygar flying against black bg
C-BAR-33 FLV of Pygar, slightly closer view
C-BAR-34 Cont. #33, slightly closer view
C-BAR-35 Cont. #34, MCU of Pygar & Barby flying
C-BAR-36 Cont. #35, Barby aims ray rifle, Pygar obscured
C-BAR-37 Ping takes call in labyrinth as plantman looks on
C-BAR-38 Dildano [David Hemmings] & Barby look thru transport chute
C-BAR-39 Barby begins to undress, baring her back
C-BAR-40 Barby stripped to waist, arm covers good part
C-BAR-41 Barby reclines on leopard skin, ready for love
C-BAR-42 Barby discovers Pygar unconscious in labyrinth
C-BAR-43 Soldier shows Barby invisible key [cut from film]
C-BAR-44 Soldier about to make love to Barby [cut from film]
C-BAR-45 LS of do-badders menacing helpless Pygar in Sogo
C-BAR-46 Cont. #45, Barby enters frame at right
C-BAR-47 FLV of two Black Guards putting arm on Barby
C-BAR-48 Barby in excessive machine as Duran reads chart
C-BAR-49 Cont. #48, Duran looks up from chart
C-BAR-50 LS of Black Queen's bedchamber on black bg as queen & Barby make love under bubble [scene cut from film]
C-BAR-51 Cont. #50, MCU of queen seducing Barby [also cut]
C-BAR-A1 Mathmos consumes aged Duran into floor [scene cut]
C-BAR-A2 LS of Barby & Mark Hand [Ugo Tognazzi] standing by ice boat
C-BAR-A3 Hand & Barby, outfit torn, stand on ice between takes
C-BAR-A4 BS: LS of Pygar & Black Queen being directed.
C-BAR-A5 Gag shot: Pygar & Queen pose, but she's wearing wings
C-BAR-A6 Black Queen straddles prone Pygar, who is copping a feel
C-BAR-A7 Cont. #50, closer view shows Queen giving Barby a squeeze
C-BAR-A8 Pygar flies with Barby & Queen under arms
C-BAR-A9 BS: FLV of director Roger Vadim, Pygar & Barby [laughing] on set
C-BAR-A10 FLV of magnificent Black Queen, her blades at the ready
C-BAR-A11 MCU of Barby posing in furry garb, hair nicely coiffed
C-BAR-A12 MCU of Barby sitting with knees up, aboard her ship
C-BAR-A13 Green-hued MS of Barby listening to her computer aboard ship
C-BAR-A14 FLV of Pygar guiding Barby thru labyrinth
C-BAR-A15 MLS: Black Queen, in eyepatch & leather, holds knives at thighs
C-BAR-A16 PR: FLV of Barby in white body stocking, silver chain mail & red boots in Sogo
C-BAR-A17 Nice FLV of Barby peeling off glove at start of her free-fall strip aboard spaceship
C-BAR-A18 MS of Barby seated aboard ship in front of bare-breasted statue
C-BAR-A19 FLV of Mark Hand's spectacularly bizarre ice boat
C-BAR-A20 LS of Sogo red light district, Pygar standing before chute in bg
C-BAR-A21 FLV of Barby climbing into spaceship in furry outfit, tail hanging out porthole
C-BAR-A22 FLV of Barby clinging to Pygar in Sogo red light district
C-BAR-A23 MS of horny Black Queen sitting atop submissive Pygar
C-BAR-A24 MS of Barby [favored] making hand-to-hand love with Dildano
C-BAR-A25 FLV of Barby in white costume, holding raygun high over her head against off-white bg
C-BAR-A26 FLV of Barby kneeling on all fours, tail of fur costume spread behind her, blaster rifle by hands
C-BAR-A27 MLS of Barby in peek-a-boo outfit with cape, holding up hands in mock fright
C-BAR-A28 MLS of Barby lying back on fur-lined spaceship, holding raygun across chest
C-BAR-A29 PR: FLV of Pygar reaching for Barby, she posed coyly in his nest nude but arm covering bosom & long feather in hand
C-BNI-1 Two miniature flying saucer folk glide thru open brownstone window at night
C-BNI-2 MS of Frank Riley [Hume Cronyn] reaching out to OS strange visitor, Mason [Dennis Boutsikaris] & Marisa [Elizabeth Pena] flanked behind him in corridor
C-BNI-3 MLS of Mason, Frank, Faye [Jessica Tandy] & Marisa standing on roof, in awe over OS antics
C-BNI-4 MS of Frank & Faye, holding pie, watching saucer drawing energy from electrical outlet
C-BNI-5 MS of Faye bending to face saucer sitting on counter
C-BNI-6 FLV of junior league saucer kid floating in midair
C-BA-1 PR: MLS of Shad aiming a hand blaster
C-BA-2 PR: PRT of Cowboy, his hat tipped back
C-BA-3 PR: MS of Sador aboard ship, blue light detailing his evil face
C-BA-4 PR: PRT of St. Exmin wearing Valkyrie headdress
C-BA-5 PR: FLV of St. Exmin standing with legs spread & clad in tight, showy fighting costume
C-BA-6 PR: MS of bountifully built alien woman with wings
C-BA-7 PR: Cowboy & Shad relax between takes aboard Little Nell
C-BA-8 BS: off-center SV of Cayman spaceship model, aft section showing
C-BA-9 BS: SV of Cayman spaceship model
C-BA-10 BS: SV of Cowboy's spaceship model on animation stand
C-BA-11 BS: Sador fighter on animation stand
C-BA-12 BS: SV of Nanelia's shuttle spaceship, black bg
C-BA-13 BS: 3/4 FV of Sador's ship in space [a little dark]
C-BA-14 MS of Zed [Jeff Corey] calming fellow Akirians, including Shad
C-BA-15 CU of Shad seated behind controls of Little Nell
C-BA-16 LS of Nestor palming their spaceship control center
C-BA-17 LS of Shad standing on platform aiming blaster at OS Nestor
C-BA-18 Cayman finds Nanelia, hanging before him, a tasty morsel, Quopeg in bg
C-BA-19 Nestor, St. Exmin, Quopeg & Shad in Akir defense headquarters
C-BA-20 Cowboy & St. Exmin listen to Shad [back turned] at strategy table
C-BA-21 Whole gang listens to Gelt around table
C-BA-22 MS of two Nestor manipulating computer in headquarters
C-BA-23 FLV of Quopeg & two Kelvin awaiting orders in vacant area of hqs
C-BA-24 Armed Akirians wait in hiding for onrushing Sador soldiers in maze
C-BA-25 Wounded are cared for in makeshift medical area
C-BA-26 Cowboy & Nanelia kneel by front of tank in maze as Akirian defenders stand by in bg
C-BA-27 Top-notch action artwork done for British theater poster depicts characters & spaceships
C-BA-28 Six-element shot of Shad's recruits: Cowboy, Gelt, Cayman, Kelvin, Quopeg, Nestor & St. Exmin
C-BA-29 FLV of St. Exmin, posed before giant fern, clad in skintight fighting costume & ready to draw her holstered hand weapon
C-BA-30 Cont. #29, her gun at her side
C-BA-31 3/4 FV of Shad's spaceship Nell flying the stars
C-BA-32 FLV of Hephaestus space station among the stars
C-BA-33 LS of Nell flying low over mountainous, stormy planet
C-BA-34 FV of Gelt's Bullet fighter in space
C-BA-35 RV of Gelt's fighter in space, its engines firing
C-BA-36 RV of Cayman's Gator battle cruiser blasting thru space
C-BA-37 Brightly glowing Nestor spacecraft
C-BA-38 Nanelia's shuttle flies thru space
C-BA-39 DA of Nanelia's shuttle flying low over Akir
C-BA-40 RV of Sador's Hammerhead battleship from port side, one stern engine ignited
C-BA-41 St. Exmin, a Kelvin & Lux [Marta Kristen] listen to Cowboy play his harmonica
C-BA-42 RV of St. Exmin's Dart fighter swooping low over Hammerhead
C-BA-43 MCU of St. Exmin leaning back as she pilots her craft against Sador
C-BA-44 LS of Malmori infantry about to engage our heroes in Akirian trenches
C-BA-45 Cont. #44, tighter shot as both sides square off
C-BA-46 PR: FLV of St. Exmin posed in Valkyrie costume & headdress
C-BA-47 LS of Akirian village situated on mesa overlooking barren landscape
C-BA-48 PR: MLS of St. Exmin in fighting duds, pouty face lowered. Green bg
C-BA-49 Cont. #48, parted lips only difference
C-BA-50 Cont. #49, MS of smiling St. Exmin as above, hands on hips
C-BA-51 Cowboy's ship makes fiery nighttime landing on Akir
C-BA-52 Super matte painting of spaceships on Akir at sunset
C-BA-53 MS of Gelt at controls of ship, explosions behind him
C-BA-54 St. Exmin, going down for last time, screaming at ship controls
C-BA-55 PR: FLV of Cowboy cozying up to St. Exmin, in skintight costume
C-BA-56 FLV of Shad's spaceship, Nell, dry-docked in cavern entrance on Akir
[This group has color shifted]
C-BBS-1 MS of headless monster flailing about on planetoid
C-BBS-2 MLS of tentacled tree stump monster with toothy opening in its trunk
C-BBS-3 Cont. of #2, CU of creature's mouth
C-BHM-1 LS of Tyrannosaur striding in front of tree-lined hillside
C-BHM-2 MLS of Tyrannosaur trying to nuzzle his way into hillside cave
C-BHM-3 CU of Tyrannosaur snarling & wriggling tongue
C-BHM-4 UA of beast peering thru smashed roof
C-BWN-1 MCU of Michael [Paul Clemens] in horrifying mid-transformation
C-BWN-2 MLS of transformed Michael on knees at side of victim, blood everywhere
C-BST-1 PR: PRT of bare-chested, smiling Dar
C-BST-2 PR: PRT of deeply blue-eyed Kiri
C-BST-3 PR: posed Dar straddles panther on grassy hillside by broadsword
C-BST-4 PR: Seth [John Amos] poses with upraised staff beside panther in grass
C-BST-5 FLV of Kiri sprinting out of lake wearing braless top & loincloth
C-BST-6 UA of Dar knocking Jun priest off pyramid with sword as another sneaks up from behind
C-BST-7 PR: FLV of bare-chested Dar in spread-legged defensive pose with sword
C-BST-8 PR: FLV of Dar kneeling against dungeon wall with sword draped across lap
C-BST-9 PR: sitting PRT of smiling Kiri in raggedy top & loincloth outfit, legs bare
C-BST-10 PR: MS of Kiri in tailored skins with caped shoulders & wide belt
C-BST-11 MCU of Dar calling his pet panther
C-BST-12 MCU of Dar about to steal kiss from Kiri
C-BST-13 Cont. #12, Dar kissing Kiri
C-BST-14 LS of Dar & panther journeying thru forest
C-BST-15 Profile MS of panther nose to nose with ferret half out of carrying pouch at Dar's waist
C-BST-16 Caught in quicksand, Dar reaches up desperately
C-BST-17 MCU of ferrets peaking out of Dar's pouch
C-BST-18 MCU of Kiri in torch-lit corridor, gaping OS
C-BST-19 FLV of Dar bent over in torch-lit corridor beside panther
C-BST-20 MS of Kiri scurrying out of lake clutching top to bosom but exposing breast in her haste
C-BST-21 PR: FLV of Dar standing on hillock, holding sword down at side
C-BST-22 PR: FLV of Dar posed with sword beside dungeon wall decorated with cobwebbed skeletal remains
C-BST-23 MS of Dar holding falcon
C-BST-24 FLV of topless Kiri bouncing out of lake
C-BTC-1 BS: Director John Carpenter choreographs fight scene between two Chinese combatants on back alley
C-BTC-2 PR: MCU of downcast Jack Burton [Kurt Russell]
C-BTC-3 PR: PRT of smiling Jack in white muscle shirt
C-BTC-4 PR: MS of Jack posed with machine gun in front of neon-edged Buddha statue
C-BTC-5 PR: PRT of smiling Miao Yin [Suzee Pai]
C-BTC-6 PR: Sitting PRT of Egg Shen [Victor Wong], Wang Chi [Dennis Dun] & Jack against Chinatown backdrop
C-BTC-7 PR: MS of Jack flanked by Gracie Law [Kim Cattrall] & Miao, who are decked out in bridal finery
C-BTC-8 MS of Jack & Wang putting heads together over rescue of Chinaman's girlfriend
C-BTC-9 MS of Rain [Peter Kwong], Thunder [Carter Wong] & Lightning [James Pax] about to storm OS adversaries
C-BTC-10 MS of evil Mandarin sorcerer Lo Pan [James Hong] on his throne
C-BTC-11 MS of Lo Pan starting to unleash eye rays
C-BTC-12 Cont. #11, glowing rays extend past camera
C-BTC-13 LS of Shen leading Jack & martial artist army thru cavernous tunnels beneath Chinatown
C-BTC-14 Lightining is true to name as he bursts up thru thick concrete floor
C-BTC-15 FLV of Rain & Lightning protecting sacred gong
C-BTC-16 MCU of Jack, knife between teeth, crawling thru tunnel
C-BTC-17 MCU of Lo Pan as his 2,000-year-old self
C-BTC-18 LS of Sewer Monster hunching toward camera in his underground domain
C-BTC-19 Jack & Wang open door of express elevator & head into action
C-BTC-20 MCU of Jack trying to reassure Gracie, dressed in red bridal gown & headress, he'll save her
C-BTC-21 MCU of Jack pulling knife on Thunder, thinking he has control of situation
C-BTC-22 MS of cocky Jack about to fire machine gun even though it may not be a good idea
C-BTC-23 UA of Lo Pan floating down elaborate staircase
C-BTC-24 CU of Jack letting go war cry
C-BTC-25 MS of Jack firing machine gun, his face contorted
C-BTC-26 MLS of armed Jack leading Shen, Wang & other fighters into temple
C-BTC-27 Jack screams as he is propelled backward in wheelchair
C-BTC-28 Cont. #27, RV of Jack as wheels of chair catch on edge of stone pit
C-BTC-29 Cont. #28, MCU of Jack teetering perilously over pit
C-BIO-1 MS of other-dimensional alien monster, its lethal claws outstretched
C-BIO-2 MCU of felled victim evaporating, his skull decomposed
C-BIRD-1 AV of gulls flying over Bodega Bay with belt of fire at center of town. Striking matte shot
C-BIRD-2 Fireman battle flames as Mitch [Rod Taylor] runs across street full of attacking birds
C-BIRD-3 Bird attacks Melanie as she takes refuge in phone booth
C-BIRD-4 MCU of Melanie, eyes closed, flailing about in booth. Car on fire in bg below bird-filled sky
C-BIRD-5 PR: profile MCU of Melanie returning look of big black crow perched on her shoulder
C-BIRD-6 MS of Melanie, ripped, bleeding & trance-like as birds attack her in upstairs bedroom
C-BLA-1 Gurgi discovers evil black cauldron
C-BLA-2 FLV of sword-wielding Taran taking hand of Eilonwy as they begin their quest
C-BLA-3 Horned King conjures up fiery forces within cauldron
C-BLA-4 Creeper grins wickedly, offering his loyalty to his ruthless master, partly visible in fg
C-BLA-5 MS of Taran brandishing sword, growling at imagined menace in forest clearing
C-BLA-6 LS of sinister castle of Horned King
C-BLA-7 Taran charges to rescue as oracle piglet Hen-Wen is about to be snatched by winged gargoyle
C-BLA-8 Taran, Eilonwy, Fflewddur Fflam & Gurgi look up at eccentric witches gathered in clouds
C-BLA-9 As Horned King beckons to powers in cauldron, green mist flows out & down altar steps
C-BLA-10 FLV of hideous cauldron-born warriors
C-BLA-11 Cont. #10, MCU of ghoulish warrior in viking helmet, green mist covering him
          [NOTE: #12-15 are concept paintings]
C-BLA-12 Taran & Eilonwy confront grim visages of long-dead king & his warriors
C-BLA-13 King Eidilleg feasts with Taran, Eilonwy & Gurgi
C-BLA-14 Taran & Eilonwy, aided by elves, gather fruit
C-BLA-15 Taran's mentor, white-bearded Dallben, explains legend of cauldron to boy as Hen-Wen watches
C-BH-1 BS: LS of vast Cygnus astronomy observatory [Peter Ellenshaw painting]
C-BH-2 BS: Palomino escapes Cygnus as big ship is torn apart [Ellenshaw painting]
C-BH-3 FV of Durant gazing into hologram of black hole aboard Palomino
C-BH-4 FLV of Cygnus as big ship is being torn apart
C-BH-5 FLV of Cygnus on lush blue starfield
C-BH-6 Palomino docks with Cygnus
C-BH-7 FLV of Maximillian flanked by humanoid robots
C-BH-8 Reinhardt instructs humanoid robots at their stations
C-BH-9 MS of sentry robot toting pair of double-barreled laser pistols
C-BH-10 Survivors cross path of meteorite rolling thru interior of Cygnus
C-BH-11 LS of Pizer firing laser pistol at Max on crumbling catwalk as Old BOB, VINCENT, Holland and Kate watch from behind them
C-BH-12 Humanoid robot falls off ledge in Cygnus control center
C-BH-13 FLV of Old BOB on solid blue bg
C-BH-14 VINCENT plugs into Palomino computer to check on Cygnus
C-BH-15 Durant, Kate & Booth view hologram image of Cygnus
C-BH-16 Same as #1 but the finished product
C-BH-17 DA of three humanoid robots, one sitting at workstation & two walking
C-BH-18 VINCENT faces Max's whirling blades as black hole swirls in bg
C-BH-19 MLS of Reinhardt & Max. Robots at lit console behind them
C-BH-20 Humanoid robots line side of casket during bizarre funeral rites
C-BH-21 Reinhardt announces his crazy scheme during sumptuous dinner aboard Cygnus
C-BH-22 Robot STAR challenges Old BOB to shooting match with laser pistols
C-BH-23 Four armed sentry robots hunt down Palomino crewmen
C-BH-24 Holland rescues Kate from hospital. Old BOB hovers overhead
C-BH-25 Survivors stagger thru debris during asteroid storm
C-BH-26 VINCENT gives Pizer a piggyback ride as Cygnus breaks up
C-BH-27 Survivors aboard probe ship prepare to make escape
C-BH-28 Probe ship takes off from Cygnus
C-BH-29 Palomino falls toward black hole, whirlpool at center
C-BH-30 Cygnus orbiting vast hole in space [Ellenshaw painting]
C-BH-31 MS of Booth leaning his elbow on VINCENT
C-BH-32 Kate & Holland float up toward power complex
C-BH-33 DA of Cygnus from stern tower to bow
C-BH-34 Palomino descends into heart of Cygnus on elevator
C-BH-35 FV of sentry robots marching single file thru corridor
C-BH-36 MS of Durant & Reinhardt talking. Kate looks on in bg
C-BH-37 MCU of Max
C-BH-38 Booth looks closely into faceplate of humanoid robot
C-BH-39 CU of three humanoid robots, light glinting off their masks
C-BH-40 CU of a de-masked humanoid robot
C-BH-41 CU of Kate in sunken operating table
C-BH-42 PR: Reinhardt strikes glowering mad scientist pose
C-BH-43 VINCENT plugs into Palomino computer system
C-BH-44 FLV of Reinhardt giving orders to Maximilian
C-BH-45 MS of Max twirling his blades at VINCENT
C-BH-46 LS of Max & humanoid alien halted in empty Cygnus corridor
C-BH-47 VINCENT & Old BOB side-by-side before shooting match with OS STAR
C-BH-48 MS of sentry robot
C-BH-49 MLS of sentry robot as light glints off pair of laser pistols he's holding
C-BH-50 Sentry robot on floor, his chest blasted open
C-BH-51 Two sentry robots find parts of blasted & hidden away comrades
C-BH-52 Sentry robot blasts away as comrade is blasted during pitched battle in hydroponic garden
C-BH-53 Cont. #52, RV of Pizer & Holland returning fire
C-BH-54 LS of meteor shower bombarding Cygnus
C-BH-55 Cygnus shrouded in Hellish red vortex as she enters black hole
C-BH-56 PR: Reinhardt sits with arms folded, protected by Max, sentry & humanoid robots
C-BH-57 FLV of fully lighted Cygnus on pitch black bg
C-BH-58 MS of VINCENT & Palomino crew getting first look inside Cygnus from elevator door
C-BH-59 Slight UA of VINCENT, Durant & Holland exploring Cygnus command center
C-BH-60 Cont. #20, humanoid robots prepare to jettison casket
C-BH-61 MLS of Max as sparks fly around him
C-BH-62 Over-the-top view of Cygnus, aglow in red, with field of stars beyond
C-BH-63 Cont. #62, shower of meteors added
C-BH-64 SV of Cygnus midsection as one of several meteors hits & explodes
[Note: unless otherwise indicated, Deckard is wearing a brown overcoat, brown sport shirt & brown checked tie]
C-BLD-1 PR: smoke-filtered MCU of Deckard looking up while eating with chopsticks
C-BLD-2 PR: MCU of an intense Deckard, head tilted down slightly
C-BLD-3 PR: MS of Deckard looking alert but more relaxed
C-BLD-4 PR: MS of Deckard looking curiously into camera
C-BLD-5 MCU of Deckard, sporting facial wounds, frozen in tracks with upraised pistol
C-BLD-6 Shadowy MS of Deckard in alienesque surroundings [no coat]
C-BLD-7 PR: FLV of Deckard posed standing with hands in pockets
C-BLD-8 MS of Deckard pulling coat over head as he finds shelter from rain
C-BLD-9 Deckard stands at restaurant counter looking things over as rain falls heavily in bg
C-BLD-10 Deckard sits & watches OS tape concerning rogue androids
C-BLD-12 Profile MS of Deckard seated at piano & solemnly looking at photographs [no coat]
C-BLD-13 FLV of Deckard cautiously climbing stairs with blaster upraised in search of replicant Batty
C-BLD-14 MS of Deckard standing alert in corridor, mannequins strewn in bg
C-BLD-15 MLS of Deckard, his blaster poised to fire, entering roomful of junk & dressed mannequins
C-BLD-17 Tight two-shot of grim Deckard & Rachael [Sean Young]
C-BLD-19 PR: MLS of Deckard pulling at overcoat while looking up distantly
C-BLD-20 Semi-profile MCU of Deckard, face brightly lit & hair wetted down
C-BLD-22 MCU of Deckard in passenger seat of Spinner
C-BLD-23 FV thru Spinner windshield of Deckard & Gaff Edward James Olmos], both looking to right
C-BLD-24 Interior MS of Deckard & Gaff in Spinner, both looking right
C-BLD-25 Cont. #24, Deckard eating from bowl
C-BLD-26 Cont. #25, more profile as Deckard puts chopsticks into bowl
C-BLD-38 FLV of Deckard kneeling atop bus, blaster held down at side
C-BLD-39 MS of Deckard standing half outside door of bus, sighting escaping Zhora
C-BLD-49 Rachael, wearing her 1940 look, leans over sleeping Deckard, hands resting on his bare chest
C-BLD-50 Deckard sits in high cushioned chair with arms crossed over knees, concentrating on monitor
C-BLD-52 CU of Deckard pulling Rachael's face toward his in passionate moment, added to by filtered venetian blind effect. Very film noir
C-BLD-53 Cont. #52, pullback shot of them heatedly grabbing & kissing each other
C-BLD-56 Hands wrapped around outstretched blaster, Deckard stalks Batty in corridor
C-BLD-57 MS of Deckard paying no attention to mannequins in room beside him. He's the dummy 'cause one's not
C-BLD-58 Semi-profile MCU of brutalized Deckard, weary from battle
C-BLD-59 Deckard bends down & kisses cheek of covered & sleeping Rachael
C-BLD-60 Cont. #59, kiss awakens Rachael
C-BLD-61, Cont. #60, Rachael parts lips to receive more interesting kiss
C-BLD-70 PR: MCU of Deckard, his look deadly serious, in garish multicolored shirt, but same tie & overcoat
C-BLD-71 Cont. #70, MS with lips parted slightly, still deadly serious
C-BLD-72 PR: MS of Deckard [same attire] still deadly serious, pulling back overcoat to show holstered gun
C-BLD-73 PR: MLS of Deckard standing with shirt off in bedroom, lower half of body shadowed
C-BLD-74 PR: MS of deadly serious Deckard leaning arm against wall outside
C-BLD-75 PR: CU of Batty looking aside with deadly smirk
C-BLD-76 FLV of Deckard walking beside Spinner
C-BLD-77 LS of Spinner flying low over rain drenched city
C-BLD-78 FLV of Deckard imperiled on ledge between eaves of building while pursuing Batty
C-BLD-79 Batty sits vulture-like before totally thrashed Deckard on rooftop as rain pelts down
C-BLD-80 BS: Douglas Trumbull poses atop lit not-so-miniature Tyrell Corp. pyramid building
C-BLD-81 PR: MCU of Deckard in shirt, tie & overcoat under reddish lighting
C-BLD-82 PR: MS of Deckard in buttoned up overcoat with turned-up collar, smoke swirling about him
C-BLD-83 PR: cigarette smoke curls about Rachael as she sits for Voight Kampff test
C-BLD-84 PR: horizontal MS of Rachael posed as she first appears to Deckard
C-BLD-85 PR: horizontal MS of Batty under reddish lighting
C-BLD-86 PR: FLV of pouty Pris coiled up on floor holding tiny doll in Sebastian's apartment
C-BLD-87 DA of street densely populated with people & vehicles
C-BLD-88 UA of advertising blimp blurting its off world hype message
C-BLD-89 While eating at noodle bar, Deckard tries to shoo off annoying Gaff
C-BLD-90 LS of Spinner rising on two plumes of exhaust
C-BLD-91 3/4 FV of brightly-lit Spinner cleaving city sky
C-BLD-92 Two-element shot: LS of cityscape with its fiery smokestacks & pyramidal towers in bg; MLS of Spinner skirting tops of buildings
C-BLD-93 LS of Deckard in hospital room leaning over breather containing Holden [Morgan Paull] [scene cut from film]
C-BLD-94 Cont. #93, tight on Deckard bent over & listening to Holden
C-BLD-95 MS of Deckard giving Voight Kampff test of OS Rachael
C-BLD-96 FLV of Zhora running from snakebar to escape Deckard
C-BLD-97 LS of Deckard jumping vehicles with blaster as assorted weirdos pass
C-BLD-98 FLV of Deckard taking aim at OS Zhora on congested street
C-BLD-100 Cont. #15, LS of Deckard entering mannequin-filled room. One is immobile Pris
C-BLD-101 Cont. #100, MS of Deckard stalking room with outstretched blaster
C-BLD-102 MS of Batty peering thru slats & chainlink fence
C-BLD-103 MS of Deckard stopped for breather in moment before Batty's hand smashes thru wall
C-BLD-104 FLV of Deckard standing on ledge of building during retreat
C-BLD-105 MLS of Deckard taking hold of cornice with hand sporting wrapped broken fingers
C-BLD-106 FLV of Deckard on slippery ledge as Batty swings from nearby window
C-BLD-107 PR: Cont. #81, less intense Deckard, his eyes brighter & lips parted
C-BLD-108 PR: soft-focus profile MCU of Rachael as she first appears
C-BLD-109 PR: MS of Rachael sitting at Deckard's apartment looking into camera pouting
C-BLD-110 PR: FLV of Rachael standing in shadows at Deckard's apartment
C-BLD-111 PR: MS of Rachael bundled in fur coat with arms folded, face turned aside
C-BLD-112 PR: MCU of Rachael in coat, face & shoulder turned to camera
C-BLD-113 MS of Deckard aiming blaster with both hands at OS Pris
C-BLD-114 MCU of Deckard, face covered with sweat & bathed in red glow
C-BLD-115 MS of Deckard standing in shadows with shirt open
C-BLD-116 MS of Rachael in kimono, sitting & relaxing with cigarette near face
C-BLD-117 MS of Rachael, in loose blouse with hair down, lips parted as she turns aside
C-BLD-118 Horizontal MCU of Batty looking powerful & deadly
C-BLD-119 FLV of Zhora running for her life
C-BLD-120 So much for that! Zhora's bloody form lays amid shattered glass
C-BLD-121 BS: director Scott instructs propped up Harrison for final scene atop Sebastian's building
C-BLD-122 PR: MCU of Deckard, in garish shirt & tie plus topcoat, glaring into camera with head bowed
C-BLD-123 PR: MCU of totaled-out Deckard
C-BLD-124 PR: FLV of Deckard looking up from newspaper while sitting & waiting for spot at food bar
C-BLD-125 PR: Cont. #125, MS & altered pose
C-BLD-126 Wide-angle LS of glittering but smoggy cityscape as smokestack belches at right
C-BLD-127 Four Spinners, one centered in fg, fly over city as smokestack belches at right
C-BLD-129 LS of Deckard walking past two officers after entering police headquarters, Gaff behind him [scene cut]
C-BLD-142 MS of Deckard leaning back against piano while scrutinizing Leon's photos
C-BLD-143 MLS of Deckard sinking into chair with bottle in lap, giving instructions to ESPer
C-BLD-144 Deckard kneels before ESPer, getting hard copy from one of Leon's pictures
C-BLD-148 LS of Deckard questioning worker at oddly appointed animoid mart
C-BLD-160 MS of Deckard moving to kiss Rachael lightly on cheek
C-BLD-163 Pris back flips toward floored Deckard, who prepares to shoot her
C-BLD-165 DA of Deckard on ledge at corner of building high over city
C-BLD-168 MS of Deckard trying to pull himself up from roof overhang
C-BLD-169 DA of Deckard dangling from overhang, clinging with one good hand as death awaits
C-BLD-172 LS of Spinner flying past giant billboard featuring woman's face
C-BLD-174 LS of Spinner slowly rising into air at end of rain-sopped street, vehicle in fg
C-BLD-175 Tight FLV of various street maintenance vehicles amid neon lights & driving rain
C-BLD-176 3/4 FV of Spinner model with Deckard & Gaff dolls in cockpit, photo display in bg
C-BLD-177 CIN: spectacular LS of glittering, smoggy cityscape with Tyrell Buildings in bg
C-BLD-178 CIN: MS of shirtless Deckard in bathroom, gun holstered on hip
C-BLD-179 CIN: MCU of Deckard dozing on couch, shirt open
C-BLD-180 CIN: MS of Deckard sleeping on bed, shirt open, resting shot glass on chest
C-BLD-181 CIN: shadowy semi-profile MCU of Deckard, intense after closing door on Batty
C-BLD-182 CIN: CU of Deckard watching OS Batty die
C-BLD-183 PR: MCU of Deckard smiling weakly into camera between takes outside food bar
C-BLD-184 PR: PRT of Pris, wearing big smile
C-BLD-185 MS of calculating Batty sporting evil, wry smile
C-BLD-186 BS: MCU of Deckard with arms wrapped around roof overhang, awaiting cue for action
C-BLD-187 PR: PRT of Batty studying camera coldly, wearing heavy black overcoat
C-BLD-188 PR: MS of Batty in gray t-shirt & coat with collar down, quirky smile on his face
C-BLD-189 PR: horizontal PRT of Batty in same coat, posed before graffiti- covered wall
C-BLD-190 Cont. #189, FLV of Batty leaning against wall with one hand in breast coat pocket, also wearing tennis shoes
C-BLD-191 PR: MLS of Batty looking aside, both hands in hip coat pockets
C-BLD-192 PR: FLV of Batty, in unbuttoned coat, peering wearily around corner inside Bradbury Building
C-BLD-193 Profile MCU of Deckard in Spinner
C-BLD-194 Semi-profile MCU of Batty in coat, face wrought with inner pain
C-BLD-195 MS: shirtless Batty, swathed in sweat, talks quietly to OS Deckard
C-BLD-196 MS of Batty in overcoat smiling menacingly at something OS
C-BLD-197 PR: MLS of Deckard kicked back against "breather" unit, hands folded in lap
C-BL-1 Mass of alien goo oozes down stick held by old man
C-BL-2 Cont. #1, jelly-like mass engulfs old man's hand
C-BL-3 The blob gushes out of theater entrance
C-BMT-1 PR: MS of Margaret [Valerie Leon] sitting up in bed wearing sexy low-cut black nightgown
C-BMT-2 MLS of Margaret in nightgown standing in Egyptian tomb
C-BMT-3 Cont. #1, Margaret leans more forward & faces camera more squarely
C-BMT-4 PR: MLS of Margaret seated, wearing low-cut black nightgown & large ruby on hand held to face
C-BMT-5 Red lighting enhances nightgowned Margaret's charms as she stands in spooky passage
C-BWF-1 PR: CU of softly smiling Milly [Lucy Deakins], flower in long hair
C-BWF-2 PR: MCU of Milly resting chin on crossed arms
C-BWF-3 PR: MS of Milly posed in work clothes & white cap
C-BWF-4 MS of Milly & Eric [Jay Underwood] enjoying flying kite
C-BSTM-2 Light dances off prototype sensory helmet worn by researcher, stark against black bg
C-BSTM-3 MS of Karen Brace [Natalie Wood], in plaid shirt worn over pink top, deep in thought
C-BSTM-4 MS of Karen, wearing refined head device, seated in lab & smiling at inner experiences
C-BSTM-5 Michael Brace [Christopher Walken], Lillian Reynolds [Louise Fletcher] & Karen watch as Alex Terson [Cliff Robertson] has mind bended
C-BSTM-6 MS of Michael & Karen in quiet moment, seated with arms crossed, ears to OS friends
C-BSTM-7 MLS of Michael & Karen sharing nice laugh as they sit side-by-side at home
C-BSTM-8 Two-element shot: different perspectives of angels flowing toward heavenly source near end of Lillian's death tape
C-BSTM-9 MCU of Michael at home, eyes lowered
C-BSTM-10 MS of Karen in lab with concern on face, hand on hip
C-BSTM-11 Optical computer test grid used for calibration
C-BSTM-12 Optical memory bubble sequence as Lillian remembers parts of life
C-BSTM-13 Head-on perspective of angels flowing toward heavenly source on death tape
C-BSTM-14 Cont. #13, entirely different perspective
BRAZIL - 1985
C-BRZ-1 FLV of Sam Lowry [Jonathan Pryce] in his imagined persona as flying winged knight
C-BRZ-2 Cont. #1, MS of Sam brandishing sword
C-BRZ-3 Cont. #2, LS of Sam flying above clouds
C-BRZ-4 FLV of Ida Lowry [Katherine Helmond] having her face manipulated by plastic surgeon
C-BRZ-5 FLV of stylishly decked-out Samurai warrior in Maze of Machinery fantasy sequence
BRIDE, THE - 1985
C-BRI-1 PR: PRT of Frankenstein [Sting]
C-BRI-2 PR: MS of Frankie posed as above
C-BRI-3 PR: MS of Frankie & Eva [Jennifer Beals] posed side-by-side, both smiling slightly
C-BRI-4 PR: PRT of pair, Eva standing behind Frankie's shoulder
C-BRI-5 PR: PRT of pair in formal riding clothes, Eva astride horse & Frankie beside her
C-BRI-6 PR: FLV of Frankie, in short sleeves & black trousers, standing atop horse with arm raised
C-BRI-7 FLV of pensive Frankie sitting in high-backed chair
C-BRI-8 FLV of two liquid-filled tanks containing human bodies missing various parts
C-BRI-9 AV of tower lab, Frankie prepares to bring to life gauze-wrapped Eva
C-BRI-10 Cont. #9, FLV of wrapped figure elevated near large, sparkling glass ball
C-BRI-11 Frankie & assistant bend over swathed Eva, look for signs of life
C-BRI-12 MLS of Viktor [Clancy Brown] raging at Frankie & Eva after she has rejected him
C-BRI-13 MS of Frankie teaching Eva about herself in front of mirror
C-BRI-14 MLS of Frankie & Eva, dressed to nines as they stand at her coming out social
C-BRI-15 MCU of beautiful Eva, wearing white gown & diamond necklace, hand to throat & smiling
C-BRI-16 MCU of Eva, in different white gown & necklace, smiling brightly up at someone OS
C-BRI-17 Cont. #16, pullback MLS of Eva with glass of wine, center of attention
C-BRI-18 LS of Frankie & Eva riding horses out of estate
C-BRI-19 Cont. #18, LS of pair riding in country
C-BRI-20 LS of Frankie & Eva standing at steps leading from high-ceilinged tomb, awash in light streaming from circular opening above them
C-BRI-21 Cont. #20, MS of pair in profile, talking
C-BRI-22 MS of Viktor carrying dwarf Rinaldo [David Rappaport] on his shoulder, both smiling
C-BRI-23 Profile FLV of Viktor & Rinaldo talking over campfire at night
C-BRI-24 FLV of Eva confronting Frankie inside tomb as rain pelts them
C-BRI-25 Cont. #24, MS of wet Eva questioning her existence
C-BRI-26 MS of Frankie & Eva shrinking from flames after Viktor goes on rampage in lab
C-BU-2  PR: MS of Col. Wilma Deering in uniform
C-BU-3 PR: Buck & Princess Ardala clown
C-BU-4  Bell-helmeted soldiers at console, Buck's ship in bg
C-BU-5  Kane in Ardala's bedroom
C-BU-6  Ardala at edge of her space ship swimming pool
C-BU-7  MS of mutant Tigerman who guards Ardala
C-BU-8  Near FLV of Buck's future robot, Twiki
C-BU-9  FLV of Ardala in skimpy, but elegantly regal attire
C-BU-10 MS of Ardala holding up futuristic object
C-BU-11 Pre-pro title art of spaceship blasting away from Earth
C-BU-12 Poster title art depicts vivid action montage & leads
C-BU-14 PR: CU of Buck in white flight uniform of future
C-BU-15 PR: FLV of Buck in above uniform
C-BU-18 PR: FLV of Buck & Twiki at Ardala's reception
C-BU-19 RV of Earth starfighter model on black bg
C-BU-20 DA of Earth starfighter model on black bg
C-BU-21 3/4 FV of Draconian flagship model on black bg
C-BU-22 RV of the marauder pirate ship model on black bg
C-BU-23 Matte painting of New Chicago
C-BU-24 FLV of Buck's spaceship aboard flagship flight deck
C-BU-25 Wilma shows Buck inner city sights [before matte added]
C-BU-116 Handmaiden primps over Ardala in her quarters
C-BU-117 MLS of Buck & Wilma in dress uniforms at reception for Ardala
C-BU-118 PR: MS of Wilma posed in full uniform
C-BU-119 MS of Ardala in red robe/gown, gazing upward
C-BNZ-1 PR: PRT of Banzai & Penny Priddy [Ellen Barkin] check to cheek
C-BNZ-2 PR: PRT of Banzai & his weapon-toting Hong Kong Cavaliers band
C-BNZ-3 PR: FLV of young Banzai posed with parents Dr. Sandra [Jamie Lee Curtis] & Dr. Masado Banzai [James Saito] by their 1953 Ford
C-BNZ-4 FLV of Banzai's band entertaining on stage
C-BNZ-5 Mad scientist Dr. Emilio Lizardo [John Lithgow] hooks Banzai's head & hands up to shock tower
C-BNZ-6 PR: PRT of swarthy Banzai
C-BNZ-7 PR: FLV of Perfect Tommy [Lewis Smith], Banzai, New Jersey [Jeff Goldblum] & Reno [Pepe Serna] posed in front of their bus, all smiles
C-BNZ-8 PR: FLV of Banzai, Penny & Lizardo sitting bunched against block wall, all serious
C-BNZ-9 SV of Banzai's jet car rocketing across plain
C-BNZ-10 MCU of Banzai singing on stage
C-BNZ-11 MS of Banzai, jacket off, playing guitar with head turned aside
C-BNZ-12 LS of friendly aliens seated on unique highchairs in surrealistic spaceship interior
C-BNZ-13 MS of crazy Lizardo standing between two Red Lectroids, he wanting OS Banzai's overthruster
C-BNZ-14 Cont. #5, MS as Lectroid looks on
C-BNZ-15 CIN: title on black bg
C-BNZ-16 CIN: MS of Banzai entering World Watch One where disturbance has been detected on instruments
C-BNZ-17 CIN: winged thermopod flies across Lectroid fathership in orbit above Earth
C-BNZ-18 CIN: LS of Lizardo's Yoyodyne escape ship with over-thruster activated
C-BNZ-19 CIN: MCU of Banzai against blue sky as he starts climatic walk
C-BNZ-20 Cont. #19, Banzai turns face to his right & smiles
C-BNZ-21 Cont. #20, FLV of Tommy striding in from right
C-BNZ-22 Cont. #21, MLS as wind whips open shirt away from chest
C-BNZ-23 Cont. #22, CU of Tommy with face turned toward his right
C-BNZ-24 Cont. #23, MLS of New Jersey, in cowboy getup, enters left
C-BNZ-25 Cont. #24, MLS of Penny, in pink mini-dress, making walk
C-BNZ-26 Cont. #25, MLS of Penny, her head held high
C-BNZ-27 Cont. #26, MS of Banzai & Penny leading group as they begin to come together
C-BNZ-28 Cont. #27, FLV of group growing in size, Rawhide [Clancy Brown] & John Parker [Carl Lumbly] added
C-BNZ-29 Cont. #28, FLV of entire Team Banzai glory walk
C-BNZ-30 PR: FLV of Parker resting in chair between takes
C-BNZ-31 PR: MS of Banzai & Lizardo sitting against block wall, looking aside
C-BNZ-32 PR: FLV of Banzai, Penny & Lizardo sitting on cord of wood
C-BNZ-33 PR: horizontal CU of pensive Banzai eyeing camera, hand to chin
C-BNZ-34 PR: MCU of Banzai, shoulder to camera, looking just OS
C-BNZ-35 PR: PRT of Banzai with red bow tie undone & shirt collar turned up
C-BNZ-36 PR: MLS of Banzai sitting on crate & holding gun on us
C-BNZ-37 PR: MS of Penny, in pink flapper dress, not looking very happy
C-BNZ-38 PR: MS of Penny sitting on psychedelic backdrop, smoke swirling about her
C-BNZ-39 CU of Banzai at microphone, wearing caring expression
C-BNZ-40 MLS of Banzai melodramatically pointing to OS Red Lectroids only he can see at press conference
C-BNZ-41 Banzai talks with home base from side of motorcycle in woods
C-BNZ-42 MS of Banzai drawing gun from holster, aiming it at OS Penny in his bedroom
C-BNZ-43 MLS of Penny sitting in bus showing lots of leg, New Jersey behind her holding length of rope
C-BNZ-44 MLS of Banzai with sidearm, inching along wall at Yoyodyne
C-BNZ-45 MS of Banzai resting gun on shoulder & contemplating next move
C-BNZ-46 FLV of Banzai moving from scaffolding to ladder in attempt to reach Lizardo's escape ship
C-BNZ-47 Cont. #46, MCU of Banzai on ladder
C-BNZ-48 MS of Parker & Banzai, guns in both hands pointed skyward watching Lizardo attempting escape
C-BNZ-49 Nice MS of Banzai smiling at OS cohorts after saving Earth & parachuting to safety
C-BNZ-50 MS of suited Banzai fixing bow tie next to motorcycle
C-BNZ-51 MCU of Banzai looking to his right during victory walk
C-BNZ-52 MS of Tommy as in #22
C-BNZ-53 MLS of Banzai playing lead guitar on stage
C-BNZ-54 Semi-profile MCU of Banzai turned aside, collar of sport jacket turned up
C-BNZ-55 Eerie lighting makes this MS of Banzai in woods as Red Lectroid sneaks up on him
C-BNZ-56 Kneeling Reno, Perfect Tommy & others about to mount attack on Lizardo's escape ship
C-BNZ-57 PR: FLV of Banzai lazing atop his jet car, hands in pockets
C-BNZ-58 Profile MLS of Bad Lectroid sneaking up on Banzai in woods & placing hand on his shoulder
C-BVS-1 BS: Director Fran Rubel Kuzui runs thru scene with seated stars Kristy Swanson as Buffy & Donald Sutherland as Merrick
C-BVS-2 PR: FLV of Buffy, holding wooden stake, rebel boyfriend Pike [Luke Perry] peeks around her shoulder from behind, both kneeling
C-BVS-3 FLV: Buffy practices vampire slaying techniques along rows of tires
C-BVS-4 MLS of Pike sitting under lamp at edge of bed, shaping wooden stake with knife
C-BVS-5 Profile MLS of Pike facing malevolent Benny [David Arquette] on other side of window
C-BVS-6 MS of toothy Amilyn [Paul Reubens], demented vampire henchman
C-BVS-7 Cheerleader Buffy [face partially obscured by flying hair] high-kicks attacking creep
C-BVS-8 Benny pulls Pike by hair & across table, preparing to take bite out of his friend's neck
C-BVS-9 MCU of Amilyn picking Pike up by jacket & getting in his face
C-BVS-10 MCU of Vampire King Lothos [Rutger Hauer] menacing Buffy by slipping red ribbon around neck
C-BVS-11 Cheerleader Buffy "toaster-cakes" another vampire with wood stake
C-BVS-12 Buffy, in white party dress, pulls Pike to her as both kneel over body of vampire
Back To Top
C-C1-1 CIN: LS of studio sound stage showing spacecraft landed on "Martian" soil, bank of lights in fg cast ochre hue onto set as astronauts are led in
C-C1-2 Cont. #1, FLV of set as Kelloway [Hal Holbrook explains hoax to astros
C-CKV-1 LS of Kronos [Horst Janson] standing on hillside graveyard, swords in hands of outstretched arms
C-CKV-2 Tight UA of Kronos riding horse past castle archway
C-CKV-3 MS of Kronos holding up sword as cross against OS adversary
C-CKV-4 Cont. #3, Kronos holds sword below frame & readies for fight
C-CKV-5 MS of Carla [Caroline Munro]falling under spell, eyes glued to ceiling
C-CN-1 Title over Templemer, underwater city of gold
C-CN-2 FV of Nautilus in sea canyon
C-CN-3 Curtains part to show interior of golden city
C-CAR-1 Title over CU of Carrie's bloody face & gym lights
C-CAR-2 Title over Carrie exiting burning gymnasium
C-CAR-3 Red-filtered split image of Carrie
C-CAR-4 Name superimposed over CU of Margaret White praying
C-CAR-6 MCU of Carrie cowering against shower wall
C-CAR-7 CU of Carrie's classmates laughing cruelly
C-CAR-11 CU of Billy [JohnTravolta] drinking beer while driving
C-CAR-13 Tommy & Carrie enter gym, smiling
C-CAR-14 Profile CU of Carrie threading her way thru crowd
C-CAR-15 Cont. #14, Carrie turns her head toward camera
C-CAR-16 SV/CU of Carrie & Tommy dancing happily
C-CAR-17 Cont. #16, angle favors Tommy
C-CAR-18 CU of smiling Carrie after being crowned prom queen
C-CAR-19 Cont. #18, Carrie & Tommy on stage share a moments joy
C-CAR-20 Cont. #19, Carrie & Tommy about to kiss
C-CAR-22 CU of Chris [Nancy Allen] holding rope under stage
C-CAR-24 Cont. #22, CU of Chris after she pulls rope
C-CAR-25 DA of pig's blood spilling out of bucket toward Carrie & Tommy
C-CAR-26 Blood showers Carrie, splotching her face
C-CAR-27 Cont. #26, CU of Carrie's bloody face as she turns on her power
C-CAR-28 Cont. #27, ECU of Carrie's face
C-CAR-30 Split screen: doors crunch two youths; girl screams
C-CAR-33 Split screen: wide-eyed Carrie; Chris & Billy watch
C-CAR-34 Carrie zaps master of ceremonies
C-CAR-38 Split screen: CU of gym teacher [Betty Buckley] after she is slam- dunked by basketball backboard; flash frame of Chris & Billy
C-CAR-39 LS of Carrie walking out of burning gym
C-CAR-40 RV of Carrie as car bears down on her
C-CAR-41 Cont. #40, CU of Carrie & blurred car in bg
C-CAR-42 Cont. #41, CU of Carrie as she turns around, flexing
C-CAR-43 Cont. #42, Carrie forces car to veer around her
C-CAR-44 Cont. #43, FV of car as it careens past
C-CAR-47 Crazed Margaret holds Carrie tight to her
C-CAR-48 PR: MS of Sue in white dress, carrying flowers
C-CAR-49 FLV of blood-soaked Carrie looking down at Tommy, knocked unconcious on stage floor
C-CAR-51 MS of nude Carrie screaming in shower, holding bloody hands out to OS girls for help
C-CAR-52 Cont. #51, MS of Carrie backed against shower wall as towel hits her
C-CAR-53 MS of crucified Margaret, kitchen knives protruding from body as candles burn all around
C-CAR-55 MLS of nude Chris in very playful mood after showering. Edited by Paul Hirsch superimposed [opening credits]
C-COS-1 Purple ray issues from spaceship landing near hanger
C-COS-2 PR: space cat perched in front of its ship
C-CP-1 Eight-element shot: panther looms over Oliver [John Heard] in bed; Paul poised to leap from balcony; profile of Irena [Natassia Kinski] & Paul; panther stalks bridge; MCU of Irena touching bloody lips; terrified Alice [Annette O'Toole] treads water; brooding Paul holds up bloody hand; panther growls in cage
C-CP-2 BS: MS of Nastassia bent over to look thru lens of camera
C-CP-3 BS: MS of Natassia playing with orangutan
C-CP-4 BS: MS of director Paul Schrader placing towel around wet Nastassia
C-CP-5 CU of Irena in trancelike state, rain drenching hair
C-CP-6 MLS of Irena standing stoically in full white slip before battered door
C-CP-7 LS of Paul leading Irena to barren, gnarled tree full of panthers in ochre- hued dream opening
C-CP-8 Profile MS of Paul grabbing Irena's shoulders, attempting to convince her of their curse
C-CP-9 Ochre-hued MS of Paul, shirt off, snuggling with spotted leopard sporting woman's head
C-CP-10 MCU of Irena staring bug-eyed at bloody fingers
C-CP-11 PR: MLS of smiling Alice posed in black slacks & top by wood porch
CATSEYE - 1985
C-CAT-1 PR: MS of horrormeister Stephen King holding cat
C-CAT-2 PR: FLV of Amanda [Drew Barrymore] in nightgown, seated on bed with cat cradled in her arms
C-CAT-3 FLV of evil troll framed in bedroom wall cutaway
C-CAT-4 MS of troll hanging onto rope
C-CAT-5 Eerie red lighting enhances FLV of troll stepping from hole in wall with knife in hand
CAVEMAN - 1981
C-CAV-1 PR: CU of Lana [Barbara Bach] & Atouk [Ringo Starr]cheek to cheek
C-CAV-2 PR: PRT of Lana
C-CAV-3 Caveman watches cautiously from trees & rocks as goofy four- footed dinosaur pads by
C-CAV-4 Miniature model of Atouk riding back of model pterodactyl, black bg
C-CAV-5 Title in red to left of dinosaur on mesa howling at moon
C-CAV-6 MCU of Atouk about to pluck lone berry from tree
C-CAV-7 LS of goofy dinosaur chasing caveman in rocks
C-CAV-8 CU of plant planting kiss on cheek of astonished Atouk
C-CAV-9 MS of Atouk trying to wave giant dragonfly from face of sleeping Lar [Dennis Quaid]
C-CAV-10 MLS of Lana standing outside cave entrance as others mill about
C-CAV-11 Pterodactyl flying after cavemen carrying off egg they've stolen
C-CAV-12 FLV of blind Gog [Jack Gilford] bumping into old timer T-Rex
C-CAV-13 MCU of old T-Rex
C-CAV-14 Old T-Rex looks down hungrily at oblivious Atouk from behind
C-CAV-15 Outstanding miniature set with old T-Rex & goofy dinosaurs faced off for stop-motion battle
CHERRY 2000 - 1987
C-CH2-1 PR: MLS of multiply-armed tracker E. Johnson [Melanie Griffith] & Sam Treadwell [David Andrews] standing side-by-side on location in Nevada desert
C-CH2-2 PR: PRT of Sam & E.J., she draping gun hand over his shoulder from behind, cherry red bg
C-CH2-3 PR: MS of Sam sitting before prone Cherry [Pamela Gidley], his android girlfriend
C-CH2-4 PR: PRT of E.J. against cherry red bg
C-CH2-5 PR: PRT of eerily beautiful Cherry
C-CH2-6 MCU of Cherry at dinner table
C-CH2-7 PR: MLS of Sam posed in dark suit, hands in pockets as he leans against painting
C-CH2-8 PR: outdoor PRT of evil Lester [Tim Thomerson] holding gun
C-CH2-9 Sam & Cherry toast each other over dinner
C-CH2-10 FLV of Sam asking E.J. in her office to help him track down spare parts for Cherry
C-CH2-11 MS of E.J. buttoning top as she gets ready to help OS Sam
C-CH2-12 MS of E.J. in desert with rocket propelled grenade slung over shoulder
C-CH2-13 FLV of E.J., jacket off, sitting up on hood of her grungy Ford Mustang
C-CH2-14 FLV of E.J. berating Sam in front of Mustang in lawless zone
C-CH2-15 Trapped in Mustang suspended in midair by Lester's electromagnet, E.J. prepares to fire rocket propelled grenade, Sam watches
C-CH2-16 Cont. #15, slightly longer vertical shot of E.J. aiming grenade upward as Sam fires at Lester's men
C-CH2-17 MS of armed Sam under red glow,cautiously entering Lester's lair
C-CH2-18 MS of E.J. wearing Dignity pullover & holding bottle of booze
CHILD'S PLAY 2 - 1990
C-CP2-1 MLS of moppet Andy [Alex Vincent] holding Chucky doll
C-CP2-2 MS of possessed doll ready to play slice & dice
C-CHS-1 FV of Christine, red & white & haunted 1958 Plymouth Fury
C-CHS-2 SV of Arnie[Keith Gordon]pulling car up in front of girlfriend's house
C-CHS-3 BS: FV of Christine's oddly mangled grill & hood section. Director John Carpenter & man in bg
C-CHS-4 PR: MS of Arnie, Leigh [Alexandra Paul] & Dennis [John Stockwell] posed before devil car Christine
C-CCB-1 ECU of Ayla [Darryl Hannah] in profile
C-CCB-2 MCU of worrisome Ayla huddled & wrapped in blanket
C-CCB-3 FLV of Ayla standing with head bowed in clearing
C-CCB-4 FLV of Ayla sprinting along edge of wooded area foraging for food
C-CCB-5 FLV of Ayla cautiously kneeling at edge of pool of water
C-CCB-6 PR: PRT of Ayla in white makeup with black & red highlight. Used for theatrical one-sheet
C-COT-1 FLV of Perseus amid ruins with sword & Gorgon's severed head in his hands
C-COT-2 Calibos, half man & half satyr, sits upon his decorative throne
C-COT-3 Slight DA of four goddesses on Mt. Olympus conferring: Aphrodite [Ursula Andress], Hera [Claire Bloom], Thetis [Maggie Smith] & Cassiopeia [Sian Phillips] who holds Bubo the Owl
C-COT-4 MS of Perseus staring at Bubo the Owl, in his hands
C-COT-5 MLS of Aphrodite in flowing white gown
C-COT-6 MS of Calibos leaning back on his throne, brooding
C-COT-7 MS of Medusa, her temple painted red by fire from alter in bg, glaring at OS Perseus & his band
C-COT-8 Medusa's severed head on floor of temple
C-COT-9 Perseus prepares to do battle with forest scorpion
C-COT-10 Kraken rises from sea, towering over Andromeda chained to rock & those who sacrifice her
C-COT-11 Title & one-sheet poster art on black bg
C-COT-12 Title flanked by circled PRT of Perseus & Andromeda on black bg
C-COT-13 Zeus sits regally upon his Mt. Olympus throne
C-COT-14 Composite: Perseus stalks Calibos' swamp domain as Andromeda stands hypnotically in bg
C-COT-15 ECU of Medusa, her snaky hairdo aglow
C-COT-16 LS of tidal waters rushing into Joppa's main square
C-COT-17 LS of Perseus roping Pegasus in meadow
C-COT-18 MLS of animated Calibos [back turned] whipping at downed Perseus
C-COT-19 MS: Medusa, bow slung to back, slithers into view before temple altar
C-COT-20 FLV of all gods & goddesses of Mt. Olympus
C-COT-21 PRT of Aphrodite
C-COT-22 FLV of Calibos [back turned] walking toward Andromeda, who has stepped from cage
C-COT-23 Perseus & Ammon watch from hiding as Pegasus lands in meadow
C-COT-24 Perseus holds Pegasus' head after capturing him as Ammon watches
C-COT-25 FLV of composited battle between Perseus & two-headed wolf-dog, Dioskilos
C-COT-26 MS of Perseus finding man of stone at Medusa's temple
C-COT-27 MCU of Medusa & her evil eyes
C-COT-28 Profile FLV of Medusa taking aim with bow & arrow before temple altar
C-COT-29 FLV of Perseus slashing away at two giant forest scorpions
C-COT-30 Perseus & just rescued Andromeda look up at OS Pegasus while clasping hands
C-COT-31 3/4 RV of Perseus riding Pegasus amid blue sky
C-COT-32 MCU of Kraken eyeing OS Andromeda
C-COT-33 MCU of Andromeda eyeing OS Kraken
C-COT-34 MLS of Perseus facing right & holding Medusa's head at arm's length
C-COT-35 MCU: Perseus faces camera & shows Medusa's head to OS Kraken
C-COT-36 Cont. #36, Medusa's eyes give off green glow
C-COT-37 FLV of Kraken kraken up
C-COT-38 MCU of Perseus gazing down at OS sleeping Andromeda
C-COT-39 Looking over Perseus' shoulder at sleeping Andromeda
C-COT-40 FLV of sleeping Andromeda
C-COT-41 MCU of sleeping Andromeda
C-COT-42 Giant vulture alights on terrace with gilded cage
C-COT-43 Spiritual image of Andromeda leaves her sleeping form on bed
C-COT-44 Cont. #43, MLS of solidifying image walking in front of bed & past sleeping body
C-COT-45 Cont. #44, solidified Andromeda walks in trance state toward terrace
C-COT-46 Cont. #45. LS past vulture approaching cage with opening door
C-COT-47 MS of giant vulture against blue night sky
C-COT-48 Cont. #47, MS of Perseus watching events silently in disbelief
C-COT-49 PR: PRT of Andromeda eyeing camera with hint of smile
C-CL-1 Classic PR shot of evil Alex in ECU
C-CL-2 Alex & his droogs leave milk bar for night of violence
C-CL-3 CU of Alex at wheel of car

[NOTE: #1-2 are reproductions of airbrush paintings by artist Mark Groseclose for SCIENCE FANTASY FILM CLASSICS, #2]
C-CE3K-1 Scoutships & red whoosh blast down a Muncie, IN, roadway in dazzle of bright lights
C-CE3K-2 Immense mothership sweeps over Devil's Tower as myriad smaller craft buzz base & runway
C-CE3K-3 Title art with WE ARE NOT ALONE logo
C-CE3K-4 Promo art: Barry greeted by Jiminy Cricket at door
C-CE3K-5 Air traffic controllers monitor radar screen
C-CE3K-6 Neary blinded by UFO light as he peers out truck
C-CE3K-7 Lead UFO swoops toward Jillian & Barry on highway
C-CE3K-8 Cone-shaped UFO swoops past Jillian & Barry
C-CE3K-9 Hindu leader calls out to massed throng in India
C-CE3K-10 Alien lights bathe Barry in doorway of his home
C-CE3K-11 Jillian cries out as she's hustled aboard train
C-CE3K-12 Science team watches flagships float over airfield
C-CE3K-13 CU of awestruck Lacombe
C-CE3K-14 Science team gets windblown by OS UFO overhead
C-CE3K-15 Slight DA of stunning mothership
C-CE3K-16 Profile CU of mothership starting to roll
C-CE3K-17 Fantastic LS of team massed below landed mothership
C-CE3K-18 Kidnapped humans, awash in light, leave mothership
C-CE3K-19 MS of bearded, dirty Neary in his living room
C-CE3K-20 MCU of mothership's delicately-spired upper deck
C-CE3K-21 UA of mothership's lower deck
C-CE3K-22 Science team watches mothership lift off
C-CE3K-23 UFO-light bathes truck stopped at railroad tracks
C-CE3K-24 Roadsiders observe what they think are UFOs in sky
C-CE3K-25 Neary studies mound erected by Barry at roadside
C-CE3K-26 Jillian runs into house as glowing clouds close in
C-CE3K-27 Jillian pulls Barry's legs in doggy door tug-of-war
C-CE3K-28 MCU of Neary building mountain on model train set
C-CE3K-29 Cont. #28, Neary looks in frustration at his work
C-CE3K-30 Neary studies his living room replica of mountain
C-CE3K-31 Neary's POV of secret Devil's Tower contact base
C-CE3K-32 Jillian & Neary gaze up at light-washed flagships
C-CE3K-33 UFO armada swoops down on base below Devil's Tower
C-CE3K-34 LS of mothership behind Devil's Tower
C-CE3K-35 FLV of mothership
C-CE3K-36 Cont. #17, Jillian snaps pictures as Barry stands by
[NOTE: #37-98 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-CE3K-37 Neary studies map as headlights appear behind truck
C-CE3K-38 Cont. #37, Neary waves the headlights by
C-CE3K-39 Neary perturbed at new set of "headlights" in window
C-CE3K-40 Cont. #39, Neary waves the "headlights" by
C-CE3K-41 Cont. #40, Neary returns to map as "headlights" rise
C-CE3K-42 Cont. #41, rising lights take on look of face
C-CE3K-43 Neary loses interest in map, aware of silence
C-CE3K-44 Neary probes darkness with flashlight
C-CE3K-45 Row of disturbed mail boxes
C-CE3K-46 LS of UFO lights touching Neary's truck by tracks
C-CE3K-47 Railroad signal flashes past truck windshield
C-CE3K-48 Neary grips steering wheel as all hell breaks loose
C-CE3K-49 Cont. #48, Neary cringes as more debris flies about
C-CE3K-50 Contents of truck ashtray fly outward
C-CE3K-51 CU of Neary receiving alien invitation in his mind
C-CE3K-52 Neary looks up at burning lights from truck cab
C-CE3K-53 UA of Neary shielding face as UFO passes overhead
C-CE3K-54 Cont. #53, light more intense
C-CE3K-55 Stunned Neary gazes tentatively out windshield
C-CE3K-56 Looking up rim of UFO passing overhead
C-CE3K-57 Alien light beam from sky examines roadway
C-CE3K-58 Cont. #57, lights flash on stop sign
C-CE3K-59 Neary grasps his forehead as darkness returns
C-CE3K-60 Neary is badly startled when flashlight turns on
C-CE3K-61 Smiling girls awaiting UFOs from bed of truck
C-CE3K-62 Barry waves from middle of road
C-CE3K-63 Neary's truck charges toward Barry, standing in road
C-CE3K-64 MS of Jillian shouting warning to Barry
C-CE3K-65 MS of expectant-looking farmer [Roberts Blossom]
C-CE3K-66 Jillian & Barry turn at sight of haloed UFO in bg
C-CE3K-67 Cont. #66, Jillian & Barry crouch as UFO draws near
C-CE3K-68 Cont. #67, lead UFO passes directly over their heads
C-CE3K-69 Cont. #68, UFO draws near to Neary & girls in truck
C-CE3K-70 Cont. #69, UFO crosses path of Neary & trucks
C-CE3K-71 Second UFO blasts past entire group
C-CE3K-72 Cone-shaped UFO nears entire group from far bg
C-CE3K-73 Cont. #72, now haloed UFO passes Jillian & Barry
C-CE3K-74 Cont. #73, same shot, but halo effect gone
C-CE3K-75 Red whoosh sentinel flashes around corner
C-CE3K-76 Second UFO hovers at opposite corner of highway
C-CE3K-77 Cont. #76, tumbling cone UFO enters scene
C-CE3K-78 Cont. #77, UFOs further away; McDonald's sign lit
C-CE3K-79 Cont. #78, cone UFO turns corner as second one waits
C-CE3K-80 Cont. #79, red sentinel brings up rear
C-CE3K-81 Jillian & Barry display awe & joy at spectacle
C-CE3K-82 CU of Neary exclaiming "This is nuts!"
C-CE3K-83 Lead UFO about to rush thru toll-stop
C-CE3K-84 Cont. #83, second UFO about to do same
C-CE3K-85 Cont. #84, cone UFO about to do same
C-CE3K-86 Cont. #85, red sentinel about to do same
C-CE3K-87 SV of Neary at the wheel, chasing UFOs
C-CE3K-88 Pursuing patrol cars race thru toll gates
C-CE3K-89 Gate guard watches receding patrol cars
C-CE3K-90 CU of disbelieving guard
C-CE3K-91 Now clustered, the UFOs exit highway
C-CE3K-92 Patrol car crashes guardrail as UFOs seek sky
C-CE3K-93 Patrol car becomes airborne over embankment
C-CE3K-94 Neary & patrolmen pull up as UFOs move further away
C-CE3K-95 Cont. #94, Neary & patrolmen exit their vehicles
C-CE3K-96 Cont. #95, UFO cluster breaks into triplets
C-CE3K-97 Cont. #96, UFO lights in triangle formation
C-CE3K-98 MS of patrolman. He can't believe it's real
C-CE3K-99 SV of Jillian & Neary below Devil's Tower in far bg
C-CE3K-100 MCU of Puck, alien leader, against starry bg
C-CE3K-101 BS: DA of just uncrated mothership full scale model
C-CE3K-102 BS: profile of mothership model in crate
C-CE3K-103 BS: UA of mothership model's lower section
C-CE3K-104 BS: ECU of model rim where R2D2 replica was placed as in-house joke
C-CE3K-105 BS: MS of mothership model as technician inspects it
C-CE3K-106 CU of awestruck Neary, half his face sunburned
C-CE3K-107 CU of Jillian in a tizzy to protect her home from alien assault
C-CE3K-108 LS of Barry opening door, letting alien forms & light flow into room
C-CE3K-109 Alien lights pierce blinds as Jillian holds Barry against attack
C-CE3K-110 Cont. #109, deep orange lights from alien craft bombard pair
C-CE3K-111 MS of Jillian in terror, holding Barry tight to her as OS floor grating unscrews
C-CE3K-112 Three flagships send light signals as they hover over landing strip
C-CE3K-113 Science team mans cameras as two UFOs twirl above them
C-CE3K-114 Cont. #33, different, orange-glowing UFO enters frame
C-CE3K-115 Impressive SV of science team assembled before landed momship
C-CE3K-116 LS of team amassed under mothership, watching aliens line up at ramp
C-CE3K-117 Cont. #116, tight RV with aliens mincing about beyond team
C-CE3K-118 MCU of smiling Neary, in red coverall, ready to date destiny
C-CE3K-119 Harsh light silhouettes aliens as they pick Neary out of group
C-CE3K-120 View over Lacombe's shoulder of aliens pushing Neary toward ramp
C-CE3K-121 Cont. #120, Neary steps onto ramp
C-CE3K-122 SV of mothership midsection as it lifts off
C-CE3K-123 Cin:LS of Mothership hatch opening before assembled team
C-CE3K-124 BS: MS of full-sized grandpa alien, actually marionette
C-CE3K-125 FLV of alien kids surrounding Neary, touching him all over
C-CE3K-126 MS of space kids examining Dr. J. Allen Hynek [cameo cut]
C-CE3K-127 Semi-profile MS of alien leader making hand gesture to OS Lacombe
C-CE3K-128 70mm: CU of alien leader making hand gesture to OS Lacombe
C-CE3K-A CIN: three flagships hover over base landing field
C-CE3K-C CIN: CU of alien leader smiling
C-CE3K-A1 UA of tiny saucers swarming into golden Beehive chamber inside Mothership's uppermost part
C-CE3K-A2 Cont. #A1, as chamber closes it explodes into brilliant silver starburst
C-CE3K-A3 FLV of freighter Cotopaxi keeled over in middle of desert
COCOON - 1985
C-COC-1 PR: beautiful conceptual Ralph McQuarrie painting of Antarian spacescraft peeking out of clouds over seashore, setting water aglow
C-COC-2 PR: PRT of director Ron Howard in sport shirt & Panama hat, arms folded & wearing big smile
C-COC-3 PR: FLV of Howard sitting outdoors among alien cocoons
C-COC-4 PR: MLS of swimsuited Kitty [Tahnee Welch] & Jack Bonner [Steve Guttenberg] posed side-by-side
C-COC-5 PR: MLS of Jack, in swim trunks & blue t-shirt, striking thinking man's pose on his boat
C-COC-6 PR: MS of Kitty in oversized soft white blouse loosely buttoned
C-COC-7 PR: FLV of Kitty, in red shorts & white polo shirt, sitting on boat
C-COC-8 Walter [Brian Dennehy], Doc [Mike Nomad] & Pillsbury [Tyrone Power Jr.] opening cocoon
C-COC-9 CU of Kitty reaching behind head as she begins to shed human skin
C-COC-10 MCU of Kitty in pool & aglow as she shows OS Jack Antarean way of making whoopee
C-COC-11 BS: MS of modelmaker Steve Gawley touching up underside of Mothership miniature
C-COC-12 Cont. #9, MCU of Kitty shedding human husk to reveal radiating true alien form
C-COC-13 Cont. #10, looking past Jack in pool as Kitty emits luminous sphere above her head
C-COC-14 MS of Pillsbury in human form standing behind three glowing Antareans
C-COC-15 Antarean Mothership descends to Earch
C-COC-16 Cont. #15, rescue ship crackles with bolts of energy
C-COC-17 Four-element shot involving Antareans: Kitty sheds husk, oldsters play poker with new friend, vaporous sphere hovers above Kitty & Jack in pool, Kitty's essence envelops Jack
C-COC-18 Four-element shot of climax: alien ship crackles with energy, LS of Manta III rising from water, looking up past passengers as boat is drawn into saucer, ship departs in colorful galactic display
C-CNY-1 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet depicting Colossus carrying nubile damsel while firing rays from eyes
C-CFP-1 THE FORBIN PROJECT title surrounded by abstract art
C-CFP-2 Forbin walks thru sprawling corridor inside Colossus
C-CFP-3 Laser lock activates to close off gorge in Colossus
C-CFP-4 Cont. #3, laser lock glows red
C-CFP-5 LS of computer war room during tense moment
C-CO-1 Title over lab filled with suspended coma patients
C-CO-2 Same as #1 without title
C-CO-3 Dr. Wheeler stands amid comatose bodies
C-CO-4 MS of Dr. Wheeler in medical gown
C-CO-5 Doctor explains wired, nude body to Wheeler & others
C-COM-1 Reproduction of full color LC showing masked & uniformed Jeff King/Commando Cody [Judd Holdren] & Joan [Aline Towne]
C-COM-2 Cont. #1, both kneeling together as Cody draws his raygun
C-COW-1 MS of woodman's [Micha Bergese] face & upraised hand beginning horrible transformation
C-COW-2 Cont. #1, tighter shot as he looks at his hand & screams
C-COW-3 Cont. #2, profile CU of face & hand turned to bloody goo
C-COW-4 Cont. #3, just face showing
C-COW-5 Cont. #4, MCU of woodman in second stage skeletal/muscle wolf transformation phase
C-COW-6 Cont. #5, mouth elongates into snout, arm raised
C-COW-7 Profile CU of wolf face pushing out huntsman's mouth
C-CON-1 PR: twin-edged sword sheathed deep in pile of skulls with red-hued title embedded in bg stone wall
C-CON-2 PR: armored Conan sits thoughtfully on his throne, sword & spear resting on either side of him
C-CON-3 PR: now bearded Conan sits thoughtfully on throne with lithe wench laying at his feet
C-CON-4 PR: MLS of Valeria, in tight swimsuit & holding sword on red bg
C-CON-5 Cont. #4, slightly different & sword blade turned down
C-CON-6 CIN: MS of Conan & Subotai walking side by side thru Zamora, casually eating
C-CON-7 CIN: MLS of Conan reaching for knife as Subotai pulls bow & arrow at sudden OS movement [cut from film]
C-CON-8 CIN: Eye of the Serpent from Conan's POV on its altar piece
C-CON-9 CIN: Nude Valeria leans over Conan, who caresses her arm & breast as they begin to make love
C-CON-10 Cont. #9, MCU of Conan kissing Valeria on neck
C-CON-11 CIN: MS of Thulsa Doom [James Earl Jones] flanked by his two beefy henchmen after slaying mother of child Conan
C-CON-12 Cont. #11, Doom raises sword to his face
C-CON-13 CIN: MS of Valeria, in camouflage makeup, tense for battle during escape from orgy chamber
C-CON-14 CIN: MS of bare-chested Conan holding up Doom's severed head [this FV cut from film]
C-CON-15 Six element shot: Conan crucified to Tree of Woe; Conan & Valeria in playful moment; Valeria kneeling with sword in sand, helmeted Doom on horseback; CU of Snake Cult worshiper Princess Shadizar [Valerie Quennessen]
C-CON-16 PR: FLV of Conan, in full war dress, standing beside seated Valeria, sword between legs
C-CON-17 PR: FLV of Conan posed spread-legged with sword on rocks
C-CON-18 PR: PRT of Valeria sans headgear
C-CON-19 PR: PRT of long-maned Thulsa Doom
C-CON-20 FLV of Conan's mother [Nadiuska] trying to protect her young son [Jorge Sanz] with sword against OS Doom
C-CON-21 Profile MS of Conan thrusting sword thru giant serpent's bloody open mouth
C-CON-22 CIN: Conan & Valeria gorge themselves with food & drink to celebrate new found wealth
C-CON-23 PR: FLV of armed Conan, Valeria & Subotai in defensive poses
C-CON-24 PR: MS of Conan pressed against rock with upraised battle axe
C-CON-25 PR: MS of Valeria posed in pit fighter costume
C-CON-26 PR: FLV of Valeria posed in skimpy silver battle dress worn at battle of the Mounds
C-CON-27 PR: Cont. #26, Valeria raises sword beside boulders
C-CON-28 MLS of Subotai, Conan & Valeria glumly appearing before King Osric [Max Von Sydow]
C-CON-29 MS of bundled up Valeria, campfire glow reddening her face & clasped hands
C-CON-30 Valeria kneels at head of wounded Conan, he lays in black cloak
C-CON-31 Valeria straddles Conan, prepared to protect him from spirits as bent Subotai looks on
C-CON-32 MCU of Conan rearing back during sword fight in orgy chamber
C-CON-33 Profile MLS of Conan & Rexor [Ben Davidson] swinging swords at battle of Mounds
C-CON-34 PR: FLV of Valeria posed holding sword in beaded leather outfit with cape draped to side & one bare leg up resting on bench
C-CON-35 MS of giant serpent looking to get mouthful of Conan
C-CON-36 MS of painted Subotai, Valeria & Conan peering at OS orgy chamber activities
C-CON-37 Valeria bends over parched upper body of Conan
C-CON-38 MCU of Thulsa Doom transformed into snake
C-CON-39 PR: Conan & Valeria relax on pillows at inn
C-CTD-1 PR: MS of Conan posed with sword upraised
C-CTD-2 PR: MS of Conan trapped by fire
C-CTD-3 PR: FLV of Conan standing amid swirling smoke, hands resting on hilt of sword pressed into ground between legs
C-CTD-4 PR: FLV of Conan posed with sword as above, Jehnna at his side
C-CTD-5 PR: MS of Queen Taramis putting hand on Conan's shoulder, failing to entice him much
C-CTD-6 PR: MLS of Queen Taramis posed in great looking basic black costume with fur leggings, cape
C-CTD-7 MS of warrior Bombaata [Wilt Chamberlain] pushing Jehnna behind him protectively
C-CTD-8 MLS of Zula wielding heavy staff against rush of irate extras
C-CTD-9 MS of Jehnna in traveling togs, turned aside
C-CTD-10 MLS of Conan, solemn as he kneels with sword between legs
C-CTD-11 PR: FLV of Conan & Zula posed side by side with upraised sword & outstretched staff, respectively
C-CTD-12 PR: FLV of Queen Taramis in spread seated pose, wearing sexy, showy costume with black bird covering front
C-CTD-13 PR: MS of Bombaata holding his mighty weapon
C-CTD-14 MLS of Queen Taramis on horseback as she first appears to Conan after removing helmet
C-CTD-15 MLS of Conan, Bombaata & Zula riding horses thru canyon area
C-CTD-16 MS of Melak [Tracey Walter] dressing upper leg wound of Zula, who eyes him warily
C-CTD-17 FLV of bare-chested Bombaata & Conan descending staircase in castle of Thoth-Amon
C-CTD-18 Profile MCU of Jehnna about to plant farewell kiss on Conan's lips
C-CTD-19 PR: Lighting makes superlative FLV of Conan standing with sword in one hand, hawk in other
C-CTD-20 PR: FLV of Queen Taramis posed in black leather costume with cape, very leggy
C-CTD-21 FLV of Mastodon skeleton embedded in desert sand as Conan's band moves past in far bg
C-CTD-22 Cont. #12, near FLV of Queen Taramis standing with hand on hip in costume with black bird on front
C-CTD-23 Cont. #23, FLV of Queen Taramis in sultry pose
C-CND-1 FLV of alter ego Condorman [Michael Crawford] standing high on Eiffel Tower
C-CND-2 PR: leggy FLV of Natalia seated posed in black dress & floppy- brimmed hat
C-CND-3 PR: MCU of Natalia posed in white dress & turban
C-CND-4 Condorman spreads wings atop high building as Natalia adjusts his harness form behind
[NOTE: #24-58 are available as 5x7 or 3 1/2x5 size only]
C-CS-1 Title over giant meteor in star-studded space
C-CS-2 George Pal credit over longer shot of meteor
C-CS-3 Impressive shot of V-winged spaceship & space wheel
C-CS-4 FLV of space wheel in orbit around Earth
C-CS-5 Two astronauts float toward space wheel, Earth in bg
C-CS-6 Astronauts fall as meteorites strike space wheel
C-CS-7 Astronaut on ladder hands spacesuits to another
C-CS-8 Astros on ramp of transport, spaceship & Earth in bg
C-CS-9 Astros place victim on space taxi, space wheel & Earth in bg
C-CS-10 FV of spaceship blasting away from the wheel
C-CS-11 SV of ship's rockets firing
C-CS-12 Trail of rocket flames & smoke flanked by Earth
C-CS-13 LS of spaceship casting into space
C-CS-14 Crew of five reacts to stress of G-force
C-CS-15 CU of Gen. Merritt [Walter Brooke] as his face distorts
C-CS-16 Merritt & son Barney [Eric Fleming] view Moon on screen
C-CS-17 LS of astronaut repairing telemetry outside ship
C-CS-18 MS of Astros outside ship spotting giant meteor OS
C-CS-19 LS of giant meteor
C-CS-20 Viewscreen image of giant meteor
C-CS-21 LS of space wheel crew eating in mess hall
C-CS-22 Giant meteor on collision course with spaceship
C-CS-23 LS of Mars rocket blasting thru space
C-CS-24 FLV of V-winged spaceship hanging against brilliant starfield
C-CS-25 Space taxi bursts away from the wheel
C-CS-26 Taxi nears group of astronauts on ramp of spaceship. Wheel & part of Earth in bg
C-CS-27 Tight shot of taxi pulled up to ramp to receive paralyzed Cooper [William Redfield]
C-CS-28 Astros place Cooper on taxi, Wheel in bg
C-CS-29 RV of taxi, astros tagging along on tielines, moving toward wheel
C-CS-30 Barney writes letter in fg as rest of wheel crew watches movie musical number on screen
C-CS-31 Crew in front rows watch wheel & spaceship on screen as Imoto chides them
C-CS-32 Merritt reads bible in cabin, ignoring TV screen showing wheel & ship
C-CS-33 MCU of Fodor [Ross Martin] screaming his last inside helmet when meteorite punctures spacesuit
C-CS-34 Merritt, Barney, Imoto & Mahoney react in horror at OS tragedy
C-CS-35 Fodor floats free as Siegle [Phil Foster] cowers against ship in bg
C-CS-36 Tighter shot of Fodor floating above observation bubble
C-CS-37 Looking thru bubble at Fodor hanging at end of tether in space
C-CS-38 FLV of Merritt saying prayer over Fodor's wrapped body outside hatch of spaceship
C-CS-39 Cont. #38, Merritt pushes Fodor away from him
C-CS-40 RA of Fodor's body drifting toward Sun. Extraordinary shot
C-CS-41 Cont. #40, body passes in front of Sun's corona
C-CS-42 FLV of Barney opening hatch, Mars partly visible beyond
C-CS-43 LS of three crewmen watching fuel splash to ochre surface of Mars at base of spaceship
C-CS-44 DA of crewmen near ladder looking up as fuel continues to spill out
C-CS-45 Barney [back turned] stands before his father's grave marker, Mars stretching out beyond
C-CS-46 MCU of Barney wearing soulful expression, looking for meaning to his father's death
C-CS-47 LS of Barney turning to leave gravesite as Mahoney looks on
C-CS-48 Bowed Barney walks from gravesite as Mahoney watches him go
C-CS-49 DA of Imoto scooping up soil with his hands at foot of spaceship
C-CS-50 Mahoney walks from gravesite as Imoto [back turned] heads toward it
C-CS-51 RA of Imoto with lower portion of spaceship in bg
C-CS-52 Imoto about to plant seed in displaced soil
C-CS-53 LS of Mahoney with shovel & sample bag standing at dig site, spaceship in far bg
C-CS-54 MS: Barney tells Siegle at base of ship that water must be conserved
C-CS-55 MS of Barney defending himself to OS Mahoney inside ship, Mars visible thru window beyond
C-CS-56 LS of ship as snowfall blankets surrounding area
C-CS-57 Astros climb down ship ladder with vacuum hose as snow falls
C-CS-58 Imoto sucks up snow with vacuum hose by ladder
C-CD-1 PR: FLV of Elisabeth in provocatively worn lace-trimmed blue nightgown
C-CD-2 Cont. #1, Elizabeth turns sideways & smiles into camera enticingly
C-CD-3 Profile MS of Elizabeth, bosom bloodied, vamping Imre Toth [Sandor Eles]
C-CLM-1 Title over monster's head emerging from water
C-CLM-2 Man gazes up in horror, tractor in bg
C-CLM-3 MS of monster against forest bg
C-CLM-4 Night shot of monster chasing police car
C-CLM-5 Good upper profile of monster in forest
CREATOR - 1985
C-CTR-1 MS of Dr. Harry Wolper [Peter O'Toole] pouring mixture into bottle with cigar-clenched smile as Meli [Mariel Hemingway] & Boris [Vincent Spano] watch
C-CTR-2 MS of smiling Meli in red top folded inside out at bustline, knotted scarf in hair
C-CTR-3 MLS: Boris & Barbara Spencer [Virginia Madsen] kick back on beach
C-CRT-1 Mutilated body of German astronaut lies in medical cabinet, killed by 200,000-year-old alien
C-CRT-2 MLS of American astronaut Dr. Wendy Oliver [Annette McCarthy], her body awash in blood courtesy of Titan monster
C-CRT-3 MCU of another German astronaut face down dead in alien lab on Titan, one of Saturn's moons
C-CRT-4 FLV of spacesuited American astronaut team entering German spaceship
C-CRT-5 BS: Profile MCU of Robert Jaffe being prepared for special makeup appliances
C-CRT-6 BS: FLV of LA Effects Group sfx wizards posing before model of American spaceship Shenendoah
C-CBL-1 MS of gill-man, webbed hands upraised in his grotto
C-CBL-2 FLV of gill-man pulling on bathing beauty Kay's arm in cavern
C-CRE-1 MCU of young woman falling backward into pane of glass, shards piercing her head
C-CU-1 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet featuring artwork of dog-like alien being, crashing spaceship & panicked people
C-CRP-1 CIN: title superimposed over lightning on black bg
C-CRP-2 CIN: MCU of Jordy Verrill [Stephen King] covered by unearthly growth
C-CRP-3 CIN: pair of hands reach for horrified Vickers [Leslie Nielsen]
C-CRP-4 CIN: MS of Upson Pratt [E.G. Marshall] frantically brushing cockroaches off himself
C-CRP-5 MS of Spectre hovering outside Billy's window
C-CRP-6 MCU of dead Nate [John Amplas] pushing way out of grave. Red hue
C-CRP-7 Dead Nate strangles Aunt Bedelia [Viveca Lindfors] at grave. Red hue
C-CRP-8 MS of dead Nate showing up with his Father's Day cake, Aunt Sylvia's candle-lit head. Red hue
C-CRP-9 MS of bug-eyed Jordy on porch, space growth sprouting on face & clothes
C-CRP-10 Cont. #9, MLS as he notes how growth has spread to house
C-CRP-11 Profile MS of Vickers holding gun on Harry Wentworth [Ted Danson], in beach sand pit
C-CRP-12 MCU of Vickers taunting Wentworth, buried up too neck in sand
C-CRP-13 CU of Wentworth, head shimmering under water
C-CRP-14 MS of Prof. Stanley [Fritz Weaver] trying to save janitor, his arm snagged by creature inside open grate. Red hue
C-CRP-15 MS of excited Stanley telling Northrup [Hal Holbrook] of his awful discovery & what it's wrought
C-CRP-16 CU of crate creature baring fangs in darkness under lab stairwell
C-CRP-17 MCU of creature about to make lunch of Northrup's wife, Wilma [Adrienne Barbeau]. Red hue
C-CRP-18 CU of Wilma looking over shoulder & screaming, red hue, blue bg
C-CRP-19 FLV of creature popping out of crate to snatch Wilma. Red hue
C-CRP-20 MS of Pratt about to spray some OS bug he's spotted in his pristine apartment
C-CRIT-1 Cute but vicious alien furball sits atop couch with big grin
C-CRIT-2 CU: critter illuminated by flashlight, mouth open to reveal sharp teeth
CUJO - 1983
C-CJO-1 MS: Donna Trenton [Dee Wallace] spots OS rabid dog at isolated farm
C-CJO-2 MS: Donna cradles son Tad [Danny Pintauro] while trapped in car
C-CCU-1 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet showing hero aiming rifle at towering monster above them
C-COF-1 PR: MLS of Frankenstein monster [Christopher Lee] striking menacing pose against eerie bg
Back To Top
DAMIEN: OMEN 2 - 1978
C-DO2-1 CIN: Aunt Marion [Sylvia Sidney] is scared to death at sight of raven on top of car
C-DO2-2 CIN: Marion flails on ground as raven pecks her bloody face & eyes
C-DA-1 Block title over nuclear explosion
C-DA-2 Giant explosions begin to rip missile complex
C-DA-3 LS of atomic blast with mushroom cloud
C-DA-4 Tons of water burst thru wall onto city street
C-DA-5 Peak of skyscraper juts out of massive flood waters
C-DA-6 Full frame of electric-charged, blood-red sky
C-DA-7 LS of burnt orange sky & desert terrain
C-DA-8 LS of Land Master in purple desert haze
C-DA-9 Closer view of Land Master in purple desert haze
C-DA-10 Profile of Tanner
C-DA-11 CU of Tanner
C-DA-12 CU of Billy [Jackie Earle Haley] in Land Master
C-DA-13 CU of Keegan [Paul Winfield]
C-DA-14 CU of Denton [George Peppard] & Janice
C-DA-15 Keegan & Perry [Kip Niven] driving Land Master
C-DA-16 Excellent FLV of Land Master bathed in red desert glow
C-DA-17 3/4 FV of Land Master on desert
C-DA-18 Giant scorpion mauls victim [rump to camera] in desert, second scorpion in bg
C-DA-19 FLV of Land Master motoring thru water
C-DA-20 PR: PRT of swarthy Tanner in camouflage Army shirt
C-DA-21 MS of Denton in summer military shirt & cap, looks away severely
C-DDK-1 FLV of Diabolik [John Phillip Law], in silver body suit, about to tackle vault door beyond steel-reinforced cave walls of hideout
C-DDK-2 UA of Eva [Marisa Mell], in red top & shorts, eyeing camera with hands on hips at hideout
C-DDK-3 LS of police entering Diabolik's stylishly futuristic underground fortress hideout
C-DDK-4 LS of police sweeping thru incredible hideout
C-DDK-5 FLV of Diabolik turned into gold-encased statue
C-DDK-6 Cont. #5, MS shows Diabolik's face peering thru
C-DDK-7 Cont. #6, CU of gilded Diabolik's face staring into camera
C-DRK-1 FLV of Jen & Kira, holding Fizgig, beside wall of Destiny in Gelfing ruins
C-DRK-2 LS of Skeksis encircling crystal to perform power ceremony
C-DRK-3 MCU of Mystic Master causing crystal shard to rise from tub
C-DRK-4 FLV of Skeksis clan gathered around bedside of dying emperor
C-DRK-5 Profile MS of Skeksis threatening podling in Chamber of Life
C-DRK-6 FLV of mystic informing Jen his master has need of him
C-DRK-7 Skeksis tries to take scepter from dying but still vociferous emperor
C-DRK-8 PR: FLV of Mystics & Skeksis posed before dormant crystal
C-DRK-9 Title over LS of Skeksis castle on plain darkened by roiling clouds
C-DRK-10 RV of Jen standing, in rocks, taking in sight of beautiful valley below
C-DRK-11 MS of Jen looking to his left
C-DRK-12 Profile MCU of Kira looking to her right
C-DRK-13 MS of Kira holding Fizgig
C-DRK-14 MS of Kira holding Fizgig, Jen at her side
C-DRK-15 MS of Aughra the Wizardess
D-DRK-16 Jen kneels to pick up crystal shards on floor of Aughra's lab
C-DRK-17 Jen hands over basins of water in Aughra's lab
C-DRK-18 MS of Jen playing flute as he & Kira float downriver
C-DRK-19 FLV of Skeksis Gerthin Master flanked by two of the black creatures
C-DRK-20 MS of captive Kira undergoing torturous essence-draining procedure
C-DS-1 Alien rubber ball traps Pinback on ledge of shaft
C-DS-2 Space storm coruscates around spaceship Dark Star
C-DS-3 Cont. #2, bolt of lightning strikes front of ship
C-DS-4 Somewhat psychotic bomb at bottom of ship
C-DS-5 Doolittle exits top of ship in jet pack
C-DS-6 SV of Dark Star in space
C-DS-7 Crewman looks up at stars from glass bubble atop of ship
C-DS-8 Ship orbits planet of an unstable sun. Bomb visible
C-DS-9 MS of ship & bomb #19
C-DS-10 Doolittle rides "surfboard" toward planet & oblivion
C-DS-11 Crew of Dark Star at ship controls
C-DS-12 FLV of ship & bomb #20
C-DS-13 Title above Doolittle space-surfing thru void
C-DS-14 Title over Doolittle space-surfing toward planet
C-DS-15 The Veil Nebula
C-DS-16 Nice optical of blue lighting space storm effect
C-DS-17 MCU of Pinback at ship controls
C-DS-18 Dark Star orbits target planet [crescent view]
C-DS-19 FV of Dark Star moving away from planet
C-DS-20 Cont. #19, closer view of spaceship
C-DS-21 MCU of Doolittle in jetpack after leaving ship
C-DS-22 Doolittle tries to reason with contrary bomb
C-DS-23 DA of spaceship Dark Star model favoring aft section
C-DS-24 RV of spaceship model showing good detail
C-DS-25 RF of spaceship orbiting alongside red planet
C-DS-26 Profile MS of ship as sun flare glints from bottom
C-DS-27 Looking toward observation pod as Doolittle faces chair
C-DS-28 Talby sits disconsolate in pod chair
C-DS-29 MS of nervous, troubled Pinback at ship controls
C-DS-30 3/4 RV of Dark Star in space
C-DS-31 Cont. #30, ion energy bolt strikes ship
DARKMAN - 1990
C-DMN-1 FLV of Darkman [Liam Neeson], black clad with face swathed in bandages, running from helicopter hovering above burning structure
C-DMN-2 Cont. #1, UA of Darkman in profile making escape
C-DMN-3 RV of silhouetted Darkman shielding eyes from sunlight streaming into dank, pipe-laden enclosure
C-DMN-4 Cont. #2, FLV of Darkman looking up at OS helicopter
C-DMN-5 MCU of sadistic Durant [Larry Drake] firing machine gun from chopper
C-DMN-6 MS of Julie [Frances McDormand] nestling happily against shoulder of scientist Peyton Westlake [Neeson], grinning face in profile
C-DMN-7 MS of Westlake being menaced by gun-wielding shadow on wall
C-DMN-8 FLV of Darkman, sans hat, surveying damage to lab
C-DMN-9 MCU of Darkman, bandages hiding disfigured face
C-DWA-1 PR: PRT of Angel [Emmanuelle Beart] cuddling Jim [Michael Knight] beside Patty [Phoebe Cates], arms folded, wearing green sweater set & cropped hair
C-DWA-2 PR: PRT of smiling Jim as Angel snuggles up
C-DWA-3 PR: PRT of Patty in white pullover sweater
C-DWA-4 PR: PRT of Patty in blue sweater, head tilted forward & lips parted
C-DWA-5 Cont. #4, upright PRT with hand to chin
C-DWA-6 PR: PRT of smiling Patty in green sweater set, arms crossed to shoulders. Purple bg
C-DWA-7 Cont. #6, MS with hands down
C-DWA-8 PR: vertical MS of Patty, in silk negligee & robe, sitting up on bed
C-DWA-9 Cont. #8, horizontal MLS, angle slightly different
C-DWA-10 PR: MLS of Patty posed in red party dress with puffed sleeves, three strand pearl choker added
C-DWA-11 Cont. #10, FLV of Patty sitting at bottom of stairs
C-DWA-12 PR: shadowy PRT of Patty wearing black turtleneck sweater, face & moussed hir font & backlit
C-DWA-13 PR: fashion PRT of Patty, wearing gold lamé dress pulled off shoulders, hand to throat of tilted up, profiled face, eyes cosed
C-DWA-14 PR: MLS of wind-whipped winged Angel, in heavenly white gown, reaching toward camera
C-DWA-15 PR: MS of Angel as above training eyes upward, long blond hair falling to waist
C-DWA-16 PR: FLV of Angel standing in forest glade under golden light
C-DWA-17 PR: Angel sits in glade with leopard cub in lap, holding bird in palms of hands
C-DWA-18 Cont. #17, LS of smiling Angel surrounded by forest animals, caressing cub
C-DWA-19 PR: PRT of Angel in contemporary woman guise, hair framing face
C-DWA-20 PR: MS of Angel, in thoughtful mood, wrapping quilt around her
C-DWA-21 PR: MS of contemplative Angel in nurse's uniform
C-DWA-22 PR: MS of smiling Angel wearing classy brown outfit & snappy hat
C-DWN-1 MCU of bloody zombie Stephen [DavidEmge], hole torn in neck
C-DWN-2 BS: Technician takes light reading on female extras preparing to lunch on severed arm
C-DWN-3 BS: camera films zombies pulling innards out of hapless biker
C-DWN-4 MS of zombie taking chunk out of biker's neck
C-DWN-5 Cont. #1, extreme profile CU of Stephen, gaping bloody hole torn in neck
C-DWN-6 Cont. #5, MS of blood-covered Stephen, head lolls to side
C-DWN-7 FLV: zombies walk mall balcony with various remains of biker prizes
C-DWN-8 DA of female zombie laying dead after taking bullet in head
C-DWN-9 Zombies pull insides out of biker. A grossout!
C-DWN-10 CU of zombie victim with machete in head
C-DWN-11 MCU of zombie's head blowing up
C-DOD-1 PR: AV of director George Romero surrounded by scores of zombies in underground elevator
C-DOD-2 BS: MS of smiling Romero holding little girl in arms as zombie called Bub looks on
C-DOD-3 BS: MS of makeup artist Tom Savini touching up Bub's waxen face
C-DOD-4 BS: SFX artists Greg Nicotero & Howard Berger prepare to touchup autopsy zombie
C-DOD-5 BS: MS of Romero rehearsing Sarah [Lori Cardille] for next scene
C-DOD-6 BS: MCU of facially mutilated jaw zombie
C-DOD-7 Cont. #6, CU shows gruesome detail
C-DOD-8 Cont. #7, profile MCU
C-DOD-9 Semi-profile MCU of priest zombie
C-DOD-10 MS of priest zombie coming at camera
C-DOD-11 Group of zombies tear head of Torrez [Taso Stavrakis] from body
C-DOD-12 Zombies attack Rickles [Ralph Marrero], one gouging his eyes out
C-DOD-13 MS of Miller [Phil Kellams] screaming after zombie takes chunk out of his neck
C-DOD-14 Hand of zombie shown carrying head of Torres off for lunch [cut from film]
C-DOD-15 Head of Johnson [Nicotero] returns to life on lab table
C-DOD-16 Profile MCU of Bub starting to shave face
C-DOD-17 Cont. #16, CU of Bub shaving
C-DOD-18 PRT of growling zombie with bullet holes in face
C-DOD-19 DA of same zombie clutching hungrily atcha
C-DOD-20 MS of same zombie grazing for food
C-DOD-22 FLV of autopsy zombie [Mike Trcic] strapped to table & damn unhappy about it
C-DOD-23 MCU of zombie with eye area missing
C-DOD-24 Two rows of Savini's zombie masks
C-DOD-25 Profile MS of Sarah, in miner's helmet, aiming gun at OS zombies
C-DT-1 Green title over body of triffid victim on floor
C-DT-2 Credits over Masen & Christine Durrant [Nicole Maurey] driving truck
C-DT-3 People watch meteorites flash in sky over Big Ben
C-DT-4 Orange meteor flares in night sky over London
C-DT-5 Cont. #4, meteor, much larger now, lights up London
C-DT-6 Nurse & doctor enjoy sight from hospital window
C-DT-7 CU of triffid's voracious maw
C-DT-8 Cont. #7, slightly grosser view
C-DT-9 Triffid wraps its limbs around human victim
C-DT-10 Little girl encounters blind people in train depot
C-DT-11 Bill struggles past groping blind people
C-DT-12 LS of wreckage around Paris' Arch du Triomphe
C-DT-13 CU of blinded airliner cockpit crew
C-DT-14 CU of triffids sprouting in field
C-DT-15 Triffid root appendage slinks over ground fog
C-DT-16 Middle part of triffid seen thru rear window of car
C-DT-17 CU of Susan [Janina Faye], worrying in stalled car
C-DT-18 Convicts & woman partying in house
C-DT-19 Convict reaches for girl dancing on table
C-DT-20 Triffid breaks thru house window
C-DT-21 Cont. #20, triffid further thru smashed window
C-DT-22 Cont. #21, longer shot of triffid nearing blind woman
C-DT-23 Karen & Tom Goodwin [Kieron Moore] work in lab
C-DT-24 Karen & Goodwin terrified at OS triffid
C-DT-25 Gang of triffids stands silent in green haze
C-DAY-1 FLV of Klaatu, in uniform & helmet, standing on ramp of saucer, holding out his gift for the president
C-DAY-2 FLV of Gort standing immobile in front of saucer
C-DAY-3 PR: incomparable FLV of Gort & Klaatu, in uniform with hand raised, on ramp of saucer
C-DAY-4 FLV of Klaatu talking with soldiers after he's shot
C-DAY-5 LC scene of Gort restoring Klaatu's life, Helen in bg
C-DAY-6 Gun emplacement & troops ring landed saucer in field
C-DAY-7 PRT of Klaatu wearing silver suit on orange bg
C-DAY-8 FLV of original full- scale saucer model, in state of semi-disrepair, on floor of convention display room
C-DAY-9 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster
[NOTE: this group is printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-DTE-1 FLV of desert home
C-DTE-2 Donut-styled, glowing UFO buzzes desert road at night
C-DTE-3 Green-glowing alien imp enters dark bedroom
C-DTE-4 Two giant monsters in tight mortal combat
C-DTE-5 Little Jenny runs thru maelstrom of wild time changes
C-DTE-6 Grant looks out on graveyard of future & past alien planes & ground vehicles
C-DB-1 PR: PRT of Martha, Vicky & Lana in sleepwear
C-DB-2 MCU of Martha standing in doorway, bewildered
C-DB-3 MCU of Martha defensively holding pitchfork in darkened barn
C-DB-4 MS of Vicky, sweaty from jogging, stopped in tracks by something OS
C-DB-5 MS of Lana admiring young OS Hittite man in drug store
C-DB-6 MS of Lana, in green nightgown, about to run from house with Martha [back turned]
C-DB-7 MCU of monstrous hell demon
C-DB-8 PR: MS of demon from Hell grabbing frightened Martha by shoulders
C-DB-9 Cont. #8, CU of demon holding Martha's face to his
C-DFR-1 PR: MLS of smiling, girl-next-door Samantha [Kristy Swanson] leaning against fence, arms folded, wearing man's red sport shirt
C-DFR-2 PR: FLV of Samantha in cheesecake pose sitting up on floor, wearing red aerobics exercise outfit
C-DFR-3 PR:FLV of robot Bee Bee cruising past students with umbrella
C-DFR-4 Semi-profile MS of Samantha smiling at OS boyfriend
C-DFR-5 Profile MS of Samantha strangling hateful neighbor woman Elvira [Ann Ramsey]
C-DFR-6 MLS of Samantha stopped in tracks by police
C-DFR-7 MS of whiz kid Paul [Matthew Laborteaux] in front of blackboard
C-DFR-8 MS of Paul's buddy Tom [Matthew Sharrett] in "who, me?" stance outdoors
C-DFR-9 Red title under LS of Samantha standing at window as curtains blow toward camera against black bg
C-DFR-10 Looking past Paul after he opens frond door to find smiling Samantha with neighborhood offering
C-DFR-11 MCU of Samantha now inside house & laughing with Paul
C-DFR-12 MS of Samantha cowering at door of her bedroom, her abusive father on other side
C-DFR-13 MS of Samantha seated outside & turned aside with cute smile, wearing yellow top
C-DFR-14 MLS of Paul & Samantha about to kiss on park bench
C-DFR-15 MS of Samanthastein about to use basketball for six-point shot
C-DFR-16 FLV of Paul prodding living-dead Samantha up to attic
C-DFR-17 MS of Paul bending over Samantha, lying on morgue slab
C-DFR-18 Cont. #17, MCU of Paul as Samantha's arms reach for his throat
C-DFR-19 Cont. #18, Paul's hands tear flesh away from Samantha's arms, revealing metal bones underneath
C-DFR-20 PR: PRT of pretty Samantha in pink jacket, lips parted sensuously
C-DFR-21 PR: MS of Samantha laughing into camera, wearing letter jacket & baseball mitt
C-DR-1 Matte of futuristic New York City, racetrack & grandstand
C-DSP-1 Kaz Oshay [David Carradine], Deneer & third prisoner aim tube lasers at cell wall [red filtered]
C-DSP-2 LS of three cannibal mutants bumming around waste area
C-DSP-3 State Men train lasers on mutants
C-DSP-4 MCU of bug-eyed mutant holding bloody bone
C-DSP-5 PR: FLV of Deneer posed on rocks, saber pointed toward camera
[NOTE: this series has shifted color]
C-DEM-1 Title Julie Christie Carries the Demon Seed over Susan covered by sheet during baby delivery sequence
C-DEM-2 Same title over computer arm carrying Susan to bed
C-DEM-3 Title Fear for Her over arm dumping Susan onto bed
C-DEM-4 Harris issuing memoranda into recorder
C-DEM-6 DA of supercomputer's underground components
C-DEM-7 DA of Susan with astonished, hurt expression
C-DEM-8 CU of Susan under restraint
C-DEM-14 Computerized wheelchair with laser enters living room
C-DEM-18 Proteus' tetrahedron whips around in Harris' lab
C-DEM-19 Cont. #18, Gabler crouches before the tetrahedron
C-DEM-20 Cont. #19, tetrahedron moves to attack Gabler
C-DEM-25 CU of Susan's intense face, her brow furrowed
C-DEM-26 Laser beam cuts over the passive form of Susan
C-DEM-27 Cont. #26, RA with beam across her face
C-DEM-28 Cont. #28, beam cuts a wider swath
C-DEM-35 Computer baby's hand reaches out of its incubator
C-DM-1 Spaceship makes landing approach over Moon
C-DM-2 Astronautss set up equipment at foot of ship
C-DM-3 Cargraves [Warner Anderson] shows model spaceship & cutaway to businessman
C-DM-4 General Thayer [Tom Powers] displays red spacesuit to Cargraves
C-DM-5 Barnes, Thayer, Sweeney [Dick Wesson] & Cargraves prepare for takeoff
C-DM-6 LS of spaceship with gantry pulling away
C-DM-7 Viewscreen look at spaceship over the shoulders of Barnes & Thayer
C-DM-8 Tight shot of viewscreen as spaceship rockets ignite
C-DM-9 Porthole view of Earth as ship achieves orbit
C-DM-10 Barnes & Sweeney, on outer hull of ship, prepare to rescue Cargraves, floating in space
C-DM-11 LS of spaceship landed on Moon as astros climb down ladder. THE shot from this movie
C-DM-13 Sweeney whines about being on mission as Cargraves tries to calm him aboard ship
C-DM-14 Full color pressbook cover features painting of Moon rocket on Lunar surface above title
C-DAM-1 Godzilla under flak fire in Tokyo
C-DAM-2 FLV of Godzilla & Minya tracking up Monster Island
C-DAM-3 MS of above pair looking over treetops
C-DAM-4 SV of Angilas tracking up Monster Island
C-DAM-5 Ghidrah tracking up Angilas [head OS] on Monster Island
C-DAM-6 LS of flying saucers in cavernous hidden underground base with blue-lit tunnel
C-DMD-1 PR: FLV of red-hot minion of the Devil [Bill Cosby], aiming pitchfork amid flames of Hell
C-DMD-2 PR: MCU of devilish Cosby in full makeup, holding upraised pitchfork
C-DWH-1 MLS of Mandy [Caroline Munro], in sexy black corset & stockings, making offstage phone call as nude dancer performs in bg
C-DWH-2 MS: Mandy, in same costume, being stopped backstage by hard case
C-DWH-3 Mandy & Lucy [Joan Collins] have tense discussion over coffee
C-DWH-4 MS of Mandy, in black silk blouse, leaning against mantel with drink
C-DWH-5 Mandy leans back on couch with drink, talking to OS Lucy
C-DWH-6 MCU of Mandy getting abusive with OS Lucy
C-DWH-7 MS of ladies at door to baby's nursery, not liking what they see OS
C-DAF-1 Standard opening shot of James Bond aiming pistol thru end of gun barrel & blood flowing down over it
C-DAF-2 Optical of Bond in center of diamond circled by four femmes, including Tiffany & Plenty O'Toole
C-DAF-3 Tiffany hands Bond a drink
C-DAF-4 Bond meets Plenty at crap table
C-DAF-5 Tiffany sits on white fur lined chair, clad in open-fronted black gown
C-DAF-6 MS of Tiffany wearing sexy silk bedgown, seated in ocean liner cabin
C-DAF-7 DA of Bond & Tiffany frolicking in bed midst fur covers
C-DAF-8 MS of Tiffany, in lowcut & revealing multi-colored top, slipping cassette into computer
C-DAF-9 PR: MCU of Bond, shirtless, looming over Tiffany [profile] in bed
C-DJS-1 CU of Sister Hyde [Martine Beswick] wearing hat
C-DRN-1 PR: famous PRT of armed & smiling Bond
C-DRN-2 PR: MCU of Honey, in Chinese garment, her wet hair drying out
C-DRN-3 BS: FLV of Honey between takes sitting with legs tucked & towel wrapped about her
C-DRN-4 FLV of Honey sheathing her knife at beach surf line as Bond looks off into distance
C-DRN-5 PR: MLS of Bond in classic pose in tuxedo with upraised gun [moody lighting]
C-DRN-6 PR: PRT of Dr. No [Joseph Wiseman] against red bg
C-DRN-7 MS of Bond offering his card to Sylvia Trench [Eunice Gayson] before leaving casino
C-DRN-8 MS of Honey standing on beach holding seashell, head in profile as she looks aside
C-DRN-9 PR: PRT of assured Bond in tuxedo. Pale blue bg
C-DWD-1 PR: MS of Dr. Who [Peter Cushing] & part of Dalek
DRACULA - 1979
C-DRAC-1 Poster art sans logo of Dracula behind MCU of prone nude woman, storm clouds fill bg
C-DRAC-2 PR: CU of handsome Dracula [Frank Langella] clad in black cape on red bg
C-DRAC-3 PR: MCU of Dracula, dark lighting a hood around his intense face
C-DRAC-4 PR: MS of Dracula in white tunic & black cape on pink bg
C-DRAC-5 PR: MS of Dracula in cape posed outdoors with tree in bg
C-DRAC-6 PR: FLV of Dracula in tunic & pulled back cape holding stake as he steps from coffin
C-DRAC-7 PR: Caped Dracula posed on horseback
C-DRAC-8 PRT of Van Helsing [Laurence Olivier]
C-DRAC-9 PR: FLV of caped Dracula posed in front of castle
C-DRAC-10 PR: FLV of nightgowned Lucy at side of caped Dracula in front of oak tree
C-DRAC-11 PR: FLV of nightgowned Lucy seated at foot of bed with Dracula [sans cape] perched over her
C-DRAC-12 PR: FLV of Dracula holding his cape at arms length around nightgowned Lucy
C-DAD-1 PR: green-hued PRT of Dracula [Christopher Lee]
C-DAD-2 PR: willing, bosomy victims Jessica, Laura, Anna & Gaynor [Marsha Hunt] pose hanging all over an above-it-all Dracula
C-DAD-3 PR:MS of Dracula looking to suck more from Laura's already bloody throat
C-DAD-4 PR: blood touching his lips, Dracula stands in mausoleum with Stephanie holding knife in bg
C-DAD-5 PR: MS of sexy Jessica holding bloody knife
C-DAD-6 FLV of Dracula, trying to pull knife from chest, about to topple from mausoleum balcony
C-DAD-7 MCU of bloody-mouthed Dracula starting to decompose & smoke
C-DAD-8 CU of Dracula looking like he feels, a bloody mess
C-DAD-9 MLS of Jessica, Laura & others dancing at party
C-DAD-10 LS of Dracula entering dank mausoleum
C-DAD-11 Cont. #10, closer FLV of Dracula
C-DAD-12 CU of Dracula baring fangs
C-DAD-13 CU of Laura gazing up trancelike at Dracula
C-DAD-14 Unintentionally funny MS of Dracula recoiling from Jessica's large breast
C-DAD-15 PR: Cont. #2, MS of Dracula hexing camera, flanked by admiring Jessica, Gaynor, Anna & Laurel
C-DAD-16 PR: Cont. #15, FLV of smiling ladies standing behind coffin on which Dracula is seated
C-DAD-17 Cont. #9, FLV of group dancing at party, Laura & Jessica prominent
C-DRG-1 PR: FLV of Maria sitting up in leafy glade, long blonde hair & flowers discretely covering nude body
C-DRG-2 Cont. #1, FLV now seated with legs out in front of her, hand to chin
C-DRG-3 MS of impaled Dracula, tears of blood staining face
C-DRG-4 FLV of Dracula standing by open coffin
C-DSR-1 Baby dragon feeds on Princess Elspeth [Chloe Salaman]
C-DSR-2 MCU of Vermithrax spewing fire from its mouth in cave
C-DSR-3 FLV of Vermithrax hovering against clouds with wings spread, spitting plume of flame
C-DSR-4 FLV of Vermithrax exploding in midair
C-DSR-5 FLV of Vermithrax winging low over water with mountains & crescent Moon in bg
C-DSR-6 FLV: Vermithrax being struck by lightning bolts as he flies thru clouds
C-DSR-7 Head of Vermithrax nuzzles her dead baby
C-DSR-8 Galen plunges lance into neck of Vermithrax
C-DSR-9 MLS of giant dragon claw reaching for helpless Princess Elspeth chained to altar stone
C-DSR-10 CIN: MCU of dragon Vermithrax rearing back to breathe fire on OS Galen in cavern
C-DSR-11 Cont. #10, Vermithrax lifts head as smoke issues from mouth
C-DSR-12 Cont. #11, CU spitting huge column of flame
C-DSR-13 Cont. #12, LS breathing flame on Galen, protected by shield
C-DSR-14 CIN: Galen watches spectral Ulrich, covered in green flame, inside cavern
C-DSR-15 CIN: head-on of Vermithrax worming way thru cave tunnel
C-DSR-16 CIN: Vermithrax looms over Galen as boy spears dragon in throat near cave entrance
C-DRM-1 MCU of shadowy snakeman [Larry Cedar], nightmare creature
C-DRM-2 PR: MS of Alex Gardner [Dennis Quaid] & Jane DeVries [Kate Capshaw] in clinch, both smiling at something OS
C-DRM-3 PR: PRT of Jane, in grey sweater, leaning against tree limb & smiling sweetly
C-DRM-4 PR: Semi-profile MCU of snakeman, black bg
C-DRM-5 BS: FLV of beautifully articulated stop-motion Alex grappling with snakeman on set
C-DRM-6 BS: Alex sits with director Joseph Ruben & nuked corpses aboard trolley car
C-DRM-7 BS: MS of Quaid sitting & talking with actor who plays henchman for Blair
C-DRM-8 MLS of woman running for her life on empty highway, an unreal New York skyline behind her
C-DRM-9 Cont. #8, nuclear explosion takes out skyline
C-DRM-10 Cont. #9, searing nuclear tidal wave approaches woman as she reaches out to camera
C-DRM-11 FLV of Alex standing atop skyscraper as dream of construction worker unfolds
C-DRM-12 FLV of Glatman [David Patrick Kelly] standing with trolley car full of corpses in nightmare
C-DRM-13 Alex talks to president [Eddie Albert] in trolley as it moves thru nuked Washington DC
C-DRM-14 Great FLV of post-holocaust environment
DUNE - 1984
C-DUN-1 PR: FLV of Lady Jessica [Francesca Annis] posed at foot of elaborate stairs in Caladan hallway
C-DUN-2 PR: PRT of evil Feyd-Rautha [Sting]
C-DUN-3 PR: MLS of Feyd posed with hands on hips
C-DUN-4 PR: MLS of Feyd in sitting pose eyeing camera
C-DUN-5 PR: MCU of Chani [Sean Young] holding bone-like knife
C-DUN-6 PR: CU of alien Spice Guild Navigator
C-DUN-7 Profile MS of Paul Atreides [Kyle MacLachlan] bending to kiss Chani, in see-thru nightgown
C-DUN-8 MCU of Reverend Mother Helen [Sian Phillips] counseling Jessica
C-DUN-9 FLV of Chani standing with large group of Freman
C-DUN-10 Still-suited Fremen prepare attack amid rocks
C-DUN-11 LS of Baron Harkonnen [Kenneth McMillan] maniacally circling in midair about steam shower
C-DUN-12 RV of small craft about to crash on desert planet
C-DUN-13 Harkonnen soldiers stand at attention as cable car arrives at palace on Geidi Prime
C-DUN-14 MS of Emperor Shaddam [Jose Ferrer] awaiting arrival of third stage navigator
C-DUN-15 LS: cable car moving above vast industrial complex on Geidi Prime
C-DUN-16 MLS of Feyd stepping out of steam shower with arms outstretched, clad only in blue trunks
C-DUN-17 LS of giant Harkonnen battleship being readied for action
C-DUN-18 MS of Feyd holding cat out to captured Thufir Hawat [Freddie Jones] as Baron gloats
C-DUN-19 MS of Paul raising chrysknife & shouting: "Long live the fighters," flanked by Halleck, Stilgar [Everett McGill], & Jessica
C-DUN-20 MCU of Paul showing Fremen how to use weirding module
C-DUN-21 MS of royal family; Paul, Duke Leto [Jurgen Prochnow] & Jessica upon arrival at Arrakeen
C-DUN-22 PRT of Princess Irulan [Virginia Madsen]
C-DUN-23 Profile MS of Leto standing behind chair, flanked by seated Paul & Jessica, as they receive message from emporor
C-DUN-24 Cont. #23, Leto seated in center chair
C-DUN-25 MS of Chani, holding glass beaker, looking up at Paul, who stands profiled at her shoulder, during Fremen ritual
C-DUN-26 FLV of Paul standing over body of Feyd, his little sister Alia [Alicia Roanne Witt] at his feet as all await his words
C-DUN-27 MS of Alia issuing warning
C-DUN-28 PR: MS of Paul, in dress military shirt, in defensive pose with upturned knife
C-DUN-29 PR: MS of Feyd in futuristic steel-blue costume, hands on hips
C-DUN-30 FLV of Paul working out with training robot, using weirding module
C-DUN-31 Cont. #30, Paul bends, aiming module at robot
C-DUN-32 Cont. #31, FLV igniting deadly armature & activating module with voice
C-DUN-33 PR: MLS of Paul posed in sandrider outfit
C-DUN-34 PR: MLS of Paul posed with Chani, he holding chrysknife, she holding sandworm hook
C-DUN-35 PR: FLV of Kyle & Sean posed in stilsuits beside director David Lynch, all smiling
C-DUN-36 PR: MLS of DUNE novelist Frank Herbert & moneybags Dino DeLaurentiis seated on set
C-DUN-37 MS of Chani placing her hand on cheek of bowed & battle weary Paul as Jessica & Fremen look on
C-DUN-38 Cont. #37, Paul looks up toward another outstretched hand
C-DUN-39 Profile MS of Paul placing his hand in box of pain held by Reverend Mother Helen Mohiam [Sian Phillips]
C-DUN-40 LS of Atreides golden fleet & ground forces landed at Arrakeen
C-DUN-41 FLV of cloaked Jessica walking from Caladan palace into rain
C-DUN-42 MS of Mohiam & other Bene Geserit sisterhood standing in rain
C-DUN-43 MLS of Paul about to plant thumper in desert, legion of Fremen fighters lined up in bg
C-DUN-44 MS of Feyd & Beast Rabban [Paul Smith]
C-DUN-45 MCU of Jessica, in white dress, Dr. Yueh [Dean Stockwell] at side
C-DUN-46 MS of Chani at Fremen ceremony
C-DUN-47 Dr. Kynes [Max Von Sydow] pilots ornithopter as Leto speaks on radio, Paul & Halleck sit behind them
C-DUN-48 PRT of Paul in royal family uniform
C-DUN-49 PR: MS of Paul in gray uniform, shirt panels rolled up reveal netting & bare chest, he's giving straight arm & holding up knife
C-DUN-50 CU of solemn Chani against black bg
C-DUN-51 MLS of Emperor Shaddam, Princess Irulan & Helen glumly watching approaching Paul
C-DUN-52 PR: MCU of Feyd, eyes & shoulder to camera
C-DUN-53 MCU of Paul putting knife to Gurney's throat
C-DUN-54 MLS of Fremen leader Stilgar, as he stands before Paul & Jessica
C-DUN-55 PR: MS of Jessica in white dress, hands on hips, black bg
C-DUN-56 MCU of Shadout Mapes [Linda Hunt] pulling chrysknife held by Jessica to her throat in show of loyalty
C-DUN-57 PR: FLV of Gurney sitting with his baliset
C-DUN-58 FLV of Leto sitting at his writing desk
C-DUN-59 MS of Gurney looking at Dr. Kynes, who faces camera while standing before ornithopter
C-DUN-60 MS of Leto & son Paul, both in full uniform, standing & smiling at each other as they discuss leaving Caladan
C-DUN-61 PR: FLV of Thufir Hawat in heavy overcoat
C-DUN-62 MS of Dr. Kynes showing Paul ornithopter, both men in stilsuits
C-DUN-63 FLV of silsuited Fremen standing in great hall
C-DUN-64 PR: MS of Feyd brandishing knife at camera
C-DUN-65 PR: MCU of Feyd holding knife up to camera in front of his face
C-DUN-66 MLS of Paul & Feyd facing off in final combat
C-DUN-67 Cont. #66, MCU of Feyd about to bite Paul's hand while also blocking his chrysknife
C-DUN-68 FLV of Pau & Jessica, in dirty stilsuits, emerging from passageway in rocks to discover Fremen
C-DUN-69 Paul & Stilgar, holding thumper, stand before Fremen legion in desert before doing battle with emperor's forces
C-DUN-70 Cont. #21, Leto, holding bulldog, rests hand on Paul's shoulder
C-DUN-71 MS of Jessica wearing black dress & bright smile
C-DUN-72 View from behind emperor of hideous third stage guild navigator in spice-filled chamber during opening audience
C-DUN-73 Cont. #72, RA from behind guildsmen reveals body of mutated navigator
C-DUN-74 CU of Baron Harkonnen in all his glory
C-DUN-75 Cont. #20, RA RV of Paul exploding stone pyramid
C-DUN-76 LS of emperor's palace as Guild spaceship descends below ground
C-DUN-77 MCU of Feyd bent over Leto, clipping his nose with one hand & holding mouth open with other
C-DUN-78 BS: profile MS of fight coordinator working out hand-to-hand combat sequence with Feyd
C-DUN-79 MLS: emperor hands knife to Feyd so he can have it out with Paul
C-DUN-80 Group of Fremen toting thumpers & sandworm hooks run across desert during final assault
C-DUN-81 MCU of Feyd wearing sly grin as he looks aside
C-DUN-82 Cont. #81, lips parted so less devilish
C-DUN-83 Cont. #82, now serious & more profiled
C-DUN-84 PR: MLS of Feyd standing in front of steam shower, hands on hips & sneer on his lips
C-DUN-85 Cont. #84, FLV with body turned slightly to right, no sneer
C-DUN-86 MCU of Feyd with chrysknife sticking thru neck into open mouth
C-DUN-87 PR: FLV of Paul, in uniform & Jessica, in black dress, posed at foot of staircase inside Caladen palace
C-DUN-88 PR: horizontal CU of Paul eyeing camera, lips parted
C-DUN-89 Chani, Jessica & Alia console Paul at his bedside, brought there by nightmare vision
C-DUN-90 Profile MCU of Chani at Paul's side as he looks aside, both in stilsuits
C-DUN-91 Profile MCU of Paul touching Chani's chin, promising his true love, as Jessica watches
C-DUN-92 Cont. #50, MCU of Chani, with hint of smile, in stilsuit
C-DUN-93 PR: PRT of Chani in stilsuit, glaring into camera
C-DUN-94 MLS of Shadout Mapes about to unsheath knife
C-DUN-95 BS: musing Sting, wearing street clothes, sits on palace steps with arms crossed on knees
C-DUN-96 MS of Helen turned aside
C-DUN-97 LS of belongings being unpacked inside Arrakeen Palace, Jessica & Dr. Yueh watching in bg
C-DUN-98 Miners run from bottom of spice harvester to escape sandworm
C-DUN-99 Cont. #98, tight shot of miner running, part of harvester in bg
C-DUN-100 MCU of Paul screaming in agony after drinking Water of Life
C-DUN-101 MS of Dr. Yueh listening to OS Baron Harkonnen as Piter [Brad Dourif] sneaks up from behind to kill him with his knife
C-DUN-102 Cont. #101, MS of Piter with upraised knife
C-DUN-103 MS:Beast Rabban destroys battered Dr. Kynes' stilsuit with delight
C-DUN-104 MLS: emperor sits on throne, flanked by Princess Irulan & Helen
C-DUN-105 LS of Alia standing before his royal floating blimpness
C-DUN-106 LS of Paul leading group into palace hall lined with Fremen
C-DUN-107 MLS of Paul standing before OS emperor, holding chrysknife, Fremen backs him up
C-DUN-108 FLV of emperor, princeses & Helen standing before Paul, covered by Fremen
C-DUN-109 LS of palace assemblage after Paul, seen from behind, is cloaked & named the Kwisats Hederach
C-DUN-110 PR: spectacular shot of Paul posed in Fremen costume holding chrysknife against Dune desert with giant sandworm rearing up mightly [proposed but unused poster design]
C-DUN-111 BS: mass of technicians & sfx artists filming model of giant sandworm on backlot miniature
C-DUN-112 Cont. #111, crew films several worms for climactic sequence
C-DUN-113 BS: FLV of workmen adding final details to 12-foot-tall emperor's palace exterior
C-DUN-114 BS: modelmaker places hundreds of miniature soldiers in formation beneath 10-foot-high, 30-foot-long Atreides spaceship
C-DUN-115 BS: FLV of modelmaker adjusting Atreides spaceship wingtip, part of his highliner docking bay set
C-DUN-116 BS: several Atreides ships docked in highliner
C-DUN-117 BS: FLV of technician examining Harkonnen flagship model against blue screen
C-DUN-118 FLV of stilsuited Leto & Paul entering ornithopter landing pad
C-DUN-119 FLV of Stilgar & Paul leading Fremen in 10k run thru desert
C-DUN-120 FLV of Paul standing Godlike for he is the Ewisatz Haderach
C-DUN-121 Six-element shot of sandworm-related sfx with title
[NOTE: #A1-A26 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-DUN-A1 Title over upper reaches of Geidi Prime superstructure & cablecar system
C-DUN-A2 LS of emperor's palace as Guild spaceship descends below ground
C-DUN-A3 MS of emperor throws off cloak while listening to OS navigator
C-DUN-A4 MS of Paul grimacing as he prepares to use weirding module on training robot armature
C-DUN-A5 Cont. #A4, armature explodes
C-DUN-A6 RV of small craft about to crash in desert
C-DUN-A7 Cont, #A6, craft slams into bank of sand
C-DUN-A8 Cont. #A7, Paul pilots ship to landing as Jessica pitches forward beside him
C-DUN-A9 MLS of Feyd, clad in blue trunks, stepping out of steam shower with arms outstretched
C-DUN-A10 LS of Baron Harkonnen throwing head back as he starts to circle steam shower in midair
C-DUN-A11 Profile MCU of Paul & Chani about to kiss
C-DUN-A12 Cont. #A11, lovers locked in passionate embrace
C-DUN-A13 MCU of Paul showing Fremen how to use weirding module, different from #20
C-DUN-A14 ECU of Paul shouting orders as he leads desert attack
C-DUN-A15 ECU of Paul screaming in agony after drinking Water of Life
C-DUN-A16 MS of Paul raising chrysknife & shouting "Long live the fighters," flanked by Halleck, Stilgar, Jessica & Chani
C-DUN-A17 MS of Feyd holding cat out to captured Thufir Hawat as Baron Harkonnen gloats
C-DUN-A18 LS: cablecar moves above vast industrial complex on Geidi Prime
C-DUN-A19 Harkonnen soldiers stand at attention as cablecar arrives at palace
C-DUN-A20 LS of Atreides golden fleet & ground forces landed at Arrakeen
C-DUN-A21 LS of giant Harkonnen battleship being readied for action
C-DUN-A22 UA of Paul, Stilgar & Gurney standing at top of staircase leading into palace hall
C-DUN-A23 Profile MLS of giant sandworm plowing thru desert of Arrakis
C-DUN-A24 Cont. #A23, FV of open-mouthed sandworm
C-DUN-A25 Cont. #A24, four sandworms squirming at us
C-DUN-A26 CU of sandworm taking fire during breach in Arrakeen shield wall
Back To Top
C-EQ-1 Quake victims mill about destroyed buildings & cars
C-EQ-2 LS of downtown Los Angeles buildings & freeway destroyed by earthquake
C-EDW-1 MLS of The Inventor [Vincent Price] walking slightly bent with cane in his bizarre lab
C-EDW-2 MS of Edward Scissorhands [Johnny Depp] peering around door of gloomy mansion, revealing sad, pale, scarred face & pruning shears for hands
C-EDW-3 MS of pretty blonde cheerleader Kim [Winona Ryder], smiling as she holds school notebook to her chest
C-EDW-4 MLS of Kim in cheerleader outfit, smiling aside as her thuggish boyfriend Jim [Anthony Michael Hall] looks on
C-EDW-5 MLS: Edward proves to class what a cutup he is during show & tell
C-EDW-6 FLV of Edward pleased with his shrubbery pruning technique, sculpting family figures in yard
C-ELM-1 MLS of half human, half robot Mandroid [Patrick Reynolds] wading at edge of lake
C-ELM-2 Mandroid & fellow adventurers Nora Hunter [Denise Crosby], Harry Fontana [Andrew Prine] & Kuji [Conan Lee] walking towards camera
C-ELM-3 MLS of Mandroid standing in front of brick wall, aiming armed arm at OS slime
C-EA-1 Title over artwork of giant ant menacing woman
C-EA-8 SV of giant ants marching along pier
C-EA-9 Ants drop onto yacht at end of pier
C-EA-10 Stokely [Robert Lansing] & crewman react in shock
C-EA-13 Marilyn frantic to escape ant in sugar refinery
C-EA-15 Stokely, Marilyn & Margaret [Jacqueline Scott] caught at refinery
C-EA-17 Stokely & others fend off giant ant from riverboat
C-ESB-1 LS of TIE-fighters pursuing the Falcon thru asteroid field
C-ESB-2 Goggled rebel stands beside dish laser cannon awaiting attack from Imperial forces on Hoth
C-ESB-3 Vader sits at far end of long dining table as his OS guests arrive
C-ESB-4 Fur-hooded Han sets gun sights on OS target in snow
C-ESB-5 Cont. C-ESB-4, RV of Han aiming at giant probe 'droid
C-ESB-6 Cont. C-ESB-5, gun blast covers top of probe 'droid
C-ESB-7 MS of Vader inside his opening meditation chamber
C-ESB-8 MS of Han undergoing torture as Vader & stormtroopers look on
C-ESB-9 MS of Han after he gets Falcon cockpit lights working, Leia in bg
C-ESB-10 MCU of Leia looking over her shoulder at Han, both seemingly angry with each other
C-ESB-11 Flash lights up Bespin corridor where Luke is skulking, prey to trap set by Vader. FLV
C-ESB-12 Title under Vader's head superimposed onto starfield
C-ESB-13 BS: LS of sound stage, Star destroyer model ready to be filmed against blue screen in bg
C-ESB-14 FLV of stop-motion animated Imperial AT-AT snow walker model before live action inserted against black bg
C-ESB-15 CU of AT-AT's head
C-ESB-16 Composite: FV of Imperial cruiser flying under & away from planet & its two small moons
C-ESB-17 Composite: Luke's snow speeder set against colorful starry bg
C-ESB-18 PR: FLV of Boba Fett aiming blaster rifle
C-ESB-19 PR: MLS of IG-88, bounty hunter war 'droid
C-ESB-20 MS of surgeon 'droid Two-one-bee
C-ESB-21 CU of Luke atop his Taun-taun on snow patrol
C-ESB-22 CU of Luke in pain, face up in snow
C-ESB-23 LS of Luke hanging upside down in ice cavern
C-ESB-24 LS of Rebel maintenance hanger full of activity, Falcon in bg
C-ESB-25 MS of Han shaking finger in Leia's face
C-ESB-26 CU of Luke & Leia about to kiss, Luke has lovely scar
C-ESB-27 'Droid works at spiral chart in rebel base
C-ESB-28 LS of rebels scurrying across Hoth battlefield
C-ESB-29 Leia reacts as rebel hqs takes hit, C3PO falls into Han's arms in bg
C-ESB-30 Han & Leia run thru icy corridor just before cave-in stops them
C-ESB-31 MCU of Han entering dark section of Falcon
C-ESB-32 CU of Leia turned grimly toward camera
C-ESB-33 MS of Leia falling backward into Han's arms aboard Falcon
C-ESB-34 CU of Han laying cocky smile on Leia
C-ESB-35 Cont. #34, MCU of Leia turning away, miffed
C-ESB-36 Four TIE-fighters fly thru asteroid field
C-ESB-37 Cont. #36, TIE-fighter about to collide with asteroid
C-ESB-38 Cont. #37, TIE-fighter collides with asteroid
C-ESB-39 Cont. #38, burning TIE-fighter careens away
C-ESB-40 Cont. #39, TIE-fighter closer, engulfed in fire
C-ESB-41 R2D2 about to fall into floor opening aboard Falcon as ship lurches
C-ESB-42 Cont. #41, R2D2 tips over into opening
C-ESB-43 MCU of tight-lipped, fuming Han
C-ESB-44 Cont. #43, Han holds up finger to make point
C-ESB-45 MCU of Lando followed by his aide
C-ESB-46 MCU of Lando stopped to face camera
C-ESB-47 MCU of Lobot [John Hollis], Lando's aide
C-ESB-48 CU of C3PO, seemingly alerted to something
C-ESB-49 MS of C3PO throwing arms in air, explosion goes off behind him
C-ESB-50 MCU of Chewie, finding C3PO's severed arm & letting out growl
C-ESB-51 Han, Leia & Chewie register shock at seeing OS nemesis, Darth Vader
C-ESB-52 MS of Vader holding up his right hand in readiness to deflect ray blast
C-ESB-53 Cont. #52, laser blast explodes in Vader's hand, obscuring him
C-ESB-54 Cont. #53, explosion dissipates
C-ESB-55 Cont. #54, Vader stops dispelling burst with other hand
C-ESB-56 Chewie roars with disapproval
C-ESB-57 Chewie's arms grab Lando around throat
C-ESB-58 Cont. #57, CU of Chewie's paws choking Lando
C-ESB-59 DA of two Ughnaughts inside carbon-freezing vat
C-ESB-60 MS of Boba Fett drawing bead on OS Luke
C-ESB-61 Cont. #60, Boba's weapon fires
C-ESB-62 Cont. #61, explosion goes off at Luke's side
C-ESB-63 Lando has his men draw weapons on startled Imperial guard & stormtroopers
C-ESB-64 Slight UA of armed Bossk with 4-LOM in shadow to right
C-ESB-65 MCU of Han about to plant passionate kiss on Leia
C-ESB-66 MCU of Lando, his arm around Han's shoulder, pointing out something OS
C-ESB-67 Same as #17 except on black bg
C-ESB-68 BS: pilot holds clapboard in front of his face in snow speeder cockpit
C-ESB-69 Wave of snow walkers on march, lasers blazing
C-ESB-70 TIE-fighters fie on Falcon as star destroyer looms up mightly behind Han's ship
C-ESB-71 Chewie, C3PO, Leia & Han in Falcon cockpit as Han takes ship into asteroid field
C-ESB-72 MS of Yoda giving Luke good workout while strapped onto his back during training
C-ESB-73 LS of Falcon on Bespin landing berth as Han stands to meet Lando & welcoming committee
C-ESB-74 MS of Vader informing Boba Fett that he will get Han alive as Lando shows growing concern
C-ESB-75 Ralph McQuarrie art of cloud car near Bespin, sun tints billowing clouds orange
C-ESB-76 Face mask of Vader hangs like spectre in star-studded space
C-ESB-77 PRT of boyish, serious Luke
C-ESB-79 MS of Chewie, snow & wind pelting him from one side
C-ESB-80 FLV of C3PO & R2D2 posed in rebel base corridor on Hoth
C-ESB-81 MS of Lando posing with blaster in hand
C-ESB-82 MLS of Luke mounted on his taun-taun as he gazes into distance while on patrol
C-ESB-83 FLV: C3PO & R2D2 striding & rolling thru passageway at rebel base
C-ESB-84 MCU of Han clamping his hand over C3PO's blabbermouth
C-ESB-85 LS of busy rebel base hanger with X-wing & snow speeders being serviced
C-ESB-86 Rebels man icy trenches as explosions go off around them
C-ESB-87 FLV of Vader sweeping into deserted rebel stronghold, snowtroopers behind him
C-ESB-88 LS of Han, Leia & C3PO racing for Falcon in last ditch effort to escape rebel base
C-ESB-89 Snowtroopers set up weapons in attempt to avert Falcon's escape
C-ESB-90 LS of Luke & R2D2 standing on X-wing after crash landing in murky Dogobah swamp
C-ESB-91 Luke kneels beside mud-covered R2D2, who's just been an untasty morsel for swamp creature
C-ESB-92 RV of Han, Leia, Chewie & C3PO looking into space from Falcon cockpit
C-ESB-93 Breath-masked Leia & Han search for varmints outside Falcon in cave of asteroid
C-ESB-94 LS of Han, Leia, Chewie & Lando standing at end of dining hall table after Lando's betrayal
C-ESB-95 Lando's aide stands before group of armed stormtroopers outside dining hall
C-ESB-96 LS of carbon freezing chamber with Han awaiting his fate as leia, Chewie & Lando stand helplessly by
C-ESB-97 LS of silhouetted Luke & Vader crossing lightsabers during their climactic battle
C-ESB-98 Leia & Chewie at Falcon controls as they turn back ship to save Luke
[NOTE: #99-188 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-ESB-99 PRT of Han, face partly shadowed, deep in thought
C-ESB-100 Title on starfield
C-ESB-101 Snow-geared Han stands beside similarly clad Luke, who is mounted on Taun-taun
C-ESB-103 MS of Leia, C3PO & Han [hands on hips] standing by Falcon ramp
C-ESB-104 Cont. C-ESB-103, slightly clearer shot & different angle
C-ESB-105 FLV of C3PO posed in icy passageway
C-ESB-106 FLV of R2D2 posed in icy passageway
C-ESB-107 MS of Vader flanked by two armed stormtroopers, deep red bg
C-ESB-108 CU of probe 'droid, one of its eyes lit
C-ESB-109 LS of Luke hanging upside down from ice ceiling, his lightsaber flying up toward his waiting hand
C-ESB-110 C3PO informs Han that Luke hasn't returned from patrol, Han displeased with news
C-ESB-111 Han places delirious Luke beside dead taun-taun in snow
C-ESB-112 LS of rebel hanger with Falcon in bg, infantry men run past pilots being briefed in fg
C-ESB-113 LS of rebels rushing to prepare their snow bound defenses for ground assault
C-ESB-114 MCU: C3PO walks past ash-white counterpart in command center
C-ESB-115 LS of five AT-AT's lumbering toward camera
C-ESB-116 Cont. #115, lead walker fires blue-green laser
C-ESB-117 Cont. #116, laser bolt extends into fg
C-ESB-118 Rebel fires small gun emplacement as laser bolt whips toward gun tower behind him
C-ESB-119 Cont. #118, gun tower is hit, rebel stops firing
C-ESB-120 Cont. #129, gun tower begins to explode as rebel again fires
C-ESB-121 FV of Luke in cockpit of snowspeeder [others visible thru window] leading squadron into battle
C-ESB-122 SV of walkers cleaving thru snow
C-ESB-123 Cont. #122, middle walker spits fire above snowspeeder
C-ESB-124 FLV of gun tower ravaged by laser hit
C-ESB-125 Cont. #124, gun tower explodes internally
C-ESB-126 Laser bolts flash toward manned dish cannon
C-ESB-127 Cont. #126, dish cannon explodes
C-ESB-128 Han pushes into battered command center as Leia looks to ceiling
C-ESB-129 Falcon wends between two asteroids, pursued by single TIE-fighter
C-ESB-130 Falcon prepares to skirt around asteroid, two TIE-fighters on its tail
C-ESB-131 Three TIE-fighters push thru dense field & head into camera
C-ESB-132 Cont. #131, TIE-fighters closer
C-ESB-133 SV of Falcon zipping back & forth among asteroids
C-ESB-134 RV of Falcon heading for giant asteroid, but there's big chunk of rock in its path
C-ESB-135 Cont. #134, Falcon starts bank to avoid hitting rock
C-ESB-136 Cont. #135, Falcon almost turned over as rock looms huge
C-ESB-137 Cont. #136, Falcon passes beneath chunk
C-ESB-138 Mynock attaches to Falcon cockpit window
C-ESB-139 OS Mynock scares the stuffing out of Leia
C-ESB-140 Cont. #139, Leia calms down, opens hatch to warn Han
C-ESB-141 MCU of mud-smeared R2D2 on Dagobah
C-ESB-142 Rain pelts R2D2 as he peeks into Yoda's hut
C-ESB-143 MS of Yoda sitting in swamp facing camera
C-ESB-144 FLV of Yoda sitting in swamp with his walking stick facing camera
C-ESB-145 FLV of Luke, Yoda strapped to his back, resting during Jedi training
C-ESB-146 FLV of Luke doing one-hand stand, Yoda perched on one foot
C-ESB-147 Luke stands at rear of moss covered X-wing, just thought out of watery grave by Yoda
C-ESB-148 MCU of an Ugnaught scrutinizing C3PO's head in junk room
C-ESB-149 MCU of Chewie holding C3PO's severed arm
C-ESB-150 MCU of C3PO in battered state
C-ESB-151 MCU of Lando, smiling as he grabs an eyeful of Leia's beauty
C-ESB-152 MCU of Chewie growling at OS Vader on arrival at dining hall
C-ESB-153 Han draws blaster on OS Vader while holding Leia's hand, Chewie in bg
C-ESB-154 Vader visible behind dispelling blaster fire he's blocked with hand
C-ESB-155 Han looks rather unhappy as stormstrooper straps him into torture devise, Vader watches
C-ESB-156 MS of Vader, hands tucked in belt, standing in red glow of carbon- freezing chamber
C-ESB-157 MCU of Leia in chamber looking on helplessly
C-ESB-158 MS of Chewie in chamber as OS Han's fate is sealed
C-ESB-159 MS of Chewie tearing into stormtroopers, striking one aside
C-ESB-160 MS: Han's carbonite-encased body is pushed thru Bespin corridor
C-ESB-161 FLV: armed Luke cautiously moves thru shadowed Bespin passage
C-ESB-162 Cont. #161, laser blast strikes wall next to Luke
C-ESB-163 Cont. #162, Luke runs forward after blast dies
C-ESB-164 MCU of Luke, blaster upraised, pressed against wall
C-ESB-165 CU of Leia shouting to OS Luke: "It's a trap"
C-ESB-166 MS of bruised Luke hunting Vader
C-ESB-167 LS of silhouetted Vader atop platform stairs, his cape spread
C-ESB-168 Cont. #167, Vader launches himself
C-ESB-169 Cont. #168, Vader airborne
C-ESB-170 Vader slashes at ducking Luke with lightsaber
C-ESB-171 Vader has Luke on his knees as they cross lightsabers
C-ESB-172 Cont. #171, Vader slaps Luke's lightsaber from his grasp
C-ESB-173 Cont. #172, his lightsaber upraised, Vader has Luke at his mercy
C-ESB-174 Luke hurtles backward toward reactor room window
C-ESB-175 Cont. #174, Luke smashes thru window
C-ESB-176 MCU of Vader shaking his fist at OS Luke
C-ESB-177 Profile MS of Lando about to warn cloud city residents to evacuate
C-ESB-178 RV of Luke sliding down exhaust pipe
C-ESB-179 Cont. #178, Luke comes to a stop
C-ESB-180 Cont. #178\9, floor panel drops open & Luke falls thru
C-ESB-181 UA of Lando opening top hatch of Falcon
C-ESB-182 Colorful Japanese poster art offers exceptional rendering of film's key elements
C-ESB-183 PR: FLV of Han, Leia, Luke & Chewie posed with blasters ready in ice cave set
C-ESB-184 FLV of Yoda standing & resting on his cane
C-ESB-185 FLV of Vader in steamy carbon-freezing chamber, flanked by Boba Fett & stormtrooper
C-ESB-186 3/4 RV of rebel star cruiser, engines ignited, showing its full length
C-ESB-187 Tight on star cruiser viewport showing Luke with his arms around Leia, R2D2 & C3PO standing nearby, all looking out window
C-ESB-188 Cont. C-ESB-187, vertical pullback shows starfield below cruiser
C-ESB-340 PR: C3PO taps Han on shoulder, halting potentially hot makeout session with Leia
C-ESB-341 PR: FLV of Han posed casually in doorway
C-ESB-342 PR: MS of Luke posed in snow gear
C-ESB-343 PR: FLV of Boba Fett bent over, showing outfit to good advantage
C-ESB-344 PR: FLV of Boba Fett testing his arm flame thrower
C-ESB-345 MS of Han, displaying his best "who, me?" demeanor to an OS cursing Lando
C-ESB-346 MS of Han bending to kiss Leia hard in carbon freeze chamber.
C-ESB-347 RV of C3PO, R2D2, Luke & Leia [his arm around her shoulder] watching Y-wing & transport ship pass before window at climax
C-ESB-348 PR: FLV of Han, Lando, Leia & Luke posed in uniforms, all but Han are smiling
C-ESB-349 RV of our heroes in Falcon cockpit as pod car flies ahead of them
C-ESB-350 Pod car visible outside window beyond Chewie & C3PO
C-ESB-351 LS of Falcon & pod cars flying toward camera at sunset
C-ESB-352 RV of Falcon following pod car into clouds
C-ESB-353 LS of Bespin hanging in clouds
C-ESB-354 Cont. #353, pod car enters stage right
C-ESB-355 Cont. #354, Falcon joins pod car
C-ESB-356 FLV of Falcon touching down, using retro jets, on Bespin landing platform
C-ESB-357 LS of landed Falcon as Han goes to meet Lando with arms spread
C-ESB-358 Cont. #357, Lando & entourage faces Han on walkway
C-ESB-359 BS: group shot of all models used, including miniature & man- sized walkers
C-ESB-360 BS: Cont. #359, Brian Johnson & others pose with their creations
C-ESB-361 BS: FLV of creator posed with hand-held & man-sized models of probe 'droid
C-ESB-362 BS: FLV of creator posed with palm-sized, intermediate & man- sized walker models
C-ESB-363 BS: technician prepares full-scale star destroyer for shot in front of blue screen
C-ESB-364 BS: animator prepares taun-taun model for a frame of movement before blue screen
C-ESB-365 BS: LS of animators positioning three walkers in front of bg painting
C-ESB-366 BS: animators place entangled walker into falling position on miniature set
C-ESB-367 Airbrush enhanced LS of X-wing flying into space over Hoth
C-ESB-368 PRT of Han against deep orange bg
C-ESB-369 MLS of Han posed in Hoth snow gear, probe 'droid hovering in bg
C-ESB-370 MS of Luke aiming blaster into camera, free hand clenched into fist
C-ESB-371 MS of Han making repairs with screwdriver on Falcon
C-ESB-372 FLV of Han kissing Leia beyond hatch on Falcon
C-ESB-373 MCU of Han & Leia about to kiss in Bespin living quarters bg
C-ESB-374 FLV of Han in full snow gear reigning in taun-taun
C-ESB-375 LS of Leia standing at entrance to Bespin living quarters
C-ESB-376 FLV of Luke slashing away with light saber in front of reactor room window
C-ESB-377 FLV of Luke looking down while hanging on to weather vane
C-ESB-378 MLS of Leia, in full snow gear, standing at hatchway aboard Falcon
C-ESB-379 Low angle of Yoda cooking in hut while Luke, seated behind him, tastes food dish
C-ESB-380 MS of woebegone Leia in carbon freeze chamber
C-ESB-381 Cont. #347, Luke takes Leia's hand & looks at her as transport ship passes window
C-ESB-382 Cont. #347, RV of Luke with arm around Leia as they & 'droids watch Falcon take off
C-ESB-383 BS: LS of camera crew filming Luke standing atop his X-wing crash-landed in Dagobah bog
C-ESB-384 MS of Han with jacket pulled back & hands on hips, waiting impatiently in front of Falcon
C-ESB-385 MLS of Han, patented "What did I do" look on face, with tools in both hands for Falcon repairs
C-ESB-386 Artwork of Gone With the Wind theatrical one-sheet poster sans all writing
C-ESB-387 McQuarrie artwork of two TIE-fighters chasing Falcon across surface of asteroid
C-ESB-388 Model shot: 3/4 Front & top view of Millenium Falcon, black bg
C-ESB-389 Model shot: Front & top view of fully lighted Star Destroyer
C-ESB-390 Model shot: SV of Star Destroyer on black bg
C-ESB-391 Model shot: SV of Boba Fett's spaceship on black bg
C-ESB-392 PR: MS of Luke, body profiled, posed with upraised blaster held against chest while facing camera, light blue bg. Nice
C-ESB-393 PR: FLV of Lando posed wearing cape, orange bg
C-ESB-394 Leia [back turned] administers to bedridden Luke, who holds oxygen mask to mouth after bacta tank treatment [cut from film]
C-ESB-395 2-1B works at side of Luke, now sitting up in bed & smiling at silhouetted Leia [cut from film]
C-ESB-396 MCU: Han ducks behind snow bank after blasting OS probe 'droid
C-ESB-397 MLS of Luke on his guard with ignited lightsaber in shadowy Dagobah swamp
C-ESB-396 Cont. #153, Leia peers around back of Han, who lowers arm resignedly, Landro & Chewie look on, stormtroopers in bg
C-ESB-399 Cont. #155, his face glowing red, Han screams in pain as Vader watches torture in far bg
C-ESB-400 Block holding frozen Han stands on carbonite platform as Leia, held by Chewie watched
C-ESB-401 FLV of Leia shouting warning to OS Luke as stormtroopers shunt her off, grim Lando in bg
C-ESB-402 FLV of Luke standing in carbon freezing chamber, holstering blaster
C-ESB-403 FLV of grimy Luke walking with unlit lightsaber thru barrel-like section of chamber
C-ESB-404 FLV of Chewie choking Lando, bringing him to his knees, as Leia calls him ignorant
C-ESB-405 Semi-profile CU of Luke looking aside & expressing mild wonder at cloud city
C-ESB-F96 CIN: LS of Executor flanked by two star destroyers fore & aft
C-ESB-F97 CIN: RV of Luke ready to board ship while looking past him at Ben & Yoda imploring him not to go
C-ESB-F98 CIN: Extreme DA of Luke pulling up from gantry railing as reactor shaft falls away under him
C-ESB-F99 CIN: FLV of Executor, engines ignited, hanging in asteroid field. Very impressive
[NOTE: #1A-A28 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-ESB-1A Profile MS of Han turning lights on aboard Falcon
C-ESB-2B Profile MS of C3PO turning lights on aboard Falcon
C-ESB-3C RV of Luke walking in bog of swamp planet Dagobah
C-ESB-4D Luke sets up lantern & furnace in swamp
C-ESB-5E Luke's X-wing half stuck in gloomy swamp
C-ESB-6F LS of Luke & R2D2 in clearing of swamp
C-ESB-7G Luke draws blaster on Yoda [back turned] as R2D2 looks on amid gnarled surroundings
C-ESB-8H MCU of wizened, gremlin-like Jedi Master Yoda talking to OS Luke
C-ESB-9I MCU of grimy R2D2 listening to OS Yoda
C-ESB-10J MCU of Vader in his meditation chamber
C-ESB-11K LS of Oz-like upper spires of Bespin, Leia visible thru window of nearest building
C-ESB-12L LS of Han facing Leia as she turns to him from across large white living room area
C-ESB-13M CU of Leia giving Han a little hell
C-ESB-14N LS of Lando escorting Leia, Han & Chewie thru spacious corridor
C-ESB-15P Cont. #14N, closer view with Leia taking Han's arm, Lando obscured by person in fg
C-ESB-16Q RV of Han & Leia coming face-to-face with Vader & Boba Fett, who stand at far end of table, Lando in fg
C-ESB-17R Cont. #16Q, RA of Lando, squad of armed stormtroopers in bg
C-ESB-18S MS of Vader facing Lando [back turned]
C-ESB-19T RV of Lando & his aide at doorway flanked by two stormtroopers, MCU of Boba Fett in fg
C-ESB-20U MS of Chewie refitting C3PO's head on backwards in prison cell
C-ESB-21V Cont. #20U, CU
C-ESB-22W MCU of Chewie holding Han, fresh from torture, in cell. "I feel terrible," says Han
C-ESB-23X LS of cell as Leia kneels by floored Han, guard over them, busted up C3PO in bg
C-ESB-24Y LS of Luke's X-wing flying toward city, poking thru top of clouds
C-ESB-25Z CU of Han kissing Leia aboard Falcon
C-ESB-A1 LS of Vader's star destroyer flanked by Imperial cruisers fore & aft
C-ESB-A2 MCU of Admiral Piett [Kenneth Colley] uneasily awaiting to report to OS Vader
C-ESB-A3 MCU of Han interrupting Leia as she is making ship repair
C-ESB-A4 LS of cloud car flying above clouds with Bespin in distance
C-ESB-A5 Cont. #11K, cloud car whisks by as Leia paces
C-ESB-A6 TIE-fighter speeds in front of Imperial cruiser, two others in bg
C-ESB-A7 Imperial cruiser & TIE-fighter in positions under Vader's star destroyer
C-ESB-A8 RV of Vader's helmet as dark lord gazes out ship window into space, Imperial cruiser in scene
C-ESB-A9 Panoramic interior view of Vader's ship as he monitors activity, cruiser visible thru windows
C-ESB-A10 RV of Han having dismounted from waiting taun-taun, walking thru snow in search of Luke
C-ESB-A11 FLV of Leia standing in rebel hanger anxiously awaiting news of Han & Luke
C-ESB-A12 MS of mournful Chewie also waiting for word about Han & Luke
C-ESB-A13 Downed Luke looks up from snow to see ghostly presence of Ben
C-ESB-A14 FV of Rogue 2[Christopher Malcolm] inside cockpit of snowspeeder
C-ESB-A15 RV of Han waving to Rogue 2 circling toward him
C-ESB-A16 RV of Han behind snow bank about to blast advancing probe 'droid
C-ESB-A17 MS of Vader issuing orders to officer aboard his ship
C-ESB-A18 MCU: Luke adjusts canopy instrument in snowspeeder after launch
C-ESB-A19 FV of Han, C3PO, Leia & Chewie in Falcon cockpit as they bravely enter asteroid field
C-ESB-A20 Cont. #A19, Leia rankles at Han from behind his shoulder
C-ESB-A21 Imperial cruiser pulverizes asteroids in its path during pursuit of our heroes
C-ESB-A22 R2 stands in swamp mist as Luke's X-wing continues to sink in bg
C-ESB-A23 UA of reptilian bounty hunter Bossk flanked by Boba Fett & another alien mercenary
C-ESB-A24 MCU of sneering Han in detention cell with Chewie in shadow behind him
C-ESB-A25 MCU of Leia holding Han by shoulders as she heaves salvo at OS Lando's treachery in cell
C-ESB-A26 Luke & Yoda sit together in swamp clearing during brief respite in training
C-ESB-A27 FLV of Yoda & shimmering Ben, latter raising his hands pleading with OS Luke to finish training
C-ESB-A28 Cont. #A27, CU of Ben, hands raised & mouth wide open
C-ESB-A29 Chewie, Han, & C3PO stand over Luke who leans back on his hospital bed with smug expression after Leia has kissed him & left
C-ESB-A30 Profile CU of Han as he toyingly remarks to OS Chewie: "Laugh it up fuzzball."
C-ESB-A31 MCU of Yoda, face full of expression as OS Luke makes ready to leave Dagobah
[NOTE: #A32-A90 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-ESB-A32 ELS of Luke's X-wing crashed & smoking in vast Dagobah swamp
C-ESB-A33 R2D2 & Luke [back turned] relax beside furnace in swamp
C-ESB-A34 LS of R2D2 surrounded by jungle, holding camp all alone
C-ESB-A35 Cont. #A34, much closer view
C-ESB-A36 MS of Han giving C3PO hell in front of Falcon console
C-ESB-A37 MCU of Han, disconcerted look on his face, while rummaging near Falcon floor tanks
C-ESB-A38 Han walks away from C3PO, who's told him negative power coupling must be replaced
C-ESB-A39 Cont. #A38, Han cranes neck, telling OS Chewie working above him to replace unit
C-ESB-A40 Cont. #A39, Chewie pokes his head out of grating
C-ESB-A41 Leia dons goggles while making arc weld on Falcon mechanism
C-ESB-A42 MS of Leia putting repaired unit back together
C-ESB-A43 Cont. #A42, pullback shot of Han looking in on Leia from hatch as she has trouble making unit work properly
C-ESB-A44 Cont. C-ESB-A43, MS of Han scolding Leia for rebuffing his offer to help her
C-ESB-A45 MS of Han taking Leia's hands in his best scoundrel demeanor
C-ESB-A46 Cont. #A45, Han smiles as Leia characterizes him a scoundrel
C-ESB-A47 LS of voluminous lighted reactor shaft & overhanging reactor control room. Nice matte
C-ESB-A48 Cont. #A48, tight shot of Luke prowling exterior gantry
C-ESB-A49 Tight shot of battered, beaten Luke on gantry as Vader [under body OS] holds lightsaber at his side
C-ESB-A50 Cont. #A49, Vader out of frame as Luke yells, refusing to give in
C-ESB-A50 Cont. #A49, Vader out of frame as Luke yells, refusing to give in
C-ESB-A51 MCU of Vader trying to con Luke over to dark side. Reactor shaft wall fills bg
C-ESB-A52 Cont. #A51, pullback MS of Vader
C-ESB-A53 DA of Vader holding hand out to Luke as our hero inches halfway out platform
C-ESB-A54 FV of Vader at gantry railing holding hand out to OS Luke
C-ESB-A55 DA of Vader watching Luke reach end of platform
C-ESB-A56 MCU of Vader shaking fist at OS Luke
C-ESB-A57 Cont. #A56, MLS
C-ESB-A58 MCU of Vader claming to be Luke's pop
C-ESB-A59 MCU of Luke reacting with horror to Vader's shocking declaration
C-ESB-A60 MCU of Luke, face twisted with anguish, denying OS Vader's jaw-dropper
C-ESB-A61 MCU: Luke looks down into OS reactor shaft, contemplating leap
C-ESB-A62 DA of seemingly endless shaft from Luke's POV
C-ESB-A63 DA of Luke dropping off end of platform as Vader watches, hand outstretched
C-ESB-A64 Vader looks over edge of gantry. Luke has fallen out of frame
C-ESB-A65 DA of Luke falling into shaft's dizzying depths
C-ESB-A66 SV of Luke, one hand clearly missing, in close shot as he falls
C-ESB-A67 LS of still-falling Luke being pulled toward exhaust pipe
C-ESB-A68 Close shot of Luke being sucked into pipe
C-ESB-A69 RV of Luke sliding down pipe
C-ESB-A70 Cont. #A69, higher angle
C-ESB-A71 SV of Luke continuing to backward slide thru pipe
C-ESB-A72 MCU of Luke in sitting-up position during slide
C-ESB-A73 LS: Luke hangs onto weather vane, clouds lit by setting sun beyond
C-ESB-A74 MS of Luke looking down as he hangs for dear life onto vane
C-ESB-A75 MCU of Luke looking up toward hatch from which he was spit out
C-ESB-A76 Pullback shot of Luke trying to grab closing hatch
C-ESB-A77 LS of Luke fallen backward, legs hitched over vane & one good hand losing its grip
C-ESB-A78 MCU of Luke about ready to fall into oblivion
C-ESB-A79 LS of Vader rounding corner inside Cloud City, en route to landing platform
C-ESB-A80 Cont. #A79, MS of Vader walking toward camera, Imperial officer & stormtroopers behind him
C-ESB-A81 SV of Falcon rising from landing berth
C-ESB-A82 RV of Falcon as it speeds off over city
C-ESB-A83 RV of Falcon as it heads into clouds at sunset
C-ESB-A84 Cont. #A83, Falcon further away, banking left
C-ESB-A85 CU: Leia, in Falcon cockpit, receives Luke's psychic message
C-ESB-A86 Cont. #A85, Leia looks up, troubled, & Lando leans over in bg
C-ESB-A87 RV of group in cockpit as Leia orders Chewie to turn ship around
C-ESB-A88 Cont. #A87, SV of Leia giving order & Lando protesting
C-ESB-A89 Cont. #A88, FV of group as Chewie growls at Lando, who gives in
C-ESB-A90 LS of Falcon after its turned to go back
[NOTE: #A91-D12 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-ESB-A91 MCU of General Rieekan in Hoth Command Center
C-ESB-A92 RV of Han reporting to Rieekan
C-ESB-A93 Profile MS of Luke watching C3PO walk away from hospital bed
C-ESB-A94 MLS of Han walking up to Rieekan & sensor controller Wyron Serper [Burnell Tucker], who's detected metal visitor
C-ESB-A95 Cont. #A94, Chewie now behind Han as Leia stands by, all listening, C3PO in bg
C-ESB-A96 Cont. #A95, tighter shot of just Han, Chewie & Leia
C-ESB-A97 Cont. #A96, tighter shot of just Han & Chewie, both looking left
C-ESB-A98 Cont. #A97, Han & Chewie now looking forward
C-ESB-A99 CU of probe droid against snowy bg
C-ESB-B1 MS of probe droid with power generators in distance
C-ESB-B2 LS of probe droid moving behind snow peaks
C-ESB-B3 Chewie pops head up behind probe droid
C-ESB-B4 CU of Chewie from behind snow bank
C-ESB-B5 Probe droid fires at snow bank in fg where Han lurks with blaster
C-ESB-B6 Cont. #B5, explosion goes off harmlessly in front of snow bank
C-ESB-B7 RV of Han aiming pistol at probe droid
C-ESB-B8 Cont. #B7, Han fires blaster
C-ESB-B9 FV of Han firing blaster from behind snow bank
C-ESB-B10 RV of Han as shot hits probe droid
C-ESB-B11 MLS of probe droid in flames an instant before self-destructing
C-ESB-B12 Cont. #B11, flames consume self-destructing probe droid
C-ESB-B13 MCU of Han hunched behind snow bank as OS probe droid self-destructs
C-ESB-B14 FV of open-mouthed Han peeking over snow bank
C-ESB-B15 Profile MCU of open-mouthed Han peeking over snow bank
C-ESB-B16 Cont. #B15, Han closes mouth as if to say, "Aw, phooey!"
C-ESB-B17 MCU of Rieekan looking away from monitoring station
C-ESB-B18 Tight shot of Rieekan leaning over Leia at monitoring console
C-ESB-B19 Cont. #B18, scene dissolves into shot of Imperial fleet in space
C-ESB-B20 Cont. #B19, five Star Destroyers stand in space facing different directions
C-ESB-B21 RV of Star Destroyer bridge in CU with three other ships resting beyond
C-ESB-B22 FV of Star Destroyer bridge with another ship off its port side
C-ESB-B23 FV of three Star Destroyers, one in fg
C-ESB-B24 Cont. #B23, TIE fighter enters scene in bg
C-ESB-B25 Cont. #B24, TIE much closer to camera
C-ESB-B26 Star Destroyer & TIE fighter both move below Vader's ship, The Executor
C-ESB-B27 RV of Vader gazing out ship window into space
C-ESB-B28 Panoramic view of Executor bridge as Vader paces at window
C-ESB-B29 MS of Admiral Ozzel [Michael Sheard] & General Veers [Julian Glover] standing on main control deck
C-ESB-B30 Ozzel & Veers listen to Piett (back turned) report a lead on Rebel whereabouts
C-ESB-B31 Cont. #B30, Vader takes Veers' spot as Ozzel & Piett look up at him
C-ESB-B32 MCU of Ozzel offering that lead is not conclusive
C-ESB-B33 MS of Vader disagreeing in his certain unique way
C-ESB-B34 MCU of Vader ordering Ozzel to set course for Hoth system
C-ESB-B35 MS of Chewie turning aside while working to repair Falcon lifters
C-ESB-B36 LS of Han working on lifter problem atop Falcon
C-ESB-B37 Cont. #B36, Han stands up, ready to test lifters
C-ESB-B38 Cont. #B37, mechanism malfunctions, spewing fire & smoke
C-ESB-B39 Cont. #B38, UA of Han yelling as fiery malfunction worsens
C-ESB-B40 Luke zips up flight suit as 21B tends to medical console
C-ESB-B41 Cont. #B40, Luke & 21B (back turned) say their good-byes
C-ESB-B42 Suited for battle, Luke stops to scratch Chewie in his favorite spot
C-ESB-B43 Cont. #B42, Chewie responds with big Wookiee hug
C-ESB-B44 Cont. #B43, Luke pushes Chewie away with ear-to-ear grin
C-ESB-B45 UA of Han atop Falcon, stopping skinny droid
C-ESB-B46 Cont. #B45, Han halts work & looks down at OS Luke
C-ESB-B47 Cont. #B46, MS of Han, concern & friendship on face
C-ESB-B48 Cont. #B47, MCU of Han as above
C-ESB-B49 DA of Luke looking up at OS Han with warmth
C-ESB-B50 MCU of Luke having turned for one last exchange with OS Han
C-ESB-B51 RV of Vader's ship & Star Destroyer
C-ESB-B52 Cont. #B51, tight RV of Executor, exhausts burning red, flanked by Star Destroyers & Hoth looming in bg. Impressive FX shot
C-ESB-B53 DA of Vader in meditation chamber, seat turning him forward
C-ESB-B54 Cont. #B53, pullback shot as Veers reports fleet has moved out of light speed
C-ESB-B55 MCU of Veers: "He felt surprise was a wiser..."
C-ESB-B56 Profile of Veers acknowledging orders to prepare troops for ground assault
C-ESB-B57 RV of Vader as he activates viewscreen above head. Snow on screen
C-ESB-B58 Cont. #B57, Ozzel appears on screen with Piett in bg
C-ESB-B59 Cont. #B58, Ozzel begins to choke as Piett watches him
C-ESB-B60 Cont. #B59, Piett has moved forward as Ozzel has just about bought the farm in bg
C-ESB-B61 LS of Rebel hangar, troops running forward, Falcon in bg
C-ESB-B62 Leia instructs fighter pilots in hangar
C-ESB-B63 Cont. #B62, Leia in tighter, moving around
C-ESB-B64 Cont. #B63, MCU of Leia
C-ESB-B65 LS of Rebel Transport sitting in snow, Rebels busy in fg
C-ESB-B66 RV of Star destroyer orbiting Hoth amidst sea of stars
C-ESB-B67 Controller reports to Piett on bridge. "Good, our first catch of the day," he replies
C-ESB-B68 Rieekan & Leia at radar control station as defense shield is opened
C-ESB-B69 LS of ion cannon embedded in snowy mountainside
C-ESB-B70 Cont. #B69, cannon fires red energy beam
C-ESB-B71 Energy beam streaks away from planet toward camera
C-ESB-B72 Transport ship & fighters race away from planet toward camera
C-ESB-B73 Transport ship only (mostly underside visible) rises from planet
C-ESB-B74 Transport ship, fighters & energy beam converge above Hoth
C-ESB-B75 Transport ship in tight, one X-wing flying over it
C-ESB-B76 RV: X-wing nears waiting Star Destroyer, tip of transport ship in fg
C-ESB-B77 RV of transport ship & X-wing speeding toward Star Destroyer
C-ESB-B78 Energy bolts colorfully light up Destroyer's conning tower
C-ESB-B79 SV of transport ship moving past Destroyer
C-ESB-B80 RV of transport ship & X-wing beyond, heading into space & safety
C-ESB-B81 FV of Luke settled into snow speeder, canopy open
C-ESB-B82 LS of enormous ice cave entrance to Rebel base. Rebel looks thru binoculars in fg
C-ESB-B83 Rebels set up dish laser cannon in fg, others man gun towers on ice plain beyond
C-ESB-B84 Rebels carry equipment into position along snow trench as fg officer looks OS
C-ESB-B85 Electro-binocular POV of three AT-ATs
C-ESB-B86 Rebels in snow trench make ready to defend themselves
C-ESB-B87 LS of four snow speeders rushing over ice plain, gun tower in fg
C-ESB-B88 Cont. #B87, reverse angle of speeders closing in on AT-ATs
C-ESB-B89 FV of five AT-ATs on the march
C-ESB-B90 Profile MCU of Luke in speeder cockpit, two other speeders visible thru window
C-ESB-B91 Luke's POV thru cockpit as speeder zooms toward AT-AT
C-ESB-B92 Speeder flies between legs of AT-AT
C-ESB-B93 SV of speeder firing at middle of three AT-ATs
C-ESB-B94 RV of two speeders crossing upper section of AT-AT
C-ESB-B95 CU of AT-AT firing as chicken-like AT-ST scoots by in bg
C-ESB-B96 Low angle of Rebels in snow trench as speeders fly overhead. One speeder is hit by long laser beam in bg
C-ESB-B97 MS of dish laser cannon getting hit
C-ESB-B98 SV of two speeders flying formation over ice plain
C-ESB-B99 Cont. #B98, fg speeder takes aft hit & explodes
C-ESB-C1 Profile MCU of Dack [John Morton] in speeder cockpit, other speeder visible thru window
C-ESB-C2 Looking over Dack's shoulder at instrument panels, gun & explosion outside
C-ESB-C3 Holographic image of Vader appears in AT-AT cockpit
C-ESB-C4 CU of Veers talking over com-link in AT-AT cockpit
C-ESB-C5 AV of speeder circling AT-AT, winding cable around legs
C-ESB-C6 AT-AT legs, tangled in cable, begin to trip
C-ESB-C7 SV of AT-AT falling helplessly toward snow
C-ESB-C8 AT-AT crashes head first into snow
C-ESB-C9 DA of Han & Chewie atop Falcon, finishing repairs in Rebel hangar
C-ESB-C10 AT-AT legs close in on Luke's crashed & smoking speeder
C-ESB-C11 Luke leaps away from crashed speeder as foot of AT-AT is about to crush it
C-ESB-C12 LS of Luke being pulled up cable attached to underbelly of AT-AT
C-ESB-C13 UA of Luke, hanging from cable, cutting hatch open with lightsaber (arm obscures face)
C-ESB-C14 UA of AT-AT ripped internally by greenish explosion from detonator
C-ESB-C15 Exploding AT-AT topples sideways, another AT-AT in bg
C-ESB-C16 Luke lifts head while lying in snow as AT-AT waddles past in bg
C-ESB-C17 AT-AT cockpit electro-rangefinder display of power generators
C-ESB-C18 RV of two AT-AT drivers viewing giant fiery explosion beyond windshield
C-ESB-C19 Three remaining AT-ATs advance toward camera, one firing blasters as troops retreat before them. Primo shot
C-ESB-C20 CU of Chewie viewed thru window of Falcon cockpit
C-ESB-C21 MS of snowtrooper braced to fire weapon at OS Falcon
C-ESB-C22 Falcon's blaster fires shot at OS stormtroopers
C-ESB-C23 MS of Vader, snowtroopers behind him, watching OS Falcon elude his grasp once again
C-ESB-C24 RV of Falcon blasting toward hangar entrance
C-ESB-C25 MLS of Luke in fg watching Falcon soar off
C-ESB-C26 RV of Han, Chewie Leia & C3PO looking out Falcon cockpit into space
C-ESB-C27 UA on three Star Destroyers, two making explosive contact, as TIE fighters chase Falcon toward camera
C-ESB-C28 RV of Han, Chewie, Leia & C3PO reacting to asteroids outside Falcon's window
C-ESB-C29 Cont. #C28, reverse angle of our open-mouthed heroes
C-ESB-C30 Cont. #C29, all get a little tense as a flash lights their faces
C-ESB-C31 CU of Chewie barking at C3PO to shut up
C-ESB-C32 Same as #C26 but asteroid surface fills cockpit window
C-ESB-C33 RV of Falcon skimming surface of moon-sized asteroid. Slight DA
C-ESB-C34 Cont. #C33, two TIE fighters chasing low-flying Falcon
C-ESB-C35 Cont. #C34, rear TIE fighter fires twin cannons at Falcon
C-ESB-C36 FV of Falcon flying between mountain peaks, one TIE in pursuit
C-ESB-C37 FV of Falcon under TIE fire as chase enters canyon
C-ESB-C38 Cont. #C37, blast strikes rock, just missing Falcon
C-ESB-C39 RV of TIE fighters following Falcon toward narrow opening between peaks
C-ESB-C40 Tight RV of TIEs behind Falcon as ship tilts sideways
C-ESB-C41 Giant explosion behind Falcon signals end of TIE fighters
C-ESB-C42 FV of our heroes as Han spots a crater in which to hide
C-ESB-C43 RV of Falcon angling over crater, cliffs rising into space beyond
C-ESB-C44 DA of Falcon arcing upward toward camera over asteroid surface
C-ESB-C45 LS of Falcon diving headlong toward asteroid crater (slightly blurred)
C-ESB-C46 DA of crater, Falcon almost out of sight
C-ESB-C47 LS of cave inside crater from interior to entrance
C-ESB-C48 Cont. #C47, Falcon, tilted sideways, enters cave in distance
C-ESB-C49 RV of Falcon gliding thru long cave
C-ESB-C50 FLV of Executor dwarfing three Star Destroyers above & below it
C-ESB-C51 RV of Luke's X-wing zooming toward cloud-covered planet Dagobah
C-ESB-C52 Profile CU of Luke looking out cockpit window at planet below
C-ESB-C53 CU of Luke telling R2D2 not to worry
C-ESB-C54 FLV of Lando facing Han & Leia (backs turned) in dimly lit cell
C-ESB-C55 MCU of Han & Leia responding to OS Lando's presence, Han sneers
C-ESB-C56 Cont. #C55, Han straightens up as Leia snipes: "& we're the bait!"
C-ESB-C57 Leia kneels over just-floored Han, guard holding Chewie at gunpoint & Lando stopping men from shooting
C-ESB-C58 MS: Han, face scrunched in pain, & Leia (back turned) on cell floor
C-ESB-C59 Cont. #C58, Han looks up: "Yeah, you're a real hero"
C-ESB-C60 Cont. #C59, Han tries to sit up with Leia's help
C-ESB-C61 Cont. #C60, "You certainly have a way with people," says Leia as she rises
C-ESB-C62 Cont. #C61, Han rests head against wall as Leia's upper body leaves frame
C-ESB-C63 MCU of Luke in X-wing cockpit, entering atmosphere of Bespin
C-ESB-C64 LS of X-wing flying in front of clouds
C-ESB-C65 Cont. #C64, X-wing in tighter
C-ESB-C66 Tight RV of X-wing headed for Cloud City
C-ESB-C67 Cont. #C66, X-wing further away
C-ESB-C68 UA of stormtroopers standing at edge of carbon freezing chamber
C-ESB-C69 DA of Ugnaught in steaming chamber vat
C-ESB-C70 DA of aide reporting Luke's arrival to Vader as he, Lando & stormtroopers stand in carbon freezing chamber
C-ESB-C71 With C3PO on his back, Chewie runs thru corridor, trailing after Leia in fg
C-ESB-C72 Boba Fett's ship, Slave I, rises from landing platform, under fire
C-ESB-C73 Cont. #C72, same as above without blaster fire
C-ESB-C74 Cont. #C73, Slave I tilts & moves off over Cloud City, outrunning blast
C-ESB-C75 Cont. #C74, same as above but without blast
C-ESB-C76 Cont. #C75, high above city now, Slave I punches it
C-ESB-C77 MLS of Leia watching her hope to rescue Han fly off, Lando & R2 in bg
C-ESB-C78 CU of Leia, her expression telling all
C-ESB-C79 Stormtroopers fire at Leia & others in doorway to landing platform
C-ESB-C80 Luke & Vader face off with upraised lightsabers on platform overlooking chamber
C-ESB-C81 Cont. #C80, Luke about to engage Vader
C-ESB-C82 Vader launches himself from top of platform, saber held high
C-ESB-C83 Vader slaps Luke's lightsaber from his grasp
C-ESB-C84 DA of Vader hovering over Luke, who is sprawled in front of covered pit
C-ESB-C85 MCU of Vader, saber upraised
C-ESB-C86 MCU of Vader holding lightsaber up to Luke's face (favors Luke)
C-ESB-C87 DA of Vader backing disarmed Luke toward covered pit
C-ESB-C88 FLV of Vader, having backed Luke to lip of now open pit, lowering saber to strike
C-ESB-C89 Luke starts to fall back into opening after Vader slashes at him
C-ESB-C90 Vader gestures, ordering carbonite freezing process begun
C-ESB-C91 MS of Luke in pit, about to leap out
C-ESB-C92 "All too easy," intones Vader as Luke blurs upward behind him
C-ESB-C93 UA of Luke hanging from hoses on carbonite outlet
C-ESB-C94 FLV of Vader, lightsaber still lit, staring into pit of rising steam
C-ESB-C95 MCU of Vader framed by steam behind him
C-ESB-C96 MCU of Luke looking down from precarious perch
C-ESB-C97 UA of Vader taking lightsaber swipe at hanging Luke
C-ESB-C98 Cont. #C97, lightsaber strikes harmlessly behind Luke
C-ESB-C99 Cont. #C98, lightsaber touching metal causes bright flash
C-ESB-D1 Tight shot of Luke squirting Vader with steam from severed hose
C-ESB-D2 Cont. #D1, pullback shot, all of Vader's saber & most of mask visible
C-ESB-D3 Luke waits for lightsaber to whip into outstretched hand. Vader hidden by steam
C-ESB-D4 Cont. #D3, lightsaber ignites as it flashes into Luke's hand
C-ESB-D5 MS of Vader, really steamed now, swinging lightsaber in front of him
C-ESB-D6 MCU of Luke as he blocks Vader's lightsaber with his own
C-ESB-D7 MS of Vader & Luke (favored) crossing swords
C-ESB-D8 Vader & Luke slash at each other on edge of chamber platform
C-ESB-D9 LS: Vader & Luke framed by steam as they battle at edge of platform
C-ESB-D10 MCU of Vader, lightsaber upraised, as he loses balance
C-ESB-D11 MLS of Luke watching Vader topple backward off platform
C-ESB-D12 Sword still lit, Luke looks down from edge of platform
[NOTE: #G1-G34 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-ESB-G1 Troubled Leia stands in Bespin living quarters beside Chewie, who's laid C3PO parts on table, Han, hand to mouth, in bg
C-ESB-G2 MCU of Han taking his hand away from mouth
C-ESB-G3 Cont. #G2, Han takes interest in what OS Leia is saying
C-ESB-G4 MCU of Leia, an edge to her expression as Lando starts to come into view in bg
C-ESB-G5 MS of Lando unshackling Chewie as Leia tells him off
C-ESB-G6 Cont. #G5, Chewie's arms choke Lando as Leia continues to blast him [replaces #57]
C-ESB-G7 MCU of Han in carbon freeze chamber telling Chewie to wait for better time [favors Chewie]
C-ESB-G8 CU of Han & Leia rushing at each other for final kiss in carbon freeze chamber
C-ESB-G9 Cont. #G8, Han & Leia's lips about to touch
C-ESB-G10 Slight UA of Han in snow gear, goggles & mask off, reining in his taun-taun
C-ESB-G11 Cont. #G10, Han looks to his left
C-ESB-G12 Profile MCU of Han slapping his hand over C3PO's mouth
C-ESB-G13 Leia rants at Han as he works controls in rush behind Chewie in Falcon cockpit
C-ESB-G14 Cont. #G13, Han rushing back to his seat, obscuring Leia
C-EXB-G15 Cont. C-ESB-G14, Han gets seated & gives orders as Chewie & Leia variously show dismay
C-ESB-G16 MCU of Han claiming: "It's not my fault" as Leia gives him an I-give-up look
C-ESB-G17 Cont. #G16, flash outside Falcon lights up cockpit
C-ESB-G18 MS of Leia standing at Han's shoulder giving him an amusing evil eye in cockpit
C-ESB-G19 FLV of Executor on outskirts of asteroid field
C-ESB-G20 DA of Vader kneeling on circular platform as he reports to OS Emperor
C-ESB-G21 MCU of Emperor's holographic image
C-ESB-G22 Profile LS of Emperor facing kneeling Vader
C-ESB-G23 LS of giant space slug chasing Falcon out of asteroid center
C-ESB-G24 LS of pod car pursuing Falcon, which is about to enter clouds
C-ESB-G25 MS of our heroes in Falcon, which is about to enter clouds
C-ESB-G26 RV of Falcon canting toward magnificent skyline of cloud city
C-ESB-G27 FLV of Falcon resting on Bespin landing platform
C-ESB-G28 MS of Han listening to OS Lando calling him dirty names. Well, consider the source
C-ESB-G29 MCU of Han rearing back to slug Lando as his former friend lunges at him
C-ESB-G30 Cont. #G29, false alarm, Han is surprised as Lando gives him big hug
C-ESB-G31 Lando escorts Han & company along walkway toward camera, city falls away on either side of Falcon. Impressive
C-ESB-G32 Cont. #G31, group has pulled into fg [better of their faces]
C-ESB-G33 LS of Slave 1 as Hansicle is pushed past Boba Fett & into ship
C-ESB-G34 MS of frozen Han being pushed aboard ship as Boba Fett looks for trouble
C-ESB-G35 MS of disgruntled Leia walking thru Bespin corridor, Chewie & C3PO in tow
C-EOW-1 Title over MCU of bulbous-headed alien, Zindar
C-EOW-2 MCU of Father Pergado [Christopher Lee]
C-EOW-3 MS of Pergado shrinking in horror
C-EOW-4 MCU of Zindar
C-EMY-1 BS: FLV of Director Wolfgang Petersen on indoor planet set with stars Dennis Quaid & Louis Gossett Jr.
C-EMY-2 BS: MS of Petersen posed before mural matte painting of volcanic Fyrine surface
C-EMY-3 BS: MLS of Petersen posing in front of steam pit set
C-EMY-4 BS: MLS of Petersen posing before under construction scavenger mine set
C-EMY-5 BS: LS of Petersen calling out instructions on dead forest set of rock pillars & gnarled branches
C-EMY-6 BS: FLV of tide pool set being showered with rain water
C-EMY-7 BS: LS of technicians working around steam pit set
C-EMY-8 BS: ELS of Petersen, others preparing Quaid for backpacking sequence on otherworldly Canary Island location
C-EMY-9 PR: MS of serious Davidge [Quaid] in soiled BTA flightsuit
C-EMY-10 PR: MCU of bearded, long-haired Davidge looking aside
C-EMY-11 PR: FLV of alien Drac Jeriba Shigen [Gossett] holding weapon against his chest
C-EMY-12 CU of helmeted Davidge piloting his fighter during space dogfight
C-EMY-13 Davidge buries copilot Wooster [Lance Kerwin] in rocky grave on Fyrine
C-EMY-14 LS of Davidge marching across craggy, steamy Fyrine surface in search of downed Drac fighter
C-EMY-15 FLV of Davidge standing alone amid rock pillars of dead forest
C-EMY-16 FLV of Davidge approaching Drac wreckage with drawn gun
C-EMY-17 MCU of Davidge peering over rocks at OS Drac
C-EMY-18 Cont. #17, looking past concealed Davidge to lagoon where Drac kneels by fire near escape capsule
C-EMY-19 FLV of Davidge draining liquid fuel from cannister into tide pool during driving rain
C-EMY-20 Profile MS of Drac called Jeriba with drawn weapon, giving his captive Earthman friendly warning
C-EMY-21 Davidge hauls loaded knapsack to proposed shelter area while Jeriba follows
C-EMY-22 Davidge gets cross with Jeriba, who squats with back to camera while watching him build shelter
C-EMY-23 FLV of Jeriba crouching with arms crossed at camp
C-EMY-24 FLV of Davidge sprawled against wall of sand pit as monster tentacle waves menancingly before him
C-EMY-25 Jeriba pulls Davidge, his leg bleeding, clear of pit after blasting monster
C-EMY-26 Jeriba tends to Davidge's leg, both realizing they need each other to survive
C-EMY-27 LS of Davidge sitting by campfire as Jeriba stands with senses tuned to surroundings
C-EMY-29 Profile FLV of Jeriba & Davidge, who holds Jeriba's scared Talman, sitting on plateau at sunset
C-EMY-30 MS of Davidge reading Talman on plateau
C-EMY-31 Shadowy FLV of Davidge kneeling by prone Jeriba after short fight inside their shelter
C-EMY-32 MS of Davidge smiling motherly toward camera while cuddling baby Zammis [Bumper Robinson], born of Jeriba
C-EMY-33 MS of Davidge & Zammis comparing hands, "Not the same," declares Drac kid
C-EMY-34 FLV of Davidge & Zammis, in backpack, setting out to explore
C-EMY-35 LS of Davidge running with bow after Zammis gives him slip
C-EMY-36 Villainous Stubbs [Brion James] bullies Zammis but Davidge has arrow trained on him in bg
C-EMY-37 Starbase morgue technician tries to remove Talman from apparently dead Davidge's neck
C-EMY-38 Computerized operating theater works to save Davidge as doctors in fg watch monitors
C-EMY-39 Davidge, now repaired & dressed like his three comrades in functional black uniform, tells them story of his life on Fryine
C-EMY-40 Davidge walks toward camera along starbase corridor en route to flight deck
C-EMY-41 FLV of starbase launch bay & fighters
C-EMY-42 UA: tormented Davidge crosses girder inside pens of scavenger mine
C-EMY-43 Davidge climbs over Stubbs on platform above moving dumpster where Zammis has been thrown
C-EMY-44 FLV of Davidge's fighter landed near Fyrine scavenger mining site
C-EMY-45 Fighters belonging to Davidge's BTA pals landing on planet
C-EMY-46 Cont. #45, pullback shot of three fighters down on planet
C-EMY-47 Davidge returns to early shelter, finding weakened Jeriba
C-EMY-48 CIN: title over LS of Davidge & Jeriba standing on plateau overlooking alien landscape as sun sets
C-EMY-49 CIN: MCU of resolved Davidge watching Drac at OS tide pool
C-EMY-50 CIN: sensing danger, Jeriba's head pops from pool where he's been swimming as rain falls
C-EMY-51 CIN: MS of Davidge pointing flare toward OS tide pool
C-EMY-52 Cont. #51, MLS of Davidge firing flare toward OS tide pool
C-EMY-53 Cont. #52, he watches rocket fuel igniting on surface of tide pool
C-EMY-54 Cont. #53, overview of tide pool area now ablaze, Davidge watching from above in fg
C-EMY-55 Cont. #54, MCU of Davidge, in seeming triumph, yelling: "Hey, Toadface!"
C-EMY-56 CIN: MCU of Jeriba raising weapon as Davidge tries to talk with him
C-EMY-57 Cont. #56, RA of Davidge gritting teeth to alien
C-EMY-58 Cont. #57, Jeriba doesn't like what he's hearing & let's Davidge know it
C-EMY-59 Cont. #58, CU of Jeriba with head cocked as he listens to OS Davidge talking fast
C-EMY-60 CIN: MS of seated Jeriba watching OS Davidge build shelter
C-EMY-61 CIN: MCU of Davidge screaming for help, in grip of OS sand pit monster & barely hanging on
C-EMY-62 Cont. #61, DA of Jeriba, having come to rescue, about to blast tentacle coiled around Davidge's leg
C-EMY-63 CIN: MS of Davidge telling OS Jeriba to go ahead & treat his leg
C-EMY-64 CIN: LS of Davidge & Jeriba running from meteor shower thru dead forest
C-EMY-65 CIN: CU of Davidge watching Talman being dangled on chain in front of his face by Jeriba
C-EMY-66 Cont. #65, Jeriba pulls chain over Davidge's head
C-EMY-67 Cont. #66, Davidge appears moved by Jeriba's willingness to share Talman's teachings
C-EMY-68 Cont. #67, Davidge begins to read tiny book
C-EMY-69 Same as #48 sans title, superb matte painting
C-EMY-70 CIN: profile MCU of Jeriba, framed against blood-red sky, singing words of Shizumaat
C-EMY-71 CIN: MS of Davidge, huddled against cold in cavern, putting morsel of food to mouth. "Wanna eat?" he asks OS Jeriba
C-EMY-72 CIN: CU of Jeriba, he's not hungry
C-EMY-73 CIN: MS of Jeriba smiling as he listens to Davidge's lineage
C-EMY-74 CIN: MS of Davidge reacting nervously when told baby is due
C-EMY-75 CIN: CU of Davidge bending over Jeriba: "Jerry, don't do this to me," he begs
C-EMY-76 CIN: CU of Jeriba asking Davidge to become parent to Zammis
C-EMY-77 Cont. #76, pullback shot, Jeriba has slipped away & now Davidge is faced with delivering Zammis
C-EMY-78 Cont. #77, UA of Davidge cradling newborn Zammis in his hands. He can't believe it
C-EMY-79 CIN: Davidge & grown Zammis watch from cave entrance as scavenger ship flies past
C-EMY-80 CIN: ELS of Davidge running across silicon valley after Zammis takes off looking for Drac
C-EMY-81 CIN: stunning climactic matte composite of Davidge appearing before hundreds of Dracs at edge of sea at sunset to recite Jeriba line
ENTITY, THE - 1983
C-ETY-1 DA of energy crackling above Carla Moran [Barbara Hershey] during rape by invisible demon
C-EOX-1 Title over MS of animated demon
C-EOX-2 Students Vicki [Robin Christopher], Susan [Barbara Hewitt] & Dave [Edward Connell] search for missing professor
C-EOX-3 Near decomposed corpse of occult victim in cave
C-EOX-4 Cont. #3, ECU of corpse's face
C-EOX-5 CU of old man babbling occult secrets
C-EOX-6 CU of occult spell book opened to illo of Asmodeus
C-EOX-7 MS of dimensional giant unleashed by occult spell
C-EOX-8 Dave closes with giant
C-EOX-9 Dave crawls to Susan as animated giant rages in bg
C-EOX-10 Dave puts his arm thru dimensional field
C-ENY-1 BS: DA of technician putting finishing touches on tabletop miniature of Manhattan Island
C-ENY-2 BS: LS of camera crew & actors preparing for scene in advanced security control center
C-ENY-3 BS: FLV of director Carpenter & Adrienne slipping in a cuddle between takes in library
C-ENY-4 PR: Low angle shot of Snake kneeling in front of graffiti-covered wall
C-ENY-5 PR: MS of Snake sitting quietly & resting weapon on one leg
C-ENY-6 PR: MCU of Snake, cigarette dangling from his mouth
C-ENY-7 PR: Eerie lighting hits CU of Snake's face, framed by Satanic red glow from behind
C-ENY-8 PR: MS of smiling Maggie backed by starless sky
C-ENY-9 Duke of New York [Isaac Hayes], head of ruling Gypsies gang
C-ENY-10 PR: slight variation of lovely group as described in ENY-4
C-ENY-11 MCU of Cabbie at wheel of taxi with armed Snake in back seat
C-ENY-12 Snake pushes boot into Brain's [Harry Dean Stanton] chest & gun in his face to enlist aid
C-ENY-13 FLV of Cabbie, Brain, Maggie & Snake striking out together to save hostage president
C-ENY-14 MLS of Snake about to fire on OS members of Duke's gang as Brain stares dumbly ahead
C-ENY-15 MLS of Maggie, concealing gun behind her, standing at door inside gang stronghold
C-ENY-16 Brain stabs bizarre Romero [Frank Doubleday] as bound & bewigged president look on
C-ENY-17 Snake stands amid rubble in fg as president [Donald Pleasence] waits to be lifted up wall
C-ENY-18 Cont. #17, president nearly to top of wall as Snake watches below
C-ENY-19 Tight shot of Snake & Duke wrestling on ground as they try to kill each other
C-ENY-20 Three visored policemen order Snake to hold out his arms while pointing rifles at his head
C-ENY-21 Flanked by two armed, black-uniformed policemen, Snake pensively awaits whatever is next
C-ENY-22 Cabbie laughs at OS stage show while Crazy Jeff stares blankly in front of him, Snake appears as shadow entering rear of theater
C-ENY-23 Cont. #22, Cabbie turns his attention to new arrival who has moved past him & OS
C-ENY-24 Cont. #23, MS of Snake passing OS Cabbie
C-ENY-25 MS of Cabbie stepping outside theater, looking after OS stranger
C-ENY-26 MS of bare-chested Snake, tattoo of cobra on his stomach, standing in corner of ring waiting to fight Slag before bloodthirsty audience at Madison Square Garden boxing arena
C-ENY-27 Romero [back turned] tries to deny entrance to Brain & Maggie
C-ENY-28 MCU of Snake & Maureen sharing quiet moment inside dark, abandoned restaurant
C-ENY-29 After pulling Maureen to her doom, Crazy Jeff pours out of hole in floor of restaurant [scene cut from final print, thank you very much]
C-ENY-30 LS of Snake walking toward crashed & burning Air Force One
C-ENY-31 Freaky Romero about to show president's severed ring finger to Hauk [back turned]
[NOTE: #32-44 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-ENY-32 MCU of Snake sitting across from OS Hauk, listens to offer
C-ENY-36 MS of Snake about to blast his way thru opposite wall OS
C-ENY-37 MCU of Maggie on escape bridge, hatred in her eyes
C-ENY-38 MS of Maggie aiming gun at OS onrushing Duke
C-ENY-39 FLV of Snake, decked out like one-man Army, kneeling amid barbed wire & smoke [rifle he holds & cobra tattoo on arm were not used]
C-ENY-40 Profile MS of Snake choking Hauk for ordering explosive charges implanted in his neck
C-ENY-41 MS: Snake leans back in street chair moments before Crazies appear
C-ENY-42 MCU of Maggie listening to Snake [back of head]
C-ENY-43 MCU of Snake at wheel of commandeered car, president in back seat
C-ENY-44 Snake urges OS Maggie to come on after Brain's death on bridge
C-ET-1 PR: MCU of E.T. looking over shoulder of smiling director Steven Spielberg
C-ET-2 PR: Profile MCU of E.T. about to touch Spielberg's face with glowing finger
C-ET-3 PR: MS of smiling Elliott & E.T., finger aglow, posed behind shrubbery
C-ET-4 PR: MS of E.T., finger aglow, peering out from behind greenery
C-ET-5 PR: MS of E.T. with mouth open & body twisted
C-ET-6 PR: MCU of E.T., face turned upward while clutching phone in upraised hand. Red bg
C-ET-7 MLS of landed spaceship with one alien walking up ramp & another sampling forest growth
C-ET-8 MS of exotic plant-filled greenhouse basin within spaceship
C-ET-9 MLS of silhouetted alien standing just inside ship, waiting for E.T.
C-ET-10 MLS of E.T., heart-light & profiled, upturned face desperately beckoning to departing spaceship
C-ET-11 LS of Elliott cautiously nearing tool shed at back of house
C-ET-12 Alien hand furtively curls around tool shed door
C-ET-13 MS of E.T. reacting with sudden terror in vegetable garden as flashlight beam hits him
C-ET-14 Head of E.T. peers over table as Elliott shows him items from bedroom
C-ET-15 E.T., head partially visible, blending with stuffed animals in closet
C-ET-16 E.T.'s POV inside closet of bent over Elliott with slack-jawed Michael [Robert MacNaughton]covering Gertie's[Drew Barrymore] mouth in bg
C-ET-17 Profile MS of Gertie kissing E.T., who holds potted geranium, on nose
C-ET-18 E.T. keeps head still amid stuffed animals to fool OS Mary
C-ET-19 E.T. looks around bedroom door to see if coast is clear
C-ET-20 MCU of E.T. in front of open refrigerator, in half drunken state
C-ET-21 MCU of Elliott's dog, Harvey, licking E.T.'s face [scene cut]
C-ET-22 Gertie shows off ridiculously bewigged & clothed E.T. to Elliot
C-ET-23 Wide-eyed Elliott watches E.T.'s glowing finger touch his cut one
C-ET-24 Two-element shot: RV of Halloween-costumed Michael & Elliott taking E.T./ghost into neighborhood; nearly same scene silhouetted at sunset
C-ET-25 Quarantine-suited doctors examine dying E.T. & Elliott behind him
C-ET-26 E.T., wrapped in blanket & plopped in bicycle basket, frowns as Elliott paddles him up street
C-ET-27 Spaceship descends beyond forest tree tops
C-ET-28 MS of E.T. intensely watching OS spaceship preparing to land
C-ET-29 MS of Elliott placing hand on E.T.'s shoulder to gain his attention
C-ET-30 MS of Elliott facing E.T. [favored] in front of ship during farewell
C-ET-31 MCU of E.T. [favored] & Elliott embracing beneath glow of ship
C-ET-32 Profile MCU of E.T. bringing his finger toward Elliott's face
C-ET-33 LS of spaceship, awash in light, lifting off
C-ET-34 CU of sad E.T. , Elliott regarding him imploringly at his shoulder
C-ET-38 PR: MS of Spielberg bent at side of E.T., arm resting on his shoulder
C-ET-39 PR: MS of E.T. pointing OS as Spielberg looks with him
C-ET-40 PR: MS of Spielberg standing behind & above head of E.T.
C-ET-41 PR: MCU of E.T. with neck extended
C-ET-42 PR: Cont. #41, E.T. blinks his left eye
C-ET-43 PR: MS of E.T. grooming his potted flowers
C-ET-44 PR: profile CU of Elliott & E.T. looking out slated closed door while hiding
C-ET-45 PR: MLS of Gertie, in cowgirl outfit, resting head on top of E.T. as smiling alien lights finger
C-ET-46 LS of E.T., heart-light glowing brightly, in wooded clearing watching spacecraft depart into star-studded night sky without him
C-ET-47 FLV of E.T. waddling toward beckoning Elliott after climbing stairs
C-ET-48 MS of Mary reading Peter Pan book to Gertie
C-ET-49 FLV of domesticated E.T. wearing bathrobe while watching TV, playing with toys & drinking beer
C-ET-50 Government men run after boys bicycling E.T. up street, Elliott & wrapped-up alien in fg
C-ET-51 Matte composite of boys bicycling E.T. above trees at sunset
C-ET-52 MS of Elliott removing hood with both hands, looks up in awe
C-ET-53 MS of E.T. & Elliott watching OS spaceship arrive, its lights whitening their faces
C-ET-54 FLV of spaceship few feet from touching down in forest
C-ET-55 MCU of E.T. about to touch OS Elliott with finger
C-ET-56 Cont. #32, profile MCU of E.T. touching Elliott's forehead with finger
C-ET-57 FLV of E.T. standing silhouetted in hatchway of spaceship, holding flowerpot
C-ET-58 MS of dying E.T. weakly looking over at OS Elliott
C-ET-59 AV of boys & E.T. bicycling above residential street & homes
C-ET-60 RV of flying bicycles about to touch down in forest clearing
C-ET-61 MS of Elliott [back turned] & E.T. saying farewells as Mary & others watch in bg by ship
C-ET-62 LS of spaceship lifting off from forest high above city
C-ET-63 BS: MS of Carlo Rambaldi standing before full wall of E.T. preliminary drawings
C-ET-64 Cont. #63, Rambaldi points to drawing
C-ET-65 PR: tight FLV of spaceship inches from touching down in forest
C-ET-66 FLV of E.T. holding plant before shelf of other plants in spaceship greenhouse
C-ET-67 MS of E.T. with upraised finger glowing
C-ET-68 PR: MS of Spielberg kissing E.T. on nose
C-ET-69 FLV of E.T. sadly waiting in wooded clearing for answer from home, heart-light aglow
C-ET-70 Cont. #49, MS of bathrobed E.T. learning how toy works
C-EVE-1 FLV of robot Eve VIII [Renee Soutendijk], wearing red jacket & black miniskirt, walking street toward camera
EVIL DEAD - 1983
C-EVL-1 MS of pasty-faced, white-eyed, long-haired member of evil dead out for blood
C-EV2-1 MLS of bloodied & battered Ash [Bruce Campbell] shrinking back in horror from OS demon in front of cabin
C-EV2-2 MS of Ash's demonically possessed girlfriend Annie [Sarah Berry] outside cabin window he is boarding up
C-EV2-3 MLS of Ash, now minus one hand, aiming shotgun at OS horror inside cabin
C-EV2-4 MS of Jake [Dan Hicks] from behind grabbing shoulder of hideously transformed Ed [Richard Domeier]
C-EV2-5 MCU of possessed Ed about to take chunk out of screaming Bobby Joe's [Kassie Wesley] head
C-EV2-6 MCU of Ed after ax swing has chopped off half his head
C-EV2-7 FLV of Ash furiously hacking limbs off downed Ed
C-EV2-8 Determined Ash, chainsaw now in place of offed hand, climbs out of basement
C-EV2-9 CU of worried Henrietta head
C-EV2-10 MCU of transformed Henrietta thrusting long-necked visage at terrified Ash
C-EV2-11 LS of ancient knights cheering Ash, their newly arrived champion
C-EV2-12 Cont. #11, FLV of Ash acknowledging OS knights, raising shotgun over head in triumph
C-EXC-1 CU: cowled Merlin [Nicol Williamson] with staff against cloudy sky
C-EXC-2 MCU of Merlin, his eyes turned to red spots, working his magic
C-EXC-3 MS of Morgana [Helen Mirren] working feminine spell on Merlin
C-EXC-4 Low angle of Arthur wading in lake holding Excalibur high
C-EXC-5 MS of embattled Arthur swinging Excalibur over his head [sword OS]
C-EXC-6 Arthur extends Excalibur to Lancelot [Nicholas Clay], who swears loyalty to his king
C-EXC-7 Cont. #6, RA favors Lancelot
C-EXC-8 LS of all knights seated at round table
C-EXC-9 MS of Arthur & Guenevere at wedding altar, court spread out in bg
C-EXC-10 CU of Guenevere about to raise her veil for Arthur
C-EXC-11 MS of Arthur raising Excalibur & swearing to defend Camelot as Guenevere looks on
C-EXC-12 Arthur, in heavy robe, stands at round table making fist. Guenevere & Lancelot are grim
C-EXC-13 MCU of Lancelot & Guenevere wrapped in each others arms after making love in glade
C-EXC-14 Morgana rains magical dust over her son Mordred [Robert Addie]
C-EXC-15 CU of Mordred wearing his golden mask
C-EXC-16 MS of Merlin, Arthur & Perceval [Paul Geoffrey] after their triumph at Castle Tintagle
C-EXC-17 LS of final battlefield, Arthur & Mordred facing off with sword & spear
C-EXC-18 Cont. #9, FLV
C-EXC-19 Cont. #17, Mordred runs Arthur thru & is about to receive same fate
C-EXC-20 PR: MS of Arthur posed in armor, sans helmet
C-EXC-21 Cont. #19, MS of Arthur & Mordred running each other thru
C-EXC-22 Cont. #18, MCU as light glints off knight's headband
C-EXC-23 FLV of Merlin walking in his colorful cavern domain
C-EXC-24 PR: FLV of Morgana, Guenevere & maiden posed under statue at portal of Merlin's domain [gorgeous set]
C-EXC-25 FLV of Morgana, nude under netting, making love to sleeping Arthur in his bed
C-EX-1 CU of fully possessed Regan
C-EX-2 MS of fully possessed Regan laying quietly in bed with tube poked up her nose
C-EX-3 Regan sits up in bed, cursing Father Merrin
C-EX-4 UA of Regan levitating above heads of Fathers Merrin & Karras [Jason Miller]
C-EX-5 DA of Regan, now glassy-eyed, floating over her bed
C-EX-6 Cont. #5, CU of floating Regan
C-EX-7 MCU of Regan laying back in bed after spewing green vomit on herself
C-EX-8 3/4 RV of Regan violating herself with cross on bed, her face [mask] twisted 180 degrees
C-EX2-1 CU of smiling Regan [Linda Blair]
C-EXP-1 PR: MCU of makeup artist Rob Bottin touching up face of alien Wak
C-EXP-2 PR: MS of Bottin & director Joe Dante preparing Wak [back turned] for scene under blue lighting
C-EXP-3 PR: MS of Bottin as Wak puts sucker-tipped mitts on his shoulders under blue lighting
C-EXP-4 PR: FLV of smiling Dante clapboarding scene at so-called funhouse section of alien spaceship
C-EXP-5 MS of Dante giving directions to Wak
C-EXP-6 Wolfgang [River Phoenix] sets up dream-machine on hill as Ben [Ethan Hawke] & Darren [Jason Presson] anxiously watch
C-EXP-7 Wolfgang creates floating bubble with machine to Ben's amazement as cat jumps onto console
C-EXP-8 Cont. #7, Wolfgang, Ben & Darren in shock over havoc bubble has wrought in basement lab
C-EXP-9 RV of Ben seated in bubble floating outside window of his dream girl, Lori [Amanda Peterson], who is talking on phone
C-EXP-10 FLV of Ben supplying paint to exterior of Tilt-A-Whirl body at night
C-EXP-11 Makeshift craft christened Thunder Road lifts off from creekbed at night
C-EXP-12 RV of Thunder Road within energy bubble hovering above rooftops of local neighborhood
C-EXP-13 Sheriff's helicopter pulls near & puts light on Thunder Road during its maiden flight
C-EXP-14 MS of Ben presenting Lori with ring in effort to show her his true feelings [cut from film]
C-EXP-15 Thunder Road rises above San Francisco Bay en route to outer space
C-EXP-16 Thunder Road is dwarfed by strange alien spaceship as it's pulled toward front opening
C-EXP-17 After landing inside alien ship, boys sit transfixed before getting out to explore
C-EXP-18 MS of boys shining flashlight on dark interior of alien craft
C-EXP-19 Wolfgang exploring ship on his own
C-EXP-20 MS of Darren flashing light on hand that seems to belong in WAR OF THE WORLDS
C-EXP-21 FLV of Ben & Wak coming face-to-face, both startled at sight of each other
C-EXP-22 MS of Wak with microphone, breaking into song
C-EXP-23 MS of Wak reciting Earth transmissions in front of screen showing cartoon
C-EXP-24 FLV of Wak performing
C-EXP-25 CU of Neek, Wak's sister, peeking over rim of large bowl she uses for sitting
C-EXP-26 Ben joins Wolfgang & Neek, who have hit it off
C-EXP-27 MS of Wak playing his version of saxophone
C-EXP-28 MCU of Wak doing monologue
C-EXP-29 MS of Wak pointing something out to Ben
C-EXP-30 MS of Neek putting hand to mouth
C-EXP-31 MCU of Wak reacting adversely to approach of another, even larger spaceship
C-EXP-32 MCU of Neek: Good grief, it's daddy!
C-EXP-33 It's dad alright & he's pissed off, this giant alien with huge gut & hands on hips
C-EXP-34 Cont. #33, dad flails arms angrily
C-EXP-35 MS of Neek & Wolfgang listening to OS dad
C-EXP-36 Cont. #35, Neek puts arms around Wolfgang when OS father gets into high gear
C-EXP-37 Cont. #36, Neek takes refuge behind Wolfgang as both listen to tirade
C-EXP-38 Three boys & both alien kids in front of Thunder Road as it's clearly time for them to depart
C-EXP-39 Cont. #38, boys & Neek all turn attention to Wak
C-EXP-40 Neek explains how she & Wak borrowed dad's ship so they could visit Earth
C-EXP-41 Cont. #40, RA favors sad Ben & Wak
C-EXP-42 Ben watches as Darren starts to give his Walkman to Wak
C-EXP-43 Cont. #42, Wak puts on earphones to Darren's delight
C-EXP-44 Thunder Road flying past Moon, Earth in bg
Back To Top
C-FFM-1 Striking MCU of Fu Manchu [Christopher Lee]
C-FTB-1 Eric Binford [Dennis Christopher] lays in bed glued to OS TV [movie memorabilia covers walls]
C-FTB-2 MS of Eric being bullied by his boss
C-FTB-3 MLS of Eric making sure Marilyn is securely seated behind him on moped
C-FTB-4 MCU of Eric as Dracula
FAHRENHEIT 451 - 1966
C-F451-1 LS of future firemen riding fire service truck thru street
C-F451-2 Cont. #1, FV of truck & firemen
C-F451-3 DA of firemen on truck
C-F451-4 LS of fire truck moving thru country
C-F451-5 Firemen leave truck & run down grass bank
C-F451-6 Firemen pile found books in heap as citizens look on, expressionless
C-F451-7 MCU of fireman in uniform, citizens watch OS book burning in bg
C-F451-8 Fireman unemotionally watches books burn
C-F451-9 MS: The Captain [Cyril Cusack], smiling smugly, seated on firetruck
C-F451-10 MS of gloved fireman holding up copy of "Don Quixote"
C-F451-11 Insulation-suited fireman about to put flame thrower to ill use, uniformed firemen in bg
C-F451-12 MLS of Linda [Julie Christie] placing Judas letter into firebox outside fire station
C-FAN-1 Title over dancing alligators
C-FAN-2 Sprites set air & flowers to sparkling delicately
C-FAN-3 Group of mushrooms begin their "Chinese Dance"
C-FAN-4 Cont. #3, mushrooms dance in circle
C-FAN-5 Cossack thistles form chorus line for "Russian Dance"
C-FAN-6 Cont. #5, another line, this one of squatting orchids
C-FAN-7 Cont. #6, orchids burst up & form link
C-FAN-8 Two frost sprites skate on ice of transformed stream
C-FAN-9 Cont. #8, sprites etch circular pattern in ice
C-FAN-10 Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Mouse, in awash cavern, tries to stop broomstick with water buckets on stairs
C-FAN-11 Cont. #11, scores of silhouetted brooms on march
C-FAN-12 Flying horse settles into water of lake
C-FAN-13 Centaurettes bathe under waterfall
C-FAN-14 Cont. #13, centaurette wades thru water
C-FAN-15 Hippo in tutu dances as alligators appear at pillars
C-FAN-16 Cont. #15, hippo tries to run from dancing alligators
C-FAN-17 One frost sprite dancing on ice
C-FAN-18 RV of Mickey Mouse opening door & flooded by light
C-FAN-19 Brightly lit broomsticks on the march
C-FAN-20 Flying horse wings downward
C-FAN-21 Flying horse family glides along lake
C-FAN-22 Centaurette wades out of lake
C-FAN-23 Water fairy awakes pretty centaurette
C-FAN-24 Fairies tie knots in centaurette's tail
C-FAN-25 Pygmy centaur shines centaurette's hoof
C-FAN-26 Baby flying horse on tree branch
C-FAN-27 Cont. #26, horse takes to the sky
C-FAN-28 Cont. #27, horse submerged in mass of berries
C-FAN-29 Chasm opens in ground around dinosaur skeleton
C-FAN-30 Hippo ballerina playing the flirt
C-FAN-31 Satan glares down from his dark throne
C-FAN-32 Cont. #31, Satan flings his arms outward
C-FAN-33 T-Rex pursues stegosaurus thru driving rain
C-FV-4 SV of Proteus weaving thru fibrous body tissues
C-FV-5 RV of micronauts in sub eyeing white corpuscles
C-FV-6 PR: Grant & Cora hold on inside sub
C-FV-7 Micronauts about to pump air into Proteus from lung
C-FV-8 Micronauts fight antibodies besieging Proteus
C-FV-9 Cont. #8, different angle. Proteus tipped
C-FV-10 BS: full-scale Proteus sits on pad, studio lights hitting it from above
C-FV-11 FLV of Proteus on miniaturization pad as crew prepares to board
C-FV-12 FLV: Proteus on pad with miniaturization canopy moved into position
C-FV-13 FV of Proteus with its crew settled in
C-FV-14 UA of Dr. Michaels [Donald Pleasence] & Dr. Duval [Arthur Kennedy] in submarine doing calculations while Capt. Owens [William Redfield] watches from pilot dome above them, blood stream swirls outside
C-FV-15 Grant & Owens look up at Michaels, who is trapped in pilot seat after crashing sub, element of brain visible out windows. Vertical image
C-FV-16 Extreme DA of Col. Reid [Arthur O'Connell], Gen. Carter [Edmond O'Brien] & third man watching micronauts begin to grow on glass slide under their feet. Vertical image
C-FV-17 Composite of Reid watching micronauts grow in three stages from shrunken to full size
C-FV-18 FLV of Proteus crew atop sub prior to entering it
C-FV-19 Col. Reid & Gen. Carter view OS operating theater from control center, Proteus in bg
C-FV-20 PR: FLV of Cora, posed spread-legged inside lung, unzipping front of body suit
C-FV-21 FLV of Dr. Duval & Cora about to fire laser rifle in brain
C-FC-1 MS of Capt. Yelland [Kirk Douglas] barking into intercom
C-FC-2 MS of Cmdr. Owens [James Farentino] relaxing on bridge of Nimitz
C-FC-3 MLS of Lasky [Martin Sheen] showing surprise after debarking Nimitz
C-FC-4 MS of Laurel Scott [Katharine Ross] holding notebook, ocean behind her
C-FC-5 Lasky, Owens & Yelland look over report of strange radio signals
C-FD-1 CU of pensive Alex Browning [Devon Sawa] in his room, computer monitor in bg
C-FD-2 CU of surprised Clear Rivers [Ali Larter], hair whipping around face
C-FD-3 MS of Carter Horton [Kerr Smith], in letterman's jacket, looking up from survivor's memorial
C-FD-4 MLS of undertaker Bludworth [Tony Todd] explaining things to Alex & Clear as they all stand over body of Tod Waggner [Chad E. Donella]
C-FD-5 MS of mortified teacher Valerie Lewton [Kristen Cloke] drawing curtain aside to peer out window:
C-FD-6 MLS of incredulous Billy Hitchcock [Seann William Scott] by railroad tracks
C-FD-7 Carter, Alex & Clear react with horror to Billy's OS demise
C-FD-8 PR: PRT of director James Wong
C-FST-1 MLS of Irv Manders [Art Carney], wife Norma [Louise Fletcher] behind him, trying to protect Charlie [Drew Barrymore] & father Andrew [David Keith] from OS Shop agents with rifle
C-FST-2 MCU of Charlie, hair bristling as she focuses her power on OS agents
C-FST-3 MCU of sad Charlie leaning against giant Panda
C-FST-4 MS of Rainbird [George C. Scott], posing as cleanup man, taking Charlie into his confidence
C-FST-5 FLV of Andrew holding Charlie & screaming at hidden assailant who shot her
C-FMM-12 Selenites zap Moon cow with laser cannon
C-FMM-28 Four Selenites huddle near Cavor & Kate, who are inspecting crystal, sphere in bg
C-FMM-29 Spacesuited Cavor tries to jump over Moon rock in front of sphere
C-FMM-30 Selenite about to fire laser canon from precipice
C-FSV-1 Title
C-FSV-2 Cosmostrator I spaceship blasts off in cloud of smoke
C-FSV-3 Ship about to clear launching tower
C-FSV-4 Ship crew huddles in control room
C-FSV-5 Ship drops in for landing on Venus
C-FSV-6 Cont. #5, ship lands in cloud of smoke
C-FSV-7 LS of landcar moving thru remnants of Venusian city
C-FSV-8 Cont. #7, closer view of landcar & ruins
C-FSV-9 LS of explorers outside landcar next to ruins, eruption in bg
C-FSV-10 MS of two spacesuited explorers
C-FSV-11 Explorers roam ruins with tank-like robot sidekick
C-FSV-12 Living magma trails explorers on terrace of structure
C-FSV-13 Lava flow captures foot of explorer
C-FSV-14 LS of explorers & robot running for their lives
[NOTE: #20 is full color but all others have shifted color]
C-FMY-1 Title over burning structures
C-FMY-2 Workman in ship recoils as tools & wiring fly about
C-FMY-3 Anguished face of workman telling of phenomenon
C-FMY-4 CU of Quatermass trying to repeat phenomenon
C-FMY-5 CU of Barbara Judd [Barbara Shelley] reliving Martian race purge
C-FMY-6 Cont. #5, CU of Barbara swooning
C-FMY-7 Monitor image of Martian insects in race purge
C-FMY-8 Col. Breen & official debunk Quatermass & Roney
C-FMY-9 Mob tries to escape out of underground excavation
C-FMY-11 CU of perspiring Quatermass
C-FMY-12 FLV of Martian ship radiating as if alive
C-FMY-13 Cont. #12, closer view of ship
C-FMY-14 CU of Col. Breen's charred face & uniform
C-FMY-15 LS of horned demon apparition over rooftops
C-FMY-16 Closer & fuller view of apparition
C-FMY-17 CU of Roney atop crane
C-FMY-18 MS of Roney as crane swings him to abrupt stop
C-FMY-19 CU of apparition from behind Roney
C-FMY-20 Quatermass & Roney carry Martian insect from ship
C-FGN-4 PR: MS of threatening Ming the Merciless decked out in grand red costume
C-FGN-5 PR: three-element shot of Dale. Hawkmen have her in one scene
C-FGN-6 PR: three-element shot of sexy Princess Aura in various guises
C-FGN-7 PR: nine-element shot of Mongo's diverse array of beings, beasts & beauties
C-FGN-8 CIN: BS: technicians set up shot with three Hawkmen carrying Dale & Zarkov, all suspended in front of blue screen
C-FGN-9 CIN: BS: war rocket Ajax model rests diagonally on animation stand before blue screen
C-FGN-10 CIN: RV of Ming, gowned Dale & red-robed palace guard turned toward blue screen
C-FGN-11 CIN: LS of Ming's golden palace situated between high mountain spires & colorful sky beyond
C-FGN-12 Cont. #11, city sends out laser fire
C-FGN-23 PR: MS of Flash wearing red dress uniform jacket & holding weapon in gloved hand
C-FGN-25 PR: MCU of dark, sinister Ming the Merciless
C-FGN-26 PR: MCU of Ming conferring silently with Klytus
C-FGN-27 PR: MS of Dale in gold gown & brandishing weapon belonging to palace guard
C-FGN-28 PR: MS of Aura posing teasingly against wall in gold outfit worn at first appearance
C-FGN-29 PR: PRT of Aura wearing an undeniable look
C-FGN-30 PR: pink-gowned Aura lays back seductively on bed of pillows
C-FGN-31 PR: MLS of palace wench modeling plastic helmet & cape
C-FGN-34 RV of capsule entering Sea of Fire
C-FGN-35 Looking over Ming's shoulder as Zarkov, Flash & Dale are presented to him
C-FGN-36 MCU of Ming giving OS newcomers nasty look
C-FGN-37 MCU of Aura asking Ming to give Flash to her
C-FGN-38 LS of Flash running with ball down palace hall
C-FGN-39 MS of Dale cheering on sidelines
C-FGN-54 FLV of Barin [back turned] & Flash squaring off with whips on sky platform
C-FGN-69 Rows of Hawkmen swoop out of swirling orange Kool-Aid sky
C-FGN-70 Cont. #69, lead Hawkman smashed with scorching laser blast
C-FGN-76 FLV of two palace guards holding Aura prisoner between them
C-FGN-86 LS of Hawkmen flying Aura & Zarkov to Vultan's sky palace amid swirling blue sky
C-FGN-87 FLV of soldiers grouped outside Zarkov's crashed landed spaceship on Mongo
C-FGN-88 UA/MS of Ming & Aura posed side by side
C-FGN-89 Front quarter of war rocket Ajax plying thru orange Kool-Aid sky
C-FGN-90 PR: PRT of regal Prince Barin in green costume
C-FGN-91 Tighter PRT of smiling Barin leaning forward
C-FLG-1 Title with Flesh in fg & Wang's castle in bg
C-FLG-2 AV of Flexi's spaceship leaving Earth
C-FLG-3 SV of phallus-shaped ship in space
C-FLG-4 Ship enters path of sex ray
C-FLG-5 Cont. #4, ship maneuvers under ray beam
C-FLG-6 Flesh, Dale & Flexi hang on inside ship
C-FLG-7 Amusing shot of the one-eyed Man in the Moon
C-FLG-8 Planet Porno
C-FLG-9 Penisaurus, surrounded by mist
C-FLG-10 Head-on shot of Penisaurus
C-FLG-11 Flesh & Prince Precious [Lance Larsen] clasp arms in friendship
C-FLG-12 Ladybug ship glides thru forest
C-FLG-13 Wang the Perverted [William Hunt] in front of viewscreen
C-FLG-14 Wang & Flexi in front of viewscreen
C-FLG-15 Wang's weird visage appears on viewscreen
C-FLG-16 LS of Flesh & friends trapped in Wang's Royal Flush
C-FLG-17 Wang cackles at group's predicament
C-FLG-18 FLV of Flesh sword-fighting the beetleman
C-FLG-19 Griffith Park observatory with miniatures in fg
C-FLG-20 CU of Nesuahyrrah [hereafter called Nesh] in red glow
C-FLG-21 Detailed MS of Nesh atop Tower of Murder
C-FLG-22 LS of Nesh atop Tower of Murder
C-FLG-23 BS: screaming Dale is held in grip of giant Nesh prop arm over tower as technicians watch
C-FLG-24 Cont. #23, same shot, but Dale is nude above waist
C-FLG-25 Newsboy hawks headline: SEX SICKNESS PERILS PLANET
C-FLG-26 MS of Flesh & nude Dale in Flexi's lab
C-FLG-27 FLV of Flexi's spaceship in his barn
C-FLG-28 VW keys in ignition of spaceship control panel
C-FLG-29 Night shot of spaceship blasting off from barn
C-FLG-30 Spaceship passes thru trash littered moronisphere
C-FLG-31 View of Earth seen from spaceship
C-FLG-32 Spaceship flies under one-eyed Moon
C-FLG-33 Flexi, Flesh & nude Dale inside out-of-control ship
C-FLG-34 Flesh watches Flexi offer garment to nude Dale
C-FLG-35 CU of Wang's dragon ship, jaws agape & laser firing
C-FLG-36 Flexi's ship spirals in for landing on Porno
C-FLG-37 FLV of ship touched down on Porno
C-FLG-38 LS of Flesh, Dale & Flexi running from ship
C-FLG-39 LS of dragon ship landed on cliff
C-FLG-40 LS of Wang's soldiers running from dragon ship
C-FLG-41 Profile of Penisaurus stalking Flesh
C-FLG-42 Penisaurus sneaks up behind Flesh, Dale & Flexi
C-FLG-43 LS of Wang's throne room, orgy in progress
C-FLG-44 RV of Flesh, Dale & Flexi facing Wang on throne
C-FLG-45 Wang orders Flexi into his service
C-FLG-46 Flesh balks as Flexi is led away from throne room
C-FLG-47 LS of throne room as soldiers grab Flesh & Dale
C-FLG-48 CU of Wang fondling his concubine
C-FLG-49 MS of Wang & Amora [Mycle Brandy] watching Flesh in arena OS
C-FLG-50 FLV of dyke monsters mauling Flesh in arena
C-FLG-51 Cont. #50, closer view
C-FLG-52 MS of dyke monster knocked to floor
C-FLG-53 Spy reports to Wang before orgiastic pyramid
C-FLG-54 Spy bows to Wang, Orgy out of view
C-FLG-55 Wang dismisses spy, turns to collapsed sex pyramid
C-FLG-56 Amora's swan ship glides past face of moon
C-FLG-57 Constellation cupid fires arrow at OS swan ship
C-FLG-58 Arrow catches up with swan ship in space
C-FLG-59 Flesh makes love to Amora in swan ship
C-FLG-60 Night shot of two dragon ships on landing field
C-FLG-61 CU of dragon ship firing laser
C-FLG-62 Gorgeous shot of crashed & burning swan ship
C-FLG-63 MS of Wang's castle at night
C-FLG-64 Bottomless cheerleaders cheering, Dale & Wang in bg
C-FLG-65 Image of dead Amora shimmers before forest treetops
C-FLG-66 Priest begins wedding ceremony of Wang & Dale in fg
C-FLG-67 MCU of now-uniformed Flesh with Wang's castle in bg
C-FLG-68 Gowned Wang watches Flesh & soldier fence
C-FLG-69 CU of priest making an obscene hand gesture
C-FLG-70 LS of feminist leading Dale before Chief Nellie
C-FLG-71 MS of Nellie, one breast exposed & one patched
C-FLG-72 MCU of Nellie, puffing on cigar
C-FLG-73 Feminists strip Dale for initiation ceremony
C-FLG-74 DA of nude Dale strapped down to table
C-FLG-75 Nude feminists cluster around helpless Dale
C-FLG-76 CU of nude black girl hovering above Dale on table
C-FLG-77 Flexi uses power pasties to blast out of prison
C-FLG-78 Flexi menaces feminists with power-pasties
C-FLG-79 LS of beetleman emerging from his chamber
C-FLG-80 MS of beetleman standing in chamber doorway
C-FLG-81 Beetleman turns aside, placing head in profile
C-FLG-82 Beetleman begins to move forward
C-FLG-83 Flesh knocks beetleman to floor with torch
C-FLG-84 Flesh flees from pursuing beetleman
C-FLG-85 Beetleman flexes claws & growls up at Flesh OS
C-FLG-86 Sword-clenching beetleman climbs stairs
C-FLG-87 Flesh & beetleman battle at top of stairs
C-FLG-88 Beetleman grabs Flesh's truncheon
C-FLG-89 Dale restrains Flexi from using power-pasties
C-FLG-90 Flexi & Dale huddle in fear as battle wages OS
C-FLG-91 CU of Flexi & Dale huddled in fear
C-FLG-92 MS of beetleman with Flexi & Dale in bg
C-FLG-93 RV of beetleman turned toward Flexi & Dale
C-FLG-94 MCU of Flesh thanking Prince Precious for saving him
C-FLG-95 Matte shot: swan ladybug ship flying into forest-kingdom lab
C-FLG-96 Cont. #95, ship closes in on hole cut in side of giant tree trunk, home of Forestmen. Great matte sequence
C-FLG-97 Flexi, Flesh & Dale [obscured] in forest-kingdom lab
C-FLG-98 Flexi, showing his power-pasties to Flesh & Dale, prepares to demonstrate new defensive weapon in lab
C-FLG-99 The sex-ray model on wall of tree lab
C-FLG-100 Ladybug ship flies toward Wang's castle
C-FLG-101 MCU of Flesh & others trapped in Wang's Royal Flush
C-FLG-102 LS of Flesh & others swimming thru water pipes
C-FLG-103 Closer view of group reaching end of pipeline
C-FLG-104 LS of Wang kneeling before immobile Nesh
C-FLG-105 Nesh emerges from his lair
C-FLG-106 Nesh's head peers thru arches at fleeing Flesh
C-FLG-107 CU of Nesh, perturbed
C-FLG-108 Nesh marches thru palace, Dale clutched in one hand
C-FLG-109 "God, it's high," says Nesh, gazing up at castle wall
C-FLG-110 LS of Flesh & friends running toward dragon ships
C-FLG-111 LS of dragon ship rocketing thru space
C-FLG-112 Nesh ponders his captive Dale atop Tower of Murder
C-FLG-113 MCU of Dale squirming in Nesh's claw
C-FLG-114 MS of Nesh peeling off Dale's garments
C-FLG-115 CU of now semi-nude Dale screaming
C-FLG-116 Nesh raises Dale close to his face
C-FLG-117 LS of dragon ship firing blast at Nesh's backside
C-FLG-118 Enraged Nesh grabs his backside
C-FLG-119 MCU of Nesh reacting to backside blast
C-FLG-120 MS of Nesh clenching his fists & snarling
C-FLG-121 MCU of Dale, released by Nesh, screaming
C-FLG-122 CU of Flesh pushing Dale up ladder to dragon ship
C-FLG-123 Nesh rushes toward Flesh & Dale on ladder
C-FLG-124 Spiked in chest, Nesh falls off tower
C-FLG-125 MCU of Wang cringing as Nesh plunges toward him OS
C-FLG-126 Explosions wrack Wang's palace exterior
C-FLG-127 Bare-chested woman runs thru crumbling palace
C-FLG-128 Precious waves to Earth friends boarding their ship
C-FLG-129 FLV of Precious waving good-bye
C-FLG-130 MCU of Flesh & Dale aboard ship heading home
C-FLG-131 CU of horned demon-skull mask [not used in film]
C-FLG-132 Two rapist robots on move inside castle
C-FLG-133 MS of beetleman wielding broken scepter
C-FLG-134 BS: Nesh on tabletop set of Tower of Murder
C-FLG-135 Nesh, clutching Dale, scales his way to top of Tower of Murder
C-FLG-136 BS: in-camera composite of Nesh model, man working prop arm gripping Dale & matte painting
C-FLG-137 Cont. #135, FLV of Nesh, clutching Dale, atop Tower of Murder & looking to his left
C-FON-1 FLV of 12-year-old David Freeman [Joey Cramer] piloting alien spacecraft, its interior mirrored chrome with Aztec markings
C-FON-2 Cont. C-FON-1, tighter FV of David
C-FON-3 RV of spaceship flying by Golden Gate Bridge
C-FON-4 David pops head out of ship's open hatch to ask directions of people driving by in convertible
C-FON-5 RV of David looking up at spacecraft tethered inside NASA hanger
[NOTE: this series is available in 5x7 or smaller sizes only]
C-FTM-1 Base of spaceship as rocket engines fire
C-FTM-2 Ship rises into space on column of flame
C-FTM-3 Scientists study Mars thru giant telescope
C-FTM-4 Steve & Carol get close on ship
C-FTM-5 Ship gets caught in meteor storm
C-FTM-6 View out ship porthole of meteor storm
C-FTM-7 Ship flies in low over icy Mars surface
C-FTM-8 RV of crewman checking out terrain from porthole
C-FTM-9 MS of oxygen-masked crew sighting OS Martians
C-FTM-10 LS of subsurface Martian city [matte painting]
FLY, THE - 1986
C-FLY-1 MCU of Seth Brundle [Jeff Goldblum] talking to OS journalist Veronica Quaife [Geena Davis] at seminar
C-FLY-2 MS of Brundle listening to Veronica as they walk with drinks away from crowd
C-FLY-3 MCU of bare-chested Brundle sitting in telepod
C-FLY-4 FLV of second telepod, dry ice flowing out of open door
C-FLY-5 MS of Brundle stepping from second telepod
C-FLY-6 MS of slightly stooped Brundle completely out of pod & looking around
C-FLY-7 MCU of Veronica reacting to news by Brundle that he transmitted himself
C-FLY-8 FLV of shirtless Brundle sitting on edge of bathtub & regarding his fingernails
C-FLY-9 Cont. #8, CU of Brundle, his face starting to mottle, reacting to loss of fingernail
C-FLY-10 MLS of Brundle & playmate surprised by Veronica [back turned]
C-FLY-11 Cont. #10, RA of Veronica telling Brundle: "Be afraid, be very afraid"
C-FLY-12 MCU of hunched over Brundle, in stage four metamorphosis, looking up over his shoulder
C-FLY-13 MCU of transformed Brundle looking at himself in mirror
C-FLY-14 FLV of Veronica trapped inside telepod
C-FLY-15 LS of Stathis Borans [John Getz] about to fire rifle at conduit leading to telepod in which Veronica is trapped
C-FLY-16 Cont. #15, tighter on telepod as tubing explodes
C-FLY-17 MCU of Brundle in stage four metamorphosis leering into camera
C-FLY-18 MCU of Brundle in stage five makeup & wearing stained white shirt
C-FLY-19 MCU of stage six Brundle about to regurgitate on Borans' hand
C-FLY-20 MCU of Brundle in lumpy flesh seventh stage of metamorphosis
C-FLY-21 MS of final stage fly creature with missing jaw & slime oozing from mouth against black bg
C-FLY-22 FV of final stage fly creature crawling on floor just before going to pieces
C-FLY-23 Brundle pets test baboon as smiling Veronica video tapes them
C-FLY-24 FLV of nude Brundle kneeling inside telepod, leg hiding Mr. Happy
C-FOGT-1 FV of nightgowned Stevie sitting up in bed, looking OS
C-FOGT-2 Cont. #1, SV of Stevie in similar position
C-FOGT-3 Malone, Kathy & Castle [Tom Atkins] read ancient journal in church
C-FOGT-4 "Elizabeth Dane" ghost ship appears out of glowing fog
C-FOGT-5 Mariner ghosts enter church filled with fog
C-FOGT-6 Cross held by Malone glows hotly as ghost touches it
C-FOGT-7 PR: PRT of Director John Carpenter leaning on wook plank from ghost ship with lit pumpkin in bg amid mist
C-FYEO-1 PR: MS of Melina all tied up with James Bond
C-FYEO-2 PR: Bond lounges with 11 bikinied & swim-suited beauties on lawn
C-FYEO-3 PR: Poster art of Bond aiming gun under spread-legged beauty [from hips down] with crossbow
C-FYEO-4 PR: MCU of Bond in blue ski jacket
C-FYEO-5 PR: FLV of Bond in all black aiming gun from wide spread stance
C-FYEO-6 PR: MLS of pretty chinese Bond girl posed in white sash top, red belt & black skirt
C-FYEO-7 Cont. #6, MS holding pistol while clad in black bra & garter belt
C-FYEO-8 Cont. #7, soft-focus MS having shed bra, now posed erotically
C-FYEO-9 Bond puts make on Melina, both in robes
C-FYEO-10 FLV of Bond standing in snow with Bibi, she in red ski jumpsuit
C-FYEO-11 FLV of Melina holding crossbow on downed Kristatos as Bond prepares to throw A.T.A.C.
C-FYEO-12 PR: FLV of Bond aiming gun from spread-legged stance with face of Melina superimposed
C-FYEO-13 PR: MS of lovely flower shop girl [ Robbin Young] wearing ski sweater, in Italian resort
C-FYEO-14 PR: FLV of Bond posed beside rear of Lotus, snow all around
C-FYEO-15 PR: MLS of Bibi wearing purple leotard & hair in ponytail, posed at exercise bar

C-FP-1 Red & yellow block title over starfield
C-FP-4 LS of C-57D space cruiser in deep space
C-FP-5 Much closer view of ship's profile in deep space
C-FP-6 Still closer view of ship before it moves off frame
C-FP-10 The ship arcs into orbit over Altair IV
C-FP-13 Adams & Ostrow study planet terrain around ship
C-FP-49 Title art: Robby, Morbius, Adams, Altaira & small scene of crew huddled around astrogation globe
C-FP-51 Arms poised, crew awaits Id Monster, ship glows red
C-FP-64 Robby carries 10-ton slab of shielding to ship
C-FP-70 Ray beams strike bellowing Id Monster
C-FP-73 Id Monster punches in steel shutters of Morbius' home
C-FP-77 Farman & Altaira chat at landcar, mountains in bg
C-FP-78 Panoramic view of entire Krell furnace system with Morbius, Adams & Ostrow at edge of walkway. Don't miss this one
[NOTE: #79-175 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-FP-79 Red & yellow block title over starfield
C-FP-80 Crew enters deceleration tubes
C-FP-81 Cont. #80, green beams bathe crewmen
C-FP-82 Cont. #81, area beyond tubes turns purple
C-FP-83 Cont. #82, control room turns yellow-orange
C-FP-84 MCU of Adams & Ostrow, bosun in bg
C-FP-85 Adams & Ostrow look at sun, Altair, on viewscreen
C-FP-86 Cont. #85, Altair in eclipse on viewscreen
C-FP-87 Ship passes in front of eclipsed Altair
C-FP-88 Ship comes in for landing on planet Altair IV
C-FP-89 Cont. #88, blue force field cushions ship as it lands
C-FP-90 Cont. #89, ship is down with landing ladders extended
C-FP-91 LS of oasis-like Morbius estate
C-FP-92 LS of Bellarophon graveyard
C-FP-93 Tractor magnet grabs Cookie as Adams & Ostrow laugh
C-FP-94 Adams, Quinn & Doc inspect damaged Klystron monitor
C-FP-95 Robby snatches whiskey bottle from Cookie, who tries to retrieve it as robot analyzes the bourbon
C-FP-96 Cookie thanks Robby at the thought of oodles of booze
C-FP-97 Altaira & Robby talk over her request for new dress
C-FP-98 Night view of ship with crewmen on perimeter patrol
C-FP-99 CU of page of hieroglyphics in Morbius' study room
C-FP-100 CU of Morbius operating plastic educator
C-FP-101 Cont. #100, pullback shot has Adams & Ostrow in scene
C-FP-102 Cont. #101, an image takes shape over Morbius' shoulder
C-FP-103 Cont. #102, image is Altaira, fully materialized
C-FP-104 Morbius & Adams in front of educator & IQ indicator
C-FP-105 Cont. #104, closer view includes Ostrow, no IQ indicator
C-FP-106 Extreme DA of trio on ventilator shaft walkway
C-FP-107 Trio is dwarfed by massive Krell energy complex
C-FP-108 Trio looks down on Krell furnace from walkway edge
C-FP-109 Trio views raging nuclear furnace on reflector screen
C-FP-110 Perimeter fence sparks as Farman & bosun test it
C-FP-111 Robby & Cookie meet behind rocks for second time
C-FP-112 Farman, Adams & Ostrow study cast of Id Monster's foot
C-FP-113 Crew holds last rites for Quinn in front of ship
C-FP-114 Id Monster outlined in fence, besieged by blaster fire
C-FP-115 Cont. #114, monster rears, slightly stooped
C-FP-116 Cont. #115, monster stands erect, bellowing off to side
C-FP-117 Cont. #116, monster viewed straight on, fully outlined
C-FP-118 Cont. #117, crew & cannons fire at monster OS
C-FP-119 Cont. #118, wide view of crew firing at monster
C-FP-120 Cont. #119, monster raises claw to snatch Farman
C-FP-121 Cont. #120, CU of claw reaching for Farman
C-FP-122 Cont. #121, monster rakes Farman across ground
C-FP-123 Cont. #122, monster holds flaming Farman in air
C-FP-124 Cont. #123, Adams & Ostrow fire hand blasters
C-FP-125 Robby's beam deactivates blasters of Adams & Ostrow
C-FP-126 Morbius broods while Altaira & Adams watch monster burning its way thru Krell laboratory doorway
C-FP-127 CU of lever that detonates Krell furnaces
C-FP-128 Adams & Altaira watch Robby play astrogator on ship
C-FP-129 Adams & Altaira watch Altair IV go nova on viewscreen
C-FP-130 LS of conspicuous cloud of dust streaking across Altair
C-FP-131 RV of Robby greeting C-57-D spacemen
C-FP-132 MS of Farman, Ostrow & Adams as Adams tests command mike
C-FP-133 Robby returns to landcar as trio settles aboard
C-FP-134 MS of trio in landcar
C-FP-135 Robby stops car in front of Morbius' home, Morbius in bg
C-FP-136 Robby serves lunch to Morbius & his guests
C-FP-137 Crew & Robby watch Morbius toss orange toward wall
C-FP-138 Cont. #137, orange trips household disintegrator beam
C-FP-139 Morbius directs Robby to test Adams' blaster
C-FP-140 Cont. #139, Robby blasts althea prutex plant in garden
C-FP-141 Morbius introduces Altaira to delighted spacemen
C-FP-142 MS of Morbius & fawning Altaira
C-FP-143 Farman begins Altaira hustle at coffee serving area
C-FP-144 MCU of Farman conning Altaira over coffee
C-FP-145 Altaira's pet tiger stalks past her in garden
C-FP-146 Altaira sits in landcar near ship OS
C-FP-147 Farman chats with Altaira as she sits in landcar
C-FP-148 Cookie asks Farman if he can go outside perimeter fence
C-FP-149 Cookie on knees dumbstruck at mountain of booze he sees
C-FP-150 CU of mound of ancient rocket bourbon, labels visible
C-FP-151 Cookie samples the hootch as Robby stands by
C-FP-152 Closer view of Cookie guzzling bourbon
C-FP-153 Cookie coughs: "And it's smooth, too."
C-FP-154 Id Monster, clearly outlined in blue, busts thru perimeter fence behind sentry. A sensational shot!
C-FP-155 Farman quibbles with Adams as he & Ostrow board tractor
C-FP-156 Cont. #155, closer view of three spacemen
C-FP-157 Robby brings bouquet of flowers into house
C-FP-158 DA of Altaira swimming in garden pool
C-FP-159 Adams at edge of pool watches Altaira swim
C-FP-160 Altaira, looking pixieish, dresses behind bush
C-FP-161 Adams kisses Altaira
C-FP-162 Adams fires blaster at tiger leaping from above
C-FP-163 Cont. #162, tiger dissolves into flames in midair
C-FP-164 Morbius & Ostrow watch Adams blaster test Krell door
C-FP-165 Same as #164, but blue light flashes at ramp entrance
C-FP-166 Adams & Morbius argue in study, Ostrow & Altaira observe
C-FP-167 Altaira approaches Morbius in study when others leave
C-FP-168 Tractor pulls up in front of Morbius home at night
C-FP-169 Adams & Altaira kiss inside house
C-FP-170 Ostrow dying in Adams' arms after taking brain boost
C-FP-171 Morbius finds Ostrow dead, Altaira & Adams stand nearby
C-FP-172 Adams yells at Morbius, seated with face buried in fists
C-FP-173 Robby's circuits jam when Morbius orders him to destroy Id Monster beyond steel shutters, Adams & Altaira in fg
C-FP-174 MS of Robby short-circuiting in front of steel shutters
C-FP-175 Adams tries to convince Morbius of his alter ego in lab
C-FP-176 Gorgeous LS of C-57-D traveling thru deep space
C-FP-177 MS of Cookie putting in order for rocket bourbon with Robby
C-FP-178 FLV of Adams & Ostrow watching from foot of ship as Robby pulls away in jeep with Morbius & Altaira
C-FP-179 BS wardrobe shot: Profile FLV of Walter Pigeon as Morbius wearing flowing cloak not used in film
C-FP-180 BS wardrobe shot: FLV of Anne Francis as Altaira modeling silver pant outfit with see-thru plastic dress covering
C-FP-181 BS wardrode shot: FLV of Anne, body profiled but face to camera, modeling floor length white dress worn for Adams
C-FW-1 LS of glowing, saucer-shaped spaceship about to land at outpost on planet Xarbia
C-FW-2 Cont. #1, higher angle shows more of outpost & planets in bg
C-FW-3 Cont. #2, pullback of shutdown spaceship on outpost landing pad
C-4D-1 Title over RV of Scott walking thru vault wall
C-4D-2 MCU of Scott looking at Linda [Lee Meriwether] OS
C-4D-3 MCU of Linda smiling at Scott OS
C-4D-4 Scott, Linda & Tony [James Congdon] dine in restaurant
C-4D-5 CU of Tony, Scott's scientist brother
C-4D-6 Tony watches Scott prepare metal block experiment
C-4D-7 Cont. #6, CU of Scott & Tony as test begins
C-4D-8 Cont. #7, CU of Scott's hand passing thru block
C-4D-9 Scott puts his hand thru wall mailbox
C-4D-10 Linda, Tony & Scott talking in lab
C-4D-11 CU of Scott in lab smock
C-4D-12 Linda, Tony & security cop watch Scott in lab OS
C-4D-13 Scott, hair graying, bends over sleeping Linda
C-4D-14 Scott, grim-faced, enters study
C-4D-15 Cont. #14, Scott's body passes thru chair
C-4D-16 CU of graying Scott
C-4D-17 RV of Scott putting both hands thru friend's chest
C-4D-18 Scott approaches chain-link fence in darkness
C-4D-19 Scott reaches for glowing container to rejuvenate
C-FR-1 Reproduction of original theatrical one-sheet with title in red & head of monster prominent
C-FCW-1 PR: DA of Frankenstein [Peter Cushing] eyeing camera as he unwraps experimentally beautified Christina [Susan Denberg]
C-FCW-2 PR: FLV of Frankie kneeling beside statuesque Christina, removing manacles from wrists
C-FCW-3 PR: FLV of Frankie posed holding Christina in arms
C-FCW-4 PR: MS of Christina, nude body profiled, holding cat over bosom & eyeing camera seductively
C-FCW-5 MLS of Christina, in low-cut peasant dress, picking up meat cleaver with crazed expression
FRIDAY THE 13TH - 1980
C-F13-1 MCU of camp victim with arrows protruding from left eye & neck
C-FT2-1 MS of policeman issuing warning to teenage boy & girl, she in bikini
C-FT2-2 Kicked back Paul [John Furey] plays chess with seemingly bored Ginny [Amy Steel]
C-FT2-3 Counselors sit around campfire listening to Paul tell stories
C-FT2-4 MS of Ginny holding pitchfork in cabin, waiting for Jason to strike
C-FT2-5 Cont. #4, Ginny thrusts pitchfork at camera
C-FT2-6 Horrified Ginny finds head of Jason's mother on candle-lit table
C-FT2-7 MS of Paul grabbing hooded Jason from behind in final encounter
C-FNT-1 PR: MS of Amy [Amanda Bearse] clasping arm with boyfriend Charlie [William Ragsdale] & Peter Vincent [Roddy McDowall] at her sides
C-FNT-2 PR: MS of smiling Amy & Evil Ed [Stephen Geoffreys] posed on her motorcycle
C-FNT-3 PR: MLS of fearless vampire killer Vincent in shadowy pose with upraised stake outdoors
C-FNT-4 PR: PRT of sexy, handsomely decked out vampire Jerry Dandrige [Chris Sarandon]
C-FNT-5 PR: CU of Dandrige in first stage transformation with changing eyes & sprouting fangs
C-FNT-6 PR: MS of Dandrige in second stage, glowering at camera
C-FNT-7 Cont. C-FWT-6, shows off fangs, fingernails & stabbed palm trailing blood
C-FNT-8 MS of Amy changed into almost desirable vampire
C-FNT-9 MCU of sweet Amy looking down with quiet smile
C-FNT-10 MS of Vincent in front of Bela Lugosi vampire poster
C-FNT-11 MS of Vincent listening at door, frightened
C-FNT-12 MS of Vincent, holding cross, & Charlie entering Dandrige home, both eyeing top of stairs OS
C-FNT-13 Cont. #12, Vincent aims gun & Charlie brandishes hammer at Dandrige's OS roommate
C-FNT-14 MCU of roommate Billy Cole [Jonathan Stark] melting down
C-FNT-15 MCU of shocked Vincent turned from window where vampiric Dandrige lurks
C-FNT-16 MCU of Evil Ed doing mad Raggedy Ann impression, fangs bared & cross burned into forehead
C-FNT-17 Cont. C-FWT-16, Ed screaming sans wig
C-FNT-18 Shadowy MS of Evil Ed transformed into werewolf, menacing OS Vincent
C-FNT-19 Cont. #18, Vincent kneels on floor before were wolf after staking creature in chest
C-FNT-20 Cont. #19, werewolf tries to pull stake out
C-FNT-21 Cont. #20, MCU of Ed reverting back to form, still a mess
C-FNT-22 MCU of changing Dandrige screaming at his would-be tormentors
C-FNT-23 MS of Vincent not believing what is flying toward him OS
C-FNT-24 Cont. #23, FLV RA of bat flying toward camera
C-FNT-25 Cont. #24, MS of bat
C-FNT-26 Cont. #25, CU of bat
C-FNT-27 Cont. #26, profile MCU of Vincent thrusting bone into mouth of bat as it attacks him
C-FNT-28 Cont. #27, CU of bat with bone between fangs
C-FNT-29 Cont. #28, MS of bat screaming as sunlight strikes it
C-FNT-30 MCU of Charlie touching Amy on shoulder from behind, not realizing she's turned into gigantic-mouthed vampire
C-FNT-31 Cont. #30, MCU of fully transformed Amy grabbing for OS Charlie
C-FNT-32 Supernatural fire begins to burn life out of Dandrige
C-FNT-33 Cont. #32, fire consumes face of Dandrige
C-FNT-34 PR: outdoor PRT of smiling Amy wearing pink & yellow top under overalls
C-FNT-35 MLS of Dandrige kissing Amy's hand as Charley & Ed look on
C-FNT-36 Charlie screams as bat bites down on his arm
C-FNT-37 FLV of transformed Amy, in sexy white dress, baring fangs on bed
C-FNT-38 Profile MS of vampiric Dandrige strangling Vincent as severe sunlight touches them both
C-FBD-1 BS: FV of face & body mold of Dr. Pretorius in its grotesque, cancerous transformation
C-FBD-2 Cont. #1, 3/4 RV of mold
C-FBD-3 Cont. #2, SV
C-FBD-4 BS: MLS of sfx artist John Buechler reading Fangoria by his bat-like flying creation with above head
C-FBD-5 Cont. #4, SV of creature in workshop by itself
C-FBD-6 Cont. #5, tighter SV to midsection
C-FBD-7 Cont. #6, FV of head & wings
C-FBD-8 BS: FLV of Dr. Pretorious' gruesome split open head
C-FBD-9 Red-hued MS of Dr. Pretorious, half his body grossly transformed into lumpy juicebar
C-FBD-10 MLS of Dr. Pretorious manifested into hunched over, lumbering mass of moving flesh in lab
C-FBD-11 CU of Bubba Brown [Ken Foree], face changed into pulpy mass
C-FRL-1 Grant [Robert Shaw] holds Bond at gunpoint on train
C-FRL-2 MS of phony Bond nervously aiming gun near statue in hedge maze
C-FRL-3 MCU of Grant stalking phony Bond
C-FRL-4 Rosa Klebb [Lotte Lenya] is ushered thru SPECTRE training area
C-FRL-5 Cont. #5, Klebb stops to watch flamethrower training
C-FRL-6 Bond uses periscope to spy on Russian embassy as Karim Bey [Pedro Armendariz] looks over his shoulder
C-FRL-7 Bond & Karim Bey enjoy OS belly dancer
C-FRL-8 MS of Bond about to fire at OS Bulgar during gypsy camp invasion
C-FRL-9 Bond, armed with gun & towel, finds Tatiana [Daniela Bianchi] in his hotel room bed
C-FRL-10 Looking over Bond's shoulder at smiling Tatiana
C-FRL-11 Bond, seated on bed, fondles Tatiana's choker
C-FRL-12 MCU of Bond listening to OS Tatiana
C-FRL-13 MCU of Bond kissing Tatiana
C-FRL-14 Tatiana steals way to pillars inside Blue Mosque
C-FRL-15 Amused Grant looks down at Bond after striking him in face on train
C-FRL-16 Bond aims flare pistol from his escaping speedboat
C-FRL-17 Speedboat in fg takes off again as SPECTRE flotilla is caught in wide explosion
C-FRL-18 MCU of Tatiana as she recognizes OS Klebb disguised as maid
C-FRL-19 MCU of Bond turning from phone as he, too, spots Klebb
C-FRL-20 Klebb pulls gun on Bond, his hands now raised, & orders Tatiana out of the room
C-FRL-21 PR: PRT of bare-shouldered Tatiana
C-FRL-22 PR: MS of Bond & Tatiana posed arm-in-arm on ferry overlooking Istanbul
C-FEM-1 LS of bullet-shaped spaceship Columbiad with crowd gathered to witness launch
C-FEM-2 UA of ship in flight, flame spewing from rockets
C-FEM-3 RV of Barbicane looking out window of ship at Moon & stars
C-FEM-4 MS of Barbicane, Stuyvesant [George Sanders] & Ben [Don Dubbins] reacting to sight of Moon
C-FUR-1 CU of Gillian psychically moving toy train on tabletop
C-FUR-2 MCU of angry psychic, Robin [Andrew Stevens]
C-FUR-3 Gillian, under mental assault, grabs Hester's [Carrie Snodgress] hand at breakfast table
C-FKL-1 Metal-clad Splatter [Ed Neal] menaces female punker in black dress
C-FKL-2 Cont. #1, Splatter pulls dress off her shoulders
C-FU-1 Title over DA of Mars rocket
C-FU-2 CU of Chuck Browning [Peter Fonda]
C-FU-3 CU of Tracy Ballard [Blythe Danner]
C-FU-4 Duffy [Arthur Hill] with Chuck & Tracy at conference
C-FU-5 Tourists mill about Delos assembly areas
C-FU-6 Tourists view tabletop models of pleasure domes
C-FU-7 Beautiful robots mix with tourists in Lounge area
C-FU-8 Tourist & two female robots at bar
C-FU-9 Tourist & two different robot beauties on couch
C-FU-10 Players at chess board with robot chess pieces
C-FU-11 CU of chess board as knights in miniature battle
C-FU-12 CU of Chuck playing chess
C-FU-13 Chuck & Tracy play with robot boxers
C-FU-14 Cont. #13, Tracy & boxer
C-FU-15 Cont. #14, Chuck & boxer, latter getting punched
C-FU-16 LS of empty commuter control center
C-FU-17 Duffy & technicians in computer control center
C-FU-18 Robot repair workers repairing robots
C-FU-19 Faceplate of robot being removed, showing inner works
C-FU-20 Hatchway leading to spaceship begins to swing open
C-FU-21 Cont. #20, spaceship appears beyond hatchway
C-FU-22 Chuck in astronaut suit prior to blast-off
C-FU-23 Tracy in astronaut suit prior to blast-off
C-FU-24 Smoke billows from base of spaceship
C-FU-25 Diners aboard ship watch spacewalk thru viewport
C-FU-26 Spacesuited skiers on the ochre slopes of Mars
C-FU-27 LS of Tracy in the Fantasy Chamber
C-FU-28 Cont. #27, CU of Tracy dreaming
C-FU-31 MS of gunslinger [Yul Brynner] during dream sequence
C-FU-32 Tracy kisses gunslinger as they embrace in bed
C-FU-33 CU of Clark the Dummy with faceplate removed
C-FU-34 Chuck, Tracy & Harry [Stuart Margolin] hide by door
C-FU-36 LS of Operation Center
C-FU-37 CU of Tracy's robot duplicate
C-FU-38 Dr. Schneider [John Ryan] in Operation Center
C-FU-39 CU of Schneider looking up from controls
C-FU-40 MS of Duffy holding gun on Chuck & Tracy OS
C-FU-41 Chuck's replica aiming gun
C-FU-42 MCU of Tracy discussing her fears with Chuck
C-FU-43 Clark the dummy mixes a drink
C-FU-44 Clark brings folded laundry to Harry
C-FU-45 Clark shakes hands with Chuck
C-FU-46 MCU of Chuck's replica about to stab Harry
C-FU-47 LS of Chuck's replica about to stab Harry
C-FU-48 UA of Tracy's replica aiming pistol