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ABD-1 Guard [Dick Jones] holds Vic [Don Johnson] & Blood at bay with shotgun
ABD-2 Vic aims handgun at frightened Quilla June [Susanne Benton]
A&C-1  Orville [Lou Costello] falls from spaceship & lands on Venusian turf
A&C-2  Lester [Bud Abbott] pays homage to Venusian queen Allura [Mari Blanchard] & King Orville
A&C-3  Two hoods frisk Orville & Lester aboard ship
A&C-4  Boys pile into taxi with Venus girls at foot of their spaceship
A&C-5  Dr. Wilson [Robert Paige] & technician watch spaceship on observatory viewscreen
A&CF-1 PR: semi-profile MS of Wolfman [Lon Chaney Jr.] snarling into camera, hairy hands outstretched
A&CM-1  PR: MLS of Klaris, The Mummy [Ed Parker] grabbing Peter [Bud Abbott] & Freddie [Lou Costello] by their throats from behind
A&CM-2  PR: MLS of boys flanking Mummy, reacting as he strongarms them
ABYSS, THE - 1989
ABY-1 Three-element shot: PRTs of Bud Brigman [Ed Harris], Lindsey Brigman [Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio] & Lt. Coffey [Michael Biehn]
ADD-1 Cast PRT posed before fireplace of Gomez [Raul Julia], Morticia [Anjelica Huston], Fester [Christopher Lloyd], Lurch [Carel Struycken] plus Granny, Pugsley & Wednesday
AFV-1 PR: PRT of Anjelica Huston as Morticia
WD-1 Alice meets Tweedledee & Tweedledum in Wonderland
ALIEN - 1979
AL-1 PR: FLV of entire starship Nostromo crew
AL-2 PR: MCU of Capt. Dallas [Tom Skerritt]
AL-3 PR: Near FLV of Executive Officer Kane [John Hurt]
AL-4 PR: MS of Ripley [Sigourney Weaver] hugging Jones, the cat
AL-5 PR: MS of Ash [Ian Holm], Science Officer
AL-6 PR: MLS of Lambert [Veronica Cartwright], Navigator
AL-7 PR: MS of Engineer Parker [Yaphet Kotto]
AL-8 PR: MS of Engineer Brett [Harry Dean Stanton]
AL-9 Silent bridge of Nostromo
AL-10 Hypersleep chamber petal lids open to awaken crew
AL-11 Parker & Kane sit up, reviving from hypersleep
AL-12 Dallas, Ripley & Lambert stretch arms as they wake up
AL-13 Crew discusses their premature wake-up call at table
AL-14 Kane & Lambert read consoles from their bridge positions
AL-15 Dallas, Ripley & Ash try to reason out distress signal
AL-16 Kane, Dallas & Ash plan descent to uncharted planetoid
AL-17 Parker & Brett show Ripley [back turned] engine room damage
AL-18 LS of space-suited trio about to step foot on planetoid
AL-19 Cont. AL-18, much closer shot of trio
AL-20 Cont. AL-19, pull back shot has Dallas on surface
AL-21 Trio makes way across alien terrain
AL-22 Cont. AL-21, trio stops for a moment
AL-23 MS of Kane & Dallas sighting something OS
AL-24 LS of trio climbing toward openings of alien ship
AL-25 Cont. AL-24, closer shot
AL-26 LS of trio almost to lip of oval opening
AL-27 Cont. AL-26, closer shot
AL-28 LS of trio discovering remains of nonhuman space jockey
AL-29 Cont. AL-28, closer view as trio nears space jockey
AL-30 MCU of Dallas examining space jockey
AL-31 Cont. AL-30, RA CU of jockey, Dallas behind it
AL-32 Lambert, Dallas & Kane find passage to lower chamber
AL-33 Lambert & Dallas watch Kane lower himself into chamber
AL-34 LS of Kane shining light on pods in ship egg chamber
AL-35 Lambert & Dallas re-enter Nostromo carrying stricken Kane
AL-36 Pair bends over intercom after putting Kane on floor
AL-37 Brett demonstrates electric shock tube to Dallas & Lambert
AL-38 Ripley, Parker & Brett hunt alien in ship's corridor
AL-39 Brett chases after Jones
AL-40 Ripley tries to force information out of enigmatic Ash
AL-41 Ash pulls Ripley violently away from master computer
AL-42 Parker & Lambert search for remaining air tanks
AL-43 PR: Parker, Ripley & Ash get ready to hunt alien
AL-44 SV of Nostromo bridge
AL-45 RV of Nostromo bridge
AL-46 Nostromo food storage area
AL-47 FLV of Nostromo after landing on planet
AL-48 FLV of derelict alien spaceship
AL-49 SV of Dallas & Lambert crossing strange planet surface
AL-50 Astros explore corridor of derelict ship
AL-51 Astros study space jockey from close up
AL-52 Dallas & Kane rig hoist over opening to lower chamber of derelict ship
AL-53 MCU of space-suited Dallas & Lambert back on Nostromo
AL-54 Ripley tries to catch Jones on Nostromo bridge
AL-55 BS: artist H.R. Giger airbrushes painting of egg chamber inside derelict ship
AL-56 BS: DA of Giger & helper sculpting space jockey
AL-57 BS: director Ridley Scott films scene in Nostromo engine room
AL-58 BS: Scott rehearses Weaver & Holm in computer room set
AL-59 PR: MS of Ripley looking into camera & petting Jones
AL-60 Lambert & Ripley muse over predicament at dinner table
AL-61 MS of Kane kneeling over egg before its top peels open
AL-62 Parker & Ash hold convulsing Kane down on table, Lambert in bg
AL-63 MS of tense Brett, Ripley & Parker tracking down alien
AL-64 MS of Lambert screaming her last scream
AL-65 PR: cast sits & stands around joking between scenes
AL-66 Parker, armed with flame thrower, & Lambert hunt alien in lower hold
AL-67  BS: FLV of Giger standing with man beside space jockey outside Hollywood's Egyptian Theater
ALIENS - 1993
ALS-1 PR: FLV of Ripley [Sigourney Weaver] standing with feet spread & arms crossed before detachment of Marines, all businesslike
ALS-2 PR: PRT of Ripley
ALS-3 PR: PRT of Hicks [Michael Biehn] in body armor, eyeing camera intently
ALS-4 Cont. ALS-3, MS of Hicks sitting & relaxing with cigarette as he stares into camera
ALS-5 PR: Six-element PRT of Frost [Ricco Ross], Lt. Gorman [William Hope], Hudson [Bill Paxton], Bishop [Lance Henriksen], Sgt. Apone [Al Matthews] & Vasquez [Jenette Goldstein]
ALS-6 Canopies on row of hypersleep chambers open to show Ripley in fg awakening in skivvies
ALS-7 FLV of Ripley briefing troops aboard transport ship Sulaco as Gorman looks on
ALS-8 MLS of Ripley trying to settle down whimping Hicks, Bishop & little Newt [Carrie Henn] watch
ALS-9 MS of Ripley shouldering wounded, screaming Hicks as they leave elevator to planet's surface
ALS-10 MS of heavily armed Ripley clutching Newt tightly as they come face-to-face with OS Queen Alien
ALS-11 Cont. ALS-10, LS showing Ripley & Newt in middle of nest
ALS-12 FLV of Ripley & Sulaco crew posed spread out before drop ship on hanger deck of Sulaco
ALS-13 PRT of steely-looking Bishop
AP-1 Title art: head of alligator man plus film highlights
AP-2 MCU of alligator man Paul Webster [Richard Crane]
AP-3 Alligator man about to attack Manon [Lon Chaney Jr.]
AP-4 MS of Jane Marvin [Beverly Garland] screaming at sight of nearing alligator man, once her hubby
ALT-1 PR: Director Ken Russell talks over scene with William Hurt, as Eddie Jessup, who cradles Blair Brown, as wife Emily, in his arms on couch
ALT-2 PR: MCU of Jessup staring wide-eyed into camera
ALT-3 PR: optional lighting effect superimposed along side Jessup's face
ALT-4 MS of wired-up Jessup floating in isolation tank
ALT-5 Rosenberg [Bob Balaban] & Parrish [Charles Haid] hold temporarily mute Jessup on floor, after his tank transmutation trip
ALT-6 CU of Jessup undergoing swirling, cosmic amorphous transformation
ALT-7 Silhouetted Emily flails about within whirlpool during terrifying lab transformation
ALT-8 MS of soaked Emily holding depleted Jessup after lab transformation
ALT-9 MS of Jessup holding his head during hallucination sequence
ALT-10 MS of Jessup screaming while in throes of violent hallucination
ALT-11 Emily's body becomes orgasmically altered during climatic moments
AMA-1 Glenn Manning [Glenn Langan] takes full blistering impact of Plutonium bomb blast
AMA-2 Giant Manning sits pensively on miniature bed
AMA-3 Manning peers thru window at bathing Carol [Cathy Downs]
AMA-4 Langan towers over Sands Hotel during Las Vegas rampage
AWM-1 PR: FLV of Sharri [Corrine Wahl], in bra & panties only, as ultimate video date, standing with hands on hips
AWM-2 PR: FLV of Alpha Beta [Lana Clarkson] posed with hands on hips as sexy Amazon Woman on the Moon
AWL-1 MCU of David Kessler [David Naughton] watching, in horror & anguish, as his hand elongates
AWL-2 MS of David & Jack Goodman [Griffin Dunne] moments after entering Slaughtered Lamb pub
AWL-4 MCU of David, in pensive mood, sitting up in hospital bed
AWL-5 Doctor examines claw wounds on David's chest
AWL-6 CU of nurse Alex Price [Jenny Agutter] lending sympathetic ear
AWL-7 MCU of Alex shoveling food into David's mouth
AWL-8 Two-element shot: MS of nightmare-dredged Nazi werewolf firing machine gun; MCU of Nazi monster
AWL-9 MCU of David & Alex enjoying each other in bed
AWL-10 FLV of David waking nude in zoo cage as wolf sniffs up to him
AWL-11 MCU of David wearing only cautious stare beside tree
AWL-12 Clutching balloons about middle, David grabs coat from park bench & runs like hell
AND-1 Scientists pass corpses of boy & dog in dead town of Piedmont
AND-2 Dr. Jeremy Stone [Arthur Hill] inspects crystalline microorganism that he's highly enlarged in lab
ARP-1 Title art: giant rat-bat-spider-crab & giant amoeba share center stage
ARP-2 Dazed Iris [Nora Hayden] stands at opening of scarred spaceship after its return to Earth
APR-8 Artwork of giant amoeba along side spaceship on Mars
APR-9 Rat-bat-spider-crab inches along Martian surface
APR-10 CU of rat-bat-spider-crab covering its eyes
ARP-11 Still waters stretch out before towering Martian city
ARP-12 Three-eyed Martian horror appears at ship porthole
APR-13 MS of giant Martian outside spaceship
ARP-14 CU of slavering rat-bat-spider-crab
ARP-15 LS of blinded creature as crew looks on in fg
ARP-16 FLV of amoeba monster about to devour raft at lake edge
ARP-17 FLV of spaceship landed on Mars [miniature]
AW-1 Two stop-motion animated tyrannosaurs argue over remains of triceratops
AW-2 T-Rex chews on backside of stegosaurus
AW-3 Artwork of warring dinosaurs & spouting volcano
AW-4 MLS of aliosaurus reaching for neck of brontosaurus, both baring teeth
AA-1 Manned flying carpet soars over Jaddur
AA-2 BS: MS of Christopher Lee as Alquazar & deposed ruler Wazir al Wuzara [Peter Cushing] laughing into camera
AA-3 PR: MCU of Alquazar in Arab headdress
AA-5 PR: bosomy PRT of beautiful Princess Zuleira [Emma Samms]
AA-6 PR: FLV of Zuleira posed on bed with her cat
AA-7 MS of Zuleira on bed thinking longingly of her prince
AA-8 MS of Zuleira looking out from bedroom balcony at city of Jaddur
AOD-1 PR: PRT of Ash [Bruce Campbell] with rifle strapped to back, face sporting cuts & bruises
AOD-2 MS of angry Ash wielding rifle & issuing warning to Dark Ages captors in bg
AOS-1 Spaceship blasts off from Moon base
AOS-2 Tail view of spaceship above lunar peaks
ASM-1 She-Monster [Shirley Kilpatrick] enters roomful of people
ALC-1 Demetrios [Anthony Hall] & Antillia [Joyce Taylor] disembark Atlantis submarine
ALC-2 Demetrios & Antillia argue inside gadget-laden hall
ALC-3 Surgeon [Barry Kroeger] transforms slave into ox as Demetrios watches while tied up in bag
ALC-4 Wizard Sonoy [Frank DeKova] gestures on steps in front of crystal death ray cannon
ALC-5 FLV of Atlantis & submarine as it enters port
ALC-6 Azor [Edward Platt] runs up behind Zaren [John Dall] who is controlling death ray cannon
ALC-8 Tight FLV of sub entering port of Atlantis
ALC-9 MS of Surgeon putting carving knife to Demetrios' face
AS-1 CU of cyclopean alien from flying saucer
AS-2 Saucer at rest on ocean floor
AS-3 Saucer breaks thru arctic ice
AS-4 Atomic sub on sea bottom with flying saucer
AS-5 PR: MS of Cmdr. Holloway [Arthur Franz]
AS-6 Undersea saucer as viewed thru sub's monitor
AS-7 Monitor image of radiation coursing about screened saucer
AS-8 Rare scene of alien flailing tentacles, viewed from behind creature as it sees human framed in porthole
ATRAGON - 1964
AT-1 Sea serpent entwines Atragon, flying submarine
AT-2 FLV of Mu submarine surfacing
AT-3 FV of flying sub flying over clouds
AT-4 Sub Captain Hachiro Jinguju & his daughter Makoto argue as Atragon rests at sea in bg
ACM-1 Crab monster holds victim in its claws
ACM-2 FLV of crab monster emerging from ocean
[NOTE: #5-15 printed from original film frames & show vertical scratches]
AFW-1 Giant hand grasps car containing aghast lawmen
AFW-2 Doctors lift giant hand with chain & rope
AFW-3 Title art: giant Nancy Archer [Allison Hayes] destroys cars on highway she's straddling
AFW-4 PR: giant Nancy posed in bed sheet bikini
AFW-5 Title over giant hand pulling Harry [William Hudson] from diner
AFW-6 LS of spheroid spaceship hovering over landscape
AFW-7 Ship lands on road in front of Nancy's car
AFW-8 Giant alien hand reaches for Nancy beside her car
AFW-9 Harry tries to soothe Nancy on bed
AFW-10 Giant Nancy about to crush electrical tower with hand
AFW-11 Giant Nancy strides toward diner, searching for Harry
AFW-12 Giant Nancy reaches for diner roof
AFW-13 Harry & Honey [Yvette Vickers] cuddle in diner booth
AFW-14 Cont. #13, Harry reacts as he hears roof torn off
AFW-15 UA of giant Nancy ripping diner roof off
AGL-1 Giant leeches maul victim in Florida swamp
AGL-2 Title superimposed over CU of partially obscured creature
APP-1 Dressed-up puppet people paired off in briefcase on table
AEC-1 Bullet-shaped Iron Mole poised to bore into earth
AV-1 PR: FLV of John Steed [Ralph Fiennes] & Emma Peel [Uma Thurman] pausing to drink in lair of villainous Sir August De Wynter
AV-2 PR: three-element shot: PRT's of bare-chested Steed, leather-clad Emma & sly-grinning De Wynter [Sean Connery]
BIT-1 FLV of sword-wielding, doll-sized Tom Piper [Tommy Sands] gazing defensively upward on toy-covered table
BTF2-1 Profile MS of Doc Brown [Christopher Lloyd] telling Marty McFly [Michael J. Fox] & Jennifer [Elizabeth Shue] he must take them to future
WD-3 Bambi, Thumper & Flower at play
BAM-1 Flying saucer in space approaching Saturn
BAM-2 Jet pilot looks out cockpit at flying saucer hovering above him
BAM-3 Flying saucer hovers over Red China village
BAM-4 Flying saucer crosses in front of meteor
BAR-1 Barbarella [Jane Fonda], hereafter called Barby, posed on fur rug aiming raygun
BAR-2 Doomed exiles are absorbed into rock walls of labyrinth
BAR-3 FLV of Barby & Pygar [John Phillip Law] flank Prof. Ping [Marcel Marceau] in labyrinth
BAR-4 Barby & Pygar captured in Sogo by Black Queen [Anita Pallenberg]
BAR-5 FLV of armed Barby flying with Pygar
BAR-6 FLV of crossbow-armed children & killer dolls
BAR-7 FLV of surreal city of Sogo
BAR-8 FLV of Black Queen with knives
BAR-9 MS of Pygar kissing Black Queen on cheek
BAR-10 FLV of seated Black Queen with horn on head, sans eye patch
BAR-11 FLV of Barby in Excessive Machine with Duran-Duran [Milo O'Shea] in fg
BAR-12 SV of Barby spread out on fur rug holding raygun
BAR-13 Barby & girls on sleigh next to crashed spaceship
BAR-14 Pygar finds Barby unconscious in Labyrinth
BAR-15 FLV of whip-handed Black Guards putting arm on Barby
BAR-16 Barby holds Black Queen around throat, Pygar standing at her side
BAR-17 Erotic MCU of Black Queen seducing Barby in her bed chamber
BAR-18 MS of Barby listening to Prof. Ping explain why Pygar lost his will to fly, Sogo in upper bg
BAR-19 FLV of Barby posed as if in midair with crossbow
BAR-20 FLV of Barby standing in torn costume beside ice boat
BAR-21 Exterior FLV of nude Barby in ice boat bed chamber
BAR-22 Barby stands nude, parts of body visible behind plexiglass tubing
BAR-23 PR: Barby in a posed fall with shocked expression
BAR-24 PR: FLV of makeup man touching up Barby's face on Iceland set
BAR-25 PR: FLV of Barby in tights & cape posed with weapon prop
BAR-26 Cont. BAR-25, Barby pushes see-thru breast cover, no weapon
BAR-27 PR: FLV of Barby in tailed fur outfit aboard her spaceship
BAR-28 PR: MS of long-tressed, unadorned Black Queen
BAR-29 PR: FLV of whip-handed Black Guard on backlot
BA-1 PR: MS of battle-bruised Shad [Richard Thomas] & Nanelia [Darlene Fluegel] on his arm
BA-2 3/4 RV of Sador's spaceship
BA-3 Nanelia repairs singing android in Hephaestus
BA-4 Four ash-white Nestor inside their ship
BA-5 Cayman [Morgan Woodward] finds Nanelia, hanging before him, a tasty morsel, Kelvin & Quopeg stand in bg
BA-6 MS of Nanelia & Valkyrie, St. Exmin [Sybil Danning], sharing laugh
BA-7 Shad, Nanelia, Kevin, Cayman, Quopeg & Gelt [Robert Vaughn] map strategy around table
BA-8 MS of Shad holding crying Nanelia as Cowboy [George Peppard] & St. Exmin stand in bg
BA-9 Shad stands & rests his hands on Nell's instrument panel during search for mercenaries
BA-10 Cowboy kicks back with cigarette & beer, fiddling with instrument above him on his spaceship
BA-11 MS of Sador [John Saxon], the scowling Malmori warlord
BA-12 MS of Gelt looking up while cleaning hand weapon
BA-13 FLV of St. Exmin in headdress, standing impatiently by large rock
BA-14 MS of three Nestor thinking things over
BA-15 MS of Cayman holding hands of twin Kelvin on either side of him aboard his spaceship
BA-16 Akirian defenders, led by Cowboy, hold weapons at ready for attackers in trenches
BBS-1 LS of astronauts lined up on space station outside platform
BBS-2 MS of bizarre, headless monster on planetoid
BOS-1 Flying saucers attack space station over Earth title
BOS-2 LS of spaceship on Moon. Earth & stars in bg
BOS-6 Composite: LS of heavy battle action on Moon between alien saucers, Moon buggy & spaceships
BOS-7 Composite: more of same with lots of laser fire between astronauts, buggies & alien saucers
BOS-8 Composite: astros pilot Moon buggy in fg; saucers, ships & space stations boogie, collide & explode between Moon & Earth in bg
BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS - 1953
[BF-1a thru BF-14c also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00]
BF-1 Reproduction of title art highlighting snarling prehistoric Rhedosaurus trampling New York City
BF-2 People run from beast as it emerges from between downtown buildings
BF-3 View from behind policemen aiming rifles at marauding beast
BF-4 FLV of beast on street, miniature vehicles in fg
BF-5 Beast towers above parka-clad scientist at height of snow blizzard
BF-6 FLV of silhouetted beast about to chow down lighthouse
BF-7 Beast partially visible as he moves thru ocean canyon
BF-8 Head of beast emerges from ocean shadows
BF-9 Head of beast breaks water behind Manhattan dock
BF-10 Night shot of beast approaching military fortification
BF-11 Beast near his end as roller coaster burns around him
BF-12 Newspaper shows garish headline & art of giant beast
BF-13 Nesbitt [Paul Christian] & Col. Evans [Kenneth Tobey] plot beast's demise as soldier in bg stands by for orders
BF-14 LS of beast behind barricade, artillery & soldiers
BF-15 Cont. #14, beast turns head aside
BF-16 Cont. #15, Beast roars
BF-17 Cont. #16, beast's head turned toward barricade
BF-18 Cont. #17, beast charges barricade
BF-19 Cont. #18, beast turns aside as flares go off about him
BF-20 Cont. #19, beast charges again, illuminated by flares
BF-21 Cont. #20, CU of beast as it lunges at barricade
BF-22 Cont. #21, CU of beast's midsection & raised fore-claw
BF-23 DA of beast stalking deserted NY street
BF-24 Cont. #23, beast looks up & bellows
BF-25 Cont. #24, spotlight touches beast's head
BF-26 Cont. #25, beast looks away trying to avoid spotlight
BF-27 Cont. #26, beast moves off down street
BF-28 LS of beast surrounded by roller coaster, GI's mass in fg
BF-29 Cont. #28, beast chews on frame work of roller coaster
BF-30 Cont. #29, closer view of beast as he looks aside
BF-31 Cont. #2, beast further into street, only hindquarters OS between buildings
BF-32 FLV of Harryhausen's Rhedosaurus model propped up on hind legs, head & arms turned to side
BF-33 MS of Nesbitt & Lee Hunter [Paula Raymond] discussing beast's movements with OS Col. Evans
BF-34 Cont. #33, pullback brings Evans into scene
BF-1a Title over people fleeing beast in bg
BF-2b CU of scientist staring up in awe at OS monster
BF-3c Beast looms above scientist during snow blizzard
BF-4d FLV of silhouetted beast about to chow down lighthouse
BF-5e Beast partially visible as he moves thru ocean canyon
BF-6f Head of beast emerges from ocean shadows
BF-7g Head of beast pops up pier-side in East River
BF-8h Mouth of beast reaches down for parked car
BF-9i Beast's foot about to crunch car on street
BF-10j Cont. #9i, foot crushes car
BF-11k Soldiers fall in street while stalking beast
BF-12m Nesbitt & Cpl. Stone [Lee Van Cleef] discuss killing beast with radioactive isotope
BF-13n MS of Stone aiming rifle loaded with isotope
BF-14o Beast approaches military fortification at night
BME-1 MCU of space monster emitting hypnotic wave
BME-2 FLV of alien emerging from shadows
BME-3 Title art of multi-orbed monster menacing couple
BST-1 PR: FLV of Beastmaster Dar [Marc Singer] holding slave girl Kiri [Tanya Roberts] to his bare chest
BST-2 PR: Sword in hand, Dar kneels & encircles Kiri protectively upon rock
BST-3 PR: FLV of Dar petting back of his black panther
BST-4 PRT of Kiri
B&B-1 CU of sad, grotesque La Bete [Jean Marais]
B&B-2 Fully costumed beast seats Beauty [Josette Day] at table
B&B-3 Cont. #2, beast stands behind Beauty with his arm up
BE-1  Giant grasshopper moves toward soldiers in field
BE-2  SV of grasshopper heading up street toward Chicago train depot
BE-3  Four giant insects climb up side of Wrigley Building
BE-4  PR: FLV of blonde in bra, panties & open negligee (very sexy for time) pressed against wall, in fear of silouetted grasshopper
BTB-1 Three of cast inside geometrically-designed future city set
BTB-2 Title art of sprawling city of 2024 AD
BTB-3 Artwork of city before title & credits added
BTB-4 Title over Maj. Allison's rocket plane in space
BTB-5 CU of Allison [Robert Clarke] in cockpit of rocket plane
BTB-6 LS of rocket plane shooting thru space
BTB-7 Allison captured in glass tube by citizens of future
BTB-8 Cont. BTB-7, Allison tries to break free of his captors
BTB-9 The Supreme [Vladimir Sokoloff] greets Allison
BTB-10 Allison meets smiling Princess Trirene [Darlene Tompkins]
BTB-11 Allison & Trirene get romantic in her quarters
BTB-12 Mutants grab toward Capt. Markova [Arianne Arden] guarding cell
BTB-13 Mutants storm from cell to enter citadel
BTB-14 LS of citizens fleeing thru corridor of citadel
B&T-1 MLS of airhead buds Bill [Alex Winter] & Ted [Keanu Reeves] laughing at OS Rufus, phone booth in bg
B&T-2 MCU of Bill & Ted staring open-mouthed at OS event
B&T-3 MS of Bill clad in coat of armor, bewildered look on his face
BIRDS, THE - 1963
BIRD-1 Melanie [Tippi Hedren] wields flashlight at attacking birds in upstairs bedroom
BIRD-2 Relaxed Melanie, Mrs. MacGruder [Ruth McDevitt] & Sholes [Charles McGraw] looking OS in bar
BIRD-3 PR: crow perches on shoulder of Melanie as she rests chin on crossed arms & smiles
BCT-1 PR: MLS of (l to r) Elaine Winslow [Ann Gwynne], Hubert Smith [Broderick Crawford], Stanley Borden [John Eldridge] & Richard Hartley [Alan Ladd]. Smith holds hanging rope & Hartley holds gun
BH-1 Lt. Charlie Pizer [Joseph Bottoms] crouches with pair of laser pistols
BH-2 FLV of floating Maximilian, flanked by humanoid robots
BH-3 Humanoid robots conduct macabre funeral rite
BH-4 Sentry robots pursue human quarry with laser pistols
BH-5 Two sentry robots caught in laser battle aboard Cygnus
BH-6 Harry Booth [Ernest Borgnine], Alex Durant [Anthony Perkins], Kate McRae [Yvette Mimieux], Capt. Dan Holland [Robert Forster] & V.I.N.CENT face Max's blades as black hole swirls outside Cygnus
BH-7 LS of Pizer firing laser pistol at Max on crumbling catwalk, Old BOB, V.I.N.CENT, Holland & Kate watch from behind them
BH-8 Holland, Kate & Pizer making their escape to probe ship
BH-9 Durant gazes into hologram of black hole
BH-10 MS of possessed, foreboding Dr. Hans Reinhardt [Maximilian Schell]
BH-11 Booth tries to communicate with a silent humanoid robot
BH-12 SV of Kate touching Reinhardt's face
BH-13 Reinhardt orders Max to eliminate Palomino crew
BH-14 MLS of Max moving thru smoke & sparks
BH-15 Pre-production painting of Cygnus by Peter Ellenshaw
BH-16 Pre-production painting of Cygnus breaking up
BH-17 Palomino crew enters vast interior of Cygnus
BH-18 Survivors cross path of meteorite rolling thru interior of Cygnus
BH-19 FLV of Cygnus model on black bg
BH-20 Holland & Pizer watch holographic image appear
BH-21 FV of Palomino crew entering Cygnus control center
BH-22 DA of Reinhardt sitting at control panel
BH-23 Palomino crew, Old BOB whiz off on shuttle
BH-24 RV of Cygnus
BH-25 Three humanoid robots at work in astronomy observatory
BH-26 MS of sentry robot firing pair of laser guns
BH-27 FLV of Max surrounded by smoke & rubble
BH-28 Pizer hangs onto V.I.N.CENT's leg as both float in frozen hydroponic garden
BSC-1 Artwork caricature of black scorpion's gross face
BSC-2 FV of black scorpion full size model
BSC-3 Rare FLV of giant scorpion tiptoeing about its cavern lair
BSC-4 FV of shadowy black scorpion reaching for helicopter above its head as tanks close in
BSP-1 Curry [Tor Johnson] & K-6 [George Sawaya] attack Mungo [Lon Chaney Jr.] as Bohemund [John Carradine] looks on
BKS-1 MCU of vengeful pockmark-faced witch Katia Vajda [Barbara Steele]
BLD-1 PR: MS of Det. Rick Deckard [Harrison Ford] posed in shirt & tie, sidearm exposed
BLD-2 BS: Assistant director looks thru camera as Ford, head down, fiddles with coat sleeve between takes
BLD-3 PR: MCU of dark, sinister Deckard
BLD-4 PR: MS of Deckard in overcoat with hands in pockets
BLD-5 PR: MCU of Deckard in shadows
BLD-6 PR: MS of Deckard, coat collar turned up, smoke swirling about him
BLD-7 MLS of armed Deckard catching sight of OS Zhora during street chase
BLD-8 Semi-profile MS of armed Deckard as above, his presence frightening woman in front of him
BLD-9 Profile MS of armed Deckard pulling veil off mannequin. Or is it Pris? Yes but he's not sure
BLD-10 PR: MS of Ridley Scott directing Deckard [Ford], his blaster upraised, at Sebastian's
BLD-11 PR: MS of bare-chested Deckard standing somberly in his apartment
BLD-12 PR: MLS of Deckard, shirt open, reaching for bottle in his apartment
BLD-13 PR: FLV of Deckard in profile standing with hands in pockets beside Spinner
BLD-14 PR: FLV of Deckard walking amid smoke & squalor of city street
BLD-15 PR: mystery-evoking PRT of Rachel wearing 1940s style dress
BLD-16 PR: PRT of powerful Batty [Rutger Hauer]
BLD-17 PR: MS of leather-jacketed Batty taking elevator to Tyrell's quarters
BLD-18 PR: PRT of angelic replicant, Pris [Daryl Hannah]
BLD-19 PR: CU of serious Deckard & Rachel, her hair down, almost cheek to cheek
BLD-20 FLV of Pris playing with doll while seated in Sebastian's apartment
BLD-21 Profile MS of Deckard pinning Rachel against window in passionate moment
BLD-22 FLV of Deckard running toward camera on cruddy rooftop of Sebastian's building
BLD-23 FLV of Deckard trapped on ledge as pursuing Batty bounds from window few feet away
BLD-24 Wild-eyed, shirtless Batty savoring moment of victory as OS Deckard hangs from ledge
BLD-25 SV of Spinner rising on two plumes of exhaust in driving rain
BLD-26 Blaster in hand, Deckard stands spread-legged atop vehicle searching area for Zhora
BLD-27 FLV of Rachel sitting spread-legged in Deckard's apartment, hand on hip
BLD-28 MS of Batty & Pris seated side by side in Sebastian's apartment
BLD-29 BS: Director Scott goes over scene in Zhora's dressing room with Ford [bent over in profile] & Joanna Cameron, hands on hips & spread-legged
BLD-30 Zhora [Cameron], teeth clenched, nose-to-nose with Deckard while pulling him from floor by tie & kneeing him in chest
BLD-31 Profile MLS of Deckard introducing himself to Zhora, who peels snake off her costumed body
BLOB, THE - 1958
BL-1 Steve [Steve McQueen] & girlfriend Jane [Aneta Corseaut] bring old man to see doctor
BDA-1 MS of sweet young bloodsucker Nancy [Sandra Harrison] standing in shadows of garden
BDA-2 Profile MS of our Draculette wrapping hands around throat of young man, who no longer wants a date
BFA-1 CU of Gor, evil alien brain with glowing eyes
BFA-2 Scientist Steve March [John Agar] listening to sounds on lab equipment indicating radiation
BFA-3 CU of now possessed March, eyes silvery as alien brain takes him over
BFA-4 PR: MS of March cuddling up to Sally Fallon [Joyce Meadows] from behind outside house, both smiling
BD-1 FLV of Van Helsing [Peter Cushing] & Marianne [Yvonne Monlaur] watching OS vampire Baron Meinster die
BD-2 MS of white gowned Gina [Andree Melly] who possesses inordinate overbite
BOM-1 PR: BS of director Ed Wood Jr. [kneeling with cigarette in mouth], Lobo [Tor Johnson] & four other members of film gathered for outdoors snapshot
BR-1 Two of Killer Kanes' men find Buck [Buster Crabbe] & Buddy [Jackie Moran] asleep inside dirigible
BR-2 MLS of Wilma [Constance Moore], Buck & Buddy captured by Kane's raygun-wielding henchmen on Saturn
BU-1 PR: smiling Buck [Gil Gerard] seated in cockpit of starfighter
BU-4 PR: FLV of Princess Ardala [Pamela Hensley] seated regally on throne
BU-5 PR: FLV of uniformed Wilma Deering [Erin Gray] standing beside fighter
BU-7 PR: FLV of robot Twiki [Felix Silla]
BU-8 PR: MCU of Dr. Huer [Tim O'Connor]
BU-10 PR: MS of King Draco [Joseph Wiseman]
BU-11 PR: RV of Earth starfighter model on black bg
BU-12 PR: 3/4 FV of pirate marauder ship model on black bg
BU-13 PR: SV of pirate marauder ship model on black bg
BU-14 Ardala & Kane [Henry Silva] stand over Buck shortly after his capture
BU-15 LS of Wilma taking Buck on tour of New Chicago
BU-17 LS of Wilma taking Buck on tour of New Chicago
BU-18 Buck & Twiki enter ruins of old Chicago
BU-22 Buck & Ardala dance old fashioned way during ball
BNZ-1 MS of Buckaroo Banzai [Peter Weller] stopping song to console OS fan at concert
BNZ-2 MS of Banzai radioing Mission Control beside jet car
CIM-1 Caltiki rips thru wall & undulates toward armed man
CIM-2 Caltiki absorbs screaming man into it folds
CAPT-1 PR: PRT of tight-lipped Captain America [Matt Salinger] posed in front of rock wall, holding his shield
CAPT-2 PR: PRT of Cap's evil adversary, The Red Skull [Scott Paulin]
CAP-1 Scorpion holds Dr. Lang at gun point when Captain Marvel [Tom Tyler] appears on scene [from Chapter Nine]
CAP-2 Marvel lifts tree from path of car
CAP-3 Smiling Marvel wards off two knife-wielding Hindus
CAP-4 PR: FLV of Marvel standing spread-legged with one hand on hip & other leaning against dead tree, facing aside
CN-1 LS of Nautilus about to enter flood gate to Templemer
CN-2 Senator Fraser [Chuck Conners] & others drink in incredible sights of Templemer, city on ocean floor
CN-3 MLS of Mala [Lucianna Paluzzi] posed in sexy costume
CN-4 FLV of Mala hefting fantastic speargun
CN-5 DA of domed underwater city of Templemer
CWW-1 PR: PRT of Acquanetta as Paula, the ape-woman
CW-1 LS of shoreline city (miniature) destroyed by atomic bombs
CAR, THE - 1977
CT-1 FV of demonic car
CT-2 SV of demonic car
CARRIE - 1976
CAR-1 Carrie's bloody arm grabs Sue [Amy Irving] from grave
CAR-2 Tommy [William Katt] & Carrie [Sissy Spacek] move past applauding prom crowd
CAR-3 Blood drenched Carrie enters candle-lit home
CAR-4 MS of frenzied Margaret [Piper Laurie] menacing with kitchen knife
CP-1 MCU of Paul [Malcom McDowell], towel on bare shoulder, feeling torment over uncontrollable actions
CMN-1 PR: profile MS of Carl Esmond [Charles Regnier] protecting Lenore Aubert [Marie Audet] from shadowy Catman, clawed hands extended
CWM-1 Reproduction of title LC showing astronauts, spaceship & groping cat-woman
CWM-3 Five astronauts, including Helen [Marie Windsor], Grainger [Sonny
Tufts] & Kip [Victor Jory] go over Moon trip in roomy spaceship cabin
WD-5 FLV of Cinderella in her beautiful ballroom gown at edge of fountain
CIR-1 MLS of dressed-to-nines Danner [Jim Metzler] & Lori [Dana Wheeler-Nicholson] posed in embrace against desert sand
CIR-2 PRT of aptly named Plughead [Vernon Wells]
CIR-3 PRT of handsome & dapper Danner posed in front of Plughead
COT-1 PR: MS of Perseus [Harry Hamlin] staring off into distance
COT-2 PR: PRT of Princess Andromeda [Judi Bowker]
COT-3 PR: FLV of Andromeda posing in swamp domain of Calibos [Neil McCarthy]
COT-4 PR: Zeus [Laurence Olivier] sits regally upon his Mt. Olympus throne
COT-9 MS of Calibos trying to wrest sword from Perseus in hand to hand fight
COT-12 FLV of Perseus & his men entering ruins leading to Medusa's lair
COT-13 FLV of Perseus holding up severed head of Medusa amid ruins
COT-14 MS: Perseus & Andromeda embracing after he rescues her from Kraken
CL-1 BS: Director Stanley Kubrick films Alex [Malcom McDowell] cutting top of woman's clothing during vicious in-home invasion
CL-2 DA of Alex about to cup hands over pair of breasts
CL-3 Profile MLS of Alex kneeling before topless woman, his hands reaching for her breasts
CL-4 MS of Alex lounging with semi-nude woman in Arabian dream sequence, one dangling grapes over his head
CL-5 PR: 15-element shot of Alex in wide variety of expressive moments
CE3K-1 PRT of stubble-faced Roy Neary [Richard Dreyfuss]
CE3K-2 PRT of Claude Lacombe [Fancois Truffaut] looking aside
CE3K-3 Horizontal CU of hard put Jillian Guiler [Melinda Dillon]
CE3K-4 PRT of open-mouthed Ronnie [Teri Garr], Roy's wife
CE3K-5 MCU of Lacombe & interpreter David Laughlin [Bob Balaban]
CE3K-9 Brightly lit flying saucer whooshes past Roy, Jillian & her young son Barry [Cary Guffey] on road [grainy]
CE3K-10 Cont. #9, tighter shot as cone-shaped UFO rushes by [grainy]
CE3K-12 CU of little Barry gazing out screen
CE3K-13 RV of Barry standing in bright glare of UFOs at open door
CE3K-16 Lacombe & Laughlin interrogate reluctant, suspicious Roy
CE3K-19 Roy & Jillian look up at light-washed UFO flagships from mountain perch overlooking OS Devil's Tower base
CE3K-21 Wide-screen CU of fabulous Mother ship tumbling above base
CE3K-23 Panoramic view of mountain base, science team, bottom half of glittering Mother ship with Barry in left fg
CE3K-24 BS: Director Steven Spielberg discusses shot with Dreyfuss
CE3K-25 LS of Mother ship hanging over mountain base
CE3K-26 CU of alien representative giving hand sign at base
CE3K-27 Wide-screen LS of various saucers buzzing mountain base
CE3K-28 FLV of long-limbed Grandpa alien emerging from ship
CE3K-29 BS: MS of Spielberg directing Dreyfuss
CE3K-30 MCU of Neary staring at mound of shaving cream in hand
CE3K-31 CU of grubby Neary as he sees his vision on TV screen
CE3K-32 MCU of Lacombe & Neary watching Mothership OS
CE3K-33 LS of mothership hanging over Devil's Tower
CE3K-34 MS of Neary covering his mouth with his hands after entering mothership
CNY-1 FLV of scientists activating Colossus robot in lab
CNY-2 RV of Colossus looming over fallen victim on sidewalk
CNY-3 Colossus reaches down for Anne [Mala Powers], asleep in bed
CNY-4 FLV of Colossus cradling unconscious Anne in his arms
CNY-5 Title over MCU of Colossus robot, once Dr. Jeremy Spensser [Ross Martin]
CNY-6 LS of Jeremy's father, Dr. William Spensser [Otto Kruger], facing robot in laboratory
CNY-7 MCU of robot in laboratory
CNY-8 MS of robot carrying Jeremy's wife Anne thru darkness
CNY-9 FLV of robot running amok in lab
CNY-10 FLV of robot smashing thru plate glass window of United Nations Building
CNY-11 UA of robot firing death rays from its eyes on balcony of UN Bldg.
CNY-12 Cont. #11, tighter shot with more eye ray effect
CNY-13 Jeremy's family among throng witnessing rampage as victim in fg evaporates from eye rays
CNY-14 PR: FLV of Colossus dangling Anne off ground by one arm
CNY-15 Colossus kneels on grass to talk to little Billy [Charles Herbert]
CFP-1 RV of Dr. Charles Forbin [Eric Braeden] walking vast corridor of Colossus, mountain-contained giant computer brain
CFP-2 MLS of Forbin standing before console marked COLOSSUS
COMA - 1978
CO-2 MLS of Dr. Susan Wheeler [Genevieve Bujold] seeking clues in lab filledwith suspended coma patients
CON-1 PR: MCU of Conan [Arnold Schwarzenegger] glaring meanly at camera
CON-2 PR: PRT of Conan seated with sword resting across leg
CON-3 PR: MLS of Conan posed in leather armor & horned helmet with sword in both hands
CON-4 PR: MS of Conan leaned back holding sword with Valeria [Sandahl Bergman] at his side
CON-7 PR: MS of bare-chested Conan, both hands of outstretched arms on hilt of sword
CON-8 PR: FLV of Valeria kneeling on floor with sword
CTD-1 PR: Two-element shot: muscular Conan [Arnold Schwarzenegger] posed in open & closed stances with sword
CTD-2 PR: two-element shot: Queen Taramis [Sarah Douglas] in MS & FLV
CTD-3 PR: two-element shot: Conan posed with Zula [Grace Jones] & Queen Taramis
CTD-4 PR: FLV of Conan posed with arm around Princess Jehnna's [Olivia d'Abo] waist
CND-1 PR: MS of Natalia [Barbara Carrera] posed in dark dress & long shoulder wrap
CND-2 PRT of Natalia, classy in floppy-brimmed hat
CND-3 MS of Martha, bug-eyed with horror at something she sees OS
CS-1 Title art featuring spaceship blasting away from space wheel
CS-2 FLV of astronauts about to take tethered ride with space taxi along with injured member to space wheel, in bg
CS-4 Monstrous meteor on collision course with spaceship
CS-5 Crewmen prepare to re-board ship on Mars after water conservation discussion
CS-6 LS of astronauts, led by Barney Merritt [Eric Fleming], descending ladder of landed ship to set foot on Mars
CS-7 Imoto [Benson Fong] tries to pull Mahoney [Mickey Shaughnessy] by rope from Martian sand pit [scene excised from film]
CS-8 FLV of three crewmen knocked to ground by Marsquake at gravesite
CS-9 Spaceship blasts off from Mars, leaving useless wings behind
CS-10 FLV of Mahoney piloting space taxi
CS-11 FLV of winged spaceship model suspended by wires over mini Mars set
CS-13 Merritt & Siegle [Phil Foster] gaze out port at OS Fodor afloat on tieline in space
CM-1 FLV of authorities inspecting floating alien space sphere
CM-2 Dr. Karl Sorenson [Bruce Bennett] & officers find dead man by floating sphere
CM-3 MLS of mysterious alien cosmic guy [John Carradine]
COS-1 Giant spider advances on web-trapped Michele Dupont [Gaby Andre]. Title box in lower right corner
COS-2 Cont., #1, similar shot with spider & webbing enhanced & smaller title box using alternate title
CD-1 Profile MCU of Countess Elisabeth [Ingrid Pitt] seducing Nigel Green
CD-2 Rare FLV of nude blood-spattered Elisabeth stepping open-mouthed from coffin/tub [scene cut from domestic release]
CLM-1 LS of Plesiosaur chomping man as tractor rams monster
CE-1 Crawling eye tentacles snake around man's body outside Trollenberg observatory
CE-2 Title over crawling eye slithering up mountainside
CE-3 Alan Brooks [Forrest Tucker] & scientist Prof. Crevett [Warren Mitchell] discuss cloudy eyeball invasion
CE-4 CU of entranced Anne Pilgrim [Janet Munro] at ski lodge
CE-5 Chilling vapors push up toward mountain observatory
CE-6 Vaporous crawling eye slithers up mountainside
CE-7 MCU of crawling eye
CE-8 FV of eye monster flailing tentacles atop observatory
CE-9 LS of creature capturing victim outside observatory door & lifting him with tentacles toward roof
CE-10 LS of eye guy atop observatory during firebombing
CE-11 FV of crawling eye on fire
CE-12 FLV of Brooks rescuing little girl from creature flailing about just outside door to living room
CH-1 Capt. Cragis [Don Megowan] & fellow officer check ID of two androids
CH-2 FLV of plotting android leaders in android center
CBL-1 FLV of gill-man [Ben Chapman] standing spread-legged with webbed hands upraised in grotto setting
CBL-2 RV of gill-man splashing out of cave pool to menace protective David Reed [Richard Carlson] & screamer Kay Lawrence [Julie Adams]
CBL-3 PR: FLV of gill-man reaching down for Kay who sits up invitingly on cave floor
CBL-4 Cont. #3, gill-man holds unconscious Kay in his arms
CBL-5 Artwork of shackled gill-man chasing people off movie screen & into theater
CBL-6 BS: MLS of Chapman in gill-man suit sans headpiece, grinning ear to ear with webbed hands upraised on backlot
CBL-7 BS: FLV of three crewmen fitting Chapman into full suit
CBL-8 BS: super MLS of suited-up Chapman chatting with Julie Adams between takes, she in work shirt & pants
CBL-9 PR: MS of gill-man reaching for you from lagoon waters
CBL-11 PR: gill-man eyes camera after breaking water & spreading webbed hands across floating log
CBL-12 FLV of gill-man entering camp in menacing fashion
CBL-13 ECU of gill-man about to eat your face
CBL-14 MCU of gill-man above water & splashing about vigorously
CBL-15 MS of gill-man about to climb aboard boat docked in lagoon
CBL-16 Cont. #15, creature draws one leg over side as he boards
CBL-17 Cont. #16, creature now all aboard & looking for Kay
CBL-18 Cont. #17, he's found her. She screams as he reaches out
CBL-19 Profile FLV of gill-man carrying Kay into his grotto home
CBL-20 FLV of creature running with a screaming, fully clothed Kay cradled in his arms
CBL-21 MLS of gill-man [now Ricou Browning] taking spear in midsection while trying to escape underwater
CBL-22  BS: FLV of Browning about to put on gill-man head to complete costume while Director Jack Arnold & other men observe on pier
CWF-1 Nala [Julie Ege] in skimpies & two cavemen view something OS
CWF-2 MS of Nala & fellow cave person Toomak [Tony Bonner]
CUS-1 MS of gill-man reaching for camera from murky waters
CU-1 Title card art & scene montage
CU-2 MS of Carroon [Richard Wordsworth] showing doctor growth eating his arm
CU-3 LS of spotlighted spaceship after it has crashed to earth
CU-4 UA of electrocuted monster on Westminster Abbey scaffold
CU-5 Spacesuited Victor examines empty spacesuit of vanished comrade in spaceship
CU-6 Carroon, in agony over his degenerating state, stumbles against fence during his London slum wanderings
CLT-1 FLV of Lamian secret ritual cult dance as woman costumed as serpent rises from temple urn
COD-1 CU of hellish fire demon
CFM-1 FLV of 2000-year-old living stone man Quintillus Aurelius [Bob Bryant] rising to near sitting position on slab
CFM-2 FLV of Faceless Man carrying Tina Enright [Elaine Edwards] to edge of bay
CUR-1 MS of werewolf Leon [Oliver Reed] in torn shirt, darting his gaze upward, blood trickling from mouth
CCU-1 MLS of truly idiotic looking title creature holding Dr. Andrea Romar [Beverly Garland] in its claw-tipped hands & arms
CYC-1 MS of facially radiation-disfigured human cyclops [Duncan Parkin] reaching toward camera & bellowing
CYC-2 MCU of disheveled Susan Winter [Gloria Talbott] catching sight of OS tall guy
CYC-3 LS of 25-foot-tall cyclops cornering Susan's group in cave
DIE-1 LS of Daleks in fg & bg threatening to snuff group of men under lower part of spaceship
DA-1 Cast poses besides Land Master
DA-2 Tanner [Jan-Michael Vincent] looks out from top of Land Master
DA-3 FLV of Land Master
DA-4 Tanner & Janice [Dominique Sanda] ride motorcycle
DA-5 Tanner rides his motorcycle past giant scorpions in desert
DA-6 Tanner & Janice ride motorcycle past Land Master
DA-7 PR: Denton [George Peppard] stands with hands on hips in rocky mountain setting
DA-8 Giant scorpion attacks victim [rump to camera] in desert
DA-9 Janice watches from Land Master room as Tanner & downed Denton prepare to kill each other with large cinder block & pistol, respectively
DA-10 Janice runs for her life as cafe explodes in flame behind her
DA-11 Janice holds tight to Denton as they walk away from cafe garage area
DA-12 Hundreds of killer cockroaches attack abandoned car, devouring one tire
DD-1 MCU of Eva [Marisa Mell] mourning over Diabolik [John Phillip Law] who is entombed in pillar of gold
DARK STAR - 1974
DS-1 FLV of spaceship Dark Star
DS-2 Doolittle [Brian Narelle] rides piece of spaceship wreckage like surfboard
DS-3 Pinback [Dan O'Bannon], back turned] goes up against alien beach ball with broom
DT-1 Title art showing large mutant triffid plant & stars of the film
DT-2 Triffid tentacle encircles screaming Karen [Janette Scott] in lighthouse
DT-3 Bill Masen [Howard Keel] burns triffids lining fence with flaming gas
DT-4 BS: wardrobe mistress with triffid on studio back lot
DT-5 Early artist's conception of triffid clutching woman victim
DT-6 Final artist's conception of above
DT-7 Triffid breaks thru door to attack Karen
[DAY-1a thru - DAY13n available in 5x7 only @ $2.00 ea.]
DAY-1 Title art showing hand gripping Earth, Gort's eye ray, Klaatu [Michael Rennie] in space helmet & more
DAY-2 PR: Klaatu & Gort [Lock Martin] stand at saucer opening
DAY-3 FLV of Gort descending ramp of saucer
DAY-4 RV of Gort looking toward downed Klaatu & soldiers during initial confrontation
DAY-5 FLV of Gort attacking two posted soldiers from behind at night, saucer in bg
DAY-6 MLS of Klaatu as Carpenter facing large disc apparatus inside saucer
DAY-7 RV of Gort reaching down for screaming Helen Benson [Patricia Neal]
DAY-8 FLV of Gort carrying Helen thru shadowed corridor of saucer
DAY-9 FLV of Gort entering blasted jail cell to retrieve Klaatu's body
DAY-10 MS of Gort restoring Klaatu to life as Helen watches from bg
DAY-11 MLS of Klaatu & Helen talking in saucer, Gort nearby
DAY-12 BS: Set still #13 shows FLV of Lock Martin peeking out visor of Gort suit while standing over body in blasted jail cell
DAY-13 BS: Set still #9 shows FLV of Lock in Gort suit, face & hands visible, standing before saucer at night
DAY-14 PR: FLV of space-suited Klaatu & Gort posed on studio platform, spaceman pointing
DAY-15 MLS of Gort & Klaatu on saucer ramp as spaceman takes final look at OS crowd before departing
DAY-16 Title art: similar design as DAY-1 done vertically
DAY-17 LS of landed saucer as people mass around it
DAY-18 MCU of Gort firing eye ray
DAY-19 Bathed in bright glow, saucer lifts off from baseball field
DAY-20 PR: horizontal FLV of Gort, arms raised
DAY-21 PR: Klaatu, Gort [holding gifts for president] & Helen pose on studio platform
DAY-22 Newscaster Drew Pearson holds artist's conception of spaceman
DAY-23 MLS of Helen fearfully watching Gort in saucer
DAY-24 LS of Klaatu & Gort on saucer ramp facing crowd before departing
DAY-25 PR: FLV of Gort, arms raised to expose forearm stitching
DAY-26 FLV of space-suited Klaatu standing on saucer ramp, holding out gift for president
DAY-27 FLV of Klaatu facing soldiers after Gort immobilized military forces
DAY-28 AV of glowing saucer coming in for landing at baseball field
DAY-29 Looking past Gort as armament flares before him, downed Klaatu to left
DAY-32 RV of Gort in MCU firing eye ray at approaching soldiers while burning out of block encasement
DAY-34 MCU of Klaatu being restored to life on saucer
DAY-35 LS of Klaatu & Helen stepping from saucer behind Gort before assembled leaders
DAY-36 PR: MCU of Klaatu, the Spaceman
DAY-37 Cont. #35, closer & clearer view of Gort, Helen & Klaatu
DAY-38 Original title on starfield. Impressive
DAY-40 Super clear MCU of slightly bent Gort, his eye coil glinting
DAY-41 Set still #7: FLV of control center within Klaatu's saucer
DAY-42 Set still #12: LS of Gort standing in front of saucer behind enclosure
DAY-43 MLS of Gort & Klaatu, wearing helmet with arms folded, standing at saucer opening
DAY-44 Low angle shot of wounded Klaatu on ground looking behind him as soldiers see OS Gort
DAY-45 RV of Klaatu standing on saucer ramp delivering final speech to assemblage
DAY-46 Klaatu/Carpenter shares thought with government man before getting into car
DAY-47 FLV of saucer control center as Klaatu/Carpenter passes his hand over apparatus
DAY-48 POV past sliver of Moon looking toward Earth as gentle mist drifts thru scene
DAY-49 Radar technicians get excited as they track saucer over Washington
DAY-50 Low angle shot of Klaatu's spaceship, crack appearing at its bottom
DAY-51 FLV of helmeted Klaatu walking down ramp of ship
DAY-52 MS of Klaatu looking over OS military cordon & curiosity seekers
DAY-53 MS of Klaatu raising his hand in greeting
DAY-54 LS of Klaatu having reached end of spaceship ramp
DAY-55 MS of Klaatu holding out his gift for the president
DAY-56 MCU of wounded Klaatu on ground, soldiers approaching from behind
DAY-57 CU of president's gift shattered on ground
DAY-58 LS of Gort appearing at top of ship ramp
DAY-59 RV of soldiers watching Gort descend ramp, tank gun trained on ship
DAY-60 FLV of Gort standing in front of ship after ramp has withdrawn
DAY-61 MCU of Gort before raising his eye visor
DAY-62 MCU of Gort, his eye coil glinting
DAY-63 Two soldiers react as their rifles radiate hotly from eye ray
DAY-64 Three soldiers experience same as above
DAY-65 Line of soldiers watch heavy artillery disintegrate before them
DAY-66 Klaatu sits up &, in native tongue, orders OS Gort to stop his retaliation
DAY-67 FLV of Klaatu facing platoon leader, showing him smashed gift
DAY-68 Soldiers & engineers work around immobile Gort & ship at night
DAY-69 Page of artwork depicting rampaging robots & saucers, above which Are We Long For This World? headlines
DAY-70 Boarding house tenants stand, looking tensely at new OS arrival
DAY-71 MS of Klaatu, now in civilian guise, smiling at music box in his hand
DAY-72 MS of Prof. Barnhardt fixing awestruck gaze on OS Carpenter [Klaatu]
DAY-73 MCU of Bobby shocked at OS sight of Gort attacking spaceship sentries
DAY-74 LS of Carpenter mounting ship ramp with Gort standing beside it
DAY-75 Carpenter stands in dimly lit corridor of ship as door to main cabin opens
DAY-76 MS of Carpenter explaining who he is to Helen in faintly lit elevator
DAY-77 Barnhardt sits casually at his desk, his excited secretary taken aback by her boss's calm
DAY-78 Front page of newspaper proclaims STEP-UP HUNT FOR SPACE MAN & shows photos of Klaatu & Gort
DAY-79 MCU of Helen, fear in her eyes while watching OS Gort burn out of plastic block
DAY-80 MS of Helen backing away from OS Gort
DAY-81 MS of Gort, eye visor down, bending slightly toward OS Helen
DAY-82 CU of Helen speaking immortal words "Gort... Klaatu barada nikto"
DAY-83 SV of Gort carrying real thrilled Helen in his arms
DAY-84 RV of Gort carrying Helen up ramp & toward ship
DAY-85 Light of life-restoring machine reflects off Gort as Helen sits in bg
DAY-86 Klaatu explains to awestruck Helen technique that brought him back from dead, Gort stands in bg
DAY-87 UA of Gort standing outside entrance of ship
DAY-88 Barnhardt, Helen & delegates beyond listen as OS Klaatu begins farewell speech
DAY-89 MS of Klaatu speaking bluntly as Gort holds position in bg at entrance of ship
DAY-90 Pullback shot of Klaatu & Gort
DAY-91 MCU of Klaatu with entrance of ship over his right shoulder
DAY-92 Glowing ship rises above heads of delegates
DAY-94 PR: FLV of Rennie as Klaatu taking space helmet from technician behind scenes
DAY-95 PR: cheek-to-cheek PRT of Klaatu & Helen
DAY-96 Set still of Klaatu's spaceship at night with rows of chairs in front of it
DAY-97 PRT of quietly smiling Klaatu
DAY-98 Superb profile FLV of Gort standing immobile outside saucer at night
DAY-99 LS of Gort standing before ship at night, rows of chairs placed in front
DAY-100 MLS of Klaatu as Carpenter standing before spaceship control center apparatus
DAY-101 Raw title art sans writing features Gort firing eye ray, Helen screaming & hand gripping Earth from outer space
DAY-1a Title over Gort carrying Helen up saucer ramp
DAY-2b Flash cut FLV of Klaatu in space suit & helmet
DAY-3c Drew Pearson reports on saucer's arrival
DAY-4d MS of Klaatu holding out his gift for president
DAY-5e MS of soldiers tensely aiming guns at OS Klaatu
DAY-6f Head of Gort, visor raised & eye coil glinting
DAY-7g Cont. #6f, Gort fires eye ray
DAY-8h MLS of immobile Gort outside saucer at night
DAY-9i Klaatu, as Carpenter, running toward camera before being gunned down in street by military
DAY-10j SV of Gort going behind partition
DAY-11k FLV of Gort carrying Helen up saucer ramp
DAY-12m MLS of Klaatu delivering final speech, Gort in bg
DAY-13n CU of Gort restoring OS Klaatu to life aboard saucer, Helen watching from bg
DWE-1 Horned mutant bends down at side of Louise [Lori Nelson], who has fainted in forest clearing
DWE-3 FLV of mutant staggering against tree in rain
DWE-4 MLS of Rick [Richard Denning], soaking wet in rain, holding rifle on OS mutant
DWE-5  PR: MS of Louise trying to pull free of mutant's grasp
DTE-3 Grant [Jim Davis] & Ana [ Dorothy Malone] stare in disbelief at OS sight
DTE-5 Two giant monsters get ready to scrap
DTE-6 Cont. #5, one monster closes in to kill other
DTE-7 Grant pitchforks head of monster as it smashes thru barn door
DB-1 PR: four-element shot: PRT of Vicky [Susan Buckner], Lana [Sharon Stone], Faith [Lisa Hartman] & Martha [Maren Jensen]
DB-4 Martha spends blissful moment sitting on lap of husband Jim [Doug Barr]
DB-5 Lana tries to talk Martha, in nightie, into leaving country home as they eat breakfast
DB-6 Semi-profile MS of Martha, in black dress & hat, returning home from funeral
DYM-1 Title art showing giant mantis climbing Washington Monument & six cartoon panels depicting scenes
DYM-2 Mantis lays dead amid wreckage in Holland Tunnel
DYM-3 Mantis trapped amid wrecked vehicles in tunnel
DYM-4 LS of Col. Parkman [Craig Stevens], Dr. Jackson [William Hopper] & Marge [Alix Talton] walking from plane toward giant imprint in snow
DYM-5 PR: FLV of Parkman & Marge posed running from giant mantis in upright position behind them
DEATH RACE 2000 - 1975
DR-1 Matte shot of futuristic NY City, racetrack & grandstand where race starts
DR-2 FLV of Frankenstein [David Carradine] & Annie [Simone Griffeth] on either side of off-road race car
DSP-1 FLV of Deneer [Claudia Jennings], in skimpy costume, poised on rocks with oversized light saber
DSP-2 PR: Deneer strikes deadly kneeling pose with saber
DEM-1 CU of Susan Harris [Julie Christie] in pensive pose
DEM-2 MCU of Alex Harris [Fritz Weaver] grimly looking up
DEM-3 Susan awakens in bed to strange sound
DEM-4 MS of Susan with frightened, disbelieving look
DEM-5 MLS of Susan trying to combat unseen adversary with blow torch
DEM-6 MS of Susan reacting to pressure of being imprisoned in her home, back turned to TV screen
DEM-7 Humanoid mechanical arm wraps around Susan
DEM-8 MLS of Susan & Walter Gabler [Gerrit Graham] feverishly plotting escape from super-computer menace
DEM-9 Manifestation of Proteus fatally attacks Gabler
DEM-10 MS of Susan undergoing Proteus mind-conditioning
DEM-11 MCU of Susan submitting to Proteus for kinky sex
DEM-12 MS of Susan & Harris facing fact that Proteus has managed to procreate. It seems to be unnerving
DEM-13 MLS of Susan & Alex confronting computer embryo
DIS-1 Alien fish monster enters submarine lock
DIS-2 Cmdr. Wayne [Scott Brady] holds outer space fish monster at bay with flare
DIS-3 Profile FLV of dorsal-finned monster aboard sub
DM-1 Barnes [John Archer] profiles Moon mission to builders & money man
DM-2 Astronaut floats in space at tail of spaceship
DM-3 FLV of spaceship on Moon with mountains in bg
DM-4 Explorers set up equipment at foot of spaceship
DM-5 Explorers romp on Moon, ship & mountain in bg
DM-6 Two explorers, one with laundry, stand on Moon
DM-7 Crew surveys pile of equipment stripped from ship
DM-8 Three astronauts at work on outer skin of ship
DM-9 Astronaut crouches on tail section of ship
DM-10 Spaceship angles down over Moon
DM-11 Excellent FLV of spaceship on Moon & matte painted mountains beyond
DM-12 MLS of two astronauts with length of rope gazing desperately OS, Moon & stars in bg
DM-13 FLV of spaceship blasting off from Moon
DAM-1 Big Four: Godzilla, Minya, Angilas, & Gorosaurus stand side by side
DAM-2 Rodan kicks up dust by flapping wings, preparing to fly off
DAM-3 Ghidrah flies over Monster Island
DEV-1 MS of Dr. Julian Blair [Boris Karloff] & wife Anne [Amanda Duff] sharing tense moment regarding brain wave experiments
DGM-1 Nyah, black satin-garbed Devil Girl [Patricia Laffan] appears in doorway as group looks on
DGM-2 Carter [Hugh McDermott], Nyah & her robot stand outside spaceship
DGM-3 Robot stands guard in front of spaceship
DGM-4 Nyah & Albert [Peter Reynolds] at saucer
DGM-5 Nyah poses on saucer bridge, Prof Hennessy [Joseph Tomelty] in bg
DGM-6 PR: FLV of Nyah striking in-control pose. Costume stands out against white bg
DAF-1 MS of James Bond [Sean Connery] in tense clinch with Plenty O'Toole [Lana Wood]
DAF-2 MS of Bond in tuxedo aiming his bolt gun at OS Blofeld in Whyte House
DAF-3 MS of Tiffany Case [Jill St. John], in provocatively plunging silk robe, leaning against wall
DAF-4 PR: MS of Bond posed before The Mint casino in downtown Las Vegas
DAF-5 BS: MS of Connery & Jill cozying up to each other between takes
DIN-1 Boy rides brontosaurus thru forest toward camera
DIN-2 Tyrannosaurus takes on a steam shovel at cliff's edge
DIN-3 FLV of tyrannosaurus roaring at mine shaft
DOC-1 Autographed FLV of muscular Doc [Ron Ely]
DOC-2 FLV of Doc doffing jacket inside Fortress of Solitude
DOC-3 MLS of Doc in torn shirt standing in jungle
DOC-4 PR: Doc poses in torn shirt with fists clenched
DOC-5 PR: Doc freeze-framed in midair leap
DOC-6 MS of Capt. Seas [Paul Wexler] & his busty moll Karen [Robyn Hilton]
DOC-7 Doc & Karen having an intimate dinner talk
DOC-8 BS: Director Michael Anderson & Producer George Pal discuss camera setup on rocky location
WD-6 Donald Duck plays engineer on miniature railroad train
DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE - 1932
DWH-1 MS of transformed Mr. Hyde [Fredric March], his hands & face pressed against window
DR. NO - 1962
DRN-1 James Bond [Sean Connery] asks officer about picture in Strangway's home
DRN-2 Bond & Honey Rider [Ursula Andress] hold hands enroute to dinner with Dr. No
DRACULA - 1931
DRC-1 PR: MS of Dracula [Bela Lugosi] putting his double whammy on you
DRC-2 PR: FLV of Dracula, candle in one hand, on spiderweb-covered abbey steps
DRC-3 FLV of Dracula spreading his cape before mesmerized Lucy [Helen Chandler]
DRC-4 Profile FLV of Dracula looming over subservient Renfield [Dwight Frye] in deserted abbey
DRACULA - 1979
DRAC-1 PR: PRT of Dracula [Frank Langella]
DRAC-2 PR: MCU of Dracula peering intently thru window
DRAC-3 PR: MCU of Dracula putting you under his spell
DRAC-4 PR: FLV of Dracula entering room as fog billows
DRAC-5 Profile MS of Dracula seducing Lucy [Kate Nelligan]
DRACULA A.D. 1972 - 1972
DAD-1 PR: composite MLS of Dracula's three beautiful victims, Laura[Caroline Munro], Jessica Van Helsing [Stephanie Beacham] and Anna [Janet Kay]
DAD-2 PR: PRT of Jessica in very lowcut dress
DAD-3 PR: MLS of Laura, profiled body clad in braless top & slit-sided skirt, hand in hair
DAD-4 PR: MLS of Laura posed in party outfit of fringed halter top, shorts & thigh-high boots
DRG-1 Dracula [Christopher Lee] gets staked in heart inside his coffin
DRG-2 PR: FLV of curvy Maria [Veronica Carlson] in tight, half-unzipped pants & pullover top
DPD-1 Horrific lighting enhances evil countenance of Count Dracula [Christopher Lee] in MCU
DPD-2 Dracula backs female victim against wall & gets set to unfurl ivories
DSR-1 PR: MCU of Valerian [Caitlin Clarke] looking slightly down & away
DSR-3 PR: MCU of Galen [Peter MacNicol] in deep thought over magical amulet that glows in his hand
DSR-4 MS of Galen balancing egg in midair while walking thru forest
DSR-5 Galen kneels at foot of stone carving depicting dragon he must slay
CSR-6 Profile MCU of King Casiodorus [Peter Eyre] tugging on amulet around Galen's neck
DSR-7 MS of Galen examining lance
DSR-8 Galen uses amulet to give lance power as Valerian & her father Simon [Emrys James] watch
DSR-9 Valerian comes face to face with dragonlet & is repelled
DSR-10 Galen looks up from behind dragon-scale shield as fire burns cave waters around him
DSR-11 Galen plunges lance into neck of dragon Vermithrax [face OS]
DSR-12 MCU of Galen tenderly kissing Valerian on cheek
D25-1 FLV of Duck Dodgers confronting Marvin The Martian over flag-planting claim of possession
WD-7 Crows push reluctant Dumbo to edge of tree limb
DUNE - 1984
DUN-1 PRT of Gurney Halleck [Patrick Stewart]
Return To Top
EQ-1 LS of Los Angeles in ruins after 9.9 temblor
[NOTE: #1a-14c also available in 5x7 @ $2.00 ea.]
EFS-1 Flying saucer zooms close to cockpit of airliner
EFS-2 Dr. Marvin [Hugh Marlowe], Carol [Joan Taylor] & Maj. Huglin
[Donald Curtis] examine fallen metal-clad alien invader
EFS-3 Three saucers fly by Eiffel Tower with Marvin & Carol composited in fg
EFS-4 BS: FLV of Carol smiling wide as she hugs one of two aliens
EFS-5 FLV of three invaders walking from OS saucer at Project Skyhook
EFS-6 Title LC art showing saucers sweeping skies & firing rays on helpless victims
EFS-7 MCU of alien revealed as gaunt, aged humanoid under helmet
EFS-8 RV of Carol & Dr. Marvin eyeing saucer outside car window
EFS-1a Marvin transmits as he & sleeping Carol await rescue in dim Project Skyhook lab
EFS-2b Soldiers fire on saucer after it lands at base
EFS-3c Profile FLV of two aliens, one firing ray from outstretched arm after being attacked
EFS-4d Cont. #3c, ray strikes riflemen on ground
EFS-5e LS of captives inside saucer watching viewscreen
EFS-6f Cont. #5e, RV of captives watching saucers fly over New York on view screen
EFS-7g Tiny spy saucer hovers above ceiling lab lights
EFS-8h Cont. #7g, group looks up, secret weapon in bg
EFS-9i AV of three saucers over Lincoln Memorial
EFS-10j FLV of two saucers landing on Capitol Building lawn
EFS-11k CU of saucer landed on White House lawn
EFS-12m Saucer in clouds firing destructive ray
EFS-13n Falling saucer slices thru Washington Monument
EFS-14c FLV of saucer about to crash between buildings
EVS-1 MLS of giant spider heading for entrance to its cave lair
EA-3 Mutant ants assault Marilyn [Joan Collins]
ESB-1 FLV of Boba Fett [Jeremy Bulloch], bounty hunter
ESB-2 SV of Boba Fett with jetpack on back, firing blaster
ESB-4 MLS of Luke [Mark Hamill] crouching & aiming laser pistol directly at camera, wearing new fighting duds
ESB-5 PRT of Luke
ESB-6 PRT of Leia [Carrie Fisher]
ESB-7 PRT of Lando [Billy Dee Williams]
ESB-8 BS: Director Irvin Kershner, producer Gary Kurtz, George Lucas & screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan pose in icy rebel base corridor set, R2D2 [Kenny Baker] partially visible behind Kurtz
ESB-9 MLS of Luke astride his taun-taun during patrol
ESB-10 FLV of C3PO [Anthony Daniels] & R2D2 inside rebel ice cave complex
ESB-11 MCU of Han Solo [Harrison Ford] clamping his hand over C3PO's blabbermouth
ESB-12 Han takes aim with blaster over snow bank at OS Imperial probe 'droid
ESB-13 MCU of snow-flecked Chewie [Peter Mayhew] playing decoy
ESB-14 Rebel soldiers prepare to fire dish laser cannon as explosions go off in bg
ESB-15 Han, C3PO, Leia & Chewie in Falcon cockpit about to brave asteroid field
ESB-16 Leia takes controls of Falcon
ESB-17 MCU of Han & Leia about to kiss aboard the Falcon
ESB-18 MS of Han emphasizing to OS Lando that he won the Falcon fair & square
ESB-19 FLV of Lando escorting Leia, Han & Chewie thru cloud city corridors
ESB-20 MS of Vader welcoming his OS guests, armed Boba Fett in bg
ESB-21 MS of Vader telling Boba Fett that he'll get Han as bounty while Lando looks on
ESB-22 LS of carbon freezing chamber with Han awaiting his fate as Leia, Chewie & Lando stand helplessly by
ESB-23 Armed Luke peers around Bespin corridor searching for his comrades
ESB-24 LS of Luke and Darth Vader [David Prowse] silhouetted as they clash with lightsabers
ESB-25 DA of Vader claiming to be Luke's father as boy clings to shaft overhang
ESB-26 PR: four-element shot: PRT of Luke, Han, Leia & Lando
ESB-27 PR: eight-element shot: PRT of Daniels, Baker, Mayhew & Prowse with their alter-egos, C3PO, R2D2, Chewie & Vader
ESB-29 MS of Chewie turned away momentarily from work under Falcon
ESB-30 MCU of Leia & C3PO studying map grid in Hoth command center
ESB-31 Profile MS of Luke listening to Yoda teach him The Force
ESB-32 Profile MS of Han & Leia arguing in Hoth ice corridor
ESB-33 MCU of Han in snow gear gazing into distance
ESB-34 FLV of Han, finding Luke unconscious in snow, turned to see his taun-taun keel over OS
ESB-35 Profile MCU of Han smiling & placing hand on Lando's shoulder
ESB-36 PR: FLV of Han, Luke, Leia & Chewie standing armed against unseen menace in ice cave
ESB-37 PR: MS of Ford & Fisher speaking at table during press conference announcing film
ESB-38 PR: MS of Han & Leia tightly posed, both serious
ESB-39 MS of Leia staring up nervously from behind operator in Hoth command center
ESB-40 PR: MCU of Han looking intently into camera, head slightly bent
ES-1 Title LC art: Quatermass [Brian Donlevy] aims gun at misshapen face of deteriorating astronaut
EQUINOX - 1971
EOX-1 MS of giant animated monster
[Back in the late '70s & early '80s we did some film extra work in a few very low grade films, but ended that side career on an up note with this little cult fave as one of the degenerate, marauding "Crazies." Any still with Crazy Jeff noted marks for all time my 15 minutes of fame. No added charge for an autograph. If this is more than you ever needed to know, well...never mind]
ENY-1 PR: Director John Carpenter instructs Cabbie [Ernest Borgnine] on how to react to OS stage show in broken down theater. Crazy Jeff sits like a dummy in front row
ENY-2 PR: Cabbie finds favor with OS stage show while Crazy Jeff sits like a dummy in front of him
ENY-3 PR: punk-type inhabitant Maureen [Season Hubley] watches Carpenter rehearse Snake Plissken [Kurt Russell] inside unsavory restaurant. In front of them Crazy Jeff steps into hole in floor where he belongs
ENY-4 PR: fourteen of the slovenliest, hostile-looking deviants in New York pose before graffiti-covered Chock Full o' Nuts restaurant. Crazy Jeff stands meanest of all second from left
ENY-5 PR: Maggie [Adrienne Barbeau] in dress with plunging front, catches up on knitting between takes
ENY-6 FLV of torch-bearing Maggie descending dark, web-strewn subterranean stairway
ENY-7 MLS of Snake, holding mean weapon, & Maureen standing in corner of diner talking intimately
ENY-8 Snake can't save Maureen who crashes thru floor & is pulled down by gnarled hand [guess who's]
ENY-9 Armed Snake stands against wall as Crazy Jeff [properly blurred] rushes toward him
ENY-10 Wary Maggie sits in back seat of taxi cab holding up pistol with telescopic sight
ENY-11 Maggie leans toward Snake, who turns to her from behind wheel of cab
ENY-12 MS of Maggie aiming her gun with both hands during raid on gang stronghold
ENY-13 MCU of tight-lipped Snake cocking his head at something OS
ENY-14 Commissioner Hauk [Lee Van Cleef] sits at his desk looking up grimly while picking up gun
ENY-15 LS of Snake approaching crashed tail section of Air Force One
ENY-16 MS of Maggie & Cabbie reacting to OS actions of Snake in library
ENY-17 MS of Maggie raising gun to blow away baddies
ET-1 PR: MLS of Steven Spielberg bent at side of E.T. with arm resting on his shoulder
ET-2 PR: MS of E.T. showing off glowing finger
EXC-1 FLV of beautiful wedding-gowned Guenevere [Cheri Lunghi] & her knight in shining armor King Arthur [Nigel Terry] facing court
EXC-2 PRT of feudal age knight Leondegrance [Patrick Stewart]
EX-1 Possessed Regan [Linda Blair] rages at Father Merrin [Max von Sydow], exorcist
EX-2 Priests watch possessed Blair float over her bed
FW-1 Aquanaut on sea cliff battles giant squid
FBM-1 Life-masked Janos [Peter Lorre] bends down & wraps arms around blind girl [Evelyn Keyes]
FTB-1 PRT of Marilyn O'Conner [Linda Kerridge], embodiment of Marilyn Monroe in fur
FV-1 Submarine Proteus in eerie web-like setting
FV-2 Antibodies attack sub as viewed thru cell structure
FV-3 Crew outside sub preparing to enter lung
FV-4 Grant [Stephen Boyd] & Cora [Raquel Welch] about to fire laser rifle inside brain
FV-5 SV of Proteus moving thru brain
FV-6 FLV of crew boarding Proteus before miniaturization process
FV-7 FLV of Cora, posed in micronaut gear
FV-8 Vertical UA of Proteus gliding thru fibrous elements of brain
FWF-1 PRT of smiling Air Force Major Jeff Cummings [Marshall Thompson]
FWF-2 So-called fiend, disembodied brain with attached spinal column & feelers, crawling thru grass
FWF-3 Another fiend inching along floor
FMOS-1 Mangy monster strangles Larson [Paul Carpenter]
FMS-1 Chuck Prescott [Marshall Thompson] sits beside his mineral encrusted brother, Dan [Bill Edwards] in decompression chamber
FMS-2 CU of transformed test pilot Dan
FMM-1 Kate [Martha Hyer], Cavor [Lionel Jeffries] & Bedford [Edward Judd] hang on inside sphere
FMM-2 LS of Cavor jumping from rocks on Moon, sphere landed in bg
FMM-4 Giant moon cow being zapped by Selenite laser cannon
FMM-5 MS of Selenites firing cannon from precipice
FMM-6 As Selenites trap explorers on ledge, Bedford throws one off, upsetting Cavor
FMM-8 Bedford & Cavor discuss opposite strategies, Selenites sleep in fg
FMM-9 Kate screams at Selenite peering thru sphere port
FMM-10 Bedford & Cavor race past giant seed pods
FMM-11 LS of downed Cavor begging Bedford not to fire rifle in Grand Lunar's throne room
FMM-12 Four Selenites huddle near Cavor & Kate, who are inspecting crystal, sphere in bg
FPW-1 PRT of police Detective Russell Logan [Lou Diamond Phillips] & psychic sidekick Tess Seaton [Tracy Griffith]
FPW-2 MLS of shirtless Logan turning to look behind him as he stands in room with blood spattered walls
FSV-1 LS of spaceship Cosmostrator on launch pad
FSV-3 Explorer & small robot on Venus, its surface covered with pillar-shaped fauna
FSV-4 Venusian city crumbles around explorers
FMY-1 LS of soldiers uncovering spaceship buried beneath London excavation
FMY-2 FV of spaceship as soldiers test its surface
FMY-3 Quatermass [Andrew Keir] & Roney [James Donald] find insect in honeycomb of spaceship
FMY-4 Quatermass & Roney remove decayed Martian insect
FMY-5 Cont. #4, pair lift insect to higher level of excavation area
FMY-6 MLS of Quatermass studying eons old insect in lab
FMY-7 MS of Quatermass probing eye of insect, English title QUATERMASS & THE PIT in lower left corner
FMY-8 Title art of woman screaming amid chaos of film elements
FG-1 FLV of Flash [Buster Crabbe] threatening King Vultan [John Lipson] with spear as Dale [Jean Rogers] watches
FG-2 PRT of Ming the Merciless [Charles Middleton]
FG-3 MS of startled Flash & Dale, in civvies, clutching each other as they stand outside spaceship
FG-4 Profile MS of Aura [Priscilla Lawson] vamping Flash
FG-5 FLV of Flash & Dale descending long stairwell in Ming's palace
FG-6 FLV of Lionman Thun [James Pierce], Aura, Flash, & Dale standing tense in underwater city
FG-7 Profile MS of Zarkov [Frank Shannon] & Dale contacting Earth from Ming's lab
FG-8 Rare PR: Flash, in tournament uniform, & Dale, clutching his arm, pose tensely as they stare wide-eyed
FG-9 FLV of Flash working up sweat while feeding atom furnace
FG-10 FLV of Ming showing Zarkov thru his lab
FG-11 LS of Flash & company in throne room with Mongo soldiers, high priest & Ming's double
FGN-1 CU of Flash Gordon [Sam Jones]
FGN-2 CU of Emperor Ming [Max Von Sydow ]
FGN-3 Ming drains memory cells of scientist Zarkov [Topol]
FGN-4 MS of Flash & Vultan [Brian Blessed] preparing for an attack
FGN-5 PR: PRT of smiling Sam Jones wearing his FLASH T-shirt
FGN-6 PR: PRT of Flash wearing his flashy Mongo undershirt
FGN-7 PR: PRT of fully costumed Ming holding up defiant fist
FGN-8 PR: FLV of Ming as above
FGN-9 PR: PRT of Smiling Dale Arden [Melody Anderson] in civvies
FGN-10 PR: MLS of Dale posed in wedding gown & headdress
FGN-11 PR: FLV of Princess Aura [Ornella Muti] posed in royal dress [as she first appears]
FGN-12 PR: PRT of Prince Barin [Timothy Dalton]
FGN-13 PR: PRT of snuggling Flash & Dale
FGN-14 PR: MS of Aura trying to twist Ming around her pinky
FGN-15 PR: PRT of lovers Barin & Aura
FGN-16 Zarkov holds gun on Flash & Dale aboard his space capsule
FGN-17 Flash, Dale & Zarkov gaze out capsule porthole
FGN-18 LS of Vultan & Barin squaring off to do battle in royal palace, Flash & company in bg
FGN-19 Zarkov watches Dale cling to Flash as they are brought before OS Ming
FGN-20 Flash bowls over palace guards as Dale cheers
FGN-21 Aura touches Flash on bare shoulder after saving him from death
FGN-22 Klytus [Peter Wyngarde] in fg conspires with Ming, who stands near mind-draining machine
FGN-23 Aura tries to seduce Flash as he contacts Dale over thought amplifier
FGN-24 PRT of Flash, handsome in his full dress Mongo uniform & gloves
FGCU-1 FLV of Flash & Dale [Carol Hughes] in action pose, he wielding ray rifle
FGCU-2 PRT of Ming in his imperial duds
FGCU-4 Ming kibitzes with sexy dancing girl
FGCU-6 MS of Ming's Annihilaton menacing Dale
FGCU-7 FLV of Flash & Dale holding each other as they stand over bodies of friend in cold Frigia
FGCU-9 FLV of Dale & Sonja [Anne Gwynne] captured by Rockmen pair
FGCU-10 MS of Flash contacting Barin from aboard his ship
FGTM-1 MLS of Flash, Prince Barin [Richard Alexander] & Clay man eyeing something OS
FGTM-2 Classic FLV of Flash standing in center of Martian sliding door
FGTM-3 FLV of Flash & Ming grappling as Queen Azura [Beatrice Roberts] tries to calm hostilities
FGTM-5 MLS of Flash intervening with blaster as Ming is made King of Mars
FGTM-6 FLV of Flash covering Ming with paralyzer ray, Zarkov behind him
FGTM-7 Ming laughs as he aims nitron beam at Earth
FGTM-8 Satanic Ming issues radio orders to kill Flash
FGTM-9 FLV of Flash & Zarkov in Clay cave
FGTM-10 Flash, Dale, Happy Hapgood [Donald Kerr], Zarkov, & Barin meet with Clay King [C. Montague Shaw]
FGTM-11 LS of Flash carrying Dale out of Forest People's fire circle
FGTM-12 Zarkov, Flash & Tarnak [Wheeler Oakman] outside power room
FGTM-13 Flash tries to protect Queen Azura from OS Martian bombers
FGTM-14 FLV of Queen Azura wielding magic to escape Clay King & his people as Barin, Zarkov, others watch
FLG-1 Title art artistically mixes characters & creatures in suggestive motif
FLG-2 Head-on shot of Penisaurus
FLG-3 MS of Beetlemen looking for trouble
FLG-4 LS of Flesh [Jason Williams] & Dale Ardor [Suzanne Fields] escaping on serial ladder from Nesuahyrrah [aka Great God Porno]
FLG-5 MS of Nesuahyrrah giving Flesh one finger salute
FLG-6 Emperor Wang's mountain top castle
FLG-7 FLV of two rapist robots on march inside castle
FLG-8 Flexi Jerkoff's spaceship lands on Porno
FLG-9 FLV of Beetleman appearing in dungeon doorway
FLG-10 MS of Nesuahyrrah closely inspecting Dale
FLG-11 FLV of Flexi's spaceship in its barn
FLG-12 Spicy foreign title artwork without logo
FCC-1 Sexy PRT of dominatrix Robunda Hooters [Morgan Fox]
FTM-1 Spaceship crew fights against sudden pull of gravity on way to Mars
FTM-2 LS of explorers encountering space-suited Martians at one of several towers dotting snowy surface
FTM-3 Jim [Arthur Franz] & Alita [Marguerite Chapman] study scientific device in Martian lab
FTM-4 Steve [Cameron Mitchell] interviews Jim, holding model of spaceship, at his desk
FTM-5 PR: Jim sits at desk, pipe in mouth, toying with model spaceship & slide rule
FTM-6 Fellow crew members tend to Jim's bleeding forehead in cabin of ship
FTM-7 Jim protects Carol [Virginia Huston] from Martians by surface tower
FTM-8 Alita points to cylinder being handled by Tillamar [Robert Barrat] as others work nearby
FLY, THE - 1958
FY-1 MS of the Fly poking his claw thru doorway
FY-2 PR: MS of Francois [Vincent Price] & young Philippe [Charles Herbert] in awe of giant spider web
FY-3 Francois about to strike match to spider web
FLY-1 MS of the Fly menacing Francois [Vincent Price]
FOG, THE - 1979
FOGT-1 PR: MCU of Stevie [Adrienne Barbeau] sitting at microphone in lighthouse radio station
FOGT-4 PR: MCU of worried Kathy Williams [Janet Leigh]
FOGT-5 PR: MCU of smiling Elizabeth Solley [Jamie Lee Curtis]
FOGT-10 Ghost ship Elizabeth Dane appears out of fogbank
FOGT-11 Stevie sits up in bed with her son, who stares at driftwood he found on beach
FOGT-12 Stevie at radio board, talking over mike
FOGT-18 Kathy & Elizabeth waiting for what's to happen next in church
FOGT-21 Cross held by Father Malone [Hal Holbrook] glows hotly as ghost touches it
FOGT-22 BS: Director John Carpenter with ladies of cast
FOGT-23 BS: Carpenter directs Adrienne on lighthouse set
FOGT-24 BS: Producer Debra Hill poses off camera with Jamie Lee
FOG-1 Giant rat attacks Morgan [Marjoe Gortner]
FOG-2 Four giant rats attack Bensington [Ralph Meeker]
FYEO-1 PR: CU of Melina Havelock [Carole Bouquet]
FYEO-2 PR: PRT of Bibi [Lynn-Holly Johnson]
FYEO-3 PR: FLV of Bibi posed with hands on hips & wearing pullover top & furry boots
FYEO-4 MCU of Melina wearing veil, taking aim with crossbow
FYEO-5 LS of Bond [Roger Moore] using umbrella stem to send thug flying into pool
FYEO-6 MS of Bibi warming up to Bond, who is taken by surprise, at door
FYEO-6 MS of Melina being manhandled by Kristatos hoodlum
FYEO-8 Bond & Melina dragged thru water by rope binding them together
FYEO-9 PR: PRT of dapper Bond holding gun across chest
FP-1 Title art: giant Robby the Robot cradles woman in his arms as Cmdr. Adams [Leslie Nielsen] fires blaster
FP-2 MLS of Adams talking to ship on communicator, flanked by Farman [Jack Kelly] at astrogation globe & Quinn [Richard Anderson] at console
FP-3 MLS of ships crew observing Altair IV on main viewplate
FP-4 FLV of C-57-D about to land on Altair IV
FP-5 LS of crew checking out area around landed ship
FP-6 Cont. #5, longer shot has large rocks in fg
FP-7 FLV of Robby exiting land car as crewman aims blaster rifle at him from behind
FP-8 MS of Robby serving coffee to Farman & Altaira
FP-9 FLV of Morbius [Walter Pidgeon] ordering Robby to point blaster at Adams, Farman & Ostrow [Warren Stevens] tense up
FP-10 FLV of Robby & Cookie [Earl Holliman] shaking hands behind rocks
FP-11 FLV of Adams, Morbius, Ostrow & Altaira learning of Quinn's death in home study
FP-12 FLV of crew training arsenal of weapons on OS Id Monster
FP-13 Cont. #12, Tighter shot of group about to fire
FP-14 FLV of Adams & Ostrow holstering blasters as Altaira appears with Robby at home doorway
FP-15 Adams, Ostrow & Morbius take ride in Krell shuttle car
FP-16 Morbius screams defiance at unseen Id Monster in Krell lab as Adams & Altaira watch from bg
FP-17 As Altaira cradles her dying father, Morbius directs Adams to activate destruct switch in lab
FP-18 Adams, Altaira & crew watch Robby play astrogator
FP-19 FLV of Morbius catching Adams & Ostrow in study
FP-20 FLV of Adams, Farman & Ostrow seated in land car as Robby enters vehicle. Armed crewman in bg
FP-21 RV of Adams, Ostrow & Farman facing Robby, who is introducing himself. Armed crewman in bg
FP-22 Morbius explains how Robby's chest aperture works
FP-23 Robby serves coffee to Adams, Farman & Ostrow as men palaver with Morbius in his home
FP-24 FLV of Cookie getting upside-down ride on tractor
FP-25 FLV of Farman saying hello to Altaira as she sits in land car outside landing site
FP-26 Altaira beseeches tormented Morbius to help save their lives in Krell lab
FP-27 View over Robby's shoulder of Farman, Cookie, Ostrow, & Adams as they meet outside C-57-D
FP-28 FLV of Altaira reaching down to touch pet tiger
FP-29 Profile FLV of Altaira asking Robby to make her a new dress
FP-30 FLV of Farman watching bosun test perimeter fence energy field
FP-31 Quinn shows Adams & Farman re-designed transmitting equipment outside ship
FP-32 Adams disciplines three crewmen aboard ship
FP-33 Quinn shows Adams & Ostrow ruined Klystron frequency modulator
FP-34 Morbius closes steel shutters as he, Robby, Adams, & Altaira await menace outside house
FP-35 Set still of C-57-D mock-up at landing site
FP-36 Set still of ship exterior & Robby in land car
FP-37 Morbius introduces Altaira to Adams, Farman & Ostrow w in his home
FP-38 Similar to #4 with ship more centered. Favored
FP-39 FLV of Adams catching Farman kissing Altaira
FP-40 FLV of Farman, Cookie & others watching bosun about to toss branch into perimeter fence
FP-41 PR: FLV of Robby the Robot
FP-42 Set still of ray cannon outside C-57-D
FP-43 PR: FLV of gowned Altaira holding Robby's hand & smiling
FP-44 PR: Altaira poses in short dress on land car
FP-45 Adama & Altaira take wedding vows aboard ship as Cookie [holding cake] & rest of crew observe. Scene was cut from film
FP-46 CU of Robby the Robot's head
FP-47 PR: FLV of Altaira in mini-gown on jeep manned by Robby
FP-48 PR: FLV of Robby about to shoot Altaira with hand blaster
FP-49 PR: MS of Adams & Altaira seemingly consoling Robby
FP-50 Set still: technician wheels top half of Robby the robot into Morbius home
FP-51 Set still: Robby stands next to pile of whisky bottles behind rocks
FP-52 MS of Adams & Altaira breaking embrace & turning to look suddenly OS
FP-53 FLV of Robby holding up mirror for Altaira to apply makeup to lips
FP-54 PR: MS of Robby giving Altaira beauty treatment with his super-duper special space lamp
FP-55 PR: FLV of Altaira modeling chiffon tunic draped with lame` fabric held by Robby
FP-56 PR: FLV of Altaira modeling skintight copper outfit, matching shoes & gloves & see-thru plastic coat as Robby, in profile, stands by
FP-57 PR: MLS of Adams with blaster poised to pop any loitering ID monsters
FP-58 MS of Adams on hand mike prior to battle with ID Monster as Farman, blaster rifle up, looks on
FP-59 FLV of Adams cradling head of dying Ostrow on couch as Altaira & Robby stand over them. View looks toward Morbius' office
4D MAN - 1959
4D-1 Scott [Robert Lansing] puts hand thru lead block
4D-2 Scott's body passes thru brick wall of lab
4D-3 Scott walks sideways thru opposite wall
4D-4 Scott reaches thru wall for glowing container
FR-1 FLV of Frankenstein monster [Boris Karloff] stalks village street past townsfolk disturbed by his presence
FR-2 FLV of monster chained & strapped to pillory chair
FR-3 Eerie lighting from below highlights PRT of Frankenstein monster
FMH-1 PR: MS of The Monster [Dave Prowse] menacing Hammer girls Julie Ege [partially hidden], Veronica Carlson & screaming Madeline Smith as Sarah
FMH-2 Cont. #1, pullback to MLS with Carlson holding skull, Ege no longer hidden
FSM-1 MS of grotesque, bug-eyed space monster groping camera
FSM-2 Cont. #1, MCU. Maybe too close
FSM-3 FLV of creature, its body covered with thick hair neck to toe
FMBD-1 PR: FLV of Anna Spengler [Veronica Carlson], in ruffled nightgown open to reveal cleavage, standing with head up before tombstone. Sexy
FMBD-2 Cont. #1, Anna seated now with wooden cross in bg
FMBD-3 PR: FLV of Anna, in ruffled nightgown open to reveal breasts, posed with arm wrapped around cross [only known nude of Veronica]
FMBD-4 PR: FLV of Baron Frankenstein [Peter Cushing] holding sexy Anna from behind
FH-1 MS of Tabanga, the living tree trunk, carrying struggling Dr. Terry Mason [Tina Carver, face obscured] in its limbs
FH-2 FLV of Tabanga standing over Terry as she is sinking in quicksand
FRL-1 James Bond [Sean Connery] enjoys belly dance at Turkish gypsy camp
FEM-1 Barbicane [Joseph Cotten] stands at window of spaceship with Moon visible in bg
FURY, THE - 1978
FUR-1 Ad art with title logo & silhouetted ESP duo
FUR-2 Gillian [Amy Irving] reacts in horror at bloodied hand
FUR-3 CU of Peter [Kirk Douglas] at worried Gillian's shoulder
GAX-1 PR: MS of Galaxina [Dorothy Stratton] encircled by refracted images
GAX-2 PR: FLV of Galaxina posed with sidearm & laser rifle aboard Infinity
GAX-3 MS of Galaxina comforting Thor [Stephen Macht]
GOT-1 MCU of Alluma [Erin Moran] & Cabren [Edward Albert], members of spaceship rescue mission
GOT-2 Alluma & Quuhod [Sid Haig] clutch each other while in grip of unknown forces
GOT-3 FLV of Alluma, Cabren & Ranger [Robert Englund] awed by eerie interior of alien monolith
GOT-4 MCU of Alluma ensnared by tentacle with death grip
GAM-1 FLV of miniature model of Gamera, the flying turtle, standing on hind legs
GAM-2 FLV of Gamera in action, stomping on Japan while under fire
GAM-3 Montage of space battle cruiser firing on Gamera & pals, Barugon & Guiron
GTM-1 MCU of title creature from outer space
GTM-2 Mothra sprays Ghidrah as Ghidrah attacks Godzilla
GTM-3 FLV of Ghidrah loosing fiery blasts from its heads
GTM-4 FLV of Ghidrah & Godzilla battling face to face
[GB-1a thru 6f also available in 5x7 @ $2.00]
GB-1 Londoners flee at sight of prehistoric beast in bg
GB-2 Behemoth marches thru London street toward camera
GB-1a Title over people fleeing behemoth in bg
GB-2b Binocular view of monster's head about to plunge back into boiling water
GB-3c FLV of beast coming up London street, people running for their lives, before him
GB-4d Cont. #3c, tighter look at behemoth
GB-5e Night shot of monster in FLV with car in its mouth
GB-6f Cont. #5e, beast drops car, turns his head & bellows as spotlights are turned on him
GC-1 Title art: headless bird crunches skyscraper & airplane with its giant claws
GC-2 PR: MS of Mitch MacAfee [Jeff Morrow] protecting Sally Caldwell [Mara Corday] as both look up, frightened
GC-3 PR: FLV of MacAfee & Sally kneeling on floor, hunting rifles ready, giant claw shadow on wall in bg
GFM-1 LS of Gigantis preparing to have it out with Godzilla as buildings burn
GODZILLA 1985 - 1985
G85-1 FLV of Godzilla breathing fire as Tokyo burns around him & populace flees in his path
G85-2 FLV of Godzilla moving between bldgs, about to tear up traffic at feet
G85-3 MS of glaring Godzilla as he pushes way thru city
G85-4 MS of Steve Martin [Raymond Burr] holding large picture (same as #3) as he presents facts about monster to two military men
GOD-1 LS of Godzilla at entrance to Tokyo harbor
GOD-2 FLV of Godzilla chewing on railroad cars amidst destruction of city
GOD-3 FLV of Godzilla, his fiery breath burning building
GOD-4 FLV/RV of Godzilla snuffing buildings with his fiery breath
GOD-5 Godzilla trudges along, wall of flame in bg
GOD-6 SV of Godzilla about to topple power lines
GOD-7 Godzilla, jet plane in hand, stands before military battery
GT-1 LS of people fleeing as Godzilla looms over factory
GOG - 1954
GOG-1 Robot Gog chokes Dr. Zeitman [John Wengraf]
GOG-2 Sheppard [Richard Egan] about to strike Gog with flame thrower
GOG-3 Title art: Sheppard battles Gog while holding Joanna [Constance Dowling]
GVS-2 Capt. Sinbad [John Phillip Law] & crew face siren on foredeck of ship
GVS-3 Evil wizard Koura [Tom Baker] gives orders to his tabletop homunculus
GVS-4 FLV of homunculus perched on rock in cavern
GVS-5 FLV of Sinbad battling six-armed animated statue, Kali, as Koura looks on from bg
GVS-7 FLV of Centaur choking life out of gryphon
GVS-9 Sinbad stabs centaur in chest with sword
GVS-10 PRT of Margiana [Caroline Munro] in revealing native costume
GVS-11 MLS of Margiana in same costume posed with hand on bare hip
GVS-12 Centaur raises up to strike Sinbad, who is crouched on rock
GVS-13 MLS of Margiana catching sight of OS centaur in cave
GO-1 PR: FLV casually clad James Bond [Sean Connery] posed by Astin Martin
GO-2 MS of Pussy Galore [Honor Blackman] training gun on Bond in Goldfinger's private jet
GO-3 FLV Bond & Pussy sharing playful moment on hands & knees
GO-4 PR: FLV of Pussy posing with her crew of curvaceous commandos
GO-5 PR: FLV of Honor as herself posed in bikini sitting at edge of lake & smiling at camera
GO-6 During rubdown, Bond & busty masseuse spy a fellow agent OS
GO-7 MCU of Bond romancing soon-to-be Golden Girl, Jill Masterson [Shirley Eaton]
GO-8 Bond stands before M [Bernard Lee] at his desk, reporting for duty
GO-9 Oddjob [Harold Sakata] about to chop Bond in back of head as he raids refrigerator
GO-10 FLV of Pussy standing inside barn door
GO-11 Goldfinger [Gert Frobe] is amused at Bond's predicament -- 007 is spread-eagled beneath laser device
GO-12 Oddjob tosses Bond away inside Fort Knox during their climatic battle
GORATH - 1964
GRH-1 Tri-winged spaceship blasts across path of blazing runaway planet
GORGO - 1961
GOR-1 Title art: Gorgo rips up London as planes attack
GOR-2 LS of Gorgo, roped down & covered on back of truck, being driven toward Big Ben in London
GOR-3 FLV of Gorgo's angry mama wading thru Thames River
GOR-4 FLV of Gorgo's mom destroying London buildings & bridge
GOR-5 MS of Gorgo's mom striding over & thru London
GOR-6 Gorgo's mom overturns ship at sea
GOR-7 MS of Gorgo's mom seizing diving bell, getting ready to devour it
GS-2 FLV of spacesuited astronaut aiming laser rifle at advancing alien creature inside space station
GS-3 MLS of monster attacking spacesuited Vince Elliot t [Richard Jaeckel] inside spaceship
HAL-1 MLS of coeds Annie [Nancy Loomis], Lynda [P.J. Soles] & Laurie [Jamie Lee Curtis] on sidewalk looking toward street
HAL2-1 MCU of Laurie [Jamie Lee Curtis] in hospital gown looking aside
HAL2-2 FLV of Laurie on knees by filing cabinet, trying to hide from The Shape [Dick Warlock]
HAL2-3 MS of Dr. Loomis [Donald Pleasance] gun ready to fire, drawing Laurie protectively to him
HRWT-1 MLS of spacesuited Three Stooges [Larry, Moe & Curley-Joe] cringing from OS computer menace
HTS-1 Evil Voltan [Jack Palance] gets drop on Hawk [John Terry], putting sword in his back
HMM-1 Poster art of Taarna, woman warrior, riding her flying creature above burning city
HMM-2 Astronaut in cosmic Corvette drives thru space enroute to Earth
HMM-4 Conanesque Den towers over his clutching lady & murderous barbarians
HMM-6 Gloria & professor are sucked into interior of spaceship thru transparent tube
HMM-7 Bizarre assortment of aliens, most scowling, observe OS trial of Capt. Sternn
HN-1  MS of Marti [Linda Blair] wearing grandmotherly dress & cameo broach, candles burning in bg
HN-2  Marti leads group of costumed pledges during initiation rites
HN-3  Marti comes upon slumped body of Jeff [Peter Barton]
HRR-1 MLS of three Cenobites, led by Pinhead [Doug Bradley]
HRR-2 MLS of Pinhead inside abandoned house
HE-1 FLV of Hercules [Steve Reeves] flexing mightily as he pulls on heavy chains manacled to his wrists
HSD-1 MS of lizardy sun demon Gilbert McKenna [Robert Clarke] menacing buxom Nan [Trudy Osborne], disturbing her phone call
HSD-2 MLS of casually clad demon bursting thru door, frightening former friends within
HSD-3 FLV of policeman drawing gun on demon in face-off atop water tower
H-MAN, THE - 1959
HM-1 Blob-like H-Man rises up before jittery explorers of eerie ghost ship
HPB-1 MS of ridiculous-looking sea creature mutation rising out of water
HPB-2 CU of bug-eyed monster
HW-1 MCU of sinister Prof. Henry Jarrod [Vincent Price] & his deformed hand
HW-2 MLS of wheelchair-bound Jarod eyeing Scott Andrews [Paul Picerni] suspiciously as sculptor molds head of tortured man
HHH-1 MS of Nora Manning [Carolyn Craig] becomes frightened at sight of cob-webbed table fixtures. Or she's just appalled at lack of housekeeping
HTD-1 PR: Sexy PRT of Beverly Switzler [Lea Thompson]
HWL-2 PR: MS of leather-clad seductress Marsha [Elisabeth Brooks]
HTM-1 CU of Teenage Werewolf
HTM-2 CU of Teenage Frankenstein
HV-1 FLV of man in business suit turning to vapor in front of office window. He's really steamed
Return To Top
[NOTE: #1a-20u are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]

IMM-1 PRT of alien monster with ping pong ball in mouth
IMM-2 FLV of German Shepherd attacking alien in woods
IMM-3 FLV of hunters gathered around dead alien, spaceship hatch visible between trees in bg
IMM-4 FLV of men attached to transmitters & hanging inside spaceship
IMM-5 Composite of Marge [Gloria Talbott] falling to ground with three aliens chasing her
IMM-6 FLV of alien standing in woods pointing hand laser
IMM-7 PR: Bill Farrell [Tom Tryon] blocks path of monster holding his wife
IMM-8 PR: FLV of monster holding unconscious bridal-gowned Marge
IMM-9 PR: great MLS of monster menacing screaming bride Marge, who clings to groom Bill
IMM-1a Title over Bill & Marge struggling in woods
IMM-6f MCU of Bill, his alien face exposed by lightning outside home
IMM-7g MS of Marge & Bill [favored] facing each other in bedroom on wedding night
IMM-8h FLV of glowing aliens leaving concealed spaceship behind them in woods
IMM-9i MCU of shimmering alien
IMM-11k LS of alien firing hand laser at OS hunter
IMM-16q MS of Marge registering dawning horror as she watches OS cloud form disjoining Bill's body
IMM-17r FLV of glowing alien facing immobile Bill
IMM-20u MS of Marge pleading with immobile Bill
IM-1 LS of tattooed Carl [Rod Steiger] strangling Willie [Robert Drivas]
IM-2 FLV of crash-landed astronauts sloshing thru Venusian downpour. From The Long Rain segment
IM-3 PR: tattooed Carl poses by painted bodysuit
[note: #1a-4d are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]
ISM-1 FLV of giant cat by doll house spotting Scott Carey [Grant Williams] running toward camera
ISM-2 Scott plans next move as he stands between pair of giant scissors & ball of string
ISM-3 Scott poises needle at giant spider climbing spool of thread to reach him
ISM-5 Scott rests against giant match box & lights cigarette
ISM-6 Scott aims nail at giant spider from stack of books
ISM-7 BS: camera crew sets up shot of Scott sprawled on cellar grating grasping giant pencil
ISM-8 BS: Scott sits on giant chunk of cheese as director Jack Arnold stands on ladder to discuss scene
ISM-9 Williams falls on rug in front of roaring giant cat
ISM-10 Disconsolate Scott sits in front of matchbox with nail
ISM-11 Scott uses giant match to burn thru string
IJL-1 Semi-profile MCU of Indiana Jones [Harrison Ford] mildly smirking at something to right, his large shadow on wall in bg
IJL-2 FLV of Indy & his father Prof. Henry Jones [Sean Connery] tied back-to-back in chairs as Elsa [Alison Doody] taunts them
IJL-3 MS of Indy blasting away with machine gun thru gritted teeth
IJL-4 Near FLV of Indy peering aside, wind blowing open his jacket, hand on gun hitched in belt
IJL-5 FLV of Indy riding his whip into seedy room to rescue dad, who watches son's entrance from chair off to side
IJL-6 Profile MS of Indy acting as if he's just been clubbed over head but brain hasn't registered fact yet
IJL-7 Profile MS of Indy, wearing glasses, listening to his father discuss contents of his ledger
IJL-8 MS of Indy looking out of place & uncomfortable in too tight porter's uniform aboard zeppelin
IJL-9 MS of irritated Indy looking over at Henry, both with hands tied behind backs after capture by Nazis
IJL-10 MCU of Indy narrowing eyes, his open-mouthed glare settling on something past his left shoulder
IJL-11 PR: MLS of Henry standing with hand in trouser pocket next to half-seated Indy, hands clasped in lap
IJL-12 MS of Indy teaching class, pointing thumb at blackboard
IJL-13 FLV of spread-legged Indy crouched at edge of rocky precipice, look of alarm on face
IJL-14 MCU of Indy squinting just aside outside temple
IJL-15 Tight MS of Indy glaring open-mouthed at arrival of enemy OS, Henry & Sallah [John Rhys-Davies] behind rocks in bg
IJL-16 Profile MS of Indy pointing angry finger at dad as pair argue from halted motorcycle
IJL-17 Profile MCU of Elsa, in nightgown, putting arms around Indy's shoulders, he in bathrobe
IJL-18 PRT of Indy kneeling at side of professorial father, hand around his shoulder
IJL-19 MS of Indy, in artist's disguise, carrying butler over his shoulder at castle
IJL-20 Henry & Sallah think Indy has dropped off cliff to his death as bewildered Indy sidles up between them
IJL-21 PR: FLV of Henry & Indy posed side-by-side against tree
IJT-1 PRT of Indiana Jones [Harrison Ford] squinting toward camera with hat cocked back on head
IJT-2 PRT of Indy glaring into camera, sweat beaded on bare chest & neck
IJT-3 MLS of Indy, face profiled as he shakes defiant finger at OS antagonists on bridge
IJT-4 MS of Indy posed on rope bridge with upraised sword, sleeve of open shirt ripped off, hand bandaged & scratch marks on face
IJT-5 Soft PRT of Willie Scott [Kate Capshaw]
IJT-7 MCU of Indy & Willie, spiffy in white tux & gown respectively, eyeing trouble OS at nightclub
IJT-8 MCU of Indy, Willie & Shorty [Ke Huy Quan] arriving in Mayapore village, Indian women following
IJT-9 FLV of Indy & Willie looking at each other while caught in crush of villagers all pressing their hands toward them
IJT-10 MS of Indy & Willie arm-in-arm as they return to village in triumph after rescuing Mayapore children
IJT-11 FLV of Indy & Shorty searching desperately for escape from spike chamber, spikes rising thru holes in floor
IJT-12 MS of Indy buttoning shirt & flashing perturbed expression as palace assassin sneaks up on him
IJT-14 Semi-profile MCU of pensive director Steven Spielberg
IJT-15 MS of George Lucas & Spielberg posed by film camera
INFRA-MAN - 1975
INF-1 Three-element shot: FLV of Infra-Man [Li Hsui-Hsien] in different arm poses
INF-2 Infra-Man flies to rescue of tentacle-ensnared friends
ISP-1 MS of test pilot Tuck Pendleton [Dennis Quaid] turned aside & laughing before taking ride of his life
ISP-2 MCU of Tuck, introspective as he parts venetian blinds
IWV-1 Four-element shot: Armand [Antonio Banderas]; Santiago [Stephen Rea]; Malloy [Christian Slater] & Claudia [Kirsten Dunst] singled out in dramatic moments
IWV-2 Profile MLS of Louis [Brad Pitt] relating his life as vampire to Malloy from across table
IWV-3 Lestat [Tom Cruise] glares ahead moments before feeding on female victim
IWV-4 Profile MS of Lestat toying with courtesan [Indra Ove], hovering over her face, his hand to her chin
IWV-5 Lestat & Louis entertain themselves at expense of tavern wench [Bellina Logan]
IWV-6 MS of Lestat, arms crossed over stomach, venting anger next to pair of candelabras
IWV-7 MS of dressed out Lestat & Louis looking into mirror
IWV-8 MCU of Lestat focusing tightly on victim while changing
IWV-9 MS of Lestat & Claudia sitting quietly together, both baring fangs
IWV-10 MS of Claudia comforting brooding Louis from behind
IWV-11 MLS of Louis attempting to protect frightened Claudia, their reflections in mirror beside them
IWV-12 FLV of Santiago orchestrating grim drama with young woman [Laure Marsac] for audience at Theatre of the Vampires
IWV-13 MLS of Lestat, Louis & Claudia out on town, eyeing OS events
IWV-14 MS of Louis opening door, eyes glazed over
IWV-15 MS of Louis destroying Theater of Vampires
IFM-1 David [Jimmy Hunt] & mom Mary [Hillary Brooke] look suspiciously at mind-enslaved cops as dad George [Leif Erickson] sits blankly in chair, awaiting coffee
IFM-2 FLV of mutant carrying Pat Blake [Helena Carter]
IFM-3 FLV of mutant holding unconscious Pat in its arms
IFM-4 FLV of Martian Intelligence in glass ball
IFM-5 Title art: mutants in action & five film scenes
IFM-7 FLV of Col. Fielding [Morris Ankrum] & soldiers standing in underground tunnel, balloons on walls
IFM-11 Mutant grabs Col. Fielding as he & other GIs enter Martian saucer
IFM-12 Ad mat art featuring threatening giant mutants, Martian Intelligence & frightened humans
IFM-13 FLV of David, zombified Rinaldi [Max Wagner] & rumpled Pat [back turned] standing before Martian Intelligence, flanked by mutant slaves
IFM-14 Low angle FLV of mutants carrying David & Pat aboard spaceship
IFM-15 Mutant brings struggling Pat to slab as Rinaldi, another mutant & MI in bg stand by
IFM-16 PR: FLV of giant mutant slave menacing David with heat weapon
IFM-17 PR: FLV of mutant posed in threatening manner
IFM-18 Looking straight down shaft of Martian saucer at Col. Fielding & soldiers around slab
IAP-1 MLS of shaggy-dog alien with overbite
IAP-2 UA of creature carrying victim
IBS-1 Title art: cast spotlighted fleeing danger
IBS-2 Dr. Miles Bennell [Kevin McCarthy] sets fire to seed pod on side of road with flare
IBS-3 Bennell & Becky Driscoll [Dana Wynter] huddle close on floor of cave to hide from pod people
IBS-4 Bennell tries frantically to warn motorist of take-over of pod people
IBS-5 Bennell discovers pod replica of Becky in basement toolbox
IBS-6 FLV of Bennell & Becky crossing street in front of motorcycle cop
IBS-7 MLS of Bennell & Becky, mussed from chase, kissing at entrance to cave
IBS-8 Becky's father Sam [Guy Way] holds shotgun on Dr. Kauffman [Larry Gates], Belicec [King Donovan] & Bennell in basement
IBS-9 LS of greenhouse as men carry pods to truck
IBS-10 Drinking from pool in cave, Bennell & Becky look up, startled
IBSN-1 PR: MS of Dr. David Kibner [Leonard Nimoy], Matthew Bennell [Donald Sutherland] & Elizabeth Driscoll [Brooke Adams]
IBSN-3 PR: MCU of Elizabeth
IBSN-4 PR: MCU of Kibner
IBSN-5 PR: two-element shot of Nancy [Veronica Cartwright] & Jack Bellicec [Jeff Goldblum]
IBSN-13 FLV of Kibner, Bennell & Bellicec questioning mystery
IOSM-1 Bug-eyed, cabbage-headed alien dwarf strangles Artie [Lyn Osborn] from behind
IOSM-2 PR: MS of two saucermen. Good detail of makeup
IOSM-3 Mothership disgorges two smaller craft over woodland
IOSM-4 Mothership landed in woodland clearing
IOSM-5 Saucermen skitter about in darkened clearing
ICR-1 Two alien plant men about to attack sleeping soldier Penn [Frankie Ray] outside cave
ICR-2 FLV of voluptuous alien scientist babes Prof. Tanga [Gloria Victor] & Dr. Puna [Dolores Reed] holding rayguns aboard spaceship
IN-1 LS of atomic bomb detonating in New York City
IN-2 Aftermath of blast leaves New York in smoldering ruins
IN-3 Upper stories of skyscraper wrecked by explosion
IB-1 Timmie [Richard Eyer] tells father, Dr. Tom Merrinoe [Phillip Abbott] his plans for Robby the Robot, who stands beside him
IB-2 FLV of Robby & Timmie walking down corridor in search of room housing super computer
IB-3 Timmie informs cowering parents that Robby has been taken over by super computer in bg
IB-5 FLV of Robby forging unscathed thru explosion
IB-6 MS of Robby & Timmie facing OS super-computer
IB-7 MS of Robby interrupting Timmie's dart board game
IB-8 FLV of Robby shaking hands with Timmy, who reclines on acceleration couch in spaceship
IB-9 Title over MS of Timmie seated in laboratory
IB-10 Robby & Timmie, seated on lab table, play secretly in lab
IB-11 Cont. #10, Timmie has turned invisible
IB-12 LS of Robby sneaking up on unsuspecting Prof. Allerton [Robert Harris]
IB-13 Scientists operate super computer complex, inactive viewscreen at left
IB-14 LS of Robby [back turned] running gauntlet of soldiers to reach spaceship on hill in bg
IB-15 Cont. #14, explosion hits ground to Robby's right
IB-16 Cont. #15, RA of Robby dodging blast
IB-17 LS of Robby climbing way to base of spaceship [bottom quarter visible]
IB-18 Robby rides gantry platform up side of ship
IB-19 Scientists watch on viewscreen as Robby works spaceship controls, Timmie strapped to acceleration couch behind him
IB-20 Tight shot of viewscreen as Robby moves toward Timmie
IB-22 View of spaceship's lower half as it ignites for takeoff
IB-23 Cont. #22, spaceship lifts off
II-1 Title art: saucers attack city in tidal wave of terror
IMR-1 Dr. Frank Griffin [John Sutton] & Helen Munson [Nan Grey] listen intently to swathed Geoffrey Radcliffe [Vincent Price] over dinner table
IDM-1 FLV of several manimals carrying victim in compound
IDM-2 PR: Maria [Barbara Carrera] encircled by five menacing humanimals
[NOTE: #1a-10j are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]
ICBS-1 Two tentacles rear up toward steeple tower
ICBS-2 Men on pier watch as tentacle holding railroad car rises from San Francisco Bay
ICBS-3 LS of pentopus tentacles coiling around Golden Gate Bridge
ICBS-4 LS of tentacles coiled around Tower of Embarcadero
ICBS-5 Pentopus hauls itself out of water & onto dock
ICBS-6 Pentopus wraps itself around ship, pulling it under ocean waves
ICBS-7 Tentacles wrap around clock tower as people run toward camera in fg
ICBS-8 Two tentacles surface at Golden Gate Bridge, one uncoiled, other reaching for highest span
ICBS-1a Title over octopus in fish tank
ICBS-2b Lesley [Faith Domergue] & Mathews [Kenneth Tobey] talk with newsmen at pier
ICBS-4d Tight shot of tentacles wrapped around tower with people running away in fg
ICBS-5e Carter [Donald Curtis] steadies as tentacle rips up thru bridge span behind him
ICBS-7g Tentacle smashes thru department store window
ICBS-8h Tentacle about to crush fleeing citizens
ICBS-10j Blast from flame thrower causes tentacle to recoil
ICH-1 PR: FLV of Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Gilda Radner & Cheech & Chong walking studio backlot arm in arm, flanked by 10 film frames from sci-fi B-Movies like Robot Monster, Plan Nine From Outer Space & I Married a Monster From Outer Space
[NOTE: #1a-10j are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]
ICOS-1 One-sheet title art shows caricature of xenomorph oozing from screen as cast shrinks back in horror
ICOS-2 MS of horrific alien xenomorph emerging from cave into light
ICOS-3 LS of Putnam [Richard Carlson] a tiny figure standing before giant spacecraft crashed into pit
ICOS-4 Shadowy man with glowing eyes stops Ellen [Barbara Rush] in her car on desert highway
ICOS-5 FLV Putnam encountering replica of Ellen across chasm in cavern
ICOS-6 FLV of gun wielding Putnam confronting aliens in human form near opening of disabled ship
ICOS-7 Cloud begins to envelop telephone linesmen in their truck
ICOS-8 Surreal French poster art of xenomorph in space
ICOS-9 Early artist's conception of domed, two-eyed humanoid alien
ICOS-11 FLV of flaming meteor-ship just before it crashes
ICOS-12 MLS of Putnam standing in smoldering pit before open port of crashed spaceship
ICOS-13 LS of spaceship streaking comet-like over desert
ICOS-14 LS of xenomorph trailing gas cloud in darkness
ICOS-15 Cont. #14, glistening creature creeps into tight FLV
ICOS-16 Cont. #15, MS of alien [better detail than ICOS-2]
ICOS-17 Cont. #16, MCU of xenomorph showing best detail
ICBS-18 LS of Putnam looking up at alienated Ellen on top of hill
ICOS-19 PR: classic FLV of Putnam, Ellen & others shrinking in horror from alien menace as seen from monster's POV above them
ICOS-20 PR: MS of George's girlfriend Jane [Kathleen Hughes] issuing wide- eyed scream into camera
ICOS-1a Title against smoking crater top
ICOS-2b Words 3 DIMENSION sweep out of space at figure standing on smoldering planet
ICOS-3c Same as #13
ICOS-4d MS of astonished Putnam & Ellen looking up from telescope at OS phenomenon
ICOS-5e Same as #3
ICOS-6f LS of crashed ship in pit as falling rocks begin to cover it over
ICOS-7g RV of Putnam & Ellen searching near rocks off highway as alien hand reaches out to touch her
ICOS-8h LS of Putnam standing at mine entrance & peering into darkness
ICOS-9i Ms of Putnam demanding alien come out of hiding
ICOS-10j Cont. #9i, CU of Putnam horrified at sight of OS xenomorph
ICW-1 MS of Dr. Tom Anderson [Lee Van Cleef] being seized from behind thru window by Venusian carrot creature
ICW-2 Monster reaches thru window for Claire Anderson [Beverly Garland]
ICW-3 Creature seizes armed Dr. Paul Nelson [Peter Graves] thru window
ICW-4 Anderson tries blowtorch on monster thru window
ICW-5 FLV of Venusian monster visible behind thickly lettered word, IT
ICW-6 Full title over Venusian monster
ICW-12 MS of taken-over Joan Fraser [Sally Fraser], Nelson's wife, smiling as she holds bat-like device
ICW-13 ECU of Venusian monster in cave
ICW-14 MS of Claire shrinking back in horror at sight of monster in cave
IT'S ALIVE - 1974
IA-1 MS of makeup artist Rick Baker holding monster baby model
IT-1 Shadowy FLV of monster from Mars about to smash airlock door
IT-2 Great MS of monster at airlock door
IT-3 Massive hands of monster shred open control room floor hatch
IT-4 FLV of monster grabbing at oxygen-masked crew thru control room floor hatch
IT-5 Title over shadowy FV of monster
IT-7 Panoramic LS of spaceship on Mars & starfield beyond
IT-8 FLV of ship in space, nose pointed upward
IT-10 MLS of monster's shadow silhouetted in hatchway
IT-12 MCU of shadowy monster, light shining off its face
IT-13 Shadow on bulkhead shows monster raising crewman over its head
IT-15 FLV of entire crew on bridge discussing menace
IT-17 MLS of Carruthers [Marshall Thompson] theorizing to three other crew members
IT-18 Spacesuited crewmen traverse outside hull of ship
IT-19 FLV of monster caught in high voltage trap on mid-deck ladder
IT-20 Its back to camera, monster attacks crewman after breaking out of reactor room
IT-21 Looking down ladder at monster dragging off dead crewman
IT-23 Smoke billows around monster holding rifle overhead
IT-26 Trapped Calder [Paul Langton] fends monster off with blow torch
IT-27 Crew tries to prevent monster reaching them from open bridge hatch
IT-28 MLS of Martian monstrosity posed with arms raised & legs spread
IT-29  Cont. #28, tight MS with hands held just below face
IT-30  Cont. #29, FLV of monster with Ann [Shawn Smith] tossed over shoulder
IWT-1 PR: PRT of Michael Landon as teen werewolf Tony Rivers, oozing profusely from mouth
JGK-1 BS: tabletop setup with giant Cormoron model & outdoor backdrop
JGK-2 BS: FLV of original two-headed giant concept sculpture & matching art
JGK-3 MLS: two-headed giant grappling with tentacled sea monster amid rocks
JA-1 FLV of Triton holding back clashing rocks as Argo passes
JA-2 Winged harpies attack Phineas [Patrick Troughton] for his food
JA-3 UA of Argo crew netting harpies inside Grecian ruin
JA-4 FLV of 200-foot titan, Talos, chasing Argonauts
JA-5 FLV of Jason [Todd Armstrong] battling seven-headed hydra
JA-6 FLV of Jason trying to hold off horde of skeleton warriors
JA-7 Jason twists off cap at heel of Talos' foot with spear
JA-8 Title LC art: Talos prominent with four thumbnail scenes of film
JA-10 LS of Talos towering over attacking Argonauts
JA-11 FLV of Jason stabbing hydra with sword near fleece
JA-12 Cont. #4, Talos reaches down for fleeing Argonaut
JA-13 Three harpies swoop down on cane wielding Phineas, ruining his dinner
JA-14 Jason, sword in hand, takes fighting stance in front of pillars & other ruins
JA-15 LS of alarmed Jason, Medea [Nancy Kovack] & crew stopping in flight with golden fleece
JAWS - 1975
JAWS-1 Killer shark pokes its head out of water
JCE-1 LS of Hans [Peter Ronson] building raft in mushroom forest, his pet duck, Gertrude, supervising
JCE- 2 Profile FLV of Carla [Arlene Dahl] sitting in altar stone amid ruins of Atlantis
JCE-3 Eruption jostles explorers about altar stone
JCE-4 Alec [Pat Boone] bathes & sings in crystal-laden underworld grotto
JCE-5 MLS of Alec discovering giant mushroom in cavern
JCE-6 FLV of explorers standing amid ruins of Atlantis
JCE-7 Reproduction of ad-mat title art, poster art different
JCE-8 FLV of Hans, Alec, Carla & Sir Oliver [James Mason] exploring magnificent cavern
JCE-9 FLV of Count Saknussemm [Thayer David] threatening Alec, who stares down at dead servant of villain
JCE-10 Alec kneels to sample mushrooms in cavern grotto
JCE-11 UA of Sir Oliver, Hans, Carla & Alec shining lamps on OS cavern pool
JSP-1  FLV of giant, one-eyed brain of Uranus
JSP-2  Cavern monster grabs Capt. Don Graham [John Agar] around waist as fellow astronauts try to pull him free
JSP-3  Astronaut confronts giant brain with laser rifle, title box in lower corner
JCP-1  MLS of ape woman Paula Dupree [Vicky Lane] attacking mad doctor Mr. Stendahl [Otto Kruger] from behind
JWN-1 MS of Bob Whitney [Richard David] helping beautiful ape-girl-to-be Paula Dupree [Acquanetta] on with her coat from behind
JUR-1  PRT of Dr. Alan Grant [Sam Neill] as he surveys tense situation
JUR-2  MS of paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler [Laura Dern] resting chin in palm of hand while listening to explanation of park's conception
JUR-3  Friendly Brachiosauraus says hi to Grant & children, perched high in tree
JUR-4  Head of Tyrannosaurus Rex stares down at Grant, who protects teenage Lex [Ariana Richards] beside overturned tour vehicle
JI-1  LS of New York City in futuristic 1980
KFS-1  PR: MS of bulbous-eyed, cowled aliens posed menacingly
KFS-3  MLS of bug-eyed alien commander in cave base
KFS-4  BS: MLS of makeup man touching chin of egg yoke-eyed alien in full costume
KD-1 Giant lizard terrorizes explorers of planet Nova
KING KONG - 1933
[NOTE: #14-38 are rare photos from the personal collection of sfx creator Willis O'Brien taken during film-making & are a Still Things exclusive]

KK-1   MLS of giant ape King Kong giving Ann [Fay Wray], in nook of tree, quick once over
KK-2  FLV of Kong wrestling pterodactyl as Ann cowers at his feet on cliff edge
KK-3  Looking past Denham & his men viewing brontosaurus lumbering toward victim targeted in tree
KK-4  Super giant Kong roars mightily against New York skyline as lightning cracks around him
KK-5  LS of Kong atop Empire State Building, biplane in one paw while swatting at others buzzing him
KK-6  FLV of Kong trying to make T-Rex eat tree limb as Ann watches battle from nook of tree
KK-7  Super giant Kong looms over NY skyline, holding unconscious Ann in outstretched paw
KK-8  Ink rendering of Kong ripping apart top of building
KK-10  Kong pulls on vine from which Ann & Driscoll [Bruce Cabot] are dangling over cliff
KK-11  Kong bellows mightily at Denham's men huddled in fg
KK-12  PR: Denham [Robert Armstrong], Ann & Driscoll huddle close while gazing OS in horror
KK-13 PR: Denham & Ann sitting & looking at each other almost intimately
KK-14  Profile FLV of Triceratops walking thru jungle. Scene cut from film
KK-15  FLV of Styracosaurus with mouth agape in jungle clearing. Cut scene
KK-16  Denham & Driscoll [backs to camera] walk past dead Stegosaurus. Boom microphone visible at top of frame
KK-17  MLS of Kong at first appearance with dowels standing in for trees by legs
KK-18  Test shot of Kong first appearing over trees with technician standing in for Fay Wray at altar in fg
KK-19  MS of Kong parting trees to find Ann struggling at altar as scene appears in final print (slightly dark & grainy)
KK-20  Test shot: head & shoulders of Kong as first seen smiling at OS Ann
KK-21  MLS of Kong bending toward Ann at altar with admiring gaze
KK-22  Cont. #21, Kong bellows & beats his chest
KK-23  Cont. #22, Kong looks up & roars at OS natives on wall
KK-24  Cont. #23, Kong examines Ann after taking her from altar
KK-25  LS of Kong, Ann in one hand, reacting to natives with torches atop wall
KK-26  MCU of Brontosaurus snarling directly into camera
KK-27  Profile FLV of Kong placing Ann in nook of dead tree
KK-28  Cont. #27, FV, Ann obscured
KK-29  LS of Kong roaring as he shakes log bridge carrying sailors
KK-30  At bottom of pit, giant spiders begin to attack men thrown from log
KK-31  Cont. #30, tight FLV of giant spider & lizard coming out of hiding
KK-32  FLV of pit tabletop setup showing RV of spider attacking man
KK-33  Test shot: FLV of T-Rex approaching dead tree, male doll sitting in place of Fay Wray doll
KK-34  MLS of Kong about to engage T-Rex in combat
KK-35  MS of Kong examining downed T-Rex (bottom half only visible)
KK-36  Gas bomb explodes at Kong's feet
KK-37  Large scale bust of Kong on jungle set
KK-38  Pre-production drawing of Kong fighting Pteranadon
KK-39  MCU of Marcel Delgado & Kong armature (taken in early 1960s)
KK-40 FLV of Kong confronting Stegosaurus in jungle, raising arm to strike
KING KONG - 1976
KKN-1 PR: FLV of Dwan [Jessica Lange] holding cheesecake pose in palm of Kong's paw
KKN-2 PR: MCU of Kong holding Dwan up to his face
KKN-3 Dwan gets a waterfall shower in Kong's big paw
KKN-4 Kong, holding frightened Dwan in one paw, fondles her with forefinger of other
KKN-5 LS of crowd massing around Kong after his fatal fall
KKN-6 CU of bellowing Kong
KKL-1 Semi-profile MCU of Amy Franklin [Linda Hamilton] showing concern
KKL-2 MLS: Amy holds tight to rope as raging waters try to sweep her away
KKL-3 MS of Amy & Hank Mitchell [Brian Kerwin] setting up medical equipment in woods, looking up at OS escaped King Kong
KVG-1 FLV of Kong snatching one of several helicopters out of sky as Godzilla fires a blast at his crotch in battle of giants from opposite shores
KRONOS - 1957
[NOTE: #1a-12m are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]
KR-1 Artwork still of awesome power-draining machine under attack by military forces outside big city
KR-2 RV of Dr. Les Gaskell [Jeff Morrow], Vera Hunter [Barbara Lawrence] & Manuel [Jose Gonzales-Gonzales] staring at Kronos outside window
KR-3 FLV of Kronos [animated] on move before mountains
KR-4 UA of Kronos as energy builds toward implosion
KR-5 PR: Gaskell & Vera holding each other, awed by what's OS
KR-6 Bored Vera waits for Gaskell to finish calculations at desk in fg as Dr. Arnold Culver [George O'Hanlon] feeds data into giant computer, SUZIE, in bg
KR-7 Gaskell, Vera & Culver in lab, spying something awful OS
KR-13 Slight UA of Gaskell & Vera, hand in hand, peering into OS inner works of Kronos
KR-14 Vast inner mechanism of Kronos is glimpsed by Gaskell, Vera & Culver
KR-1a Title over flying saucer in space
KR-2b MS of saucer entering Earth's atmosphere
KR-3c CU of double bowl-shaped saucer
KR-4d LS of saucer about to fall into ocean
KR-5e CU of Dr. Albert Stern [Morris Ankrum] making tape recording
KR-6f Mesmerized Dr. Hubbell Eliot [John Emery] confronts Stern in his office
KR-7g Eliot strangles Stern
KR-8h Partly silhouetted FLV of Kronos
KR-9i FLV of Kronos [animated] on move, slight difference from #3
KR-10j Ripples of energy are absorbed by Kronos
KR-11k Kronos unleashes lightning bolts
KR-12m Cont. #11k, bolts sweep opposite direction
WD-8 Lady & Tramp look at each other with loving eyes
LFT-1 Submarine captain shouts as saurian rises from water
LU-1 LS of dinosaur plodding toward helicopter landed in prehistoric forest
LU-2 FLV of carnivorous plant wrapping tendrils around screaming Maggie Hathaway [Shawn Smith]
LU-3 FLV of helicopter hovering over rubber raft in water as deadly Plesiosaur threatens to eat both
LU-4 Title over LS of prehistoric forest
LU-6 Pterodactyl circles helicopter flying in heavy fog
LU-7 LS of pterodactyl swooping above explorers
LU-8 LS of explorers looking over unknown world
LU-9 LS of T-Rex plodding out of jungle
LU-10 FLV of T-Rex approaching downed helicopter
LU-11 MCU of T-Rex starting to open mouth
LU-12 Cont. #11, jaws open wide
LU-13 MS of explorers watching approach of OS dinosaur from inside helicopter
LU-14 FLV of giant lizard standing between running Maggie & helicopter
LU-15 FLV of Cmdr. Hal Roberts [Jock Mahoney] dropping behind log as T-Rex [upper body obscured] nears
LU-16 Maggie backs toward multi-tendriled, woman-eating prehistoric plant
LU-17 MCU of tendrils encircling screaming Maggie
LU-18 Cont. #17, pullback as Lt. Jack Carmen [William Reynolds] comes to rescue of struggling Maggie
LU-19 Roberts comforts Maggie after her ordeal
LU-20 FLV of saurian rising from water to pursue life raft
LU-21 Cont. #20, beast looms behind Maggie as she paddles
LU-22 FLV of Carmen standing up in catamaran armed with flaming spear
LU-23 Cont. #22, RV of Carmen raising spear as saurian closes in
LU-24 Profile MCU of saurian getting spear-torch shoved into open mouth
LU-25 DA of helicopter hovering near head of monster
LU-28 Roberts aims flare pistol at OS saurian from helicopter after rescue of Maggie
LU-29 CU of saurian as flare goes off inside its mouth
LU-30 FLV of Roberts & Maggie fleeing from giant iguana
LB-1 Two alien reptiles with laserguns stalk prey in desert
LB-2 Cont. #1, front alien fires lasergun as other watches
LB-3 Alien spaceship takes off from desert, passing over hill
LHF-1 PR: MS of horror movie queen Jana Bates [Caroline Munro], in low-cut gown & ornamental scarf
LHF-2 FLV of Jana, in leopard skin minidress slit high up side, posed on beach for photographer
LHF-3 PR: FLV of Jana, in studded top, shorts & boots, leaning against hood of sports car with hands on hips
LHF-5 UA of Jana accepting statuette at Cannes awards
LME-1 Morgan [Vincent Price] tries to contact survivors of plague on his radio from fortress home
LEECH WOMAN, THE - 1960 [new listing]
LCH-1 PR: two-element shot of Coleen Gray as glamourous beauty June Talbot & as transformed aged crone
LCH-2 MLS of June falling back in horror as rapid aging seizes her
LEGEND - 1986
LDG-1 PR: MLS of Jack O' the Green [Tom Cruise] posed in armor & holding sword & shield
LDG-2 FLV of Princess Lily [Mia Sara] posed beside Unicorn
LDG-3 PR: FLV of magnificent Lord of Darkness [Tim Curry] holding staff, cloak sweeping behind him
LTK-1 MS of James Bond [Timothy Dalton], wearing heavy leather jacket, both hands holding gun up by glowering face
LTK-2 PRT of Bond in tuxedo
LTK-3 PRT of tuxedoed Bond & Pam Bouvier [Cary Lowell], she holding gun at shoulder
LTK-4 MS of Pam as above in sleeveless gown with gun held by face
LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - 1960 [new listing]
LIT-1 Nebish-like Seymour [Jonathan Haze] reacts in horror as talking
plant he calls Audrey consumes hand
LIVE & LET DIE- 1973
LLD-1 MS of Solitaire [Jane Seymour] wearing exotic makeup
LLD-2 James Bond [Roger Moore] & Solitaire stand side-by-side in jungle
LLD-3 MCU of Bond romancing Solitaire in bed
LIV-1 PR: PRT of serious James Bond [Timothy Dalton] in tuxedo, facing away from camera at slight angle
LIV-2 PR: FLV of Bond in tuxedo, pointing gun toward camera dramatically
LIV-3 MS of tuxedoed Bond standing inside open door of car
LIV-4 Horizontal CU of Bond keeping eye on OS Kara aboard bus
LOGANS' RUN - 1976
LR-1 Title art of film highlights done in montage
LR-2 LS inside domed city of the future
LR-3 FLV of Logan [Michael York] & Francis [Richard Jordan] standing in corridor outside nursery
LR-4 FLV of stickman hovering over body of just terminated runner
LR-5 Logan & Jessica [Jenny Agutter] walk thru vapors of Love Shop
LR-6 PR: sitting PRT of smiling New You Shop nurse, Holly [Farrah Fawcett]
LR-7 Fur-wrapped Logan & Jessica face Box[Roscoe Lee Browne]in ice cavern
LR-8 Cont. #7, chilled pair hurl questions at Box
LR-9 MLS of Jessica touching face of Old Man [Peter Ustinov] in Senate chamber ruins
LR-10 LS of young people in panic as explorers blast apart Life Clock outside entrance to Carousel
LR-11 Last day losers spin upward at Carousel renewal rites
LR-12 PR: CU of stalwart Logan
LR-13 PR: CU of disheveled Jessica
LR-14 PR: CU of sparkling Nurse Holly
LR-15 PR: MS of Logan & Jessica at top of escalator
LR-16 PR: MCU of Logan & Jessica at Love shop entrance
LR-18 Profile MS of Logan studying Jessica & her ankh in his apartment
LR-19 FLV of Logan, Jessica & Holly walking thru New You Shop
LR-20 MLS of Jessica & Holly having hair-pulling cat fight
LR-21 MLS of Francis grabbing Logan during argument at New You Shop entrance, as Jessica looks on in bg
LR-25 FLV Old Man & tattered Logan & Jessica climbing steps of power plant
LR-26 FLV of Sandmen seizing Logan, who shouts hysterically from balcony overlooking OS Carrousel entrance
LR-27 MS of Logan undergoing computer interrogation
LR-28 MS Logan firing gun, Jessica beside him, during their escape from city
LR-29 BS: Gag shot of fanged Jessica mugging camera as she stands over dead Doc on esculaptor table
LR-30 BS: FLV of Holly standing over Logan on esculaptor table
LR-31 Logan stands before tracking console in Sandman Headquarters
LR-32 Girl shows Francis her palm as Logan watches
LR-33 MCU of nude Logan & Jessica embracing in ice cave
LOOKER - 1981
LKR-1 PR: five-element shot: four lookers encircle Dr. Roberts [Albert Finney], tipping glass at formal dinner
LKR-2 PR: MS of wet Cindy [Susan Dey] in plunging-front swimsuit & robe over her shoulders
LKR-3 PR: FLV of Cindy sitting on beach sand, arm resting on upturned knee
LKR-4 PR: MLS of Jennifer [Leigh Taylor-Young] posed in chic pantsuit & pearls
LKR-5 MCU of Cindy, mesmerized as her body is computer scanned
LORD OF ILLUSIONS - 1994 [new listing]
LOI-1 PR: two-element shot: Scott Bakula as private eye Harry D'Amour looking up from behind desk; MLS of Bakula & Director Clive Barker going over cemetary scene
LOI-2 MS of D'Amour trying to protect Dorothea Swann [Famke Janssen] from
OS evil force beyond doorway
LOR-1 MCU of Wizard Gandalf
LOR-3 MS of Frodo Baggins
LOR-11 MCU of Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien
LOR-12 MS of Smeagle, the wretched Gollum
LOR-13 Wormtongue, King Theoden & Lady Eowyn in king's castle
LSB-1 PR: PRT of intense Michael [Jason Patric], holding bottle under chin
LSB-2 PR: PRT of young, hip vampire gang: Paul [Brooke McCarter], David [Kiefer Sutherland], Dwayne [Billy Wirth] & Marko [Alex Winter]
LSB-3 MS of temptress Star [Jamie Gertz], mistress to vampire leader David
LSB-4 MLS of vampire boys taunting OS Michael after bloody night of feeding
LSB-5 PR: FLV of vampire band with ad copy above & title below
LSB-6 PR: PRT of sexy Paul eyeing camera intensely, lips parted & long hair mussed
LSB-7 PR: PRT of Star direct to camera, long hair flowing behind bare shoulders, part of shawl fallen past bosom
LSB-8 MS of David sitting in underground lair, offering bottle to OS Michael
LC-1 FLV of Maj. Nolan [Cesar Romero] & scientist watching OS dinosaur activity at site of crashed, lost rocket
LC-2 Reproduction of LC #7: native girl [Acquanetta] watches Nolan & Lt. Wilson [Chick Chandler] train guns on triceratops
LC-5 Explorers on opposite mountain ledges look down into cloud-covered space between them
LOS-1 FLV of brontosaurus munching greenery as dwarfed Challenger band watches from hiding
LOS-2 FLV of T-Rex munching on neck of brontosaurus during fight to death
LOS-3 Two brontosaurs watch two allosaurus battle
LOS-4 Explorers cringe at sight of triceratops family
LOS-5 BS: MS of stop-motion animator Willis O'Brien sculpting dinosaur head
LW-1 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster featuring images of giant lizards & stars of film
LW-2 FLV of Jennifer Holmes [Jill St. John] ducking into skeleton-filled cave, Ed Malone [David Hedison] & rest of Challenger expedition behind her
LW-3 FLV of Malone aiming rifle at giant spider in its webbed lair
LW-4 MLS of giant horned iguana
LW-5 FLV of native girl [Vitina Marcus] leading explorers toward giant fossilized tusks in prehistoric cavern
LW-6 Giant finned lizard rises from bubbling pit
LW-7 MCU of Jennifer wearing reserved look of worry
LW-8 FLV of Jennifer, Gomez [Fernando Lamas] & others studying strange flora & fauna
LW-9 FLV of Roxton [Michael Rennie] confessing guilt to Challenger's party regarding prior expedition
LW-10 FLV of David [Ray Stricklyn], Jennifer's brother, detaining skimpily clad native girl
LW-11 FLV of Roxton watching natives escort new captives, Jennifer with poodle in front, into rocky prison
LW-12 DA of Jennifer falling on rump as Malone brings up rifle to shoot at OS dinosaur
LW-13 FLV of escaping explorers passing dinosaur ribs as they inch along ledge
LW-14 Concept art in Cinemascope format of several dinosaur species interacting as volcano erupts in bg
LFB-1 MLS of dashing Count Dracula [George Hamilton] dressed for Manhattan nightlife
Return To Top
MAD MAX - 1980
MAX-1 FLV of Max [Mel Gibson], clad only in pajama bottoms, & wife Jesse [Joanne Samuel] laughing playfully in bed
MAX-2 MLS of leather-clad Max holding gun to head of highway hoodlum
MS-1 Two-headed servant-man [Nick Bon Tempi] searches thru rubble in wrecked cottage
MS-2 Two heat-seared knights writhe in agony from curse of fire inside cave
MS-3 PR: Princess Helena [Anne Helm] in distress while encircled by minions of evil wizard
MS-4 PR: MS of Helena tight against back of sword-wielding knight Sir George [Gary Lockwood], her protector
MS-5 PR: PRT of Sir George
MS-6 PR: FLV of facially deformed The Hag [Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira] clawing at camera in glade
MAG-2 MLS of Dr. Stewart [Richard Carlson] force-feeding malignant magnetic material with Deltatron
MPX-1 MLS of space-suited alien surprising Enid [Margaret Field] with weapon outside his spaceship
MPX-2 FLV of Enid coaxing father, Prof. Elliot [Raymond Bond], to come away from spaceship, which holds him transfixed by ray beam
MPX-3 MLS of Lawrence [Robert Clarke] grappling with alien outside ship
MPX-4 MLS of Lawrence & Elliot putting hands up as they try to communicate with alien outside ship
MPX-5 LS of Enid discovering ship in moors
MPX-6 MS of Enid looking into porthole of ship as alien eyes her back
MPX-7 Lawrence & Enid discover strange, lightweight metal object in moors
MPX-8 LS of spaceship on moor set, top of backdrop visible in bg
MA-1 MS of Karen [Susan Strasberg] face down in hospital bed, agonizing over huge growth on her back
MA-2 John Singing Rock [Michael Ansara] & Harry Erskine [Tony Curtis] look on as hand rips thru flesh of hump on Karen's back
MA-3 CU of Karen's tortured face as hand emerges
MA-4 ECU of Manitou's haunting eyes
MANNEQUIN TWO: ON THE MOVE - 1991 [new listing]
M2-1 PR: PRT of Kristy Swanson as beautiful mannequin, Jessie, smiling aside
MAN-1 CU of screaming Larry Stanford [Peter Dyneley] with eyeball embedded in his shoulder
MFE-3 MS of bare-chested, earless, alien-eyed Newton [David Bowie]
MFE-4 CU of Newton in home planet breathing apparatus
MFE-5 MS of Newton & wife in survival gear on dry planet
MFE-6 FLV of Newton's family treading across home planet
MFE-7 PR: CU of Newton looking over glove in his proposed spaceship
MARK OF THE VAMPIRE - 1935 [new]
MRK-1 PR: shadowy PRT of Carroll Borland as vampire girl Luna Mora
MAR-1 Astronauts Lloyd [Gene Hackman], Stone [James Franciscus] & Pruett [Richard Crenna] float, work out & stand aboard orbiting space lab
MAR-3 Dougherty [David Janssen] floats between Ironman One & space lab above Earth
MAR-4 Dougherty finds Pruett's body floating before Ironman One above Earth
MFR-1 MS of obsessed Victor Frankenstein [Kenneth Branagh] preparing to
create life
MOW-1 FLV of Robur [Vincent Price] looking over shoulder toward camera as he mans helm of Albatross
MOW-2 BS: FLV of three technicians preparing Albatross model for watery crash scene
MOW-3 Cont. #2, men now setting severely damaged model into pool of water
MOW-4 Cont. #3, crashed Albatross model only explodes & burns
MOU-1 PR: PRT of sultry Julie [Courtney Cox], wearing soft dark blouse, resting chin in hand
MEG-1 PR: FLV of Ace Hunter [Barry Bostwick], in skintight jumpsuit, standing over Zara [Persis Khambatta]
MW-1 PR: MCU of Myles [Alan Alda] standing pensively near mirror, which reflects his image
MW-2 PR: PRT of Myles' wife, Paula [Jacqueline Bisset]
MW-3 MS of Roxanne [Barbara Parkins] standing demurely in dress with plunging neckline
MW-4 FLV of Roxanne posed in floor length dress with her Labrador, who wears human head
MW-5 MS of Paula taking up knife
MESA OF LOST WOMEN - 1953 [new]
MOL-1 PR: FLV of Tarantella [Tandra Quinn] bent forward on floor while
glaring at camera before giant prop spider
MFS-3 Two spaceships, one pursuing other, speed low over planet surface
MFS-4 RV of evil Gavanas spaceship searching for enemy
METEOR - 1979
ME-1 PR: pre-production title art of ICBMs on collision course with giant meteor, as shards hit Earth
ME-3 PR: MS of Bradley [Sean Connery] in winter coat
ME-4 PR: MS of Tatiana [Natalie Wood] leaning on wall
ME-5 PR: MS of Dubov [Brian Keith] gesturing beside satellite missile model
ME-10 Meteor passes Moon enroute to Earth in bg
ME-12 Hercules missiles launch from satellite orbiting Earth
ME-15 Twin Towers explode in flame as meteor hits
MET-1 MLS of Rotwang [Rudolf Klein-Rogge] sidling up to his robot creation, Maria [Brigitte Helm]
MET-2 LS of the city of the future
MET-3 Cont. #2, closer view shows tramway & aircraft flying amid skyscrapers
MET-4 FLV of city control machine manned by workers
MET-5 LS of workers bowing heads between shifts outside factory
MET-6 Flashing lights signal creation of robot Maria
MET-7 Electricity arcs about robot Maria wired to chair
MET-8 Robot Maria in chair taking human form
MET-9 CU of Maria's face, eyes wide & empty
MET-10 LS of Rotwang showing his creation to Fredersen [Alfred Abel]
MET-11 Cont. #10, robot now standing
MET-12 MS of robot turning furtively toward Rotwang
MET-13 MLS of robot turning to Fredersen & extending hand
MET-14 Rotwang raves at Fredersen, in front of robot
MET-15 MCU of mad Rotwang raising arms in front of robot
[NOTE: #1-3 are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]
MJY-1 FLV of big ape, Joe Young, thumping chest beside caged lion in jungle
MJY-2 FLV of Joe pulling Jill [Terry Moore] up to top of rocky buttress
MJY-3 MCU of Joe swinging on rope by elevated nightclub bandstand
MJY-4 Amusing art concept of Joe living good life in jungle, lounging under umbrella stand as man & woman attend to his needs
MJY-5 Artwork of patrons running for lives as Joe begins nightclub rampage
MJY-6 Pioneer stop-motion animator Willis O'Brien placing orphan girl puppet on back of large-scale Joe
MJY-7 FLV of Joe standing ground by rocks against OS cowboys
MJY-8 FLV of Joe resisting rope around arm slung by cowboy on horseback
MJY-9 RV of Joe pulling on rope around neck held by one of two cowboys trying to subdue him
MJY-10 Joe, atop buttress with (washed out) Jill, offering her rope in his paws
MJY-11 FLV of Joe sitting under (matte-painted) tree, enjoying banana just tossed to him by fg figure standing in for Ben Johnson
MJY-12 MS of Joe holding platform carrying Jill playing piano over his head
MJY-13 Now behind bars, saddened Joe faces fg stand-in figure
MJY-14 MLS: expressive Joe sits in back of truck during escape from captivity
MJY-15 MLS of Joe, face filled with concern, straddling tree & reaching for little girl stuck on ledge of burning orphanage. Wonderful image
MJY-16 Cont. #15, RV of Joe stepping one foot onto ledge, about to pick up crying, now standing girl
MJY-17 FLV of Joe descending tree with girl (puppet) clinging to his back
MJY-18 FLV of alarmed Joe riding tree as it begins to topple before bg blaze
MTM-1 Monster spider looms over fetching Moon maiden, draped invitingly among rocks inside cavern
MTM-2 PR: FLV of six beaming Moon beauties posed in brief costumes
MP-1 FLV of Albino Sumerian underworlders whipping subservient mole people
MP-2 FLV of mole men coming out of their holes near cave entrance to launch attack on cruel masters
MM-1 LS of skyscraper rocks crashing way thru mountain canyon
MM-2 Outstanding miniature set shot of skyscraper rocks towering over farm
MM-3 Reproduction of title LC showing people fleeing towering rocks & cartoon panels selling highlights
MM-4 LS of towns people in fg watching rock spires emerge from canyon in bg
MM-5 LS of motorist in fg next to car, watching rock spires emerge from canyon in bg
MGH-1 Giant wasp watches hunters cut thru African thick. Title box lower left corner
MGH-2 Mutant wasp ensnares two natives in its pincers
MGH-3 Wild-eyed Quent Brady [Jim Davis] stabs bug in head
MGH-4 Giant wasp chases giraffes across African veldt
MPB-1 MS of scaly monster holding severed head of man in its hands along seashore
MPB-2 DA of monster terrifying woman on lighthouse steps
MOC-1 PR: beastman holds lingerie-clad blonde in arms
MCW-1 Reproduction of title LC showing giant sea slug menacing woman in swimsuit
MCW-2 FLV of monster grossing out little Sandy [Mimi Gibson] & her mother Gail [Audrey Dalton] in laboratory
MPHG-1 Sir Robin [Eric Idle], Sir Galahad [Michael Palin] & King Arthur [Graham Chapman] confront Tim the Enchanter
MPHG-2 Knights getting word of God to find Holy Grail
MPHG-3 Cont. #2, longer shot of group looking up
MPHG-4 MS of Arthur & knights halting during their search
MR-1 PR: James Bond [Roger Moore] encircled by bevy of beauteous Drax astronettes
MR-2 PR: FLV of Bond, aiming gun, & Holly Goodhead [Lois Chiles]
MR-6 PR: MS of Holly wearing evening gown
MR-7 PR: MS of Drax [Michael Lonsdale] holding scope device
MR-9 PR: Two-element shot: MCUs of smiling Jaws[Richard Kiel, stern Drax
MR-10 PR: Two-element shot: CUs of CIA agent Manuela [Emily Bolton] & Drax helicopter pilot Corinne Dufour [Corinne Clery]
MR-16 Bond unties Manuela's housedress on couch
MR-20 MS of Bond & Holly putting squeeze on each other
MR-21 Bond & Holly peer around corner in Drax space center
MR-23 Space station starts to blow during battle sequence
MZT-1 Astronaut rides rocket-powered asteroid, cowboy-style
MZT-2 FLV of spacesuited Kemp [James Olson] & Clementine [Catherina von Schell] standing at Moon gravesite
MZT-3 PR: PRT of lovely Clementine, hair falling over her shoulders
MOTHRA - 1962
MO-2 FLV of giant moth, Mothra, landing at airstrip
MO-3 Mothra hatches from its giant egg
MSV-1 Two men inspect Von Housen's robot after it crashes thru door. Title in lower right corner
MYS-1 FLV of men fleeing before alien robot on mountain road
MYS-2 Artwork still showing alien saucers attacking & destroying Earth planes & weaponry
MYS-3 Artwork still composite of space station, planet & alien cradling woman in arms in outer space
MYS-4 Artwork still showcasing giant robot destroying homes, planes & railroad bridge with eye beams
MYS-5 Montage of Mysterians & giant robot vs. Earth weaponry
MYS-6 Eight Mysterian saucers soar past two Earth space stations
MI-2 Escaped POWs hang onto balloon rigging over raging sea
MI-3 FLV of (stop-motion animated) Herbert [Michael Callan] jumping on back of giant chicken in corral to rescue his sweetheart
MI-4 FLV of Capt. Harding [Michael Craig] & Neb [Dan Jackson] spearing giant crab, about to push it over rocks
MI-5 FLV of Herbert & Elena [Beth Rogan] caught trying to leave hive by arriving giant bee
MI-6 LS of Herbert & Elena discovering Nautilus in grotto
MI-7 FLV of aquanauts under attack by awakened giant squid
MI-8 MLS of aquanaut in clutches of squid
MI-9 LS of giant chicken chasing Lady Mary [Joan Greenwood] & Elena
MI-10 Big bird looms over Lady Mary, Elena & downed Spilett [Gary Merrill]
MIC-1 FLV of Nautilus moored in dank cavern
NNM-1 MS of acid-ravaged victim night monster victim
NF-1 MS of MacKay [Ernest Borgnine], Leah [Yvette Mimieux] & Blake [Ben Gazzara] awaiting news of aquanauts trapped by seaquake
NBB-1 FLV of Maj. John Corcoran [Michael Emmet] grappling with blood beast at cave entrance
NBB-2 MLS of creature in front of rocks
MTF-1 PR: PRT of softly smiling starship Nightflyer team coordinator Miranda Doriac [Catherine Mary Stewart], in print blouse & earrings
MTF-2 PR: FLV of Capt. Royd Erris [Michael Praed] posed aboard space freighter with walking cane, wearing black spacesuit [no helmet]
MTF-3 MLS of Royd & Catherine, both suited without helmets, trying to escape destruction aboard ship
NGW-1 MS of Payne [David Warner], wearing sunglasses, lowering binoculars to stare into distance, by his van
1984 - 1955
NEF-1 MS of Winston Smith [Edmond O'Brien] getting his mind altered on telescreen, title box in left corner
OHD-1 PR: MS of Browning [Chevy Chase], Jackie [Jane Seymour] & Benji the dog cuddling
OMEGA MAN - 1971
OM-1 MLS of Neville [Charlton Heston] uncovering two corpses in bed during armed search for family of vampires
OM-2 Neville grabs plague infected Lisa [Rosalind Cash]
ON-1 PR: CU of James Bond [George Lazenby]
ON-2 PR: MS of Bond & Tracy [Diana Rigg]
ON-3 PR: Newlyweds Bond & Tracy pose happily at dinner table
OMBC-1 FLV of Tumak [Victor Mature] fending off giant lizard on rocks with spear, protecting Loana [Carole Landis]
OMY-1 FLV of Shell tribesmen shooing giant turtle away from downed Tumak [John Richardson] on beach
OMY-2 MLS of Loana [Raquel Welch] & Tumak cringing from battle of OS dinosaurs
OMY-3 FLV of caveman tossing spear at pterodactyl
OMY-4 PR: FLV of Loana standing, all wet, at waters edge
OMY-5 Cave girls run as giant turtle crawls over hilltop
OMY-6 SV of allosaurus rushing toward spear-carrying caveman
OMF-1 FLV of Flint [James Coburn] cuddling his girls, in bed
OMF-2 FLV of Flint greeting Cramden [Lee J. Cobb] in his posh apartment
OMF-3 Flint deactivates himself, suspended between two chairs
OMF-4 MLS of Flint branding arm of bikini-clad Gila [Gila Golan] & apparently enjoying process
OMF-11 PR: Flint surrounded by his girls & Gila
OMF-12 PR: FLV of Gila posed in doorway with gun & wearing trench coat pulled back to show gams
OUTLAND - 1981
OUT-4 PR: MCU of tough-minded Marshall William T. O'Niel without cap
OUT-6 PR: MS of O'Niel ready to use pump shotgun
OUT-7 PR: FLV of armed O'Niel standing in dank part of complex illuminated by shafts of light from above
OUT-12 UA of space shuttle coming in for landing on columns of rocket engine exhaust
OUT-13 LS of Con-Am #27 complex on Io, one of Jupiter's dozen moons
OUT-14 Mine workers lined up to fill oxygen tanks before entering exterior shafts
OUT-17 Naked couple perform erotic dance under beam of laser spotlight in leisure club
OUT-18 O'Niel, backed up by deputies, tries to talk berserk worker behind door from killing hooker
OUT-19 O'Niel enters busy police squad room & communications center
OUT-20 FLV of Deputy Montone [James B. Sikking], shotgun in hand, entering smoke-filled room
OUT-23 Spacesuited O'Niel unbolts access corridor to reach assassin within
OUT-24 MCU of O'Niel visible [except for mouth] thru faceplate of helmet
OUT-27 UA of spacesuited assassin dangling from access corrider walkway as spacesuited O'Niel catches his breath
OUT-28 Armed O'Niel about to vault from landing in workers' living quarters while chasing drug smuggler
OUT-29 UA of drug dealer Spota [Marc Boyle] in mid leap from landing in living quarters
OUT-30 MS of Spota rearing back to brain O'Niel with object in kitchen area
OUT-31 O'Niel trying to disarm Spota of kitchen knife
OUT-37 MS of O'Niel in rush to don spacesuit for encounter with assassins
PTF-1 Giant horned monster tracks thru treetops on hidden island
PTF-2 McBride [Pat Wayne] runs from horned dinosaur tail behind him
PTF-3 MLS of dinosaur walking with lizard dangling from its jaws
PTF-4 McBride knocked down by overweight monster
PTF-5 MS of bearded Tyler [Doug McClure] & busty Ajor [Dana Gillespie] at his arm
PTF-6 Cont. #5, Tyler & Ajor kiss
PS-1 Reproduction of title LC showing spacesuited phantom alien carrying unconscious woman in arms
PS-2 UA of glowing alien [Don Sands] standing on ladder of observatory dome
PS-3 Cont. #2, as he begins to disintegrate, alien looks down
PP-1 LS of spaceship on launch pad as another soars over base
PP-3 FLV of Solarite monster [Richard Kiel] carrying Rhetonian girl thru cavern
PP-4 Pint-sized Chapman [Dean Fredericks] peers out of spacesuit helmet after landing on asteroid
PP-5 LS of Chapman & Zetha [Dolores Faith] looking over Solarite behind force field
PHASE IV - 1973
PH-1 Surrealistic view of Kendra [Lynne Frederick] covered in sand, only her hands & face jutting out
PN-1 Three flying hubcaps being fired upon as they hover among clouds
PN-2 Inspector Clay [Tor Johnson] rises from grave
PN-3 MS of walking corpses Clay & Vampire Girl [Vampira] stalking victims in graveyard
POA-1 MS of Taylor [Charlton Heston] viewing body of time-warp-aged Stewart in spaceship suspension chamber
POA-2 MLS of Taylor leading Landon [Robert Gunner] & Dodge [Jeff Burton] thru desert on unknown planet
POA-4 MLS of netted Taylor screaming as gorilla soldier stands over his catch
POA-5 MS of Dr. Zaius [Maurice Evans] gesturing by Lawgiver statue
POA-6 View past Dr. Zaius of Taylor discovering lobotomized Landon in Ape City square
POA-8 Astronauts row away from OS crashed ship in raft
POA-9 Taylor inspects survival kits after reaching land
POA-11 Taylor & Landon rest in desert under makeshift tent
POA-12 Nova [Linda Harrison] runs from cornfield & jumps into ditch as marauding gorillas ride up on horses
POA-13 MS Taylor, turned aside disconcertingly, sitting behind bars with Nova
POA-14 FLV of Taylor & Nova standing in their cell
POA-15 Gorilla, with snare, approaches cowering Nova
POA-16 FLV of Taylor standing at ape tribunal as Cornelius [Roddy McDowall] & Zira [Kim Hunter] confer at table in fg
POA-18 DA of Taylor trying to fend off gorillas with snare during escape try in Ape City
POA-19 FLV of Taylor, Nova & chimp friends side by side in Forbidden Zone
POA-20 FLV of gorilla captor holding Taylor & Nova by leather neck straps by Lawgiver statue
POA-21 Two-element PRT of Roddy McDowall as himself & Cornelius
POA-23 Taylor about to jump from sinking spaceship into raft
POA-24 Caged Taylor yells at laughing ape jailer Julius [Buck Kartalian] as Zira tries to question him
POA-25 Zaius confronts bowed Taylor at his trial, Zira in bg
POA-26 Ape children stone Taylor as he runs thru street
POA-27 Recaptured Taylor is led into tribunal by two gorillas
POA-28 Cont. #6, Taylor turns to Zira: "They cut him..."
POA-29 Ape Tribunal rationalizing their treatment of humans
POA-30 Taylor stands before Zaius in his office
POA-31 Taylor speaks to Nova as they ride wagon
POA-32 MS of Taylor & Nova facing each other with affection
POA-33 Taylor leads Nova & chimp friends on horseback thru Forbidden Zone
POA-34 Cornelius binds Zaius below beach excavation
POA-35 Cornelius & Zira listen to Zaius as he points to OS excavation
POA-36 PR: MS of bearded Taylor, Dodge & Landon standing at attention in flight uniforms
POA-37 Water bursts into spaceship, pushing Taylor & Landon against sides of cabin
POA-38 MS of Taylor, neck wound wrapped with strip of cloth, sitting up in cell
POA-39 MS of Zira having disagreement with Dr. Maximus [Woodrow Parfrey]
POA-40 FLV of Lucius poking caged Taylor in midsection with broom
POA-41 Gang of apes converge on Taylor in street as he pulls free of bullwhip around leg
POA-42 LS of ape city reaching up hillside as Taylor skulks behind wagon pulling into town
POA-43 Ape jailers unshackle Taylor in front of cage from which Nova watches
POA-44 Profile MLS of Cornelius & Zira informing Taylor about tribunal
POA-45 MS of Taylor sitting at table & handing note to OS Zira
POA-46 MLS of Zaius & tribunal prosecutor side by side
POS-47 DA of two tribunal judges
POA-48 MS of Cornelius & Zira stating their case behind defense table
POA-49 MS of Zira seated at defense table & not liking what she hears
POA-50 Scowling Taylor strokes Nova's hair as she rests on his leg in cage
POA-51 MS of screaming Taylor getting hosed down in cage
POA-52 Ape wagon master about to turn reins over to Julius & Zira
POA-53 Profile MS of Zira & Cornelius disagreeing
POA-54 FLV of Zira taking Nova's arm as Taylor listens to her advice
POA-55 While riding horses along edge of stream, Taylor looks back at Nova with smile
POA-56 Zaius & his armed gorilla henchmen ride up to beach excavation area
POA-57 Zira, gorilla & Julius listen to Zaius tell Cornelius that excavation must be destroyed
POA-58 FLV of Taylor turning from pilot area of spaceship & walking toward center of cabin
BFPOA-1 FLV of MacDonald [Austin Stoker] leading Virgil [Paul Williams] & Caesar [Roddy McDowall] thru slagged ruins
BFPOA-2 MS of General Aldo [Claude Akins] with ape soldiers in bg
BPOA-1 FLV of Brent [James Franciscus] kneeling by his skipper [Tod Andrews] at wreckage of their spaceship
BPOA-2 MS of war-dressed ape leader on horseback with upraised gun
BPOA-3 FLV of Brent & Nova reaching end of underground shaft
BPOA-4 LS of Brent & Nova exploring ruins of NY Stock Exchange Bldg.
BPOA-5 Mutant guards usher Nova toward Brent, who is under interrogation by underground leaders
BPOA-6 FLV of apes pulling down doomsday bomb
BPOA-7 FLV of wounded Taylor nearing Dr. Zaius on steps below fallen bomb
BPOA-8 MS of mutant Albina [Natalie Trundy] removing mask as another leader [Victor Buono] watches
BPOA-9 MLS of Brent taking Nova by arm as he looks up suspiciously at OS mutant leaders
BPOA-10 MS of Brent bent over Nova, having almost killed her via hypnotic suggestion
BPOA-13 FLV of Dr. Zaius watching Taylor hit detonation switch as he dies on steps below dooms day bomb
BPOA-14 Zira talks to Brent & Nova in compound
BPOA-15 Mutant takes hold of captive Nova's arm
BPOA-16 LS of youthful chimps picketing for peace
BPOA-17 FLV of crashed spaceship as Brent sprints to his dying skipper
CPOA-3 Policeman holds chimp by neck leash
CPOA-4 Caesar [Roddy McDowell] chooses name from book as new masters Gov. Breck [Don Murray] & MacDonald [Hari Rhodes] approve
CPOA-5 Enslaved apes act as menials for keepers at Century City mall
CPOA-6 Circus owner Armando [Ricardo Montalban] & Caesar pass out handbills
CPOA-7 Guard seizes Caesar by neck chain on steps as human protesters watch
CPOA-8 Group of guards gang up on Caesar on steps
CPOA-10 Caesar passes out guns & knives to rebel apes
CPOA-13 Rebel apes capture Gov. Breck, bringing him down with rifle butts
CPOA-14 Apes force Gov. Breck to kneel before Caesar prior to his execution
EPOA-1 FLV of simian astronauts Cornelius, Zira & Dr. Milo [Sal Mineo] removing helmets, by beached ships, as soldiers watch
EPOA-2 FLV of soldiers escorting astronaut chimps onto base
EPOA-3 Family PRT of Cornelius, Zira & Baby Milo
EPOA-4 DA of helmeted astronaut chimps standing by beached spaceship as soldiers look on
EPOA-5 Cont. #4, tight FLV of chimps doffing helmets
EPOA-6 Presidential committee interrogates wrist-chained Cornelius & Zira
EPOA-7 MS of Cornelius & Zira posed cheek to cheek as they display their new clothes
EPOA-8 Lewis [Bradford Dillman] & Stevie [Natalie Trundy] watch Zira's reaction to banana
EPOA-9 Lewis & Stevie wonder at Zira's ability with block intelligence test
EPOA-10 Dr. Hasslein [Eric Baeden] grabs Cornelius by arm as Zira & Lewis look on disapprovingly
EPOA-11 Lewis & press toast Zira, in human dress, at party where she enjoys effects of champagne
EPOA-12 MS of Lewis & Stevie watching helplessly as soldiers above them open fire on OS Cornelius
PD-1 Allosaurus menaces crewman & woman on rocks
PD-2 Tyrannosaurus snaps up smaller lizard in its jaws
PD-3 Crewman watches two ostrich-like lizards square off
PD-4 Crewman spears a downed ostrich-lizard
PD-5 Crew hides in foliage from Brontosaurus
PD-6 Crewman & woman watch triceratops emerge from rocks
PD-7 Giant spider crawls into lap of crew-woman
POV-1 MS of astronaut firing blast from ray rifle
POV-2 BS: uniformed Sanya [Norma Bengell] poses on set
POV-3 Capt. Markary [Barry Sullivan], others search the Galliot
POV-4 Three of Galliot crew lay dead on floor of spaceship
POV-5 Markary stands at base of landed Argos spaceship
POV-6 Markary, Sanya & Wess [Angel Aranda] find inhuman remains on alien ship
POV-7 Markary & Tiona [Evi Marandi] find giant skeleton in spaceship wreck
POV-8 LS of three of crew walking the fog-bound planet
POV-9 Living corpse leans on grotesque rock formation
POV-10 Three corpses burst from their graves to seek victims
POV-11 Sanya screams at sight of living corpses
POV-12 Living fight living dead near airlock of Galliot
POWER, THE - 1968
POW-1 Three-element shot of Tanner [George Hamilton] in stages of icing
PM-1 Spacesuited Maj. Moore [Ross Ford]rides spaceship hoist to Moon surface
PM-2 FLV of spacesuited Moore & Dr. Wernher impostor [Larry Johns] giving Moon once over at foot of ship
PM-3 Moore bends over curvy Col. Breiteis [Donna Martell] aboard spaceship prior to takeoff
PM-4 Moore, Breiteis, & saboteur Wernher in ship cabin. Big viewscreen provides space backdrop
PM-5 Moore finds Wernher dead, his helmet cracked, among rocks on Moon
PM-6 Spacesuited Moore, nearly out of air, slumped over spaceship hoist
PM-7 Rare shot of spaceship docking at space station, where second ship & Lunar lander are parked
PSYCHO - 1960
PSY-1 FLV of Marion Crane [Janet Leigh], wearing bra & slip, dressing after hotel interlude with [Sam Loomis [John Gavin], sitting up in hotel bed [light emulsion scratches]
Return To Top
QB-1 Dr. Farraday [Basil Rathbone] stands at lunar base window
QB-2 Astronauts place unconcious bloodsucking alien Velana [Florence Marly] on ship
QB-3 Velana becomes agitated when Paul [Dennis Hopper], Laura [Judi Meredith] & commander try to get sample of her blood
QB-4 Paul offers Velana vial of something to drink
QB-6 Velana looks up, caught by surprise while feeding on victim
QB-7 Laura struggles with Velana abord ship
QB-8 Allan [John Saxon] discovers Velana lying dead on bunk
QOS-1 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster highlighting Talleah [Zsa Zsa Gabor] & several scenes
QOS-2 MLS of Patterson [Eric Fleming] embracing with masked queen of Venus in her bed chamber
QOS-3 MLS of Talleah & followers pretending to hold Patterson & his men at point of rayguns
QOS-4 Prof. Konrad [Paul Birch] sets giant spider afire with torch after it attacks crewman in cavern
QOS-5 FLV of Patterson & men being assigned to ferry Prof. Konrad to space station
QOS-6 MLS of Queen Yllana [Laurie Mitchell] preparing to destroy Earth with Beta disintegrator
QOS-7 PR: FLV of gowned Talleah spread out like feline on floor in classic cheesecake pose
QOS-8 PR: MS of Talleah & Patterson in romantic cheek-to-cheek embrace
QOS-9 Patterson, Talleah & Prof. Konrad discuss avenues of escape in cave
QOS-10 Profile MS of Patterson listening to Talleah's plea for help in revolt
QOS-11 FLV of Talleah, wearing Yllana's gown & holding her mask, listening to Patterson's plan
QUINTET - 1979
QET-1 MS of Essex [Paul Newman] in severe weather wrappings
QET-2 CU of Essex
QET-3 Essex & Deuca [Nina van Pallandt] play quintet
QET-4 BS: Robert Altman directs Newman in scene
RLA-1 MCU of Indiana Jones [Harrison Ford], bare-chested, but wearing hat, laid back on pillow while speaking to dark outline of Marion Ravenwood [Karen Allen]
RLA-2 PR: wearing his adventurer garb, Indy leans on kicked up leg while holding coiled whip, thumbs hitched in belt
RLA-3 PR: CU of Indy at his most scruffy looking
RLA-4 PRT of pert Marion, Indy's former girlfriend
RLA-5 MS of Indy snatching gold idol & replacing it with bag of sand
RLA-6 LS of Indy looking over shoulder [face turned] at giant boulder rolling down at him in temple
RLA-7 MCU of Marion grabbing Indy by jacket lapels in tension-filled moment of reunion
RLA-8 MS of Indy & arch rival Belloq [Paul Freeman] discussing mutual interests in bar
RLA-9 FLV of Indy unfurling bullwhip to battle OS henchmen & protect Marion, seated in cart
RLA-10 MS of Indy pressed against wall, handgun up, as Arabs snatch at him
RLA-11 View past statues as Indy is lowered by rope into Well of Souls
RLA-12 FLV of Indy telling Sallah [John Rhys-Davies] to exit Well of Souls after Ark has been hauled up
RLA-13 MCU of Indy somewhat ill at ease at being face to face with snake in Well of Souls
RLA-14 MCU of Marion looking away from face of mummy in Well of Souls catacomb
RLA-15 Indy gallops thru camp on stallion in pursuit of German truck absconding with Ark
RLA-16 MCU of director Steven Spielberg wearing "Raiders" cap, stroking his beard
RLA-17 Four-element montage: PRT of Indy with whip; MCU of Marion holding Indy close by jacket lapels; MS of Indy punching burly German mechanic by flying wing; & LS of Indy & Marion fleeing campsite explosion. Title in lower right corner
RLA-18 PR: ECU [eyebrows to upper chest] of Indy wearing intense stare
RLA-19 FLV of Indy cracking whip on Cairo street as Arabs watch in bg
RLA-20 MS of Spielberg showing Ford [profile] how to react to abrupt appearance of skeleton
RLA-21 FLV of Indy running like hell to avoid becoming pincushion as altar crumbles behind him
RLA-22 MS of Prof. Indy behind classroom desk as Brody [Denholm Elliott] examines artifacts
RLA-23 MS of Indy aiming gun with determination in bar
RLA-24 FLV of Indy & Marion [back turned] facing each other in blowing snow as bar burns
RLA-25 MCU of Indy in house of Imam at moment he realizes: "Belloq's staff is too long"
RLA-26 CU of Indy the Arab standing in map room, face filled with awe
RLA-27 MS of Belloq standing with hands on hips while deep in thought at Tanis digs, Arabs line bg
RLA-28 MS of Indy holding up torch in Well of Souls, doesn't like what he sees
RLA-29 Profile MS of Indy holding Marion in arms after she falls from statue
RLA-30 MLS of Indy running with Marion from blasted open cockpit atop flying wing
RLA-31 MS of Sallah introducing Indy & Marion to Katanga [George Harris] at Cairo dock
RLA-32 FLV of soaking wet Indy running past flack gun on German Sub
RLA-33 Cont. #32, Indy about to climb conning tower
RLA-34 MCU of Indy set to fire gun in bar
RLA-35 MS of Indy gritting teeth at sight of OS swordsman as crowd gawks
RLA-36 FLV of Indy in Arab getup, kneeling & studying book in map room
RLA-37 FLV of Indy ducking behind moving wheels of flying wing to escape oncoming German mechanic
RLA-38 BS: MS of Indy between takes, leaning arm against door while thinking to himself
RLA-39 BS: Spielberg breaks up his camera & sound men & Karen Allen while filming her in cart
RLA-40 Downcast Indy sits at table with monkey trying to drink away Marion's apparent death
RLA-41 MCU of Indy staring just past camera in bar
RLA-42 Profile MCU of Indy looking thru binoculars on bridge of steamer
RPM-1 Cronyn [Peter Graves] & wife Linda [Andrea King] meet Dr. Mitchell [Lewis Martin] & others at observatory
RPM-2 Cronyn's hold each other as Admiral Carey [Walter Sande] takes notes in front of hydrogen valve monitoring equipment
REP-1 Giant Reptilicus rears up after disintegrating building
RGM-1 Flying monster Gyaos fires laser from mouth, cutting into Japanese shoreline homes
RGM-2 Gyaos lasers helicopters, causing victims to spill past him in sky
ROJ-1 Eight -element composite of Luke Skywalker [Mark Hamill], Princess Leia [Carrie Fisher], Lando [Billy Dee Williams], Han Solo [Harrison Ford], & Nien Nunb PRTs plus Luke walking plank & group shot aboard rebel frigate
ROJ-2 FLV of George Lucas & Richard Marquand posed on Endor with Han, Leia, Luke, Chewie [Peter Mayhew] & 'droids
ROJ-3 MLS of smiling Han posed with hands in pockets of overcoat on Endor
ROJ-4 PRT of Leia in slave girl costume, turned toward OS Luke as he appears before Jabba
ROJ-5 MS of Luke in Jedi robe confronting OS Jabba in his court, assorted aliens in bg
ROJ-6 MS of bound Han, Luke & Chewie brought before Jabba by guards, disguised Lando in bg
ROJ-7 FLV of Luke brandishing lightsaber on sail barge
ROJ-8 FLV of costumed Leia holding on to Luke as they prepare to swing to safety from sail barge
ROJ-9 MS of Luke holding up Leia's discarded helmet on Endor
ROJ-10 MS of Luke & Chewie tied to poles in Ewok village
ROJ-11 Profile MS of Leia holding hand over C3PO's mouth to hush him as Chewie bellows during Endor raid
ROJ-12 FLV of profiled Han, hands atop head, captured by stormtroopers, Chicken Walker above him in bg
ROJ-13 MS of Han & Leia fending off biker scouts with blasters in front of Imperial bunker on Endor
ROJ-14 MLS of Luke & Darth Vader [David Prowse] about to clash lightsabers in throne room of emperor on Death Star
ROJ-15 MS of Chewie putting protective arm around his buddy Han, who's just joined him in cell
ROJ-16 Profile MCU of Luke congratulating Han as chosen leader of Endor strike team, smiling Leia & Chewie eye Luke approvingly
ROJ-17 MCU of Leia & Han peeking thru growth on Endor
ROJ-18 Profile MS: Luke discusses formation of search party for missing Leia
ROJ-19 MS of Han sidling along outside of Imperial bunker with blaster raised
ROJ-20 FLV of smiling Han, Leia & Luke posed side-by-side in Endor forest
ROJ-21 PR: PRT of pensive Luke
ROJ-22 MCU of Leia in parka, turned away with abandoned look on her face
ROC-1 FLV of Gill-Man [Ricou Browning] swimming swiftly toward camera
ROC-2 FLV of Gill-Man chained by wrists & ankles to wall & struggling to break free
ROC-3 Cont. #2, Gill-Man turns to side & pulls on chain
ROC-4 MS of Gill-Man rising from water & snarling at camera
ROC-5 FLV of Gill-Man sneaking up behind Pete [Brett Halsey] & Charlie
[Bob Hoy], who are checking out unconcious Helen Dobson [Lori Nelson] on beach
RTS-1 Spacesuited Lockwood [Richard Carlson] reacts to free-fall in spaceship
RW-1 PR: FLV of Max [Mel Gibson] & his scene-stealing dog striding toward camera on empty road
RW-2 PR: MLS of Max standing defiantly in middle of road with rocket car parked to his side
RCM-1 FLV of Draper [Paul Mantee] squeezing out of escape capsule after it lands in Martian crater
RCM-2 FLV of Draper checking out interior of Martian cave
RCM-6 PR: Draper plants flag on rocks above Headquarters sign
RCM-7 Draper, seated on ledge covered with scientific equipment, points out something OS to Friday [Victor Lundin]
ROBOCOP 2 - 1990
RCP2-1 Three-element shot: PRT of Peter Weller as himself & two as Robo, one with headgear removed
RCP2-2 FLV of Robo, gun raised while framed by shredded wall
RCP2-3 MS of dented Robo holding palm out to Lewis [Nancy Allen], who listens to him intently
RM-1 Profile MS of Alice [Claudia Barrett] aiming rock at head of robot monster
RM-2 MLS of Roy [George Nader] trying to save Alice from clutches of robot monster
RM-3 FLV of Ro-Man [George Barrows] at cave entrance with bubble machine bubbling
RM-4 Head ape, as seen on Ro-Man's telescreen
RXM-1 Eckstrom [John Emery] describes design & functions of spaceship on blackboard to OS newsmen, as crew watches
RXM-2 FLV of unmasked explorers surveying Martian wasteland with spire of spaceship in bg
RXM-3 FLV of explorers on plateau, inspecting Martian desert with binoculars
RXM-4 MLS of radiation-scarred Martian mutants leading blind girl away from OS explorers
RXM-5 Reproduction of title LC showing action-posed cast beside spaceship blasting to Moon
RXM-6 Crew displays apprehension in cabin of spaceship
RXM-9 LS of RXM on launch pad with crew talking in fg
RXM-10 LS/DA of crew leaving ship after landing on Mars
RXM-11 LS of Martian city ruins, RV of crew gazing ahead in fg
RXM-12 Pre-production art of above scene
RXM-13 ECU of blind Martian girl screaming
RH-1 PRT of Frank N. Furter [Tim Curry]
RH-2 MS of bare-chested, smiling Rocky [Peter Hinwood]
RH-3 MLS of Riff Raff [Richard O'Brien] informing Magenta [Patricia Quinn] that he's new commander, both attired in bizarre fashion
RH-4 FLV of Riff Raff dancing Time Warp beside cobwebbed skeleton in coffin
RH-5 MS of Magenta & Columbia ["Little" Nell Campbell], wearing surgical masks, at side of Frank as he announces creation of Rocky
RH-6 FLV of Frank singing Sweet Transvestite with help from Columbia, Magenta & Riff Raff
RH-7 FLV of Frank unveiling his mummified monster in tank
RH-8 FLV of Frank & Columbia joining Rocky in singing Charles Atlas Song
RH-9 Riff Raff & Magenta stand over Frank, seated at table during banquet
RH-10 MS of Rocky protectively holding Janet[Susan Sarandon]to his bare chest
RH-11 FLV of Rocky lifting plastic-wrapped barbells
RH-13 FLV of aloof Frank reclining cross-legged on throne
RH-15 MLS of Frank showing off Rocky to Janet & Brad [Barry Bostwick]
RH-16 LS of Frank & others cheering as Rocky swings from chandelier
RH-17 Frank admonishes Rocky & Janet, fresh from tryst in life-tank
RH-19 FLV of Jane, Brad & Dr. Scott [Jonathan Adams] singing Wild & Untamed Thing on stage
RH-20 FLV of Frank singing I'm a Sweet Transvestite
RH-21 Columbia unwraps Rocky in lab as others watch
RH-22 Rocky flexes as Frank holds his legs, Riff Raff has Frank
RH-23 FLV of Eddie [Meat Loaf] wailing on his sax
RH-24 Eddie sings to Columbia as Janet & Brad watch
RH-25 Frank snarls at Dr. Scott as Brad & Riff Raff watch
RH-26 Snarling Frank activates electromagnet, Riff Raff looks on
ROD-1 LS of giant supersonic bird, Rodan, swooping over Tokyo, leaving city in ruins
ROD-2 FLV of Rodan flapping wings, roughing up city from ground level
ROD-3 Rodan lands atop building as others burn in bg
ROD-4 Rodan lands in water as jets close in over bridge in bg
ROD-5 Rodan stands atop mountain peak as planes swoop
ROD-6 LS: Rodan buys the farm amid lava & fireworks
RB-1 MS of Jonathan E. [James Caan] & Moonpie [John Beck] flying around rollerball track side by side
RB-2 FLV Jonathan & team mate defending goal against attack of NY player
RMN-1 FLV of game show host Damon Killian [Richard Dawson] introducing disagreeable Ben Richards [Arnold Schwarzenegger] as next contestant
SAT-1 FLV of Marex [Lane Bradford], Roth [John Crawford] & Narab [Leonard Nimoy] in undersea lab
SAT-2 Larry Martin [Judd Holdren] & fellow rocketman Dick [Gayle Kellogg], in flying suits, at controls of flying ship
SAT-3 FLV of Martian robot with ax moving to attack floored Martin
SAT-4 Martin's ship motors over hilly countryside
SIS-1 Astronauts walk outer skin of rocket with tritonium bomb
SATURN 3 - 1980
S3-1 Adam [Kirk Douglas] holds Alex [Farrah Fawcett] from behind in romantic embrace
S3-2 PRT of Alex wearing concerned look
S3-4 MLS of Hector, first Demigod series robot
S3-6 Spacesuited Adam makes check of travel mobile
S3-8 FLV of Adam & Alex carrying rock samples into lab
S3-10 Benson [Harvey Keitel] opens Alex's eye for Hector's probe
S3-12 Alex tries to stop enraged Adam from strangling Benson
S3-16 FLV of Hector holding Alex off floor by her wrists
S3-21 CU of sexy Alex from excised blue-dreamer sequence
S3-23 MCU of Alex on top of Adam in bed as both look toward camera
S3-24 MS of Alex, faraway look on face, at ship railing on trip home to Earth
SFDL-1 MS of Clint Stark [Arthur O'Connell] coming face to face with caged look-alike snake at circus
SFDL-3 Profile MCU of stop-motion animated snake head
SFDL-4 MCU of Medusa [Tony Randall] snakes coiling about head
SFDL-5 LS of crowd gathering around Lao's circus tent
SVS-1 FLV of Cyclops fighting Sinbad [Kerwin Mathews] on island beach
SVS-2 MS of Cyclops, angry about spear in chest
SVS-3 FLV of Cyclops reaching down for fallen Sinbad
SVS-4 FLV of Cyclops model, man in hand, looming over wooden cage
SVS-6 FLV of Sokurah [Torin Thatcher] ordering skeleton to attack Sinbad & Princess Parisa [Kathryn Grant] inside his island castle
SVS-7 MLS of Sinbad ducking under upraised sword of skeleton
SVS-8 Cont. #7, adversaries in mid-battle, both now armed with sword & shield
SVS-9 Cont. #8, MS of Sinbad & skeleton crossing swords against pillar
SVS-10 FLV of chained dragon inside cave entrance
SVS-11 FLV of Cyclops mixing it up with dragon outside cave
SVS-12 Artwork: Cyclops & fire-breathing dragon tangling above Sinbad's men
SVS-13 PR: MS Sinbad wielding sword to protect wide-eyed Princess Parisa
SVS-14 MS of growling Cyclops with one spear in chest, one in hand. Ray Harryhausen signature in upper corner
SVS-15 Signed profile MS of Harryhausen animating model of snake woman
SVS-16 FLV of cyclops inside cavern as Sinbad hides in fg
SVS-17 MCU of Sinbad bending over magic lamp, looking at tiny Parisa in jeweled box
SVS-18 Maddened cyclops reaches for OS invaders of his stored treasure
SVS-19 Sinbad's men run from dragon, giant arrow embedded in its neck
SHE - 1965
SH-1 PRT of Ayesha [Ursula Andress] as immortal beauty
SH-2 MLS of Ayesha reposing seductively on bed
SH-3 FLV of Ayesha standing in temple wearing floor-length gown, feathered cape & headdress
SHE-1 MLS of she-creature [Paul Blaisdell] standing in front of pier
SHE-2 Shadowy MLS of she-creature outside window, at night, receiving hypnotic message from Lombardi [Chester Morris]
SR-1 Part of Valley Forge spaceship in CU, showing detail
SR-2 Looking toward domes of Valley Forge from amidships
SR-3 MS of Lowell [Bruce Dern] bathing in dome pool as drones look on
SR-4 FLV of drone #1 inspecting outside of ship, Saturn in bg
SR-5 LS of spacesuited Lowell standing on ramp outside ship
SR-6 MS of remaining one of three domes attached to Valley Forge
SR-7 MS of Lowell reaching for tray of processed food
SET-1 MS of solar-powered metallic giant, Minaton, with javelin
SET-2 Cont. #1, FLV of Minaton impaling victim on javelin aboard ship
SET-3 FLV of Sinbad's men battling giant walrus with spears
SET-4 MCU of horned giant, Trog
SET-6 Profile FLV of Princess Farah [Jane Seymour] playing chess with baboon
SET-7 FLV of Sinbad [Patrick Wayne] facing conjured wraith-ghoul bearing torch
SET-8 Profile FLV of sabre-tooth tiger leaping at Trog inside Pyramid Shrine, preventing escape of heroes
SET-9 PR: FLV of Farah in costume with hands on hips, overlooking sea, wind whipping hair
SET-10 Profile FLV of Trog raising club at snarling sabre-tooth tiger inside shrine
SET-11 MS of Dionne [Taryn Power]
SET-12 PR: CU of Princess Farah
SET-13 Sinbad, Melanthius [Patrick Troughton], Dione & Farah study chart
SF-1 FLV of Billy Pilgrim [Michael Sacks] & Montana Wildhack [Valerie Perrine], wearing his pajama tops, listening inside Tralfamadore dome at instructing space voice
SF-2 MLS of charming Montana bent to pet Pilgrim's dog, Spot, inside dome
SF-3 LS of dome & planet as fireworks burst high overhead
SF-4 FLV of Montana posed on bed in dome, wearing very lowcut dress
SP-1 MLS of sewer monster seizing screaming Lisa [Susan Hart] from behind
SP-2 Title over monster about to attack man armed with spear
SP-3 CU of monster in front of apartment building
SP-4 Profile MCU of monster in front of apartment
SP-5 Monster pokes his head out of street sewer outlet
SP-6 MLS of monster plodding thru hills with arms out
SP-7 LS of monster dragging young woman toward abandoned shack
SP-8 MS of monster walking out of shadows
WD-11 Snow White & seven dwarfs dance & sing in forest cottage
SIT-1 CU of Elise McKenna [Jane Seymour]
SIT-2 MCU of Elise wearing string of pearls
SIT-3 MS of Elise in delicate dress, long gloves & pearls, leaning against tree
SIT-4 FLV of Elise wearing beautiful empire line dress & gloves in drawing room
SIT-5 MS of Elise in high-necked dress & large hat, speaking to someone OS
SIT-6 BS: film crew shoots Richard Collier [Christopher Reeve] in 1912 suit & bowler walking along street
SIT-7 MS of Collier tugging on watch chain in vest pocket
SIT-8 FLV of Collier & Elise talking beside carriage
SIT-9 MCU of Collier & Elise face-to-face, obviously in love
SIT-10 Enjoying each other, Collier & Elise walk arm in arm up outdoor steps
SIT-11 Collier & Elise take pleasure in elegant lunch on floor of hotel room
SIT-12 Collier regards forlorn Elise at tree stumps edging lake setting
SIT-13 MS of Elise about to kiss Collier as they sit up in bed
SIT-14 PR: MCU of Collier laughing into camera
SIT-15 PR: MLS of Elise sitting for PRT that brings Collier thru time to her
SIT-16 Mysterious old woman presses antique watch into playwright Collier's hand at party
SIT-17 MS of a somber Collier in 1912 suit
SIT-18 An overprotective Robinson [Christopher Plummer] warns Collier to stay away from Elise
SIT-19 Cont. #18, Collier regards what Robinson said after he has walked off toward hotel in bg
SIT-20 As reflected in mirror, Robinson tells Elise to forget Collier
SIT-21 PRT of Elise in frilly neck-high dress & hat looking aside with smile
SON OF KONG - 1933
SON-1 FLV of Denham [Robert Armstrong] bandaging Kong Jr.'s cut paw as Hilda [Helen Mack] stands by with shotgun
SON-2 FLV of Kong Jr. squaring off against dinosaur in front of temple
SG-1 Riot control trucks scoop up dissidents in street
SG-2 PR: FLV of Shirl [Leigh Taylor-Young] seated in luxury as sultry piece of furniture
SG-3 FLV of Thorn [Charlton Heston] riding wafer-covered conveyor belt
SG-4 PR: FLV of eight luscious furniture girls
SG-5 Fielding [Chuck Connors] pretends to console deeply saddened Shirl
SG-6 MS of Shirl offering Thorn luxuries of Simonson's apartment
SG-7 Thorn questions uncooperative Martha [Paula Kelly] in Fielding's apartment
SG-8 MCU of Thorn fixing eyes intently on something OS
SG-9 Semi-profile MCU of Shirl smiling up at OS Thorn
SCP-1 PR: two-element PRT of uniformed Andie [Kate Capshaw] & smiling Kathryn [Lea Thompson] bent forward over space helmet
SCP-2 PR: cute PRT of just Kathryn as above
SC-1 FLV of giant glowing brain from outer space
SC-2 Children surround glowing alien brain
SPA-1 FLV of [matte-painted] giant three-stage rocket on launch pad
SPA-2 MLS of Dr. Mitchell [Howard Duff] explaining rocket model to two other scientists
SPA-3 Technicians work beneath stern of massive spaceship [well integrated matte] on launch pad
SPY-1 PR: MS of Bond [Roger Moore] armed for action
SPY-2 PR: Elegantly clothed & armed Bond & Anya [Barbara Bach] stand before wall
SPY-3 PR: Bond & Anya pose in desert in same clothes
SPY-4 PR: FLV of Bond, aiming gun, & Anya posed in Cairo ruins
SPY-5 PR: MS of Bond, holding gun, & Anya posed in Cairo ruins
SPY-6 PR: FLV of Bond & Anya running in desert, still spiffy
SPY-7 PR: Bond, the Sheik, surrounded by harem girls
SPY-8 PR: MCU of Bond, the Sheik
SPY-9 PR: MS of Bond mounted on camel with palms in bg
SPY-10 PR: Bond, the Sheik, kneels comically in prayer to Allah
SPY-11 PR: CU of Jaws [Richard Kiel] showing off his dental work
SPY-12 PR: FLV of Jaws holding bikinied Anya in his arms
SPY-13 PR: FLV of Jaws carrying child past ruins as native watches
SPY-14 PR: CU of Karl Stromberg [Curt Jurgens]
SPY-15 PR: Stromberg holds Anya & Bond prisoner in Atlantis
SPY-16 Naomi [Caroline Munro] leads two older men off elevator in Atlantis
SPY-17 Bond puts chokehold on henchman [Khigh Diegh]
SPY-18 FLV of grimacing Jaws about to hurl huge stone block
SPY-19 MS of Bond holding evidence as "M" [Bernard Lee] stands in bg
SPY-20 Jaws demonstrates biting talents to Bond in train car
SPY-21 Bond & Jaws tangle in train car
SPY-22 PR: Bond flanked by Anya & bikinied Naomi
SPY-23 PRT of svelte Anya
SPY-24 PR: FLV of Naomi posed at pier railing in bikini with silk robe over her shoulders
SSSSSS - 1973
SSS-1 MS of Kristina [Heather Menzies] & Dave [Dirk Benedict] enjoying themselves amidst carnival surroundings
SSS-2 MCU of Dave & Kristina seated in Ferris wheel
SSS-3 Dr. Stoner [Strother Martin] peels scale off Dave's back
SSS-4 MS of Kristina showing Dave two-headed snake
STH-1 With time suspended, WWII flyer Peter Carter [David Niven] & June [Kim Hunter] hold hands as heavenly court on stairway above them looks upon surgical operation in bg
STC-1 PR: three-element shot: Stella Star [Caroline Munro] poses with robot Elle [Judd Hamilton], the Emperor [Christopher Plummer] & his blaster- armed son, Simon [David Hasselhoff]
STC-2 PR: Stella poised for danger in skimpy leather bikini
STC-3 PR: MS of Stella in halter outfit, holding blaster rifle
STC-4 PR: SV of Stella in halter outfit, holding blaster rifle
STC-5 PR: MCU of Stella in different bare-shouldered attire
STC-6 Holographic form of Emperor appears before our heroes
STC-7 Stella & Elle startled by OS guests on their starship
STC-8 Spacesuited Stella [no helmet] & Elle walk alien planet
STC-9 Cont. #8, near FLV of pair halted, Stella looks OS
STC-10 LS of Elle investigating ditched space launch
STC-11 LS of Elle & Stella trudging toward their starship
STC-12 LS of captive Stella being carried off by troglodytes
STC-13 Near FLV of two killer robots armed with laser-swords
STC-14 MCU of Akton [Marjoe Gortner] swinging his light saber
STC-15 Akton revives frozen Stella as Elle watches in bg
STC-16 Emperor, Stella & Simon with Imperial troops in bg
STC-17 Allied ships swoop toward Zarth Arn's Space Claw
STC-18 Imperial troops battle Arn's Death Squad on his fortress
STC-19 FLV of armed Stella stepping onto ramp of her starship
STC-20 PR: Akton, Elle & Stella strike action poses
STC-21 PR: Stella, in leather bikini, & Elle hold hands
STC-22 PR: FLV of bikini-clad Stella, hands on hips, posed beside tree
STC-23 PR: MLS of Stella wearing tights & breastplate
STC-24 PR: Candid MS of Stella on set in space garb
SST-1 PR: MCU of Carmen Ibanez (Denise Richards) looking OS while seated at her pilot's station
SST-2 PR: MS of battle-ready Zander Barcalow (Patrick Muldoon), retrieval boat in background
SST-3 PR: MS of Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), trooper (James Morse), Dizzy Flores (Dina Meyer), & Sugar Watkins (Seth Gilliam), weapons raised
SST-5 PR: MLS of Watkins, Rico & Ace Levy (Jake Busey) marching toward camera in Planet P's base camp
SST-6 PR: Rico, teeth gritted, raises rifle at OS bugs as he stands in front of retrieval boat
SST-7 BS: MS of director Paul Verhoeven on Whiskey Outpost set
SST-8 BS: MS of visual effects supervisor Phil Tippett demonstrating movement of arachnid attack claw
SST-9 BS: MCU of Tippett working on effect involving arm-melting of Corporal Birdie (Ungela Brockman)
STM-1 PR: entire crew of officers from original TV series pose in new uniforms on Enterprise bridge with Kirk [William Shatner] in center
STM-2 PR: FLV of Spock [Leonard Nimoy] seated in command chair, flanked by Kirk & McCoy [DeForest Kelley]
STM-3 PR: PRT of serious Kirk
STM-4 PR: PRT of serious Spock
STM-5 PR: PRT of serious McCoy
STM-6 BS: uniformed Shatner, Nimoy & Kelley relax on bridge set with Director Robert Wise & creator Gene Roddenberry
STM-7 PR: main cast poses at press conference announcing film
STM-8 Title art: Enterprise prominent; cast pictured
STM-9 Title art: cast prominent; Enterprise part of title
STM-10 Title art: cast prominent; Enterprise above title
STM-11 Title art: cast prominent; Enterprise deleted
STM-12 MS of Spock standing before library console on bridge
STM-14 MCU of Ilia [Persis Khambatta]
STM-15 Tense Ilia, Decker [Stephen Collins], Spock, Kirk & Sulu [George Takei] stare OS on bridge
STM-16 Cont. #15, lower angle, crew now gazing in disbelief
STM-17 BS: Wise directs Shatner, Collins & Nimoy by command chair
STM-18 BS: Wise, Roddenberry, Nimoy, Shatner & Kelley pose on set
STM-19 BS: Wise sets up shot with Shatner on bridge
STM-20 BS: camera films Shatner, Nimoy & Collins on set
STM-21 PR: FLV of 11 main cast members posed on bridge
STM-22 PR: two-element shot: MCU of Kirk & Spock
STM-23 FLV of Klingon commander [Mark Lenard] & officer sighting big trouble OS
STM-24 FLV of Vulcan Master melding minds with Spock
STM-25 MS of Kirk holding Ilia-probe as Decker & Spock look on
STM-26 Spock & Kirk discuss Ilia-probe at her medical checkup in sickbay
STM-27 Decker rekindles Ilia-probe's memory of game they used to play
STM-28 DA of Ilia-probe leading crew along grid to meet Voyager
STM-29 Light flares around Decker & Ilia as they begin to evolve
STM-30 Decker, Spock, Kirk & McCoy stand by turbolift doorway
STM-34 FLV of stern Kirk about to enter bridge in dress uniform
STM-36 MLS of Kirk giving Decker news he's losing command of Enterprise
STM-37 MCU of Decker & Ilia having tender reunion aboard Enterprise
STM-38 LS of Scotty, others at work in Engineering
STM-39 Kirk, Ilia, Spock respond to not yet inserted Voyager light-probe fx
STM-40 LS of Kirk questioning Ilia-probe on bridge as crew watches
STM-41 FV of Enterprise in space dock orbiting Earth
[NOTE: #42-49 are printed from 70mm workprint frames]
STM-42 Technician holds clapboard in front of Enterprise full-scale model
STM-43 LS of space office complex in orbit over Earth
STM-44 DA of space office as cargo carrier begins to cross its path
STM-45 Cont. #44, close SV of complex as carrier crosses upper level
STM-46 Cont. #45, closer view as carrier leaves frame
STM-47 FV of Enterprise in space dock as travel pod wends alongside
STM-48 Travel pod POV of Enterprise upper dish in dock
STM-49 Travel pod backs into Enterprise docking area
ST2-1 BS: MS of Kirk [Shatner] seated in command chair feeding idea to director Nicholas Meyer
ST2-2 PR: cast PRT on Enterprise bridge of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Scotty & Lt. Saavik [Kirstie Alley]
ST2-3 PR: four-element shot: PRTs of Chekov, Uhura, Scotty & Sulu
ST2-4 PR: two-element shot: PRTs of Kirk & Spock
ST2-5 PR: two-element shot: MS of Khan [Ricardo Montalban] in sand mask & heavy clothing; PRT of Khan with clenched fist
ST2-6 PR: PRT of Khan with arms around his two henchwomen
ST2-8 PR: MS of Saavik posed with arms folded
ST2-9 PR: PRT of Saavik smiling with hand to chin
ST2-11 MS of Kirk, book under arm, & Spock meeting in corridor outside simulator room
ST2-12 FLV of Saavik seated in command chair with Spock standing at her shoulder
ST2-13 Profile MS of Joachim [Judson Scott] imploring bug-eyed Khan to temper his wrathful ways
ST2-14 David Marcus [Merritt Butrick] & Kirk come to terms with each other, seated in admiral's quarters
ST2-15 MS of McCoy, Carol [Bibi Besch] & Kirk waxing melancholy over Genesis as David & Saavik look on in bg
ST2-16 Joachim (slightly out of focus) attends to navigation controls as Khan & others study viewscreen
ST2-17 BS: Montalban leans back in command chair with crewmen around him & boom mike overhead, Scott in fg at station
ST2-18 MS of Joachim with arms folded across chest, face solemn
ST2-19 Cont. #13, MS of Khan pointing gloved hand at Joachim
ST2-20 Cont. #19, Khan pulls Joachim angrily up to his face
ST2-21 BS: two-element shot: Montalban enters his Ceti shelter & breaks up at sight of tiny robot fittingly named R2-Tattoo by prankster technical crew
ST3-1 PR: full cast & crew PRT including Harve Bennett, Leonard Nimoy & Gene Roddenberry
ST3-2 PR: PRT of Kirk [William Shatner]
ST3-3 PR: PRT of Sarek [Mark Lenard]
ST3-4 MS of Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] pulling phaser on OS lieutenant as she commandeers transporter control post
ST4-1 PR: FLV of Kirk [William Shatner] & Spock [Leonard Nimoy], wearing Rebirth robe & headband to cover ears, walking in Golden Gate Park as cameramen & boom operator retreat before them
ST4-2 BS: Nimoy directs Shatner & Catherine Hicks as Gillian seated at table in Italian restaurant
ST4-3 BS: profile MLS of Nimoy on loudspeaker in front of water tank set where Bird of Prey ship has crashed
ST4-4 PR: near full length family PRT of robed Spock posed with parents Amanda [Jane Wyatt] & Sarek [Mark Lenard]
ST4-5 MS of Kirk & Spock turned to each other on San Francisco bus
ST4-6 Kirk, in passenger seat of truck, talks to Spock after letting him off near hidden ship enroute to dinner with Gillian
ST4-7 MS of Gillian explaining significance of OS humpback whales to intent Kirk & Spock with tour group
ST4-8 PR: PRT of Spock wearing rebirth robe & hood
ST4-9 PR: PRT composite of Sarek, Amanda, Chapel & Saavik
ST4-10 FLV of [l to r] Chekov, Spock, McCoy, Kirk, Uhura & Sulu; looking almost out of place on SF street corner
ST4-11 MS of Spock logically solving noise problem posed by obnoxious punker [Kirk Thatcher] with ghetto blaster aboard bus
ST4-12 FLV of Kirk talking into communicator as he & Spock stroll Golden Gate Park
ST4-13 Pride registers on faces of Kirk & crew as they view OS new Enterprise from shuttle
ST5-1 PR: two-element shot: William Shatner directs scene with Chekov [Walter Koenig] & Sybok [Laurence Luckinbill] on Enterprise bridge, Uhura [Nichelle Nicohols] seated in bg
ST5-2 PR: FLV of our aging heroes posed smiling [except Spock] on bridge, Kirk [Shatner] sitting in command chair
ST5-3 PR: PRT of Capt. Kirk
ST5-4 PR: PRT of Mr. Spock [Leonard Nimoy] raising one eyebrow
ST5-5 PR: PRT of Dr. McCoy [DeForest Kelley]
ST5-6 PR: PRT of warmly smiling Uhura at station, eyes averted
ST5-7 PR: two-element shot: MS of Kirk & McCoy just back aboard ship, smiling at each other after cut short shore leave; Scotty [James Doohan] awakens in sick bay to find Uhura over him
ST5-8 PR: MS of Klingon Capt. Klaa [Todd Bryant] & warrior Vixis [Spice Williams] bending over console aboard Bird of Prey
ST5-9 PR: MS of Sybok choking Kirk near shuttlecraft
STU-1 PR: cast PRT taken on Enterprise bridge
STU-2 PR: PRT of Capt. Kirk [William Shatner], a little grey at edges of toupee
STU-3 PR: PRT of stoic Spock [Leonard Nimoy]
STU-4 PR: MS of Dr. McCoy [DeForest Kelley] with hand to chin & elbow resting on upturned knee
STU-5 PR: Two-shot of Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] & Scotty [James Doohan]
STU-6 PR: two-shot of Sulu [George Takai] & Chekov [Walter Koenig]
STU-7 PR: PRT of General Chang [Christopher Plummer], seated in command chair of ship
STU-8 PR: MS of Vulcan Lt. Valeris [Kim Cattrall] posed with hands behind her aboard Enterprise
STU-9 PR: PRT of Klingon Defense Attorney Worf [Michael Dorn], arms folded against emblem
STU-10 PR: four-element PRT of Ambassador Sarek [Mark Lenard], shape- shifter Martia [Iman], Worf & Federation President [Kurtwood Smith]
STU-11 BS: Director Nicholas Meyer goes over scene with Shatner & Nimoy on Enterprise bridge
STAR WARS - 1977
SW-1 BS: MLS of Director George Lucas & Alec Guinness discussing scene from chairs on desert location
SW-2 PR: MS of brooding Luke Skywalker [Mark Hamill] holding blanket around him on Tatooine farm, landspeeder in bg
SW-3 PR: MS of Han Solo [Harrison Ford] poised to fire blaster in front of Millennium Falcon
SW-4 PR: MLS of Princess Leia [Carrie Fisher], hereafter called Leia, aiming blaster at camera aboard her rebel spaceship
SW-5 PR: semi-profile CU of Obi-Wan Kenobi [Alec Guinness], hereafter Ben
SW-6 PR: FLV of Ben posed in corridor of Death Star
SW-7 PR: MS of Grand Moff Tarkin [Peter Cushing], Death Star commander
SW-8 PR: MLS Chewbacca, the Wookiee, standing at ready with blaster rifle
SW-9 PR: MS of Darth Vader [David Prowse] aboard Blockade Runner
SW-10 LS of Leia placing secret message in R2D2 aboard ship
SW-11 FLV of R2D2 & C3PO helplessly watching rebels defend Leia's ship
SW-12 FLV of C3PO & R2D2 on Owen Lars' homestead
SW-13 MS of two Jawas about to blast OS R2D2
SW-14 Jawas prepare R2D2 for entry into giant sandcrawler
SW-15 FLV of Tusken Raider attacking Luke with gaffii stick
SW-16 Luke & Ben negotiating passage to Alderaan with Han & Chewie at booth in cantina
SW-17 FLV of Luke inspecting newly acquired 'droids
SW-18 Profile MCU of Tarkin bullying Leia, helped by Vader, after her capture
SW-19 FLV of Vader & Imperial guards escorting Leia to detention center
SW-20 MS of Luke & Han, disguised as stormtroopers, with Chewie preparing to rescue Leia from detention cell
SW-21 MLS of Luke doffing stormtrooper helmet as he leaps into action with blaster rifle in detention center
SW-22 FLV of Han blaming Leia for their predicament after they become trapped in garbage room, Chewie in bg
SW-23 MCU of Leia comforting Luke after loss of Ben
SW-24 Profile CU of downcast Leia, C3PO watching her in bg
SW-25 Profile FLV of Ben & Vader crossing lightsabers in Death Star, Millennium Falcon docked in bg
SW-26 FLV of Ben parrying Vader's lightsaber thrust
SW-27 FLV of Ben switching off tractor beam in power trench as stormtroopers mill around ramp entrance in bg
SW-28 FLV of stormtroopers discovering 'droids in hidden compartment of Death Star
SW-29 FLV of Han, Luke, Leia & Chewie planning best route of escape from Death Star
SW-30 FLV of Luke using blaster to cover escape to Falcon
SW-31 MS of stormtrooper blasting away at OS fleeing Leia
SW-32 MLS of Han settling into laser cannon position on his pirate ship
SW-33 DA of Han & Luke observing preparation of fighter craft for battle on rebel main hanger deck
SW-34 FLV of Vader marching aboard Leia's just captured ship
SW-35 UA of stormtrooper astride dewback
SW-36 FLV of Luke kneeling down to inspect captured 'droids at base of sandcrawler with help from Jawas
SW-37 LS of Vader ordering full inspection of Falcon in Death Star hanger, right half of ship showing
SW-38 FLV of armed stormtrooper in detention center corridor
SW-39 FLV of Luke walking from hut on homestead as twin suns set OS
SW-40 FLV of stormtroopers searching area around crashed escape pod in Tatooine desert
SW-41 DA of Aunt Beru [Shelagh Fraser] calling up to OS Luke from below- ground dwelling
SW-42 FV of Luke seated in his beat-up landspeeder
SW-43 MCU of Ben & Luke coming to rescue of battered C3PO
SW-44 Optical effect of bursting into hyperspace
SW-45 FLV of Luke & Han, disguised as stormtroopers, with Chewie putting hurt to detention area control room
SW-46 R2D2 placed in copilot position aboard X-wing fighter
SW-47 MS of Vader at controls of TIE fighter
SW-48 Shooting thru Death Star trench from pilot's POV
SW-49 MS of rebel pilot in copilot of X-wing fighter
SW-50 PRT of Ben
SW-51 FLV of Luke, goggles & hat on head, about to climb onto his landspeeder
SW-52 RV of Blockade Runner model with engines firing on black bg
SW-53 MLS of 'droids trudging up sand dune toward camera
SW-54 LS of C3PO approaching skeletal remains of Krayt Dragon
SW-55 Team of stormtroopers, two in fg & one in bg, search desert for 'droids
SW-56 LS of Jawas unloading 'droids in front of sandcrawler
SW-57 FLV of Ben answering questions for Luke as boy repairs C3PO
SW-58 FLV of Luke running to landspeeder to warn Aunt & Uncle about Imperial search party. Ben & C3PO in bg
SW-59 FLV of stormtroopers halting landspeeder carrying Ben, Luke & C3PO as they arrive at Mos Eisley Spaceport
SW-60 FV of Han, Ben, Luke & Chewie in cockpit of Falcon, all shocked at size of approaching Death Star
SW-61 LS of Tarkin, Vader & Imperial officers planning destruction of rebel stronghold
SW-62 MS Tarkin, Vader& two generals plotting ways to end rebel threat
SW-63 Cont. #37, more stormtroopers arrive on elevator platform
SW-64 Luke tries to persuade Han to help him save Leia from being terminated, telling him "She's rich"
SW-65 FLV of Han & Luke, as stormtroopers, leading cuffed Chewie to detention center
SW-66 Han tries to save Luke from being strangled to death by garbage dump monster, Dianoga
SW-67 Han, Leia & Chewie try to stop trash masher walls from crushing them
SW-68 FLV of Han & Chewie running toward camera thru portal in Death Star corridor
SW-69 UA of Luke & Leia coming suddenly upon dead end, nearly falling into deep Death Star chasm
SW-70 MS of Leia standing in Yavin control center
SW-71 Imperial laser cannon & its operators getting blown up
SW-72 FLV of Han & Luke standing with Chewie, 'droids, Leia & rebel leaders after being decorated for saving rebellion
SW-73 BS: FLV of Lucas rehearsing two stormtroopers for Tatooine desert search sequence
SW-74 BS: DA of our heroes being filmed entering throne room
SW-75 BS: MS of producer Gary Kurtz taking photo on set
SW-76 BS: FLV of Lucas & camera crew at work on Tunisian Desert location
SW-77 BS: FLV of Lucas, looking thru viewer & crew kneeling in desert sand
SW-78 BS: profile MS of Lucas lining up camera shot in desert, Kurtz & director of photography behind him
SW-79 LS of STAR WARS bannered Hollywood Mann's Chinese Theater on opening day, showing patrons lined up around block
SW-80 Cont. #79, left side of theater front showing huge line stretching in opposite direction
SW-81 Cont. #80, AV of entire theater, crowd & parking lot
SW-82 Street level view of equally huge lines in front of Avco Center Theater complex in Westwood
SW-83 UA of stunt man set ablaze & standing at edge of roof on STAR WARS bannered Avco Center Theater for publicity jump
SW-84 Cont. #83, stunt man jumps past STAR WARS marquee
SW-85 RV of jettisoned escape pod spiraling over Tatooine
SW-86 Excellent MS of Luke & Leia at side of armed Han as all fix eyes on action OS on Death Star
SW-87 MS of Vader pointing accusing finger at Leia on her ship
SW-88 FLV of Tuskan Raider astride woolly, big-horned Bantha
SW-89 LS of rebel hanger deck with Luke standing near his X-wing fighter being readied for battle
SW-90 Ralph McQuarrie artwork of X-wing under fire in Death Star trench
SW-91 FLV of Jawas hustling 'droids to Uncle Owen [Phil Brown]
SW-92 LS past landspeeder of Luke looking at smoldering remains of homestead
SW-93 LS of Luke, Ben & 'droids standing at edge of mesa overlooking OS spaceport
SW-94 FLV of Ben & Luke threading past big-hipped alien in Mos Eisley
SW-95 Great MLS of Han looking off in front of his ship
SW-96 RV of Ben, Luke & 'droids approaching Han & his ship
SW-97 FLV of Luke & Ben conversing aboard Falcon as C3PO & Chewie play chess [no animation] in bg
SW-98 Profile MCU of Luke & Ben talking face to face on ship
SW-99 FLV of Chewie & C3PO watching animated game board
SW-100 Cont. #60, expressions different & hanging dice visible
SW-101 Cont. #38, stormtrooper standing instead of crouching
SW-102 MS of Luke in stormtrooper guise with helmet off, looking aside
SW-103 MLS of Luke trying to contact R2D2 as he & Leia are cut off from escape in Death Star corridor
SW-104 FLV Han & Chewie trying to blast their way out of Death Star corridor
SW-105 Same as #25, but before light effect added to sabers
SW-106 Blasts go off around Han & Luke in escape to Falcon
SW-107 DA of Luke climbing ladder toward Falcon gun pod
SW-108 Profile FLV of Han in gun pod, laser cannon visible against black screen [before sfx added]
SW-109 FLV of Luke in rebel flight gear posed in front of his X-wing fighter on hanger deck
SW-110 FLV of Han, Luke & Chewie walking toward camera past assembled rebels after entering throne room
SW-111 MS of Luke, Ben & C3PO posed in Tatooine desert
SW-112 Great action pose of Luke, Han [aiming blasters], Leia & Chewie. Shot was on cover of ROLLING STONE magazine
SW-113 Han, Leia & Luke are all smiles in Falcon cockpit pose
SW-114 MCU Harrison Ford, with long hair, as he looked before Star Wars
SW-115 Tom Jung theatrical poster art before ad copy affixed
SW-116 Full prologue roll-up that begins film on white bg
SW-117 Detailed CU of Death Star pom-pom cannon emplacement
SW-118 Great FLV of Luke in home planet garb posed kneeling by lightsaber
SW-119 FLV action pose of Luke in black shirt & pants outfit worn at end of film, wielding lightsaber
SW-120 PRT of Luke in black shirt, as in SW-120
SW-121 PRT of Han coolly eyeing camera, lips parted
SW-122 MS of smiling Princes Leia with her hair down
SW-123 Six-element composite PRT: Leia, Luke, Han, Tarkin, Chewie & Ben
SW-124 FLV of Vader placing footprint in cement during ceremonies in forecourt of Hollywood Chinese Theater
SW-125 Cont. #124, R2D2 has his prints placed in cement
SW-126 Cont. #125, FLV of Gary Kurtz helping Vader write his name in cement above footprints
SW-127 Cont. #126, FLV of Gary Kurtz helping C3PO write name in cement above his footprints
SW-128 MS of growling Chewie with crossbow
SW-129 PRT of smiling Luke in desert duds
SW-130 Cont. #129, grinning slightly
SW-131 FLV of C3PO standing in desert
SW-132 BS: FLV of Kurtz posed with R2D2 on desert location showing metal track & Kenny Baker's foot
SW-133 Top view of Falcon in space with part of planet in upper left corner
SW-134 FLV of X-wing being strafed from behind by TIE-fighter
SW-135 PR: FLV of Vader brandishing his light saber
SW-136 PR: FLV of Chewie & Han aiming blasters outside Falcon
SW-137 PR: FLV of R2D2 & C3PO in corridor of rebel spaceship
SW-138 Vader chokes rebel officer as stormtrooper looks on
SW-139 Luke & C3PO watch OS sandpeople from behind rocks
SW-140 Luke repairs C3PO's broken arm in Ben's home
SW-141 MS of Ben & Luke discussing slaughtered Jawas
SW-142 Han yells as he, Luke & Leia make Death Star escape
SW-143 Stormtrooper aims blaster at garbage chute
SW-144 Our heroes make it to Falcon, Luke sees Ben OS
SW-145 FLV of Luke seated a Millenium Falcon gun turret
SW-146 Joyous C3PO, Luke, Leia & Han look up side of X-wing
SW-147 Han, Chewie & Luke walk proudly across throne room
SW-148 BS: MS of Dave Prowse wearing body portion of Vader's suit with Ben, both smiling
SW-149 BS: Fisher breaks up during off-camera moment as Leia
SW-150 Near FLV of C3PO nearing top of dune. Escape pod in bg
SW-151 Detailed MS of battered C3PO in desert
SW-152 Signed MS of Ford as Han standing with hands on hips before Falcon
SW-153 Great FLV of armed Han & Chewie striking action stances in front of Falcon, different from #136
SW-154 Excellent four-element composite of Han in varied poses with blaster
SW-155 PR: Cont. #121, sexier PRT with Han more directly eyeing camera
SW-156 PR: Han, Luke, Chewie & Ben emerge from Falcon smuggling hold
SW-157 PR: wide angle outtake of Luke, Ben & Han looking amused after lightsaber practice on Falcon
SW-158 PR: LS of Han's backside as he flees thru blast doors on Death Star
SW-159 PR: hilarious MS of Han stopping short, mouth agape, when OS stormtroopers stop running from him
SW-160 MCU of Han in Falcon cockpit, smiling at OS Luke's reaction that Leia might go for him
SW-161 BS: Harrison comes up behind Hamill & makes him stick-em-up, both in character
SI-1 League of Races leaders Phi [Tiiu Leek] & Gazeth [Victoria Johnson] warn Rameses [Christopher Lee] not to invade Earth
SI-3 FLV of flying saucer hovering over car on country road
SI-4 FLV of Rameses about to fire wrist weapon at LOR female
SI-8 Sparks fly off chest of robot as it gets zapped
SUS-1 PR: Superman [Kirk Alyn] crouches on rocky ledge
SMM-1 MS of smiling Superman [George Reeves] & Lois Lane [Phyllis Coates] fixing eyes on something OS
SMM-2 FLV of four midget mole men aiming vacuum cleaner-style raygun at oil drilling site
SU-1 PR: FLV of Superman [Christopher Reeve] pointing skyward as he stands on rooftop overlooking Metropolis
SU-2 PR: MCU of Supie coolly studying camera, skyline in bg
SU-4 PR: MS of Lois Lane [Margot Kidder] taking notes for story
SU-5 PR: MS of Lara [Susannah York] & Jor-El [Marlon Brando] holding up baby Kal-El between them in Krypton home
SU-6 FLV of Jor-El standing before ring of light imprisoning Krypton baddies Non [Jack O'Halloran], Zod [Terence Stamp], & Ursa [Sarah Douglas]
SU-7 FLV: Jor-El & Lara stand beside crystalline spaceship cradling Kal-El
SU-8 FLV of baby Kal-El lifting up rear of truck to disbelief of Ma [Phyllis Thaxter] & Pa [Glenn Ford] Kent
SU-9 BS: Director Richard Donner hands Perry White [Jackie Cooper] newspaper as Clark Kent, Lois & Jimmy Olsen [Mark McClure] look on
SU-10 MLS of Lois opening door to nerdy looking Clark as he arrives for date
SU-11 PR: CU of intense-looking Supie turned aside
SU-12 PR: FLV of sexy Eve Teschmacher [Valerie Perrine] drawing on cigarette holder while leaning on piano
SU-13 FLV of Elders [Trevor Howard, Harry Andrews] banishing hooded enemy [scene cut from final print]
SU-14 MCU of Supie & Lois flying around world
SU-15 PR: FLV of Supie striding boldly along waterfront
SU-16 PR: FLV of Supie posing against Metropolis skyline
SU-17 PR: Supie crouches with fists clenched, staring upward
SU-18 PR: MS of Supie with his arms crossed
SU-19 PR: MS of Supie, his face partially shadowed
SU-20 PR: Clark Kent stands in Daily Planet newsroom
SU-21 PR: MS of Lex Luthor [Gene Hackman] holding up chunk of Kryptonite
SU-22 MS of Eve in bosomy pose
SU-23 MS of Jimmy & Supie standing before chasm
SU-24 MS of Jor-El holding glowing wand in darkness
SU-25 MS of Non, Zod & Ursa contained within ring of light
SU-26 Jor-El places baby Kal-El into crystalline ship
SU-27 Lara watches Jor-El hold up learning crystal by ship
SU-28 LS of Jor-El & Lara running thru falling debris
SU-29 Cont. #28, closer shot as explosion goes off before them
SU-30 Pa Kent rests arm on young Clark's [Jeff East] shoulder
SU-31 LS of Clark in Fortress of Solitude for first time
SU-32 MS of Clark & Lois being accosted by OS street bandit
SU-33 Lois bends over stunned Clark in alley
SU-34 Otis [Ned Beatty] mugs as Luthor holds up Daily Planet
SU-35 Supie looks aside as he flies over Metropolis
SU-36 MS of Perry White holding up newspaper in his office
SU-37 Baddie about to bonk Supie on the bean
SU-38 Clark removes disguise as he runs across street
SU-39 Lois interviews Supie in her apartment
SU-40 FLV of Supie & Lois flying together
SU-41 PR: Reeves as Kent talks over scene with director Donner
SU2-1 PR: FLV of Ursa standing in challenging hands-on-hips pose
SU2-2 FLV of super villains Zod, Non & Ursa standing defiantly in center of country road
SU2-3 LS of deputy in front of squad car aiming shotgun at unconcerned super villains on road
SU2-4 MCU of Lois trying to comfort Clark, his face bloodied by bully
SU2-5 Zod demands capitulation of world over microphone as president [E.G. Marshall] sits at his desk
SU2-6 MS: Lois pretends to punch Ursa in jaw while Jimmy photographs it
SU2-7 MLS of Ursa holding Lois by neck from behind in Fortress of Solitude
SU2-8 Superman takes Zod by legs & spins him around like rag doll in middle of street
SU2-9 PR: MS of Superman glaring angrily into camera
SU2-10 PR: FLV of Supie flying with hands tucked to sides on black bg
SU2-14 MCU of Ursa testing her x-ray vision in woods on OS snake
SU2-16 MLS of Supie holding crystal cylinder that contains secret of his powers
SU2-19 Supie pours Lois glass of champagne in intimate Fortress dinner setting
SU2-21 FLV of Clark shedding shirt & coat to reveal Supie costume while sprinting thru alley
SU2-22 Cont. #21, transformed into Supie, he leaves trail of blurred motion
SU2-23 MCU of Supie using heat vision while soaring amid skyscrapers
SWT-1 PR: PRT of smiling Alice Cable [Adrienne Barbeau]
SWT-2 PR: FLV of Swamp Thing & Arcane Monster [Ben Bates, favored] faced off in bog for fight to finish
[NOTE: #1a-4d are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]
TAR-1 Artwork of giant tarantula with woman in its jaws, stomping on city & its panicked citizens
TAR-2 MS of deformed Dr. Deemer [Leo G. Carroll] grabbing Steve [Mara Corday] from behind, drawing scream
TAR-3 Deemer examines oversized tarantula in glass case
TAR-4 FLV of giant tarantula suspended before cloud backdrop
TAR-5 FLV of policemen fleeing from giant tarantula after setting dynamite on road in its path
TAR-6 LS of tarantula padding over hill toward farmhouse corral area
TAR-1a MLS of Deemer inspecting giant rat in lab cage
TAR-2b Steve & Deemer, wearing glass masks, conducting lab experiments
TAR-3c Oversize tarantula breaks out of glass cage in lab
TAR-4d Night shot of giant tarantula outside Deemer's house
TE-1 FLV of Venusian robot with cracked face plate
TE-2 FLV of robot about to crash thru hotel window
TE-3 MLS of robot hulking over Frank Brooks [Richard Denning], who holds Nora [Kathleen Crowley] in his arms
TARZ-1 PR: family PRT of Tarzan [Johnny Weissmuller], Jane [Maureen O'Sullivan], Boy [Johnny Sheffield] & Cheetah seated on tree limb
TARZ-2 PR: Tarzan, armed with knife, strikes action pose on rocks
TARZ-3 PR: FLV of Tarzan & Jane, holding hands, looking OS as Cheetah sits between them
TARZ-4 PR: CU of Tarzan & Jane posing cheek-to-cheek
TRZ-1 PR: CU of Tarzan [Miles O'Keeffe]
TRZ-3 PR: MLS of Tarzan & wet Jane [Bo Derek] eyeing each other while knee deep in water
TRZ-4 PR: MS of Tarzan, Jane & orangutan arm in paw
TRZ-5 PR: FLV of Tarzan, Jane & three hairy pals posed for family photo on set
TRZ-6 MS of Jane screaming while all wrapped up with king-size python
TRZ-8 PR: CU of wistful Jane, hand to chin & hint of smile
TCN-1 FLV of The Boy [Robert Vaughn] aiming bow & arrow at primitive monster-costumed man
TOS-1 MS of space teen Derek [David Love] looking aside in front of landed spaceship
10TH VICTIM, THE - 1965
TV-1 Caroline [Ursula Andress] clasps Polletti [Marcello Mastroianni]
TV-2 PR: CU of Caroline looking cold as steel
TV-4 PR: FLV of Caroline on Polletti's bed with remote
TV-5 Masked, bikinied Caroline dances for her OS ninth victim
TV-6 Cont. #5, Caroline doffs mask. Halter guns show
TV-7 Cont. #6, MS of Caroline as both guns fire
TV-8 Cont. #7, Caroline stands over victim, holding up his tie
TV-9 Caroline boarding plane wearing futuristic sunglasses
TV-10 CU of Caroline staring at Polletti, wearing sunglasses
TV-11 BS: Caroline aims gun at seated Polletti as "director" sets up scene
TV-12 Cont. #12, dancers enter & Polletti bows head
TRM-1 MS of Kyle Reese [Michael Biehn] poised with laser rifle in future-time bunker hideout
T2-1 PRT of kinder, gentler Terminator [Arnold Schwarzenegger]
T2-2 MLS as Sarah Connor [Linda Hamilton], who has fashioned herself into black-clad muscled warrior, looks OS thru sunglasses while loading weapon at hideout
T2-3 As scientist Miles Dyson [Joe Morton] watches, Terminator & Sarah draw down on OS security man at start of Cyberdyne break-in
T2-4 Sarah takes cover with gun as SWAT team enters lab OS
T2-5 MS of Sarah & son John [Edward Furlong] grabbing hold of Terminator's arm at steel mill
T2-6 Terminator, Sarah & John watch as T-1000 suffers fiery end below them
TY-1 She-thing from the future [Salome Jens] runs thru lab
THEM! - 1954
TH-1 View past Graham [James Arness] firing gun at ant coming over sand dune, Dr. Pat Medford [Joan Weldon] at his side on knees
TH-2 Cont. #1, RA from behind ant's head
TH-3 Sgt. Peterson [James Whitmore] aims gun at OS ant as Dr. Medford [Edmund Gwenn] watches at his side
TH-4 View past Graham, Pat & Peterson entering gassed desert catacomb filled with dead sentry ants
TH-5 National Guardsmen fire on ants in Los Angeles sewer system
TH-6 Peterson about to be crushed in giant ant's mandibles
TH-7 BS: SV of giant ant model on studio backlot
TH-8 BS: Cont. #7, FV of ant model
TH-9 BS: Cont. #8, 3/4 FV of ant model
TH-10 PR: FLV of Graham protecting busty Pat from ant leg in evocative, shadowy pose at sewer entrance
TH-11 Helicopter hovers above giant ants emerging from desert nest entrance
[NOTE: #24-27 have vertical emulsion scratches. #1a-5e are behind scenes pictures that were uncovered in 1980 after being thought lost, hidden or nonexistent for 30 years]
TT-1 FLV of team approaching fin of spacecraft embedded in ice
TT-2 FLV of team forming circle around iced over saucer
TT-3 MS of team studying huge block of ice containing alien
TT-4 MLS of team looking with alarm at melted ice block. Alien is missing
TT-5 MLS of scientists examining miniature Things feeding on plasma
TT-6 MLS of Capt. Hendry [Kenneth Tobey] & his men preparing electrical trap to kill alien in Arctic station corridor
TT-7 Reproduction of LC #6 showing team poised for showdown
TT-8 HOWARD HAWKS PRODUCTION over title starting to burn in
TT-9 Title fully burned in
TT-10 End title giving complete cast of characters
TT-11 MS of Dr. Carrington [Robert Cornthwaite] & Redding [George Fenneman] showing Hendry photoplate viewer evidence of unknown craft's flight
TT-13 Looking past trio studying upward streak of saucer on viewer
TT-14 While piloting plane, Hendry & Dykes [James Young] listen to McPherson [Robert Nichols] quote Air Force regulations on UFO
TT-15 FLV of passengers in crowded compartment of plane
TT-16 Hendry, Dykes Erickson & Carrington gaze out cockpit
TT-17 AV of saucer buried in ice as seen from plane
TT-18 Cont. #17, bottle neck of saucer skid added to view
TT-19 MLS of scientists theorizing about saucer, in ice, spread before them
TT-21 FLV of Scotty [Douglas Spencer] watching thermite charge being planted by fin sticking out of ice
TT-22 LS of saucer area as thermite explodes, melting ice
TT-23 Head & shoulders of alien outlined in block of ice
TT-24 LS of alien thrashing around with sled dogs in snowstorm
TT-26 Flashlight reveals severed hand in snow under dog's body
TT-27 Group picks up hand from snow, studying it under flashlight
TT-28 Group looks intently as hand on lab table begins to move
TT-29 Cont. #28, Carrington checks temperature of hand
TT-30 FLV of scientists finding dead sled dog in greenhouse
TT-31 Carrington watches Dr. Stern [Eduard Franz] listening to miniature Things in planter box with stethoscope
TT-32 CU of stethoscope poised by Things growing in planter box
TT-33 Hendry opens greenhouse door, unaware Thing [James Arness] is there
TT-34 Cont. #33, with door fully open, Thing locks eyes with Hendry
TT-35 Cont. #34, Hendry ducks under sweeping arm of alien
TT-36 Cont. #35, Hendry comes back up defensively
TT-37 Cont. #36, Hendry & Barnes smash alien's arm in door as Crew Chief Bob [Dewey Martin] aims rifle
TT-38 Bob eyes geiger counter as others face bunk room door with backs to camera, awaiting arrival of alien
TT-40 Cont. #38, alien appears in lighted doorway of dark bunk room
TT-41 Cont. #40, alien advances into darkened bunk room
TT-42 Cont. #41, alien pauses inside door, turning toward Barnes
TT-43 Cont. #42, profile MCU of alien striking at upheld mattress
TT-44 Cont. #43, FLV of alien, engulfed in flames, charging across bunk room
TT-45 Cont. #44, RV of alien making blazing escape thru snow
TT-47 LS of alien in corridor doorway after busting thru barricade [vertical scratch centered on alien]
TT-48 Cont. #47, FLV of alien advancing, armed with wood beam
TT-49 Cont. #49, alien raises his arm to strike Carrington
TT-51 Cont. #50, snarling alien starts to swing his arm
TT-52 Cont. #51, alien knocks Carrington aside
TT-53 Cont. #52, alien leaps away to avoid ax tossed at his legs
TT-54 Cont. #53, FLV of alien a moment before his electrocution
TT-55 Cont. #54, electrical bolts stab at head & arm of grimacing alien. THE classic shot
TT-56 Cont. #55, alien begins to buckle under electrical assault
TT-57 Cont. #56, many bolts arc at alien, now smoking
TT-58 Cont. #57, view past team witnessing alien's demise
TT-59 Cont. #58, alien drops to knees, covered in smoke
TT-60 Cont. #59, alien reduced now to almost nothing
TT-61 Cont. #60, bright flash frame of above scene
TT-62 Cont. #61, alien dwindled to smoking pile of ashes
TT-63 LS of group walking away from burned up saucer
TT-64 Alien's claw-tipped hand & lower arm
TT-65 Reproduction of 22x28 poster features five PR scenes
TT-1a Detailed MS of James Arness as the alien, his thorned hands upraised as he strikes a timeless glowering pose in his ripped flight uniform
TT-2b FLV of Arness in un-torn uniform with midget Thing [Billy Curtis] standing on stool, appearing as if he intends to bite the big guy
TT-3c FLV of Arness & Curtis side-by-side
TT-4d Makeup artist Lee Greenway cradles Curtis in his lap as Arness looks down at them
TTN-1 PR: PRT of bearded MacReady [Kurt Russell]
TTN-2 Nauls [T.K. Carter] discovers secretly built spacecraft
TTC-1 LS of miniature space gun set with monorail
TIE-1 Cal Meacham [Rex Reason] & Joe [Robert Nichols] draw back as Interociter carrying image of Exeter [Jeff Morrow] blows up construction manual in laboratory
TIE-2 FLV of Metalunan spaceship pulling away from Earth
TIE-3 FLV of Cal & Ruth Adams [Faith Domergue] standing under conversion tubes as Exeter & controller look on
TIE-4 Zahgon meteor-guiding spaceships attack saucer in space
TIE-5 FLV of Exeter, Ruth & Cal observing explosion in space on stellarscope
TIE-6 FLV of saucer descending toward opening in Metaluna's bomb-pitted crust
TIE-7 MLS of Cal, Ruth & Exeter stopping to gaze upward on way to thought transference chamber
TIE-8 FLV of Exeter pleading for trust of Cal & Ruth in rubble-filled transport tube station
TIE-9 LS of trio racing for saucer against backdrop of city in ruins
TIE-10 MLS of mutant baring way of escape for trio
TIE-11 FLV of saucer rising above planet crust as Zahgon ship bombs surface
TIE-12 MLS of mutant, blood trickling from brain, standing in front of master control unit aboard saucer
TIE-13 FLV of wounded mutant rising from floor in front of trio inside conversion tubes
TIE-14 PR: FLV of mutant cradling unconscious Ruth in its arms beside master control unit aboard saucer
TIE-15 PR: FLV of Exeter struggling with mutant, who grabs him from behind next to master control unit
TIE-16 LS of saucer ascending from hiding place behind hilltop mansion in Georgia. Light plane in fg
TIE-17 FLV of mutant in doorway of saucer exit tube
TIE-18 PR: MLS of Cal & Ruth staring up into sky as they flee aliens in pose used for theatrical posters
TIE-20 PR: PRT of Ruth in Metalunan uniform
TIE-22 PR: Shadowy MLS of Exeter posed behind conversion tube controls
TIE-24 Miniature plane suspended under model of Metaluna saucer
TIE-25 BS: MLS of main cast relaxing on monitor's headquarters set
TIE-26 BS: MLS of Faith, in Metalunan uniform, taking breather on saucer set with then husband, Director Hugo Fregonese
TIE-27 FLV of Cal & Joe poring over Interociter parts strewn about floor of lab
TIE-28 Profile MLS of Cal & Ruth facing each other after arriving in foyer of estate. Brack [Lance Fuller] eyes them in bg
TIE-29 Exeter greets Cal & Ruth in his office
TIE-30 MLS of Cal, Ruth & Steve [Russell Johnson] having after dinner conversation in lab as Ruth pets cat, Neutron
TIE-31 MS of Exeter & Brack arguing merits of mind controlling guests beside office Interociter
TIE-32 MLS of Cal & Ruth undergoing conversion tube transformation, their musculature showing
TIE-34 MS of Joe showing mystery bead to Cal in lab
TIE-35 FLV of Joe & Cal wondering what to do next after assembling interociter
TIE-37 Cal, Ruth & Steve study sketches in lab beside lead shielding that's been interociterized
TIE-38 MLS of Exeter tuning in his office Interociter
TIE-41 FLV of Cal striking out at mutant who has mortally wounded Exeter during escape from Metaluna
TIE-42 FLV of Cal & Ruth watching as wounded Exeter guides saucer away from Metaluna
TIE-43 MCU of Cal & Ruth in plane cockpit upon safe return to Earth
TIE-44 Cal attempts to pull away Metaluna mutant who is choking floored Exeter on ship. Signed by Jeff Morrow
TIE-45 PR: MS of mutant looking at his reflection in mirror
TIE-46 PR: MS of Ruth holding faces of Brack & Exeter close to hers [all wearing space duds]
TIE-47 PR: FLV of mutant posed beside spaceship control nucleus
TIE-48 PR: FLV of mutant attacking downed Exeter with both claws
TIE-49 PR: FLV of Ruth trying to pull mutant off of floored Cal in front of control nucleus
TS-1 FLV of Three Stooges [Moe, Larry & Curley Joe] hanging on for dear life to flying tank-sub
TS-2 MS of head Martian, Ogg [George Neise]
TS-3 Three Martians search thru debris-strewn room
THUN-1 James Bond [Sean Connery] grimaces in pain during ride on traction machine at higher than normal speed
THUN-2 MS of Bond socializing with Largo [Adolfo Celi] & Domino [Claudine Auger] at chemin de fer table
THUN-3 PR: MLS of Paula [Martine Beswick] posed in sexy zebra-skin & mesh swimsuit
THUN-4 Bond reports to M as security agent looks on
THUN-5 Bond relaxes in easy chair to surprise of widow standing in large drawing room
THUN-6 Bond traps Count Lippe [Guy Doleman] in steam cabinet
THUN-7 Bond surfaces in water, oxygen device clenched in his teeth
THUN-8 Bond clouts Largo backward in Disco Volante wheelhouse
THUN-9 Bond & Domino clutch each other in raft
THX 1138 - 1971
THX-1 Robot policemen carry malcontent off for mind cleaning
THX-2 Workers stride robotically along tri-level walkway
THX-3 THX 1138 [Robert Duvall] & LUH 3417 [Maggie McOmie] make love
TAT-1 PR: H.G. Wells [Malcolm McDowell] poses beside his time machine
TAT-2 PR: MCU of Wells posed on exhibit hall steps
TAT-3 PR: MCU of Amy [Mary Steenburgen], Wells' love
TAT-4 PR: MS of Amy & Wells posed in time machine
TAT-5 PR: MCU of Amy & Wells, looking the perfect couple
TAT-6 FLV of time machine as Wells steers it thru darkness
TAT-7 FLV of time machine as Wells lands it in exhibit hall
TAT-8 PR: MLS of Wells, Amy & Stevenson [David Warner] posed in front of Golden Gate bridge
TAT-10 MS of Stevenson holding knife to Amy's throat in front of time machine
TAT-11 Stevenson sits in machine almost inviting Wells to obliterate him with his key
TAT-12 MS of Stevenson looking thru barred window
TAT-13 MS of Stevenson talking menacingly to Amy [back turned] in bank
TAT-14 Cont. #13, MCU of Stevenson standing, angry
TAT-16 MS of Stevenson in suit & sunglasses outdoors
TAT-17 MCU of Stevenson sitting in machine eying OS Wells with trepidation
TAT-18 PR: MS of Warner in present day suit & McDowell in Victorian suit sitting between takes
TBS-1 PR: FLV of smiling King Agamemnon [Sean Connery] seated outdoors
TBS-2 PR: MS of Evil Genius [David Warner] looking to do evil
TM-1 Reproduction of title LC showing time traveler & Weena [Yvette Mimieux] fighting off Morlocks in underground domain
TM-2 FLV of George [Rod Taylor] at controls of time machine as he begins journey from his laboratory
TM-3 PR: MS of George facing camera while seated in machine
TM-4 LS of George approaching dilapidated domed building in far future
TM-5 PR: PRT of Weena in clutches of Morlock
TM-6 Weena shows George how talking rings work
TM-7 FLV of Morlock sneaking up on George in underground cavern near machinery
TM-8 FLV of five Morlocks moving toward OS Eloi victims
TM-9 LS of George & Eloi cheering their escape from smoke-filled well
TM-10 FLV of Morlock on fire & running behind circular underground machinery
TM-12 George greets uniformed Jamie [Alan Young] on sidewalk
TM-13 MS of George exploring Morlock underground kitchen
TM-14 MCU of Morlock choking George
TM-15 Cont. #14, Eloi about to club Morlock in pullback shot
TM-16 Set still of time machine in cluttered laboratory looking toward door
TM-17 Set still of time machine in lab looking toward windows overlooking garden
TM-18 Set still of time machine nestled in garden shrubbery behind lab, Home fronts in bg
TM-19 LS set still of time machine in London park
TM-20 Set still of time machine at base of sphinx
TM-21 LS set still of time machine inside sphinx entrance
TM-25 SV of actual refurbished time machine owned by famous Hollywood Halloweener Bob Burns on lab set [see STARLOG #18, pg. 57]
TM-26 George about to throw one Morlock into another in cavern as Weena & other Eloi watch fearfully
TIM-1 FLV of Dr. Erik von Steiner [Preston Foster] after stepping from time window into future world
TIM-2 Profile FLV of starship in diagonal position on launch pad
TIM-4 FLV of woman scientist standing with group of androids
TG-1 DA of Brian "Gadge" Roberts [Billy Chapin] trying to control Tobor the robot in living room & doing marginal job
TG-2 MLS of Tobor grabbing spy by suit lapels beside car
TG-3 Dr. Nordstrom [Taylor Holmes] tries to control Tobor in lab as Gadge & Dr. Harrison [Charles Drake] react
TG-4 Harrison throws switch as Tobor views space on flight simulator screen
TG-5 Tobor drives jeep in rocky terrain
TG-6 Tobor takes out two spies inside garage
TG-7 Tobor carries Gadge in his arms as Nordstrom & Harrison follow
TG-8 Nordstrom takes controls from Gadge as Harrison & Janice [Karin Booth] watch. Tobor in bg
TG-9 Tobor exits hidden lab from between book shelves & enters den
TG-10 Electrified fence sparks as Tobor breaks thru it
TG-11 PR: FLV of Tobor being off-loaded from ship upon arrival in England for publicity tour
TTL-1 PRT of Quaid [Arnold Schwarzenegger] glowering aside
TTL-2 PRT of steely-eyed Lori [Sharon Stone]
TTL-3 MLS of maniacally ill-tempered Richter [Michael Ironside] threatening to shoot Thumbelina [Debbie Lee Carrington] in Mars bar
12 TO THE MOON - 1960
TTM-1 FLV of astronauts setting foot on Moon as meteorite strikes near feet of ship title
TTM-2 Panoramic view of Moon landscape, Earth in corner bg
TTM-4 Title over FLV of ice-encrusted Lunar Eagle One
TTM-5 RV of equipment-laden astros setting out to explore Moon
TTM-6 DA/LS of astros moving across Moon surface
TTM-7 LS of frozen American city, presumably New York
[NOTE: #1a-6f are also available in 5x7 size @ $2.00 ea.]
TMM-1 Reproduction of title LC showing spaceship streaking toward arm & leg of giant Ymir
TMM-2 FLV of scientists monitoring drugged & shackled Ymir
TMM-3 Cont. #2, scientists & Col. Calder [William Hopper] scramble to recover after Ymir awakens & starts to break free
TMM-4 FLV of Ymir facing charging elephant
TMM-5 FLV of Ymir gripping man in one hand & ripping up light post with other hand
TMM-6 Looking up past armed soldiers at Ymir atop Rome Colosseum
TMM-7 FLV of Ymir lying dead in pile of rubble
TMM-8 Ymir model upon desktop display stand
TMM-9 Calder tries to prod Ymir from loft
TMM-10 MS of Ymir looming from behind bridge railing
TMM-11 Cont. #4, elephant knocks Ymir to ground with head butt
TMM-12 UA of Ymir & dragon [7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD] models built by Harryhausen
TMM-1a Title superimposed over Ymir looking down at tanks from top of Colosseum
TMM-2b LS of fishing boat nearing crashed & sinking rocket ship
TMM-3c Ymir looks up a helicopter hovering overhead
TMM-4d FLV of Ymir smashing thru wall, escaping outside building
TMM-5e Head of Ymir bursts up thru street, Colosseum in bg
TMM-6f Same as #1a without title
TLS-1 Reproduction of title LC showing Nautilus crew walking on bottom of ocean, plus head shots of stars
TLS-2 3/4 FV of Nautilus undersea
TLS-3 FLV of Nautilus crew engaging giant squid which has attached itself to ship during raging storm
TLS-4 Cont. #3, tighter shot of squid wrapping tentacle around Capt. Nemo [James Mason]
TLS-5 FLV of Nemo in tight quarters battling squid
TLS-6 BS: rare shot of technicians rigging giant squid in dry tank
TLS-7 Nemo watches as Nautilus submerges with Ned [Kirk Douglas], Arronax [Paul Lucas] & Conseil [Peter Lorre] holding rear fin of boat
TLS-8 Nemo & Arronax are rowed away from Nautilus by crewman, several of crew atop submarine
TLS-9 DA of crew rushing out to battle squid in violent storm at sea
TLS-10 PR: MS of glowering Nemo standing next to scale drawing of Nautilus
TLS-11 Four-element shot of key confrontational scenes involving Nemo, Ned, Prof. Arronax & Conseil
[NOTE: #12-15 were photographed at original Disneyland exhibit in 1955]
TLS-12 MS of large Nautilus model
TLS-13 FLV of Nemo's pipe organ
TLS-14 FLV of stored pressure suits & metal stairway
TLS-15 FLV of Nemo's library & part of salon
TLS-16 FLV of giant squid as seen thru salon port window
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY- 1968
TSO-1 FLV of space station orbiting Earth
TSO-2 LS of Pan Am clipper about to dock with space station orbiting Earth
TSO-4 Artwork of clipper ship Orion blasting away from station
TSO-5 DA of moonbus pilots viewing surface thru cockpit windows
TSO-6 LS of scientists descending into Tycho crater excavation where monolith has been unearthed
TSO-7 Cont. #6, RA of team from behind at crater rim
TSO-8 Profile MLS of Poole [Gary Lockwood], in spacesuit, monitoring readout panels in command module of Discovery
TSO-10 FLV of Poole & Bowman [Keir Dullea] about to enter pod on pod bay to have private conversation
TSO-11 Poole checks out telemetry unit at top of Discovery
TSO-12 FLV of spacesuited Bowman in pod bay
TSO-13 Pod approaches Poole, cut adrift in deep space
TSO-14 Bowman blasts way into Discovery airlock sans space helmet
TSO-15 Profile FLV of spacesuited Bowman dismembering HAL
TSO-16 CU of Bowman looking with awe out of his helmet
TSO-17 Cont. #16, face becalmed as lights reflect off helmet
TSO-18 CU of Discovery with repair pod alongside
TSO-19 PR: MCU of Bowman
TSO-20 PR: PRT of Poole
TSO-22 Satellite orbits Earth with Sun on horizon
TSO-23 Second satellite orbits Earth with Sun above horizon
TSO-24 Orion dips diagonally over Earth
TSO-25 3/4 RV of Orion Flying under Earth
TSO-26 Orion pilots view space station thru window
TSO-27 LS of Aries descending toward Moon
TSO-28 AV of Aries flying over night side of Moon
TSO-29 UA of Aries about to touchdown at Clavius
TSO-30 Aries lands at Clavius in cloud of dust
TSO-31 LS of Aries being lowered into vast airlock
TSO-33 Moon bus flies over Earth-lit terrain
TSO-34 SV of Moon bus in flight, Earth in bg
TSO-35 FV of Moon bus with pilots visible in cockpit
TSO-36 LS of scientists about to descend into excavation at Tycho, Earth hangs low in bg
TSO-37 Tight FLV of scientists taking first look at OS monolith
TSO-38 SV of scientists descending ramp into excavation
TSO-39 3/4 FV of above
TSO-40 Scientist takes photo of colleagues in dig
TSO-41 3/4 RV of 700-foot long spaceship Discovery
TSO-42 Antenna system section of Discovery
TSO-43 LS of Poole & Bowman in pod bay trying to pinpoint antenna malfunction
TSO-44 Cont. #43, closer view of pair working on enigma
TSO-45 3/4 FV of Discovery with pod leaving pod bay
TSO-46 Cont. #45, slightly tighter view
TSO-48 View past antenna system of pod leaving ship
TSO-49 Bowman in free fall between ship & pod
TSO-50 LS of Bowman & Poole entering pod for confab

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UW-1 FLV of cyclotram crew arguing inside earth-boring machine
UW-2 FV of tank-like cyclotram at mountain summit
VG-1 FLV of Gwangi & orinthomimus facing off in front of cave
VG-2 FLV of Gwangi chewing on orinthomimus as cowboys ride by
VG-3 LS of cowboys & team of horses hauling Gwangi to town in cage
VG-4 FLV of Gwangi stomping thru town after escaping from exhibit as people flee in panic before him
VG-5 PR: FLV of T.J. [Gila Golan] posed in cowboy hat & riding duds
VG-6 PR: MS of T.J. & Tuck [James Franciscus] in western duds
VG-7 MCU of T.J. wearing choker & flower in her hair
VG-8 Tuck & T.J. trade jibes beside her horse
VG-9 T.J. & Champ [Richard Carlson] stare OS while leaning on corral railing
VG-10 Tuck tries to re-board his horse after Gwangi in bg spooks him
VG-11 Cowboys spot Gwangi in pass about to grab prehistoric roadrunner
VG-12 Cowboy spears orinthomimus, Gwangi says thanks
VG-13 Gwangi stomps past dead orinthomimus toward riders
VG-14 Tuck & T.J. cower from Gwangi in church
VG-15 Vertical three-element shot; Gwangi gets better of orinthomimus: roped Gwangi pulls rider off horse; horse & rider haul Gwangi away in cage
VMP-1 PR: FLV of voluptuous lesbian vampiress Mircalla [Ingrid Pitt] & four other sultry maidens, all wearing sexy nightgowns with feet atop coffin
VMP-2 MS of Mircalla walking trancelike thru door to drawing room
VAR-1 LS of Varan eyeball to eyeball with jet plane
VSH-1 FLV of silken-gowned & bethroned gorgeous would-be reincarnation of Ayesha [Olinka Berova]
VSH-2 Profile MLS of Killikrates [John Richardson] confronting filmy-gowned Carol/Ayesha
VSH-3 MLS of Killikrates & Carol hypnotized by Fire of Life
VOG-1 Mike [Tommy Kirk] & others about to sample giant roast duck
VOG-2 FLV of naughty giant teens having hearty laugh
VBS-1 FLV of Seaview officers & crew, some coughing, up on deck as stream swirls about them
VBS-2 FLV of submerged submarine Seaview near reef
VBS-3 FLV of suspended Seaview model
VBS-4 Adm. Nelson giving Dr. Hiller [Joan Fontaine], congressman & general tour of boat
VBS-5 Nelson, Lucius [Peter Lorre], Cathy [Barbara Eden] & Crane [Robert Sterling] view body under sheet
VEU-1 FLV of lonely voyager sitting with head bowed in vast chamber of spaceship
WCB-1 MS of giant Manning [Dean Parkin] in torment at finding himself shackled inside hanger
WCB-2 MS of giant disfigured Manning picking up truck, looking inside for food
WS-1 Alien-possessed scientist Van Ponder [Richard Devon] calmly inspects blow-torched hand
WS-2 LS of three-stage spaceship under construction on pad
WW-1 PR: MCU of Martian, its spindly arms upraised
WW-2 Man with shovel approaches smoking meteor, townsfolk watch in bg
WW-3 RV of sentries extending welcome to cobra-headed shaft that has risen from inside crashed meteor
WW-5 MLS of Dr. Clayton Forrester [Gene Barry] & Sheriff Bogany [Walter Sande] viewing OS destruction wrought by Martians
WW-6 FLV of two Martian war machines emerging pit
WW-7 FLV of two war machines hovering near crashed plane
WW-8 MLS of Sylvia [Ann Robinson] & Forrester studying severed scanner eye in farmhouse
WW-9 Face of Martian exposed in flashlight beam
WW-11 PR: MS of Forrester clutching newspapers headlining Martian invasion
WW-12 War machine fires heat ray at water storage tank
WW-13 Composite of war machine & Los Angeles City Hall exploding
WW-14 FLV of Forrester watching man touch Martian arm at hatch of crashed ship in scene cut from film
WW-15 Set still of crashed ship's underbelly & open hatch
WW-18 Top of LA City Hall blowing apart
WW-23 BS: Albert Nozaki, designer of Martian costume, reaches for war machine model on desk while storyboarding
WW-24 Martian hand about to touch unsuspecting Sylvia from behind inside farm house
WW-25 Sylvia introduces Pastor Collins [Lewis Martin] to Forrester
WW-26 Sylvia & Forrester explore inside of wrecked farmhouse
WW-27 Three suspended war machines rise from pit [wire visible]
WW-28 BS: director of sfx Gordon Jennings & Chet Pate attach front shell to war machine on work table
WW-29 BS: MLS of technician placing cobra head device into top of hanging war machine on terrain set
WAY...WAY OUT - 1966
WAY-1 Moon weathernauts Pete Mattemore [Jerry Lewis] & Eileen Forbes [Connie Stevens] get surprise when sexy Anna Soblova [Anita Ekberg] steps from airlock
WAY-2 PR: Eileen poses in silver spacesuit sans helmet
WAY-3 PR: Anna poses in leotard & boots beside computer panel
WES-1 Peter [Richard Benjamin] beds down with lusty robot call girl Arlette [Linda Scott]
WES-2 Gunslinger mask being removed to show robot workings
WES-3 Acid eats away face of gunslinger robot [Yul Brynner]
WES-4 CU robot gunslinger, accenting the lifeless eyes
WDR-1 FLV of caveman spearing foot of dinosaur to release girl pinned underneath
WDR-2 PR: MS of Sanna [Victoria Vetri] ready to strike with bone knife
WDR-3 PR: FLV of Sanna posed with two other cavegirl cuties, Ayak [Imogene Hassall] & Ulido [Magda Konopka]
WDR-4 FLV of Sanna kneeling inside cracked open dinosaur egg shell after stumbling across nest
WDR-5 PR: giant crab menaces nude Sanna
WDR-6 PR: FLV of Sanna, wearing smile, but not much else, seated on burro between takes
WDR-7 PR: FLV of Sanna in defensive pose with makeshift spar, legs spread wide & body bent forward
WWC-1 FLV of nearly finished space ark on launch ramp
WWC-2 Workmen perform tasks around hatchway of ark
WWC-3 Tidal waters flood New York City's Herald Square
WWC-4 PR: Dave Randall [Richard Derr], Tony [Peter Hanson] & Joyce [Barbara Rush] pose at controls of ark
WWC-5 SV of ark shooting down launch ramp
WWC-6 FLV of ark gliding to landing on Zyra, the new world
WWC-7 Reproduction of LC #3 showing Dave & Joyce taking first look at new world from ark hatchway
WWC-8 Ark blasts away from apex of launch ramp
WWC-9 Reproduction of title LC showing exciting collage plus four key thumbnail scenes
WWC-10 RV of ark hurtling toward Zyra
WWC-11 LS of ark landed on Zyra's icy surface
WWC-12 BS: Technicians work on half-finished scale model of space ark
WWC-13 Cont. #12, workers position "under construction" ark model, gantry & other miniatures spread out on table [also available as 5x7 for $2.00]
WWC-14 Flames licking in fg obscure tail section of space ark after earthquake
WM-1 PR: nude librarian [Ingrid Pitt] poses in bathtub
WM-2 MS of Lord Summerisle [Christopher Lee & Willow [Britt Ekland] talking by sea
WWP-2 Three Earth spaceships blast thru space
WBD-1 MCU of Linda [Tawny Kitaen] wearing sport jacket & snappy hat, looking into distance outdoors
WWG-1 MS of bulbous-headed alien with insect eyes & no snout wearing rope- dressed leathers
WOZ-1 Glinda [Billie Burke] & Dorothy [Judy Garland] watch Munchkins come out of hiding
WOZ-2 Wicked Witch [Margaret Hamilton] hides behind tree as Dorothy & Scarecrow [Ray Bolger] walk unsuspecting along yellow brick road
WOZ-3 FLV of Dorothy finding rusted Tin Man [Jack Haley]
WOZ-4 FLV of Dorothy & Scarecrow bringing Tin Man back to life
WOZ-5 Tin Man, Dorothy & Scarecrow startled by something OS
WOZ-6 Dorothy rebuffs Cowardly Lion [Bert Lahr] as Tin Man & Scarecrow look on
WOZ-7 Cont. #6, Dorothy dries Lion's tear-filled eyes
WOZ-8 Dorothy's band reads warning signs in haunted forest
WOZ-9 Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow & Tin Man laugh & sing in Oz repair shop
WOZ-14 Visitor Elvira Gulch harasses Aunt Em, Dorothy & Toto
WOZ-15 Giant twister in bg moves toward Dorothy's farm
WOZ-16 From bedroom window of her airborne house, Dorothy watches Gulch ride bicycle thru eye of twister
WOZ-17 Cont. #16, Gulch & bicycle become witch & broom
WOZ-46 Dorothy wakens from dream with her friends bedside
WIZARDS - 1977
WIZ-1 Avatar reposes in easy chair with cigar midst toes
WIZ-2 CU of Blackwolf, the evil wizard
WIZ-3 Fairy king & members of his retinue
WIZ-4 Blackwolf & his beautiful wife
WIZ-5 Blackwolf & his ugly soothsayers
WIZ-6 Group of Blackwolf's grotesque followers
WIZ-7 Happy band of evil dwellers from the Land of Scortch
WIZ-8 Warrior elves prepare to attack
WIZ-9 Warrior elves in combat with Blackwolf's army
WIZ-10 Members of Blackwolf's army on the march
WIZ-11 Elinore's budding powers evoke life in stone gargoyle
WIZ-12 Wood fairies entertain a giggling Elinore
WIZ-13 Elinore is held prisoner in fairy caverns
WIZ-14 Avatar meets with chieftain of roving band of elves
WLF-1 PRT of Larry Talbot [Lon Chaney Jr.], the Wolfman, leaning against gnarled tree
WBG-1 BS: Director George Pal & actor Russ Tamblyn chat by trucks
WWE-1 FLV of four-man crew making plans in front of spaceship sitting amid snow & ice
WWE-2 FLV of crew wrestling with giant spider attacking them in webbed lair
WWE-3 FLV of crew in hand-to-hand combat with surface mutants
WWE-4 FLV of Herbert Ellis [Rod Taylor] firing bazooka with John Borden [Hugh Marlowe], Hank Jaffee [Christopher Dark], Eldon Galbraithe [Nelson Leigh] & cowering mutant looking on
WWE-5 FLV of astronauts & underground dwellers talking & embracing during celebration
WC-1 PR: Matt Helm [Dean Martin] encircled by nine exotically-attired models
XANADU - 1980
XAN-1 PRT of Kira [Olivia Newton-John]
XAN-2 PR: MS of smiling Kira, side to camera & looking over her shoulder
XAN-3 PR: PRT of hunky Sonny Malone [Michael Beck] looking aside with parted lips
XAN-4 PR: PRT of smiling Sonny & Kira posed cheek-to-cheek
XAN-5 PR: MS of laughing Sonny & smiling Kira posed arm-in-arm, looking aside
XAN-6 PR: smiling PRT of Kira, Sonny & Danny McGuire [Gene Kelly]
XAN-7 PR: MLS of Kira taking arms of Sonny & Danny in front of band, all smiling
XAN-8 Candid MS of Beck & Olivia making road appearance together, smiling at OS fans
YOLT-1 MLS of James Bond [Sean Connery], Tiger Tanaka [Tetsuro Tamba] & Aki [Aki Wakabayashi] scrutinizing table covered with weapons
ZARDOZ - 1974
ZAR-1 LS of Exterminator watching head of Zardoz float over valley
ZAR-3 PR: Reproduction of rare theatrical poster displaying family tree of boxes explaining elements of film
ZAR-4 PR: PRT of Zed [Sean Connery] & Consuella [Charlotte Rampling] embracing
ZAR-5 PR: MS of Zed with arm around Consuella's waist while holding pistol in front of her bare stomach
ZAR-6 PR: MS of actual & reflected images of Zed holding gun
ZAR-7 MS of nude Avalow [Sally Anne Newton] holding hands over breasts as computer display reflects across her body
ZAR-8 MCU of rifle-toting Exterminator wearing godhead
ZAR-9 FV of Zardoz floating over worshippers
ZAR-11 MLS of two Eternals in Vortex laboratory
ZAR-14 MCU of Zed
ZAR-15 PRT of Consuella
ZAR-16 Zed throws net over grounded Brutal
ZAR-17 Exterminators ride up to mouth of Zardoz godhead
ZAR-18 Zed rises from mound of gravel with gun at ready inside godhead
ZAR-19 Zed lies on slab while Eternals analyze his projected image
ZAR-20 MS of Consuella holding hawk
ZAR-21 MS of Zed aiming gun OS beside Consuella, who holds both arms out in front of her