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The movie titles are listed alphabetically. You may use the letters below to jump to specific areas.

G-H Below




C-GAX-1 PR: MS of out-of-this-world robot Galaxina encircled by refracted images
C-GAX-2 PR: Red-lit MS of Galaxina in tight peekaboo silver costume
C-GAX-3 PR: MS of Galaxina, hand on shapely hip
C-GAX-4 PR: MLS of Galaxina drawing weapon from holster
C-GAX-5 PR: FLV of Galaxina posed with weapon aboard her spaceship
C-GAX-6 PR: MS of Galaxina posing alluringly inside freezing compartment
C-GAX-7 PR: Galaxina poses in command seat aboard ship
C-GAX-8 PR: FLV of Galaxina posed in satiny lingerie ensemble aboard ship
C-GAX-9 PR: MS of uncouth Capt. Butt [Avery Schreiber], zany OIC
C-GAX-10 Grotesque alien rock eater doing his thing
C-GAX-11 Mist swirls about the monster from the egg
C-GAX-12 FLV of Galaxina's stylish metallic spaceship
C-GAX-13 DA of spaceship from rear on way to Altar I
C-GAX-14 Light glints off bow of spaceship as it cruises past asteroid
C-GAX-15 Front half of spaceship emerges from behind asteroid
C-GAX-16 Red-hued LS of Galaxina squaring off against armed alien in front of old west saloon
C-GAX-17 MCU of Galaxina hit with green/purple negative effect
C-GAX-18 Red-hued FLV of the alien horn man
C-GAX-19 MCU of Galaxina studying cryogenically frozen Thor
C-GAX-20 Thor gazes longingly at Galaxina, seated in command chair
C-GAX-21 MS of Galaxina flanked by cigar-chomping Thor & cowboy-hated Buzz [James D. Hinton]
C-GAX-22 MS of Galaxina comforting Thor
C-GAX-23 PR: FLV of Galaxina in spread-legged profile pose on blue bg
C-GAX-24 PR: refracted FLV of Galaxina in spread-legged FV pose on blue bg
C-GAX-25 PR: FLV of Galaxina, weapon drawn, in semi-profile pose in front of her command chair
C-GAX-26 PR: MLS of Galaxina & Thor, clad only in gold diaper, arm-in-arm
C-GAX-27 SV of hawk ship on black bg
C-GAX-28 SV of hawk ship model, cannon protruding from its open mouth
C-GAX-29 3/4 FV of spaceship Infinity trying to outrun red glow entering frame from above
C-GAX-30 Cont. #29, Infinity more in profile as glow closes in
C-GAX-31 Capt. Butt gets bad case of indigestion standing beside thoroughly ugly alien woman
C-GAX-32 Galaxina, in maid costume, serves candlelight dinner to Infinity crew
C-GAX-33 LS of diaper-clad Thor & Buzz talking as Galaxina opens remaining cyrogenic chambers
C-GAX-34 Galaxina makes inquiry of Spock-like bartender in alien-infested human bar
C-GAX-35 MS of nightgowned Galaxina professing love to shirtless Thor, who can't believe his luck
C-GAX-36 Cont. #8, FLV of Galaxina in satin lingerie ensemble, stretching enticingly
C-GAX-37 Cont. #36, hands now at sides
C-GAX-38 Cont. #37, hands on hips & smile brightens face
C-GAX-39 PR: PRT of Galaxina, in her peek-a-boo silver costume, eyes closed

C-GOT-1 FLV of spaceship crash victim in throes of death as unseen force presses him against piped wall
C-GOT-2 Alluma & Quuhod clutch each other while in grip of unknown force
C-GOT-3 CU of Alluma ensnared by tentacle with death grip
C-GOT-4 MS of Dameia [Taafee O'Connell] making horrible discovery
C-GOT-5 Giant maggot begins to uncoil before OS Dameia
C-GOT-6 MCU of maggot raping nude Dameia
C-GOT-8 Spaceship Quest flies over mountainous surface of planet Morganthus
C-GOT-9 PR: MLS of Alluma posed aboard ship
C-GOT-11 RV of spaceship Quest approaching planet Morganthus

C-GPK-1 FLV of various repulsive Garbage Pail Kids & an argumentative Capt. Manzini [Anthony Newley]
C-GPK-2 Ali Gator & bikers having hoot in bar

C-GTM-1 Title with Ghidrah flying over Japanese village
C-GTM-2 Fireball forming within exploding meteor
C-GTM-3 Ghidrah is born out of the flames
C-GTM-4 Ghidrah is fiery outline
C-GTM-5 Ghidrah almost fully materialized
C-GTM-6 Ghidrah fully materialized
C-GTM-7 Ghidrah enters Earth's atmosphere
C-GTM-8 Group of scientists look up in fear
C-GTM-9 Godzilla rises from the ocean depths
C-GTM-10 Cont. #9, Godzilla shoots his mouth off
C-GTM-11 Godzilla's bad breath strikes ship [miniature]
C-GTM-12 Ghidrah shoots all three of his mouths off
C-GTM-13 Lighting bolt explodes building
C-GTM-14 Two lightning bolts hit buildings
C-GTM-15 FV of Rodan flying
C-GTM-16 Godzilla & Ghidrah tussle behind bridge
C-GTM-17 Godzilla & Ghidrah size each other up
C-GTM-18 Ghidrah knocks Godzilla over a ridge
C-GTM-19 Cont. C-GTM-18, slightly different opposite view
C-GTM-20 Mothra shoots webbing as Rodan's wings kick up dust

GHOST - 1990
C-GOS-1 MLS of Sam [Patrick Swayze] catching Molly [Demi Moore] in his arms & spinning her around while trying to haul statue thru window of their loft
C-GOS-2 MCU of Molly in profile close to bare-chested, pensive Sam, sitting up in bed
C-GOS-3 MCU of Sam playfully nuzzling Molly's ear from behind while she creates clay vase
C-GOS-4 Cont. #3, Sam kisses Molly behind ear, working some artistry of his own
C-GOS-5 MS of Sam's spirit self passing hand thru his lifeless body, victim of street thug
C-GOS-6 Cont. #7, ghost/Sam pulls back in anguish & disbelief
C-GOS-7 Molly cradles Sam's head & cries into night for help
C-GOS-8 Ghost/Sam watches unseen as Molly touches his casket at burial
C-GOS-9 Ghost/Sam [back turned] kneels by couch, trying to console unhearing Molly
C-GOS-10 Surprised ghost/Sam turns toward light from above as puzzled Molly sits up in bed
C-GOS-11 MCU of ghost/Sam as he catches sight of something strange OS at subway
C-GOS-12 Ghost/Sam watches Molly getting angry with Oda Mae [Whoopie Goldberg] in diner over her claims she communicates with him
C-GOS-13 Cont. #12, Molly stands, leaving table in disgust
C-GOS-14 MS of ghost/Sam standing behind Molly, who refuses to deal with Oda Mae on otherside of door
C-GOS-15 Ethereal Sam appears before OS Molly
C-GOS-16 Cont. #15, RA of teary eyed Molly finally seeing Sam's spirit image

C-GHO-1 Profile MS of Alma/Eva [Alice Krige] raising wedding vale for David Wanderlay [Craig Wasson]

C-GST-1 PR: MS of Venkman [Bill Murray], Stantz [Dan Aykroyd] & Spengler [Harold Ramis] posed with ghostbusting apparatus in front of their headquarters
C-GST-2 MLS of terrified Stantz pushing Venkman & Spengler along with him as he backs away from OS apparition in library
C-GST-3 MS of Dana Barrett [Sigourney Weaver] reacting to monstrous presence in her refrigerator
C-GST-4 FLV of heroes standing atop uprooted street, bit worse for wear
C-GST-5 FLV of heroes on rooftop temple, watching OS Goser do his/her thing above them
C-GST-6 FLV of possessed Dana & Louis Tuity [Rick Moranis] sitting on rooftop, she sexy, he drunken
C-GST-7 FLV of heroes braving dry ice as they prepare to do battle on rooftop temple
C-GST-8 PR: MS of Dana leaning against wall, bundled up in sweater & coat, lips parted
C-GST-9 MCU of full-fledged librarian ghost, coming at camera with huge, horrible mouth agape
C-GST-10 MCU of Stantz scratching his head beside Spengler, both looking bewildered
C-GST-11 Onionhead ghost hurtles toward camera at behest of Stantz, who zaps him from behind with nutrona wand in hotel hallway
C-GST-12 MLS of Spengler, Stantz [seated] & Zeddamore [Ernie Hudston] discussing spooks at their headquarters
C-GST-13 Venkman, Stantz & Spengler pitch their services on Dana's TV
C-GST-14 Cont. #13, MCU of Dana watching TV ad with degree of skepticism
C-GST-15 Temple of Gozer comes into being as seen by Dana when she opens her refrigerator
C-GST-16 FLV of possessed Dana levitating above bed, Venkman watches
C-GST-17 MLS of Stantz, Venkman & Spengler trying to convince city official of impending biblical chaos
C-GST-18 Cont. #17, tight on Venkman: "...dogs & cats living together!"
C-GST-19 MCU of Venkman stepping from ghostmobile, smiles & waves to crowd
C-GST-20 MCU of Venkman raising his & Stantz' arms to cheers of city
C-GST-21 FV of red-eyed terror dog, an uninvited party guest as it plops in middle of apartment
C-GST-22 Cont. #21, beast rears up, turns head to right
C-GST-23 LS of Gozer temple spilling over with psychic energy as Dana & Tully are struck & transformed
C-GST-24 FLV of Gozer in bizarre female manifestation standing atop temple with terror dogs at sides
C-GST-25 LS of Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man taking happy stroll into New York's Columbus Circle
C-GST-26 UA of Stay-PuftMan approaching building as street bum looks on
C-GST-27 Three-element shot: boys first spot librarian ghost, Onionhead samples leftovers & twin terror dogs take over temple
C-GST-28 Two-element shot: our heroes look down on nearing Stay-Puft Man from edge of temple; MS of boys firing nutrona wands on temple as Marshmallow Man climbs up behind them
C-GST-29 Onionhead samples leftovers on food tray outside hotel room
C-GST-30 Twin terror dogs spring into being & take over Gozer temple
C-GST-31 MS of boys firing nutrona wands as one atop temple, head of Stay-Puft Man behind them seems shocked
C-GST-32 Street level shot of nutrona beams schlepping down on Stay-Puft Man as it nears temple building
C-GST-33 AV of boys destroying Marshmallow Man with nutrona rays

C-GH2-1 FLV of director Ivan Reitman kneeling before his fully outfitted Ghostbusters plus Dana Barrett [Sigourney Weaver], white bg
C-GH2-2 Cont. #1, almost same shot with Reitman
C-GH2-3 PRT of Dana looking svelte in black evening dress
C-GH2-4 Cont. #3, Dana tilts head & flashes hint of smile
C-GH2-5 LS of Statue of Liberty, under control of Ghostbusters, marching up middle of street to cheers of New Yorkers lining curbs

C-GHL-1 Floor level FLV of Water Ghoulie taking walk around house
C-GHL-2 Rat Ghoulie hops onto bed to tuck someone in

C-GS-1 Reproduction of rare 1956 theatrical one-sheet poster

C-GOD-1 FLV of Godzilla approaching industrial plant
C-GOD-2 FLV of Godzilla smashing about city of modern, towering buildings at night, attack craft hovering before him
C-GOD-3 SV of attack craft
C-GOD-4 Profile MS of Godzilla starting to open mouth amid smoke
C-GOD-5 MLS of Godzilla standing before wall of fire
C-GOD-8 BS: LS of man-sized mechanical Godzilla being manipulated on sound stage
C-GOD-9 Steve [Raymond Burr] shows photo blowup of Godzilla to military
C-GOD-10 FLV of Godzilla on rampage
C-GOD-11 FLV of Godzilla approaching industrial storage tank, carrying device in arms

C-GM-1 Godzilla & Megalon in CU go claw to toenail
C-GM-2 Robotman picks up Megalon before throwing him
C-GM-3 Megalon unleashes electric bolt from his top-notch
C-GM-4 Megalon appears over bridge
C-GM-5 Workmen sight Megalon high above them

C-GT-1 Title with head of Godzilla & giant egg
C-GT-2 Giant striped egg encircled by people on beach
C-GT-3 MS of Godzilla in silhouette tearing up Tokyo
C-GT-4 Giant caterpillar squirts webbing over Godzilla

C-GOG-1 MS of robot Gog strangling scientist from behind

C-GCD-1 PR: MLS of Chandler Jarrell [Eddie Murphy], wearing black Tibetan garb & medallion, holding sacred dagger
C-GCD-2 PR: MS of Kee Nang [Charlotte Lewis] wearing man's blue shirt, standing before temple staircase, arms folded
C-GCD-3 MS of Jarrell, Kee Nang & Dr. Hong [James Hong] watching OS mystic serpent-woman
C-GCD-4 Profile Ms of Jarrell cracking wise with villainous Sardo Numpsa [Charles Dance]
C-GCD-5 FLV of Kee Nang, in only long blue shirt, eyeing OS menace as Jarrell grabs her from behind
C-GCD-6 MS of Kee Nang, in brown top, trying to make believer out of OS Jarrell
C-GCD-7 MLS of Jarrell as in C-GCD-1, standing in glowing -red passageway, primed for supernatural battle
C-GCD-8 MLS of Hell-spawned demon lashing out at shocked Jarrell
C-GCD-9 CU of snarling demon
C-GCD-10 FLV of demon shrouded in aura as creature begins to self-destruct
C-GCD-11 MCU of demon covered in flames

C-GOL-1 PR: PRT of debonair Bond [Pierce Brosnan] in tuxedo, holding Walther PPK by face
C-GOL-2 PR: PRT of scruffy, unshaven Bond holding pistol by face
C-GOL-3 PR: profile MS of gun-toting Bond kissing neck of Natalya Simonova [Izabella Scorupco], who's thrown her head back against blue bg
C-GOL-4 PR: MS of suave Bond clutching both glamorous Xenia Onatopp [Famke Janssen] & sleek pistol against blue bg
C-GOL-5 PR: MS of Onatopp & Natalya, both dolled-up, pressed chest to chest
C-GOL-6 MS of casual Bond standing behind seated Onatopp, in fashionable hat & gloves, enjoying martini
C-GOL-7 PR: PRT of tight-lipped Bond
C-GOL-8 PR: PRT of Q [Desmond Llewellyn]
C-GOL-9 PR: PRT of Russian Defense Minister Dmitri Michkin [Tcheky Karyo]
C-GOL-10 PR: PRT of Russian arms dealer Valentin Zukovsky[Robbie Coltrane]
C-GOL-11 PR: PRT of Natalya wearing flowered dress, hand to chin
C-GOL-12 PR: gag PRT of Bond raising pistol with carnation stuck in barrel
C-GOL-13 PR: MLS of Natalya in white bikini top & hip wrap, leaning against giant palm frond with hand on hip
C-GOL-14 PR: PRT of mysterious Onatopp
C-GOL-15 PR: MS of duplicitous Onatopp in black dress, gripping rifle
C-GOL-16 PR: MS of dominatrix-influenced Onatopp grasping necklace as if to strangle someone
C-GOL-17 PR: PRT of M [Dame Judi Dench] seated behind desk, addressing OS "sexist, misogynistic dinosaur" Bond
C-GOL-18 MS of Bond examining grenade pen while Q explains its use
C-GOL-19 FLV of Bond watching wheelchair-bound Q launching missile from plaster leg cast
C-GOL-20 MS of Bond pulling Zukovsky close as he questions him
C-GOL-21 MS of Bond playing baccarrat at casino, pushing card toward dealer
C-GOL-22 Cont. #21, Bond clasps hands, satisfied with hand
C-GOL-23 Cont. #22, MS of Onatopp, irritated with OS Bond, cigarillo in hand
C-GOL-25 PR: CU of self-assured Bond behind wheel, eyeing camera
C-GOL-26 MLS of Bond in khakis & vest, running toward camera, gun in hand
C-GOL-27 MS of Onatopp straddling beaten Bond, pulling him to her in Puerto Rican jungle
C-GOL-28 MS of Bond & Natalya sharing embrace in bed, she on top
C-GOL-29 MCU of lovely Natalya emerging from shadows
C-GOL-30 FLV of Bond dragging unconscious Natalya out of jungle
C-GOL-31 FLV of Bond & Natalya diving toward camera to avoid fireball next to train car
C-GOL-32 MCU of Bond getting little bit rough with Natalya
C-GOL-33 MLS of Russians questioning Bond & Natalya in basement chamber
C-GOL-34 MCU of black-clad Bond with rifle
C-GOL-35 MS of Bond pushed up against wall by trigger-happy soldiers
C-GOL-36 Sassy MLS of Onatopp, sassy in black hat, silver skirt & jacket, flashing smile while leaning against ship's support beam
C-GOL-37 MCU of Onatopp behind wheel of red Ferrari
C-GOL-38 FLV of Bond leaping over railing in Monte Carlo
C-GOL-39 MS of French sailors welcoming Onatopp aboard warship La Fayette
C-GOL-40 MS of Onatopp in jungle, wearing black mesh top
C-GOL-41 MS of Bond & 006 Alec Trevelyan [Sean Bean] aiming pistols at dam
C-GOL-42 MLS of Bond in utility vest, surrounded by soldiers
C-GOL-44 Cont. #27, still straddling downed Bond, Onatopp roughly grabs Natalya's face with both gloved hands
C-GOL-45 MLS of Bond about to fire machine gun at Trevelyan's operation as Natalya clutches his arm tightly
C-GOL-46 FLV of Bond running along shadowy walkway toward camera, trying to outrace barrage of bullets
C-GOL-47 FLV of Bond at wheel of speedboat in Monte Carlo harbor
C-GOL-48 FLV of Bond keeping low as he runs toward camera with rifle
C-GOL-49 MLS of unwilling Natalya being restrained by Trevelyan's men
C-GOL-50 BS: MS of Director Martin Campbell instructing Brosnan & Janssen during casino scene
C-GOL-51 PR: MS of tuxedoed Bond next to "007" super-imposed over white bg
C-GOL-52 Low-angle FV of Bond's classic Aston-Martin DB5 being pursued by Onatopp's fiery red Ferrari
C-GOL-53 AV of Bond looking up, unconscious Natalya lying on jungle floor beside him
C-GOL-54 Profile CU of Bond examining detonation device attached to wall
C-GOL-55 MS of Bond across from Onatopp (only shoulder visible) in casino
C-GOL-56 MCU of Bond floating in pool
C-GOL-57 CU of Bond talking in casino
C-GOL-58 MCU of Bond & cheery Natalya enjoying drive with top down
C-GOL-59 ECU of Bond, steely eyes showing he means business
C-GOL-60 CU of shirtless Bond aiming gun into camera
C-GOL-61 ECU of Bond peering around corner with Walther raised
C-GOL-64 CU of Bond & Onatopp smooching passionately
C-GOL-65 CU of Bond, glancing skyward at approach of OS heavenly body
[NOTE: #69-72 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-GOL-69 CU of sinister Russian General Ourumov [Gottfried John]
C-GOL-70 MS of Bond striding confidently into M's office
C-GOL-71 MS of Bond pointing pistol at spot left of camera
C-GOL-72 MCU of grinning Bond behind wheel of Aston-Martin

C-GVS-1 Siren faces sword-swinging ship crewmen
C-GVS-2 Homunculus flaps wings from perch on cave ledge
C-GVS-3 FV of six-armed animated statue, Kali
C-GVS-4 Kali forces Sinbad up steps toward stone terrace
C-GVS-5 Kali & Sinbad cross swords below stone terrace
C-GVS-6 Koura with sword beside fighting gryphon & centaur
C-GVS-7 Gryphon & centaur face off in cavern
C-GVS-8 Koura with sword beside fighting gryphon & centaur
C-GVS-9 Sinbad sees his royal-robed reflection in pool
C-GVS-10 MCU of golden-masked Grand Vizier of Marabia
C-GVS-11 Koura outside the Temple of the Oracle
C-GVS-12 Kali raises swords to strike Sinbad & crewman, Koura in bg
C-GVS-13 RV of Koura gesturing before fountain
C-GVS-14 MCU of centaur looking extremely unhappy
C-GVS-15 FLV of Margiana cowering against cave wall
C-GVS-16 Margiana cowers against rock as Centaur enters cave & spots her. LS
C-GVS-17 MCU of Centaur grabbing Gryphon around neck in front of fountain
C-GVS-18 FLV of Sinbad [back turned] in sword fight with Koura, left half of his body invisible

C-GO-1 Optical of 007 & painted gold hand
C-GO-2 Bond stands by Astin Martin with mountains in bg
C-GO-3 PR: MS of Jill Masterson [Shirley Eaton] posed sitting in black bikini on balcony of Miami hotel
C-GO-4 PR: MS of Jill standing at edge of balcony [back turned] looking over shoulder at camera
C-GO-5 PR: MS of Pussy in gray turtleneck sweater & brown corduroy jacket held open
C-GO-6 PR: MS of Pussy posed in low-cut blue blouse on Goldfinger's ranch, hand to hair
C-GO-7 PR: FLV of Jill posed in pajama top, one bare leg kneeling on bed
C-GO-8 PR: Fabulous MS of white-tuxedoed Bond, arms folded & gun in hand, standing before stack upon stack of gold bars
C-GO-9 PR: FLV of Pussy posed before airline hanger door advertising her flying circus
C-GO-10 PR: MLS of Oddjob posed before hillside, holding deadly hat on knee
C-GO-11 MS of Bond pouring champagne while frolicking in bed with Jill
C-GO-12 MCU of Jill face down on bed & covered completly in gold paint
C-GO-13 Profile MS of Pussy holding gun on Bond at stairs of Goldfinger's private jet

C-GON-1 PR: PRTs of all seven Goonies plus RV of Sloth enjoying TV
C-GON-2 PR: FLV of Goonies displaying Save the Goon Docks sign
C-GON-3 Data [Ke Huy-Quan] starting perilous swing from his house over to Mikey & Brand's
C-GON-4 MS of Goonies huddled together inside Lighthouse Lounge, all gazing upward in shadows
C-GON-5 LS of Goonies crossing cavern stream of rushing waters on wooden seat
C-GON-6 Cont. #5, Data, Mikey & Mouth in danger of slipping off mast thanks to wave
C-GON-7 Data, Mickey & Mouth, holding up lantern, study pirate treasure map in watery cave
C-GON-8 Screaming Data rides steep water slide
C-GON-9 MS of open-mouthed Data & Mickey beholding OS pirate ship

C-GOR-3 Reproduction of title lobby card with excellent artwork of Gorgo ripping up London as planes & ground forces attack

C-GS-1 Severely bloodied space station scientist, chased by slime monsters,
claws at camera
C-GS-2 MS of flailing slime monsters aboard space station
C-GS-3 Slime monsters attack astronauts outside station
C-GS-4 Monitor view of runaway asteroid
C-GS-5 Two astronauts explore colorful, watery surface of asteroid, Earth in bg
C-GS-6 Tight MS of astronaut firing laser rifle at slime creatures in space
C-GS-7 FLV of space station, superimposed: Gamma III infested by creatures of unknown origin
C-GS-8 Gamma III in flames & about to explode

C-GRM-1 MLS of Rand Peltzer [Hoyt Axton] discovering strange item in Chinatown curio shop as boy looks on
C-GRM-2 MS of Rand trying to buy mogwai from shopkeeper [Keye Luke]
C-GRM-3 Profile MS of Rand giving present to son Billy [Zach Galligan] as wife smiles up at him
C-GRM-4 Family gathers around just opened present as head of mogwai pops up in dimly lit room
C-GRM-5 MCU of Kate Berringer [Phoebe Cates] looking aside, lips parted
C-GRM-6 MCU of Billy & Kate sharing laugh in doorway
C-GRM-7 MLS of Billy & Kate going over charts on desk [scene cut]
C-GRM-8 Billy gazes out broken pane of glass on window covered with frost as OS gremlin escapes
C-GRM-9 MS of fretful Billy making phone call
C-GRM-10 MS of Billy about to bring sword down on unseen tiny terror at feet
C-GRM-11 PR: PRT of smiling Kate
C-GRM-12 PR: MS of director Joe Dante giving evil gremlin leader, Stripe, piggyback ride
C-GRM-13 PR: PRT of Billy's pet Mogwai, Gizmo, wearing startled face
C-GRM-14 PR: FLV of seated Gizmo frowning
C-GRM-15 PR: CU of Stripe glaring aside, brown bg
C-GRM-16 PR: MCU of Stripe growling, blue bg
C-GRM-17 PR: MLS of Stripe glowering & clawing at camera, dark blue bg
C-GRM-18 PR: FLV of Stripe standing amid billowing smoke
C-GRM-19 Cont. C-GRM-18, same shot only horizontal
C-GRM-20 Gizmo pops head out of box & smiles after Billy opens present
C-GRM-21 MCU of Mogwai smiling from within lab cage
C-GRM-22 Gizmo uses 3-D glasses to enjoy one of Billy's comics
C-GRM-23 Profile MS of Billy, holding Santa cap, watching Gizmo play piano
C-GRM-24 MS of Billy trying to reassure sad Gizmo, who sits on edge of vanity
C-GRM-25 MS of Billy holding up severed wires, realizing he's been tricked by gremlins
C-GRM-26 MCU of Billy talking to Gizmo, who peaks out of backpack at boy's shoulder
C-GRM-27 Gizmo looks around bank while safe inside backpack placed on teller's window
C-GRM-28 MS of Kate carrying Gizmo in backpack, both turned aside
C-GRM-29 MS of Billy & Kate taking in some OS unpleasantness
C-GRM-30 MCU of Billy shocked by sudden appearance of evil gremlin opening kitchen cabinet door
C-GRM-31 LS of evil gremlins terrorizing Kate, who serves them as they wreak Dorry's Tavern
C-GRM-32 Gremlin wearing Santa cap hangs from circular ceiling fan
C-GRM-33 Gremlin lays under beer tap & guzzles, causing stomach to bloat
C-GRM-34 Four gremlins sing Christmas carols outside Ruby Deagle's house
C-GRM-35 Gremlin pops head out of snow & sneers
C-GRM-36 Gremlins go nuts in movie theater during showing of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
C-GRM-37 Low angle FLV of Stripe riding toy tricycle at camera in dept. store
C-GRM-38 FLV of Peltzer family & Kate watching OS shopkeeper leaving with Gizmo

C-GM2-1 Gizmo pokes head out of open tool box
C-GM2-2 MS of gremlins kissing up to bethroned Grandpa Fred [Robert Prosky], TV horror film host
C-GM2-3 Profile MS of gremlin suddenly rising from pot to scare Microwave Marge [Kathleen Freeman] sober
C-GM2-4 Cont. C-GM2-3, MCU of cross-eyed gremlin covered in noodles
C-GM2-5 Profile MCU of Brain Gremlin accosting Daniel Clamp [John Glover]

C-GRY-1 PR: Gorgeous PRT of windblown Tarzan [Christopher Lambert] against fiery bg
C-GRY-2 PR: PRT of rain-slicked Tarzan looking up
C-GRY-3 PR: Horizontal MS of Tarzan glaring at something OS just below eye level
C-GRY-4 PR: MS of Tarzan squatting behind foilage & watching OS monkey business
C-GRY-5 PR: MLS of Tarzan, good look at his body scars
C-GRY-6 PR: FLV of Tarzan crawling over anaconda wrapped around jungle tree limb
C-GRY-7 PR: MCU of squeaky clean Tarzan, in civilized formal attire
C-GRY-8 PR: Gorgeous FLV of Tarzan, handsome in formal attire, with pair of dogs at his feet
C-GRY-9 PR: MS of lovely Jane [Andie MacDowell] posed outdoors in gray dress, fur & hat
C-GRY-10 PR: MS of Jane posed in jungle, wearing white dress & holding umbrella
C-GRY-11 PR: PRT of Tarzan & Janed dressed formally
C-GRY-12 PR: Sitting PRT of Lord Greystoke [Ralph Richardson]
C-GRY-13 FLV of ape mother Kala showing off baby Tarzan to fellow primates
C-GRY-14 MS of Kala cradling baby Tarzan in her arms
C-GRY-15 FLV of Kala playing with toddler Tarzan
C-GRY-16 FLV of boy Tarzan sitting with Kala in tree
C-GRY-17 LS of teenage Tarzan silhouetted as he pereches in tree, holding swinging vine
C-GRY-18 MLS of teenage Tarzan in tree, eyeing camera
C-GRY-19 MS of White Eyes, evil ape who becomes Tarzan's arch nemesis
C-GRY-20 MS of teenage Tarzan emoting ape sounds over Kala, struck down by savage arrow
C-GRY-21 Grown Tarzan squats in tree & delivers yell
C-GRY-22 MS of Tarzan surrounded by apes as he spreads arms in triumph
C-GRY-23 MLS of Tarzan standing amid trees, sun washing half his scarred body
C-GRY-24 LS of steamboat carrying explorers up river thru African jungle
C-GRY-25 MS of Tarzan making ape sounds & pointing at camera, clad in shirt
C-GRY-26 Phillippe d'Arnot [Ian Holm] shows Tarzan how to shave with razor
C-GRY-27 LS of carriage bringing Tarzan home to sprawling Greystoke Manor in Scotland
C-GRY-28 MS of Tarzan cautiously peering out of carriage to view his new home
C-GRY-29 MCU of suited Tarzan in unpleasant mood
C-GRY-30 MS of Jane, in black evening dress, smiling up at OS Tarzan
C-GRY-31 MS of Lord Greystoke introducing Tarzan to refinements of aristocratic dining
C-GRY-32 MS of formally attired Tarzan & Jane sitting & showing interest in each other
C-GRY-33 Interest turns to passion as Tarzan kisses Jane on cheek & pushes down her nightgown
C-GRY-34 Cont. C-GRY-33, profile MCU of embraced pair about to kiss
C-GRY-35 BS: FLV of smiling ape suit creator Rick Baker standing over family of apes, one holding baby Tarzan in jungle setting

C-GRD-1 MS of Kate [Carey Lowell], wearing red shirt & faraway look, standing at open door
C-GRD-2 MCU of Camilla [Jenny Seagrove], creepy looking as she enters room with candles
C-GRD-3 MS of Camilla looking over shoulder toward camera while bent over baby in crib
C-GRD-4 MS of Kate putting hand on shoulder of Camilla, who holds stuffed animals, both focusing on something OS
C-GRD-5 LS of backlit, silhouetted Camilla drawing slowly into forest
C-GRD-6 MLS of menacing Camilla, blood trickling from lips, in front of baby-eating tree
C-GRD-7 MLS of Phil [Dwier Brown] trying to protect bundled infant in his arms from tot-chomping tree behind him

C-HAL-9 FLV of Michael, wearing sheet & glasses, standing in bedroom doorway
C-HAL-10 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet showing knife-wielding hand meshing into sinister pumpkin
C-HAL-11 MLS of Michael standing in dark by car, flashing knife

C-HAL2-1 Jimmy [Lance Guest] leans over Laurie, on stretcher in ambulance
C-HAL2-2 MS of Laurie in hospital corridor, reacting to sight of OS Shape
C-HAL2-3 FLV of silhouetted Shape strolling empty hospital corridor
C-HAL2-4 MS of Loomis, gun ready to fire, drawing Laurie protectively close

C-HAL3-1 FLV of Ellie [Stacey Nelkins] showing Challis [Tom Atkins] her father's store Halloween mask display
C-HAL3-2 MLS of Cochran [Dan O'Hearlihy] having laugh on boy wearing pumpkin mask as his parents, Ellie & Challis look on

C-HBM-1 MS of Virginia [Melissa Sue Anderson] sitting up in hospital bed after brain surgery
C-HBM-2 MCU of Ann [Tracy Bregman] as a bathtub victim, blood mixing with water
C-HBM-3 MS of Virginia carrying lighted birthday cake, eerie lighting

C-H&H-1 PR: PRT of smiling George Henderson [John Lithgow] wearing checkered sport shirt, black tie, & tan corduroy sport jacket. Blue bg
C-H&H-2 PR: PRT of George's wife Nancy [Melinda Dillon] softly posed in chair with head resting in palm of hand
C-H&H-3 MS of Big Foot/Harry [Kevin Peter Hall] baring teeth in forest
C-H&H-4 CU of Harry wearing his warm & kindly face
C-H&H-5 MS of Harry rubbing chin & furrowing brow as three birds perch on his outstretched arm
C-H&H-6 FLV of couch potato Harry watching monkey on TV, little Ernie beside him with armful of junk food
C-H&H-7 MLS of Harry sleeping with Ernie in living room
C-H&H-8 FLV of Harry & Dr. Wrightwood [Don Ameche], latter waving goodbye to OS Hendersons
C-H&H-9 MLS of George, rest of family behind him, bidding tearful farewell to Harry in forest
C-H&H-10 FLV of Harry & Henderson family posing for forest portrait
C-H&H-11 Cont. C-H&H-10, tighter shot, different expressions

C-HCM-1 MCU of Guy [Christopher Halsted] & Lenora [Nicole Eggert] eyeing something together just above them outdoors
C-HCM-2 Shadowy profile MCU of Lenora/Morella, in low-cut dress, spying something OS

C-HCW-1 Farnsworth [Warren Beatty], in polo outfit, makes point

C-HK-1 PR: MS of Bobby Fontana [Lewis Smith], in white t-shirt & black leather jacket, listening to archangle Rafferty [Richard Mulligan] tell him about eternity, blue bg
C-HK-2 Cont. C-HK-1, Bobby makes an "Oh, well" gesture as Rafferty leans elbow on his shoulder
C-HK-3 Cont. C-HK-2, profile MS as Bobby grabs Rafferty by jacket lapel
C-HK-4 Cont. C-HK-3, both turn to camera as Rafferty points to Bobby
C-HK-5 MS of Bobby in face-to-face confrontation with Joe prior to their fatal drag race
C-HK-6 FLV of Bobby riding motorcycle with Rafferty, who wears poncho & racing goggles
C-HK-7 LS of Bobby looking at old car in junkyard
C-HK-8 MS of smiling Bobby as Lenny [Jason Gedrick] looks at him
C-HK-9 MLS of Bobby giving thumbs up sign

C-HMM-1 Poster art of Taarna, the woman warrior, riding her flying creature above burning city
C-HMM-2 Stunning Corben painting of Conanesque Den towering over his clutching lady & barbarians
C-HMM-3 CU of monstrous alien spaceship hovering over Pentagon bldg.
C-HMM-4 Gloria & Professor are sucked into interior of spaceship thru transparent tube
C-HMM-5 DA of avenging goddess statue in Taarna's hideaway
C-HMM-6 MCU of the barbarian leader
C-HMM-7 3/4 RV of alien spaceship entering vast corridor of mothership
C-HMM-8 LS of the fabulous city of Kraan
C-HMM-9 DA of astronaut piloting Corvette into clouds over desolate Earth
C-HMM-10 Harry Canyon snuffs would-be punk robber with disintegration ray in taxi cab
C-HMM-11 Gallery of assorted aliens observe OS trial of Capt. Sternn
C-HMM-12 RV of colorfully lit spaceship cabin with space dopers Zeke & Edsel at helm
C-HMM-13 Naked Gloria smokes cigarette on bed beside robot after mechanical sex session
C-HMM-14 CU of Taarna on rack, gloved hand abusing her cheek
C-HMM-15 FLV of barbarian leader about to whip nude Taarna on rack
C-HMM-16 MLS of Taarna on rack, still defiant despite torture to body
C-HMM-17 FLV of costumed Taarna in doorway of barroom
C-HMM-18 MS of Taarna wielding sword in barroom

C-HN-1 MS of Peter Barton standing beside lit candelabra, turned to laughing Linda Blair

C-HML-1 MS of all business Michael Ironside, wearing suit & glasses, opening door with gun in hand

C-HLR-1 PR: FLV of three Cenobites, demons from Hell & deliveres of pleasure thru pain

C-HER-A1 PR: MLS of Hercules [Steve Reeves] standing at seashore, smiling into camera

C-HER-1 PR: MS of Hercules [Lou Ferrigno] posed with sword in both hands against smoky blue, lighting bg
C-HER-2 PR: MLS of Hercules posed with hands on hips in King Ninos' torchlit stronghold
C-HER-3 PR: FLV of Hercules standing with chains shackled to ankles & wrists
C-HER-4 PR: MS of Adrianna [Sybil Danning] posed seated on throne, wearing spicy low-cut blue costume
C-HER-5 PR: FLV of Adrianna posed squatting with hands resting between legs
C-HER-6 FLV of Hercules pulling crude plow thru dirt with heavy rope to aid farmers
C-HER-7 Profile MS of Hercules holding Princes Cassiopeia around waist at arms length
C-HER-8 Circe [Mirella D'Angelo] & Hercules cross River Styx in boat helmed by Death, red lighting
C-HER-9 FLV of Adrianna standing over floored Hercules, flanked by guards & her father, King Minos
C-HER-10 Adrianna prepares delicious Cassiopeia for sacrificial ceremony, placing gold headpiece
C-HER-11 MS of Adrianna & Cassiopea listening to OS Minos
C-HER-12 FLV of Cassiopeia standing in darkness awaiting arrival of Phoenix
C-HER-13 FLV of Adrianna offering goblet to chained up Hercules, but he's not accepting
C-HER-14 MLS of Adrianna clenching fists in anger
C-HER-15 MLS of piqued Adrianna, hands on hips
C-HER-16 MCU of Adrianna holding knife over bosom
C-HER-17 FLV of Hercules breaking chains as Adrianna in bg orders soldiers forward to fight him
C-HER-18 Hercules rears back to bash two silver-caped guards
C-HER-19 MS of Hercules clanging helmeted heads of two soldiers together
C-HER-20 MCU of Adrianna as she first appears to Hercules

C-HE-1 MLS of Hercules [Steve Reeves] & wife [Sylva Koscina] clasping arms beside goddess statue

HIDDEN, THE - 1987
C-HID-1 Alien parasite emerges in gross manner from mouth of one victim & pushes toward mouth of hospital patient
C-HID-2 Cont. C-HID-1, CU of victim #1 as parasite gushes from mouth
C-HID-3 MS of possessed stripper Brenda Lee [Claudia Christian] coldy blasting OS cops with automatic weapon

C-HL-1 PR: MS of serious Conner Macleod [Christopher Lambert] overlooking blurred Manhattan bg
C-HL-2 PR: MS of grubby Macleod in trenchcoat & wielding ancient sword in car park
C-HL-3 PR: FLV of richly garbed Ramirez [Sean Connery] astride magnificent white steed in green outdoor setting
C-HL-4 PR: MLS of imortal Kurgan [Clancy Brown] holding sword in both hands as he leans against wall of The Forge
C-HL-5 Semi-profile MLS of Macleod taking defensive stance with sword in car park against OS assailiant
C-HL-6 FLV of Macleod on knees in car park, sword on ground before him as he searches out attacker
C-HL-7 MLS of smiling Ramirez, in red nobleman costume, looking aside
C-HL-8 FLV of Ramirez standing before Highlander Macleod, who sits on steps & admires mentor's sword
C-HL-9 MS of Kurgan raising arms & sword toward turbulent sky after triumphing over Ramirez
C-HL-10 Profile MS in antique shop of Macleod trying to prove his imortality claim to Brenda Wyatt [Roxanne Hart] by having her stab him
C-HL-11 Cont. C-HL-10, MCU of Macleod assuring Brenda he won't die
C-HL-12 PRT of Ramirez with eyes turned upward
C-HL-13 FLV of Ramirez sitting on rock at edge of lake, seemingly oblivious to Macleod walking from water intent on using upraised sword on mentor

C-HSK-1 FLV of shrunk kids running full tilt thru towering blades of grass, mushrooms, etc. in their yard
C-HSK-2 FLV of kids battling humongous bug in lawn forest

C-HOF-1 PR: MS of Frankenstein [Ralph Bates] looking into eyes of Elizabeth [Veronica Carlson] as Alys [Kate O'Mara] looks on jealousy
C-HOF-2 Cont. C-HOF-1, Frankie turns to Alys as Elizabeth looks rejected
C-HOF-3 PR: FLV of Alys & Elizabeth posed back-to-back in sexy mini dresses & white knee-high boots
C-HOF-4 PR: Elizabeth & Alys sit back-to-back posed in white & red dresses, respectively
C-HOF-5 PR: MCU of Elizabeth, in white dress with see-thru cutout pattern, toying with long blond hair
C-HOF-6 Cont. C-HOF-5, over shoulder pose with hand placed to parted lips thru strands of hair
C-HOF-7 Cont. C-HOF-6, facing other direction, she rests head against upraised hand
C-HOF-8 PR: FLV of Elizabeth, in white minidress & red knee-high boots, leaning back on fallen log

C-HP-1 FLV of expedition crew enjoying one of few leisure periods
C-HP-2 MCU of Judy Geeson in throes of horrifying rape by unseen monster formed from crystals
C-HP-3 MCU of alien creature tearing into throat of crewman

C-HSP-1 DA of Susan [Barbi Benton] opening hat box to find boyfriend's severed head inside
C-HSP-2 MCU of masked figure trying to plunge long knife into face of floored Susan

HOUSE - 1986
C-HSE-1 FLV of eerily lit haunted Victorian house
C-HSE-2 MS of Jimmy [Mark Pelletier] screaming as demon hand rises before his eyes in graveyard
C-HSE-3 MLS of very toothy, grinning demon kid peering around open door
C-HSE-4 Cont. C-HSE-3, demon kid waves
C-HSE-5 FLV of grotesque, slutty 500 lb. witch standing with shotgun in room filled with camera equipment
C-HSE-6 Ghastly closet war demon bursts out at Roger Cobb [William Katt], ill-equipped to use poker on it
C-HSE-7 Cont. C-HSE-6, fuller view of war demon emerging from closet as Cobb tries to shut door on it
C-HSE-8 FV of dark void bat creature with skull head & long, spindly arms reaching for camera
C-HSE-9 Cont. C-HSE-8, profile of creature
C-HSE-10 MLS of rotting, skeletal walking remains of Bib Ben, Cobb's former Vietnam war buddy
C-HSE-11 Cont. C-HSE-10, profile MLS of Big Ben grabbing Cobb's wrist inside house

C-HS2-1 LS of two young men in midst of prehistoric past with brontosaurus feeding & erupting volcano beyond. Excellent matte shot

C-HLS-1 PR: PRT of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, John Carradine & Peter Cushing all posed in dark suits

C-HDB-1 Vampish vampiress Ingrid Pitt bares fangs & cleavage while leaning over edge of coffin

C-HTD-1 PR: PRT of George Lucas & director Willard Huyck posed with rock group Cherry Bomb, led by Bev
C-HTD-2 PR: FLV of Bev sitting up on floor as she smilingly extoles virtues of Howard
C-HTD-3 Cont. C-HTD-2, MS of foxy Bev with big smile
C-HTD-4 PR: MCU of smiling Bev holding duck feather to her cheek
C-HTD-5 Bev, feeling sorry for Howard, invites him out of rain & to her place
C-HTD-6 LS of Bev dragging bagged Howard up steps of Natural History Museum
C-HTD-7 FLV of Bev pulling bagged Howard along floor of museum hallway
C-HTD-8 FLV of Bev & Howard leaving museum with her friend Phil [Tim Robbins] chasing after them
C-HTD-9 Profile FLV of Bev & Howard having argument at fountain
C-HTD-10 MS of Howard standing on lip of fountain
C-HTD-11 MS of Howard, timid over Bev's sexual advances in her bed
C-HTD-12 MCU of Howard, in pajamas & bathrobe, listening to Phil's excited delivery
C-HTD-13 MLS of Howard standing with arms folded beside dolled-up Bev, who sits in chair smiling
C-HTD-14 MCU of Howard holding cigar
C-HTD-15 MS of Dr. Jenning [Jeffery Jones], posessed by spirit of evil Dark Warlord, seated at booth
C-HTD-16 Bev & Howard huddle in booth, she showing concern over sudden transformation of Jennings
C-HTD-17 MCU of possessed Jennings showing off long appendage snaking from mouth
C-HTD-18 FLV of Bev & Phil acting out consequenses of being held in statis in lab before sfx added
C-HTD-19 Hot MS of Bev playing guitar & singing on stage
C-HTD-20 Cont. C-HTD-19, MCU of Bev singing happlily into mike
C-HTD-21 FLV of Howard playing guitar & singing on stage
C-HTD-22 FLV of Bev jumping in air behind Howard, who plays from kneeling position
C-HTD-23 FLV of Cherry Bomb giving it over to Howard, who responds with guitar licks

C-HWL-1 BS: Director Joe Dante shows werewolf-suited actor how to growl in darkened room
C-HWL-2 BS: Makeup artist Rob Bottin fleshes out Belinda Balaski's body on table for wolfen lunch
C-HWL-3 PR: MLS of Eddie [Robert Picardo], his face & upper body eaten away by acid, armed with rifle
C-HWL-4 PR: MCU of Karen in soft focus
C-HWL-5 PR: MS of smiling Marsha lit by campfire glow [she is leather clad in all her photos]
C-HWL-6 PR: MLS of Marsha lit by campfire glow
C-HWL-7 PR: PRT of Marsha on green bg
C-HWL-8 PR: MS of Marsha arching her back & baring fangs against pink bg
C-HWL-9 PR: MLS of Marsha baring fangs as werewolf hand reaches for her amid swirling yellow smoke
C-HWL-10 MLS of Eddie starting to transform into werewolf, fangs growing & chest bulging
C-HWL-11 Cont. C-HWL-10, tighter shot of Eddie as chest bursts from shirt
C-HWL-12 CU of Eddie in tantalizing mid-transformation
C-HWL-13 MS of Eddie turned into gorgeous full-fledged, slouching werewolf
C-HWL-14 MS of silhouetted werewolf catching Terry rifling thru filing cabinet in dark
C-HWL-15 MCU of Terry about to rub noses with bloody-mouthed werewolf
C-HWL-16 ECU of Neil becoming wolflike during campfire
C-HWL-17 MCU of Marsha angrily bearing her fangs at someone
C-HWL-18 MS of terror-stricked Karen watching werewolf smoulder in darkness
C-HWL-19 UA of Marsha opening hayloft shutters to fang everybody for coming
C-HWL-20 Tight shot of werewolf menacing Karen & Chris as they try to drive off in police car
C-HWL-21 MS of Marsha in profile sitting at bar next to man
C-HWL-22 FV of Marsha sitting at bar next to man
C-HWL-23 PR: MLS of Marsha posed under deep blue light. Mist swirls in bg
C-HWL-24 PR: MS of Marsha, mist curling around her
C-HWL-25 MS of Neil howling in mid-transformation under campfire glow
C-HWL-26 FLV of three stop motion-animated werewolves silhouetted on road under blue lighting
C-HWL-27 MCU of werewolf presenting fangs to cowering Terry
C-HWL-28 Silhouetted profile MS of werewolf grabbing Terry by throat
C-HWL-29 MCU of Terry, dead from horribly torn throat
C-HWL-30 MCU of Marsha smiling at arrival of OS Neil at campfire
C-HWL-31 MLS of Marsha fully nude beyond campfire flames
C-HWL-32 MLS of Marsha positioning herself atop Neil, putting hand in his mouth
C-HWL-33 MS of Neil making love to Marsha
C-HWL-34 MCU of Neil slavering as his transformation begins
C-HWL-35 MCU of transformed Neil bent over with smile
C-HWL-36 CU of clawed hand drawing blood from Neil's back
C-HWL-37 CU of transformed Marsha overtaken by passion

C-H2-1 PR: MS of Stirba, the Witch Queen [Sybil Danning], in low-cut brass-plated black leather warrior costume, posed sitting on her throne
C-H2-2 PR: MLS of Striba posed spread-legged in revealing warrior outfit
C-H2-3 MS of Stirba in dream state of rejuvenation during virgin sacrifice
C-H2-4 Cont. C-H2-3, horizontal pullback shot of Striba wearing very low-cut black dress, spreading arms
C-H2-5 MLS of Striba in warrior costume, standing inside castle
C-H2-6 MLS of Stefan [Christopher Lee] about to stab black-cloaked Stirba
C-H2-7 MCU of howling werewolf over garmet soaked in blook

C-HFD-1 MS of seaweed-covered, sex-starved sea monster aboard fishing boat
C-HFD-2 FLV of monster mauling victim on dock in front of fishing boat
C-HFD-3 3/4 FV of monster about to jump bones of woman in carnival stand
C-HFD-4 Two monsters, one with back turned, party crashing midway
C-HFD-5 Gory shot of baby monster bursting from stomach of dead mother
C-HFD-6 Cont. C-HFD-5, CU of baby poking its head out of torn stomach
C-HFD-7 FLV of monster raping victim on beach

HUNDRA - 1985
C-HU-1 PR: Sexy MLS of warrior woman Hundra [Laurene Landon] posed in skimpy leopard-skin costume

C-HUN-1 PR: PRT of John Blaylock [David Bowie] in mid 50s age makeup, wearing hat & coat
C-HUN-2 Sarah Robertson [Susan Sarandon] sits at desk pouring over books as Miriam [Catherine Deneuve] broods at window beside her [scene cut]
C-HUN-3 MS of John whispering in Miriam's ear at disco
C-HUN-4 PRT of Miriam resting cheek on hand

Return To Top
C-IMM-1 Composite of Marge fallen at curb while three monsters chase her
C-ICE-1 PR: MS of Jason [Robert Urich], swashbuckling space pirate, with upraised sword, smoke bg
C-ICE-2 PR: MLS of Princess Karina [Mary Crosby] posed in lustrous form-fitting gown. Very nice
C-ICE-3 PR: PRT of Jason & Karina looking aside, he being protective with blaster, smoke bg
C-ICE-4 MS of Jason shouting orders, robots behind him with swords
C-ICE-5 Cont. C-ICE-4, Jason retreats, more robots & Killjoy stand by for action
C-ICE-6 MS of amused Jason watching Roscoe [Michael D. Roberts] blur headlong toward door
C-ICE-7 Cont. C-ICE-6, Roscoe & door crash to floor, interrupting startled alien using toilet
C-ICE-8 RV of Templar warship chasing Jason's Eagle
C-ICE-9 Jason, Roscoe & Maida [Anjelica Huston] at controls watching approach of warship
C-ICE-10 FV of warship firing battery of lasers
C-ICE-11 Cont. C-ICE-10, two shots barely miss Eagle
C-ICE-12 RV of Eagle breaking into three separate sections, engines blasting
C-ICE-13 Cont. C-ICE-12, sections split off
C-ICE-14 DA of Jason & Roscoe strapped to moving conveyor belt
C-ICE-15 Cont. C-ICE-14, CU of Jason screaming as he realizes he'll never be up to pirating again
C-ICE-16 Cont. C-ICE-15, low angle view of snapping steel-jawed castrator
C-ICE-17 Cont. C-ICE-16, Jason's spread legs near device
C-ICE-18 Profile MCU of Karina at party
C-ICE-19 MS of Karina watching Gorn eat appetizer of baby rats at party
C-ICE-20 Tight FLV of desert battle craft about to roll over robot
C-ICE-21 Cont. C-ICE-20, RA of robot motioning battle craft to stop
C-ICE-22 3/4 FV of battle craft & crew of bounty hunters
C-ICE-23 MS of Karina & Lanky running from skull ornament on craft bearing down on them
C-ICE-24 LS of Jason leading group thru heavy mist on Tri System planet
C-ICE-25 Silhouetted FLV of lovers Jason & Karina about to kiss in environmental chamber
C-ICE-26 Cont. C-ICE-25, they kiss
C-ICE-27 Cont. C-ICE-26, CU of Jason bending to kiss Karina as rain beats down on them
C-ICE-28 Looking over Jason's shoulder at ship cargo hold half-filled with huge blocks of ice [matte]
C-ICE-29 PR: Full-length cast PRT of pirate-garbed Jason, Roscoe, Maida & Zeno [Ron Perlman]
C-ICE-30 FLV of Zeno engaged in swordplay with robot. Title box in German in lower right corner
C-IM-1 Title over tattoo artwork
C-IM-2 Title over part of Carl's tattooed body
C-IM-3 CU of Carl, wild-eyed & sweating
C-IM-4 Carl, shirt off, talks to Willie
C-IM-5 ECU of Willie
C-IM-6 ECU of Carl looking at his skin illustrations
C-IM-7 Felicia [Claire Bloom] opens Carl's shirt
C-IM-8 Lions languishing in "The Veldt"
C-IM-9 Carl & Felicia cling together in horror
C-IM-10 Astros slosh thru alien planet downpour. Long Rain
C-IM-11 MS of astros struggling thru alien growth
C-IM-12 CU of angry Carl, heavy rain pouring off his face
C-IM-13 Carl shouts orders to keep moving
C-IM-14 CU of Willie, likewise drenched
C-IM-15 Pickard [Don Dubbins] & Simmons [Jason Evers], soaked
C-IM-16 CU of Simmons, his eyes shut as rain pelts him
C-IM-17 CU of Pickard sitting against treelike growth
C-IM-18 Sun dome appears beyond tendrils of forest growth
C-IM-19 Carl reaches the survival post
C-IM-20 Tent dwelling in meadow. Last Night of the World
C-IM-21 DA of Carl & Felicia walking past tiger
C-ISC-1 LS of Grant expedition on horseback traversing treacherous mountain trail amid giant peaks [matte shot]
C-ISC-2 Cont. C-ISC-1, tighter RA on group balancing at edge of steep mountain wall
C-ISC-3 LS of group riding thru flatland with snow capped mountains in bg
C-ISC-4 LS of riders approaching giant Ombu tree at sunset
C-ISC-5 LS of tree with tent pitched in fg
C-ISC-6 Looking toward tent from tree as flood waters fast approach
C-ISC-7 MS of Mary Grant [Haley Mills], her brother, Jacque [Maurice Chevalier] & John [Michael Douglas] sighting onrushing water
C-INC-1 Title over black bg
C-INC-2 CU of helmetless astronaut Steve West
C-INC-3 ECU of West's face in first stage of melting
C-INC-4 CU of melting face
C-INC-5 Profile MS of melting man walking in darkness
C-INC-6 CU of West's face in further stage of melting
C-INC-7 ECU of melting face in gory detail
C-INC-8 CU of makeup maestro Rick Baker
C-INC-9 Baker studies sculpture bust of melting man
C-INC-10 Baker applies melting face makeup to bust in CU
C-INC-11 CU of ape & "Star Wars" cantina band alien masks
C-INC-12 CU of West's face in final stage of melting. Detailed
C-INC-13 Profile MCU of West's horribly melting face
C-ISW-1 Shrunk Lily Tomlin stands on bar of soap
C-ISW-2 Shrunk Lily engulfed by chair she's seated in
C-ISW-3 Shrunk Lily sits on edge of office chair, a gift-wrapped package on floor under her
C-IJL-1 PR: MLS of Indy in suit & hat posed between director Steven Spielberg & George Lucas at docks
C-IJL-2 PR: Father & son PRT, Indy kneeling at side of professorial Henry, hand around shoulder
C-IJL-3 PR: FLV of Henry & Junior posed side-by-side against tree, both totally in character
C-IJL-4 PR: MS of scruffy Indy riveting eyes just aside
C-IJL-5 PR: MCU of Indy holding dad's briefcase, squinting open-mouthed into distance
C-IJL-6 BS: MS of Spielberg & Lucas on location for desert tank battle sequence
C-IJL-7 BS: MLS of Lucas sitting on rocks at desert location
C-IJL-8 BS: MS of Indy with arms around Spielberg, sharing laugh with director & surrounding crew
C-IJL-9 BS: MS of Ford, wearing only soiled Indy shirt, tipping cap at camera on desert location
C-IJL-10 BS: MLS of Indy astride horse, awaiting direction
C-IJL-11 BS: MLS of Indy riding horse toward camera as his hat flies off
C-IJL-12 Cont. C-IJL-11, Indy reaches for hat but it's too late
C-IJL-13 BS: LS of rolling camera team filming Indy riding horse near tank
C-IJL-14 BS: Ground level LS of camera team filming Indy riding horse as he looses hat again
C-IJL-15 BS: MS of Indy stapling hat onto his head
C-IJL-16 Cont. C-IJL-15, semi-profile after stapling gag
C-IJL-17 BS: MS of Indy throwing whip toward boom mike
C-IJL-18 BS: MCU of Henry being instructed in use of machine gun
C-IJL-19 BS: MCU of smiling Henry holding cup of coffee up to camera on desert location
C-IJL-20 BS: MS of shirtless Ford giving Connery [favored] big hug
C-IJL-21 MS of Elsa shaking hands with Brody [Denholm Elliott] as Indy drinks in new acquaintance
C-IJL-22 MLS of Elsa & Indy, with torch, entering Venice catacombs
C-IJL-23 Cont. C-IJL-22, wide shot reveals hundreds of rats
C-IJL-24 Indy & Elsa pushing off lid of coffin
C-IJL-25 Cont. C-IJL-24, tighter on pair as they view contents
C-IJL-26 Cont. C-IJL-25, FLV of pair getting first look at carved shield & skeletal remains of knight in coffin
C-IJL-27 Cont. C-IJL-26, tight shot on Indy pulling out paper & unfolding it as Elsa looks on
C-IJL-28 Cont. C-IJL-27, ECU of Indy's excited face as he places paper over shield
C-IJT-1 Similar to #IJT-4 in b/w section, sword hand resting on bridge
C-IJT-2 Cont. #1, tighter horizontal MS with Indy turned aside & smiling
C-IJT-3 ECU of Indy in pose similar to #1
C-IJT-4 MS of scowling Indy surrounded by smoke
C-IJT-5 Cont. #4, MCU
C-IJT-6 MS of Indy in white tuxedo, seated across from adversary at nightclub
C-IJT-7 MCU of gowned songstress Willie smiling
C-IJT-8 Profile MCU of Indy in soiled suit & Willie sharing intimate moment
C-IJT-9 MLS of Indy smiling into camera amid throng of equally happy Mayapore villagers
C-IJT-10 MS of Indy & Willie caught in crush of villagers all pressing hands toward them
C-IJT-11 Cont. #10, different angle of pair now enjoying attention
C-IJT-12 LS of Indy, Willie & Shorty seated with royalty at Pankot Palace banquet
C-IJT-13 MS of decked-out Willie about to sample exotic dish as Shorty looks on
C-IJT-14 FLV of Indy riding elephant thru jungle with Shorty & Willie trailing
C-IJT-15 Cont. #14, tighter on just Indy smiling into camera
C-IJT-16 Cont. #15, FLV of Indy approaching OS evil shrine after dismounting
C-IJT-17 Profile CU of Indy & Willie about to kiss
C-IJT-18 Cont. #17, they kiss
C-IJT-19 FLV of Indy & Shorty in spike chamber, realizing they may become like human remains on floor soon
C-IJT-20 Cont. #19, both about to get nailed by spikes appearing from floor & ceiling
C-IJT-21 Cont. #20, longer shot as spikes draw closer
C-IJT-22 Cont. #21, tight on Indy observing: "This is getting serious" as Shorty cowers in bg
C-IJT-23 Cont. #22, CU of Indy thrilled to death as spike puts dent in his hat
C-IJT-24 LS of Indy confronting two sword-wielding Thuggee guards
C-IJT-25 Cont. #24, angle on Indy in defensive stance, seeming to say: "Uh oh"
C-IJT-26 Cont. #25, reverse angle MS of guards with swords upraised
C-IJT-27 Cont. #26, MLS of Indy, cocky as he reaches for gun in holster
C-IJT-28 Cont. #27, Indy pulls up flap of holster. No gun!
C-IJT-29 Cont. #28, tight on Indy's hand pushing into empty holster as guards stand with swords up
C-IJT-30 Cont. #29, MCU of Indy eyeing OS guards, his wheels turning
C-IJT-31 Cont. #30, he smiles at 'em
C-IJT-32 Cont. #31, DA of Indy trying to ward off sword attack with upraised forearm
C-IJT-33 Cont. #32, one guard is down as Indy goes to whip against other one
C-IJT-34 MLS of Indy running toward camera with his sword flailing on rope bridge, mouth agape
C-IJT-35 Cont. #34, MS
C-IJT-36 Cont. #35, MCU
C-IJT-37 Cont. #36, Indy closes mouth
C-IJT-38 Cont. #37, pullback reveals Indy in middle of bridge with guards closing in behind him
C-IJT-39 Cont. #38, Indy clearly trapped in slightly longer shot showing guards in front of him
C-IJT-40 UA of Indy hanging onto collapsed rope bridge against side of cliff over gorge. Indy looks toward camera
C-IJT-41 MS of Indy about to let whip fly from scaffolding above mine
C-IJT-42 Cont. #41, pullback shows Indy flying to opposite scaffold
C-IJT-43 Cont. #42, FLV of Indy about to kick guard off scaffold
C-IJT-44 Cont. #43, slightly longer shot as Indy kicks
C-IJT-45 Cont. #44, tighter shot
C-IJT-46 MCU of Indy bound to whipping post in Mola Ram's chamber
C-IJT-47 Cont. #46, MCU of Mola Ram [Amrish Puri] bending over tied-up Indy
C-IJT-48 Cont. #47, reverse angle favors Mola Ram
C-IJT-49 Cont. #48, profile FLV of Mola Ram giving Indy idea of what's next
C-IJT-50 FLV of Indy straining against bonds holding him to post over flaming lava pit
C-IJT-51 MCU of Mola Ram working his evil as fiery glow washes scene
C-IJT-52 MS of bare-chested, sweaty Indy looking to his right with parted lips, also covered by fiery touch. This one sizzles
C-IJT-53 MLS of pained Shorty, holding torch, looking up at Indy, whose bare back shows signs of abuse (Indy's head out of frame)
C-IJT-54 FLV of temple altar area as sacrificial ceremony begins
C-IJT-55 Cont. #54, longer shot reveals boiling chasm between altar & gallery
C-IJT-56 Cont. #55, ELS
C-IJT-57 BS: FLV of Spielberg gesturing with arm while discussing camera setup with Ford as Indy
C-IJT-58 FLV of gowned Willie performing at Club Obi-Wan
C-IJT-59 Portrait of Indy in white tuxedo. Very nice
C-IJT-60 Semi-profile MS of spiffy Indy & Willie holding business at club table
C-IJT-61 Cont. #6, maddened Indy weakly glares at gunman across from him
C-IJT-62 MLS of Indy staggering across nightclub stage during act
C-IJT-63 CU of battered Indy facing camera with suspicious eyes turned to right
C-IJT-64 MS of Indy relaxing beside outdoors fire with hands in lap & hat knocked back
C-IJT-65 FLV of Indy & Shorty catching nap on feedbags & crates as feathers waft thru air on plane. Indy's hat pulled down over eyes
C-IJT-66 MCU of wet Willie screaming at Gila monster on tree limb before her
C-IJT-67 MS of Willie screaming as various species of bugs crawl over her
C-IJT-68 FLV of Shorty & bespectacled Indy, nervously wringing shirt collar, enroute to palace
C-IJT-69 Cont. #12, preferred angle of Indy seated at banquet table, all guests giving attention to OS little Maharajah
C-IJT-70 FLV of Shorty dangling from rope bridge as Willie tries to keep him from falling
C-IJT-71 Cont. #16, slightly tighter vertical shot
C-IJT-72 Willie & Shorty grab hold of Indy as he desperately attempts to stop runaway mine car
C-IJT-73 Profile MS of Indy holding Willie gently by chin in warm moment at climax of film
C-IJT-74 BS: MLS of Spielberg & Ford as Indy in tuxedo aboard plane, both pointing OS
C-IJT-75 BS: MS of Spielberg & Kate as gowned Willie on stomach as he shows her how to grab for gem on nightclub floor
C-IJT-76 PR: MS of Indy posed on rope bridge with upraised sword. Similar to #IJT-4 in b/w section
C-IJT-77 PR: MS of smiling Indy & Willie side by side, arms folded
C-IJT-78 Cont. #77, MCU with Willie resting chin on Indy's shoulder
C-IJT-79 PR: MS of smiling Kate as herself posed in casual pink pants & top, arms crossed on knees
C-IJT-80 PR: MS of Kate as Willie aboard elephant, laughing as animal brays
C-IJT-81 PR: PRT of smiling Willie posed in Indian princess costume
C-IJT-82 MS of nightclub waiter Wu Han [David Yip] handing Indy jade urn which he places on tray with grimace
C-IJT-83 ECU of Indy in sweat after drinking poison during transaction for Nurhachi
C-IJT-84 MCU of Indy's face peering out busted window of Duesenberg at pursuers
C-IJT-85 LS of Indy, Willie & Shorty descending path overlooking Mayapore village (matte shot)
C-IJT-86 CU of Indy, face half-bathed by light of campfire. Shorty in bg wears Indy's hat
C-IJT-87 Willie, wrapped in blanket, kneels next to Indy at campfire as he pulls out piece of manuscript
C-IJT-88 CU of Willie in princess costume, smiling aside
C-IJT-89 MLS of Indy facing assassin toward end of their fight in palace suite
C-IJT-90 MS of Indy lighting match to read piece of cloth to see if it has similarity to wall painting
C-IJT-91 MLS of Indy looking for way out of spike chamber as things start to get pointedly serious
C-IJT-92 MS of Mola Ram preparing to give chained Indy drink from blood- filled human skull
C-IJT-93 MS of Willie held tightly by both arms by painted Thuggee guards as she watches Indy's torture
C-IJT-94 Cont. #93, tighter vertical MS of Willie with guards no longer in frame
C-IJT-95 MCU of zombified Indy held by red glow
C-IJT-96 Cont. #95, MS with head lowered slightly as sweat pours off bare chest
C-IJT-97 FLV of Thuggee running toward Shorty, who has put torch to collapsed Indy to release his mind
C-IJT-98 Indy, hat back on, holds Willie at arms length after saving her from sacrifice
C-IJT-99 MS: Indy grabs Thuggee from behind, using him to fend of OS attacker
C-IJT-100 Cont. #40, Indy looks down while hanging onto rope bridge collapsed against side of mountain
C-IJT-101 MCU of Indy looking toward camera with inquiring stare as villagers are reunited with children
C-IJT-102  Cont. #11, vertical MS of Indy & Willie hugging & smiling as villagers crowd around them
             [NOTE: #103-#157 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-IJT-103 FLV of Willie & showgirls dazzling us with footwork as title appears cleverly between them
C-IJT-104 RV of tuxedoed Indy slowly descending stairway leading to main floor of club
C-IJT-105 Semi-profile MS of Indy sitting at table with hands clasped in front of him, coldly eyeing OS Lao Che & his two sons
C-IJT-106 MS of Indy wearing coy smile as Willie sits down & tries to make joke about his profession
C-IJT-107 Willie eyes sly-smiling Indy as Wu Han approaches table in bg
C-IJT-108 MCU of Indy drinking from champagne glass
C-IJT-109 MCU of shot Wu Han dying in Indy's arms
C-IJT-110 MS of Indy stumbling to his feet, groggy
C-IJT-111 FLV of Indy on bandstand, about to dive for antidote vial
C-IJT-112 Profile MS Indy & Willie as they land on floor together
C-IJT-113 Unsteady Indy looks for help above as showgirls dance behind him
C-IJT-114 Indy has cut cord holding giant gong to Chinese warrior statue
C-IJT-115 As they land in back seat of Duesenberg, Indy yells for Shorty to step on it while Willie screams
C-IJT-116  CU of Indy poking gun thru broken window of car
C-IJT-117 Indy & Willie look at each other in state of panic in cockpit of tri-motor now out of fuel
C-IJT-118 LS of life raft plummeting down snow-covered slope as plane explodes in bg
C-IJT-119 LS of shaman leading Indy, Shorty & Willie down path to Mayapore village
C-IJT-120 MS of shaman pointing at OS village for Indy as Willie nears in bg. Slight UA
C-IJT-121 Beautiful FLV of Indy & Shorty standing on hill overlooking village at night as star falls
C-IJT-122 MS of Willie holding giant bat by its wings, causing her to scream
C-IJT-123 FLV of Indy & Willie sitting at campfire, looking off at OS Shorty. Elephant in bg
C-IJT-124 CU of Indy repeating words of shaman: "He says they stole their children"
C-IJT-125 LS of Indy & Shorty starting up rock-paved road leading to Pankot Palace, Willie trailing
C-IJT-126 MS: Indy looks aside at banquet table over shoulder of Chatter Lal
C-IJT-127 MS of Indy undoing his tie outside Willie's suite
C-IJT-128 MCU of Indy (favored) & Willie after kissing
C-IJT-129 Cont. #128, tighter shot as Indy tells her: "I've had worse"
C-IJT-130 MS of Indy about to close doors to Willie's room
C-IJT-131 MS of Indy now standing in his doorway. "You know where you can find me," says he
C-IJT-132 MCU: Indy checks his teeth in mirror. He looks like Bucky Beaver
C-IJT-133 Profile MLS of Indy laying on bed, stubbornly refusing to give into Willie's charms
C-IJT-134 MS: Indy stands in his room, realizing his charm has failed as well
C-IJT-135 MS of Thuggee choking Indy from behind, bringing him down. Grimacing, Indy reaches for pot
C-IJT-136 MS of Indy pointing for OS Shorty to turn off switch after assassin hangs on revolving fan
C-IJT-137 MS: Indy bursts thru door to Willie's suite, looking from side to side
C-IJT-138 MLS of Willie, delectable in silk pajamas, laying on bed & ready for whoopee
C-IJT-139 Profile MS of Indy putting hands on breasts of stone woman figure as Willie mimics move
C-IJT-140 Indy grabs hat instant before stone door of spike chamber slams shut on arm
C-IJT-141 Gorgeous Carlsbad-like cavern lit in red which Indy, Shorty & Willie have just entered
C-IJT-142 Semi-profile MCU of Indy taking first somber look at temple of doom
C-IJT-143 Indy seems to be doffing hat to coiled python after securing Sankara Stones from Kali
C-IJT-144 MS of Indy horrified at sight of children below slaving in mines OS
C-IJT-145 MCU of Indy surrounded by candle as blood potion takes hold of him
C-IJT-146 MS: shirtless, zombified Indy flanked by two painted Kali worshipers
C-IJT-147 MS of Indy, Chatter Lal in robes beside him, vacantly watching as Willie is brought out
C-IJT-148 Semi-profile MS of Indy showing pleasure as Willie is lowered into flaming chasm OS
C-IJT-149 Indy, back to normal, puts all his strength into winding up crankwheel
C-IJT-150 MCU of Indy & Shorty hugging each other
C-IJT-151 MCU of Indy looking over shoulder at pursuers while driving mine car with Shorty & Willie
C-IJT-152  Shorty becomes victim in tug-o-war between two mine cars running parallel
C-IJT-153  LS of mine car race as Thuggee jumps onto Indy from track above
C-IJT-154  Indy, Shorty & Willie run for lives as wall of water crashes thru tunnel
C-IJT-155  DA of Mola Ram trying to kick Indy off bridge section collapsed against wall
C-IJT-156  LS of trio descending path overlooking Mayapore village (slightly different from #85)
C-IJT-157  Final scene of Indy & Willie laughing after being sprayed with water by baby elephant
C-INF-1 Title over orange-red explosion
C-INF-2 FLV of Infra-Man firing eye beams on black bg
C-INF-3 Cont. C-INF-2, eye beams longer
C-INF-4 MS of Infra-Man ready to go into action
C-ISP-1 MLS of Tuck taking picture of himself & lady lab worker
C-ISP-2 MS of Tuck getting kiss on cheek from co-worker wishing him luck
C-ISP-3 Cont. C-ISP-2, Tuck has second thoughts after passing woman
C-ISP-4 Cont. C-ISP-3, Tuck draws her tight for real kiss
C-ISP-5 FLV of bathysphere taking spin inside miniaturizer
C-ISP-6 MCU of Tuck inside pod, wide eyes staring out of goggles as ride starts to get interesting
C-ISP-7 Cont. C-ISP-6, streaks of light form around Tuck's face
C-ISP-8 DA of Dr. Margaret Canker [Fiona Lewis], Victor Scrimshaw [Kevin McCarthy] & assistants preparing to inject strapped down Jack Putter [Martin Short] in lab
C-ISP-9 FLV of Jack getting own wild ride, straddled between side of truck & top of convertible
C-ISP-10 LS of submersible pod moving silently thru Jack's body
C-ISP-11 Tight FLV of bathysphere in cardiovascular system
C-ISP-12 MS of Tuck intently manning controls of vehicle
C-ISP-13 Cont. C-ISP-12, Tuck laughs as he communicates with Jack
C-ISP-14 PR: Wedding reception PRT of Jack, Lydia [Meg Ryan] & Tuck, all smiles
C-ISP-15 PR: Outdoor PRT of smiling Lydia looking casual & cute
C-ISP-16 PR: Tight PRT of dolled-up Lydia wearing dimpled smile
C-ISP-17 PR: MS of hardcase Mr. Igoe [Vernon Wells] looking for trouble
C-ISP-18 MS of Tuck drunk at reception, two aggravated fellow heroes approaching him
C-ISP-19 MS of Tuck waking up morning after night before, surprise on face
C-ISP-20 MS of shirtless Tuck watching OS girlfriend leave in car
C-ISP-21 MS of cocky Tuck grinning aside before starting jouney
C-ISP-22 ECU of Tuck showing tension before he climbs into pod
C-ISP-23 CU of Tuck staring wide-eyed out of capsule
C-ISP-24 MLS of Jack rising from seat in waiting room, "I'm possessed!" he exclaims, hearing voices in his head
C-IFM-1 "Unbelievable" over mutant & soldier at saucer shaft
C-IFM-2 "It's Fantastic But Possible" over ground closing up
C-IFM-3 Same as C-IFM-2, with out title, dwarfed fence in bg
C-IFM-4 David peers thru telescope from bushes
C-IFM-5 Atomic spaceship seen thru observatory telescope
C-IFM-6 Soldiers capture two policemen. Fire glow on building
C-IFM-7 Sgt. Rinaldi [Max Wagner] being pulled into sand
C-IFM-8 Rinaldi pokes into hole with rifle butt
C-IFM-9 Closer view of Rinaldi being pulled down
C-IFM-10 Rinaldi now up to his waist in sand
C-IFM-11 CU of Pat & David in field during hunt
C-IFM-12 Legs of mutants over forms of Pat & David in pit
C-IFM-13 Mutants enter body of saucer carrying Pat & David
C-IFM-14 Cont. C-IFM-13, mutants further into saucer
C-IFM-15 Cont. C-IFM-14, mutants even further into saucer
C-IFM-16 Cont. C-IFM-15, mutant with struggling David. Door closes
C-IFM-17 Cont. C-IFM-16, closest view of mutant. Door fully closed
C-IFM-18 LS of mutants holding Martian Intelligence
C-IFM-19 FLV of Martian Intelligence in its glass ball
C-IFM-20 ECU of Martian Intelligence, eyes cast downward
C-IFM-21 RV of Intelligence as David approaches creature
C-IFM-22 David pounds with one arm against glass enclosure
C-IFM-23 David pounds with two arms against glass enclosure
C-IFM-24 UA of Pat unconscious on transparent slab in saucer
C-IFM-25 DA of saucer shaft, Martian Intelligence, Rinaldi grappling with David, mutants & Pat on the slab
C-IFM-26 Martian heat weapon being aimed at cave tunnel wall
C-IFM-27 Weapon fires, turning wall a bubbly red
C-IFM-28 Cont. C-IFM-27, the heat-bubbled wall
C-IFM-29 Victims & soldiers run thru dark field
C-IFM-30 Title over bright red Martian bubble-ray effect
C-IFM-31 Flying saucer about to land behind hill of sand
C-IFM-32 MS/UA of two mutant slaves standing stiffly in cave
C-IFM-33 FLV of two mutants running thru cave tunnel
C-IFM-34 Two mutants stop in tracks, fire heat weapon
C-IFM-35 MS of mutants carrying Intelligence to pedestal
C-IFM-36 FLV of David & soldier aiming heat weapon at cave wall
C-IFM-37 Cont. C-IFM-36, tight shot of above as weapon glows red
C-IFM-38 PR: FLV of mutant standing at saucer door cradling Pat in its arms
C-IFM-39 Reproduction of colorful theatrical one-sheet poster
C-IFMN-1 BS: Director Tobe Hooper adjusts brain implant device at neck of soldier on operating site
C-IFMN-2 BS: Overhead floodlights shine down on
C-IFMN-3 Deep blue & red title against starfield
C-IFMN-4 Same title over floodlit fenced path area
C-IFMN-5 FLV of Mrs. McKeltch [Louise Fletcher], flanked by two drones, standing before bethroned Supreme Martian Intelligence. Title captions shot
C-IFMN-6 FLV of David Gardner [Hunter Carson]
C-IFMN-7 MS of David leaning against bedpost covered with NASA patches
C-IFMN-8 David & father George [Timothy Bottoms] look out bedroom window but see nothing
C-IFMN-9 FLV of George walking zombie-like in bathrobe along fenced hillside trail as mist swirls about
C-IFMN-10 Cont. C-IFMN-9, MCU of changed George
C-IFMN-11 MCU of Police Chief Ward [Jimmy Hunt] & fellow officer also transformed
C-IFMN-12 LS of George waving as he takes wife Ellen [Laraine Newman] over hill
C-IFMN-13 FLV of George returning with Ellen. [best shot of hillside area]
C-IFMN-14 MCU of unemotional parents talking to OS David
C-IFMN-15 David crouches in darkness with flashlight outside home before walking to sandpit
C-IFMN-16 MS of David walking in bathrobe past fence
C-IFMN-17 Cont. C-IFMN-16, RV of David approaching top of hill as eerie lights flash before him
C-IFMN-18 MS of George taking metal case from NASA worker
C-IFMN-19 Profile MCU of David discovering OS tunnel entrance
C-IFMN-20 LS of David running thru biomorphic organic spaceship interior
C-IFMN-21 MCU of David looking around corner of tunnel & reacting in horror
C-IFMN-22 DA of David running out of tunnel entrance, which glows red from within
C-IFMN-23 LS of Marines nearing Gardner house with light artillery & armored vehicles
C-IFMN-24 FLV of David running into sandpit, his parents chasing him
C-IFMN-25 DA of David & Linda [Karen Black] falling into whirling circle of sand
C-IFMN-26 Cont. C-IFMN-25, tighter shot of pair being swallowed by vortex
C-IFMN-27 FLV of Martian Intelligence throne situated under lit aperture
C-IFMN-28 Cont. C-IFMN-27, Martian Intelligence lands on throne, attached to articulated vertabrae emerging from aperture
C-IFMN-29 Cont. C-IFMN-28, view from right side gives best look at alien brain & environs
C-IFMN-30 Tight FLV of Martian brain from left side, deep red liquid light distorting area before it
C-IFMN-31 Cont. C-IFMN-30, MCU of brain gives good detail
C-IFMN-32 Cont. C-IFMN-31, CU of brain neatly distorted by thought waves
C-IFMN-33 LS of David putting arm over face when he finds himself on operating table next to drone as implant machine needle drills into soldier's neck
C-IFMN-34 LS of Marines encircling sandpit, explosion blowing hole in center
C-IFMN-35 FLV of soldiers rappelling into large hole blasted into sandpit
C-IFMN-36 FLV of Gen. Wilson & men trying to avoid becoming victims of Martian tunnel borer
C-IFMN-37 LS of Marines charging up spaceship ramp, two drones mustered in smoke-filled area below
C-IFMN-38 Scientist Mark Weinstein [Bud Cort] exhorts soldiers not to fire on OS drones, he wants to communicated with them
C-IFMN-39 Particle beam heat ray blasts Weinstein in colorful sfx display as soldiers in bg look on
C-IFMN-40 UA of Linda on operating table, about to be implanted
C-IFMN-41 Two-element shot: LS of David peering around corner of spaceship tunnel as drone sneaks up behing him; Marines rescue Linda from neck implantation in nick of time
C-IFMN-42 David pleads to OS Martian brain for mercy as drone & reproachful Mrs. McKeltch look on
C-IFMN-43 FLV of Mrs. McKeltch tsk-tsking OS David while leaning elbow on drone's face
C-IFMN-44 FLV of drone gobbling up Mrs. McKeltch to amusement of its counterparts
C-IFMN-45 Squad of Marines lay down automatic weapon fire on OS Martians
C-IFMN-46 FLV of Martian Intelligence unleashing energy bolts against adversaries
C-IFMN-47 Low angle FLV of Martian brain loosing energy bolts for drone amusement
C-IFMN-48 RV of soldiers being bombarded by energy bolts
C-IFMN-49 FLV of Gen. Wilson & David shrinking from OS onslaught by Martian honcho
C-IFMN-50 RV of David & Linda dropping to ground as tunnel digger passes overhead
C-IFMN-51 Gen. Wilson & officers try to make Martian heat ray weapon work, David arrives to show them how
C-IFMN-52 Cont. C-IFMN-51, David & officer fire spectacular heat ray
C-IFMN-53 Soldiers run up hillside path toward camera, lights from sand pit flashing behind them
C-IFMN-54 More soldiers hit deck as explosive charges go off in sand pit
C-IFMN-55 MS of open-mouthed Gardners, restored to normal, reeling from force of spaceship liftoff
C-IFMN-56 BS: MS of Tobe Hooper & Jimmy Hunt, in police chief uniform, sharing nostalgic laugh while holding globe containing original Martian Intellegence
C-IFMN-57 MLS of uniformed, smiling Hunt holding up globe
C-IBG-1 MLS of Bee Girl [Anitra Ford] & others spreading goo over nude body of Nora [Anna Aries]
C-IBG-2 Cont. C-IBG-1, CU of Nora's breasts being covered with substance
C-IBG-3 MS of nude Susan [Victoria Vettri] under blue radiation glow as Bee Girls look on
C-IBG-4 MCU of Susan talking to OS investigator
C-IBG-5 Cont. C-IBG-4, MS of Susan cocking head to side
C-IBG-6 MLS of sexy Bee Girls wearing sunglasses & black dresses during cemetary burial
C-IBG-7 Cont. C-IBG-3, Profile MCU of Susan under blue glow
C-IBS-1 Miles finds seedpod replica of Becky in tool box
C-IBSN-5 Swirling life forms rise from dead planet's surface
C-IBSN-11 Kibner comforts emotionally distraught woman
C-IBSN-12 MCU of Elizabeth looking serious & unsettled
C-IBSN-15 MCU of Bennell looking up after viewing pod body OS
C-IBSN-29 PR: MCU of Elizabeth earing big smile
C-IBSN-30 MS of Elizabeth in work smock
C-IBSN-31 CU of panic-stricken Miles [ Kevin McCarthy in cameo]
C-IBSN-32 FLV of Miles running on street, people in pursuit
C-IBSN-33 MS of Miles stumbling along street, crazed
C-IBSN-34 Miles falls on car hood, looks thru cracked window
C-IBSN-35 Miles yells "They're here!" at Bennell in car
C-IBSN-36 Bellicec finds pod body in mudbath booth
C-IBSN-37 Bellicec & Bennell examine pod body in booth
C-IBSN-38 MS of Kibner howling thru window
C-IBSN-39 MS of webbing-covered pod-duplication of Elizabeth
C-IBSN-40 Elizabeth's pod-dupe screams while pointing OS
C-IBSN-41 BS: MS of McCarthy & Sutherland talking
C-IBSN-42 BS: actors, others by truckloads of pods
C-ISBN-43 Color reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster
C-IBSN-44 MS of seated Dr. Kibner looking up & past left shoulder
C-IOSM-1 Profile CU of bug-eyed alien dwarf. Rare in color
INVASION U.S.A. - 1985
C-IUS-1 PR: MLS of macho man Hunter [Chuck Norris] in unbuttoned blue muscle shirt & tight jeans, ready to fire twin automatic weapons
C-IUS-2 MLS of Hunter putting weapons to use on OS scum from open door of pickup truck
C-IUS-3 UA of Hunter aiming modified M-16 rifle at OS slime
C-IUS-4 FLV of Hunter aiming bazooka at OS slug
C-IDM-1 Title over Moreau's blazing fortress camp
C-IDM-2 Ad art of human transforming into bestial animal
C-IDM-3 Credit over Sayer of the Law [Richard Basehart]
C-IDM-4 Shirtless Braddock [Michael York] resting in bed
C-IDM-5 Dr. Moreau [Burt Lancaster] appears in doorway
C-IDM-6 MCU of Moreau outside in compound
C-IDM-7 Maria [Barbara Carrera] on beach carrying ocelot
C-IDM-8 Cont. C-IDM-7, Maria greets Braddock by his damaged boat
C-IDM-9 CU of Moreau & Braddock in compound
C-IDM-10 CU of Moreau in forest
C-IDM-11 MS of Braddock yelling in forest
C-IDM-12 Humanimals in their island cave
C-IDM-13 CU of Bullman in forest
C-IDM-14 SV of partly transformed Braddock in forest
C-IDM-15 Cont. C-IDM-14, FV of Braddock
C-IDM-16 Humanimals setting laboratory on fire
C-IDM-17 PR: Maria encircled by growling humanimals
C-ICOS-1 Color reproduction of original theatrical one-sheet poster
C-ICW-1 Anderson uses blow torch on Venusian cucumber creature as monster seizes him thru window
C-ICW-2 Venusian plays peeping cucumber at window
IT'S ALIVE - 1974
C-IA-2 Killer baby on knees seemingly pleads for mercy as gun is pointed at its head in living room
IT'S ALIVE - 1976
C-IA-1 Spookily-lit FLV of killer baby on its hands & knees
C-JGK-1 Jack [Kerwin Matthews] & Princess Elaine [Judy Meredith] run from Cormoron the giant [back turned]
C-JGK-2 LS of Pendragon's foreboding island castle
C-JGK-4 Two-headed giant stalks Jack & Elaine on beach
C-JGK-5 Pendragon transforms himself into fiery griffin
C-JGK-6 Griffin dives toward front of Jack's ship
C-JGK-7 The performing clown-disguised doll, Cormoron
C-JGK-8 MS of giant Cormoron with lasso around his neck
C-JGK-9 FLV of leprechaun who lives in bottle
C-JGK-10 Giant hand about to scoop up imp
C-JGK-11 Cont. C-JGK-5, closer view of less fiery griffin
C-JGK-12 RV of griffin flying high above Jack's ship
C-JGK-13 MCU of giant Cormoron looking exceedingly ticked off
C-JGK-14 MS of Cormoron the giant
[C-JA-2 & C-JA-7 have shifted color. All others are full color]
C-JA-1 Title over skeletons & Jason battling at cliff edge
C-JA-2 Goddess Hera [Honor Blackman] & tiny Jason talking
C-JA-3 Triton holds back clashing rocks as Argo nears him
C-JA-4 Argonauts net harpies inside Grecian ruin
C-JA-5 LS of Talos pulling Argo out of water
C-JA-6 LS of Jason sword fighting against hydra
C-JA-7 Flame bolt about to hit near slain hydra
C-JA-8 SV of armed skeletons being ordered to kill
C-JA-9 FV of skeletons flying forward with war whoops
C-JA-10 DA of two skeletons on the offensive
C-JA-11 LS of Jason & his men clashing with skeletons
C-JA-12 Title over Argo & its crew at sea
C-JA-13 Title over LS of Argo on calm, moonlit sea
C-JA-14 CU of Jason
C-JA-15 Argo & its crew viewed from amidships
C-JA-16 CU of clashing rocks dislodging from cliff face
C-JA-17 RV of Jason & shipmate questioning their peril
C-JA-18 Cont. C-JA-17, RA of pair favors Jason
C-JA-19 Cont. C-JA-18, Jason looks up in anguish
C-JA-20 Jason & crew watch Triton rise from water before them
C-JA-21 Cont. C-JA-20, closer view
C-JA-22 Scavenging harpy wings down over island ruins
C-JA-23 LS of Talos reaching down to pluck Argo from water
C-JA-24 CU of Talos' hand grabbing for Argo
C-JA-25 FLV of Talos breaking up & toppling over on beach
C-JA-26 DA of Medea [Nancy Kovack], gorgeous temple dancer
C-JA-27 MS of Jason in temple
C-JA-28 MS of evil king in temple with Jason seated in bg
C-JA-29 Bowmen cover Jason as he starts to draw his sword
C-JA-30 LS of golden fleece hanging on tree in dark clearing
C-JA-31 CU of Jason admiring fleece
C-JA-32 Jason looks aside as he reaches for fleece
C-JA-33 CU of stunned Jason as he sees hydra OS
C-JA-34 DA of Jason looking up in shock at hydra OS
C-JA-35 CU of multi-headed hydra
C-JA-36 Cont. C-JA-35, hydra's many jaws are agape
C-JA-37 MS of Jason as he engages hydra OS
C-JA-38 Forked lightning strikes from dark, foreboding sky
C-JA-39 LS of an argonaut sword fighting with skeleton
C-JA-40 Jason runs up behind foot of giant Talos
C-JA-41 UA of Talos as his heel is drained OS
C-JA-42 Jason pushes back two skeletons with spear at edge of cliff
C-JA43 LS of Talos pursuing argonauts up island beach
C-JA-44 LS of Talos straddling island, preparing to waylay fleeing Argo
C-JA-45 UA of Talos glaring down on Jason & men on bow of Argo
C-JA-46 FLV of Jason watching Hermes growing before him at temple ruins
C-JA-47 Cont. C-JA-46, LS of scene
C-JA-48 LS of island valley of statues, Talos prominent
C-JA-49 UA of Talos on pedestal
C-JA-50 LS of Hercules & Hylas approaching pedestal
C-JA-51 Tight FLV of Talos statue
C-JA-52 Chamber of fabulous jewels spreads out before Hercules & Hylas as they stand in doorway
C-JA-53 UA of Talos statue viewed past Hercules' shoulder
C-JA-54 Cont. C-JA-53, Talos turns head, looking at Hercules
C-JA-55 LS of Talos starting to move from pedestal
C-JA-56 Cont. C-JA-55, Talos steps off pedestal
C-JA-57 Tight MLS of Talos stepping off pedestal
C-JA-58 MLS of Talos leaning back against pedestal & looking around
C-JA-59 LS of Talos by cliffs edging beach, watching OS Argo departing
C-JA-60 Departing Argo viewed over Talos' shoulder
C-JA-61 LS of Talos working way toward channel narrows
C-JA-62 LS of Talos moving from behind rocks as Jason's men run away in fg
C-JA-63 FLV of Talos about to step on men
C-JA-64 MS of Talos looking down as OS Jason tampers with heel of foot
C-JA-65 LS of Talos clutching throat as liquid drains from his heel
C-JA-66 Cont. C-JA-65, Talos leaning to side
C-JA-67 Cont. C-JA-66, Talos bends forward
C-JA-68 MS of Talos cracking up
C-JA-69 FLV of Talos laying in pieces on beach
C-JAWS-1 CU of Quint [Robert Shaw], jaws teeth hanging in bg
C-JAWS-2 CU of Chrissie as unseen shark grabs her underwater
C-JAWS-3 Quint, Brody [Roy Scheider] & Hooper [Richard Dreyfuss] aboard Orca struggling to secure lines holding shark
C-JAWS-4 CU of killer shark, its mouth wide open
C-JAWS-5 LS of killer shark hurling itself onto boat
C-JAWS-6 Cont. C-JAWS-6, weight of shark sinks stern of boat
C-JAWS-7 MCU of shark chewing his way aboard boat
C-JAWS-8 Shark opens maw to receive human desert
C-JET-1 Loving Jetson family PRT of George, Jane, Elroy & their dog Astro
C-JET-2 Jetsons, daughter Judy added, wave as they whoosh away from Spacely Sprocket factory in star car
C-JET-3 Cont. C-JET-2, wider shot shows entire intergalactic digs
C-JET-4 George watches his robotic co-worker, Rudy 2, engage machinery from control panel
C-JET-5 Judy & her new boyfriend, Appolo Blue, & friends are shocked at calamity caused by factory drilling operation
C-JET-6 George jumps out of chair when bellowing Mr. Spacely appears on viewscreen
C-JET-7 Astro gets attention of perturbed George
C-JET-8 Cont. C-JET-7, Astro licks George's face
[C-JCE-1 thru 14 have shifted color. #15-19 are full color]
C-JCE-1 Title over explorers on raft at sea
C-JCE-2 Sir Oliver & Alec enthuse over inscription on plumb bob after lab explosion, Jenny [Diane Baker] looks on
C-JCE-3 Looking into cratered maw of Snaeffels Jokull
C-JCE-4 FLV of Gertrude, the duck
C-JCE-5 View of underground pools thru bejeweled cave wall
C-JCE-6 LS of explorers in petrified mushroom forest
C-JCE-7 Explorers traverse tiny ledge on steep canyon wall
C-JCE-8 Explorers push on against violent winds
C-JCE-9 Alec hangs over salt forest of gnarled limbs
C-JCE-10 Oliver nears Saknussemm at underground seashore
C-JCE-11 FV of Dimetrodon [i.e. finned iguana]
C-JCE-12 Dimetrodon pads toward fallen Carla on beach
C-JCE-13 Molten lava bubbles up around Atlantean ruins
C-JCE-14 Giant lizard hovers over explorers in altar stone
C-JCE-15 Alec sings & bathes in crystal grotto
C-JCE-16 Disheveled Alec comes upon giant mushroom forest
C-JCE-17 Explorers survey surrounding ruins of Atlantis
C-JCE-18 Alec looks up as he bathes in crystal grotto
C-JCE-19 Oliver & Carla watch as Alec picks up piece of "stale" bread in Atlantis marketplace
C-JFS-1 Eurosec spaceship blasts off from launch center
[C-JSP-1 thru 3 have shifted color. C-JSP-5 & 6 have emulsion scratches]
C-JSP-1 Title over LS of planet Uranus
C-JSP-2 Spaceship passes below planet Saturn
C-JSP-3 LS of ship landed on barren, rocky Uranus
C-JSP-4 Evil alien brain emits spiraling thought waves
C-JSP-5 Near FLV of giant one-eyed rodent monster
C-JSP-6 MCU of cyclopean rodent monster reaching out
C-JUR-1 BS: Director Steven Spielberg hand-frames an on-location shot
C-JUR-2 MCU of Grant quickly peeling off sunglasses, eyes wide at sight of OS Brach
C-JUR-3 MS of Ellie, awestruck at first glimpse of OS Brach, observing from seat in jeep
C-JUR-4 Tight FLV of Ellie & Grant running toward grazing Brach [tail & hind leg visible]
C-JUR-5 From his jeep vantage point, Dr. Ian Malcolm [Jeff Goldblum] beams at astonishing sight
C-JUR-6 LS of 50-foot tall Brach with its head in tree branches as Ellie & Grant are joined by John Hammond [all backs to camera]
C-JUR-7 MLS of [l to r] Hammond [Richard Attenborough], lawyer Donald Gennaro [Martin Ferrero], Grant, Malcolm & Ellie all craining their necks to admire awesome OS creature
C-JUR-8 Grant & Ellie become slack-jawed as they come upon dinosaur egg hatchery
C-JUR-9 Malcolm, Hammond, Ellie & Grant bend over incubator as mechanical arm holds one of eggs
C-JUR-10 Cont. C-JUR-9, Hammond helps with birth of Velociraptor, its head emerging from shell
C-JUR-11 MLS of proud Hammond preparing to take his visitors on their first tour of park
C-JUR-12 LS of tour vehicle entering park thru massive main gates
C-JUR-13 Young Tim [Joseph Mazzello] gapes at prone Triceratops, part of its horned head visible
C-JUR-14 MLS of Grant standing next to neck of downed beast
C-JUR-15 Grant kneels beside head of sick animal as Ellie tries to comfort her
C-JUR-16 T-rex [mid body] passes in front of Explorer, from rear seat POV
C-JUR-17 MCU of Lex training flashlight on face of T-rex, its eye dilating
C-JUR-18 Huge head of T-rex nudges at vehicle containing Lex & Tim as rain beats down
C-JUR-19 MLS of T-rex turned to face Grant [back turned] as he attempts to distract beast
C-JUR-20 T-rex in fg stares down at Grant & Lex kneeling beside overturned Explorer
C-JUR-21 From scene of attack, Ellie, Malcolm & game warden look for escaped dinosaurs
C-JUR-22 FLV of T-rex [slight motion blur] about to smash into fallen tree trunk while chasing jeep
C-JUR-23 LS of two Brachs emerging from shimmering lake as smaller dino drink at water's edge
C-JUR-24 Spectacuar LS of Brach herd night feeding in jungle as Grant & kids observe them from their perch high in fg tree
C-JUR-25 Grant feeds branch to friendly Brach from treetop with help of beaming Time & Lex
C-JUR-26 CU of Grant & kids petting Brach's nose
C-JUR-27 Cont. #26, pullback shot as Lex reaches out to touch Brach [all of head & neck visible]
C-JUR-28 MLS of Grant & children walking thru jungle growth on way back to visitor center
C-JUR-29 Cont. #28, trio reaches open area & become alert to something OS
C-JUR-30 Cont. #29, RA observing stampeding herd of Gallimimuses below
C-JUR-31 Cont. #30, FLV of trio running from herd as one bird-like creature gallops up alongside [side motion blur]
C-JUR-32 Team of Velociraptors open door to kitchen & begin to enter
C-JUR-33 Cont. #32, one 'raptor now thru door & hungry for some kid-on-rye
C-JUR-34 Two-element shot: low-angle MLS of 'raptors emerging into kitchen by door & team hunting amid countertops
C-JUR-35 MCU of Ellie noticing OS T-Rex entering lobby of visitor center
C-JUR-36 DA of Grant, Ellie & kids near stairs in center, agog at scene unfolding OS
C-JUR-37 FLV of T-rex triumphantly roaring as When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth banner floats across her body
C-JP3-1 PR: near-FLV of Dr. Alan Grant [Sam Neill], Paul Kirby [William H. Macy], Amanda Kirby [Tea Leoni] & Billy Brennan [Alessandro Nivola], battered & bloody in Isla Sorna jungle
C-JP3-2 MS: above four plus mercenary Udesky [Michael Jeter] in wreckage of airplane, menaced by head of Spinosaurus
C-JP3-3 Impressive 70mm MLS of Tyrannosaurus Rex & Spinosaurus facing off
C-JP3-4 FLV of Grant at center of three advancing velociraptors
C-JP3-5 RV of group from plane running with herd of dinosaurs
C-JP3-6 Interior of empty InGen research lab
C-JP3-7 MS of angry raptor throwing weight against cage door as Brennan tries to hold it shut (his face obscured)
C-JP3-8 MLS of Grant, Kirby & Amanda scrambling aboard boat as Spinosaurus appears in bg out of pounding rain
C-JP3-9 Cont. #8, our heroes cower in cage as Spiny menaces from above
C-JP3-10 FLV of Amanda, Kirby & son Eric [Trevor Morgan], Brennan & Grant staring in disbelief at sight of OS Spiny
C-JP3-11 FLV of Spiny out in open, spotting his prey
C-JP3-12 FLV of Amanda trying to outrun Spiny on opposite side of fence
C-JP3-13 LS: Pteranodon swoops down on Brennan splashing toward camera
C-JP3-14 Cont. #13, Brennan's head just above water as he tries to escape grasp of big bird
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KEEP, THE - 1984
C-KP-1 MCU of Molasar during intermediate muscle-bound stage, eyes & mouth glowing red

C-KIL-1 FLV of tank-like laser-equipped robot sentry patrolling aisle of mall clothing store
C-KIL-2 Cont. C-KIL-1, robot nears glass counter, head module glowing red

C-KD-1 Reproduction of title LC showing giant lizard menacing explorers

KING KONG - 1933
C-KK-1 Original title LC poster art
C-KK-2 LC scene of Driscoll, Ann & Denham after Kong's death

KING KONG - 1976
C-KKN-5 Dwan lays unconscious in rubber raft (color-shifted)
C-KKN-11 Torch-bearing natives about to sacrifice drugged Dwan
C-KKN-15 FLV of Dwan tied to altar with wall in bg
C-KKN-16 DA of Dwan looking up in fear
C-KKN-17 CU of Dwan's face, wide-eyed with fright
C-KKN-18 Kong pounds his chest & roars before Dwan on altar
C-KKN-21 Kong, teeth barred, holds Dwan up to his face
C-KKN-22 Still holding Dwan, Kong rears his head back & roars
C-KKN-24 CU of Kong with giant serpent coiled around him
C-KKN-29 Splinters fly as Kong smashes thru doors
C-KKN-30 Jack [Jeff Bridges], Dwan & crewmen look up in fear & awe
C-KKN-34 Extraordinary detailed CU of Kong's expressive face
C-KKN-35 Kong fondles Dwan, one breast exposed, with forefinger. Scene cut from American release
C-KKN-36 Dwan gets waterfall shower in Kong's paw
C-KKN-37 Kong lifts train off tracks & examines victim
C-KKN-38 Kong stomps past burning building
[NOTE: #39-46 are printed from Cinemascope frames. 8x10s only]
C-KKN-39 Profile MCU of Kong sniffing his newfound sacrifice, Dwan
C-KKN-40 MCU of Kong watching OS Dwan try to escape on ground
C-KKN-41 CU of Kong in holding tank of Petrox Explorer
C-KKN-42 MCU of troubled Dwan against lighted NY skyscraper
C-KKN-43 CU over Kong's shoulder looking toward Twin Towers
C-KKN-44 MCU of Dwan, face turned skyward with hurt eyes
C-KKN-45 DA of Dwan in Kong's paw again but this time she's trying to save him
C-KKN-46 CU of bloody Kong breathing his last

C-KKE-1 Woman screams as Kong's paw reaches down for her
C-KKE-2 CU of woman in paw's grip
C-KKE-3 Kong inspects top of surfaced submarine
C-KKE-4 Mechni-Kong lifted thru open dome into sunlight
C-KKE-5 CU of Mechni-Kong with tops of buildings in bg
C-KKE-6 Kong & Mechni-Kong face off as helicopters circle
C-KKE-7 Kong & Mechni-Kong begin their battle royal
C-KKE-8 LS of Kong & Mechni-Kong climbing power station tower

C-KKL-1 PR: PRT of smiling explorer Hank Mitchell [Brian Kerwin]
C-KKL-2 PR: MS of Amy Franklin [Linda Hamilton], in black turtleneck shirt, posed with arms folded in wooded clearing
C-KKL-3 PR: MLS of smiling Amy, in dressy shirt & blouse with long scarf draped around neck, resting arm on bust of Kong
C-KKL-4 PR: FLV of Amy striking cute smiling pose at feet of downed Lady Kong in wooded clearing, wearing tan shirt & trousers
C-KKL-5 PR: PRT of Mitchel & Amy in romantic pose
C-KKL-6 PR: MLS of sporty, smiling pair posed in clutches of giant Kong fingers
C-KKL-7 BS: Profile MLS of Hamilton standing by car & licking lips as she awaits camera call, wearing black shirt & blue jeans
C-KKL-8 FLV of Kong having broke chains & about to escape institute
C-KKL-9 MLS of shackled Lady Kong
C-KKL-10 MS of King & Lady Kong exchanging affections after escape into mountains
C-KKL-11 Cont. C-KKL-10, MS of giant apes talking over homemaking plans
C-KKL-12 MS of Amy & Mitchell watching OS military activity from behind rocks
C-KKL-13 FLV of army soldiers cautiously approaching downed Lady Kong with drawn weapons
C-KKL-14 LS of soldiers & equipment around Lady Kong in clearing as helicopter prepares to pick her up
C-KKL-15 Cont. C-KKL-14, new angle as chopper lifts Lady Kong away in net

C-KOS-4 Rack [William Shatner] & Diane [Tiffany Bolling] talk in kitchen
C-KOS-5 MS of Rack, tense-faced, in doorway
C-KOS-7 Rack & others try to leave tarantula-filled lodge
C-KOS-9 MCU of goggled pilot in spray plane covered with tarantulas
C-KOS-10 Farmer's wife about to fire gun at bed of tarantulas crawling on floor toward her

C-KR-1 Reproduction of 1957 theatrical duo tone one-sheet poster showing giant machine crushing everything in sight

KTC-1 PR: MS of smirking Kull [Kevin Sorbo], resplendent in studded armor, leaning against column
KTC-2 MS of shirtless Kull on sailing ship, ocean in bg
KTC-3 PR: MS of battle-ready beefcake Kull brandishing large axe as he glowers at camera
KTC-4 MS of bare-chested Kull clenching hand as he looks OS
KTC-5 Near FLV of Kull holding lowered sword, standing before crowd
KTC-6 Near FLV of Kull leading night-time battle as others fight around him, fires burning in bg
KTC-7 Bluish-toned MCU of Kull & dark-haired Zareta [Katrina Lombard], both wrapped in furs
KTC-8 MS of festively-attired Kull, gripping shoulders of new bride Akivasha [Tia Carrere], who wears elaborate headdress
KTC-9 MS of shirtless Kull as adoring[& well-endowed]Zareta looks up at him
KTC-10 DA of Kull on horseback amongst crowd, as bearded Dalgar [Joe Shaw] rides behind him
KTC-11 Beaming MCU of Akivasha, beautiful & scheming as she looks OS
KTC-12 MS of Kull's bearded friend Dalgar on horseback against rocky bg
KTC-13 MS of Zareta, holding arms as if shivering, looking OS
KTC-14 MS of bare-chested Ascalante [Litefoot], looking dumb & hunky as he glances OS

KRULL - 1983
C-KRL-1 BS: Technician touches up webbing beneath crystal spider
C-KRL-2 FLV of white-gowned Lyssa [Lysette Anthony] standing before entrance to Beast's lair
C-KRL-3 FLV of Cyclops in forest
C-KRL-4 MS of The Beast against black bg
C-KRL-5 PR: MS of Prince Colwyn [Ken Marshall] brandishing the Glaive under fiery glow
C-KRL-6 PR: PRT of white gowned Lyssa
C-KRL-7 PR: MS of Lyssa posed in yellow-gold costume with hands on hips against red bg
C-KRL-8 PR: FLV of Black Slayer
C-KRL-9 MS of Colwyn preparing to defend himself & Lyssa with Glaive
C-KRL-10 FLV of Lyssa showing Colwyn handful of flame
C-KRL-11 PR: FLV of Colwyn standing spread-legged wearing complete costume & weapons. Red bg
C-KRL-12 MS of Colwyn unsheathing sword from sitting up position, shirt falling off shoulders
C-KRL-13 MLS of Colwyn facing camera in defensive stance, ready to use knives in both hands

C-LBY-1 PR: MS of director Jim Henson, David Bowie & George Lucas, all casually clad & smiling
C-LBY-2 PR: PRT of Jareth, the Goblin King, in fancy attire
C-LBY-3 PR: MCU of Jareth sullenly holding up globe in palm of hand
C-LBY-4 PR: FLV of Jareth sitting back in chair with kidnapped baby in his lap
C-LBY-5 MLS of Sarah [Jennifer Connelly] with bear-like Ludo & Sir Didymus outside castle gate
C-LBY-6 MS of Sarah, disoncerted but beautiful in elegant white ball gown
C-LBY-7 LS of gigantic labyrinth
C-LBY-8 Profile FLV of Sarah & Ludo nearing one of two doors within maze
C-LBY-9 Sarah stands facing camera with back turned to defiant Jareth in desolate area
C-LBY-10 Ten-element montage of scenes chronicling Sarah's encounters with Jareth & muppet friends & foes leading to rescue of her baby brother
C-LBY-11 CIN: MLS of Jareth making magical grand entrance into bedroom as Sarah stands transfixed
C-LBY-12 CIN: CU of Jareth staring square-jawed at camera
C-LBY-13 CIN: MS of Jareth expressing delight at globe in hand, surrounded by goblin minions
C-LBY-14 Cont. C-LBY-13, with laugh, Jareth tosses globe in air
C-LBY-15 CIN: MCU of Jareth issuing menacing glower at OS Sarah inside castle maze
C-LBY-16 CIN: UA of Sarah on staircase that deadends in midair as Jareth walks upside down beneath her feet
C-LBY-17 CIN: MLS of Sarah imperiled in shaft of clutching hands
C-LBY-18 MLS of Jareth sitting leaning against pillar in castle, holding up gloves in both hands
C-LBY-19 Cont. C-LBY-16, FLV of Jareth now upright on staircase level, hand extended, from Sarah's POV
C-LBY-20 PR: FLV of Jareth in complete costume, posed with head cocked & hands on hips, white bg
C-LBY-21 PR: FLV of Jareth kneeling at feet of Sarah, seated in desolate area, putting his hand on her shoulder

C-LHK-1 PR: MS of black-garbed Etienne of Navarro [Rutgar Hauer] on horseback as winged Ladyhawke lands on his gloved hand
C-LHK-2 Cont. C-LHK-1, tighter MS of Etienne with Ladyhawke perched on gloved hand
C-LHK-3 PR: FLV of silhouetted Etienne on horseback at sunrise as Ladyhawke is about to land on his hand
C-LHK-4 PR: FLV of black stallion rearing up with Etienne
C-LHK-5 PR: FLV of Etienne kneeling with sword on grassy, sweeping landscape ending with mountains in bg
C-LHK-6 PR: MCU of Ladyhawke, actually Isabeau of Anjou [Michelle Pfeiffer], tilting face to camera
C-LHK-7 PR: MLS of Isabeau in burlap garmet, standing in forest
C-LHK-8 PR: MS of Phillipe Gaston [Matthew Broderick] posed by tree with Etienne's sword sticking out of it
C-LHK-9 PR: MS of Phillipe holding Ladyhawke on gloved hand
C-LHK-10 FLV of Phillipe escaping dungeons of Aquila thru underground sewer system
C-LHK-11 MS of Isabeau on bed covered by furs, arrow piercing her chest
C-LHK-12 FLV of Phillipe captured by Bishop's guards, one looking to behead him with sword
C-LHK-13 MS of Etienne ready to do some damage with crossbow
C-LHK-14 MLS of Etienne crossing swords with guard
C-LHK-15 FLV of Etienne raising havok with guards, most down for count
C-LHK-16 FLV of Etienne & Isabeau reunited in human forms in cathedral
C-LHK-17 PR: PRT of Etienne smiling slightly into camera
C-LHK-18 PR: FLV of Etienne standing against mountains & sky
C-LHK-19 PR: PRT of Etienne & Ladyhawke
C-LHK-20 PR: MS of grim-faced Etienne holding Ladyhawke
C-LHK-21 PR: FLV of Etienne on horse & holding Ladyhawke, mountains in bg
C-LHK-22 Cont. C-LHK-21, MLS with Etienne smiling at Ladyhawke perched on upraised hand
C-LHK-23 Cont. C-LHK-22, MS of Etienne [horse out of frame], wrapped in black cape, holding Ladyhawke on upraised hand, bird flaping wings
C-LHK-24 PR: FLV of Etienne astride horse against mountains
C-LHK-25 PR: MS of Etienne holding Ladyhawke near face in woods
C-LHK-26 PR: MLS of hooded Etienne placing cape around shoulders of Isabeau
C-LHK-27 PR: PRT of Isabeau in blue top
C-LHK-28 PR: CU of Isabeau wearing hood, adding to her mystery
C-LHK-29 PR: FLV of Isabeau, sheathed in white, sitting on hill overlooking castle & country
C-LHK-30 PR: FLV of mounted Etienne smiling as Ladyhawke prepares to land on his outstretched hand
C-LHK-31 MS of Etienne, wrapped in cloak & hood, looking aside with Ladyhawke resting on hand in woods
C-LHK-32 LS of mounted Etienne with Ladyhawke silhouetted against yellow Sun & orange sunset sky
C-LHK-33 MS of tight-lipped Etienne flailing away with sword at OS guards
C-LHK-34 FLV of Etienne riding full tilt at camera between trees
C-LHK-35 FLV of Isabeau, in red pants & long-sleeved belted top, walking in woods with hand on hip
C-LHK-36 MS of Isabeau thinking to herself under glow of firelight
C-LHK-37 MS of Etienne, holding Ladyhawke, & Phillipe on horseback looking at OS Imperius
C-LHK-38 MS of hooded Phillipe riding to Imperius with Ladyhawke, arrow piercing its chest
C-LHK-39 Cont. C-LHK-11, Imperius [Leo McKern] trying to comfort wounded Isabeau
C-LHK-40 MLS of Etienne on horseback holding sword at lap, arrow sticking out of upper chest
C-LHK-41 Cont. C-LHK-40, profile MS of Etienne resting sword on opposite shoulder
C-LHK-42 Profile CU of Etienne, visor of helmet pushed up on forehead, entering Aquila
C-LHK-43 Reunited at last, Etienne lifts Isabeau in his arms as she kisses him on forehead. MS
C-LHK-44 MCU of Etienne & Isabeau turning attention to OS louse who placed curse on them
C-LHK-45 MS of Isabeau, full of pain & hate faceing Bishop with clenched fist
C-LHK-46 MS of Isabeau taking Phillipe's hand & thanking him as they, Etienne & Imperius draw close
C-LHK-47 Cont. C-LHK-46, all flash happy smiles
C-LHK-48 CIN: MS of mounted Etienne asking for help from OS Phillipe
C-LHK-49 CIN: MS of Phillipe responding negatively
C-LHK-50 CIN: MCU of Isabeau as she first appears wearing hood, green eyes flashing
C-LHK-51 CIN: MS of Phillipe holding out his hand to OS Isabeau, asking her for dance
C-LHK-52 Cont. C-LHK-51, RA of Isabeau looking skeptical
C-LHK-53 Cont. C-LHK-52, now she smiles at Phillipe's antics
C-LHK-54 CIN: MLS of drenched Isabeau, armed with knife, desperately searching woods for wolf
C-LHK-55 CIN: MLS of Etienne aiming crossbow from horseback
C-LHK-56 CIN: Profile MCU of arrow being pulled from Isabeau's chest
C-LHK-57 CIN: DA of Phillipe & Isabeau escaping to top of monastery tower
C-LHK-58 Cont. C-LHK-57, Phillipe latches door as sword of pursuer pierces wood, Isabeau looks on
C-LHK-59 CIN: MCU of Etienne reaching for visored helmet after winning battle in cathedral
C-LHK-60 Cont. C-LHK-59, Etienne removes helmet, coldy eyeing OS bishop
C-LHK-61 CIN: MS of Etienne lifting Isabeau off her feet & above his head as they sweep together anew
C-LHK-62 PR: Wonderful FLV of Etienne mounted on black stallion & holding hawk, sword & crossbow hitched to saddle, posed against lovely countryside
C-LHK-63 PR: PRT of Pfeiffer as herself in black sweater over red top, hint of smile on face
C-LHK-64 PR: Horizontal CU of Isabeau coyly turning face toward camera against out of focus wooded bg
C-LHK-66 PR: Gorgeous CU of Etienne gazing just aside, red lighting coloring intense face
C-LHK-66 PR: Horizontal CU of distant Isabeau, half of face lit, other half in shadows

C-LTF-1 Title over dinosaur roving hidden island of Caprona
C-LTF-2 Title over massive, fiery explosion
C-LTF-3 LS of mountainous ice barrier in Arctic ocean
C-LTF-4 Closer view of icy mountain range
C-LTF-5 Submarine about to enter icy inlet
C-LTF-6 Tip of submarine pokes out of tropical waters
C-LTF-7 LS of Caprona with native tribe in fg
C-LTF-10 Tyrannosaurus looks out from above tree tops
C-LTF-11 Dinosaur opens its mouth wide
C-LTF-12 FLV of maddened beast
C-LFT-13 Fire flows from ground fissure

C-LTR-1 PR: MS of sultry Lara Croft [Angelina Jolie] looking over shoulder at camera inside temple
C-LTR-2 PR: MLS of Lara in black t-shirt & shorts, glancing aside warily as she cocks pistol
C-LTR-3 Shadowy MCU of Lara in sunglasses, leaning back in chair at auction
C-LTR-4 FLV of smiling Lara in black top & pants, hand on back of head Illuminati's chair
C-LTR-5 LS of Lara atop giant suspended battering ram as bad guys shine flashlights on her from below in Cambodian temple
C-LTR-6 Cont. #5, tight FLV of Lara holding onto rope
C-LTR-7 FLV of Lara in gray tank top & pants, dangling from time machine contraption for dear life
C-LTR-8 Scenic LS of Lara rowing toward camera up Cambodian river
C-LTR-9 MS of stern-looking Lara in gray tank-top, rival treasure hunter Alex West [Daniel Craig] close behind her
C-LTR-10 MS: Butler Hillary [Chris Barrie] & whiz-kid Bryce [Noah Taylor] help Lara solve mystery
C-LTR-11 Profile MLS of Lara (gray long-sleeved top) sitting across from villainous Manfred Powell [Iain Glen] in plush surroundings
C-LTR-12 FLV of smug Powell reclining on divan in Cambodian jungle
C-LTR-13 MS of wide-eyed Alex in temple, rifle in hand
C-LTR-14 MS of Bryce looking up from intricately wired gadget
C-LTR-15 MS of Lord Richard Croft [Jon Voight] looking up from journal
C-LTR-16 FLV of Lara in gray outfit with hooded coat, marching across plain toward camera with Bryce, Alex & others, helicopters hovering in bg
C-LTR-17 BS: MLS of Director Simon West rehearsing with Angelina Jolie (in black) for scene in temple

C-LB-1 Title over blazing red bg
C-LB-2 RV of humanoid alien watching spaceship land in desert
C-LB-3 Spaceship almost settled to Earth
C-LB-4 MS of lizard-aliens talking outside ship, guns drawn
C-LB-5 Lizardmen look at each other, mouths closed
C-LB-6 Lizardmen leave tail section of ship
C-LB-7 Cont. C-LB-6, rear lizardman's mouth open
C-LB-8 Cont. C-LB-7, weapons of both lizardmen clearly visible
C-LB-9 FLV of lizardmen cautiously searching desert
C-LB-10 Cont. C-LB-9, lead alien catches sight of his prey
C-LB-11 Cont. C-LB-10, lead alien bends body to get better look
C-LB-12 MS of humanoid aiming laser blaster
C-LB-13 LS of humanoid aiming at lizards, ship in bg
C-LB-14 Humanoid fires laserblaster
C-LB-15 Cont. C-LB-14, same shot, but laser beam longer
C-LB-16 Same as C-LB-13, but laserblaster is firing
C-LB-17 Lizardman fires counter blast
C-LB-18 Cont. C-LB-17, laser beam ricochets into air
C-LB-19 Cont. C-LB-18, laser beam longer
C-LB-20 Cont. C-LB-19, beam dissipates
C-LB-21 MS of lizardmen, leader aiming hand weapon
C-LB-22 Cont. C-LB-21, raygun begins to fire
C-LB-23 Cont. C-LB-22, ray beam a little longer
C-LB-24 Cont. C-LB-23, ray beam at its longest
C-LB-25 Cont. C-LB-24, beam leaves end of raygun
C-LB-26 DA of humanoid on ground after being hit
C-LB-27 Humanoid looks over shoulder, mouth bleeding
C-LB-28 Spaceship takes off from desert, passing over hill
C-LB-29 Billy [Kim Milford] finds abandoned laserblaster
C-LB-30 Billy kneels beside laserblaster
C-LB-31 Spaceship viewscreen image of above shot
C-LB-32 Lizardmen inside their ship discussing situation
C-LB-33 Cont. C-LB-32, similar shot, but one lizardman is blinking
C-LB-34 Billy on viewscreen handling laserblaster
C-LB-35 Billy smiles as he holds weapon
C-LB-36 CU of lizardmen, one with his mouth open
C-LB-67 Col. Farley [Keenan Wynn] confronts Billy outside house
C-LB-70 Kathy [Cheryl Smith] comes out of house shouting
C-LB-71 Cont. C-LB-70, MS of Kathy on front doorstep
C-LB-73 CU of Kathy behind wheel of car
C-LB-74 Cont. C-LB-73, Kathy saying something
C-LB-75 ECU of mutating, wild-eyed Billy
C-LB-77 Lizardman fires ray blast from building top in deserted town. Spaceship hovers in sky above & behind alien
C-LB-78 Cont. C-LB-77, Billy caught in rainbow-like beam on street
C-LB-79 Near FLV of lizardmen, armed & stalking prey in desert
C-LB-80 MS of humanoid alien aiming laserblaster into camera
C-LB-81 MCU of Billy screaming as he mutates greenly
C-LB-82 Two lizard aliens search wooded area for their lost weapon
C-LB-83 Alien lizardmen communicate with leader on spaceship viewscreen

C-LST-1 BS: MS of director Nick Castle rubbing palms together
C-LST-2 BS: MLS of technicians building Gunstar spacecraft
C-LST-3 BS: Cont. C-LST-2, tighter shot of work on cockpit area
C-LST-4 SV of Starcar parked with drivers side door raised
C-LST-5 Cont. C-LST-4, 3/4 RV of Starcar, technician working on rear bumper
C-LST-6 PR: MS of Alex Rogan [Lance Guest] turning from Starfighter video game to eye camera
C-LST-7 PR: FLV of Alex posed seated half in & half out of Starcar
C-LST-8 PR: PRT of Alex in Starfighter pilot uniform sans helmet
C-LST-9 PR: PRT of Alex in uniform wearing helmet
C-LST-10 LS of Starcar parked in Star League of Planets hanger deck
C-LST-11 MS of Centauri [Robert Preston] introducing recruit Alex to Grig [Dan O'Herlihy], lizard-like navigator
C-LST-12 MLS of Alex & Grig appearing before Star League assembly
C-LST-13 FLV of Alex & Grig leaving assembly of aliens enroute to spaceship
C-LST-14 FLV of Centauri kneeling at rear of Starcar
C-LST-15 MS of Centauri grabbing arm at rear of Starcar
C-LST-16 MLS of uniformed Alex, holding helmet, standing on Gunstar lift & eyeing OS Grig
C-LST-17 Cont. C-LST-16, Alex looks up as he's elevated toward gunnery chair
C-LST-18 MLS of Alex in full uniform, Best look at outfit
C-LST-19 LS of Gunstar hanger deck packed with spacecraft
C-LST-20 FV of Alex's Gunstar whooshing thru space
C-LST-21 MS of Gunstar facing armada of enemy fighters
C-LST-22 MCU of Maggie [Catherine Mary Stewart] watching with wonder as OS spaceship touches down
C-LST-23 FLV of Alex [full uniform] returning from Earth descends from ship
C-LST-24 LS past ship lift of Alex greeting astonished family & friends
C-LST-25 PR: MS of spacesuited Alex seated with arms wrapped around helmet on his lap
C-LST-26 PR: PRT of Grig coyly eyeing camera while facing aside
C-LST-27 PR: PRT of Maggie in pink & blue top
C-LST-28 Title over RV of Gunstar blasting thru space
C-LST-29 Head-on shot of Starcar blasting thru mountain-carved tunnel
C-LST-30 Tight RV of Starcar's motors blasting, license plate reads RYLOS
C-LST-31 Starcar takes off from Earth
C-LST-32 UA of Starcar approaching edge of Saturn
C-LST-33 Cont. C-LST-32, becomes dwarfed as it overflies Saturn's rings
C-LST-34 RV of Starcar entering upper atmosphere of Rylos
C-LST-35 MS of Grig as he learns about Alex's retirement
C-LST-36 MCU of Alex & Grig as alien shows them other non-human recruits
C-LST-37 Mouth agape, Alex listens to alien starfighter prior to address by Star League leader
C-LST-38 FLV of Gunstar passing thru atmosphere of Rylos
C-LST-39 Squadron of Ko-Dan deckfighters rocket thru space
C-LST-40 Alex's Gunstar bears down on Zurian cargo ship from behind
C-LST-41 Tight shot of Ko-Dan deckfighter armada
C-LST-42 LS of Alex's Gunstar coming for landing beyond trailer park roofs
C-LST-43 DA of Maggie standing before spacesuited Alex moments after he's left ship
C-LST-44 MCU of Alex removes helmet, smiles & says hello to OS Maggie
C-LST-45 Profile MCU of Maggie coming close to Alex, still in shock
C-LST-46 Cont. C-LST-45, Maggie & Alex share kiss
C-LST-47 Cont. C-LST-46, after kiss Maggie looks into Alex's eyes & smiles
C-LST-48 Cont. C-LST-47, MLS of pair, still holding embrace, turn to group gathered OS
C-LST-49 Cont. C-LST-22, MS of Maggie looking with wide-eyed wonder at approaching Alex after he lands spaceship at trailer park
C-LST-50 Cont. C-LST-27, MS of Maggie in pink & blue top, looking aside with wonder while holding tiny flowers with fingers
C-LST-51 MCU of Maggie, warm smile matching sunny outdoor shot
C-LST-52 Cont. C-LST-51, MLS of Maggie, in sweat shirt & shorts with beach towel over shoulder, facing aside, hands on hips

LEGACY, THE - 1979
C-LEG-1 Maggie [Katherine Ross] sits unhappily at dinner table
C-LEG-2 Maggie looks up from book as she seeks truth
C-LEG-3 PR: Maria [Marianne Broome] poses in pool

C-LGD-1 PR: MS of armored Jack O' the Green holding golden shield
C-LGD-2 Cont. C-LGD-1, slightly different angle with shield lowered to reveal more of armor
C-LGD-3 Cont. C-LGD-2, MCU of Jack
C-LGD-4 PR: MLS of Jack holding head of unicorn as Princess Lili , astride animal, leans in close
C-LGD-5 Cont. C-LGD-4, tight MS of Jack & Lili, unicorn head out of frame
C-LGD-6 PR: FLV of pixie Gump [Dave Bennent] crouching in front of three fellow oddball elves
C-LGD-7 PR: FLV of fairy Oona kneeling winsomely on floor with arms crossed to shoulders
C-LGD-8 Profile FLV of Lili wading in stream of enchanted forest, reaching out to unicorn
C-LGD-9 FLV of Jack, Gump & elf band imprisoned in cage of evil Darkness
C-LGD-10 MLS of Gump playing fiddly around campfire for enjoyment of magical wood creatures
C-LGD-11 Profile MCU of Jack & Lili smiling into each others eyes during happy moment in forest
C-LGD-12 PR: PRT of Jack & Lili in romantic pose
C-LGD-13 PR: MLS of Lili in beautiful off-white costume, hands folded at waist
C-LGD-14 PR: MLS of Lili posed with unicorn
C-LGD-15 PR: FLV of magnificent Lord of Darkness holding staff, cloak sweeping behind him
C-LGD-16 CU of Darkness rearing back in maniacal laughter
C-LGD-17 70mm: CU of Darkness leering into camera, teeth bared
C-LGD-18 70mm: CU of Lili transformed into darker self, wearing black makeup & cowled gown
C-LGD-19 70mm: LS of Lili as above silhoutted by fire as she dances in foreboding domain of Darkness

C-LGV-1 MCU of smiling Dracula [Christopher Lee] grabbing long-haired victim by shoulders

C-LOB-1 Brian [Graham Chapman] suddenly meets oddball aliens on spaceship
C-LOB-2 Brian staggers from wreckage of alien ship

C-LIF-1 FLV of Col. Tom Carlsen [ Steve Railsback] guiding Churchill spacecraft to rendezvous with object hidden in head of Halley's Comet
C-LIF-2 Four spacesuited astronauts enter strange craft dragged in by comet
C-LIF-3 Cont. C-LIF-2, LS floating thru bizarre interior of alien craft
C-LIF-4 Cont. C-LIF-3, team comes upon chamber of hanging batlike alien
C-LIF-5 MCU of the Space Girl [Mathilda May] seemingly dead but in preserved state
C-LIF-6 Decomposed body of one of space people comes to life in lab
C-LIF-7 Cont. C-LIF-6, profile MCU of alien absorbing lifeforce of doctor
C-LIF-8 Cont. C-LIF-7, FLV of alien, now fully animated, standing over doctor drained of lifeforce
C-LIF-9 LS of investigators discovering body of what appears to be Space Girl in park
C-LIF-10 Cont. C-LIF-9, FLV of horrible-looking body
C-LIF-11 MLS of huge batlike alien manifesting itself before hapless victim, red glow colors scene
C-LIF-12 Profile MCU of Space Girl & Carlsen making love
C-LIF-13 Cont. C-LIF-12, MS of naked pair as Carlsen pulls metal pike thru both their bodies
C-LIF-14 Cont. C-LIF-13, DA of pair in death throes
C-LIF-15 LS of Col. Caine [Peter Firth] standing over victim, scores more piled up on stairs in bg
C-LIF-16 CIN: MS of nude Space Girl inside Space Research Center
C-LIF-17 11-element montage of key scenes including Churchill nearing comet, nude Space Girl in crystalline chamber, Lifeforce sfx, & alien manifestation in front of Cathedral
C-LIF-18 Astronaut floats before crystalline chambers containing nude humanoids in sleep states
C-LIF-19 Cont. C-LIF-18, longer shot shows four astronauts & vastness of chamber holding arena
C-LIF-20 Rescue crew astronauts discover bodies lying in crystal sarcophagi amid destruction
C-LIF-21 MS of vampiric Space Girl, clothed in revealing nightgown, sitting up on lab table
C-LIF-22 CU of Space Girl preparing to seduce OS victim
C-LIF-23 MS of shriveled space vampire about to suck lifeforce from doctor
C-LIF-24 Cont. C-LIF-23, CU of space vampire draining lifeforce from doc
C-LIF-25 Profile FLV of naked Space Girl standing outside Space Research Center
C-LIF-26 MCU of Space Girl lying asleep in open sarcophagi
C-LIF-27 MS of Carlsen, unable to resist charms of Space Girl, touching prone form in container
C-LIF-28 Cont. C-LIF-27, Space Girl releases energy as she holds his hand to her throat
C-LIF-29 It's anarchy in the streets of London as streams of lifeforce energy pass overhead
C-LIF-30 Doubledecker bus explodes as bolt of energy lays waste to London & its populace
C-LIF-31 Umbrella of alien space craft opens as lifeforce energy courses thru its core over Earth
C-LIF-32 Powerful energy beams coruscate into body of space vampire on steps of cathedral
C-LIF-33 FLV of Space Girl & Carlsen becoming joined for eternity, encircled by energy field
C-LIF-34 MS of nude Space Girl in crystalline sleep chamber
C-LIF-35 RV of nude Space Girl sucking lifeforce out of security man with kiss
C-LIF-36 Cont. C-LIF-35, profile MLS of Space Girl getting her fill
C-LIF-37 LS of Space Girl inviting Carlsen to join her inside cone of Lifeforce energy at cathedral
C-LIF-38 Near FLV of alien spaceship orbiting Moon

C-LSH-1 PR: PRT of bungling botonist Seymour Krelborn [Rick Moranis]
C-LSH-2 PR: PRT of strange biker dentist Dr. Orin Scrivello [Steve Martin] against red bg
C-LSH-3 PR: PRT of pert blonde Audrey [Ellen Greene]
C-LSH-4 MS of Seymour bending down to talk with Audrey II, the man-eating plant, in coffee tin
C-LSH-5 MLS of Seymour looking up with surprise while sweeping up Mushniks Flower Shop
C-LSH-6 FLV of groun up potted people-eating plant with mouth open in corner of shop
C-LSH-7 FLV of Seymour coming face-to-face with Audrey II
C-LSH-8 Cont. C-LSH-7, RV nearer to Audrey II as plant demands food
C-LSH-9 MCU of scared, bug-eyed Seymour standing behind tough guy Orin for protection
C-LSH-10 Low angle FLV of Orin walking out of mist toward motorcycle to become leader of pack
C-LSH-11 Distracted Seymour sits with medium-sized Audrey II in lap as plant prepares to lunch on rearend of woman bending over inches away
C-LSH-12 MS of Orin furious at dishy Audrey, who interrupts him trying to Sell Seymour root canal surgery sans novocaine
C-LSH-13 Profile MS of Seymour & Audrey about to kiss
C-LSH-14 Profile MS of Seymour & Audrey lookin pie-eyed at each other in flower shop as Mushnik [Vincent Gardenia] watches disapprovingly
C-LSH-15 DJ Wierd Wink Wilkerson [John Candy] interviews Seymour about exotic plant in his lap
C-LSH-16 MLS of Ronette [Michelle Weeks], Chiffon [Tisha Campbell] & Crystal [Tichina Arnold] singing chorus outside flower shop
C-LSH-17 It looks bad for Seymour as Orin begins bizarre dental work on him
C-LSH-18 PR: MS of Seymour in ditzy pose holding medium-size Audrey II potted plant

C-LLD-1 Title with Bond seen thru gun barrel
C-LLD-2 Bond turns & fires behind Moore credits
C-LLD-3 Four element composite of Bond with various women
C-LLD-4 MS of Solitaire laying in bed
C-LLD-5 MS of Bond putting on his shirt
C-LLD-6 Cont. C-LLD-5, MCU of Bond
C-LLD-7 CU of Bond in plane with crazy lady pilot
C-LLD-8 Solitaire strapped to pillars during voodoo ritual
C-LLD-9 Cont. C-LLD-8, Bond comes to the rescue
C-LLD-10 Bond in jungle armed & poised for action
C-LLD-11 MS of Bond in cavern ready to scrap
C-LLD-12 Bond, in speedboat, tries to elude pursuing villains
C-LLD-13 PR: MCU of Solitaire on her bejeweled throne about to read the future
C-LLD-14 PR: CU of Solitaire wearing exotic makeup
C-LLD-15 PR: MLS of Solitaire posed in slinky red dress, hair done up in pointed bun
C-LLD-15 MS of Solitaire reading tarot cards
C-LLD-17 MS of Bond aiming gun at camera with Solitaire & Rosie Carver [Gloria Hendry] at his side
C-LLD-18 PR: Standout PRT of Solitaire in bejeweled red dress, holding up "Fool" tarot card
C-LLD-19 PR: MS of Bond, in black top & pants, pulling gun from shoulder holster
C-LLD-20 PR: FLV of Solitaire, in white dress, posed belly-to-belly with Samedi [Geoffrey Holder] on beach
C-LLD-21 PR: MS of curvaceous woman in blue dress pressed back against Bond, in initialed bathrobe, looking away
C-LLD-22 Cont. C-LLD-21, MLS of pair looking into camera
C-LLD-23 PR: PRT of Bond aiming gun at camera with Solitaire at his side & Tee Hee [Julius H. Harris] & Samedi, white makeup on half of face, above them
C-LLD-24 PR: MLS of Solitaire, in low-cut flowing orange dress, on floor with cards, eyeing camera
C-LLD-25 Cont. C-LLD-13, MS of Solitaire on her throne, nervously reading tarot cards

C-LIV-1 PR: PRT of James Bond, finger to chin, smiles smoothly at camera
C-LIV-2 Cont. C-LIV-1, Bond rests chin in palm of hand
C-LIV-3 Cont. C-LIV-2, Bond clasps fingers under chin
C-LIV-4 PR: MS of Bond posed in courtyard with Kara Milovy [Maryann D'Abo] placing face & hands on his shoulder
C-LIV-5 PR: Horizontal outdoor PRT of Bond with Kara, in winter coat, wrapping arms around his shoulders from behind
C-LIV-6 PR: PRT of grinning Bond in tuxedo, hand to forehead
C-LIV-7 PR: MCU of steely Bond in tuxedo, looking warily aside
C-LIV-8 PR: MCU of Bond in white dinner jacket, looking warily aside
C-LIV-9 FLV of Bond, in black field operation outfit, bounding over rocks
C-LIV-10 MLS of Bond, in casual black, picking up telephone while looking warily aside
C-LIV-11 Semi-profile MLS of Bond in tux, holding upraised rifle in indoor setting
C-LIV-12 Cont. C-LIV-5, slightly different vertical pose sans smiles
C-LIV-13 PR: Shadowy studio lit MS of Bond as above in black sweater & jacket but holding gun at waist, with Kara, in white sweater, cuddling him from behind
C-LIV-14 PR: Cont. C-LIV-13, shadows removed from blue bg in tighter pose with both smiling, gun ditched
C-LIV-15 PR: Deadly serious PRT of Bond & Kara nearly cheek-to-cheek, he holding gun toward her face, white bg
C-LIV-16 Cont. C-LIV-15, MS of pair now loose & smiling, gun gone
C-LIV-17 PR: MS of Kara seated with cello, smiling brightly OS
C-LIV-18 PR: PRT of Bond icily eyeing camera with upraised gun, lighting accenting his eyes
C-LIV-19 Cont. C-LIV-18, MS with even lighting, wearing tuxedo
C-LIV-20 Cont. C-LIV-19, FLV, spread-legged, white bg in these
C-LIV-21 PR: Outdoor MS of Bond backed against wall with gun up near face, wearing black jacket
C-LIV-22 PR: Horizontal CU of Bond looking past shoulder directly into camera, wearing black jacket
C-LIV-23 Cont. C-LIV-6, grin gone, more direct to camera, darker bg
C-LIV-24 PR: MS of tuxedoed Bond standing in front of red curtain
C-LIV-25 UA of Bond in field gear, looking down from rocks, hands on hips
C-LIV-26 MLS of Bond, in white shirt, black sweater & jacket, resting arm on car roof, other hand on hip with cigarette
C-LIV-27 Horizontal MCU of Bond aboard bus keeping eye on OS Kara
C-LIV-28 CIN: FLV of Bond walking to left as seen from inside gun barrel in sequence that begins each film
C-LIV-29 Cont. C-LIV-28, Bond turns & fires gun
C-LIV-30 CIN: MS of Miss Monypenny [Caroline Bliss] briefing OS Bond with smile on Kara, images in bg on set of screens
C-LIV-31 CIN: MCU of Bond & Kara sharing laughs on amusement park ride
C-LIV-32 CIN: MCU of tuxedoed Bond reacting to sound of explosion which kills cohort
C-LIV-33 CIN: CU of Bond behind wheel of Astin-Martin, about to scare living daylights out of OS obstacle

C-LR-8 FLV of runner spotting OS Francis above him as crowd watches
C-LR-13 Cont. #8, Francis fires his gun
C-LR-14 Cont. #13, runner is blasted in shower of sparks
C-LR-28 Logan, Francis & girls cavort in Logan's quarters
C-LR-29 Pink cloud settles on playful foursome
C-LR-31 Logan & Francis enter Sandman Headquarters
C-LR-32 Logan places articles on computer examination scanner
C-LR-60 LS of Capitol Building covered with forest growth
C-LR-61 Vine-covered Lincoln Memorial
C-LR-62 Logan & Jessica enter vine-covered Senate chambers
C-LR-91 Title over city of the future
C-LR-92 Lastday Losers float toward ceiling crystal
C-LR-93 Logan triggers colorful display on the circuit
C-LR-94 LS of Logan entering computer debriefing area
C-LR-100 CU of Logan & Jessica kissing in ice caverns
C-LR-101 MS of Box
C-LR-102 Logan & Jessica awed by frozen nude human bodies
C-LR-103 Logan turns red in computer interrogation chamber
C-LR-104 Green hologram of Logan on display monitor
C-LR-109 Cont. #93, Jessica begins to take shape
C-LR-110 Cont. #109, Jessica nearly materialized
C-LR-111 Cont. #110, Jessica fully materialized
C-LR-123 FLV of Logan & Francis peering into ward at Nursery
S-LR-1 PR: FLV of Lord & Lady Logan & Jessica
S-LR-2 FLV of Box pointing to ice carving of Logan & Jessica
S-LR-3 BS: set designers work on miniature city of future
S-LR-4 Ground level view of city building & maze car tube
S-LR-5 PRT of Logan against dark blue bg
S-LR-6 MS of Francis outside Sandman Headquarters
S-LR-7 PRT of Jessica in green tunic
S-LR-8 Eleven playmates of the future pose against wall
S-LR-9 Smiling Logan & Francis sit between girls at Carrousel
S-LR-10 FLV of a Lastday Loser flaming out explosively
S-LR-11 CU of manical-looking Francis firing Sandman pistol
S-LR-12 Trapped runner dodges gun blast on wall behind him
S-LR-13 A stickman hovers over ashes of terminated runner
S-LR-14 LS of Logan & Francis on Sandman Headquarters steps
S-LR-15 FLV of Logan leading Jessica from his circuit chamber
S-LR-16 Logan touches Jessica's chin as they sit on couch
S-LR-17 Cont. #S16, Logan pulls Jessica to him
S-LR-18 Francis & screamers frolic as Logan watches
S-LR-19 LS of Logan & Jessica in maze car
S-LR-20 MS of Logan & Jessica in maze car
S-LR-21 Mary 2 about to steal Jessica's bracelet in Cathedral
S-LR-22 Logan & Jessica ask woman runner about Sanctuary
S-LR-23 Doc lays fatally cut & bleeding on esculaptor table
S-LR-24 Logan & Jessica pinned against pillar with gas-prods
S-LR-25 Nude woman frozen in one of Box's storage compartments
S-LR-26 Jessica touches Old Man's face in Senate chambers
S-LR-27 Logan & Francis fight to the death in Senate chambers
S-LR-28 Logan, Jessica & Old Man sit by campfire
S-LR-29 LS of domed cities at edge of ocean
S-LR-30 Logan, Jessica & Old Man arrive at water power station
S-LR-31 Logan & Jessica on balcony in city, Jessica yelling
S-LR-32 Lifeclock aflame inside Carrousel as citizens flee
S-LR-33 Citizens flee exploding Lifeclock outside Carrousel
S-LR-34 LS of city as top of building explodes
S-LR-35 LS of domes as they go up in smoke
S-LR-36 BS: York & Farrah in costume with director Michael Anderson in New You Shop operating room
S-LR-37 MCU of Logan holding up palm showing crystal attached
S-LR-38 PR: MS of Jessica smiling into camera
S-LR-39 PR: MS of Jessica looking off camera
S-LR-40 PR: FLV of Logan & Jessica in computer center
S-LR-41 FV of Logan & Jessica inside maze car
S-LR-42 Jessica & underground members seated at Arcade table
S-LR-43 Doc invites Logan, Jessica & Holly into New You Shop
S-LR-44 Logan & Jessica glide past vapors of love shop
S-LR-45 Box [back turned] looks down on fur-clad Jessica, Logan
S-LR-46 Logan & Jessica walk thru high grass, finally Outside
S-LR-47 Logan grabs near hysterical Jessica. "I hate Outside!" she whines
S-LR-48 Francis holds Jessica on Senate chambers balcony while aiming gun toward floor below
S-LR-49 Francis pins Logan down with flagpole in their fight
S-LR-50 Stickman hovers over body of terminated runner
S-LR-51 Logan angrily fires gun in computer debriefing area
S-LR-52 Logan runs past exploding wall component
S-LR-53 Jessica listens to Logan [back turned] in second visit
S-LR-54 MS of Logan & Jessica looking into each others eyes
S-LR-55 UA of Logan & Jessica on balcony in sewage system
S-LR-56 LS of city as top of building blows apart
S-LR-57 Logan, Jessica & Holly walk thru New You Shop
S-LR-58 FLV of Box standing over fur-clad Jessica & Logan
S-LR-59 LS of Box showing Logan & Jessica his icy domain
S-LR-60 LS of Logan exploring Senate chambers, Old man in bg
S-LR-61 The vine-covered Lincoln Memorial
S-LR-62 Logan & Jessica enter vine-covered Senate chambers
S-LR-63 LS of exploding cluster of domes
S-LR-64 Logan & Francis stride thru Nursery
S-LR-65 PR: PRT of brooding Logan
S-LR-66 Logan to Francis outside Nursery: "Okay, Francis, I'm with you"
S-LR-67 Logan & Francis stop amid arcade crowd, looking at OS runner
S-LR-68 MS of Francis & Logan, faces aglow, at Carrousel
S-LR-69 Slight UA/FLV of Logan aiming pistol at OS runner from balcony
S-LR-70 MS of Logan aiming his gun
S-LR-71 MS of Jessica talking to Logan [back turned] in arcade
S-LR-72 MLS of Logan & Jessica in front of moldering fish tank under city
S-LR-73 Solemn-faced Logan steps outside Sandman Headquarters
S-LR-74 Three comely citizens walk & talk outside love shop
S-LR-75 Logan & Jessica talk to Doc & Holly in New You Shop
S-LR-76 Title art: montage of film highlights
S-LR-77 BS: LS of set designers standing like giants in miniature future city
S-LR-78 BS: Camera & light banks hang in fg over miniature city of future
S-LR-79 PR: darkly lit MS of Logan brooding beneath wall computer components
S-LR-80 FLV of Logan [favored] & Jessica talking under lifeclock hand as crowd moves along
S-LR-81 FLV of Logan & Jessica high-tailing it past crowd after causing problem at New You Shop
S-LR-82 MLS of Logan & Jessica listening to Old Man ramble in Senate Chamber
S-LR-83 As flames rise behind them, mob of curious city dwellers walk down steps of water power station
S-LR-99 Logan cradles lifeless Francis in his arms in Senate chambers as Jessica & Old Man look on
S-LR-100 FLV of Logan & Jessica standing before Holly [back of head] in New You Shop

C-LKR-1 Initial "looker" victim Lisa [Terri Welles] a knockout in black bra, sits at vanity, combing hair in mirror
C-LKR-2 MS of Cindy in plunging-front swimsuit, hair blowing in wind
C-LKR-3 CU of Cindy under red glow as she is computer scanned
C-LKR-4 Profile MS of nude Cindy as her body is scanned
C-LKR-5 CU of Dr. Roberts wearing bothered expression
C-LKR-6 MLS of Lisa standing in black bra & panties, confused
C-LKR-7 Profile MCU of Cindy & Dr. Roberts making eyes at each other at dinner engagement

C-LOR-1 Poster art of assembled cast of characters

C-LBS-1 PR: MLS of youth vampire band, including Star
C-LBS-2 PR: MS of adolescent vampire hunting brothers, Edgar & Alan Frog [Corey Feldman & Jamison Newlander]
C-LBS-3 MS of David introducing OS Michael to his gang's underground cave home. Blue tint to scene
C-LBS-4 LS of boys hanging from railroad track trestle [one actually dropping] as train roars overhead
C-LBS-5 MCU of David yelling as he prepares to let go trestle framework
C-LBS-6 MLS of vampire boys taunting OS Michael after bloody night feeding
C-LBS-7 MS of transformed David taking Michael down in fierce climatic foray at grandpa's house, red glow to scene
C-LBS-8 MCU of Michael's face changing as David holds him by throat
C-LBS-9 MS of transformed Paul, his face damaged from bout with kid vampire killers
C-LBS-10 CU of Dwayne baring fangs, cruel snarl added
C-LBS-11 MS of Marko sitting in tree, wearing vampire smile
C-LBS-12 PR: great MS of vampires Paul, David, Dwyane & Marko. Red bg
C-LBS-13 PR: MS of Michael & brother Sam [Corey Haim] taking in OS sights
C-LBS-14 PR: tight MS of Michael & Sam gazing upward at OS horror
C-LBS-15 PR: MS of Sam glumly turned aside at amusement park
C-LBS-16 MCU of Michael spotting OS Star for first time at park
C-LBS-17 MS of partying Star
C-LBS-18 Cont. #17, CU of instantly smitten Michael
C-LBS-19 Cont. #18, Sam, now alongside, also checks out OS Star
C-LBS-20 Cont. #19, smiling Star catches sight of her OS admirer
C-LBS-21 Cont. #20, CU of Michael smiling back
C-LBS-22 MLS of Star boarding motorcycle driven by David, both giving OS Michael the eye
C-LBS-23 Cont. #22, different angle as both throw smiles on Michael
C-LBS-24 MS of Star standing in candelit glow of vampire lair
C-LBS-25 MS of Star looking aside furtively as she sits up in bed
C-LBS-26 MS of shirtless Michael on his side in bed, resting head on cocked elbow & hand
C-LBS-27 MLS of Michael, in blue t-shirt, astride motorcycle at park
C-LBS-28 Semi-profile CU of brooding Michael now wearing earring, slight personality change noted
C-LBS-29 ECU of David baring fangs into camera
C-LBS-30 MCU of David baring fangs, turned aside
C-LBS-31 MS of David laying sly grin on OS Michael, Laddie & Paul walking behind him
C-LBS-32 MLS of above trio discussing plans for evening in lair
C-LBS-33 MLS of David, backed up by Laddie, Marko & Paul, soliciting OS Michael to join their little band in lair
C-LBS-34 "Fangs for disturbing my sleep," says pissed-off Paul. DA

C-LE-1 PR: FLV of Whitestar [Raven De LaCroix] posed in skimpy Indian costume
C-LE-2 PR: MS of Angelique Pettyjohn posed in black corset-like S&M costume, complete with whip in hands
C-LE-3 PR: PRT of Angelique as above
C-LE-4 MS of Heather [Angela Aames], in leather halter & silver chains, agape at something OS
C-LE-5 MS of nude Whitestar resting on back, facing camera
C-LE-6 Cont. C-LE-5, upper left of Whitestar's reclining form
C-LE-7 MS of topless Whitestar with python draped around neck
C-LE-8 Cont. C-LE-7, softer focus profile MS, snake cradled between breasts
C-LE-9 PR: FLV of Angel [Melanie Vincz] posed in tight blue top & striped pants by sports car
C-LE-10 PR: FLV of Heather in red silk halter & skirt at airport, hand on hip
C-LE-11 PR: MLS of Whitestar, in skimpy white Indian costume, kneeling by campfire
C-LE-12 PR: FLV of Whitestar, in tight gringed jet black pant outfit, striking defensive pose on island
C-LE13 PR: FLV of Whitestar, in Indian-inspired fringed white costume posed on set, orange bg
C-LE-14 PR: MS of Whitestar & Heather posed side-by-side at airport
C-LE-15 PR: MS of Heather, Whitestar & Angel posed in sexy fighting costumes prior to island competition
C-LE-16 PR: FLV of Whitestar, Heather & two other beauties posed against sports car in front of airplane
C-LE-17 PR: FLV of our three heroines with three fellow competitors being eyed by hooded temple guards
C-LE-18 Bountiful, smiling blonde woman[Anita Merritt] tries on diamond necklace in jewlery store
C-LE-19 FLV of Angel, Heather & Whitestar, scantily clad in blue costumes, walking thru temple corridor

C-LIS-1 Poster art: MS of entire cast suspended against starfield with Jupiter 2 & title logo above them
C-LIS-2 LS of nighttime Dallas skyline as hovercar speeds thru scene. Very Blade Runner-esque
C-LIS-3 AV of launch platform opening like flower petals with sprawling cityscape below
C-LIS-4 PR: MS of Dr. Zachary Smith [Gary Oldman] looking evil as he stands in front of circular hatchway aboard Jupiter 2
C-LIS-5 FLV of Robinson family asleep in cryogenic tubes
C-LIS-6 PR: MS of Judy Robinson [Heather Graham] appearing rather forlorn in cryo tube
C-LIS-7 MS of berserk Robot causing shower of sparks as it trashes bridge
C-LIS-8 Cont. #7, pullback shot of Robot as Major Don West [Matt LeBlanc] rides it like a bronco
C-LIS-9 MS of Robinson family (& West) around Jupiter 2's astrogator, looking at holoprojection of star chart & realizing that they're hopelessly lost
C-LIS-10 PR: MS of tight-lipped West seated on bridge of Jupiter 2
C-LIS-11 MLS of Will [Jack Johnson] re-programming Robot as his father, Dr. John Robinson [William Hurt] watches
C-LIS-12 Near-FLV of John Robinson, Judy, Robot, West, & Dr. Smith in expeditionary attire, ready to explore alien ship
C-LIS-13 PR: FLV of intrepid Will, wearing cryosuit, standing in front of rebuilt Robot
C-LIS-14 MLS of West, Robot & John Robinson peering into strange vessel as Jupiter 2's hatch rolls open
C-LIS-15 Cont. #14, FLV of West & Robot taking lead as team enters unknown
C-LIS-16 PR: MCU of Dr. Robinson in spacesuit (sans helmet), gazing upward
C-LIS-17 PR: FLV of new Robot in passageway of alien ship
C-LIS-18 MS of Will inside Robot holograph, hands (& pincers) outstretched
C-LIS-19 MS of Judy & Dr. Smith anxiously watching as Maureen Robinson [Mimi Rogers] works controls on bridge
C-LIS-20 FV of Jupiter 2 racing to escape long & spindly alien vessel
C-LIS-21 Cont. #20, Jupiter 2 pulls away in nick of time as ship explodes
C-LIS-22 PR: MS of Penny Robinson [Lacey Chabert] looking hip & trendy in Jupiter Mission flight jacket
C-LIS-23 MS of Penny & Judy looking worried as they examine holodisplay projected before them
C-LIS-24 PR: MS of Maureen jotting notes on computer pad
C-LIS-25 FLV of Penny & Will attempting to repair dismantled Robot
C-LIS-26 FLV of Maureen, West & Judy examining terrain of alien planet, their backs to camera
C-LIS-27 MS of Judy, Maureen & Penny wearing parkas as they explore planet
C-LIS-28 MCU of sneaky Dr. Smith lurking just behind innocent-looking Will in rocky caves
C-LIS-29 MS of West carrying Will as inhospitable landscape crumbles around them
C-LIS-30 FV of Jupiter 2 attempting to flee disintegrating planet
C-LIS-31 Top view of Jupiter 2 speeding through abyss
C-LIS-32 Bottom view of Jupiter 2 escaping planet -- in nick of time, naturally
C-LIS-33 MS of Will, John, Maureen & Penny all smiles as they look aside on Jupiter 2 bridge, starscape visible thru windows in bg
C-LIS-34 BS: FLV of director Stephen Hopkins instructing Gary Oldman how best to examine burnt hand on Jupiter 2 set
C-LIS-35 BS: MLS of producer/writer Akiva Goldsman sitting in director's chair & watching dailies on monitor with other crew members

C-LFB-1 PR: FLV of smiling, dashing Dracula [George Hamilton] posed with cape spread against New York skyline

C-LFV-3 PR: FLV of Mircalla [Yutte Stensgaard], in lowcut white dress, sitting & reading book
C-LFV-4 PR: MLS of Mircalla seated on stool wearing white crocheted mini dress, one leg pulled up by hands
C-LFV-5 PR: MLS of Mircalla in low-cut empire line nightgown with bow cinching waist
C-LFV-6 PR: MS of Mircalla in same nightgown with man's jacket over shoulders, rubbing hands in front of her
C-LFV-7 PR: MS of Mircalla in low-cut dress with muffed sleeves, resting arms on table
C-LFV-8 PR: PRT of Mircalla in blue-white patterned top cut boldly in center
C-LFV-9 PR: PRT of smiling Mircalla in mesh top, arms covering chest
C-LFV-10 PR: MCU of Mircalla laying in grass with blonde hair fanned out under her head
C-LFV-11 PR: FLV of Mircalla, in lowcut white nightgown, standing in woods
C-LFV-12 PR: MLS of kneeling Mircalla in mesh top, hands covering cheeks
C-LFV-13 PR: MS of Mircalla in black negligee
C-LFV-14 PR: soft-focus MCU of Mircalla in white nightgown, alone in woods
C-LFV-15 PR: MCU of Mircalla, in white nightgown, staring wide-eyed into camera from room in house
C-LFV-16 MS of nude Mircalla in reverie
C-LFV-17 MS of vampiress Mircalla enjoying Susan's [Pippa Scott] neck
C-LFV-18 MS of nightgowned Mircalla screaming to ceiling as castle burns behind her
C-LFV-19 MS of Mircalla turning from advances of Lestrange [Michael Johnson] outdoors
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C-MAX-1 MLS of leather-clad Max sitting on rock & looking aside, resting weapon in lap
C-MAX-2 MS of Max holding gun to head of highway hoodlum
C-MAX-3 Low angle FLV of Max laying face up on street, his car parked at side of road
C-MAX-4 PR: ECU of smiling, stubble-faced Max
C-MAX-5 PR: FLV of leather-clad Max & fellow Aussie cop posed in front of yellow squad car on road
C-MAX-6 CU of Max & his wife kissing in bed
C-MAX-7 FLV of Max, clad in pajama bottoms, & wife laughing playfully in bed

C-MM3-1 PR: PRT of smiling Max [Mel Gibson] wearing days-old beard
C-MM3-2 PR: MS of Max sitting admist colony of wild children
C-MM3-3 PR: Shadowy PRT of Gyro Captain [Bruce Spence]
C-MM3-4 PR: MLS of Aunty Entity [Tina Turner] wearing exotic chainmail outfit & holding crossbow
C-MM3-5 MS of Max standing by old vehicle converted into living area in Bartertown
C-MM3-6 MLS of Max sitting at campfire with monkey
C-MM3-7 FLV of Max posed with group of curiously armed feral children
C-MM3-8 Max & children peer thru bars of sewer outlet
C-MM3-9 Profile MS of Max pointing modified automatic weapon toward ceiling
C-MM3-10 FLV of feral children trodding thru wasteland, oddly clad & armed
C-MM3-11 BS: MS of Max & director George Miller talking over scene in desert
C-MM3-12 BS: FLV of skeletal, methane-powered dune buggy with gas-masked Imperial Guard behind wheel
C-MM3-13 BS: FLV of Guard astride scratch-built motorcycle
C-MM3-14 PR: Six-element montage of Max in action, most from Thunderdome sequences
C-MM3-15 PR: MS of Max posed against purple twilight sky, double-barrelled weapon resting on shoulder
C-MM3-16 PR: PRT of Max & Aunty Entity, she with hands on his shoulders from behind. Blue bg
C-MM3-17 Daytime AV of Bartertown with Thunderdome to right, area bustling with people
C-MM3-18 MS of Aunty Entity striking deal with Max in her penthouse
C-MM3-19 MLS of Aunty Entity looking aside at OS Max, The Collector [Frank Thring] in bg
C-MM3-20 MS of Aunty Entity mulling her decision
C-MM3-21 MLS of Master Blaster, brains & brawn of Underworld
C-MM3-22 FLV of Aunty Entity, Collector, Ironbar [Angry Anderson] & others watching Thunderdome fight
C-MM3-23 MLS of Blaster swinging sledgehammer inside Thunderdome
C-MM3-24 FLV of Max standing in water at Crack in the Earth, surveying chilldren around him
C-MM3-25 MS of Max holding weapon upright during confrontation with OS Savannah Nix
C-MM3-26 FLV of Max carrying Young Eddie on his shoulders during trek thru desert
C-MM3-27 LS of Max & children approaching & climbing over wreckage of 747 embedded in desert sand
C-MM3-28 MS of Ironbar chest deep in vat of pig dung
C-MM3-29 FLV of Ironbar pumping rail car on railroad tracks toward camera, vehicles on either side
C-MM3-30 Aunty Entity & her marauders chase after train
C-MM3-31 Max &Savannah [Hellen Buday] show panic as OS marauders close in on them & Jedediah's plane
C-MM3-32 MLS of Aunty Entity restraining her boys from poping OS Max when chase is over
C-MM3-33 Sprawled on ground, weary Max looks up at OS Aunty Entity & her guards
C-MM3-34 Cont. C-MM3-23, Max gets to his knees as camera pulls back
C-MM3-35 Cont. C-MM3-24, FLV of Max now on his feet & standing alone
C-MM3-36 PR: MLS of Max in desert costume, head wrapped in turban. Blue bg
C-MM3-37 PR: MCU of Max as above against desert
C-MM3-38 AV of Bartertown lit up at night
C-MM3-39 MS of Max grabbing chainsaw during Thunderdome action
C-MM3-40 CU of Max covered with sand, squinting aside
C-MM3-41 CU of furtive, swarthy & long-haired Max reacting to roar of Thunderdome crowd
C-MM3-42 Semi-profile MS of Max awaiting start of Thunderdome clash
C-MM3-43 MS of Max aiming rifle at OS Savannah as she tries to leave Crack in the Earth sanctuary

MAGIC - 1978
C-MC-1 Corky [Anthony Hopkins] performs with Fats the dummy
C-MC-2 MS of Corky appearing out of shadows with knife

C-MFE-1 CU of Bowie as Newton in alien makeup & water-breathing hood
C-MFE-2 LS of Newton's family during sunset on home planet
C-MFE-3 Newton's family sprawled dead before sand-ridden home
C-MFE-4 FLV of Newton's alien body laying on bed
C-MFE-5 Newton & Bryce [Rip Torn] talk inside proposed spaceship

C-MGG-1 PRT of Scaramanga [Christopher Lee] posed with his trademark golden gun
C-MGG-2 PR: MLS of Bond aiming gun at camera in funhouse with Scaramanga's image centered in bg spiral
C-MGG-3 PR: MS of armed Bond pressed against bullet-shattered funhouse mirror
C-MGG-4 PRT of icy beauty Andrea [Maude Adams], in unzipped pink jacket
C-MGG-5 PR: FLV of Bond aiming gun at camera, protecting swim-suited Andrea & bikinied Mary Goodnight [Britt Eckland] on either arm
C-MMG-6 MS of Goodnight turned to camera while ineptly trying to figure out solar energy controls
C-MMG-7 MLS of Bond holstering gun on sandy beach of Scaramanga's island, seaplane in bg

C-MTB-1 Crazed Dr. Hfuhruhurr [Steve Martin] picks up one of three glass jars containing brains
C-MTB-2 Profile MS of Dr. Hfuhruhurr reacting predictably as street hooker [Randi Brooks] opens coat to show him her killer body

MANIAC - 1981
C-MNC-1 PR: Anna [Caroline Munro] poses as smiling fashion photographer
C-MNC-2 Shotgun blast thru car windshield blows away head of driver
C-MNC-3 CU of woman being scalped with scalpel by maniac's hand
C-MNC-4 Cont. C-MNC-3, blood covers her as maniac removes scalp
C-MNC-5 Mannequins twist maniac Frank Zito's [Joe Spinell] head on bed
C-MNC-6 Cont.C-MNC- 5, different angle shows more of Zito's bloody body & headless victim at side of bed
C-MNC-7 Tight shot of Zito's head, scream frozen on it, torn from& lying beside its body

C-MA-1 Manitou emerges from agonized Karen's back

C-MQN-1 Mannequin dressid in hot pink dress & wide-brimmed hat comes to life as Emmy [Kim Cattrall] & kneels before Jonathan [Andrew McCarthy]
C-MQN-2 FLV of Jonathan watching Emmy in fg [back to camera] as above dropping top of dress past her shoulders
C-MQN-3 MCU of Jonathin kissing Emmy in store bathroom
C-MQN-4 MS of Emmy dancing up storm in stereo department
C-MQN-5 MCU of animated Jonathan talking to Emmy
C-MQN-6 Cont. C-MQN-5, RA of Emmy, lovely in turquoise silk dress, listening to Jonathan
C-MQN-7 LS of Emmy giving seated Johathan show, opening fur coat to reveal she's wearing only black undies
C-MQN-8 MCU of happy couple enjoying night ride on motorcycle

C-MRY-1 Spectacular matte composite of Mary Poppins [Julie Andrews] seated on cloud overlooking heart of London at sunset
C-MRY-2 LS of Mary floating down to earth with umbrella & bag of tricks, London skyline in bg
C-MRY-3 PR: FLV of Mary dressed for outing in pretty summer dress & hat, seated on park bench, arms holding umbrella pointed to grass
C-MRY-4 Cont. C-MRY-3, now smiling Mary unfurls umbrella & rests it on her shoulder

C-MOU-1 PR: PRT of sweaty He-Man coldly eyeing camera
C-MOU-2 PR: MS of swarthy He-Man, sporting bleeding shoulder wound, looking aside while holding sword
C-MOU-3 PR: near FLV of He-Man showing battle scars as he stands spread-legged on rocks with sword in left hand & blaster in right, upper body armor removed
C-MOU-4 PR: harsh backlighting streaks toward He-Man in FLV weilding sword
C-MOU-5 MS of Skeletor [Frank Langella] gesturing menacingly at camera
C-MOU-6 MS of Evil-Lyn [Meg Foster] in richly designed cloaked costume, holding up Cosmic Key
C-MOU-7 FLV of Skeletor marching toward camera inside Castle Greyskull, flanked by rows of armed soldiers
C-MOU-8 PR: FLV of He-Man in forest setting, striking expansive defensive posture with sword & upraised hand
C-MOU-9 PR: waist to neck shot of He-Man's body armor & perspiration- dotted chest
C-MOU-10 PR: red lighting enhances MLS of muscular He-Man holding up sword against black bg
C-MOU-11 RV of Skeletor approaching Evil-Lyn & castle throne beyond
C-MOU-12 FLV of Skeletor, holding Cosmic Key & staff, turned forward as he prepares to sit on throne
C-MOU-13 MLS of Evil-Lyn holding up reviewing screen, Karg beside her
C-MOU-14 Cont. C-MOU-13, CU of Evil-Lyn looking intently at device
C-MOU-15 He-Man bends to talk to Gwildor [back turned] in his cavern home as Man-at-Arms[Jon Cypher]& Teela [Chelsa Field] look on
C-MOU-16 LS of Skeletor on battle station after arrival on Earth, listening to centurion report as Julie & Kevin [Robert Duncan McNeil] hide in fg
C-MOU-17 C-MOU-16, UA of Skeletor raising hand in MS
C-MOU-18 FLV of Evil-Lyn & Karg leading soldiers down city street at night
C-MOU-19 Tight UA of Teela armed with blaster, looking one way while Man-at-Arms looks other way behind her
C-MOU-20 MCU of Julie looking OS with surprise, Man-at-Arms behind her
C-MOU-21 PR: Outdoor CU of He-Man
C-MOU-22 Cont. C-MOU-21, smile added
C-MOU-23 PR: FLV of He-Man in spread-legged stance with sword amid rocks
C-MOU-24 PR: FLV of Julie, wearing black miniskirt & Levi jacket, spread out on park bench
C-MOU-25 Cont. C-MOU-15, He-Man, Man-at-Arms & Teela listen to Gwildor explain secrets of Cosmic Key

C-MOW-1 Title over ship exploding at sea
C-MOW-2 Tail view of Albatross over ocean at twilight
C-MOW-3 Robur on intercom tube in his cabin
C-MOW-4 Robur suspends Strock [Charles Bronson] by rope in bomb bay
C-MOW-5 FLV of Albatross dangling men from ropes
C-MOW-6 Cont. C-MOW-5, CU of men hanging by ropes
C-MOW-7 Captives discuss their plight in cabin
C-MOW-8 MS of Strock in cabin
C-MOW-9 Philip [David Frankham] on cabin bunk
C-MOW-10 Prudent [Henry Hull] & Dorothy [Mary Webster] in cabin
C-MOW-11 Front part of Albatross flying over Sudanese capitol
C-MOW-12 Dorothy on bridge of Albatross with Robur
C-MOW-13 Robur on deck with Dorothy & Prudent
C-MOW-14 Smoke swirls below open bomb bay doors of Albatross
C-MOW-15 British ship explodes brilliantly
C-MOW-16 Strock, Prudent & Dorothy on deck looking down
C-MOW-17 Tip of Albatross appears over desert battle

MATRIX, THE - 1999
C-MTX-1 MCU of Neo [Keanu Reeves] in shades
C-MTX-2 PR: sitting PRT of smoldering Trinity [Carrie-Anne Moss] in black PVC ensemble, clasping hands at chest
C-MTX-3 PR: FLV of trench-coated Trinity standing spread-legged with hands behind back against red bg
C-MTX-4 Cont. #3, crouching MS, casting demure eye at camera
C-MTX-5  Cont. #4, MLS as Trinity loses coat to reveal holstered pistols
C-MTX-6 PR: MS of Trinity adding black jacket, hands on hips against blue bg
C-MTX-7 Cont. #6, MCU
C-MTX-8 Cont. #7, FLV seated in red wingback chair with legs crossed
C-MTX-9 MLS of scowling Morpheus [Laurence Fishburne] wearing blue trenchcoat & sunglasses, crowd in bg
C-MTX-10 Outdoor MLS of Trinity in shades, arms behind back
C-MTX-11 MS of Trinity attending to Neo, reclining in matrix interface chair
C-MTX-12 Shadowy FLV of Neo & Trinity atop elevator car as he aims pistol downward
C-MTX-13 FLV of Trinity suspended in mid-air "bullet time" pose with arms spread, about to head kick policeman
C-MTX-14 MS of shouting Trinity on rooftop, giving security guard left hook
C-MTX-15 Somewhat dark FLV of Neo in mid-air, kicking guard in face
C-MTX-16 Profile FLV of Neo flying forward into hail of debris, arms outstretched with machine pistols
C-MTX-17 Widescreen MLS of Neo & Agent Smith [Hugo Weaving] suspended in midair & pointing guns at each other
C-MTX-18 MLS of Tank [Marcus Chang] blasting energy rifle at OS target
C-MTX-19 CU of Trinity looking at medical monitor above sleeping Neo
C-MTX-20 Cont. #19, slight pull back as she looks into his eyes & then...
C-MTX-21 Cont. #20, kisses him

C-MAU-1 PR: MLS of Bobbi Bresse in white lace dress, displaying framed one-sheet on film at Hollywood autograph party
C-MAU-2 Profile MLS of Susan [Bresse] & husband Oliver [Marjoe Gortner] about to make love
C-MAU-3 Cont. C-MAU-2, now nude, pair behaves like it was the first time
C-MAU-4 Demon in mausoleum rises from once prison tomb, about to possess unsuspecting Susan
C-MAU-5 FLV of nude Susan, towel around waist, on balcony trying to attract attention of gardener
C-MAU-6 MLS of Susan wrapped in towel, admiring herself in mirror
C-MAU-7 Cont. C-MAU-6, removes towel & stands naked before mirror
C-MAU-8 Soapy Susan reaches out to OS Oliver from bathtub after argument
C-MAU-9 MCU of shirtless Oliver, unsure look on face
C-MAU-10 Oliver bathes in soap suds & blood, his chest torn open
C-MAU-11 MCU of Susan, head tilted up in agony as transformation begins
C-MAU-12 CU of Susan in mid-transformation
C-MAU-13 CU of turned Susan reaching out to touch someone
C-MAU-14 MCU of demonic Susan, one arm outstretched
C-MAU-15 CU of Susan now fiercely ugly with fangs out
C-MAU-16 CU of demon head
C-MAU-17 CU of twin monster breasts on totally transformed Susan salivating before tongues whip out to attack
C-MAU-18 MS of possessed Susan & her monster mammaries laying in crypt
C-MAU-19 Cont. C-MAU-4, longer shot of demon under hellish glow as it climbs out of tomb

C-MEG-1 LS of Megacruiser & force of Megafighters pushing toward camera
C-MEG-2 PR: MS of Ace Hunter, in silver jumpsuit, leaning back against megavehicle. Bright pink bg
C-MEG-3 PR: FLV of Ace, in gold jumpsuit, standing over seated Zara, in silver lamé evening dress
C-MEG-4 FLV of Ace charging past tank on megafighter
C-MEG-5 LS of megafighter vaulting exploding enemy tank

C-MFS-1 Three Gavanas spaceships enter Earth's orbit
C-MFS-2 RV of Gavanas looking out portal at Earth & Moon
C-MFS-3 LS of captured Jillucians brought aboard Gavanas ship
C-MFS-4 Title over surface of planet Jillucia
C-MFS-6 Planet Jillucia
C-MFS-7 Front part of Jillucian spaceboat passing mountains
C-MFS-8 King Rocky Starr & others approach crystal ball
C-MFS-9 Cont. C-MFS-8, King Rocky sits on throne as ball glows
C-MFS-10 Cont. C-MFS-9, crystal ball projects beam
C-MFS-13 Gavanas capture Aaron in nightmare, spaceboat in bg
C-MFS-16 CU of Meia shouting
C-MFS-17 CU of Meia as liabe nut bursts in her face
C-MFS-19 LS of Earth bomb ships rushing toward Jillucia
C-MFS-20 One of Earth bombs separates from its main-ship body
C-MFS-21 LS of oncoming Earth spaceships
C-MFS-22 Gavanas ball cannons dot surface of Jillucia
C-MFS-23 CU of double-barreled ball cannon
C-MFS-24 Earth fleet about to strike Gavanas Jillucian defense
C-MFS-25 One of several Earth ships explodes
C-MFS-26 MS of Gen. Guarda [Vic Morrow] studying nut in glass
C-MFS-28 King Rocky sitting on throne, aide in fg
C-MFS-30 CU of Guarda & a Gavanas holding up dueling pistols
C-MFS-31 RV of Guarda & Gavanas facing King Rocky on throne
C-MFS-32 Cont. C-MFS-31, Guarda & Gavanas turn away from each other
C-MFS-33 LS of Guarda & Gavanas at opposite ends of throne room
C-MFS-34 Gavanas turns to fire on Guarda's backside
C-MFS-35 LS of landed spaceboat with robot Beba before it
C-MFS-36 CU of Beba's head
C-MFS-37 Beba holds laser rifle at prow of grounded spaceboat
C-MFS-40 CU of Beba holding liabe nut in front of his face
C-MFS-41 Prince Han [Sonny Chiba] herds Jillucians during attack
C-MFS-42 Cont. C-MFS-41, Han helps fallen Jillucian
C-MFS-43 Han slays one Gavanas as another sneaks up from behind
C-MFS-44 RV of Han fighting Gavanas guard in palace doorway
C-MFS-49 Aaron & Shiro [backs turned] defend against Gavanas
C-MFS-50 Cont. C-MFS-49, opposite view as combat rages in palace
C-MFS-51 Han watches laser-engulfed Gavanas crash thru window
C-MFS-52 LS of palace computer room filled with Gavanas
C-MFS-53 CU of Gavanas studying computer banks
C-MFS-54 Cont. C-MFS-53, armed Gavanas soldiers added to bg
C-MFS-55 LS of Meia's spaceship
C-MFS-56 Meia's ship with two fighters making up its wings
C-MFS-57 Cont. C-MFS-56, closer view of triple-ship
C-MFS-58 Aaron & Shiro's space speeders break off
C-MFS-59 CU of Aaron, determined look on his face
C-MFS-60 Entrance to center of Jillucia completely open
C-MFS-61 Opening portal of Gavanas trench
C-MFS-62 LS of tunnel
C-MFS-63 Space speeders blast thru tunnel
C-MFS-64 Spider ships, leader firing lasers, in pursuit
C-MFS-65 FV of space speeder streaking thru tunnel
C-MFS-66 Blast goes off behind space speeders in dark tunnel
C-MFS-67 Cont. C-MFS-66, same shot only lighter
C-MFS-68 Long laser blast strikes portion of tunnel
C-MFS-69 Cont. C-MFS-68, spider ship enters frame
C-MFS-70 Cont. C-MFS-69, laser blast gone
C-MFS-71 Cont. C-MFS-70, spider ship about to crash into tunnel
C-MFS-72 Booby-trapped ship enters side of grand Gavanas craft
C-MFS-74 FV of Jillucian spaceboat, its lower rockets burning
C-MFS-75 Explosion goes off behind Meia's triple-ship
C-MFS-76 UA of Meia's triple ship blasting over mountains
C-MFS-77 SV of triple-ship passing thru gigantic red explosion
C-MFS-78 Gavanas spaceship flies toward mountain explosion

C-MTL-1 MS of swarthy Jack Dogen [Jeffery Byron] paying attention to someone OS
C-MTL-2 MS of sweaty Dogen & Rhodes [Tim Thomerson], weapons ready as they stare into distance
C-MTL-3 FLV of Dogen resting in arms of Dhyana [Kelly Preston] before campfire
C-MTL-4 MS of armed Nomads, low-born warriors of planet Lemuria
C-MTL-5 MS of Dhyana in clutches of Jared-Syn [Mike Preston]
C-MTL-6 MS of cyclopean warlord Hirok [Richard Moll] seizing magic mask from OS Dogen

C-ME-1 Ad-art of meteor & missiles about to collide
C-ME-2 Ad-art of fiery meteor rushing toward Manhattan Island
C-ME-3 CU of Explorer 10 as it nears Mars
C-ME-4 LS of Explorer 10 in asteroid belt as meteor enters frame in fg
C-ME-5 Explorer 10 explodes as meteor fragment hits
C-ME-6 CU of giant meteor speeding toward Earth
C-ME-7 Russian missile satellite in orbit over Earth
C-ME-8 Hercules missile satellite in orbit over Earth
C-ME-9 Hercules missiles launch from satellite

[C-MET-1 thru 4 are computer color enhanced]
C-MET-1 MLS of Maria, Rotwang's female robot creation
C-MET-2 CU of Maria, shadows highlighting face
C-MET-3 FLV of Maria as electric arcs give life to robot
C-MET-4 AV of awesome Tower of Moloch in city of future

C-MMO-1 Mickey at home seated in easy chair in front of fire & petting grinning Pluto. Picture of sorcerers apprentice [Mickey] over fireplace

C-MG-1 Foreign release poster art of our heroes menaced by Cylons & Imperious Leader against a space war bg

[NOTE: this group has shifted color]
C-MRS-1 Astronauts Blaiswick [Darren McGavin] & Grant [Nick Adams] man controls of spaceship
C-MRS-2 LS of giant glowing sphere resting mysteriously on Mars surface
C-MRS-3 MLS of Blaiswick inspecting edge of sphere as Grant observes from foot of spaceship in bg
C-MRS-4 MCU of cyclopean Martian polarite
C-MRS-5 MS of polarite
C-MRS-6 MLS of polarite

[NOTE: #2, 7-8, 10 and 12-15 are printed from letterbox frames]
C-MRS-1 MS of Mars Recovery Cmdr. Woody Blake [Tim Robbins] & astronaut Jim McConnell [Gary Sinise] at controls of rescue ship
C-MRS-2 MCU of astronaut Phil Ohlmyer [Jerry O'Connell] proudly showing McConnell his candy DNA model floating in mid-air
C-MRS-3 MLS of McConnell & new wife Maggie [Kim Delaney] enjoying their anti-gravity training together
C-MRS-4 FLV of Blake & wife Dr. Terri Fisher [Connie Nielsen] dancing in zero gravity as hovering Ohlmyer watches nearby on way to Mars
C-MRS-5 FLV of McConnell floating into EVA area of recovery ship
C-MRS-6 FLV of spacesuited Dr. Fisher aiming lifeline as McConnell & Ohlmyer watch from atop R.E.M.O. vehicle, Mars looming in bg
C-MRS-7 Cont. #6, FLV of Blake reaching for lifeline against closeup Mars
C-MRS-8 LS of Blake propelling himself thru space alongside damaged ship
C-MRS-9 FLV of Fisher, McConnell & Ohlmyer planting U.S. flag on Mars
C-MRS-10 LS of Ohlmyer, McConnell & Fisher dragging sled full of supplies toward Mars One base camp
C-MRS-11 MS of Mars One mission team Renee Cote [Jill Teed], Nicholas Willis [Kavan Smith], Cmdr. Luke Graham [Don Cheadle] & Sergei Kirov [Peter Outerbridge] witnessing something amazing OS
C-MRS-12 Energy waves blast upward from mountainous face on Mars
C-MRS-13 LS of powerful vortex pulling Willis into its gaping center on Mars
C-MRS-14 LS of astronauts walking from vehicle toward brightly lit opening in mysterious Martian formation
C-MRS-15 MS of amazed McConnell, Fisher & Graham watching flotilla of spacecraft leaving planet as living diorama of history unfolds
C-MRS-16 BS: MS of director Brian DePalma on Mars location
C-MRS-17 BS: LS of Robbins & Nielsen strapped to crane as crewmen below prepare them for sequence on EVA set

C-MP-1 Reproduction of '56 theatrical one-sheet poster, title creature prominent

C-MNS-1 PR: Atmospheric FLV of Gill-Man, Count Dracula [Duncan Regehr], Frankenstein, Mummy & Wolfman side-by-side

[NOTE: this group is tinted green]
C-MCW-1 Bright red title over sea slug at mouth of cave
C-MCW-2 Crew spots head of sea slug at side of boat
C-MCW-3 Cont. C-MCW-2, sea slug slithers up side of boat
C-MCW-4 CU of sea slug's bug-eyed head at mouth of cave

C-MZT-1 Title over LS of space shuttle alongside Moon
C-MZT-2 Title over LS of astronaut-miners in Moon trench
C-MZT-3 Credit over MS of spacesuited Kemp [James Olson]
C-MZT-4 Credit over MCU of Clementine
C-MZT-5 Credit over MS of J. J. Hubbard [Warren Mitchell]
C-MZT-6 A SPECTACULAR... over astronaut riding asteroid to moon
C-MZT-7 DA of spaceship blasting off from Moon city launchpad
C-MZT-8 LS of claim site & gravesite on lunar surface
C-MZT-9 Clementine kisses Kemp on forehead aboard Moonbug
C-MZT-10 Moonbug digging up Moon rocks
C-MZT-11 Moonbug burrowing in lunar trench
C-MZT-12 Spacesuited Kemp emerges from Moonbug hatch
C-MZT-13 Kemp with radiation counter passes nose of Moonbug
C-MZT-14 Moonbugs gathered around space shuttle
C-MZT-15 Shuttle blasts off from lunar surface
C-MZT-16 Kemp floats alongside asteroid in space
C-MZT-17 RV of Clementine & Kemp eyeballing Moon city & Earth beyond from observation deck window [reflections show]
C-MZT-18 LS of Moon city domes & Earth beyond
C-MZT-19 Another view of Moon city with odd structure in fg
C-MZT-20 LS of Moonbug outside Moon city domes
C-MZT-21 Hubbard & henchmen hold Clementine captive in hangar
C-MZT-22 Spacesuited Hubbard fires blaster from hatchway
C-MZT-23 LS of Moon city, Earth rising just over horizon
C-MZT-24 FLV of space shuttlle alongside Moon

C-MR-1 PR: FLV of Bond pointing gun at camera
C-MR-2 PR: FLV of Bond encircled by bevy of Drax astronettes
C-MR-3 PR: MS of Holly & Bond smiling at something OS
C-MR-4 PR: MS of Holly & Bond relaxing with drinks
C-MR-5 PR: MS of Holly & Bond in astronaut uniforms, Bond pointing
C-MR-6 Title under Bond firing at end of gun barrel
C-MR-7 Title under FV of Moonraker orbiting Earth, Sun in bg
C-MR-8 Credit over MS of Holly in less officious moment
C-MR-9 Credit over MS of Drax with guards & girls in bg
C-MR-10 Credit over Jaws fishing Bond out of water
C-MR-11 Profile MS of Bond in Drax estate room
C-MR-12 Cont. C-MR-11, Bond turns to OS Holly
C-MR-13 Cont. C-MR-12, Bonds talks to Holly [back turned]
C-MR-14 Cont. C-MR-13, Holly talks to Bond [back turned]
C-MR-15 MS of Bond in Drax's jungle headquarters
C-MR-16 MS of Drax lady coaxing OS Bond forward
C-MR-17 LS of Bond entering Drax's tropical estate
C-MR-18 Cont. C-MR-17, Bond about to take a fall
C-MR-19 UA of Jaws grinning wickedly
C-MR-20 Cont. C-MR-19, Jaws reaches toward camera for OS Bond
C-MR-21 Cont. C-MR-20, LS of Jaws fishing Bond from water
C-MR-22 Moonraker 5 blasts off from launch bay
C-MR-23 FLV of Moonraker 6 in launch bay
C-MR-24 Drax space station exploding & breaking up
C-MR-25 Bond sits unperturbed in gondola as his boatman is knifed in heart & begins to fall off
C-MR-26 MCU of Jaws grabbing Bond's mouth atop ski lift
C-MR-27 MCU of Bond struggling to break free of giant anaconda around his neck underwater
C-MR-28 MLS of Jaws picking up drenched Bond by shirt
C-MR-29 Cont. C-MR-28, CU of above
C-MR-30 CU of Bond in cockpit of Moonraker
C-MR-31 Bond bashes baddie as space station is stormed
C-MR-32 MCU of Corinne Dufour, Drax's lovely helicopter pilot
C-MR-33 Bond unties Manuela's dress on couch
C-MR-34 PR: MS of Bond aiming gun directly at camera
C-MR-35 CU of Drax chopper pilot Corinne
C-MR-36 MS of Corinne, in silk slip, propped up in bed & Looking OS
C-MR-37 PR: FLV of Irka Bochenko, who Bond follows thru Brazillian jungle, languishing on floor clad in aqua teddy

C-MH-1 PR: MLS of Farmer Vincent [Rory Calhoun] & sister Ida [Nancy Parsons] posed with axe & pitchfork, respectively
C-MH-2 Farmer Vincent, Ida Tarry [Nina Axelrod] & Bruce [Paul Linke] enjoying picnic lunch
C-MH-3 Two rows of planted human heads growing in ghastly garden

MR. DESTINY - 1990
C-MRD-1 MS of Larry Burrows [James Belushi] sitting at work bench holding model Porsche in palm of hand in front of face
C-MRD-2 MCU of Larry's wife Ellen [Linda Hamilton], in pajamas, trying to cheer him up
C-MRD-3 MCU of Ellen planting smooch on unspecting Larry, almost hitting his lips
C-MRD-4 Larry & Ellen, sitting in car, conversing warmly with someone OS
C-MRD-5 MLS of Larry talking with mysterious stranger Mike [Michael Caine] beside taxi cab
C-MRD-6 FLV of now rich Larry, in tux, puttering with model car on floor as decked out wife Cindy Jo [Rene Russo] & kids try to rouse him for upcoming party
C-MRD-7 MS of Mike wearing tux & bemused smile at Larry's party
C-MRD-8 MLS of melancholy Ellen sitting all alone next to table & lamp, not realizing she's being watched
C-MRD-9 MCU of Ellen answering front door in night clothes, surprised to see OS Larry there
C-MRD-10 Cont. C-MRD-9, Ellen [favored] & Larry talking things over
C-MRD-11 FLV of prostrate Larry offering flowers to amused Ellen despite St. Bernard parked on his chest
C-MRD-12 MS of Ellen offering up nice smile as she sits across from her date, Larry, in restaurant
C-MRD-13 Cont. C-MRD-12, tighter on just Ellen enjoying banter
C-MRD-14 Cont. C-MRD-13, wide shot has Ellen about to drop her head onto table as Larry lifts cup
C-MRD-15 Larry's hands clinching sombrero to charmed Ellen's head

MUMMY, THE - 1999
C-MMY-1 PR: MS of disheveled Rick O'Connell [Brendan Fraser] holding Evelyn [Rachel Weisz] to him, their eyes on OS menace
C-MMY-2 PR: MLS of mercenary O'Connell in scarf & brown jacket, backed up against temple wall with pistols in both hands
C-MMY-3 MLS of armed O'Connell leading torch-bearing Evelyn & maladroit brother Jonathan [John Hannah] through ancient tomb
C-MMY-4 FLV of scowling scar-faced Mummy in hooded robe, clutching idol & book
C-MMY-5 MLS of cornered & bellowing O'Connell about to blast approaching Mummy [back turned], distrested Evelyn at his side
NOTE: #6-7 printed from 70mm frames
C-MMY-6 LS of torch-bearing Jonathan & armed O'Connell in temple, standing on island of rock as hordes of scarabs cut them off from Evelyn on outcrop above
C-MMY-7 MCU of decomposed Mummy spewing vermin from his incredibly wide-open mouth
C-MMY-8 MS of now reconstituted Imhotep [Arnold Vosloo], wearing open robe, reading from book, braziers burning in bg
C-MMY-9 MCU of mesmerized Evelyn backed up against tomb wall
C-MMY-10 MCU of Ardeth Bay [Oded Fehr] barking warning to our OS heroes as his band trains rifles on them in bg
C-MMY-11 CU of Bay tilting head toward ceiling of temple
C-MMY-12 Fiery bolts rain down on city of Hamunaptra
C-MMY-13 FLV of Bay, O'Connell & Jonathan fending off Mummy's OS disciples in marketplace
C-MMY-14 MLS of Bay, O'Connell & Jonathan (backs to camera) surveying vast repositpry of pharaonic treasures
C-MMY-15 PR: PRT of Imhotep in open robe, holding book
C-MMY-16 MS of Imhotep glaring angrily at OS intruders
C-MMY-17 FLV of Imhotep leading torch-bearing minions down stairway into temple
C-MMY-18 FLV of Imhotep, arms spread wide, about to make sacrifice of Evelyn
C-MMY-19 Cont. #18, MCU of Imhotep about to plunge knife into Evelyn
C-MMY-20 MS of Evelyn cuddling up to O'Connell after hard-fought supernatural battle
C-MMY-21 Exciting montage of O'Connell & Evelyn before large Mummy face above desert action in bg
C-MMY-22 MS of O'Connellwith teeth clenched & hair in face
C-MMY-23 PR: MS of human Imhotep, resplendent in golden attire
C-MMY-24 MLS of spread-legged O'Connell with sword, bracing for action inside temple
C-MMY-25 FLV of high-kicking O'Connell, leaping above raging fire in temple
C-MMY-26 MS of Imhotep in human form, seething as he looks aside
C-MMY-27 MLS of Jonathan, O'Connell & Bay standing inside treasure room, ready to take on The Mummy's many minions

C-MRT-1 UA of Rick O'Connell [Brendan Fraser], wife Evelyn [Rachel Weisz], son Alex [Freddie Boath] & Jonathan Carnahan [John Hannah] stand on ledge, reacting to OS spectacle
C-MRT-2 MS of O'Connell & Imhotep [Arnold Vosloo] pausing during duel to look toward new menace OS
C-MRT-3 Widescreen MS of mummified Imhotep ordering four petrified soldiers into battle
C-MRT-4 MS of frightened O'Connell & Evelyn pinned against wall, arms wrapped around each other
C-MRT-5 Profile MS of shirtless Imhotep leaning toward his lover, Anck-Su-Namun [Patricia Velasquez]
C-MRT-6 Widescreen MS of Scorpion King [The Rock] grinning widely as battle rages behind him
C-MRT-7 Widescreen FLV of Ardeth Bay [Oded Fehr] on horseback, leading troops into battle
C-MRT-8 MS of O'Connell ready for action, armed with two axes
C-MRT-9 Profile MLS of two masked Egyptian maidens sparing with sai weapons as Royal court watches

C-MUP-1 PR: Miss Piggy puts arm around Kermit
C-MUP-2 Kermit sits in swamp a'singin & a'pickin
C-MUP-3 Dom DeLuise advises Kermit to go to Hollywood
C-MUP-4 Kermit rides his bike out of the swamp
C-MUP-5 Kermit & Fozzie Bear sing while driving along
C-MUP-6 Doc Hopper [Charles Durning] stops Kermit & Fozzie in their car
C-MUP-7 Milton Berle tries to sell Kermit & clan a vehicle
C-MUP-8 Cont. C-MUP-7, RA of Kermit & clan
C-MUP-9 MCU of Animal angered over car price tag
C-MUP-10 Kermit & Fozzie look out window of their technicolor car
C-MUP-11 Kermit & Madeline Kahn have tete-a-tete
C-MUP-12 Cont. C-MUP-11, Telly Savalas breaks into bar conversation
C-MUP-13 Miss Piggy & Kermit at romantic dinner table setting
C-MUP-14 MCU of Steve Martin as a sarcastic restaurant waiter
C-MUP-15 CU of Miss Piggy kissing Kermit at table
C-MUP-16 Melancholy Kermit sits at piano bar
C-MUP-17 Mel Brooks tries to fry Kermit on tiny electric chair
C-MUP-18 MS of Miss Piggy tied up to post
C-MUP-19 Hopper calls on phone, clasps hand over Miss Piggy's mouth
C-MUP-20 LS of Kermit walking in desert under Moon
C-MUP-21 Animal chases young women out of tent
C-MUP-22 CU of Miss Piggy wearing crown on throne

MUTANT - 1985
C-MUT-1 MS of toxic plague-infested lab assistant
C-MUT-2 Mutated hands reach for girl, covering her mouth, head & chest

C-MBV-1 Pretty young lady in lacy bra screams her last as bloody spike drives thru her heart
C-MBV-2 Crispy burn victim hangs out open door of laundromat dryer

C-MSP-1 BS: SFX supervisor John Scheele touches up tyrannosaurus model in workshop
C-MSP-2 BS: FLV of technicians & camera crew watching dinosaur claw grab actor on sound stage
C-MSP-3 BS: FLV of technicians touching up head of T-Rex
C-MSP-4 BS: FLV of crew assembling giant dinosaur on floor of school gym
C-MSP-5 Military men working & walking by alien craft inside Army base
C-MSP-6 MS of Sherman [Raphael Sbarge] showing Latello [Fisher Stevens] & Harlan [Barry Corbin] science refernce book in library
C-MSP-7 FLV of Latello & Harlan experimenting with time-warping device
C-MSP-8 Cont. C-MSP-7, MCU of pair closely studying & reacting to energy generated by device
C-MSP-9 Cont. C-MSP-8, boys back off as device thows sparks
C-MSP-10 Cont. C-MSP-9, MS of boys staring in awe at OS unit
C-MSP-11 Prof. Roberts [Dennis Hopper] studies device in lab while boys & Ellie [Danielle VonZerneck] look on
C-MSP-12 Cont. C-MSP-11, all awestruck as device begins to generate warp pyrotechnics
C-MSP-13 Cont. C-MSP-12, warp field fx send group flailing back in fear
C-MSP-14 FLV of T-Rex lying on its side in gym, stomach ripped open & guts spilling out

[NOTE: #1-5 have shifted color. #6-10 are printed from Cinemascope frames & are available in 8x10 size only]

C-MYS-1 Title over giant robot on destructive rampage
C-MYS-2 Mysterians' mountain dome-base
C-MYS-3 Two rows of 10 Mysterians inside their base
C-MYS-4 LS of robot toppling high-voltage standard
C-MYS-5 MS of robot amidst flames
C-MYS-6 Group of Mysterians make plans inside their dome headquarters
C-MYS-7 MS of giant robot nearing plume of flame
C-MYS-8 Cont. C-MYS-7, robot about to cross barrier of flame
C-MYS-9 Deflector ray cannon dropping in for landing
C-MYS-10 RV of cannon with explosion near dome in bg

C-MI-1 Capt. Harding & his men battle giant crab with spears on island beach
C-MI-2 FLV of giant chicken menacing woman in stockyard
C-MI-5 LS of Herbert & Elena discovering Nautilus in grotto
C-MI-9 MLS of aquanaut in clutches of giant squid
C-MI-10 LS of island in throes of volcanic eruption
C-MI-11 Herbert rides back of giant bird s others look on
C-MI-12 Giant bee halts escape of Herbert & Elena from Hive

NEAR DARK - 1987
C-ND-1 PR: MLS of Jesse [Lance Henriksen], Diamondback [Jenette Goldstein] & Severen [Bill Paxton] posed in tavern, boys with blood on their hands
C-ND-2 PR: FLV of bloodthirsty group, young lad added, posed for cloudy night shot
C-ND-3 FLV of bloody, beat-up Homer [Joshua Miller] running screaming toward camera in middle of road
C-ND-4 Cowled Jesse, looking just awful, sitting behind wheel of car, disintegrating in sunlight

C-NSN-1 PR: MS of Bond [Sean Connery], in tuxedo, aiming gun at camera with hint of smile
C-NSN-2 PR: MS of Fatima Blush [Barbara Carrera] with arms around shoulders of Bond, in blue shirt & tie
C-NSN-3 PR: FLV of Bond & Domino [Kim Basinger] astride horse
C-NSN-4 PR: profile MS of Fatima, in red swimsuit, water skiing
C-NSN-5 PR: MCU of swarthy Bond, in white suit coat, blue shirt & tie, coolly eyeing camera
C-NSN-6 PR: MLS of Bond, in white swimsuit, holding Domino, wearing tigerskin swimsuit, to him
C-NSN-7 PR: MCU of Bond, in tuxedo, aiming gun just past camera
C-NSN-8 PR: MS of Bond posed holding Domino in his arms from behind
C-NSN-9 PR: MCU of Fatima in red swimsuit, lips parted
C-NSN-10 PR: PRT of Fatima dressed to kill in elegant but sexy red dress & equally showy hat
C-NSN-11 Cont. C-NSN-10, MLS of Fatima modeling outfit. Wow
C-NSN-12 PR: FLV of Fatima posed in white suede swimsuit on flat rock in lagoon
C-NSN-13 PR: PRT of beauteous Domino
C-NSN-14 PR: MLS of Domino posed in blue evening dress & diamonds
C-NSN-15 PR: FLV of Domino in tiger-photo swimsuit, posed on shoreline with hands over head
C-NSN-16 PR: FLV of Domino & Fatima posed in gorgeous white & black gowns, respectively
C-NSN-17 PR: PRT of Blofeld [Max Von Sydow] holding cat
C-NSN-18 MCU of sweaty Bond peering from behind foilage as he stalks prey
C-NSN-19 MS of Bond in tuxedo & motorcycle helmet, racing after baddies
C-NSN-20 MS of Bond making love to Fatima on floor of ship compartment
C-NSN-21 FLV of Bond & Domino doing tango on dance floor
C-NSN-22 MLS of Bond flanked by Felix Leiter [Bernie Casey] & Domino about to board submarine
C-NSN-23 MS of Fatima & Largo [Klaus Brandauer] conspiring against Bond, seated with Domino in bg
C-NSN-24 Bond knocks away attacker from horseback as he rescues Domino
C-NSN-25 UA of Bond jumping into action from balcony
C-NSN-26 MS of Largo explaining deadly video game to Bond
C-NSN-27 Profile MS of Felix firing at OS enemies from behind rock in SPECTRE's hideout
C-NSN-28 LS of Bond exchanging machine gun fire with adversary above him in hideout
C-NSN-29 PR: MLS of smashing bikini-clad lady [Valerie Leon], with fishing pole, Bond meets in Bahamas

C-NEV-1 CIN: LS of Ivory Tower, home of The Empress in land of Fantasia
C-NEV-2 MS of Atreyu [Noah Hathaway] with arm around face of his white steed, Artax
C-NEV-3 Atreyu attempts to pull Artax out of mud in Swamps of Sadness
C-NEV-4 FLV of Atreyu approaching Falkor the Luckdragon after being rescued in nick of time
C-NEV-5 FLV of Empress [Tami Stronach] kneeling on her bed, gesturing toward camera
C-NEV-6 FLV of Cairon [Moses Gunn] delivering message from Empress to people of Fantasia
C-NEV-7 Teeny Weeny comforting his racing snail
C-NEV-8 FLV of Night Hob riding his bat toward camera
C-NEV-9 MS of Atreyu facing Sphinxes of the Southern Oracle
C-NEV-10 Profile MS of Empress giving Bastian [Barret Oliver] grain of sand so he can rebuild Fantasia

C-NTB-1 MCU of toothsome, reptilian extra-terrestrial monster collaring victim from behind

C-NOC-1 Profile MS of Regina [Catherine Mary Stewart] holding up shoe to show her OS sister
C-NOC-2 MS of Regina riding motorcycle into camera
C-NOC-3 Soft-focus MCU of Regina casting disconsolate look
C-NOC-4 MLS of Samantha [Kelli Maroney], wearing cheerleader uniform, about to fire automatic weapon in middle of street
C-NOC-5 Eerie lighting enhances CU of zombified cop
C-NOC-6 MCU of Regina reacting with open-mouthed delight at bizarre scene in front of house
C-NOC-7 Profile MS of Regina shaking Samantha in kitchen to make her realize truth
C-NOC-8 Comet afterglow colors deserted downtown Los Angeles
C-NOC-9 Cont. C-NOC-2, UA of Regina in MCU riding motorcycle with comet afterglow added
C-NOC-10 Low angle LS of Regina & Samantha standing by police car overlooking city, noting that it's all theirs
C-NOC-11 Cont. C-NOC-4, MLS of Regina watching Samantha prepare to fire Uzi at OS car
C-NOC-12 Cont. C-NOC-11, Regina shields one ear as Samantha blasts away
C-NOC-13 LS of girls stealing way into dimly lit radio station
C-NOC-14 MS of Samantha playing disc jockey
C-NOC-15 MCU of zombie cop reaching into car for Samantha, who's slipped his grasp
C-NOC-16 MLS of Samantha, wearing pink teddy & black hat, dancing impromptu during shopping spree
C-NOC-17 MS of Samantha showing white fur coat to OS Regina
C-NOC-18 MS of Regina & Hector [Robert Beltran] sitting in radio station & smiling at each other
C-NOC-19 MLS of Regina posed holding upraised Uzi
C-NOC-20 Profile MCU of Doris [Sharon Farrell] talking on cordless phone as Samantha looks on
C-NOC-21 FLV of Doris & neighbors standing & watching comet
C-NOC-22 Cont. C-NOC-21, tighter FLV of Doris covering eyes
C-NOC-23 FLV of Doris slugging Samantha at foot of stairs
C-NOC-24 MCU of scarred, blood-smeared black zombie, glassy, dead eyes
C-NOC-25 MCU of growling, mop-topped zombie in yellow t-shirt, blood on face & neck
C-NOC-26 MCU of new-wave type zombie with earring & wrinkled skin

C-NTF-1 PR: Moody PRT of Miranda in yellow blouse
C-NTF-2 Moody MS of Miranda in dark top, jacket & sunglasses
C-NTF-3 Midsection of lit up sentient intergalactic starship Nightflyer
C-NTF-4 PR: MLS of Royd posed with walking cane, wearing spacesuit sans helmet
C-NFT-5 PR: FLV of Royd lying back on bed of gold pillows
C-NFT-6 Cont. C-NFT-2, MS of Miranda, computer light images reflected in sunglasses
C-NFT-7 MLS of Miranda, in blue print blouse & black slacks, admiring sectionof ship outfitted with crystal
C-NFT-8 FLV of Miranda sitting on steps aboard ship, talking with holographic image of Royd
C-NFT-9 Profile CU of Royd being attacked by energy bolts
C-NFT-10 MS of Royd & Miranda seen thru window of space pod

C-NES-1 BS: MS of makeup artist fitting appliances to face of Robert Englund
C-NES-2 CU of nightmare killer Fred Krueger [Englund] ripping off his pizza mask & glowering
C-NES-3 FLV of Krueger striking menacing spread-legged pose
C-NES-4 CU of Nancy [Heather Lagenkamp] on telephone, in shock as tounge pops from mouthpiece
C-NES-5 FLV of Krueger female victim in bed, clothes torn away from mutilated body
C-NES-6 LS of girl covered in blood as spirit of Krueger pins her to ceiling above bed
C-NES-7 LS of Krueger silhouetted in darkness, his arm stretched out to absurd lengths
C-NES-8 Nancy gets care of young life when Krueger pops up from under bed & goes for screaming lass

C-NES2-1 MLS of Krueger standing in shower mist filtered by light piercing window behind him
C-NES2-2 MCU of Jesse Walsh [Mark Patton] screaming at steel-fingertipped, gloved hand in shower, blood runs down his chest & arm
C-NES2-3 As Krueger possess agonized Jesse, monster's face is manifested on youth's stomach
C-NES2-4 Eerie lighting enhances MCU of Krueger rearing head back & screaming
C-NES2-5 Fire looms up before cringing Krueger

C-NE3-1 PR: FLV of Freddy Krueger standing jauntily with legs & arms crossed, his shadow reflected on wall
C-NE3-2 PR: Red lighting enhances FLV of Krueger kneeling with razor-tipped right hand across knee
C-NE3-3 Krueger's head sprouts antenna atop TV set
C-NE3-4 Cont. C-NE3-2, horizontal MCU of Krueger glaring into camera, arms crossed to shoulders
C-NE3-5 Cont. C-NE3-4, pullback to MS has Krueger holding clown doll
C-NE3-6 LS of silhouetted Kreuger standing in smokey alley with razor--tipped hand exposed threateningly

C-NR-1 Morgan the Black Knight [Tom Savini] prepares for joust astride his motorcycle

C-NWG-1 PRT of Anne [Kathryn Harrold] on red bg
C-NWG-2 MS of Payne [David Warner] advising Duran [Nick Mancuso] about killer vampire bats
C-NWG-3 Payne on all fours looking into pit where bats have taken refuge

NOMADS - 1986
C-NOM-1 ECU of brutalized John Charles Parmier [Pierce Brosnan] being comforted by doctor Ilene [Lesley-Anne Down]
C-NOM-2 CU of crazed Parmier whispering in ear of frightened Ilene
C-NOM-3 FLV of Parmier leaning against box while seated atop desk, distracted as he reads papers
C-NOM-4 DA of bare-chested Parmier laying wide awake in bed next to sleeping wife Niki [Anna Maria Montecelli]
C-NOM-5 MCU of Parmier outside his new home watching OS black van speed away
C-NOM-6 MS of Niki smiling happily at Parmier, who absently stares into mirror
C-NOM-7 Shadows play on face of Parmier in MCU as he slips from hiding to protest alley slaying
C-NOM-8 Cont. C-NOM-7, out of shadows & spotted by hoodlum murderers, Parmier realizes he protests too much
C-NOM-9 CU of Parmier pinning wife to wall, explaining his last 30 hours trailing inexplicable gang
C-NOM-10 FLV of Parmier playing flashlight about seemingly deserted, spooky corridor where he's been led
C-NOM-11 MLS of Parmier on roof overlooking city with wife, trying to decide what to do about reprobate who has joined them
C-NOM-12 CU of Parmier having made decision
C-NOM-13 MS of Parmier [back turned] tossing evil doer over edge of roof
C-NOM-14 Cont. C-NOM-13, AV of creep, having offered no resistance, smiling as he falls from many stories up

C-NOT-1 PR: FLV/DA cheesecake pose of Traci Lords as Nurse Nadine wearing blue bikini, lying on pool deck chair
C-NOT-2 PR: Outdoor PRT of Nurse Nadine
C-NOT-3 Cont. C-NOT-2, FLV of Nadine in knee-length nurse uniform, leaning back against porch support
C-NOT-4 PR: FLV of Nadine about to slip out of car, uniform hiked to thighs
C-NOT-5 MS of alien Paul Johnson [Arthur Roberts], wearing suit, hat & sunglasses, turned to camera as his driver looks on

C-NB-1 Max [Don Adams] & Agent 36 [Pamela Hensley] look up from microscope
C-NB-2 Agent 36 kneels on fur-lined bed

C-OCT-1 PR: MS of Bond [Roger Moore], arms crossed with gun in hand, graffiti-covered wall & building in bg
C-OCT-2 PR: MCU of Bond with elephants bearing men & cargo to right in fg
C-OCT-3 PR: MS of Bond & Octopussy [Maud Adams], wearing blue dress & diamond necklace, holding tight
C-OCT-4 PR: MLS of Magda [Kristina Wayborn] clinging to arm of Bond, arms folded, both in circus costumes
C-OCT-5 PR: FLV of Octopussy standing spread-legged in pantsuit before circus sign as smoke swirls about
C-OCT-6 PR: PRT of Octopussy in silk nightgown
C-OCT-7 PR: MCU of Octopussy, body profiled & wearing blue dress, coolly eyeing camera
C-OCT-8 PR: FLV of Octopussy, in silk robe with legs bared, seated on chair in castle bedroom & holding up empty Faberge egg container
C-OCT-9 PR: PRT of stunning Magda, in satiny top, hand held up near face
C-OCT-10 PR: MS of Bond in action pose with drawn gun, wearing double-breasted suit
C-OCT-11 PR: Harem-costumed circus beauties encircle armed bond on bed
C-OCT-12 Suave Bond plays backgammon with Kamal Khan [Louis Jourdan] as Gobinda [Kabir Bedi] looks on
C-OCT-13 MS of Bond with armful of Octopussy, bent over to kiss her
C-OCT-14 Low angle on Bond hanging on for dear life to underside of moving circus train
C-OCT-15 MCU of Bond staring woefully at three spiders building intricate web
C-OCT-16 FLV of Bond pressing against outside castle wall as Magda comes to window, curious
C-OCT-17 MS of Bond, in circus costume, pinned to wall by knives & struggling to tear free
C-OCT-18 PR: FLV of luscious Bianca [Tina Hudson] standing over cockpit of Bede jet beside smiling Bond
C-OCT-19 PR: PRT of Kamal Khan holding double-bladed device
C-OCT-20 Cont. C-OCT-8, different angle on Octopussy seated on stool against effectively shadowed bg
C-OCT-21 PR: FLV of dozen delicious Bond girls posed before pool wearing swimsuits & bikinis
C-OCT-22 MCU of Bond piloting AcroJet
C-OCT-23 FLV of Q showing Bond & Vijay remote control "Indian rope trick"
C-OCT-24 MCU of Bond peeking out of fake alligator mouth
C-OCT-25 Profile MCU of Bond & Octopussy about to kiss
C-OCT-26 LS of Magda in harem costume about to take on armed goon outside Kamal's fortress
C-OCT-27 Cont. C-OCT-26, MLS of Magda about to finish off goon
C-OCT-28 Cont. C-OCT-27, Magda kicks goon in gut
C-OCT-29 Bond & Q maneuver hot air balloon over fighting inside fortress
C-OCT-30 LS of Bond & Octopussy girls going into actionnear palace staircase
C-OCT-31 FLV of Bond hanging on atop private plane
C-OCT-32 Cont. C-OCT-31, Bond backs away from Gobinda, about to slash at 007 with dagger
C-OCT-33 FLV of Bond, leg in traction, & Octopussy bedded down in luxury on her barge

C-OUO-1 Profile MS of Mark [Peter Weller], in black topcoat & scarf, smiling at his cute secretary
C-OUO-2 MLS of Mark, wearing thick gloves, reading label on rat poison over sink littered with traps
C-OUO-3 FLV of Mark searching for super rat with baseball bat & flashlight
C-OUO-4 MLS of Mark's wife Meg [Shannon Tweed], in aqua bathing suit, stepping from swimming pool
C-OUO-5 FLV of Mark suddenly hearing something as he sits up in bed snacking while studying charts
C-OUO-6 Profile CU of Mark wearing glasses, face front lit as he listens to sounds above him

C-OHD-1 PR: MS of Chevy, Jane & Benji cuddling
C-OHD-2 PR: yummy PRT of bare-shouldered Jane
C-OHD-3 PR: Benji about to get best kiss a dog ever had [from Jane, of course]
C-OHD-4 Jane tries to coax Benji into taking his cough syrup
C-OHD-5 FLV of Chevy dancing & singing in rain

C-OHD-6 Drenched Chevy sits in chair with cigar & thermometer sticking out of his mouth
OMEN, THE - 1976
C-OMN-1 FLV of Father Brennan [Patrick Troughton] impaled in church courtyard
C-OMN-2 MCU of Father Spiletto [Martin Benson] tuning his half-burned face upward
C-OMN-3 Jennings [David Warner] about to lose his head to runaway sheet of glass
C-OMN-4 Cont. C-OMN-3, off goes his head as glass shatters
C-OMN-5 CIN: MS of Father Brennan reaching for sky & screaming an instant before...
C-OMN-6 CIN: spire enters his body from above, leaving him...
C-OMN-7 CIN: ELS ...horribly impaled in church courtyard
C-OMN-8 CIN: Thorn [Gregory Peck] screams as iron gate spike gores his arm at graveyard
C-OMN-9 CIN: MCU of Thorn, his face bloodied, at wheel of car while trying to restrain OS Damien on seat
C-OMN-10 MS of Thorn turning to camera, away from just decapitated Jennings

C-OFC-1 PR: PRT of adult Damien [Sam Neil] & TV newswoman Kate [Lisa Harrow]
C-OFC-2 PR: MS of Damien holding up one of seven daggers of Meggido
C-OFC-3 PR: Horizontal outdoor CU of adult Damien wearing trace of smile
C-OFC-4 PR: MS of Damien, in tan pullover sweater, standing glumly before figure of Jesus on cross, black bg

C-ON-1 PR: PRT of Tracy [Diana Rigg] in low-cut black gown with gold chain straps
C-ON-2 Tracy, wrapped in fur with hood, sits deep in thought
C-ON-3 MLS of Tracy, in black coat with fur hood & cuffs, leaning against desk while laughing
C-ON-4 PR: FLV of Bond & Tracy posing for after wedding picture on steps
C-ON-5 PR: PRT of Bond in orange turtleneck shirt & brown jacket

C-OB-1 PR: The Countess [Lauren Hutton] & Mark Kendall [Jim Carrey] camp it up in traditional vampire style at mock cemetary
C-OB-2 PR: MLS of normal Jim posed cuddling up with girl friend Robin [Karen Kopins]
C-OB-3 PR: MS of vampire Jim, teeth bared as he clutches at camera
C-OB-4 PR: PRT of smiling girl-next-door Robin
C-OB-5 PR: PRT of Countess seated with glass of wine, wearing black lace gloves & veil
C-OB-6 PR: FLV of Countess sitting at bar with legs crossed, in slinky, plunging brown dress hiked past knees
C-OB-7 MS of Countess showing vampiric dental work while reaching black-fingernailed hand toward camera
C-OB-8 FLV of Countess trying to lure Mark away from selily-clad Robin during high school Halloween dance
C-OB-9 Cont. C-OB-8, tighter FLV of Countess pointing wand at startled Robin [Mark off frame]

C-OMY-8 Cavemen stave off giant turtle & rescue Tumak
C-OMY-9 Ahot faces allosaurus with spear
C-OMY-14 MS of triceratops
C-OMY-15 LS of pterodactyl holding Loana over nest of chicks
C-OMY-20 PR: FLV of Loana, the Cave Queen
C-OMY-21 MS of Martine Beswick as a filthy, grubbing cavewoman
C-OMY-22 PR: PRT of Tumak & Loana in tight embrace
C-OMY-23 PR: FLV of Loana holding upraised knife in spread-legged defensive pose amid rocky setting

C-OMF -1 Flint bends over wounded Cramden, sterilizing knife on flame of candle held by one of his girls

C-OUT-1 Title on black bg
C-OUT-2 Title below MLS of O'Niel holding pump shotgun on starfield bg
C-OUT-3 PR: MS of O'Niel aiming shotgun into camera
C-OUT-4 PR: MS of Dr. Lazarus [Frances Sternhagen] looking out from doorway
C-OUT-5 LS of Con-Am #27 mining complex, Jupiter filling most of bg
C-OUT-6 LS of spacesuited miners working on one of gridwork tunnels
C-OUT-7 MCU of O'Niel's wife Carol [Kika Markham, favored] telling him she loves him before he leaves for work
C-OUT-8 Profile MS of Carol putting her arms around O'Niel's neck
C-OUT-9 LS of worker living quarters showing individual cubicles
C-OUT-10 MCU of O'Neil listening to Carol's videotaped message
C-OUT-11 MS of Lazarus turning her back on O'Niel as he questions her about series of deaths
C-OUT-12 MCU of O'Niel taking in Lazarus' virtiolic replies to his questions
C-OUT-13 MCU of O'Niel rushing into medical section
C-OUT-14 FLV of miners getting suited up
C-OUT-15 Miners lined up to fill oxygen tanks
C-OUT-16 O'Niel stands at Lazarus' shoulder while they study monitor
C-OUT-17 LS of leisure club bar area spotlights pair of exotic dancers
C-OUT-18 FLV of Spota trying to throw object at downed O'Niel in kitchen
C-OUT-19 MS of O'Niel disarming Spota of kitchen knife
C-OUT-20 MS of corrupt Con-Am boss Sheppard [ Peter Boyle] sitting behind desk, trying to buy off OS O'Niel
C-OUT-21 MCU of O'Niel listening to surveillance communications tap between Sheppard & liaison
C-OUT-22 Tight on hookers & miners at bar watching OS shuttle transit board
C-OUT-23 Vertical shot of shuttle descending on long columns of exhaust
C-OUT-24 RV of hired assassin firing shotgun blast into floor grating
C-OUT-25 Armed O'Niel ducks as blast narrowly misses him
C-OUT-26 Sheppard patiently waits in leisure club
C-OUT-27 LS of spacesuited O'Niel, a tiny figure on outside catwalk, as Jupiter peeks thru latticework
C-OUT-28 CU of O'Niel in space helmet
C-OUT-29 Vertical shot of O'Niel falling toward Ballard along solar panel wall
C-OUT-30 MS of O'Niel landing on Ballard & knocking him down

C-PAR-1 FV of toothsome parasite coming at ya
C-PAR-2 DA of woman mopping brow of Raygun gang member [Tom Villard], parasite attached to bloody chest
C-PAR-3 CU of Demi Moore
C-PAR-4 MLS of Rayguns watching Tom Villard growing attached to parasite on chest
C-PAR-5 MS of very dead Raygun member propped against fence with pipe protruding from stomach
C-PAR-6 Daddy parasite chomps on face of victim who struggles helplessly on ground
C-PAR-7 Daddy parasite about to take bite out of Demi's leg

C-PSM-1 PR: PRT of teenage Peggy Sue [Kathleen Turner], chin resting in palm of hand
C-PSM-2 PR: MS of seated teen Peggy Sue in pink dress & sweater with white carnation pinned to lapel

C-PTF-1 MS of Tyler & busty Ajor looking OS as they crouch in rocks

C-PAN-1 Title over CU of Big Ben
C-PAN-2 Title over cloudy sky & full Moon
C-PAN-3 MS of mischievous Peter above the clouds
C-PAN-4 AV of Never-Neverland as Capt. Hook's ship fires salvo
C-PAN-5 Cont. C-PAN-4, salvo misses Peter, punches hole in cloud
C-PAN-6 MS of youth wearing glasses, top hat & sleeping gown
C-PAN-7 Lost Boys in animal costumes march behind youth
C-PAN-8 Two Lost Boys use third as bridge to step over
C-PAN-9 Youth in midair as he jumps toward grassy ledge
C-PAN-10 Sleepy little boy leaps from rock-turned hippo
C-PAN-11 Wendy, hands over face, peeks down from ledge
C-PAN-12 Indians doing war dance in front of teepees
C-PAN-13 Tomahawk embeds in tree by little boy holding feather
C-PAN-14 Indians hiding in trees capture Lost Boys
C-PAN-15 Peter sits in chair with gift-wrapped package
C-PAN-16 Angry Tinkerbell sits down in midair
C-PAN-17 Tinkerbell protests as Peter begins to unwrap package
C-PAN-18 Tinkerbell pulls on ribbon of gift in Peter's hands
C-PAN-19 Sour-pussed Mr. Smee wielding hammer
C-PAN-20 Smee clowning after nailing up sign in ship cabin
C-PAN-21 Tinkerbell imprisoned in lantern on Capt. Hook's ship
C-PAN-22 Tinkerbell breaks out of lantern
C-PAN-23 MS of wicked, scheming Capt. Hook in his cabin
C-PAN-24 Hook grins maliciously
C-PAN-25 LS of Wendy walking the plank on Hook's ship
C-PAN-26 RV of Wendy standing at end of plank
C-PAN-27 CU of crying, forlorn Wendy
C-PAN-28 Peter holds Wendy in his arms after she has jumped
C-PAN-29 Peter fences with Hook
C-PAN-30 Hook's sword swishes over Peter's ducking head
C-PAN-31 Peter pulls Hook's hat down around his waist
C-PAN-32 Crocodile pops his head out of water
C-PAN-33 OS of crocodile overjoyed at sight of his eternal prey, Hook
C-PAN-34 Hook horrified as he looks over ship railing
C-PAN-35 CU of Hook dishearteningly turning away
C-PAN-36 Hook falls all over Smee in his haste to flee crocodile
C-PAN-37 Smee manning oars of rowboat
C-PAN-38 Crocodile surfaces near rowboat as Smee thrashes with oar
C-PAN-39 Hook flailing in air as crocodile OS snares his pants
C-PAN-40 Hook underwater with his clothes chewed away
C-PAN-41 Hook balances on rear of rowboat as water churns

C-PEX-1 PR: MS of David Herdag [Michael Paré], arms crossed & resting on upturned knee
C-PEX-2 PR: MS of Allison Hayes [Nancy Allen] posed in white sweater & pink windbreaker
C-PEX-3 PR: PRT of Allison & David side by side
C-PEX-4 Section of U.S. destroyer Eldridge showing crewmen sucked into metal bulkheads
C-PEX-5 PR: CU of Allison & David cheek-to-cheek
C-PEX-6 PR: MCU of Allison, in low-cut sweater, & David, cigarette dangling from mouth, posed side-by-side
C-PEX-7 PR: PRT of Allison & David, handsome coupleclad in polished black leather jackets, blue bg
C-PEX-8 PR: PRT of smiling Allison holding collar of jacket, blue bg
C-PEX-9 PR: MS of David, in heavy black winter coat, at Naval shipyard
C-PEX-10 PR: MS of shirtless David sitting up in bed with magazine, cigarette in mouth & eyes to camera
C-PEX-11 PR: MLS of David perched across Allison's lap, both wearing bathrobes
C-PEX-12 Cont. C-PEX-11, tighter shot as they cuddle
C-PEX-13 PR: MLS of David, wearing insulation suit, standing in generator room of doomed Naval destroyer
C-PEX-14 MCU of David in sailor suit, looking aside at nightclub
C-PEX-15 MCU of David about tp begom ex[ero,emt om gemeratpr rpp,
C-PEX-16 MLS of David & Jim [Bobby DiCicco], walking thru chilly wasteland after experiment goes awry in their past
C-PEX-17 MCU of David, chin in both hands, asking OS Allison to stay with him in motel room
C-PEX-18 Cont. C-PEX-17, MCU of Allison at door, looks wearily at OS David
C-PEX-19 MS of David bending over bed to kiss Allison
C-PEX-20 MS of David & Allison about to pay enigmatic visit to old pal Jim
C-PEX-21 Profile MCU of Allison making pay phone call
C-PEX-22 LS of whirlpool vortex in sky above military installation project
C-PEX-23 Inside project lab, Dr. Longstreet [Miles McNamara] explains all to David & Allison
C-PEX-24 Cont. C-PEX-23, CU of David & Allison drawing close as everything becomes clear
C-PEX-25 MLS of David smashing banks of glass tubes aboard Eldridge
C-PEX-26 Profile MCU of David & Allison reunited
C-PEX-27 PR: MCU of serious David in blue shirt & black Navy jacket, wisp of hair over one eye
C-PEX-28 PR: Semi-profile MLS of David in same shirt & jeans, in thinking man pose
C-PEX-29 PR: PRT of Allison in shiny black jacket, lips parted, blue bg

C-PIR-1 Super piranha in aquarium of secret lab
C-PIR-2 Cont. #1, MCU of super piranha
C-PIR-3 Homunculus-like creature skulks across lab tabletop between beakers
C-PIR-5 Blood flows as piranha chews on chest of swimmer
C-PIR-6 MS of piranha about to nibble on breast of topless, screaming swimmer

C-PIT-1 FLV of Imam [Keith David], Jack [Rhiana Griffith], Fry [Radha Mitchell] & Riddick [Vin Diesel] crouching in rain as they race to ship
C-PIT-2 MS of pilot Fry bracing herself for impact in sun-drenched Hunter- Gratzner's cockpit
C-PIT-3 FLV of newly-escaped Riddick bounding into desert of strange planet
C-PIT-4 MS of terrified Paris [Lewis Fitz-Gerald], blowtorch-wielding Fry & Imam braving darkness
C-PIT-5 FLV of lawman Johns [Cole Hauser] squatting in sand with gun
C-PIT-6 MS of geologist Shazza [Claudia Black] behind wheel of utility vehicle
C-PIT-7 BS: MLS of director David Twohy gesturing on location in desert

C-POA-9 Taylor spots scarecrow figures on ridge above him
C-POA-26 MS of gorilla in typical Uncle Sam pose beside logo: 20th CENTURY FOX WANTS YOU TO GO APE!
C-POA-36 PR: excellent PRT of Cornelius
C-POA-37 PR: Dr. Zaius gestures before Lawgiver statue
C-POA-38 Excellent MS of Taylor & Nova on horseback
C-POA-40 PR: MS of slightly bent Taylor yelling beneath scarecrow at edge of rocks
C-POA-41 UA of Taylor at station in spaceship, talking into recorder while injecting himself

C-POA-A1 BS: PRT of Director Tim Burton wearing all black & posed before structure of decayed spires
C-POA-A2 PR: FLV of Capt. Leo Davidson [Mark Wahlberg] crouched at edge of water, catching his breath after crash-landing in jungle
C-POA-A3 PR: MLS of ruthless ape military General Thade [Tim Roth]
C-POA-A4 PR: FLV of chimp activist Ari [Helena Bonham Carter] crouching on rocks
C-POA-A5 PR: MS of fierce ape Officer Attar [Michael Clarke Duncan], fire from military encampment lighting his features
C-POA-A6 Out of control pod cruiser falling toward unknown planet
C-POA-A7 MS of Limbo [Paul Giamatti] talking to ape soldier while about to unload his latest bounty of captured human slaves
C-POA-A8 MS of Ari, Tival [Erick Avari] & Gunnar [Evan Dexter Parke] halting during their escape from pursuing apes
C-POA-A9 Reaching their objective, Davidson, Birn [Luke Eberl], Tival, Gunnar, Daena [Estella Warren], Limbo, Ari & Krull [Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa]
observe OS forboding structure from behind rocks
C-POA-B1 LS of humans pouring toward strange structure pushing up from ground in forbidden zone
C-POA-B2 Cont. #B1, tighter shot of humans nearing structure
C-POA-B3 Cont. #B2, new angle of structure with leaders at opening & human encampment set up nearby
C-POA-B4 FLV of Attar arriving at ape encampment to take command of troops
C-POA-B5 MS of Davidson marching between throng of humans looking to him for leadership
C-POA-B6 Profile MS of Daena reaching up to touch Davidson's face, encouraging him to help the gathered oppressed humans
C-POA-B7 Tight FLV of ape army charging into battle
C-POA-B8 MCU of Daena, humans in bg, watching first wave of apes approach
C-POA-B9 FLV of Daena rushing toward stunned gorilla during battle
C-POA-C1 MLS of Thade about to break neck of rebel human in heat of battle
C-POA-C2 Profile MLS of Thade with hand around Davidson's throat during final showdown between them

C-BFPOA-1 ELS of group walking thru vast city of ruins
C-BFPOA-2 RV of group pausing before slagged ruins

C-BPOA-1 Title over flames & bleeding Lawgiver statue
C-BPOA-3 Sky catches fire in front of Taylor & Nova
C-BPOA-4 LS of Brent & Nova standing before mutant rulers
C-BPOA-5 RV of Taylor watching ape & Dr. Zaius by fallen bomb
C-BPOA-8 Ground gapes open before Taylor on horseback
C-BPOA-9 FV of Nova on horseback
C-BPOA-10 Cornelius listens intently to Dr. Zaius in house
C-BPOA-12 Gen. Ursus delivers speech to apes in amphitheater
C-BPOA-14 Ape army marches out of city
C-BPOA-16 Brent & Nova among ruins of Radio City Music Hall
C-BPOA-17 Mutants project image of marching apes on wall
C-BPOA-18 Lawgiver statue & crucified apes in flames
C-BPOA-19 LS of mutants worshipping nuclear bomb
C-BPOA-20 Cont. #19, RA shows entire congregation
C-BPOA-21 MS of mutant about to lift off his face mask
C-BPOA-22 CU of Brent & Taylor watching worship ceremony
C-BPOA-23 Gorillas bring down the doomsday bomb
C-BPOA-25 Brent & Nova approach underground storm drain
C-BPOA-26 Dr. Zaius & gorillas destroy statues in mutant shrine
C-BPOA-27 Zira studies Nova as Brent looks on in front of cell
C-BPOA-28 Brent stands before mutant leaders
C-BPOA-29 Zaius, Gen. Ursus, ape ride thru Forbidden Zone
C-BPOA-30 BS: MCU of makeup artist turning Victor Buono into mutant
C-BPOA-31 Taylor bandages Brent from behind while imprisoned by mutants

[NOTE: this group has shifted color]
C-EPOA-2 Chimp astronauts doff helmets in front of beached ship
C-EPOA-4 MS of wide-eyed Zira clutching baby Milo to her

C-PD-1 Tyrannosaurus & allosaurus emerge from cave [scene cut]
C-PD-2 T-Rex looms up from behind rocks as crew runs for cover
C-PD-3 SV of allosaurus as laser zaps him in back of head
C-PD-4 FLV of spaceship Odyssey
C-PD-5 Cont. #4, closer view of bow & midsection
C-PD-6 Cont. #5, closer view of ship astern

C-POV-1 Title over spaceship landing on planet Aura
C-POV-2 UA of horseshoe-shaped spaceship as it lands
C-POV-3 Spaceship sets down on planet
C-POV-4 Astronaut tumbles from chute onto foggy planet surface
C-POV-5 Twisted alien landscape viewed from inside chute
C-POV-6 Ship crew huddles around instrument panels
C-POV-7 Viewscreen shot of bizarre, fog-shrouded terrain
C-POV-8 LS of crew exploring planet, their ship in bg
C-POV-9 Cont. C-POV-8, more terrain visible. Ship in far bg
C-POV-10 Crew of second ship lays dead in its control section
C-POV-11 CU of disfigured face of reanimated dead astronaut
C-POV-12 Sanya [Norma Bengell] leans over a living corpse
C-POV-13 CU of living corpse showing barfy chest cavity
C-POV-14 Cont. C-POV-13, MS of living corpse doing same
C-POV-15 Cont. C-POV-14, MS of living corpse closing tunic

C-PLT-1 PR: FLV of Freeling family standing for portrait on home lawn
C-PLT-2 PR: MS of Diane [Jobeth Williams] posed on swing
C-PLT-3 Oak tree becomes living thing, wrenching Robbie into its armlike branches as storm hits
C-PLT-4 MS of family peering into mysteriously empty bedroom in search of missing Carol Anne
C-PLT-5 MCU of parapsychologist team wide-eyed at OS poltergeist chaos in Carol Anne's room
C-PLT-6 MS of Steve [Craig T. Nelson] pulling on rope tossed into OS closet world
C-PLT-7 Tangina, Diane & Steve use rope in last ditch effort to rescue Carol Anne from glowing closet
C-PLT-8 Supernatural force levitates Diane to ceiling above her bed
C-PLT-9 Diane screams as she slips into mud-filled pool
C-PLT-10 FLV of Diane reaching for OS children as force tries to suck her into bedroom
C-PLT-11 Diane grabs arm of Robbie as force tries to suck boy & sister into closet world [red lighting fx]
C-PLT-12 MS of director Tobe Hopper, Spielberg & camera crew filming scene
C-PLY-13 MLS of fog-filtered anamorphic goblin
C-PLT-14 Two-element shot: awesome horror head roars out of closet at Steve; Diane reaches for Robbie before closet-cum-esophagus can claim him
C-PLT-15 Three-element shot: spectral band snatches at Carol Anne from out of TV; energy wisp moves past girl to sleeping parents; anamorphic goblin does big number on Diane in hallway
C-PLT-16 FLV of anamorphic goblin scaring wits out of Diane in hallway

C-P2-1 PR: FLV of Steve Freeling holding up lantern as he leads family & Tangina to horrors unknown in caverns under house
C-P2-2 Ectoplasmic tendril floats above Indian Taylor & Freeling during spiritual powwow
C-P2-3 DA of little Carol Anne about to be plucked by wispy spooks
C-P2-4 MS of Robbie victimized by his own braces, which expand & choke his entire body
C-P2-5 Freeling's being attacked by son's braces as they try to save him
C-P2-6 Scores of ghosts haunt outside of Freeling house in Phoenix
C-P2-7 MLS of Freeling vomiting out large pulpy mass which changed from worm in tequila bottle
C-P2-8 MS of vomit creature transformed into crawling demon baby
C-P2-9 Cont. C-P2-8, MCU of placenta-covered monster
C-P2-10 Cont. C-P2-9, MCU
C-P2-11 MS of intestine-inspired Great Beast making sudden ghastly appearance before Freeling in hallway
C-P2-12 Great Beast makes final appearance from Other Side to terrorize Freeling & Taylor below ground
C-P2-13 Backlit MS of Freelings all coming together safely on Other Side

C-PRD-1 MS of Dutch [Arnold Schwarzenegger] about to fire grenade launcher in jungle
C-PRD-2 MCU of Dutch, sweaty & dirty from combat, talking to OS team in jungle setting
C-PRD-3 MCU of Dutch turning quickly toward camera to look over shoulder
C-PRD-4 FLV of camouflaged alien predator[Kevin Peter Hall] leaping over jungle roots toward camera
C-PRD-5 MLS of Dutch & team blasting with heavy artillery into jungle growth, attempting to destroy alien hunter
C-PRD-6 FLV of camouflaged alien about to finish off Dillon [Carl Weathers, back turned], arm already history
C-PRD-7 Shadowy MLS of decloaked alien raising arm to block tree limb heaved by Dutch
C-PRD-8 MCU of Dutch, covered in mud, announcing presence to alien, torch burning in bg
C-PRD-9 MCU of Dutch as predator clamps his head to log
C-PRD-10 MLS of fully visible alien hunter standing in jungle with arms spread wide as if begging for fight
C-PRD-11 PRT of alien monster
C-PRD-12 MCU of creature holding skinned human body part
C-PRD-13 Cont. C-PRD-10, FLV of alien with arms & legs spread
C-PRD-14 MS of alien shaking fist at camera
C-PRD-15 FLV of alien wearing helmet

PREDATOR 2 - 1990
C-PD2-1 UA of armed & hungry alien hunter standing spread-legged between skyscraper gargoyles below NY city clock tower

C-POD-1 FLV of Catherine [Lisa Blount], Brian [Jameson Parker], Birack [Victor Wong] & Lomax [Ken Wright] staring in horror at OS awfulness at opposite end of corridor

C-PRB-1 PR: Lord & Lady PRT of black-clad Westley [Cary Elwes] & Princess Bride Buttercup [Robin Wright] against golden tapestry
C-PRB-2 Semi-profile MS of plain Buttercup showing new interest in OS farmboy Westley
C-PRB-3 CU of young Westley telling Buttercup they will never be apart
C-PRB-4 Cont. C-PRB-3, RA of Buttercup declaring her love
C-PRB-5 LS of couple standing facing each other near farmhouse
C-PRB-6 ELS of lovers similar to above in open setting at sunset
C-PRB-7 FLV of Buttercup being introduced to peasantry as Princess Bride
C-PRB-8 UA of Buttercup stopped while riding horse in forest
C-PRB-9 LS of black-hooded pirate Westley crossing swords with Inigo Montoya [Mandy Patinkin] on mountain top
C-PRB-10 MS of masked Westley crossing wits with OS kidnapper Vizzini
C-PRB-11 MCU of Buttercup about to angrily push pirate over hill from behind
C-PRB-12 MCU of Buttercup clinging to now unmasked Westley as he raises sword against OS Prince Humperdinck's forces
C-PRB-13 MCU of Prince Humberdinck [Chris Sarandon] in forest where secret entrance leads to torture chamber
C-PRB-14 MS of Buttercup delivering ultimatum to OS prince
C-PRB-15 LS of Miracle Max [Billy Crystal] examining Westley's body as Inigo & Fezzik [Andre the Giant] look on
C-PRB-16 MS of prince & princess about to be wed
C-PRB-17 CU of Prince Humperdinck lookin over at unwilling bride
C-PRB-18 MCU of Inigo cradling sort-of-dead Westley in arms
C-PRB-19 MCU of Inigo telling OS Count Rugen: "Prepare to die"
C-PRB-20 Profile MS of Westley about to kiss Buttercup, holding her face in his hands
C-PRB-21 Cont. C-PRB-20, kiss planted

C-PRM-1 Lizardman [stop-motion creation of David Allen] prepares to fire mind- control weapon. Film never saw completion

PROJECT X - 1987
C-PX-1 MS of Jimmy [Matthew Broderick] teaching Virgil the monkey how to fly jet using simulator joystick

PSYCHO II - 1983
C-PSY2-1 PR: MCU of Norman Bates [Anthony Perkins] standing before mansion... 22 years later
C-PSY2-2 PR: Lila [Vera Miles] stands at Norman's shoulder
C-PSY2-3 PR: PRT of Mary [Meg Tilly], bare-shouldered & smiling
C-PSY2-4 PR: Horizontal MS of Mary sitting seductively, wearing braless pink top with straps pulled down one shoulder

C-Q-1 Baby Quetzacoatl hatches from egg
C-Q-2 Head of full grown serpent creature pops head thru window behind startled Detective Shepard [David Carradine]
C-Q-3 Badly wounded creature wings over New York
C-Q-4 Neck & head of bloodied serpent flying above pyramid-tipped skyscraper
C-Q-5 LS of serpent clinging to pyramidal structure

C-QOS-1 Crew sets attacking giant spider ablaze with torch
C-QOS-2 Gowned Zsa Zsa Gabor, gesturing with cigarette, talks to actress between takes. Although rare, this BS shot has shifted color

C-QE-1 LS of Zac standing on beach overlooking calm sea with strange clouds & tilted planet Saturn looming on horizon. Spectacular matte painting for climactic sequence

C-RLA-1 One-sheet poster art & logo by Amsel prominently featuring Indy's likeness
C-RLA-2 Same as RLA-17 in b/w section
C-RLA-3 MCU of Indy at his most scruffy looking
C-RLA-4 PRT of Indy holding whip
C-RLA-5 MS of Indy snatching gold idol & replacing it with bag of sand
C-RLA-6 MCU of Marion holding Indy close by jacket lapels
C-RLA-7 MS of Indy & Belloq discussing mutual interests in bar
C-RLA-8 FLV of Indy unfurling bullwhip to battle OS henchmen & protect Marion, seated in wagon
C-RLA-9 Great FLV of Indy mounting stallion with grim determination in front of tent
C-RLA-10 MS of Indy next to wall rigidly aiming pistol at OS adversary
C-RLA-11 BS: LS of camera crew filming Indy galloping thru camp on stallion
C-RLA-12 BS: LS of George Lucas & toga-clad Harrison Ford amid rocks enjoying chitchat
C-RLA-13 BS: FLV of director Spielberg instructing Ford & Karen, bound to pole on ritual set
C-RLA-14 BS: LS of Indy & Marion tied to pole in front of blue screen, steeling themselves against imaginary unleashed powers of Ark
C-RLA-15 MS of Indy getting set to snatch gold idol & replace it with bag of sand [precedes C-RLA-5]
C-RLA-16 Egyptian scholar Imam explains markings on Staff of Ra headpiece to Indy [glasses on]
C-RLA-17 MCU of Indy coming face to face with snake in Well of Souls
C-RLA-18 MLS of Indy, frozen with shock in street after firing shot that blew up fleeing truck
C-RLA-19 MS of Indy punching burly German mechanic by flying wing
C-RLA-20 BS: Spielberg sprawls across tabletop miniature of entire Tanis excavation, using eyepiece to plan upcoming shot
C-RLA-21 BS: FLV of Spielberg relaxing beside Ford & Karen, bound to pole [precedes C-RLA-13]
C-RLA-22 PR: CU of Ford as his smiling self, wearing stubble but otherwise squeaky clean
C-RLA-23 PR: MCU of Indy at his most scruffy looking, facing camera
C-RLA-24 PR: MCU of Indy at his most scruffy looking, turning gaze upward
C-RLA-25 PR: MS of Indy aiming pistol at belt level toward camera
C-RLA-26 PR: MCU of Karen leaning forehead on hand
C-RLA-27 PR: MS of Indy & Marion posed with arms around each other & smiling brightly
C-RLA-28 Silhouetted MS of bent Indy as he enters temple
C-RLA-29 MCU of Indy raising his hand into shaft of light after entering temple
C-RLA-30 Cont. C-RLA-29, pullback shot of Indy, his act triggering spikes
C-RLA-31 MCU of Forrestal's remains impaled on spikes
C-RLA-32 MS of Indy holding impatient Satipo against wall
C-RLA-33 LS of Indy running like hell toward camera as Sanctuary collapses behind him
C-RLA-34 MS of Indy, clutching idol, looking up in panic at sight of OS descending boulder
C-RLA-35 MS of Indy running like hell from boulder bearing down on him
C-RLA-36 MS of Indy jumping as he runs for his life
C-RLA-37 MS of Indy running like hell from spear-carrying Hovitos & yelling his brains out
C-RLA-38 MS of Indy in three-piece suit & glasses with Brody listening to OS Intelligence man
C-RLA-39 MCU of Marion punching Indy in jaw
C-RLA-40 Cont. C-RLA-9, stunned Indy puts his hand to jaw
C-RLA-41 CU of Indy, his face held in an orange glow, eyeing Marion closely
C-RLA-42 Cont. C-RLA-41, Indy puts on a charming smile
C-RLA-43 Cont. C-RLA-42, Indy tells Marion "Trust me"
C-RLA-44 MCU of smiling Marion holding up cash profiled Indy has given her
C-RLA-45 ECU of Marion looking at medallion chained around neck behind flickering candle
C-RLA-46 MS of Marion looking at medallion removed from neck while holding cash in other hand
C-RLA-47 MS of Toht [Ronald Lacey] menacing Marion with red-hot poker
C-RLA-48 ECU of Toht holding poker tip inches from Marion's face
C-RLA-49 ECU on Marion reacting to closeness of poker
C-RLA-50 Looking over Toht's shoulder at Indy pointing gun & ordering him to release Marion
C-RLA-51 CU of Indy set to fire gun
C-RLA-52 MCU of Indy firing gun
C-RLA-53 FLV of Indy fighting big Sherpa near fireplace
C-RLA-54 Wide angle shot of Nepalese in flames as Marion cowers at end of bar & gun battle rages
C-RLA-55 MCU of Sallah talking across table to OS Indy
C-RLA-56 MCU of Indy spotting sword-wielding Arab OS past Marion's head
C-RLA-57 Cont. C-RLA-56, Indy yells for Marion to duck
C-RLA-58 MLS of Indy stopped in his tracks, reacting to appearance of Arab swordsman as crowd gawks
C-RLA-59 MCU of Indy shocked at sight of many OS basket-carrying Arabs
C-RLA-60 Indy drinking at table outside Arab bar as monkey squats at his arm
C-RLA-61 Profile CU of Indy listening to Belloq talk passionately about Ark
C-RLA-62 LS of Indy, in Arab dress, fitting medallion onto staff in map room
C-RLA-63 Profile FLV of Indy kneeling before mini city, Staff of Ra in hand
C-RLA-64 FV of Indy kneeling & reverently brushing sand from stone map
C-RLA-65 LS of Indy & Arab workers silhouetted against yellow-orange sky & setting Sun
C-RLA-66 Dissolve shot from above scene to MCU of Indy watching dig
C-RLA-67 MCU of Indy uneasily watching OS dig as dark sky & clouds move in
C-RLA-68 Workers slide stone away from opening with pry bars
C-RLA-69 DA of jackal statue & carpet of snakes beyond in Well of Souls chamber
C-RLA-70 LS of Indy being lowered past statue into Well of Souls by rope
C-RLA-71 MS of Indy eyeball to eyeball with cobra
C-RLA-72 Marion laughs it up across table from Belloq during drinking session in his tent
C-RLA-73 Profile MLS of Indy & Sallah lifting gold Ark from stone encasing
C-RLA-74 Shadows of Indy & Sallah carrying Ark across Well of Souls appear on wall
C-RLA-75 Indy sits atop head of jackal statue, preparing to topple it
C-RLA-76 Profile MS of Marion encountering of sea of decayed mummies
C-RLA-77 MCU of petrified Marion covered with mummies
C-RLA-78 Cont. C-RLA-77, Marion screams
C-RLA-79 Germans & Arabs place crated Ark onto truck
C-RLA-80 FV of Indy galloping thru tent on stallion, starting to reign horse to his right
C-RLA-81 MS of Indy riding stallion in hot pursuit of truck
C-RLA-82 Indy jumps onto side of moving truck after leaping from stallion
C-RLA-83 CU of Belloq, Toht & driver turned around in open car
C-RLA-84 As Indy enters cab of truck, driver punches him in wounded arm, pain shows
C-RLA-85 Indy hangs precariously from hood ornament
C-RLA-86 Marion bends over brutalized Indy, who leans back on pillows & points to his head as a kissable spot aboard Bantu Wind
C-RLA-87 Belloq puts his jacket over Marion's shoulders on deck of Bantu Wind as Dietrich watches
C-RLA-88 LS of soldiers carrying Ark toward altar as Marion & Indy, tied to pole, look down
C-RLA-89 MS of Belloq in ceremonial robes starting ritual prayers over Ark
C-RLA-90 LS of mist billowing from Ark, creeping from altar toward soldiers
C-RLA-91 LS of altar area with Marion & Indy above it as soldiers react to sudden explosions
C-RLA-92 Cont. C-RLA-91, tighter shot with Marion & Indy centered above pyrotechnic preliminaries
C-RLA-93 Soldiers at altar are struck down [before fx inserted] as Dietrich, Belloq & Toht look on
C-RLA-94 MS of screaming Toht, his face sheeted by white glow
C-RLA-95 Cont. C-RLA-94, Toht's face begins to melt
C-RLA-96 Cont. C-RLA-95, Toht's glasses fall from further melted face
C-RLA-97 Cont. C-RLA-96, Toht's flesh nearly all melted away from skull
C-RLA-98 Cont. C-RLA-97, profile CU of melted face
C-RLA-99 MLS of Indy aiming gun in Ravenwood Bar
C-RLA-100 MS of Indy & Sallah, both in Arab dress, wending their way thru workers in tent camp
C-RLA-101 MS of Indy approaching temple idol, his face filled with wonder at sight of it
C-RLA-102 PR: Spielberg stands before seated Ford, garbed as Indy, with Bantu Wind in bg
C-RLA-103 MS of Indy in jungle, looking up from map
C-RLA-104 MS of Indy in brown tweed suit & glasses watching OS Brody & Intelligence man study engraving
C-RLA-105 Sallah & bespectacled Indy [in profile] listen to Intelligence man explain marking on Staff of Ra headpiece
C-RLA-106 MCU of Indy the Arab standing in map room, his face filled with awe [different from C-RLA-26]
C-RLA-107 MLS of Marion, on all fours, facing cobra in Well of Souls, Indy reaches for her in bg
[C-RLA-108 thru 112 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-RLA-108 Same as C-RLA-104 except all four men now in scene
C-RLA-109 CU of page shows engraving depicting biblical battle with Ark issuing death rays
C-RLA-110 LS of Indy running past straw-filled cart on Cairo street, looking for Marion
C-RLA-111 LS of Indy facing Arab swordsman blocking street as crowd watches
C-RLA-112 MS of laughing swordsman flinging scimitar from hand to hand
[C-RLA-113 thru 144 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-RLA-113 MS of Indy & Satipo entering jungle temple, both staring down
C-RLA-114 MS of Indy, tarantulas crawling on back of jacket, looking over his shoulder
C-RLA-115 MS of Satipo, transfixed as tarantulas cover him
C-RLA-116 FLV of golden idol resting on altar
C-RLA-117 Sweeping DA of altar area as Indy replaces idol with bag of sand & Satipo watches in bg
C-RLA-118 Tight MS of Indy grabbing frantically at vine to keep from falling into pit
C-RLA-119 MS of Indy turning around & looking up, wide-eyed at sight of massive boulder rolling at him OS
C-RLA-120 MCU of Belloq bending toward OS Indy
C-RLA-121 Pullback shot of Belloq taking idol away from cobweb-covered Indy
C-RLA-122 Cont. C-RLA-121, Belloq holds idol in triumph as Indy turns toward camera
C-RLA-123 Armed German soldiers stand over captured Sallah, hands clasped behind head
C-RLA-124 UA of Toht about to push Marion into OS opening
C-RLA-125 Extreme UA of Marion dangling from jaw of jackal statue as Belloq peers into opening above her
C-RLA-126 CU of Marion trying to maintain hold on statue
C-RLA-127 Tight on Belloq peering into opening after Marion lost grip on statue
C-RLA-128 FLV of Belloq standing at opening with soldiers
C-RLA-129 MS of Belloq walking away from soldiers & captured Arab diggers
C-RLA-130 Cont. C-RLA-129, longer shot of Belloq leaving site as stone slab is pushed back into place
C-RLA-131 Cont. C-RLA-130, tighter shot on now gloomy Belloq
C-RLA-132 Freaked out Marion sees whip on Indy's belt & thinks it's a snake
C-RLA-133 LS of Indy & Marion fending off mass of snakes with torches
C-RLA-134 DA of Indy [stunt double] riding stallion on ridge above truck carrying Ark
C-RLA-135 MCU of lead car in convoy carrying driver, Toht, Belloq & Dietrich
C-RLA-136 MCU of Belloq & Toht as their attention turns to action occurring behind staff car
C-RLA-137 DA of Belloq, Dietrich & Toht up out of their seats now
C-RLA-138 CU of Indy grappling with driver over control of truck steering wheel
C-RLA-139 MCU of Indy steering truck with deadly resolve
C-RLA-140 CU of Indy looking out side window after sweeping soldier off truck
C-RLA-141 LS of Indy driving truck from narrow street into Omar's Square
C-RLA-142 PR: MLS of Karen Allen, cute posing as Indy look-alike, hands on hips & smiling broadly
C-RLA-143 ECU of Indy, those hazel eyes turned upward
C-RLA-144 PR: FLV of Ford, in Arab dress & work pants, relaxing against rocks holding can of Lite beer
C-RLA-145 MLS of Prof. Indy gesturing with right hand while lecturing class
[C-RLA-146 thru C-RLA-224 printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-RLA-146 MCU of Marion playing at being tough guy in tavern with cigarette in mouth
C-RLA-147 Cont. C-RLA-146, Marion takes drag on cigarette...
C-RLA-148 Cont. C-RLA-147, ... and blows smoke into Toht's face
C-RLA-149 Sherpa slams Indy to top of bar, taking our hero's breath away
C-RLA-150 CU of Indy being choked & reacting to OS Toht's order to: "Shoot them, shoot them both"
C-RLA-151 MS of good-natured Belloq pouring drink for Marion in tent
C-RLA-152 RA of Marion pouring drink, but missing glass while in fit of laughter, having slipped from chair to appear drunk
C-RLA-153 Still laughing, Marion pulls knife
C-RLA-154 MS of Belloq, amused at Marion's escape attempt
C-RLA-155 Marion hides behind Belloq as both watch OS Toht display what appears to be a torture device
C-RLA-156 Indy & Sallah approach stone-encased Ark inside Well of Souls
C-RLA-157 CU of Indy's happy face as he lifts one end of stone covering
C-RLA-158 MCU of Indy crating Ark
C-RLA-159 DA of Indy watching as crated Ark is pulled from snake-infested pit
C-RLA-160 MCU of Indy looking up at OS rising crate
C-RLA-161 Slight UA of Indy on flying wing looking back over shoulder as pilot watches
C-RLA-162 Pullback shot has Indy trying to wave away mechanic with dukes up
C-RLA-163 FLV of Indy almost running into propeller trying to get away from mechanic
C-RLA-164 FLV of Indy rearing back to punch mechanic
C-RLA-165 LS of Indy & mechanic fighting in front of rotating flying wing
C-RLA-166 Indy gets knocked on his bum, registering pain accordingly, at feet of mechanic
C-RLA-167 From sitting position, Indy tries to wave off oncoming mechanic
C-RLA-168 Indy on his back again, his mouth thoroughly bloody now, between mechanic's legs
C-RLA-169 MCU of Indy biting into mechanic's forearm
C-RLA-170 Slight DA of really pissed off Indy picking himself off ground at wheel of plane
C-RLA-171 LS of fight continuing in front of plane [angle different from C-RLA-165] as gasoline barrels explode
C-RLA-172 MCU of Indy reacting to propeller hitting mechanic OS
C-RLA-173 Indy shoots hinge off cockpit canopy to free Marion
C-RLA-174 Tight LS of Indy & Marion running from plane as black smoke billows behind it
C-RLA-175 LS of flying wing wracked by spectacular explosion
C-RLA-176 Soldiers carry Ark up steps to altar as Toht watches from side
C-RLA-177 Soldiers set Ark down in front of Belloq, flanked by Dietrich & Toht
C-RLA-178 View past bound Indy & Marion toward altar as Belloq begins ritual
C-RLA-179 FLV of Indy & Marion tied to pole, clouds & stars beyond them
C-RLA-180 Ark's POV of Indy & Marion as lid is opened
C-RLA-181 MS of Belloq peering into Ark
C-RLA-182 Tight MS of Dietrich, Belloq & Toht staring into Ark
C-RLA-183 Dietrich sifts handful of sand into Belloq's hand as Toht looks on
C-RLA-184 Belloq lets sand run thru his fingers as Toht turns to leave
C-RLA-185 Belloq & Toht turn attention OS at sound of sparking generator
C-RLA-186 Glowing mist appears inside Ark
C-RLA-187 Belloq pulls back a little at sight of glow
C-RLA-188 Shocked Dietrich, Belloq & Toht watch mist rise from Ark & cover altar area
C-RLA-189 LS of arena as mist works down altar steps toward soldiers
C-RLA-190 CU of tight-lipped Indy observing strange events
C-RLA-191 ECU of Indy parting lips as things get interesting
C-RLA-192 CU of Indy now in open-mouthed awe
C-RLA-193 Indy tilts head back, closes eyes & yells for Marion to do same
C-RLA-194 CU of Indy & Marion in grip of terror
C-RLA-195 CU of Marion with eyes closed, lips parted
C-RLA-196 LS of arena from altar as ghostly wisps circle scene
C-RLA-197 Apparition seizes backside of soldier
C-RLA-198 LS of arena as ghostly image nears fg
C-RLA-199 CU of Belloq, his face encircled by ghostly wisps. "It's beautiful"
C-RLA-200 CU of Belloq, tilting head back, overcome by wonder of it all
C-RLA-201 Ghost with woman's face fills frame
C-RLA-202 Pretty ghost face begins to turn ugly
C-RLA-203 Ghost face becomes horrible death's head
C-RLA-204 CU of Toht screaming, his face covered by apparition
C-RLA-205 FLV of Indy & Marion as clouds broil behind them
C-RLA-206 Firebolts pour from Belloq's face & past Ark as Dietrich & Toht scream
C-RLA-207 Spears of flame pierce forward ranks of transfixed soldiers
C-RLA-208 LS of arena as flaming tendrils slice thru entire company
C-RLA-209 Isolated soldier blasted in both eyes, stomach & arm
C-RLA-210 RV of two soldiers as bolts drill thru bodies
C-RLA-211 Column of fire starts to melt Toht's face
C-RLA-212 Toht's face now dripping, bloody mess
C-RLA-213 Spectacular MLS of Indy & Marion braced against wall of fire
C-RLA-214 LS of arena, purged of Nazis, pillar of flame spirals toward sky
C-RLA-215 LS of island with pillar moving toward parting sky
C-RLA-216 Pillar pierces parted sky
C-RLA-217 DA of pillar carrying Ark cover back toward island
C-RLA-218 FLV of altar area as pillar carries top back toward Ark
C-RLA-219 CU of lid inches from closing over Ark
C-RLA-220 LS of quiet arena, freed Indy & Marion turn toward glowing Ark
C-RLA-221 MS looking at Ark past Indy & Marion, as they hold hands
C-RLA-222 CU of Indy turned to Marion with look that confirms they have indeed survived
C-RLA-223 RA of Marion's face mirroring Indy's
C-RLA-224 CU of Indy happily embracing Marion tightly
C-RLA-225 MS of Prof. Indy behind classroom desk pushing handful of artifacts toward Brody
C-RLA-226 Profile CU of Indy the Arab, face beaded with sweat, concentrating on map room miniature
C-RLA-227 Profile MS of Indy the Arab, kneeling with reference book at Tanis digs, slighting his dune
C-RLA-228 MLS of Marion having hurtled herself into Indy's arms within Well of Souls
C-RLA-229 PR: FLV of George Lucas, Harrison Ford & John Rhys-Davies laying back on rocks during film break
C-RLA-230 PR: MS of Indy glowering at camera like somebody just stole his teddy bear
C-RLA-231 MCU of Indy, in suit & hat, sitting at window aboard Pan Am Clipper & loosening tie
C-RLA-232 CIN: FLV of Indy in Arab garb, lowering himself on rope to map room
C-RLA-233 Cont. C-RLA-232, Indy steps to ground next to staff
[C-RLA-234 thru 248 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-RLA-234 MS of Indy kneeling to examine markings in sand
C-RLA-235 Cont. C-RLA-234, Indy refers to small book to help figure where staff goes
C-RLA-236 Cont. C-RLA-235, Indy puts pencil in mouth as he finds answer
C-RLA-237 FLV of Indy preparing to place staff
C-RLA-238 MS of Indy putting medallion atop staff
C-RLA-239 UA of Indy with staff in place as sunlight steeps in
C-RLA-240 LS of map room as sunlight touches staff & sends beam to center of miniature city
C-RLA-241 RV of Indy as beam causes city to glow
C-RLA-242 Cont. C-RLA-241, city now bursts with light
C-RLA-243 CU of awestruck Indy, his face beaded with sweat
C-RLA-244 Cont. C-RLA-243, face breaks into one of joy
C-RLA-245 MS of Indy looking back over shoulder with smile after getting all important reading
C-RLA-246 MS of Indy breaking staff in two
C-RLA-247 MLS of Indy standing at wall waiting for Sallah to throw down rope
C-RLA-248 Cont. C-RLA-247, Indy spreads out Nazi flag which Sallah has fashioned to end of makeshift rope
C-RLA-249 Cont. C-RLA-185, Belloq & Dietrich blanch when kleig lights explode while Toht just laughs
C-RLA-250 CIN: Female apparition appears over heads of soldiers, Indy & Marion staked in bg
C-RLA-251 CIN: Firestorm embraces Belloq an instant before his screaming head explodes
C-RLA-252 CIN: MCU of Dietrich's face melting
C-RLA-253 BS: FLV of camera crew filming Indy's approach to idol as his stunt double looks on in bg
C-RLA-254 MS of Indy fingering Staff of Ra headpiece over table of food at Sallah's place
C-RLA-255 CIN: CU of Indy intently eyeing jungle temple
C-RLA-256 CIN: MCU of Indy giving temple idol once over, figuring weight
C-RLA-257 CIN: MS of Indy, wearing bathrobe & holding whip, preparing to leave as Brody sits solemly in bg
C-RLA-258 CIN: LS of docked seaplane being boarded [matte]
C-RLA-259 CIN: MS of Indy, shirt open, standing on roof of Sallah's home with drink
C-RLA-260 CIN: MCU of Indy seated across from OS Sallah, gesturing as he hears about Belloq
C-RLA-261 CIN: MS of entranced Indy at table, with monkey, trying to drink away Marion's death
C-RLA-262 CIN: MCU of bare-chested Indy leaning back on bed aboard Bantu Wind, Marion over him
C-RLA-264 FLV of Indy running for life from angry Hovitos
C-RLA-265 MCU of Indy, his lower lip bloody, turned aside with smile

C-REX-1 PR: MCU of producer Kevin Attew in cameo as one of Rex's victims, deep diagonal gash across his face
C-REX-2 MS of mythological monster Rawhead Rex grabbing semi-nude screaming female victim by neck in trailer park
C-REX-3 MLS of nasty Rex framed in archway of church
C-REX-4 Ferocious Rex bursts thru door, his beefy hand reaching for church preacher
C-REX-5 MLS of gnarly Rex, bloody mouth uttering toothy growl, about to mangle male meal
C-REX-6 Cont. C-REX-5, MCU of Rex holding up head torn from victim's body
C-REX-7 Profile CU of crude Rex, mouth open in blood--saturated snarl

C-RGN-1 PR: MS of Chris Knight [Val Kilmer] & genius friend Jordan [Michelle Meyrink] clowning with gadgets
C-RGN-2 PR: MS of Knight with arms crossed, paperback in one hand
C-RGN-3 Knight studies diagrams as he develops his laser device, friends watching
C-RGN-4 LS of Knight demonstrating his revolutionary laser device to friends

C-RE-1 Dr. Hill's [David Gale] head sits in tray of reanimating gluid, his body standing behind him
C-RE-2 Cont. C-RE-1, head glowers up at West [Jeffery Combs]
C-RE-3 Cont. C-RE-2, head growls & snaps at West
C-RE-4 West packs Hill's head into duffle bag
C-RE-5 MS of muscular zombie Melvin [Peter Kent] throttling West in lab
C-RE-6 MCU of Meg [Barbara Campton] looking fearfully aside as OS menace approaches
C-RE-7 MS of West strangling bloddy zombie from behind
C-RE-8 FLV of Hill's headless, clothed body
C-RE-9 MCU of zombie with half his face blown away
C-RE-10 FLV of failed operation corpse's guts coiling around downed West

C-RED-1 PR: PRT of band of teenage freedom fighters, including Jed [Patrick Swayze] & Robert [C. Thomas Howell]
C-RED-2 PR: FLV of armed Erica [Lea Thompson] & Toni [Jennifer Gray]posed in snow-packed forest clearing
C-RED-3 MS of Jed, Robert & Matt [Charlie Sheen] surveying invader activity in town from vantage point
C-RED-4 FLV of Jed, Robert & Matt walking rubble-filled street of overtaken town
C-RED-5 Downed flyer Andy [Powers Boothe] turns aside while eating rations in forest, armed Erica above him

RED SONJA - 1985
C-RSJ-1 PR: PRT of Red Sonja [Brigitte Nielsen] gazing wistfully
C-RSJ-2 PR: MS of serious Sonja shouldering sword & turned aside
C-RSJ-3 PR: MLS of Sonja pointing sword into camera
C-RSJ-4 PR: FLV of Sonja wielding sword over her head
C-RSJ-5 PR: PRT of Kalidor [Arnold Schwarzenegger] staring hard into camera
C-RSJ-6 PR: MS of Kalidor hoisting sword
C-RSJ-7 PR: MS of Sonja posed with sword upraised beside Kalidor, his sword sheathed
C-RSJ-8 MS of lesbian queed Gedred [Sandahl Bergman], in jeweled cutout mask & finery, looking aside
C-RSJ-9 MS of Sonja pledging to guard tailsman as priest eyes her
C-RSJ-10 Profile MCU of Kalidor & Sonja looking fondly at each other during travels

C-RMO-1 PR: PRT of Remo [Fred Ward] in turtleneck sweater with jacket slung over his shoulder
C-RMO-2 PR: MS of grinning Remo posed in turtleneck sweater & beat-up leather jacket before American flag
C-RMO-3 PR: MLS of grinning Remo in macho pose, wearing black muscle shirt & jeans, red backlighting is nice
C-RMO-4 PR: MLS of Remo in sexy pose wearing jeans & leather jacket with upturned collar but no shirt, red bg
C-RMO-5 LS of Remo in defensive stance below face of Statue of Liberty

C-RES-1 Passenger-carrying eagle gets tail feathers caught
C-RES-2 Mouse peers into skull's eye as light blazes out

C-RCI-1 CIN: Capt. Invincible [Alan Arkin] flies toward camera above clouds

[C-ROJ-2 thru 3 were taken at Tatooine desert set near Yuma, Arizona]
C-ROJ-2 Candid MCU of Billy Dee Williams, in breastplate armor held by leather straps, smiling for camera
C-ROJ-3 LS of front upper half of Jabba the Hut's sand ship
C-ROJ-4 SV of Jabba's sandship atop sand bar, dunes spread out beyond
C-ROJ-5 BS: LS of sandship with sails unfurled while nestled upon vast construction platform
C-ROJ-6 BS: tight FLV of barge with film equipment & crew visible
C-ROJ-7 BS: tight on center of barge with technicians walking under sails
C-ROJ-8 BS: tight on bow in profile
C-ROJ-9 BS: FLV of barge from opposite side, showing construction detail
C-ROJ-10 BS: 3/4 FV of barge skiff, showing half-hidden gun emplacement
C-ROJ-11 BS: row of speeder bikes parked by fence at edge of set
C-ROJ-B48 BS: MLS of George Lucas examining full size model of unfinished reconstructed Death Star
C-ROJ-B49 Profile MCU of Han & Leia sharing kiss after she rescues him
C-ROJ-B50 MCU of Emperor, lighting accenting his cruel, depraved face
C-ROJ-B51 MS of Han on Endor, jacket pulled back as he looks up with show of bewilderment

C-RLD-1 Three zombies on prowl after emerging from cemetary graves
C-RDL-2 BS: MCU of director Dan O'Bannon & Burt [Clu Galagher] going over scene
C-RLD-3 BS: FLV of O'Bannon directing nude, zombiefied Trash [Linnea Quigley] for night street scene
C-RLD-4 FLV of Ernie [Don Calfa] staring down at disembodied arm attacking his foot as warehousemen watch
C-RLD-5 Cont. #4, Ernie recoils from arm as Burt jumps in to grab it
C-RLD-6 MS of Tina [Beverly Randolph] trying to assist punker going zombie on her
C-RLD-7 LS of Ernie getting drunk on hospital slab as Tina watches, bound half-corpse in fg
C-RLD-8 Half-corpse pleads for more brains from Ernie & Spider [Miguel Nunes]
C-RLD-9 Long-haired zombie creeps up from behind grave marker
C-RLD-10 Part of zombie army emerges from bushes
C-RLD-11 Snarling zombie kneeling in rain feeds on handful of brains
C-RLD-12 FLV of nude Trash sidling up to tall, leather & chain-clad punker in cemetary, groping his groin
C-RLD-13 FLV of Trash baring her chest at start of cemetary striptease as seated Spider watches
C-RLD-14 Cont. #13, tighter on Trash as she gains feet
C-RLD-15 Cop [O'Bannon] stands in rain by open truck door, zombified Trash about to attack from behind
C-RLD-16 Cont. #15, new angle as Trash pounces at cop

C-ROZ-1 FLV of Dorothy [Fairuza Balk] kneeling in straw & looking up with expressive eyes
C-ROZ-2 Unhappy Dorothy sits in medical clinic, unable to convince anyone of her visit to Oz
C-ROZ-3 Profile MLS of Aunt Em [Piper Laurie] trying to comfort Dorothy at clinic as Nurse Wilson [Jean Marsh] looks on
C-ROZ-4 MLS of Dr. Worley [Nicol Williamson] pointing to face-like mechanism in his office for Dorothy
C-ROZ-5 LS of Dorothy, holding Billina the talking hen, & Tik Tok entering Princess Mombi's throne room
C-ROZ-6 Cont. #5, much tighter MLS of trio
C-ROZ-7 Cont. C#6, tighter MS as they look around
C-ROZ-8 Cont. C#7, MS of just Dorothy & Billina
C-ROZ-9 Cont. #-8, FLV of just Tik Tok
C-ROZ-10 FLV of Dorothy holding hand of Pumpkinhead Jack
C-ROZ-11 MLS of Dorothy facing bethroned Nome King, who studies girl while smoking pipe
C-ROZ-12 BS: red-filtered FLV of Dorothy being filmed by crane-mounted crew
C-ROZ-13 PR: FLV of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion, Jack & Tik-Tok posed around throne of Oz
C-ROZ-14 PR: FLV of decked-out Scarecrow striking his idea of regal pose
C-ROZ-15 PR: FLV of Tinman relaxing on set
C-ROZ-16 PR: FV of Tik-Tok against white bg
C-ROZ-17 FLV of Dorothy awash in busted-up wooden cage
C-ROZ-18 Profile FLV of Dorothy squatting over crumbled yellow brick road, giving its history to Billina
C-ROZ-19 FLV of Dorothy walking toward camera on what's left of road
C-ROZ-20 FLV of Dorothy entering ruins of Oz with Billina
C-ROZ-21 Gorgon-faced Wheeler peers around corner of wall
C-ROZ-22 MS of Dorothy discovering Tinman turned to stone with axe raised over his head
C-ROZ-23 FLV of Dorothy finding Cowardly Lion stoned
C-ROZ-24 MS of Dorothy meeting Tik-Tok, who tips his hat
C-ROZ-25 LS of Emerald City
C-ROZ-26 FLV of Dorothy, carrying Billina, & Tik-Tok entering Princess Mombi's throne room
C-ROZ-27 MS of Dorothy meeting Mombi, taking her hand
C-ROZ-28 Cont. #27, Mombi takes Dorothy roughly by hand while holding Billina, marching past Tik-Tok
C-ROZ-29 MS of Dorothy about to board Gump
C-ROZ-30 Cont. #29, Dorothy holds powder of life aboard Gump
C-ROZ-31 FLV of flying Gump carrying Dorothy, Tik-Tok & Jack thru sky
C-ROZ-32 FLV of trio disembarking Gump after landing at Nome King's domain
C-ROZ-33 MS of Nome King talking to OS Dorothy
C-ROZ-34 Profile MCU of Dorothy with Nome King's hand on her head
C-ROZ-35 FLV of Dorothy handing crowned Scarecrow an emerald
C-ROZ-36 Gump, Jack & crowned scarecrow look on as Dorothy gets angry with OS Nome King
C-ROZ-37 Cont. #36, all shrink back
C-ROZ-38 MS of giant Nome King getting nasty, flames shooting up in bg
C-ROZ-39 Cont. #38, Nome King prepares to pop Jack into open mouth
C-ROZ-40 MS of Dorothy, Jack, Scarecrow, Gump & Tik-Tok frolicking outdoors, their nightmare over
C-ROZ-41 Astride Cowardly Lion, Dorothy & friends enter Oz in celebration
C-ROZ-42 FLV of bethroned Princess Ozma [Emma Ridley]
C-ROZ-43 Dorothy holds crown, listening to bethroned Scarecrow tell of how he would rule again
C-ROZ-44 Cont. #43, Dorothy turns to guests & waves as she makes ready to crown Scarecrow ruler

C-RW-1 PR: MS of Mel Gibson, smiling, before stepping into car
C-RW-2 PR: CU of Max [Mel Gibson] with stitched eye & forehead
C-RW-3 PR: MS of Max posed against hood of supercharged car
C-RW-4 PR: FLV of Max, gun drawn, & his dog striding toward camera on empty road
C-RW-5 PR: MLS of Max standing defiantly in middle of road with rocket car parked to his side
C-RW-6 PR: FLV of Humongus standing on his battlewagon
C-RW-7 PR: FLV of Wez [Vernon Wells] in kneeling pose
C-RW-8 Profile MS of Humongus holding Wez by neck chain as they gear up for battle
C-RW-9 Max sends Wez flying from top of refinery truck cab toward hood
C-RW-10 MS of Max leaning out cab, ready to blow away attacker with sawed- off shotgun
C-RW-11 PR: MS of Max with gun drawn & held up near face
C-RW-12 PR: MLS of Max relaxing for night amid wreckage with dog in lap
C-RW-13 PR: MCU of Max squinting into camera from cab of rig, arrow lodged in hood next to face
C-RW-14 PR: MCU of Max, stitched up face held by red glow
C-RW-15 PR: MS of banged up Max sitting behind wheel of oil rig, bandaged forearm in lap
C-RW-16 MS of Wez, his playmate seated behind him, wailing at OS Max
C-RW-17 View past hood of Max driving supercharged car
C-RW-18 Profile MCU of Max holding up hand as he carries body over shoulder toward camp
C-RW-19 FLV of Max kicked back against tires in compound
C-RW-20 MS of Feral Kid looking up at OS Max
C-RW-21 MCU of Warrior Woman [Virginia Hay] manning compound defensive weapon
C-RW-22 BS: FV of cameraman about to shoot scene on road with equipment attached to side of Max's car
C-RW-23 BS: FLV of director George Miller, beat-up Gibson & crew surveying road carnage
C-RW-24 BS: Low angle shot of body parts & pieces of wreckage on road as stuntman on crutches looks on
C-RW-25 BS: FLV of dozing Bruce Spence, bored Miller & bundled up Gibson seated together between takes
C-RW-26 BS: MLS of Miller & Gibson standing & smoking cigars as Spence walks near car in bg, area barren & sandy with dead trees beyond
C-RW-27 BS: Cont. C-RW-26, FLV of Gibson standing by blade of gyrocopter, Spence sitting in sand hole behind him
C-RW-28 Cont. C-RW-27, MLS of Gibson leaning back against his car hood & sneering
C-RW-29 Cont. C-RW-28, MLS of smiling Gibson getting into car
C-RW-30 BS: MS of Gibson laughing next to semi rig
C-RW-31 BS: MS of Gibson, face bloodied, smiling with others after successful take, jet helicopter in bg
C-RW-32 BS: LS of grimy Humongus standing atop his vehicle, flexing muscles
C-RW-33 BS: MLS of Wells as Wez standing in outlaw camp looking mean
C-RW-34 BS: MS of makeup woman working on shoulder of shirtless Wells
C-RW-35 PR: CU of Max glaring into camera against sunset bg
C-RW-36 PR: Hazy CU of Max laughing into camera & throwing gloved hand up
C-RW-37 PR: CU of battered Max staring into camera, ready to blast ya with sawed-off shotgun
C-RW-38 PR: Cont. C-RW-5, better defined MLS of Max standing in road with parked rocket car
C-RW-39 Cont. C-RW-38, tighter shot from different angle
C-RW-40 PR: MCU of Mohawk biker
C-RW-41 PR: FLV of three exotically costumed Humongus minions posed around supercharged death car
C-RW-42 PR: MS of red-topped biker, his machine sporting shield with Satan painted on it
C-RW-43 PR: Hoodlum with slit-eye glasses mans spitfire-type guns atop red vehicle with snake painted on side
C-RW-44 MLS of Max stepping away from vehicle wreckage, raising gun as OS Wez stops motorcycle
C-RW-45 LS of Humongus rooted next to vehicle toward sundown
C-RW-46 MS of Humongus shaking fists over his head against nasty sky
C-RW-47 Humongus watches one of his men catch fire outside compound. FLV
C-RW-48 AV of tanker under attack by various vehicles
C-RW-49 FV of Humongus driving his machine in siege on tanker
C-RW-50 UA of Max leaning out cab of rig & aiming shotgun down, about to blow away OS attacker
C-RW-51 LS of tanker taking out Wez & vehicle in spectacular fashion
C-RW-52 MCU of Max considering OS compound fuss, his dog also perking up atop hood of car by him
C-RW-53 MS of Gyro Captain, cigar remnant sticking out of his mouth
C-RW-54 MCU of Max leaning back against wrecked tanker after battle, working on smile for OS Gyro Captain despite wounds & fatigue
C-RW-55 MLS of Max resting with his dog on mountain ledge at night, watching OS activity below
C-RW-56 MS of Max panning dripping gasoline from wrecked truck while keeping eye on OS Wes
C-RW-57 MCU of Max behind wheel of his car
C-RW-58 MS of pensive Max sittin back against stack of tires in compound

C-RCM-1 Cmdr. Draper recording in Martian cave
C-RCM-2 Alien saucer firing laser beams from its underside
C-RCM-3 Alien slaves & slavers labor in Martian canyon pit
C-RCM-4 Title over Draper trekking across Martian dunes
C-RCM-5 Title over Draper & Friday [Vic Lundin] escaping from Martian Cave
C-RCM-6 Legend: THIS FILM IS SCIENTIFICALLY AUTHENTIC over Draper & Friday walking on Mars. Sky glows red in bg
C-RCM-7 ON THE FIERY PLANET over Draper on the fiery planet
C-RCM-8 MARS! over LS of Marscape in flames
C-RCM-9 LS of Mars probe ship hurtling toward planet
C-RCM-10 Col. McCreddy's [Adam West] hand working probe ship controls
C-RCM-11 MS of McCreddy at helm of ship
C-RCM-12 Cont. C-RCM-11, Draper pokes his head in from above
C-RCM-13 McCreddy watches Mona monkey around in spacesuit
C-RCM-14 CU of ship viewplate showing giant meteor on screen
C-RCM-15 Probe ship fires upper retros over Mars
C-RCM-16 LS of meteor over Mars
C-RCM-17 CU of massive meteor [slightly blurred] over Mars
C-RCM-18 CU of Draper in helmet before ejecting from ship
C-RCM-19 LS of flames spiraling about capsule before landing
C-RCM-20 LS of capsule about to land on ablaze Mars surface
C-RCM-21 Capsule topples into crater
C-RCM-22 Draper in front of capsule with gun drawn
C-RCM-23 CU of Draper sneaking toward rear of crashed capsule
C-RCM-24 Draper checks out interior of Martian cave
C-RCM-25 Planet of the Apes reject, Mona, by a Martian rock
C-RCM-26 Draper on floor of cave after his oxygen gives out
C-RCM-27 Draper breathes oxygen from yellow stones in cave
C-RCM-28 CU of burning yellow stones
C-RCM-29 LS of Draper exploring Martian hills
C-RCM-30 FLV of Draper climbing multicolored rock formation
C-RCM-31 MS of Draper looking up side of cliff
C-RCM-32 Draper strains to pull himself up lip of ledge
C-RCM-33 Draper finds himself staring into pool of water
C-RCM-34 CU of Mona eating sausage from plant in pool
C-RCM-35 CU of Draper's hand reaching for underwater plant
C-RCM-36 Draper pulls off piece of plant
C-RCM-37 Draper speaks into his recorder sans spacesuit
C-RCM-38 RV of Draper looking out opening of his cave home
C-RCM-39 Cont. C-RCM-38, frame flashes red
C-RCM-40 LS of alien saucer
C-RCM-41 FLV of alien saucer with one other in bg
C-RCM-42 CU of glowing-red ray-blaster disc under saucer
C-RCM-43 LS of wide explosion beyond mountain peak
C-RCM-44 Meteorite explodes in space
C-RCM-45 Black dust rains down on Draper & Friday in canyon pit
C-RCM-46 Draper & Friday trudge thru polar icecap snowstorm
C-RCM-47 LS of snow-covered polar icecap as sleet falls
C-RCM-48 Cont. C-RCM-47, LS of meteor entering frame
C-RCM-49 Cont. C-RCM-48, meteor explosion fills frame
C-RCM-50 PR: FLV of Draper posing in his cave
C-RCM-51 RV of Mars Gravity Probe One nearing red planet in bg
C-RCM-52 Cont. C-RCM-51, ship further away, closer to Mars
C-RCM-53 FV of spaceship in CU
C-RCM-54 CU of McCreedy at helm of spaceship
C-RCM-55 CU of ship over Mars as meteor approaches in distance
C-RCM-56 Cont. C-RCM-55, all of ship in frame as rear rockets fire
C-RCM-57 Cont. C-RCM-56, longer shot of above
C-RCM-58 Ship fires forward & upper retro rockets
C-RCM-59 Escape capsule ejects from ship orbiting Mars
C-RCM-60 FLV of Draper standing beside overturned capsule
C-RCM-61 Draper falls to ground as jets of flame spurt from crater about capsule. Peaks & blood red sky beyond
C-RCM-62 FLV of Draper in crater in awe of what he sees OS
C-RCM-63 Cont. C-RCM-62, what he sees: a ridge & a pillar of flame
C-RCM-64 Beautiful LS of Draper exploring Mars against blood red sky
C-RCM-65 MS of Draper straining to stop himself from falling off ledge
C-RCM-66 FV of alien saucer
C-RCM-67 UA of alien saucer
C-RCM-68 MS of alien saucer firing rays
C-RCM-69 Cont. C-RCM-68, longer shot of saucer firing rays
C-RCM-70 Ray blast explodes beyond mountain ridge
C-RCM-71 CU of Draper spotting escaped Friday OS
C-RCM-72 MCU of Friday looking down at Draper OS
C-RCM-73 Fireball explodes on horizon of polar region
C-RCM-74 Cont. C-RCM-73, explosion reaches giant proportions
C-RCM-75 Draper uncovers McCreedy's hand from under debris wrecked capsule
C-RCM-76 Gorgeous Technicolor FLV of Draper laying on ground before escape capsule crashed in Martian crater

ROBOCOP - 1987
C-RCP-1 3/4 SV of Enforcement Droid ED-209, crab-like seven-foot-tall police robot, menacing under red glow
C-RCP-2 Cont. C-RCP-1, FV of ED-209
C-RCP-3 MLS of policeman Murphy [Peter Weller], in black riot gear, handling pistol as he sits on edge of squad car
C-RCP-4 MS of Murphy as above smiling at OS Lewis
C-RCP-5 MCU of Murphy being handed piece of paper in squad room
C-RCP-6 Cont. C-RCP-5, Murphy cracks smile
C-RCP-7 MLS of Murphy walking in metallic Robocop suit, parts joined to denuded head
C-RCP-8 FLV of Robocop, now wearing visored helmet, pointing powerful gun at OS villains, Delta City sign in bg
C-RCP-9 MS of Robocop aiming weapon at OS scum in warehouse
C-RCP-10 Cont. C-RCP-4, MS grinning as he raises coffee cup to lips
C-RCP-11 BS: MS of director Paul Verhoeven in front of ED-209, positioning OS actors at OCP briefing
C-RCP-12 PR: FLV of Robocop standing before ED-209 after their battle in Jones' office, making point with finger
C-RCP-13 PR: MS of Lewis behind wheel of squad car
C-RCP-14 Title over Robo emerging from flames of burning gas station
C-RCP-15 MLS of Jones [Ronny Cox] at podium by wall of TV monitors starting briefing at OCP
C-RCP-16 MLS of Jones proudly introducing ED-209 to staff
C-RCP-17 LS of blown away volunteer exec in fg with malfunctioning ED-209 in bg as staff mills about
C-RCP-18 Cont. C-RCP-3, MLS of Murphy smiling to himself as he twirls gun like TV's T. J. Lazer
C-RCP-19 Outtake MLS of Murphy [sans riot gear] explaining his gunplay to Lewis as she approaches with coffee for them
C-RCP-20 Low angle MS of Murphy halting gunplay as OS Lewis nears
C-RCP-21 Cont. C-RCP-20, Murphy breaks into smile while holstering gun
C-RCP-22 MLS of Lewis smiling at Murphy after handing him coffee
C-RCP-23 MS of Morton [Miguel Ferrer] smiling at handiwork of Robocop's arm & shoulder mechanism
C-RCP-24 MS of Robo raising gun after firing range heroics
C-RCP-25 CU of Robo's hand twirling gun
C-RCP-26 MCU of Robo turning head toward Morton
C-RCP-27 Profile MS of Robo behind wheel of police car
C-RCP-28 FLV of Robo walking into liquor store
C-RCP-29 MS of Robo mangling automatic weapon wielded by would-be robber
C-RCP-30 MS of Robo turning back, saying "Thank you for your cooperation"
C-RCP-31 CU of Robo's leg where his iron is hidden
C-RCP-32 Cont. C-RCP-31, Robo's hand reaches for now exposed weapon
C-RCP-33 MS of Robo aiming gun at OS molesters, uttering those immortal words "Your move, creeps"
C-RCP-34 Cont. C-RCP-33, CU
C-RCP-35 MLS of Robo punching out crazed councilman
C-RCP-36 Semi-profile MCU of Robo as seen on TV monitor during his rest period
C-RCP-37 FLV of Robo activating himself, leaving resting chair & walking past technicians
C-RCP-38 MS of Robo walking straight at camera
C-RCP-39 FLV of Robo walking corridor
C-RCP-40 MCU of Lewis as seen by Robo, she's telling him his name
C-RCP-41 LS of Robo walking away from gas station just as it begins to explode from leaking fuel
C-RCP-42 Cont. C-RCP-4, FLV of Robo stepping from inferno, aiming gun at OS escaping robber
C-RCP-44 Murphy's file is punched up on monitor
C-RCP-45 Cont. C-RCP-44, word deceased prints out over file
C-RCP-46 MLS of Robo pulling Nash by hair & dragging him from nightclub
C-RCP-47 Profile MCU of Robo in Boddiker's [Kurtwood Smith] face as he places him under arrest in drug factory
C-RCP-48 Cont. 47, MLS of Robo holding now bloody Boddiker by neck as crime boss spills his guts
C-RCP-49 MLS of Robo bringing Boddiker into police station
C-RCP-50 Jones stands over downed Robo as Directive 4 shuts him down
C-RCP-51 MS of Lewis approaching Robo from behind after he removes his helmet at factory
C-RCP-52 MS of Lewis helping Robo aim gun
C-RCP-53 MLS of Boddiker blowing up OS car with assault cannon during his gang's vandalism spree
C-RCP-54 MS of Emil [Paul McCrane] doing his interpretation of incredible melting man after swim in toxic waste
C-RCP-55 DA on seriously wounded Lewis barely holding up cannon while prone in polluted water
C-RCP-56 FLV of Robo striding past wasted ED-209

ROBOCOP 2 - 1990
C-RCP2-1 MS of director Irvin Kershner gesturing to Robocop [Peter Weller] in preparation for night scene
C-RCP2-2 MLS of Robocop striking regal stance against smoky bg, effective lighting shining on armor
C-RCP2-3 Looking up slightly at Robo in FLV with gun raised
C-RCP2-4 MLS of uniformed Lewis [sans helmet] looking to her right outside precinct
C-RCP2-5 Semi-profile MCU of Lewis wearing tight smile
C-RCP2-6 MCU of Robo stepping from just strafed police car
C-RCP2-7 Cont. C-RCP2-6, CU of hand reaching for gun at leg
C-RCP2-8 Cont. C-RCP2-7, FLV of Robo about to raise his weapon beside bullet- riddled, burning cop car
C-RCP2-9 Cont. C-RCP2-8, Robo poised to fire gun
C-RCP2-10 Cont. C-RCP2-9, tighter FLV as Robo pushes forward
C-RCP2-11 Cont. C-RCP2-10, MCU of Robo advising OS creeps to give up
C-RCP2-12 Cont. C-RCP2-11, Robo fires a deadly burst
C-RCP2-13 Cont. C-RCP2-13, MS of Robo firing directly at camera
C-RCP2-14 Profile MS of Robo stepping thru shredded wall with gun pointed at OS slimeoids
C-RCP2-15 FLV of Lewis & others watching doctors work on dismembered Robo's hanging torso
C-RCP2-16 Cont. C-RCP2-15, with crossed arms, Lewis steps up to hanging Robo & studies him
C-RCP2-17 MLS of Dr. Faxx [Belinda Bauer] bending over Robo, who is being reprogrammed with conflicting commands
C-RCP2-18 FLV of Robo [sans headgear] sitting in lab contemplating his lot
C-RCP2-19 MLS of Lewis [no helmet] reaching for holstered gun as Robo fires his at OS cigarette smoker
C-RCP2-20 Robo, kneeling beside fire hydrant, attempts to inform children how to behave properly
C-RCP2-21 MS of Robocop 2 about to use arsenal on OS Robo when he goes out of control at presentation
C-RCP2-22 FLV of Robocop 2 as Lewis offers him container of Nuke [her back turned to camera]
C-RCP2-23 MS of Robo jumping on back of Robocop 2
C-RCP2-24 FLV of Robo, chest plate blasted, gesturing to OS adversary as Lewis [helmet] looks on
C-RCP2-25 FLV of Robo staggering but on both feet amid rubble, most of which is Robocop 2
C-RCP2-26 FLV of Robocop standing spread-legged. Good detail

C-RJX-1 MCU of champion warrior Achilles [Gary Graham] staring up at his OS giant robot
C-RJX-2 UA of 120-foot robot in gantry
C-RJX-3 MCU of Achilles, head bandaged, grousing at his hearing
C-RJX-4 MCU of Achilles at bar, amused by someone across from him
C-RJX-5 MCU of Achilles reacting to discovery of traitor
C-RJX-6 LS of Achilles' robot maneuvering to face his arch rival Alexander [leg visible in fg]
C-RJX-7 FLV of Alexander's robot firing missle in space

[C-RXM-3 thru 7 are very rare scenes exclusive to Still Things from footage filmed to replace antiquated V-2 shots]
C-RXM-1 RXM crew withstanding tense moment inside spaceship cabin
C-RXM-2 Red-tinted LS of RXM landed on Mars as crew walks away from her.
C-RXM-3 RXM flying thru space
C-RXM-4 FLV of spaceship landed on mars
C-RXM-5 Cont. C-RXM-4, crew walks away from ship
C-RXM-6 Ship blasts away from red planet
C-RXM-7 Cont. C-RXM-6, closer view of ship, Mars smaller

C-RH-1 Title & credits on green bg
C-RH-2 RV of Riff Raff greeting soaked Brad & Janet at door
C-RH-3 MS of Riff Raff singing The Time Warp
C-RH-4 UA of Columbia tap dancing to The Time Warp
C-RH-5 MS of Brad & Janet as elevator descends behind them
C-RH-6 CU of Brad
C-RH-7 CU of a frightened Janet
C-RH-8 MS of Frank N Furter opening elevator door
C-RH-9 Frank sings I'm A Sweet Transvestite on stage
C-RH-10 Cont. C-RH-9, Frank gets into song a little more
C-RH-11 Columbia & Magenta undress Brad & Janet for the lab
C-RH-12 Columbia & Magenta flank Frank, in green smock, in lab
C-RH-13 Riff Raff throws lever on sonic oscillator
C-RH-14 CU of frenzied Frank gazing up at his OS creation
C-RH-15 Frank falls down & stares directly into camera
C-RH-16 FLV of Columbia, Riff Raff & Magenta dancing in lab
C-RH-17 Eddie [Meatloaf] dances Hot Patootie with Columbia
C-RH-18 Cont. C-RH-17, shot favors Columbia
C-RH-19 Janet, wearing only undies, seduces Rocky in lab
C-RH-20 CU of Brad, seemingly angry
C-RH-21 Dr. Scott crashes thru lab wall in his wheelchair
C-RH-22 Dr. Scott, Brad, Janet & Rocky at dinner party
C-RH-23 Pajama-clad Columbia defies angry Frank in lab
C-RH-24 Magenta throws Medusa Switch as Riff Raff watches
C-RH-25 Columbia turns to stone as Frank pouts into camera
C-RH-26 Riff Raff & Magenta tell Frank they want to go home
C-RH-27 LS of Riff Raff, with lasergun, & Magenta pursuing Rocky as he carries Frank on his back up RKO sign
C-RH-28 Riff Raff zaps Columbia with laser
C-RH-29 House blasts off for Transylvania
C-RH-30 PR: PRT of Frank & his mad party group
C-RH-31 PR: Slight DA of preacher [Curry] leaning on church sign
C-RH-32 PR: FLV of Frank posing in motorcycle jacket
C-RH-33 PR: FLV of Frank in floor show costume, hands on hips
C-RH-34 PR: Cont. C-RH-33, slightly closer view
C-RH-35 PR: MS of Frank in bad ass pose, showing off tattoo
C-RH-36 PR: Frank squats in front of Adonis statue suggestively
C-RH-37 PR: Tight MS of Frank in t-shirt with sleeve rolled up
C-RH-38 PR: MCU of Frank chewing on lab apron
C-RH-39 PR: MS of Frank & Riff Raff, Frank chews on latter's hair
C-RH-40 PR: Riff Raff's eyes bulge as Frank chokes him with cord
C-RH-41 PR: MS of Frank in no jacket with Columbia & Magenta
C-RH-42 PR: Columbia, Magenta & Riff Raff flank enthroned Frank
C-RH-43 PR: PRT of Columbia & Magenta
C-RH-44 PR: MS of Riff Raff & Magenta in their futuristic garb
C-RH-45 PR: Rocky poses seated in trunks before statue
C-RH-46 PR: PRT of Riff Raff
C-RH-47 PR: PRT of Magenta in Bride of Frankenstein hairdo
C-RH-48 PR: MCU of Eddie with bloody forehead, singing
C-RH-49 Columbia, Magenta & Riff Raff do the Time Warp
C-RH-50 DA of Frank & Magenta about to bring Rocky to life
C-RH-51 Cont. C-RH-50, Frank gestures madly over rocky in tank
C-RH-52 MS of Riff Raff in front of reactor panel
C-RH-53 Brad & Janet watching the OS proceedings
C-RH-54 Frank crawls at Rocky's feet,. Brad holds Janet in bg
C-RH-55 Cont. C-RH-54, Riff Raff joins Frank as Rocky flexes biceps
C-RH-56 MS of Eddie holding saxophone & singing
C-RH-57 Frank & Brad greet Dr. Scott [back turned]
C-RH-58 Columbia, Rocky, Brad & Janet dance in floor show
C-RH-59 Columbia, Frank, Janet, Brad look offstage during show
C-RH-60 Rocky lifts Frank from floor after he's been zapped

C-ROD-1 Rodan hovers directly over buildings & rail yard
C-ROD-2 Cont. C-ROD-1, Rodan settles to ground

C-RB-1 Houston team poses for PRT in front of rollerball track scoreboard
C-RB-2 FLV of Jonathan E. skating into camera with silver ball in hand, opponents in pursuit

RUNAWAY - 1984
C-RUN-1 PR: MLS of smiling Cynthia Rhodes as herself wearing white sweater, jeans & wide belt, posed on scaffolding with arms folded
C-RUN-2 PR: PRT of Jackie Rogers [Kirstie Alley], head cocked & eyes to camera
C-RUN-3 PR: MCU of Jackie, eyes turned aside as if afraid to face what's OS
C-RUN-4 PR: MS of Jackie looking Os
C-RUN-5 PR: MS of Jackie, body profiled, angrily looking over shoulder
C-RUN-6 PR: FLV of Jackie in blue blouse, black jacket [as all above], black leather skirt & high heels, standing spread-legged & posed with cigarette, blue bg
C-RUN-7 PR: FLV of Jackie bending over household servant robot as if hustling it on game show
C-RUN-8 Semi-profile MS of civvy-garbed cop Karen Thompson [Cynthia Rhodes], both hands on poised gun
C-RUN-9 MLS of Jackie sitting forlornly in lab, awaiting rescue from runaway robot
C-RUN-10 MS of Jack Ramsay [Tom Selleck], wearing protective gear, preparing to defend himself
C-RUN-11 CU of Ramsay, face seared by acid, watching two mechanical spiders on elevator grate
C-RUN-12 Cont. C-RUN-11, Ramsey hangs onto grating as spiders prepare to attack him anew
C-RUN-13 MS of Ramsay in sport shirt & windbreaker, looking perplexed at something OS
C-RUN-14 MCU of Karen in uniform
C-RUN-15 Profile MCU of Luthor [Gene Simmons] brandishing smart gun
C-RUN-16 MCU [forehead to bust] of Jackie stripping to bra for search & interrogation

C-RMN-1 FLV of Richards being presented to game show audience by glitzy dancers
C-RMN-2 Richards tells Killian: "I'll be back" before being launched from game show stage