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 Special Color Photo

C-SCM-1  PR: PRT of Santa Claus [David Huddleston]
C-SCM-2  PR: MS of Santa in sleigh piled high with presents
C-SCM-3  PR: FLV of Santa standing in sleigh & waving as reindeer fly him on his nightly rounds
C-SCM-4  PR: PRT of smiling elf Patch [Dudley Moore]
C-SCM-5  MLS of hissable villian [John Lithgow] putting arms around Patch's shoulder

C-SRD-1  MCU of Jessica [Joanna Lumley] laying on altar
C-SRD-2  FLV of Dracula [Christopher Lee] looking down on Jessica as sacrificial mass begins
C-SRD-3  Cont. #2, Dracula passes hands over Jessica
C-SRD-4  Cont. #3, candles at corners of altar spark
C-SRD-5  MCU of Dracula baring fangs as Black Mass is interrupted

C-S14-1 MS of reptilian monster surfacing from soap bubbles in bathtub

C-S3-1  PR: PRT of Alex
C-S3-2  PR: MS of Alex holding her pet dog, Sally
C-S3-3  PR: FLV of Alex posed in blouse, pants & boots
C-S3-4  PR: profile of Alex, in braless top, looking into camera
C-S3-5  MS of the space shuttle
C-S3-6  FLV of space shuttle & two helmeted maintenance crewmen
C-S3-7  MS of spacesuited Adam & Alex awaiting space shuttle
C-S3-8  Shuttle about to land on Saturn 3. Adam & Alex stand in bg
C-S3-9  Cont. #8, shuttle has landed
C-S3-10  MLS of Hector in chemistry lab
C-S3-11  MS of Hector picking up chunk of rock
C-S3-12  PR: FLV of Alex posed in ultra-sexy black & silver outfit for use in blue dreamer sequence which was, sadly, cut from final print
C-S3-13  Cont. #12, Alex sits spread legged on container
C-S3-14  Cont. #13, PRT of Alex, hair in ringlets
C-S3-15   PR: MS of Alex, hands tied, wearing a sheet
C-S3-16  Cont. #15, more frontal angle, hand under sheet
C-S3-17  Benson kneels by space shuttle prior to takeoff
C-S3-18  SV of spacesuited Benson sitting in shuttle
C-S3-19  Spacesuited Benson, Adam & Alex undergo Saturn 3 decontamination
C-S3-20  FLV of Benson in spacesuit sans helmet carrying cannister thru corridor
C-S3-21  MS of Benson & Alex side-by-side, looking OS
C-S3-22  SV of Benson trying to convince Alex that Adam is obsolete as a mate
C-S3-23  MS of Adam squaring off with robot Hector
C-S3-24  Hector drags lifeless Benson down corridor, trailing blood from where his hand used to be
C-S3-25  MCU of Alex sitting in ship returning to Earth
C-S3-26  FLV of Hector raising Alex off floor by her wrists
C-S3-27  PR: MLS of Alex, haggard after ordeal with Hector
C-S3-28  View of Saturn from tip of baseship
C-S3-29  LS of baseship approaching Saturn
C-S3-30  FV of baseship discharging shuttle
C-S3-31  Saturn outlined beyond debris composing its rings
C-S3-32  Tight shot of Saturn from moon surface
C-S3-33  Cont. #32, Sun peaks around corner of Saturn, lighting moon landscape
C-S3-34  AV of Saturn 3 complex
C-S3-35  MS of Hector riding downward on platform in lab

C-SCN-1  PR: MCU of Scanner Kim [Jennifer O'Neill] wearing knit cap
C-SCN-2  During mind-probe experiment, Consec Scanner's [Louis Del Grande] head explodes
C-SCN-3  Dr. Paul Ruth [Patrick McGoohan] prepares to give Vale [Stephen Lack] an injection
C-SCN-4  Dr. Ruth kicks back with cigar & talks on phone
C-SCN-5  CU of Vale going head to head with computer over phone as Kim reacts
C-SCN-6  MS of Vale under grip of OS Revok's deadly climactic Scan [altered in final print of film]
C-SCN-7  Quivering Revok [Michael Ironside] blows up Vale's head in spectacular fashion [altered in final print of film]

C-STD-1  MCU of Alienesque Syngenor mutant monster [Kermit Eller]

C-SCD-1  MCU of hideous Masterson monster
C-SCD-2  MS of Masterson monster grabbing poles jutting bloodily from chest
C-SCD-3  Cont. #2, MCU
C-SCD-4  Cont. #3, hands removed from poles

C-SKG-1 MS of Prince Takmet [Peter Facinelli] gesturing with arms outstretched
C-SKG-2 FLV of Mathayus [The Rock] & Cassandra [Kelly Hu] riding out from mountain city
C-SKG-3 Profile FLV of Mathayus dueling Memnon [Steven Brand] in temple
C-SKG-4 MS of sorceress Cassandra wrapped in brown cloak, looking aside
C-SKG-5 Profile MS: Mathayus & Cassandra have intense conversation in tent
C-SKG-6 MS of Memnon explaining plan to turbaned leaders of his army
C-SKG-7 MLS of Balthazar [Michael Clarke Duncan] standing near campfire, engaged in discussion with Takmet behind him
C-SKG-8 Dramatic MLS of Mathayus aiming bow & arrow OS against fiery bg
C-SKG-9 MS of Mathayus raising bow toward sky against smoky bg
C-SKG-10  FLV of Mathayus squared off in battle with Balthazar as crowd encircles them to watch
C-SKG-11 MLS of Queen Isis [Sherri Howard] & her female warriors brandishing spears while fighting Memnon's forces
C-SKG-12 MS of Mathayus & uneasy ally Balthazar glaring at each other
C-SKG-13 MLS of Mathayus ready for action, fur cloak falling off shoulders
C-SKG-14 FLV of Mathayus & Cassandra atop Gomorrah city wall, gazing out as huge moon looms in bg
C-SKG-15 MCU of bearded Philos [Bernard Hill], Isis & Arpid [Grant Heslov] looking up with concern
C-SKG-16 PR: sexy MS of Cassandra in skimpy chain mail get-up
C-SKG-17 BS: MLS of Director Chuck Russell instructing The Rock & Heslov regarding desert scene

C-SCS-1  PR: slight UA of Hendricksson [Peter Weller] cradling weapon in his arms
C-SCS-2  MLS of Jessica [Jennifer Rubin] standing beside stern of spaceship
C-SCS-3  LS of three distant figures standing on butte overlooking city in distance at sunset on snow & ice-covered planet Sirius 6B
C-SCS-4  Cont. #3, nice matte shot of mining outpost with Hendricksson, Ace [Andy Lauer] & boy [backs to camera] approaching settlement
C-SCS-5  Profile MLS of Hendricksson & Ace standing in snow near frozen lake with outpost in bg
C-SCS-6  MLS of Hendricksson spreading arms to halt armed Ace while exploring NEB's bunker, looking for remaining life forms
C-SCS-7  FLV of Hendricksson standing in shadows on platform by door of ship with Jessica watching him from below

C-SEC-1  PR: PRT of glowering, Albino-like Lemurian
C-SEC-2  Dragon-lizard lunges from hole in cavern wall at unsuspecting explorer

C-SFDL-2  PRT of Medusa

C-SMG-1  PR: MLS of gladiatrix Julia [Sybil Danning], in skimpy black studded outfit, holding sword
C-SMG-2  PR: FLV of Julia in forest green & gold outfit, equally skimpy, swinging sword
C-SMG-3  MS of Julia, in above costume, lined up with warriors prior to battle
C-SMG-4  Cont. #4, visibly angered, Julia turns aside

C-SVS-1  Title over Sinbad's ship at sea
C-SVS-2  Snake woman dances before palace royalty
C-SVS-3  Sinbad stares at shrunken princess on pillow
C-SVS-4  Looking up at Cyclops looming over top of cliff
C-SVS-5  Cont. #4, Cyclops looks down angrily
C-SVS-6  Cyclops covers eyes, blinded by Sinbad's torch
C-SVS-7  Sinbad crewmen gaze at just hatched baby roc
C-SVS-8  Mama roc wings into scene, claws reach for crewman
C-SVS-9  Mama roc lands as crewmen retreat
C-SVS-10   Mama roc picks up crewman in her claws
C-SVS-11   Princess Parisa pushes on giant peg to unlatch cage
C-SVS-12   Tiny princess in spout of magic lamp
C-SVS-13   Princess inside mist-filled lamp
C-SVS-14   Lamp's genie, Baronni [Richard Eyer] appears out of mist
C-SVS-15   MS of skeleton with shield in Sokurah's castle
C-SVS-17   Cont. #16, duel moves to table top
C-SVS-19   Dragon follows Sokurah obediently out of cave
C-SVS-20   Cyclops confronts dragon at mouth of cave
C-SVS-21   Cyclops & dragon in tight combat
C-SVS-22   Sinbad tosses spear at Cyclops
C-SVS-23   Cyclops pulls spear from chest
C-SVS-24   Sokurah watches blue smoke spurt from magic lamp
C-SVS-25   Composite of four great stop-motion animation scenes showing Cyclops, dragon, skeleton & Sinbad in action
C-SVS-26   Cont. #25, same shot with title in center
C-SVS-27   Cont. #2, part of face visible & arms flailing
C-SVS-29   ECU of Cyclops's face
C-SVS-30   Upper part of dragon behind cavern walls
C-SVS-31   Dragon, chained to cavern wall, breathes fire
C-SVS-32   Sinbad reacts to sight of OS dragon
C-SVS-33   Dragon against wall, held by neck irons
C-SVS-34   Sinbad & princess pass in front of dragon
C-SVS-35   Cyclops advances on dragon outside cave
C-SVS-36   Cyclops [back turned] grabs dragon around neck
C-SVS-37   UA of Sokurah reaching down for OS princess
C-SVS-38   FLV of mother Roc model, wings spread, against orange bg
C-SVS-41   Sinbad, sword in hand, passes in front of dragon chained to cave wall
C-SVS-43   Sinbad looks down on tiny Princess Parisa, who stands on table in ship cabin
C-SVS-45   Reproduction of colorful title LC artwork showing many sfx scenes

C-SOT-1   Pre-production artwork of the robot Sparks
C-SOT-2   Pre-production artwork of spaceship crashing into Moon buildings
C-SOT-3   One-man repair ships flying grid pattern in space
C-SOT-4   MS of warrior robot moving thru Lunar tunnel
C-SOT-5   Robots attack Kim [Anne-Marie Martin] & Nikki [Carol Lynley]
C-SOT-6   Kim about to lunge at OS robot with weapon
C-SOT-7   Kim, Caball [Barry Morse], second man demobilize robot
C-SOT-8   Kim watches Sparks do just that in repair shop
C-SOT-9   Colonist fights warrior robot on Delta III
C-SOT-10   LS of the Citadel on Delta III
C-SOT-11   PRT of Kim
C-SOT-12   Warrior robot smashes head of victim with large rock
C-SOT-13   Nikki, Kim & Caball prepare to escape the Citadel

SHE - 1965
C-SH-1  FLV of Ayesha in filmy floor-length gown, standing before Fire of Life

C-SHE-1   Rare FLV of she creature gesturing menacingly in night scene

C-SQJ-1  PR: MS of Sheena [Tanya Roberts] posed in makeshift jungle skimpies
C-SQJ-2  Cont. #1, MLS, eyes looking just off camera
C-SQJ-3  Cont. #2, MLS with face turned to profile
C-SQJ-4  Cont. #3, FLV with one hand on hip
C-SQJ-5  PR: MS of Sheena posed with monkey & hawk
C-SQJ-6  Cont. #5, FLV now sitting on rock with monkey & hawk
C-SQJ-7  PR: FLV of Sheena in full native costume, looking like lioness in kneeling pose
C-SQJ-8  PR: pensive MCU of Sheena sitting up in jungle growth
C-SQJ-9  PR: FLV of Sheena standing spread-legged with hands on hips
C-SQJ-10   PR: FLV of Sheena as above but smiling & shouldering python
C-SQJ-11   PR: MLS of Sheena, fists clenched, stands next to noncomital lion
C-SQJ-12   PR: MCU of Sheena admiring hawk she is holding
C-SQJ-13   FLV of Sheena astride Marika, her zebra-striped horse
C-SQJ-14   Looking out car windshield at Sheena & lioness perched on hood
C-SQJ-15   MLS of Vic Casey [Ted Wass] holding Sheena from behind, both worse for wear
C-SQJ-16   Cont. #15, MCU of Casey drawing Sheena to him, both gravely looking OS
C-SQJ-17   Almost head-on shot of Sheena riding Marika toward camera
C-SQJ-18   Cont. #17, galloping into tighter, almost profile view
C-SQJ-19   CIN: MS of nude Sheena smiling up at OS Casey as she stands in lagoon waters
C-SQJ-20   BS: FLV of Sheena watching demonstration on how to use bowstring
C-SQJ-21   PR: MLS of Sheena riding her zebra, bow in hand
C-SQJ-22   PR: FLV of Sheena sitting up on sand & drawing back bow & arrow
C-SQJ-23   PR: FLV of Sheena posed spread-legged in native skins against blue bg
C-SQJ-24   Cont. #23, bow, arrow, quiver & net added
C-SQJ-25   Cont. #24, Sheena bends to charming effect with net & spear

C-SHRT-1  BS: profile MS of #5 bending Stephanie [Ally Sheedy] backward as John Badham directs dance sequence
C-SHRT-2  PR: MS of Newton Crosby [Steve Guttenberg] with arm around smiling Stephanie while pointing finger at robot arm touching her shoulder
C-SHRT-3  PR: PRT of Newton & Stephanie in outdoor romantic pose
C-SHRT-4  PR: MLS of Newton with arms around Stephanie's shoulder but she cuddles #5's arm competing from OS
C-SHRT-5  PR: PRT of smiling Stephanie in red top under white sweater
C-SHRT-6 PR: MS of smiling Stephanie in red top, hands laced around porch support
C-SHRT-7  FLV of military robots saluting OS officers at start of demonstration
C-SHRT-8  FLV of four robots [#5 is AWOL] lined up at NOVA science compound
C-SHRT-9  MCU of Stephanie reacting excitedly to commotion inside her catering truck
C-SHRT-10  MS of Stephanie motioning #5 to come to her but robot only mimics gesture
C-SHRT-11  OS #5 in drivers seat, puts hand on Stephanie's shoulder to reassure her he can drive catering truck
C-SHRT-12  FLV of #5 doing his "Saturday Night Fever" John Travolta dance bit in Stephanie's living room
C-SHRT-13  Profile MCU of Stephanie closing eyes during slow dance with #5
C-SHRT-14  MCU of Stephanie expressing shock as her bath is interrupted
C-SHRT-15  MS of Newton, guarded as he looks down at #5's hand on his shoulder as robot tries to convince his creator he's really alive
C-SHRT-16  FLV of #5 about to tear door off car in junkyard
C-SHRT-17  MS of #5 in front of gas pumps during safari for more input
C-SHRT-18  FLV of robots doing Three Stooges bit
C-SHRT-19  MCU of menacing #1 peeking out from behind bushes with glowering red eyes

SHREK - 2001 (CGI animation)
C- SRK-1 MCU of gruff & green ogre Shrek arguing with Donkey in sunflower field
C- SRK-2 MLS: Shrek & Donkey listen to Princess Fiona in forest clearing
C- SRK-3  DA of Shrek walking forest path with Fiona draped over shoulder, Donkey trailing just behind
C- SRK-4 CU of smirking Fiona showing arrow to Shrek (only his gaping mouth visible in fg)
C- SRK-5 MCU of prissy Lord Farquaad [John Lithgow] displeased with Magic Mirror behind him
C- SRK-6 Tender profile MS of Shrek taking Fiona's hand while seated in glade at sunset
C- SRK-7 Donkey magically rises into air to astonishment of knights below
C- SRK-8 CU of Shrek flashing crooked smile
C- SRK-9 Fiona & Shrek turn from camera in fg as Farquaad & men come over hill in their direction
C- SRK-10 Ground level FLV of triumphant Shrek emerging from outhouse
C- SRK-11 PR: FLV of Donkey, Shrek, Fiona & Farquaad posing for camera in town square
C- SRK-12 Shadowy MLS of Shrek conferring with Big Bad Wolf (in grandma guise)
C- SRK-13 FLV of Shrek & Donkey standing in town square, faces astonished at OS scene

C-SR-1  Title between radiant sun & top of botanical dome
C-SR-2  TIME: THE NEXT CENTURY over domes seen from amidships
C-SR-4  Three ships with Valley Forge partly visible
C-SR-5  CU of geodesic dome
C-SR-6  Edge of Valley Forge approaching Saturn
C-SR-7  SV of dome, showing forest growth
C-SR-8  Lowell views Saturn from within dome
C-SR-9  Hawk flies onto Lowell's arm in dome
C-SR-10   Lowell gardening his crops
C-SR-11   FLV of Drone #1 walking thru cabin of ship
C-SR-12   Drone silhouetted against ship in bg
C-SR-13   Crew on bridge awaiting news from Earth
C-SR-14   CU of Lowell, stricken by orders to destroy domes
C-SR-15   Sparks fly as base of dome uncouples
C-SR-16   Tail view of dome flaming away from Valley Forge
C-SR-17   Lowell bars mate entrance to dome in electric car
C-SR-18   Cont. #17, Lowell holds shovel in defense of dome
C-SR-19   Lowell reaches from communications console
C-SR-20   Lowell yells fake SOS into console
C-SR-21   Three drones waddle thru cargo hold
C-SR-22   Modules float away from ship, flanked by Saturn
C-SR-23   Saturn eclipses sun as part of ship passes in fg
C-SR-24   Drones outside ship as it enters Saturn's rings
C-SR-25   Lowell & drones playing poker
C-SR-26   Lowell: "The man had a full house & he knew it!"
C-SR-27   Stunning LS of two dome-ships against blanket of stars
C-SR-28   Looking toward Valley Forge dome from amidships.
C-SR-29   Exterior CU of ship porthole shows Lowell fixing meal
C-SR-30   Drone #1 during inspection walk outside Valley Forge with giant Saturn behind him

C-SBT-1   UA of Rev. Lowe [Everett McGill] transformed into full-blown werewolf & reaching toward camera

C-SET-1   Three ghouls materialize out of flames in tent
C-SET-8   Trog & tiger battle in front of altar light beam
C-SET-10   Zenobia [Margaret Whiting] & Rafi [Kurt Christian] place heart in Minaton's body
C-SET-18   PR: bare-chested Sinbad embraces Farah
C-SET-19   PR: CU of Sinbad cheek-to-cheek with Dione
C-SET-20   Sinbad engages torch-wielding ghoul
C-SET-21   Farah plays chess with her baboon brother
C-SET-22   MS of Minaton hefting javelin
C-SET-23   MCU of horned Trog
C-SET-24   FLV of Sinbad's party confronting Trog
C-SET-25   Sinbad & party watch baboon talk to Trog
C-SET-26   Saber-tooth tiger leaps at Trog in shrine
C-SET-27   Nude Farah, hair over one breast, screams at OS Trog
C-SET-28   Tiger leaps at Trog in shrine [before live action added]
C-SET-29   PR: MS of Farah in costume, hand on hip
C-SET-30   MS of axe-wielding ghoul inside tent
C-SET-32   RV of Minaton rowing boat as Rafi stands on deck
C-SET-34   Sunbathing Dionne
C-SET-37   Trog about to bop tiger with club in shrine
C-SET-38   MS of Trog, arms raised to fend off tiger's attack
C-SET-39   Cont. #38, tiger & Trog in face-to-face battle
C-SET-40   Trog throwing tiger over his shoulder
C-SET-41   PR: MCU of Princess Farah wearing a veil
C-SET-42   PR: MS of Sinbad & Farah wearing blue-green royal attire
C-SET-45   PR: Ray Harryhausen displaying models of Minaton, ghoul & Trog
C-SET-55   PR: MCU of Farah running fingers thru out-stretched strands of hair in seductive manner

SISTERS - 1973
C-SRS-1   PR: Danielle [Margot Kidder], wearing mittens, sits near tall grass between takes
C-SRS-2   PR: Danielle sits wearing silk robe & eye glasses between takes
C-SRS-3   MLS of Danielle about to remove her bra

C-SF-1  Pajama-topped Montana, Pilgrim & Spot in dome-cage
C-SF-2  Nude Montana about to pounce on Pilgrim in dome
C-SF-3  LS of dome on Tralfamadore as fireworks flash
C-SF-4  Montana jumps on Pilgrim's back as he spreads his arms
C-SF-5  MLS of topless Montana, hands to face & screaming upon arrival inside alien dome

C-SHW-1  MS of scowling Ichabod Crane [Johnny Depp] in forest
C-SHW-2  MS: Crane, wearing bizarre magnifying goggles, examines evidence
C-SHW-3  MCU of Katrina Van Tassel [Christina Ricci] in rose-embroidered fur coat, looking back over shoulder toward camera
C-SHW-4  MS of Katrina sitting beside fireplace, looking up from book
C-SHW-5  MS of sultry Lady Van Tassel [Miranda Richardson] wearing black crocheted gown
C-SHW-6  MCU of confused Baltus Van Tassel [Michael Gambon] in forest
C-SHW-7  MCU of Brom [Casper Van Dien] casting jealous eye aside
C-SHW-8  MLS of seething Horseman [Christopher Walken], still with his own head, wielding sword & axe in forest
C-SHW-9  Shadowy DA of uniformed Crane standing before court judge near accused, filled gallery all around
C-SHW-10  LS of Crane climbing side of large gnarled & very spooky tree
C-SHW-11  MS of Crane on horseback, misty clearing & windmill in distance
C-SHW-12  FLV of Crane exploring base of tree as Katrina & Young Masbath [Marc Pickering] look on
C-SHW-13  MS of Crane about to help Katrina off her horse
C-SHW-14  MS of Crane meeting Katrina as hostile Brom watches
C-SHW-15  MCU of terrified Crane & Katrina looking back, faces bathed in light
C-SHW-16  Steenwyck [Jeffrey Jones], Brom, Killian [Steve Waddington], Baltus, Crane, & Dr. Lancaster [Ian McDiarmid] gather in woods to investigate beheading
C-SHW-17  FLV of Masbath & Crane peering down from staircase
C-SHW-18  Near FLV of Masbath & Crane striding purposefully thru woods
C-SHW-19  LS of blindfolded Katrina at party, reaching out at circle of men in search of date
C-SHW-20  LS of town at funeral of elder Masbath, including Dr. Lancaster, Brom, Katrina, Baltus, Lady Van Tassel, Crane, Young Masbath & Reverend Steenwyck
C-SHW-21  MS of Crane pushing thru panicked crowd in church
C-SHW-22  MLS of Crane coolly examining headless body on table
C-SHW-23  Cont. #22, Crane is joined by Young Masbath & others around table
C-SHW-24  LS of Horseman silhouetted against bright smoke seeping thru graveyard
C-SHW-25  FLV of frightened Crane over decapitated body in forest, fire burning in bg
C-SHW-26  Profile CU of blindfolded Katrina about to kiss Crane on lips
C-SHW-27  MLS of Crane, face bloody, gazing at sword stuck into fg tree
C-SHW-28  BS: LS of Depp & Director Tim Burton seated in forest, discussing scene
C-SHW-29  BS: MCU of Burton in beret, facing left
C-SHW-30  BS: MS of Burton telling Depp how to wield strange medical device
C-SHW-31  BS: profile MS of Burton making point to Producer Scott Rudin
C-SHW-32  BS: MS of Burton & associate crouching over headless body at forest location

C-SNO-1  Prince rides his white horse past castle
C-SNO-2  Snow White scrubbing castle steps
C-SNO-3  Prince greets Snow
C-SNO-4  Snow & dwarfs dance & sing in front of fireplace
C-SNO-5  Snow kisses Doc on head
C-SNO-6  Doc leaves cottage as Snow sees him off
C-SNO-7  Grumpy straggles out of cottage behind waving Snow
C-SNO-8  Snow kisses flushed Grumpy good-bye
C-SNO-9  MS of Snow waving good-bye to seven dwarfs
C-SNO-10   LS of wicked queen's castle
C-SNO-11  Masked visage appears in queen's magic mirror
C-SNO-12  CU of queen frowning
C-SNO-13  LS of queen descending castle stairs to dungeon
C-SNO-14  Queen rifles thru her book of magic spells
C-SNO-15  Hand points to page outlining peddler disguise
C-SNO-16   Queen mixing magic potion
C-SNO-17  Queen drinks potion
C-SNO-18  Potion takes effect, Queen caught in dizzy color swirl
C-SNO-19   Queen clutches at throat as her black hair spills out
C-SNO-20  Queen's hair turns ash white
C-SNO-21  Queen fully transformed into ugly old hag
C-SNO-22  Hag's finger points to poison apple spell in book
C-SNO-23  Hag's finger points to page showing spell antidote
C-SNO-24  Hag cackles as she contemplates Snow's fate
C-SNO-25  Hag dips apple into bubbling cauldron
C-SNO-26  CU of poisoned apple
C-SNO-27  CU of hag's hands placing apple in fruit basket
C-SNO-28  Sleeping animals gathered around dwarf's cottage
C-SNO-29  Animals watch Snow work in kitchen
C-SNO-30  FV of Snow surprised at arrival of hag OS
C-SNO-31  Hag leans thru open kitchen window
C-SNO-32  Hag pulls poisoned apple out of fruit basket
C-SNO-33  Snow relaxes & smiles at hag OS
C-SNO-34  Hag hands apple thru window to Snow
C-SNO-35  Angry birds, sensing evil, swoop down on hag
C-SNO-36  Snow, outside now, shoos birds away from hag
C-SNO-37  Hag drops to ground to retrieve poisoned apple
C-SNO-38  Sympathetic Snow lends hag a helping hand
C-SNO-39  Snow helps hag into the cottage
C-SNO-40  MS of hag as she again offers apple
C-SNO-41  Snow accepts apple from hag
C-SNO-42  Snow bites into apple
C-SNO-43  Hag gloats in anticipation
C-SNO-44  Gleeful hag stands over lifeless Snow [all but arm OS]
C-SNO-45  Hag leaves cottage, cackling away
C-SNO-46  Animals near cottage peer out from hiding
C-SNO-47  Animals set out to find dwarfs
C-SNO-48  Dwarfs march single file at their mining site
C-SNO-49  MS of Grumpy
C-SNO-50  Sleepy about to catch a few winks in mining cart
C-SNO-51  Animals pull at dwarfs to come with them
C-SNO-52  Animals seize Bashful by beard, urging him to follow
C-SNO-53  Dwarfs mount deer & race off with other animals
C-SNO-54  Sleepy rides deer over log bridge, followed by Dopey
C-SNO-55  CU of Doc & another dwarf reacting in horror
C-SNO-56  Dwarfs mourn loss of Snow, on bed light by candles
C-SNO-57  FV of three of dwarfs sobbing at bedside
C-SNO-58  Doc & Dopey share each others grief
C-SNO-59  Deeply saddened Grumpy
C-SNO-60  Rain falls on grieving animals outside window
C-SNO-61  Dwarfs & animals rush into storm in search of hag
C-SNO-62  Hag flees thru stormy woods
C-SNO-63  Grumpy, astride deer, points to OS quarry
C-SNO-64  Hag climbs rocky cliff face to elude dwarfs
C-SNO-65  Hag tries to dislodge boulder on cliff ledge
C-SNO-66  Longer shot has dwarfs climbing toward hag on ledge
C-SNO-67  Hag cackles hysterically as boulder moves
C-SNO-68  Ledge gives way, taking hag with it
C-SNO-69  Dwarfs look over edge as hag falls to death OS
C-SNO-70  LS of dwarfs & animals mourning around sunlit coffin
C-SNO-71  MS of Snow, lifeless in her glass coffin
C-SNO-72  Closer shot of just dwarfs around Snow in coffin
C-SNO-73  LS of Prince arriving, standing beside his horse
C-SNO-74  RV of Prince approaching coffin, dwarfs beside him
C-SNO-75  SV of Snow in open coffin
C-SNO-76  Prince kneels over Snow
C-SNO-77  Prince kisses Snow
C-SNO-78  Prince kneels at coffin, his head bowed in sorrow
C-SNO-79  Group shot of dwarfs looking up sadly
C-SNO-80  CU of Snow beginning to stir
C-SNO-81  Snow sits up & stretches
C-SNO-82  Group shot of dwarfs reacting to above
C-SNO-83  Group shot of animals reacting to above
C-SNO-84  Snow rushes into Prince's arms
C-SNO-85  Snow kisses Doc on the head as two other dwarfs watch
C-SNO-86  Snow kisses Grumpy on head
C-SNO-87  Snow kisses Dopey on head
C-SNO-88  Dwarfs dance around the Prince, carrying Snow to horse
C-SNO-89  The Prince sets Snow on his horse
C-SNO-90  Snow bids farewell to dwarfs & animals
C-SNO-91  LS of Prince leading Snow out of forest
C-SNO-92  LS of Prince's castle gleaming in the clouds
C-SNO-93  LS of Prince & Snow pausing to ponder the sight

C-SOL-1  PR: FLV of posed Solarbabies Jason [Jason Patric], Terra [Jamie Gertz], Daniel [Lukas Haas], Metron [James LeGros], Rabbit [Claude Brooks] & Tug [Peter DeLuise]
C-SOL-2  PR:MS of Jason in skateball uniform, looking aside with hands on hips
C-SOL-3  PR:MS of Terra in skateball uniform, posed with hands on hips
C-SOL-4  MS of Grock [Richard Jordan] & Shandray [Sarah Douglas] exchanging looks as they discuss Bodhi orb

C-SWC-2  MCU of Dust Witch [Pam Grier], spiderweb veil over face, against stark black bg
C-SWC-3  MS of Dust Witch as she appears to Jim & Will inside library, holding handful of mystery
C-SWC-4  MCU of Mr. Dark [Jonathan Pryce] glowering under red glow

C-SIT-1  PR: Elise & Collier pose in beautiful lawn setting
C-SIT-2  Collier about to kiss Elise in bed
C-SIT-3  PR: Soft-focus MS of Elise in beautiful empire line dress
C-SIT-4  PR: Soft-focus MCU of Elise, her head tilted backward
C-SIT-5  PR: Soft-focus MCU of Elise in thoughtful FV pose
C-SIT-6  PR: Soft-focus CU of Elise, head tilted, daydreaming
C-SIT-7  PR: Profile soft-focus CU of Elise looking downward
C-SIT-8  PR: Soft-focus CU of Elise facing forward, looking downward
C-SIT-9  PR: MCU of smiling Richard Collier
C-SIT-10  MS of Elise in beautiful empire line dress
C-SIT-11  MS of Collier & Robinson in confrontation outside Grand Hotel
C-SIT-12  PR: MLS of Elise posed in empire line dress outside hotel
C-SIT-13  MCU of Collier & Elise discussing antique watch she is holding
C-SIT-14  Profile MCU of Collier as he slowly turns to see OS PRT of Elise for first time
C-SIT-16  Profile MS of Collier & Elise at first twilight meeting
C-SIT-17  Cont. #16, Collier doffs his bowler
C-SIT-18  MCU of Elise asking "Is it you?"
C-SIT-19  MCU of Collier taking Elise's hand at her door [her back is turned]
C-SIT-20  Profile MCU of Collier & Elise about to experience their first kiss
C-SIT-21  MS of smiling Elise on stage after delivering her ad-libbed soliloquy
C-SIT-22  MCU of Collier in audience acknowledging the moment
C-SIT-23  MS of Collier about to walk away from Robinson & his threats
C-SIT-24  MS of horrified Elise calling Collier's name as he is pulled from her time OS
C-SIT-25  PR: sumptuous PRT of Elise in lovely high-neck dress & large frilly hat
C-SIT-26  RV of Collier standing & staring at PRT of Elise on wall
C-SIT-27  FLV of Elise leaning hand against tree as she watches OS Collier near
C-SIT-28  MS of Collier, tissue on shave cuts, & Elise laughing during outing
C-SIT-29  FLV of Elise about to deliver on stage soliloquy
C-SIT-30  MLS of Collier leaning against wall next to PRT of Elise, which transfixes him
C-SIT-31  PR: MS of Elise smiling coolly over shoulder into camera beyond highlighted table lamps. Yummy
C-SIT-32  PR: FLV of Collier & Elise posed embracing & looking into camera
C-SIT-33  PR: profile MS of Collier lifting Elise's face to his for romantic kiss
C-SIT-34  FLV of Robinson leading Elise away from Collier
C-SIT-35  MLS of Collier buying snack for Elise from vendor during walk
C-SIT-36  Profile MCU of Elise & Collier, his hand on her shoulder, enjoying themselves during outing
C-SIT-37  FLV of Elise sitting for PRT that brings Collier thru time to her
C-SIT-38  PR: MS of Elise seated back to back with her elderly alter ego against white bg
C-SIT-39  Period sepia-tone photograph PRT of Elise

SON OF BLOB - 1972  [aka BEWARE! THE BLOB] - 1972
C-SOB-1   Title over couple in car covered by the blob
C-SOB-2   Saclike blob attaches to man's legs
C-SOB-3   Small mutt tries to pull slipper away from blo
C-SOB-4   Section of blob hangs like tongue outside car window
C-SOB-5   Cont. #4, couple in car wide-eyed at sight
C-SOB-6   Same as #1 without title
C-SOB-7   MS of Leslie [Carol Lynley] with horror in her eyes
C-SOB-8   Cont. #7, Leslie backs away as blob moves toward her
C-SOB-9   Blob slithers up toward man hanging from rope
C-SOB-10   Big blob outside entrance to bowling alley
C-SOB-11   Big blob about to destroy electrical panel
C-SOB-12   Piece of blob about to destroy set of ten pins
C-SOB-13   Big blob about to destroy a police officer
C-SOB-14   Officers fire rifle bullets into blob

C-SOR-1   DA of Mara & Mira [Lee & Lynette Harris] nude bathing in lake from satyr's POV
C-SOR-2   MS of satyr coming out of hiding
C-SOR-3   MS of nude Mara & Mira clenching fists in anger at OS satyr
C-SOR-4   Cont. #3, twins rear back, fists ready to sock OS satyr
C-SOR-5   Cont. #4, RV of pair about to hit satyr
C-SOR-6   Cont. #5, pair kick satyr, bowling him over
C-SOR-7   MLS of women, in brown wraparound garments, standing ground with fists raised against spear-wielding foes

C-SG-1  MGM PRESENTS over smog-veiled skyline
C-SG-2  Title over truck scooping people in street
C-SG-3  Title over box of human cookies/soylent green
C-SG-4  RV of people rioting in street
C-SG-5  CU of hands grabbing various soylent foodstuffs
C-SG-6  Thorn & Sol [Edward G. Robinson] look over new books
C-SG-7  Simonson [Joseph Cotten] watches Shirl play game
C-SG-8  Thorn & Fielding [Chuck Connors] eye dead Simonson
C-SG-9  Thorn questions furniture about Simonson's murder
C-SG-10  Thorn asks Shirl about slaying
C-SG-11  Thorn shows badge to silk-robed black girl
C-SG-12  Soylent green wafers on conveyor belt
C-SG-13  Thorn, realizing truth, observes wafers on belt

C-SCP-1  PR: FLV of main cast posed before huge American flag, Space Camp  pupils in flightsuits with Zach [Tom Skerritt] & Andie
C-SCP-2  PR: FLV of Andie, Kevin [Tate Donovan], Kathryn, Tish [Kelly Preston], Rudy [Larry B. Scott] & Max [Leaf Phoenix] posed in flightsuits & holding helmets
C-SCP-3  PR: above group in shuttle cockpit, pupils looking to Andie for answers
C-SCP-4  PRT of smiling Kathryn & Kevin cuddling for camera
C-SCP-5  PR: PRT of Andie in flightsuit
C-SCP-6  PR: MLS of smiling Kathryn posed in tan pants, purple top & black vinyl jacket, hands in pockets
C-SCP-7  MCU of Kathryn aboard ship, wearing uniform & headset, smiling over shoulder into camera
C-SCP-8  PRT of Tish sporting big smile & blue top with Spacecamp patch worn Madonna style
C-SCP-9  MS of Andie welcoming Rudy [back turned] to camp
C-SCP-10  FLV of space shuttle starting to lift off in cascades of smoke
C-SCP-11  LS of shuttle clearing launch pad on colorful plume of flame & smoke
C-SCP-12  Ground control view of shuttle after it clears launch pad
C-SCP-13  LS of shuttle tumbling into orbit over Earth
C-SCP-14  FLV of Kathryn experiencing weightlessness aboard ship

C-SC-1  Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster showing giant alien brain, panicked kids & rocketship

C-SCY-1  3/4 FV of the animated space battle cruiser Yamato
C-SCY-2  FV of Yamato in space, a spiral galaxy filling void behind it
C-SCY-3  3/4 RV of Yamato in space, its main & secondary engines firing

C-SHF-1   PR: FLV of Wolff [Peter Strauss] posed against his rough-terrain vehicle, Scrambler
C-SHF-2   PR: FLV of Overdog [Michael Ironside], bizarre half humanoid, half machine bad guy
C-SHF-3   BS: bow of Techno Train in MS showing Rollbike attached to side
C-SHF-4   BS: FLV of Road Ox atop flatcar
C-SHF-5   BS: SV of Rollbike leaning against flatcar
C-SHF-6   BS: FLV of armored Trike beside flatcar
C-SHF-7   BS: 3/4 FV of Scrambler
C-SHF-8   BS: MS of Wolff & Washington [Ernie Hudson] listening to director Lamont Johnson in Forbidden Zone
C-SHF-9   BS: cont. #8, Johnson moves OS as both actors crack up
C-SHF-10   BS: profile MS of Wolff holding cup of coffee
C-SHF-11   BS: MS of truly gross fat female ogre who slides down chute in cave being explored by Wolff
C-SHF-12   BS: FLV of Wolff's spaceship model hanging in front of planet
C-SHF-13   BS: technician arranges spaceship model for flight thru miniature asteroid field
C-SHF-14   BS: cont. #13, different angle shows top of ship
C-SHF-15   BS: cont. #14, pullback shot shows two technicians setting up ship model & asteroids on wires
C-SHF-16   BS: MLS of technician placing one of three escape pods alongside mothership
C-SHF-17   BS: MS of underwater steel swamp creature
C-SHF-18   LS of Washington's vehicle & Scrambler pushing thru Forbidden Zone on rescue mission
C-SHF-19   PR: FLV of Wolff in front of rock wall & greenery, hands on hips
C-SHF-20   PR: MS of Wolff holding gun across chest of Niki [Molly Ringwald] at his side on planet
C-SHF-21   Escape pod flies at camera as starliner explodes in space behind ship
C-SHF-22   Three women step from escape pod landed on Terra 11, one having removed helmet
C-SHF-23   Nice MS of attractive mystery woman in gold spacesuit [sans helmet] scanning terrain
C-SHF-24   MS of Wolff piloting his ship, Chalmers [Andrea Marcovicci] watching him in bg
C-SHF-25   RV of Wolff's ship kicking up dust as it prepares to land on Terra 11
C-SHF-26   MS of Chalmers behind wheel of Scrambler & firing laser cannon atop vehicle
C-SHF-27   Cont. #26, laser blast explodes on Techno Train
C-SHF-28   MCU of Wolff aiming gun inside Scrambler
C-SHF-29   Cont. #28, lower pan shows Wolfe grabbing Niki by collar & pointing gun at her head
C-SHF-30   Profile MS of Wolfefdriving Scrambler as Niki sleeps in back
C-SHF-31   LS of Rollbike jumping flaming wreckage in canyon
C-SHF-32   FLV of techno-swamp
C-SHF-33   FLV of Amazon swamp woman risen from water & licking chops at OS Wolfe
C-SHF-34   Cont. #33, MLS of Wolff pleased at sight of woman
C-SHF-35   MS of Overdog
C-SHF-36   Disguised as guard wearing mask & sack-cape, Wolff starts to climb ladder in Overdog's red-lit lair
C-SHF-37   DA of Niki running thru maze of death, whirring blade in fg
C-SHF-38   FLV of rescuer Wolff leading Niki thru maze
C-SHF-39   Cont. #38, explosion in bg showers pair
C-SHF-40   FLV of Overdog firing his hand
C-SHV-41  Cont. #40, LS of firebolt shooting toward Wolff, who has taken cover
C-SHV-42   MLS of Nikki held fast by two minions of Overdog

C-SRG-1   LS of Proxima Centauri 3 planetary system with legend in lower right  corner
C-SRG-2   Spaceship approaches penal mining colony planet
C-SRG-3   Tighter view of ship making final approach
C-SPG-4   Ground level view of spaceship streaking thru atmosphere between twin moons
C-SPG-5   FV of ship touching down on landing platform at night
C-SPG-6   SV of landed ship
C-SPG-7   LS of ship at daytime just beyond New Botany Bay colony

C-SBL-1  PR: PRT of clinching Lone Starr [Bill Pullman] & Princess Vespa [Daphne Zuniga] reacting to OS inanity
C-SBL-2  PR: MS of Dark Helmet [Rick Moranis] against star bg
C-SBL-3  FLV of miles-long Spaceball spaceship orbiting planet
C-SBL-4  President Skroob [Mel Brooks] sits up in bed, flanked by two smiling bimbos
C-SBL-5  Starr's flying Winnebago moves toward camera in space, away from planet in upper left corner
C-SBL-6  Starr & Barf [John Candy] piloting spacecraft as Vespa & her robot Dot Matrix look on
C-SBL-7  FLV of Yougurt [Brooks] uttering humorless witticisms in front of look-alike God statue

C-SPI-1 Poster art sans logo & text of Tobey Maguire as Spiderman climbing up side of building with street far below
C-SPI-2  PR: MLS of crouching Spidey against bg of skyscrapers
C-SPI-3 MCU of cutie Mary Jane [Kirsten Dunst] in floral print dress, bent forward & smiling aside
C-SPI-4  MS of J. Jonah Jameson [J.K. Simmons] standing in office doorway with framed Daily Bugle on wall announcing Moon walk
C-SPI-5  MS of studious Harry Osborn [James Franco] looking up from homework
C-SPI-6  MCU of Aunt May [Rosemary Harris] putting arm around seated Uncle Ben [Cliff Robertson] as they look aside
C-SPI-7  MS of Mary Jane in crowd, looking back over shoulder toward camera
C-SPI-8  FLV of Maguire as Peter Parker in civvies, clinging to ceiling as he tests his new found powers
C-SPI-9  Profile MS of Norman Osborn [Willem Dafoe] examining test tube
C-SPI-10 MS of Peter in dress shirt & loosened tie, holding his Spidey costume up for inspection
C-SPI-11 FLV of Spidey flying toward camera with arms spread high above city
C-SPI-12 Profile MS of Mary Jane smiling at upside-down Spidey's face as rain pelts them
C-SPI-13 UA of Mary Jane holding onto Spidey's arms as he hoists them into air
C-SPI-14 Osborn stands at head of conference table, OSCORP logo on wall in behind him
C-SPI-15 UA of Osborn as The Green Goblin astride glider
C-SPI-16 FLV of Green Goblin zooming past huge parade balloons atop glider
C-SPI-17 LS of Goblin on glider as he emerges from conflagration
C-SPI-18 Widescreen MLS of Spidey outracing explosion
C-SPI-19 BS: MS of director Sam Raimi [favored] instructing in character Maguire & Dunst on location
C-SPI-20 BS: Maguire as Parker reviews script with producer Laura Ziskin

SPLASH - 1984
C-SPL-1  PR: cast PRT of director Ron Howard, Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks, Eugene Levy & John Candy
C-SPL-2  PR: cont. #1, things get silly, Daryl howls as Howard eats her foot & Candy plays with Hanks' hair
C-SPL-3  PR: MLS of Allen [Hanks], in tuxedo, & Madison [Hannah], wearing long white t-shirt, in romantic pose in front of mermaid water fountain
C-SPL-4  PR: PRT of Allen standing behind Madison with his hands on her shoulders as she sits with legs tucked up
C-SPL-5  PR: luscious PRT of Madison eyeing camera, her hair flowing over front of suit coat
C-SPL-6  Cont. #5, profile shot with hair pulled back to show loosened tie
C-SPL-7  PR: FLV of mermaid Madison warming up beach, her smiling face tucked into palms
C-SPL-8  Cont. #7, tighter FLV with less ocean & richer color. Best of these
C-SPL-9  Cont. #8, tighter, frontal angle with Madison leaning on elbows while smiling aside
C-SPL-10  Cont. #9, FLV with Madison raising tail & upper body
C-SPL-11  PR: MS of Madison posed nude but for necklace, hair strategically covering breasts
C-SPL-12  Title above profiled Madison popping her head out of ocean with gladsome smile
C-SPL-13  Underwater MS of Madison finding Allen's wallet
C-SPL-14  Semi-profile MCU of Madison swimming underwater just below surface
C-SPL-15  Rear end view [literally] of Madison arriving on land en route to Statue of Liberty
C-SPL-16  Cont. #15, provocative RA
C-SPL-17  Cont. #16, MCU of Madison biting lip as she creates mob scene
C-SPL-18  Cont. #17, pullback to MS as police try to disperse crowd
C-SPL-19  MS of Madison, now wearing t-shirt, showing Allen's wallet to two policemen
C-SPL-20  Cont. #19, she smiles big & points OS as officers eye her approvingly
C-SPL-21  Profile MS of Madison, wearing Allen's suit, talking to hotel doorman
C-SPL-22  Amusing MLS of Freddie [Candy], bushed after few minutes of raquetball, with beer & cigarette
C-SPL-23  Profile MCU of Madison planting warm, loving kiss on Allen soon after her arrival on land
C-SPL-24  MLS of Madison attacking poor Allen in elevator
C-SPL-25  MLS of Madison watching Allen fumble with his clothes before renewing attack in his apartment
C-SPL-26  MLS of Allen & Madison during shopping spree
C-SPL-27  MS of Madison demonstrating how to say her name in fish language
C-SPL-28  Cont. #27, Allen covers his ears
C-SPL-29  MCU of smitten Allen [favored] looking into Madison's eyes
C-SPL-30  Cont. #29, RA of smitten Madison
C-SPL-31  Cont. #30, Madison smiles sweetly
C-SPL-32  MS of dressed up Allen & Madison walking hand-in-hand, he eyeing her closely
C-SPL-33  Cont. #32, Madison returns his caring look
C-SPL-34  MCU of Madison tearing into lobster, shell & all
C-SPL-35  Cont. #34, she looks up with mouthful, not realizing she's caused embarrassment
C-SPL-36  MS of Madison twirling gaily on skating rink
C-SPL-37  Cont. #36, MS of Allen watching OS Madison
C-SPL-38  MCU of Madison showing delight over dancing ballet figures in music case
C-SPL-39  Cont. #38, Madison thanks Allen with her eyes
C-SPL-40  Low angle MS of Madison running water as she relaxes in bathtub
C-SPL-41  Looking down on mermaid Madison in tub from ceiling POV
C-SPL-42  Cont. #41, tighter FLV
C-SPL-43  MS of shirtless Allen barking at Madison from outside locked bathroom door
C-SPL-44  CU of Madison rising from under bath water at sound of Allen's voice
C-SPL-45  Cont. #44, Madison begins to panic
C-SPL-46  Cont. #45, low angle FLV of Madison trying to fast-dry fins after flipping out of tub
C-SPL-47  Cont. #46, FLV of Madison, wrapped in towel, making hasty explanation to Allen in doorway
C-SPL-48  MS of Madison smiling up at Allen from edge of water tank in which she's prisoner
C-SPL-49  MLS of Allen & Madison standing on pier, looking up at OS helicopters closing in on them
C-SPL-50  Cont. #49, profile MS of Madison & Allen realizing they must part but not wanting to let go
C-SPL-51  Cont. #50, CU of Madison [favored] about to kiss Allen goodbye
C-SPL-52  Cont. C#51, Madison kisses Allen tenderly
C-SPL-53  Cont. #52, FLV of pair kissing while tightly embraced at edge of pier
C-SPL-54  Profile MCU of Madison swimming up to Allen, floating unconscious underwater
C-SPL-55  Cont. #54, Madison pulls Allen to her & kisses him
C-SPL-56  Cont. #55, Madison's hair flairs as Allen responds
C-SPL-57  FLV of Madison the mermaid & revived Allen happily swimming toward camera together
C-SPL-58  Cont. #10, Madison the mermaid stretched out on beach, upper body raised as she plays with her hair
C-SPL-59  PR: FLV of Madison the mermaid perched on giant fish hook, sensuously eyeing camera
C-SPL-60  Cont. #59, slightly different pose with fins facing opposite direction, lips parted
C-SPL-61  Cont. #60, minutely closer shot with Madison resting cheek against fish hook
C-SPL-62  PR: PRT of smiling Freddie & Madison
C-SPL-63  PR: PRT of smiling Ron Howard wearing spiffy sportcoat & black fedora
C-SPL-64  PR: romantic PRT of Allen & Madison
C-SPL-65  Freddie, smoking cigar & pretending to fish in water tank, waving hello to OS scientists

C-SPY-1   Jaws chokes Bond during fight on train
C-SPY-2   Impressive submarine docking chamber
C-SPY-3   Naomi piloting Stromberg helicopter
C-SPY-4   Bond & Anya pose on location in Egypt
C-SPY-5   Bond the Sheik, surrounded by beautiful harem girls
C-SPY-6   Stromberg's ocean Atlantis churns up water as explosions cause it to begin sinking
C-SPY-7   PR: MS of Anya posed in red swimsuit, holding gun across chest
C-SPY-8   PR: MCU of Anya posed in low-cut gown amid ruins
C-SPY-9   PR: Anya sits on stone steps, wearing dress with crisscross halter top
C-SPY-10   PR: FLV of Naomi posed in bikini & floor length linen wrap
C-SPY-11  PR: FLV of Naomi, in red bikini, about to draw gun from garter belt on thigh

C-SSS-1  Dave leans forward to stare into face of carnival snakeman

C-SLO-1  PR: MS of Orin wielding glowing sword
C-SLO-2  MS of evil Zygon, arms folded & glowering
C-SLO-3  FLV of Dagg pulling Orin along as they run from Zygon pursuit ship

C-STC-1   Title in red over exploding energy bubbles
C-STC-2   PR: MCU of Stella in halter with red collar
C-STC-3   PR: MLS of Stella toting blaster rifle
C-STC-4   PR: MLS of Stella & Akton posed romantically
C-STC-5   View thru entry to bridge of Stella's spaceship
C-STC-6   Akton uses his powers to materialize light-bubbles
C-STC-7   MLS of Elle & Stella in red & silver outfit
C-STC-8   Hyperdrive light-effect
C-STC-9   LS of Stella & Akton standing before disembodied head
C-STC-10   Cont. #9, CU of tentacled head inside globe
C-STC-11   Stella fights with guard to escape prison planet
C-STC-12   Stella's ship leaves orbit of green planet
C-STC-13   Emperor gives orders to Stella, Akton, Thor [Robert Tessier] & Elle
C-STC-14   LS of Stella entering golden arches of deserted ship
C-STC-15   Cont. #14, MS of Stella holding blaster rifle
C-STC-16   Amazons trot captured Stella into chamber
C-STC-17   Elle blasts Amazons as he & Stella escape
C-STC-18   Amazon queen fires eyebeam at giant robot on viewer
C-STC-19   FLV of giant robot chasing Stella & Elle
C-STC-20   MLS of amazon robot hefting sword
C-STC-21   Cont. #20, robot thrusts sword toward camera
C-STC-22   Cont. #21, sword lances into ground, missing Stella
C-STC-23   LS of Stella & Elle running to batwing spaceship
C-STC-24   Akton revives frozen Stella as Elle watches
C-STC-25   MS of two-gun Elle, playing at John Wayne
C-STC-26   Prince Simon, wearing golden mask, stands in dark
C-STC-27   Akton drives off OS Trogs, Stella screams behind him
C-STC-28   FLV of Akton on a ledge wielding laser sword
C-STC-29   LS of Stella, Akton & Simon entering Gorgonia
C-STC-30   MS of one of Zarth Arn's giant metal golems
C-STC-31   MS of two golems brandishing light-swords
C-STC-32   Akton battles both golems with his laser sword
C-STC-33   LS of Emperor, Stella & others watching mental projector
C-STC-34   Small craft enters docking bay of Imperial flagship
C-STC-35   Exterior of a portion of the Imperial flagship
C-STC-36   Arn's golden doomsday machine being activated
C-STC-37   Arn's men defend positions with laser weapons
C-STC-38   Arn's fighter fleet zipping thru space
C-STC-39   FLV of the Space Claw, Arn's base station
C-STC-40   Good MLS of robot Elle pointing two blasters
C-STC-41   PR: MS of helmeted Stella Star floating in space
C-STC-42   PR: Cont. #41, smiling CU, starlight reflecting off helmet
C-STC-43   Stella stands between Thor & Elle, who man spaceship controls
C-STC-44   UA of Stella, blaster rifle at ready, under archway of deserted ship
C-STC-45   Captured Stella hangs from metal beam as Trogs spirit her away
[C-STC-46 & C-STC-47 have English & Italian titles in upper corner]
C-STC-46   PR: MCU of Stella wearing severe expression
C-STC-47   MLS of Stella & Simon in tight, friendly pose
C-STC-48   MS of spacesuited Stella [helmet off] in pilot seat of spaceship listening to Akton
C-STC-49   PR: FLV of spread-legged Stella posed with hands on hips in skimpy leather bikini outfit, body covered in green glow
C-STC-50   Cont. #49, tighter semi-profile FLV of Stella looking aside
C-STC-51   PR: FLV of Stella as above with blaster added to one hand & posed under deserted ship archway

STARMAN - 1984
C-SMAN-1  BS: FLV of director John Carpenter & costars Jeff Bridges & Karen Allen kneel together to discuss next shot as camera crew sets up
C-SMAN-2   BS: Carpenter, Bridges & Allen chatting, seated in director's chairs between takes
C-SMAN-3   BS: Bridges & Carpenter go over script, seated on outdoor set
C-SMAN-4   BS: MLS of Bridges & Allen sharing smiles before shooting roadway scene
C-SMAN-5   PR: Profile MS of bare-chested Starman [Bridges] touching face of romantically beguiled Jenny [Allen]
C-SMAN-6   MCU of Jenny cautiously searching house after hearing noise, forest fire glow behind her
C-SMAN-7   Dark lighting partially silhouettes Starman's face as he completes transformation into Jenny's dead husband
C-SMAN-8   MS of Jenny aiming gun at OS Starman
C-SMAN-9   MS of naked Starman reborn
C-SMAN-10   CU of Starman coldly eyeing OS Jenny
C-SMAN-12   DA shot of Starman, wearing only unzipped pants & jockey shorts, floating in energy state with arms outstretched & six tiny globes in one hand
C-SMAN-13   MCU of Jenny, eyes turn aside, face showing wonder
C-SMAN-14   MLS of team preparing to examine Starman's gleaming spacecraft
C-SMAN-15   MLS of Starman walking toward camera carrying unconscious Jenny in his arms against blue screen before fx added
C-SMAN-16   Profile MS of shirtless Starman unzipping Jenny's jacket in train boxcar, both smiling at each other
C-SMAN-17   MCU of Starman & Jenny making love in boxcar
C-SMAN-18   MCU of Starman pointing out his home to Jenny from open boxcar
C-SMAN-19   Cont. #18, both stare into night sky, her arm around his neck
C-SMAN-20   MS of Starman & Jenny on Las Vegas street, she explaining what occurs inside casinos
C-SMAN-21   Profile MS of Starman & Jenny in tender last embrace at Meteor Crater
C-SMAN-22   MS of Starman placing last globe into Jenny's palm as red beam of Mothership & accompanying snowfall bathe them
C-SMAN-23   Cont. #22, Starman reaches out to touch Jenny's face before leaving
C-SMAN-24   PR: PRT of Starman transformed into Jenny's dead husband
C-SMAN-25   PR: horizontal PRT of smiling Starman & Jenny cheek-to-cheek
C-SMAN-26   BS: in darkened room, technicians prepare to film ringed alien mothership for climax
C-SMAN-27   BS: FLV of Bridges leaning against car, laughing at something OS as film crew rigs camera equipment to vehicle
C-SMAN-28   Voyager spacecraft swings toward ringed planet
C-SMAN-29   Starman's spacship drops toward Earth
C-SMAN-30   Alien light ascends from flaming wake of Starman crash lands
C-SMAN-31   CU of Jenny feeling about room, sensing something strange
C-SMAN-32   MS of stunned Jenny, face bathed in blue light coming from outside
C-SMAN-33   RV of naked Starman seen thru window extending glowing globe as he phones home
C-SMAN-34   Cont. #33, front MS of Starman as ball rises from hand
C-SMAN-35   MCU of Starman riding in car, his silly grin telling Jenny: "I can't get no satisfaction"
C-SMAN-36   Starman's spaceship hoisted by net from burned out forest
C-SMAN-37   UA of Shermin [Charles Martin Smith] finding disc from Voyager in Starman's ship
C-SMAN-38   MS of hunter tweaking Starman's cheek, Jenny looking on warily
C-SMAN-39   Gamblers marvel as Starman pulls off $500,000 slot machine jackpot in Las Vegas
C-SMAN-40   MS of Starman extending hand to camera, offering globe in palm
C-SMAN-41  Shermin sits with Starman in cafe as Jenny watches
C-SMAN-42   MCU of Shermin failing to reason with Fox [Richard Jaeckel]
C-SMAN-43   Jenny laughs at Starman's remark as they ride in back of truck
C-SMAN-44   UA of ringed mothership as it descends
C-SMAN-45   CU of Starman expressing his love for Jenny under bathing red beam of mothership
C-SMAN-46   Cont. #45, CU of Jenny as Starman's hand touches her lips
C-SMAN-47   Cont. #46, CU of Jenny expressing her love for Starman
C-SMAN-48   Cont. #47, MS of Jenny & Starman clinching, lips about to meet
C-SMAN-49   FLV of Starman waving goodbye to OS Jenny
C-SMAN-50   CU of Jenny gazing with sense of loss at departing Starman

C-SI-1  MS of Phi with Professor Duncan [Robert Vaughn] in bg
C-SI-2  Rameses at controls of his starship
C-SI-4  Two Legion of Winged Serpent aliens leave landed ship
C-SI-5  Gazeth stands alongside robot
C-SI-6  Gazeth entrapped aboard Rameses' ship
C-SI-7  Sparks fly off chest of robot as he gets zapped
C-SI-8  Title over Anaxi [Daniel Pilon] in CU with saucer in bg
C-SI-9  Miniscule title over explosion in sky
C-SI-10   LS of saucer armada in deep space
C-SI-11   Armada travels between Sun & Moon
C-SI-12  Two saucers in CU approaching Earth
C-SI-13   Cont. #12, saucers further away
C-SI-14   Saucer flies over illuminated ocean at night
C-SI-15   Cont. #14, CU of saucer before it leaves frame
C-SI-16   MS of saucer touching down at night
C-SI-17   Bright explosions in sky with surrounding aura
C-SI-18   Sagnac [Sherri Ross] in red glow aims raygun
C-SI-19   MS of zapped robot on its side on floor
C-SI-20   Flying saucer hovers over station wagon on deserted road
C-SI-21   LS of flying saucer hovering over field
C-SI-22   Flying saucer in orbit around Earth

C-SST-1  PR: MCU of Rico, ready for some heavy duty bug fightin'
C-SST-2  PR: CU of Dizzy in battle armor (minus helmet)
C-SST-3  PR: MCU of Dizzy, Shujumi (Anthony Ruivivar), Rico & Katrina (Blake Lindsley) looking over rocks at battlefield
C-SST-4  PR: Rico stands behind Zander Barcalow (Patrick Muldoon) & Carmen, who has controls of retrieval boat
C-SST-5  Helmeted Rico runs toward camera as tanker bug looms behind him
C-SST-6  LS of troopers rushing from drop ships on Tango Urilla
C-SST-7  Cont. #6, similar, longer shot
C-SST-8  Four Mobile Infantry troopers approach bug in fg -- welcome to Klendathu night life!
C-SST-9  Bug's-eye-view of alien hordes approaching Whiskey Outpost
C-SST-10  Orbiting Starship fleet is bombarded by blasts of bug plasma
C-SST-11  BS: Verhoeven points past Van Dien on Whiskey Outpost set
C-SST-12  BS: Verhoeven directs Denise on bridge of Rodger Young as Strong & Muldoon look on
C-SST-13  Starship Troopers logo against starfield
C-SST-14  CU of stern Rico in beret, reporting for training at Camp Currie
C-SST-15  CU of stern Dizzy in beret, arriving late for training
C-SST-16  Carmen and pilot friend (Amy Smart) in Fleet Trainer en route to Rodger Young
C-SST-17  Carmen, her back to camera, reports to Captain Deladier (Brenda Strong) on bridge of Rodger Young
C-SST-18  RV of Carmen & Zander as Carmen backs Rodger Young out of docking bay
C-SST-19  LS of aftermath of bug-directed meteor attack on Buenos Aires -- this means war!
C-SST-20  Rodger Young narrowly escapes collision with underside of asteroid
C-SST-21  Zander, Carmen & Deladier react at sight of asteroid
C-SST-22  Carmen desperately tries to pilot ship away from asteroid as Zander stands beside her
C-SST-23  MCU of the "fab four" -- Rico, Dizzy, Kitten Smith (Matt Levin) & Levy -- as they display their new "Death From Above" tattoos aboard Ticonderoga Battle Station
C-SST-24  Kitten, Rico & Dizzy walk side-by-side, excited over impending battle
C-SST-25  Head-on view of Rodger Young & fleet of ships nearing Klendathu
C-SST-26  SV of armada over Klendathu
C-SST-27  DA of hanger deck as troopers rushing to board drop ships
C-SST-28  Fleet releases tiny drop ships over Klendathu
C-SST-29  CU of detaching drop ship from underside of Rodger Young
C-SST-30  Bug-launched plasma bolts streak by ships in orbit
C-SST-31  Cont. #30, ships roll to avoid plasma bolts but it's futile
C-SST-32  RV of Carmen & Zander at stations on bridge of Rodger Young, watching ship explode before them
C-SST-33  Undersides of drop ships ready to land on Klendathu as one explodes
C-SST-34  Landed drop ships discharge hordes of Mobile Infantry troopers as plasma bursts light up night sky like fireworks
C-SST-35  MS of Dizzy in forefront of rushing troopers
C-SST-36  MS of a few menacing bugs emerging from behind rocks
C-SST-37  A lone trooper, his back to us, opens fire on looming bug
C-SST-38  CU of Rico and Dizzy standing at attention with new unit, Rasczak's Roughnecks
C-SST-39  CU of Rasczak (Michael Ironside) addressing outfit: "Everyone fights, no one quits," says he
C-SST-40  In high orbit around Tango Urilla, starships disgorge TAC fighters
C-SST-41  Rico, Dizzy, Sugar Watkins (Seth Gilliam) & rest of gang primed for action, Morita guns at ready
C-SST-42  CU of helmeted Rico looking up at OS Tanker Bug as panicked troopers run by in bg
C-SST-43  Corporal Birdie looks in horror at melted right arm
C-SST-44  Aerial drop ships release bombs, causing huge explosion among bugs
C-SST-45  Trooper takes aim with grenade launcher
C-SST-46  Grenade trails smoke as it shoots down bug hole, bugs on either side
C-SST-47  View thru Rasczak's gun sight of Sgt. Gillespie (Curnal Aulisio), struggling in clutches of winged hopper bug
C-SST-48  Cont. #47, closer view of agonized Gillespie writhing on rocky outcropping, pierced by hopper bug
C-SST-49  LS of serene Whiskey Outpost on rocky surface of Planet P
C-SST-50  CU of armored Dizzy (sans helmet), uneasy inside Whiskey Outpost
C-SST-51  CU of Rasczak shouting orders, ramparts of outpost behind him
C-SST-52  Hordes of bugs swarm toward outpost in distance
C-SST-53  Bugs approach ramparts, tiny soldiers atop them
C-SST-54  Soldiers in fg aim at approaching bugs
C-SST-55  Bugs rush fort walls, almost reaching top as soldiers open fire at them
C-SST-56  Solo trooper fires from inside outpost as bugs begin to launch themselves over walls
C-SST-57  Excellent shot of large bug (favored) climbing over wall & attacking hapless troopers
C-SST-58  Profile MCU of trooper, Morita at ready, swarm of bugs behind him
C-SST-59  AV of Whiskey Outpost as warrior bugs sweep across desert plain & hopper bugs fly overhead
C-SST-60  Superb full-on view of descending hopper bug
C-SST-61  RV of soldier manning emplacement guns as hoppers swarm down
C-SST-62  Four troopers manning the ramparts of Whiskey Outpost fire at hopper bugs swooping down on their position
C-SST-63  Tanker bug erupts thru ground of outpost as trooper covers head in fg
C-SST-64  Cont. #63, tanker bug pulls itself out of hole -- great view of bug
C-SST-65  Cont. #64, different angle of tanker bug emerging from hole
C-SST-66  Tanker bug notices two hapless troopers running toward camera in fg
C-SST-67  Cont. #66, crispy troopers sizzle in fg as tanker shoots huge flame ball
C-SST-68  Tanker bug in fg spits fire at descending drop ship
C-SST-69  Underside of landing drop ship, its running lights agleam
C-SST-70  AV as troops swarm to retrieval boats & drop ships (one still in process of landing)
C-SST-71  Rico & Dizzy pull legless Rasczak out of bug hole as troopers race by
C-SST-72  MS of astonished Dizzy getting skewered by bug looming behind her
C-SST-73  DA of Dizzy's funeral in lifepod bay of Rodger Young as soldiers in rigid formation pay respects to her coffin
C-SST-74  CU of Carmen in flight uniform & Johnny in beret, emotional over Dizzy's demise
C-SST-75  MS of agonized Carmen, laying in dirt, shoulder impaled by bug claw
C-SST-76  CU of uniformed Carl Jenkins (Neil Patrick Harris), smirking at victory as troops cheer behind him

C-STM-1   PR: Enterprise command crew poses on bridge in new uniforms
C-STM-2   PR: Kirk at command console flanked by Spock & McCoy
C-STM-3   PR: Shatner, Wise, Roddenberry, Kelley & Nimoy on bridge
C-STM-4   PR: MCU of Kirk, serious
C-STM-5   PR: MS of Spock at library console on bridge
C-STM-6   PR: is MCU of McCoy smiling
C-STM-7   FV of Enterprise inside hanger bay
C-STM-8   PR: entire Enterprise bridge crew poses in new uniforms
C-STM-9   Candid MS of Persis Khambatta in silver head dress
C-STM-10   Cont. #9, more composed, Persis smiles for camera
C-STM-13   PR: FLV of main cast posed on bridge [we favor this shot over C-STM-1 & C-STM-8]
C-STM-14   PR: seated Kirk posed with Spock, McCoy, Decker & Ilia
C-STM-15   PR: Kirk, Spock & McCoy pose in Kirk's quarters
C-STM-18   PR: Decker & Ilia in striking & intimate MCU
C-STM-19   PR: Kirk stands in open doorway of airtram
C-STM-20   PR: FLV of Kirk standing outside airtram
C-STM-21   PR: MS of Spock at bridge console with his hands clasped
C-STM-23   PR: MS of Ilia posed on bridge in duty uniform
C-STM-24   PR: MS of Ilia posed in white leisure robe on black bg
C-STM-25   PR: MLS of Ilia, crystal attached to throat, posed on red bg
C-STM-28   PR: MLS of McCoy posed in standard uniform on black bg
C-STM-29   PR: PRT of Chekov
C-STM-30   PR: PRT of Janice Rand
C-STM-32   PR: FLV of Sonak [Jon Rashad Kamal] posed in front of console
C-STM-33   Enterprise flies over head of Kirk & main crew [composite]
C-STM-34   Enterprise in space above FLV of Kirk & crew [composite]
C-STM-35   Light fx over Enterprise above CU of Kirk & Spock [composite]
C-STM-36   Enterprise in space framed by six other ship models [composite]
C-STM-37   Persis as Ilia & herself with Enterprise on starfield [composite]
C-STM-38   PR: FLV of insect-like Zaranite
C-STM-39   PR: FLV of Arcturian [alias Droopy]
C-STM-40   PR: MS of turtle-like, helmeted Rigellian Lord
C-STM-41   PR: FLV of Rigellian Lord
C-STM-42   PR: MS of Rigellian attendant holding staff
C-STM-43   PR: FLV of golden-helmeted Shaman priest of O'Ryan's Planet
C-STM-44   PR: FLV of black-cowled Megarite
C-STM-45   PR: MS of Betelgeusian chief ambassador
C-STM-46   PR: MCU of antennaed Andorian woman
C-STM-47   PR: FLV of two elderly Andorian women flanking Andorian man
C-STM-48   PR: Sonak & woman [Susan Sullivan] writhe in transporter before fx are added
C-STM-49   BS: MS of Kirk, McCoy & Chapel sharing laugh on bridge
C-STM-51   PR: DA of Ilia striking "Here I Am" pose with big laugh & her arms spread wide as McCoy peeks thru door she just tore open
C-STM-52   BS: LS of film crew shooting scene near airtram
C-STM-53   BS: film crew makes ready to shoot inside Enterprise corridor
C-STM-54   BS: LS of cameraman filming Enterprise crew on recreation deck
C-STM-55   BS: MS of technician wiring Enterprise model
C-STM-56   BS: MS of painter touching up Enterprise model
C-STM-57   BS: RV of Enterprise model as technician works on it
C-STM-61   BS: RV of Enterprise model as man peeks thru space dock
C-STM-63   BS: 3/4 FV of Klingon ship model in total darkness
C-STM-64   BS: RV of Klingon ship model in total darkness
C-STM-65   BS: SV of hands attaching sled to Surak shuttle model
C-STM-66   BS: AV of the Surak on black bg
C-STM-67   BS: MS of technician working on travel pod model
C-STM-68   BS: FLV of travel pod mounted on work stand
C-STM-69   BS: MCU of painter touching up model of Work Bee
C-STM-70   BS: CU of painter's hands touching up Work Bee
C-STM-71   BS: LS of full-scale airtram in early stages of construction
C-STM-72   FV of Klingon warship on deep blue starfield. Truly impressive
C-STM-73   LS of Klingon captain & aide on grimy-looking bridge of warship
C-STM-74   MS of three tense Klingon crewmen during red alert
C-STM-75   MS of Klingon captain [Mark Lenard]
C-STM-76   LS of Spock standing with Masters on Vulcan
C-STM-77   Cont. #76, closer view as Spock salutes Masters
C-STM-78   MS of Spock kneeling at the plateau of Gol on Vulcan
C-STM-79   Cont. #78, Spock senses an off-planet consciousness
C-STM-80   DA of circular Starfleet emblem on floor of San Francisco Hqts
C-STM-81   LS of escalator of busy Headquarters tram station
C-STM-83   FLV of orbital space office complex on black
C-STM-84   Cont. #83, lush starfield & travel pod added
C-STM-86   MS of Kirk & Scotty inside travel pod
C-STM-87   SV of Enterprise pylon section behind space dock
C-STM-89   FV of Enterprise in space dock before starfield added
C-STM-90   Cont. #89, starfield & travel pod added
C-STM-91   Cont. #90, pullback shot shows all of dock
C-STM-92   3/4 FV of Enterprise pylon section inside space dock
C-STM-94   Slight UA of Enterprise in deep space
C-STM-97   Crewman pushes antigravity platform thru blue-hued corridor
C-STM-98   3/4 SV of Enterprise in deep space
C-STM-99   Cont. #98, higher angle on ship & lusher starfield
C-STM-100   RV of Enterprise just before it enters warp drive
C-STM-104   Spock offers services as science officer at his bridge station after surprising crew
C-STM-106   Spock stands before computer displays at his station
C-STM-107   Spock helps Scotty repair warp drive
C-STM-110   Kirk [fg], Decker & Spock silently watch viewscreen
C-STM-111   MS of Spock at consoles, eyes riveted at OS viewer
C-STM-112   LS of Bridge crew scrambling during red alert
C-STM-113   Kirk, McCoy & Spock face Ilia-probe by sonic shower
C-STM-114   MCU of a blank-eyed Ilia-probe
C-STM-116   Cont. #115, RA with body chart on wall
C-STM-119   Kirk questions Ilia-probe after clearing bridge
C-STM-120   Kirk about to touch Ilia-probe, testing her [bit dark]
C-STM-121   DA on group standing on primary hull personnel hatch
C-STM-122   RV of group about to enter heart of V'ger
C-STM-123   MS of Ilia-probe entering V'ger brain center
C-STM-125   DA of group as V'ger complex turns magenta
C-STM-126   Spock, McCoy pull Kirk backward out of V'ger complex. Scene is deep red
C-STM-127   MS of Kirk before saying "Out there. Thataway."
C-STM-128   Composite: Enterprise soars over heads of Spock, Kirk & McCoy
C-STM-129   Composite: Klingon captain & aide react to space cloud. Inset in upper right hand corner of plasma bolt ringing their cruiser
C-STM-130   LS of crew on Enterprise hull overlooking bridge expanse that ends in darkness
C-STM-132   3/4 RV of Enterprise before warping into hyperspace
          [NOTE: #133-146 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-STM-133   LS of Starfleet Headquarters tram station before San Francisco matte added to bg
C-STM-134   RV of Spock facing Masters on plateau of Gol set. Scaffolding visible in bg
C-STM-135   MCU of female Master looking down
C-STM-136   RV of lit Enterprise from connecting dorsal to primary hull
C-STM-137   LS of engine room showing matter-anti-matter reactor flowing with energy
C-STM-138   Closing on Enterprise travel pod docking bay
C-STM-139   Panoramic view of entire crew in Enterprise assembly hall, all looking at OS viewer
C-STM-140   CU of Spock talking into helmet mike at start of spacewalk. Red hue
C-STM-141   LS of orifice leading to inner V'ger chamber
C-STM-142   Interior of V'ger from Enterprise POV. Scene filled with blue-lit ball images
C-STM-143   Green-hued space lips image Spock sees during his EVA [before bg fx were added]
C-STM-144   Panoramic view of V'ger's home planet from Spock's POV during his spacewalk
C-STM-145   LS of Spock tumbling back toward Enterprise & a waiting Kirk. Fine matte composite
C-STM-146   LS of Kirk & others inside V'ger brain center. Blue hue & lots of detail
C-STM-147   Composite: Klingon captain prominent against starfield, three warships around his head
C-STM-155   DA of brightly-lit space office complex as cargo carrier crosses its path. Earth in bg
C-STM-160   Enterprise comes out of warp & into wormhole
C-STM-162   Chapel & Ilia tend to Chekov's injured hand as Decker takes his station in bg
C-STM-163   LS of Enterprise temporarily at rest inside voluminous V'ger
C-STM-164   ELS of Spock & detached thruster pack floating over representation of V'ger home planet
C-STM-165   MLS of Decker & Ilia-probe about to evolve as light fx dance around them
C-STM-166   FLV of Spock & McCoy pulling Kirk back & out of V'ger brain center
C-STM-167   LS of light fx consuming V'ger brain center as Kirk, Spock & McCoy dash for safety
C-STM-168   BS: technicians operate motion control unit around Enterprise in space dock
C-STM-169   Candid DA shot of Spock kneeling on Gol set
C-STM-170   Enterprise leaves Earth orbit & sunrise
C-STM-171   3/4 RV of Enterprise about to enter hyperdrive
C-STM-172   Cont. #171, Enterprise blurs as light streaks representing hyperspace approach
C-STM-174   RV of Enterprise going into space cloud
C-STM-175   BS: camera crew films travel pod model [Kirk & Scotty in window]
          [NOTE: #176-204 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-STM-176   DA of space office complex as cargo carrier crosses it path. Earth fills half of bg
C-STM-177   Travel pod leaves complex behind
C-STM-178   Scotty maneuvers travel pod thru space, bit of Earth in lower corner
C-STM-179   SV of Enterprise in space dock
C-STM-180   FV of Enterprise in space dock
C-STM-181   travel pod POV of Enterprise primary hull
C-STM-182   Cont. #181, we pass light grid over saucer
C-STM-183   FV of travel pod backing into docking area
C-STM-184   SV of pod locking on to Enterprise
C-STM-185   Enterprise leaves Earth orbit & sunrise
C-STM-186   FV of Enterprise caught in wormhole
C-STM-187   Looking down throat of wormhole with asteroid at its center
C-STM-188   Wide view of space cloud [some static activity within its center]
C-STM-189   LS of Enterprise holding station outside aperture leading to inner V'ger chamber
C-STM-190   Cont. #189, RA of Enterprise
C-STM-191   RV of Spock igniting thruster suit in front of orifice
C-STM-192   Cont. #191, Spock speeds toward target
C-STM-193   Panoramic view of machine planet surface
C-STM-194   Spock's POV of space lips surrounded by storehouse of planets
C-STM-195   Spock's POV of tubular strobe-lit tunnel
C-STM-196   MCU of Spock, Ilia's sensor reflecting brightly off his helmet faceplate
C-STM-197   Cont. #196, stored Ilia [throat-sensor glowing radiantly]
C-STM-198   Cont. #197, Spock mind-melds with sensor
C-STM-199   Funnel of light consumes Decker as he merges with V'ger
C-STM-200   LS of Kirk, Spock & McCoy hot-footing it out of light-consumed V'ger brain center
C-STM-201   3/4 RV of Klingon captain & aide watching cloud on warship viewscreen. Hell of a shot
C-STM-202   RV of Enterprise entering gloriously colorful wormhole [that was not used because it was considered too pretty]
C-STM-203   RV of Spock's shuttle with Enterprise directly in front of it
C-STM-204   Cont. #203, 3/4 RV of shuttle closing in on Enterprise ahead
C-STM-205   PR: FV of Klingon warrior posed in full makeup & uniform
C-STM-206   PR: RV of Klingon as above
C-STM-207   PR: 3/4 FV of man modeling spacesuit & thruster pack Spock uses in V'ger fly over
C-STM-208   PR: RV of suit & thruster pack as above
C-STM-209   Bottom view of Klingon warship model on animation stand
C-STM-210   FV of Klingon warship model on stand
C-STM-211   3/4 SV of Klingon warship model on stand
C-STM-212   RV of Klingon warship model on stand
C-STM-213   Slight DA/FV of Klingon warship on black bg
C-STM-214   3/4 FV of Surak sled-shuttle on black bg
C-STM-215   SV of sled-shuttle on black bg
C-STM-216   RV of sled-shuttle on black bg
C-STM-217   Klingon captain's aide moves to side of crewman at forward station on warship
C-STM-218   MLS of warship bridge with two crewmen at forward station, one standing in center & two others seated in bg
C-STM-219   FV of three Klingon warships before engaging space cloud
C-STM-220   Cont. #219, tighter shot with third ship having moved OS
C-STM-221   FV/DA of Klingon warship fore section
C-STM-222   Tight RV of Klingon warship entering space cloud, part of second ship in corner
C-STM-223   Cont. #222, both ships fully into cloud
C-STM-224   Cont. #223, all three ships fully into cloud
C-STM-225   SV of Klingon warship being digitalized from tip to midsection
C-STM-226   LS of energy bolt ballooning around warship as it leaves cloud, part of second ship in fg
C-STM-227   Spectacular RV of Enterprise within cloud as energy bolt closes
C-STM-228   Enterprise viewscreen image of energy bolt from within cloud
C-STM-229   Enterprise viewscreen image of V'ger interior
C-STM-230   BS: FLV of Spock in ritual robes on plateau of Gol between takes
C-STM-231   MCU of kneeling Spock halting at Master's hand as he senses off-world consciousness
C-STM-232   MCU of Ilia-probe in sonic shower
C-STM-233   RV of Enterprise in space dock
C-STM-234   Head-on shot of Enterprise in space
C-STM-235   MS of spacesuited Kirk & Spock during EVA within cloud [both faces visible]
C-STM-236   PR: PRT of Kirk, Spock & McCoy. Orange bg
C-STM-237   PR: FLV of Ilia posed in white leisure outfit. Red bg
C-STM-238   PR: FLV of Ilia posed in Enterprise corridor
C-STM-239   PR: PRT of Spock on black bg
C-STM-240   PR: PRT of Ilia, hand to throat
C-STM-241   PR: MS of Spock seated at his station turned to camera
          [NOTE: #242-253 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-STM-242   MS of Decker at station, recommending further simulation study to OS Kirk
C-STM-243   MCU of Kirk telling OS Decker there's no time
C-STM-244   MS of Decker wearing resigned expression
C-STM-245   MCU of Kirk telling Scotty that warp drive is needed now
C-STM-246   McCoy leans over Kirk's shoulder, cautioning: "Jim, you're pushing..."
C-STM-247   MCU of Kirk looking up at McCoy
C-STM-248   MS of crewman informing Scotty, at Enterprise console: "That's it, sir, I can't do any better"
C-STM-249   MCU of Scotty warning: "It's borderline on the simulator..."
C-STM-250   MS of Kirk ordering warp drive engaged, Bones leans on rail at his shoulder
C-STM-251   Wide-angle shot of Ilia, Sulu & Kirk as warp drive is punched in
C-STM-252   SV of Enterprise moment before accelerating into warp drive
C-STM-253   Warp speed effect fills frame, Enterprise a speck at glowing center
C-STM-255   PRT of full cast plus director Robert Wise & Gene Roddenberry on bridge, all smiles
           [NOTE: #A1-A75 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-STM-A1   BS: film crewman holds clapboard next to Kirk seated in command chair
C-STM-A2   BS: RV of bridge crew as part of production schedule appears on viewscreen
C-STM-A3   BS: Kirk jokes with Ilia-probe on bridge, Decker & Spock watch
C-STM-A4   Cont. #A3, BS: Ilia-probe laughs at Kirk's joke
C-STM-A5   SV of two Klingon warships as torpedo is fired into cloud [scene cut from film]
C-STM-A6   Looking down maw of radiant, colorful wormhole effect [not used in film]
C-SMT-A7   LS of workbee flying toward hilltop docking bay, city of San Francisco & matte cloud painting in bg [scene cut from film]
C-STM-A8   Spacesuited Kirk & Spock inside V'ger during unused memory walk sequence
C-STM-A9   RV of three Klingon warships heading into space cloud
C-STM-A10   MCU of Klingon captain ordering torpedoes fired [some scratches]
C-STM-A11   Cloud energy bolt envelops one of two Klingon ships attempting to escape [one vertical emulsion scratch]
C-STM-A12   Viewscreen depiction of Klingon tactical plot: two down, one to go
C-STM-A13   Tiny spacesuited figure hovers outside monitor station Epsilon 9
C-STM-A14   RV of Klingon ship about to fire aft torpedo
C-STM-A15   Aft section of Klingon ship as vessel tries to escape cloud in bg
C-STM-A16   Cont. #15, energy bolt hits aft of warship
C-STM-A17   Cargo carrier leaves space office complex docking bay
C-STM-A18   RV of Enterprise in space dock
C-STM-A19   RV of Kirk & Scotty inside travel pod as they approach Enterprise from behind
C-STM-A20   3/4 RV of Enterprise in space dock
C-STM-A21   Travel pod POV of Enterprise primary hull
C-STM-A22   MS of Kirk [favored] telling Decker he's taking over command of Enterprise
C-STM-A23   MS of Scotty listening to OS Kirk & Decker, crewman & woman stand beside Scotty
C-STM-A24   Transporter shimmers as Rand & Kirk man controls in bg
C-STM-A25   Cont. #A24, McCoy's image takes shape
C-STM-A26   MCU of Ilia bent over navigator station
C-STM-A27   Cont. #A26, Ilia makes a report
C-STM-A28   Cont. #A27, Ilia looks up
C-STM-A29   MS of Kirk turned around in command chair as wormhole appears on viewscreen behind him
C-STM-A30   Cont. #A29, RV of bridge crew hit by distortion effect as wormhole continues on screen
C-STM-A31   RV of Enterprise entering wormhole [see #202 for comparison shot]
C-STM-A32   RV of Kirk & crew as asteroid explodes on viewscreen
C-STM-A33   Cont. #A32, explosion blossoms
C-STM-A34   Cont. #A33, explosion dissipates
C-STM-A35   Cont. #A34, only deep space remains
C-STM-A36   MCU of McCoy cautioning Kirk about giving in to his obsessions
C-STM-A37   DA of McCoy & Chekov entering bridge as rest of crew observes approach of OS cloud
C-STM-A38   Kirk, Decker & Spock fix gazes on cloud appearing on OS viewscreen
C-STM-A39   MS of Spock at station, lips pursed
C-STM-A40  Cont. #A39, Spock makes a report
C-STM-A41   MS of Kirk bending forward on bridge
C-STM-A42   MS of McCoy on bridge, Kirk, Decker & Spock [seated]
C-STM-A43   MS of Sulu at helm, Chekov beside him, Uhura at station in bg, all have attention fixed OS
C-STM-A44   Cont. #A43, opposite angle on Sulu, Kirk & Decker in bg
C-STM-A45   MCU of Sulu making a report
C-STM-A46   MCU of Uhura at her station as she looks up
C-STM-A47   MCU of Spock making a report from station
C-STM-A48   Tiny spacesuited Kirk floats between V'ger orifice & Enterprise
C-STM-A50   MCU of Kirk shouting command on bridge
C-STM-A51   SV of Chekov at station as tendrils of light zap his hands
C-STM-A52   RV of Decker looking down at Ilia-probe in sickbay
C-STM-A53   MCU of Decker looking down at OS Ilia-probe
C-STM-A54   MCU of McCoy & Kirk looking down at OS Ilia-probe
C-STM-A55   LS of Decker & Ilia-probe entering recreation room
C-STM-A56   Cont. #A55, Decker invites Ilia-probe over to game area
C-STM-A57   Cont. #A56, Decker & Ilia-probe bend over game
C-STM-A58   MS of Decker & Ilia-probe in her quarters, McCoy reflected in mirror behind them
C-STM-A59   Profile MCU of spacesuited Spock prepared to embark on his V'ger flyover
C-STM-A60   DA of Spock gripping thruster hand controls
C-STM-A61   RV of Spock igniting thruster before V'ger fx added
C-STM-A62   Spock's POV of plasma-energy corridor
C-STM-A63   RV of Spock beginning to mind-meld with stored Ilia
C-STM-A64   McCoy & Kirk confer in sickbay as Spock rises from bed in bg, Chapel & medic look on
C-STM-A65   Tactical display of V'ger's offense satellites taking orbit over Earth
C-STM-A66   RV of landing party on rim of Enterprise with bridge spread before them
C-STM-A67   DA of V'ger brain center as Kirk & party approach NASA deep space probe
C-STM-A68   MCU of Ilia-probe waiting to get chummy with OS Decker [scene tinted red]
C-STM-A69   CU of Ilia-probe moving into shimmering light fx to join with OS Decker
C-STM-A70   FV of two Klingon warships before engaging space cloud
C-STM-A71   DA on fore section of Klingon warship
C-STM-A72   FV of travel pod moving alongside space dock, space office complex & Earth in bg
C-STM-A73   Enterprise flies toward Jupiter & its moons
C-STM-A74   Looking past Enterprise at V'ger orifice giving off lightning effect
C-STM-A75   FV of Enterprise in space dock, travel pod at left & Earth in bg

C-ST2-1   PR: 3/4 profile MS of Kirk seated in command chair, contemplating
C-ST2-2   PR: PRT of Spock
C-ST2-3   PR: PRT of McCoy
C-ST2-4   PRT of Scotty
C-ST2-5   PRT of Saavik
C-ST2-6   PR: MS of Khan, medallion on bare chest
C-ST2-7   PR: PR: PRT of David Marcus & Saavik
C-ST2-8   PR: MS of Khan, two female members of his tribe on either arm
C-ST2-9   Spacesuited Chekov & Capt. Terrell [Paul Winfield] explore yellow sands of planet Ceti Alpha V
C-ST2-10   Khan grabs captured Chekov's spacesuit [helmet off], Terrell looks on
C-ST2-11   MS of Saavik in profile listening to Spock gives her lesson in logic aboard Enterprise
C-ST2-12   Taking photon torpedo hit, sparks & fires wrack Enterprise bridge
C-ST2-13   Enterprise in bg approaches Regula 1 space lab, tight in fg Mutara Nebula colors scene
C-ST2-14   MS of Kirk clutching just revived Chekov as Terrell, McCoy & Saavik look on inside space lab
C-ST2-15   David, having tackled Kirk to floor & put knife to his throat, looks to camera
C-ST2-16   FV of Reliant in orbit on dark side of dead planetoid Regula
C-ST2-17   MLS of Kirk aiming phaser at camera, about to kill OS Ceti eel, Carol, David & Saavik in bg
C-ST2-18   Above & aft of her, Enterprise fires phasers at Reliant, tight in fg, hitting weapons pod center
C-ST2-19   MCU of Spock pressing hand to McCoy's face after applying nerve pinch
C-ST2-20   MS of McCoy & Scotty restraining Kirk from rushing to OS reactor room where Spock is dying
C-ST2-21   PR: standing McCoy & Spock flank seated Kirk as all stare OS
C-ST2-22   PR: Eleven-element shot of action scenes in space, on Ceti & aboard Enterprise with centered title
C-ST2-23   3/4 RV of Enterprise streaking into warp drive
C-ST2-24   MS of Kirk looking over Spock's shoulder at his station, David watches dad from side
C-ST2-25   Two-shot of Sulu & Kirk, behind him in command chair, both intent on OS viewscreen
C-ST2-26   FV of Kirk, Saavik, Sulu & David reacting as they see Reliant firing on them
C-ST2-27   Tight on Reliant firing phaser
C-ST2-28   Tight on Enterprise secondary hull
C-ST2-29   Phaser strikes engine room section of Enterprise
C-ST2-30   Tight on Enterprise firing phasers
C-ST2-31   Tight on Reliant primary hull taking phaser hit behind bridge & below weapons pod
C-ST2-32   MS of Spock at station turned to OS Kirk & giving report during red alert
C-ST2-33   Silent Reliant bridge, Khan laid back in command chair eyeing viewscreen, Joachim mans navigation console
C-ST2-34   Kahn is up out of chair & pointing at Joachim's side, having spotted his quarry on viewscreen
C-ST2-35   RV of Enterprise nearing Mutara Nebula
C-ST2-36   LS of Genesis device detonating on surface of dead moon per Carol's computer simulation
C-ST2-37   Spectacular Genesis effect sweeps horizon of moon
C-ST2-38   Tight on moon as Genesis effect spreads brilliance
C-ST2-39   BS: SV of Reliant on black bg
C-ST2-40   BS: Top view of Reliant on black bg
C-ST2-41   BS: MS of makeup man toughing up Spock's face
C-ST2-42   PR: Cast PRT on bridge of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura & Scotty
C-ST2-43   PR: MLS of Kirk in command chair flanked by McCoy & Spock
C-ST2-44   PR: Kirk, Uhura, Sulu & McCoy huddle at controls
C-ST2-45   PR: MS of Kirk standing tall, hand around belt buckle & book under arm
C-ST2-46   PR: MCU of Spock, blue glow highlighting his face
C-ST2-47   PR: MS of Spock turned to camera at station during red alert
C-ST2-48   PR: PRT of Sulu at station
C-ST2-49   PR: PRT of Chekov, lips parted in slight smile
C-ST2-50   PR: PRT of broadly smiling Uhura
C-ST2-51   PR: MS of Saavik seated in command chair
C-ST2-52   PR: MLS of Saavik standing with arms folded
C-ST2-53   PR: profile MS of Saavik at first officer's station
C-ST2-54   PR: PRT of Carol & son David in Regula lab
C-ST2-55   PR: MS of Kahn, nasty gash on chest, seated in Reliant command chair facing camera
C-ST2-56   PR: PRT of Joachim with arms folded, blue bg
C-ST2-57   PR: MLS of Saavik with back turned to Kirk, book under arm, who offer experienced advice
C-ST2-58   MCU of Kirk, book under arm, & Spock musing in corridor  [tighter shot than #11]
C-ST2-59   LS of bridge from Kirk's POV with Spock in command chair & Sulu at navigation station
C-ST2-60   Khan's men hold Chekov & Terrell as Ceti eels are prepared to invade them
C-ST2-61   FLV of Regula space station orbiting dead moon below. Nebula colors left of frame
C-ST2-62   FLV of Spock meditating in his quarters
C-ST2-63   Profile MS of Spock & Kirk facing on bridge, thinking over Regula I silence
C-ST2-64   Enterprise, in tight view over dead moon, with space station small in bg. Nice FX
C-ST2-65   Exterior CU of Enterprise engine room area as phaser cuts swath, sending debris into void
C-ST2-66   Maddened Khan rails at viewscreen as rest of crew watches after Kirk tricks him in battle
C-ST2-67   FLV of Kirk, McCoy, Terrell, Chekov & Saavik on Regula I transporter pods. Console in fg
C-ST2-68   MS of Terrell aiming phaser in Regula cavern
C-ST2-69   Kirk, Saavik, Chekov & Carol [McCoy & David obscured] prepare to beam-up from Regula
C-ST2-70   Profile MS of Khan grabbing Joachim, refusing to have his command questioned
C-ST2-71   RV of Enterprise above dead Reliant, fire streaming from  offed port engine, inside nebula
C-ST2-72   PR: Director Meyer posed with cigar against Enterprise bulkhead
C-ST2-73   PR: PRT of Sulu smiling
C-ST2-74   PR: PRT of Uhura not smiling
C-ST2-75   PR: MCU of Uhura turned away from station
C-ST2-76   PR: MS of Terrell posed with arms folded
C-ST2-77   PR: MS of Carol in jacket with wide upturned collar
C-ST2-78   PR: PRT of deadly serious David
C-ST2-79   Profile MLS of Carol & David on either side of lab equipment, talking
C-ST2-80   MS of Chekov, incredulous as he explores Khan's shelter, bookshelf in front of him
C-ST2-81   MLS of faltering Scotty, in protective suit, reporting to bridge
C-ST2-82   Profile MS of Carol reaching out to touch Kirk's face in Genesis cave
C-ST2-83   PR: Cont. #41, more relaxed pose
C-ST2-84   PR: Cont. #55, Khan turned away from camera
C-ST2-85   PR: MS of Khan full of rage as he picks himself up from floor of Reliant bridge
C-ST2-86   PR: candid MCU of Merritt Butrick & Kirstie Alley at autograph table during 1982 convention
C-ST2-87   FV of Reliant [model] on black bg
C-ST2-88   Cont. #42, smiling cast PRT on bridge
C-ST2-89   PR: MLS of Kirk standing with book tucked under arm above Spock on bridge
C-ST2-90   PR: PRT of Kirk on powder blue bg
C-ST2-91   PR: MS of Spock in black meditation wear, clasping hands & holding head down with lips pursed
C-ST2-92   PR: PRT of Spock in meditation wear
C-ST2-93   PR: FLV of Saavik standing spread-legged on planet surface set
C-ST2-94   PR: MLS of Saavik leaning back against bulkhead, arms crossed at waist
C-ST2-95   PR: PRT of Joachim looking directly into camera. Blue bg
C-ST2-96   PR: Semi-profile PRT of Joachim on Reliant bridge, warm green glow framing face
C-ST2-97   Cont. #96, CU of Joachim similar to above
C-ST2-98   PR: LS of Kahn in Reliant command chair flanked by one female & two male crew members, all studying viewscreen
C-ST2-99   Profile MLS of Bones watching bespectacled Kirk study bottle of Romulan ale in quarters
C-ST2-100   MLS of Saavik, in white leisure tunic & hair down, waylaying Kirk in turbolift
C-ST2-101   RV of Enterprise closing on Reliant in Mutara Nebula
C-ST2-102   FV of damaged Reliant with Enterprise stalking her in bg
C-ST2-103   Four-element shot of Spock sacrificing life in radiation chamber sequence that leaves him heaped on floor
C-ST2-104   PR: MS of Khan, face & chest horribly burned
C-ST2-105   PR: MS of Saavik from low angle, hands at sides & looking OS
C-ST2-106   PR: FLV of Saavik seated in captain's chair aboard Enterprise
C-ST2-107   BS: technicians create futuristic buildings in front of San Francisco cyclorama for Kirk's apartment view
C-ST2-108   BS: LS of cameras filming Kirk & McCoy celebrating birthday in apartment
C-ST2-109   BS: LS of Ceti Alpha interior stage showing cameras, wind machine & light banks above crew & cast
C-ST2-110   BS: FLV of Terrell & Chekov waiting with helmets off for surgical-masked crew to set camera up
C-ST2-111   BS: LS of cast & crew milling around interior Genesis cave set
C-ST2-112   BS: profile MCU of makeup man putting finishing touches to Khan's burned up look
C-ST2-113   Cont. #93, MS of Saavik standing on planet surface set, hand on hip
C-ST2-114   Kirk inspects far end of engine room as Scotty [back turned] & trainees look on [outtake]
C-ST2-115   FLV of Kirk questioning himself about attack on Enterprise during red alert, Spock stands in bg
C-ST2-116   FV of Reliant moving thru space on edge of Mutara Nebula
C-ST2-117   MS of Kirk with flap of uniform open. Nice
C-ST2-118   MS of Kirk kicked back in apartment chair with drink, seemingly questioning meaning of it all
C-ST2-119   FLV of Spock standing over trainee Saavik seated in command chair with Kirk & McCoy watching in bg
C-ST2-120   Cont. #112, MS of makeup man touching up arm of Khan, now displaying full burn damage
C-ST2-121   BS: Floating camera films Enterprise bridge scene with Sulu at station in fg, Spock in command chair & Kirk & McCoy entering in bg
C-ST2-122   BS: Floor camera being set to film Kirk leaning elbow on console at Sulu's station
C-ST2-123   PR: PRT of Spock looking into camera, glittery bg
C-ST2-124   MS of Spock looking aside with strong air
C-ST2-125   PR: MS of Spock with inquisitive expression
C-ST2-126   PR: CU of Saavik eyeing camera
C-ST2-127   PR: MCU of Saavik turned aside & smiling
C-ST2-128   Tight FV of Enterprise firing photon torpedo
C-ST2-129   MLS of Spock donning gloves in front of flooded radiation chamber
C-ST2-130   Profile MLS of Spock straining to pull top off reactor tube
C-ST2-131   Back to camera, Spock sits heaped on floor of chamber, mortally radiation poisoned
C-ST2-132   Torpedo containing Spock at rest on surface of serene Genesis planet
         [NOTE: #133-229 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-ST2-133   Tactical display of Kobayashi Maru
C-ST2-134   DA of Saavik in command chair, all others around her seemingly dead on smoke-filled bridge
C-ST2-135   MS of Kirk bending to Saavik from behind as she questions test
C-ST2-136   Profile Ms of Kirk & Spock talking in corridor
C-ST2-137   Cont. #136, as pair walk corridor, Kirk turns from Spock to look at maintenance man at work
C-ST2-138   MLS of Terrell getting atmosphere report on bridge of Reliant
C-ST2-139   MLS of Kirk studying bottle of Romulan ale McCoy has just given him for his birthday
C-ST2-140   MCU of Kirk curling his lips after sampling ale
C-ST2-141   Kirk & advice-spewing McCoy kick back in easy chairs with drinks
C-ST2-142   MLS of Carol & son David talking in corridor of Regula 1 space lab
C-ST2-143   MS of Khan explaining things to captured Chekov & Terrell as Joachim, others give full attention
C-ST2-144   Cont. #143, tighter angle as Khan addresses Terrell
C-ST2-145   Cont. #144, Khan turns back on captives as Terrell turns to Chekov
C-ST2-146   Looking over Chekov's shoulder at Khan making point
C-ST2-147   Kirk pulls glasses off while reading book in lap aboard shuttle on way to Enterprise
C-ST2-148   Space shuttle nears docking lock of Enterprise
C-ST2-149   MS of Kirk, followed by McCoy & Spock, passing Preston [Ike Eisenmann]& other trainees at start of inspection
C-ST2-150   MS of Saavik & Spock, eyes following OS Kirk. He's so-human superimposed over Saavik
C-ST2-151   DA of Kirk & McCoy entering engine room
C-ST2-152   Slight DA of bridge with Sulu at helm, Spock in command chair & Kirk & McCoy at rear
C-ST2-153   Tight shot of Saavik in command chair & Spock at her shoulder
C-ST2-154   Cont. #153, pan left shows only Spock, McCoy & Kirk, who flashes smile
C-ST2-155   MCU of ill at ease Kirk trying to stifle feelings as ship moves out
C-ST2-156   UA of ship having cleared dock, about to speed up
C-ST2-157   MS of less military-looking Saavik studying Kirk [back turned] uncertainly in turbolift
C-ST2-158   MS of Carol & David huddled over computer console in space lab
C-ST2-159   FLV of at mediation in quarters as Kirk, reflected in mirror behind him, enters
C-ST2-160   MS of Kirk moving to Spock, who looks up
C-ST2-161   Cont. #160, RA
C-ST2-162   Profile MS of Khan, commanding Reliant, pointing to Joachim with: "He tasks me..."
C-ST2-163   Uhura's image on space lab receiver
C-ST2-164   MS of Spock standing behind Uhura as she reports no response from space lab
C-ST2-165   MCU of Kirk & Spock sizing up situation
C-ST2-166   MCU of Kirk setting jaw with determination, Spock at station in bg
C-ST2-167   Profile MS of Kirk at computer requesting access to Project Genesis summary
C-ST2-168   MCU of Carol on screen starting Genesis summation
C-ST2-169   Screen image of Genesis-targeted dead moon
C-ST2-170   Screen image of transformed Genesis planet
C-ST2-171   McCoy, standing, berates implications of experiment to seated Kirk & Spock
C-ST2-172   Cont. #171, MS of Spock responding
C-ST2-173   MS of Saavik quoting General Order 12, Spock at station in bg about to cut her short
C-ST2-174   FV of Reliant starting to fire phasers
C-ST2-175   MS of Kahn explaining his plans for Kirk
C-ST2-176   MS of Kirk responding, Saavik behind him
C-ST2-177   MS of McCoy working over Preston, wounded Scotty at his side & Kirk at door in rear
C-ST2-178   MS of Kirk, tunic bloodied, now on bridge with Spock at station in bg
C-ST2-179   FLV of Kirk, McCoy & Saavik materializing in corridor of space lab
C-ST2-180   Cont. #179, trio fans out, phasers in hand
C-ST2-181   In another corridor, armed Kirk despairs over OS hanging bodies as McCoy moves off
C-ST2-182   Profile MCU of just rescued Chekov telling Kirk of Khan's recent deeds, McCoy & Saavik standing at his shoulder
C-ST2-183   Saavik, McCoy & Chekov stand over Kirk seated at transporter room console, pods in bg
C-ST2-184   Cont. #183, slight DA of Kirk seated at console with hands folded in lap
C-ST2-185   MS of Kirk & McCoy ready to beam to planetoid, "But what if they went nowhere?" asks Bones as Kirk smirks
C-ST2-186   CU of Khan reacting in shock to Kirk's voice
C-ST2-187   CU of Khan, head back, calmly menacing: "I've done far worse than kill you..."
C-ST2-188   MS of Kirk angrily clenching fist
C-ST2-189   Kirk, jacket off, & Saavik sit across from Carol & David as McCoy stands over Chekov
C-ST2-190   Cont. #189, Saavik moves off in bg, leaving Kirk & Carol alone to catch up on things
C-ST2-191   MCU of Kirk saying how he feels
C-ST2-192   MCU of Carol listening
C-ST2-193   Carol leans against wall behind Kirk, who broods over what might have been
C-ST2-194   MS of Kirk on communicator to Spock
C-ST2-195   MS of Kirk resting elbow on console near Saavik, who looks up at Spock standing beside her during red alert
C-ST2-196   MS of Spock pointing out damaged areas of Enterprise on display monitor
C-ST2-197   Khan dozes in chair on Reliant as Joachim watches for Enterprise
C-ST2-198   MCU of Khan enjoying pursuit of quarry on viewscreen, Joachim navigating at his side
C-ST2-199   RV of Enterprise nearing Mutara Nebula
C-ST2-200   DA of Enterprise within swirling nebula
C-ST2-201   DA of Reliant within swirling nebula
C-ST2-202   CU of Reliant's badly damaged underside
C-ST2-203   Smoke swirls across damaged Reliant bridge, Khan's crew equally decimated
C-ST2-204   Khan holds mortally wounded Joachim in arms
C-ST2-205   CU of Reliant weapons pod exploding
C-ST2-206   Enterprise closes in above Reliant, now defeated & trailing debris
C-ST2-207   MCU of horribly burned Khan rising up from ruins of Reliant bridge
C-ST2-208   Cont. #207, MS of Khan arming Genesis console
C-ST2-209   Cont. #208, Khan rests against console with one good arm, alive by will alone
C-ST2-210   CU of Khan nuzzling primed console
C-ST2-211   As Spock scans Reliant, David informs Kirk of Genesis wave buildup to detonation
C-ST2-212   MS of McCoy putting hand on Spock's shoulder to prevent him entering reactor room
C-ST2-213   Genesis explodes in empty space
C-ST2-214   Cont. #213, explosion spreads toward camera
C-ST2-215   David & Carol at rear of bridge watch Genesis effect as Kirk gets urgent message from McCoy, Saavik & Sulu at controls in bg
C-ST2-216   MS of McCoy & Scotty holding Kirk back
C-ST2-217   MS of Kirk [favored] at glass door of reactor room as Spock rises to meet his hand
C-ST2-218   Cont. #217, Spock at full height facing Kirk
C-ST2-219   Cont. #218, RA favors Spock, who delivers final words to his friend
C-ST2-220   Cont. #219, Spock falters
C-ST2-221   Capsule containing Spock is lowered before Ship's company
C-ST2-222   Cont. #221, pullback shows personnel lining both sides of capsule
C-ST2-223   Cont. #222, RA shows more personnel headed by Carol & David
C-ST2-224   LS of capsule being readied for launch in torpedo chamber
C-ST2-225   CU of Kirk taking in OS Genesis planet & reminiscing about Spock & his words
C-ST2-226   MLS of Genesis planet as sun edges around upper left corner
C-ST2-227   First view of Genesis cave as Kirk & Carol join Bones & Saavik on lush plateau overlooking sparkling waterfall
C-ST2-228   Cont. #227, full cave interior
C-ST2-229   Cont. #228, silhouetted fg plant life frames cave setting with light filtering in from artificial sun
C-ST2-230   PR: MS of Bones in white smock with green neck piece, holding up medical instrument
C-ST2-231   PR: PRT of smiling Scotty in uniform
C-ST2-232   PR: PRT of smiling Sulu in uniform
C-ST2-233   PR: PRT of upright Saavik in stately pose
C-ST2-234   PR: PRT of Khan with arms folded, blue bg
C-ST2-235   PR: Khan, arms folded, leans against station on Reliant bridge. MS
C-ST2-236   View past Saavik at attention as Kirk enters bridge testing area & joins Spock
C-ST2-237   MS of reflective Kirk sitting in apartment with drink in hand
C-ST2-238   FLV of Kirk & Bones kicked back in front of fireplace with drinks
C-ST2-239   MS: Kirk & David stand side by side, looking severely at each other
C-ST2-240   MS of Kirk leaning on console in front of Saavik at her station during red alert, both eyeing viewscreen
C-ST2-241   MS of Khan gesturing arrogantly at viewscreen from Reliant bridge
C-ST2-242   PR: Full Enterprise cast in uniform gathered around producer Harve Bennett in command chair
C-ST2-243   MS of Saavik with hand to chin as she absent-mindedly gazes to side in Genesis lab
C-ST2-244   MCU of Kirk grabbing bars, partially obscured Spock behind him
C-ST2-245   CIN: MS of Khan as he interrogates spacesuited Chekov & Terrell [backs to camera]
C-ST2-246   CIN: Spock adjusts shielding sequence at his station as Kirk looks on
C-ST2-247   BS: semi-profile of Kirk cracking up on Genesis lab set, computer banks in bg
C-ST2-248   MCU of brooding Khan
C-ST2-249   MS of now ecstatic Khan sensing victory on Reliant bridge, busty navigator at console beside him & others in bg
C-ST2-250   MS of McCoy, Carol and Kirk leaning on bridge railing as they watch developing Genesis planet on viewscreen, David, Saavik & Sulu in bg

C-ST3-1   BS: MS of director Leonard Nimoy [in Spock makeup] & writer/ producer Harve Bennett
C-ST3-2   BS: MS of Nimoy supervising touchup on his molded likeness for Vulcan climactic sequence
C-ST3-3   BS: MS of Nimoy directing masked Klingon spy Valkris [Cathy Shirriff]
C-ST3-4   BS: profile Ms of Nimoy & Shatner discussing upcoming scene on Enterprise bridge
C-ST3-5   BS: MS of Nimoy working out scene with uniformed Shatner & DeForest Kelley
C-ST3-6   BS: MS of Nimoy directing meeting between Shatner & Cmdr. Morrow [Robert Hooks]
C-ST3-7   BS: MS of Nimoy directing couple seated at bar table covered with Tribbles
C-ST3-8   BS: MS of Nimoy instructing Kelley how to apply Vulcan nerve pinch on security officer
C-ST3-9   BS: FLV of Nimoy directing Saavik [Robin Curtis], David [Merritt Butrick] & teenage Spock [Stephen Manley] for scene on Genesis planet, all kneeling on ground
C-ST3-10   BS: MS of Nimoy positioning Shatner & Curtis for scene on Genesis
C-ST3-11   BS: MS of Nimoy pointing toward camera on Vulcan set, Shatner looking on with arms folded
C-ST3-12   BS: profile MS of Nimoy, in Spock makeup & robes, sharing laugh with Shatner as others look on during final sequence
C-ST3-13   BS: technician sits beside pet mascot of Kruge [Christopher Lloyd], who sits in command chair preparing for scene
C-ST3-14   PR: MCU of Bones disturbed about something
C-ST3-15   PR: MCU of uniformed Uhura smiling
C-ST3-16   PR: FLV of Uhura posed in red minidress & boots, hands on hips
C-ST3-17   PR: MLS of Sarek posed in Vulcan robes worn when he appears at Kirk's apartment
C-ST3-18   PR: MLS of Sarek posed in ceremonial attire worn at Mount Seleya
C-ST3-19   PR: PRT of High Priestess T'Lar [Dame Judith Anderson] in red robes
C-ST3-20   PR: MCU of Kruge looking aside
C-ST3-21   PR: MS of Klingon displaying blaster rifle aboard Bird of Prey
C-ST3-22   FLV of Kirk standing very alone in corner of Enterprise bridge
C-ST3-23   Enterprise nears giant Spacedock orbiting Earth, Moon on horizon
C-ST3-24   Wounded Enterprise arrives at Spacedock berth, Excelsior off her bow
C-ST3-25   Restaurant diners watch crippled Enterprise park in front of picture windows
C-ST3-26   MS of David & Saavik following tricorder readings on Genesis
C-ST3-27   David's hand about to lift corroded lid of Spock's coffin, ground covered with leeches
C-ST3-28   Cont. #27, open coffin reveals funeral robe but no Spock
C-ST3-29   MLS of Kirk, Sulu, Uhura & Chekov gathered for drinks at Kirk's apartment, affair is somber
C-ST3-30   MCU of Kirk listening soberly to OS Sarek question him about Spock being left behind
C-ST3-31   MS of Sarek mind-melding with Kirk
C-ST3-32   Kirk scans data tape showing himself & Spock in throes of death inside radiation chamber
C-ST3-33   Cont. #32, tape shows moment when Spock tells unconscious Bones to "Remember"
C-ST3-34   MS of Bones putting Vulcan nerve pinch on security officer in bar, it's not working
C-ST3-35   Klingon Bird of Prey about to torpedo Grissom from behind above Genesis
C-ST3-36   MS of Kirk & just rescued Bones watching OS Sulu disable detention security console
C-ST3-37   LS of Uhura preparing to beam Kirk, Bones & Sulu up to Enterprise from transporter station
C-ST3-38   FV of Enterprise leaving spacedock with Excelsior in pursuit
C-ST3-39   MS of Bones sitting at Spock's station, flashing wry smile at OS Kirk
C-ST3-40   Cont. #39, Kirk enters frame & bends close to Bones, curious at his behavior
C-ST3-41   Anxious moments on Enterprise bridge as Kirk, et al prepare to engage cloaked Bird of Prey
C-ST3-42   MS of Kruge watching viewscreen during red alert
C-ST3-43   Enterprise & Bird of Prey in fatal face-off
C-ST3-44   CU of enraged Kruge shaking his fists
C-ST3-45   LS of Kirk & crew silhouetted on Genesis hilltop watching what's left of Enterprise cometing thru atmosphere, exquisite but painful
C-ST3-46   FLV of Kirk & crew grimly watching their ship die
C-ST3-47   MCU of Kirk watching his ship die
C-ST3-48   MS of Kirk, crew behind him, entering clearing with phaser drawn against OS Klingons
C-ST3-49   Profile MS of Saavik facing Kirk as he asks about planet's & Spock's rapid aging
C-ST3-50   MS of Kirk picking up communicator from dead Klingon as Bones & Saavik look on
C-ST3-51   Cont. #50, MS of Kirk having stepped to clearing, about to call up to Kruge, others in bg
C-ST3-52   Cont. #51, Kirk looks up, sending message calling for Kruge to beam up his party
C-ST3-53   FLV of Saavik, Chekov, Sulu, Scotty & Bones all kneeling beside comatose Spock, eyes on OS Kirk
C-ST3-54   Good looking LS of Kruge aiming blaster at Kirk & calling for Maltz to beam up rest of party
C-ST3-55   MCU of Kruge holding Kirk up, strangling him
C-ST3-56   Backed into rock wall, Kirk kicks Kruge away
C-ST3-57   MCU of Kirk bleeding from mouth, trying to reason with OS Kruge
C-ST3-58   LS of Kirk & Kruge battling on precipice as flames loom up & lava flows in bg
C-ST3-59   MLS of Kirk offering hand to Kruge, who clings [back turned] to edge of precipice
C-ST3-60   Cont. #59, Kirk's had enough & starts to kick Kruge off rocks
C-ST3-61   MCU of bloodied Kirk watching Kruge plummet to his death
C-ST3-62   MCU of bloody Kirk holding Spock tightly & ordering Maltz to beam them up
C-ST3-63   Spectacular shot of Bird of Prey speeding away from flaming, exploding Genesis
C-ST3-64   LS of Bird of Prey landed below Mount Seleya
C-ST3-65   MS of Sarek talking briefly with Uhura
C-ST3-66   Young Vulcans approach Spock's body as Kirk, others carry it off ship
C-ST3-67   MS of Aarek standing between Kirk & Spock after Spock's body has been taken away
C-ST3-68   MCU of Sarek asking for Fal-Tor-Pan
C-ST3-69   MS of Sarek with Bones, Kirk & others behind him
C-ST3-70   Cont. #69, MS of Bones listening with others as dangers of procedure are spelled out to him
C-ST3-71   MS of Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, Scotty & Saavik sitting & waiting patiently for ceremony to end
C-ST3-72   Profile MS of Kirk & reborn Spock facing each other as latter gropes for memories
C-ST3-73   MLS of entire crew rushing to join Kirk at Spock's side in joyous celebration of life
C-ST3-74   PR: PRT of Kirk on powder blue bg. Nice
C-ST3-75   PR: FLV of Uhura, in uniform blouse & skirt, posed for action on transporter station pad
C-ST3-76   PR: FLV of Saavik posed with tricorder on snowy Genesis Planet set
C-ST3-77   PR: MS of Valkris with hands on hips
C-ST3-78   PR: MS of Valkris bending to task aboard spy ship
C-ST3-79   MLS of Sulu trying to make small talk with butthead security guard
C-ST3-80   Kirk & Sulu look on as cocky Scotty hands Bones microchip taken from Excelsior's transwarp drive
C-ST3-81   BS: MLS of gesturing Nimoy showing smiling Kirk what he'll see on viewscreen from captain's chair
C-ST3-82   BS: MS of Nimoy & Kruge smiling as technician holds up serpent that tries to strangle Klingon later
C-ST3-83   Model shot: FLV of Bird of Prey Klingon spaceship showing front & underbelly, black bg
C-ST3-84   Cont. #83, slightly closer, tilted angle
C-ST3-85   Cont. #84, tight semi-profile gives detail
C-ST3-86   Cont. #85, 3/4 RV of ship
C-ST3-87   PR: PRT of Saavik
C-ST3-88   PR: FLV of mran-visaged Druge standing on Genesis planet surface before it turns nasty
C-ST3-89   MCU of Kirk wearing glasses as he scans data concerning Spock's death
C-ST3-90   MS of McCoy asleep in detention cell
C-ST3-91   MCU of Capt. Styles [James B. Sikking] sitting in command chair aboard Excelsior, acting very pleased with himself
C-ST3-92   FLV of Kruge in command chair watching viewscreen & petting mascot at his feet during blue alert
C-ST3-93   Kruge angrily eyes viewscreen after he has killed his pet, Torg [Stephen Liska], Maltz [John Larroquette] & others in bg
C-ST3-94   Cont. #93, MLS of Torg & rest of crew armed & ready to leave their ship to board Enterprise
C-ST3-95   MCU of Sulu reacting to death of Enterprise
C-ST3-96   MCU of Chekov doing same
C-ST3-97   Cont. #61, MS of bloodied Kirk watching Kruge plummet to his death as planet breaks up
C-ST3-98   CIN: RV of Bird of Prey closing in on Grissom from behind just before blowing it away
C-ST3-99   CIN: Space-docked Excelsior as seen in Enterprise viewscreen
C-ST3-100   Cont. #99, FLV of Excelsior
C-ST3-101   CIN: tight on Enterprise saucer dome as ship self-destructs
C-ST3-102   Cont. #101, Enterprise, now half gone, dives toward camera
            [NOTE: #103-117 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-ST3-103   Multi-colored title on starfield
C-ST3-104   FLV of Excelsior in space dock
C-ST3-105   Restaurant diners turn to picture window as crippled Enterprise comes into view
C-ST3-106   RV of Adm. Morrow walking between ranks of Enterprise crew, welcoming them back
C-ST3-107   MS of Kirk informing Sulu & Chekov return trip to Genesis has been denied but he's going anyway
C-ST3-108   Kirk & McCoy watch Scotty & Sulu getting enterprise powered up again on darkened bridge
C-ST3-109   MCU of Kirk, apprehensive as Enterprise approaches space doors
C-ST3-110   MCU of Kirk bending over Scotty, both praying for doors to open in time
C-ST3-111   DA of Enterprise backing out of opened space doors
C-ST3-112   FV of Enterprise leaving space dock with Excelsior in pursuit [different from #68]
C-ST3-113   FV of Bird of Prey firing green laser at OS Grissom
C-ST3-114   Head-on shot of Enterprise saucer dome exploding
C-ST3-115   Cont. #114, explosion further along
C-ST3-116   LS of half-destroyed Enterprise leaving behind large explosive plume as it starts dive toward camera
C-ST3-117   MCU: Kirk, Scotty & McCoy grimly watch their beloved ship die
C-ST3-118   Cont.#78, MLS of Valkris about to feed Genesis data to Kruge from spy ship, its captain [Paul Sorenson] wondering about his payoff
C-ST3-119   MLS of robed Spock, face hidden by hood & Vulcan priests walking from altar
C-ST3-120   BS: profile MS of Nimoy directing sound stage scene with bullhorn
C-ST3-121   BS: MLS of Nimoy directing Kirk, who sits in command chair with McCoy at his shoulder
C-ST3-122   BS: MLS of Nimoy pointing out something for Kruge on Genesis planet set
C-ST3-123   BS: MLS of Nimoy showing Klingon soldier how he wants him to threaten Saavik with knife
           [NOTE: #124-180 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-ST3-124   FLV of Excelsior moving out of spacedock
C-ST3-125   Looking at Enterprise viewscreen past Kirk, Scotty & Sulu as Klingon spaceship takes hit
C-ST3-126   LS of Klingon Bird of Prey flying thru mountains on Vulcan
C-ST3-127   FLV of Klingon ship landing on Vulcan, spotlighted in twilight
C-ST3-128   FV of Grissom orbiting Genesis planet
C-ST3-129   Slight overhead view of Enterprise dish exploding
C-ST3-130   DA of Vulcan ritual altar where T'Lar waits
C-ST3-131   LS of dwarfed Enterprise nearing spacedock in orbit over Earth
C-ST3-132   LS of spotlighted Klingon ship's hatch opening, T'Lar & guards in fg waiting to greet crew
C-ST3-133   LS of Kirk & Kruge battling on ledge as Genesis planet becomes molten
C-ST3-134 ...And the Adventure Continues... superimposed over final shot of Vulcan
C-ST3-135   FLV of wounded Bird of Prey banking around to face OS Enterprise
C-ST3-136   Excelsior chugs to halt in front of spacedock
C-ST3-137   MCU of Saavik communicating with Grissom as she studies Spock-child [Carl Stevens] found in snow
C-ST3-138   RV of Enterprise inside spacedock with Excelsior to right & flying below ship
C-ST3-139   Cont. #45, longer shot of crew watching Enterprise cometing thru atmosphere
C-ST3-140   Klingon ship flies toward camera as Genesis starts to blow up
C-ST3-141   Spacedock crew watching Enterprise backing out illegally
C-ST3-142   LS of snowbound surface of Genesis
C-ST3-143   Gigantic Genesis explosion trails Bird of Prey as it flees planet
C-ST3-144   Enterprise starts to warp away from spacedock, Excelsior in pursuit
C-ST3-145   Saavik & Grissom's Capt. Esteban [Phillip R. Allen] study sensor readings, David with back turned in bg
C-ST3-146   MS of Kirk about to enter Spock's breached quarters with armed security men
C-ST3-147   MCU of bloody-faced Kirk aboard Klingon ship
C-ST3-148   LS of Vulcan showing Mount Seleya & steps leading to temple
C-ST3-149   LS of Bird of Prey on Vulcan landing approach
C-ST3-150   LS of Vulcans massed at temple, Uhura walking in fg
C-ST3-151   LS of Enterprise approaching spacedock opening
C-ST3-152   DA of Kruge plunging off ledge into Genesis planet inferno
C-ST3-153   Viewscreen image of final moments between Kirk & Spock [from STAR TREK II]
C-ST3-154   MCU of hooded Spock facing temple priest following rejuvenation
C-ST3-155   LS of T'Lar & maidens around altar bearing Spock's body, Enterprise crew in bg
C-ST3-156   CU of Spock lying on altar slab
C-ST3-157   Cont. #156, ECU of Spock
C-ST3-158   MCU of Spock removing hood & studying Kirk [back turned] finding something familiar
C-ST3-159   MLS of Styles commanding crew of Excelsior to pursue Enterprise
C-ST3-160   Profile MCU of Kirk standing near Scotty & Sulu as they prepare to steal Enterprise
C-ST3-161   MCU of Kirk in quarters surprised to see Sarak at door, Sulu, Chekov & Uhura in bg
C-ST3-162   Profile CU of Kirk waiting for Vulcan ceremony to end
C-ST3-163   MCU of Uhura listening to Mr. Adventure while rigging transporter controls
C-ST3-164   Profile MCU, Kirk & Sarek facing each other in Admiral's quarters
C-ST3-165   Cont. #164, Kirk favored
C-ST3-166   Enterprise in fg squares off against Klingon Bird of Prey
C-ST3-167   MCU of David being allowed to communicate with Kirk after capture by Klingons
C-ST3-168   MCU of Kirk questioning his action as he, Scotty & McCoy solemnly watch end of ship
C-ST3-169   MS of McCoy & Sarek approaching Kirk [back turned] at end of Vulcan ceremony
C-ST3-170   Title over DA of Spock's casket on Genesis
C-ST3-171   MS of Chekov on bridge reporting breach of Spock's quarters
C-ST3-172   Remains of Enterprise hurtling toward camera
C-ST3-173   MCU of McCoy tapping his forehead with grin, reminding Spock where his mind has been
C-ST3-174   David carries Spock-child as he & Saavik look for shelter on icy Genesis surface
C-ST3-175   View of Genesis turning molten, including now deserted ledge where Kirk & Kruge fought
C-ST3-176   MS of Kruge aiming blaster at OS Enterprise crew while communicating with ship
C-ST3-177   LS of Kruge hanging from ledge, Kirk debating whether to help him
C-ST3-178   FV of Enterprise approaching camera from stage right
C-ST3-179   Kirk & crew sit back on bridge as Enterprise is automatically pulled into spacedock
C-ST3-180   MLS of Valkris standing between crewmen on spy ship, waiting for Kruge's ship to appear
C-ST3-181   Cont. #16, FLV of Uhura seated with hand over heart, mini-dress hiked to thighs
C-ST3-182   PR: PRT of smiling Chekov in black & pink tunic, light blue bg
C-ST3-183   MCU of concerned Sulu, in blue tunic, at helm & glaring into viewscreen
C-ST3-184   Cont. #32, bespectacled Kirk views surveillance tape of Spock transferring katra to McCoy

C-ST4-4   PR: MS of uniformed Kirk & robed Spock standing before SF bay & Golden Gate Bridge, looking to right of frame
C-ST4-5   PR: MLS of Spock, wearing robe but no headband, standing with back against Bird of Prey hatch, arms folded
C-ST4-6   PR: FLV of robed Spock standing aboard ship with hands clasped at waist, eyes turned away
C-ST4-7   Kirk, hand to mouth, Spock & McCoy aboard ship listening to whale sound emitting from probe
C-ST4-8   Tight MS of Kirk & Spock watching shipboard monitor display data on humpback whale
C-ST4-9   Profile MS of Spock telling Kirk he wants to take trip to Earth's past
C-ST4-10   MS of [l to r] McCoy, Kirk & Spock discussing plans to slingshot ship into 20th Century
C-ST4-11   FV of McCoy & Spock seated at stations aboard Bird of Prey
C-ST4-12   BS: FLV of technician with full-scale Bird of Prey model set up for blue screen camera shot
C-ST4-13   BS: LS of water tank set with crew escaping from crashed ship in bg & mechanical whale bobbing in fg
C-ST4-14   PR: MLS of Kirk in full uniform standing with hands on hips, wearing hint of smile
C-ST4-15   PR: PRT of Kirk in full uniform, very much the Admiral
C-ST4-16   PR: PRT of smiling McCoy in full uniform
C-ST4-17   PR: MCU of Uhura in full uniform
C-ST4-18   PR: MS of [l to r] Spock, Kirk & McCoy in full uniform posed side- by-side, blue bg
C-ST4-19   PR: MS of Kirk & robed Spock shoulder-to-shoulder, gazing OS against dark bg
C-ST4-20   PR: family PRT of robed Spock posed with parents Sarek & Amanda
C-ST4-21   Great matte shot of Starfleet Command Center with space shuttle being serviced in fg & Golden Gate Bridge & SF skyline in bg
C-ST4-22   Cylindrical monolithic outer space probe approaching space dock
C-ST4-23   Two space dock controllers listen to gibberish from probe, starship beyond them
C-ST4-24   MCU of Spock in test chamber, flashing in front of him the question: what were the principal historic events on the planet Earth in 1987?
C-ST4-25   Wide angle FLV of panoramic Vulcan vista as Saavik & Amanda watch departing Bird of Prey blasting off in direction of sun. Superb matte composite
C-ST4-26   MS of Kirk listening to distress message from Federation President on OS ship viewscreen
C-ST4-27   RV of Bird of Prey heading toward Sun before going to war speed
C-ST4-28   FLV of crew on street corner in downtown SF as Kirk & Spock start to walk away
C-ST4-29   MS of Kirk gesturing to OS band to spread out, Spock at his side
C-ST4-30   Cont. #29, RA of self-conscious group unsure how to proceed
C-ST4-31   MLS of Kirk & Spock setting off walking, Spock holding greenback in his hands
C-ST4-32   MS of Spock asking Kirk: "What does it mean, exact change?" after both are forced off bus
C-ST4-33   MS of Kirk & Spock, aboard bus, looking & listening to unpleasant sight & sound of OS punker & his ghetto blaster
C-ST4-34   Cont. #33, Kirk turns to Spock after punker flips him off
C-ST4-35   MCU of Kirk trying to laugh off Spock's answers to OS Gillian in her landrover
C-ST4-36   CU of Gillian trying to figure out who she's dealing with
C-ST4-37   MCU of Gillian after stopping truck. "All right, who are you?" she demands
C-ST4-38   Same as #6 in b/w section
C-ST4-39   Kirk, hands linked under chin, smiles at OS Gillian from across dinner table
C-ST4-40   Cont. #39, Gillian smiles back
C-ST4-41   MS of Uhura calling up to Scotty after Collector has done its job for Chekov
C-ST4-42   MS of Uhura beaming out
C-ST4-43   MS of overwrought Gillian running from truck at landing site, yelling Kirk's name
C-ST4-44   FLV of screaming Gillian beaming aboard ship
C-ST4-45   FLV of Kirk, McCoy, Chekov & Gillian beaming onto landing site after hospital episode
C-ST4-46   Kirk, in doctor's gown, tells Gillian she can't go to future with him
C-ST4-47   Cont. #46, RA of Gillian protesting
C-ST4-48   FLV of Bird of Prey decloaked & hovering above whaling ship
C-ST4-49   Scotty telling Gillian: "Buckle up, lassie, it gets bumpy from here." as she starts to vibrate
C-ST4-50   FLV of Bird of Prey descending to Earth inside boiling cloud cover
C-ST4-51   Spock, at station, reporting computers are non-functional as McCoy looks on
C-ST4-52   FLV of Bird of Prey swooshing under Golden Gate Bridge amid turbulence
C-ST4-53   McCoy, Spock & Gillian escape from blown hatch of crashed spaceship
C-ST4-54   Amid rain & fog, entire group watches from side of crashed ship as whale surfaces in fg
C-ST4-55   FLV of shuttlecraft in space dock moving toward camera, window revealing freshly uniformed crew
C-ST4-56   MLS of Kirk in Bird of Prey command chair, gesturing to Sulu to "take us home"
C-ST4-57   BS: FLV of cast & crew posing for wrap party picture on back lot, in forefront are Shatner, Nimoy, Roddenberry, Harve Bennett & Nichols
C-ST4-58   BS: MS of Roddenberry & wife Majel Barrett as Chapel between  takes at Federation headquarters
C-ST4-59   MS of Nimoy with arm around shoulder of DeForest Kelley, wearing hospital greens, both smiling for camera
C-ST4-60   BS: MLS of Nimoy directing scene at console with Comm officer
C-ST4-61   BS: Profile MS of Nimoy going over scene with Kirk at command chair aboard Bird of Prey
C-ST4-62   BS: Profile MLS of Nimoy on loudspeaker in front of water tank set where Bird of Prey has crashed
C-ST4-63   BS: MS of Nimoy looking over shoulder of film editor as both watch moviola
C-ST4-64   BS: MLS of robed Spock kneeling against parked car on location, smiling at boy while crouching Sulu, holding cup of coffee, laughs
C-ST4-65   BS: MLS of water-drenched Spock, Gillian & McCoy [top of head obscured] at Bird of Prey wreckage after take
C-ST4-66   BS: LS of Federation council chamber during last minute preparations with actors & crew
C-ST4-67   BS: LS of water tank set, crashed ship in bg & mechanical whale in fg
C-ST4-68   BS: MS of Kirk & Uhura sharing laugh aboard Bird of Prey
C-ST4-69   BS: MS of SPock & Kirk enjoying shared x-rated story while leaning against counter in pawn shop
C-ST4-70   BS: MS of Kirk & Gillian laughing at off-color joke in ship hold
C-ST4-71   PR: PRT of Gene Roddenberry in sport shirt & blue pullover sweater
C-ST4-72   PR: PRT of Spock wearing rebirth robe & hood, yellow bg
C-ST4-73   PR: serious PRT of Sulu in dress uniform
C-ST4-74   PR: PRT of Chekov in dress uniform, looking up
C-ST4-75   PR: PRT of serious Saavik in dress uniform
C-ST4-76   PR: MLS of Saavik in uniform standing with hands behind back
C-ST4-77   PR: PRT of Chapel wearing dress uniform & hard-pressed smile
C-ST4-78   PR: PRT of Chapel as above wearing head mike, trying to look important
C-ST4-79   PR: PRT of robed Sarek with hands clasped at waist, just looking up
C-ST4-80   PR: PRT of sweet-smiling Gillian resting chin on back of hand from truck cab
C-ST4-81   PR: MLS of smiling Gillian, adorable in Starfleet science uniform, arms folded
C-ST4-82   PR: MLS of Kirk holding Gillian from behind, both wearing hospital greens
C-ST4-83   PR: near FLV of robed Spock standing with parents Amanda & Sarek
C-ST4-84   PR: MLS of uniformed Spock standing with Sarek
C-ST4-85   PR: PRT of scowling Klingon
C-ST4-86   PR: MLS of two members of Klingon ambassador's staff
C-ST4-87   PR: Semi-profile PRT of alien Starfleet officer with white hair & mustache
C-ST4-88   PR: PRT of Comm officer
C-ST4-89   PR: PRT of lizard-like alien Federation council representative seen at court martial
C-ST4-90   PR: PRT of alien council member with lobster skin & huge wraparound mouth
C-ST4-91   PR: profile MS of two aliens of same race from gallery, distinguished by cowled heads
C-ST4-92   MLS of Klingon ambassador [John Schuck] berating that devil, renegade & terrorist, James T. Kirk, his image on screen behind him in council chamber
C-ST4-93   MS: Kirk & McCoy look aside before Bird of Prey parked on Vulcan
C-ST4-94   Cont. #93, MLS of Kirk addressing McCoy, Scotty, Uhura & Chekov before ship, BOUNTY painted on side
C-ST4-95   MS of Saavik telling Kirk, before he leaves Vulcan, that his son David died bravely on Genesis planet
C-ST4-96   Profile MS of Saavik & Spock saying their goodbyes
C-ST4-97   Distorted image of Kirk addressing Starfleet Command reporting findings on Earth's situation
C-ST4-98   MLS of Kirk, arms folded, listening to Spock in corridor aboard Bird of Prey
C-ST4-99   Kirk & crew in Bird of Prey bridge, watching on viewscreen as ship approaches Sun
C-ST4-100   RV of Bird of Prey starting to slingshot into timewarp
C-ST4-101   LS of cloaked Bird of Prey landed in Golden Gate Park as crew descends ramp seemingly out of nowhere
C-ST4-102   Slight UA of Kirk & crew leaving ship against blue screen
C-ST4-103   Tight profile MS of Spock & Kirk discussing situation on streets of San Francisco
C-ST4-104   MS of [l to r] McCoy, Spock & Kirk turning attention to their right in San Francisco
C-ST4-105   MLS of Chekov, Uhura beside him, asking motorcycle cop where he can find "the nuclear wessels"
C-ST4-106   MLS of Gillian pulling truck up alongside Kirk & Spock offering them ride out of curiosity
C-ST4-107   MS of Gillian looking up in shock as she presses hands against invisible spaceship
C-ST4-108   Cont. #44, FLV of Gillian after being beamed aboard ship
C-ST4-109   Profile MCU of Gillian, in hospital greens, jumping into Kirk's arms, refusing to be left behind
C-ST4-110   Kirk, Gillian & Scotty observe whales in cargo hold tank aboard ship
C-ST4-111   Gillian sits with Uhura at her station aboard ship
C-ST4-112   MS of Kirk in command chair with Spock standing beside him, both eyeing viewscreen during return to future
C-ST4-113   Cont. #53, tighter shot of Spock, Gillian & McCoy escaping ship, water beating against them
C-ST4-114   MS of Rand [Grace Lee Whitney] & Chapel at court martial
C-ST4-115   Profile MS of Spock & Sarek exchanging Vulcan farewells after court martial proceedings
C-ST4-116   Profile MS of Kirk holding Gillian's hands at arms length following exoneration
C-ST4-117   Kirk & crew register emotions as shuttle nears what appears to be new OS Enterprise
C-ST4-118   Cont. #117, whudaya know. What they see is, indeed, new Enterprise in spacedock
C-ST4-119   MLS of Spock, Kirk [in command chair], McCoy & Scotty on bridge of new Enterprise, about to take test drive
C-ST4-120   PR: PRT of McCoy in hospital greens, thumb to chin
C-ST4-121   PR: PRT of lightly smiling Uhura
C-ST4-122   PR: PRT of smiling Chekov in brown leather jacket
C-ST4-123   PR: PRT of smiling Gillian as Cetacean Institute tour guide
C-ST4-124   Cont. #95, MLS of just Saavik bidding Kirk farewell
C-ST4-125   MS of side-by-side Amanda & Saavik framed against yellow Vulcan sky as OS Bird of Prey takes off
C-ST4-126   MS of Sarek, Gillian & Adm. Cartwright [Brock Peters] sitting in Federation Council gallery
         [NOTE: #127-137 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-ST4-127   Tight MS of alien probe
C-ST4-128   Tight underside view of probe moving overhead toward starship
C-ST4-129   MS of Saavik offering reassuring words to Kirk about David's death
C-ST4-130   MCU of Spock at Bird of Prey station, cocking his head in Spockian bewilderment
C-ST4-131   Cont. #125, Bird of Prey shrinks away during takeoff from Vulcan [Amanda & Saavik no longer in shot]
C-ST4-132   Wingtip-to-wingtip FV of Bird of Prey streaking toward camera
C-ST4-133   MLS of Kirk & crew gathered on San Francisco street corner, trying to determine what to do next
C-ST4-134   MS of Kirk pulling on Spock's arm as bus departs
C-ST4-135   MS of Kirk & Spock listening to Gillian's description of whalers' treatment of species during tour
C-ST4-136   MS of Kirk, tucked between tour group, unable to believe his eyes as OS Spock mind melds with Gracie
C-ST4-137   MS of Kirk speaking into communicator while strolling thru Golden Gate Park, Spock at his side
C-ST4-138   FLV of Kirk, Spock, Gillian, McCoy, Scotty & Chekov on sinking Bird of Prey, shouting to OS rescuers
C-ST4-139   BS: Director Nimoy, wearing bathrobe, shouts into bullhorn in front of large water tank set, partially sunken Bird of Prey in bg
C-ST4-140   BS: MCU of Nimoy gesturing with both hands on Paramount backlot
C-ST4-141   Cont. #140, one hand placed near heart
C-ST4-142   BS: Gracie's tail visible as she splashes into water on set
C-ST4-143   BS: MS of Nimoy and assistant framing shot at SeaWorld location

C-ST5-1   PR: FLV of our heroes posed on bridge, Kirk sitting in command chair [different from b/w #2]
C-ST5-2   PR: MLS of Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Sybok posed in open doorway of shuttlecraft
C-ST5-3   PR: MLS of sexy Romulan Consul Caithlin Dar [Cynthia Gouw], posed in curve-accenting silver lamé garment
C-ST5-4   CU of mysterious hooded rider, Sybok, speaking to OS homesteader on Nimbus III
C-ST5-5   MS of Kirk climbing sheer face of El Capitan, pain of struggle evident
C-ST5-6   Cont. #5, startled Kirk looks over shoulder at...
C-ST5-7   Cont. #6, ...MCU of Spock, floating up for rendezvous
C-ST5-8   Cont. #7, LS of pair provides spectacular view of Yosemite National Park
C-ST5-9   MLS of Capt. Klaa taking command chair aboard Bird of Prey, Vixis at console in bg
C-ST5-10   Cont. #9, UA of Klaa calling for 'scope
C-ST5-11   Cont. #10, LS of Klaa zeroing in on target
C-ST5-12   RV of Bird of Prey maneuvering in space
C-ST5-13   FV of Bird of Prey firing green beam from wingtip
C-ST5-14   FLV of ship having destroyed ancient Earth satellite
C-ST5-15   Cont. #14, tighter on ship as it zooms toward camera
C-ST5-16   RV of Enterprise approaching Nimbus III
C-ST5-17   MS of McCoy, still wearing shore leave jacket, bending near OS Kirk, saying: "If you ask me, & you haven't, this is a terrible idea"
C-ST5-18   MCU of Kirk at Spock's ear after viewing hostage tape
C-ST5-19   MS of McCoy leaning back against console as Spock sits at station,  both grim
C-ST5-20   MS of Kirk & Spock realizing they've been had when they confront armed OS ambassadors
C-ST5-21   FLV of captured Kirk, Spock & McCoy surrounded by Sybok's minions at Paradise Lost
C-ST5-22   MLS of Kirk & Spock facing OS Sybok, Gen. Korrd [Charles Cooper], Dar & St. John Talbot [David Warner] standing in bg
C-ST5-23   MS of Sybok & disciples laughing out loud at Spock [back turned], who puts them under arrest
C-ST5-24   MCU of Sybok & Korrd aboard shuttlecraft
C-ST5-25   Near FLV of Bird of Prey decloaking [blurry effect]
C-ST5-26   MS of Kirk, Spock just behind him, imploring OS Sybok to let him do something against iminent attack
C-ST5-27   Profile MS of Sybok about to push away weapon Spock has put against his brother's chest
C-ST5-28   MCU of Spock listening to Sybok
C-ST5-29   MLS of Sybok choking Kirk near shuttlecraft
C-ST5-30   FLV of Scotty & Kirk scooting up color-coordinated corridor following jailbreak
C-ST5-31   Profile MLS of Kirk telling Scotty he's amazing as Spock & McCoy look on
C-ST5-32   "I know this ship like the back of my hand," blusters Scotty instant before bumping head on low beam
C-ST5-33   MS of Kirk, Spock & McCoy bent over emergency transmitter, reporting hostile takeover on Enterprise
C-ST5-34   MS of Kirk, Spock & McCoy on observation deck, all helpless to stop ship from entering Great Barrier
C-ST5-35   Sybok stands at forward station, flanked by Sulu &  Chekov with ambassadors in bg, all mesmerized by planet on OS viewscreen
C-ST5-36   RV of Enterprise orbiting Sha Ka Ree
C-ST5-37   MLS of Kirk having escaped to rocky pinnacle, raising his arms to defend against angry energy creature
C-ST5-38   FLV of Sybok on horseback with J'onn [Rex Holman] at his side as his ragged band approaches Paradise settlement
C-ST5-39   CIN: MS of scowling Klaa facing toward Vixis (back turned), man in hooded robe at his side
C-ST5-40   BS: MS of uniformed Director Shatner on location in desert, explaining next shot to crewman

C-ST6-1   PR: FLV of the Magnificent Seven posed on bridge, all in red uniforms except for Scotty
C-ST6-2   PR: CU of serious Kirk against light gray bg
C-ST6-3   PR: PRT of stoic Spock in Enterprise corridor
C-ST6-4   Cont. #3, MLS in at ease position
C-ST6-5   PR: MLS of Spock & protégé Lt. Valeris [Kim Cattrall], chummy in turbolift
C-ST6-7   FLV of Spock standing at podium addressing Starfleet assemblage, flanked by seated Adm. Cartwright [Brock Peters] & Chief-In- Command [Leon Russom]
C-ST6-8   Cont. #7, different angle as chief speaks
C-ST6-9   Cont. #8 reverse angle of McCoy, Kirk & Scotty at conference table
C-ST6-10  Cont. #9, MS of just Kirk in reacting to Spock's report
C-ST6-11  Cont. #10, MCU of Spock explaining Klingon dilemma
C-ST6-12  Cont. #11, MLS of Kirk standing at end of empty conference table, grilling Spock about Klingon mission
C-ST6-13  Cont. #12, CU of astounded Kirk
C-ST6-14   FLV over Kirk's shoulder of Azetbur [Rosana Desoto], Chancellor Gorkon [David Warner], General Chang [Christopher Plummer] & rest of Klingon delegation on transporter pad
C-ST6-15  MS of Gorkon addressing wary Kirk as their respective crews stand by
C-ST6-16  MS of Chang lamenting to Kirk & Spock (backs to camera), "parting is such sweet sorrow," as General Kerla [Paul Rossilli] looks on
C-ST6-17  Cont. #16, CU of Chang sizing up OS Kirk
C-ST6-18  Cont. #17, view over Chang's shoulder of attentive Kirk & Spock
C-ST6-19  Gorkon, at head of dining table, offers toast to Enterprise assemblage
C-ST6-20  Cont. #19, MCU of Gorkon raising glass of Romulan ale
C-ST6-21  MS of Azetbur (favored) & Gorkon at table
C-ST6-22  MS of Spock holding two chrome mugs
C-ST6-23  Profile MS of robed Spock & Valeris sharing chalice
C-ST6-24  Klingon warship Qo'Nos One looms massively over Enterprise
C-ST6-25  Enterprise viewscreen reveals torpedo being fired at Qo'Nos One
C-ST6-26  MCU of aghast Kirk & Spock watching screen
C-ST6-27  MS of McCoy & Kirk being taken into custody by disrupter-wielding Klingon
C-ST6-28  AV of Kirk & McCoy looking up as their podium ascends into Klingon courtroom
C-ST6-29  Cont. #28, MLS of Kirk & McCoy listen to translator devices as Chang & defense counsel Worf [Michael Dorn] stand by
C-ST6-30  Cont. #29, MS listening to charges against them as Chang observes
C-ST6-31  Cont. #30, MCU of smirking Chang turned to camera as slightly out- of-focus Kirk & McCoy listen to sentence behind him
C-ST6-32  MS of agitated Chang leaning on courtroom railing, Worf in bg
C-ST6-33  MLS of crouching Kirk surrounded by alien prisoners on Rura Penthe, getting ready to attack large adversary in fg
C-ST6-34  Cont. #33, oops, bad idea: MCU of butt-ugly alien strangling Kirk
C-ST6-35  CU of fur-clad Martia [Iman] chomping on cigar: "Not everybody keeps their genitals in the same place, Captain," sez she
C-ST6-36  MS of Kirk & McCoy (wearing funky goggles), huddling together against elements
C-ST6-37  McCoy & Martia kneel in snow, looking up at OS Kirk
C-ST6-38  MS of doppelganger Kirk being struck by disrupter beam
C-ST6-39  Cont. #38, disrupter effect envelops him
C-ST6-40  AV of Kirk & McCoy making their way across glacier
C-ST6-41  Profile MS of Kirk at science station, thanking Spock for rescue
C-ST6-42  FLV of angry Kirk in wide-spread stance on bridge, Chekov & Valeris at console before him
C-ST6-43  Cont. #42, MLS of just Kirk
C-ST6-44  Cont. #43, MS
C-ST6-45  Cont. #44, MCU barking orders
C-ST6-46  FLV of Kirk in center chair, in complete command of situation
C-ST6-47  View of screen past Chang's shoulder as torpedo is fired at Enterprise
C-ST6-48  Cont. #47, FV of Qo'Nos One approaching camera & firing away
C-ST6-49  Cont. #48, Enterprise saucer section as torpedo strikes
C-ST6-50  CU of Valeris at helm, looking up at screen as Kirk watches in bg
C-ST6-51  CU of Kirk making fist as he watches torpedo strike Chang's ship
C-ST6-52  CU of Chang bathed in green light as he watches screen
C-ST6-53  Cont. #52, pullback shot of Chang smiling at screen
C-ST6-54  Excelsior fires phasers as it arrives to save day in nick of time
C-ST6-55  Profile MS of Spock grasping Valeris's arm on bridge, about to initiate mind meld
C-ST6-56  View over Spock's shoulder as he places hand on Valeris' face
C-ST6-57  MS of Federation President [Kurtwood Smith] entering Khitomer Conference, delegation trailing behind him
C-ST6-58  MS of Klingon Ambassador [John Schuck] & General Kerla at peace conference
C-ST6-59  MS of Spock & Valeris on Khitomer, crowd (including Chekov & Klingon Ambassador) in bg
C-ST6-60  Kirk & Spock listen to Azetbur (back to camera) as Valeris, McCoy & Romulan Ambassador Nanclus [Darryl Henriques] look on in bg
C-ST6-61  LS of Enterprise leaving spacedock above Earth
C-ST6-62  3/4 RV of Enterprise before warp drive kicks in
C-ST6-63  Three-element shot: Klingon moon Praxis explodes, energy wave emanating from Praxis, wave about to strike Excelsior
C-ST6-64  BS: profile MS of Director Nicholas Meyer on Klingon courtroom set
C-ST6-65  BS: Meyer directs Leonard Nimoy, Kim Cattrall, Michael Dorn & others on Khitomer set

C-STFC-1  Poster art: Enterprise-E streaks over Borgified Earth
C-STFC-2  The brand-spankin' new Enterprise moves toward camera, viewed from underside
C-STFC-3  CU of Picard/Locutus [Patrick Stewart] in smoky Borg ship,  head-mounted laser beam shining at camera
C-STFC-4  Striking MS of Worf [Michael Dorn] in command chair of damaged Defiant bridge, ready to ram Borg cube
C-STFC-5  MS shot of somber Picard in new uniform with quilted shoulder yoke
C-STFC-6  MS of Picard on Enterprise bridge, pointing finger & giving order to "engage!"
C-STFC-7  CU of Picard facing camera with mouth open
C-STFC-8  MS of serious Picard & Riker [Jonathan Frakes] looking past camera
C-STFC-9  CU of Worf reporting to former captain (back of Picard's head visible) after his rescue from Defiant
C-STFC-10  CU of uniformed Deanna Troi [Marina Sirtis] on bridge, caught in mid-speech
C-STFC-11  MS of Data [Brent Spiner] at station, head cocked quizzically as he listens to Picard, who stands next to him
C-STFC-12  MS of Riker & Worf, bleeding from cheek, standing on bridge as  control panels glow behind them
C-STFC-13  MS of Worf & Dr. Beverly Crusher [Gates McFadden]alert on bridge
C-STFC-14  MS of Lt. Hawk [Neal McDonough] & Data at forward bridge  stations as Riker & Picard stand behind them, all eyeing viewscreen
C-STFC-15  Cont. #14, Data favored & Worf now in far bg
C-STFC-16  FLV of Picard, in uniform vest, leading Data & other crewmen thru hazy Enterprise corridors, phaser rifles at ready
C-STFC-17  MS of grim Picard with raised rifle, crewmen backing him up
C-STFC-18  Cont. #17, wider shot now includes armed Data
C-STFC-19  MCU of Data firing hand phaser past camera while Picard stands  ready with rifle, other Enterprise personnel behind them
C-STFC-20  MS of agitated Picard & armed crewman looking down at deck of Borgified corridor outside Engineering
C-STFC-21  CU of Picard in unzipped burgundy uniform shirt, mouth agape, in  Enterprise briefing room
C-STFC-22  MS of Worf in Enterprise corridor aiming rifle at ceiling as Borg drones are plugged into alcoves behind him
C-STFC-23  FLV of several Borg drones in Enterprise corridor, transforming it  to suit their needs. In bg, a member of film crew can be seen!
C-STFC-24  MLS of Worf, Picard, & Hawk wearing spacesuits & holding  rifles, ready to descend to Enterprise sensor dish
C-STFC-25  MS of kneeling, spacesuited Worf in profile, aiming phaser rifle
C-STFC-26  MS of Emergency Medical Hologram [Robert Picardo] in Sickbay,  recommending "analgesic cream" to OS Borg drones
C-STFC-27  CU of Picard urgently speaking to Lily Sloane [Alfre Woodard]
C-STFC-28  MS of Picard, vest unzipped, programming holodeck panel in corridor as Lily looks on
C-STFC-29  MS of Picard as Dixon Hill, standing in holodeck-created nightclub with Lily, wearing evening gown, at his side
C-STFC-30  MS of Dixon/Picard holding hand of anxious Lily in midst of club
C-STFC-31  MS of Dixon/Picard & Lily leaning on bar, asking bartender the whereabouts of Nicky the Nose
C-STFC-32  CU of Picard caught in mid-speech in Cochrane's missile silo, as Data, Riker & Troi stand behind him, all in civilian garb
C-STFC-33  MS of Dr. Crusher taking tricorder readings in silo, flanked by phaser-wielding Picard & partially obscured Data
C-STFC-34  Dramatic MS of Lily brandishing 21st-century rifle like she means business
C-STFC-35  FLV of Zefram Cochrane [James Cromwell], hands on hips, standing outdoors in long sheepskin coat & beanie
C-STFC-36  CU of grizzled Cochrane beside large telescope assembly after  viewing orbiting Enterprise in night sky
C-STFC-37  CU of Riker in brown jacket telling Cochrane that he must launch  Phoenix rocket in morning
C-STFC-38  MCU of civvie-clad Deanna in silo, looking OS in mid-speech
C-STFC-39  MCU of concerned, wide-eyed Deanna & visorless Geordi LaForge [LeVar Burton] listening to OS Riker & Cochrane
C-STFC-40  Great MS of plastered Deanna & amused Riker in 21st-century  tavern, listening to OS Cochrane
C-STFC-41  MS of LaForge & Riker, who aims phaser at fleeing OS Cochrane  in forest
C-STFC-42  CU of day lit LaForge, mechanical irises visible, looking at his OS hero Cochrane
C-STFC-43  FLV of undercover trio LaForge, Riker & Deanna as Cochrane points at them from fg position
C-STFC-44  Cont. #43, Riker has moved around Cochrane & pleads with him as  LaForge & Deanna look on
C-STFC-45  CU of Vulcan emissary [Cully Fredricksen], making "live long & prosper" hand gesture
C-STFC-46  MS of stern-faced emissary emerging from Vulcan lander ship
C-STFC-47  MS of three Borg drones ensconced in recharging alcoves, heads turned ominously toward camera. Oohh, scary!
C-STFC-48  MS of Borg Queen [Alice Krige], her head, shoulders, & spinal cord being lowered by cables onto her mechanical body
C-STFC-49  Cont. #48, Queen's head assembly attaches to body, cables still attached
C-STFC-50  Cont. #49, cables have now detached
C-STFC-51  CU of evil-smiling Borg Queen taunting OS Data
C-STFC-52  MS of Queen, head cocked to side
C-STFC-53  MS of Data strapped to Borg table in upright position
C-STFC-54  CU of Data strapped to table, looking frightened as electrical energy crackles around his head
C-STFC-55  CU of Borg Queen smooching surprised Data on lips
C-STFC-56  CU of Queen, lips parted, Picard visible in bg
C-STFC-57  CU of angry Data, hair mussed, patch of human skin around eft eye
C-STFC-58  RV of Enterprise orbiting Earth
C-STFC-59  Tight FV of Enterprise filling frame as she rushes toward camera
C-STFC-61  FV of Enterprise firing photon torpedoes
C-STFC-62  Huge explosion behind Enterprise saucer section
C-STFC-63  Edge of Voyager-class starship is visible as she fires phasers at HUGE Borg cube
C-STFC-64  Massive Borg cube throws tractor beam at much smaller Enterprise
C-STFC-65  Borg cube emits phaser beams as small Starfleet vessels scurry before it
C-STFC-66  Corner of Borg cube dominates frame as it nears Earth in bg
C-STFC-67  Explosions dot surface of Borg cube as tiny Defiant zips by
C-STFC-68  Excellent view of Borg sphere lit with internal orange glow
C-STFC-69  ECU of Borg cube surface rocked by green explosions
C-STFC-70  DA of Phoenix rocket lift off from silo
C-STFC-71  Aft stage of Phoenix disengages from forward section in space
C-STFC-72  CU of Data at Ops, his android skull visible around left eye where skin has been eaten away
C-STFC-73  Entire crew on bridge looking forward, Data's skull partially visible
C-STFC-74  BS: CU of director Jonathan Frakes in sunglasses, smiling as cameraman behind him looks through lens
C-STFC-75  BS: MS of grinning Frakes flanked by 21st-century costumed (& smiling) Stewart & Spiner on silo set
C-STFC-76  BS: MS of producer Rick Berman between Starfleet-uniformed Spiner & Stewart. Trio stands behind film music composer Jerry Goldsmith, who is seated in captain's chair
C-STFC-77  BS: MS of Frakes, arm around Alice Krige, who's ready to shoot effects shot of Borg Queen's assembly. Both are cracking up
C-STFC-78  BS: Alice Krige & her double examine each other on Engineering set, both decked out in full Borg regalia
C-STFC-79  BS: CU of props, including three different styles of phaser rifles, hand phaser, tricorder & isolinear chip
C-STFC-80  BS: fantastic FV of new Enterprise-E bridge -- fully lit but vacant

C-STGN-1  PR: MS of Kirk posed with arms folded, flanked by old pals Chekov  & Scotty against black bg
C-STGN-2  PR: PRT of smiling Kirk
C-STGN-3  PR: MCU of scowling Scotty
C-STGN-4  PR: PRT of open-mouthed Chekov against black bg
C-STGN-5  PR: CU of apprehensive Capt. John Harriman [Alan Ruck], new commander of Enterprise-B
C-STGN-6  PR: MCU of all-business Picard on bridge
C-STGN-7  PR: PRT of tight-lipped Riker leaning into camera
C-STGN-8  PR: MCU of Data at station, intent on console
C-STGN-9  PR: MS of Worf at attention in Enterprise corridor
C-STGN-10  PR: MCU of Deanna at Con station, anticipating the worst
C-STGN-11  PR: PRT of Beverly, red locks flowing over shoulders
C-STGN-12  PR: PRT of LaForge posed in front of warpcore
C-STGN-13  PR: MCU of Guinan resting cheek on hand, deep in thought
C-STGN-14  PR: CU of intense Dr. Tolian Soran [Malcolm McDowell]
C-STGN-15  PR: MS of Ensign Kellogg [Cameron] posed behind bridge horseshoe
C-STGN-16  Title "Star Trek Generations" over insignia & starfield
C-STGN-17  Brand-spankin' new Excelsior-class Enterprise-B in spacedock
C-STGN-18  MLS of Starfleet officers & guests viewing docked Enterprise-C thru spacedock lounge window
C-STGN-19  MLS of Kirk addressing reporters on bridge, flanked by seated Chekov & Scotty
C-STGN-20  CU of Kirk sensing trouble, blue-green displays aglow behind him
C-STGN-21  MLS of tense Kirk, Scotty & Chekov at edge of their seats on bridge
C-STGN-22  MS of Kirk & Scotty assisting beleaguered crewman [Tim Russ] at console in effort to prevent disaster
C-STGN-23  Enterprise-B enters fringe of Nexus as energy ribbon lashes out
C-STGN-24  Enterprise viewscreen reveals two transport ships caught in Nexus
C-STGN-25  Cont. #24, energy crackles around doomed transport ship in Nexus
C-STGN-26  CU of Kirk (favored) giving friendly advice to Harriman on bridge
C-STGN-28  CU of Kirk shouting: "Go, Scotty!" as he completes final adjustment
C-STGN-29  MLS of Riker, in vintage Naval uniform, aboard schooner as OS crew honors Worf's promotion
C-STGN-30  LS of Picard (still in Naval togs) standing in ready room, devastated by loss of family
C-STGN-31  MS of sorrowful Picard paging through family album in quarters, dramatically lit by decomposing star's rays
C-STGN-32  MS of Guinan serving drink to Data as LaForge looks on amusedly. "I hate this!" exclaims Data
C-STGN-34  Enterprise, lit by sun, approaches Amargosa observatory
C-STGN-35  Forward view of Enterprise circling observatory
C-STGN-36  MS of Worf shining flashlight as he & Riker explore trashed observatory
C-STGN-37  Cont. #36, slight DA of just Worf directing light at ceiling
C-STGN-38  CU of Data letting loose with loud guffaw aboard observatory as emotion chip kicks in
C-STGN-39  Cont. #38, Data turns to obscured LaForge, telling him joke
C-STGN-40  CU of Worf taking cover behind piece of observatory wreckage
C-STGN-41  MCU of Riker aiming phaser from behind fallen support beam
C-STGN-42  Profile MCU of Soran pleading with Picard in Ten Forward
C-STGN-43  Cont. #42, CU of Soran (favored) appealing to Picard
C-STGN-44  MCU of Soran aboard observatory, firing phaser from behind cover
C-STGN-45  MS of Soran firing phaser beside unconscious LaForge
C-STGN-46  FLV of crouched Data suddenly alert while repairing panel on smoky bridge
C-STGN-47  Soran gets drop on crouching Data with phaser over berthed torpedo
C-STGN-49  MS of excited Lursa [Barbara March] & B'Etor [Gwynyth Walsh] on Klingon bridge
C-STGN-50  Profile MS of B'Etor pushing Soran into seat as pair argue on bridge
C-STGN-51  MCU of Soran interrogating shirtless, VISOR-less LaForge
C-STGN-52  MLS of Beverly bent over LaForge on sickbay bed as Data observes
C-STGN-53  FLV of Picard in Stellar Cartography, observing as seated Data inputs coordinates on console
C-STGN-54  MS of Picard & Data standing side by side, star map behind them
C-STGN-57  Profile MS of Picard beside large display of decomposing star
C-STGN-58  MCU of Picard experiencing future family's Christmas inside Nexus
C-STGN-59  Profile MS of Guinan confronting Picard about illusion of happiness he's created for himself
C-STGN-60  CU of Picard pleading with OS Kirk at his dream cabin staircase
C-STGN-61  Cont. #60, Kirk responds while carrying tray up stairs
C-STGN-62  Cont. #61, CU of Kirk, who doesn't like being lectured
C-STGN-63  Cont. #62, CU of tight-lipped Picard disliking Kirk's answer
C-STGN-64  LS of Picard riding up to Kirk on horseback
C-STGN-65  Cont. #64, profile MS of mounted Captains regarding each other
C-STGN-66  Cont. #65, FLV of pair riding toward camera as they talk
C-STGN-67  Cont. #66, side-by-side MS as Kirk starts to get full picture
C-STGN-68  Cont. #67, CU of Kirk finally fully understanding grim situation
C-STGN-69  Cont. #68, "Sounds like fun," Kirk says, cocking head
C-STGN-70  Cont. #69, CU of Picard grinning his approval
C-STGN-71  MS of frantic Soran aiming small phaser on chain bridge
C-STGN-72  LS of Picard from behind as he attemps to thwart Soran's forcefield, but gets zapped by energy burst
C-STGN-73  Cont. #72, MS of Picard getting shocked by forcefield
C-STGN-74  LS of Soran seemingly trapped in center of metal bridge by Picard & Kirk at either end
C-STGN-75  LS of Soran on makeshift platform after materializing solar probe
C-STGN-76  DA of probe blasting off from platform
C-STGN-77  LS of planet horizon as Nexus Ribbon approaches
C-STGN-78  Cont. #77, dramatic LS of Soran in silhouette atop platform, welcoming Nexus amid crimson, roiling clouds
C-STGN-79  MS of Riker & Deanna on bridge, looking to Picard for guidance, Worf at station in bg
C-STGN-80  MS of Picard giving warp speed order with pointing finger
C-STGN-81  MS of stalwart Picard on bridge
C-STGN-85  MS of Riker barking orders next to Engineering station
C-STGN-89  Enterprise viewscreen reveals Bird of Prey about to attack
C-STGN-90  RV of Enterprise, warp engines aglow
C-STGN-91  RV of Enterprise orbiting planet
C-STGN-92  CU of Enterprise deflector dish section as Bird of Prey attacks from behind
C-STGN-93  Underside of Bird of Prey with all guns blazing on distant Enterprise
C-STGN-94  Starboard side of Enterprise about to be struck by Klingon torpedo
C-STGN-95  Cont. #94, one torpedo has hit but another's on its way!
C-STGN-96  Cont. #95, Enterprise returns phaser fire, which splashes brilliantly off shields of enemy ship
C-STGN-98  Enterprise saucer section peels away from stardrive section, which begins to explode
C-STGN-99  Cont. #98, stardrive body becomes giant fireball
C-STGN-100  Saucer section heats up as it begins to enter planet's atmosphere
C-STGN-101  AV of crashed saucer section as rescue shuttle nears
C-STGN-102  BS: FLV of Stewart facing McDowell on bridge as crew prepares to film their climactic struggle
C-STGN-103  BS: MS of Stewart & Shatner sharing laugh in desert, surrounded by film crew
C-STGN-104  BS: MS of producer Rick Berman & director David Carson on location in desert
C-STGN-105  BS: MS of Shatner & Stewart posed with Berman in desert, all smiles
C-STGN-106  BS: Carson & Stewart sit side by side on bridge between takes
C-STGN-108  BS: MS of Berman, arms folded in front of blue star map

C-STI-1  PR: MS of Captain Jean-Luc Picard [Patrick Stewart] in casual leather jacket, holding phaser rifle
C-STI-2  PR: MS of Picard in short sleeves brandishing phaser rifle as he hangs from Son'a assembly
C-STI-3  MS of uniformed (& beardless!) Cmdr. William Riker [Jonathan Frakes] sitting at Enterprise helm
C-STI-4  Heroic MS of Lt. Cmdr. Data [Brent Spiner] in Starfleet uniform, aiming Son'a pistol in Bak'u village
C-STI-6  MS of Lt. Cmdr. Worf [Michael Dorn], head turned to look OS as he stands at control wall of Son'a bridge, phaser rifle in hand
C-STI-7  PR: MS of Dr. Beverly Crusher [Gates McFadden] in casual clothes, aiming phaser rifle toward sky while standing against rocky bg
C-STI-8  PR: FLV of Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi [Marina Sirtis] in civilian duds, crouching behind bush & targeting sky with rifle
C-STI-9  MS of smirking Ad'Har Ru'Afo [F. Murray Abraham] looking OS as he cuddles with sexy Tarlac babe in Son'a "beauty salon"
C-STI-10  PR: MS of stern Admiral Dougherty [Anthony Zerbe] looking aside
C-STI-11  PR: MS of Bak'u beauty Anij [Donna Murphy] in white dress with lowcut neckline
C-STI-12  MS of LaForge & Picard on hillside, looking at OS sunset as Geordi really sees for first time
C-STI-13  MS of Deanna & Riker, smiling & flirting in her office
C-STI-14  MLS of Data, Anij, & Picard rowing boat out to Starfleet holo-ship
C-STI-15  MLS of Data, Picard, & Worf aiming weapons in Bak'u caves
C-STI-16  FLV of Beverly & Picard, bent over fallen Son'a soldier as she studies her tricorder, Bak'u villagers rushing by in bg
C-STI-17  MS of Picard comforting Anij in hold of Son'a vessel
C-STI-18  BS: MCU of grinning director Frakes in sunglasses & hat

C-SW-1  LS of Leia's rebel blockade runner over Tatooine
C-SW-2  LS of pursuing Imperial star destroyer over Tatooine
C-SW-3  ELS of star destroyer over Tatooine
C-SW-4  RV of star destroyer over Tatooine
C-SW-5  FLV of star destroyer over Tatooine
C-SW-6  R2D2 about to topple to ground after Jawas zap him
C-SW-7  CU of Vader in detention cell
C-SW-8  Ben brandishes lightsaber in Death Star corridor
C-SW-9  Chewie & Leia in Falcon cockpit after daring escape
C-SW-10   Falcon laser cannon blows up TIE-fighter
C-SW-11   Luke exultant over destroying an enemy TIE-fighter
C-SW-12   X & Y-wings fighters in formation over Death Star
C-SW-13   Cont. #12, lead X-wings peel off
C-SW-14   X-wings approach battle station guns in fg
C-SW-15   FV of Y-wings shooting thru Death Star trench
C-SW-16   Blue title over starfield
C-SW-17   MS of Luke making repairs on just acquired R2D2
C-SW-18   C3PO enters his oil bath
C-SW-19   Cowering Leia faces Vader & mind probe in her cell
C-SW-20   CU of hypodermic needle on mind probe
C-SW-21   Blaster out, Han runs up ship ramp. Explosion in bg
C-SW-22   Cont. #21, closer view of Han running up ramp
C-SW-23   Stormtroopers dodge blast on deck wall
C-SW-24   Stormtroopers fire from bridge door over chasm
C-SW-25   Luke & Leia in middle of swing over chasm on rope
C-SW-26   TIE-fighter fires a red-orange laser bolt
C-SW-27   CU of Chewie growling during space attack
C-SW-28   Star field with title in far bg
C-SW-29   Underside of starcruiser over Tatooine
C-SW-30   Cont. #29, most of tail section added
C-SW-31   FV of starcruiser chasing Leia's ship
C-SW-32   Cont. #31, closer view of both spaceships
C-SW-33   Vader chokes rebel officer as stormtroopers look on
C-SW-34   Escape pod being launched from rebel ship
C-SW-35   Cont. #6, R2D2 inches from completely kneeling over
C-SW-36   Cont. #7, Vader facing more toward camera
C-SW-37   MS of Leia in detention cell
C-SW-38   Luke rolls to avoid Tusken Raider's gaffii stick
C-SW-39   Cont. #38, Raider [Peter Diamond] holds weapon overhead in triumph
C-SW-40   CU of Leia pinned between Tarkin & Vader
C-SW-41   Ben strikes Ponda Baba [Tommy Ilsley] with lightsaber in cantina
C-SW-42   MS of Ben after his attack on the alien
C-SW-43   Cont. #23, stormtroopers run from debris of explosion
C-SW-44   LS of Vader & troopers by Falcon in Death Star hanger
C-SW-45   Han & Leia stare where Luke vanished in garbage bin
C-SW-46   Leia aims blaster from bridge ledge, Luke obscured
C-SW-47   Red burst goes off above stormtroopers aiming weapons
C-SW-48   Leia lowers blaster as Luke swings rope
C-SW-49   Rope wraps tight around rigging above chasm
C-SW-50   Luke grabs Leia while testing strength of rope
C-SW-51   Luke & Leia take off from bridge ledge over chasm
C-SW-52   LS of Luke & Leia nearing end of swing over chasm
C-SW-53   Cont. #52, much closer shot of above
C-SW-54   SV of Vader swinging light saber in corridor
C-SW-55   MS of Vader and Ben crossing lightsabers
C-SW-56   Cont. #55, CU of above with Vader favored
C-SW-57   RV of Millennium Falcon in space
C-SW-58   Cont. #57, FV
C-SW-59   FV of TIE-fighter in space
C-SW-60   LS of TIE-fighter firing orange burst
C-SW-61   Two TIE-fighters in space
C-SW-62   TIE-fighter on strafing run over Falcon
C-SW-63   Cont. #11, Luke's face even more animated
C-SW-64   CU of Chewie during attack on Falcon
C-SW-65   FLV of Luke's X-wing streaking thru trench
C-SW-66   CU of R2D2 in the X-wing
C-SW-67   CU of Vader's TIE-fighter in space
C-SW-68   FLV of C3PO & R2D2 posed in Tatooine desert
C-SW-69   Cont. #68, closer view favors C3PO
C-SW-70   Cont. #69, FLV of just R2D2
C-SW-72   Composite of Falcon & TIE-fighter in space
C-SW-73   Work print shot of X-wing matted over blurred Death Star
C-SW-74   FLV of Luke standing with his arms folded over tunic
C-SW-75   CU of Luke on Tatooine homestead
C-SW-76   MS of Han holding up his blaster
C-SW-77   SV of Chewie
C-SW-78   Tarkin stands before Death Star Council table
C-SW-79   TIE-fighter fires pink lasers at fleeing X-wing
C-SW-80   LS of Luke & Leia posed at door to Death Star chasm
C-SW-81   Han poses in Falcon gun turret
C-SW-82   Leia poses in Yavin control center
C-SW-83   UA of stormtrooper astride his dewback
C-SW-84   Green laser beam trails Leia's ship over Tatooine
C-SW-85   Cont. #84, orange-yellow beam trails ship
C-SW-86   Rebel troops charge down corridor of Leia's ship
C-SW-87   C3PO & R2D2 run for cover, silver 'droid K3PO in bg
C-SW-88   Luke points something out to C3PO on Tatooine
C-SW-89   LS of Tusken Raider attacking downed Luke
C-SW-90   LS of Ben, Luke & 'droids on edge of mesa
C-SW-91   LS of starcruiser closing in on Death Star
C-SW-92   Alderaan explodes
C-SW-93   UA of two stormtroopers firing blasters in corridor
C-SW-94   FLV of Vader & Ben facing off with lightsabers
C-SW-95   His lightsaber locked with Vader, Ben looks away
C-SW-96   CU of Leia comforting Luke over loss of Ben
C-SW-97   Falcon laser cannon zeros in on nearing TIE-fighter
C-SW-98   Luke turns from gun sights as TIE-fighter explodes
C-SW-99   MS of Luke in combat gear during final battle briefing
C-SW-100   FV of rebel pilot in X-wing cockpit
C-SW-101   Vader hits Adm. Motti [Richard Parmentier] with psychic whammy
C-SW-102   Cont. #101, Motti weakens under Force-ful attack
C-SW-103   MCU of Tarkin, unamused at Vader's show of Force
C-SW-104   RV of X & Y-wings on way to Death Star in distance
C-SW-105   CU of Death Star surface
C-SW-106   Death star cannon fires green lasers
C-SW-107   Cont. C-SW-106, longer shot has rear cannon silent
C-SW-108   TIE-fighter in hot pursuit of X-wing
C-SW-109   TIE-fighter fires twin lasers
C-SW-110   X-wing hit in tail over Death star, TIE-fighter in bg
C-SW-111   MS of C3PO & Leia worrying in rebel command center
C-SW-112   FV of X-wing streaking thru trench
C-SW-113   Cont. of #67, FLV of all three TIE-fighters
C-SW-114   FV of Vader & company streaking thru trench
C-SW-115   CU of black helmeted TIE-fighter pilot
C-SW-116   Cont. #115, pilot looks up
C-SW-117   POV inside TIE-fighter as twin lasers fire at X-wings
C-SW-118   Single laser shoots toward one of X-wings in trench
C-SW-119   Cont. #118, POV inside TIE as X-wing is hit in tail
C-SW-120   Cont. #119, 3/4 RV of X-wing exploding in trench
C-SW-121   CU of Vader working the controls of his fighter
C-SW-122   Vader's POV in TIE as lasers zero in on X-wing
C-SW-123   Cont. #65, longer shot & more of a DA
C-SW-124   Twin lasers boogie past X-wing
C-SW-125   CU of Vader reacting as one of his ships is hit above
C-SW-126   FV of laser from above explodes ship flanking Vader's
C-SW-127   Cont. #126, Vader's ship careens into other flanker
C-SW-128   Cont. #127, collision sends both ships out of control
C-SW-129   Han lets out hoot after his rescue performance
C-SW-130   FV of Luke looking into targeting computer
C-SW-131   SV of Luke looking into targeting computer
C-SW-132   LS of officers studying rebel base target readout
C-SW-133   Three rebel fighters flee Death Star in bg
C-SW-134   Cont. #133, CU of X-wing before it goes off frame
C-SW-135   LS of Death Star
C-SW-136   Explosion superimposed over still visible Death Star
C-SW-137   Cont. #136, Death Star enveloped by explosion
C-SW-138   Millenium Falcon heading away from sun
C-SW-139   RV of Falcon & rebel ships flying toward moon
C-SW-140   LS of Yavin jungle
C-SW-141   Luke climbs out of his X-wing in rebel hanger
C-SW-142   Happy Luke, Leia & Han look up side of Luke's X-wing
C-SW-143   C3PO turns to Luke as R2D2 is lowered from X-wing
C-SW-144   Han, Leia & Luke leave hanger arm in arm
C-SW-145   CU of pleased-with-himself Han entering palace hall
C-SW-146   CU of pleased-with-himself Luke entering hall
C-SW-147   FV of Han, Luke & Chewie marching into hall
C-SW-148   RV of trio walking down aisle of rebel-filled hall
C-SW-149   CU of Han & Chewie on ceremonial dais
C-SW-150   CU of Leia wearing regal smile
C-SW-151   CU of Luke looking at Leia adoringly
C-SW-152   CU of Luke in helmet & goggles
C-SW-153   PR: excellent PRT of Harrison Ford as himself
C-SW-154   PR: PRT of Carrie Fisher as herself
C-SW-155   LS of Ben in his desert toga
C-SW-156   MS of Tusken Raider wielding gaffii stick
C-SW-157   LS of starcruiser pursuing Leia's ship over Tatooine
C-SW-158   Cont. #157, rear half of Leia's ship passes in fg
C-SW-159   Slight UA & FV of starcruiser over Tatooine
C-SW-160   FLV of Luke looking out over uncle's desert homestead
C-SW-161   LS of Luke scanning for AWOL R2D2, C3PO beside him
C-SW-162   Ben & Luke come to damaged C3PO's aid in desert
C-SW-163   Vader & mind probe loom over Leia in her cell
C-SW-164   Stormtrooper armed for action in Death Star corridor
C-SW-165   Leia, Han & Luke push pole against garbage pit walls
C-SW-166   Han blasts away as Leia escapes into the Falcon
C-SW-167   BS: tabletop miniature of Death Star trench
C-SW-168   BS: tabletop miniature of sandcrawler
C-SW-169   BS: starcruiser model turned upside down on pole-stand
C-SW-170   BS: Leia's rebel ship model on pole before blue screen
C-SW-171   Jawa poses before dome-headed 'droid
C-SW-172   MS profile of Greedo
C-SW-173   MS profile of walrus-faced alien
C-SW-174   MS of Tzizvvt, bug-headed alien who bought Luke's landspeeder
C-SW-175   Profile MS of beak-headed alien Nabrun Leeds wearing oxygen mask
C-SW-176   MS of alien with beaver-like head & clawed hands
C-SW-177   Near FV of alien seen drunk at bar talking with midget. Resembles Gorn from Star Trek's Arena
C-SW-178   MS profile of fly-headed alien
C-SW-179   MS profile of first alien to accost Luke in cantina
C-SW-180   MS of pig-headed alien
C-SW-181   FLV of star whore Tonnika sister, hands on hips
C-SW-182   BS: FLV of George Lucas directing Maria de Aragon as Greedo
C-SW-183   PR: FLV of Leia posing in her formal white gown
C-SW-184   UA & RV of starcruiser with rockets ignited
C-SW-185   LS of Death Star chasm set as Luke & Leia trade smoke with stormtroopers. Floor is only few feet below them
C-SW-186   PR: X-wing fires on TIE-fighter by Death Star
C-SW-187   MS of Vader conferring with Imperial officer
C-SW-188   CU of Leia peering from hiding on ship before capture
C-SW-189   LS of escape pod falling toward Tatooine
C-SW-190   LS of C3PO & R2D2 climbing sand dune. Pod in bg
C-SW-191   C3PO approaches skeletal remains of giant Krayt dragon
C-SW-192   Jawa springs from cover pointing weapon at OS R2D2
C-SW-193   Jawas haul R2D2 away from ambush spot
C-SW-194   Stormtroopers discover crashed escape pod in desert
C-SW-195   DA of Luke in courtyard of sunken Tatooine home
C-SW-196   Jawas haul out 'droids for inspection by sandcrawler
C-SW-197   Uncle Owen, Luke & Aunt Beru seated at table, eating
C-SW-198   FLV of Luke, C3PO & R2D2 by landspeeder in desert
C-SW-199   Luke crouched down with macro-binoculars, C3PO in bg
C-SW-200   FLV of Tusken Raider mounted on bantha
C-SW-201   Three Tusken Raiders carry Luke away. Landspeeder in bg
C-SW-202   Tusken Raiders running away from landspeeder
C-SW-203   Luke repairs C3PO's torn arm in Ben's home
C-SW-204   LS of street scene in Mos Eisley Spaceport
C-SW-205   Luke & Ben sell landspeeder to alien in alleyway
C-SW-206   R2D2 & C3PO walk from landspeeder in Mos Eisley
C-SW-207   Jawas, humans & 'droids in alleyway. Landspeeder in bg
C-SW-208   Panorama of various aliens huddled in cantina bar
C-SW-209   Bartender rasps at Luke & C3PO as aliens turn
C-SW-210   Cont. #209, C3PO turns & heads from bar area
C-SW-211   CU of two rowdy aliens accosting Luke at bar
C-SW-212   Pug-nosed alien Dr. Evazan draws blaster as Ben intervenes
C-SW-213   Both aliens [backs turned] face Ben, who swings light saber [before light effect added]. Chewie in bg
C-SW-214   Both aliens sprawled on floor with severed arm, blaster
C-SW-215   Ben awaits any other challengers. Greedo in bg
C-SW-216   Ben & Luke negotiate with Han & Chewie at booth
C-SW-217   SV of Greedo holding blaster on Han
C-SW-218   Han, hunched in booth, slips blaster from holster
C-SW-219   Cont. #218, Han turns toward camera short of firing
C-SW-220   MS of Greedo getting fried [cut from film]
C-SW-221   Group of aliens look up from table as blaster fires
C-SW-222   LS of our heroes approaching Falcon in docking bay
C-SW-223   Falcon leaves Tatooine behind
C-SW-224   C3PO & R2D2 stand alone in Death Star computer room
C-SW-225   Stormtrooper fires laser down Death Star corridor
C-SW-226   Han blasts stormtrooper as his comrades watch
C-SW-227   DA of our heroes running to Falcon on Death Star
C-SW-228   Han & Chewie packing to leave rebel base
C-SW-229   LS of X-wing skimming Death Star surface. Good detail
C-SW-230   TIE-fighter flies away from Death Star
C-SW-231   LS of our triumphant heroes leaving rebel hanger
C-SW-232   FLV of our decorated heroes assembled on dais
C-SW-233   BS: MCU of John Dykstra posing by Dykstraflux camera
C-SW-234   Both aliens sprawled on floor with severed arm, blaster
C-SW-235   Detailed shot of forward section of Leia's ship
C-SW-236   BS: 3/4 RV of Leia's ship model on black bg, Best of these
C-SW-237   Profile CU of Leia at decoration ceremony
C-SW-238   Rows of stormtroopers massed in Death Star hanger deck
C-SW-239   PR: Our heroes posed for action [was Rolling Stone cover]
C-SW-240   PR: Luke sitting on floor wearing Tatooine tunic
C-SW-241   PR: Super MS of Han in Death Star corridor, armed & ready
C-SW-242   PR: DA of Millenium Falcon in space. Incredible detail
C-SW-243   PR: Modelmaker puts finishing touches on X-wing model
C-SW-244   PR: Guinness & Lucas relax in chairs on location
C-SW-245   PR: Hamill, Guinness, Kurtz & Lucas toast each other
C-SW-246   PR: Crewman helps C3PO sip drink thru straw on location
C-SW-247   PR: ELS of landspeeder & sandcrawler mock-up on location
C-SW-248   PR: Crew films R2D2 & C3PO walking toward sandcrawler
C-SW-249   PR: Crew films Luke & C3PO watching OS sandpeople
C-SW-250   PR: LS of crew setting up to film inside Death Star chasm
C-SW-251   PR: CU of escape pod dropping toward Tatooine
C-SW-252   MS of Vader pointing finger at Leia as aide looks on
C-SW-253   FLV of stormtroopers halting Luke's landspeeder
C-SW-254   Cont. #253, closer view as Ben uses The Force
C-SW-255   Two stormtroopers search desert. One atop dewback
C-SW-256   Alien accosts Luke in bar, Ben about to intervene
C-SW-257   Planet-destroying beam streaks down Death Star tunnel
C-SW-258   C3PO gets tangled up in wiring on the Falcon
C-SW-259   Imperial laser cannon & its operators get blown up
C-SW-260   3/4 FV of X-wing high over Death Star. Good detail
C-SW-261   Low angle of Death Star surface taking flack fire
C-SW-262   Torpedo charges find their target in Death Star trench
C-SW-263   FLV of polished C3PO & R2D2 at awards ceremony
C-SW-264   FV of Millennium Falcon model on black bg
C-SW-265   Cont. #264, RV
C-SW-266   Cont. #265, AV
C-SW-267   3/4 FV of X-wing fighter on black bg
C-SW-268   Cont. #267, 3/4 SV
C-SW-269   Cont. #268, AV
C-SW-270   FV of Y-wing fighter on black bg
C-SW-271   Cont. #270, 3/4 RV
C-SW-272   Cont. #271, AV
C-SW-273   FV of TIE-fighter on black bg
C-SW-274   3/4 FV of TIE-fighter attached to stand on black bg
           [NOTE: #275-384 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-SW-275   LS of Jawas unloading 'droids outside Luke's home. Part of sandcrawler visible
C-SW-276   Jawas herd R2D2 & other 'droids into line
C-SW-277   UA of Luke at ledge, listening to OS Aunt Beru call up to him
C-SW-278   Cont. #277, RA over Luke's shoulder
C-SW-279   Jawa pitches 'droids to Uncle Owen
C-SW-280   MS of Owen questioning C3PO
C-SW-281   Low angle of Luke leading C3PO out of 'droid formation in front of sandcrawler
C-SW-282   R2D2 gets frantic as OS C3PO is led off
C-SW-283   Cont. #282, Jawa moves in to zap R2D2
C-SW-284   Luke finds R5D4 unit has bad motivator
C-SW-285   Owen turns to OS Luke while paying Jawa
C-SW-286   C3PO tells Luke about a better 'droid
C-SW-287   R2D2 moves out of formation
C-SW-288   Luke enters hut followed by C3PO & R2D2
C-SW-289   Ben settles back to see what OS R2D2 has to show him
C-SW-290   Hologram of Leia shimmers into view as Luke, Ben, C3PO & R2D2 watch
C-SW-291   Cont. #290, hologram of Leia delivering message
C-SW-292   Luke gazes raptly at OS hologram
C-SW-293   Ben gazes raptly at OS hologram
C-SW-294   LS of Tarkin addressing Death Star council as Vader stands by
C-SW-295   Excellent SV of Falcon as it races thru space
C-SW-296   RV of Han & Chewie at Falcon controls
C-SW-297   CU of Chewie attending to Falcon controls
C-SW-298   MS of Han & Chewie at Falcon controls
C-SW-299   Impressive FV of Falcon being pulled into Death Star hanger
C-SW-300   CU of Vader as he prepares to face Ben
C-SW-301   Ben [favored] & Vader touch lightsabers
C-SW-302   Cont. #301, MS of Vader touching OS Ben's lightsaber
C-SW-303   Ben & Vader duel with lightsabers in front of hanger bay as  Stormtroopers run toward them
C-SW-304   LS from hanger bay of Ben & Vader dueling
C-SW-305   CU of two stormtroopers watching duel
C-SW-306   RV of stormtroopers running toward action
C-SW-307   LS of stormtroopers running as seen from 'droids' hiding place
C-SW-308   Huddled Han, Leia, Luke & Chewie watch OS stormtroopers take off from hiding place
C-SW-309   FLV of R2D2 & C3PO leaving their hiding place
C-SW-310   Luke, Leia [obscured], Han & Chewie make run for OS Falcon
C-SW-311   MLS of Luke stopping short upon seeing OS light saber duel
C-SW-312   MS of shocked Luke as he calls Ben's name
C-SW-313   Cont. #312, Luke raises his blaster
C-SW-314   Stormtrooper fires blast at our OS heroes
C-SW-315   Luke raises gun higher as explosion goes off behind him
C-SW-316   MS of Han & Leia bearing down under enemy fire in front of Falcon
C-SW-317   Leia consoles dispirited Luke aboard Falcon as C3PO & R2D2 watch
C-SW-318   LS of R2D2 & C3PO rushing thru Falcon
C-SW-319   MCU of Leia crying out: "Here they come!"
C-SW-320   CU of TIE-fighter pilot
C-SW-321   RV of Falcon from TIE-fighter pilot POV
C-SW-322   Cont. #321, RV of Falcon from TIE-fighter pilot POV
C-SW-323   MCU of Han taking aim with laser cannon
C-SW-324   CU of Han sighting oncoming OS TIE-fighter
C-SW-325   Head-on shot of TIE-fighter firing laser
C-SW-326   RV of Han firing cannon as seen from connecting duct
C-SW-327   MCU of Luke gritting his teeth as he mans laser cannon
C-SW-328   RV of Luke firing laser cannon
C-SW-329   Jubilant Luke turns away from cannon as target explodes outside window
C-SW-330   Fallen C3PO tangled in mass of circuitry
C-SW-331   RV of Leia & Han at Falcon controls
C-SW-332   MCU of Leia listening to OS Han brag it up
C-SW-333   CU of Han leaning forward, bristling at OS Leia
C-SW-334   Cont. #333, CU of Leia telling Han he'll get exactly what he deserves
C-SW-335   MCU of Han leaning back with that look of his
C-SW-336   MCU of Luke turned to OS Han, asking him what he thinks Leia
C-SW-337   RV of Falcon flying toward moon of Yavin
C-SW-338  Cont. #337, Falcon farther away, nearer moon
C-SW-339   FV of Falcon flying in low over jungle
C-SW-340   LS of jungle sentry at post in fg with giant red sun hanging over landscape
C-SW-341   LS of Gen. Dodonna [Alex McCrindle] briefing throng of rebel pilots
C-SW-342   Luke, Wedge [Denis Lawson] & other pilots listen to briefing
C-SW-343   Luke tells Wedge he used to bull's-eye Womprats on Tatooine
C-SW-344   MCU of C3PO listening at briefing
C-SW-345   MS of Luke, holding helmet, trying to dissuade OS Han from leaving. X-wing in bg
C-SW-346   MS of Han turning to disapproving Chewie
C-SW-347   MCU of Han, head down, returning to packing
C-SW-348   MCU of Luke after Leia has bid him good luck
C-SW-349   LS of rebel hanger filled with X & Y-wings
C-SW-350   Mechanics ride tram thru hanger
C-SW-351   MS of Luke grinning at OS R2D2 as he boards his X-wing
C-SW-352   Luke settles into X-wing cockpit
C-SW-353   DA of X-wing in hanger
C-SW-354   RV of Death Star closing in on Yavin sun
C-SW-355   MS of Tarkin & Vader plotting destruction of rebel base
C-SW-356   Cont. #355, MCU of the pair
C-SW-357   Cont. #356, MCU of just Tarkin, who is grim
C-SW-358   Spectacular shot of X & Y-wings flying under Yavin sun on course to Death Star in bg
C-SW-359   Cont. #358, RA of rebel fighters
C-SW-360   Death Star from X-wing pilot's POV
C-SW-361   RV of X-wings peeling off on approach to Death Star
C-SW-362   Lone X-wing does roll over Death Star surface
C-SW-363   Laser strikes Death Star surface, explodes
C-SW-364   Profile MCU of Luke in X-wing cockpit as he skims Death Star surface
C-SW-365   LS of TIE-fighter chasing X-wing high over Death Star
C-SW-366   RV of X-wing from TIE-fighter pilot POV
C-SW-367   Cont. #366, X-wing takes hit in rear
C-SW-368   LS of Vader's & flanking TIE-fighters
C-SW-369   FV of Vader's ship & flankers screaming thru trench.Vader fires twin lasers
C-SW-370   FV of Han & Chewie in Falcon cockpit after arriving in nick of time. "Ok, kid, let's blow this thing & go home," chimes Han
C-SW-371   Two Proton torpedoes whoosh thru trench
C-SW-372   RV of Falcon & Y-wing pushing toward moon
C-SW-373   Chewie, Han & Luke step onto dais at awards ceremony
C-SW-374   CU of Leia flashing a smile at Luke
C-SW-375   MCU of Han, Chewie beside him, grinning up at Leia
C-SW-376   Leia takes medallion from Dodonna. RV of Han & Luke
C-SW-377   Leia places medallion around Han's bowed head
C-SW-378   Han smiles up at Leia after she awards him
C-SW-379   Leia places medallion around Luke's head
C-SW-380   Cont. #379, Leia finishes putting medal around his neck
C-SW-381   Luke beams up at Leia
C-SW-382   Leia smiles at Han as he & Luke bow heads
C-SW-383   Cont. #382, RA as boys look up
C-SW-384   Luke & Han turn to OS assembly as Leia smiles broadly behind them
C-SW-385   PR: Han & Chewie strike action pose
C-SW-386   Vader & stormtroopers walk past dead rebels after taking Leia's ship
C-SW-387   Ben & just rescued Luke look OS as they hear returning sandpeople. R2D2 in fg puttering
C-SW-388   MS of Greedo sitting at bar table with OS Han. Subtitle: "You can tell that to Jabba. He may only take your ship"
C-SW-389   CU of chessboard & its stop-motion animated monster pieces
C-SW-390   Chewie, Luke, Ben & Han in Falcon cockpit as they view with amazement OS Death Star
C-SW-391   MS of Tarkin, Leia & Vader as Alderaan is about to be blown up. Vader's hand on Leia's shoulder as he stands behind her
C-SW-392   3/4 FV of star destroyer firing green & red lasers at Blockade Runner over Tatooine
C-SW-393   Cont. #392, ship takes hit in midsection
C-SW-394   Cont. #393, star destroyer fires long green laser at now OS rebel ship
C-SW-395   Cont. #394, RA shows laser streaking toward bow of ship
C-SW-396   Cont. #395, laser blast pops above ship
C-SW-397   Cont. #396, explosion rips ship aft
C-SW-398   Cont. #397, tight shot of explosion blossoming at stern of ship
C-SW-399   Laser penetrates besieged forces in corridor of rebel ship
C-SW-400   RV of stormtroopers running thru rebels as they take ship
C-SW-401   Leia's down for count after stormtrooper zaps her
C-SW-402   Jawa fires on OS R2D2
C-SW-403   Electric blast strikes front of R2D2
C-SW-404   Jawas watch R2D2 short circuit
C-SW-405   MS of R2D2 short circuiting
C-SW-406   R2D2 yields hologram of Leia for surprised Luke as C3PO watches
C-SW-407   RV of Luke stopped to gaze longingly at twin setting suns
C-SW-408   CU of Ben listening to Luke tell of finding his guardians slain
C-SW-409   Cont. #408, RA of Luke, saying: "There's nothing for me here now"
C-SW-410   Cont. #409, Luke turns back to Ben, saying: "I want to go with  you to Alderaan"
C-SW-411   Aliens at bar turn to camera as bartender Wuher [Ted Burnett] gruffly orders OS 'droids off premises
C-SW-412   CU of Dr. Evazan telling Luke his friend at bar doesn't like him
C-SW-413   MS of reptilian alien standing at bar
C-SW-414   MCU of snakehead & wolfman aliens sharing grunts
C-SW-415   CU of two grim, green-headed & red-eyed Duros aliens
C-SW-416   MS of your basic hammerhead alien
C-SW-417   MS of Han fondling underside of Falcon
C-SW-418   Han gets dumb look on face when spotting OS stormtroopers
C-SW-419   Han bent over after he dashes aboard Falcon & closes ramp hatch
C-SW-420   MS of Han scooting. "Chewie, get us out of here," he shouts
C-SW-421   MS of Ben running for a good seat down front
C-SW-422   Ben, Luke & C3PO get ready for takeoff
C-SW-423   LS of two star destroyers flying under planet in pursuit of OS Falcon
C-SW-424   CU of Ben telling Luke his fate lies along a different path
C-SW-425   Cont. #424, RA of Luke as Ben tells him The Force will be with him always
C-SW-426   TIE-fighters flying toward Death Star
C-SW-427   CU of Luke in cockpit as he takes first potshot at Death Star surface
C-SW-428   Cont. #427, Luke reacts to getting a little cooked
C-SW-429   Five TIE-fighters in space before engaging rebel ships
C-SW-430   Two laser beams fire out of Death Star trench as we rush toward it
C-SW-431   Cont. #430, looking down throat of trench
C-SW-432   FV of Y-wings zooming thru trench as two laser beams slip past them
C-SW-433   70mm: MS of Luke gazing longingly at OS twin setting suns [continuation of #407]
C-SW-434   70mm: SV of Luke & C3PO whipping thru desert in landspeeder
C-SW-435   70mm: 3/4 RV of Leia's holographic image appearing on floor of Ben's desert abode
C-SW-436   70mm: MS of Vader tucking thumbs in belt, two Imperial guards stand with arms folded in bg
C-SW-437   70mm: MS of Greedo in cantina. Subtitle: "If you give it to me, I might forget I found you"
C-SW-438   TIE-fighter chases X-wing in low over Death Star
C-SW-439   BS: DA of camera crew setting up shot with landspeeder, 'droids seated in back, at Mos Eisley. Luke stands in front of vehicle
C-SW-440   BS: FV of turret laser cannon, used on Falcon, hanging at rear of sound stage
C-SW-441   PR: FLV of windblown Luke, lightsaber on belt, posed beside landspeeder on Owen's farm
C-SW-442   FLV of Luke striking action pose & firing blaster. Pair of beams etched on blue bg
C-SW-443   PR: FLV of spread-legged Han aiming blaster at foot of Falcon ramp
C-SW-444   MS of two grimy stormtroopers searching for 'droids on Tatooine. Another on Bantha in bg
C-SW-445   FLV of the Death Star alone in space, one half lightly shadowed
C-SW-446   LS of Leia standing & facing R2D2 before inserting taped message for help into him
C-SW-447   Ben bends over unconscious Luke, checking his pulse, after attack by Sand Guy
C-SW-448   Silhouetted Greedo holds blaster on Han, who's taking it casually, in cantina
C-SW-449   FLV of Luke & Leia trapped at blast door over chasm. Luke aims blaster, obscuring Leia
C-SW-450   PR: FLV of Han posed with arms crossed, leaning up against Chewie
C-SW-451   PR: MS of Harrison & Carrie as themselves, smiling despite spectre of Vader behind them
C-SW-452   FLV of Han & Chewie bent at knees & aiming weapons in front of Falcon
C-SW-453   LS of Luke, holding macrobinoculars, standing beside evaporator with work robot
C-SW-454   Cont. #222, tighter LS of our heroes approaching an imploring Han & his Falcon in docking bay
C-SW-455   MS of tense Leia watching Luke aim blaster at OS stormtroopers from hatchway
C-SW-456   MS of Gen. Dodonna, Leia & C3PO gazing down at display screen at rebel base
C-SW-457   DA of Han, Luke & Chewie heading for OS dais to receive rewards for heroism
C-SW-458   PR: FLV of Leia posed holding blaster rifle with hand on hip. Red bg
C-SW-459   MS of Luke looking into sky thru macrobinoculars
C-SW-460   BS: FLV of George Lucas [face turned away] directing Luke & Leia at edge of bridge before swing across
C-SW-461   PR: FLV of Han standing spread-legged with blaster upraised
C-SW-462   PR: FLV of Luke standing spread-legged in orange flight suit, helmet tucked under arm
C-SW-463  Cont. #451, MCU of smiling Ford, Vader look-alike at his shoulder
C-SW-464   Cont. #452, Han in crouch & Chewie at full height as both aim weapons in front of Falcon
C-SW-465   PR: MS of Han posed in front of Falcon aiming blaster
C-SW-466   Cont. #462, horizontal MS of Luke posed in orange flight suit with helmet tucked under arm
C-SW-467   BS: MS of George Lucas directing Leia in early scene, dark bg
C-SW-468   PR: PRT of Luke in flight gear sans helmet
C-SW-469   PR: MLS of Han crouched behind Falcon ramp lifters, aiming blaster
C-SW-470   PR: Luke & Leia admire medal around Han's neck, all smiles
C-SW-471   Cont. #470, Han lifts face as beaming Leia looks up at him
C-SW-472   FLV of Han pulling Luke to feet after bout with garbage pit monster
C-SW-473   MS of Luke settling into laser cannon position aboard Falcon
C-SW-474   PR: MLS of Mark Hamill, wearing t-shirt bearing original title design, standing next to same style banner at 1977 convention
C-SW-476   Reproduction of 1977 British quad poster proclaiming its seven Academy Awards along with action-packed art
C-SW-477   Leia's image appears before C3PO, Luke & Ben
C-SW-478   Ben watches Luke get feel of his light saber
C-SW-479   Cont. #BB, Luke switches light saber on
C-SW-480   Long green laser bolt strikes planet Alderaan
C-SW-481   Cont. #DD, planet begins to explode
C-SW-482   Luke tests his light saber ability with remote
C-SW-483   MCU of Luke wielding light saber
C-SW-484   Floating remote
C-SW-485   MCU of Ben telling Luke how to use The Force
C-SW-486   Skeptical Han denounces power of The Force
C-SW-487   As Luke trains, C3PO watches R2D2 & Chewie play chess aboard Falcon, Ben is at right, Han behind him
C-SW-488   Chewie, C3PO & R2D2 at animated chess board
C-SW-489   CU of animated chess board
C-SW-490   MCU of Chewie, displeased at way game is going
C-SW-491   Twin laser torpedoes bullet down Death Star trench
C-SW-492   R2D2 & C3PO watch starcruiser from inside escape pod
C-SW-493   Rebel sentry overlooks jungle outpost on Yavin moon
            [NOTE: #494-B27 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-SW-494   Leia's ship being drawn into open hold of star cruiser
C-SW-495   MCU of Vader on rebel ship after fighting has ended
C-SW-496   MCU of Vader choking rebel officer
C-SW-497   Cont. #TT, angle on Vader as he snaps officer's neck
C-SW-498   MS of Leia peeking out from hiding on rebel ship
C-SW-500   Cont. #VV, Leia steps out & aims at OS stormtroopers
C-SW-501   Cont. #WW, Leia fires her laser blaster
C-SW-502   Stormtroopers ready to retaliate on Leia
C-SW-503   Cont. #YY, trooper fires blue circular stun-ray
C-SW-A1   Cont. #ZZ, stun-ray circle widens
C-SW-A2   Cont. #A1, Leia is struck by ray as she turns to run
C-SW-A3   Cont. #A2, Leia is covered in blue by stun-ray
C-SW-A4   C3PO follows R2D2 thru corridor of rebel ship
C-SW-A5   FV of stormtroopers marching Leia thru ship
C-SW-A6   MS of Imperial commander reported to OS Vader
C-SW-A7   RV of C3PO hailing distant sandcrawler on Tatooine
C-SW-A8   Jawas trudge toward sandcrawler carrying R2D2
C-SW-A9   FLV of sandcrawler travelling by night
C-SW-A10   C3PO finds R2D2 in sandcrawler, damaged 'droid in fg
C-SW-A11   MS of Jawa helping 'droid to ground by sandcrawler
C-SW-A12   Jawas coaxing 'droids, including C3PO, into position
C-SW-A13   RV of Uncle Owen surveying courtyard of his home
C-SW-A14   LS of Luke's landspeeder racing across desert
C-SW-A15   Ben & Luke help damaged C3PO sit up
C-SW-A16   Slight UA of star cruiser moving toward camera
C-SW-A17   RV of star cruiser heading for Death Star
C-SW-A18   MS of uneasy Leia as she sits in her cell
C-SW-A19   Vader glares down on Leia as mind probe drifts up
C-SW-A20   Luke & Ben sell landspeeder to Tzizvvt
C-SW-A21   CU of two cantina band members doing their thing
C-SW-A22   Goatman alien & companion seemingly share bar joke
C-SW-A23   MS of Greedo holding blaster on OS Han in cantina
C-SW-A24   Stormtroopers in spaceport as Falcon blasts off in bg
C-SW-A25   Cont. #A24, troopers turn to see Falcon make getaway
C-SW-A26   Our heroes prepare for jump into hyperspace
C-SW-A27   Cont. #A26, stars alter outside port as jump begins
C-SW-A28   Cont. #A27, stars become gossamer streaks of light
C-SW-A29   Tarkin orders Tagge [Don Henderson] to set new course as Vader listens
C-SW-A30   Luke pauses in his lightsaber practice by remote
C-SW-A31   Luke dons blast-shielded helmet as Ben advises him
C-SW-A32   CU of Death Star as planet-wrecking beam is loosed
C-SW-A33   Tip of Falcon enters frame coming out of hyperspace
C-SW-A34   Cont. #A33, RV of Falcon in distorted hyperspace
C-SW-A35   TIE-fighter passes in front of Falcon forward port
C-SW-A36   RV of our heroes watching Death Star thru port
C-SW-A37   LS of Falcon, a speck approaching Death Star
C-SW-A38   LS of Falcon being pulled toward hanger, troopers in fg
C-SW-A39   Cont. C-SW-A38, Imperial officers operate tractor beam in fg
C-SW-A40   FV of Falcon about to enter Death Star hanger
C-SW-A41   DA of Falcon in hanger as troopers rush toward it
C-SW-A42   Stormtroopers about to enter Falcon from ramp
C-SW-A43   Tarkin & Vader in council chamber as officer enters
C-SW-A44   MS of Tarkin disturbed as OS officer reports
C-SW-A45   DA on disguised Han, Luke with Chewie at elevators
C-SW-A46   Leia in cell: "Aren't you a little short...?" etc.
C-SW-A47   Stormtrooper discovers C3PO & R2D2 in hiding
C-SW-A48   Cont. #A47, C3PO talks his way out of capture
C-SW-A49   Leia fires blaster to help along her hung up rescue
C-SW-A50   MCU of Han about to eat laser bolt during rescue
C-SW-A51   Han's leg kicks Chewie into garbage chute
C-SW-A52   Claustrophobic Chewie turns from locked door, growls
C-SW-A53   Garbage monster surfaces for quick look see
C-SW-A54   MS of Leia getting little tense as walls close in
C-SW-A55   DA of our heroes ineffectively stopping moving walls
C-SW-A56   MS of Ben about to shut off tractor beam
C-SW-A57   DA of chasm as Ben makes his way around catwalk
C-SW-A58   Stormtroopers walking toward Ben's position
C-SW-A59   Cont. #A58, troopers pause to chat
C-SW-A60   DA of Ben on catwalk as unheeding troopers talk
C-SW-A61   Vader about to deal Ben lightsaber death blow
C-SW-A62   Cont. #A61, Vader delivers killing blow
C-SW-A63   Cont. #A62, Ben's robe crumples to floor
C-SW-A64   Troopers fire across shaft at our OS escaping heroes
C-SW-A65   Cont. #A64, no blaster fire, trooper falls into shaft
C-SW-A66   Cockpit POV as TIE-fighter fires lasers at Falcon
C-SW-A67   CU of Chewie at controls of Falcon during battle
C-SW-A68   Falcon laser cannon fires at TIE-fighter
C-SW-A69   Chewie & Leia, keeping score of hits, in Falcon
C-SW-A70   MCU of Luke & fellow rebel at war room briefing
C-SW-A71   MCU of Leia with rebel pilot standing behind her
C-SW-A72   DA of rebel pilots being driven to fighter hangar
C-SW-A73   LS of fighter hangar
C-SW-A74   X-wing being lowered to floor in front of Y-wing
C-SW-A75   Luke, C3PO & R2D2 enter hangar
C-SW-A76   DA of X-wing being prepared for launch
C-SW-A77   CU of rebel servicing Y-wing, X-wing in bg
C-SW-A78   Rebels about to gas up Y-wing in bg
C-SW-A79   Rebel lowers black & silver 'droid toward fighter
C-SW-A80   Rebel commander & Leia, who spots OS Luke, enter hangar
C-SW-A81   Dejected Luke walks thru hangar, helmet under his arm
C-SW-A82   Cont. #A81, Luke sees OS Leia, C3PO & R2D2 in bg
C-SW-A83   Cont. #A82, Luke droops so as not to show long face
C-SW-A84   Cont. #A83, Leia [back turned] comes up to Luke
C-SW-A85   Cont. #A84, CU of Leia trying to console Luke
C-SW-A86   Cont. #A85, CU of Leia smiling up at Luke
C-SW-A87   Cont. #A86, RA of Luke still down-in-mouth
C-SW-A88   Cont. #A87, Leia solves problem with kiss on the cheek
C-SW-A89   Cont. #A88, Luke brightens up slightly
C-SW-A90   MS of rebels setting ladder to Luke's X-wing
C-SW-A91   Luke climbs ladder to board his fighter
C-SW-A92   RV of Luke telling rebel [Shane Rimmer] he can't do without R2D2
C-SW-A93   Cont. #A92, DA of Luke saying same thing
C-SW-A94   CU of R2D2 being lowered into Luke's fighter
C-SW-A95   DA of C3PO telling R2D2 to be careful
C-SW-A96   Luke sits in cockpit about to don his helmet
C-SW-A97   DA on Luke's fighter as rebels remove ladder
C-SW-A98   RV of rebel guiding X-wing out of hanger
C-SW-A99   Incredible shot of rebel fighter fleet in space
C-SW-B1   Cont. #A99, RA shows Death Star in distance
C-SW-B2   RV of fighters nearing looming Death Star
C-SW-B3   Pilot POV of Death Star in FLV
C-SW-B4   MCU of Red Leader [Drewe Henley] ordering fleet to begin assault
C-SW-B5   RV of two X-wings diving toward Death Star
C-SW-B6   Pilot POV of Death Star in CU
C-SW-B7   Two X-wings run close to Death Star surface
C-SW-B8   Head-on shot of X-wing in space
C-SW-B9   DA of stormtroopers manning interior laser cannon
C-SW-B10   Cont. #B9, SV of above
C-SW-B11   Cont. #B10, cannon fires green laser beam
C-SW-B12   FV of X-wing firing bright orange-yellow lasers
C-SW-B13   CU of laser beam hitting Death Star surface
C-SW-B14   Exterior cannon fires at two swooping X-wings
C-SW-B15   Cont. #B14, same shot without cannon fire
C-SW-B16   CU of X-wing zooming in front of blurred Death Star
C-SW-B17   Leia, C3PO, rebels monitor assault from Yavin Headquarters
C-SW-B18   MCU of worried Leia
C-SW-B19   Two TIE-fighters fly away from Death Star
C-SW-B20   FV of Vader's ship firing twin lasers
C-SW-B21   MCU of officer telling Tarkin of possible danger
C-SW-B22   SV of trench cannon firing both barrels
C-SW-B23   Two Y-wings streak thru Death Star trench. Very nice
C-SW-B24   RV of Falcon returning to rebel moon
C-SW-B25   MS of Han, Chewie & Luke entering palace hall
C-SW-B26   LS of trio stepping onto dais, rebels line both sides
C-SW-B27   FLV of everyone facing OS audience & their applause

[NOTE: #4-7, 10-11, 17-18 & 20-31 are printed from 70mm frames]

C-SWPM-1  PR: horizontal poster image of Anakin Skywalker [Jake Lloyd] casting shadow of Darth Vader upon sand
C-SWPM-2  FLV of robed Obi-Wan Kenobi [Ewan McGregor] at ready with light saber aboard Trade Federation flagship
C-SWPM-3  MS of Kabuki-like Queen Amidala [Natalie Portman] resplendent in red gown upon throne
C-SWPM-4  MS of Jar Jar Binks [Ahmed Best] salivating over dangling frog-thing in Mos Espa marketplace
C-SWPM-5  MLS of Qui-Gon Jinn [Liam Neeson] haggling with hovering Watto as apprehensive Anakin looks on
C-SWPM-6  MS of Anakin in pod racer cockpit with Sebulba's vehicle hot on his tail
C-SWPM-7  RV of Anakin's pod jumping ahead in race from Sebulba's POV
C-SWPM-8  Profile MS of Anakin saying goodbye to his mother Shmi [Pernilla August]
C-SWPM-9  MS of Qui-Gon sharing details about his desert duel while Anakin, Obi-Wan & R2D2 listen aboard royal starship
C-SWPM-10  LS of Anakin being questioned by Mace Windu [Samuel L. Jackson] & rest of Jedi Council as sun sets on Coruscant
C-SWPM-11  MS of Jar Jar comforting Amidala as she looks out upon Coruscant cityscape
C-SWPM-12  MS of Amidala signaling to OS soldiers on Naboo as Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan & Anakin stand by
C-SWPM-13  MS of Amidala peering around column, holding up chrome pistol
C-SWPM-14  MS of Sith Lord Darth Maul [Ray Park] holding light saber in Naboo hangar
C-SWPM-15  PR: PRT of Qui-Gon holding light saber above his head
C-SWPM-16  FLV of Maul (back to camera) in light saber battle with Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan in Naboo hangar
C-SWPM-17  FLV of battle droid hordes marching from MTTs
C-SWPM-18  MS of Yoda [Frank Oz] & Mace Windu gazing solemnly at OS funeral pyre
C-SWPM-19  PR: PRT of badass Maul glaring into camera against white bg
C-SWPM-20  BS: FLV of Lloyd (as Anakin) hugging R2D2 while George Lucas stands by with hands on hips
C-SWPM-22  Candid MS of Portman (silver gown) & McGregor (tuxedo) greeting Prince Charles  with big smiles at film's London premiere
C-SWPM-23  LS of royal starship landed in dunes, tiny Qui-Gon leading eopies away from it
C-SWPM-24  DA/RV of Anakin having audience with Council, virtually all Jedis visible as is city outside picture windows of large chamber
C-SWPM-25  LS of Gungan army watching battle droids & MTTs advance on their position
C-SWPM-26  MLS of Trade Federation mothership as small ship leaves hanger
C-SWPM-27  Cont. #26, tight on mothership's inner control globe & radar dish
C-SWPM-28  Cont. #27, blaster fire strikes radar dish
C-SWPM-29  DA of mothership
C-SWPM-30  Cont. #29, explosions rock ship as battle wages
C-SWPM-31  Beautiful AV of Theed Palace during end celebration
C-SWPM-32 PR: MLS of Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon back to back & ready for light sabre action aboard Nemoidian ship
C-SWPM-33 Cont. #32, Obi-Wan now in profile & Qui-Gon facing camera
C-SWPM-34 PR: FLV of Obi-Wan brandishing light saber against black bg
C-SWPM-35 MS of Obi-Wan landing in Naboo plaza after jumping from balcony with outstretched light sabre
C-SWPM-36 Widescreen MS of Amidala in Coruscant apartment
C-SWPM-37 AV of Naboo parade approaching royal delegation, bearing gift of light

C-SW2-1  PR: early poster art of Anakin Skywalker [Hayden Christensen] & Padme [Natalie Portman], in profile & facing away from each other, between them the words: "A Jedi Shall Not Know Anger, Nor Hatred, Nor Love"
C-SW2-2  Shadowy CU: concerned Padme, in senatorial garb, listens to Anakin
C-SW2-3  CU of Anakin gazing aside
C-SW2-4  FLV of Anakin & Padme listening to C3P0 & R2D2 while gathered on in front of Lars homestead
C-SW2-5  FLV of Obi-Wan [Ewan McGregor] & Mace Windu [Samuel L. Jackson] regarding Yoda (back turned), seated upon his floating chair inside Jedi temple
C-SW2-6 MLS of Obi-Wan (light saber raised) & Anakin (saber down) side by side as they pursue OS Count Dooku
C-SW2-7 PR: MCU of Anakin turned aside on Tattooine
C-SW2-8 PR: DA of white-robed Obi-Wan in Geonosis arena
C-SW2-9 PR: PRT of Mace in thinking man pose
C-SW2-10 Widescreen MS of Anakin & Padme sharing look while walking thru Naboo plaza, R2 following
C-SW2-11 PR: DA of Padme pressed against back of Anakin as they prepare to face arena onslaught
C-SW2-12 Cont. #11, pullback shot now includes Obi-Wan
C-SW2-13 CU of Obi-Wan close to cracking a smile
C-SW2-14 PR: CU of Count Dooku [Christopher Lee] wearing hint of smile
C-SW2-15 MLS of determined Mace, readying light saber to face OS Jango
C-SW2-16 MS of Anakin at wheel of speeder, giving chase to OS Zam Wesell as passenger Obi-Wan looks nervous
C-SW2-17 Widescreen MS of Jango Fett [Temuera Morrison] aiming slender pistol OS in arena
C-SW2-18 MLS of Anakin, Padme, Plo Koon [Jesse Jensen] & Ki-Adi Mundi [Silas Carson ] making their last stand in arena
C-SW2-19 Widescreen MS of young Boba Fett [Daniel Logan], Geonosian leader Poggle the Lesser [Marton Csokas] & Jango watching battle from arena box
C-SW2-20 FLV of Anakin & Padme sharing tender moment in Naboo field

C-SBW-1  Original Mickey Mouse happily helming boat

C-STW-1  CU of black-eyed other Joanna [Katharine Ross]
C-STW-2  Cont. #1, MS of far more robust Joanna
C-STW-3  Real Joanna [Ross] turned to camera while seated at makeup table in see-thru nightgown
C-STW-4  Soft-focus FLV of fully endowed Joanna standing in see-thru negligee
C-STW-5  PR: PRT of full-breasted, nude Joanna

C-SOE-1  CU of grim 'n' grubby Tom Witzky [Kevin Bacon] in cellar, light bulb dangling in bg
C-SOE-2  Spooky MS of Tom's spiritual kook sister-in-law, Lisa [Ileana Douglas]
C-SOE-3  Dramatic MS of Witzky, hand outstretched toward camera
C-SOE-4  MS of Witzky's experiencing horrific vision, struggling with cadaver wrapped in plastic
C-SOE-5  MCU of Witzky & wife Maggie [Kathryn Erbe] racing out of train station with their (obscured) young son, Jake
C-SOE-6  MLS of Witzky, Maggie, Lisa & others seated around cluttered living room coffee table during neighborhood party
C-SOE-7  MLS of concerned Maggie watching shirtless Witzky shovel furiously in backyard
C-SOE-8  BS: MCU of director David Koepp framing shot with his hands

C-SIN-1  Huge tubular spaceship emerges from dark clouds above farmhouse & open field
C-SIN-2  MS of alien pulling top of human face off
C-SIN-3  Cont. #2, MCU of alien, real head now exposed, reaching for front of face mask
C-SIN-4  Cont. #3, MCU of alien fully revealed
C-SIN-5  MS of alien, half of human face mask removed & clad in overalls, walking thru fog
C-SIN-6  Alien leader disguised as Arthur Newman [Kenneth Tobey], Charles Bigelow [Paul LeMat], Margaret [Diana Scarwid], their daughter & defrocked invaders await arrival of mothership on country lane
C-SIN-7  BS: MS of makeup wizard fixing coat collar on actor wearing half alien, half human mask
C-SIN-8  PR: MS of alien Avon Lady [Fiona Lewis] posed in red dress
C-SIN-9  PR: FLV of alien standing & holding radio while wearing everyday human clothes
C-SIN-10  PR: FLV of alien sitting against tree fingering twig
C-SIN-11  Flying saucer darts away from tubular mothership above pickup truck & farmland
C-SIN-12  Avon Lady falls against wall, holding chest as blood spurts out
C-SIN-13  MS of Bigelow & Betty [Nancy Allen] with his daughter  trying to figure way to escape
C-SIN-14  Group of male & female aliens walking along country lane
C-SIN-15  LS of aliens & captives marching into spaceshipLS of aliens & captives marching into spaceship

STUFF, THE - 1985
C-SFF-1  PR: MS of David [Michael Moriarty] uncertainly trying pint of "The Stuff" outside store
C-SFF-2  PR: MLS of Chocolate Chip Charlie [Garrett Morris] peddling cookie outside Radio City Music Hall
C-SFF-3  PR: MLS of Col. Spears [Paul Sorvino] pointing to something OS as Nicole [Andrea Marcovicci] apprehensively clings to him
C-SFF-4  PR: MS of Nicole & Jason [Scott Bloom] shrinking in terror
C-SFF-5  MCU of "Stuff" oozing out of Charlie's mouth
C-SFF-6  Cont. #5, Nicole tries to stuff "Stuff" back into Charlie's mouth
C-SFF-7  MCU of dog regurgitating white alien caca
C-SFF-8  Spears glares at Charlie as David, Nicole & Jason look on
C-SFF-9  LS of cavern where "Stuff" is produced

C-SPR-1  PR: MLS of Supergirl [Helen Slater] standing with hands on hips
C-SPR-2  PR: FLV of Supergirl [hereafter Sgirl] posed on grass, lake behind her
C-SPR-3  PR: CU of Sgirl curled up on grass, smiling up at camera
C-SPR-4  Cont. #3, MCU with cape around shoulders, hair blowing
C-SPR-5  PR: MS of Sgirl directly facing camera with hands on hips
C-SPR-6  PR: MLS of Sgirl posed with hands at sides
C-SPR-7  MLS of Sgirl posed with body slightly turned & hands at sides, high grass & lake in bg
C-SPR-8  PR: FLV of Sgirl holding Matter-wand over head against sky bg
C-SPR-9  PR: FLV of Sgirl pointing finger past camera
C-SPR-10  PR: FLV of Sgirl with arms folded in black Phantom Zone
C-SPR-11  PR: PRT of Sgirl with Selena [Faye Dunaway] above her posed as if working spell
C-SPR-12  PR: MS of Ethan [Hart Bochner] sitting on grass, looking into camera
C-SPR-13  PR: MS of Nigel [Peter Cook] striking widly menacing pose
C-SPR-14  PR: PRT of Jimmy Olsen [Marc McClure] & girlfriend Lucy Lane [Maureen Teefy]
C-SPR-15  DA of Argo City & its contented inhabitants
C-SPR-16  MS of Zaltar [Peter O'Toole], nestled within architectural honeycomb, about to put Matter-wand to use
C-SPR-17  Profile MCU of Lucy putting arms around Jimmy's shoulders & smiling up at him
C-SPR-18  FLV of Sgirl flying over mountain lake, arms at side
C-SPR-19  Semi-profile FLV of Sgirl flying over city, arms held out from sides
C-SPR-20  Sgirl, fists clenched, flies toward camera, park waterfall in bg
C-SPR-21  Sgirl flies headlong into camera over lakes at sunset
C-SPR-22  LS of Sgirl & Zaltar fighting against maelstrom in Phantom Zone
C-SPR-23  Cont. #22, tighter FLV of pair pushing against storm
C-SPR-24  Profile MS: Ethan holds Omegahedron out to Sgirl in Selena's lair
C-SPR-25  MS of horrible demon statue come to life by Selena's magic
C-SPR-26  PR: PRT of Kara [Helen] flanked by parents Zor-el [Simon Ward] & Alura [Mia Farrow]
C-SPR-27  PR: PRT of Helen as alter-ego Linda Lee
C-SPR-28  PR: MCU of Helen as herself in pose similar to #4 but wearing pretty Victorian blouse
C-SPR-29  MS of Kara, Alura & Zor-el [all in profile] talking with morose Zaltar in Argo City
C-SPR-30  MCU of Kara smiling at flying insect creature she created with Matter-wand
C-SPR-31  MS of Kara tight to Zaltar, who points Matter-wand toward camera
C-SPR-32  FLV of Kara enclosed within Zaltar's space sphere
C-SPR-33  Profile MCU: Linda Lee touches Superman poster in her dorm room
C-SPR-34  MS of Linda & Lucy on hockey field wearing green & white gym outfits, talking privately, nasty schoolmates glare meanly at them
C-SPR-35  Profile FLV of Sgirl silhouetted at edge of lake, setting sun turning scene in picture postcard
C-SPR-36  FLV of Sgirl rising from floor in front of broken open chandelier cages to confront Selena

C-SMM-1   Composite: MS of Superman & Lois with faraway looks, two mole men inserted in front of them [Superman's costume is painted orange & his cape blue]

C-SU-2  FLV of Superman striking powerful pose against New York skyline
C-SU-3  Superman [hereafter Sman] kneels on ground, looking up at sky
C-SU-4  SV of Sman flying past bridge with city in bg
C-SU-6  MS of alarmed Jor-el looking upward
C-SU-7  MS of Lois with pad & pencil, looking thoughtful
C-SU-8  FLV of leggy Eve posing in hot red dress & blond wig
C-SU-9  FLV of redheaded Eve in green swimsuit posed on chaise
C-SU-19   LS of chasm-threaded, crystalline Kryptonopolis
C-SU-20   Kryptonians try to flee as explosions rip planet
C-SU-21   PR: Jor-el poses inside circle of light before fx added
C-SU-22   PR: MS of Vond-Ah [Maria Schell] & Jor-el in Council dress
C-SU-23   PR: MCU of Sman
C-SU-24   PR: MS of Sman
C-SU-25   PR: MLS of Sman, hands clenched & looking mean
C-SU-26   PR: FLV of Sman with hands on hips
C-SU-27   PR: FLV of Sman posed stoutly. Harbor & city in bg
C-SU-28   PR: Cont. #27, Sman more animated & cape is spread out
C-SU-29   PR: PRT of Clark Kent
C-SU-30   PR: PRT of Lois Lane
C-SU-31   PR: MS of Luthor pointing finger at camera
C-SU-32   PR: MCU of Eve, bare-shouldered & wearing red wig
C-SU-33   PR: FLV of Eve in black pantsuit, smoking a cigarette
C-SU-34   PR: MCU of Eve cuddling bland-faced Luthor
C-SU-36   FLV of Jor-el by circle of light containing criminals
C-SU-37   Jor-el, images of Elders watch as circle of light glows
C-SU-38   DA of Jor-el & Lara watching baby Kal-el in spaceship
C-SU-39   Spaceship bearing Kal-el rises above Kryptonopolis
C-SU-40   Infant Kal-el lifts truck to astonishment of Kents
C-SU-41   Young Clark kneels in artic
C-SU-42   Lois spills drink on Clark's pants as Perry looks on
C-SU-43   Climbing burglar surprised by Sman's feet on window
C-SU-44   UA of Lois dangling from helicopter before she falls
C-SU-45   Sman walks thru one of Luthor's traps. Scene cut from film
C-SU-46   Cocky Luthor holds up chunk of Kryptonite invitingly
C-SU-47   SV/MCU of Sman making like railroad tie
C-SU-48   MS of Sman lifting Lois' car out of fissure
C-SU-49   Cont. #48, DA of Sman pulling car out
C-SU-50   Lois clamps hand over Jimmy's mouth as Sman watches
C-SU-51   SV of Sman flying downward in front of bridge
C-SU-52   S'man flies toward camera with clenched fist
C-SU-53   SV of Sman flying toward Statue of Liberty
C-SU-54   Cont. #53, Sman flies in front of statue
C-SU-55   Sman looks aside as he flies upward
C-SU-56   Sman looks aside as he flies over city at night
C-SU-57   Cont. #56, Sman flies upward with clenched fist
C-SU-58   Sman flies straight at camera from dam in bg
C-SU-59   PR: profile MCU of smiling Sman, head down
C-SU-61   FLV of Sman walking sadly away from car door lying nearby
C-SU-62   Sman kneels, close to tears of loss & frustration, fist clenched
C-SU-63   Multi-spired space vessel that carries baby Kal-el to Earth before fx added. Black bg
C-SU-64   ELS of Kryptonopolis centered on reddish surface of planet
C-SU-65   Cont. #64, much closer view of city
C-SU-66   LS of space vessel launching from Jor-el's lab
C-SU-67   Kal-el crawls from crashed space vessel
C-SU-68   LS of Sman [back turned] standing in icy Fortress of Solitude
C-SU-69   Young Clark Kent runs directly in front of train at railroad crossing
C-SU-70   Sman sheds his shirt while on the run
C-SU-71   UA of Sman, Lois tucked under one arm, lifting helicopter toward roof of building
C-SU-72   Lois interviews Sman at table
C-SU-73   Sman lifts off from balcony [Lois in his arms], high-rises in bg
C-SU-74   Sman flying with Lois [before fx added]
C-SU-75   CU of Sman & Lois flying cheek-to-cheek [before fx added]
C-SU-76   FV of Sman using his body to replace broken railroad track
C-SU-77   Lois rattles off series of mishaps by her car as Sman stands by smiling
C-SU-78   PR: MS of evil Ursa
C-SU-79   PR: FLV of black-outfitted Ursa, hands on hips
C-SU-80   MS of Ursa, Non & General Zod contained within ring of light
C-SU-81   Ursa, Non & Zod scream for forgiveness trapped within window propelling them to Forbidden Zone
C-SU-87   Lois makes notes while interviewing Sman over table in her apartment
           [NOTE: #88-110 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-SU-88   Holographic images of Elders look on Zod, Non & Ursa within circle of light
C-SU-89   Tight shot of Kryptonopolis dome
C-SU-90   LS of light beam touching criminals from top of dome, which has cracked open
C-SU-91   Extreme UA of Lois hanging from bottom of helicopter crashed atop Daily Planet Building
C-SU-92   MCU of Lois hanging from helicopter skid
C-SU-93   Sman about to catch Lois as she falls
C-SU-94   Swimsuited Eve rises on elbows while lounging to listen to OS Luthor
C-SU-95   RV of Sman swooping down low over Earth
C-SU-96   Cont. #95, Sman comes out of dive & flies toward camera with hands tucked to sides
C-SU-97   Slight UA of Sman lifting school bus away from edge of bridge
C-SU-98   DA of Sman replacing one railroad tie with body & restoring second tie with hand
C-SU-99   Cont. #98, FV of Sman completing repair
C-SU-100   SV of Sman shoring up break in tracks as train whooshes over him
C-SU-101   FV of Sman flying high above Earth, turning back time
C-SU-102   Corner of window entrapping Krypton criminals twirls away in fg as light beam juts from open dome below
C-SU-103   Tight FLV of Lois hanging from helicopter crashed atop Daily Planet
C-SU-104   MLS of Kent stopping at phone booth
C-SU-105   MS of Kent deciding against phone booth for quick change
C-SU-106   MS of Sman about to leap into air by impressed man
C-SU-107   FLV of Sman corkscrewing into sidewalk near astonished onlookers
C-SU-108   CU of Lois driving car during earthquake
C-SU-109   FV of Lois thru windshield reacting in horror as OS telephone lines buckle & spark
C-SU-110   Sman rips door off car to reveal Lois buried up to neck behind wheel

C-SU2-18   PR: PRT of Sman looking soberly aside
C-SU2-19   PR: PRT of maddened Sman
C-SU2-20   PR: 3/4 FV of Sman flying with hands tucked at sides on black bg
C-SU2-21   PR: FLV of Sman flying Lois to Fortress on black bg
C-SU2-22   PR: FV of Sman flying with American flag on black bg
C-SU2-24   UA of Lois screaming for her life as elevator car plummets
C-SU2-26   LS of Zod on Moon watching astronaut float upside down over Lunar buggy
C-SU2-28   FLV of Zod, Non & Ursa standing defiantly in center of country road
C-SU2-29   Holographic images of Otis & Luthor turned toward camera while playing chess in jail
C-SU2-30   MCU of Eve listening to scheming Luthor in Fortress of Solitude
C-SU2-31   MS of Kent & Lois, who's just snapped Polaroid at Niagara Falls watching OS event
C-SU2-32   FLV: Kent tryies to pull half-drowned Lois by arm from Niagara River
C-SU2-33   Kent gives himself away. Lois finds no burns on his hand, just pulled from fireplace
C-SU2-37   FLV of Sman & Lois standing in Fortress. She's impressed
C-SU2-38   MS of Sman pouring Lois glass of champagne in Fortress
C-SU2-39   MLS of Sman looking a little cooked in Fortress chamber hat removes his powers
C-SU2-43   Non lifts Perry White with one arm & introduces his head to ceiling
C-SU2-46   MCU of Sman using heat vision while soaring amid skyscrapers
C-SU2-49   MS of Sman using super breath to chill truck in danger of exploding
C-SU2-50   MS of Sman holding rear view mirror & turning attention upward
C-SU2-52   Sman confronts Zod [back turned] on car
C-SU2-55   Sman takes Zod for spin
C-SU2-56   FLV of Non flying Lois piggyback over mountains
C-SU2-57   Ursa tries karate kick on Sman during Fortress battle
C-SU2-58   FLV of Ursa & Non grabbing Lois by her arms as she struggles futilely
C-SU2-59   MLS of Ursa holding Lois tightly by neck in Fortress
C-SU2-60   Profile MS of Sman & Lois kissing
C-SU2-61   DA of Sman carrying flag above Metropolis street wreckage
C-SU2-62   PR: MS of Ursa posed with hands on hips, medals decorating outfit
C-SU2-63   MLS of Zod, Non & Ursa being observed by television news reporter
C-SU2-64   FLV: Sman lands safely with boy in arms as excited tourists look on
C-SU2-65   MCU of Lois taking in rescue with open-mouthed awe, camera in hand
C-SU2-66   Exterior FLV of crystalline Fortress of Solitude
C-SU2-67   S & Lois hold hands over dinner table at Fortress
C-SU2-68   FLV of Lois tentatively reappearing in something more comfortable
C-SU2-69   MS of beat-up Kent turned green by glow of crystal in his hands
C-SU2-70   MS of Sman encased in Fortress chamber as smoke & flame billows
C-SU2-71   FLV: Non smashes wall with fist at Planet with Zod & Ursa's approval
C-SU2-72   FLV of Sman placing Zod in choke hold
          [NOTE: #A1-A42 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-SU2-A1   MS of white-costumed & helmeted Kryptonian prison guard in Fortress of Solitude
C-SU2-A2   MCU of Kent & Olsen in Daily Planet city room
C-SU2-A3   Sman [back turned] stops plummeting Eiffel Tower elevator car, rescuing Lois
C-SU2-A4   CU of Sman smiling broadly at OS Lois after saving her
C-SU2-A5   UA of Zod, Non & Ursa flying under clouds & blue sky
C-SU2-A6   MS of Otis listening to bald Luthor's escape plan in laundry room, both wear prison stripes
C-SU2-A7   Ursa & Non walk at side of lake in peaceful country setting
C-SU2-A8   MCU of Sman in flight with arms tucked
C-SU2-A9   Holographic image of Lara speaking in Fortress
C-SU2-A10  MS of Lois, looking like newlywed, laughing in honeymoon motel
C-SU2-A11   Kent coyly leans arm on brass rail of bed in bridal suite
C-SU2-A12   CU of Lois talking to OS Kent in front of Niagara Falls
C-SU2-A13   Sman pats little boy on head after saving him from rapids as tourists look on
C-SU2-A14   Both soaked to skin, Lois & Kent rise from churning Niagara River
C-SU2-A15   MS of Eve taking Luthor's arm as they watch OS image of Lara in Fortress
C-SU2-A16   MCU of Lois catching sight of someone on street crowded with pedestrians
C-SU2-A17   MLS: Kent, in natty three-piece suit & hat, stands by parking meter
C-SU2-A18   MCU of Kent displaying his boyish grin
C-SU2-A19   Lois looks over Kent's shoulder while he inspects contents of glass
C-SU2-A20   CU of Lois looking up at OS Kent with love in her eyes
C-SU2-A21   Zod, Non & Ursa inspect crystals in Fortress
C-SU2-A22   Cont. #A21, Zod pulls out red crystal from among white crystals
C-SU2-A23   Lois shows young French cop translation book, pretending she needs help with word
C-SU2-A24   Tight 3/4 FV of Lois clinging to elevator car as it starts to fall
C-SU2-A25   Sman turns away & waits for impact of atomic explosion in space
C-SU2-A26   Detonation shatters window in Phantom Zone
C-SU2-A27   FLV of Zod holding astronaut upside down by one leg on Moon
C-SU2-A28   Zod & Ursa watch from Moon buggy as Non jumps on lunar lander
C-SU2-A29   RV of villains looking over wreckage of lunar lander
C-SU2-A30   MCU of Ursa getting faraway look as Zod plans more dirty deeds, Non has flag in bg
C-SU2-A31   Ursa & Non in bg listen to Zod tell them they're off to Houston
C-SU2-A32   Charming MS of Lois dangling cigarette from her mouth as Kent enters her office OS
C-SU2-A33   MLS of Lois spreading her hands in front of Kent [back turned] in her office
C-SU2-A34   Luthor cackles to Eve [back turned] on balloon gondola as it glides over mountain
C-SU2-A35   FLV of Ursa & Non getting their legs at edge of river as Zod walks on water beyond
C-SU2-A36   FLV of Zod up to knees in water & basking in sun
C-SU2-A37   Bellboy opens door to honeymoon suite for Kent & Lois
C-SU2-A38   MS of Lois getting thought in front of curtains
C-SU2-A39   MS of Kent & Lois talking in front of Niagara Falls
C-SU2-A40   MCU: Lois gets suspicious thoughts about Kent as tourists gather bg
C-SU2-A41   Slight UA of Kent calling out to Lois frantically from railing
C-SU2-A42   Kent uses heat vision in effort to save OS Lois from raging rapids

C-SU3-1   LS: Sman glides toward camera over sports car motoring down street
C-SU3-2   FLV of Sman standing atop car & reaching toward roof to rescue man drowning inside
C-SU3-3   Cont. #2, Sman pulls waterlogged man up thru roof
C-SU3-4   Profile MLS of Sman saluting "General" Gus Gorman [Richard Pryor] who's just handed him present of synthetic Kryptonite
C-SU3-5   LS of Sman floating above section of nuclear power plant engulfed in flames & smoke
C-SU3-6   FLV: Sman strides toward camera in power plant surrounded by flames
C-SU3-7   Profile MCU of Sman turned evil, sitting at bar with drink
C-SU3-8   MLS of Lana Lang [Annette O'Toole] extending hand to Sman, her young son between them
C-SU3-9   PR: MS of Sman flying, spotting danger below, black bg
C-SU3-10   PR: MS of Lana seated, in light summer suit & hat, eyeing camera
C-SU3-11   PR: MS of Lana striking sexy pose in red dress
C-SU3-12   Cont. #11, same shot only horizontal
C-SU3-13   PR: FLV of Lorelei Ambrosia [Pamela Stephenson], in lowcut red evening dress, seated on floor
C-SU3-14   PR: PRT of Lorelei posed in same dress
C-SU3-15   PR: FLV of Lorelei posed in sexy white lounger
C-SU3-16   Profile MS of Clark Kent about to go into action
C-SU3-17   Kent talks up class reunion to Perry White, Lois & Olsen look on
C-SU3-18   Cont. #1, Kent holds up high school sweater
C-SU3-19   Sman carries cylinder over side of burning roof for endangered workers to slide down
C-SU3-20   FLV of Sman at edge of lake, icing it over with super breath
C-SU3-21   MS of Kent bending to kiss Lana at reunion dance
C-SU3-22   LS of Kent & Lana picnicking in grass field
C-SU3-23   Cont. #22, tighter shot as they get friendlier
C-SU3-24   Cont. #23, MS of pair exchanging warm looks
C-SU3-25   CU of Lana smiling at OS Kent
C-SU3-26   Sman rescues Lana's son from blades of wheat thresher
C-SU3-27   MLS of Kent embracing Lana from behind
C-SU3-28   Webster [Robert Vaughn] about to ski into Lorelei, kicked back in deck chair getting tan
C-SU3-29   MS of Webster & sister Vera [Annie Ross] making nefarious plans on rooftop ski resort
C-SU3-30   Out of control Gus skis down slope
C-SU3-31   MS of Sman looking down at fake kryptonite in his hands
C-SU3-32   MS of General Gus aghast that Sman is okay
C-SU3-33   US of Lorelei seated in crown of Statue of Liberty & waiting for Sman to arrive
C-SU3-34   MLS of Kent geared for combat in auto graveyard
C-SU3-35   MCU of Kent being squashed in car compactor
C-SU3-36   MLS of good-again Kent pulling open shirt to reveal Sman costume underneath
C-SU3-37   Sman flies toward camera, leaving junkyard
C-SU3-38   Profile MS of Sman using heat-vision to weld hull of super tanker
C-SU3-39   Gus riding donkey comically down Grand Canyon
C-SU3-40   MLS of Webster smiling in super computer cave
C-SU3-41   RV of Sman standing before super computer, atop which are Webster,  Gus, Lorelei & Vera
C-SU3-42   Electrical energy saps Sman, knocking him to ground
C-SU3-43   Gus tries to convince OS Sman he's not part of Webster's evil doings
C-SU3-44   MS of Sman breaking out of web-like bubble
C-SU3-45   FLV of computer beam lifting Gus into air
C-SU3-46   FLV of Sman walking away from computer holding left arm
C-SU3-47   FLV of Lorelei held high in air by blue beam
C-SU3-48   UA of Sman & Gus about to land at coal mine
C-SU3-49   Cont. #48, Sman lands with thankful Gus as miners approach
C-SU3-50   Cont. #49, MS of Gus expressing thanks for being on solid ground
C-SU3-51   Profile MS of Lois taking Lana's hand, commenting on diamond ring

C-SU4-1   PR: MS of somber Sman [Christopher Reeve] turned aside
C-SU4-2   PR: MCU of somber Sman as alter ego Clark Kent wearing hat & coat
C-SU4-3   PR: FLV of Sman standing on Moon beside American flag
C-SU4-4   PR: MS of Nuclear Man [Mark Pillow], eyes averted
C-SU4-5   PR: MS of Lex Luthor [Gene Hackman], wearing clip-on name tag, looking OS
C-SU4-6   PR: MS of punk Lenny Luthor [John Cryer] behind wheel of car
C-SU4-7   Tight FLV of Sman kneeling atop Russian space capsule
C-SU4-8   Cont. #7, Sman helps lost astronaut into hatch of capsule as fellows peer out porthole
C-SU4-9   DA of Kent inside barn, pulling tarp away from vessel that carried him to Earth [interior glowing green]
C-SU4-10   Cont. #9, Kent stands in pit holding crystal shard
C-SU4-11   MS of hip bizarro Nuclear Man shocking party girl at Metro Club
C-SU4-12   LS of Lois Lane [Margot Kidder] falling from Sman's grasp as he flies her over city skyscrapers
C-SU4-13   Sman flies at camera over countryside, one hand clutching letter
C-SU4-14   FLV of Nuclear Man standing at curb & creating havoc, knocking SWAT van onto its front end

C-SWT-1   BS: MCU of makeup man Ken Horn painting face mask of Swamp Thing
C-SWT-2   BS: FLV of scuffed up Alice, in pants, low-cut top & flowered shirt, standing in tall grass
C-SWT-3   MLS of Swampie, right arm held high & head bowed
C-SWT-4   Low angle MS of Swampie walking in woods
C-SWT-5   LS of Alice nude bathing, arching back while dashing water to face [from Swampie's POV]
C-SWT-6   Tighter FV of Alice in water, arm crossing upper breasts
C-SWT-7   Low angle profile MS of Swampie wrapping arm around Alice, scaring her half to death
C-SWT-8   MS of Alice, in wet t-shirt, staring in shock at OS Swampie
C-SWT-9   Profile CU of Swampie, head bowed & eyes closed
C-SWT-10   MCU of Swampie looking down toward camera
C-SWT-11  MS of Swampie showing severed arm
C-SWT-12   MCU of Alice intent on what OS Swampie relates
C-SWT-13   Pullback shot of Alice & Swampie facing each other in pretty glade
C-SWT-14   MCU of Alice starting to cry
C-SWT-15   Pullback shot of Alice touching Swampie's face
C-SWT-16   MCU of Alice touching Swampie's face
C-SWT-17   MLS of Swampie chained to wooden cross
C-SWT-18   LS of Alice, in low-cut party dress, seated by tree at edge of water
C-SWT-19   Semi-profile MS of worried Alice
C-SWT-20   FLV of Swampie comforting mortally wounded Alice at base of tree
C-SWT-21   Enticing MS of Alice manacled to dungeon wall
C-SWT-22   LS of Arcane Monster, armed with sword, moving to downed Swampie in bog, Alice watches in bg
C-SWT-23   FLV of Swampie rising from water to face Arcane Monster [favored]
C-SWT-24   Profile MS of Arcane Monster thrusting sword at OS Alice
C-SWT-25   MS of Alice clutching heart as sword blade runs her thru
C-SWT-26   MLS of Alice standing amid debris of burned lab
C-SWT-27   FLV of Alice running toward camera to get away from Arcane's henchmen
C-SWT-28   MLS of Swamp Thing standing in road
C-SWT-29   MLS of Alice manacled to dungeon wall, watching OS Swampie break free
C-SWT-30   MLS of Swampie freeing Alice from manacles

C-SWT-1   BS: MCU of makeup man Ken Horn painting face mask of Swamp Thing
C-SWT-2   BS: FLV of scuffed up Alice, in pants, low-cut top & flowered shirt, standing in tall grass
C-SWT-3   MLS of Swampie, right arm held high & head bowed
C-SWT-4   Low angle MS of Swampie walking in woods
C-SWT-5   LS of Alice nude bathing, arching back while dashing water to face [from Swampie's POV]
C-SWT-6   Tighter FV of Alice in water, arm crossing upper breasts
C-SWT-7   Low angle profile MS of Swampie wrapping arm around Alice, scaring her half to death
C-SWT-8   MS of Alice, in wet t-shirt, staring in shock at OS Swampie
C-SWT-9   Profile CU of Swampie, head bowed & eyes closed
C-SWT-10  MCU of Swampie looking down toward camera
C-SWT-11   MS of Swampie showing severed arm
C-SWT-12   MCU of Alice intent on what OS Swampie relates
C-SWT-13   Pullback shot of Alice & Swampie facing each other in pretty glade
C-SWT-14   MCU of Alice starting to cry
C-SWT-15   Pullback shot of Alice touching Swampie's face
C-SWT-16   MCU of Alice touching Swampie's face
C-SWT-17   MLS of Swampie chained to wooden cross
C-SWT-18   LS of Alice, in low-cut party dress, seated by tree at edge of water
C-SWT-19   Semi-profile MS of worried Alice
C-SWT-20   FLV of Swampie comforting mortally wounded Alice at base of tree
C-SWT-21   Enticing MS of Alice manacled to dungeon wall
C-SWT-22   LS of Arcane Monster, armed with sword, moving to downed Swampie in bog, Alice watches in bg
C-SWT-23   FLV of Swampie rising from water to face Arcane Monster [favored]
C-SWT-24   Profile MS of Arcane Monster thrusting sword at OS Alice
C-SWT-25   MS of Alice clutching heart as sword blade runs her thru
C-SWT-26   MLS of Alice standing amid debris of burned lab
C-SWT-27   FLV of Alice running toward camera to get away from Arcane's henchmen
C-SWT-28   MLS of Swamp Thing standing in road
C-SWT-29   MLS of Alice manacled to dungeon wall, watching OS Swampie break free
C-SWT-30   MLS of Swampie freeing Alice from manacles

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C-TAR-1  Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster showing giant spider with female victim in its mandibles

C-TE-1  PR: robot hulks over Brooks, who holds Nora in his arms

C-TRZ-1  MS of Tarzan & Jane nude-bathing, Cheetah getting good look at Jane's main claims to fame
C-TRZ-2  Cont.
C-TRZ-1, Tarzan washes one of those claims with a smile

C-TMNT-1  Cast PRT of Turtle dudes, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael & Donatello highlighted in green aura

TEEN WOLF - 1985
C-THW-1  MS of Scott [Michael J. Fox] in basketball uniform, sitting in bleachers & looking aside
C-THW-2  Semi-profile MS of Scott holding towel around his neck at gym

C-TC-1  The Burning Bush
C-TC-2  Moses [Charleton Heston] shrinks from pillar of fire etching tablets
C-TC-3  Tons of water from parted Red Sea crashes back upon Egyptian soldiers as Ramses [Yul Brynner] looks on from chariot in fg
C-TC-7  Moses brings tablets down from mountain, fiery sky in bg
C-TC-8  Cont. #7, Moses approaches kneeling follower
C-TC-9  LS of orgiastic throng below Moses [back turned]
C-TC-10  Cont. #9, Moses raises tablets over his head
C-TC-11  Ramses points out work of slaves amid grandeur beyond them to Pharaoh
C-TC-12  LS of Moses spreading arms wide, commanding OS sea to part, masses of people behind him
C-TC-13  LS of chariots wending past walls of water on either side
C-TC-14  PR: PRT of elder Moses as if listening to God
C-TC-15  PR: PRT of Ramses holding Nefretiri [Anne Baxter] tight from behind

C-TRM-1 Wild-eyed Terminator [Arnold Schwarzenegger] fires rifle from inside police car
C-TRM-2   MS of Terminator aiming automatic weapon with extended arm
C-TRM-3   PR: eerily enhanced MCU of android assassin in Terminator holding cocked gun near face
C-TRM-4   Cont. #3, CU with cruel machine face blazingly superimposed
C-TRM-5   PR: MCU of Terminator wearing sunglasses & black leather jacket, open to show chest, holding spotter pistol up by face, red-streaked bg
C-TRM-6   Cont. #5, MS of Terminator holding one weapon at waist & aiming other toward camera
C-TRM-7   Cont. #6, MS of Terminator square to camera, holding both weapons to sides of face
C-TRM-8   PR: MLS of Terminator posed in black leather jacket & Army pants, machine gun held across chest
C-TRM-9   Cont. #8, MLS of Terminator holding upraised weapon near face, other hand on hip
C-TRM-10   PR: FLV of Terminator wearing sunglasses but no jacket, aiming spotter pistol off camera
C-TRM-11   PR: PRT of Biehn as himself wearing white pullover sweater
C-TRM-12   MCU of Terminator, wearing muscle shirt, aiming Uzi off camera
C-TRM-13   MLS of Terminator standing with weapon down at side, fatigue jacket now worn over muscle shirt
C-TRM-14   MS of Terminator, Uzi at ready, searching bar
C-TRM-15   Cont. #14, MCU of Terminator inching toward OS Sarah
C-TRM-16   Cont. #15, MS of Sarah [Linda Hamilton] starting to look up from bar table
C-TRM-17   Cont. #16, MS of Termy aiming spotter pistol at OS Sarah
C-TRM-18   Cont. #17, red beam springs from piece above gun barrel
C-TRM-19   Cont. #18, RA/CU of frightened Sarah as beam touches her forehead
C-TRM-20   UA of Terminator about to retaliate in bar with Uzi
C-TRM-21   FLV of Reese, armed with riot gun, trying to get Sarah up from floor between two slain bar patrons
C-TRM-22   MCU of Terminator driving police car, red lights flashing, looking for Sarah
C-TRM-23   MS of Terminator in hotel room, hanging bulb illuminating face with lacerated eye
C-TRM-24   Terminator sits at table & cuts into forearm with x-acto knife as blood streams from ruined eye
C-TRM-25   MS of Terminator, jacket removed, looking at reflection in mirror
C-TRM-26   Cont. #25, tighter on mirror reflection shows off bloody eye better
C-TRM-27   MCU: Terminator sits on bed, damaged eye area now black socket
C-TRM-28   Cont. #27, profile MS as he looks at address book
C-TRM-29   MS of Terminator standing at front desk in police station
C-TRM-30   MS of Terminator in corridor of police station, looking for something to blow away
C-TRM-31   MS of Terminator walking toward camera as fire burns behind him
C-TRM-32   Low angle MS of Terminator firing machine gun into squad room
C-TRM-33   Cont. #32, tighter MS as weapon blasts away
C-TRM-34   Low angle MS of Terminator, armed to teeth, searching room from corridor
C-TRM-35   MS of Sarah huddling under blanket against Reese as they take refuge in drainage culvert
C-TRM-36   MS of Reese in futuretime labyrinth, energy rifle poised & photograph clenched between teeth
C-TRM-37   CU of Reese kicked back, studying his precious photograph
C-TRM-38   MCU of shirtless Reese embracing frightened Sarah
C-TRM-39   MLS of Sarah touching scar on Reese's bare chest in motel room
C-TRM-40   Profile MS of Terminator riding motorcycle
C-TRM-41   MCU of Terminator, half his face torn up, behind wheel of tanker truck
C-TRM-42   Cont. #41, Terminator falls forward into windshield
C-TRM-43   Profile MCU of Terminator, now reduced to skeleton of metal, stalking his prey thru maze of machinery
C-TRM-44   Stark MCU of cyborg, eyes glowing red in darkness [scene dark]
C-TRM-45   MCU of cyborg in manufacturing area, diffused light shining off its metal skin
C-TRM-46   FLV of cyborg slightly bent over Reese in darkness, preparing to deliver death blow
C-TRM-47   Cont. #46, Reese rises & jams pipe bomb into cyborg's midsection
C-TRM-48   MS of cyborg having risen from flames borne by tanker explosion to reveal skeletal structure
C-TRM-49   PR: PRT of Sarah, on whom the future hinges
C-TRM-50   Great foreign poster artwork of half-man, half-cyborg Terminator holding up handgun
C-TRM-51   Beautiful production artwork of deflashed Terminator rising up out of flames with rifle
C-TRM-52   BS: Schwarzenegger/Terminator bust with eye socket open to reveal cyborg eye
C-TRM-53   BS: semi-profile MS of skeletal cyborg in menacing stance against black bg
C-TRM-54   FLV of tanklike Hunter-Killer treading thru rubble of future landscape
C-TRM-55   Cont. #54, tighter show allows good look at H-K detailing
C-TRM-56   LS of aerial H-K flying over devastated future terrain
C-TRM-57   Cont. #56, closer view of A/H-K searching bombed-out landscape
C-TRM-58   UA of A/H-K throwing its searchlights
C-TRM-59   Cont. #58, light flares, brightening underside
C-TRM-60   MCU of smiling Sarah in waitress uniform, playing with hair
C-TRM-61   MCU of Reese sitting behind wheel of car, considering his future
C-TRM-62   MS of Sarah, wrapped in towel, talking to her mother on phone from motel room
C-TRM-63   FLV of cyborg rising from flames of tanker explosion
C-TRM-64   Looking straight down at cyborg climbing stairs
C-TRM-65   FLV of cyborg just before blowing apart from pipe bomb placed by Reese on catwalk
C-TRM-66   Head-on shot of cyborg's still intact upper torso clawing toward camera on hydraulic press
C-TRM-67   MCU of Sarah sitting in landrover with German Sheperd [it's picture taken by Mexican boy]

C-T2-1   PR: MS of Terminator [hereafter Term] in sunglasses, posed in hospital corridor with sawed-off shotgun upraised
C-T2-2   PR: MS of Term holding shotgun & looking up at something OS
C-T2-3   PR: MS of Term atop motorcycle, wearing shades & attitude
C-T2-4   PR: UA of Term, ammo belt across chest & rifle over shoulder, glaring down toward camera
C-T2-5   Cont. #4, he's now firing immense machine gun
C-T2-6   PR: sunlit MS of Term turned aside with shotgun resting on shoulder
C-T2-7   PR: Term uses car for cover as he aims shotgun OS
C-T2-8   Same as #2 in b/w section
C-T2-9   Cont. #8, MLS standing beside picnic table, holding rifle & cigarette
C-T2-10 PR: MS of Sarah taking cover behind lab desk with pistol at ready
C-T2-11 PR: night MS of T-1000 [Robert Patrick] as sunglasses-wearing LAPD motorcycle cop, attention turned OS
C-T2-12 PR: MS of T-1000 raising finger as if to say: "no, no" at steel mill
C-T2-13 PR: MLS of glaring young John Connor atop motorcycle
C-T2-14 PR: PRT of John leaning on handlebars, looking wistfully aside
C-T2-15 PR: MS of smiling Schwarzenegger [hereafter Arnold], in Hawaiian shirt, & Linda posed on pier overlooking ocean
C-T2-16 Cont. #15, Arnold has hands on Linda's shoulder as she looks aside
C-T2-17 Cont. #16, standard side-by-side PRT, Linda serious, Arnold smiling
C-T2-18 Two-element shot: Linda & twin sister Leslie all smiles; same as #9
C-T2-19 BS: MS of Director James Cameron & wife-to-be Linda making eyes at each other on set
C-T2-20 BS: MS of Cameron showing Linda how to hold hands to shoot gun as she leans out of car window, both smiling
C-T2-21 BS: on desert location, Cameron leans down to discuss scene with Furlong as Arnold stands by open car door in full Term mode
C-T2-22  BS: MLS of Cyberdyne lab set as Arnold asks question of Cameron while Linda & Joe Morton observe
C-T2-23 PR: PRT of serious Cameron on set
C-T2-24 PR: letterbox-like image of Term aiming weapon at camera, title Terminator 2 blocked above him, Judgment Day below
C-T2-25 BS: tabletop miniature of LA office buildings as atomic blast strikes
C-T2-26 Two-element shot: in her dream, Sarah catches fire at chainlink fence then is reduced to fiery skeleton by nuclear blast
C-T2-27 MS of gun-toting Term infantry robot on future battlefield
C-T2-28 Cont. #28, FLV
C-T2-29 Tight FLV of Sarah, wearing slip, kneeling on hospital bed as sunlight adds glow to her long hair
C-T2-30 MS of sullen Sarah in hospital as she is shown OS incriminating photos
C-T2-31 MLS of nude Term rising from crouch, having just hit LA again
C-T2-32 CU of shirtless Term, eyes glowing red
C-T2-33 DA of Term on 'cycle, firing shotgun
C-T2-34 MS of huge truck about to overtake frightened John on 'cycle
C-T2-35 MS of Term aiming shotgun over John's head in corridor as boy looks at him with back to camera
C-T2-36 UA of Term aims OS shotgun, protecting a harried John
C-T2-37 MCU of Term & John riding 'cycle thru night
C-T2-38 DA of T-1000 as policeman, passing thru asylum bars
C-T2-39 UA of Term offering hand to OS Sarah: "Come with me if you want to live," he intones
C-T2-40 Cont. #39, CU of John (face obscured) telling terrified mom all is okay
C-T2-41 MS: John, Sarah & Term watch approach of OS T-1000
C-T2-42 MLS: Sarah chances a look back as she & John run down corridor
C-T2-43 MS of Term blasting away at OS law enforcement with heavy artillery
C-T2-44 MS of T-1000 running up corridor & firing gun while sporting large stomach "wound"
C-T2-45 MS of Sarah with back against hospital wall & about to look thru chainlink-reinforced window
C-T2-46 Tight MS of Sarah & John backed into corner of elevator, awaiting fate
C-T2-47 Cont. #46, T-1000's sword arm pierces elevator door, narrowly missing aghast John & Sarah
C-T2-48 LS of silvery T-1000 emerging from elevator
C-T2-49 MS of T-1000 running thru parking structure in quicksilver form
C-T2-50 Cont. #49, human form begins to emerge
C-T2-51 View thru car's rear window as T-1000 attaches hook arms to trunk
C-T2-52 MCU of eerie T-1000 after missing opportunity to kill escaping prey
C-T2-53 Extreme UA of Term beneath neon sign of biker bar
C-T2-54 MS of John on phone as Term guards him from behind in booth
C-T2-55 MS of John (favored) pleading with Term to show mercy
C-T2-56 Moody MS of Sarah planted against wall, clad in black warrior garb
C-T2-57 MCU of worried Sarah (favored) sharing tender moment with John
C-T2-58 MS of Sarah with head down on picnic table, watching Term interact with John OS
C-T2-59 MS of Sarah (favored) angry with John for risking his life for her in garage
C-T2-60 MS of thoughtful Dr. Dyson staring at computer screen
C-T2-61 Profile MS of Term unveiling his skeletal forearm
C-T2-62 Cont. #61, FV exhibiting armature
C-T2-63 Same as #3 in b/w section
C-T2-64 Cont. #43, MLS as Term lets loose thru broken-out picture window
C-T2-65 FLV: Sarah runs thru glass-walled chamber, dodging hail of bullets
C-T2-66 Cool MS of Sarah aiming rifle to point just above her
C-T2-67 Sarah on floor & ready with pistol as she takes cover behind lab counter
C-T2-68 T-1000 presses human cop face thru hole in helicopter window
C-T2-69 Cont. #68, as T-1000 transforms from blob, chopper pilot's face is reflected in it's silvery head like mirror
C-T2-70 Armed Term follows as Sarah & John limp past overturned cop car
C-T2-72 Term looks back over shoulder & promises: "I'll be back" with smirk
C-T2-73 MLS of Sarah coming at OS T-1000 with pump rifle in smoky factory
C-T2-74 Cont. #73, Sarah fires
C-T2-75 MS of determined Sarah aiming rifle in fire-lit factory
C-T2-76 MCU of T-1000 with gaping silver hole deforming half of face
C-T2-77 Injured Term, John & Sarah look down into OS molten metal pit where T-1000 is finally destroyed
C-T2-78 MS of Sarah telling saddened John that Term must also be destroyed
C-T2-79 Tight MS of John hugging Term goodbye
C-T2-80 Overcome Sarah & John huddle as OS Term lowers himself into pit
C-T2-83 CU of Term endo-skeleton skull surrounded by yellow flames
C-T2-85 Three-element montage of scenes from future battle as flying HK's & skeletal Terminators wreak havoc
C-T2-86  Four-element shot: T-1000 walking thru flames; T-1000 morphing from liquid state into cop in kitchen next to dead Todd [Xander Berkeley]; T-1000's head beginning to emerge from tiled floor
[NOTE: #87 to #139 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-T2-87 MCU of frozen T-1000 incredulously eyeing snapped-off forearm
C-T2-88 MS of T-1000 breaking into gazillion pieces
C-T2-89 ECU of Term observing OS T-1000 blow apart
C-T2-90 FLV of John & Term watching T-1000 reconstitute into blob in fg
C-T2-91 CU of puddle reforming before molten metal waterfall in bg
C-T2-92 CU of T-1000 almost his old self again, halfway between silver cyborg & faux cop
C-T2-93 MS of Term punching hand thru head of T-1000
C-T2-94 MS: silvery T-1000 advances on downed Term on factory platform
C-T2-95 Sarah has just blown hole in head of T-1000, which looks huge in fg
C-T2-96 Cont. #95, Sarah watches in disbelief as hole begins to close
C-T2-97 CU of agonized Sarah as T-1000 spears her in shoulder
C-T2-98 Cont. #97, ECU of Sarah steeled against cyborg's torture
C-T2-99 Cont. #98, pullback shows both as cyborg sez: "I bet that hurts"
C-T2-100 CU of T-100's poker-like finger in Sarah's partially visible face
C-T2-101 Cont. #100, ECU as poker-finger nears Sarah's eye
C-T2-102 Cont. #202, ECU of T-1000, his expression severe
C-T2-103 MS of Term slicing T-1000 in half from behind
C-T2-104 UA: electricity sparks as Term is speared in back by T-1000, standing over him on catwalk
C-T2-105 Armed Sarah in bg approaches T-1000 twin of herself in fg
C-T2-106 Cont. #105, Sarah blasts hole in chest of T-1000 double
C-T2-107 MS of T-1000 starting to morph from Sarah's face back to cop
C-T2-108 DA of Sarah blasting away at T-1000 on balcony catwalk
C-T2-109 MS of T-1000 riddled with five huge bullet holes
C-T2-110 MS of Sarah holding rifle, seeing that her shots have had no real effect
C-T2-111 MCU of hard-as T-1000 wagging finger at OS Sarah
C-T2-113 MCU of melting T-1000, upside-down head screaming
C-T2-114 Cont. #113, pullback to FLV
C-T2-115 T-1000's helmeted head pokes above pit of molten metel. He's done
C-T2-116 ECU of damaged Term & Sarah looking on
C-T2-117 Cont. #116, CU looking down at pit more
C-T2-118 ECU of Sarah realizing they've won
C-T2-119 Cont. #118, Sarah tilts head toward OS John
C-T2-120 Profile MS of John pleading with Term as Sarah looks on
C-T2-121 MCU of John tightly hugging Termy goodbye
C-T2-122 CU of somber Sarah thanking Term & saying goodbye
C-T2-123 CU of Term hanging onto chains as he lowers himself into molten pit
C-T2-124 CU of Sarah wearing bittersweet expression
C-T2-125 DA/FLV of Term dropping into pit
C-T2-126 Cont. #125, MS as he is about to be consumed
C-T2-127 Cont. #126, Term's UA view of Sarah & John watching from above
C-T2-128 CU of Sarah coming to grips with loss
C-T2-129 MCU of Term's head & shoulders above molten surface
C-T2-130 Cont. #129, Termy giving final "thumbs up"
C-T2-131 UA of Sarah, holding powerbox, & John watching Term's end
C-T2-132 ECU of sad Sarah holding John to her
[NOTE: #133-#139 are from deleted final scene]
C-T2-133 MS of elderly Sarah sitting on park bench, talking into tape recorder
C-T2-134 Cont. #133, CU of old, wistful Sarah
C-T2-135 MS of Sarah tying shoe of young granddaughter
C-T2-136 CU of Sarah smiling at little girl
C-T2-137 Cont. #136, MS hugging granddaughter
C-T2-138 MS of Sarah smiling after granddaughter runs off to play again
C-T2-139 CU of Sarah, content now

C-TCM-1 MS of Leatherface [Gunnar Hansen]

C-TH-1 Reproduction of colorful theatrical one-sheet poster showing giant ants on rampage

C-TT-1 MS of James Arness as the classic alien vegetable man, thorned hands upraised. The piece de resistance from this film & a STILL THINGS exclusive offering. Only known color shot

C-TTN-1   PR: seven-element shot includes PRT of MacReady, science team at work studying flying saucer & stalking monster & MacReady finding frozen horror
C-TTN-2   PR: FLV of Antarctica research team posed in snow before helicopter
C-TTN-3   LS of MacReady studying debris in burned-out room in Norwegian camp
C-TTN-4   Armed MacReady holds up lantern in frozen radio room to see horror on face of dead Norwegian
C-TTN-5   FLV of frozen room containing large, empty block of ice, MacReady rests rifle on one corner
C-TTN-6   MLS of MacReady, walking arsenal with dynamite strapped to jacket flame thrower in hand
C-TTN-7   PR: PRT of MacReady
C-TTN-8   CU of hideously transformed head of Norris [Charles Hallahan], victim of The Thing
C-TTN-9   Cont. #8, different view affords view of elongated neck
C-TTN-10   Cont. #9, pullback shot shows upper half of mutated Norris, spider-like arms attached to ventilator
C-TTN-11   Cont. #10, FLV of Thing/Norris metamorphosis
C-TTN-12   MLS of stop-motion animated "Blair monster" with half of face & side transformed into hideous insect [not used in film, printed from Cinemascope frame]
C-TTN-13   Cont. #12, FLV also shows deformed dog appendage snaking from abdomen & inset of scene production sketch
C-TTN-14   Saucer-shaped spaceship begins to flame out as it approaches Earth
C-TTN-15   LS of snowed-in Antarctic base
C-TTN-16   Members of scientific team play cards & shoot pool in recreation area
C-TTN-17   FLV: team mills around remains of helicopter from Norwegian camp
C-TTN-18   LS of men rappelling down ice cliff to explore open hatch of saucer embedded into snow in fg
C-TTN-19   DA of giant ice pit containing wreckage of ship
C-TTN-20   MCU of Norris' head stretching away from body after alien bursts from chest [see #8-#11]
C-TTN-21   Cont. #20, head separates from body & moves toward end of table
C-TTN-22   Cont. #21, low angle of head dropping off table
C-TTN-23   Cont. #22, Norris' head oozes well off end of table enroute to floor
C-TTN-24   Cont. #23, MCU of Norris' head on floor as long tendril-like tongue snakes from mouth
C-TTN-25   MS: anxious MacReady clutching dynamite & flame thrower to chest
C-TTN-26   MLS of MacReady ready to use flame thrower & hand-held dynamite
C-TTN-27   MS of begoggled & half-frozen MacReady
C-TTN-28   MS of Nauls, MacReady & Gerry [Donald Moffat] making plans for final confrontation with The Thing
C-TTN-29   BS: profile MS of makeup artist Rob Bottin touching up alien mass of transformed Norwegian
C-TTN-30   BS: FLV of Rob's spider-head Thing enhanced by eerie lighting
C-TTN-31   PR: smiling Rob tips glass of champagne, his spider-head creation lurking for sip
C-TTN-32   FLV of Blairmonster with dog-Thing snaking from abdomen [same as #13 without inset]

C-TIE-1   Title over saucer streaking thru thermal barrier
C-TIE-2   2 1/2 YEARS IN THE MAKING over saucer in space
C-TIE-3   Exeter on interociter screen zaps lead block with rays
C-TIE-4   Green tractor beam pulls small plane toward saucer
C-TIE-5   Cal & Ruth glow greenly in cockpit of plane
C-TIE-6   Dissolve shot of #4 combined with saucer in space
C-TIE-8   Saucer leaves Earth behind
C-TIE-9   Saucer irradiates heat entering thermal barrier
C-TIE-10   UA of saucer throwing off flames
C-TIE-11   LS of saucer navigator sighting meteor on stellarscope
C-TIE-12   Two comet-ships on collision course with saucer
C-TIE-13   View from behind Exeter, Braack, Cal & Ruth of stellarscope showing comet-ships closing in on saucer
C-TIE-14   CU of comet-ships on stellarscope
C-TIE 15   FV of group as Ruth screams: "They're going to hit us"
C-TIE-16   Exeter introduces Cal & Ruth to Monitor [Douglas Spencer]
C-TIE-17   Cont. #16, longer shot shows planet outside windows
C-TIE-18   LS of city ruins as missile penetrates ionization layer
C-TIE-19   Cont. #18, missile explodes in fg by Monitor's Headquarters
C-TIE-20   Mutant lays buried in rubble of blasted corridor
C-TIE-21   Stellarscope view of Metaluna under final attack
C-TIE-22   Mutant menaces Ruth, trapped in converter tube
C-TIE-23   Bleeding mutant chases Ruth off tube station
C-TIE-24   Ruth trips as mutant closes in for kill
C-TIE-25   LS of green ball glowing above plane after being pulled into saucer cargo deck
C-TIE-26   Cont. #25, Cal & Ruth walk from plane
C-TIE-27   Stellarscope view of receding Earth
C-TIE-28   UA of saucer just before it moves off camera
C-TIE-29   SV of saucer in deep space
C-TIE-30   FLV of Metalunan being released from conversion tubes
C-TIE-31   LS of Exeter explaining conversion process to Cal & Ruth
C-TIE-32   Cal & Ruth under tubes as Exeter orders the process begun
C-TIE-33   Exeter watches as Ruth's hands are magnetized
C-TIE-34   LS of Exeter watching as tubes lower around Cal & Ruth
C-TIE-35   SV of Metaluna woman operating conversion tube controls
C-TIE-36   MLS of Cal & Ruth in tubes, she turned to him with worried look
C-TIE-37   Vapors fill Cal & Ruth's tubes as operator watches process
C-TIE-38   MS of Cal & Ruth in tubes as vapors turn magenta
C-TIE-39   Cal & Ruth look toward OS bridge in alarm
C-TIE-40   Stellarscope view of blue meteor coming toward saucer
C-TIE-41   FLV of Cal & Ruth in tubes as saucer begins to tilt
C-TIE-42   Cont. #41, tubes now at diagonal tilt
C-TIE-43   Cont. #42, entire bridge at full tilt
C-TIE-44   Blue meteor nears bow of tilted saucer
C-TIE-45   Cont. #44, meteor passes directly over saucer
C-TIE-46   Cont. #45, meteor passes behind saucer
C-TIE-47   MS of Ruth unconscious in tube
C-TIE-48   MS of Cal & Ruth unconscious in tubes
C-TIE-49   Cal & Ruth held stiffly in tubes as conversion begins
C-TIE-50   Cont. #49, musculature revealed
C-TIE-51   Cont. #50, skeletal structure exposed
C-TIE-52   Cont. #51, full effect also shows circulatory systems
C-TIE-53   FLV of bridge controller as alarm system lights up
C-TIE-54   Exeter orders Braack & controller to steer clear of enemy
C-TIE-55   Cont. #54, Exeter strides toward OS tubes
C-TIE-56   LS: Ruth, Cal & Exeter relax in viewing chairs next to stellarscope
C-TIE-57   Braack joins group as all study Stellarscope
C-TIE-58   Saucer fires at two attack Zahgon ships
C-TIE-59   Cont. #58, first target explodes as ray moves to second ship
C-TIE-60   Cont. #59, saucer moves past exploding ships
C-TIE-61   RV of group watching Metaluna appear on stellarscope
C-TIE-62   Cont. #61, closer view of green planet
C-TIE-63   Cont. #62, Metaluna, now purplish, nearly fills screen
C-TIE-64   RV of group viewing ionization layer on Stellarscope
C-TIE-65   Stellarscope view of rainbow-hued ionization layer
C-TIE-66   Saucer about to enter cloudy rim of ionization layer
C-TIE-67   Cont. #66, saucer angles deeper into cloud
C-TIE-68   Cont. #67, saucer breaks thru cloud cover
C-TIE-69   Stellarscope view of ravaged Metaluna surface
C-TIE-70   LS of saucer cruising over Metaluna's crust
C-TIE-71   SV of saucer as explosion goes off
C-TIE-72   Saucer nears entry to subsurface world
C-TIE-73   DA of crater-like entrance shows underground city past opening
C-TIE-74   Cont. #73, closer view of entrance. More of city visible
C-TIE-75   Saucer drops toward hole in pitted crust
C-TIE-76   Saucer descends into hole as meteor falls toward crust
C-TIE-77   Cont. #76, meteor hits & explodes
C-TIE-78   Three Zahgon meteors fall toward surface
C-TIE-79   Cont. #78, first meteor strikes & explodes
C-TIE-80   Cont. #79, all meteors explode on surface
C-TIE-81   LS of saucer entering subsurface city from above
C-TIE-82   Cont. #81, saucer draws nearer to docking tower
C-TIE-83   Cont. #82, saucer begins to dock at top of tower
C-TIE-84   Cont. #83, saucer docked securely
C-TIE-85   LS of Cal, Ruth, Exeter exiting saucer hatch
C-TIE-86   Cont. #85, closer view as Braack joins group
C-TIE-87   Cont. #86, Ruth points to OS sight as Braack moves off at Exeter's direction
C-TIE-88   Exeter waves Cal & Ruth into opening of tower elevator
C-TIE-89   Cont. #88, Exeter ducks into elevator behind them
C-TIE-90   Elevator tube goes green as meteor hits rear of city
C-TIE-91   Cont. #90, tiny figures exit elevator tube
C-TIE-92   Cont. #91, figures enter city tubeway. Explosions in bg
C-TIE-93   Cal, Ruth & Exeter traverse ramp leading to tubecar
C-TIE-94   Trio sits in tubecar before it starts off
C-TIE-95   LS of trio in tubecar as it starts off
C-TIE-96   SV of trio in tubecar, lit in purple glow by OS explosion
C-TIE-97   Cont. #96, trio reacts to explosion visible in bg
C-TIE-98   Cont. #97, Exeter points to OS ruins
C-TIE-99   Cont. #98, tubecar comes to a halt
C-TIE-100   Cont. #99, trio climbs out of tubecar
C-TIE-101   Trio crosses to command center bldg., explosion goes off in bg
C-TIE-102   Trio enters purple-lit center
C-TIE-103   LS of trio crossing to Monitor on his command chair
C-TIE-104   DA of Monitor seated behind command nucleus
C-TIE-105   CU of brightly lit command nucleus
C-TIE-106   MS of Monitor sitting rigidly upon command chair
C-TIE-107   Cal & Ruth respond to Monitor's contemptuous words
C-TIE-108   MS of Exeter pleading the Earth people's case to Monitor
C-TIE-109   LS of Exeter leading Cal & Ruth away from Monitor
C-TIE-110   LS of Monitor ordering ionization layer intensified
C-TIE-111   Exeter leads hesitant Cal & Ruth to mind control room
C-TIE-112   Exeter pauses to comment on suddenly nearer Zahgon attacks
C-TIE-113   RV of trio approaching mind-control chamber
C-TIE-114   Ruth shouts to Cal her defiance of the Monitor's edict
C-TIE-115   Blast lights corridor as Cal & Ruth listen to Exeter
C-TIE-116   Cal & Ruth stop dead in their tracks as they turn to run
C-TIE-117   MLS of mutant stepping into frame from corner
C-TIE-118   Exeter explains mutant to Cal & Ruth
C-TIE-119   Exeter begs Cal & Ruth to trust him
C-TIE-120   Cal: "In this place I wouldn't believe my grandmother"
C-TIE-121   Cal punches Exeter in stomach
C-TIE-122   MLS of mutant completely blocking doorway
C-TIE-123   Mutant lumbers toward Cal & Ruth
C-TIE-124   Cont. #123, blinding explosion added
C-TIE-125   Mutant keeps on coming. Cal & Ruth OS
C-TIE-126   Mutant advances closer after blast dies
C-TIE-127   FLV of city as tiny fires burn outside command center
C-TIE-128   Cal & Ruth look up at ceiling & cringe
C-TIE-129   FLV of city as meteor rains toward command center
C-TIE-130   Cal & Ruth stagger as explosion is felt
C-TIE-131   Falling rubble crashes down on mutant
C-TIE-132   Cal & Ruth run past mutant buried in debris
C-TIE-133   Monitor lays half-buried in demolished command center
C-TIE-134   Cont. #133, closer view of dead Monitor
C-TIE-135   FLV of city in near ruin as meteor hits below tubeway
C-TIE-136   Cont. #135, tiny figures run to tubeway. Best of these
C-TIE-137   Ruth & Cal climb over rubble into tubeway
C-TIE-138   LS of Ruth & Cal as they argue where to find safety
C-TIE-139   Cal tells Ruth they would be safer aboard Exeter's saucer
C-TIE-140   Cal reaches for rock as Exeter enters tubeway
C-TIE-141   Exeter begs to help as Cal lifts rock
C-TIE-142   MS of Cal with upheld rock. Ruth cowers against wall behind him
C-TIE-143   MS of Exeter saying their only chance is aboard saucer
C-TIE-144   Exeter, Cal & Ruth prepare to re-board tubecar
C-TIE-145   Ruth climbs aboard tubecar as Cal & Exeter follow
C-TIE-146   Cal, Exeter & Ruth hang on in tubecar
C-TIE-147   Tiny figures run from tubeway to elevator. LS of subsurface city
C-TIE-148   Trio enters elevator. Big explosion to tower
C-TIE-149   Cont. #148, second explosion strikes below tubeway
C-TIE-150   Cont. #149, explosions dispel as elevator beam rises
C-TIE-151   Cont. #150, elevator reaches docking area
C-TIE-152   Mutant confronts trio exiting elevator amid rubble
C-TIE-153   RV of wounded mutant blocking trio's path to saucer
C-TIE-154   Cont. #153, Exeter orders mutant to stand aside
C-TIE-155   Cont. #154, Exeter covers Cal & Ruth as they slip past
C-TIE-156   Cont. #155, mutant gores Exeter with pincer
C-TIE-157   Cont. #156, Exeter screams as he pulls claw from his side
C-TIE-158   Saucer flies over Metaluna's smoking outer surface
C-TIE-159   Explosion goes off in front of escaping ship
C-TIE-160   Zahgon ship guides meteor in downward arc thru space
C-TIE-161   Cont. #160, Zahgon ship veers upward over meteor
C-TIE-162   Cont. #161, first meteor exits scene as second enters
C-TIE-163   Cal stands by Exeter at bridge controls. Both are tense
C-TIE-164   Pullback shot shows Ruth & command nucleus
C-TIE-165   MS of Exeter poignantly watching demise of his planet on OS stellarscope from control chair
C-TIE-166   Stellarscope view of rays firing at two meteors
C-TIE-167   Cont. #166, one of meteors explodes
C-TIE-168   Stellarscope view of Metaluna under heavy bombardment
C-TIE-169   Cont. #168, planet turns fiery orange
C-TIE-170   Cont. #169, planet becomes a sun
C-TIE-171   Cal & Ruth in conversion tubes as Exeter sets controls
C-TIE-172   Exeter, Cal & Ruth stand in tubes
C-TIE-173   Exeter & Cal blacked out in tubes
C-TIE-174   MS of Ruth in tube looking toward bridge entryway OS
C-TIE-175   Exeter & Cal also look to entry from tubes
C-TIE-176   FLV of wounded mutant staggering toward OS tubes
C-TIE-177   MCU of Cal struggling to be free inside tube
C-TIE-178   MCU of grim Exeter looking aside in his tube
C-TIE-179   MCU of mutant's bloodied claw-feet & lower legs approaching steps
C-TIE-180   MCU of mutant clawing at screaming Ruth in tube
C-TIE-181   MS of mutant standing before terrified Ruth in tube
C-TIE-182   MCU of mutant staring into tube from Ruth's POV
C-TIE-183   Mutant drops to knees in front of tube enclosing anguished Ruth
C-TIE-184   Ruth struggles against hand grips as her tube opens
C-TIE-185   Ruth falls on bridge as mutant's arm reaches for her
C-TIE-186   Ruth tries to get up, screams
C-TIE-187   MS of mutant going after OS Ruth near control chair
C-TIE-188   Mutant grabs Ruth as she tries to worm away
C-TIE-189   Mutant pulls Ruth to feet, holds her tight
C-TIE-190   Ruth breaks free of mutant's hold
C-TIE-191   Exeter & Cal watch anxiously as their tubes draw open
C-TIE-192   Cal tries to break free of tube hand grips
C-TIE-193   Cal gets free of grips as Exeter watches him run to Ruth's aid
C-TIE-194   Weakened mutant starts to collapse on bridge
C-TIE-195   Mutant has collapsed face down on bridge
C-TIE-196   Cont. #195, mutant turns blue as pressure finishes him
C-TIE-197   Cont. #196, mutant bluer as he starts to disintegrate
C-TIE-198   Cont. #197, mutant has turned to vapor
C-TIE-199   MS of Cal & Ruth reacting to mutant's OS demise
C-TIE-200   Cal & Ruth relax beside wounded Exeter in his command chair
C-TIE-201   Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster

C-THUN-1  MS of Bond & Domino at pool side
C-THUN-2  PR: FLV of Paula, Domino & Fiona [Luciana Paluzzi] in swimwear, standing at water's edge on beach
C-THUN-3  PR: Fiona sprawls in surf, facing camera with hand to lips
C-THUN-4  PR: Domino sprawls in surf, smiling up at camera as water washes over her
C-THUN-5  PR: MLS of Paula posing coyly in blue bikini with hands raised
C-THUN-6  PR: Swimsuit-clad Paula bends toward camera from kneeling position on beach
C-THUN-7  Casually dressed Largo & Bond watch something OS at Palmyra
C-THUN-8  Seated on beach towel, Domino holds foot while Bond offers to suck out poisonous spine
C-THUN-9   PR: MLS of Bond in tuxedo, surrounded by Fiona, Paula, Domino & Patricia [Molly Peters]
C-THUN-10  MS of physical therapist Patricia giving Bond back massage
C-THUN-11  PR: PRT of Domino in black & white striped bikini top, seated in chair on beach

THX 1138
C-THX-1  Two robot cops on patrol with worker in bg
C-THX-2  MLS of director George Lucas & actress Maggie McOmie
C-THX-3  Lucas & camera team set up shot in white room
C-THX-4  MS of troubled THX 1138 leaning against wall
C-THX-5  LS of THX 1138 & LUH 3417 making love in white room
C-THX-6  Cont. #5, pair in awkward embrace with their tops off
C-THX-7  RV of robot cop leading away nude LUH 3417 in white room

C-TAT-1   Red title over red light effect
C-TAT-2   PR: MCU of Wells sitting in his time machine
C-TAT-3   SV of Wells in time machine on black bg
C-TAT-4   MS of Wells & Amy posed by tree in park
C-TAT-5   MS of smiling Amy in pink blouse, coat
C-TAT-6   PRT of Amy taken on studio set
C-TAT-7   MCU of thoughtful Amy leaning against wall
C-TAT-8   CU of a serious, concerned Amy
C-TAT-9   PR: MCU of brooding Stevenson
C-TAT-10   MCU of Wells after first entering machine
C-TAT-11   Wells' hands set controls on machine
C-TAT-12   CU of Wells about to begin journey thru time
C-TAT-14   SV of Wells in machine as light effect begins
C-TAT-18   CU of control panel as dates rapidly change
C-TAT-20   Cont. #19, Wells pulls key from panel
C-TAT-21   Wells watches television in store window
C-TAT-22   Wells takes notes on tall lady walking in plastic pants
C-TAT-23   Wells experiments with electric toothbrush
C-TAT-24   MCU of Wells in taxicab giving instructions to driver
C-TAT-25   MCU of Stevenson in hotel room talking to OS Wells
C-TAT-26   Stevenson leans back on bed & leers at OS Wells
C-TAT-27   MCU of Wells looking down on OS Stevenson
C-TAT-28   Stevenson [back turned] punches Wells in gut
C-TAT-29   MS of Stevenson at home in SF nightclub
C-TAT-30   MCU of Amy looking at OS Wells in her apartment
C-TAT-31   Cont. #30, Amy holds her glass up
C-TAT-32   Cont. #31, Wells drinks from his glass
C-TAT-33   MCU of Amy seducing Wells in her apartment
C-TAT-34   Cont. #33, Amy & Wells kiss on couch
C-TAT-35   Stevenson whispers threat to scared Amy in bank
C-TAT-36   Wells runs after Amy, who isn't too happy with him
C-TAT-37   MCU of Stevenson pulling knife on OS Amy
C-TAT-38   Wells at wheel of car during climatic chase
C-TAT-39   Stevenson holds knife on Amy as she drives
C-TAT-40   MS of Wells trying to reason with OS Stevenson
C-TAT-41   LS of Stevenson with Amy backing from Wells in exhibit hall
C-TAT-42   CU of Stevenson holding knife to Amy's throat
C-TAT-43   Cont. #42, MS of above. Time machine behind
C-TAT-44   Stevenson threatens to slit Amy's throat
C-TAT-45   Wells runs up to time machine with Stevenson at controls
C-TAT-46   Amy sits on Wells' lap inside machine
C-TAT-47   Wells, constable & others go in search of the Ripper at Wells' home
C-TAT-48   MS of Wells & Stevenson tussle in hotel room
C-TAT-49   Wells is frantic to convince detective that Amy is in danger of her life
C-TAT-50   MS of Stevenson glowering at Amy [back of her head shows] in bank
C-TAT-51   Director Nicholas Meyer discusses scene with Wells & Amy seated in time machine
C-TAT-52   PR: Amy sits on Wells' lap in time machine
C-TAT-53   MCU of Wells outside museum advertising namesake exhibit
C-TAT-54   MS of glowering Stevenson wearing modern suit & brown overcoat
C-TAT-55   MS of sullen Stevenson wearing sunglasses, turtleneck & vest with coat over shoulder
C-TAT-56   FLV of time machine in Wells' lab
C-TAT-57   FLV of Wells standing in front of machine exhibited at museum

C-TBS-1  Head of Supreme Being [Ralph Richardson] flashes anger as chase begins down long corridor
C-TBS-2  UA of Mr. & Mrs. Ogre [Peter Vaughan, Katherine Helmond] pulling net up side of ship
C-TBS-3  Giant breaks water, oblivious to seaship he gains as headgear
C-TBS-4  DA of Agamemnon, in battle helmet, fighting toe-to-toe with club-wielding Minotaur
C-TBS-5  MS of Agamemnon taking big gulp of air after removing helmet
C-TBS-6  Cont. C-TBS-5, he closes mouth & squints at OS benefactor
C-TBS-7  Profile MS of Kevin & Agamemnon on horseback
C-TBS-8  MS of Agamemnon holding head of Minotaur aloft, about to throw it
C-TBS-9  MLS of Agamemnon, in flowing red robes, holding scroll out to Kevin
C-TBS-10 MS of Agamemnon pulling coin magically from Kevin's ear in court
C-TBS-11  MS of Agamemnon laughing over OS antics of tiny time bandits
C-TBS-12  Solicitous Robin Hood [John Cleese] thanks peasant for giving, as menacing "merry men" observe
C-TBS-13  Robin Hood bends down to be introduced to dwarves
C-TBS-14  MS of Robin waving to dwarves, thanking them veryveryvery much
C-TBS-15  LS of dwarves accidentally shattering barrier leading to fortress of Ultimate Darkness
C-TBS-16  Profile MS of Evil Genius brooding on throne flanked by fellow bizzaros
C-TBS-17  MS of Evil Genius chortling gleefully with time map in hand
C-TBS-18  MS of Evil Genius about to launch some serious spell casting
C-TBS-19  MCU of Evil Genius bowing head as face glows red
C-TBS-20  Semi-profile MS of Evil Genius, bowed head glowing red
C-TBS-21  MS of Evil Genius, back to normal, smoke curling about him
C-TBS-22  Evil Genius stands smugly as rope-slinging cowboys circle him on horseback
C-TBS-23  Lassoed Evil Genius, at end of his rope, twirls cowboys in midair
C-TBS-24  Fidgit [Kenny Baker] orders archers to fire fusillade at OS Evil Genius
C-TBS-25  Evil Genius turns into pincushion to stop arrows
C-TBS-26  Cont. C-TBS-25, tighter shot of his head sticking out top of speared pincushion
C-TBS-27  FLV of Supreme Being, map reclaimed, & dwarves bidding farewell amid smoke

C-TMG-1 Title below Jim Danforth painting of Tyrannosaurus Rex attacking hunting party in time machine [project never got beyond early pre-production stage]
C-TMG-2 Cont. C-TMG-1, tighter shot on painting sans logo

C-TM-7  Battered, soiled George appears in kitchen doorway
C-TM-17  LS of landscape & domed building in far future [matte]
C-TM-21  View past George as he observes Eloi playing at edge of stream
C-TM-25  George comforts Weena in forest glade
C-TM-27  UA of sphinx & its claxon horns (color-shifted)
C-TM-28  LS of entranced Eloi approaching sphinx (color-shifted)
C-TM-35  Weena asks how women of past wear their hair
C-TM-37  Cont. #35, MCU of Weena laughing at George's response
C-TM-38  Reproduction of title lobby card showing George & Weena fighting off Morlocks
C-TM-40  PR: FV of George at controls of time machine (Taylor's signature appears on disc at upper left)
C-TM-41  Title on light purple bg
C-TM-42  George reveals time machine model in custom showcase held by Dr. Hillyer [Sebastian Cabot] in drawing room
C-TM-43  George holds model up for all to see
C-TM-44  CU of George holding model up
C-TM-45  CU of George's hands setting model on table
C-TM-46  George & friends gather around table & model
C-TM-47  George explains how the model works
C-TM-49  Low angle of George & model on table
C-TM-50  CU of George's hand reaching for model
C-TM-51  MLS of actual time machine in George's cluttered lab
C-TM-53  George has stopped machine. Cobwebs cover his lab
C-TM-54  CU of machine chronometer showing date SEP 13, 1917
C-TM-55  LS of blasted London street after nuclear attack (vertical emulsion scratch at center)
C-TM-57  George covers head in machine as lava reaches him(vertical emulsion scratch at center)
C-TM-60  LS of deteriorated dome in far future
C-TM-61  LS of dome interior as George enters in bg
C-TM-66  Group of Morlocks hunched around underground machine
C-TM-67  Glowing-eyed Morlocks advance menacingly
C-TM-68  George stands outside den after striking match
C-TM-69  Morlocks pursue George & Eloi along rock stairs
C-TM-71  CU of Morlock paws trying to strangle downed George
C-TM-72  Blood flows from head of mortally injured Morlock
C-TM-73  CU of Morlock beginning to decompose (vertical emulsion scratch at center)
C-TM-75  LS of burned out, smoking sphinx
C-TM-76  On-screen blooper: Morlock grabs Weena from behind, but its head is that of Mexican actor (color-shifted)
C-TM-78  LS of George & Eloi sitting at table eating giant fruit
C-TM-79  George listens to talking ring as Weena stands by
C-TM-80  Morlock with whip herds Eloi group into single file
C-TM-81  George shows Weena & Eloi route of escape as torch he holds blinds Morlocks on ledge
C-TM-82  PR: Rod Taylor romances swim-suited Yvette Mimieux on fake rock setting
C-TM-83  George blows cloud of dust off timepiece during future stopover to his living room
C-TM-84  George kneels close to Weena, touching her hair during tender moment in glade
C-TM-85  Battered George spins his tale to guests around dinner table
C-TM-86  STILL THINGS EXCLUSIVE: rare 3/4 FV of original time machine table model built by Wah Chang before he added detailing to disc
C-TM-87  Cont. #86, profile of model
C-TM-88  FLV of actual refurbished time machine within Morlock cave set at Bob Burns' Halloween Fest
C-TM-89  SV of George Pal seated in time machine on above set

C-TIM-1  Title over three time travelers in future
C-TIM-2  Credit over MS of Von Steiner
C-TIM-3  Credit over MS of Steve Connors [Phillip Carey]
C-TIM-4  Credit over MS of Carol White [Merry Anders]
C-TIM-5  Credit over Dr. Varno [John Hoyt] at council table
C-TIM-6  Time portal as image of future breaks down
C-TIM-7  Connors, Carol & Von Steiner explore rugged terrain
C-TIM-8  RV of time travelers facing council of future
C-TIM-9  Cont. #8, RA favors time travelers
C-TIM-10  MS of Dr. Varno, head of future Earth council
C-TIM-11  MS of Connors pleading his case to Varno
C-TIM-12  LS of android machine shop
C-TIM-13  Technicians putting android together
C-TIM-14  Android rises from table in front of time traveler
C-TIM-15  Cont. #14, android now in sitting position
C-TIM-16  Technician works on upright android body frame
C-TIM-17  CU of android hands clutching at coveralls
C-TIM-18  Cont. C#17, Danny [Stephen Franken] finds attached hand
C-TIM-19  Reena [Delores Wells] programs life into android head
C-TIM-20  Cont. #19, android's eyes light up, fasten on Reena
C-TIM-21  Varno & technicians stand before vibra-transporter
C-TIM-22  Cont. #21, Danny re-materializes on vibra-transporter
C-TIM-23  Varno & others gather around hydroponic tank
C-TIM-24  LS of future women relaxing in sun room
C-TIM-25  MS of Reena & Danny in romantic embrace
C-TIM-26  Mutants from outside rushing to attack
C-TIM-27  Mutants attack androids
C-TIM-28  Mutant besieges long android
C-TIM-29  Connors smashes bottle against mutant's arm
C-TIM-30  MS of android, arm outstretched, smoking up
C-TIM-31  Cont. #30, android goes up in flames
C-TIM-32  FV of starship in launch chamber
C-TIM-33  Cont. #32, chamber explodes. Tip of starship visible
C-TIM-34  Time portal image of mutants approaching from future
C-TIM-35  Time portal materializes on campus before travelers
C-TIM-36  Cont. #35, time portal snuffs out with a burst

C-TG-1 Reproduction of theatrical one-sheet poster with robot Tobor depicted holding female victim in its arms

C-TND-1  PR: MS of James Bond [Pierce Brosnan], dapper in tuxedo, & sultry Chinese agent Wai Lin [Michelle Yeoh] in sliver gown, against smoky bg. Bond holds gun up near face
C-TND-2  PR: PRT of alluring Paris Carver [Teri Hatcher] cozying up to tuxedoed Bond
C-TND-3  PR: MLS of Paris showing off her curves in tight silver gown while leaning back against black-clad Bond against red bg
C-TND-4  PR: MS of self-assured Bond in black leather jacket, holding rifle
C-TND-5  PR: CU of helmeted Bond in jet cockpit
C-TND-6  MS of Q [Desmond Llewellyn] watching Bond test drive OS BMW with cell phone remote control
C-TND-7  Cont. #6, slightly different angle as Q gapes in disbelief at Bond's antics
C-TND-8  MS of power mad media magnate Elliot Carver [Jonathan Pryce] delivering speech at podium, image mirrored on TV monitors in bg
C-TND-9  MS of Paris confronting Bond at launch party for husband's satellite network
C-TND-10  Cont. #9, slightly closer shot as pair share drinks
C-TND-11  Cont. #10, pullback shot now includes Carver & Wai Lin
C-TND-12  CU of patronizing Carver looking aside
C-TND-13  MLS of Bond & Wai Lin racing thru Vietnamese streets while hand-cuffed together on back of stolen motorcycle
C-TND-14  Cont. #13, head-on MCU with pursuit helicopter in bg
C-TND-15  MS of black-clad, grinning Wai Lin with weapon aboard boat
C-TND-16  MS of Bond, shirt half-unbuttoned, relaxing in hotel room with drink
C-TND-17  MS of Bond in suit, aiming Walther PPK toward camera atop roof
C-TND-18  BS: MS of Brosnan on back of motorcycle taking direction from Roger Spottiswoode
C-TND-19  BS: MS of Spottiswoode coaching Brosnan & Yeoh on location

C-TTL-1  Partly shadowed PRT of mysterious Quaid
C-TTL-2  MS of Quaid's adoring wife Lori, in bathrobe, looking aside
C-TTL-3  BS: two spacesuited figures stand on Martian plateau before blue screen & face off
C-TTL-4  BS: LS of technicians putting finishing touches on Martian mountain peak against ochre sky
C-TTL-5  FLV of spacesuited figures looking upon spectacular Martian peak and canyon, twin moons seet in sky
C-TTL-6  Quaid finds himself taking ride with robot-driven Johnny-Cab
C-TTL-7  MS of Quaid blocking deadly high-kick from Lori
C-TTL-8  Floor-level FV of Lori on hands & knees after being dropped by OS Quaid
C-TTL-9  LS of ship landing at Mars Spaceport
C-TTL-10  MLS of Richter pushing his way thru crowd at spaceport
C-TTL-11  CU of Richter briefly mesmerized by OS incident
C-TTL-12  Head of disguised Quaid begins abrupt change
C-TTL-13  Cont. #12, head splits apart in layers...
C-TTL-14  Cont. #13, reveal animatronic Arnie
C-TTL-15  MS of Richter scowling at Quaid's deception
C-TTL-16  MS of Quaid about to offer reformed head to OS security force
C-TTL-17  Talking head in officer's hands about to suprise
C-TTL-18  Quaid hangs tight to rail as winds threaten to sweep him away thru cracked spaceport dome
C-TTL-19  MCU of motivated Richter chasing after Quaid in cab
C-TTL-20  Richter screws up face as he fires upon OS Quaid
C-TTL-21  MLS of Richter yelling in frustration at missing Quaid, who has escaped on subway
C-TTL-22  Cont. #21, MCU of Richter really pissed off about getaway
C-TTL-23  Martian colony visible thru dome as Richter [back turned] reports to boss Cohaagen [Ronny Cox]
C-TTL-24  MLS of Quaid walking into Venusville
C-TTL-25  FLV of Melina [Rachael Ticotin], seated at table in Last Resort, turning to spot Quaid entering bar
C-TTL-26  Mutant Tony [Dean Norris] dresses down Quaid for showing his face again as Melina looks on
C-TTL-27  Cont. #26, "look who's talking," chirps Quaid in MCU
C-TTL-28  UA of Richter & henchmen spotting Quaid's signal on tracking device
C-TTL-29  MS of Quaid putting gun to head of Dr. Edgemar [Roy Brocksmith], who, along with Lori, tries to convince him that his experiences are just memory simulation
C-TTL-30  Cont. #29, tight on just Quaid & Lori
C-TTL-31  "That's for making me come to Mars, " snarls Lori, as seen from Quaid's POV on floor
C-TTL-32  Mutant Kuato is revealed on rebel leader George's chest
C-TTL-33  Cont. #32, FLV of Quaid taking Kuato's arms to gain secret knowledge stored in his mind
C-TTL-34  Helm [Michael Champion] draws down on Quaid, trying to escape along dome catwalk, but thinks better of idea
C-TTL-35  MLS of Cohaagen explaining how things are to shackled Quaid & Melina, Richter in bg
C-TTL-36  Profile MS of Cohaagen squaring off against Quaid before TV monitor displaying image of latter's former self
C-TTL-37  MLS of Quaid resisting effects of Rekall machine as doctor manipulates dials
C-TTL-38  Cont. #37, MCU of Quaid reacting violently to procedure
C-TTL-39  CU of Lori informing OS Quaid: " You can't shoot me, we're married."
C-TTL-40  Cont. #39, RA on Quaid about to ignore her
C-TTL-41  Cont. #40, CU of Quaid coldly aiming weapon at OS Lori
C-TTL-42  Cont. #41, "consider that a divorce," Quaid quips
C-TTL-43  MS of mutant cabbie Benny [Mel Johnson, Jr.] showing off his deformed arm
C-TTL-44  Quaid pulls Melina up from rocky ledge as they flee assailants
C-TTL-45  MCU of Richter shouting to his men: "he's a hologram"
C-TTL-46  MLS of Quaid in central chamber, reacting an instant before oxygen breach
C-TTL-47  MCU of Quaid reaching hand out toward alien machine as other forces try to prevent him from doing so
C-TTL-48  LS of alien artifacts coming to life with eerie glow
C-TTL-49  MS: Benny cops a feel from three-breasted bar girl Mary [Lycia Naff]

C-TRP-1 MCU of Becky [Tanya Roberts], flesh cut & bloodied above tank top, weakly reaching for knife protruding from back of head

C-TRL-3 MCU of snarling troll
C-TRL-4 MCU of young Eunice St. Clair [Anne Lockhart] holding scepter while standing before creepy painting

C-TRON-1  Flynn [Jeff Bridges] cracks his knuckles, about to tackle ENCCM computer
C-TRON-2  MS: Flynn, as electronic warrior Clu, stands inside video game tank
C-TRON-3  Cont. #2, Clu works controls of tank
C-TRON-4  FLV of light cycle on black bg
C-TRON-5  Two light cycles race across video game grid
C-TRON-6  Cont. #5, cycles race at right angles, trailing light bands
C-TRON-7  Three video game warriors rev up for action
C-TRON-8  MS of Sark [David Warner] holding up deadly disc
C-TRON-9  Tight FLV of video game tank on grid, ready to fire cannon
C-TRON-10  PR: PRT of Alan Bradley [Bruce Boxleitner], reddish glow on face
C-TRON-11  PR: FLV of Alan relaxing in chair before computer monitoring screens

C-TUM-1  FLV of Nurse Jessica Rabbit sashaying along hospital corridor, pushing cart of baby bottles
C-TUM-2  As Jessica passes room, Baby Herman goes bug-eyed from bed
C-TUM-3  Cont. #2, low angle of smiling Baby Herman crawling from room to eye Jessica's sexy retreat
C-TUM-4  Cont. #3, RV of Jessica wriggling down corridor

C-TLS-1  Title over aquanauts walking on ocean floor
C-TLS-2  Waves churn as Nautilus shifts into high gear
C-TLS-3  Ned [Kirk Douglas] reacts predictably when Nemo tells him he's eating sauteed of unborn octopus pudding
C-TLS-4  Professor Arronax & Nemo talk at window in Nautilus
C-TLS-5  Extreme DA of Nautilus surfacing in Volcania
C-TLS-6  LS of Nautilus silhouetted by Volcania exploding in bg
C-TLS-7  FLV of Nautilus submerged at bottom of ocean
C-TLS-8  FLV of the Nautilus resting on ocean floor
C-TLS-9  FLV of original Nautilus model in front of blueprints
C-TLS-10  FLV of Nautilus roaming ocean depths
C-TLS-11  MS of Nautilus salon with organ in bg
C-TLS-12  Giant squid grabs Nemo with tentacle as storm rages
C-TLS-13  LS of Nautilus about to ram war ship
C-TLS-14  RV of Nautilus motoring thru grotto
C-TLS-15  MCU of intense Capt. Nemo
C-TLS-16  MS of Nemo telling Arronax about power of love & hate
C-TLS-17  Cannibals scamper off Nautilus & back to their boats [before electricity fx added]
C-TLS-18  Nemo briefs his crew prior to opening hatch
C-TLS-19  Cont. #18, giant squid tentacle pushes thru hatch & past Nemo as water pours in
C-TLS-20  MS of Nemo rearing back with harpoon, backed by an angry sky
C-TLS-21  RV of Nemo opening port to show glowing fish to Arronax & Conseil [scene cut from film]
C-TLS-22  Dissolve shot of Nautilus moving thru undersea grotto turning to Nautilus surfaced & closing on warship
C-TLS-23  LS of Nemo & first mate [Robert J. Wilke] walking toward crew disengaging deck boat from stern of Nautilus inside Volcania. Gorgeous Ellenshaw matte painting of industrial complex in bg
C-TLS-24  Cont. #23, Nemo casts off
C-TLS-25  RV of surfaced Nautilus pushing toward magnificent Volcania, warships in her harbor
C-TLS-26  3/4 RV of Nautilus moving thru undersea grotto
            [NOTE: #27-35 are printed from Cinemascope frames]
C-TLS-27  FLV of Nautilus salon with organ in bg
C-TLS-28  LS of slaves loading nitrate ship with explosives from mining camp. Fabulous matte painting blended with live action
C-TLS-29  3/4 RV of Nautilus running undersea
C-TLS-30  FLV of giant squid on move with flailing tentacles extended
C-TLS-31  3/4 RV of onrushing squid
C-TLS-32  Squid attaches itself to top of Nautilus at midsection
C-TLS-33  Electricity flows into squid in attempt to dislodge it from Nautilus
C-TLS-34  Cont. #33, squid loosens its grip a little
C-TLS-35  Crew about to disengage deck boat from stern of Nautilus at Volcania
C-TLS-36  PR: MS of Prof. Arronax, Ned Land, Conseil & Nemo posed side-by-side against blue sky
C-TLS-37  DA of Nemo leading crew along deck of Nautilus toward giant squid attacking ship during storm
C-TLS-54  PR: MS of Walt Disney holding original model of Nautilus while smiling aside
C-TLS-56  Reproduction of sensational British quad poster with Nautilus & giant squid emphasized

C-TZM-1  PR: Dan Aykroyd & Albert Brooks pose by car at side of road
C-TZM-2  MS of disconcerted Bill [Vic Morrow] standing before Nazi poster on wall after leaving bar
C-TZM-3  Mr. Bloom [Scatman Crothers] counsels born again youngsters by swing set
C-TZM-4  PRT of Helen Foley [Kathleen Quinlan]
C-TZM-5  MS of darling Anthony [Jeremy Licht], green glow on face as he makes wish
C-TZM-6  MS of Anthony, glow on face, in limbo with Helen silhouetted in bg
C-TZM-7  MLS of Anthony guiding Helen thru hallway
C-TZM-8  Victim of Anthony sits before TV. She has no mouth & must scream
C-TZM-9  MS of Uncle Walt [Kevin McCarthy] pulling rabbit from hat & it ain't Bugs Bunny
C-TZM-10  CU of crazed wascally wabbit
C-TZM-11  MCU of crazy cartoon creature with bulging eyes, bulb nose, fangs & stretched mouth
C-TZM-12  MS of Helen, Uncle Walt, Anthony's father [William Schallert] & mother [Patricia Barry] cringing before OS cartoon monster
C-TZM-13  MCU of piglet spouting water over living room
C-TZM-14  John Valentine [John Lithgow] looks out rain-spotted airline window & sees something scary
C-TZM-15  Cont. #14, Valentine freaks out
C-TZM-16  CU of copilot [John Dennis Johnston] calming terrified Valentine
C-TZM-17  FLV of gremlin seated on airplane wing & tearing up plating
C-TZM-18  Cont. #17, gremlin sits up & views handiwork as engine flames out
C-TZM-19  Half out of window, Valentine tries to shoot OS creature with handgun
C-TZM-20  CU of grinning gremlin
C-TZM-21  Profile CU of grinning gremlin
C-TZM-22  BS: Rob Bottin, surrounded by camera crew & equipment, touches up bulb-nosed, toothy cartoon monster
C-TZM-23  BS: MS of director Joe Dante giving head of above monster quick once over
C-TZM-24  BS: MS of director George Miller giving gremlin suit with actor inside quick once over
C-TZM-25  BS: PRT of grinning gremlin
C-TZM-26  BS: FLV of technician holding gremlin's tail as it stands on wing of plane
C-TZM-27  BS: Profile FLV of gremlin standing on wing
C-TZM-28  Cont. #27, horizontal, semi-profile shot
C-TZM-29  BS: FLV of gremlin sitting on wing near engine
C-TZM-30  MCU of Dan Aykroyd transformed into something really scary during car ride
C-TZM-31  Trapped in cartoonland, Ethel [Nancy Cartwright] runs from flame-snorting creature
C-TZM-32  Cont. #11, cartoon creature separates from eyeballs & does a dance
C-TZM-33  CU of piglet cartoon creature
C-TZM-34  MCU of toothy monster with extended nose going into his act
C-TZM-35  Tight on gremlin snarling at Valentine, who is trying to kill it with gun

C-TOE-1  MS of witch-burning Gustav Weil [Peter Cushing] holding up steel blade & severed head of Frieda
C-TOE-2  Maria & Frieda [Mary & Madeleine Collinson] arrive by carriage in Karnstein
C-TOE-3  Profile of twins looking intently at each other before bedtime
C-TOE-4  MS of Frieda becoming a vampire
C-TOE-5  Frieda bites screaming Gerta [Luan Peters] on breast
C-TOE-6  Gerta screams as she awaits her fate at stake
C-TOE-7  Anton [David Warbeck] takes Frieda in his arms unaware she's going to bite his neck
C-TOE-8  MS of vampire Frieda, fangs & breasts bared
C-TOE-9  LS of Brotherhood about to burn Maria at stake by mistake

C-TSO-1  Title over satellite orbiting Earth at sunrise
C-TSO-2  Moonwatcher slays rival man-ape with bone
C-TSO-3  Satellite orbiting Earth. No title
C-TSO-4  Stewardess walks up [down?] wall of Orion
C-TSO-5  Pan Am clipper ship docks with space station
C-TSO-6  Aries descends toward surface of half-lit Moon
C-TSO-7  Aries flies across Moon surface
C-TSO-8  70mm: Clavius spaceport dome peels open
C-TSO-9  Aries sinks into dome on hydraulic lift
C-TSO-10  DA of Moon bus flying over crater
C-TSO-11  Scientists talking & eating aboard Moon bus
C-TSO-14  FV of spaceship Discovery, pod in open bay
C-TSO-15  RV of Discovery, showing its full length
C-TSO-16  Poole jogging in centrifuge
C-TSO-17  LS of Poole & Bowman eating at table in centrifuge
C-TSO-24  Bowman blasts into airlock sans helmet
C-TSO-25  HAL's eye view of Bowman tumbling in airlock
C-TSO-27  Shooting thru the multicolored Star Gate
C-TSO-35  PR: horizontal PRT of tight-lipped Poole
C-TSO-36  PR: horizonal PRT of tight-lipped Bowman
C-TSO-37  3/4 FV of Pan Am shuttle flying under Earth
C-TSO-38  70mm: shuttle pilots view space station out of window
C-TSO-39  Entire space station against starfield
C-TSO-40  Dr. Floyd [William Sylvester] & others hold discussion in station lounge
C-TSO-41  SV of Moon bus with Earth in bg
C-TSO-42  FV of Moon bus showing pilots in cockpit
C-TSO-43  Satellite orbiting Earth. No title
C-TSO-44  Scientists enter crater Tycho from end of ramp
C-TSO-45  Overhead RV of Poole jogging in centrifuge
C-TSO-46  DA of Bowman eating & viewing TV image of him & Poole
C-TSO-47  Poole relaxes under solar lamp, parents on telescreen
C-TSO-48  Repair pod exits ship, Bowman visible inside
C-TSO-49  CU of upside-down Bowman checking telemetry dish
C-TSO-50  Poole & Bowman discuss problem of HAL inside pod
C-TSO-51  Spacesuited Bowman in pod bay near two pods
C-TSO-52  MS of Bowman inside pod
C-TSO-53  Red-hued CU of Bowman, intent on short-circuiting HAL
C-TSO-54  Ad art of Earth shuttle nearing space station
C-TSO-55  Two man-apes silhouetted against cloudy sky, twilight
C-TSO-56  70mm: MLS of Moonwatcher climbing rocks with bone-weapon
C-TSO-57  Moonwatcher pulverizing bones of dead animal
C-TSO-58  Clipper ship in fg nears space station & Moon in bg
C-TSO-59  DA of clipper ship flying under Moon
C-TSO-60  SV of clipper ship flying under Moon
C-TSO-61  MCU of space station
C-TSO-62  UA of Aries against starfield
C-TSO-63  Aries lands, kicking up dust, Earth in bg
C-TSO-64  LS of Moon bus leaving Clavius spaceport, Earth in bg
C-TSO-65  Moon bus pilots view lunar surface outside windows
C-TSO-66  LS of Dr. Floyd & escort walking thru station lounge
C-TSO-67  Floyd exchanges greetings with group in lounge area
C-TSO-68  LS of scientists entering crater containing monolith
C-TSO-69  DA of Bowman stretching as he awakes from frozen sleep
C-TSO-70  3/4 RV of Bowman playing piano aboard ship
C-TSO-71  View of HAL unit past pods in pod bay
C-TSO-72  70mm: near FLV of pod bay, Poole visible thru pod porthole
C-TSO-73  Spacesuited Poole walking in pod bay
C-TSO-74  UA of Poole working on telemetry dish
C-TSO-75  Cont. #74, closer view of Poole in profile
C-TSO-76  FLV of spacesuited Bowman approaching pod in pod bay
C-TSO-77  View past telemetry unit of pod leaving the Discovery
C-TSO-78  70mm: LS of Bowman entering innards of HAL
C-TSO-79  Cont. #78, MCU/SV of Bowman dismembering HAL
C-TSO-80  Cont. #79, CU/SV of Bowman dismembering HAL
C-TSO-81  Cont. #80, ECU/SV of Bowman dismembering HAL
C-TSO-82  Cont. #81, ECU/FV of Bowman dismembering HAL
C-TSO-83  Title beneath CU of Starchild
C-TSO-84  LS of Starchild in pupil of eye colored orange & blue
C-TSO-85  Cont. #84, CU with orange & blue colors edging frame
           [NOTE: #86-92 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-TSO-86  Bowman's pod in Victorian bedroom
C-TSO-87  Monolith looms in front of Bowman, lying in bed at end of journey
C-TSO-88  FLV of Poole about to enter pod bay
C-TSO-89  Pod hovers above upper quarter Discovery command module
C-TSO-90  Beginning of Star Gate corridor effect
C-TSO-91  Full-blown Star Gate effect
C-TSO-92  CU of wide-eyed Bowman, Star Gate effect reflecting off his helmet
C-TSO-93  DA of science team stepping from end of ramp into crater Tycho
        [NOTE: #94-99 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-TSO-94  Pan Am clipper in fg nears bg space station & Moon
C-TSO-95  RV of Moon bus flying over lunar surface
C-TSO-96  LS of excavated monolith, scientists approaching ramp
C-TSO-97  3/4 RV of Discovery in deep space
C-TSO-98  Front quarter of Discovery in profile as pod returns
C-TSO-99  LS of Discovery orbiting dark side of Jupiter with Sun appearing over horizon at top
C-TSO-100  PR: composite of Poole, space station & Moon shuttle on space bg
C-TSO-101  PR: superimposed face of Poole composited with FLV of him working on Discovery telemetry
C-TSO-102  70mm: man-apes flock around monolith upon its sudden apperance

2010: ODYSSEY TWO - 1984
C-TO2-1   Advance poster art: montage of elements including Star Child inside monolith, Leonov angling toward Discovery & giant Jupiter
C-TO2-2  PR: poster art of Star Child overlooking Jupiter sans writing
C-TO2-3  PR: PRT of David Bowman [Keir Dullea] & Betty Fernandez [Mary Jo Deschanel]
C-TO2-4  MCU of Floyd [Roy Scheider] telling wife Caroline [Madolyn Smith, favored] he's going to Jupiter
C-TO2-5  Two dolphins appear in Floyd's indoor pool, looking for handouts
C-TO2-6  Nurse at hospital monitor board looks at TIME magazine with picture of Arthur C. Clarke & Stanley Kubrick on cover
C-TO2-7  MS of Floyd laying in sleep chamber aboard Leonov
C-TO2-8  LS of Russians awakening Floyd prematurely
C-TO2-9  MCU of Floyd, bearded from long sleep, being told of strange reading from Europa
C-TO2-10  MCU: Floyd tries to get answers from Russians on Europa data
C-TO2-11  Unmanned probe is launched from Leonov to explore Europa's surface
C-TO2-12  Floyd & Orlov [Oleg Rudnik] monitor transmissions probe is returning to data bay
C-TO2-13  Floyd & Irina Yakkuna [Natasha Shneider] cling to each other during Leonov's critical braking maneuver
C-TO2-14  Forward section of Discovery spinning above moon Io
C-TO2-16  CU of delighted, spacesuited Curnow [John Lithgow] starting journey to Discovery
C-TO2-17  FLV of Floyd & Russians receiving bad news concerning escalating state of war
C-TO2-18  Curnow & Floyd gazing out Leonov viewport
C-TO2-19  Looking past Chandra [Bob Balaban] at T-bar bridge leading from Leonov to Discovery
C-TO2-20  MLS of Chandra starting journey on bridge
C-TO2-21  Chandra enters HAL 9000 brain vault & begins to bring computer back to life
C-TO2-22  Profile MLS of Chandra sitting before HAL's console with helmet of spacesuit removed
C-TO2-24  Cont. #23, Bowman, helmet off, bends to touch HAL's console as if it were an old friend
C-TO2-25  Cont. #24, he transforms into very old man wearing dressing gown
C-TO2-26  MS of Floyd monitoring changes on Jupiter's surface, Curnow in bg
             [NOTE: #27-33 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-TO2-27  Title on starfield
C-TO2-28  Cont. #27, The Year We Make Contact superimposed on title
C-TO2-29  CU of Star Child inside monolith on starfield, new sun burns in bg
C-TO2-30  Cont. #29, monolith turns, placing Star Child in profile facing new sun
C-TO2-31  MCU of Floyd trying to get straight answers from Russians on Europa data [same as #10]
C-TO2-32  Profile MS of Leonov Capt. Tatiana Kirbuk [Helen Mirren] enduring aerobraking maneuver
C-TO2-33  3/4 RV of Discovery spinning in space
C-TO2-34  Leonov parks by Discovery as it tumbles in orbit between Jupiter & Io
C-TO2-35  Maxim Bralovsky [Elya Baskin] uses hand thruster as he & Curnow propel away from Leonov parked above Io
C-TO2-36  Cont. #35, Bralovsky & Curnow about to connect up with Discovery
C-TO2-37  Curnow reppels down side of Discovery, Jupiter in bg
C-TO2-38  MCU of Chandra making his first trip to Discovery
C-TO2-39  LS: Chandra shuttles between Leonov & Discovery via T-bar bridge
C-TO2-40  Giant monolith swims in space near Jupiter with Leonov & Discovery linked by bridge below giant planet
                 [NOTE: C-TO2-41 thru 45 are printed from 70mm frames]
C-TO2-41  Tight on Chandra entering HAL 9000 brain vault
C-TO2-42  FLV of Bowman, in spacesuit sans helmet, standing in pod bay next to HAL console, telling OS Floyd something is about to happen
C-TO2-43  Cont. #42, CU of Floyd asking: What? What's going to happen?
C-TO2-44  Cont. #43, Something wonderful, says Bowman, now very old
C-TO2-45  MCU of Floyd reacting with astonishment at phenomenon taking place on Jupiter's surface
C-TO2-46  Leonov has piggyback-docked with Discovery as black spot reaches huge proportions on Jupiter's face. Spectacular shot
C-TO2-47  3/4 RV of Discovery firing engines, taking linked ships out of danger
C-TO2-48  Leonov rushes toward camera as Jupiter goes nova, turning space bright blue
C-TO2-49  Cont. #48, space back to normal as shock wave catches up to Leonov
C-TO2-50  MLS of Leonov slipping into orbit around Jupiter
C-TO2-51  Tail to head FLV of Discovery tumbling between Jupiter & Io
C-TO2-52  Forward section of Discovery above Jupiter
C-TO2-53  LS: Max in Leonov probe passes over monolith hanging near Jupiter
C-TO2-54  FLV of entire Russian Leonov crew posed on ship
C-TO2-55  PRT of Floyd in uniform, smothered in red glow, black bg
C-TO2-56  PRT of all business Tanya
C-TO2-57  PRT of Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2010
C-TOS-58  FLV of director Peter Hyams sitting in chair on Leonov bridge
C-TO2-59  MS of uniformed Floyd on Leonov, looking aside
C-TO2-60  LS of round table discussion aboard Leonov between Russian & American astronauts
C-TO2-61  MLS of Floyd & Curnow talking seriously aboard Leonov, distracted Chandra acting uninterested
C-TO2-62  CU of spacesuited Curnow making unpleasant trip from Leonov to Discovery
C-TO2-63  FLV of Floyd telling Tanya they have to leave Jupiter orbit or else

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C-UNB-1 CU of David Dunn [Bruce Willis] gazing out train window shortly before wreck
C-UNB-2 Profile MS of Dunn being questioned by Elijah Price [Samuel L. Jackson], who sits behind desk
C-UNB-3 Profile MCU of Dunn listening to concerned wife Audrey [Robin Wright Penn]
C-UNB-4 MS of Price in comic book store, holding up issue of SENTRYMAN
C-UNB-5 MS of poncho-wearing Dunn trying to sense evil in crowded train station
C-UNB-6 Dramatic FLV of Dunn in station's arched doorway, decorative clock above

C-US-1  PR: MS of bio-engineered soldier Andrew Scott [Dolph Lundgren] aiming weapon at OS adversary
C-US-2  PR: CU of reanimated soldier Luc Devreux [Jean-Claude Van Damme] glaring at point off camera
C-US-3  PR: LS of UniSols posed by imposing transport truck in front of The Crow Bar
C-US-4  MLS of Devreux, Scott & GR55 [Tiny Lister Jr.] being prepared for military mission
C-US-5  MLS of reporter Veronica Roberts [Ally Walker] bent over taking photographs of top secret military unit operating OS
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C-VG-1  Pterodactyl perches on cliff in Forbidden Valley
C-VG-2  Ropes tighten around neck of furious Gwangi
C-VG-3  Gwangi chases would-be victims into church
C-VG-4  Title over giant red V with Gwangi's head in bg
C-VG-5  MCU of Tuck in western toga
C-VG-6  CU of concerned T.J.
C-VG-7  Credit over MS of Champ
C-VG-8  Cowboys ride into Forbidden Valley
C-VG-9  Cowboy wrestles with downed pterodactyl
C-VG-10  Gwangi chases mounted cowboy thru rocks
C-VG-11  Gwangi holds cowboy in jaws as others ride up
C-VG-12  Cont. #11, Gwangi drops his victim, riders gone
C-VG-13  Gwangi picks over remains of pterodactyl
C-VG-14  Gwangi tries to break out of his valley prison
C-VG-15  Cont. #14, longer shot of Gwangi wailing in anger
C-VG-16  Gwangi & orinthomimus face off
C-VG-17  Cowboy spears orinthomimus as dinosaur battle wages
C-VG-18  MS of Gwangi profiled against mountain
C-VG-19  MCU of Gwangi as lasso is thrown around his neck
C-VG-20  Cont. #19, more lassos are thrown around Gwangi
C-VG-21  Roped Gwangi is thrown down by cowboys
C-VG-22  Freed Gwangi chases cowboys into rock cave
C-VG-23  Cowboys in cave attempt to fend off Gwangi
C-VG-24  Tuck scales ledge as Gwangi approaches
C-VG-25  Mounted Champ yells thru bullhorn in arena
C-VG-26  Curtain being raised on arena cage concealing Gwangi
C-VG-27  Cont. #26, curtain is raised above caged Gwangi
C-VG-28  DA of Gwangi & elephant tangling in emptied arena
C-VG-29  CU of Gwangi fighting with elephant
C-VG-30  Gwangi enters street from archway
C-VG-31  LS of Gwangi in street with buildings in bg
C-VG-32  MS of Gwangi bellowing

C-VMP-1  FLV of nightgowned Mircalla cautiously descending stairs, Governess [Kate O'Hara] laying dead above her at top of staircase
C-VMP-2  Nude Mircalla bathes as her lover Laura [Pippa Steel] sets out dress on bed in bg
C-VMP-3  Cont. #2, Laura brings towel to wrap Mircalla
C-VMP-4  Nude Mircalla sits at dressing table looking into mirror
C-VMP-5  PR: FLV of white-nightgowned Mircalla, Emma [Madeline Smith], Governess, Laura & Countess [Dawn Addams] resting bare feet on top of coffin
C-VMP-6  Cont. #5, girls menace Mircalla, who drapes herself across coffin
C-VMP-7  MCU of Mircalla, mouth bloody after quenching thirst vampire style

VIEW TO A KILL, A - 1985
C-VK-1  PR: Standard shot of Bond [Roger Moore] in white tuxedo, surrounded by gaggle of Bond girls
C-VK-2  PR: MS of Bond, Stacy Sutton [Tanya Roberts], May Day [Grace Jones] & Max Zorin [Christopher Walken]
C-VK-3  PR: MS of Bond, Stacy & May
C-VK-4  PR: MLS of Bond & Stacy posed tightly
C-VK-5  PR: MLS of Stacy & May
C-VK-6  PR: MLS of Stacy looking aside
C-VK-7  MS of Stacy & May in profile pose
C-VK-8  PR: MS of Bond girl from opening credits in wide open fur-collared jacket with 007 logo superimposed on her chest under blue glow
C-VK-9  Cont. #2, FLV of group posed side-by-side in front of mansion
C-VK-10  PR: MLS of Stacy in hip-length satin robe, standing with arms crossed & gun in one hand
C-VK-11  Cont. #10, closer view with knee up & gun resting against cheek
C-VK-12  PR: MS of May, all business in pin-striped black suit, gun held at shoulder
C-VK-13  MLS of Zorin walking in black suit, eyes aside
C-VK-14  MS of May in bright red & black ensemble, holding field glasses, standing amid sports spectators
C-VK-15  DA on Bond as he ascends Eiffel Tower with gun aimed toward camera at OS May
C-VK-16  MS of May raising KGB agent over her head, ready to throw long pass atop Tower
C-VK-17  MCU of Bond [back turned] in tub with comely soviet agent Ivanova [Fiona Fullerton]
C-VK-18  FLV of Stacy off by herself & with thoughts at Zorin's party
C-VK-19  MLS of Zorin & May suspiciously eyeing OS Bond as 007 puts moves on Stacy
C-VK-20  MLS of Zorin & May holding guns on Bond & Stacy in office
C-VK-21  MS of Bond & May teamed up at climax as they look down into pit

C-VBS-1  FLV of Seaview under ocean
C-VBS-2  Striking LS of Seaview pulling into New York harbor with the whole sky on fire

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C-WBP-1  Title over spaceship rocketing away
C-WBP-2  Double donut-shaped space station
C-WBP-3  Spaceship orbits boiling, steaming planet
C-WBP-4  CU of planet's surface
C-WBP-5  Astronauts attacked by living tubes in cavern
C-WBP-6  Astronaut cuts tube with ax & liquid spurts out

WAR GAMES - 1983
C-WAR-1  Jennifer [Ally Sheedy] looks over David's [Matthew Broderick] shoulder as he changes school grades on his home computer

C-WRN-1  Fairchild [Jeffery DeMunn] explains danger of biocontamination to Joanie [Kathleen Quinlan] & Cal Morse [Sam Waterston]
C-WRN-2  MS of Cal & Joanie embracing outside Bio Tek
C-WRN-3  Tense moment as Cal & Joanie ponder their next move inside lab
C-WRN-4  MS of Joanie staring frightfully at OS menace

C-WOA-1  Giant octopus surfaces near seaship Texas Rose
C-WOA-2  Crewman fires handgun at octopus as it attacks ship
C-WOA-3  Octopus tentacle wraps around throat of crewman
C-WOA-4  Giant sea-snake nears submerged diving observatory
C-WOA-5  Collison [Doug McClure], Delphine [Lea Brodie] & Charles Aitken [Peter Gilmore] crouch by rocks
C-WOA-6  Gill-men wade thru water, falls & observatory in bg
C-WOA-7  Aitken talks to High Priestess Atsil [Cyd Charisse]
C-WOA-8  PR: bountiful Delphine in clutches of giant octopus

C-WW-1  FLV of Martian war machine
C-WW-2  War machine in front of burning, exploding buildings
C-WW-3  War machines move down LA street as buildings burn
C-WW-4  War machines rise from pit & begin to move
C-WW-5  CU of pulsating heat ray lens
C-WW-6  War machine looms before praying priest [back turned]
C-WW-7  FLV of war machine under its protective bubble
C-WW-8  Explosions burst off of force-shielded war machines
C-WW-9  War machines retaliate with heat rays & disintegrators
C-WW-10  War machines firing disintegrator beams only
C-WW-11  Water tank explodes in front of war machine
C-WW-12  War machine fires d-beams as it nears LA City Hall
C-WW-13  Title art: giant gnarled hand hovers over couple
C-WW-14  CU of cobra head firing death ray
C-WW-15  Top of red-hot meteor as rangers douse fires in bg
C-WW-16  Heat ray points down on welcoming committee trio
C-WW-17  LS of pit with mysterious fog swirling about
C-WW-18  Similar to #7, but without protective bubble
C-WW-19  CU of Pastor Collins holding up bible
C-WW-20  Military tank turned bright red by heat ray
C-WW-21  CU of grimacing Gen. Mann [Les Tremayne] in bunker
C-WW-22  Forrester tells Mann artillery is useless on invaders
C-WW-23  Forrester & Sylvia flee carnage along with military
C-WW-24  LS of colorful atomic bomb explosion
C-WW-25  Cobra head points skyward
C-WW-26  CU of unwrapped scanner eye in Pacific Tech lab
C-WW-27  Heat ray slashes in front of water tank
C-WW-28  LS of war machines approaching LA City Hall
C-WW-29  LS of Los Angeles in flames
C-WW-30  Cont. #29, more smoke & flames visible
C-WW-31  Forrester runs in front of burning car on LA street
C-WW-32  Similar to #3, war machine is further back on street
C-WW-33  Forrester crosses street in path of war machines
C-WW-34  Cont. #33, lead war machine fires heat ray
C-WW-35  War machine cants & begins to fall toward street
C-WW-36  War machine crashed against building]
C-WW-37  Second war machine crashed against opposite building
C-WW-38  Forrester leads group out of church
C-WW-39  MS of Forrester, perplexed at unexpected turn of events
C-WW-40  Crowd nears war machine as hatch begins to open
C-WW-41  FLV of Martian arm on open hatch
C-WW-42  CU of Martian arm
C-WW-43  Martian arm turns ruddy color as life ceases
C-WW-44  War machine falters in front of bridge
C-WW-45  Crashed war machine in front of Taj Mahal ruins
C-WW-46  Red title over blue bg
C-WW-47  Earth as seen from space, America & clouds visible
C-WW-48  Meteors descend on Earth from deep space
C-WW-49  Cobra neck begins sweep from opening atop meteor
C-WW-50  MS of cobra neck as welcoming trio nears in bg
C-WW-51  Trio [backs turned] face pulsating cobra neck
C-WW-52  MS of radio announcer, his face glowing red
C-WW-53  ELS of pit enveloped in green haze
C-WW-54  Cobra neck appears out of pit, foliage all around
C-WW-55  Heat ray fires directly at camera
C-WW-56  Explosion bursts off bubble protecting war machine]
C-WW-57  Leader of three war machines fires heat ray & d-beam
C-WW-58  Cont. #57, just d-beam firing
C-WW-59  Heat ray strikes rocket-launcher vehicle
C-WW-60  Cont. #59, vehicle turns yellow before disintegrating
C-WW-61  CU of Forrester's wrought face peering over bunker
C-WW-62  MS of Forrester, Mann & others behind bunker
C-WW-63  Cont. #62, Mann issues orders to Col. Heffner [Vernon Rich]
C-WW-64  MS of Heffner in bunker
C-WW-65  Soldier engulfed in flames inside burning bunker
C-WW-66  Forrester & Sylvia run to plane, d-beams cut overhead
C-WW-67  CU of couple in cockpit just before plane crashes
C-WW-68  Electronic scanner eye probes thru farmhouse rubble
C-WW-69  Cont. #32, war machine looses elongated heat ray
C-WW-70  War machine in front of burning escrow building
C-WW-71  Top of City Hall in final stage of explosion
C-WW-72  Full frame of heat ray spark-weld effect
C-WW-73  Heat ray superimposed over power station destruction
C-WW-74  War machine wing tip exposed over pinkish explosion
C-WW-75  D-beam arcs over building, burning water tank in bg
C-WW-76  Forrester ducks under falling, flaming debris on street
C-WW-77  Church window breaks inward
C-WW-78  Church assemblage in muddled panic
C-WW-79  MCU of Forrester glancing toward crashed war machine
C-WW-80  Forrester pulls hand back from lifeless Martian arm
C-WW-81  Forrester bends down to look inside war machine
C-WW-82  Cont. #81, Forrester looks up into war machine
C-WW-83  Crashed war machine in Rio
C-WW-84  FILMEX logo over heat ray lens & explosions
C-WW-85  #12 within solar eclipse effect surrounded by field of stars. Used in 1975 FILMEX trailer
C-WW-86  Heffner skeletonized by war machine heat ray in bunker
C-WW-87  Forms of welcoming trio reduced to ashes by heat ray
C-WW-88  Cont. #52, announcer & others head for ditch
C-WW-89  Cont. #55, heat ray sweeps to the left of center
C-WW-90  Sylvia lets loose a scream from bunker loud enough to start a war
C-WW-91  LS of war machines firing d-beams at soldiers in fg
C-WW-92  Slide smear of anemic Martian blood
C-WW-93  White cloud of smoke billows in front of war machine
C-WW-94  Full cast of credits over black field
C-WW-95  Technical credits over black field
C-WW-96  Directed by Byron Haskin over black field
C-WW-97  Produced by George Pal over black field
C-WW-98  LS of planet Mars against starfield
C-WW-99  Surface of planet Mercury [Chesley Bonestell art]
C-WW-100  DA of trio camped out by crashed meteor at night
C-WW-101  Cont. #51, heat ray fires on trio
C-WW-102  Forrester & sheriff find blasted, smoking power lines
C-WW-103  Heat ray blasts retreating squad car
C-WW-104  Similar to #5, lens glows yellow
C-WW-105  Cont. #54, heat ray fires into sky
C-WW-106  LS of Sylvia taking Collins' arm outside bunker
C-WW-107  View thru bunker opening of Collins nearing saucers
C-WW-108  Head on shot of two war machines, wires visible
C-WW-109  Similar to #9, burst of smoke obscures one saucer
C-WW-110  Leader of three war machines fires long, wide heat ray
C-WW-111  D-beam about to strike glowing red military tank
C-WW-112  Soldiers in ditch turned red by Martian rays
C-WW-113  Sheriff beside Sylvia, holding her ears, in bunker
C-WW-114  Soldier totally engulfed by flames in bunker
C-WW-115  Precedes #86, moment before skeleton effect
C-WW-116  Cont. #66, Forrester & Sylvia a few steps from plane
C-WW-117  CU of pan of eggs & bacon on stove in farm house
C-WW-118  Scanner eye emerges from bottom of war machine
C-WW-119  CU of scanner eye at farm house window
C-WW-120  Martian holds sucker-tipped hands in front of face
C-WW-121  Saucer fires on farm house, Sylvia & Forrester run off
C-WW-122  CU of scientist as he manipulates scanner eye in lab
C-WW-123  LS of group, their images on lab screen in bg
C-WW-124  Cont. #123, CU of screen showing Sylvia & Forrester
C-WW-125  Flying wing prepares to take off with atom bomb
C-WW-126  View thru binoculars of saucer within atomic cloud
C-WW-127  Cont. #126, closer view of saucer & tip of another
C-WW-128  War machine about to fire on water tank
C-WW-129  Cont. #128, war machine fires heat ray, hitting tank
C-WW-130  Top of LA City Hall
C-WW-131  Cont. #130, heat ray strikes & building explodes
C-WW-132  Sylvia [face partly obscured] claws way thru church
C-WW-133  Volcanic surface of Jupiter showing lava falls
C-WW-134  Martian meteor breaks cloud cover over LA
C-WW-135  Cont. #134, meteor streaks over forested hills
C-WW-136  Cont. #135, meteor crashes into hills behind Linda Rosa
C-WW-137  Forrester & sheriff take cover as heat ray is fired
C-WW-138  CU of cobra heat ray blasting away
C-WW-139  Cont. #91, soldiers glow red after d-beams hit them
C-WW-140  Forrester pitches pebble to distract scanner eye
C-WW-141  Matte shot of Martian city from opening of film
C-WW-142  Sylvia & Collins with group in front of theater
C-WW-143  Sylvia & Collins watch OS fireball come down
C-WW-144  Sylvia & Forrester square dancing
C-WW-145  Sylvia & Forrester sipping cokes & laughing at dance
C-WW-146  MCU of Sylvia & Forrester after lights go out
C-WW-147  Sylvia hands coffee to Gen. Mann in bunker
C-WW-148  CU of nervous Sylvia next to Collins outside bunker
C-WW-149  Sylvia & Forrester scramble out of crashed plane
C-WW-150  CU of Sylvia awakening in Forrester's arms
C-WW-151  MS of Sylvia as she & Forrester eat in farm house
C-WW-152  Forrester & Sylvia react to OS noise in farm house
C-WW-153  CU of Forrester & Sylvia hiding from OS scanner eye
C-WW-154  Cont. #153, both look sideways & up slightly
C-WW-155  Sylvia starts to turn, sensing another presence
C-WW-156  Sylvia screams as Martian arm touches her shoulder
C-WW-157  Cont. #156, Sylvia turns head toward Martian arm
C-WW-158  Forrester calms the hysterical Sylvia
C-WW-159  LS of the planet Uranus
C-WW-160  LS of Jupiter's volcanic surface. No lava falls
C-WW-161  Saturn's cloudy sky and rings
C-WW-162  Cont. #161, tighter view with clouds in front of rings
C-WW-163  LS of Mercury's parched surface
C-WW-164  Rangers in forest tower look up from their card game
C-WW-165  Theater employee sets up marquee letters
C-WW-166  Sylvia & Collins among many looking up at OS sight
C-WW-167  Tower ranger phones in report of meteor strike & fire
C-WW-168  Cont. #167, spotter's partner sneaks peek at cards
C-WW-169  Cont. #168, partner looks up sheepishly
C-WW-170  War machines hover over toppled farmhouse as cylinder streaks toward earth in bg. A classic among sfx shots
C-WW-171  Cont. #170, same scene after cylinder has crashed OS
C-WW-172  Forrester & Sylvia explore wrecked farmhouse interior
C-WW-173  Single war machine sets down in farmhouse barnyard
C-WW-174  Scanner eye, lens cover closed, enters window
C-WW-175  Forrester rips away lumber as Sylvia spots OS "eye"
C-WW-176  Cont. #175, Sylvia points out intruder to Forrester
C-WW-177  Cont. #176, pair heads for cover
C-WW-178  Scanner eye lens covers begin to peel open
C-WW-179  Forrester & Sylvia hide as scanner eye begins probe
C-WW-180  Electronic eye inside house now, searching rubble
C-WW-181  The eye lens covers begin to close
C-WW-182  Cont. #181, lens covers shut tight
C-WW-183  Sneaky scanner eye & Sylvia [head turned] face off
C-WW-184  Cont. #183, Sylvia turns, shrieks warning
C-WW-185  Cont. #184, scanner eye by itself
C-WW-186  Forrester chops at eye's neck with ax [slightly blurred]
C-WW-187  CU of ax chopping scanner eye from metal neck
C-WW-188  Severed neck withdraws thru debris of farmhouse
C-WW-189  MS of war machine as the neck is drawn up into it
C-WW-190  SV of Sylvia looking out farmhouse window
C-WW-191  Fullest possible view of Martian passing by window
C-WW-192  Cont. #191, head & more of arms visible
C-WW-193  Cont. #192, one upraised spindly arm remains visible
C-WW-194  Sylvia [back turned] tells Forrester what she's seen
C-WW-195  CU of Sylvia: "It was one of them!"
C-WW-196  Cont. #195, Sylvia all pouty-lipped & scared
C-WW-197  Shadow of Martian creeps along farmhouse wall
C-WW-198  SV of Sylvia before Martian arm touches her shoulder
C-WW-199  Martian stands in darkness of farmhouse
C-WW-200  MS of Forrester sighting OS Martian
C-WW-201  Forrester pulls Sylvia away from Martian arm
C-WW-202  Forrester holds Sylvia, flashes light on OS Martian
C-WW-203  Martian skitters off thru darkened farmhouse
C-WW-204  Forrester & Sylvia cringe at above
C-WW-205  CU of Forrester holding eye in blood-smeared scarf
C-WW-206  Forrester watches Sylvia get hysterical over blood
C-WW-207  Cont. #103, squad car glows red as heat ray blasts retracting vehicle
C-WW-208  Cont. #137, road glows red after heat ray dispels behind Forrester & sheriff
C-WW-210  Flashlight beam exposes face of Martian

C-WV-1  LS of immense, spherical spaceship, desert terrain reflecting off mirrored surface, hovering at pickup point as jets make flybys
C-WV-2  Cont. #1, soldier in fg behind rocks witnesses spectacle of spaceship focusing electrical bolt on desert floor

C-WAY-1  PR: FLV of Anna posed in short nightie against Moon backdrop
C-WAY-3  PR: FLV of smiling Eileen posed in gold spacesuit
C-WAY-4  PR: FLV of Anna in nightie, posed with bare leg on rock of lunar surface set

C-WSC-1  PR: MS of Wyatt [Anthony Michael Hall] trying to hide in gym
C-WSC-2  PR: PRT of Wyatt in black coat & tie, blue bg
C-WSC-3  PR: PRT of Gary [Ilan Mitchell-Smith] in gym shirt
C-WSC-4  PR: PRT of Gary in sport jacket, plaid shirt & tie, blue bg
C-WSC-5  PR: MS of Gary as above posed outside
C-WSC-6  PR: MCU of sexy Lisa [Kelly LeBrock] in high-collared black jacket with diamond pin & earrings
C-WSC-7  PR: Cont. #6, tighter on Lisa seducing camera
C-WSC-8  PR: MLS of Lisa, vision in strapless red evening gown & long black gloves, hand on hip
C-WSC-9  MLS of teen Frankensteins Gary & Wyatt sitting with bras wrapped around their heads
C-WSC-10  LS of Lisa making smashing grand entrance in doorway, wearing Barbie-Doll skimpies
C-WSC-11  Cont. #10, tighter FLV shows Lisa off better
C-WSC-12  Cont. #11, MCU of Lisa asking boys what they would like to do first
C-WSC-13  MS of Lisa, in studded jacket, talking sternly with OS boys
C-WSC-14  Cool Lisa & flustered Wyatt sit on couch across from his OS parents
C-WSC-15  Cont. #14, as Lisa sticks up for him, Wyatt thinks his life is over
C-WSC-16  Cont. #15, FLV of Lisa now standing by Wyatt as he tries to defend abnormal behavior
C-WSC-17  MS: Lisa, in evening gown, looks enticingly upstairs while slipping on gloves
C-WSC-18  MCU of Lisa kissing Gary
C-WSC-19  MS of Gary & Wyatt uncertainly prepare to take on town, smiling Lisa between them
C-WSC-20  MS: Lisa watches Wyatt trying to be cool with patrons of nightclub
C-WSC-21  Cont. #20, Wyatt can't believe what Lisa just told fellows at table
C-WSC-22  MLS of Lisa, in glittery silver dress, listening with arms crossed as boys discuss her
C-WSC-23  MCU of Lisa flashing smile over shoulder
C-WSC-24  Cont. #23, smile turns to grin
C-WSC-25  MCU of Gary flicking his Bic as boys investigate weird happenings inside dark house
C-WSC-26  MS of Wyatt & Gary reacting to OS surprise
C-WSC-27  Cont. #26, MCU of boys showing disbelief
C-WSC-28  Cont. #27, FLV of what boys see -- Brobdingnagian creature waving
C-WSC-29  FLV of Lisa appearing in doorway of gym with whistle, wearing sexy athletic attire
C-WSC-30  Cont. #29, MLS of Lisa twirling whistle
C-WSC-31  Cont. #30, Lisa turns aside & smiles, both hands on hips
C-WSC-32  Cont. #31, eyes turn away
C-WSC-33  MLS of Lisa clad in pajama top, cooking in kitchen
C-WSC-34  Cont. #33, Lisa crosses arms & gives hell to OS boys
C-WSC-35  MS of Wyatt bussing Lisa in front seat of car with Gary watching from back seat
C-WSC-36  Profile MS of matured boys congratulating themselves, Wyatt in red blazer

C-WES-1  Title over silhouetted face of robot gunslinger
C-WES-2  Peter & gunslinger draw down in saloon
C-WES-3  Technicians remove gunslinger robot's face mask
C-WES-4  Cont. #3, CU of face mask being removed
C-WES-5  Peter & John [James Brolin] react to gun duel challenge
C-WES-6  John registers shock that he's been shot for real
C-WES-7  CU of glassy-eyed gunslinger saying "Draw!"
C-WES-8  ECU of gunslinger, eyes glazed, aiming rifle
C-WES-9  PR: FLV of sexy robot hooker Arlette fixing stocking on upturned leg

C-WDR-1  Title backed by cavemen roping plesiosaur
C-WDR-2  CU of Sanna
C-WDR-3  Sanna & other cave fold during tribal rites
C-WDR-4  Plesiosaur bursts from water by man in burning pit
C-WDR-5  Plesiosaur advances on two cavemen at night
C-WDR-6  MS of mother dinosaur
C-WDR-7  LS of Sanna speaking to baby dinosaur
C-WDR-8  Baby dinosaur starts to sit down
C-WDR-9  Baby dinosaur in sitting position
C-WDR-10  Caveman in nest battles hovering pterodactyl
C-WDR-11  Night shot of giant crab on beach
C-WDR-12  Giant crab approaches camp as cavemen flee
C-WDR-13  FV of mother dinosaur lumbering toward camera, palm trees on either side of her
C-WDR-14  BS: FLV of makeup technicians putting final touches on Sanna beside boulder
C-WDR-15  FLV of Sanna holding spear between legs & listening to someone OS
C-WDR-16  FLV of Sanna & fellow cavegirl stepping smartly out of surf
C-WDR-17  PR: MS of Sanna posed wearing animal skin halter & tooth necklace, eyeing camera

C-WLB-1 Profile FLV of Claire Spencer [Michelle Pfeiffer] seated with friend Jody [Diana Scarwid] as they try to contact spirit with ouija board
C-WLB-2 MCU of strangely acting Claire showing husband Norman [Harrison Ford] burning candle
C-WLB-3 MLS of drenched Claire coming in from rain, her mouth agape
C-WLB-4 MS of chilled Claire looking out bedroom window
C-WLB-5 Cont. #4, shirtless Norman leans over Claire as both express shock
C-WLB-6 MS: Norman & Claire have tense conversation at his workplace
C-WLB-7 CU of slightly creepy Norman, peeking over edge of bathtub
C-WLB-8 FLV: Norman races up pier in attempt to save OS drowning Claire
C-WLB-9 PR: PRT of Madison Elizabeth Frank [Amber Valetta], hand touching chain necklace
C-WLB-10 BS: MS of Director Robert Zemeckis going over scene with Pfeiffer & Ford on set

C-WWC-1  Title art: colorful collage showing giant planet, flooding, buildings toppling, panic & space ark flying
C-WWC-2  CU of Joyce Hendron preoccupied while dancing
C-WWC-3  LS of space ark under construction
C-WWC-4  LS of ark, entire launch ramp & work colony
C-WWC-5  UA of ark under construction with ugly clouds in bg
C-WWC-6  SV of completed ark during earthquake
C-WWC-7  Quake triggers large ground explosion
C-WWC-8  Blaze erupts around oil rigging
C-WWC-9  Flames & smoke rise between ark & bunker after quake
C-WWC-10  Tidal waters flood New York City's Herald Square
C-WWC-11  NY under water with two ships capsized in fg
C-WWC-12  LS of Dr. Hendron [Larry Keating] approaching contemplative Dave under ark, Bellus in sky above
C-WWC-13  Cont. #12, MS of pair talking things over
C-WWC-14  Bellus now prominent above tail fin of ark [matte]
C-WWC-15  Joyce among women serving food to workers, ark in bg
C-WWC-16  Bellus fills reddened sky above tail fin of ark
C-WWC-17  LS of doomsday losers trying to break thru fence
C-WWC-18  Wind buffets Hendron & Stanton [John Hoyt], in wheelchair, at ark
C-WWC-19  Smoke rises around ark as it begins ramp descent
C-WWC-20  LS from behind of ark descending ramp
C-WWC-21  SV of ark at its lowest point on ramp
C-WWC-22  With all rockets blasting, ark begins its ascent
C-WWC-23  Ark just before it launches free of ramp
C-WWC-24  Bellus looms huge on space ark viewscreen
C-WWC-25  Viewscreen image of Bellus & Earth about to collide
C-WWC-26  Pullback shot of Dave & Frye [Alden Chase] watching collision
C-WWC-27  RV of space ark hurtling toward Zyra
C-WWC-28  Dave & Fry at pilot controls with passengers in bg
C-WWC-29  CU of Dave's hands working dials on control panel
C-WWC-30  FLV of ark firing wing motors & making turn
C-WWC-31  Cont. #30, further in turn as tail rockets fire
C-WWC-32  Cont. #31, ark now in diagonal position
C-WWC-33  Ark settles into final descent over Zyra
C-WWC-34  Space ark plies thru the atmosphere of Zyra
C-WWC-35  FV of space ark gliding in for landing on Zyra
C-WWC-36  SV of space ark about to touch down in snow & ice
C-WWC-37  Dave & Joyce stand in open hatchway of ark
C-WWC-38  Dave, Joyce & Tony at hatch, liking what they see
[NOTE: #39 & #41-45 form a nearly complete matte panorama that Chesley Bonestell painted for end of film]
C-WWC-39  LS of Zyra surface
C-WWC-40  Cont. #39, Dave, Joyce & sun rays added to scene
C-WWC-41  LS of Zyra's orange-tipped trees, grass & mountains
C-WWC-42  Mint-colored glacial pinnacles blend with distant snow-covered mountains & thawing blanket of snow in fg [cut from final print]
C-WWC-43  Snow has melted from central section of rocks & dead trees [cut]
C-WWC-44  Grassy fg, mid-ground of pink trees & bg lake, mountains & formation now free of snow
C-WWC-45  End of pan shows building at far left & rays of rising sun

C-WM-1  PR: artsy FLV of Summerisle in clearing
C-WM-2  LS of the burning Wicker Man
C-WM-3  MCU of Miss Rose [Diane Cilento] talking to OS Sgt. Howie outside classroom
C-WM-4  Profile MCU of Willow pressing body against wall in seductive dance
C-WM-5  DA of nude librarian bathing in small tub before May Day celebration

WILLOW - 1988
C-WIL-1  BS: MLS of director Ron Howard & George Lucas posing with pair of furry creations outside castle
C-WIL-2  FLV of General Kael [Patrick Roach] & Nockmarr soldiers charging their steeds thru snow
C-WIL-3  MLS of Kael leading soldiers on rampage, setting fire to village

C-WOE-1  PR: PRT of Daryl Van Horne [Jack Nicholson] & women he charms, Alexandra [Cher], Jane [Susan Sarandon] & Sukie [Michelle Pfeiffer], pink balloons in bg
C-WOE-2  Cont. #1, FLV amid balloons, Van Horne spreading arms behind gals
C-WOE-3  PR: MS of foursome posed in row on staircase
C-WOE-4  PR: FLV of smartly attired Van Horne posed on outside steps, wearing coy grin
C-WOE-5  PR: FLV of Van Horne, wearing red, fur-lined coat, glowering down from balcony
C-WOE-6  PR: MCU of Alexandra looking blankly aside
C-WOE-7  PR: MS of Sukie standing forlornly by tree
C-WOE-8  MS of women sitting on couch sipping martinis & considering type of man they'd like in their lives
C-WOE-9  MS of Van Horne, violin case under arm & bouquet of flowers in hand, facing camera with sly grin
C-WOE-10  MCU of Felicia Alden [Veronica Cartwright] facing OS, looking ill
C-WOE-11  UA of Jane, Sukie & Alexandra regarding Van Horne below window with forced smiles
C-WOE-12  MS of Alexandra, in black halter top, asking OS Van Horne: "Who are you?"
C-WOE-13  Profile MLS of Van Horne & Alexandra puckering up to kiss, she in black lace-up skirt & separate top
C-WOE-14  MCU of Sukie lounging in pool with OS Van Horne, asking: "Are you going to seduce me, too?"
C-WOE-15  MS of devilish Van Horne beaming as he gestures with both hands, casting spell
C-WOE-16  LS of delighted women finding themselves floating in midair over indoor pool
C-WOE-17  Cont. #16, MS of Sukie relishing ability with wide-eyed glee, Alexandra in bg
C-WOE-18  DA of Van Horne enjoying embraces of all three sleeping, scantily clad women on silk sheets
C-WOE-19  Profile MS of Alexandra confronting Van Horne after his anger endangers life of Sukie
C-WOE-20  Tight UA on women working on cure of man problem over flaming cauldron
C-WOE-21  FLV of women kneeling in melodramatic fervor, with Alexandra reaching toward spritz of fire on floor
C-WOE-22  Women put curse on male effigy, blowing feathers all around it
C-WOE-23  FLV of Van Horne braving sudden, supernatural hurricane of feathers on streets of Eastwick
C-WOE-24  CU of Van horne, battered but grinning like the devil, mirroring true evil side
C-WOE-25  MCU of women lined up under blue glow & transfixed
C-WOE-26  Cont. #25, fingers of electricity encircle their faces

C-WWG-1 FLV of bulbous-headed alien
C-WWG-2 MS of alien about to toss flesh-boring parasite at OS victim

         [Following have shifted color]
C-WOM-1 FV of spaceship in deep space
C-WOM-2 RV of spaceship nearing Mars
C-WOM-3 RV of spaceship flying low over surface of Mars
C-WOM-4 LS of Martian castle
C-WOM-5 CU of transparent ancient Martian
C-WOM-6 LS of crewman trying to pull fallen comrade from beneath pendulum

C-WOZ-1  Title over corn fields
C-WOZ-2  Credit over wide-eyed Dorothy as she gets her first glimpse of Munchkinland OS
C-WOZ-3  FLV of Dorothy being greeted by Munchkin mayor [Charley Becker]
C-WOZ-4  LS of Munchkin dancers performing in Dorothy's honor
C-WOZ-5  Munchkins watch Dorothy & Toto begin their journey
C-WOZ-6  FLV of Scarecrow dancing in middle of road
C-WOZ-7  Dorothy & Scarecrow link arms on road as Toto watches
C-WOZ-8  RV of Dorothy, Scarecrow & Tin Man entering forest
C-WOZ-9  Dorothy, Tin Man & Lion dance thru enchanted forest
C-WOZ-10  Lion, Dorothy, Tin Man & Scarecrow run thru poppy fields
C-WOZ-11  RV of group facing Oz's "smoke" screen in palace
C-WOZ-12  Group climbs toward wicked witch's castle in bg
C-WOZ-13  DA of witch's guards holding Lion, Dorothy [obscured] & Tin Man at bay against inside door of castle
C-WOZ-17  PR: FLV of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion pointing accusing fingers at Wizard [Frank Morgan] seated above them on big book
C-WOZ-18  CU of Dorothy in Munchkinland
C-WOZ-19  MLS of Glinda, the good witch of the North
C-WOZ-20  Dorothy, holding bouquet, surrounded by Munchkins
C-WOZ-21  MLS of Glinda waving wand, Munchkins line bridge in bg
C-WOZ-22  Wicked Witch of the East [Margaret Hamilton] confronts Dorothy & Glinda
C-WOZ-23  CU of Glinda's wand touching Dorothy's magic slippers
C-WOZ-24  Cowardly Lion terrorizes Scarecrow, Tin Man & Dorothy
C-WOZ-25  MS of Wicked Witch gesturing angrily
C-WOZ-26  DA of flying monkeys swooping down on Dorothy's band
C-WOZ-27  Monkeymen wage an assault on Tin Man
C-WOZ-28  Monkeymen beat the stuffing out of Scarecrow
C-WOZ-29  RV of monkeymen making ready to fly off with Dorothy
C-WOZ-30  Lion & Tin Man pack straw back into Scarecrow
C-WOZ-31  Wicked Witch & monkeymen watch crystal ball image
C-WOZ-32  MS of Dorothy's band jubilant at sight of city of Oz
C-WOZ-33  RV of Dorothy's band marching toward the Emerald City
C-WOZ-34  RLS of Dorothy's band at the Emerald City's gates
C-WOZ-35  Dorothy's band trembles before fake visage of Oz
C-WOZ-36  "Now go!" Oz roars to suddenly evacuated throne room
C-WOZ-37  CU of witch cackling greenly
C-WOZ-38  Wicked Witch curses her luck as Dorothy seemingly apologizes
C-WOZ-39  Dorothy's band guards watch witch dissolve away
C-WOZ-40  ECU of wizard granting Scarecrow a brain
C-WOZ-41  CU of overjoyed Scarecrow
C-WOZ-42  Lion wears his medallion of courage proudly
C-WOZ-43  All watch as Tin Man admires his new heart
C-WOZ-44  FLV of entire group in throne room
C-WOZ-45  "There's no place like home," Glinda tells Dorothy
C-WOZ-48  LS of Dorothy setting out from Munchkinland along yellow brick road [matte composite]
C-WOZ-49  LS of Dorothy & company leaving forest, Emerald City gleaming beyond poppy fields

C-WIZ-1  Title over Avatar, Elinore & Weehawk with starburst
C-WIZ-2  Fairy witch cuddles newborn sons, one good, one evil
C-WIZ-3  Young Blackwolf with sword faces reproving old men
C-WIZ-4  Avatar with his telescope on balcony
C-WIZ-5  MCU of angered Avatar
C-WIZ-6  Scantily-clad female elf, Elinore, in easy chair
C-WIZ-7  Avatar zaps red-garbed Blackwolf sentry with spell
C-WIZ-8  CU of Blackwolf running his new found movie projector
C-WIZ-9  Image of Hitler projected on movie screen
C-WIZ-10  German Messerschmitt projected on screen
C-WIZ-11  Military tank projected on screen
C-WIZ-12  Blackwolf's demon pilots watch Nazi propaganda film
C-WIZ-13  Band of assorted wraiths play & dance
C-WIZ-14  Sentry watches foot soldiers on the march
C-WIZ-15  Blackwolf's attacking army in silhouette
C-WIZ-16  Three mounted goblins on mad ride
C-WIZ-17  Giant ogre-riflemen armed with sword & shield
C-WIZ-18  Two combatants battle atop mound of slain soldiers
C-WIZ-19  Giant ogre-rifleman sneers over slain elf
C-WIZ-20  Forest fairies fly from tree home
C-WIZ-21  Tiny fairies playfully encircle giggling Elinore
C-WIZ-22  Sentry rides past transparent dragon
C-WIZ-23  Sentry hails Avatar & Elinore during their quest
C-WIZ-24  Sentry, atop his bizarre mount, reacts jubilantly
C-WIZ-25  Armed fairy soldiers aboard cross-eyed dragonfly
C-WIZ-26  Avatar stands before blackwolf for final confrontation in Scortch

C-WBG-1 MCU of bejeweled dragon in its cave

C-WNE-1  PR: MS of James Bond [Pierce Brosnan] in tuxedo, gun at ready against white bg
C-WNE-2  PR: slight DA/FLV of Bond holding gun, flanked by red-gowned Elektra King [Sophie Marceau] & sexy Dr. Christmas Jones [Denise Richards] against red-orange bg
C-WNE-3  LS of Bond ski-jumping in front of huge explosion
C-WNE-4  MS of Bond & Q [Desmond Llewellyn] observing test
C-WNE-5  MLS of Bond walking away from Q's successor, R [John Cleese], next to his new BMW
C-WNE-6  Tight MS of water-drenched Bond, gun in hand as he rounds corner
C-WNE-7  MS of machine gun-toting Bond climbing over mine cart & thru massive iron doors
C-WNE-8  FLV of Bond aiming pistol next to kneeling Renard [Robert Carlyle] in mine
C-WNE-9  MLS of worried Christmas in cropped tank top & shorts
C-WNE-10  FLV of Bond making escape with Christmas from mine
C-WNE-12  MCU of Bond & Christmas pressed back against tiled wall, bracing for what's next
C-WNE-13  MS of Bond holding special wristwatch above his head
C-WNE-14  FLV of Bond sliding down rope away from harbor shanty
C-WNE-15  Profile MLS of Elektra seductively sitting on Bond's lap while he's strapped to torture chair
C-WNE-16  DA of Christmas climbing from sinking vessel
C-WNE-17  BS: MS of director Michael Apted in chair on backlot set
C-WNE-18  BS: MLS of Marceau, Brosnan & Apted on set in front of BMW

C-WWE-1  Title over surface of Mars
C-WWE-2  Credits over Borden & Garnet [Nancy Gates]
C-WWE-3  Launch technicians try to contact spaceship MRX-3
C-WWE-4  SV of MRX-2 in space
C-WWE-5  Astronauts in cabin of MRX-2
C-WWE-6  RV of astronauts strapped in as MRX-2 is buffeted
C-WWE-7  Control panel burning out as ship goes out of control
C-WWE-8  Crew gets tossed about as ship enters time-warp
C-WWE-9  Galbraithe takes ride rather badly
C-WWE-10  FLV of ship pitching about in red haze as time warps
C-WWE-11  LS of ship's tail diving in over icy terrain
C-WWE-12  Cont. #11, ship crashes into ice [only aft visible]
C-WWE-13  Crew leaving cabin of ship
C-WWE-14  Astronauts emerge from ship & set foot on snow
C-WWE-15  RV of mutants observing astronauts campsite in bg
C-WWE-16  Crewman shouts alarm to others sleeping behind him
C-WWE-17  Radiation-deformed mutants rush in to attack
C-WWE-18  Mutant about to club John before he can rise
C-WWE-19  Mutant jumps toward one of astronauts [back turned]
C-WWE-20  MS of Jaffee entering cave with gun drawn
C-WWE-21  Crew discovers sealed metal door inside cave
C-WWE-22  Crew flashes light into cave, startled by OS sound
C-WWE-23  RV of crew approaching huge spider web
C-WWE-24  Astronaut struggles to free himself of spider webbing
C-WWE-25  Giant spider springs from cave ledge
C-WWE-26  Spider dives on two astronauts
C-WWE-27  Astronauts fighting off spider
C-WWE-28  Cave door slides open, revealing long corridor beyond
C-WWE-29  RV of astronauts entering corridor
C-WWE-30  MS of John & Garnet about to kiss
C-WWE-31  Woman of future [Shawn Smith] approves of Gailbraithe's bare- chested physique as fellow astronauts look on
C-WWE-32  MCU of petite Deena [Lisa Montell]
C-WWE-33  John & Garnet kiss in botanical gardens
C-WWE-34  Bound crew stands before council for sentencing
C-WWE-35  MCU of worried Garnet
C-WWE-36  LS of council room as Timmek [Everett Glass] passes judgement on astronauts
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C-XAN-1  PR: MLS of Kira with back turned, hands on hips, looking over her shoulder & wearing 1940s dance costume of black shorts, red top & net stockings
C-XAN-2  PR: MS of Kira in bare-shouldered, puffy-sleeved blue dress
C-XAN-3  PR: PRT of Kira in black V-neck gown
C-XAN-4  PR: MS of Kira in same dress cinched with gold belt
C-XAN-5  PR: FLV of Kira in pretty white dress, hand placed to forehead
C-XAN-6  PR: PRT of Kira in bare-shouldered white dress on powder blue bg
C-XAN-7  PR: FLV of Kira in same dress with boots, hands on hips
C-XAN-8  PR: FLV of Kira in same dress turned sideways to show off legs
C-XAN-9  Soft-focus PRT of Kira in white blouse
C-XAN-10  PR: MS of Kira in dress with ruffled collar pulled off one shoulder

C-XXF-1  Movie logo against black bg
C-XXF-2  PR: MS of FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner [Mitch Pileggi] sitting behind inquiry table & looking perturbed
C-XXF-3  PR: PRT of paranoid Lone Gunmen: Langly [Dean Haglund], Frohike [Tom Braidwood] & Byers [Bruce Harwood] against black bg
C-XXF-4  MS of Mulder & Scully [David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson] spying OS helicoptors near cornfield in bg
C-XXF-5  MLS of worried Scully in FBI windbreaker, sitting on stairwell
C-XXF-6  MS of Scully hurrying through lobby of office building, talking on cell phone
C-XXF-7  MLS of agitated Scully frantically tugging at Mulder's arm outside Dallas office building
C-XXF-8  Cont. #7, MS of Scully[favored] pleading with Mulder
C-XXF-9  Profile MS of pensive Mulder at bar, hands folded near chin
C-XXF-10  Profile MS of Dr. Kurtzweil [Martin Landau] & Mulder in tavern discussing plans of imminent global armageddon
C-XXF-11  Cont. #10, MCU of Kurtzweil laying it out for Mulder
C-XXF-12  Cont. #11, reverse angle of Mulder listening to Kurtzweil
C-XXF-13  PRT of Well-Manicured Man [John Neville], Conrad Strughold [Armin Mueller-Stahl] & Cigarette-Smoking Man William B. Davis], leaders of The Syndicate
C-XXF-14  MS of Strughold & Group Elder looking toward camera from their office, Cigarette-Smoking Man & other Syndicate member in bg
C-XXF-15  CU of Well-Manicured Man in office, captured in mid-speech
C-XXF-16  CU of Well-Manicured Man in backseat of limo, turned to talk to OS passenger
C-XXF-17  FLV of Scully & Mulder in business suits, standing in front of car in suburban Texas
C-XXF-18  MLS of Scully trailing behind Mulder as he marches purposefully across Texas field, suburban homes in bg
C-XXF-19  FLV of Mulder & Scully entering aluminum foyer of bee dome
C-XXF-20  CU of Mulder crouching & Scully standing over him as they examine evidence in bee dome
C-XXF-22  MCU of Mulder emerging from car & looking up at night sky as his face is bathed in white light. Scully is in bg by passenger door
C-XXF-23  CU of t-shirted Mulder in his apartment urgently talking to Scully
C-XXF-24  CU of concerned Scully, lips parted as she listens to OS Mulder
C-XXF-25  CU of slightly disheveled [& tie-less] Mulder looking off to right
C-XXF-26  CU of Scully laying in frosty cryolitter
C-XXF-27  LS of flashlight-bearing Mulder entering alien spaceship, green slimy cryopods lining side of corridor
C-XXF-28  MS of Mulder in parka, looking aside while examining cryopod area with flashlight
C-XXF-29  Cont. #28, profile CU of Mulder shining flashlight at pod
C-XXF-30  CU of Scully in winter coat, looking toward ceiling of dark alien spaceship
C-XXF-31  FLV of Mulder helping Scully walk as they make their escape across Antarctic snow plain
C-XXF-32  CU of Mulder, thrown against snow, watching OS alien ship lift off
C-XXF-33  BS: CU of director Rob Bowman about to look through camera lens
C-XXF-34  BS: MS of Anderson, Duchovny [both in FBI windbreakers] with writer/ producer/ creator Chris Carter on set
X-MEN - 2000
C-XMN-1  FLV: Wolverine [Hugh Jackman], Cyclops [James Marsden], Xavier [Patrick Stewart], Storm [Halle Berry] & Jean Grey [Famke Janssen] walk toward camera in underground corridor, all wearing civvies
C-XMN-2  Profile MS of Xavier & Magneto [Ian McKellen] sparring with each other across chess board
C-XMN-3  70mm LS of Xavier approaching Cerebro interface in huge spherical chamber, other X-Men behind him
C-XMN-4  70mm ECU of Cyclops unleashing energy blast from his eyes
C-XMN-5  70mm MCU of Storm, her eyes white & hair fluttering as she releases fury of her weather-controlling mutant power
C-XMN-6  70mm LS of Storm emitting electric bolts as she lands in chamber
C-XMN-7  MS of Wolverine displaying adamantium claws protruding from raised fist
C-XMN-8  MS of shape-shifter Mystique [Rebecca Romijn-Stamos] screaming as Wolverine plunges claws into her gut just below camera
C-XMN-9  MS of Cyclops in uniform, about to let loose blast from his eyewear as Storm & Jean flank him in bg
C-XMN-10  MS of Wolverine comforting Rogue [Anna Paquin] on train
C-XMN-11  70mm MS of Toad [Ray Park] extending tongue past camera
C-XMN-12  BS: Director Bryan Singer frames shot of Magneto's helmet on table
C-XMN-13  MCU of Storm, eyes normal as she prepares to whip up some badass weather [precedes #5]
C-XMN-14  Cont. #9, scene becomes more intense as red alert kicks in
C-XMN-15  Near FLV of spreadlegged trio preparing for battle [precedes #9]
C-XMN-16  Profile MS of Sabretooth [Tyler Mayne] choking Storm
C-XMN-17  FLV of Toad on all fours, growling at OS opponent above
C-XM-1 PR: MCU of Xavier [Ray Milland], blood trickling from forehead cut, focusing transmuted eyes
XTRO - 1983
C-XO-1 FLV of alien monster on all fours in forest
C-XO-2 Profile CU of monster with mouth wide open
C-XO-3 Cont. C-XO-2, FV with tongue sticking out
C-XO-4 FLV of bizarre creature standing under eerie lighting
C-XO-5 RV of alien walking in field with little boy, hand in hand
C-YOLT-1  Rocket lands in Blofeld's crater headquarters
C-YOLT-2  MCU of a stern-faced Bond
C-YOLT-3  Bond taking a bath but seemingly unhappy about it
C-YOLT-4  Bond watches Q [Desmond Llewellyn] describe how to use weapons on Little Nellie, the autogyro
C-YOLT-5  Q stands over Bond, who sits in Nellie
C-YOLT-6  FLV of Aki, wearing white kimono, sitting up on bed sheets
C-YOLT-7  DA of Kissy [Mie Hama], in white bikini, sitting in boat with legs crossed, combing hair
C-YOLT-8  FLV of Bond as a Japanese & bikinied Kissy gazing up side of OS volcano
C-YOLT-9  PR: MLS of smiling Kissy posed in white bikini, hands on hips
C-YOLT-10  FLV of Bond & bride Kissy leading wedding procession
C-YOLT-11  MS of Kissy giving Bond back massage
C-YF-1  Doctor prepares to switch brains of Dr. Frankenstein [Gene Wilder] & monster [Peter Boyle]
C-YF-2  Frankenstein, Igor [Marty Feldman] & Teri Garr break up as monster rises from slab in lab
C-YSH-2  PR: MCU of studious Holmes [Nicholas Rowe] posed outdoors
C-YSH-3  PR: MS of Holmes posed in schoolyard wearing classic coat & deerstalker cap, holding pipe in mouth
C-YSH-4  PR: profile MS of Holmes as above facing Watson [Alan Cox], who mimics his friend with duplicate pipe
C-YSH-5  FLV of stained glass knight in church, attacking priest with sword
C-YSH-6  Cont. #5, MS of apparition
C-YSH-7  FLV of Holmes, Watson & Elizabeth [Sophie Ward] in Prof. Waxflatter's loft with wing of wrecked flying machine
C-YSH-8  FV of Holmes & Watson manning rebuilt flying machine
C-YSH-9  Flying machine soars past Big Ben at night
C-YSH-10  Profile MCU of Holmes & Elizabeth looking into each others eyes
C-YSH-11  FLV of Egyptian temple altar area with priest standing under head of gargoyle
C-YSH-12  Watson hides out in eye of gargoyle
C-YSH-13  MCU of Watson helpless on ground of graveyard as pastries become animated & attack him
C-YSH-14  Cont. #13, wider shot showing dozens of pastry creatures surrounding hallucinating Watson
C-YSH-15  Egytian tavern owner [Nadim Sawalha] & patrons draw weapons on Holmes when he asks for information about blow pipe
C-YSH-16  FLV of Holmes running after OS mystery man he spotted at funeral
C-YSH-17  UA of Holmes on landing above altar moment before temple begins to break up
C-YSH-18  Holmes hangs from chain linking overhead candelabrum to ceiling
C-YSH-19  Holmes watches Watson sticking his hand into candy jar in market square
C-ZAR-4  PR: MS of Zed & Consuella in nude embrace
C-ZAR-5  Zed sits stoically as Consuella breast-feeds baby
C-ZAR-6  LS of Godhead floating over Exterminators on horseback in field
C-ZAR-7  MCU of Zed inspecting round crystal in his hand [printed from rare Cinemascope frame]
C-ZAR-8  PR: near FLV of gun-toting Zed, wearing criss-crossing ammo belts, tight-fitting groin cloth & thigh high boots. Rest is beefcake
C-ZAR-9  MS of Zed as above holding Consuella tightly to him from behind

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S-RC-1  Inimitable color painting of robot molesting woman

S-CB-1 Single stage rocket is launched from Moon crater
S-CB-2 Mars, as seen from its furthermost moon, Deimos
S-CB-3 Mars' alien landscape. Polar icecap snowdrift in fg

When 3-dimensional sets are viewed on a projection screen, the images pop right out at you. Two pairs of free 3-D glasses provided with each set. Extra glasses may be purchased for $1 each

3D-1 $30.00 for 11 scene slides featuring the gill-man
3D-2 $30.00 for set of 11 scene slides highlighted by the xenomorph itself